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BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM Inside: A core workout anyone can do A walking plan for those who hibernated this winter



Arielle Abramouski Cooking and workouts keep this mom moving

A Wabi Sabi way of life Foraging fitness ideas

Saturday, May 9th Largest 25k in the Country Downtown Grand Rapids Home of the USATF 25km National Championship 25k, 10k, 5k Community Walk Register NOW at amwayriverbankrun.com

“Players play, tough players win!” – Tom Izzo

Saturday, April 18, 2020 MSU Campus [Starts at Breslin Center • Ends at Spartan Stadium] The Izzo family has partnered with Playmakers to host this premium experience on the campus of Michigan State University. The events include a 5K Run/Walk, 5K Roll, 1 Mile Walk, Children’s Races and a Virtual 5K; all events will focus on fitness, fun, family, Spartan spirit and charitable giving!

For more information & registration, visit:

i z zo rA ce . com

Proceeds from the 2020 Izzo Legacy Run/Walk/ Roll will create an endowment for the Izzo Legacy Family Fund that will ensure charitable giving for years to come. Founding PaRtneRs:


APRIL 2020

Contents April 2020 | VOLUME 16 | ISSUE 1

Fit Features P10-11 Kevin Schafer Brittney Sommers On the cover: Arielle Abramouski

Fit Features | P11

Cover photo credit: Erica Spencer Photography

Editorial P12

Coronavirus on Egg McMuffin Day Poor diet presents one of our greatest health dangers


Vacation tips Subtle, easy ideas to stay fit on upcoming trips


A beginner’s walking plan ... for people who hibernated all winter


Get your hair in shape! How to prevent hair damage resulting from a weave or extensions


It’s for your core Check out this anti-motion circuit for a stronger core


Foraging fitness Living a healthy lifestyle can start right in your backyard


Run the Amway River Bank Run Grand Rapids hosts this premier road racing event


Beef up your immune system Ease symptoms with these supplements


It’s all in the mindset Be proactive with aging and grow as a person


A Wabi Sabi look at life Discover a new way to embrace imperfection


Spring ready! Change in the season is a welcome time of the year

Core workout | P16

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Racing | P18


APRIL 2020

Our contributors

Justin Grinnell, BS, CSCS Justin is the owner of State of Fitness in East Lansing. He is also a certified nutrition coach. Reach him at 517.708.8828.

Tom Matt

Cheryl Lindemann

Molly Nevins. BS Kinesiology, ACSM HSF Molly is the fitness director for the DeWitt and Oak Park YMCAs. Reach her at (517) 827.9656.

Cheryl Lindemann is responsible for the purchase of adult non-fiction books and more for the Capital Area District Libraries.

Tom Matt is the host of the “Tom Matt Show,” a radio talk show syndicated in Michigan on the Michigan Talk Network.

Kimberly Whitfield

Kimberly is the owner of Kimberly Inspiring Beauty in Strength. Visit her on the web at kwinspires.com for a list of her classes.

Susan Maples, DDS, MSBA

Dr. Maples is a dentist in Holt. She is also a speaker, health educator and author of Blabbermouth.

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Happy Birthday to Healthy & Fit Magazine!

Healthy & Fit




ealthy & Fit Magazine reaches another milestone this month: 15 years in publication, 180 issues in print. As I reflect on that number, I reminisce about writing a column every month for that many issues. It is a real privilege, and I love doing it. I want to give thanks to the people who, over the years, have embraced this magazine and helped me live out my dream of being a magazine publisher. First on the list: Mom. That’s right, Kathy Kissman is my righthand jack-of-all-trades who runs things flawlessly behind the scenes. I love you, Mom! Erica Spencer is next. She’s our photographer, and owner of 2005: Our first issues hit the stands Erica Spencer Photography, who has taken some of the best cover shots we could ask for over the years. And I’d like to thank Larry Ried, who plays an integral part in the magazine’s distribution every month. He’s an avid golfer who even hit two hole-in-ones in the same 9-hole round. Try that some time. And our advertisers. Without you, none of this would be possible. This magazine started in my basement and has flourished with the support of local businesses, like Playmakers, the YMCA and Ackley-Peters-Haubert Insurance Agency, who have been advertisers since the beginning. Incredible. Thank you. And thank you to all the experts, through the years, who have given solid advice. I’ve learned so much about taking care of myself, as well as my family and friends. We’ve had several experts over the years talk about physical and mental health, nutrition, exercise and much more. They have made the magazine a resource our readers rely on to better themselves.  As we move forward, and facing the COVID-19 virus, Healthy & Fit Magazine urges everyone to listen to the experts regarding the best way to stay healthy. Because the magazine provides a platform for so many local experts our readers know and trust, we hope it will be a resource that makes it easier to understand and react to the current situation. We do know that prevention and a healthy lifestyle will give you the best chance against any virus. Through the years it comes down to the basics of eating healthy food, drinking water (lots and lots of water) and moving. Three things you could start doing now that would boost your immune system and give your body a better chance against any virus. Read this issue to find out more. As Healthy & Fit Magazine embarks on year 16, we wish our readers good health. Listen to the experts and trust your instincts as we navigate these uncharted COVID-19 times. It’s our birthday wish that we come together as a community and use this time to look out for each other and take greater responsibility for our health and wellbeing.  Enjoy the issue! 


