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November 2013

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®


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Written By Ffjorren Zolfaghar

was watching the news the other night and a woman was wearing a t-shirt that said, “Join the Fight.” Her cause was worthy; however, I did not want to fight about it. I would rather “stand up” for her cause. Mother Teresa once said, “Do not invite me to a protest, rather invite me to a prayer-in.” Let’s see, we have had the War on Drugs, the War on Cancer, Diabetes, Bullying and more, yet we have more people hooked on drugs (street and prescription) and more people sick with cancer than ever before. War is sometimes necessary, I do believe in protecting our country--and in saying that, war in many cases comes with a price--yet we should not use the word “War on” or “Join the Fight” with every injustice, it just does not seem to work. It tends to make the problem worse rather than better. Standing up, and/or speaking out, for what a person believes in is a constitutional right, one we don’t want to lose. This month, we’ll take a look at a book titled America the Beautiful, by Dr. Ben Carson. His book publicly articulates what many of us have been saying for years. His book outlines what brought about the decline of strong nations, and he correlates it to what is happening in the United States. As citizens, we should ask ourselves what are we going to do about our current situation. Or should we look the other way and let our great nation wither away in decline? Look around you; the proof is the reality of the situation. Very few Americans are better off than they were five years ago. It is also important to take a look at things in your life that give you hope and happiness. Healthy Beginnings, for example, is grateful for you: our loyal readers and advertisers. With that, it is our mission to publish educational articles that provide options for your health needs. We do this because we believe you are smart enough to direct your own destiny. Believe in your higher power first, whatever you call him or her. For me, it is GOD. Do the right thing, the first time. Trust in goodness and love. Respect one another--even though a person might think differently than you. And, by all means, enjoy your life!


HBMAG.COM ISSN 2150-9921



Beginnings lifestyle magazine

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®


Your Local Resource for Natural Living Healthy Beginnings is printed on recycled newsprint with soy-based ink since August 2006


e chose our cover with the season in mind. It was important to use an image that stirred memories of family and friends, or places that make us feel at home. Dawn, our publisher, specifically said that this cover reminded her of the “ranchette” area of Reno. It recreated memories of driving down those roads on a crisp autumn day. Images tend to conjure, or create, feelings and thoughts of past and present. They help us to remember that which is lost in memory. And, they can also help us move forward, in a new direction, on a new path. This holiday season, when you’re rushing through your busy days ahead, take a moment for reflection. Pull out some of your old photos, magazines or yearbooks. Look through some holiday letters of years past. It might become a calming therapy, soothing your angst and tension. Or, it might offer a spirit-filled push, nudging you to look at things from a different perspective. And, maybe, it will give you a sense of solidarity, an affirmation of your past, present and future.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Healthy Beginnings Magazine!

In gratitude and many blessings, Dawn Gowery



Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

November 2013

Spiritual Astrology and Wisdom Teachings. E soteric A strology emphasizes one ’ s soul purpose. Looking at karmic assets/liabilities, achieving

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New Acupuncture Practice in Reno. Raina Ferran Acupuncture O.M.D. Acupuncture can be used for a variety of conditions such as pain, stress, cold/flue and post-op. Dr. Ferran offers a gentle approach to acupuncture and takes her time to understand the whole person. Cosmetic acupuncture available, also known as facial rejuvenation, is used for beauty and overall health. Shiatsu, Tuina and Abdominal massage as well as, Cupping, Moxibustion and GuaSha treatments are available. Dr. Ferran also offers Western and Chinese herbal consultations. Most insurance accepted. For more information call (775) 996-3910. Located at 890 Mill Street in Reno. See ad on Shop For Services Pages

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November 2013

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

We are truly sorry to hear about the shooting incident at Sparks Middle School and we, at Healthy Beginnings Magazine, are praying for the families and for our community.





Beginnings lifestyle magazine

Lifeʼs a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

Dawn Gowery


Editor & Content Director

Written By Karen Tenaglio


here’s almost nothing worse than experiencing ear pain, itching, loss of hearing, or a sinus headache.

Ear Candling is an ancient practice, dating back to biblical times in Egypt, the Orient, as well as European cultures. This simple, gentle treatment removes wax from the ear, improving your sense of wellbeing, physical, mental and even spiritual. The candle is a long hollow tube made from unbleached muslin immersed in an aromatic herbal solution. After it dries, the cone is then dipped into beeswax. The cone or candle is then placed into the ear opening and the top of the cone is lit; soft warm white smoke billows down the tube into the ear and softens the wax. The flame on top of the cone creates a vacuum that pulls out built up wax, toxins, bacteria, dirt and residue from past medications. Ear Candling may also help with a dry hacking cough (a result of a sinus infection), sinus headache, tinnitus, and itchy ear. Today more people are seeking alternatives to digging in the ear with Q-tips or using a hydrogen peroxide flush to clean a blocked ear canal. Ear Candling is a relaxing, natural, non-intrusive treatment. References: Tatum, Anne. Ear Candling. A.P. Enterprises. 1995.

Facials, peels, waxing, massage 50+ 10% discount. Call Karen at 775 7229307 or go to for more info.

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Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

November 2013

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November 2013

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®



How You Can Give Creativity This Holiday Season Submitted By Beyond Words


types to understand and enhance their creative gifts, “ says Shelley Carson, PhD and lecturer in psychology at Harvard University. “Creativity isn’t just for one type of personality. Each of us has creative potential, and each personality type has a creative contribution to make. Creative You will help you find your own unique pathway to a more creative life, even if you previously thought of yourself as uncreative.”

ot sure what to get your loved ones this holiday season? Give them the tools to get creative. Bestselling author Otto Kroeger and certified MBTI instructor David Goldstein put a creative spin on personality type in their new book, Creative You: Using Your Personality Type to Thrive, revolutionizing how personality types influence how, what and why we create. In their book, Kroeger and Goldstein incorporate the MyersBriggs Type Indicator assessment into a la rger discussion about creative differences and the connection between personality and creativity. Highlighting the creative advantages found within each of the 16 personality types, Creative You helps readers utilize their creative strengths, identify their optimum learning style and environment, and remedy everyday problems with creative solutions.

Kroeger is considered one of the most influential communicators and interpreters of the MBTI assessment. As an internationally recognized artist, Goldstein identified the need to examine the relationship between creativity and personality type to engage in a more authentic life.

“David Goldstein and Otto Kroeger have performed a valuable service by helping people of all 16 personality


To purchase Creative You: Using Your Personality Type to Thrive, go to


Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

November 2013

Provider Profile Raina Ferran, O.M.D.


them to receive acupuncture at the same time. When two or more modalities are used together, patients often see better results. Acupuncture is known to have fantastic results for a wide range of health problems including pain management, joint or back pain, swelling, stress or stress induced illness, headaches, cold and flu, post operation healing, concussions, anxiety, and depression. Sometimes patients can avoid surgery or long-term prescriptions by visiting an acupuncturist as a treatment method. Other times, acupuncture can aid the Western medicine treatment to improve recovery and healing.

r. Ferran is an experienced acupuncturist, having worked in clinics in Truckee and Santa Cruz, CA. She recently decided to move back to her birthplace of Reno. Raina graduated with a Master’s of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, CA. During her education, she took coursework in internal medicine, pain management, sports medicine, gynecology and facial rejuvenation. She is also trained in herbal medicine, shiatsu massage, tuina massage, abdominal massage, cupping, moxa and dietary counseling. During her studies, Raina worked in an acupuncture clinic that catered to Veterans of all ages. Raina is currently licensed as and acupuncturist in Nevada, California, and Nationally with NCCAOM.

