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Kimberly Whitfield Bodybuilding is a natural fit for this 45-year-old

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How to get along with relatives and co-workers

IS BUYING FRESH THE BEST? With fruits and veggies what’s best for you?


Tips on how to keep active and healthy as you age



Learn how to make the right choices to get fit


Carrying heavy weight can get you in overall shape

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Fit bits!

Tips to help with overeating and indulging this holiday season.

The scoop on mouthwash

How well does it really work?

Holiday and family

How to deal with uncomfortable family situations.

A smart way to give

It’s never too early to think about your children’s future.

The Gift Guide

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Is it really an excuse?

Excuses are built into our culture. We need to change that.

Is fresh best?

Fruits and vegetables come in a variety of forms. Which is best?

Staying active while aging

Optimize your health and wellness by keeping fit.

There is no middle age!

Learn how to empower yourself while “Middle-Living.”

Keeping healthy by managing stress

When we get stressed, it can wreak havoc on our health.

Carry the load!

Loaded carries are a good way to a better body and stronger core.

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Dr. Meredith Heise y

Dr. John Flood

Dr. Jeremy Pascot to

Dr . W ill ia m Tr ul uc


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My family keeps buying me cooking gifts!


ithout a doubt, the Big Green Egg was my favorite gift this year. By far. It has been fun cooking on the ceramic-style grill/smoker since my wife and kids gave it to me for a birthday/Father’s Day present back in June. If there’s a meat out there that can be smoked or grilled, chances are I’ve done it. From my first try at ribs, to a legendary 12-hour slow smoked pulled pork dish with homemade sauce, I’ve been cooking on the Egg. Anyone who eats at our house, after these famous meals, has always left with a full belly. In the summer I put on the radio, crack open a beverage, and hang out by the grill enjoying the smell of meat and smoke. It’s hard not to peek and see how the food is cooking, but you quickly learn to resist that temptation. In cold weather I still use the Egg. Light it up, get the temperature to where it needs to be, then put the meat on and head inside. It’s that easy. In short, no matter what the weather, it’s easy to talk me into grilling or smoking something. What a great gift. If only it was this easy all the time! Gifts can be a tricky purchase at any time of the year. With so many products out there, and what seems like less and less time to actually shop, it’s easy to look at gift purchasing as a daunting task. I know we’ve bailed out from that task and have bought gift cards from time to time. At Healthy & Fit Magazine, we like to help with some of that decision making. Throughout the year we solicit products from across the country and review them to see if they fit into a healthy lifestyle. We had a good year testing different products from headphones to kitchenware, and everything in between. The products featured in our guide this year are great. Wait, a second… did I say I’m easy to talk into grilling and cooking dinner? Or lunch? Why is my wife smiling as I read this to her? Come to think of it, every weekend the suggestion comes from one of my daughters. And they keep asking what kind of accessories they can get for me so that I can cook more dinners. I even bought a new spice rack and had to reorganize the cupboard so that I can have my spices ready when I cook. I’ve had relatives ask if I want barbecue cookbooks, too. Volunteering to show up at the house for tastes. Is there something going on here? Truth is, it’s fun. And I find myself expanding our food choices daily. I do look at accessories for the Egg. There’s a lot out there! It’s a perfect compliment to the crock-pot my wife got me last year for Christmas that we use all the time. With two active kids in sports, crock-pot cooking is a no brainer in my opinion. In fact, I use it all the time— Wait a second … there has to be something fishy going on here. Happy Holidays! Enjoy the issue while I figure this thing out.


Healthy & Fit •



Gina is a registered dietitian and culinary coordinator for Culinary Services at Michigan State

Justin Grinnell B.S., CSCS

Justin is the owner of State of Fitness in East Lansing. He is also a certified nutrition coach. Reach him at 517.708.8828.

Lisa Marie Metzler Lisa Marie Metzler is a certified personal trainer and freelance writer.

Susan Maples, DDS, MSBA

Susan is a dentist in Holt. She is also a speaker, business consultant and author. Reach her at


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5, and suffer from migraines these are facts you must know.

Are Headaches Controlling Your Life? If you suffer from migraines these are facts you must know.

with friends, and not have to worry that your s is Living tough. with headaches is tough. Imagine being able to live life like a normal

headache will hit you at again, just pain thefree wrong time. person and without headaches -being able to play your Day after day of being miserable, irritable, We’re running a special 14-day offer forwith those erable,andirritable, kids, enjoy time with friends, and not have looking a lot older than you really are. suffering Until November to worry that your headache will hit you at u really Theof knowing Theare. frustration that yourwith friends headaches. just the wrong time. We’re running a special and family don’t understand what you’re 30th, $49 will get you all the services our friends and 14-day offer for those suffering with we going through. headaches. Until December patients $260! 30, $49 will get t you’re going normally charge new you all the services we normally charge