PUBLISHER AND EDITOR Tim Kissman tim@healthyandfitmagazine.com ADVERTISING Kathy Kissman kathy@healthyandfitmagazine.com EDITORIAL REQUESTS tim@healthyandfitmagazine.com DISTRIBUTION REQUESTS (517) 599-5169 SUBSCRIBE ONLINE www.healthyandfitmagazine.com

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A festivAl of timed mile events! Women’s 1 Mile Race • Men’s 1 Mile Race • 1 Mile Walk 1 Mile Dog Race (Run/Walk) • 1 Mile Stroller Race (Run/Walk) Children’s 1/2 Mile (12/under) • FREE Kid’s Sprint

Thursday, June 25, 2020 • 7pm Central Park Drive, Okemos, MI Presented by

Sponsored by:

5151 Marsh Road (along Central Park Drive)

Join Playmakers and Meridian Township to kickoff the Celebrate Meridian Township Festival by running or walking a mile! We will be shutting down Central Park Drive behind the Meridian Mall and taking over the street to walk or race a mile! Check out the new categories and join your friends and neighbors for the Meridian Mile and to raise money for the Meridian Township Fireworks Fund. Awards: Top 3 in each age group for the men’s and women’s mile + top 3 men and women overall in the walk, dog run/walk, and stroller run/walk. Race Times: Kids Sprint


Children’s 1/2 Mile


1 Mile Strollers and 1 Mile Walk


1 Mile Dog Walk/Run


1 Mile “Seeded” Men’s Race


1 Mile “Seeded” Women’s Race


Register Online:


2299 W. Grand River Ave., Okemos 517.349.3803 • www.playmakers.com

OUR COVER Arielle Abramouski Arielle Abramouski, 28, of DeWitt, is an owner of M43 Fitness in Lansing. Stress and motherhood drive her workouts. “After having a baby and completing months of physical therapy to correct muscle imbalances, I now have a whole new respect for exercise,” she said. “My workouts are an unbelievable stress reliever and fabulous me time, but they are also an integral part of my recovery after having a baby. It is so important to condition your muscles when you have to carry around another person all the time.” Her son, Conner, is 1. Abramouski said she likes fast-paced sessions. “My typical workout is usually filled with compound movements that give me the most out of a 30-minute session,” she said. “I like to keep it simple: I do most of my workouts at home using a kettlebell, slam ball, TRX and a rower.” She said her diet consists of high-quality food and controlled portion sizes. “I spent a lot of time cooking in the kitchen with my mom trying new recipes and making things from scratch,” she said. “I learned early on that you can make great tasting food at home and you can control what is actually going into your meal. I like to make well-rounded meals, try out new things often and be mindful of what I am putting in my body.” She said living a healthy lifestyle has helped her in all areas of her life. “By making fitness a priority, I have more energy, I am more productive at work, I am well rested, and every other area of my life gets better,” she said. “It is not always easy but it is certainly worth it.” It all starts with a simple idea: take baby steps. “If you are just starting out on your fitness journey, you’ve taken a hiatus or even if you are a new mom like me, you have to start somewhere,” she said. “Make a small commitment and gradually build upon it so you can achieve maximum success!”



Learn the basics of rowing — no experience needed! A step-by-step class, led by experienced coaches who teach rowing fundamentals. By the end of this course, you will be ready! LEARN TO ROW: 12 classes over four weeks, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, June 2nd-June 27th + rest of season rowing for $245 LOCATION: Ryden Boathouse in Grand River Park, Lansing Participants must be able to swim

OPEN HOUSE: Saturday, May 16, 8 -11 a.m. Tour the boathouse, look over equipment, meet coaches and club members, and watch experienced rowers

Register in person at the open house or online. To register online, or for more information, visit




