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Fight aging by

STACEY FOOTE She does it all! She runs, lifts and even manages her own fitness blog


Your body will thank you!






Be safe and avoid injuries by changing up your workouts

Here’s why you can exercise, no matter how busy you are

Try this daily regimen and see the difference

Weight gain can be a problem for students


Transforming your T-shirts into your dream quilt starts here! We reinvented the rules for making T-shirt quilts • Your quilt will be made with multiple block sizes. • Your quilt will not be built in rows and columns. • Your quilt can use any number of T-shirts. • Your quilt will be soft and cuddly. • Your quilt will be quilted by our talented artists.

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Whitefish Point

Whitefish Point: Run for the Light Seventh Annual 10k Run and 5k Run/Walk Saturday, October 14, 2017 at 8:30 a.m.

Registration forms may be downloaded at or call 906-635-1742. See for online registration.

All proceeds will benefit ongoing restoration of the Whitefish Point Lighthouse

Whitefish Point, Michigan’s Eastern Upper Peninsula . 906-635-1742


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Build your strength as you age Lift heavy things and move as much as you can.






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Smile more!

Your body will thank you.

Change it up

Keep your body guessing (and safe) by mixing up your activity.

Essentials for beautiful skin

Improve skin health and unfold glowing radiant skin.

You have enough time

Manage your week and you won’t miss another workout.

Meditation helps brain recovery

LoveYourBrain FUNdamentals series is here to help.

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Avoid the ‘Freshman 15’

Weight gain is a factor for first-time college students.

A new treatment for an old problem

Tenex Health System can help with tendonitis.

Fit Bits

Debunking aging myths, ahoy for avocado boats, and bust a craving.

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over 25, and suffer from migraines these are facts you must know.

Are Headaches Controlling Your Life?

with friends, and not have to worry that your achesIfis tough. you suffer from migraines you time. must know. headache will hitthese you atare justfacts the wrong

We’re running aI want special offer for those to get14-day rid of the headaches.” ng miserable, irritable, Living with headaches is tough. Imagine being able to live lifeNovember like a normal suffering with person headaches. Until han youDay really are. The again, pain free and without headafter day of being miserable, irritable, 30th, $49 get --you we being all able the to playservices with your kids, that your friends and looking a lotand older than you really are. will aches enjoy time with friends, and not have to frustrationgoing of knowingnormally that your friends chargeworry newthat patients $260! nd whatTheyou’re your headache will hit you at just and family don’t understand what you’re going through.

the wrong time. We’re running a special

14-day offer for thosegive suffering with our Why would we practically away headaches. Until September 30, $49 will get Add this to doctors’ visits,services? MRI’s and CTBecause patients tell us too often… you all the services we normally charge new ts, MRI’s and CT scans scans -- which only come back with patients $320! “normal” results. k with “normal” results. “I only wished IWhy hadwould found you sooner” we practically give away our And that’s not all... trying one medication services? Because patients tell us too often... after another, feeling g one medication afterlike you’re on a merry-go-round of drugs. often, do ou’re on a merry-go- This happens so “I only wishedwe I haddecided found you to sooner” something about it and run this ad. Just call It’s enough to make anyone want to scream! This happens so often, we decided to do before November 30thabout andithere’s you’ll something and run what this ad. Just call before September 30 and here’s what you’ll get… IF YOU DO NOTHING ELSE, one want to scream!



• Aconsultation n in-depth consultation about your ï An in-depth about your 1) Approximately 22 million women headaches where we will listen...really OTHING areELSE, affected by migraines in the U.S. headaches where will oflisten…really listen...towe the details your unique THIS: situation. listen…to the details of your unique 2) Medical science has discovered that situation. most headaches are caused by dam • A complete neuromuscular and skeletal ion women affected agedare structures around the neck like examination of the head and neck so d States.joints, ligaments, muscles, and cervical we can find the problem. ï A complete neuromuscular and skeletal discs, all of which have complex nerve endings. examination of and neck we • Athe full sethead of specialized x-rays toso deter- scovered that most mine if posture or joint problems are FDQĆQGWKHSUREOHP 3) structures Research has proven certain natural damaged contributing to your pain ... (NOTE: treatments have great success with These would normally cost at least $200). ts, ligaments, muscles, headaches, even better than massage full set of specialized x-rays to which have andcomplex medications, with noï sideAeffects. • A thorough of your exam are and determine if posture or analysis joint problems x-rays where we’ll map out how you Why not get rid of those debilitating your pain … (NOTE: tocan get rid of your headaches These once and headaches today? Read the contributing full facts ertain natural for all. on this treatpage! would normally cost you at least $200).

s with headaches – even medications – and with

• A special report that you can take with

you revealing is happening ï A thorough analysis ofwhat your exam inside and I’m Dr. Jean-Guy Daigneault. Dr. Denise you to cause the headaches. where we’ll map out how you can Rassel and I have been helping x-rays patients with neck tension, headaches and migraines live Could this drugless treatment be the get rid of your headaches once and for all. debilitating headaches pain free for years now.

on this page!

key to your headache solution?

