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JUNE 2009


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June 2009




INGREDIENTWATCH... 10 Anti-aging Creams: Destroys More Than Wrinkles

Anti-Aging Creams: Destoys More Than Wrinkles... 10


Overwhelmed? De-Clutter... 17

Why Mainstream Diets Don't Work

Views From Your Window... 30



A Rational Look At Declawing

HEALTHYRECIPES... 23 Fruit Delight; Fresh Green Beans

Look Younger Than Your Age... 36 Jaw-Dropping Affects... 38 Focusing Your Mind... 39

PRODUCTREVIEW... 28 Mapping The Road To Debt Freedom


CONSCIOUSWEALTH... 29 Your Brand Of Business


SUSTAINABLELANDSCAPE... 30 Views From Your Window

Why Mainstream Diets Don't Work... 12 Dreams & The Afterlife... 32

SUPPLEMENTS101... 36 Look Younger Than Your Age

The Chemistry of Connection... 40

DENTALHEALTH... 38 Jaw-Dropping Affects




Chemistry of Connection



Castor Oil Pack Therapy




It's All In The Soil Recipe!




Why Am I In Such A Bad Mood?

ASTROLOGY&HEALTH... 52 The Sun in Gemini

June 2009



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Healthy Beginnings lifestyle magazine


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June 2009

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Dear Readers,



Written by Sara Piccola


e are all aware of the phrase “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” Well, it turns out there is a lot more that can be done with this vibrant fruit than a favorite summer drink. When mixed with hot water lemons are very effective in curing digestive issues such as nausea, heartburn, constipation and worm infestations. Lemon juice mixed with cold water and honey is recommended as a morning starter on an empty stomach. This cleanses the body and prepares it for proper digestion throughout the day. Experiments have proven that lemon-juice is a powerful antibacterial. Malaria, cholera, diphtheria, typhoid and other deadly diseases are destroyed in lemon-juice. Lemons are a diuretic and are good to use with urinary tract infections and high uric acid problems, such as those related to arthritis and rheumatism. Lemons are also used as balms. Lemon balms are recommended for all fevers, coughs, colds, menstrual cramps, dizziness, headaches and high blood pressure. You should not drink pure lemonjuice because the acid wears off the enamel of the teeth. The health benefits of lemons go far beyond what is listed here. This versatile fruit is a healer, a cooking aid, a stain remover and deodorizer. Next time life hands you lemons, you can do more than just make lemonade!

We welcome the summer solstice and fathers day on the 21st of this month, how unique that these two celebrations fall on the same day this year. For those of us who live in the northern California and Nevada Sierra Region we have at our disposal majestic mountains, deep blue green pristine lakes, rushing rapid rivers, and meadows bursting with wild flowers that enliven our senses and enhance the experience of outdoor activities in this wonderland we call home. Like the variety of summer activities around Reno, the June issue of Healthy Beginnings features articles on a wide range of topics: Why Mainstream Diets Don’t Work, Managing Stress Naturally, Focusing your mind, Overwhelmed…De-Cutter, Conscious Wealth, The Dangers of anti-aging creams, Views from your Windows, healthy landscapes, and Green Smoothies. How Assertive are You? Take the test. This is just a quick rundown of what you will find in HB Mag this month. Additionally, we are very excited to announce the opening of New Spa in Mayberry Landing and Spot Cleaners on Prototype Drive, Welcome! Enjoy summer; enjoy life whether you are fly fishing the Truckee, hiking the Sierras, or kayaking Lake Tahoe, take Healthy Beginnings Magazine with you. Best in Health and Happiness, Dawn Gowery Publisher/Editor

c 6139 S. Virginia St. • Reno (at Neil & S. Virginia) Store Hours: 8am-9pm, 7 Days a Week June 2009


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NEWSBRIEFS New Website for Chemical-Free Products

New Organic Spa Now Open

New Spa offers clients a wide variety of organic skin and body treatments. All services feature Eminence Organic Skin Care products which are free of chemicals, parabens and dyes. Enjoy an expert massage with custom blended essential oils, vegan nail care with medically certified pedicure spa tubs, infinity sun airbrush tanning, full waxing and tinting and more! New spa offers Jin Shin Jyutsu, an ancient healing art that reduces stress and promotes deep relaxation. For more information and to learn about additional services, call New Spa at (775) 787-3529. They are located in the is a new, local online store for anyone looking to green up their lives, but may not know how. Have you ever found yourself looking at a label and wondering what that ingredient is? We’re here to answer your questions. Pharmacists Jennifer Gray and Cherie Schneider use their years of formulation expertise and their own concerns as moms to answer inquiries and bring cyber-shoppers everything from herbal footbaths to reusable stainless steel lunchtotes, and more. A large part of their inventory is bought from certified fair trade products, and from small, northern California, Oregon and Nevada independent businesses. Contact at or (775) 232-5766.

Mayberry Landing at McCarran & Mayberry.

Women Empowering Women Overwhelmed?

A group for any woman on the pathway of personal growth ready to share her energy and wisdom with likeminded souls. Wednesdays, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. at 1026 West First Street . Call: 233-0717 or 742-1475. Dr. Joanne Krumpe and Dr. Katherine Unthank will facilitate your journey. Dr. Krumpe, a licensed educational psychologist, is also administering educational testing and providing interventions for children and adults this summer. For more information, visit Dr. Katherine Unthank, a licensed clinical professional counselor is also accepting clients in her private practice. She specializes in spiritual psychology and healing trauma.

Dana Anderson, MFT, has been counseling individuals, adolescents and families for over thirteen years. In addition to her private psychotherapy practice, she has worked with schools, community and social service organizations, correctional institutions and hospitals in the Northern California area. Dana Anderson’s private practice focuses on helping individuals on their journey of personal and spiritual growth. Call Dana Anderson today at (775) 323-4242.

Horticultural Consulting for a Healthy Landscape The horticultural consultants and arborists at Stewardship Horticultural are now accepting new clients. Stewardship Horticultural offers homeowners on site consultations in plant problem diagnosis and landscape health evaluations, as well as hands-on training in pruning trees and shrubs. Leslie (M.S. in Horticulture and ISA Certified Arborist (#WE-1220A)) and Holly (B.S. in Biology) work with homeowners to help them understand their plants’ needs and get the most beauty from their landscape. For a landscape consultation, call Stewardship Horticultural at (775) 849-1215 to schedule an appointment.

Reiki Healing Circle The Institute for Inspired Living, 85 Washington St, Reno has exciting offerings for June. Reiki Healing Circle every Monday night. Reiki Practitioners advanced training 6:30 - 7:30pm. Reiki Sessions offered to the public 7:30-8:30pm for $45. Reiki I & II Certifications: 6 & 7, 10am - 5pm. Humanity Unites Brilliance is a humanitarian organization that pays those who participate! HUB - June 9 & 23, Tuesday evenings, 6:30 - 8pm. Call Cheryl Blossom (775) 338-8617.

Nourish Your Skin, Inside And Out!

Get to Know Your Neighbor Week

Lynn Slovak is a holistic nutritionist and natural health advocate with an interest in optimal aging strategies. On June 24th Lynn will be hosting a ‘Skin nutrition’ workshop from 6:30 – 8pm (cost $20, including healthy nibbles) which will explore some of the specific enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants that can protect us from premature aging, wrinkles and free radical damage. We will also be discussing ways to avoid the oxidative damage caused by many of the toxic chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. For more information and to make a booking call Lynn, (775) 8427300 or visit

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The Conscious Community Campaign encourages northern Nevadans to participate in the Fourth Annual “Get To Know Your Neighbor Week” on Saturday, June 20th through Tuesday, June 30th by hosting a pot-luck, block party, or coffee klatch. Or, just go out and meet your neighbors by knocking on their door and saying hello. Continue after Neighbor Week to work together: to help seniors who are isolated; find mentors for youth; beautify your street; plant a garden; and so many other possibilities. For more information on this event, contact Richard Flyer at (775) 721-3287. Register your event online by going to


June 2009

TURN THE STRESS OFF Written by Cheryl Kiraly


t is a common mistake to think of massage as an occasional reward or luxury. Regular therapeutic treatment has numerous benefits that infrequent massage does not, stress reduction being one of the most important. To maintain a healthy lifestyle it is essential to break the cycle of stress which so many experience as a normal byproduct of modern life. Massage provides physical as well as psychological comfort. Regular massage can help to break the cycle of stress through deep relaxation. Massage pushes waste products and toxins out of the body, which helps muscles and cells function. During and after massage our fascia, or the connective tissues that bind together or separate our muscles and organs, are elasticized and help to rid the body of trauma and tension. Peacefulness within the body is achieved and can last for several hours after a massage session. During this time our blood chemistry is normal and our adrenal glands get a rest, stress is eliminated. To understand the benefits of massage it is important to understand what happens to the human body under stress. First, let’s look at how the human body adapted. Millions of years ago we were the small guys, just about any carnivore considered us prey. Humans were allotted a coping mechanism when threatened with danger known as the fight or flight response. During this process our adrenal glands dump adrenaline and cortisol into the bloodstream. Blood flow is restrained from areas of the body, which affects the nervous system. Heart rate goes up, breathing quickens, digestion slows down, and the liver dumps sugar into the bloodstream to feed our cells. Slamming doors, shouting, or sulking are relatively usual responses in alleviating stress, however, our bodies will not burn the adrenaline and sugars off as they are designed to if we deal with the remnants of stress in the wrong way. June 2009

If we do nothing to alleviate stress the insulin in our bodies will force sugar and fat into cells, which can cause severe health issues such as anxiety, depression, lethargy, insomnia, and panic attacks. Repetitive stress sets the stage for diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. For pre-existing diseases, constant stress accelerates this process. Even as people watch their cholesterol, their diets and their weight, heart disease still remains the number one killer in the United States. We may have perfect diets but if we are under repetitive stress we are not safe. Undoubtedly we exert our minds and our bodies with the stresses of everyday life. Massage is essential in balancing out those bodily systems that must remain healthy in order for them to function properly. Massage, instead of being an intermittent luxury, should be an essential instrument used in preventing the serious side effects of long-term stress. References: 1. Beck, Mark F., Milady's Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage, 3rd edition, Milady Publishing, Albany, NY. 2. Bayan M, Eat Fat, Be Healthy, Scribner, New York, NY 2000. 3. Lacroix, Nitya. Seager, Sharon. The Book of Massage & Aromatherapy. Anness Publishing Ltd, 1994.

For more info, contact Cheryl Kiraly LMT at (775) 772-9101.

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HEAT UP YOUR BRAIN FOR SUMMER TIME! 1. How many times a year does a solstice occur? a. b. c. d.

Three Two Once Four

4. At the southern solstice the subpolar point reaches 23.44º south. This is known as: a. b. c. d.

2. Solstice is most commonly defined as what?

a. Sun-standing b. First day of summer c. The shortest day of the year d. A summer heat flash

3. At the northern solstice the subpolar point reaches 23.44º north... This is known as:

a. Latitude crossings b. Winter c. Tropic of Cancer d. Tropic of Capricorn

Tropic of Capricorn Summer Southern solstice Tropic of Cancer

5. What is the cause of summer heat and winter cold? a. The sun is hotter in the summer than in the winter, therefore making it warmer in summer and cooler in winter. b. There are more days of sunshine in the summer than the winter. c. The varying distance of the Earth from the Sun during seasons. d. During the summer the sun remains longer and higher above the horizon, while in the winter it remains shorter and lower.

6. When does the earth reach perihelion? a. b. c. d.

February July January November

Answers: 1—B, 2—A, 3—C, 4—A, 5—D, 6—C


Summer Solstice

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June 2009


Rebecca Willis Written by Sara Piccola


ocated just outside of Reno, Nevada, you find yourself in a peaceful area surrounded by open land and beautiful countryside views. A visit to Reno’s Steamboat Hot Springs has the ability to make you feel at peace. It’s easy to relax in the tranquility that surrounds you! Not only does Steamboat Hot Springs supply guests a healthy body retreat, it provides a rich history of Northern Nevada. The hot springs are over 200 years old. During the 1800’s they had the third largest geyser in the United States, standing at 80 feet tall. A large earthquake struck closing up the geyser and pools in 1900. Just 18 years later a Denver doctor realized the potential healing powers of the hot springs and brought them back to life. In 1987 the hot springs were donated to the International Church of Jesus Christ and Rebecca Willis became the administrator. In 1996, after much renovation, the spa re-opened its doors and has since been providing natural healing therapies. Steamboat Hot Springs offers a rare treatment called acoustic therapy, a natural health treatment that is relatively new to the United States. Every commutation, or combination of cell frequencies within the body, has an innate frequency for health conditions. Unhealthy cells may be “singing out of tune”, this is where acoustic therapy can “play” the frequencies, which “tunes” and enables them to work together properly again.

When our immune system is thrown off balance, either by stress, illness or trauma that frequency is thrown off balance. Acoustic therapy has 633 combinations of frequencies that correspond with each major vitamin and type of brain wave within the body. Each is used to restore the body back to its naturally healthy state. Administrator of Steamboat Hot Springs and Certified Acoustic Therapy practitioner, Rebecca Willis, has a testimony of the healing powers that acoustic therapy can provide. Rebecca had asthma and was using a nebulizer and inhaling steroids twice a day. After three months of acoustic therapy she increased her lung capacity and no longer needs the nebulizer or steroids. She continues to see the miracles that Acoustic Therapy provides on a daily basis. Steamboat Hot Springs also offers a large menu of other healing therapies: Massage hydrotherapy, sound therapy, detoxification and skin care. Every massage therapist at Steamboat Hot Springs has long standing employment there and each has their own unique specialty and technique. There are also endless types of massage, sure to fit any need. It is no surprise that the most popular treatment is the spa package including a mineral bath, massage, and mud wrap. Steamboat Hot Springs has seven different colored tub rooms that go with the seven Chakras. Each Chakra, or energy center within the body, corresponds to a different color. When exposed to a color that corresponds to a Chakra, the frequencies and energies within our bodies are strengthened. Every bath uses geothermal water, and the temperature of each bath can be

June 2009


adjusted per guest. Steamboat Hot Springs is unique in the fact that its water comes straight from the ground and contains essential natural minerals, such as Silica and Lithia. Silica is good for joints, connective tissue and the skin. Lithia is the only mineral that dissolves uric acid, an acid which causes gout and is involved with kidney and arthritic problems. The Steamboat Spring’s water is chemical free and even comes flowing through an artesian well right outside the front door. The water process is very natural. Other than putting compressed air in the pipes, no alterations are made. From geothermal water to endless spa offerings, Steamboat Springs is unlike any other hot springs. It is located in Reno’s beautiful countryside and has the ability to make you feel simply blissful. Steamboat Hot Springs attracts both men and women, and anyone who appreciates natural treatments.