FIT FEATURES Kevin Schafer Grand Ledge’s Kevin Schafer knows that working out helps you feel better, gives you a sense of accomplishment and keeps you rolling through your day. “I never feel bad after a workout,” Schafer said. “Even a bad workout is better than no workout.” Schafer, 27, who is an accountant at Douglas J Aveda Institutes, is expecting his second child in March with his wife, Courtney. He said he focuses on whole body workouts when he does hit the gym, switching between heavy cardio or lifting. “Each quarter I try to create a goal, but then adjust workouts accordingly,” he said. “Last summer, I added running into my weekly workouts and ran a couple 5K races. I look forward to the warmer months so I can start back up again.” Schafer said he practices intermittent fasting and has found success with it. “When eating, I don’t really try to avoid anything besides any allergy restrictions,” he said. “I try to focus on having a high protein/ low carb meal while limiting dairy.” He said he faces cravings with a positive mindset. “Some cheat days are needed,” he said. “You can reward yourself, but you also need to understand how your body may react to your ‘cheat’ food. Food, to me, shouldn’t be viewed negatively.” Schafer said he’s found his passion with fitness and is now studying to become a personal trainer. He said his wife has been his biggest supporter. “She convinced me to go for the opportunity and invest in my health,” he said. “She gives me the extra push whenever I need it, holds me accountable and makes sure that I am actually eating the right things.” Besides having a positive support network, Schafer said it’s important to pay attention to your body. “Focus on how you’re feeling and pay attention to what fuels your body. Measure your health by not just your weight, but how you feel, as well. Working out has to be fun, but you also should be able to enjoy the less healthy things in life as well!”

Brittney Sommers Brittney Sommers, 34, of Haslett, is a surgical technologist with some pretty big motivation to be healthy. First off, she recently underwent weight loss surgery and lost 125 pounds. And second, she’s going to be married. “Being able to tone up the muscles under the skin and see that change helps with the excess skin,” she said. “Wanting to tone up my arms, chest and back to not only look my best, but feel my best in my wedding dress has really been my new motivation.” She said she alternates between workouts with her Anytime Fitness/Haslett personal trainer, Victoria, and time on the treadmill. “I have also started adding team training to my schedule when it works just to change things up and learn new exercises.” She said she focuses on a high protein, low fat, low carb diet. With her surgery, she said her stomach can only hold four to five ounces of food at a time. “Protein is always the focus of my meal and then I add in veggies and fruits,” she said. “I eat many small meals or snacks throughout the day. Also, how much I can eat depends on how my stomach acts that day; some days I can eat more than others. It has taught me to really listen to my body and to stop before I get uncomfortably full.” She said she doesn’t worry about giving in to cravings. “I believe in eating right 80 percent of the time, and living my life,” she said. “I focus on meeting my protein goals, first, and complete my diet by eating what sounds good and meets the rest of my goals. I’m definitely eating cake at my wedding!” She said the weight loss surgery has changed her life for the better. “Having the surgery gave me a new lease on my life,” she said. “It has allowed me to not worry about diabetes (which runs in my family), be able to do things I wouldn’t have been able to at a heavier weight, like fit comfortably in a seat on an airplane and on a roller coaster. Losing weight gave me the courage to change other aspects of my life. I went back and got another degree to change my career and started dating. Having surgery was a big lifestyle change but it gave me all these incredible things. My only regret is not doing it sooner.” She said anyone can make a healthy change for the better, too, just take your time. “To make a real change it has to be a lifestyle change,” she said. “Have that cookie with your kids, get that dessert on your anniversary, indulge when the occasion calls for it. Just don’t let that become every meal every day. Enjoy the occasion, then get back on track, and in the gym the next day.” www.healthyandfitmagazine.com




Coronavirus on Egg McMuffin Day Poor diet presents one of our greatest health dangers


e quake in fear of a viral pandemic that could potentially wipe out 2 or 3 percent of our population. Our fear is real, and I don’t want to diminish it, so please read to the end. Tragic communicable disease threats, like this one, have recurred throughout the history of humanity. What doesn’t seem to scare us, is the climbing death-toll from non-communicable lifestyle diseases. For example, every 40 seconds an American dies of a heart attack and every four minutes another by stroke. Yet cardiovascular disease is preventable all together, if we would just choose to eat real food, move more and sleep well. Now imagine my surprise when I turned on the morning news, to get a panic-pulse on the spreading Coronavirus in the US. The report was interrupted by a cheery newscaster declaring: “On a brighter note, today is National Egg McMuffin Day and McDonalds is giving away Egg McMuffins for breakfast. Also, Wendy’s launched its new breakfast menu today…and KFC is highlighting its new sandwich: two glazed donuts with hand-breaded extra crispy fried chicken in between.“

“It’s less about the bug itself and more about how your body responds when it meets the bug.“ Are you kidding me? The irony was too much! Please ‘get it’ that our junky food is killing us at far greater rates than the Coronavirus. It’s just a slow kill, so we are somehow dull to it. By the way, when did we give McDonalds its own holiday? All that said, here are some practical tips to fend off Coronavirus. First and foremost, as we each prepare for possible exposure: eat healthy food, drink plain water, avoid stress and get good sleep. It’s less about the bug itself and more about how your body responds when it meets the bug. Next, recognize that this virus doesn’t float through the air, so a surgical mask won’t protect you.

