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Amber Wilder Weight training is her passion!

Learn how to push yourself beyond what you think is possible ALSO INSIDE:



Tough abdominal exercises just in time for spring break

Create a wholesome food environment for your child

EMOTIONAL EATING Learn what triggers your unhealthy eating habits

! E D I U G E C A R 4 1 0 2 E H T : E D I S IN full marathons! d an lf ha , Ks 10 s, 5K • ns lo s • triath A list of the area’s duathlon

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More for your core

Five abdominal exercises that are perfect for getting you into spring break shape.






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Children’s Dental Health Month

How to create a wholesome food environment.

Emotional eating

How to stop eating your feelings.

The numbers are going up!

It’s flu season. Make sure you’re ready!

The mind matters

How to push yourself beyond what you think is possible.

The 2014 Race Guide

Use the race guide to plan your summer running events.

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ON THE COVER: AMBER WILDER When Amber Wilder, 25, of Lansing, isn’t practicing cosmetology, she’s busy sculpting her body. She’s a bodybuilder who competes as a bikini competitor. “Fitness is a passion of mine,” she said. “I love the feeling after a solid workout. The gym is where I empty out my stress.” When she’s not in the gym working out various parts of her physique, she likes to practice yoga and some cardio. Her diet varies, based on whether she wants to put on weight, or get lean for a competition. She said she eats every two hours and drinks at least a gallon of water a day. “Many people try to do crash diets,” she said. “While that may work short term, it’s almost impossible to maintain results long term. So you really have to change your lifestyle. If you want to keep the weight off and stay in shape for the long run! And ladies don’t be afraid to lift! I promise you wont get bulky. You will build muscle which in turn will torch fat!” FEBRUARY 2014

Breast Health

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The 2014 Race Guide: Check out the list!


ur 2014 Race Guide is a labor of love. It’s the second of our three “guide” issues. In January we published our Gym Guide; this month we feature the Race Guide and in March we will offer the Cycling Guide. For each issue, we research events and compile the information in an easy-to-read manner, designed to be saved for the year and referred to often. Gathering this information and putting it into a list, however, is tricky business. Our staff finds that making lists is catchy, addicting, and a habit hard to shake. Here’s why I like lists: 1. Simple to make. A good list is easy to follow. We group our races by discipline, then by date. 2. Easy to display. How much fun is it to check out those races in the guide and put “your” races on a wall somewhere? 3. Graphically cool. From the simple indent in this column, to the formatting of the guide, there’s a lot more you can do with a list than just normal type. 4. Easy to use as a checklist. We hope readers plan their summer of races with our guide. Set some goals, get out there and get in shape. 5. They reveal trivia. I like trivia. I can tell by this list, of all this data, where most of the races take place, what month is the busiest for races and what date has the most events. That’s pretty cool, Here’s what I don’t like about lists: 1. Details, details, details. Creating a list is simple, but finding the data can sometimes be daunting. It took a long time to research the three issues I mentioned above. 2. Accuracy. We try to make the list as accurate as possible, but the truth of the matter is, it can’t be perfect. People are hard to reach for confirmation, races change and/or disappear. Using this list, make sure to confirm details on the race website before planning to run. And if you think putting together a list of all the races is difficult, try staging an event. We give kudos to the race directors. 3. Can’t tell the whole story. Most of these races are fantastic events, worth much more than just a few words on a page. Most, if not all, are designed to raise funds for a worthwhile cause. Hopefully the list moves our readers out the door and onto the race course. So whether you love or hate lists, this is one directory of races (check out page 17) that we’re proud of. We hope you find it helpful. Enjoy the issue (and the list)!


Healthy & Fit •

PUBLISHER AND EDITOR Tim Kissman ADVERTISING Kathy Kissman CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Gina Keilen, RD Gina is a registered dietitian and culinary coordinator for Culinary Services at Michigan State University.

Justin Grinnell B.S., CSCS Justin is co-owner of State of Fitness in East Lansing. You can reach him at 517.708.8828 or

Lisa Marie Metzler Lisa Marie Metzler is a certified personal trainer and freelance writer. Her days of eating cookies in the closet are over - for the most part. Check out:


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Fit Features D A NA Z E CC H I N O Dana Zecchino, 30, of East Lansing, wasn’t sure that she would like CrossFit when she first tried it. But after her initial session, which included a dodgeball warm-up and loud music from Metallica, she was hooked. “I always exercised, but never looked like it,” she said. “With cross training I actually look like I have muscles and work out.” Zecchino, who is a regional sales director at Michigan Gas & Electric, said that she practices lean gain intermittent fasting. She competed in her first CrossFit competition last year and had so much fun she plans on doing more. Getting ready for it, she continually challenges herself with workouts of the day (WODs), a staple of CrossFit training. “Every day is a new day with the WODs,” she said. “Due to my competitive nature, I want to be first in all the WODs.” What’s her advice for novice CrossFit competitors? “Try it,” she said. “You’ll love it. You’ll find that you have a group of people cheering you on all the time.”