Every week we hear howï women suffer report Numerous have take shownwith the benefits A special thatstudies you can you of spinal adjustments with headache from severe headaches – statements like... revealing what is happening inside you to patients. • “I feel like my head is in a vice. ” cause the headaches. gneault. Dr. Denise The Boline Study • “My eyes hurt and I feel so drowsy.” helping •patients “I have to with lay down.” Could this”drugless treatment begroups the of key to • “I’ve had migraines childhood. This study compared two es and migraines live since • “Muscle tension in the neck and pain headache patients, half went for chiropractic your headache solution? into the shoulders.” adjustments, and the other half took amitriptyline, a medication often prescribed for the They suffer tell me they’re sick and tired of 1XPHURXVVWXGLHVKDYHVKRZQWKHEHQHĆWVRI treatment of severe tension headache pain. ow women from jumping from one headache medication to After with six weeks, researcherspatients. found that spinal adjustments headache tementsthelike… next. Here’s what I hear... chiropractic patients experienced almost no side effects. “I am tired of being looked upon as someone The Boline Study s in a vice. ” who is only out there to get medicine. I only only the chiropractic patients continued want RELIEF. feel so drowsy. ” I don’t know why that is so hard And to report fewer headaches when treatment for people to understand. I don’t want to be This study two groups of treated badly anymore. I want to get help, and compared ended.

since childhood.” the neck and pain into

headache patients, half went for chiropractic adjustments, and the other half took

Recurring Hea Are Duke Not Normal The Study

No question… if Medical experts having headache concluded that something is spinal manipulations Pain resulted is your bod in almost of telling you som immediate Discover the drug-free, pain-free, improvement is wrong. (No natural treatment for getting rid of for headaches. you have headaches. Patients also a lack had significantly fewer painside effects and medication). Find Discover the drug-free, longer-lasting relief of headaches than a free, natural treatment for SUREOHPDQGĆ[LQ commonly prescribed medication. getting rid of headaches. got to be top p Recurring Headaches Are Not Normal Call today… No question... if you are having headaches then something is wrong. Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. (Not that you have a lack of pain medication). Finding the anytime problem andbetween fixing it has got Call theto hours be a top priority! Call today ...

Phone: 517-336-8880

am and 6:00 pm Monday through Tell the receptionist you’d like to c Phone: 517-336-8880 for the Special Headache Evaluation Call anytime between November 30th.9am & 6pm Monday through Friday and tell the receptionist you’d like to come in for the Headache Special before September Look, you have very30.little to

risk and gain. Call today and we can get start You have little risk, and a lot to gain. Call your consultation, exam today and we can get started withand your x-rays as consultation, exam, and x-rays as soon as WKHUHèVDQRSHQLQJLQWKHVFKHGXOH2XU there’s an opening on our schedule. Our called Rassel-Daigneault Family Chiro office is called Rassel-Daigneault Family Chiropractic and we have TWO convenient DQG\RXFDQĆQGXVQH[WWR)5$1'25 locations: Frandor/ Lansing and Okemos. Wendy’s… 537 N. Clippert, Lansing or f Sincerely, convenience at our Okemos location a Dr. Denise Rassel, D.C. Dobie Rd. Dr. Jean-Guy Daigneault, D.C.

P.S. Why Suffer More Years Of Misery? Sincerely,

Dr. Denise Rassel, D.C. Dr. Jean-Guy Daigneault, D.C.

Call today. P.S. Why Suffer More Years Of Miser

Frandor/Lansing: (517) 336-8880 Across from FRANDOR, next to Wendy’s. How can your body handle 537 N many Clippertyears St.

one pill after another?

Okemos: (517) 349-2740 Corner of Hamilton & Dobie Rd. That’s no Rd. way to live, not when there c 4650 Dobie Okemos

an easyrestrictions solution your Man *Insurance may to apply. Cannotproblem. be combined with Medicare/Medicaid. pain medications available are quite ad and can have drastic side effects.