It is spread through large droplets of respiratory secretions—and it lives in them for up to a week. You carry infected secretions to your nose and mouth by touching your face with contaminated hands. We touch our faces an average of 90 times a day so if a surgical mask will remind you not to, by all means put one on. In the meantime, continue washing your hands regularly with warm water and soap and/or disinfect with hand sanitizer that is greater than 60 percent alcohol. Avoid handshakes (try a fist pump or elbow bump instead) and avoid doorknobs, sink handles, when possible. We will get through this, as we always do by relying on one another. So in this eve before the storm, ramp up your immune system by taking good care of YOU.

Dr. Susan Maples is a dentist in Holt. She is also a speaker, health educator and author of Blabbermouth. Learn more at drsusanmaples.com. or call (517) 694.0353.

Our mission is to help each person take a significant step toward his or her desired oral and overall health.

Learn more mouth body connections…

www.DrSusanMaples.com 12




Vacation tips Subtle, easy ideas to stay fit on upcoming trips


is the season for spring break, vacations, busy sports schedules, etc. There is no need to let that derail your health and fitness goals. Whether you are traveling, or just don’t have the time to make it to the gym, we have some solutions for you! If you are going on spring break or any other sort of vacation, there are easy little tweaks to keep yourself healthy. Pack some protein bars or powder in your suitcase, along with some dried fruit and nuts. Pick some meals to indulge and eat some delicious delicacies but eat light and well the rest of the time. If you’re going to enjoy some cocktails, try for a vodka soda instead of all the frozen drinks (at least some of the time). Whether you are at home or on vacation, a quick way to squeeze in

some great exercise starts with your alarm clock. Wake up 10 minutes earlier to get in a Tabata! A Tabata is a form of high interval intensity training, and it takes four minutes. In order to do a true Tabata you want to pick a move that works most of the body, like burpees or high knees for example. You will do it at a maximal effort for 20 seconds, rest for 10. Do this for eight rounds. If you do this properly, you should be toast afterward! Something as simple as waking up 10 minutes earlier can really set your day off to the right start. On the days you can spare a little more time, here is a quick 20-minute workout for a hotel, home or park! Go through a, then b as many times as you can in five minutes.

1a. 10 Hand Release Push-ups (go down to the floor with your whole body touching, lift your hands, lower them, push yourself all the way up) 1b. 15 Hip Bridges (on your back, knees bent, lift your hips up and down) 2a. 10 V-Ups (on back, lift legs and upper body up towards each other, lower down) 2b. 10 Squat Jumps (squat down, jump up) 3a. 5 Burpees 3b. 10 Plank Jacks (in a plank position, jump your feet out to a straddle and then back in) 4a. 5 Tricep Push-ups (elbows tight to your sides) 4b. 20 Ab Bicycles (right, left = 1)

517.827.YMCA • lansingymca.org





A beginner’s walking plan ... for people who hibernated all winter


pring is here, and you’re ready to shed your winter coat! But where do you start when you’ve been watching Netflix all winter, and the only activity you’ve done is walk to the door to get your Grubhub order? Lace-up your kicks and start walking! It is one of the most fun and feasible ways to get moving after hibernating all winter.

Why walk? There are many good reasons to begin walking. It’s free, so you can’t use the “I can’t afford it” excuse. It’s an easy way to stay active. You can walk when your schedule permits. And most importantly, the CDC says walking helps reduce your risk for diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. All you have to do is walk for 30 minutes a day, five days a week, to reduce those health risks and other nasty health issues that can make your life miserable.

Get started on the right foot And the left foot! A properly fitted pair of walking shoes is essential for comfort and gait. Walking shoes should be lightweight but still provide cushioning and support. The soles should be flexible enough to twist. Give your feet some love and head to a store that offers free gait analysis and professional fitting, like Playmakers. They offer a 30-day return policy so you’ll have plenty of time to try your new kicks and find out if they are the right fit.

Don’t walk this way Walking the same route every day is a motivation killer. You’ll get bored and lose interest if you walk the same roads every day, and your body gets bored too. Change things up by adding a different route with some gentle inclines or stairs. Switch up the surface and add portions where you’re walking on sand, gravel, or dirt. You’ll burn a little more calories and strengthen your legs and butt.

Let’s do this! A walking buddy is great for accountability, and it’s always a bonus when you partner up with someone who has similar goals. Whether you prefer to walk alone or with friends, start by walking 15



minutes a day, five days a week. Break up the week, so you’re not walking five days in a row. The Mayo Clinic suggests walking at a slow pace for the first five minutes. This is your warm-up phase. The next five minutes walk at a faster pace but make sure it’s comfortable for you. If you can’t hold a conversation while feeling out of breath, slow down. The last five of the 15 minutes should be in cool down mode. As you get stronger, try adding another two minutes of brisk walking each week. By week 12, you’ll be up to walking 40 minutes, including the warm-up and cool-down portion.