KA RE N M AY Dr. Karen May, 37, of Charlotte, practices what she preaches when it comes to healthy living. As the mother of three children, and a chiropractic sports physician, she said she does what she can to educate her patients and family. “I believe we have been called by God to take care of his temple, which is our bodies,” she said. “I love the way I feel physically and mentally, and that I’m a living example to my kids and parents. I can’t ask my family, or my patients, to do the things to improve their quality of life that I’m not willing to do myself.” Her family’s diet consists of 80 percent grass fed meats; wild caught fish; veggies, fruit and nuts; and 20 percent beans and grains that are gluten free. “We do like our sweets, we just try not to overdo them,” she said. May said she likes to do CrossFit, running 5Ks and even snow shoveling. “I am your average middle-aged working mom who has brought out the inner athlete,” she said. “Any activity that brings you joy, or gets your heart racing, or allows you to smile from the inside out is good for your body and soul.”

SID N EY G O TTSCH ALK If there is anything Sidney Gottschalk likes to do, it’s lift weights and live a healthy lifestyle. The 26-yearold bodybuilder from Lansing attributes a military career--he served in Afghanistan-along with a desire to have a movie star physique to his passion for lifting weights. “Being healthy and in shape, you really inspire people,” Gottschalk said. “A lot of people want the body you have or ask questions about what has worked. If I can help them achieve their goal that means a lot to me.” Being a competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter means Gottschalk may consume up to 4,500 calories a day, trying to gain mass. He uses a coach, and consults nutritionists to make sure he makes optimal choices. “The best advice I can give a person who wants to achieve a healthy lifestyle is don’t give up,” he said. “It’s a constant grind to be healthy. Meal choice, training, and rest are the keys to being a healthy human being.”

CH LO E D ARN ELL A visit to the doctor has led Chloe Darnell to a healthy lifestyle. Darnell, 27, of Lansing, was told she needed to drop weight during a regular doctor visit. “It was the first time anyone had said anything about it,” she said. “I knew I needed to lose weight, but I didn’t think it had gotten out of hand.” Her workout of choice: CrossFit. “I love it!” she said. “It’s my obsession. I love how constantly varied it is. Every day we do something different.” Darnell, who is a valet at Sparrow Hospital, said the workouts and a healthy diet have led her to lose weight. She said her mood has improved; she doesn’t dread trying on clothes and has a lot more energy. “I see the positive changes that are happening to my body and it reminds me of why I started,” she said. “It’s very motivating.” Her advice to others? “Don’t give up!,” she said. “There were times when the weight wasn’t coming off and I wasn’t seeing a difference. But it does get better. Keep going!”

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2655 East Grand River | East Lansing, MI 48823 | 517.708.8828

Success! Casey McConkey Tired of sitting on the sidelines, and wanting to make a healthy change to her lifestyle, Casey McConkey, 31, of Lansing, achieved her goal: she is living life to the fullest. She’s dropped 58 pounds off her heaviest weight and is active. Here is her story:


Why did you decide to become healthier? I used to be a couch po-

tato. I would come home, eat and go straight to bed. I had little energy and made excuses as to why I did not have time to exercise. My husband runs races year ’round and finished his second Tough Mudder this past summer. I always admired the men and women of all ages and sizes completing these races. I realized I was tired of sitting on the sidelines.

What are your workouts like? I try to

mix up weight training and cardio. It may sound cliché but watching the Biggest Loser inspires and educates me a lot. I get training and diet tips along with new exercise and circuit ideas. I truly find that show very inspiring, seeing the strides these men and women are making going from a couch potato to an athlete.

What did you do to become healthy? I knew I needed to

change my diet; I needed to make small changes and work my way up. I started by cutting out all sodas and sugary drinks. I had a habit of drinking several sodas a day and little, to no water. I committed to water being my main source of fluid; everywhere I go I have a water bottle with me. I took my doctor’s advice and started a food journal. At first it was monotonous and timeconsuming, but it was a real eye opener. The journal gave me a visual of what and how much I was consuming. It made me want to eat more raw fruits, vegetables, and protein. It was rewarding to watch the pizza, cookies, and pies leave my journal completely. After small changes in my diet I noticed a huge improvement in my energy level. I started by walking a mile every day and then slowly I progressed to jogging an entire mile without stopping.

What are some of your future goals? I

re! Befo

What kind of challenges did you face?

My main challenge was time. I work full-time and I am currently opening a photography business. I would find every excuse in the book to explain why I just could not make it to the gym. I worked 10 hours a day and then came home to photograph clients, or spend hours editing. It was not until my husband stopped me and told me he was proud of all the work I was doing. He told me I needed to take care of myself, and that was more important than working 14 or more hours a day. 10

of hours, instead of gorging as soon as I get home. I do have my splurge days, but I never deny myself a day of goodies. I don’t make a habit of it. The most crucial change I made was cutting pop out completely and replacing it with water.

