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2020 Community Report

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Years in the Community As we celebrate our 25th year, we proudly report that HPSJ started with 300 members and now serves over 365,000. Health Plan of San Joaquin (HPSJ) is the local initiative and serves as the leading managed care plan in San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties. The majority of residents who qualify for Medi-Cal in San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties can confidently choose our publicly funded, notfor-profit HMO plan. HPSJ's strong community partnership gives us the ability to address critical issues while providing members with reliable, quality health care. With the support of our members, providers, health commission, and the dedication of our staff, we look forward to another 25 years of removing barriers to care and addressing health disparities for our community's most vulnerable families and individuals.


In This Together Through our partnerships with providers, such as San Joaquin County Health Care Services, Stanislaus Health Services Agency, Community Medical Centers and Golden Valley Health Clinics, we created drive-up clinics for well-checks and immunizations, and diabetes clinics for A1c testing and management. Here is a snapshot of other 2020 health events with our community partners: A member of our HPSJ Outreach team helps a resident at the 2020 Lodi Binational Health drive-thru event.

Community Medical Centers staff get ready for a mobile mammography clinic.

Joan Singson (SJCC) assesses a resident during a COVID-19 testing event.

Adventist Health medical staff complete questionnaires for community residents preparing for COVID-19 testing.


A Message from

Michael Schrader, CEO As the unprecedented events of 2020 unfolded, our community responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and wildfires. Through these challenges, HPSJ reaffirmed the core values that have long defined our service to vulnerable individuals and families. For over two decades, HPSJ has been dedicated to broadening access to high-quality health care services by engaging members and local stakeholders to expand our provider network and effectively deliver programs to support the health care safety-net. Building on 25 years of service to San Joaquin Valley residents, HPSJ has worked beyond the challenges of 2020 to advance community health by: ▪ Strengthening partnerships with community-based organizations, network providers, and local public heath leaders; ▪ Collaborating across counties to foster a shared vision for improving health; ▪ Directing pandemic outreach initiatives and convenings of longterm care providers; ▪ Supporting COVID-19 vaccination efforts; and ▪ Helping distribute medical-grade PPE to health care practices and procuring cloth face masks for schoolchildren.

As HPSJ looks to the future, we remain focused on serving our members and partnering to leverage regional resources to meet the health care needs of the San Joaquin Valley.

To highlight pioneering efforts by HPSJ to enhance the local health care landscape, we proudly share with you our newest Community Report. As HPSJ looks to the future, we remain focused on serving our members and partnering to leverage regional resources to meet the health care needs of the San Joaquin Valley. In the pages ahead, we welcome you to learn about some of our local strategies for improving health.


Our Health Commission One of our greatest strengths – a blend of diverse, multi-generational public servants, community representatives and local physicians to provide guidance to Health Plan of San Joaquin. Greg Diederich Director of Health Care Services, San Joaquin County Jay Wilverding San Joaquin County Administrator Dr. Neelesh Bangalore, MD Medical Society Delegate Kathy Miller SJC Board of Supervisors Chuck Winn SJC Board of Supervisors Sheela Kapre, MD Chief Medical Officer, San Joaquin General Hospital Michael Herrera, DO Medical Society Delegate John Zeiter, MD San Joaquin County Medical Society Brian Jensen – Hospital Council of Central & Northern California Frank “Larry” Ruhstaller Community Representative Christine Noguera CEO of Community Medical Centers

Health Plan of San Joaquin has a proven track record for their dedication and commitment to serving our community. I am proud of the work we have accomplished and have confidence in our plans to achieve stability during the pandemic and pursue new endeavors that will provide access to quality healthcare to more people. Greg Diederich, Chair San Joaquin Health Commission


Dollar General on Martin Luther King Boulevard in Stockton received COVID-19 masks, banners, and handouts for their customers.

40,000 Masks distributed locally



Outbound messages to nearly 250,000 members


COVID-19 calls completed


COVID-19 mailers sent to member households

The Impact of COVID-19 in 2020 When the pandemic began, innovation and strategy allowed HPSJ to move quickly and nimbly to put our members and their families at the forefront of COVID-19 outreach and education. We worked proactively to communicate with members and health care partners to protect public health and minimize virus transmission in our community. As the phases of the pandemic progressed, HPSJ initiated four strategic COVID-19 campaigns by phone, text, and mail to reach our members. HPSJ nurses focused on helping high-risk members register for vaccinations. Community education efforts included multilingual messaging on buses, billboards, radio, and social media. HPSJ leveraged our network of over 150 community partners to contact people in hard-to-reach neighborhoods sharing details about food pantries, mental health resources, and educational support for our seniors. In addition to distributing masks to medical personnel, employees, students, and community members, HPSJ hosted a virtual COVID-19 vaccine briefing for providers. As member needs evolve, HPSJ will continue to support providers in safely reopening and encourage members to return to the office and leverage telehealth service. I have been HPSJ collaborated with local public health officials sheltering in place to ensure consistent and accurate COVID-19 because I have messaging, demonstrating our commitment to COPD and need a lung stand together in the face of adversity. transplant. Thank you for the text message reminding me to stay home. – HPSJ Member


