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Compliance Policy/Procedure Appointment of Associate Compliance Officer _________________________________________________________________________________________ _

Policy: If the size or complexity of the company so warrants, an Associate Compliance Officer (“ACO”) will be appointed annually by the Board, in consultation with the Compliance Officer. Procedures: 1. By December 1 of each year the Baord will appoint an ACO for the upcoming calendar year. The reappointment of the current ACO is acceptable upon a favorable evaluation of the current compliance program. 2. The ACO will be a senior administrator or staff member with sufficient authority and respect to properly complete the required duties. 3. The ACO will complete his/her duties in accordance with a written job description, which is attached and labeled “Job Description, Associate Compliance Officer.” 4. The ACO will be given adequate time and resources to fulfill the duties of the position. 5. The ACO will serve as interim Compliance Officer (“CO”) during the absence or disability of the CO.

Date Approved:____________________________________ Effective Date:___________________________________ Date Amended:_____________________________________ Date Revoked:___________________________________

Appointment of assoc compliance officer  

Long-term care sample compliance policy statement.

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