How is your diet compared to what it was? How do you feel? I try to eat more raw fruits, vegetables, lean meats, good carbohydrates, and limit my sugar intake. I avoid fast food at all cost. I pack my lunch for work and try to eat something every couple

really want to finish a 5k. I want to run the entire way without stopping. I am not a natural runner and have not had any training, Casey McConkey consequently Before: 188 lbs when I did After: 130 lbs. jog or run Height: 5’5” I would be in a lot of pain. After my chiropractor explained that I was running incorrectly, I made a few adjustments to my running technique and I was amazed at the difference.

What’s your advice for others?

I believe in a food journal. Cut out pop and increase water. Start small and work your way up. I had a habit of doing fad diets and going gungho with workouts, I would get super overwhelmed, in return I would get discouraged and quit. Don’t make any extreme changes, change a few things at a time and don’t deprive yourself of things you enjoy. Keep in mind you are important and to be the best you, you have to make time for yourself .

Do you know someone who is a Success! story? Send an e-mail

to Tim at Include your name, phone number and why you think your candidate is a Success!

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Y NOW! Because it’s a new year.


Keep your goals on track! What’s healthier than a delicious, nutritious salad? Leaf offers the freshest ingredients in a self-serve salad bar; gourmet soups and smoothies for a healthy food-on-the-go alternative. Call us today about catering your event, or visit Leaf to get a healthy meal and keep your fitness goals on track.


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Children’s dental health month

How to create a wholesome food environment. by Dr. Susan Maples


y now our New Year’s Resolutions are mostly blown and Children’s Dental Health Month is here again. It’s time to say goodbye to fad diets and build a safe home for your children— which includes creating a wholesome food environment. I just finished reading Fat Chance, by Robert Lustig, a pediatric endocrinologist and childhood obesity specialist. Lustig makes it clear that sugar is the big ugly issue. High-sugar, low-fiber foods drive an insulin spike, causing us to store fat. Chronic sugar intake causes insulin-resistance, diabetes and weight gain. In addition it leads to metabolic syndrome, the collective package of killers: diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancer and dementia. Nature made sugar hard to get. Man made it easy. In nature it’s locked in sugar cane, fruits, some vegetables and honey. The first three sources are loaded with fiber and the third is protected by bees. Man refined it and by 2014 has added it to almost every processed food on the shelf ! This is precisely why obesity and obesity-related illnesses have skyrocketed. Unfortunately it won’t change any time soon, as increased sugar consumption means increased manufacturer profits. The food industries win, the distributors win and we all lose...or gain, as is the case. Prior to 1960 the known sugar-associated dangers were focused on tooth decay. In 1945 water fluoridation came to the rescue. Since then our sugar consumption has gone through the roof. Total sugar consumption zoomed neck-and-neck with the obesity rates in North America. Oh, and the cavity rate climbed too. About one third of all toddlers today have active and progressing tooth decay, causing kids to collectively lose 51 million school hours a year. By puberty, a child exposed to chronic sugar intake develops insulin resistance. Add to that independent decision-making and peer over! Fat for life! (Incidentally, Fat For Life was the title of the Newsweek magazine cover story July, 2000 and now, 13 years later the number of seriously overweight kids in the US has more than doubled.) Get mad about that and help the children you love TODAY! FEBRUARY 2014

Dr. Maples Tips to Curb Sugar Start by eliminating ALL sweetened beverages. Eliminate soda; it is purely a fructose (and caffeine) delivery vehicle. Eliminate fruit juice; eat real fruit instead. Fruit contains fiber which again mitigates that insulin response. Google the 40 “other names for sugar” and get familiar with hidden sources of sugar in the ingredients list. Identify and reduce hidden sugars in “healthy” snacks, such as yogurt and chocolate milk. Start buying real food (vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins). These require no labels or ingredient lists. You will find these mostly on the perimeters of the grocery store. Michael Pollan’s rules from his book Food Rules is “If your grandmother wouldn’t recognize it as food, it isn’t.” If your family eats real food, your weight will take care of itself. Google good sources of soluble and insoluble fiber such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and legumes. Prepare to shop. Make a list and adhere to it. When you do buy any processed food, use a guide or a smart phone app to help you. Try the app Fooducate which scans any bar code and gives you (or your kids) a letter grade. It even helps you identify better alternatives on the same shelf. Don’t take the bait. Remember that typical diets don’t work. Also know that virtually all anti-obesity interventions work better in young children. Keep working toward a healthier lifestyle. Your first challenge is to curb total sugar consumption and thereby dial the insulin down. The next is to increase fiber (and thereby micronutrients) which helps slow the absorption of sugar and moderates the insulin thrust. All this metabolic biochemistry begins with what you eat. Focus on permanently altering your relationship with the supermarket,

grocery store, convenience store, restaurant and fast food joint. Dr. Susan Maples is a dentist and regular contributor to Healthy & Fit Magazine. Her office is in Holt. Contact her at (517) 694-0353 or vist her at • Healthy & Fit