Call today. We may be able to help y




Time for some crock pot adventures

chool is back in session, cool weather is coming and fall sports are in full swing. It’s a great time of the year and one that is very busy — making it difficult to eat healthy. For the Kissman family, fall introduces crock pot season. Normally, during the summer, I have plenty of time to plan meals and get them going so when it’s time to eat, the food is ready. I use the grill a lot, and do all year, actually. However, in the fall, because of my daughter’s high school sports schedule (and the basketball schedule of my daughter in college), we are constantly on the go. Sitting down to a hot meal as a family is nearly impossible. Our choice, then, is eat out, or eat in. We try to opt for eating in as much as possible. To make that work, the Kissmans like the crock pot. I’ve been a big fan of using crock pot liners, but those don’t always hold up. Especially when you want to spoon out those last few drops of a meal and accidentally pierce the plastic. I’ve become a world class crock pot chef, too. Over the years, I’ve perfected plenty of dishes from the simple roast and potatoes, to more intricate chicken noodle soups and plenty of stews. We are pretty much a meat and potatoes family, but it’s easy to keep up on your veggie intake with a crock pot. Here are my tips: Get the freshest meats and veggies. Can’t stress that enough. Sometimes you have to use frozen items, or canned goods, but when you can, eat fresh. And don’t skimp on good cuts of meats. It makes a difference. Plan to let the food cook for as long as you can. Best thing about a crock pot is that you set it and forget it, right? I always look at it like a long slow smoke on the grill; longer is usually better. Unless a recipe calls for quick cooks, or adding ingredients as you go, I always look for long cooking dishes. They are perfect for late practices or getting home from work at a different time. Liner or no liner. It’s really up to the cook. I prefer a liner because of clean up. No matter what you choose, make sure the crock is clean. And when you clean, make sure it’s cool before putting it in water. I’ve lost a pot or two because of it cracking. Get as many recipes as you can. Try them all and tweak them to make them work for you. I didn’t realize you can do breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert or hot drinks from the crock pot until I received cook books from friends. There are some real treasures out there. Rub it down. Like grilling, it helps to preseason meats. The slow cook really allows your favorite rub to soak into the meat and vegetables. I like that.  Bring on the season and crock pot cooking. I’m ready. I’m actually looking forward to it. The hardest part, especially when you work from home, is to smell it slowly cooking while you look forward to the meal. It’s so good! Enjoy the issue! 


Healthy & Fit •



Justin is the owner of State of Fitness in East Lansing. He is also a certified nutrition coach. Reach him at 517.708.8828.

Lisa Marie Conklin

Lisa Marie Conklin is a certified personal trainer and freelance writer. Conklin provides the Fit Bits information.

Susan Maples, DDS, MSBA

Susan is a dentist in Holt. She is also a speaker, health educator and author of BlabberMouth. Her e-mail:

Tom Matt

Tom is host of the ‘Boomers Rock’ radio talk show syndicated throughout Michigan on the Michigan Talk Network. For more information visit

Ryan Haughey

Ryan Haughey B.S. CPT - ACE, SASTM is fitness manager and personal trainer at the University Club of Michigan State University. Call him at (517) 353.5113.


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Using Technology to Increase Intergenerational Communication, Health, and Quality of Life

Event Information

Keynote Speaker

This event brings together researchers, community members, industry, and health care experts to hear the latest research on using technology to increase intergenerational communication, health, and quality of life. Participants will share, discuss, and connect, with the goal of learning the needs of people across the lifecourse.

F. Scott Moody

A demonstration fair will provide hands-on opportunities for attendees to learn about new technologies focused on health, communication, and quality of life. Ignite-Like Talks will present the latest research on technology and health. Innovation contest "Sparty Tank" will have inventors pitch their ideas for technology to improve intergenerational communication, health, and/or quality of life, with two $1000 prizes for the winners.

Sponsorship Levels $10K $5K+ $2.5K $1.5K $500

Sparty Tank Sponsor Platinum Gold Silver Bronze

Co-founder, CEO & Chief Client Advocate - K4Connect Developer of the technology that would become Apple's Touch ID. Insight will be shared on his successes in designing and using technologies to improve peoples’ lives.

To Register 517.364.5730


October 14, 2017

8:30 am - 3:30 pm

WKAR-Studio A, Michigan State University 404 Wilson Road, East Lansing, MI 48824

Live-streamed from WKAR FREE EVENT | Open to Public (Registration Required) | Lunch Provided FREE PARKING | Ramp 5 at the corner of Trowbridge and Red Cedar

Fit Features Bo Noles Bo Noles, 59, found a new passion for fitness when he asked his daughter, Sydney, about her Paleo lifestyle. The passion came from extensive research, conversations with doctors and a better understanding of metabolic health. “Once I started my research, I quickly realized that I was on the path to obesity, diabetes, painful joints, medications and more medications to address the side-effects of those pills,” he said. “So, the first thing I knew I had to do was begin an exercise program to jump-start my metabolic turnaround.” Noles starts his day with a 5 a.m. workout at his home, targeting specific muscle groups to exhaustion. “That’s the way nature uses muscles, in groups,” he explained. “I do only one set of each exercise, but I do each one to the point of failure. That allows me to fully fatigue the muscle. I’ve learned it’s important to stress the muscles to the point of failure to get the most benefit.” He makes sure to eat healthy foods that are low in carbohydrates, moderate in protein and healthy fats. He avoids flour, pasta, bread, sugar and processed foods. “I love to eat,” he said. “I’m a foodie. I eat to control insulin and to eliminate inflammation. Inflammation is a leading cause of many chronic diseases. I don’t diet, however, there are many foods and food type products I don’t eat.” He said it

wasn’t easy getting to the point where he is now. “When I started this new lifestyle, it took a couple of weeks to break the sugar addiction and even longer to break the craving of wheat products such as breads,” he said. “After approximately three months I could completely ignore the pastries, candies, and other sweets brought into the company break room. In fact, anything with sugar is overly sweet to the point that I couldn’t eat it if I wanted too. That’s a good place to be. I don’t miss any of the foods on my ‘don’t eat’ list.” He said his lifestyle has given him added energy. “I have great mental clarity and sharpness, I sleep extremely well,” he said. “I have no aches and pains, no health issues and am not on any medications. It truly feels good to feel good.” He said his goal is optimal metabolic health. “I don’t want to be in my 70s and 80s complaining about all the medicines I take, or the aches and pain I am suffering, or being a burden on my family because of the food and lifestyle choices I made throughout my life,” he said. His advice to others: “You can’t just exercise yourself to good health. See yourself in the future, health and fitness wise. Realize that the right foods and exercise are what it will take to get there. Keep reminding yourself that there are certain foods you don’t eat because they’re toxic to your health.”