The Duke Recurring Study

H Are Not Norm

Medical experts concluded that No question… spinal manipuhaving heada lations resulted insomething almost Add this to doctors’ visits, MRI’s and CT is new patients $260! immediate scans -- which only come back with improvement Pain is your b “normal” results. Why would we practically give away our Why would we practically give away our for headaches. of telling services? Because patients tell patients us tootelloften… services? Because us too often... ’s andAnd CTthat’s scans Patients also you s not all... trying one medication Discover the drug-free, pain-free, had afterresults. another, feeling like you’re on a is significantly wrong. ( normal” “I only wished I had found you sooner” natural treatment for getting rid fewer side merry-go-round of drugs. you and have a la “I only wished I had found you sooner” of headaches. effects This happens so often, we decided to do longer-lasting It’s enough to make anyone want to scream! the drug-free, pain- medication). F medication after something about it and run this ad. Just call Discover relief of headaches than a commonly natural medication. treatment for SUREOHP DQG Ć December 30 and here’sto whatdo you’ll free,prescribed often, we decided on a merry-go- This happens so before get... getting rid of headaches. IF YOU DO NOTHING ELSE, got to be top something about it and run this ad. Just call Recurring Headaches Are Not Normal READ THIS: • A n in-depth consultation about your Call today… before November 30th and here’s what you’ll headaches where we will listen...really No question... if you are having headaches 1) Approximately 22 million women get… the details of your unique t to scream! then something is wrong. Pain is your body’s are affected by migraines in the U.S. situation. way of telling you something is wrong. (Not that you have a lack of pain medication). 2) Medical science ï has discovered that consultation • A complete neuromuscular skeletal Finding the problem and fixing it has got to An in-depth about andyour most headaches are caused by dam examination of the head and neck so G ELSE, be aCall top priority! Call today ... anytime between the hou where listen…really aged structures aroundheadaches the neck like we we can findwill the problem. joints, ligaments, muscles, and cervical the details of your unique am and 6:00 pm Monday throug listen…to discs, all of which have complex nerve • A full set of specialized x-rays to deter- situation. endings. mine if posture or joint problems are Tell the receptionist you’d like to en are affected contributing to your pain ... (NOTE: anytime betweenHeadache 9 am and 6 pm Evaluati forCallthe Special 3) Research has proven certain natural These would normally cost at least $200). Monday through Friday. Tell the receptionist . 30th. treatments have great with ï success A complete neuromuscular and skeletal November you’d like to come in for the Special headaches, even better than massage Headache Evaluation before December 30. • A thorough analysis of your exam and examination of the head and neck so we medications, with no side effects. d thatand most x-rays where we’ll map out how you Look, you have very little to risk an FDQ ĆQG WKH SUREOHP ed structures can get rid of your headaches once and Look, you have very little to risk and a lot to Why not get rid of those debilitating gain. Call today we canwith get sta for all. gain. Call today and weand can get started ents, muscles, headaches today? Read the full facts your consultation, exam and x-rays as soon on this page! consultation, exam and x-rays ï A full set of ve complex • Aspecialized special report thatx-rays you can taketo with your as there’s an operning in the schedule. Our you revealing what is happening inside office is called Rassel-Daigneault Family determine if posture or joint problems are WKHUHèV DQ RSHQLQJ LQ WKH VFKHGXOH 2 you to cause the headaches. Chiropractic and you can find us next to Rassel-Daigneault Family Ch I’m Dr. Jean-Guy Daigneault. Dr. Denise contributing to your pain … (NOTE: These called FRANDOR behind Wendy’s ... 537 N. Rassel and I have been helping patients with Could treatment be the DQG \RX FDQ ĆQG XV QH[W WR )5$1'2 Clippert, Lansing, or for your convienience atural treatwould normally costthis youdrugless at least $200). neck tension, headaches and migraines live key to your headache at our Okemos location at 4650 Dobie Rd. eadaches even Wendy’s… 537 N. Clippert, Lansing o pain – free for years now. solution? tions – and with Sincerely, at our Okemos locatio thorough analysis your exam and convenience Every week we hearï howAwomen suffer Numerous of studies from severe headaches –x-rays statementswhere like... have shown we’ll maptheout how you can DobieDr.Rd. Denise Rassel, D.C. benefits of spinal Dr. Jean-Guy Daigneault, D.C. get rid of your headaches once and for all. • “I feel like my head is in a vice. ” adjustments with ing headaches • “My eyes hurt and I feel so drowsy.” headache patients. Sincerely, P.S. Why Suffer More Years Of page! • “I have to lay down.” Misery? • “I’ve had migraines childhood. ” ï since A special report that you can take with you The Boline • “Muscle tension in the neck and pain Study Denise Rassel, D.C. revealing what is happening inside you to Dr.How into the shoulders.” many years can your body handle Dr. Jean-Guy D.C. taking one pill afterDaigneault, another? That’s no way This study compared two cause the headaches. t. Dr. Denise They tell me they’re sick and tired of to live, not when there could be an easy groups of headache patients, half g patients withone headache medication to went for chiropractic adjustments, and the jumping from solution to your problem. Many of the pain the next. Here’s what I hear... medications available are quite addicting P.S. Why Suffer More Years and Of Mis other half took amitriptyline, a medication Could this drugless treatment be the key to migraines live can have drastic side effects. Call today. We often prescribed for the treatment of severe yourupon headache “I am tired of being looked as someone solution? may be able to help you live a normal, tension headache pain. After six weeks, who is only out there to get medicine. I only pain-free life again. researchers found that chiropractic patients How many years can your body han want RELIEF. I don’t know why that is so hard experienced almost no side effects. And only after another? 1XPHURXV VWXGLHV KDYH VKRZQ WKH EHQHĆWV RI for peoplefrom to understand. I don’t want to be Callpill 517-336-8880. the chiropractic patients continued to report one men suffer treated badly anymore. I want to get help, and *Medicare/Medicaid restrictions apply. when treatment ended. spinal adjustmentsfewer withheadaches headache patients. s like… I want to get rid of the headaches.”

Phone: 517-336-888

Phone: 517-336-8880

That’s no way to live, not when ther

Fit bits

by Lisa Marie Metzler

Frosty Rolls a Punch Building a snowman is a fun way to zap some holiday calories but, if you rolled and hoisted one too many snow balls to make a giant snowman, your back may suffer. Ginger has some seriously good benefits for aching muscles and joints. In a study with osteoarthritis sufferers, warm ginger compresses were placed on the middle of the back for 30 minutes a day. Pain and fatigue were reduced by half after a week. Ginger has been found to relax the musculoskeletal system enabling increased mobility. Try this recipe for your holiday aches: Mix 2 tsp. of ginger with 1 cup of hot water. Soak a wash cloth in the mixture and squeeze firmly to remove excess water before applying.

Getting Toasted=Over Eating Get a little carried away at the office Christmas party? That could lead to more chowing down the day after. According to a recent U.K. study, the average woman eats 2,071 calories the day after drinking too much. Half of the same women also skipped their workout the day after. Tisk, tisk. Alcohol is metabolized at the rate of .015 of blood alcohol concentration (BAC), or about one drink every hour. Drink water in between cocktails and cut yourself off after two drinks.

Not So Friendly Skies

Ask Santa for a jump rope this year. You’ll burn 15 calories per minute (more or less, depending on your weight). Get the right length by stepping in the center of the rope. Lift the handles just to the armpit and you’re good to go. Here’s some moves to get you started: Try jumping for one minute and resting for one minute. Basic Jump/Alternate Foot Jump Alternate left and right foot landing for one minute/rest one minute. Side-to-Side Jump Jump a few inches to your left as you swing the rope, then to your right. Single Leg Jump Land softly on the right for 30 seconds, then land 30 seconds on the left. Foot-Cross Cross your feet over each other on each rep, alternating the foot that lands in front.

Go Vegetarian!

Maybe you should stick with traveling over the river and through the woods to grandma’s house this holiday season. 20% of passengers reported getting a cold after air travel. The super dry air and being near infected travelers isn’t a healthy combo. Pop a zinc lozenge pre-flight for protection. If a cold still gets you, pop one or two lozenges at the first sign of symptoms. You may also want to give elderberry a shot. Pop a pill or get the syrup. It could reduce your congestion and shorten the duration of a cold or flu.

Soothe Tummy Trouble Hey, your mom warned you: your eyes are bigger than your stomach. But it’s hard to resist the cornucopia of holiday fare and desserts. After indulging in too many holiday cookies or if you have trouble with IBS, give peppermint a try. A 2011 Australian study showed that peppermint activates an “anti-pain” channel in your colon and can soothe your G.I. tract. Brew yourself a cup of peppermint tea and set some limits next time.


Fitness and Fixin’s on the Cheap

Healthy & Fit •

Go vegetarian once a week and you could bank $80 per month! Start by packing your lunch. Try a raw veggie wrap: Fill a 10-inch whole wheat tortilla with cucumbers, shredded baby carrots, red and yellow peppers and 2 tablespoons of light cream cheese. Or fill a whole wheat pita with 2 tablespoons of hummus and veggies. Pair either option with grapes for a fulfilling lunch. Who doesn’t love pizza? Spinach and feta pizza on a whole-wheat thin crust is fast and delish. Just place 5 oz. of fresh baby spinach in a non-stick skillet with 2 chopped garlic gloves and pepper. Cook till spinach wilts. Drain. Place the pre-made crust on a baking sheet and spread with marinara sauce; top with spinach mixture. Sprinkle on some mozzarella and feta cheese. Finish with a dash of oregano. Bake at 450 or until lightly browned. For more options, check out for recipes. DECEMBER 2014

Come see our

Casual Side Shop our great selection of mens and womens casual apparel & accessories 2299 W. Grand River, Okemos


Success! Marlene Hammond

Marlene Hammond, 60, from Charlotte, worked in automobile repair. The last few years, she realized that she was feeling horrible: she was gaining weight every month, and had no energy. When her doctor told her that she was pre-diabetic, she had enough! She knew she had to make a change, and she did. She lost 65 pounds and gained a better life. Here’s her story. What led to your decision to make a change? My hus-

band was diagnosed with diabetes in 2004 and later had to go on insulin. He had a heart attack in 2009, followed by two heart surgeries. I watched him ignore his health, and then I, too, received the pre-diabetes diagnosis. I finally said to myself: Enough is enough! I need to prevent whatever I can, and need to establish better health!