Some of you may have heard the buzz about cosmetic acupuncture as it has become popular with the Hollywood crowd. This is a legitimate form of acupuncture and Dr. Ferran is certified in this modality. Cosmetic acupuncture actually treats the whole person, as points are used mainly for the face but also on the feet, legs and hands. Benefits of cosmetic acupuncture are different and less drastic than surgery or Botox. With cosmetic acupuncture, one’s natural beauty is enhanced. One might see fewer wrinkles, an increase of even skin tone and pigmentation, brighter eyes and an overall feeling of health.

Dr. Ferran’s passion is keeping people healthy so they can enjoy doing what they love. There is nothing worse than feeling like you are not yourself. Each acupuncture treatment is tailored to the specific patient’s needs and comfort level. One patient might only receive acupuncture, while another patient might receive acupuncture, dietary counseling and an herbal formula. Most patients receive some type of massage along with an acupuncture treatment. Dr. Ferran uses a gentle approach to all treatments and considers the body, mind and spirit when making a diagnosis.

Raina Ferran is excited to be back in Reno and helping the community. She is accepting new patients and is eager to help you. She takes most forms of medical insurance, workers compensation plans, and auto accident claims. If you are Spanish speaking, don’t worry she has that covered too. She is bilingual in English and Spanish. Give Raina a call or e-mail today to schedule your appointment.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine are tried and tested forms of healing that have been perfected over centuries. Acupuncture’s roots started more than 2000 years ago and is practiced as the main healing modality in many Asian countries, including China, Japan and Korea. In China, many hospitals have a Chinese medicine wing as well as a Western medicine wing; and the two sections often work together on complicated cases. For this reason, Dr. Ferran will work alongside any other practitioner the patient is comfortable with. If the patient is on medication or is going in for surgery, Dr. Ferran encourages

November 2013

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

Raina Ferran Acupuncture 890 Mill Street, Suite 205 Reno, NV (775) 996-3910



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Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®



The Gateway to Many Diseases Written By Robert A. Eslinger, D.O., H.M.D.


eaky gut syndrome describes the condition of bowel hyperpermeability. That is, things are absorbed through the bowel wall too easily. Things are leaking into the blood stream, not out. This condition has been implicated as a root cause of many different acute and chronic diseases. It can cause such symptoms as gas, cramping, diarrhea and bleeding. The diseases include inflammatory bowel disease, type 1 diabetes, allergies, asthma, arthritis, autism, acne, lupus, colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and chronic fatigue syndrome. Some proposed causes are toxins, poor diet, parasites, infection (with bacteria or fungi) and prescription medications. The leaky gut then allows substances such as toxins, microbes, undigested food, waste, or larger than normal macromolecules to leak through an abnormally permeable gut wall. It is suggested that these out-of-place substances affect the body directly, or initiate an immune reaction. Physicians, medical researchers, holistic practitioners and others generally agree that increased permeability of the intestinal lining is a real phenomenon. There is disagreement, however, over whether this “leakiness,” in and of itself, is capable of causing or worsening the diseases in question.

This barrier mechanism is responsible for determining “friend or foe” on a moment-to-moment basis for all these substances. This process, performed by the lymphoid tissue and the neuroendocrine network, decides whether the body responds with tolerance or defense. If the decision is defense, it triggers an inflammatory response to activate the immune system against that substance. Treatment approaches proposed by researchers have included the intake of natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative substances such as glutamine, N-acetyl cysteine, zinc and probiotic (beneficial) bacteria. Berberine is a constituent of several herbs, which have been traditionally used to treat gastrointestinal disorders. According to a 2010 study, berberine ameliorated damage to intestinal epithelial cells induced by pro-inflammatory compounds. Additional beneficial agents include gluten-free diets, Paleo diet, nystatin and vitamin B-12. Understanding dysfunction, in the role of the intestinal barrier as the trigger for many diseases, is an area of research that encompasses many fields and is currently receiving much attention. References:

A lack of mucosal integrity (leaky gut) with consecutive local and systemic inflammation and abnormal transport of proteins may worsen the symptoms of many chronic diseases.

1. Li N, Gu I, Qu I, et al, “Berberine attenuates pro-inflammatory cytokine-induced tight junction disruption in an in vitro model of intestinal epithelial cells,” Eur J Pharm Sci 40, 1-8, February 2010.

The primary functions of the gastrointestinal tract have traditionally been perceived to be limited to the digestion (break down) and absorption of nutrients, electrolytes and water. A more recent analysis of the functional arrangement of the gastrointestinal tract, however, suggests that another extremely important function of these organs is its ability to regulate the trafficking of molecules between the environment and the host through a barrier mechanism.

2. Keifer D, Ali-Akbarian I, “A brief evidence-based review of two gastrointestinal illnesses: irritable bowel and leaky gut syndromes,” Altern Ther Health Med 10(3);22-30, 2004.


For more info, contact Reno Integrative Medical Center at (775) 829-1009, or visit online at See Display Ad on Next Page


Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

November 2013

Dr. Eslinger is A Leader in New Techniques for the Treatment

of Cancer

At Reno Integrative Medical Center, we like to say, “When others have given up, our Doctor is just getting started.” Treatments that Enhance Your Immune System in the Healing Process • 3 week Cancer Boot Camp • Cell Formula Treatments • UBI Therapy • Immune Boosting • Heavy Metal Testing & Chelation Therapy • Oxidative Therapies • Laetrile • Insulin Potentiated Therapy or I.P.T. • Dendritic Cell Therapy

Learn more about Dr. Eslinger’s therapies in “Defeat Cancer” where he is featured as one of the top doctors fightng cancer globally. He also co-authored and published a medical study on GcMAF, an alternative cancer therapy.

There is an Answer... When Medicines Have Failed Discover a Healthier Future for You and Your Loved Ones

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Reno Integrative Medical Center

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November 2013

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®


Robert Eslinger, D.O., H.M.D.



of the Secret Societies Submitted By CYSW Group


ecrets, secrets, secrets! Oh, how we all seem to be drawn to, and fascinated by, secrets! This, of course, can also relate to Secret Societies and Clubs as well. What might their secrets be? On a humorous note, since secret societies are supposed to be “secret,” then any discussion of them is also assumed to be secret or forbidden. To illustrate this, in a well publicized quote from Senator John Kerry, when asked about his membership in Skull and Bones (Yale University), and what he could say about it, his reply was, “Not much because it’s a secret.” A similar response came from former President George W. Bush when asked about his participation in the same club (Skull and Bones), “It’s so secret we can’t talk about it.” It’s interesting to note that here we have two individuals on opposite sides of the political spectrum belonging to the same private club! (See link below.) An important factor to grasp is that most, if not all, of the wealthy and powerful “movers and shakers” of the world, who directly or indirectly impact all of our lives one way or another, are members in one or more such private clubs or secret societies. Thus, they reportedly have access to information not available to the average citizen. The modern definition of a Secret Society was given in the



September 2013 issue of “Healthy Beginnings Magazine,” so we won’t revisit that here. However, they typically consist of incremental teachings in the form of a “Mastery Course” involving the “universal laws” and scientific concepts at work in various aspects of life. A typical Mastery Course might consist of a series of sections or “levels” that systematically reveal more and more advanced knowledge of these universal laws and scientific concepts as one ascends the levels to reach “new states of consciousness.” Those who are privy to this information promise never to discuss it or reveal it to another who has not yet achieved the same level. These subjects typically include the laws of success and the “Law of Attraction”--attracting a love mate, new friends, business and mutually beneficial relationships. And, more importantly (and popularly), the subjects also include the laws of economics and the elements of intuitive financial decision making, which supposedly help members realize exceptional wealth and prosperity far above that of “average” people. In the early 1900s, Napoleon Hill interviewed many of the wealthiest people in the world who were known members of secret societies and discovered a common concept that, “The

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

November 2013

Are You Ready… Is it Your Time?

accumulation of great fortunes calls for POWER, and power is acquired through highly organized and intelligently directed specialized knowledge…” But why would anyone want to keep such purportedly valuable information secret in the first place? Good question! Perhaps one way to answer would be to imagine what some people might do if they found an ancient book of incantations that would allow them to manifest all the things they most desired in life. Would they want to share it, or keep it to themselves? The answer to that question probably depends on the individual. Some might share, but most would likely keep it “secret.” It’s no different with private clubs that have specialized information not available anywhere else--information that is certainly not found in public libraries.