We need Fit Features! Have someone in mind who might be a good Fit Feature? We’d like to hear from you. Call us at (517) 599-5169 or e-mail

On the cover: Stacey Foote Stacey Foote, 30, of East Lansing, is a busy mom. Not only is she married, but she’s also a voice and piano teacher with a side hustle as a health and fitness blogger at Foote, who has been a competitive runner from the age of 11 through college, has kept in shape with triathlons, strength training and a healthy diet. “I discovered the powerful benefits of strength training,” she said. “I love that it keeps my hormones balanced, helps support my thyroid function (a constant battle since being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis), and has made me stronger and leaner than I ever was when I was only running.” She said she also practices yoga, which has helped her heal from years of chronic repetitive motion and overuse. “One of my biggest motivators to continue training and staying fit is all of the energy that it gives me for my family,” she said. “I want to be active with my son, really playing with him and feeling motivated to do fun things.” She said her diet is pretty simple: She sticks with real food. “I don’t like to make it any more complicated than that,” she said. “Listen to your body’s cues of hunger and thirst, and then fuel it with delicious, real food. Personally, I do try to stay away from gluten, dairy, and soy, as it does really make a difference in my thyroid numbers, and keeps my digestive system happy, but there is no one food I will never eat (life without scones is probably not worth living).” She has some pretty simple goals for the future too. “I’d like to continue getting stronger through strength training,” she said. “It doesn’t come easily to me, so it takes lots of consistent work. I’d really like to be able to do five pull-ups.” Her advice for others: “I would encourage someone who is struggling to stop focusing on what they look like and start focusing on what they feel like,” she said. “It will empower you to slowly begin making more choices that make you feel great instead of choices that make you feel lousy.”


Healthy & Fit •


-Champ the Sponsor-A s, m a te n o n Classic For informatio ith the Autumn w n io ct n ju n co d optional campaign (in Olympics), an l a ci e p S 8 a please visit for Are ls and teams, a u id iv d in r fo mnclassic fundraising www.runsign


Sunday, Sept. 24, 2017 • 9:00am Lake Lansing Park North, Haslett, MI Benefiting

The Playmakers Autumn Classic is a treasured mid-Michigan fall tradition for runners and walkers of all ages and abilities. Celebrating its 25th year, the brilliant fall colors around Lake Lansing create a spectacular environment that includes local parks and neighborhoods. There is something for everyone: • 8K run/walk • 1 & 2 mile walks (not timed) • Long-sleeve technical shirt • Free Kid’s Fun Runs (short-sleeve t-shirts can be ordered for $10) • Free & exciting Children’s Activities (8:35am) - Kids 1/2 Mile, YMCA organized fun activities, crafts and healthy snacks for those under 12 • Delightful refreshments – including our famous soup!

Charity Partner: Special Olympics Michigan Area 8



Smile more!

Your body will thank you. by Eric Eby, DDS


s you strive to live a happy and healthy life, through exercise and diet, keep in mind the one aspect of your appearance that is easily controlled and often neglected: your smile. It is not about having perfectly straight teeth, but healthy gums and clean white teeth can have a profound affect not only on you but those around you. Research has proven smiling triggers activity in your brain. Yep, there is a serious mind-body connection, in your left frontal cortex to be exact, which is—not surprisingly—the area of your brain that registers happiness. When you smile, happy type endorphins are released making you feel good, reducing stress and creating a calm state of mind. So, the next time you’re stressed about work or realize that your favorite jeans feel a little snug, don’t freak out. Take a few deep breaths and smile!

Smiling may help to reduce symptoms associated with anxiety. Smiling helps your body slow its breathing and heart rate. Reducing stress is so important for health, too, as it can lower blood pressure, improve digestion and regulate blood sugar. Note that this applies to workouts, too! If you’re having a hard time getting through that last rep or getting those final five minutes completed on the

treadmill, smiling can do wonders! Whitening your teeth can be an excellent way to be noticed at a new job interview, meeting that someone special, and building a positive self-esteem. Whitening your teeth is simple and there are a variety of options with professional methods still being the best. It causes no harm to your teeth and can be done with home kits or in the office with your dentist. The process is simple: either hydrogen or carbamide peroxides are used to oxidize bonds holding stains on your teeth. Smiling is the most welcomed gesture our face can make. Considering a human face is able to produce more than 5,000 expressions, this is very impressive! Your grandmother was correct: it takes more facial muscles to frown than to smile so give your muscles a rest and SMILE ON! Smile more! Your body will thank you.