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Anti-aging Creams:

What’s On The Label & What’s Not

DESTROYS MORE THAN WRINKLES Written by Jennifer Gray, R.Ph.


he multi-million dollar beauty industry produces hundreds of products intended to reverse skin damage caused by time and the elements. One of the top selling antiaging lotions is Neutrogena Healthy Defense, SPF 45 lotion. Using this product, according to the Neutrogena website, “cares for the health of your skin every time you wear it.” However, this product and many others like it in the marketplace today, while claiming to be effective in maintaining

healthy and youthful skin, may in the long run prove harmful to our bodies and our planet. Ingredients under much scrutiny are the very ingredients meant to protect skin from damaging sun exposure – Avobenzones, Oxybenzones, Trisiloxanes, and Parabens. Avobenzone (butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane), a chemical sunscreen and known carcinogen, accumulates in the tissues of humans and animals. It breaks down quickly when exposed to sunlight rendering its UV protection capabilities ineffective. Once it breaks down, it releases free radicals which in turn cause cell damage, premature aging and may lead to skin cancer. Canada has added Avobenzone to its DSL (Environmental Canada Domestic Substance List). Oxybenzone, also a chemical sunscreen, is a lot more active in the body than Avobenzone. It can cause cellular damage or even cellular death. When in the presence of sunlight, Oxybenzone rapidly changes, absorbs into the skin, and shuts down the skin’s natural protection (the antioxidant system). It has been linked to cardiovascular disease and excessive estrogenic activity. The next two substances which are listed on the label as inactive ingredients, in fact, are not so inert. Trisiloxane is added to cosmetics as a skin conditioner. While effective in moisturizing the skin, this chemical, widely used as a pesticide, has been known to build up in the tissues of both humans and wildlife. The toxic-

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Approved by Jennifer Gray, Pharmacist

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June 2009


ity increases the further up the food chain it travels. Canada added this chemical to its ARET (Accelerated Reduction/Elimination of Toxics). Yet, Americans are still putting it on their skin everyday. Parabens, often used as preservatives, are considered unsafe for use in cosmetics and have been banned from use in Japan and Europe. Most people are aware of the link between parabens and numerous cancers, allergies, and irritations (skin, eyes, or lungs). But what they may not know is that even at low levels parabens have been linked to brain and nervous system problems, endocrine disorders, and cellular level changes. A conscientious consumer should read product labels with a critical eye. Look for products made by responsible manufacturers that safely control damage from sun exposure. Choose products that use Zinc as a physical sun block and choose safe, “inactive” ingredients to moisturize, soothe and preserve their product while avoiding the use of parabens. Trisiloxan and paraffin are not only safe and effective but also less damaging and toxic to bodies and the environment.





Hormone Replacement For Men & Women

References: 1. Japan’s Standard for Cosmetics 2. Environmental Canada Domestic Substance List (DSL) 3. Damiani, Elizabeth, 1999 Avobenzone (Parsol 1789/Butyl methoxydibenzoymethane) Sunscreen agent; Ultraviolet Light Absorber; UV absorber, UV filter l=%2Fproduct.php%3D167645526 4. Hanson KM, Gratton E, Bardeen CJ. 2006 Special Report || Skin Deep: Cosmetic SafetyReviews w w w. c o s m e t i c s d a t a b a s e . c o m / s p e c i a l / p a r e n t s g u i d e / r e f e r e n c e s . php?nothanks=1 - 37k 5. Byford J.R., Shaw L.E., Drew M.G., Pope G.S., Sauer M.J., Darbre P.D., 2002 Oestrogenic activity of parabens in MCF7 human breast cancer cells 6. Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association, Scientific Edition 1956 (SSN: 1086-5802) RTECS, June 2008, Structure-Activity Models of Oral Clearance, Cytotoxicity, and LD50: A Screen for Promising Anticancer Compounds 7. Pugazhendhi D, Sadler AJ, Darbre PD Comparison of the global gene expression profiles produced by methylparaben, n-butylparaben and 17beta-oestradiol in MCF7 human breast cancer cells. J Appl Toxicol. 2007 Jan-Feb;27(1):67-77 8. 9. 10. The Skeptic Dad 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

4 steps to detect hormone deficiencies: 1. Detailed History 2. Physical Examination 3. Comprehensive Testing 4. Therapeutic Trials

Serving northern Nevada, California & the Tahoe region for more than 15 years.

775.884.3990 Frank Shallenberger, M.D., H.M.D.

1231 Country Club Dr. Carson City, NV 89703

For more info, contact Jennifer Gray at (775) 232-5766.

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Why Mainstream Diets Don't Work Written by Lynn Slovak


hese days we are bombarded with nutritional information, much of it conflicting and confusing. One expert may be recommending a high carbohydrate, low protein, low fat diet as being the only way to lose weight and stay healthy; with a macrobiotic diet or the Fit for Life diet being good examples of this way of eating. Another may be telling you to eat like a caveman; lots of protein, lots of fat and very little carbohydrate. What’s interesting about this is that there are bits and pieces that are correct about each of these diets, yet they are flawed because they are not specific to each individual. They don’t work for all of the people, all of the time. This is really at the root of biochemical individuality or metabolic typing; there is no ‘one size fits all’ dietary solution. This principle is nicely stated by nutritional pioneer Roger Williams, Ph.D in his book Biochemical Individuality: “If we continue to try to solve nutritional problems on the basis of the average man, we will be continually in a muddle. Such a man does not exist.”

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The concept of biochemical individuality is not new, as both the ancient Indians and Chinese had medical systems based on the interaction of elements and the energy centers in the individual. Although the names that they gave to the different constitutions were different the underlying theory was the same. It regards people’s individual physiology, which determines their need for different kinds of nutrients, particularly the macronutrients – proteins, carbohydrates and fats. An imbalance of these, even if they are of the highest quality, affects the acid / alkali balance of the body’s extracellular fluid. This results in an inability to maintain a healthy terrain, which is critical to the optimal functioning of our cells. This is why some people will lose weight and feel much healthier when they follow a particular type of diet, for example a high protein diet. Others will experience negative reactions, such as fatigue, sagging skin, loss of muscle and even weight gain. In very general terms, the diet that works best for you is the one that allows all of your metabolic processes to function at peak efficiency. People who have very fast burning metabolisms need to eat relatively more protein and more fat than people with slower burning metabolisms, who do better with more carbohydrates, less protein and less fat. Once you identify what works best for you it then becomes an interesting exercise to fine tune your diet in terms of how you respond to individual foods and combinations of foods. For example, does eating a meal heavy in white or brown rice make

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June 2009

you feel drowsy and lethargic? Contrary to much popular opinion, your particular metabolism probably does best with a diet that is relatively high in protein and fat and contains very few carbohydrates, especially starchy ones like grains. Not eating the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats might seem like a minor issue given everything else that we need to do to stay in good shape. In reality however, it is often the hidden key to being able to experience what true health and vitality really means: the disappearance of not only minor symptoms like aches and pains, fatigue, indigestion and digestive disturbances, but also more severe problems such as asthma, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and arthritis. Diseases (including obesity) are the result of underlying metabolic imbalances, and so the treatment of disease is the treatment of the underlying metabolic imbalance. Consulting a qualified practitioner who understands the concept of metabolic typing should be the first step in diet modification for anyone who is serious about their health. References: 1. Svoboda, R. (1989). Prakruti, your Ayurvedic constitution. Albuquerque: Geocom 2. Williams, R. (1956). Biochemical individuality. New York: Wiley

For more info, contact Lynn Slovak, certified nutritionist and food educator with Flourish with Food at (775) 622-4409. Go to ad on page 13.


SEED Written by Brittany Russell


f you’ve seen one poppy seed, maybe you think you have seen them all. But watch for color in order to explore this spice’s true variety. Blue poppy seeds are considered European because they are the kind seen most often on Western breads, bagels and in confectionery. White poppy seeds are often referred to as Indian, Middle Eastern or Asian since they are featured in these cuisines. There is very little difference in flavor between the two, so usage is more a question of aesthetics or availability. The opium poppy is native to the Middle East and is now grown in China, Indo-China, India and Afghanistan. The plant’s species name, somniferum, means “sleep inducing.” It is this narcotic effect that has provided so much incentive to its cultivation. The Western poppy seeds yield little opium and the latex that provides the drug is absent by the time the flower ripens. Ancient Egyptians used opium medically, while the oriental opium warlords have been notorious for centuries. Poppy seeds of culinary use have none of the alkaloids that comprise the narcotic. Western poppy syrup, made from the seeds, is an anodyne (pain reliever) and expectorant. Eastern poppy is an anodyne and narcotic. Cough mixtures and syrups are also made from this variety, which is further used as a poultice with chamomile. An infusion of seeds is said to help ear and tooth ache.

Spice Description Poppy seeds are like tiny hard grains, and both varieties are kidney-shaped. The blue seeds average 1mm (.O4in) in length, while the white seeds are somewhat smaller. They are similar in flavor and texture, and their uses are interchangeable. The seeds mature in a capsule left after the flower fades, and are widely available in a dried form. The seeds have a mild, sweet aroma, which is brought out by roasting or baking. Their flavor is mild until heated, then it becomes nutty with sweet-spicy under-tones.

a pestle and mortar. They can be used either whole or crushed in cooking and baking. When using them with uncooked food, such as salads, roast them lightly first, as this strengthens their flavor and aroma. When poppy seeds are used for pastries, they are covered with boiling water and allowed to stand for one to three hours before grinding. References: 1. 2. Main.aspx 3.

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Normalize your weight, boost your immune system, increase your energy & maintain a healthy body.

Lynn Slovak Food & Nutrition Educator


Preparation and Storage Poppy seeds are very hard to grind. If you do not have a special poppy seed grinder, first lightly roast the seeds and use June 2009

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A Rational Look at



What are the potential complications of declawing? • Post-surgical complications. Lameness, abscesses, and claw regrowth can occur days or weeks or many years after surgery. In one study that followed cats for only 5 months after surgery, about 25% of cats developed complications from both declaw and tenectomy surgeries (digital tenectomy or tendonectomy is a procedure, sometimes promoted as an "alternative" to declaw, where the tendons that extend the toes are cut). • Pain. It is impossible to know how much chronic pain and suffering declawing causes. However, we can look at similar procedures in people. Almost all human amputees report "phantom" sensations from the amputated part, ranging from merely


Treating Sports Injuries Keith Swanson, MD Terrence Orr, MD Stephen Bannar, MD Robert Rupp, MD Daniel Robertson, MD Kyle Swanson, MD

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strange to extremely painful. Because declawing involves ten separate amputations, it is virtually certain that all declawed cats experience phantom pain in one or more toes. In humans, these sensations continue for life, and there is no physiological reason that this would not be true for cats. Cats typically conceal pain or illness until it becomes overwhelming. With chronic pain, it may be that they simply learn to live with it. Their behavior may appear normal, but a lack of overt signs of pain does not mean they are pain-free.

• Joint Stiffness. In declawed (and tenectomized) cats, the tendons that control the toe joints retract after the surgery, and over time these joints become essentially "frozen." The toes can no longer be extended, but remain fully contracted for the lifetime of the cat. In cats that have been declawed for many years, these joints cannot be moved, even under deep anesthesia. The fact that most cats continue to "scratch" after they are declawed is often said to "prove" that the cat does not "miss" her claws. However, this could also be explained by the cat's desperate desire to stretch those stiff, contracted joints. • Arthritis. Researchers have shown that, in the immediate post-operative period, newly declawed cats shift their body weight backward onto the large central pad of the front feet and off the toes. This effect was significant even when strong pain medication was given, and remained apparent for the duration of the study (up to 40 hours after surgery). If this altered gait persists over time, it would cause stress on the leg joints and spine, and could lead to damage and arthritic changes in multiple joints.

• Litterbox Problems. Experts say that declawed cats have more litterbox problems than clawed cats. Not many people would choose urine-soaked carpeting (or floorboards, sofa cushions, drywall, bedding or mattresses) over scratch marks, but this is a distressingly common outcome. In one survey, 95% of calls 14

June 2009

about declawed cats related to litterbox problems, while only 46% of clawed cats had such problems -- and most of those were older cats, many with physical ailments that accounted for the behavior. Some households with declawed cats have spent thousands of dollars to repair urine damage.

• Biting. Some experts believe that naturally aggressive cats who are declawed are likely to become biters. • Death. There is always a small but

real risk of death from any general anesthesia, as well as from hemorrhage or other surgical complications. Declawing that results in biting or inappropriate elimination may result in the cat being locked up in a basement, dumped at a shelter, or simply abandoned. If taken to shelters, such behaviors make them unadoptable, and they will be destroyed. Many cats are exiled to a life outdoors because of these unwanted behaviors, even though declawed cats should not be allowed outside – their ability to defend themselves, and to escape danger by climbing, is seriously impaired. They also risk injury or death by dogs, cars, coyotes, poison, and other hazards of outdoor life. It is unfortunately common to have outdoor cats stolen and used as live bait to train fighting dogs, or sold to laboratories or biological suppliers.

sisal rope. Some cats like to scratch on a horizontal surface; inexpensive cardboard scratchers are popular with these cats. Rubbing the surface with catnip, or using a catnip spray, may enhance the attractiveness of the post. For the more adventurous types, there are cat trees in dozens of sizes and colors, with features such as hideyholes, lounging platforms, hanging toys, and other creative amenities. There are many other options as well, such as clear sticky strips to apply to the furniture, and other deterrents, as well as a multitude of climbing trees, mats, and other distractions that will protect your possessions. Adequate exercise, especially interactive play sessions, will also help channel kitty energy.

For aggressive scratching, conscientious nail-trimming or soft plastic caps for the claws ("Soft Paws") are a good beginning. Remember, never play or roughhouse with your kitten or cat using your bare hands. You don't want her to get the idea that biting or scratching human skin is okay. And while it's fun to watch the kitten attack your wiggling toes under a blanket, when he's 15 pounds with inch-long canine teeth, it's not nearly as amusing. Serious aggression problems require assistance from your veterinarian or a professional behavior consultant.

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How can I stop unwanted scratching behavior without declawing? Cats of any age can be trained not to scratch furniture or other objects – including people – although it is easier if the cat is trained as a kitten. Amazingly, many people do not even know that they should provide a scratching post for their cats. Because scratching is a deeply ingrained instinct in cats, if there is no appropriate spot, they will be forced to substitute furniture or other objects. A vertical scratching post should be at least 28-36" high to allow the cat to stretch to his full height. Many cats prefer natural soft wood, such as a cedar or redwood plank, or posts covered with

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DRINK GREEN Ten Benefits of Green Smoothies Written by Carol Christian


he start to good health and wellbeing is to provide your body with good, clean whole foods, removing existing toxins and using proper supplements. With the enzyme-rich, living food that green smoothies are made of, this truly can be THE GOOD START to a clean body, from the inside out.

1. Nutritious. The ratio in them is optimal for human consumption; about 60% ripe organic fruit mixed with about 40% organic greens.

5. A

molecule of chlorophyll closely resembles a molecule of human blood. According to teachings of Dr. Ann Wigmore, consuming chlorophyll is like receiving a healthy blood transfusion. Many people do not consume enough greens, even those who stay on a raw food diet. By drinking two or three cups of green smoothies daily you will consume enough greens for the day to nourish your body, and all the beneficial nutrients will be well assimilated.

6. Green smoothies are easy to make, 2. Easy to Digest. When blended well, and quick to clean up after. In contrast,

most of the cells in the greens and fruits are ruptured, making the valuable nutrients easy for the body to assimilate.

3. Green smoothies, as opposed to juices, are a complete food because they still have fiber. Consuming fiber is important for our elimination process.

juicing greens is time consuming, messy and expensive. Many people abandon drinking green juices on a regular basis for those reasons. To prepare a pitcher of green smoothie takes less than 5 minutes, including cleaning.

4. Green smoothies

belong to the most palatable dishes for people of all ages. With a 60:40 ratio of fruits to veggies the fruit taste dominates the flavor, yet at the same time the greens balance out the sweetness of the fruit. People who eat a standard American diet enjoy the taste of green smoothies. They are usually quite surprised that something so green could taste so nice.

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Even children love green smoothies! Of course, you have to be careful and slowly increase the amount of smoothies to avoid food allergies.

8. When consuming your greens in the form of green smoothies, you are greatly reducing the consumption of oils and salt in your diet. 9 . Regular consumption of green smoothies forms a good habit of eating greens. After a few weeks of drinking green 16

June 2009

smoothies, most people start to crave and enjoy eating more greens. Eating enough greens is often a problem with many people, especially children.