To Take Command of Your Future

According to observations of some of the financially elite of the world, such a “keep-it-to-ourselves” attitude is predicated upon the belief that, “if others were to have this information, they might be able to live the way the ‘elite’ live and we certainly can’t have that!” Who then would be the “worker bees” of the world destined to perform all the labor and drudgery that support, one way or another, the elite class?

Gain Access to an Elite Club Meet the Influencers

In other words, this view is based on the supposition that such information in the hands of “average” people would result in catastrophe for the elite. Thus, it becomes a consideration of personal survival for the elite to keep it secret. Although understandable, how such an assumption was perpetuated is unknown and probably not important.

Membership increases your success

A key question that might be asked at this juncture is whether or not membership in a private club bestows immeasurable benefits. The members themselves can perhaps best answer that. Since they are, and continue to be, members they evidently see it as exceedingly valuable and infinitely beneficial to keep their “secrets” a secret. Assuming you, too, can attain access to this secret information, what would your new goals and dreams look like?

To Learn More Simply Request Your Complimentary DVD


Call 775.200.0920


or visit our website:

2. CYSW Group, “Are Secret Societies a Myth? I Think Not…” Healthy Beginnings Magazine, Reno, Nevada, Dawn Gowery, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, September 2013. CYSW Group

3. Hill, Napoleon. Think and Grow Rich. The Ralston University Press. Meriden, Connecticut, 1937.

For more info, please contact CYSW Group at (775) 200-0920, or visit online at See Display Ad on This Page

November 2013

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®



Can’t Sleep? M Written By Michael Gerber, MD, HMD

any people have difficulty sleeping. For some, it’s a lifelong problem; for others, it surfaces when they are faced with an increase of life stresses. Some find it hard to go to sleep. Others wake up multiple times in the night and can’t return to sleep. And for some, it’s both.

There are a multitude of sleep remedies that do not include drugs. Pharmaceutical remedies, such as benzodiazepines tranquilizers (Xanax, Ativan, Valium, Klonipen, etc), are highly addictive and can have terrible withdrawal problems. None of those particular drugs were ever intended for long-term use. Ambien and tricyclic antidepressants (Elavil, Trazadone) also have a host of side effects such as sleepwalking and amnesia, and can also cause dementia. They all deplete brain chemicals, neurotransmitters such as serotonin and GABA, which you want to build up. One woman in her sixties, who relied on Ambien, got up in the middle of the night and made discombobulated meals and went back to bed without remembering she made them. When her sister arrived the next morning, she found the wacky meals and had many laughs at her sister’s expense. It can also cause dementia. Another lady in her seventies started taking Ambien and thought that she was losing her mind because she couldn’t add a cash register tape anymore. After being advised to stop taking Ambien, her memory returned after several days. These are not isolated instances.

chronic stress. Vitamin C supplementation is important for the adrenals; all animals make vitamin C except humans, primates, Guinea pigs and fruit bats. B vitamins also help the adrenals. Magnesium, especially the favored magnesium glycinate, is calming and relaxing before bed. Phenibut, beta, phenyl GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) is the natural calming brain chemical and works just like the Benzodiazepines, only without side effects and addiction. Tryptophan (1000 mg) before bed makes serotonin and melatonin, which are wonderful sleepy substances. Melatonin itself has many sleeping and health benefits, .25 mg to 25 mg or more. However too much melatonin can cause a morning hangover. There is also Phosphatidyl Serine (amino acid), which promotes steady blood sugar and adrenal health.

Herbs There are endless important nervine, relaxing, calming, soporific herbs that people have loved and used for centuries. The very popular Avena Sativa combination from Nestmann in Germany contains Valerian root, Vervain, Mugwort, St. John’s Wort, Heather, White Nettle blossoms, Hops, Cowslip, Peppermint, Lemon Balm, Dill, Pulsatillla, Pratensis, Oat seed (Avena sativa) and Red Squill bulb. A usual dose is 30 to 80 drops before bed, 20 to 30 drops upon awakening at night and 5 or 10 drops anytime for calming and good mood.

Successful Natural Approaches for Sleep Without blood sugar, the body dumps adrenalin out of the adrenal gland into the bloodstream to make reserve blood sugar. The adrenal gland, which sits atop the kidneys, is where we make all our stress hormones--including cortisone and adrenalin. If you are chronically stressed, or inherit weak adrenals from you mother, you can’t store blood sugar (glycogen) in your liver. When a person runs out of blood sugar at night, the brain freaks out and signals the adrenals to release adrenalin (speed, anxiety) into the blood stream, which recruits fat and is then converted into blood sugar so you don’t die. However, when adrenalin hits the blood stream, it’s like trying to sleep on speed or strong coffee. People frequently say they are so exhausted but then become completely alert at night. They wake up and think about all of their life stresses, which makes the blood sugar cycle and sleeping worse.

Chamomile extract from Nutra Medix (Babuna Sleep in Florida) is powerful for sleep. Many Chinese herbs are wonderful for sleep as well, including Zisiphus, Ramulus uncariae, Jujube extract, Silk Tree extract, Magnolia bark and many others. Homeopathic remedies such as Coffea cruda (opposite of coffee), Argentum nitricum (worry,worry,worry), Chamomile and hundreds of others are available and based on the person’s nature.

Protein Drinks Since maintaining blood sugar is an issue at night, taking a protein drink that is not high in milk protein (whey, rice, hemp or egg based), or eating food protein before bed can give six to 10 hours of blood sugar, and better sleep.

Adrenal support with our great injection of low dose, timedrelease cortisol, B12, and folic acid, gives blood sugar for a week and is very important for sleeping, especially for those under



Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

November 2013

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Progesterone Before Bed and Through the Day to Reduce Adrenalin


Over the counter Progesterone cream contains 20 mg per pump of progesterone. Dr. Michael Platt, MD, in his book the Miracle of Bioidentical Hormones, uses 100 mg four times per day before meals and bed, rubbed on the wrists and forearms. It blocks adrenalin and can be used before bed and in the night for sleeplessness.

1. Platt, M.D., Michael. Miracle of Bio-identical Hormones. Clancy Lane Publishing. July, 2007. 2. Williams, Robert H. Williams Textbook of Endocrinology. W. B. Saunders Company. 1974.

Stress Reduction Of course, lifestyle helpers such as meditation, regular exercise, avoiding simple carbohydrates--especially before bed (no apple juice)--philosophical attitude about life’s vicissitudes and breathing exercises all help us to enjoy better sleep in general!

November 2013

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CHRONIC DEHYDRATION Part 15 - Tap Water Alternatives:

Are Bottled Waters a Good Choice? Written By JeanAnn Fitzgerald


Bottled Water

ater pollution is a worldwide problem. More than 6,000 children under age five die each day due to disease riddled water and lack of basic hygiene. Water containing manmade pollutants that might not kill you can still make your life miserable by degrading your body’s functionality. Even if your neighborhood is free of natural and man-made pollutants, these contaminants could be in your tap water because upstream pollutants can flow down into your water source.

The bottled water industry grows about seven percent yearly from its present worldwide sales, which are between $50 and $100 billion annually. This demand causes private corporations to buy up municipal water supplies for resale to their own consumers. Fresh water has become a very valuable commodity and is becoming humanity’s most coveted resource. Since most water is bottled, then sold locally without crossing state lines, it does not fall under the Federal Department of Agriculture regulations. Many bottlers including Wal-Mart are basically using tap water. Others like Dasani and Aquafina use distilled tap water. If the bottle doesn’t say, “spring water,” chances are the water came from a municipal water source pretty much like your own.