Providing Access to Quality Healthcare Health Plan of San Joaquin works hard to reverse negative health care trends in diverse, low-income communities—trends driven by limited access to care and language and socioeconomic barriers. Some of our recent efforts include:





Me and My Baby Program

a d My B

In 2020, HPSJ was a top performer in vaccination rates and prenatal care for pregnant women and postpartum care for new mothers. Extra resources were directed to support and educate expecting and new mothers about COVID19’s impact during and after their pregnancy.

Provider Satisfaction Scores HPSJ ranks in the top 5-10% for provider satisfaction.


Overall Satisfaction


Would recommend Health Plan of San Joaquin

Children's Health Outreach Reflecting on our Women's Health Initiative: The I Choose Me campaign was family-oriented and women-empowered. To this day, members and partners tell me how much they loved this campaign. Salyna Koeut HPSJ Health Promotions Specialist


Concerned with declines in immunizations and children’s health, HPSJ improved outreach to members and families to encourage vaccinations. As health care practices began re-opening, we mailed postcards and called members to remind them to schedule well-child visits and immunizations.

Fostering Member-Provider-Plan Relationships Health Plan of San Joaquin's robust pay-for-performance program compensates providers for meeting preventative medicine requirements. HPSJ members are encouraged and rewarded for taking charge of their health through our myRewards program. By supporting our providers to engage their patients we continue to see better health outcomes.

Timely Access

Health care must be available when needed. In 2020, HPSJ ranked number two out of 38 Medi-Cal and commercial health plans for providing timely access to members for urgent and non-urgent care. Our provider partners’ efficient processes and data collection played a huge role in this achievement.

I am grateful for HPSJ’s continued partnership as we expand to meet the growing needs of the community. Christine Noguera, CEO Community Medical Centers


HPSJ helps our providers improve their patient care and practice management. Our Provider Partnership Program includes sharing best practices, removing barriers to compliance with requirements, and improving processes for more efficient member service.

The pandemic has brought new challenges to us all. Our partnership with HPSJ has helped us tremendously in tracking children who are due for well child visits and vaccines. Through virtual waiting rooms, segregation of sick patients, and telehealth services we have actively been caring for patients in the safest way possible. We look forward to collaborating with HPSJ in implementing state-mandated measures that will further help children in our community with issues such as obesity and mental health as well. Anuradha Dubey M.D. All For Kids


Community Focused Health Plan of San Joaquin's service to members goes beyond the plan and into the community. In 2020, we participated in health fairs, convened health conferences and sponsored community events. We awarded 43 scholarships worth $77,000 to local students pursuing a health care profession. By the end of the year, our employees raised more than $34,000 to support United Way programs providing food, shelter and educational resources to local families. Loretta Olson, 2020 scholarship awardee

Stepping Up for Safety

Engaging Our Members

San Joaquin Medical Society partnered with Health Plan of San Joaquin to distribute PPE to140 local practices.

Health Plan of San Joaquin's Community Advisory Committee (CAC), met virtually in 2020. The 29 community representatives of HPSJ's CAC continue to provide valuable feedback to help us tailor our programs and services to meet the needs of our community.

In addition, HPSJ distributed 40,000 face masks and kits to community organizations and local grocery stores. A partnership with San Joaquin Public Health resulted in distribution of an additional 304,000 masks to 239 neighborhood schools with CARES Act funding.

I love receiving HPSJ health education materials in the mail. They are very helpful. More HPSJ presence is beneficial to the community we live in.

Nancy Dinant, CAC member I like how HPSJ gets involved to see how we can help the community. I feel closer to the community now and when I get asked questions, I have the right answers.