Walk this way Even though you’ve been walking for years, it’s easy to get sloppy and hurt yourself when you’re first starting because walking for fitness requires a more conscious effort than walking in the house or even in the grocery store. First, put your phone away (save for a selfie at

the end of your walk), and chat with your walking buddy or take in the scenery. Keep your head high and look forward, with your chin parallel to the ground. Maintain good posture by keeping your back straight and not arching it forward or backward. Tighten your abs and let your arms swing freely, and as you walk, be mindful of your steps and roll your feet from heel to toe.

Set yourself up for success! Before you leave the house, grab a water bottle to carry—or better yet, go handsfree and wear a bottle sling or pouch to hold your water, phone, ID, and keys. If you’re walking at sunrise or dusk, wear some reflective clothing. It’s especially effective if the reflection is bouncing off your moving arms or legs. Finally, don’t neglect stretching after your walk. If you’re not sure what to do, try the American Council on Exercise website—


Get your hair in shape! How to prevent hair damage from a weave or extensions


or many women, wearing a weave or extensions is a great way to switch up their hairstyle, adding length, volume and even color. However, while these hairstyles offer a range of possibilities, dermatologists from the American Academy of Dermatology say wearing them can damage your natural hair and even cause hair loss if proper precautions and care are not taken. “Because a weave or extensions often require women to wear their natural hair tightly pulled, this can be tough on hair,” says board-certified dermatologist Shani Francis, MD, MBA, FAAD. “The constant pulling can cause strands of hair to break or fall out, and it could damage your hair follicles. Once the hair follicles are damaged, your hair cannot grow back, leading to permanent hair loss.” To prevent hair damage from a weave or extensions, Dr. Francis rec-

ommends the following tips: Get your natural hair in good shape: It’s important to take care of your natural hair before getting a weave or extensions. Make sure your hair is clean and free of buildup from products like hairspray. Use conditioner to keep your hair moisturized and strong. Continue to follow this hair care routine during and in between wearing a weave or extensions to keep your hair healthy. See a professional stylist: You should get your weave or extensions done by a professional. Pay attention when they are working; if you feel pain or have a headache, the hairstyle is too tight. Tight hairstyles can cause traction alopecia, which is a form of hair loss caused by repeated pulling on the hair, and it can be permanent. If the hairstyle hurts or feels too tight, ask your stylist to loosen the affected area.

Keep your hairstyle clean: Wash your hair as often as needed for your hair type. If you are wearing clip-in extensions, remove them before washing your natural hair. Use a gentle, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to keep your scalp clean and hydrated. Protect your edges: Your edges — the wispy baby hairs that grow around your hairline — are very fragile. Take care of this delicate hair by only using water-based styling gels and moisturizing it with conditioner. Avoid using heated styling tools as much as possible. Switch up your hairstyle: To maintain healthy hair, it’s important to give your hair a break from a weave or extensions. Wear these styles for two or three months at most, then give your hair a break by switching to a hairstyle without them.


Duo at the Ledge HALF MARATHON • 10K RUN • 5K RUN/WALK

June 6, 2020

6:30 a.m. 1/2 marathon & 10K start : 7:30 a.m. 5K run/walk start Starts and finishes at St. Michael school 325 Edwards St. Grand Ledge REGISTER ONLINE AT:

runsignup.com/DuoattheLedge All proceeds go to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and to help deserving Student Athletes from the Greater Lansing area get running shoes.





It’s for your core Check out this anti-motion circuit for a stronger core


hen most of us think of improving the strength of our core muscles, a few exercises come to mind. Things such as crunches, sit-ups, and side bends have been around for years. If you bend, twist, and flex your torso it will inevitably work those six-pack muscles, right? These exercises with motion have their benefits, however, the real key to

proper core training is improving the ability to resist motion. The majority of your core muscles are attached somewhere along the spine, hips, and pelvis. If these muscles are not strong enough to support your deep stabilizers and spine, your core will not be efficient enough to produce strength and power that eventually transfers to your limbs for movements like running, jumping,

throwing, and lifting. To properly produce strength and energy in your core, these muscles need to be able to stiffen and activate the deep muscles closest to the bony structures. While there are many great exercises for all of these movements, there are three that I feel that are great for beginner, and advanced, fitness enthusiasts. Give the following a try:

Tall Kneeling Pallof Press You need to have the ability to quickly fire deep muscles along the spine, also known as reactive core. The Pallof Press helps these muscles fire and keep a neutral spine and pelvis to prevent the lumbar spine from rotating. You can use a band or a pulley, shown in the picture. 1. Start on two knees so that you can purely focus on the muscles from the hips up. 2. With a tall and neutral spine, press the band or pulley out in front of you while squeezing all your muscles and exhaling. 3. Perform this with the resistance coming from the right and left side. 4. Perform 2-3 sets of 1-2 reps with a 15 second hold for each rep.