10. While fresh is always best, green

smoothies will keep in cool temperatures for up to three days, which can be handy at work and while traveling. To cleanse the body tissue, we must start by a thorough cleansing of the bowel. Green smoothies are easy to digest and your body intake of live enzymes and nutrients can be absorbed much faster than solid food. Your transit time is approximately two hours with smoothies where solid foods can take eight to ten hours to eliminate. The colon is a sewage system of the body. If waste in the colon is allowed to build up it will decay and absorb through the walls of the colon into the bloodstream. These toxins can poison the brain and nervous system, which can result in feeling depressed, irritable, weak and listless. It can also poison the lungs so that your breath is foul, poison the digestive system so that you are distressed and bloated, and poison the blood so that your skin is sallow and unhealthy. In short, every organ is affected. Spring is the perfect time to cleanse and detoxify your organs. Take the first step. Start today with the healing powers of a green smoothie.

References 1. Christian, Carol. Green for Life; Optimum Health Institute.

For more info, contact Carol Christian at the Reno Alternative Health Care Center at (775) 827-6888. Go to ad on page 19.


De-clutter. Written by Dana Anderson


My life feels out of control. Everywhere I look there are piles–it feels like it anyway. I’m pulled in so many directions I’m surprised I get anything done. My husband is always shopping–it feels like we have so much stuff. I also worry a lot, about my kids mostly. They are in college, yet I worry. I know I should talk to somebody, it just feels like one more thing. What should I do? I think this is a stressful time for everyone. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been impacted by the state of the economy—and if you are one of the lucky, you are still plugged into the daily-hourly-by-the-minute barrage of headlines telling us how awful things are in Nevada, the country, and the world. One of the simplest interventions for anxiety is turning off the twenty-four hour news cycle. Unplug. It sounds like you are also feeling overwhelmed. If you are not literally plugged in, meaning watching or reading the news, you can still be attuned to the energy around you and become anxious. For instance, at the beginning or end of the school year, even if you don’t have children, you can find yourself feeling frenzied. Breathe. It really helps. Breathe and look around you. Notice. In your house, if there is too much stuff, start thinking about what you can part with. Simplifying truly brings inner peace, though it is not always easy to do. We can become overly attached to our things and assign them more importance than they deserve. After all, it is just stuff. I was tricked into learning this long after I had read all the books and knew it was true. We were moving and had to “declutter” our house. Wow, what a difference it made mentally. Of course, we couldn’t part with all of our framed photos and such but we did stay on the path of simplifying knowing that we felt better, mentally and physically. Worrying is tough. To some degree we all worry, especially lately. But some worrying can keep you up at night until all hours. Then, not only are you anxious, but you are now sleep deprived which makes it worse. I believe real relief from these


June 2009


very uncomfortable feelings comes from the mind. It involves rewiring our thoughts. When you have those dreadful thoughts, “What is going to happen… is she alright… will there be enough…” replace that thought with one that generally asserts “It will all be okay.” Then get specific, “It will all be okay because…” And know that it will. There are hundreds, probably thousands, of books and practitioners to help guide you through this process. I invite you to embrace some of these ideas and see what happens. You may be surprised. Many blessings. For more info, contact Dana Anderson MFT specializing in personal and spiritual growth counseling (775) 323-4242. Go to ad on THIS page.

Not Sure of Your Path in L ife? Are you feeling...

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Assertiveness is an Art TEST YOUR SKILLS Submitted by Candace Andrews, LADC


ssertiveness is an art; one we must develop by practicing. It is getting your needs and wants met without hurting others. Test your skills. The following questions will be helpful in assessing your assertiveness. Be honest in your responses. All you have to do is draw a circle around the number that describes you best. Key: 0 = no or never; 1 = somewhat or sometimes; 2 = usually or a good deal; 3 = practically always or entirely.

1. When a person is highly unfair, do you call it to attention? 0 1 2 3 2. Do you find it difficult to make decisions?

0 1 2 3

3. Are you openly critical of others’ ideas, opinions and behavior? 0 1 2 3 4. Do you say something if someone cuts in front of you in line?

0 1 2 3

10. When a latecomer is waited on before you are, do you call attention to the situation? 0 1 2 3 11. Are you reluctant to speak up in a discussion or debate? 0 1 2 3 12.

If a person has borrowed money (or a book, garment, thing of value) and is overdue returning it do you mention it? 0 1 2 3

14. Do you generally express what you

26. Do you think you always have the right answer? 0 1 2 3


27. When you differ with a person you respect, are you able to speak up for your own viewpoint? 0 1 2 3

16. If someone keeps kicking or bumping your chair in a movie or a lecture, do you ask the person to stop? 0 1 2 3

28. Are you able to refuse unreasonable requests made by friends? 0 1 2 3


0 1 2 3

Are you disturbed if someone watches you at work? 0 1 2 3

17. Do you find it difficult to keep eye

0 1 2 3

18. In a good restaurant, when your meal is improperly prepared or served, do you ask the waitperson to correct the situation? 0 1 2 3

your own judgment?

0 1 2 3

7. Do you insist that your spouse or roommate take on a fair share of the household chores? 0 1 2 3 8. Are you prone to “fly off the handle?” 0 1 2 3

19. When you discover new merchandise is faulty, do you return it for replacement or refund? 0 1 2 3 20. Do you show your anger by name calling or obscenities? 0 1 2 3

9. When a salesperson makes an effort, 21. Do you try to be a wallflower or do you find it hard to say “NO” even though the merchandise is not really what you want? 0 1 2 3

24. Are you able to express love and affection openly? 0 1 2 3 25. Are you able to ask your friends for small favors or help? 0 1 2 3

Do you continue to pursue an argument after the other person has had enough? 0 1 2 3

contact when talking to another person? 0 1 2 3

6. Do you usually have confidence in

23. Do you often step in and make decisions for others? 0 1 2 3


5. Do you often avoid people or situations

for fear of embarrassment?

22. Do you insist that your property manager (mechanic, repairman, etc.) make repairs, adjustments or replacements, which are his/her responsibility? 0 1 2 3

a piece of the furniture in social situation? 0 1 2 3

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June 2009

29. Do you have difficulty complimenting or praising others? 0 1 2 3 30. If you are disturbed by someone smoking near you, can you say so? 0 1 2 3 31. Do you shout or use bullying tactics to get others to do as you wish? 0 1 2 3 32. Do you finish other people’s sentences for them? 0 1 2 3 33. Do you get into physical fights with others, especially with strangers? 0 1 2 3 Continued on page 37...


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Calcium Supplements...

Written by Frank Shallenberger, MD, HMD






n last months issue we discussed how Americans have been duped by a $993 million dollar calcium industry into believing that calcium deficiency is common. The results of several scientific investigations were presented that prove that calcium deficiency is in fact rare, and that all those calcium supplements that so many people take are not needed. Not only are they not needed, they don’t work and they are dangerous.


Now here’s the problem. What happens to someone who takes supplementary calcium in spite of the fact that they do not have calcium deficiency? The first thing that happens is that vitamin D production is suppressed by the excessive calcium intake, which leads to a deficiency of this vitamin. Since vitamin D is critically involved in proper immune system function, all this extra calcium results in an immune deficiency, which has been known to lead to autoimmune diseases, inflammatory bowel disease and cancer. Although the full magnitude of this problem remains unknown, a glimpse into the many possibilities is provided by a paper published in 1998 in Cancer Research by the Department of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, which found that the immune deficiency caused by elevated calcium intake resulted in an increased incidence of advanced prostate cancer. The authors state, “Our findings provide indirect evidence for a protective influence of high 1,25(OH)2D [vitamin D] levels on prostate cancer and support increased fruit consumption and avoidance of high calcium intake to reduce the risk of advanced prostate cancer.” Other studies show the same rela-

No Help For Bones! In a new study, 36,282 normal healthy women ages 50 to 79 were randomly assigned to take either 1,000 milligrams of calcium with 400 international units of vitamin D a day or a placebo. They were followed for seven years. This extremely well done and statistically significant study found absolutely no benefit from calcium and vitamin D supplements in preventing broken bones. What’s more, the study showed why – an insignificant amount of the calcium was actually going to the bones. The bone densities of those taking supplements showed no improvement at all in the spine. The only “improvement” was in the hip area, and it was 1 percent.

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Increased Cancer Risk


June 2009

tionship with breast cancer and colon cancer. Because vitamin D is so important for proper immune function, there is little doubt that in the future we will see the same relationship to virtually every form of cancer.

Increased Deficiencies Another problem with calcium supplements has to do with nutrient absorption. Calcium specifically blocks the intestinal absorption sites for zinc, copper, iron, and magnesium. This leads to a deficiency of these minerals. Unlike calcium, many studies have confirmed that deficiencies of iron, copper, zinc and magnesium are quite common. Ironically enough, the zinc, copper and magnesium deficiencies that can result from excessive calcium intake can lead to osteoporosis!

Calcified Organs? Perhaps the biggest problem of all is where all that excessive calcium goes. Since it doesn’t get into the bones, just where does it go? One place it likes to settle is in the arteries leading to calcified vessels, along with decreased circulation and arterial obstruction. These days one of the best indicators of cardiovascular disease is the calcium content of the arteries. The higher the calcium content, the greater the incidence of coronary artery disease. Just exactly how much of the excessive calcium from supplements is going to the arteries is not yet known, but the evidence is strong that it is likely to be a significant amount. Furthermore, calcium supplementation can cause arterial disease in yet another way because excessive doses cause a deficiency of magnesium. Magnesium deficiency is well known to be a factor in cardiovascular disease. Another place is the kidneys leading to stone formation. In the recent New England Journal of Medicine article mentioned above, calcium supplements

caused a 50 percent increase in the formation of calcium stones. In summary, if it were not for the fact that there is no such thing as calcium deficiency, and high calcium intake leads to immune deficiency, autoimmune disorders, cancer, hardening of the arteries, kidney stones and nutrient deficiencies, taking calcium supplements should probably be recommended. But the truth is that they should only be taken in special situations, and only under the care of a physician. Listen to the words of Dr. Clifford J. Rosen, director of the Maine Center for Osteoporosis Research and Education in Bangor, who said this about the use of calcium supplements, "It is not a benign intervention." The opinions of Dr. Shallenberger are his own and do not necessarily reflect that of Healthy Beginnings. The reader is encouraged to refer to the references included in the article for further details. Dr. Shallenberger provides the information in this article for educational purposes only. It is not meant to substitute in any way for the advice of your own medical doctor. References: 1. Paterson CR. Calcium requirements in man: a critical review. Postgrad Med J. 1978 Apr;54(630):244-8 2. Jackson RD, LaCroix AZ. Gass M, Wallace RB, et al. Calcium plus vitamin D supplementation and the risk of fractures. N Engl J Med. 2006 Feb 16;354(7):669-83 3. Cantorna MT, Zhu Y, Froicu M, Wittke A. Vitamin D status, 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3, and the immune system. Am J Clin Nutr. 2004 Dec;80(6 Suppl):1717S-20S 4. Giovannucci E, Rimm EB, et al. Calcium and fructose intake in relation to risk of prostate cancer. Cancer Res. 1998 Feb 1;58(3):442-7 5. Lowe NM, Lowe NM, et al. Is there a potential therapeutic value of copper and zinc for osteoporosis? Proc Nutr Soc. 2002 May;61(2):181-5 6. Seely S. Is calcium excess in western diet a major cause of arterial disease? Int J Cardiol. 1991 Nov;33(2):191-8 7. Rayssiguier Y. Role of magnesium and potassium in the pathogenesis of arteriosclerosis. Magnesium. 1984;3(4-6):226-38

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OFF BALANCE The Affects of Positional Vertigo Written by Michael LeMay, Au.D.


ertigo and balance problems are common complaints in adults of all ages. These problems can be peripheral, arising from the sensitive balance canals in the inner ear, or central, referring to neurological problems that arise from the central nervous system. The most common cause of peripheral vertigo is a condition known as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). Classically, the patient with this condition describes a spinning sensation, which is related to a change in head position. Patients with BPPV often report vertigo that is triggered by lying down, rolling over in bed, bending over and looking up. Common situations include getting out of bed, washing hair in the shower, and going to the dentist or beauty parlor. Other complaints associated with the condition may include general balance problems and a vague sensation of lightheadedness or feeling of floating. Associated nausea sometimes occurs. It is common for the initial attack of vertigo to be very intense so that the patient appropriately is seen in the hospital emergency room. At that point, numerous tests are done to rule out a stroke, cardiovascular disease and brain tumors.

The diagnosis can be made quickly with a test called the Hallpike maneuver. This is often done in a doctor’s office as a screening without the use of equipment. A more detailed evaluation called video- nystagmography (VNG) can pin point the problem as to which ear and which of the three balance canals are involved. A complete VNG is also useful to explore other types of inner ear problems as well as problems arising from the central nervous system. Many ear nose and throat physicians, neurologists, and audiologists use this test routinely. BPPV is a mechanical problem. There are tiny crystals in the inner ear and when one or more of the crystals loosens, a change in head position causes the crystal to begin to “roll”. When this happens, the sensation of vertigo is elicited. A common cause of this problem is head injury. BPPV can also occur spontaneously. This condition will often resolve on its’ own. Because of the mechanical nature of the problem, drugs are not helpful .An effective treatment for BPPV is the canal-repositioning maneuver also called the Epley maneuver. This is a noninvasive procedure that involves positioning of the head in an effort to adhere the “loose crystal” back to its appropriate position. The success rate for this procedure, assuming the problem is indeed BPPV, is extremely high Balance/vertigo problems are frequently associated with patients falling. It has been reported that falls, and the subsequent complications from falling, are the third leading cause of death in the elderly. Individuals experiencing balance related problems should have a thorough evaluation by their physician or an audiologist experienced in balance orders.

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References: 1. Herdman, Susan J. Vestibular Rehabilitation, F.A. Davis Company, Philadelphia 2000 2. Goebel, Joel A. Practical Management of the Dizzy Patient, Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, Philadelphia, 2001

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June 2009


Fruit Delight Ingredients: (Preferably Organic) 1 1/2 cups fresh pineapple 1/4 cup fresh pineapple juice 1/4 cup Simply Orange juice 2 cups strawberries 1-cup raspberries or 1-cup blueberries (or both) 6 to 8 oz. blackberries 1 tbs. red wine vinegar 1-2 tbs. melted honey 1. Cut the fresh pineapple into wedges then into small chunks. 2. Wash the strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries then put all the fruit together in a bowl. 3. In a smaller bowl put fresh pineapple juice, Simply orange juice, red wine vinegar, and melted honey. 4. Pour mixture over the fruit and let stand 10 minutes or so. Cover and refrigerate at least 4 hours. This makes for a delicious spring treat. You can even top it off with crème de fraise or whipped cream.

Fresh Green Beans

From the Healthy Beginnings test kitchen of Lois Ehlers

2. Remove from heat and drain. Put in a medium size bowl. 3. Add the garlic to the green beans. 4. Wash and cut the yellow and red tomatoes into 4th’s. Add to green beans. 5. Roll and cut the basil leaves into ribbons. Add to the green beans. 6. Add chopped red peppers to the green beans along with 1 tbs. EVOO and a splash of balsamic vinegar.

This is a great treat for a picnic because there is no mayonnaise. The flavors are interesting and refreshing.