Edith Castaneda, CAC member HPSJ has always been very helpful. I love the member incentives and all the services provided. From Left to Right: Mike Steenburgh (CMA, Executive Director), Lisa Richmond (SJMS, Executive Director), Michael Schrader (HPSJ, CEO), Lakshmi Dhanvanthari (HPSJ, CMO), Lizeth Granados (HPSJ, COO)


Danielle Juarez, CAC member

Our Membership

365,000 Children and Families

Elderly, Blind, and Disabled

64% Medi-Cal/Medicare Dual Eligibles

7% Adult Medi-Cal Expansion


3% Latino – 50.3%

Caucasian – 20.2% Asian/Pacific Islander – 13.3% African American – 7.4% Other – 8.5%

Our Members by Gender



53.7% 46.2%

Our Network

Our Members by Age

0 to 18 19 to 64 65 & up

Health Plan of San Joaquin has a history of serving our members in partnership with safety-net and traditional Medi-Cal providers.

50.2% 48.6% 1.1%


Primary Care Providers


Local Hospitals


Physician Specialists


Federally Qualified Health Centers


Rural Health Centers


We Are Stewards of Public Funds We enter our 25th year as the only not-for-profit health plan in the region. With financial impacts due to COVID-19 affecting state budgets and the financial health of many organizations, we remain steadfast stewards of public funds. The annual revenue HPSJ receives is distributed to cover member health care costs. It flows to local hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, community providers and HPSJ operations.


Average monthly number of claims paid by HPSJ

Revenue Growth

$1.1 billion

Revenue through state/federal funding

1,100,000,000 1,000,000,000


Annual revenue

900,000,000 800,000,000

$89.7 million

700,000,000 600,000,000

Of our revenue goes to our network providers to care for our members

Per month to our providers to cover the cost of care for our members

500,000,000 400,000,000 300,000,000 200,000,000 100,000,000 2016 2017




Efficient operations are critical to our mission. This is a strategic focus for our organization and is key to offering high-quality services to meet our members’ needs while generating revenue to reinvest back into our community. Michelle Tetreault HPSJ Chief Financial Officer


The Stockton Association for Youth Soccer program received COVID-19 masks, banners, and handouts for the public.

Reinvesting in Our Community There is more than one way to positively impact the health of the people of San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties. That is why, in addition to providing quality health care plans, we reinvest in the community. Many of our employees live locally and some have family members enrolled in HPSJ. Redirecting earned revenue back into the community benefits everyone. In 2020, much of this reinvestment could be seen in the community through our promotion of COVID-19 education and multimedia campaigns, support of literacy through book donations to local schools, and co-sponsorship of forums that address health inequities and help to dismantle structural racism.

The Turlock Adult School received COVID-19 educational materials and displays for their students.


A Look Ahead: We Aspire to Be Our Best

• We will identify health solutions that reach members in a culturally and linguistically appropriate way.


• We will continue to expand communication methods to meet the needs of our diverse and multi-generational member population.

mi th ,

HPSJ is ready to take action as recovery from the pandemic continues and state and federal healthcare undergoes rapid change.

I love the work I do. I want to make sure everyone gets the care they deserve and make them aware of the resources available. Me and my family’s lives have changed since I have worked for HPSJ. We are healthy and mindful and look after others in the same way – sharing our knowledge a with community ye 1 members. 1 Trina S

• Through collaboration with our valued providers, we will continue to make telehealth a mainstream way to access care. • We will continue to convene local and state leaders to support our community’s pandemic recovery and deliver real-time, relevant resources. With 25 years of experience, HPSJ is a beacon of knowledge in the healthcare community. As we look ahead, we will continue to leverage our strong relationships with local organizations and valued providers to expand coverage, enhance benefits and engage our members in new and innovative ways. NIMBLE


25 Years of HPSJ Spirit d

Da I will never vi forget HPSJ's ability to create and share our provider portal with other health plans. The work we did to install the system at each plan was memorable. It illustrated that we had become a leader using web technology to streamline care management processes and collaboration with provider office staff. I am proud to be part of a company that continues to prioritize innovation and growth.

Em on , ers

23 years

az ar es



ye a





ria lo G


Join the celebration! Sign our 25th Anniversary Virtual Guestbook and view our timeline at www.hpsj.com/25years








in ed nM Je







Seeing the open-mindedness, caring, and interest from our leadership to foster more diversity, equity and inclusion within our organization and the communities we serve makes me so proud to work for HPSJ. sis I know how Te rra it feels to not be ll, able to get medical 1y ea attention for my kids. r I have compassion for people who don't have healthcare coverage. I am proud to advocate for people to access medical a, care. 23 ye ars


Having the opportunity to help at the COVID vaccine clinic gave me a firsthand look at how one of our local providers/hospital clinics came together to make a difference in our community by educating the public and at the same time, boosting vaccination rates in our community.


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