More for your core

Abdominal exercises perfect for spring break shape. by Justin Grinnell Our nutritional intake will determine the majority of our fat loss to the midsection, proper training can also help slash body fat. A well-rounded weight training program, complimented with some good cardiovascular exercise will be a great addition to a diet full of veggies, high quality protein, healthy fats, and water. Try these five core exercises to help regain the midsection you want for spring break. Story continues on

Land Mine Rotations

Side Bench Oblique Hold

Wide Stance Anti-Rotation

Find a sturdy weight bench and lay down on your side. Start with your hipbone at the end of the bench. If you are on your right side, place your right foot underneath the right side of the bench, and place your left foot under the left side of the bench. With your body in neutral posture, lower your body until it is parallel to the ground. Try and hold up to 6-seconds on each side.

Find a cable stack and use a rope attachment. With neutral posture, straighten your arms as much as possible in front of you. ONLY move your arms through the movement as you draw a straight line in front of you. Squeeze all of your core muscle and brace your body. Again, do not move anything BUT your arms during the movement. Strive for 8 reps each direction.

Not every gym will have this apparatus, but most gyms will have a barbell that you can stick into any corner of a room. They will both work. Grab the handle, or the top part of the barbell. Make sure to maintain neutral posture at all times. Squeeze your glutes and abdominals, soften your knees, and keep your arm strength throughout the movement. You will perform the movement by making a half circle as large as you can without breaking posture. ONLY move your arms and nothing else. Perform 5-10 reps each way.

Does this taste familiar to you? How to stop eating your feelings. by Lisa Marie Metzler


rying to eat healthy on a good day can be challenging enough but when the pressure is on at work or family issues leave us anxious, it’s even harder. We may gravitate to the foods that previously gave us comfort. Let’s face it, we all do it from time to time but if your go-to coping mechanism to handle stress, boredom or even elation is food, you could be carrying more than just extra weight. Brian Wansink, PhD, director of the Food and Brand Lab at the University of Illinois says that the type of comfort food we are drawn to depends on our mood. For instance, people in happy moods tend to go for pizza or steak. Sad people reach for ice cream and cookies and bored people reach for potato chips. Whatever kind of food it is, it’s important to recognize the differences between real and emotional hunger. It may be beneficial to keep a food and mood 14

journal to determine if there are triggers - whether happy, sad, anxious, etc. that lead to emotional eating. According to the University of Texas Counseling and Mental Health Center web site there are several differences between emotional hunger and physical hunger: Emotional hunger comes on suddenly; physical hunger occurs gradually. When you are eating to fill a void that isn’t related to an empty stomach, you crave a specific food, such as pizza or ice cream, and only that food will meet your need. When you eat because you are actually hungry, you’re open to options. Emotional hunger feels like it needs to be satisfied instantly with the food you crave; physical hunger can wait. Even when you are full, if you’re eating to satisfy an emotional need, you’re more likely to keep eating. When you’re eating because you’re hungry, you’re more likely to stop when you’re full. Emotional eating can leave behind

Healthy & Fit •

feelings of guilt; eating when you are physically hungry does not. I don’t think any of us are going to abstain from cookies, chips and ice cream. The key is moderation, not deprivation. Wansink suggests our memory of a food peaks after about four bites, so if you only have those bites, a week later you’ll recall as good an experience as if you polished off the whole thing. So have a few bites of the chocolate chip muffin then call it quits. You’ll be satisfied and not pack on as many calories Overcoming emotional eating may take some time. It certainly did for me. I was a closet eater—literally. Every now and then I reach for potato chips when I’m anxious or cookies when I’m sad but it just makes me feel worse. For the most part, I’ve found that physical activity works for me. The endorphins released after exercise make me feel great and I actually feel better about my problem after a walk or workout. FEBRUARY 2014


The numbers are going up

It’s flu season: Make sure you’re prepared. by Deborah Loniewski


nfluenza is a serious respiratory disease. An annual flu vaccine is the best way to decrease the chances that you will get seasonal flu and prevent spreading it to others. Your immunity to last year’s vaccine may not cover what is coming this flu season. Flu viruses mutate and new strains appear over time. Vaccination is

or bacteria that can also cause flu-like symptoms. Other respiratory viruses that spread during the flu season are Metapneumovirus, Parainfluenza 1, 2 & 3, Adenovirus and RSV. We have not reached the peak here in Mid-Michigan yet. Walid Khalife, PhD., Molecular Director at Sparrow Laboratories shared the current Influenza statistics for our area (week of Dec. 2013).

secretions when an infected person coughs or sneezes close to someone. Transmission may also occur through indirect contact when touching surfaces contaminated with influenza virus secretions and then touching the eyes, nose or mouth. The incubation period is usually two to four days. Influenza illness is characterized by the abrupt onset of fever, myalgia, sore throat, nonproductive

