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_______[ facility name ]________ Statement on Ethics and Standards of Conduct

The owners, managers and staff of _____________________________ are committed to operating within a high standard of medical and business ethics. This commitment stems from dedication to our corporate mission, our professional standards, our commitment to the communities we serve, and our commitment to our patients. We expect all allied professionals, employees and independent contractors who work with us to hold to the same high standards of conduct. Our specific standards of conduct include: •

We will place the interest of our residents above all others, and will strive to practice medicine at the highest possible level.

We will deal in an ethical manner with residents, their families, other providers, our employees, vendors, third party payers, government agencies, accreditation agencies, the media and all other parties interested in our professional performance.

We will design, implement and operate a corporate compliance plan.

We will strive to have each and every executive, administrator, allied professional, employee, and independent contractor fully informed on the operation of the compliance plan and fully committed to operating the plan so as the maintain corporate integrity.

We will strive to create an atmosphere where questions can be readily asked and possible violations can be readily reported.

We will specifically commit to complying with each and every federal and state statute, regulation and standard, with a specific emphasis on preventing errors, fraud and/or abuse,

We will strive to maintain clinical and business records in such a manner as to facilitate clinical care, efficient business operations and a high level of compliance.

We will strive to protect resident confidentiality to the highest degree possible.

We expect each person associated the company/facility to follow fully all policies and procedures, including clinical, safety, employment and business.

Statement on ethics  

Long-term care sample compliance policy statement