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Ingredients: (Preferably Organic) 4 handfuls fresh green beans 1 clove minced garlic 6 yellow pear tomatoes 6 red cherub or plum tomatoes 2 fresh basil leaves 3 Tbs. chopped red pepper 1 Tbs. EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) Splash of balsamic vinegar 8-10 Kalama olives Salt and Pepper 1. Wash and cut stem ends off of green beans and cook until el dente; 4-6 minutes

7. Slice or halve 8-10 Kalmata olives put with the other ingredients. 8. Salt and pepper to taste. 9. Fold all ingredients together, gently. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate. 10. Leave to blend flavors; 4 hours or over night.

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Get ting Rid of Stress NATURALLY

Written by Dr. Bruce Eichelberger, OMD

Stress seems to be the one thing everyone has in common these days.


ortunately, our bodies are uniquely equipped to deal with stress. This is particularly true of stress related to things we need to do immediately to escape danger. Examples of this include someone cutting in front of you on the freeway, facing a short-term deadline at work or your child having an accident. In such situations your body generates a surge of the stress hormone, cortisol. Cortisol has profound effects on physical strength and mental focus that allow us to

respond to the stressful situation quickly and effectively. It’s amazing stuff. But in modern times we have a different kind of stress that we frequently deal with – the relentless stress of living in the contemporary world. Cortisol still comes into play, but since its function is to help us deal with immediate threats, the effect it has on our bodies from chronic stress is much different. Over time, rather than making us stronger, it actually makes us weaker. Chronic stress comes from a wide variety of sources. Some are more obvious, ranging from things like money worries and relationship problems to lack of sleep and physical traumas. Others are

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June 2009

more subtle, yet no less problematic. These include exposure to environmental toxins, wrong food choices, the effects of drugs, etc. You might call these more subtle stressors, such as eating the wrong foods, ‘hidden stress’ because we don’t usually think of these as ‘stress.’ But because the body must constantly compensate for these things, they often amount to an even greater source of stress than the more obvious sources.

How Chronic Stress Affects the Body When the body puts out cortisol, other natural functions of the body take second place to the need for immediate survival. In acute emergencies, this is a good thing. Think what happens when this level of cortisol never stops. The body ends up lacking the reserves for other activities needed for long-term survival and balance. We gradually wind down, feeling older and less adaptable. This process is known as adrenal fatigue. There are wide-ranging long-term health effects from adrenal fatigue. Here are just some of them: • Increased inflammation and lower immune system efficiency, leading to pain

Reversing the Effects of Chronic Stress There are relatively simple things you can do to stop the ongoing damage from chronic stress. We can group these into 5 categories:

1. Eat Real Food – because one of the biggest hidden stressors is making poor food choices, you can reverse the effects of stress by making better ones. Eating whole, fresh, natural, and (ideally) organically grown foods will make a big difference over time. To really get the most benefit from food, only eat foods your body responds to best, such as those ideal for your metabolic type. 2. Get Enough Sleep – nothing

is more healing than deep, restful sleep. Drugs and other sleep aids may

help in the short term, but longer-term you’ll need to avoid stimulants & alcohol as well as get to bed earlier. Remember Benjamin Franklin’s maxim, “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

3. Exercise, but Don’t Over-

do It – regular exercise is crucial

for reducing stress. At the same time, over-doing it actually creates more stress. Good forms of exercise include yoga, tai chi, qigong, and for aerobics, Dr. Al Sears’ P.A.C.E. program.

4. Reduce Sources of Stress –

by eliminating toxic people from your life, making time to relax, unwind and eliminating hidden stressors, you’ll go a long way towards feeling better and reversing the detrimental effects of stress.

5. Take the Right Supplements – these will vary from person

to person. To get the best results from supplements, it’s important to make sure you test for those that will work best for you as well as insuring that you can digest, absorb and utilize them effectively. Food-based, natural supplements are best. Quality of life means eliminating stress at the root. By starting today to do what you can to reverse the degenerative effects of chronic stress and adrenal fatigue, you’ll ensure a better quality of life for yourself in years to come.

References: 1. Hyperhealth Pro Science Based Encyclopedia of Nutrition & Natural Health, Version 8.0. In-TeleHealth-America: Hansville, WA 2004. 2. Biohealth Diagnostics online health library: http://

For more info, contact Dr. Bruce Eichelberger, OMD of Reno Alternative Medicine at (775) 827-6901, specializing in Oriental Medicine.

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“All our dreams can come true - if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

Happy Father’s Day & Summer Solstice From Healthy Beginnings Magazine A Joke: Where does the bumble bee put his stinger at night? Answer: In his honey!

and longer healing times • Impaired energy production creating tiredness and blood sugar imbalances • Reduced digestive efficiency causing a kind of ongoing subclinical form of starvation • Endocrine imbalances such as lower thyroid function and reduced levels of healthy sex hormones • Lower quality of sleep, memory and learning problems, and unpleasant mood swings • Decreases in bone density, muscle strength and connective tissue integrity • Weight gain along with reduced ability for the body to detoxify from external toxins and normal byproducts of metabolism Looking over this list you will probably recognize that all of these symptoms fall into the category generally called the “signs of aging.” In other words, stress makes you feel older.

June 2009


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Beat Summer Heat Cooling Cr ystals that Soothe the Mind, Body & Soul Written by Tania Marie, RMT, IARP, NAPW


s the long, hot summer days roll around and the sun makes its most profound entrance, the effects of its presence can sometimes be more far-reaching than you realize. During heat waves the body has to work much harder to maintain a normal temperature. Excessive heat can not only result in serious health threats by pushing the human body beyond its limits, but can also have an effect on your mental, emotional and spiritual states of mind as well. Heat cramps, exhaustion and strokes are among the possible physical challenges you might experience. More common is dehydration; however, the heat can also turn up the possibilities for irritability, stress, frustration, tendency towards intolerance, aggression and confrontation, lack of energy, lack of interest in new ventures, and over-stimulation that draws you outward and away from your inner needs. There are many measures you can take to prevent heat-related illnesses including avoiding too much sun and extreme temperature changes, slowing down and avoiding strenuous activity, staying indoors as much as possible and keeping your space cool. Another method can be found in wearing and surrounding yourself with crystals that contain within them cooling elements to help adjust more than just your physical temperature, but your overall state of being. These crystals support a calming and beneficial effect that allows a return to harmony and balance during the summer months. Crystals have been used for healing and environmental enhancements for millennia. They possess unique properties and subtle vibrations that affect the

physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of being. Since ancient times, healers have been familiar with the fact that crystals possess varying energies and can be energizing or calming, sedating or stimulating. So choosing a crystal for its calming properties can help soothe your summer heat experience and help return balance and harmony to your life. The color of the crystal can be very telling, as in the ocean color of aquamarine expressing its calming elements. The following crystals are among several that would be beneficial in creating that watery experience when dry, hot days seem never-ending:

Blue Lace Agate: brings peace of

mind with its soft, cooling and calming energy

Amazonite: extremely soothing calms brain and nervous system Amethyst: mentally calms Apatite: reduces irritability and overcomes emotional exhaustion

Apophyllite: calms and grounds

the spirit

Aquamarine: calming, reduces stress as well as quiets the mind, harmonizes, invokes tolerance

Chrysocolla: tranquil, serene, calming and reduces mental tension Chrysoprase: inspires tolerance, calms overexcitement, cooling, takes heat out of situations Lapis Lazuli: cool and calming, releases stress, balancing Larimar: radiates peace, promotes tranquility, brings calmness and equilibrium Moonstone: calms overreactions to situations and emotional triggers Rose Quartz: infinite peace, calming, cooling, sedating

Selenite: calming, deep peace, quieting As we approach the heated summer months and continue to navigate in these times of change, it is crucial to find ways to help support a return to peace and harmony. Keeping your body and emotions from getting “too hot” becomes essential and there are many ways you can help facilitate a “cool down” that can not only benefit you personally, but on a collective level as well. Crystals are one such tool that can promote calming tendencies on physical and emotional levels, thus promoting overall wellbeing.

Blue Calcite: gentle stone for re-

cuperation and relaxation, lowers blood pressure, soothes nerves

Blue Sapphire: tranquility, calms

mind and tension

Chalcedony: brings mind, body, emotion and spirit into harmony

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June 2009

References: 1. The Crystal Bible: A Definitive Guide to Crystals by Judy Hall, Godsfield Press, 2003

For more info, contact Tania Marie, Reiki Master Teacher and Visionary Artist with Emerald Bridge at (775) 343-9244.

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& Stress Written by Nancy Pfaff


uper stressed? Consider hypnosis as a training ground for deep relaxation. A good hypnotherapist can teach you self-hypnosis, which enables you to enter a state of desired physical and mental rest quickly and easily. A lesson may include an exercise in deep breathing and progressive relaxation. Progressive relaxation may be active, in which case a person would sit or lie in a comfortable position, tensing then releasing muscles from head to toe. For example, making a fist and then releasing helps with relaxation. Be conscious that this is a healing process and let it spread throughout your body. Breath deeply and go to another muscle group. Passive-progressive relaxation can be done in a quiet, peaceful setting, even while sitting in your car, but not while driving. Start with deep, slow breathing. Focus your attention on different body parts, such as your toes. Think about what these toes have experienced today, and how good it feels to give them a rest. Let any tension and pressure from walking or standing drain out of your feet. Continue with other body parts. These tools are especially helpful for any person experiencing anxiety or tension. Women experiencing menopause hormone imbalance find this extremely helpful. At this challenging time in a woman’s life, it is very easy to become forgetful and self-loathing. By using the above techniques, she can shift

her body into a parasympathetic state, which allows stress hormones to subside and distracts the mind from unpleasant thoughts. Here is simple exercise to focus and strengthen concentration: First read a brief article and when finished, bring the major points back to mind. Next, begin by breathing slowly and deeply filling the belly first, then the chest. Exhale slowly through pursed lips. Sitting up, do this three or four times with feet on the floor. With eyes closed, begin to count down silently to yourself from 25 to zero on each exhale and inhale, like this: Inhale-25, Exhale-24, Inhale-23, Exhale-22, and so on to zero. Open your eyes and re-read the article to bring the major points back to mind. Notice the difference in alertness? It is amazing how this self-hypnotic relaxation exercise increases mental focus. References: 1. Self-Hypnosis by Brian M. Alman, Ph.D. and Peter Lambrou, Ph.D., Brunner/Mazel Publishers, New York, 1992, pp. 15-22. 2. “The Passage to Power, Menopause & Hypnosis,” by Nancy Pfaff in Healthy Beginnings Magazine, April 2009 Issue, pg. 25. 3. “Self-Hypnosis, Relaxation Techniques from Mind Tools,”

For more info, contact Nancy Pfaff, CCHt, NLP at (775) 560-3030, specializing in clinical hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic psychology.

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June 2009


HYPNOTHERAPY relieves everyday

Tension & Stress additional treatments for:

• anxiety • menopause • memory • stop smoking

live a full & happy life, call today:

Nancy Pfaff, M.A.


Reduce Chronic Pain & Emotional Stress. Reiki Provides Mental Clarity & Physical Healing. • Supportive Reiki Sessions & Ongoing Classes •

Tania Marie,

Reiki Master Teacher & Visionary Artist Call for more information

775. 343.9244


Experiencing Human Consciousness Through Healing Arts Innovative Paintings, Murals, Crystal Healing Classes & Pendants

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Mapping The Road To Debt Freedom

A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish


ealthy Beginnings Magazine readers who responded to my BAIL YOURSELF OUT OF DEBT ad wanted to know, what is the Money Merge Account®? The Money Merge Account® is a software program sometimes referred to as a financial GPS. It is the fastest, most aggressive debt elimination program on the market today. This is a custom designed, state-of-the-art, computer aided software program that allows your specific financial goals to be met. This saves you precious time, large sums of money, and assists you without altering your lifestyle. This is a tool to help people take control of their own finances. It helps educate individuals on how to use their money to the best advantage by leveraging money the way banks do. This involves utilizing tools that already exist to formulate the highest, best and most secure way for each individual to focus attention on their own goals. Money Merge Account® allows the user to create wealth or pay off

debt. It works with any type of debt or non-debt to help accumulate wealth. What is a strategic pay off? That question is also my answer to “why can I not do it myself?” This program picks what you payoff based on the numbers you provide to get to zero as soon as possible. The more accurate in providing numbers for your analysis, the more accurate the software is in assisting you in reaching your financial goals.

Is this a scam? Although the UFirst™ software program is about two years old it has established credibility within the financial sector from the diligence and investigation of the country’s leading accounting firm. The Founder’s of United First Financial® received Ernst and Young’s entrepreneur of the year award in the 2008 Utah Region.

What does it cost? The Money Merge Account® has two different levels of fees. If you have a mortgage the costs are higher than if you have

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June 2009

$80,000 of debt or less. In both cases the savings far outweigh the cost. For those who wish to know the cost and how it will benefit you, feel free to obtain a no obligation analysis.

What is required? Qualification requires an analysis. The Money Merge Account system now accommodates any type of debt with a checking and savings account or at least $300 available on a credit card.

Will it work for me? The Money Merge Account® is the most aggressive debt elimination program on the market. United First Financial has upgraded their system three times to accommodate homeowners who are upside down, had their equity lines frozen or have no discretionary income. For more info, contact Catherine Young of The Young Company at (775) 250-4365 specializing in financial well being. Go to ad on page 29.

Submitted by David Branby


hat makes for a healthy business that is both ethical and sustainable? A healthy business will make a reasonable profit. This will reward its owners who took the risk; allow it to employ good people; and give it the resources to grow. A healthy business takes responsibility in helping to maintain a healthy environment for its customers to live in. It takes into consideration actions that could cause air, water, or earth pollution and realizes the importance of funding for proper handling of waste and byproducts.

we call that spirit the brand. A brand is the first “vital sign” that potential buyers look for. A brand is not a logo; it is the feelings that your customers have about your business and a result of all the things you do to express its spirit. Developing a brand is really a meditation on that spirit. Brand practitioners listen carefully for signs and expressions of your brand. They then distill them into a mark, a phrase, and a look that captures the spirit that was there all along. A healthy business puts its brand to work, especially in challenging economic times. Business historian and Harvard professor Nancy F. Koehn recently remarked on the Great Depression, “One lesson in downturns is market, market. Don’t cut back on marketing.” Today, healthy businesses market themselves with a healthy dose of creativity, and with an eye on remaining true to

In my experience, a healthy business is a living expression of the person or persons who invented it, and it has a spirit about it. You can feel that spirit the moment you walk in the door. It’s manifested by the people who work in the business, and typically by the people who frequent the business. In my world, where we help people tell the stories of their businesses,

their brand and ideals. According to Chuck McBride of TBWA Chiat Day, “Big ideas have an economy of scale that makes everything else quite simple.” Healthy business is about making good choices about where you put your brand and message, and how you put it out there. Even small steps matter, such as choosing printers that use recycled paper with soy-based inks and abide by America’s strict environmental laws.

References: 1. Wall Street Journal, May 7, 2009. “We’ve Been Here Before.” 2. Chuck McBride, Creative Director, TBWA Chiat Day, 2003 Adweek Creative Conference, New Orleans.

For more info, contact David Branby specializing in brand development and affordable, green printing at (775)323-2444.

Bail Yourself Out Of Debt Call for your FREE analysis on the Money Merge Account® System • Plans that ensure financial security • Live financial education and coaching • Budgeting system sensitive to your goals • Learn how to make strategic transfers that minimize interest fees and reduce debt

Now Is The Time To Build Wealth!


Catherine Young,


ID# 844579


United First Financial® Independent Agent,

30 Years Experience in Commercial Real Estate


Results will vary and are determined by individual financial situations. The information contained herein does not constitute an offer or a solicitation to lend or extend credit. Contact your United First Financial independent agent for further details.