Side Plank Row A traditional side plank is great, and should be mastered (about 60 seconds per side), before you start to add resistance of motion to it. Once you can hold a side plank, this is the next evolution.

1. Start by facing the attachment point of the band or pulley. 2. Get into a proper side plank position while holding onto the handle. As you keep a neutral spine and proper side plank, add in a rowing motion to increase the demands of the anti-lateral flexion. 2. Perform 2-3 sets of 10 reps per side with appropriate tension.

Exercise Ball Rollout Increase the abdominal wall to avoid flexing or extending the spine too much, which can cause low-back pain. The rollout is perfect: 1. Start on two knees with an exercise ball between 45-65 centimeters depending on your height. 2. Keep a natural core by pushing your pelvis forward, squeezing your glutes, and brace your abdominals. 3. In one motion as one unit, roll out as far as you can while maintaining a neutral spine. Make sure you feel it in your abdominals and not your lower back. 4. Return to the start position. 5. Perform 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps.





Foraging fitness Living a healthy lifestyle can start right in your backyard


s a fitness and health professional, something I get excited for every spring is gardening and foraging. There is nothing better than collecting my freshly grown herbs and vegetables and creating a healthy, delicious meal. YES it can be done… I promise. Take the anxiety out of cooking by making it something you enjoy. This may sound crazy, but I cannot wait to get home every evening so I can start cooking. Gardening and using fresh vegetables in dishes is something I grew up with. Both of my parents are amazing home cooks and some of my earliest memories involve picking tomatoes in the garden. A good start to gardening is a container garden or small raised garden bed. Pick a few of your favorite herbs and veggies and go for it. I haven’t even mentioned the exercise benefits of caring for a garden. Things like digging holes, planting, and

weeding can make for a great workout. Men can burn up to 200 calories every 30 minutes, and women up 150 calories, while gardening. Once you have your garden, you have the convenience of healthy eating right in your backyard. You can eat vegetables such as cucumbers and peppers fresh from the vine or prepare a meal cooking tomatoes and eggplant. There are so many sources

of inspiration and recipes online. You are only limited by your imagination. If you enjoy being outside and getting your shoes a little dirty, try walking through the woods! Foraging is also great exercise and can come with a great prize. While finding morel mushrooms in May can be a challenge, it is always great to get outside for a nice walk. In Michigan we can find wild onions, mushrooms and even wild flowers that are edible. For information on foraging safety check out the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Mario Baldino is the owner, CPT, at Anytime Fitness in Haslett. Reach him at 517.977.1444.

8 TRAINING SESSION START UP PROGRAM $99 04/15/2020 *Offer valid with a minimum 12 month membership Expires 03/15/2020

2119 HASLETT RD, HASLETT MI 48840 517.977.1444 anytimefitness.com




Run the Amway River Bank Run Grand Rapids hosts this premier road racing event


hinking of running a longer race this spring? Check out the Amway River Bank Run in Grand Rapids. Set for Saturday, May 9, the Amway River Bank Run, presented by Fifth Third Bank with Spectrum Health the Official Health Partner, will celebrate 43 years of road running. As an established race, it’s perfect for seasoned veterans and newbies, alike. “The great thing is that we have such a solid experience,” David Madiol, race director, said. “We’re excited to have a well-run, consistent race people can count on. It’s safe. It’s well thought out and it’s in downtown Grand Rapids.” More than 16,000 people are expected to compete in the event which features the largest 25K road race in the country, the only 25K Wheelchair racing division in the world along with a 25K Handcycle division. The USATF 25km Open Championships will run concurrently with the 25K

Kate Hodgkins May 2019 cover

event. In addition to the 25K, participants can choose from the 25K Relay, 10K Run, 5K Run, Team Competition, 5K Community Walk and Amway Junior on Wednesday, May 6. Consistently ranked as one of the premier road racing events in the United States, the Amway River Bank Run is

the site of the Men’s 25K American and Course record (1:13:47; 2019); Women’s 25K American record (1:24:36; 2012) and former Men’s 25K World record (1998). The 25K has been the site of the USA 25 km Open Championships since 1995. “It’s fun watching the elite runners,” Madiol said. “We’re trying to get as many folks as we can to the elite division. We’re blessed to have such a great run, the largest one-day event in Grand Rapids for a number of years. And we’ve been lucky with the weather.” Runners can check out the pre-race Sports & Fitness Expo, held at DeVos Place the day before, offering product sampling, beer garden and the last chance to register for the race. There’s also a post-race event, the Finish Fest on Calder Plaza that is very popular, offering food, beverages, music, live race broadcast and a chance to watch 25K runners finish on the big screen.





