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Health and Life short listed for 2011 Telstra Awards!

Hi Everyone We have been short listed for the prestigious National 2011 National Telstra Business Awards. I am aware a couple of General Practices have been past Award Finalists and congratulations to them. We are eligible for four categories. The four Awards include National, State Winner, MYOB small Business and Yellow Pages Social Responsibility. We did rank high in the innovation category, however we missed out. We are hoping the two judge’s site visit may change their minds. For those of you who know what I mean, this feels like an accreditation!! Last year there were 4,500 applications and 10 were short listed. So the competition is pretty high. It had taken 60 hours to complete the application. It is a very thorough and self reflective process, well worth doing regardless of whether you think you have a chance. We certainly took this view. The free Business Health Check Report does challenge your weak spots. There is always room for improvement. See They look at all areas of your business from Marketing, Processes, People, Financial, Innovation and Social Responsibility. We spent a significant amount of resources on new services such as our new national practice High Performance Monthly Traffic Light reporting system see and new paperless technology. Win or lose it does not really matter. It is nice for our hard working and committed staff, valuable clients and supporters to be collectively recognised for this short listing. Early days yet, we are just happy we got this far. Wish us luck. We will keep you posted.

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Health and Life short listeed for Telstra Awards - Best Practice News Alert 178  

It had taken 60 hours to complete the application. It is a very thorough and self reflective process, well worth doing regardless of whether...