Respitory Pathogen

1st week

2nd week

3rd week

4th week

5th week (12/28/13-1/4/14)

Total tested December 2013

Number Positive & Percent

Influenza A







124 (27.5%)

Influenza B








particularly important for persons 50 years and older, six months to four years, pregnant, immunosuppressed, chronic pulmonary or cardiovascular problems, nursing home patients, caregivers and American Indians since they are at a higher risk of developing serious complications from influenza infections. Seasonal flu vaccines are designed to protect against infection and illness caused by the most common flu viruses. They do not protect against other viruses

The number of positive Flu A test results consistently increased each week. The first week of January increased even more (29 perent) and the numbers are expected to continue to rise. From the patients tested for influenza in our molecular laboratory, all typed as the Flu A, 2009 H1N1 strain. Current vaccines protect against 4 different flu viruses including 2009 H1N1. Influenza is primarily transmitted from person to person via respiratory

cough, and headache. It’s not too late to visit your doctor to receive a flu shot. Remember to wash your hands frequently, drink lots of fluids, get plenty of rest, exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet! Deb Loniewski BSMT (ASCP) is an outreach laboratory representative with Sparrow Laboratories. Reach her at (517) 364.7800.

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The mind matters

How to push yourself beyond what you think is possible. by Cynthia Logan


he brain allows or limits endurance performance and it can be trained to allow the body to be pushed further. Training the brain is a matter of tricking the mind to allow more from the body, says Tim Noakes, M.D., author of Lore of Running. The key is to fool the mind into letting the body work harder. I spoke with Egil Vasstrand, from Norway, before he ran the New York Marathon this year. He stressed the importance of training his mind and body way before the race. He stated that he runs the race for himself, as it is something he had wanted to do while living in the United States. After the race, he reported that during dark moments between 25k and 35k, it was the massive cheering crowd that pulled him through. He met his goal and is

done with marathons. Michigan native, 27 year-old Jamie Tirrell, is no stranger to running in many races. She has run marathons in Dallas and Chicago, and qualified for the Boston Marathon for 2014. She states that what drives her is her competitive nature. She ran the Chicago Marathon in 3:23:52 and is proud of her time. While training she is motivated by fast pumping music when inside and nature around her when she is outside. She says when her body feels like it’s giving out, she daydreams about anything to help her push through. Nicole Loughan Utter, 33, first started running to lose weight and then decided to run a few marathons. She realizes she is not a real fast person, so during marathons she picks a person that she figures is close to her fitness level and then she tries to stay with

Run our races! “Our mission is to support youth running in Michigan.”

them during the race. To get in shape she suggests using The Couch to 5K Running Plan. The plan helped her to build herself up a little at a time. When training she uses the Rocky movies as her influence with the Eye of the Tiger song top on her list. She also listens to rap music to help her zone out. Self talk, or daydreaming, is useful. Topics change from person to person, but some people picture themselves thinner and in good shape, while others think about how they will be viewed, and for some competition is key. So, it’s beneficial to train the body and trick-train the mind. Cynthia Logan Anthony, PhD is a psychologist and nationally certified counselor. Learn more about her at

Bunny Hop 5k Sunday, March 23, 2014 @ 9 a.m. Heritage Park on Farmington Rd. Capitol Memorial Run 5k Run/Walk Saturday, May 24, 2014 @ 9 a.m. Lansing Community College Twilight 5k Wednesday, June 18, 2014 @ 7 p.m. Lansing River Trail near Impression 5 Museum Farmington Founders Festival 4 Mile Run Saturday, July 19, 2014 @ 9 a.m. Shiawassee Park Run for Fame 5k and 10k Run/Walk Sunday, July 20, 2014 @ 9 a.m. Lansing Center Run Like The Wind 5k and 10k Saturday, August 30, 2014 @ 9:30 a.m. Nankin Mills Picnic area, Westland, MI Lansing Turkey Trot 5k Thursday, November 27, 2014 @ 9 a.m. Lansing Community College



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2014 HEALTHY & FIT MAGAZINE RACE GUIDE 2014 Half-Marathons and Marathons




Sunday Sunday Sunday Saturday Saturday Sunday Monday Saturday Sunday Sunday Saturday Saturday Saturday Sunday

Potterville Grosse Ile Ann Arbor Lansing Dearborn Grand Rapids Hopkinton, MA Walker Kalamazoo Lansing DeWitt Grand Rapids Traverse City Ann Arbor 53riverbankrun

3/16 3/30 3/30 4/5 4/12 4/13 4/21 4/26 5/4 5/4 5/10 5/10 5/24 6/1

The Blarney Stone Half Marathon/10K/5K Rock CF Rivers Half Marathon Ann Arbor Marathon Run for Reading 5K Martian Marathon/Half-Marathon/10K/5K Gazelle Girl Half Marathon/5K Boston Marathon Rivertown Races Half Marathon & 5K Borgess Run for the Health of It Half Marathon Lansing Marathon/Half Marathon Take a Breath for PH and Get Moving for MS Fifth Third River Bank Run Bayshore Half Marathon Dexter-Ann Arbor Run Half Marathon/10K/5K