June 2009



Your Brand of Business

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Views From Your Window HOW HEALTHY IS YOUR LANDSCAPE? Written by Holly Bromley, BS


ealth conscious individuals are usually aware of our connection with plants and how vital they are to our existence. An environmentally healthy earth influences the quality of the food we eat, which also directly impacts our health. The future of our planet depends upon the health of the planet’s forests. But besides the great forests and food producing farmlands there is another area where plants grow that affect our health directly… the plants growing around our homes. The role that our landscape plants play in our lives is often quite overlooked. The trees, shrubs, grasses and flowers that grow right outside our doors have far more value in our lives than most people give them credit for. Most everyone appreciates the beauty of a nicely planted and maintained yard, but the benefits go far beyond the aesthetic value of a nice landscape. Landscape plantings significantly influence our lives in economic, physical, psychological and social ways. Here are but a few ways we benefit: The first and most obvious are shade trees. A well placed shade tree reduces energy consumption by reducing the need for air conditioning in our homes. Trees also diminish the amount of reflective heat from solar rays bouncing off city hardscapes such as roadways, buildings and walkways thus mitigating the heat island effect found in cities. Trees and shrubs can also provide windbreaks and play a significant role in filtering chemical and particulate pollution from our air. They also provide privacy screens and buffer our homes from the noise and light pollution of nearby traffic and commerce. Landscape plantings have been shown to provide enormous benefits to our emotional wellbeing. Lush, green foliage evokes calmness and relaxation among prison inmates and can also reduce stress and anxiety in employees who work indoors. Convalescing patients also are shown to recover quicker, with

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reduced need for pain medications when exposed to a view of a lovely landscape. Without question, our landscapes offer us numerous health benefits; therefore, it is vital that we return the favor by ensuring that our outdoor scenery is kept in optimal health. Home owners have a lot invested both financially and emotionally in their landscapes. I have never met someone who wants to plant a “temporary tree” with hopes it will only survive a few years then die. When we plant a tree, we envision a time in the future when it provides cooling shade where we can relax below its lovely broad branches and dense foliage. And yet many frustrated home owners have discovered that having a healthy landscape requires more than plunking a couple of plants in the ground and adding water. Trees and shrubs, like people, can suffer stress. Stress can cause plants to succumb unnecessarily to disease and insect infestation, which can weaken or kill the plants we love. Much of the environmental stress that plants suffer is unavoidable: late frosts and exceptionally hot summers, for example. However, much of the stress that plants suffer is caused by inadequate care in the form of proper irrigation


June 2009

and maintenance practices. Home irrigation systems that seem “worry free� to homeowners are often not designed or scheduled appropriately to provide landscape plants, especially trees, with enough water: and water is the single most important resource for plants in our dry climate. Improper pruning practices can also have devastating effects on trees and shrubs and can render them weakened and vulnerable to disease and insects. Sadly, many “professional� landscape management companies have little if any knowledge of how to correctly prune plants for optimal health. Most landscape plants in our area are not native and are, therefore, growing in an “unnatural� environment. Consequently, they are absolutely dependent upon us and the resources we provide to survive and thrive. If you have general questions regarding how best to care for your landscape the local University Cooperative Extension office has a wealth of information available. If you have specific concerns about plants in your own yard, such as a sick tree or a tree that doesn’t seem to grow properly, you can also seek the advice of a Horticultural Consultant or Certified Arborist who specializes in consulting and disease diagnosis. An Arborist is educated in tree physiology that is based upon scientific research, unlike a lawn and landscape professional whose knowledge is often based on tradition or best guesses. A consulting Arborist can advise you on how to properly care for your landscape plants, so you can reap the benefits of a healthy landscape for years to come. References: 1. Harris, R.W. 1983 Arboriculture: Care of Trees, Shrubs, and Vines in the Landscape Prentice-Hall New Jersey 2. Kahn et al. 2005 Journal of Agriculture and Social Sciences 1: 69-70 3. Ulrich, R.S., 1985. The Role of Trees in Well Being and Health. Proc. 4th Urban Forestry Conf., pp 15-9 St. Louis, Missouri

For more info, contact Holly Bromley or Leslie Lyles certified arborist and horticulturist at (775) 849-1215.

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MICHAEL LEMAY Au.D. ď ’ D o c t o r

o f

A u d i o l o g y


#!,,4/$!94/3#(%$5,%!#/-02%(%.3)6% (%!2).'%6!,5!4)/.

775.323.5566 -ILL3T 3UITE 2ENO .6


Countless Therapeutic Possibilities Exist When Medications Can Be Customized to Meet Your Specific Needs

SAVE $10

on your next purchase when you mention this ad!

June 2009


Customized Formulas: • Pain Relieving Creams • Custom K-9 Medication • Allergen-Free Medication

Serving You at 3 Locations: Sierra Compounding Pharmacy: 853-3500 8040 S. Virginia St. • South Reno

Don’s Pharmacy: 329-2000 501 Ralston St. • Reno

Village Pharmacy: 831-1133 898 Tanager St. • Incline Village

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Dreams & The Afterlife (PART TWO)

Written by Andy Drymalski, Ed.D.


n last month’s article I shared a number of dreams in which the dreamers felt they had witnessed the spiritual presence of a deceased relative or friend. Although it is true that the other people in our dreams–living or deceased– usually represent a part of our personality that is like that person, it was pointed out that some dreams and visions may represent actual spiritual visitations. A strong sense of the deceased person’s presence is one possible indicator of a visitation dream/vision. Another indicator is the timing of the dream’s occurrence, as shown below. On the night of her best friend’s death a 63 year-old woman dreamed: “I go to visit Suzanne in the hospital [Suzanne was dying of liver cancer], but she is mostly unaware that I am there. I am holding her hand and notice how dry her skin has become. I get some lotion to moisturize her skin, but as I gently rub the lotion in, her skin begins to dissolve. I

get frightened and go to call for a doctor, but Suzanne calls me back. She says, ‘Just stay with me and keep putting lotion on my skin.’ I tell her, ‘I can’t, it’s making your skin disappear,’ but she says, ‘that’s ok, I don’t need it anymore; it’s irritating me.’ So I sit back down next to her and continue to use the lotion on her skin, and it continues to disappear. Music is playing softly in the background; it’s her favorite song by her favorite artist, “In the Garden,” by Elvis Presley. It is a totally peaceful time, we are so at ease with one another. I continue rubbing the lotion onto her body until she has disappeared. I then get up and walk out the door.” The dreamer adds, “I knew the next morning when I awoke, and before I got the call from her husband, that Suzanne had died. The dream had been our final goodbye.” There are a couple of ways we can look at this dream. The skin, as outer covering to the body, is a common sym-

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June 2009

bol for the persona, our “public face.” Suzanne may represent an aspect of the dreamer’s persona which needs to change, or be let go of. From another perspective, the dream’s occurrence on the night of Suzanne’s death also suggests the possibility of a pre-death visitation. The gentle rubbing away of Suzanne’s skin may symbolize the shedding of her earthly body. The lyrics to the song, “In the Garden,” are consistent with this hypothesis, for they describe the reunion of a soul with its creator. On the night her brother died a woman dreamed, “I see a dark, veil-covered face and shoulders in front of me. It is too dark to make out the face.” This is a brief but intriguing dream, and an uncommon dream image. Despite its uniqueness, it might have faded from the dreamer’s memory had it not occurred on the night of her brother’s death. A veil is an interesting object. It is something that reveals and conceals at the same time. From an historical religious perspective, veils function as protective boundaries between the sacred and the mundane, between God and man. They allow us a glimpse into the mystery and majesty of the sacred, but not so much that we become psychologically overwhelmed. Given the timing of the dream it is fair to inquire about its relationship to her brother’s death. Might the veiled figure represent a spirit from the afterlife coming to prepare her for the news she would soon hear? Was it the spirit of a deceased relative come to fetch her brother, stopping by to see her while he or she was “in the neighborhood”? Could it have been the spirit of her brother–already “beyond the veil”–coming to say goodbye? At this point we can only speculate. But, given the timing of the dream, such speculation is certainly reasonable. Sometimes visitation dreams are suggested because the themes of the dreams do not meaningfully reflect the dreamer’s psychological process. (Or, if they do coincide with the dreamer’s process, the circumstances and elements of the dreams suggest that this process is

in some way shared with the deceased.) By way of example, a psychotherapist related to me: “Ten years after my brother Tom died I began having dreams of him that were unlike any I had had of him before. Tom tended to be a workaholic and somewhat controlling with his kids and wife. I could be this way as well, and when I was I would often dream of Tom. His appearance in my dreams helped me to become aware of how I was being compulsive in my work or domineering with my family. But a few years ago I had a unique series of dreams involving Tom. There were six dreams over the course of 18 months, most of which involved his surviving wife, Michelle, and the building or remodeling of a house.” Four dreams representative of the series are given here chronologically. Dream #1: “I dream Michelle is showing me around a house that Tom is building for them. It seems like it is by the Pacific Ocean [Michelle and Tom always lived in the Midwest]. The room we are in has blue trim and a cold breeze comes in through a room vent. I point this out as a potential problem.” Dream #2: “I am visiting Michelle and Tom. Michelle is telling me that she is angry with Tom about something. At first I think that she is joking and she gets mad at me. I listen more closely as she tells me about how his constant remodeling of the house, and how the blue tarps he put up to contain the dust keep getting in her way and interfere with family life.” Dream #3: “I am at a house Tom has built in a forest. He has horses on the property, contained in a small fenced area that goes around the house and gives the horses no place to run. I tell him I think that he should give them a larger corral.” Last dream of the series: “I am with Tom, Michelle, and their children in a home he has on a bluff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. I am helping him to plant a circle of pine trees–a windbreak–around the property. It is a sunny day and there is a certain sense of significance in the completion of this project.” At first glance these dreams may seem of passing interest. However, if we look at the images as symbols, a deeper meaning

rises to the surface. The house that is being built is a “soul-house.” The soul-house Recommended Reading: Childs, Annette. Halfway Across the River: Mesis home to a man’s feminine nature, or a 1. sages of Hope from the Other Side. The Wandering woman’s masculine nature. We all have Feather Press, Incline Village, NV 2007. a soul-house and the construction of this 2. Jung, C.G. Memories, Dreams, Reflections. Ran“house”–poorly or well built, cheaply or dom House, Inc., NY 1963. lovingly built–will be reflected in the way 3. VonFranz, Marie-Louise. On Dreams and Death. we live our lives and the quality of our Shambhala Publications, Inc., Boston 1986. relationships. For example, a man who For more info contact Dr. Andy Drymalneglects, belittles, or impoverishes his ski, Reno and Carson City psychologist at own soul will manifest similar attitudes (775)786-3818. towards the women in his life. Through Go to ad on page 50. the medium of the dream it is possible that Tom is seeking guidance from his brother on how to relate more authentically and harmoniously to his own soul. [Interestingly, Carl Jung describes a similar experience when, five months before the death of his mother, he dreamt that his deceased father came to him for marriage Radical Forgiveness & counseling. Jung felt that his father–the Radical Manifestation husband in a troubled marriage while alive–was preparing for the imminent • Find unconditional love & reunion with his wife.] acceptance of yourself. Through the course of the dream series • Clean up the past & bring progress is suggested by the “completion” energy to the present. of the house, as well as by its moveIndividualized Coaching ment from the west to the east (from the & Group Workshops Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic). Since the sun rises in the east, the Atlantic Ocean Call (530) 414-1420 would symbolize both new life and new consciousness. The windbreak around the e ! Dinny Evans, Certified Coach t th xpo WWW.FORGIVECOACH.COM completed home symbolizes a living and us aen’s E t i protective boundary to the soul-house. Vis Wom The possibility that these dreams represent NV spiritual interactions with the deceased is indicated, in part, by the fact that the same woman, Michelle, is used as a soul image in each dream. Typically, the people used to symbolize a dreamer’s soul will change over the course of a dream series. In two dreams subsequent to this series, it was the dreamer who was receiving assistance from his deceased brother Joint & Muscular in addressing some challenges in his life. Arthritis... If these dreams and those of the series Back & Neck Pain... represent actual visitations, then a couple GONE!! of ideas are suggested. First, knowledge and relationships may continue to evolve Call Today! across the veil of “death.” Second, com775.250.3030 munication between the two worlds often Available @ Circle of Life Spa, Chonne’s Salon, Don’s Pharmacy utilizes the symbolic language of dreams. & Sierra Compounding Pharmacy It seems that dreams are like veils, ing us ever further into life’s mysteries.



Natural PAIN RELIEF That Works!

June 2009


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• Back support to help maintain the natural curves of the spine • Deep seat that supports the legs as far as the knee joints • The seat at a height that enables your thighs to be level with the floor and your lower legs to be at right angles to your feet. The feet should be firmly on the floor or on a low block.

Many back problems have their roots in the sedentary lifestyles most of us lead. Sitting is much harder on the spine than lying down or standing, especially if you also slouch or lean forward. Everyone relaxes their posture when they sit down. But many chairs seem almost designed to force your spine into the slouchiest position possible. To protect your spine, it is a good idea to avoid sitting on a very soft armchair or on a very low chair that pushes the thighs higher than the hips. Try not to sit in the same position for long periods – a rocking chair is good because it naturally encourages you to keep changing position.

COMFORTABLE DRIVING Driving for long periods increases the risk of back pain: people who drive for more than four hours a day are six times more likely to take time off work for back pain than those who drive for two hours or less. When you are driving, the body is confined in a fixed position, and it is subject to vibration and movement. The feet are manipulating the pedals, so they cannot help to stabilize the lower back as they do when you are sitting on a chair. The following may help you: • Adjust the height of the seat so that you

WORKING AT A DESK If you work sitting down, then it is essential to have a good chair that you can adjust to suit your individual needs. This is what you need from an office chair: • Computer set level with the eyes so that head can be held erect


You Have a Choice

Alternative and Traditional Therapy Options for Holistic Care

West meets


allergies | ac u p

Robert Rand, M.D., provides aggressive treatment of pain using both pharmaceutical and nonpharmaceutical treatments, giving you options.

ndam e | o r u t c n u

® ed |

monito cardio

io-identical hormones ring | b

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• Take any opportunity when the car is stationary to change your position: turn your head from side to side, shrug your shoulders, wriggle around in the seat to get more comfortable. • Make a conscious effort to relax a tense grip on the steering wheel. • Breath rhythmically and deeply to reduce tension. • Take frequent breaks (at least one an hour) so that you can stand up and walk around to stretch out the body. References: 1. Davies, Kim. The Healthy Back. Parragon Books Ltd, United Kingdom 2006.

For more info, contact Web Back Support at (775) 828-1305.

6880 S. McCarran Blvd. St. 14 • Reno

Most insurances accepted. For past issues, go to:

can comfortably reach the pedals and your thighs are parallel with the floor. • Check that you can reach the steering wheel easily. Your arms should remain slightly bent. • Make sure that you can rest your head comfortably on the head restraint. This helps to reduce the risk of whiplash in case of an accident. • Check that the seat gives support to the lower back. Use a cushion if the seat has no lumbar support.

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June 2009

Custom Blended Medications Written by David Vasenden, RPh


ver had a medicine that tasted bad, a pill you had to wrap in cheese to coax your pet into taking? What about a medication that contained lactose and your child is lactose intolerant? Or a prescription with uncomfortable side effects? Ever tried splitting a pill for a bird? If you answered yes to any of these, custom compounding may be the answer to these medication problems. Compounding combines an ageless art of medication preparation with the latest medical knowledge and state-of-the-art technology, allowing specially trained pharmacists to prepare customized medications to meet each patient’s specific needs. The demand for professional pharmaceutical compounding has increased as healthcare professionals and patients realize that the limited number of strengths and dosage forms available commercially do not always meet the needs of many patients. Patients often have a better response to a customized medication that is "just what the doctor ordered." As prescribed by a physician, compounding pharmacies prepare medications using several unique delivery systems such as creams, transdermal gels and suppositories. Compounding pharmacies can also change the strength of a medication, alter its form or add flavoring. Compounded prescriptions include custom hormone replacement therapies, pain management medications and medications for pets. Working with patients and physicians, compounding pharmacies formulate quality solutions for the patient’s healthcare needs, with the goal of achieving maximum benefits, increasing compliance, and improving medical outcomes.