Dr. Eric L. Eby interests include crown and bridge, implant dentistry, and sleep apnea.

EBY DENTAL CARE • OKEMOS, MI 48864 (517)349-9860 • WWW.DREBY.COM 10

Healthy & Fit •








A destination health park offering an integrated array of health and well-being experiences! EMPOWER, rehabilitation services EXPLORE, indoor and outdoor walking path FUSE, clinical spa GATHER, conference space GROW, children’s enrichment area MOVE, fitness center NOURISH by The Big Salad, healthy-eating café RELISH, demonstration teaching kitchen SOAR, multi-purpose activity gym

What will you CREATE? SEPTEMBER 2017

Call 517-541-5800 or visit • Healthy & Fit



Change it up

Keep your body guessing (and safe) by mixing up your activity. by Tom Matt


nce you crack the nut of moving more, there is a chance you may get so excited about the new you that the dreaded overuse injury may occur. I’ve been there— don’t want to do it again! With your commitment to stay in shape, as you find a passion to live life to the fullest all your years, your exercise technique may fail. Posture may break down, you may find yourself out of sync and possibly over lift and over train. Chronic issues and pain can start from over use injuries. Here are some tips to work on: Posture Critical: if in doubt ask or read up on the movement Form Like posture, proper form is crucial to doing a movement correctly Correct weight Too much weight can destroy your form and posture.

“The most important measure of how good a game I had played was how much better I had made my teammates play.” — Bill Russell

Lighten up and do it slowly, get the most out of the movement Hydration Keep the water bottle handy and drink it down Stretching Critical for everyone, but especially my Boomer sisters and brothers Nutrition Before training and after training: macronutrients, fats 20-35 percent of calories, carbs 45-65 percent, and protein 15-25 percent. Rest This is my biggest problem, and a constant struggle, but it may be the MOST IMPORTANT POINT. Do not train the same area constantly, switch

it up. Some of the big boy fitness companies call it body confusion. I call it don’t be a bonehead like me and keep it fresh. Keep it simple; think about my grit words: • Relentless • Resilience • Courage • Faith • Optimism • Confidence Tom Matt is the host of the ‘Boomers Rock’ radio talk show syndicated throughout Michigan on the Michigan Talk Network and can be heard locally Saturday mornings on the ‘Big Talker’ WJIM 1240 AM. He holds Bachelors and Masters degrees from MSU, is certified from the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a CPT/FNS/SFS. For more information please visit



In Greater Lansing, Michigan you’ll find a one-of-a-kind sports experience. Premium venues, team friendly dining, comfortable lodging and guidance from a full-service sports commission. Come play in Greater Lansing, Michigan— because we love the game.

Event Development | Tournament Planning | Free Services CONTACT US TODAY! 517.377.1411 |


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Essentials for beautiful skin

Improve skin health and unfold glowing radiant skin. by Kimberly Whitfield


eep your skin looking youthful and vibrant this fall with my easy regimen that nourishes and promotes skin health. For years, I’ve enjoyed my morning and evening time of caring for my skin. I love my routine and each day I notice the benefits. In fact, beauty is one of my three approaches to well-being. Here are my “beauty” beneficial essentials that I find to be youth-enhancing year round! Exfoliating can improve the results of your skin care routine and help rejuvenate your skin. Some of the benefits include: softer silky skin, a brighter complexion, improvement of skin tone, and removal of dead, dull skin cells. Cleansing helps minimize pore size, leaving skin looking clearer and

“I love my routine and each day I notice the benefits.” fresher. It also removes excess oil and impurities to help improve skin health and radiance. Toning will remove any remaining bits of oil, dirt and debris left behind by the cleanser. More importantly, toning will soothe, nourish and hydrate the skin while restoring its delicate pH balance. Moisturizing is awesome for the face and body! Our bodies are 75 percent water, which helps maintain body temperature and more. Spending time and care moisturizing your face and body will keep them hydrated and

healthy for many years to come! Remember, beauty truly does start from the inside out, so fuel-up wisely to maintain a healthy glow. For example, sweet potatoes can promote glowing gorgeous skin. They are loaded with Vitamins A, C, and E, which can help improve the look of your skin. I hope you find my beneficial essentials helpful and I encourage you to incorporate them into your autumn skin care routine! Kimberly Whitfield is the owner of Kimberly Inspiring Beauty in Strength, a fitness instructor at Go Workout Fitness Center and Trinity A.M.E. Church; a bodybuilder, and a public speaker. Visit her on the web at for a list of her classes.

Saturday Sept. 9, 2017 8 a.m. registration 5K Run/ Family Walk

Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital in Charlotte, Michigan

HGB's "live life. Nspired. 5K Run/Family Walk.” is inspired by Natalie Freiburger's 11 years of life lived fully. Join participants from all walks of life for this unique generosity experience.