Marlene Hammond Before: 212 lbs After: 147 lbs Height: 5’3”

What are your workouts like now? Before, I never

What did you do? I decided

to make myself my priority, and put into play a process that would lead to my better life. Curves and my Zumba classes took on a new importance, and over time I increased my participation from three days a week to at least five, and added a boot camp. Next I tackled my eating. I started by eating more protein with every meal. I would carry a cooler in my car with healthy go-to snacks like protein bars, light string cheese, raw almonds, fruits and cottage cheese. I switched from caffeinated beverages to decaf green tea and ice water, drinking a gallon a day of water, minimum. In addition to healthy meals, I added a morning and afternoon snack. Based on all of this, I tweaked my exercise and eating so that I wouldn’t get bored and lose momentum.

What kind of challenges did you face during this time? I started a new job

in September of 2013, an office job that had me sitting at a desk. I hurt my knee and had daily pain for five months. I did not have a kitchen or normal eating area at work. Also, with the approach of cooler weather, I 10

planning meals; I shopped more often for fresh food; I kept a copy of the 10 best fruits and vegetables on my dash as a reminder when I go to Horrocks shopping. I looked for indoor exercise during the winter, purchasing a used Total Gym, and an exercise trampoline that I could bounce on while I watched TV. I did a weight loss body challenge for 30 days at Seung-ni Fit Club in East Lansing.

! ore Bef

worked out. Now I run 5Ks, do dragon boat races, canoe, lift weights, kick box, swim, use my Total Gym, and participate in Jazzercise, Curves and Zumba. I am transformed, and feel like a kid again!

What are some of your future goals? I want to lose 10

wanted to cook more; I love to bake. And even as I cared for myself, I had to feed my family.

How did you overcome them? I made

adjustments to how I eat and exercise, and planned ahead. I made a lot of crock pot dinners for the family, and personally switched sandwiches for soup during the cold months. I spent more time in the kitchen and

more pounds without any setbacks, and to get stronger. I plan to get a good massage, keep up with all challenges to come, and to make sure that the health and wellness of my family—and myself—remain my greatest priority.

Any advice for others? Find something you like to do, that is fun, and just do it! Do it over and over, and don’t stop. Change how you eat and you will see results. Get off the sofa! Good health is the best gift you can give yourself and your family. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ask others how they lost weight, and follow their example. And enjoy those new healthy recipes!

Do you know someone who is a Success! story? Send an e-mail

to Tim at Include your name, phone number and why you think your candidate is a Success!

Healthy & Fit •


2655 East Grand River East Lansing, MI 48823



Better. faster. stronger. Sports Performance Academy

(13-19 yrs old)

$179 per month for 1 month auto renew membership Includes UNLIMITED ACADEMY SESSIONS per month plus our All Access membership

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Speed: acceleration, deceleration, linear and lateral movement techniques, running mechanics, footwork. Explosive Power: olympic lifting, plyometrics, medicine ball work, jumping and landing techniques. Conditioning: game ready prepartion for all athletes, overall imporved cardiovascular function. Flexibility: myofascial release(foam rolling), various forms of stretching, muscle activation. Injury Reduction: identify and correct muscle imbalances, balance and stabilization. Nutrition Education: lessons, tips and advice. Please see our website for more information

On the cover

by David Barker

Kimberly Whitfield

Kimberly Whitfield is in shape. Let’s get that out of the way right now. In August, Whitfield participated in her first body building show and took 1st place in the Fitness Model Division and placed 4th in the Bikini Class — at age 45. She is also sponsored by FitGear and ABBRx. Whitfield, at four score and five years, has more energy than most people half

“I think it’s important to find a passion that inspires your heart and soul.” her age. “My heart is like a drum, like a rhythm that tells me to keep going,” Whitfield said. “I think everyone has this different rhythm in them; whether it is sad, happy, fast or slow, that beat moves us daily.”

Kinesis, as defined by the dictionary, is “a movement or activity of a cell or an organism in response to a stimulus.” Whitfield’s stimulus happened 11 years ago when her second daughter, Kennedy, was stillborn. As she dealt with her grief, Whitfield said she struggled to remain positive. “I really think it saddened my heart to

lose her,” she said. “But I think God puts something in each of us at birth that we are always searching for and sometimes we find it when we go through difficult times.” Whitfield said she found herself exploring yoga, Pilates, kick boxing, power walking and a host of other activities that got her out of the house and made her feel better without the use of antidepressants or mood elevators. “Getting up and walking felt good,” she said. “When you’re idle, you tend to worry and feel more stress on your heart. But when you get outside or go to the gym, that makes you feel good.” Her experience with fitness and mourning led her to create the Kennedy Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping women deal with the grief of losing a child through focusing on health and fitness. Her motivation was to help women get past the backward looking “what ifs,” and to move forward with their lives, she said. “I want to help them find a fitness passion whether it’s running, rollerblading, basketball or knitting with a group. I think it’s important to find a passion that inspires your heart and soul.”


-2,1 7+( < 12: MRLQWKH<QRZ FRP 12

Healthy & Fit •



The scoop on mouthwash How well does it work? by Dr. Susan Maples


ou bought a mouthwash that claimed to whiten teeth, freshen breath and reduce your risk of decay and none of those dreams are coming true. It’s discouraging. With so many different mouthwashes on the market it’s hard for patients to choose which one is best, if any. Let’s look at the rationale for rinses and explore alternatives. Rinsing the mouth, even with water, definitely helps remove debris. The plaque layer absorbs the liquid and swells, making it a bit easier to remove with a brush and floss. Notice I am not suggesting that ANY rinse take the place of mechanically scraping off the plaque with a toothbrush and floss. So, let’s face it, many people buy a mouthwash to cover bad breath. While the intense odor neutralizers work temporarily, the result is usually short lived. A typical mouthwash can not


address the underlying cause of bad breath. Some mouth rinses have “antimicrobial” (bacteria killing) additives that claim to reduce gingivitis or plaque. Listerine has been the most popular over-the-counter antimicrobial rinse and has some effectiveness. The problem is that the antiseptic essential oils must be dissolved in alcohol (27 percent ethanol) and alcohol rinses are not recommended for long-term use. Studies reveal an added risk of oral cancer as a result of swishing alcohol against the mucosa on a habitual basis.