Some people inhabit phenomenal bodies capable of excreting just about any toxin they encounter. However, most bodies are not that capable and end up with health issues. We call these maladies “old age” but in reality many believe they are caused by toxin build-up in the body. This buildup in tissues and organs interferes with their function and causes the decline of so many elements needed to stay “young” such as hyaluronic acid and insulin production, sex hormones, immune system effectiveness, hearing and vision abilities, calcium retention, thirst and taste sensations, upper body strength, etc. 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, in order to be called “spring water,” it has to be collected at the point where water flows naturally to the earth’s surface, or from a borehole that taps into the underground source. That’s all the term means; it does not guarantee purity or anything else.

The only way to get poisons out of the body is through sweat, breath, urine, and bowel--all four heavily dependent upon water. When embarking on a healing hydration program, a person shouldn’t have to ingest toxic water that only adds to the problem.

Mineral water is taken from a natural spring containing minerals such as salts and sulfur compounds. Local conditions determine whether--and in what quantity--the minerals exist in it. Minerals can also be added to this water depending on local laws. When minerals are present, it is called “hard water.”

The safest water may come from isolated aquifers and wells untainted by agriculture or industrial runoff, or excessive natural contaminants. But generally speaking, the re-hydrator may want to assume that their source of water contains some kind of toxicity or poison as described in last month’s article.

An unscientific pH test conducted by this author on local bottled waters revealed them to be at or below desired human alkalinity of around 7.0. A bottle of Arrowhead had a pH of 7.5, Fiji at 7.0, Dasani at 5.5, Aquafina at 6.0, Evian at 7.0. The pH value of bottled waters will vary depending on the water source utilized. Drinking or eating acidic substances can make one’s body more acidic than is healthy.

Even though the age and culture in which we live can be detrimental to our health, our technology offers practical solutions to the safe drinking water problem--some not so good, but some are better, even though problematic. The following are some ideas for dealing with tainted tap water.


Read the rest of this article at


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November 2013

Thyroid Disorders on the Rise? Written By Martin Rutherford, D.C., C.C.S.T. and Randall Gates, D.C., D.A.C.N.B.


Continued on Page 20

hy has the topic of thyroid become so prevalent? I myself have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis--a problem I probably suffered symptoms for some 25 years before a correct diagnosis and protocol dramatically improved my health. An estimated 27 million Americans suffer from thyroid related illnesses, the majority of them women, and the number is growing. Why is the topic now becoming so prominent? Probably because it’s becoming more apparent that thyroid related diseases are often poorly diagnosed, and there is much about their treatment that warrants greater clarification and study, and the fact that these undiagnosed or poorly managed thyroid disorders are the root of so many chronic diseases (i.e. fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, chronic fatigue, etc.). Though it weighs less than an ounce, this butterfly shaped gland is a huge force in the intricate physiology of the human being. Its function or malfunction seems to affect everything. The thyroid is the spark plug for energy production, controlling its rate and intensity. It maintains body temperature, helps regulate the growth of a child and profoundly affects brain chemistry, thus influencing mood (think depression) and emotions. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Everything slows down in hypothyroidism, (a slow functioning thyroid). The immune system is affected, the gall bladder slows down and starts to malfunction, the liver can’t detox, you can’t make enough red blood cells and you get constipation, which in itself causes a constellation of other symptoms.

November 2013

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When one sees the thyroids function within the intricate physiological and biological matrix of the human body, one starts to understand why the medical model of thyroid hormone replacement therapy appears to be insufficient, and failing the vast majority of today’s thyroid patients. How can one medication affects the balance in all of these systems: it can’t. And let me just state right here I’m not anti-medicine, nor am I saying that thyroid hormone replacement therapy is never indicated. But given the complexity of the body, and taking into account the reciprocal relationship between the immune system, hormone balance and brain function, it becomes more apparent that addressing the entire body--all at once--not piece by piece, is a very logical way to support the thyroid.

A much better approach would seem to be to ask what the dysfunctioning thyroid says about the entire body and vice versa, and then proceed from there. In functional medicine, this approach addresses the conditions that caused the thyroid to slow down (or in some cases, speed up) in the first place. We will frequently find that supporting the gland itself is not necessary, or requires only basic herbal and nutritional therapy for a few months. The conditions creating the thyroid symptoms, however, more than likely call for lifestyle changes and lasting support. I understand some doctors, and patients too, might wish to immediately begin with a thyroid “prescription,” whether conventional or alternative. After all, popping a pill seems much easier than making lifestyle changes. Functional medicine prescriptions for wellness are not always easy, and they rarely are quick, which is why our patients are required to commit to following our clinical protocols for at least six months (people who want quick fixes invariably seem to return after a year or two of trying other methods). Pill popping is easier on both the patient and the doctor; lifestyle changes are not. But lifestyle changes--based on specific history, examination findings as well as blood, saliva and stool testing--adopted to that patient’s specific nutritional needs and requirements produces consistent long term results and returns the “power” or control over one’s health back to the patient by producing precise dietary, neurological and/or herbal protocols to control and manage thyroid symptoms on their own, well into the future.

Back to the 27 million Americans suffering from thyroid dysfunction (this is according to the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists). Half of these, not unlike myself, go undiagnosed. Of the detected cases of hypothyroidism,

But given the complexity of the body, and taking into account the reciprocal relationship between the immune system, hormone balance and brain function, it becomes more apparent that addressing the entire body--all at once--not piece by piece, is a very logical way to support the thyroid.

This article is not about criticizing other approaches, including the use of thyroid hormones. In fact, it’s not uncommon to come across a person whose thyroid dysfunction is so advanced that thyroid hormone replacement is necessary. Nevertheless, it remains crucial to address the abovementioned factors by addressing the biochemical matrix of the whole body to maximize the potential of the medication and prevent further damage. For many people however, drugs simply aren’t necessary.

it is estimated that between 50 and 95 percent (according to an almost two year old lab corp. memo) are due to an autoimmune disorder called Hashimoto’s disease, in which the immune system attacks and destroys thyroid gland tissue. Where I feel the present model of care is weak, I believe, is that no one seems to ask the question of why the thyroid gland quit working? Indeed to my knowledge--with the exception of cancer--the question rarely comes up.


1. Kharrazian, Datis, DHS, DC, MC. Why do I Sill have Thyroid Symptoms When my Blood Tests are Normal. Elephant Press. February 2010.

Thyroid symptoms are there for a reason. They are there to hopefully steer you in the right direction as to what is wrong. But the standard for thyroid management today, in both conventional and alternative models, often treats the thyroid as a car part that simply needs replacing or “lubricating.” Thus “bioindentical,” “natural” or synthetic human replacement therapy (HRT) is administered in hope of wiping out a number of symptoms in one fell swoop. Problem is, this approach doesn’t work most of the time.


2. desiease_fact_sheet.pdf

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November 2013

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Moving Beyond

Social Fear and Anxiety Written By June Milligan, M.Ed., CCHt, PLR


ocial fear and anxiety come in a lot of different flavors. Almost everybody feels shy or awkward from time to time. For most people those feelings aren’t much of a problem beyond their teen years, but extreme shyness can hold you back in your career, rob you of self-confidence and prevent you from developing loving relationships. Cognitive Therapy is based on the idea that your thoughts create all of your emotions, both positive and negative. If you’re shy you probably have thoughts such as, “I can’t think of anything interesting to say,” or “These people are out of my league,” or “Everyone can see how nervous I am.” If you believe these thoughts are the truth, you’ll feel anxious and shy around other people. But shyness results from a


mental “con”…a self-fulfilling prophecy created by those negative thoughts. When you’re talking to someone at a social event and you feel uneasy because you’re monitoring your feelings and behavior, you’re sending out vibrational frequencies of uneasiness and fear. You’re not focusing on the person you’re talking to, and they know it. You seem distracted, and they’re picking up on your uneasiness. They soon lose interest in talking to someone who obviously isn’t fully engaged in their own conversation. Negative inner dialogue distracts you and prevents you from interacting with the other person in an animated, natural, spontaneous manner. You’re so occupied with yourself that you don’t tune into what others are saying; therefore


Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

November 2013

you can’t express any real interest in them. They become uncomfortable and remove themselves to the other side of the room. That’s exactly what you expected to happen, so you tell yourself that you were right about yourself all along. The same thing happens with public speaking anxiety. But this doesn’t have to continue for the rest of your life. You have far more power than you think because if you can change your thoughts you can change the way people respond to you.

statements instead of being dogmatic about your opinions. 5) Ask simple questions to draw the other person out. You can always say, “Tell me more about that.” There’s no reason to be miserable in social situations just because you’ve convinced yourself that you’re lacking in some way. Others may have even more intense feelings of lack and limitation than you do. As you encourage them through some of the techniques mentioned above, you’ll relax, forget about yourself and be a wonderful conversationalist before you know it.