Register online at Cash awards for runners! SEPTEMBER 2017 • Healthy & Fit



You have enough time

Manage your week and you won’t miss another workout. by Ryan Haughey


don’t have enough time to work out today. I’ll do it tomorrow.” Ever find yourself uttering these words? This seems to be the most common excuse for opting out when it comes to exercise or any physical activity. When you try to tell yourself “I’ll work out tomorrow,” too often you will end up pushing tomorrow to the next tomorrow. Before you realize, the week has passed without you engaging in exercise or physical activity. Well, I am here to tell you that there is enough time to work out! There are 168 hours in a week. By breaking down the hours of the week into five categories you will be shocked to see how much time you actually do have. The first category is eating, showering and traveling. There are 35 hours of

the week dedicated to those events. Next is working: we can put 40 hours in this category. I know this fluctuates, but bear with me. Sleeping is the third category. You have 56 hours during the week set aside for sleep. Now to the final category: ENOUGH TIME. There are 37 hours of ENOUGH TIME in the week for you to engage in some sort of exercise or physical activity. These numbers are obviously not exact, but give and take a few hours in each category and you still end up with plenty of time during the week to be healthy and better yourself. Ryan Haughey B.S. CPT - ACE, SASTM is the fitness manager and personal trainer at the University Club of Michigan State University. Call him at (517) 353.5113.

Proudly Offering

Summer Fun


Friendshi p!

University Club membership is open to all.

Call 517-353-5111 to learn more about membership. • 3435 Forest Rd. Lansing, MI 48910 14

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Yoga, meditation help brain recovery LoveYourBrain FUNdamentals series is here to help. by Amanda Carr


linical research studies continue to show the health benefits of yoga and mindfulness mediation practices following injuries. Origami has partnered with LoveYourBrain Foundation, becoming the first clinical site in the nation to incorporate LoveYourBrain’s FUNdamental six week yoga series into their programming. The free yoga class is offered to brain injury survivors and caregivers once a week for an hour and a half. The series empowers participants to positively adapt change into their lives through the power of resilience and mindfulness. The LoveYourBrain Foundation was created by former professional snowboarder, Kevin Pearce, and his brother Adam Pearce after Kevin sustained a near fatal traumatic brain injury while


The effects following a brain injury are often complex and may include physical, cognitive, and emotional components. The series is adapted to every ability and need, allowing everyone to experience the benefits of yoga following a brain injury. Yoga practice can improve the connection between mind and body through the use of a series of stretches and breathing exercises.

training for the 2010 winter Olympics. Recreational Therapist Jennie Paggeot stated, “Origami and LoveYourBrain both focus on positive approaches to brain injury prevention and healing so the partnership was very natural”.

Healthy & Fit •

Amanda Carr is an Occupational Therapist, Certified Brain Injury Specialist, and Clinical Manager at Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center. For more information on the LoveYourBrain FUNdamentals Series or other services Origami offers to brain injury survivors and caregivers, contact


A Special LASIK Offer from the Leader in LASIK!


• Affordable pricing and convenient financing • Life-changing procedure • Over 1.1 million procedures performed • Advanced, FDA approved technology • Nationwide locations Call now to schedule your FREE LASIK EVALUATION


*Prices based on prescription. Punctal plugs, assurance plans, and other technologies available at additional cost. Individual results will vary. Candidacy determined by independent doctor located within or adjacent to The LASIK Vision Instituteʼs (LVI) facility. All procedures performed by independent surgeon. LASIK is a medical procedure. Talk to your eye doctor and consider both the risks and benefits before having your procedure. Additional information can be found on our website. This offer may not be combined with any other discount offer. Other conditions may apply. This offer depicts a model who is not an actual patient of LVI. Florida Residents: THE PATIENT AND ANY OTHER PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT HAS A RIGHT TO REFUSE TO PAY, CANCEL PAYMENT, OR BE REIMBURSED FOR PAYMENT FOR ANY OTHER SERVICE, EXAMINATION, OR TREATMENT THAT IS PERFORMED AS A RESULT OF AND WITHIN 72 HOURS OF RESPONDING TO THE ADVERTISEMENT FOR THE FREE, DISCOUNTED FEE, OR REDUCED FEE SERVICE, EXAMINATION, OR TREATMENT.


Avoid the ‘Freshman 15’

Weight gain is a factor for first-time college students. by Jordan Coulter.


s college students embrace living an independent life on campus, they should be aware of the “Freshman 15.” What is it? The notion that within a student’s first year of college they will gain a whopping 15 pounds! In reality, studies show a lesser gain: anywhere from one to about 6.8-pound average weight gain among college students within their first year, with no significant difference between genders. That doesn’t seem like much until you factor in the student’s body composure, particularly looking at body fat percentage. For instance, if a student were to lose 10 pounds of muscle but gain 10 pounds of fat the scale wouldn’t reflect any change in weight. A more realistic and beneficial approach to this issue would be to

Joiner Fee based on the day. The sooner you join, the more you save! Financial Assistance is available