Be skeptical of rinses that make your teeth feel smooth. Detergents (or surfactants) create a slippery film over your existing situation and make your tongue say “Oooh, Ahhh”. Detergents unfortunately do not provide a solution to plaque control. What about cavity protection and whitening? Rinses with fluoride molecules help protect the tooth from absorbing dangerous acids, but over-the-counter rinses don’t contain an effective concentration of fluoride. And lightening agents must have enough time to influence the inner layer of tooth structure, the dentin. Rinses don’t quite cut it. In short, there is no substitute for regular preventive dental examination and professional cleaning. It might be best to rinse with water before brushing and flossing and if needed let your dentist prescribe the right short-term therapeutic mouth rinse for your personal situation. • Healthy & Fit



Holiday and family

How to deal with uncomfortable family situations. by Cynthia Logan


hat is it about the holidays that we love? The food, the gifts, the children, the company, our friends, our relatives…well…they are our relatives, we have to be with them on the holidays. My son-in-law is like a ghost. We can all see him, it’s not like that, but every time he walks into my kitchen the cupboard doors and drawers seem to fly open and they don’t shut when he walks out. I love him, don’t get me wrong, but he knows this drives me crazy. I have thought about removing all of the doors before he gets here, but then, that would be a lot of extra work. So, I have to tell myself: • •

Thank God I don’t live with him I know he’s doing this just to mess with me, but I know he does this at his house too, so he’s not always

trying to mess with me • He’s only here for a few days • There are many good things about him • Let it go… The best way for us to deal with people that irritate us, whether at work or in social/family situations, is self-talk. And keeping a sense of humor about the situation is helpful. If you know that a person or people are going to be in these situations with you, get your self-talk prepared before the event. It also helps to plan ahead like keeping yourself busy so that you don’t need to be around them. Help out in the kitchen, take the kids outside, or suggest some kind of game to play. If the person irritates you during game time, have a different game prepared that you might be able to play with a different set of people. If someone else is getting irritated


SEMINARS Presented by Cynthia Logan Anthony, LLP, LPC

what can you say to them to help diffuse the situation? • Don’t take it personally • That’s just the way he/she is • Change the subject if that is part of the problem • Suggest some activity that you and one of them can do to get away Often there is drinking involved with holiday parties. Remember you can maintain better control of your thoughts and actions if you aren’t impaired. Take it easy on the liquor. But most importantly, enjoy your holidays and be safe. Cynthia Logan Anthony, PhD is a psychologist and a nationally certified counselor. Learn more at


10th • 17th • 24th • 31st

10 a.m. to 1 p.m.• Down 2 Earth Holistic Health Center 3100 South Washington , Lansing

Sign up today for these interactive seminars, designed to to help you meet your New Year’s Resolution. Here’s what will happen: • Various holistic weight loss options will be presented. • Psychological connections with eating will be discussed. • A brief hypnosis suggestion will be given to help you meet your weight loss and healthy eating goals.


$200 per person or $350 for 2, when 2 people sign up together

Healthy & Fit •


(517) 960-3669 Payment must be received at time of reservation



A smart way to give It’s never too early to think about your children’s future. by Denise Wheaton


he holiday season is here, and while some people enjoy the annual holiday trips to the shopping mall, others want to stay as far away as possible. Either way, you may be locked in a pattern of buying the same kind of gifts every year. I’d suggest that you shake things up; have you ever considered buying the children in your life a financial product? Before you finish rolling your eyes —yes, I know that gift sounds incredibly boring— hear me out. Most kids like money, but only because they can spend it right away. Here are some gifts that could help them build good saving habits, understand financial products, and begin thinking about the future. Contribute to a 529 college savings plan. Make a contribution to a plan already established for a young family member or establish one. Others

learning about the stock market. Help them save with U.S. Savings Bonds. Savings bonds are ideal gifts for young children – particularly newborns – because their value will increase as the child approaches adulthood and prepares for college. A U.S. Savings Bond can be ordered and received in 10-14 business days.

can then contribute to the plan for the child’s benefit.

If you decide on any of the gifts above, the holiday season can be the perfect time to teach your child, or other children in your life, financial lessons that will last a lifetime. It might not knock their socks off today, but you can bet they’ll be thanking you later!

Give a child a share of stock. Ask a child to pick out a stock they would like, such as Disney, Build-A-Bear, or Nintendo. If the child picks the stock, then he or she may be more interested in

Denise Wheaton is Senior Vice President at Independent Bank. Learn more at

Introducing PeoplePay When you need to stop by a branch, we’ll always be there. But now you can easily send money to another person right from online banking.

Through online banking, send money by using a person’s: n

Email address or phone number


PayPal account


Bank account information


Physical address

Pay the easy way!

Send and receive money using online banking.

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DECEMBER 2014 • Healthy & Fit


2014 Holiday Gift Guide STREET by 50 On-Ear Headphones These are the Sport version of the STREET by 50 On-Ear Headphone. These headphones use top technology for the listener that won’t sacrifice quality sound for an active lifestyle. After using them all summer, we can attest that they sound great, are sweatproof and block out any surrounding noises. They’re very comfortable to wear, with stitched perforated-leather and memory foam cushions. They fold easily into a carrying case and are equally great on a plane. We loved these headphones and highly recommend them. $179

Healthy & Fit Magazine’s The gift guide is an annual tradition, and we’re excited to showcase our largest guide to date. Each product has been tested by a Healthy & Fit Magazine team member to make sure that it fits the bill when it comes to helping live that healthy lifestyle we all want. Be sure to check out the Web sites for more information, and as always, visit with all our advertisers this holiday season.

Gift Guide Pelican ProGear Elite Luggage Pelican ProGear Elite Luggage has a hard shell and is lightweight, watertight and crushproof. Available in three elite models, each is built for optimal traveling size and weight: 22-inch Carry-On (weighs 9.2 pounds empty), 27-inch Weekender (weighs 12.2 pounds empty), and 30-inch Vacationer (weighs 15.6 pounds empty). All models are available with an optional enhanced travel system that includes a lid organizer, a toiletry kit, and a zippered shoe sack. $475-$645

2014 Holiday Gift Guide 16

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2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Editor's Chioce

Savora kitchenware These photos do not do justice to the beautiful design and high-function workmanship of Savora kitchen products. Savora submitted a colander, pizza wheel and hand cheese grater for review. They are designed to complement the shape of the hand and how it moves, so you are comfortable while cooking. They work extremely well, are available in saucy colors, and we feel they make you look good while you are preparing amazing dishes. The Savora founder and lead designer is a former automobile designer with Ford Motor Company who created the Ford Flex and Ford Thunderbird. You can see the smooth contours of automobile design in the Savora products. These are perfect gifts for any cook. Pizza wheel: $29.99 Colander: $39.99 Hand grater: $29.99

Portion control dinnerware set Livliga Elegant Portion Control 4-piece dinnerware set implements the concept of “’right-sizing’ the food environment by including subtle portion control reminders.” Shapes on the dinnerware illustrate the correct amount of each food group that should be consumed in the meal. The four piece set includes a dinner and salad plate as well as a cereal/soup bowl and mug. Dishes are dishwasher and microwave safe, and are made of porcelain. The dinnerware is attractive, simplifies portion control, and we feel it can make a real difference. $49.95

2014 Holiday Gift Guide 2014 Holiday Gift Guide DECEMBER 2014 • Healthy & Fit


2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Healthy & Fit Magazine’s

Eat Clean Live Well Terry Walters, a leader of the clean-food movement, wrote this seasonal cookbook and lifestyle guide. Rediscover the unique tastes of spring, summer, fall and winter, and gain insight into everything from preserving the harvest to natural cleansing and tonics for immune support. We love good cookbooks and this one certainly qualifies. $22

Gift Guide

Riker’s All Natural Dog Treats

adidas miCoach FIT

Riker’s All Natural Dog Treats is based in Bath, MI. They use 100 percent human-grade ingredients, absolutely no fillers or preservatives, and are proud to be wheat free, corn free and soy free in all of their products. Our tester dog, Pete, “Went bananas for these treats. He couldn’t get enough.” Sounds like a good endorsement to us!