How can compounding benefit you? Compounding utilizes the best delivery system to meet the patient’s specific needs. For example, someone who has a hard time swallowing capsules can have their medication prepared as a suspension, or children can have their medication prepared as a lollipop. Some unique delivery systems include supposi-

June 2009


tories, nasal sprays, lip balms, lozenges and topical creams. Compounding pharmacies can add flavorings to make medications taste better, eliminate problem causing agents such as dyes, sugar, lactose or alcohol, and combine various medications into a single dosage form. Compounding a medication can help reduce side effects of some drugs by preparing them as rapid absorbing topical gels. Compounding pharmacies can compound medications that are similar to commercial medications that have been discontinued or are no longer available. Compounding pharmacists are available to discuss special needs with the patient and healthcare providers to come up with new solutions. If your medication presents a challenge, talk to your compounding pharmacist and they’ll work with you and your physician to find solutions to your medication problems – just as the doctor ordered. For more info, contact Sierra Compounding Pharmacy at (775) 8533500. Go to ad on page 31.

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Look Younger Than Your Age A Healthy Immune System Means A Healthy Appearance


ree Radicals are usually created in the human body in course of normal metabolic processes, when oxygen reacts with some molecules, or the immune system tries to fight bacteria and viruses. Breathing results in oxidation and free radicals bouncing around in our cells, leading to cell damage, and intracellular and systemic inflammation.

of such reactions can severely damage vital organs or the immune system itself. The great savior of our times is the antioxidant, which cleanses our bodies by removing these free radicals from our tissues. This unique property makes antioxidants the most sought after health supplement. Well known antioxidants include Ascorbic acid, Carotenoids, Alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E), Lutein, Lycopene, Selenium, Flavonoids and polyphenols. There are some antioxidants, very powerful ones at that, which are manufactured in the human body itself. The most important of these is Glutathione.

So many pollutants and toxins accelerate the production of free radicals in our cells. They begin a series of reactions with vital ingredients of a human cell, like DNA, cell membrane and other proteins. This may result in malfunctions or even death of the particular cell. A series

The Most Powerful Antioxidant is not a Juice or Berry - it’s Glutathione

Max GXL Glutathione (GSH) Accelerator: • All Natural Ingredients • Significantly Raises GSH Levels • Neutralizes & Disposes of Toxins • Creates Energy & Helps Your Body Utilize Oxygen

With pollution, toxins, heavy metals and other 'junk' invading our bodies and cells, GSH can't quite keep up and we lose GSH production over the years (about 10-12 percent a decade). Increased inflammation, diseases, signs of aging, and lower energy levels can be the results of lower GSH levels.

ERGY! FEEL THE EN Max N Fuze The Future of Cellular Nutrient Delivery Has Arrived!

GSH, a small protein, is the body's master antioxidant and an antitoxin. It is a major defense system against illness and aging. Our GSH level actually indicates our state of health and can predict longevity. Modern research has shown that individuals who have low levels of GSH are susceptible to chronic illness. Decreased levels of GSH can be brought about by continual stress upon the immune system. As we now know, a lowered immune system can bring about illness and disease, creating a vicious cycle. While you need GSH for a productive immune system, a weakened immune system hampers the production of GSH.

Finally, a liquid supplement created with nanofusion technology for maximum absorption & bioavailability that provides essential vitamins & minerals to produce vital antioxidants and promote weight management. Supports MaxGXL.

FEEL GREAT. Call Today! 775.848.8083

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The body is designed with an amazing cell cleanser, detoxifier, free radical neutralizer and inflammation reducer called glutathione (GSH). It is the most concentrated and important of all intercellular endogenous antioxidants. We need GSH to help fight against the oxidation and inflammation that is a normal part of our quest to survive. Without it we would die.


June 2009

Assertiveness is an Art (Continued from page 18) GSH has been proven to slow down the aging process, detoxify and improve liver function, strengthen the immune system and reduce the chances of developing cancer. GSH also works to help improve mental functions, increase energy, improve concentration, permit increased exercise, and improve heart and lung function - just to name a few. The following unique characteristics of Glutathione (GSH) in the antioxidant universe offer additional strong evidence of its primacy. • GSH is the most concentrated intracellular antioxidant. • More than 6 percent of the total energy production (ATP) of the whole body may be used to synthesize and regulate intracellular glutathione levels. • GSH, alone in the antioxidant world, recycles directly and indirectly a variety of other antioxidants including vitamins C, alpha lipoic acid, vitamin E and vitamin A. • GSH is the only non-enzyme antioxidant that does not itself become a free radical after it has quenched a free radical. Reference: 1. Keller, Robert MD. The Glutathione Book.

For more info, contact Tonja Park with Max GXL at (775) 848-8083.

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34. At family meals, do you control the conversation? 0 1 2 3 35. When you meet a stranger, are you the first to introduce yourself and begin a conversation? 0 1 2 3 Analyzing Your Results We suggest the following steps for analysis of your responses to the Assertiveness Inventory. For a more in-depth analysis, seek the help of a professional: • Look at your responses to questions 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 24, 25, 27, 28, 30 and 35. These questions are oriented toward nonassertive behavior. Do your answers to these items tell you that you are rarely speaking up for yourself? Or are there perhaps some specific situations which give you trouble. • Look at your responses to questions 3, 8, 13, 20, 23, 29, 31, 32, 33, and 34. These questions are oriented toward aggressive behavior. Do your answers to these questions suggest you are pushing others around more than you realize? References: 1. Alberti, Robert. Emmons, Michael. Your Perfect Right: Assertiveness and Equality in Your Life and Relationships, 8th Edition Impact Publishers, 2001.

For more info, contact Candace Andrews, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor with Alliance DUI School and Counseling at (775) 677-2612.

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June 2009


Healthy Solutions For You & Your Loved Ones • Relationship Accountability Skills • Conflict Resolution • Anger Management • Setting Boundaries • Parenting Skills • Stress Reduction

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Jaw-Dropping Af fects of The Biobloc Orthotropic Written by Dan Mannikko, DDS


rthotropics is a branch of dentistry concerned with correct growth of the face and jaws. An appliance called the Bioblock Orthotropic was developed by Dr. John Mew of London, England in the 1950s to address the shortcomings of conventional orthodontic treatment, which merely straightens teeth. The first goal of the treatment, which is most effective for children under age 10, is to optimize facial development with the upper and lower jaws ideally positioned forward in the face, rather than with conventional treatment or no treatment. The second goal is to correct the poor “resting” oral posture, which produced the unfavorable growth in the first place. In industrialized societies, the open-mouth posture is prevalent, and here in America, the typically poor eating habits of children exacerbate the problem of unfavorable growth. The first obvious sign of unfavorable growth in a child’s mouth is a downward and backward movement of the upper front teeth. This can be easily identified by a simple measurement from the nose to the upper incisor teeth. Very seldom are the upper front teeth actually too far forward in the face. Even when they appear to stick out (in the example of buck teeth), they are usually too far back relative to the nose, cheeks and forehead. A recessed lower jaw can easily give the illusion that the upper teeth protrude, even when they do not. This fact has been known for more that a quarter of a century, but has been overlooked by most who provide conventional treatment. If ideal facial balance is the goal, this fact cannot be overlooked, and upper teeth must be moved forward instead of pulled back. Verification of the validity of this approach is available in several forms. An unpublished article based on research done on a series of cases treated with the Biobloc method has scientifically proven that unfavorable vertical growth can be converted to favorable horizontal growth with the Bioblock method. Improvements in the airway have been documented

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on the same sample of consecutively treated patients. A comparison of facial balance in a series of identical twins, with one twin being treated conventionally and one treated with Biobloc Orthotropics, shows dramatically better facial balance with Biobloc Orthotropics.

10 yrs

17 yrs

17 yrs

Above is a 10-year old boy with a balanced face and a relaxed lip posture showing no strain, a proper lip seal and nasal breathing. Shortly thereafter he received a pet gerbil from his parents. Unknowingly allergic, his ability to breathe through his nose was reduced enough to cause mouth-breathing. This simple change in opening his mouth to breathe changed the position of his tongue muscularity, which altered his normal and proper tongue posture, and dramatically changed his facial growth. This type of growth is not genetically predetermined; it is a form that is caused by function. This can be subtle or dramatic like the example shown above. This growth pattern, left untreated, can lead to significant systemic, emotional and physical health complications. References: 1.Components Of Class II Malocclusion In Children 8-10 Years Of Age,” by J. McNamara, Angle Orthodontist, July 1981. 2.Biobloc Therapy, Mew J. 1986

For more info, contact Dan Mannikko, DDS at (775) 825-8366.

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June 2009

FOCUSING YOUR MIND Achieving Goals with HypnoCoaching Written by Virginia Parsons, MS, CCHT, CTLC


nything you desire to accomplish, create, or experience in life starts with a thought. Have you ever thought what it would feel like to achieve any goal you put your mind to; then with absolute belief and certainty, take action on your thoughts? One of life’s eternal longings is to reach your optimum potential. Unfortunately, many aspirations are thwarted by fears and self doubts. HypnoCoaching can be a very effective catalyst to achieving goals and optimizing potential. It is a dynamic blending of Life Coaching with Hypnotherapy that provides the tools, processes, guidance, accountability, and mental training to take consistent and confident action to successfully achieve your goals while conquering fears and self-doubt. With the guidance of an experienced coach and the inward focus of hypnotic trance, you can crystallize your vision with an emotional charge that magnetically activates your thoughts and behaviors to achieve your goals. According to Milton Erikson, hypnotherapy author, “Therapeutic trance helps people side step their own learned limitations, so that they can more fully explore and utilize their potential.” The process begins with a clear vision of the desired goal. Most people are very clear about their problem. “I don’t want to be fat,” “I don’t want to smoke,” “I don’t want to be anxious,” “I don’t want to feel depressed.” A good HypnoCoach helps shift attention away from the problem to focus on how one

would feel, act, be, do and respond successfully, thus taking positive action to achieve what is desired. HypnoCoaching is also an effective means of identifying the underlying, subconscious cause of a problem, which may conflict with a conscious desire to change. By developing congruence between one’s conscious desires and subconscious beliefs and fears, the client can change direction and take a steady path to success. Attitudes shift from, “I hope I can” to “I think I can” to “I know I can achieve my goals!” “The key to goal achievement and problem solving is to focus on one major goal at a time, while removing focus from fears, doubts and undermining beliefs,” said Virgil Hayes, goal achievement author. Focus your attention on your intention to change old behaviors. Focus on what you want, rather than on what you don’t want. It is critical to visualize the accomplishment of a goal using all five senses. The client learns goal imaging via auto-suggestion to reinforce the coaching process by envisioning the goal as already accomplished. “Thought forms” are the dynamic pairing of thought with action to create reality. Pay attention to the on-going thoughts that form your reality, and take consistent action, while using the HypnoCoach as a guide in the process. As Will Rogers once said, “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” A HypnoCoach serves as your guide and mentor, keeping you clearly focused on your goals, June 2009


while taking the necessary actions to achieve them. References: 1. Erickson, M., Rossi, E. Hypnotherapy, An Exploratory Casebook. New York, Irvington Publishers, Inc 1979. 2. Hayes, Virgil. A New Approach to Problem Solving and Goal Achievement. Salt Lake City, UT, Hawkes Publishing, Inc. 1993.

For more info, contact Virginia Parsons of Life Enhancement Services at (775) 250-6482, specializing in hypnotherapy and weight loss.

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Unlock the 7 keys to self-actualization

Life Guidance Programs

> Goal Achievement via Auto-suggestion > Financial & Professional Success > Memory & Performance > Relationship & Attracting a Mate > Health, Weight Loss & Control

HYPNOCOACHING WORKS Life Enhancement Services Virginia Parsons, MS, CCHT, CTLC, NC 20 Years Experience


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The Chemistry of Connection How the Oxytocin Response Can Help You Find Trust, Intimacy and Love Written by Susan Kuchinskas

A Book Review by June Milligan, M.Ed., CCHt

his book talks about different kinds of love, but focuses on the deep, enduring bond of committed love, the kind of bond forged by the brain chemical, oxytocin (oxy-toe-sin). Oxytocin is the secret to forming committed relationships, turning lust into long-lasting love. The oxytocin bond is the basis for lifelong relationships of all kinds: between parent and child, lovers, siblings, or even two close friends. Oxytocin allows you to live happily with a life partner, keeps you up all night with a colicky baby, makes you glad to donate a kidney to your sister and floods our bodies with feelings of connection, trust and contentment. We humans are hardwired for love and connection. Because of the way our brains respond to the mix of oxytocin and dopamine humans are among the three percent of all mammals that are monogamous. And while oxytocin makes it rewarding to be with the ones we love, it does much more than create feelings of attachment. It’s active throughout the body, relieving stress and promoting

healing. As oxytocin flows through the bloodstream it lowers blood pressure, reduces cortisol levels and improves digestion. That’s why love not only makes us happy it keeps us healthy. So if our brains are wired for love and our health demands it why do we need divorce courts and online dating? Why is it so hard to find and keep love and why do we often feel so alone? It is because loving isn’t automatic. We learn the oxytocin response (how to love) after birth, from our mothers. A baby’s brain completes its development outside the womb in the first three years of life, and this development is shaped by interactions with the mother. During this critical period many things can inhibit or twist what should be a natural response to physical intimacy. Trauma, abuse or neglect can impair the brain’s ability to use oxytocin, locking it into a perpetual state of fear. If the oxytocin response doesn’t develop in a healthy way you may “fall in love” without really loving, you may marry without loving, and you may die without ever loving or being loved. But as Susan Kuchinskas explains, the brain isn’t made of stone. It is living flesh that continues to grow and change all our lives, developing new circuits and new ways of responding. Scientists call this ability neural plasticity. By understanding the oxytocin response, you will not only become aware of why you feel the way you do, but you can learn to feel the way

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June 2009

you want to so that you can form the kind of attachments you need. This book brings together a huge body of brain chemistry research and puts it into words that anyone can understand. It explains why women want to cuddle and why men want sex and explains how to nurture lasting love between ourselves our mates and our children. It explains the difference between lust, romance and real love, three different stages of a relationship which most people just call “love.” Susan explains that in our culture, “That single inadequate term ‘love,’ describes a multitude of states, from the way a stranger’s touch may send fire across our skin to the crazed period when we can’t stand to be away from our lover to the delight we feel in our grandchildren.” Kuchinskas gives at least 15 different things we can do to increase our own oxytocin response, no matter what treatment or programming we received during our first three years. She gives excellent advice on how to raise emotionally healthy children and how to have happier relationships. I believe that every parent should have a copy of this book; not only in helping them become a better parent, but to help them feel better about being a parent. By understanding the oxytocin response you can kindle its spark and carefully train it to flower inside your own brain so that you can freely give and accept the love we all deserve. For more info contact June Milligan, specializing in eliminating emotional blocks to relationship success, at (775) 786-9111.