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Beef up your immune system Ease symptoms with these supplements


aily news reports the spread of the coronavirus and the uncertainty of treatment. Although there is no vaccine for the COVID-19 virus and treatment is uncertain, there are over-the-counter supplements that have shown to have antiviral properties and to support the immune system. Although the following have not been validated as effective specifically for COVID-19, they are nevertheless advisable at the onset of symptoms of influenza and viral upper respiratory tract infections and to help maintain a healthy immune system.

1. Zinc: Supports immune system. 2. Garlic: Antiviral. Take with food to minimize stomach irritation. 3. Vitamin C: Fights infection and can lessen cold and flu symptoms.

4. Vitamin D: Supports immune system. Higher levels associated with decreased risk of seasonal viral infection and acute respiratory infections. 5. Vitamin E: Potent antioxidant. Supports immune system. 6. Cimetidine: A heartburn drug that has potent immune enhancing properties. It is sold in pharmacies, over the counter. 7. Melatonin: Helps with sleep, is an antioxidant, supports immune system. Take at bedtime. 8. Selenium: Powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and immune support. 9. Green Tea: contains a powerful antioxidant called epigal locatechin gallate (EGCG), which has been used to fight influenza for the last 4700 years.

10. DHEA: Support for the immune system. 11. Probiotics and prebiotics: Support immune system, and antiviral. 12.Elderberry: Rich source of antioxidants, and can help with influenza.

If you have signs of the flu (sudden high fever, fatigue, cough, congestion, or sore throat), you should call a health care provider immediately.

Dr. Kathleen Ireland Gregg is a Naturopath/Physcotherapist at Health Matters: A Center for Wellness. Reach her at (517) 641-8000 or email:


IN GREATER LANSING— WE ALL LOVE THE GAME Did you know that over the last 10 years the Greater Lansing Sports Authority has grown sports events in our area by 272%? The GLSA is a full-service sports commission with a passion for bringing in and supporting sports events of all kinds. Offering premium venues, team-friendly dining and convenient lodging the Greater Lansing area is the best choice for your next event. Contact us and work with the GLSA today!

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It’s all in the mindset Be proactive with aging and grow as a person


hen the Beatle invasion rolled onto our shores in 1964 the world was about to change. The generation of the 1960’s, famous for self-discovery, hippies, Woodstock, is now the older generation. It happens to everyone. Time passes and we age. Accepting that change is coming can lead to a nimble mindset. That is, if you decide to be proactive and lead! Simply put, accepting the new normal is … well, normal! The new normal began in the early 1960s, when MIT’s J.C.R. Licklider popularized the idea of an intergalactic network of computers, dubbed the ARPAnet. On October 29, 1969, ARPAnet delivered its first message. The word LOGIN crashed the network, with only the first two letters being received at Stanford. My, have times changed! The hippies of the 60s led us all to the World Wide Web of the 90s. Without an accepting mindset, WWW is just a typo! Transformation is part of all of our

lives. We all benefit from the passions and dreams of others. Together, we all can assist each other. Acceptance involves networking. Without it we have no innovation or personal growth. New can be challenging, too. It can be exasperating, intimidating, and yet, at the same time, wonderful. When the barriers of entry are lowered, creative destruction seems to occur almost daily. We grow with resilience and that is squarely built by adapting an accepting and positive mindset. We all control only what is happening within our own mind. Arthur Fletcher, the former head of the United Negro College fund coined the phrase “a mind is a terrible thing to waste.” That slogan has been inspiring people since 1972 by encouraging individuals of all beliefs to be accepting and tolerant. Positive interpersonal change occurs through the acceptance of the new normal. To become the leaders we all can become it will take love and accept-

ance. It will require an open mind to cooperation and collaboration. To build stronger communities and networks we must embrace each other’s differences. It was through the change of the 60s, the longer hair of four young men from Liverpool, that the invasion of change began. Try these: • Take a new class or course • Introduce yourself to a stranger • Volunteer at an elementary school • Share a random act of kindness • Call an old friend Tom Matt is the host of the “Tom Matt Show,” a radio talk show syndicated in Michigan on the Michigan Talk Network. He can be heard locally Saturday mornings on the ‘Big Talker’ WJIM 1240 AM. For more info please visit www.boomersrock.us



The 45th Annual Pictured Rocks Road Race takes place in the picturesque town of Munising, gateway to the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. The race starts and ends at Bayshore Park on the southern shores of Lake Superior, featuring a 1/2 marathon and 10K route along paved roads and two-track trails. The hill climbs and great views are the main attraction, enticing runners to return each season.