Wear the adidas miCoach FIT on your wrist and you’ll be able to stay motivated by wirelessly syncing to the miCoach train and run app for personalized goals, coached training plans and workout tracking. Kyle Schoenmaker, of State of Fitness, in East Lansing, tested it for us. “I recommend this to any person trying to improve their running, cycling, or swimming. The watch fit comfortably around my wrist and did not inhibit my exercise in any way.”

$2.99-$4.99 (depending on size)


2014 Holiday Gift Guide 18

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My Place of Hair Design Lisa Malloy, Owner

COACH ROB DUNHAM • COACH PAT MULLOY 4 Ab by NIEHAUS 7 Au tu mn JOHNSON 8 K e n da l l BIRD 10 S h e l by STEELE 11 E mi l y SABROSKY 13 O l i vi a COTTOM

22 23 24 25 28 47

J e n e l l e M CCCOY K a l ys s a KLAUSING Ha l e y ROSE B r y CHAPMAN E r i n UTTER Au tu mn KISSMAN


(517) 627-5263 “Proud supporters of Lady Comet softball!”








Banners are a way of life for travel athletic teams and businesses alike. If you’re looking for an affordable way to showcase your team or business, let us help you! We’ve designed banners for some of the area’s best softball fields at Mason, Eaton Rapids and Grand Ledge High Schools, as well as many businesses in the area. Call us today and let us quote your next banner.


DECEMBER 2014 • Healthy & Fit


2014 Holiday Gift Guide Bertucci watch The Bertucci Commando Camo Series features two authentic U.S. Military specification, made in USA, high performance camo webbing patterns. Additionally, Commando Camo Series is loaded with premium features such as a reliable all metal quartz movement, Swiss super luminous hands and markers, a rugged U.S. patented DX3® case and band, and a hardened mineral glass crystal. A watch ready for duty regardless of whether it’s work, play, the field or military endeavors. Our testers liked the style, and received many compliments. It feels good on the wrist and is easy to set. We liked it! $79.99

e d i u G t f i G

Healthy & Fit Magazine’s

Bike2Power iPhone Mount The MountCase Bike Kit comes equipped with a RainGuard and MountCase, converting from an everyday case to a secure bike-mounting system. The MountCase has been constructed with super-tough polycarbonate plastic, weighing less than 2 ounces but built tough enough to protect the new iPhone 6 against impact or scratches. The RainGuard lays over the MountCase protecting the device from rain, snow, dust and dirt. Despite its strong build, the MountCase maintains a slim and compact feel, allowing it to rest in a pocket as comfortably as it would atop a bike. $49.95

Doctor’s Approach Men’s Tool Kit The Doctor’s Approach Men’s Tool Kit includes Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, safe for daily use, the Alpha Beta Gel to reduce acne breakouts, razor bumps, and the signs of aging, and the Oil Free Hydrator with SPF 30, a lightweight and oil free moisturizer with sunscreen. Developed by Dr. Marcy Street, a board-cerfified Mayo Clinic trained dermatologist, we like this men’s tool kit. $45

Great idea!

2014 Holiday Gift Guide 20

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2014 Holiday Gift Guide Sound Oasis White Noise Machine The Sound Oasis White Noise Machine has 10 different white noise tones developed through its proprietary, patent-pending technology, based on the research of leading sleep and sound health experts. Its sound range and adjustability is more than double its nearest competitor, allowing many more users to find a white noise frequency that works for them. It’s easy to use, and when they woke up the next morning, our testers highly recommended it. $199

Smart Gift!

Pelican iPad Protector Pelican ProGear Vault for iPad Mini and iPad Air are gym-proof, rugged yet stylish cases that are water resistant, sand proof, crush proof and military tested for drop and impact. The mini cases come in bright colors, like orange and purple. We put our Mini in the case and turned it over to a room full of toddlers to put durability to the test. Thank goodness, it held up! Smudges, drops and juice spills didn’t penetrate the case, so it passed our test! $79.95

Supersmile Gift Set The Supersmile Gift Set includes the most advanced toothbrush and the #1 whitening system recommended by cosmetic dentists and invented by Dr. Irwin Smigel, celebrated “Father of Aesthetic Dentistry.” It’s the only combination to safely and effectively clean beneath the gum line and whiten teeth. When used in combination this set guarantees whiter teeth, fresher breath and healthier smiles – without harsh abrasives, sensitivity or over bleaching. The system safely whitens natural teeth and restores bonding, veneers, caps and dentures to their original whiteness. $159

2014 Holiday Gift Guide DECEMBER 2014 • Healthy & Fit


Fitness Health

Carry the load Loaded carries develop a better body and stronger core. by Justin Grinnell


he last couple of years, the loaded carry (also called the farmer’s carry) has exploded on the scene. Everyone from bodybuilders to Cross fitters have started to include various loaded carries in their routines and for a good reason. A loaded carry is where someone picks up and carries a heavy weight and walks with it for an extended period of time or distance. This can be done with various objects, such as dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags, stones — really any object that is a challenge to lift and move. The loaded carry increases work

capacity — the ability to perform real physical work as measured by force times distance/time (which is average power) — and improves endurance, grip strength, core strength, and builds muscle. The loaded carry is one of the best all-around movements that many avid fitness enthusiasts have been missing in their programs. I like to use loaded carries in a variety of ways to demonstrate alignment with integrity under load and even your symmetry. If we can use holds and carries to create integrity and alignment under load, then we’ve demonstrated that your stabilizers have the endurance, the feedback and the

control to allow you to march along the exercise progression that you want to participate in without any unnecessary setbacks. There are many variations of loaded carries that can be used besides the traditional farmer’s carry (one object in each hand by your side). You can utilize unilateral carries (a load on one side of the body) to improve muscular imbalances, symmetry and core strength. The waiter’s carry (one arm above the head), rack carry (hand by the chest and shoulder), and the suitcase carry (one arm at your side), provide great strength and conditioning benefits.

The workout

weight training session. The workout will total 12 minutes (six minutes on each side). Start by picking a weight (preferably kettlebell) you can carry over your head with one arm locked out and a symmetrical postural position for at least one minute. Once you start to lose form, bring the bell down to the rack position.

As you get fatigued and lose form in the rack position, bring the bell down to your side for a suitcase carry until you reach the full six minutes. Rest as little as possible and repeat the sequence on the other side.

1-Arm Overhead Carry 1-Arm Rack Position Carry Suitcase Carry 6 minutes on each side

Perform this workout two times per week on it’s own, or at the end of a





Healthy & Fit •


Every business wants to stand out from the crowd. Mobile billboard advertising is an effective media choice.