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Castor Oil Pack Therapy For Increased Immunity Written by Lauren Lander


btained from the seeds of the plant species Ricinus communis, castor oil has a long and extensive history of use in curing an impressive variety of ailments. Although castor oil packs were first popularized in the 20th century by Edgar Cayce, the oil has been employed as a healing agent for thousands of years in folk medicine. Castor bean seeds, believed to be 4,000 years old, were discovered in Egyptian tombs, and historical records reveal the medicinal use of castor oil in Egypt, India, China, Persia, Africa, Greece, Rome, Southern Europe and the Americas. Among its many uses, castor oil has long been applied topically as a remedy for warts, moles, chest colds and bronchitis. Edgar Cayce found castor oil packs to be effective for dissolving gallstones, relieving pain, healing infections and wounds, and diminishing gastrointestinal disorders. Cayce reported therapeutic success administering castor oil packs on individuals suffering from epilepsy and even migranes. The seemingly all-encompassing curative properties of castor oil packs lead some scientists to dismiss the therapeutic results as scarcely more than placebo effects, but recent evidence suggests that castor oil packs may enhance circulation, aid in detoxification and stimulate the immune system. In particular, castor oil's ability to stimulate the immune system is a subject of great interest to researchers. One doubleblind study examined lymphocyte values in the blood samples of 36 healthy individuals before and after topical castor oil application, finding that castor oil treatment produced a total increase in the number of lymphocytes with a concomitant increase in T-11 cells. This T-11 cell increase represents an overall boost in the body's immunodefense status since these lymphocytes are known to form antibodies against pathogens, identifying and killing viruses, fungi, bacteria and cancer cells.

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The versatile healing ability of castor oil can be mostly attributed to its unique chemical composition of primarily Ricinoleic acid, an omega-9 monounsaturated fatty acid valued for its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects. While a few plant species are known to contain ricinoleic acid, none produce an oil of the acyl purity of castor oil. So, what is it about the chemical composition of castor oil that triggers the skin's production of immune system T-cells? One theory is that castor oil may stimulate prostaglandin activity in the body via its ability to produce prostanoids-- the precursors to prostaglandins. Prostaglandins exert many therapeutic effects on the body, stimulating smooth muscle contractions; raising and lowering blood pressure; regulating metabolism, stomach acid secretion, and body temperature; and controlling inflammation and transmitting nerve impulses. This may explain castor oil's ability to improve a wide range of physiological disorders. In light of the evidence pointing to castor oil's immuneenhancing effects, it may be wise to incorporate this "$10-ayear immune system booster" into your family's health routine when flu season hits. For more information on how to make your own castor oil pack, visit castor_oil_heals.asp. References: 1. Jarvis, D.C. Folk Medicine: A New England Almanac of Natural Health Care From a Noted Vermont Country Doctor. New York: Ballantine Books,1958. 2. McMillin, David L. Richards, Douglas G. Mein, Eric A. and Nelson, Carl D. "The Abdominal Brain and Enteric Nervous System." The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 5. 6 (1999): 575-586. 3. Yance, Donald: Herbal Medicine, Healing and Cancer. NY, NY: McGraw-Hill, 268-70; 242-4, 1999. 4. Grady, Harvey. "Castor Oil Packs: Scientific Tests Verify Therapeutic Value." Venture Inward (July/August 1988): 12-15. 5. 6.


June 2009

BODY WR APS Do They Work? Written by Kaleigh Richards, LMT


ant to lose inches, get rid of some of that water retention, soften your skin or maybe detoxify the body? A great alternative to try is a body wrap. Body wraps are found on spa menus everywhere, but what do they do, and do they actually work? There are several different body wraps such as mud wraps, clay wraps, chocolate wraps, and the list goes on. The name of the wrap often describes its ingredients or intended purpose. All wraps tend to fall into two main categories; mineral wraps and herbal wraps. Most mineral wraps are often dry to begin with. The main ingredient in these wraps is clay. The purpose of the clay is to draw toxins out through the skin. Bentonite clay is used frequently in detoxifying mineral wrap because it has a negative charge, whereas most of the toxins in the body have a positive charge. As we learned in Physics class opposites attract. So the Bentonite clay and the toxins bind together, and are then drawn out of the body. Mineral wraps

are used to draw impurities and toxins out of the skin, as well as for inch loss. A wrap containing minerals from the sea such as blue green algae is wonderful for someone who has lost some weight and wishes to help firm up the skin a little bit. This type of wrap can leave the skin feeling soft, firmer and luxurious. Herbal wraps are often liquid based. Aloe Vera is the most commonly used liquid and specific herbs are combined into the liquid. During the wrap the herbs are infused into the body to help detoxify at a cellular level. Herbal wraps are used to detoxify, for weight and inch loss, as well as to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Herbal Infusion wraps are great to be used in addition to an inch loss program. These wraps infuse herbs into the skin where they attach to toxins and then the toxins are flushed out of the system. This type of wrap is also wonderful for a mom who has recently stopped nursing and wishes to aid in the loss of the inches gained during pregnancy, or simply for individuals who wish to reduce water retention. High quality wraps can help firm up the skin, detoxify the internal system, clear up skin problems, and reduce the appearance of cellulite. However, body wraps are not a replacement for diet and exercise. With wraps offered both at spas and salons, as well as wraps that can be done June 2009


at home, it is recommended to check out the ingredients to make sure to choose the wrap that will work best for you. References: wraps.htm 2. Lypossage product manual

For more info, contact Kaleigh Richards of Sierra Body Contouring at (775) 2330346. Go to ad on THIS page.


Measurable Results! Non-invasive approach to inch loss and reduced look of cellulite.

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It’s all in the SOIL RECIPE! Written by Craig Witt


ompost is the foundation for a great meal. Recently two gardening enthusiast arrived unusually early to a local gardener meeting, twelve hours early to be exact! Since the meeting was being held at the local café and had time to spare, they decided to sit down and enjoy a homemade breakfast. As soon as they sank their teeth into the biscuits and gravy, the care and effort that went into its preparation was evident. The cook’s energetic fingerprint was infused into the meal, and when asked what the secret was to outstanding biscuits and gravy she replied, “It’s all in the soil!”

A plethora of nutritious, vibrant, and flavorful food produced right in your own back yard. This is every gardener’s dream, right? However, to turn this dream into reality “It’s all in the soil”! Here is how it works.


Show up on time! The best time to prepare your garden soil is in the fall! Great chefs are the first ones at the early morning farmers markets. They get the best selection of produce and have the most time to prepare it for their evening meals. Did you miss your chance to prepare your soil last fall? Did spring come too fast? Don’t worry; just make sure to amend your soil with a mature, well composted soil amendment. One occasion of improper tillage practice can ruin six years of good soil building practices so do not work the soil when it is too wet.


Go to the right source for your gardening resources. Bring a shopping list as not to forget the important ingredients. In the story above the gardeners got their delicious biscuits and gravy because they were at a café that was prepared to provide such a meal. The same is true for buying good topsoil; find the right source, one that has knowledge on reliable soil analysis. A source crafted with passion and desire for the ultimate “soil recipe” that will produce nutritionally dense food.


Diversity is the spice of life. Complex mineral nutrition from compost does not get into the plant


RECIPES Always found on our website! For past issues, go to:


June 2009

or transfer to your body unless it is included in your “soil recipe”. Humus is essential in livening up compost. Pathetic, non-nutritious produce or green waste will not magically fix a nutrient deficient soil! All 90 elements on the periodic chart play some role in producing nutrient dense food. It is not just about N-P-K (the numbers on your fertilizer bag).


Manure and Triple mix are not magic soil amendments; too much of anything ruins the recipe. Questions you should be asking are: what are the ingredients, where did they come from and who balanced the recipe? The right balances of nutrients or “recipe ingredients” are key. The ratios of nutrients are more important than their mere existence in the recipe. For example, when concerning soil calcium to magnesium the ratio should be 7:1 and for phosphorus to potassium the ratio should be 1:1. Sodium is a flavor enhancer; too much salt in ANY recipe ruins it. In Dr. Arden Andersen’s book Real Medicine Real Health, he clearly states that food is medicine. The quality of what we eat determines how we feel, “It’s in the soil recipe”. For your convenience, included here is the recipe card for a nutrient dense food soil amendment.

Soil Essence Elite™ Application Ratio- 1 Inch for every 9 inches of soil Soil Essence Elite ™ is our best, ALL ORGANIC, humus based soil amendment. The incredible fertility and biological activity contained in our compost is multiplied through the addition of a complete mineral and nutrient supplement package. Soil Essence Elite ™ is a powerful, multifaceted product designed to

fortify potting mixes and garden soils. Use as a top dressing for turf as well as a nutrient mulch for trees and plants. Soil Essence Elite ™ supplements and stimulates indigenous soil microbes, allowing plants to feed themselves. Soil Essence Elite ™ is the definition of Soil Satisfaction™. Application rate: Apply 1 part Soil Essence Elite ™ blended with 9 parts soil or potting mix or until it “feels good”. 1 inch of Soil Essence Elite ™ amends your soil to a depth of 9 inches. Apply to the surface of the soil and work into the top 1 to 4 inches. On lawns, top-dress with ¼ inch and rake out evenly. Split applications of 1/8th to 1/4th inch several times during the season will provide incredible results. Contains: Humified compost, worm compost, compost tea, sea kelp, fish protein, feather meal, paramagnetic rock dust, Endo/Ecto Mycorrhizal fungi, solution (micronized) and agricultural grade calcium sulfate, calcium phosphate, and calcium carbonate, iron sulfate, boron, natural sulfur, Sul-po-mag, plus additional mined humates, 19 strains of beneficial bacteria and tricoderma species, carbohydrates, and amino acids.

Not for human consumption. References: 1. Andersen, Dr. Arden, Real Medicine, Real Health, 2004 2. Muller, M.D., N.D., PhD., Colloidal Minerals and Trace Elements, 2002 3. Sachs, Paul D., Edaphos Dynamics of a Natural Soil System, 1999 4. Smillie, Joseph and Gershuny, Grace, The Soul of Soil, A guide to ecological Soil Management, 1995

For more info, contact President of Full Circle Compost, Craig Witt at (775) 267-5305 or visit their website at www.

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Why am I in Such a Bad Mood?


o you ever find yourself getting really irritable for almost no reason? Or suddenly feeling down without knowing why? Going from sadness to anger to joy in a matter of minutes can make many teens feel as though they're losing their grip. But why is the feeling of being on an emotional roller coaster so common among teens? Dealing with constant change and pressure is part of the answer. Maybe you're starting a new school and not able to see old friends as much. Getting good grades or wanting to be better in sports or other activities can be a concern for many teens. It might feel as though there just isn't enough time to do everything. Being a teen means struggling with identity and self-image. Being accepted by friends feels extremely important. Teens also may notice, for the first time, a sense of distance from parents and family. You may feel you want to be on your own and make your own decisions, but it can also seem overwhelming and even a bit lonely at times. As fun and exciting as this time is, it also can be a time of confusion and conflict. It can take a while for teens — and their families — to feel comfortable with the transition between childhood and adulthood. Another important cause for mood swings is biology. When puberty begins, the body starts producing sex hormones. These hormones — estrogen and progesterone in girls and testosterone in guys — cause physical changes in the body. But in some people, they also seem to cause emotional changes — the ups and downs that sometimes feel out of control. Understanding that almost everyone goes through mood swings during their teen years might make them easier to handle.

When It's More Than Just a Mood

Taking Control Here are some things you can do that might make those bad moods a bit easier to handle:

* Recognize you're not alone. Although not every teen

experiences mood changes to the same degree, they are common.

* Catch your breath. Or count to 10. Or do something that lets you settle down for a few moments, especially if you're feeling angry or irritable. Try to look at the situation from the point of view of a wise observer. * Talk to people you trust. Friends can help each other

by realizing that they're not alone in their feelings. Talking to parents is important, too. Parents can share their own experiences dealing with bad moods. Plus, they'll appreciate it if you try to explain how you feel instead of just slamming a door. Teachers and counselors are often good resources, and a doctor can help sort through questions about development. Keeping feelings inside can make them seem much worse.

* Exercise. Regular exercise produces more beta-endorphin, a hormone that controls stress and improves mood. Go for a run, play some tennis, ride your bike, or punch a punching bag. * Get enough sleep. Though it can be hard to find enough time, getting adequate rest is very important. Being tired can lead to more sadness and irritability.

* Create. Get involved in some sort of project, like starting

Feeling irritable or short-tempered can be signs of depression. So can feelings of boredom or hopelessness. For past issues, go to:

Many people think of depression as feeling sad, but depression can also bring feelings of moodiness, impatience, anger, or even just not caring. When depression gets in the way of enjoying life or dealing with others, that's a sign you need to do something about it, like talking to a counselor or therapist who can help you deal with it. Also, if you ever feel like hurting yourself, that's more than just a bad mood and you need to tell someone.


a journal or diary, building something out of wood, or starting an art or music piece. Writing can help you organize and June 2009

Love Your Skin.

express your thoughts and feelings and will make things more manageable. Don't worry about grammar, spelling, or punctuation; the important thing is just to get your thoughts on paper. Do the same thing with paint, sculpture, music, or other art forms. Put your feelings into your artwork.

O rg a n i c S p a

* Cry. There's nothing wrong with crying; in fact, it often

makes a person feel better. However, if you find that you are sad, irritable, bored, or hopeless much of the time, or if you just can't seem to shake the blues, you might be depressed and need help from a counselor or doctor. If you're feeling stressed or angry a lot of the time, getting help could be very useful for you.

* Wait. Just as you can get into a bad mood for what seems like no reason at times, that mood can also pass. If your negative mood sticks around too long, though — or if it's interfering with the way you deal with friends, parents, school, or activities — then you may want to talk to a school counselor, parent, or therapist about what you can do to feel better. This information was provided by KidsHealth, one of the largest resources online for medically reviewed health information written for parents, kids and teens. For more articles like this one, visit or © 1995-2009. The Nemours Foundation. All rights reserved.

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775-78-RELAX (787-3529)

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infants to elderly • Most insurances accepted

June 2009

Jensen Chiropractic

775-323-1222 47

112 Moana Ln. Ste 101 • Reno

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COMMUNITYRESOURCEGUIDE ACUPUNCTURE DR. BRUCE EICHELBERGER, OMD 85 Washington Street Reno, NV 89503 (775) 827-6901 Reduce pain, stress & fatigue; improve mental focus; increase motivation & energy; emotional weight loss. You can look & feel better with timetested healing techniques. Go to ad on page 22.

ASTROLOGY ASTROLOGICAL ALCHEMY Robert Ayres (530) 550-1118 The astrology of self-transformationSM. Personal, business, relationship and relocational consultations. Metaphysical teacher. Over forty years of experience. Go to ad on page 54.

AUDIOLOGY MICHAEL LEMAY, AU.D. Audiology and Hearing Aids 890 Mill St. Suite 300 • Reno (775) 323- 5566 Dr. LeMay specializes in the evaluation, prevention, and total management of hearing loss and auditory processing. An individualized program integrates advanced hearing aid technology with extensive follow-up and works closely with your physician in diagnosis of vertigo and balance problems. Go to ad on page 31.


love the simple, informative, authentic way this magazine distributes truth & wisdom! I pick it up at Pnuematic Diner." –Morgan Sandberg


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Colon Hydrotherapy is a valuable procedure & treatment for a wide variety of health conditions, as a toxic bowel is a source of many health challenges. Take Action Now! Serving 2 locations: Gerber Medical Clinic & The Ageless Zone (775-826-8888). Go to ad on page 19.

Nevada Econet is the primary source of environmental information & education in the Northern Nevada public. A network helping environmentally minded people find each other. Ask us about sustainability resources, clean water, solar energy, land issues, recycling & zero-waste events.