First, try smiling and saying hello to at least ten strangers every day. Most people will smile back in a friendly way, increasing your confidence. You can make people you know feel special and admired by your attention and genuine interest in them. If you praise them for what they’ve done and do it in a lighthearted way, you can get them to talk about themselves without trying to focus a lot of attention on yourself. Usually they’ll conclude that you’re special,

References: 1. Harold S. Kushner. Conquering Fear: Living boldly in an Uncertain World. Anchor Publishing. 2010. 2. Burns, David D. Burns, M.D. Panic Attacks: the New Drug-Free Anxiety Therapy That Can Change Your Life. Morgan Road Books. 2006.

You have far more power than you think because if you can change your thoughts you can change the way people respond to you.

3. TW Walker. How to Turn Fear into Confidence – The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Fear. Breakthrough Media Network. 2012.

For more info, contact June Milligan, specializing in hypnosis, acupressure, trauma therapy and helping people let go of dysfunctional thinking, at (775) 786-9111 or visit online at

even if you don’t say much of anything about yourself. Also use positive body language; look straight into the other person’s eyes while speaking in an animated way. When you make the other person feel interesting, often they become interesting and you forget about yourself.

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If you’re shy, you probably suffer from feeling like you’re performing onstage, under a bright spotlight, during social situations; and you have to impress people in order to get them to like you. This puts us under extreme pressure to come up with something interesting to say. The result is that you feel even more awkward. So try using these littleknown secrets of effective communication: 1) If you find truth in what the other person is saying, it’s a very effective disarming technique. People want to be understood. 2) People love it when you agree with them. Try seeing the world through the other person’s eyes. You can even paraphrase the other person’s words and reflect back to them what was said. That person can then see that you were listening and that you got the message. 3) Compliment the other person. Convey respect or admiration. Find something genuinely positive to say about him or her. 4) Express your own thoughts and feelings through “I feel”

November 2013

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®




Rediscovering What Made This Nation Great By Dr. Ben Carson and Candy Carson Reviewed for Healthy Beginnings By June Milligan, M.Ed., CCHt, PLR

Britain, France and Spain have declined. He explains they all shared similarities such as “an inordinate emphasis on sports and entertainment, a fixation with lifestyles of the rich and famous, political corruption and the loss of a moral compass.” He wonders whether we can “learn from the experiences of those nations and take corrective action or must we inexorably follow the same self-destructive course.” In this book, he covers a variety of different social issues we’re facing right now. It’s instructive to get his perspective on the problem of racism, which he believes is getting worse as time goes on. As a black youth, he experienced racial hatred and discrimination first hand and fought back in the only way he knew, with aggression. He understands that luck and the influence of his mother played a big part in his ability to get out of the ghetto and achieve something significant in his life.


r. Ben Carson is a Professor of Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery, Oncology and Pediatrics. He is also the author of four bestselling books including Gifted Hands, Think Big, Take the Risk and The Big Picture. He seems to have experienced every economic class in our society firsthand, as he grew up in poverty as an African American in the slums of Boston and Detroit, worked many jobs to put himself through college, even managing a crew picking up trash on the highway.

Because he has extensive knowledge of American history he’s very knowledgeable and very concerned about the current political situation. He knows our founding fathers believed that the nation’s health was dependent on an educated electorate. He sees a real danger, as we seem to be losing our basic values--of which education is certainly one of the most important. We are leaving everything to our elected representatives, which is not so much solving as causing additional problems.

He went on to graduate with honors at Yale and at the University of Michigan and is much in demand as a public speaker. His single mom knew that education was the key to success, and motivated him to read one book a week as his pathway out of poverty. He had to write a report on every book he read, and hand it directly to her. It was years before he realized she was illiterate and couldn’t even read the book reports. But that forced habit of reading eventually gave him an insatiable appetite for learning.

His thoughts about the logic and reasoning of our founding fathers are well supported by quotations. He even draws wellthought-out parallels between the Boston Tea Party and the Tea Party movement of today. We have much to be thankful for in this country, but our freedoms are being eroded. What could America be if we could reclaim a vision of the things that made her great in the first place? Dr. Ben Carson gives us a chance to peer into the past, focus on the most important dreams of our founders, and hopefully chart a better course for our future.

Dr. Carson has a firm grip on American history, and much of this book traces the development of our country. He is also aware of how many great nations including Egypt, Greece, Rome, Great



Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

November 2013

The Adult Attention Deficit Craze


Written By Andy Drymalski, EdD

task is so unappealing to you. Then, do it anyways. Adulthood, including older adulthood, is a good time to become more disciplined, rather than less. It is a good time to strengthen your cognitive abilities, rather than let them weaken. It’s a good time to become less lazy, rather than more. And it’s also a good time to stop chasing after chemical solutions to what is in most cases a normal human struggle.

very few years or so, it seems that a new mental illness comes into vogue. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Bipolar Disorder are two examples. Word gets around and pretty soon it seems like half of the population thinks they suffer from a certain illness, when in fact they don’t. Of course, pharmaceutical companies feed--and are fed by--these false epidemics. Lately, a growing number of adults think they have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). They have a difficult time staying focused or completing a particular task. Surprisingly, though, others tasks may come quite easily. For example, they may have no problem concentrating on the television show they’re watching, the golf game they’re playing, the beer they’re drinking, or the clothes they’re buying. It’s primarily when it’s time to clean the house, figure the taxes, or sort through the boxes in the garage that the attention problems crop up.

For more info, contact Dr. Andy Drymalski, Reno and Carson City psychologist at (775) 786-3818, or visit online at See Display Ad on This Page.

Laziness, a lack of self-discipline, and a tendency to procrastinate are negative attributes that most people have to one degree or another. You distract yourself from tasks that you find tedious or boring, or raise an issue or feelings you would rather avoid. These behaviors do not constitute a mental illness, however, and are not the same as ADD or ADHD. You may want to view them as a mental illness because then you feel less responsible for your behavior. You become the victim of an affliction. In addition, if you can convince your doctor you have ADD, you can take a medication for it rather than put forth your own effort to change. Laziness and procrastination perpetuate themselves. If you find that you are having a difficult time focusing on something you need to do, take some time to reflect on why the

November 2013

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®




Yoga and Massage for Infants


Written By Allison Prater

oga and Massage are some of my favorite activities to share with my son. Even before he was born he was exposed to these modalities, and I have seen both have tremendous benefits for him. There are some amazing resources for parents wanting to share massage and yoga with their baby. I will share some of my favorites that I have found, as well as some general guidelines for a successful practice.

overwhelmed by all the new responsibilities and challenges that a new baby can bring. It helps parents to better tune into their baby’s body and needs. Massage is also known to be beneficial in helping premature babies gain weight and thrive, as well as babies with special needs. I have included regular massage in my son’s routine from the very beginning. We usually find the time after his bath to be ideal. Before I draw his bath, I get an area ready for his massage. I usually lay a thick blanket and a towel on top of our bed, and put on some restful music. I get the massage oil out; I like to use coconut oil, but olive and almond oils are also good choices. This way, everything is ready to go when we get out of the tub. I always ask Eligh if it’s OK if I give him a massage before I begin. Sometimes he is not into it, and that’s just fine. I never force a massage on him. Usually he smiles when he sees me rubbing oil on my hands. I use strokes that are gentle, but with firm pressure, as light strokes tend to tickle. He particularly enjoys having his back and legs rubbed. Massage time is also a great opportunity to sing songs, or talk to him about the names of his body parts. I found that taking time for a massage in the morning--before running errands or going out on some other high-stimulating activity--helps Eligh feel calmer throughout the day. I also find evening massages help settle him down for a more restful night’s sleep.