Sunday, June 8

Dansville Aggie Duathlon & 5K Friday Saturday Sunday Saturday Sunday Saturday Monday Friday Saturday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Saturday

7/4 7/5 7/27 8/9 8/10 8/18 9/1 9/5 9/20 9/21 10/12 10/12 10/12 10/19 10/19 11/8

Hungry Duck Run Half Marathon/5K Duo at the Ledge Half Marathon/5K Portland Relay for Life Half Marathon & 5K Fred Meijer White Pine Trail 200 Mile Relay Lake Lansing Team Marathon Somerset Stampede Half Marathon & 5K Run for CHUM Half Marathon/5K Run Woodstock100/50-Mile/Marathon/Half/8K Dances with Dirt 50-Mile/50K/100K Relay Capital City River Run Half Marathon Chicago Marathon Wild Life Marathon/Half-Marathon/5K St. Patrick Fall Festival Half Marathon/5K Grand Rapids Marathon/Half Marathon Detroit Free Press Marathon/Half/5K Woldumar Run-A-Munk Half Marathon/10K/5K

Choose from either our beginner sprint duathlon event, a 5kRun/ 10mile Bike/5kRun distance event, or just run the Certified 5K. If you’ve thought of trying a Triathlon, but don’t like to swim, doing the Aggie Du may just be for you. Supporting Dansville Cross Country. Visit

Brighton Grand Ledge Portland Comstock Park Haslett Somerset Ctr. Dansville Pinckney Pinckney Lansing Chicago, IL Concord Portland Grand Rapids Detroit Lansing

2014 Triathlons & Duathlons




Sunday Sunday Saturday Saturday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Saturday Sunday Wednesday Saturday Sunday Sunday

Howell Rochester Hills New Boston Jenison Climax Lansing Dansville Grand Rapids Birch Run Belle Isle Detroit Brighton Cadillac Interlochen Clark Lake

2/16 3/2 5/10 5/17 5/25 6/1 6/8 6/8 6/14 6/15 6/18 6/28 7/13 7/13


Howell Splash & Dash Indoor Triathlon Life Time Indoor Tri Willow Duathlon Jenison Triathlon Seahorse Challenge Triathlon/Duathlon Hawk Island Triathlon Dansville Aggie Duathlon & 5K Road Race Grand Rapids Triathlon Michigan Zombie Run MotorCity Triathlon Triceratops Tri & Kids’ Clinic Lumberman Tri Inter-Rockin Triathlon Clark Lake Triathlon/Duathlon • Healthy & Fit


2014 HEALTHY & FIT MAGAZINE RACE GUIDE 2014 Triathlons and Duathlons (cont.) DAY DATE NAME



Sunday 7/27 Mackinaw Multi-Sport Mix Saturday 8/9 Sanford & Sun Triathlon/Duathlon Sunday 8/10 Village Tri/Du Wednesday 8/13 T-Rex Tri & Kids’ Tri Saturday 8/16 A Girl’s Best Friend Triathlon/Du THE TRIATHLON Sunday 8/17 RETURNS Petosky Triathlon TO BURCHFIELD Sunday 8/24 PARK! Playmakers Classic Triathlon

Makinaw City Sanford Clarkston Brighton Vicksburg Petosky St. Johns 3

AUGUST 26, 2012 • 8:00 AM

Sunday, August 24

Playmakers Classic Triathlon Sunday 8/24 Ludington Lighthouse Triathlon Saturday 9/6 Rhoades McKee Reeds Lake Tri/Du Saturday 9/6 Tawas Festival of Races REGISTER AT: Saturday 9/20 South Beach Triathlons PLAYMAKERSCLASSICTRI.COM 600 METER SWIM



The Playmakers Classic Triathlon takes place at Motz County Park in St. Johns. Run by Playmakers, the race consists of a 600 meter swim, 18 mile bike and 5 mile run.

Ludington Grand Rapids E. Tawas South Haven



5K Through 10 Miles (2014) DAY DATE NAME FEBRUARY/MARCH

Saturday Sunday Saturday Saturday Saturday Sunday Saturday Saturday Saturday Sunday Sunday Saturday Sunday Sunday


Saturday Sunday Sunday Saturday Sunday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday Sunday


Friday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday


2/1 2/2 2/8 2/8 2/15 2/16 3/1 3/1 3/1 3/2 3/16 3/22 3/23 3/30

Groundhog Gallop 5K Super Bowl 5K Snowball Family Fun Run 5K Dragon Run 5K Full Moon Advantage Trail Race 5K Heart Throb 5K Toge’-Go-Boge’ 5K Hospice Holiday 5K Hawk Island 5K Zombie Run Fight for Air Climb MSU Tower Guard Shamrock 5K Ronald McDonald House Run for the House 10K/5K Bunny Hop 5K MSU Irondog 5K