THE NEVADA CENTER Saundra Koeck (775) 884-3990

SIERRA GREEN BUILDING ASSOCIATION Building The Sierra’s Sustainable Community (877) 744-2248

ColonOx Hydrotherapy is a safe, gentle, & extraordinarily effective method of systemic detoxification that combines traditional colon hydrotherapy with medical grade ozone. ColonOx hydrotherapy is a valuable treatment for most conditions from allergies to cancer. Go to ad on page 11. LINDA TIERNEY Colon Hydrotherapist 1515 S. Virginia St., Reno Inside Everlasting Health (775) 321-9313 Sophisticated equipment allows the gentle flow of water into the large intestine. Water is then released taking with it impacted waste and toxic build up from the intestine. This is repeated for 45 minutes, providing a valuable and extensive cleanse.

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Sigba membership is non-exclusive, available to anyone who wants to support green building in the Sierra communities. We encourage our members to participate in green building practices, but do not require any specific certifications.

FENG SHUI FENG SHUI CLASSICAL CONSULTING Rebecca Moore Member of Alliance Feng Shui (775) 830-8168 Reno

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THERAPEUTIC SKIN CARE Karen Tenaglio 507 Casazza Ste. E • Reno (775) 337-2525

June 2009

Rebecca is an environmental energy and design consultant who can help you avoid costly mistakes and enjoy long-term prosperity, health and success within your home and business, including existing, remodels, site selection, building design and commercial developments.



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HOT SPRINGS STEAMBOAT HOT SPRINGS HEALING CENTER & SPA 16010 S. Virginia, Reno (775) 853-6600 Natural hot springs with healing waters. Private indoor tubs & 5-person outdoor tub. Offering therapeutic massage, detox mud body wraps, facials & skin care. Go to ad on page 9.

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INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE GERBER MEDICAL CLINIC Michael Gerber, MD, HMD 1225 Westfield Ave. • Reno (775)-826-1900

Assisting the body’s natural healing process using science-based alternative healthcare. Clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, hormone balancing, lifestyle modification & hydrotherapy used to address the causes of disease. Menopause, PMS, Diabetes, Migraines, Digestive Problems, High Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Anxiety/Depression, Sleep, Allergies.

Specializing in organic skin care and body treatments, New Spa delivers results without chemicals, parabens, or dyes. Services include massages, vegan nail care, airbrush tanning, waxing and tinting. Browse the spa store for hand-made purses, jewelry and Thai silk scarves. Go to ad on page 47.


RAND FAMILY CARE 6512 South McCarren Blvd. Suite D (775) 826-RAND (7263) A Blend of Eastern & Western Medicine, complete care for the entire family. Board Certified Family Practitioner. Non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical pain management and treatment. Medical acupuncture and holistic care. Metabolic testing and meal planning. No-Needle Mesotherapy cellulite reduction. Go to ad on page 34.


NEW SPA Mayberry Landing (775) 78-Relax (787-3529)


Dr. Gerber brings 35 years of integrative medical experience to support your family’s health care needs in our new 8,800 sq ft. sustainable/green facility with spa, movement studio, IV nutrients, allergy testing, thermography, bio-identical hormones, pediatric and healthy aging services. Go to ad on page 19.

June 2009

JESSICA EDGE, BS, ND (775) 324-3500


NANCY PFAFF, M.A. (775) 560-3030

HYPNOTHERAPY JUNE MILLIGAN, M.Ed., CCHt Joyful Changes Acupressure/ Hypnosis (775) 786-9111


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•Accepting Yourself Exercise•



PET CARE SHAKESPEARE ANIMAL FUND (775) 342-7040 The Shakespeare Animal Fund gives financial aid to low income, elderly and disabled pet owners who need help with emergency vet care. We welcome volunteer work and donations.


1. Stand straight with hands stretched and rubbing back up and down, giving energy to your inner organs. Do this several times and keep breathing. 2. Pat your back up and down several times. Keep breathing. 3. With the palms of your hands, pat your tummy several times – keep breathing. 4. With hands in fists, repeat step 3. 5. Making a loud sound, like Bruce Lee’s “Yah!” pound your tummy strongly several times. 6. Walk forward saying “nobody bothers me.” This is the exercise for creating confidence, which will heal and empower you. A woman in Maryland decided to receive Total Healing Energy treatments – it was clear that she was poor and struggling to take care of her children and a pet dog. Her treatment was painful, but well worth it. “I can move my neck freely. No pain!” she said. For more info, contact Master John Miyata, DSM, Executive Stress Care Consultant at (775) 720-7188. Go to ad on page 21.


Specializing in psychotherapy for depression, anxiety, stress, personal growth and dream analysis. Treating patients locally for over ten years. Evening and weekend hours available.


Room for rent inside beautiful Skin Care/Massage Office for Aesthetician, Massage Therapist, Permanent Cosmetics. Call Karen at (775) 337-2525. Beautiful Zen office space close to river. Call Cheryl Blossom (775) 338-8617 Beautiful 1,100 square foot one story medical/professional office building. Newly remodeled, including hardwood and granite. Centrally located with lots of parking and within walking distance to Renown. Call 775-781-5500.

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June 2009

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June 11th

June 22nd & June 30th

Free Knee Presentation – By physical therapists from Barton’s Home Health Department at 5:30 p.m. at Barton University, 1111 Emerald Bay Road, South Lake Tahoe. (530) 543-5581.

Sparks Hometown Farmers Market. Get it fresh at this weekly summertime celebration of food and family fun. Over 100 vendors, Thursday evenings , 4pm-9pm Victorian Square. Call : (775) 353-2291.

‘Glutathione, The Master Antioxidant.' Learn about this little known protein. 6:30-7:30, Free. South Valleys Library, 15650A Wedge Pkwy. For more info call Jon, (775) 848-8083.

June 5th-7th Reno Bead and Renaissance Show. Friday and Saturday 10-6, Sunday 10-5. Wholesale and retail ancient, vintage and contemporary beads. Designer beads, tools, jewelry & books. Visit reno.htm.

June 23rd

June 12th-14th Geocaching High Tech Treasure Hunt. Join others in finding over 100 prizes hidden around South Lake Tahoe. Visit

Men’s Health Day – Lab Draw for Men Only. By appointment only at Stateline Medical Center. $40 includes 23 lab tests. $30 for a PSA test. 530-5435855 or register online bartonhealth. org/lab.

June 13th

June 24th

Reiki I & II Certification, 10am - 5pm. Join us for fun and health - be attuned and certified to do Reiki. Cheryl Blosso. (775) 338-8617.

Rhythm Wave Dance Benefit & Potluck. Truckee Rec Center. Potluck 6 pm; Dance 7 – 11. Adults $20; Teens $10; Kids free; Door $25. Info: (530) 5878256 or

“Nourish your skin, inside and out!” A skin nutrition workshop exploring safe, natural ways to avoid premature aging. Call (775) 842-7300 or visit www. for details.

June 7th

June 17th-21st

June 27th

America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride. Boat Cruise/35-Mile Fun Ride, 72-mile ride around Lake Tahoe, and full 100mile century are offered. Visit www.

9th Annual Reno Film Festival. Join us for something old, something new and lots of films, fun and education. For more information visit http://www.

Accelerated Reiki Level 1 & 2 Class, 105pm. Manuals & certification provided. Be attuned to empower self and others & relieve stress. Tania Marie, www. (775) 343-9244

June 7th

June 20th

June 28th

Easy afternoon bike ride. Mountain ride on mostly flat surface. About 7-10 miles with 2000 ft gain. Call John Cossavella (775) 425- 4962 or Shanel (775) 247-6884.

Kings Canyon Day Hike. Trek from Carson City to Spooner Summit. About 18 miles, learn some great history of the area, enjoy great views. Call Tar (775) 530-2935.

Introduction to Crystal Healing: An Intuitive Approach to Crystals, 123pm. Handouts provided. Work w/ crystals and pendulums. Contact Tania Marie, (775) 343-9244

June 9th & 23rd

June 20th

Meditation Class, 7:00pm-8:00pm. Group Meditations every Monday and Friday at 6:00pm Om Home 3670 Grant Drive #104A (775) 250-7756,

Carmen Carr’s monthly hike is at Mt. Judah Loop this month. Contact (530) 550-5192 or Carmen@CarmenCarr. com for directions to trailhead.

June 6th & 7th

June 28th Fay-Luther Pass, Genoa hike. Enjoy this recently opened trail and take in views of Carson Valley. Call Donna Inversin (775) 315-6763.

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June 2009


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ASTROLOGICAL ALCHEMY ••• The Astrology of Self-Transformationsm

Monthly Health Outlook:


GEMINI Written By Robert Ayres


he Sun enters into Gemini on May 20 to enliven our minds. The nature of the mind is to think thoughts, which are the manifestation of ideas. The word “man” is derived from the Sanskrit manas which means “to think.” The mystery of the human being is contained within the mystery of human thinking. The source of thought is the universal cosmic mind. Each of us is a unique individualized expression of the cosmic consciousness. The challenge that we each face is to align our individual thinking with divine thinking and make that the foundation of our lives. When we achieve this state, we experience living in harmony with life and enjoy the support of nature. Qualitatively this is a significantly superior state to that level of life we now live. The underlying principle of mind is to be established in truth. There must be a strong motivation and intention to know truth. This is an ongoing, life-long quest that involves the purification of the mind. It incorporates living a life of honesty and integrity. Living these principles hastens the establishment of inner illumination in one’s awareness. For past issues, go to:

We are beings of free will and thus we have choice. Gemini is known as “the Twins.” The Twins symbolize the fundamental reality of polarity, duality and opposites. From the second highest level of creation on down to the physical, duality is a significant factor. It manifests as positive/negative, masculine/ feminine, spirit/matter, good/evil, light/darkness, etc. They are like two sides of the same coin. They are intimately interconnected and you really can’t know one without the other. The twin of truth is untruth, expressing as lying, cheating, and stealing. Gemini rules the liar and the thief just as it rules the truth seeker and the teacher. If we choose a path of untruthfulness then we will find ourselves in increasing conflict with the laws of nature and life. At the present time a tremendous amount of untruthfulness is being exposed in our financial and economic systems. This is a cleansing process that hopefully will result in a renewed dedication to honesty and integrity. We are spiritual beings in the material world. This fundamental duality of the human being is moving toward achieving a state of balance. Gemini rules the consciousness of harmonizing and integrating all polarities of opposites into a state of unity. This principle of polarity is structured into the body. We have two hands, two feet, two kidneys, two brain hemispheres, etc. Even though these dualities appear the same, they are different polarities. Even as twins superficially appear to be the same, they embody opposite polarities.

Continued on page 54... 52

June 2009

ONGOINGCALENDAR Creating Transformation Now

Integrated Awareness Classes

Sunday Meditation at Noon

Creating Transformation Now! Eight week skill-based, experiential workshop to create growth and positive intention in small group. 6:30-8pm. Contact Terry Lowey, M.F.T. at (775) 322-1924.

Wednesdays, 7-9pm Integrated Awareness® classes. Would You Like Amazing Shifts & Breakthroughs in All Areas of Your Life? Cheryl Blossom (775) 338 – 8617.

Join us for an open meditation every Sunday from 12–1pm. At the Reno Psychic Institute, 20 Hillcrest Drive, Reno. (775) 324-2872.

Free Chiropractic Workshop

MS Self Help Group Meetings

Get better faster, Stay better longer, Spend less money. New chiropractic technologies. FREE!!! Tuesday’s 6 – 7:30pm Reserve now - Call today! Jensen Chiropractic (775) 323-1222.

Groups are a source of information & support, an environment for people to gather & share. Groups meet in Reno, Sparks & Truckee. Call (800) 344-4867.

Transforming Loss Widening the Circle...It is painful life-loss such as this that holds the power to transform our lives. Weekly groups. Phone Terry Lowey at (775) 322-1924.

Free Health Lectures

Weekly Group Meditations

cated at City of Reno Council Chambers. For more info, call Everlasting Health Center at (775) 324-7382.

Group meditations on Mondays at 6pm & Fridays at 6:15pm. Om Home 3670 Grant Drive, Ste 104A, Reno NV. For more info: (775) 250-7756.

New Class at Body Wisdom Every first Thursday, 6:30-7:30pm. Lo- Physical Therapy

Be Financially Responsible Workshop Schedule a speaker for this workshop at your church, organization or in your home. Catherine Young, Independent Agent, United First Financial® ID 844579. (775) 250-4365,

Green Classes at Lake Tahoe Community College Intro to Green Sustainable Education: Thursdays, 6-7:50 pm and Green Career Planning: Thursdays, 8:10-9:30 pm. Register on line at: asp or call (530) 542 4660.

Gentle Yoga with Meredith Taddre, RYT. 5 week sessions – $60. Small class, individualized attention. Call (775) 827-3777.

Reiki Sessions and Training Reiki Healing Circle, Monday nights at The Institute for Inspired Living. Advanced training for practitioners, 6:30-7pm. $45 Public Reiki Sessions from 7-8pm. Call Cheryl Blossom (775) 338-8617.

Self Healing Course 2nd and last Saturday of every month. Step by step teaching and training on how to heal yourself. For more info, call Master John (775) 323-4455 or (775) 250-9050.

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“Why Diets Don’t Work” Free Seminar How to reprogram the metabolic switch from a fat storer to a fat burner in 6 weeks. Reshape your body permanently. 2nd Thursday of every month. Pre-registration required. Call (775) 250-6482. Virginia Parsons, MS, CCHT, CTLC.

Yoga Classes at Body Wisdom Physical Therapy Gentle Yoga with Meredith Taddre, RYT. 5 week sessions - $60. Small class, individualized attention. Call (775) 827 -3777.

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(Continued from page 52.) Through recent research we have become aware that the two hemispheres of the brain support two different qualities of consciousness. They are two different ways of looking at the world. A very simplistic expression of this traditional cultural polarity is spirituality and materiality, or religion and science. They are both legitimate perspectives that need to be balanced, individually and collectively. This achievement will result in a more advanced awareness of truth. Gemini rules this process and the resultant state of enlightened perception and understanding. Mercury is the planetary ruler of Gemini and its energy is more prominent now. Mercury rules the mind and is the one planet that is con-

· Personal, Business, Relationship & Relocational consultations Robert Ayres

· Metaphysical teacher · 40+ years of experience

530.550.1118 PO Box 727 · Truckee, CA 96160

sidered androgynous, or equally balanced in the masculine and feminine principles. Gemini and Mercury also rule the lungs and the respiratory system. The Twins is an air sign and air contains concentrated prana and chi. A truth known to yogis is that the breath controls the mind. If we learn how to control our breath through breathing exercises, it settles the mind and stimulates our life force. Breathing exercises or pranayama are one of the most potent means of achieving a true state of health. Because the mind is the master control for our whole system, bringing the mind into a state of balance results in the body achieving a state of balance. This is one of the definitions of true health. With the Sun in Gemini we are more susceptible now to allergies and other respiratory irritation and problems. Pollen counts are high now and if you have a tendency to succumb to these situations, take precautions. Various herbal teas and tinctures that can be helpful now are coltsfoot, lobelia, hyssop, mullein and yerba santa. THE ABOVE IS NOT MEANT TO BE TAKEN AS MEDICAL ADVICE. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL. 2009 All Rights Reserved, Robert Ayres Robert Ayres is an internationally known astrologer with over 40 years of experience. He can be reached for personal consultations at (530) 550-1118. Go to ad on THIS page.

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June 2009



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Healthy Marketplace For past Beginnings issues, go to:

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bout Ask a iscounts! ed volum

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Health Retail Opportunities Available For pastCare issues, go to: 56 June 2009

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