Friday, May 1, 2020 • 7PM • Downtown Mason 5K Run/Walk • Kids’ 1-Mile Run • Kids’ 100-Yard Dash FUN for the whole family!

SIGN UP TODAY This race is endorsed by the Michigan Fitness Foundation and is part of the 2020 Greater Lansing Area Race Series. All net proceeds benefit Mason Public Schools Foundation

Register online at:

www.runsignup.com/Race/MI/Munising/PicturedRocksRoadRace T-shirts are guaranteed to all participants registered by June 1. Finisher awards are given to all participants.



Register online at:




A Wabi Sabi look at life Discover a new way to imbrace imperfection


’m sure we’ve all experienced that “aha moment” where we hear something and think, “Yes, that makes so much sense to me.” These moments can happen when talking with a good friend, coming across a particularly good quote, watching a TED Talk or reading a thought-provoking article. I had this experience when I first discovered the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi. While it resists a firm definition, Wabi Sabi encompasses ideas of imperfect beauty. It acknowledges that everything deteriorates and ages; not only is perfection an impossible goal, but there is beauty in nature and transience. Wabi Sabi is the subject of many books and has served as a conceptual muse for artists, designers and poets. It is found in rustic simplicity, asymmetry and natural materials. A chipped bowl in a tea ceremony is Wabi Sabi. So is a worn wooden stool, or a quilt that visibly shows its many years of use.

broken into its two sections—iki (to live) and gai (reason). Living with ikigai means embracing life with meaning and purpose. Tokyo-based neuroscientist, author and broadcaster Ken Mogi has spoken about Wabi Sabi, including a brief YouTube video on the concept. He is also the author of Awakening Your Ikigai: How the Japanese Wake Up to Joy and Purpose Every Day. The book outlines the five pillars of ikigai, and how you can apply these to your own life. Find this title in a variety of formats, along with others on the topics of Wabi Sabi and ikigai, at cadl.org/catalog.

Cheryl Lindemann is a collection development specialist at Capital Area District Libraries, and a co-host of the Reader’s Roundtable Podcast.

A concept that can be applied to so many situations in our daily lives, Wabi Sabi is both inspiring and liberating. Reading about it led to my discovery of another Japanese concept, that of ikigai. The word ikigai can be


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For this year’s community reads project, we’re encouraging people to read There There, an award-winning debut novel by Cheyenne and Arapaho author Tommy Orange.


WOODLAND SKY Native American Dance Troop


HOLT JR. HIGH SCHOOL 1784 N. Aurelius Road, Holt Saturday, April 18 • 11 a.m.

CHIPPEWA MIDDLE SCHOOL 4000 Okemos Road, Okemos Wednesday, April 22 • 7 p.m.

WILLIAMSTON MIDDLE SCHOOL 3845 Vanneter Road, Williamston Saturday, April 18 • 3 p.m.

RSVP at cadl.org/events or 517-367-6355

For more information, visit cadl.org/CAR


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Spring ready! Change in the season is a welcome time of the year “Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is.” ~Jessica Harrelson

T (517) 393-1900

www.culliganlansing.com 3460 Dunckel Rd. Lansing MI 48911


here is something magical about experiencing Mother Nature’s beauty in the spring. For those of us who experience cold, dark winters, it’s definitely the transition we need. I love hearing the birds chirping early in the morning, seeing blue skies and feeling the sunshine on my face while walking or driving. Spring is also a great time to explore and pursue new interests. If you find yourself getting bored, here are a few suggestions:

Meet Mother Nature

During my childhood, I recall looking forward to recess year ‘round. Oftentimes, when we become adults, we find it hard to adjust and spend less time outdoors. I challenge you to take time out to enjoy Mother Nature. So what are you waiting for? Head outside, go for a walk and explore.

Get fresh

Check out the local farmer’s market. In fact, this a great time to shed a few unwanted pounds and feel lighter! Prepare a list of your favorite fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices and head-out to your nearest farmer’s market today!

Flower power

Freshen your yard with the beauty of color. Floral gardens are a great way to enhance the exterior of your home while making others smile.



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Bike riding is a great way to not only enjoy the outdoors, but also reduce stress. Regular cycling can also increase muscle strength and flexibility. If you prefer to not ride alone, invite a friend or two. Now get those gears turning and go for a bike ride to nowhere! Lastly, always remember…roses are red, violets are blue, Springtime is beautiful and so are you!

Kimberly Whitfield is the owner of Kimberly Inspiring Beauty in Strength, a fitness instructor at Michigan State University and Trinity A.M.E. Church; a bodybuilder, and a public speaker. Visit her on the web at kwinspires. com for a list of her classes.

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