Jackson Novi Ionia Howell Williamston East Lansing Ovid Brooklyn Lansing Detroit East Lansing Okemos Heritage Park East Lansing

4/5 4/6 4/6 4/12 4/13 4/26 4/26 4/26 4/26 4/27

Run for Reading 5K Pathfinder 5K Hoofin’ It for the Horses 5K ORS 5K/8K Run/Walk MSUFCU Race for the Place 5K Maple Syrup 5K Run ASM 5K for Autism Acceptance Young Life Lansing 5K Steps for Courage Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K

Lansing Lansing East Lansing Jackson East Lansing Vermontville Lansing Lansing Owosso Lansing

5/2 5/3 5/3 5/3 5/3

Mason State Bank 5K & Bulldog Runs St. Joe Comet Crusade St. Gerard 5K Lansing Marathon 5K and 1.5K for Kids 12th Annual FSCA Run for Fun 5K Walk/Run

Mason St. Johns Lansing Lansing Jackson

Healthy & Fit •





Saturday Thursday Saturday Sunday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday

Lansing Lansing Howell Traverse City East Lansing St. Johns Lansing Lansing

5/3 5/8 5/10 5/11 5/17 5/17 5/17 5/17

Michigan Families of SMA Run 5K Run for a Cure 5K Run Against Drugs The Mother’s Day 5K Ingham County Animal Shelter Woofer Walk 1.5 mile St. Peter Country Run 5K Run for the Ages 5K Miles for Smiles 5K Friday, May 2

Mason State Bank 5K Sunday Sunday Saturday Saturday Sunday


Friday Saturday Saturday Sunday Friday Sunday Wednesday Friday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday


Saturday Sunday Saturday Saturday Sunday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday Sunday


Saturday Saturday Sunday Friday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday

This is a very popular early season, Friday night race in Mason. Proceeds from this race benefit Mason Schools. Great course with a small, steep finish. Great race!

5/18 5/18 5/24 5/24 5/25

Wrong Way 5K Girls on the Run Mid-Michigan 5K Mackinaw Memorial Bridge Race (5 Miles) Capitol Memorial Run 5K Fallen Heroes Run 5K

Holt Owosso Mackinaw City Lansing Lansing

6/6 6/7 6/7 6/8 6/13 6/15 6/18 6/20 6/21 6/21 6/21 6/21 6/28

South Church Family Fitness 5K Pewamo St. Joseph Run 5K Ally Brunk Memorial Run 5K YMCA Summer Fun and Run 5K RivMex 5K St Vincent Catholic Charities Run for Refugees 5K Twilight Run 5K Capitol Mile & 5K Get Healthy Now 5K Portland St. Patrick Summerfest 5K Red Cedar Run 5K Potter Park Zoo Wild One Children’s Mile Max’s Race

Lansing Pewamo Potterville DeWitt Holt Lansing Lansing Lansing Lansing Portland Williamston Lansing East Lansing

7/5 7/13 7/19 7/19 7/20 7/26 7/26 7/26 7/26 7/27

Duo at the Ledge Half Marathon/5K Little Feats 5K Freedom 5K Farmington Founders Festival 4 mile Race for Fame 10K/5K Cristo Rey 5K Jeff Wieber Memorial 5K Girl Scouts Promise Race 5K Glow in the Park Ele’s Race 5K for Grieving Children

Grand Ledge Okemos Potterville Shiawasee Park Lansing Lansing Fowler Laingsburg Grand Rapids Okemos

8/2 8/9 8/10 8/15 8/16 8/16 8/16 8/23 8/30

Mint City Races BWL Hometown Power 5K Camino of St. James 8K/5K Melon Run St. Casimer Catholic Parish Come to the River 5K/10K Panther Spirit Race 5K Run for Fun 5K CRIM 10 Mile/8K/5K Run Like the Wind 10K/5K

St. Johns Lansing Mason Howell Lansing DeWitt Okemos Flint Westland

FEBRUARY 2014 • Healthy & Fit



Monday Saturday Saturday Saturday Sunday Thursday Saturday Sunday Sunday Sunday Saturday Saturday


9/1 9/6 9/6 9/6 9/7 9/11 9/13 9/14 9/14 9/14 9/20 9/20


Run for CHUM Half Marathon/ 5K Live Life Nspired 5k Run & Family Walk Michigan Remembers 9-11 5K Run and Play for Ariana Mae 5K Kellie Sebrell XC Classic 5K 9-11 Hero Run 5K Danae’s Race 5K Trail for the Troops 5K CATA Clean Commute Options 5K Run/10 Mile Bike Sparrow Woman Working Wonders (W3) 5K/OK Save the Wildlife 5K Perryfest Rambler Run 5K Saturday, Sept. 6

Michigan Remembers 9-11 5K Saturday Saturday Saturday Sunday Sunday Saturday Sunday