Infant Massage has been practiced by mothers and caregivers for centuries the world over. In many cultures, twice-daily massages for infants are a regular routine. Touch is one of the first forms of communication that parents have with their children. Babies thrive on regular contact with their parents, and plenty of loving touch. Regular massage is a great way to facilitate bonding between parents and children, and can even be a great way for older siblings to bond with their new baby brother or sister. Massage promotes relaxation, and reduces stress, contributing to deeper sleep. Adapting to the all the stimulus of our world, and learning to communicate, can be very stressful for babies, and gentle massage can help to release tension that can accumulate throughout the day. Massage provides sensory stimulation and facilitates body awareness. Studies show that it boosts the immune system, balances respiration, improves blood circulations, helps with digestion and waste elimination and can provide relief for teething pain. It is also relaxing for parents who can become



Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

November 2013

Out of Alignment?

I practiced yoga throughout my whole pregnancy, and have been doing simple yoga inspired exercises with Eligh since he was few weeks old. Just as with massage, yoga has many of the same benefits for infants. Even simple movements in the arms and legs can stimulate the brain, promote body awareness, and improve digestion. As I have watched my son learn to crawl, and now stand, I have seen him naturally put himself in many yoga postures, such as locust and downward dog. It is interesting that these postures seem instinctual to him, and they are in fact strengthening his spine, helping him to transition to walking upright.

Are You in Physical Pain? Is Stress Causing You Pain?

Chiropractic Relieves Pain from:

A book that I would enthusiastically recommend is “Itsy Bitsy Yogi,” by Helen Garbedian. She offers simple yoga-based games and exercises you can play with your baby, designed for each stage of development. She includes notes on specific benefits for each exercise, such as brain building, or help for digestive troubles. She also refers to some poses as “magic poses” because they are so effective for soothing a fussy babe. I found several of the poses and games she suggests to be both soothing and very enjoyable for my son. Some of our favorite games that we share come from this book, and require no toys, and can be practiced anywhere.

► Neck

Aches ► TMJ/Jaw Discomfort ► Back Problems ► Tennis Elbow ► Carpal Tunnel ► Knee & Leg Pain ► Auto and Sports Injuries

New Breakthoughs in Chiropractic Using the Pulstar

I have included some great references for parents who are more interested in this subject below. I hope that massage and yoga bring joy to your family as much as it has to ours!

Adjuster, Applied Kinesiology and releasing trapped emotions.

Infant Massage:

We also offer massage therapy and in office x-rays.

• “Infant Massage: A Handbook for Loving Parents,” by Vimala Schneider McClure.

No Twisting and Popping!

• Shiva Rea’s Post-natal Yoga DVD includes a bonus instructional session on infant massage that is excellent!

Trapped Emotions Cause Physical Pain


Yoga for Infants: • “Itsy Bitsy Yoga: Poses to help your baby sleep longer, digest better, and grow stronger,” by Helen Garbedian.

Call Dr. Tony Jensen

• Mama and Baby Yoga by Shiva Rea (includes a practice for mamas too).


• The Nurturing Nest in Reno has many fitness classes, including yoga, designed for both mamas and babies. For more information visit:

495 Apple Street Ste. 105 Reno, NV

References: 1. McClure, Vimala Schneider. Infant Massage: A Handbook for Loving Parents. Bantham Books. New York, 1979. 2. Garabedian, Helen. Itsy Bitsy Yoga. Fireside. New York, 2004. 3.

November 2013

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®




Valerian: Nature’s Tranquilizer

Written By Allison Prater


aleriana officinalis, or Valerian, is a perennial plant that produces small clusters of pink flowers. While pretty and delicate, these flowers have a slightly unpleasant smell, reminiscent of dirty socks. It is no wonder that the Greek physician Galen referred to this plant as Phu. The root, which has a slightly musky aroma, is the part of the plant that is prized by humans. Valerian’s name is derived from the Latin word valare, which translates as “to be well” or “be strong.” Valerian root has been used as a medicinal herb since the times of ancient Greece and Rome. Hippocrates and Galen wrote about its properties, then later prescribing it as a remedy for insomnia. Valerian has also been used to treat headaches, muscle cramps, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety and nervous tension. It has been shown to lower blood pressure when combined with hawthorn berries. This combination can also help with altitude sickness, according to herbalist Rosemary Gladstar. It can be applied topically and encourages wound healing, soothes sore muscles, ulcers and eczema. Valerian’s acts as a tranquilizer, antispasmodic, expectorant, diuretic, carminative and mild anodyne. Valerian is sometimes called “moon root” or “Undine’s herb” because it has historically had a special affinity with women. It is sometimes combined with Cramp Bark to relieve menstrual cramping. Valerian infused oil can be combined with ginger and lavender essential oils to make a massage oil that soothes these cramps. It is very important to consult a caregiver you trust before working



with Valerian, as there are some very serious cautions to be aware of. Valerian should not be taken continuously for longer than two to three weeks without a break in use. Otherwise, headaches and heart palpitations may occur. Valerian enhances the properties of other sleep inducing drugs, and therefore should not be taken in combination with other such medications, or with alcohol, opiates, or antihistamine drugs. This herb should not be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. In rare instances, valerian may cause an allergic reaction, which typically presents itself as a skin rash, hives or difficulty breathing. Some people find Valerian to have a stimulating effect, as opposed to a tranquilizing one. These individuals should discontinue use as well. References:

1. Kowalchik, Claire and Whilliam H Hylton. Rodale’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs. Rodale Press. Emmaus, Pennsylvania, 1987. 2. Bremness, Lesley. Dorling Kindersley Handbooks: Herbs. Dorling Kindersley. New York, 1994. 3. Ody, Penelope. The Complete Medicinal Herbal. Dorling Kindersley. New York, 1993. 4. Gladstarr, Rosemary. Herbal Healing for Women. Simon and Schuster. New York, 1993. 5.

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

November 2013


Oh, Gee !

Written By Teresa Howell


summer in the ground, are about two and a half feet high. The oval leaves are an attractive silver-grey that blends well with the native foliage. The five-petaled lavender flowers are a little bigger than a dime, and grow the along the length of each branch. After the first flush of flowers, the plant will produce a few straggling flowers throughout the season. Bees love them.

am always willing to share my secrets for aging gracefully, so when my younger sister Beth asked me about my skin care routine, I told her about the goji berries I’ve been growing. They’re productive enough this year that I can eat a few of them every day. The Chinese call them the longevity fruit. They are purported to keep you younger in all respects; apparently they improve your skin, your vision, your athletic performance, and even your mental health. They are even supposed to make it easier to lose weight, which would go a long way in promoting my mental health.

The berries hang like orange teardrops along the length of each branch. They are sweet, with just a hint of tartness, and to be honest, a bit bland. They taste somewhat like persimmon to me, but I may be reacting to the similar color and the texture of the berries.

“Yes,” I told Beth, patting my cheeks, “I think I’m beginning to see the effects already.”