Unique advertising made easy. Kissco Mobile Advertising is located in Mason, Michigan. Throughout the year, our mobile billboard trucks travel across the state to the biggest sporting and entertainment events. We are also part of local grand openings and birthday parties. Let us help you with your next big event, and help separate your company from the crowd Call us and find out how easy, and cost effective, it is to advertise on a mobile billboard truck.

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Is it really an excuse?

Excuses are built into our culture. We need to change that! by Jason McGammon


ne of my biggest pet peeves is folks who complain about their situation but do little to fix it. I’m of the camp that says to only complain if you are doing everything in your power to improve yourself and you are not getting the results you want. Otherwise, save it. With that said, the empathic side of my ego understands that excuses are built into our culture. Like moving a house, it can be very difficult to change your culture. The modern pattern of excuses started post WWII when there was a huge explosion in both industrial and personal or household efficiency, including artificial flavor additives. Let’s take for example the flavor additive MSG (monosodium glutamate). You probably don’t get how MSG can force you into an excuse. 24

The reason is simple; since processed foods do not inherently taste as good as real, fresh, home cooked food we invented a way to “trick” your body into accepting the food. If you had a veggie burger without MSG you would not be able to choke down even one bite. Unflavored textured vegetable protein (typical veggie burger) tastes like cardboard dipped in rancid milk. MSG tells your brain (the ultimate destination of the taste buds) that the food is wholesome and savory. So, you accept this food choice even though it is far inferior compared to a grass-fed beef or free range turkey burger. What the heck does all this have to do with me, you ask? Everything. To be a healthy, happy person well into your 80s and 90s, your belief system has to be balanced between innate behavior (i.e. making things easier for us or our children) while not losing health along

Healthy & Fit •

the way and doing what we should do. Your belief system is what you have been programmed to accept as truth based on your life experience. A large portion is actually anti-health and disease causing, but most don’t know this because it’s been a learned behavior. Check out this truth: if you eat or do something on a regular basis, you accept it as healthy. You can sign a notarized affidavit stating you know French fries are bad for you. Then why do you eat them several times a week with lunch?! Most of you will deny this tooth and nail, but think about it… you would not intentionally harm yourself, right? So, anything you do regularly MUST therefore be seen as beneficial. Except for cases of extreme depression or psychosis, we are physically not able to knowingly hurt ourselves. Further “everything in moderation” DECEMBER 2014

dogma adds to the excuse pool that’s been spewed out for the last couple decades. Well, folks ALREADY ate most foods or food groups in moderation. I don’t know too many people that eat fast food three times a day like Morgan Sperlock in Super Size Me. Or, have ice cream every day for their post-workout recovery. We already ate things in moderation, with some exceptions of course. This misleading tenant of our society leads to moderate cases of diabetes and heart disease. Moderation is too vague and is music to the food industry’s ears. Getting practical, the biggest excuse I hear is that “I just don’t have time to cook at home.” Really?! You make time to go shopping for a couple hours every week and stock your pantry with chips; you make time to call the pizza delivery guy and wait 30 to 45 minutes for it to arrive; you make time to watch a favorite TV show; and you make time to get to all 47 of your kids’ activities. This is a called a diversion of energy. We all have the same hours in the day and about the same amount of physical energy (actually, those that make time to train regularly have MORE energy, but that’s another article). You can choose to spend your time and energy where you see fit. But you MUST then be okay with the consequences. Maybe it’s time to prioritize a bit. I have kids and a busy schedule, too , so I know precisely what you are trying to do; give yourself or your kids more. I’m on your side—same team here. But do they have to do year ‘round AAU travel basketball? Can you maybe DVR the TV show and watch it on the weekends? I get it. You can’t possible carve out any more time. I agree! Therefore, instead of relying on convenience foods to get you and your family through, you have to displace an activity or two that just isn’t that important. After all, without health what do you really have? Sickness and pain is the answer. Like our financially irresponsible congress, poor food choices are leveraging you and your family’s future. Sure the body will withstand years of abuse but you will have created a debt that is very difficult to pay back. There are no “bail-outs” for cancer. I am not arguing to find more time; I’m simply holding up a mirror asking you to use your time more wisely. Trust me; your kids will be healthy, happy and productive members of society even if they cannot do every sport their school offers. Or, have the latest iPhone which causes you to spend less time with your family because you have to work more to pay for it. In fact, they might just be better off at home with you teaching them how to prepare a proper meal. You will have broken the cycle. Your kids will then change their culture and prioritize health over certain activities they can live without. You can’t buy this on special at Target. You must find a way to make time for things you know you should be doing. Jason McCammon, B.S., NFPT-CPT, is president of I.Q.FIT Fitness & Wellness Center. Contact him through

A JOURNEY... Ashley lost 84 lbs! But then I realized there's no way I can be the best that my kids deserve when I am not at my best. 6 months after joining I.Q.FIT Fitness & Wellness Center, the tight clothes I had hidden in my closet have been thrown out because they're too big! I'm doing exercises I never dreamed of and loving it. And the nutrition plan is my new comfort zone because I know every day that I am doing my body good and the guesswork is gone. My kids tell me I'm strong and they love how much I am willing to do with them. HURRY!

$89 for

offer expires at the end of the month!



“Even after 2 kids and 40 not too far away, I have never felt better!" Ashley B., Lansing MI.


Fitness & Wellness Center 517.719.0897

2510 E Michigan Ave, Lansing MI

(just west of Bud Kout's Chevy)




Is fresh best? Fruits and vegetables come in a variety of forms; which is best? by Gina Keilen


ruits and vegetables are known to be part of a healthy and well-balanced diet. They are full of antioxidants and nutrients, high in fiber, while being low in calories and fat. Despite most knowing this, only about 1/3 of Americans eat the recommended amount. Most assume fresh produce is best. If you are gathering it from your own garden or at a farmer’s market when they are at their peak freshness, this carries some weight. However, if it is a Michigan winter and you are buying from a grocery store, this may not be the case. Peggy Crum, MA, RD from Michigan State University’s Office of the University Physician agrees. “Many people do not value frozen or canned foods, but the nutritional value from processed fruits and vegetables can be just as good, if not better, than fresh. It really depends on where you live, if it’s in season, and how you plan to prepare it.” Seasonality and availability are large contributors to nutritional value. If it is not in season in Michigan, it may have traveled many miles (potentially countries away) to get here. This exposes the produce to various conditions of

light and temperature causing a loss of nutrients. Depending on the length of travel, some are harvested well before they are ripe so to not rot by the time they’re delivered. This doesn’t allow the produce to fully develop its nutritional value so while it may look ripe and fresh, its vitamins and minerals may not be up to par.