9/20 9/20 9/20 9/21 9/21 9/27 9/28


WALK Sunday 10/5 Saturday 10/11 2013 Saturday 10/11 Saturday 10/11 Sunday 10/12 OM/RUNTOREMEMBER Sunday 10/12 HIGANREMEMBERS.ORG Sunday 10/12 CREATIVE Sunday MICHIGAN10/12 Friday 10/17 he Michigan Remembers 9-11 Fund, including student 10/18 remembrance er recognition programs, and 9-11Saturday victim remembrance efforts. Saturday 10/18 sy of Michigan Creative Saturday 10/18 Sunday 10/19 Saturday 10/25 Sunday 10/26 Sunday 10/26






11/2 11/8 11/9 11/9 11/27 11/28 12/6 12/13 12/31


Dansville Charlotte Lansing Grand Ledge DeWitt Holt Lansing St. Johns Lansing Lansing Howell Perry

This event remembers those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001, including 19 with Michigan connections, and honors and celebrates the brave men and women across Michigan who protect and serve our communities and nation on a daily basis.

Michigan Parkinson Foundation 5K Healthy & Fit Magazine Expo Sohn Kids Races Cooley Law School Race for Education 5K Walk to End Alzheimer’s 5K All Feet No Hands 5K Playmakers Autumn Classic 8K/1&2 Mile Walks

Okemos Lansing Lansing Lansing Lansing Williamston Haslett

MSUFCU Dinosaur Dash 5K Touching Souls 5K Green Space Trail Run 5K/10K Whitefish Point: Run for the Light Portland St. Patrick Fall Festival Half Marathon/5K Race for Ralya 5K Race with Radmoor 5K Halloween Hustle 5K Westside YMCA Boo 5K Trail Run Dragons in the Woods 5K Race to Restore 5K St. Mary of Williamston 5K Dome Roam 5K Headless Horseman Run Thru Hell Halloween Tim Gordon-Quad A 10 Mile/5K

East Lansing Potterville Mason Paradise Portland Haslett Okemos Lansing Holt Holt Lansing Williamston East Lansing Howell Pinckney Grand Ledge

East Lansing Lansing Laingsburg Roseville Lansing Owosso Lansing Lansing Lansing



Sunday Saturday Sunday Sunday Thursday Friday Saturday Saturday Wednesday


DO Monster Dash Run-a-Munk 5K/10/Half LEAF ‘Burg (Trail) Run 5K/10K 36th Annual Big Bird Run Lansing Turkeyman Trot 5K Glow 5K Scrooge Scramble Jingle Belle 5K New Year’s Eve 5K

Healthy & Fit •


Train with the camaraderie of a team and the support of coaches!



Playmakers Women’s Any Distance, Couch to 5K Any Pace • 10-week program • Kicks off 4x a year • Cost: $65

• 18-week program • Kicks off twice a year • Cost: $100 New $65 Returning

C U YO AN Team

Triathlon Team

• 13-week program • Kicks off twice a year • Cost: $110 New $95 Returning

DO IT! $5 discount for online registraiton

For more information, visit

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Hallow Rocks Lying on the floor, place your arms above your head. Raise your arms and legs about 4-6 inches off the ground, keeping them as straight as possible. Press your lower back into the ground and tighten your abdominals. Once you are in this position, rock your body back and forth without breaking posture. Go for 15-20 seconds.

3460 Dunckel Rd., Lansing


(517) 599-5169


♥ TEAM DOBIE” Ingham County

R ehabilitation Services 3860 Dobie Rd • Okemos 517-381-6130

Orange Color Make up Orange Color Make up Walkout Holds Red 74.23 Cyan 18.80 Assume a push-up position on your hands and feet. Walk your hands Mangenta 69.20 without breaking neutralGreen out as far as possible posture.34.87 Simply hold as long as you72.70 can until you cannot maintain neutral posture. Blue 24.68Make sure Yellow to squeeze your glutes and abdominals, and keep your chin tucked. Black 4.80 To make the exercise harder, keep your legs closer together. To make it easier, spread your feet apart. 45-60 seconds should do the trick.

O’Day Studios

Your Champions for Short-Term Rehabilitation Care!

13062-Healthy&Fit_Dobie Ad_3.5x2_CMYK_fnl.indd 1

5/6/13 7:52 AM

The O’Day Studio Training for fitness. Training for life. Julie O’Day

Phone: 517.862.2451 Imagine… Studio: 517.351.3600

Certified GYROKINESIS® Trainer

... a golf swing that leaves your back 1650 Kendale Blvd., Suite 115 supple and strong. East Lansing, MI 48823 … a day at the computer ending with loose neck and shoulders. … aging with more strength and agility, less. up Green Color Make up Green Colornot Make Cyan 31.00 Mangenta 14.00 Yellow 65.00 Black 0 can get

Red 64.87 Green 72.66 Blue 32.70

GYROTONIC Training ®

you there.

GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS® are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp. and are used with their permission.

To learn more go to

(517) 351-3600 22

Healthy & Fit •


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