They are not fussy to grow. I planted mine with the tender care I give all my plants; that is, they went directly into the soil, with bit of manure applied to the surface of the soil. I kept them moist until they were established. This year, they were watered only once a week, and received no supplemental fertilizer.

“They don’t seem to be helping your vision much,” Beth countered. I’ve always believed that the more a “superfood” claims to do, the more likely it is that the claims are bogus. It stands to reason that a website that sells goji berries or any other supplement will exaggerate, and the ones selling goji berries certainly do.

Gojis are recommended for Zone 5 and above. They don’t need any special winter care, although if you are a kind person, you might give them a sip of water during the drier winter months. They adapt to containers, but would need water and some frost protection if you left the containers out during the winter, and a sunny spot if you brought them indoors.

However, even the reputable WebMD notes that goji berries are high in antioxidants, as are most berries. They also note that some preliminary research finds that goji berries do enhance “mental well-being and calmness, athletic performance, happiness, quality of sleep and feelings of good health.” On the opposite side of the ledger, there’s the possibility of negative interactions with some drugs: blood thinners and medications for diabetes and blood pressure.

It is recommended that you prune the tips of the canes in the winter to improve fruit set and to keep the plants shapely. Since I’m the lazy sort, and since my plants produced well without pruning, I’ll probably skip the added work.

Even if goji berries will not turn you into a Michelle Kwan, they are still worth growing in Northern Nevada. The scientific name for them is Lycium barbarum, but you may also find them marketed as wolfberries. They come from China, as do many other plants that adapt well to our climate.

Goji berries deserve a bigger place in the high desert landscape. They are beautiful and grow extremely well here. And if the berries don’t actually improve your eyesight and your skin, well, the lack of the one effect will cancel out the other.

The plant itself is attractive. It’s a deciduous shrub, with long, flexible branches that can be trellised, or left to sprawl gracefully. They can reach five to seven feet in height. Mine, in their second

November 2013

Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

When Teresa Howell is not ignoring the effects of her advancing years, she teaches English at Great Basin College.




Over-the-Counter Sleep Aids


Written By Lissie Lyles

taken at the recommended dose, DPH has shown to be an effective treatment when rapid treatment is required in the case of an allergic reaction. To use DHP in the absence of an allergy, and instead for the purpose of inducing sleep, seems ill advised. Furthermore, the list of inactive ingredients is basically a cocktail of chemicals, dyes, fragrances and processed sugar, all of which have been shown to damage the immune system; along with a host of other serious health issues such as hormone disruption, behavioral problems and cancer. The health risks associated with these ingredients are greater than any shortterm benefit they could possibly provide.

good night’s sleep makes a world of a difference in how well we feel. Sleep issues can prevent real threats to a person’s sense of wellbeing, and can interfere with their ability to function throughout the day. It is no wonder that over-thecounter sleep aids have become a multi-million dollar industry. There are many medications that can be purchased without a prescription. Their maker’s claim these products are safe and non-habit forming. Let’s examine a few of these projects closely:

Nyquil ZZZZ Active Ingredient: Diphenhydramine HCI 50 mg Inactive Ingredients: Citric Acid, ethanol, FD &C blue #1, FD&C red #40, flavor, high fructose corn syrup, polyoxyl 40 stearate, propylene glycol, purified water, saccharin sodium, sodium benzoate, sodium citrate dihydrate Let’s look at the active ingredient Diphenhydramine, or DPH for short. This is an antihistamine, most commonly found in the allergy medication Benadryl. Because of its sedative properties, it is now being marketed as a safe, non-habit forming solution for sleep. But how safe is it really? Some adverse effects of DPH include dry mouth and throat, increased heart rate, pupil dilation, urinary retention, constipation, high doses hallucinations, delirium, short-term memory loss, irregular breathing and itchy skin. Acute poisoning can be fatal, with overdoses leading to cardiovascular collapse and death. When


Tylenol PM Active Ingredients: Acetaminophen 500 mg Diphenhydramine HCI 25 mg Inactive Ingredients: benzyl alcohol, black iron oxide, butylparaben, carboxymethylcellulose sodium, crospovidone, D&C red #28, edetate calcium disodium, FD&C blue #1, FD&C red #40, gelatin, hypromellose, magnesium stearate, methylparaben, microcrystalline cellulose, polyethylene glycol, polysorbate 80, powdered cellulose, pregelatinized starch, propylene glycol, propylparaben, red iron oxide, sodium citrate, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium propionate, sodium starch glycolate, titanium dioxide, yellow iron oxide. This product also contains DHP, which was discussed above.


Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

November 2013

It also contains the pain reliever Acetaminophen, which has long been touted as one of the safest pain relievers available. But is it really? While the dangerous effects of acetaminophen overdose have been known since the 1960s, the makers of Tylenol have only recently changed the wording on their labels to clearly address these dangers. A September 2013 report by ProPublica revealed that in fact, acetaminophen kills the most people of any over-the-counter drug, according to data

Deep sleep is a key factor in maintaining health, and can help the body repair both physically and mentally from the day’s stresses. When one is not getting regular deep sleep, it ca n become a serious problem... from the federal government. Accidental overdose can occur from taking even just one pill above the recommended dose. Permanent liver damage and death can also occur. Taking this drug in combination with alcohol increases these risks. Because acetaminophen is not used to induce sleep, its inclusion in this product does not make it a good choice as a gentle sleep aid. Furthermore, the list of inactive ingredients is rampant with toxic materials that have been shown to do damage to the body. Deep sleep is a key factor in maintaining health, and can help the body repair both physically and mentally from the day’s stresses. When one is not getting regular deep sleep, it can become a serious problem that is often influenced by many factors, including diet, stresses, and emotional or environmental factors. There are many skilled health practitioners that can help their clients achieve restful sleep without the aid of the toxic products mentioned above. Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food. Choose real food over food products, and that goes double for your medicine! References:

1. cfm?setid=75b3d064-36ef-4999-8683-80687471e432 2. cfm?setid=e441c952-cd48-4159-ada2-271ca7541600 3. 4.

November 2013

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November 2013

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November 2013




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Forgiveness: The Ultimate Demonstration of Gratitude


Written By Rev. Jack Elliott

he season of harvest and thanksgiving is upon us. Religions, tribes and our ancestors have taught us the values of being grateful for what we have at this time of year, even if we believe our harvest to be meager. We are also taught to tithe or give a portion of our harvest to those less fortunate--as a demonstration of our gratitude.

them off the hook; forgiveness allows you to move on. If you offer the olive branch of forgiveness first, they may see that it is still possible to be in your life. Your relationship might be healed, deepened and even richer gifts will manifest out of your willingness to forgive, or the relationship will end with civility where both parties will be free to “remember” the gifts and the good times, rather that the pain born out of separation.

This will no doubt be the underlying principle of nearly every thanksgiving message you’ll read. But this year, I invite you to see it a little differently. To consider that how we show gratitude could be even more magnificent. What if we were to consider “forgiveness” as the ultimate demonstration of our gratitude for the harvest of our life? What if instead of sharing a jar of jam, or a bushel of corn to mark our bounty, instead we offered our tithe as a token of our forgiveness? A challenge if you will. For each gift you give this year, there must be a corresponding act of forgiveness that preceded it.

They may surprise you and offer to atone for how they may have erred. There really is no upside to not forgive others. In fact, it’s pretty egotistical not to be forgiving. How can we see a child of God as anything less than how God sees that child? If you believe as most of the world’s religions do, God is a forgiving God. Does that not suggest that God does not withhold forgiveness because God knows nothing other than wholeness and perfection for his children? And if God is forgiving, how do we justify our unwillingness to not be forgiving?

Forgiveness is all about healing. When we fail to forgive, we subconsciously leave a portion of our harvest in the field unpicked, weathering and to die in the winter’s wind. But when we forgive, even if there is not an immediate sign of a new beginning, a seed is planted deep within the soil and in time (perhaps even by spring) a new beginning will rise up. The bounty of our next harvest is already in process.