So, the question is, can you still get quality products from the canned and frozen sections of your grocery store? Absolutely. In both scenarios, the produce is sent from the farms to a Continued on page 28

Holiday stress? Float it away! HOLIDAY GIFT CERTIFICATE SPECIAL

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Staying active while aging

Optimize your health and wellness by keeping fit. by Polly Swingle


oday’s seniors are living longer than ever—thanks in part to astonishing medical advances, and also to the application of evidence-based research that helps design therapeutic solutions to better manage age-related problems and issues. While living longer is wonderful, it is also important to live well: to enjoy a full and functional lifestyle and high quality of life. One of the biggest impediments to that goal is immobility caused by loss of muscle strength, flexibility, balance and/or depth perception. Falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries, and, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), one in every three adults over the age of 65 falls. Staying active is a crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to avoiding those accidents and optimizing your health and wellness. Benefits Research shows there are numerous benefits to quality exercise for seniors, including enhanced strength and mobility, better bone and muscle health


and reduced fall risk, as well as reducing the chances of having a stroke and delaying the onset of diabetes. The right combination of weightbearing and high intensity resistance training can increase bone mass, bone size and bone microarchitecture, slowing the bone mineral density loss that begins after the age of 40 and heightens the chances of osteoporotic fractures. It is important to note that no other therapeutic intervention has been shown to have this kind of simultaneous and beneficial multi-system impact. Exercises The most beneficial exercise programs for seniors are those that target age-related weaknesses by improving strength, balance, flexibility and stability. The types of exercises that are supported by cutting-edge research as being most effective in building balance and strength include dynamic balance exercises (such as standing on one foot, using your arms to catch something, and reaching above the head to “clean a window”).

A general exercise prescription includes three to five weekly sessions of 30-60 minutes of combined cardio and resistance training, with a strength training component. Balance training requires just 5-10 minutes of work a day, with both static exercises (standing and balancing in various positions, on different legs, and with your eyes both open and closed) and dynamic exercises (adding bends, reaches and body movements to your balances). Walking/treadmill work is still the best aerobic/cardio exercise, and water exercise that adds resistance is also beneficial. Guidance Resistance and intensity are critically important factors when it comes to getting the most out of your workouts. Moderate-to-high intensity exercise is required to manifest the kind of significant physiological change that can help you achieve and maintain lasting and impactful results. Continued on page 28 • Healthy & Fit


Vegetables (continued from page 26) nearby processor where they are canned or frozen at their peak freshness. While it can take an average of 10-14 days for fresh produce to be delivered to stores, it takes merely hours for them to get picked and processed which helps retain their nutritional punch. If you want the most value for your dollar, there are a few things you should keep in mind. For canned or frozen vegetables, try those with no salt added or that are low sodium. “If you buy them unseasoned, you have more control when you are cooking them and can make them to your preference,” says Sous Chef Kari Magee at Michigan State University. For canned or frozen fruits, look for those packed in 100% fruit juices or those frozen plain as some are processed with additional sugar. For both canned fruits and vegetables, be sure the can isn’t dented, bulging, or rusted. All this said, Crum encourages you to buy those you like. “Go with what you prefer. If you like it, you’re more likely to eat it, and that’s of primary importance.” There are other things to consider besides seasonality or availability. Some dishes actually work better with a

Active aging (continued from page 27) canned or frozen product, Magee says. “Canned beans or tomatoes work great in soups or chili, or frozen vegetables for 1-pot dishes such as pot pies or casseroles. Frozen foods are ready to go, but if you are using a canned vegetable, it’s helpful to rinse them first.” Many people also buy produce with good intentions, but they can go bad before being used. Buying it to eventually throw it away doesn’t do anything for us nutritionally. “There is definitely a convenience factor to canned or frozen fruits and vegetables,” notes Crum. “If you aren’t going to eat fresh produce within a few days or you are short on time and need something quick, it may be better to choose frozen or canned products.” The time spent cooking may also be shorter. “Frozen vegetables are blanched first and then frozen so they typically do not take as long to cook as a fresh vegetable”, Magee advises. Crum emphasizes that variety is the key to good nutrition. “Choose fresh, frozen, and canned products as all foods have value. The more variety you eat, the better your nutrient intake will be.” Either way you choose, it’s important to remember that some is better than none.

In terms of time investment, understand that the American College of Sports Medicine recommends that you spend at least 150 minutes exercising per week, and that lasting physical changes will not be seen until after at least 50 hours of exercise. Finally, listen to your body: avoid anything that causes excessive pain, and avoid high impact loading that involves twisting, bending or compression of the spine. Be sure to supplement your strength and cardio training with balancing exercises, and provide 48 hours of rest to each muscle exercised. Consult with a trained geriatric therapist for additional advice on program design, exercise selection, proper techniques and personalized support.

Polly Swingle possesses more than 20 years of physical therapy experience. She is a Project Walk Certified Trainer, a certified clinician in the practice of LSVT®BIG - therapy for individuals with Parkinson’s disease, a Certified Exercise Experts for Aging Adults and a Geriatric Certified Specialist. For more information, call 855.877.1944.

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Saturday, Dec 6th Join us all day for yoga, a holiday art sale, massage, sweet treats and more! • • • •

Full Weekly Yoga Class Schedule Private Sessions Traditional Thai Bodywork Holistic Health Events and Workshops 2321 Jolly Rd, Okemos MI 48864

(517) 290-6152 28

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There is no middle aged!

Learn how to empower yourself while ‘Middle-Living.’ by Tom Matt


he term ‘middle-aged’ has always left me feeling somewhat negative and forlorn. Typically linked with ‘crisis’ middle-age is a very singular point in time. It is time for a new outlook, a redefining moment. We need an attitude change, a new view on the future and a culture shift. I have developed a new term, a new brand, called, “Middle-Living.” Anyone between the ages of 45 and 75 are now “Middle-Living” adults; and people over the age of 75 continue to flourish in the well-deserved ‘Superior-Senior’ status; society’s monarchs of sorts. How do you like that?! The time has come to acknowledge that the dignity of growing older in America should be understood, firmly embraced and acknowledged for what it really is, EMPOWERING! Baby boomers alone hold the key to business growth and financial wherewithal. The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation found the share of new

““Do or not. There is no try”. - Yoda

entrepreneurs, ages 55 to 64, grew from 14.3 percent in 1996, to 23.4 percent last year. In the next ten years, U.S. baby boomers will increase their annual spending on wellness-based services from approximately $200M to $1 trillion. The number of Americans aged 65 and older in the United States is expected to more than double, from 39 million today to 89 million, in 2050. “Middle-Living” adults need to embrace the future with a warrior-like mentality and remain a force of leadership and vitality. We will not tolerate becoming marginalized generations, but embrace becoming

Get Fit from the Inside Out! Group Coaching: • Lively & interactive, supportive environment • No contracts, food, or supplements to buy • Tuesdays, 9:30 am & 5:30 pm • Presbyterian Church of Okemos, 2258 N Bennett Rd, Okemos Personal Coaching: • Personalized weight loss and wellness plans • Designed to meet your wellness Barb Geske B.S. Dietetics goals B.S. Community Nutrition Workplace Lunch & Learn: M.S. Exercise Physiology Barb makes nutrition and wellness come alive in fun, engaging seminars.


engaged and enlightened leaders well into the 21st century. We will: • Face challenges, embrace change • Believe in the spirit of ‘Kaizen’ and small steps to achievement • Find our sense of purpose, define what matters to us • Embrace self-accountability • Leverage our experiences • Sharpen our saw, and; • Love ourselves Your thoughts? Peace!