“Keep healthy snacks available, drink a lot of water.” understand a possible scenario such as a student’s body fat percentage going up, muscle mass going down. In this situation, the student could gain up to 15 pounds of fat with the weight on the scale increasing only five pounds. There are multiple variables that could play a part in this transformation. Activity levels decrease: maybe high school sports were a big contributing factor in a student’s activity level and the student isn’t playing anything in college. Eating habits change: going from eating some home cooked meals to primarily eating out due to the lack of knowledge about what foods to

Jordan Coulter, NCCPT, is a certified personal trainer at Oak Park YMCA. Jordan has been with the YMCA since March 2017. Learn more about the YMCA at


Join for $1




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purchase and/or the ability to cook. Also, there are some cafeterias that offer all-you-can-eat meals; academic stress could lead to stress eating; the easy convenience of eating on or near campus; late night studying leading to late night snacks from the vending machines, etc. All of this illustrates that transitioning from high school to college promotes behavior and environmental change. Tools to combat this fat gain are available. Keep healthy snacks nearby, drink a lot of water (stay away from sugary drinks), eat regular meals, stay active and get enough sleep (the body gets energy from sleeping and eating).

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Build your strength as you age

Keep lifting heavy things and move as much as you can. by Justin Grinnell


ou can’t outrun muscle loss. Even active people who don’t strength train will lose significant amounts of muscle mass and bone losses are parallel. The combination of decreased muscle and bone puts you at risk for fractures due to falls. Did you know that adults over the age of 30, who don’t strength train, experience roughly a half a pound a year in muscle loss? That’s a big problem. The good news is that it can change. The benefits of performing weight training are very robust and essential. Let’s take a deeper look into a few other major benefits. More muscle equals more metabolism  The most important reason you should be lifting weights is to lose fat and build muscle. The effect that lifting weights has on your body composition is profound. The more muscle a woman has, the more calories she will burn at rest. So basically, muscles speed up your metabolism, resulting in fat loss. Bone health  If you are around the age of 30, you probably aren’t thinking about osteoporosis quite yet, but you should be. Many studies have shown that lifting weights regularly can increase bone density. Strong makes everything easier  I’m a big believer that we can keep our independence as long as we take care of our bodies and can do things ourselves. It would feel great if you didn’t need someone to do everything for you. Confidence  Walking into the gym knowing that you are going to crush a workout is such a confidence booster. In the past, older folks were left in the corner with the pink dumbbells, or in water aerobics. They were self-conscious and SEPTEMBER 2017

felt out of place in the weight room. In today’s gym atmosphere, I’ve found that most of the aging population can keep up very well with the younger folks. They work harder, push themselves and at times have better form. When an older person realizes their outer strength, they can tap into inner strength, and that begins to radiate. Confidence is an attractive quality and that gym confidence starts to carry over into every other aspect of life.

weights down as minimally as possible. Pick a weight that you can carry for 50 meters.

The workout program

Finisher: Burpees - perform 8 rounds of 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. Try and match your previous round’s rep number each round.

Make sure to perform a proper dynamic warm-up that includes foam rolling, dynamic mobility, core work, medicine ball throws, and plyometrics. This should be brief, yet effective, and only last 10-15 minutes. DAY 1 • Goblet squats: 8 reps • Push-ups: 8 reps • Kettlebell swings: 15-20 reps • 1-arm dumbbell row: 8 reps each side Perform these in a circuit fashion for three to five rounds. Rest as minimally as possible. Finisher: Perform a Farmers Walk for three to five minutes straight. Put the

DAY 2 • Deadlifts: 3-5 reps • Assisted chin-ups: 3-5 reps • Dumbbell push press: 3-5 reps Perform these in a circuit fashion for three to five rounds. Rest as minimally as possible.

DAY 3 • Inverted row (TRX Row): 10-12 reps • Walking lunges: 8 reps each leg • Dumbbell chest press: 10-12 reps • Single leg deadlift: 8 reps Perform these in a circuit fashion for three to five rounds. Rest as minimally as possible. Finisher: Perform your favorite cardio exercise as hard as you can for 10 minutes. You can break it up into intervals if you need to. Bike, rower, stair climber, treadmill, etc. • Healthy & Fit



A new treatment for an old problem Tenex Health System can help with tendonitis. by Matthew Saffarian, DO


ach year millions of individuals suffer from tendonitis, a painful condition that can affect joints and significantly limit mobility. Although tendonitis may heal on its own in some cases, medical intervention may be necessary to achieve optimal healing. Initial treatment is generally conservative, consisting of rest, ice, compression, elevation (RICE), anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy, and activity modification. However, a subset of patients experience prolonged symptoms of pain and discomfort that do not respond to conservative treatment. For those patients, treatment has long been limited to invasive procedures, such as steroid injections, and, in some cases, surgery, which typically involve lengthy recovery periods. In recent months, a new treatment option has become available for patients


affected by chronic, painful tendonitis. In 2012, the Mayo Clinic developed an innovative device referred to as the Tenex Health Tx System*, allowing a qualified physician to perform an outpatient procedure in an office setting without the need for general anesthesia. During the procedure, ultrasound is used to visualize the area of tendon pathology and to help guide the MicroTip needle of the Tenex Health System to the affected region of the tendon. The needle is then used to remove the damaged tissue, to preserve surrounding healthy tissue, and to incite a healing response. The entire procedure typically lasts 20 to 25 minutes. No sutures are required. Most patients are able to return to moderate levels of activity within 2-6 weeks after the procedure is complete. Conditions that can currently be treated with the Tenex procedure include shoulder tendonitis, golfer’s/