What if we practiced the same level of compassion with others that we believe God would offer to them and to us? What if we were truly grateful to have been created in the image and likeness of a forgiving God, and our bounty was the manifestation of our willingness, our Divine inheritance? In this season of Thanksgiving, let’s be truly grateful that we have the option to be forgiven for our transgressions and to feel so sufficient in our harvest that we know our willingness to forgive will cost us nothing; instead it will only garner us a harvest of riches in the years to come.

Think about those you care about, however, for some justifiable reason, you have separated yourself from them. Who comes to mind? Perhaps they hurt you, acted poorly toward you, or even betrayed you. Nonetheless, if you still “feel something” then you still care. You still love. Is your love big enough to include forgiveness? When you get right down to it, not forgiving only creates one outcome--separation.

Rev. Jack Elliott is a Life Coach. To find out more about coaching visit his website at or visit

We often believe that “they” should come crawling to us, seeking our forgiveness. But, forgiveness really isn’t about them; it’s about you. In fact, the act of forgiveness doesn’t let



Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

November 2013


Bee Die-Offs:

New tests find bee-killing pesticides in ‘beefriendly’ plants from garden centers nationwide


sell them, and stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s have a moral obligation to make the same commitment here in the U.S.,” said Lisa Archer. “In the meantime, gardeners should start their plants from untreated seeds or choose organic plants for their gardens.” In addition to pressuring retailers, U.S. groups are calling for the government to restrict the use of neonics in the United States.

any “bee friendly” home garden plants sold at Home Depot (NYSE: HD), Lowe’s (NYSE: LOW) and other leading garden centers have been pre-treated with pesticides shown to harm and kill bees, according to a new, first-of-its-kind pilot study released [this summer] by Friends of the Earth and allies. The pilot study, co-authored by the Pesticide Research Institute, found that 7 of 13 samples of garden plants purchased at top retailers in Washington D.C., the San Francisco Bay Area and Minneapolis contain neurotoxic pesticides known as neonicotinoids that studies show could harm or kill bees and other pollinators.

“While neonics may not be the only factor in bee die offs, they are a significant factor, and one that we can do something about. It’s time for EPA to step in and suspend use of these pesticides on bee-attractive plants,” said Larissa Walker, policy & campaign coordinator at the Center for Food Safety.

A growing body of science has implicated neonicotinoids (neonics), which are used in agriculture and also for cosmetic purposes on garden plants, as a key factor in recent global bee die-offs. Beekeepers across the country reported losses of 40-90 percent of their bees last winter. The European Union is set to suspend the use of three neonic pesticides later this year, after a scientific review by European Food Safety Authority found that neonicotinoids pose an unacceptably high risk to bees.

In the face of mounting evidence linking neonics to bee colony declines, and more than a million public comments urging swift protections for bees, the EPA has delayed action until 2018. Last month, U.S. Representatives Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) and John Conyers (D-Mich.) introduced the “Save American’s Pollinators Act,” which seeks to suspend the use of neonics on bee-attractive plants until EPA reviews all of the available data, including field studies.

“Our investigation is the first to show that so called ‘bee-friendly’ garden plants contain pesticides that can poison bees, with no warning to gardeners,” said Lisa Archer, director of the Food and Technology Program at Friends of the Earth. “Bees are essential to our food system and they are dying at alarming rates. Neonic pesticides are a key part of the problem we can start to fix right now in our own backyards.”

Rep. Blumenauer introduced the bill after 50,000 bumblebees died in a Target parking lot in Wilsonville, Ore. when the neonic pesticide dinotefuran was applied to nearby trees. The bee massacre also prompted the Oregon Department of Agriculture to prohibit further cosmetic use of pesticides containing dinotefuran for the remainder of 2013. In July, 37 million honeybees were reported dead across a single farm in Ontario from the dust associated with planting neonic-treated corn seeds.

Neonics are the most widely used class of insecticides in the world. Bees are exposed through multiple routes, including--as the pilot study highlights--common home garden plants.

“The weight of accumulated evidence from scientists across Europe and North America shows that neonicotinoids harm honey bees, bumble bees, and other important pollinators,” said Scott Hoffman Black, executive director of the Xerces Society. “Swift action is needed by all sectors of society to reduce the prevalence of these insecticides in our environment. By phasing out their use, nurseries can play a leadership role in this change.”

“The pilot study confirms that many of the plants sold in nurseries and garden stores across the U.S. have been pre-treated with systemic neonicotinoid insecticides, making them potentially toxic to pollinators,” said Timothy Brown, PhD, of the Pesticide Research Institute. “Unfortunately, these pesticides don’t break down quickly--they remain in the plants and the soil and can continue to affect pollinators for months to years after the treatment.” The high percentage of contaminated plants and their neonicotinoid concentrations suggest that this problem is widespread, and that many home gardens have likely become a source of harm for bees.

“The bees and beekeepers are telling us they can’t wait until 2018--and neither can we,” said Nichelle Harriott, staff scientist at Beyond Pesticides. “Retailers, EPA and Congress need to step up their efforts to protect pollinators.” *This excerpt was reprinted with permission from Visit them online for more information and to join the effort in protecting bees and other pollinators.

“We must take immediate action to address this crisis. Europe has banned bee-harming pesticides, retailers in the UK are refusing to

November 2013

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Pumpkin Vegan Chili



s the weather gets colder and colder every day, my cravings for comfort food only get stronger. Vegan comfort food sounds like a bit of an oxymoron, but not only is it possible, it’s delicious and simple. This chili is full of fiber and protein, which will keep you full without that heavy feeling you get after a big meaty meal.

1. Dice the tomato, onion and bell pepper and simmer them in ½ cup of water until the onion slices are transparent. 2. Stir in all the spices, olive oil and the pumpkin puree. 3. Once the pumpkin mixture gets hot, add in the black beans-drain 2 of the cans, and pour in the last can without draining the juice.

Ingredients: 1 large tomato 1 sweet onion

4. Simmer the chili at medium heat uncovered for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

1 red bell pepper

5. Add salt and hot sauce to taste.

3 cans black beans

6. Garnish with fresh-diced tomatoes or vegan sour cream.

1 can organic pumpkin 2 tsp cumin


2 tsp garlic powder 3 tsp chili powder (6 tsp if you want a spicy chili) 1 tsp olive oil

Submitted by Cheyanne Treadway. After being vegetarian for five years, she went vegan in 2011 and strives to help others enjoy healthy vegan food without missing meat.

1 tbsp salt ½ cup water



Life’s a journey. Make it a healthy one.®

November 2013


Cream Cheese Pie

Recipe By Lois Ehlers (Reprinted from HB Magazine November 2010 issue)


How to Prepare:

1 15oz Libby canned pumpkin, or the same amount of fresh pumpkin

1. Pour the pumpkin into a large bowl. 2. With a hand mixer, beat in the eggs and the soft honey.

2 large eggs, beaten 1/2 cup honey

3. Add the spices, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves and salt and blend.

1 12oz can of evaporated milk, NOT sweetened condensed

4. Beat in the cream cheese.

8 oz. Neufchatel cream cheese, softened.

5. Now add the evaporated milk and blend until smooth.

1 1//4 tsp. ground cinnamon

6. Place the pastry in the deep dish.

1/4 tsp. ground ginger

7. Pour the pumpkin mixture into the pastry.

1/4 tsp. ground fresh nutmeg.

8. Bake at 425 degree preheated oven. Bake for 15 minutes at 425 degrees then lower the oven temperature to 350 degrees and bake for 45-50 minutes.

1/4 tsp. ground cloves 1/2 tsp. salt

9. Test by inserting a clean, cold knife in the center to see if it comes out clean.

1 deep-dish pie pastry

Happy Holiday Cooking. Enjoy!

November 2013

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November 2013

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November 2013

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November 2013

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