Tom Matt is the host of the ‘Boomers Rock’ radio talk show. He holds Bachelors and Masters degrees from Michigan State University, is a certified personal trainer, a fitness nutrition, senior fitness and weight loss specialist from the National Academy of Sports Management. He has authored three books including his latest “Attracting Abundance.” For more information please visit his website at

♥ TEAM DOBIE” Ingham County

R ehabilitation Services 3860 Dobie Rd • Okemos 517-381-6130

Your Champions for Short-Term Rehabilitation Care! 13062-Healthy&Fit_Dobie Ad_3.5x2_CMYK_fnl.indd 1

5/6/13 7:52 AM

Contact Barb today!

The Mind-full Motivator, LLC 517.930.4265


3460 Dunckel Rd., Lansing • Healthy & Fit



Keeping healthy by managing stress When we get stressed, it can wreak havoc on our health. by Gina Keilen


veryone has stress in their lives at some point. Between careers, school, or money (or the lack thereof), we all face stressful situations. But how we deal with them controls how much the stress affects our mindsets and health. For some, stress can lead to increased weight gain. “When our body is under stress, we go into fight-or-flight mode,” says Allison Haring, RD and member of the Michigan Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. “During fight-or-flight, our bodies release the hormone cortisol. This can be related to weight gain, especially if the stress is chronic and the hormone is not turned off.” Stress can affect eating patterns. Some forego eating because they may think they’re too busy. This can put added stress on our bodies as well as cause overeating when they get the chance to eat. “If someone restricts themselves, when it comes time to eat, they may reach for the wrong foods because they are so famished,” notes Haring. Others may be so focused on the problem at hand, they do not realize their true hunger levels and they eat mindlessly. Cindy from Lake Odessa can relate. “I tend to eat whatever is in front of me. And I’ll eat a lot faster than normal so by the time I realize what I’m doing, it’s usually too late and I’ve eaten way too many calories.” These mindless habits can have consequences. “The cortisol released typically correlates with making people crave foods higher in fats and sugars and that are more calorically dense,” says Haring. Cindy agrees noting she usually goes towards easy to find foods. “It is things like chips and ice cream…and I don’t really even like ice cream. It’s never fruits or vegetables.” Not only can stress lead to poor eating habits, this type of pattern can lead to feelings of regret or further stress, worsening the situation. Being aware of the foods we eat may help calm our bodies. “Foods such as spinach, dark chocolate, oatmeal, salmon, tea, or pistachios have vitamins and minerals that can help calm our bodies and soothe our stress,” says Haring. “Having healthier snacks can help alleviate some of the added stress 30

that can come with stress eating.” There are approaches to help disconnect our stress levels with food. Eat breakfast - this will help you maintain stable blood sugar levels and give you more effective functioning and thought processing. Lay off the caffeine - relying on those cups of coffee to get you through the stress may be making matters worse. Try green tea which has lower caffeine and more antioxidants. Keep snacks handy - having a healthy, pre-portioned snack on hand will help tide you over when you don’t think you have time to eat. Keep your kryptonite out of sight - if you know candy or chips are your downfall, don’t leave them in visible areas. You will be less likely to grab mindlessly if you aren’t staring at them all day.

Healthy & Fit •

Find a hobby - Haring suggests one that uses your hands. “Hobbies like knitting or playing an instrument not only can calm you, but help take your mind off eating so you don’t associate food with stress.” Identify what actually causes the stress - is it deadlines or that you procrastinated? Once you know what causes your stress, you are closer to learning how to control and/or avoid it. Saying ‘no’ is ok – know your limits and try to not overcommit yourself Recharge yourself – go for a walk, take a long bath, call a friend, light some scented candles… take care of yourself and try to keep a balanced perspective. Haring recommends having an ‘out.’ Do something that calms you down like walking the dog or listening to music to help you stay tuned into your body. DECEMBER 2014


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Wishing you a happy and safe holiday! hest professional in our clients insurance needs. ssional and knowledgeable staff and the ability to provide outstanding coverages you, policyholders, for rating us “Highest in Customer st professional standards in handling our clientsoutstanding insurance coverages needs. onal and knowledgeable staff and the abilitythe to highest provide llent carriers, our agency strives to maintain professional standards in Ackley-Peters-Haubert The staff of Ackley-Peters-Haubert Insurance Service, Inc. would like to extend a sincere 125 S. Main Street •you, Eatonand Rapids, MI L TODAY! ction the Auto Insurance Claims Experience, Three MIUS 48827with Ackley-Peters-Haubert We want to thank you, and you ... nt carriers, our agency strives to maintain the highest professional standards clients insurance needs. In business and Protecting What’s Important to You for over 67in ckley-Peters-Haubert holiday wish to everyone. US TODAY! Ackley-Peters-Haubert ain in Street CALL USof TODAY! SERVICES INSURANCE SERVICES 63-2651 517-663-2651 or Toll Free: 1-800-334-6157 rs a we Row,” according to Power and Associates! ients insurance years, know needs. the importance taking time enjoy theseINSURANCE special occasions with family and friends. Street NSURANCE SERVICE you, policyholders, in Customer INSURANCE SERVICES 125 S. Main Street for rating us “Highest sank kept . . . 129 0-334-6157 Thank policyholders, for rating us in Customer nk you, policyholders, for rating us “Highest in“Highest Customer P.O.Box 129 you, Ackley-Peters-Haubert sfaction with the Auto Insurance Claims Experience, Three apids, MI 48827 We want to thank you, and you, and you . . . ain, and again. Satisfaction Eaton Rapids,Ackley-Peters-Haubert MI 48827with the Auto Insurance Claims Experience, Three Ackley-Peters-Haubert action with the Auto Insurance Claims Experience, Three ds, MI 48827 CALL US INSURANCE SERVICES 517) 663-2651 We want to you,toand andAssociates! you,and and you . . . Years in a Row,” according to thank J.D. Power Ackley-Peters-Haubert Phone: (517) 663-2651 Years in aTODAY! Row,” according J.D. Power Associates! Ackley-Peters-Haubert orINSURANCE rating us “Highest SERVICE 125 S. Main Street mises kept . . . CALL US TODAY! INSURANCE SERVICES Promises Promises kept .to . . J.D. Power ) 1-800-334-6157 663-2651 ars a Row,” according and Associates! Insurance ismade. ranked :rs Toll Free: 1-800-334-6157 INSURANCE SERVICE th thein Auto Insurance Thank P.O.Box 129 you, policyholders, for rating us “Highest in Customer TODAY! INSURANCE SERVICE

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Auto-Owners Insurance ranks highest among auto insurance providers in the J.D. Power and Associates 2008-2010 Auto Claims StudiesSM. Study based on 11,597 total responses, ranking 22 insurance providers. Excludes those with only for glass/windshield, theft/stolen, roadside assistance or bodily injury claims. Proprietary results based on experiences and perceptions of consumers surveyed May 2010 – June 2010. Your experiences may vary. Visit jdpower

Auto-Owners Insurance ranks highest among auto insurance providers in the J.D. Power and Associates 2008-2010 Auto Claims StudiesSM. Study based on 11,597 total SM Proprietary results responses, ranking 22 insurance providers. Excludes those with claims only for glass/windshield, theft/stolen, roadside assistance or bodily injury claims. based on experiences and perceptions of consumers surveyed May 2010 – June 2010. Your experiences may vary. Visit

Auto-Owners Insurance ranks highest among auto insurance providers in the J.D. Power and Associates 2008-2010 Auto Claims StudiesSM. Study based on 11,597 total responses, ranking 22 insurance providers. Excludes those