Healthy & Fit •

tennis elbow, gluteal tendonitis of the hips, runners/jumpers knee, Achilles tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis. Appropriate candidates are those that have tried and failed conservative treatments for at least 3 months and continue to have pain. The Tenex procedure is covered by most commercial insurance carriers. If you think that you may be a candidate, or simply want to learn more about the Tenex procedure, please do not hesitate to contact our office. *Tenex is a trademarked name *Mathew R. Saffarian, DO receives no compensation from Tenex Health, Inc. Matthew Saffarian, D.O. is the Assistant Professor and Interventional Spine, EMG and Sports Medicine Specialist in the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at the MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine.





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Fit Bits by Lisa Marie Conklin


Three aging myths debunked






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CALL (517) 599-5169 Kathleen Ireland Gregg, N.D. 8183 Herbison Rd, Bath, MI 48808 517.641.8000

healing techniques directed at the root cause of illness Darkfield/Live Blood Cell Analysis

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Getting older doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to lose your memory, break a hip or find technology perplexing. The truth is, you have a lot of control in the aging process. Myth: You’ll lose your memory Blood flow to some parts of the brain that are responsible for making new memories, planning and organizing does decrease as we age but the semantic memory that helps us remember things like riding a bike and remembering facts usually remains strong. Protect your brain by eating healthy, staying active and learning new things, like dancing, playing a musical instrument or learning a new language. Myth: You’ll become frail and weak The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend adults 65-74 years of age get 150 minutes of moderate activity and two-strength training sessions per week. The University of Alabama at Birmingham found that people in their 60s and 70s who started a strength training program could develop muscle strength comparable to that of an untrained 40-year old. Check with your doc and get busy! Myth: You’ll lose touch with technology A study at the Stanford Center on Longevity conducted a study on 591 people with an average age of 68 and found that 72 percent were open to learning new technologies - especially when it pertained to reaching their own goals. Check with your local library, senior center or for free computer skills classes.

Ahoy for avocado boats!

Dedicated to Improving Lives

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We smash them on toast and mash them into guacamole and recently, avocado shells were used for lattes. Avocado boats are sailing into the lunch scene as a portable and yummy sandwich alternative. Simply scoop out the center and add the avocado to other tasty ingredients. Fill each half and enjoy! Here’s a few suggestions:


New Take on Tuna - scoop out the center and add tuna, bell peppers and a little heat like jalapeño, if you like.

Offering Inpatient & Outpatient: •Physical Therapy •Occupational Therapy •Speech Therapy •Aquatic Therapy

Pico de Avocado - Add black beans and Pico de Gallo or salsa for a vegetarian delight. Taco Tuesday - Use leftover taco meat and fixings, sans the tortilla.

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Lazy Day Caprese: cut cherry tomatoes in half, add mozzarella chunks and drizzle balsamic vinaigrette over the tops.

Bust a craving fast!

It strikes without warning - the sudden craving for a cheesy slice of pizza or a melt-in-your mouth chocolate covered donut. How can you bust a craving, when you’re trying to cut back? Mindful minute: Put three fingers from your left hand onto the wrist (like you’re feeling for a pulse) of your right hand. Lay your hands on your lap and close your eyes and breathe deeply. Give yourself a minute to let thoughts come and go without judgment. Time of Distraction: Set a timer for 5 minutes and text a friend, play Trivia Crack or update your status on Facebook.

3460 Dunckel Rd., Lansing 22

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Pinch it: Acupuncturists believe blocked energy can cause cravings. One way to restore energy and balance is an ancient acupressure custom of pinching your nose or earlobes for 10 seconds. SEPTEMBER 2017

Eating God’s Way “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6 KJV

“We are fearfully and wonderfully made. “Eating God’s Way” calls the church back to Biblical basics of nutritional health and challenges us to steward our body well, because it is the literal temple of God.” Apostle Stephanie Butler, COGL President

Dr. Jean-Guy Daigneault Executive Director Gilead Healing Center

“Dr. Jean-Guy is a man on a mission! The reality is, we can live out our mission of Jesus on earth a whole lot better if we are healthy. I wish every church in America could have the opportunity to hear the message that this man brings.” Pastor Kevin Berry Mount Hope Church Lansing, Michigan

Bring “Eating God’s Way” to your Church or Group Healing For The Whole Person: Mind, Body & Soul Schedule today!

Contact Annie at (517) 336-8880 or 306 N. Creyts Road, Lansing, Next to Mt. Hope Church

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Healthy & Fit Magazine Sept. 2017 issue  
Healthy & Fit Magazine Sept. 2017 issue  

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