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Magazine & Annual Report

The mission of Head-Royce School is to inspire in our students a lifelong love of learning and pursuit of academic excellence, to promote understanding of and respect for diversity that makes our society strong, and to encourage active and responsible global citizenship. Founded in 1887, Head-Royce is an independent, non-denominational, coeducational, college-preparatory, K–12 school, which offers a challenging educational program to educate the whole child. The school nurtures the development of each individual student through a program that seeks: » to develop intellectual abilities such as scholarship and disciplined, critical thinking; » to foster in each student respect, integrity, ethical behavior, compassion and a sense of humor; » to promote responsibility and leadership, an appreciation of individual and cultural differences, and a respect for the opinions of others; » to nurture aesthetic abilities such as creativity, imagination, musical and visual talent; and » to encourage joyful, healthy living; a love of nature; and physical fitness. All members of the Head-Royce community strive to create an educational environment that reflects the school’s core values of academic excellence, diversity and citizenship, and one in which each student can thrive. We believe that a program based on these core values will prepare our students to be effective global citizens as they face and embrace the challenges and the opportunities of the future.

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Winter Magazine 2013

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2  Head-Royce School ··· Magazine Winter 2013

Community is a word we use often at Head-Royce. Our students comprise a network of learners. We strive to be a community that reflects the school’s core values of academic excellence, diversity and citizenship. As a group, we appreciate individual and cultural differences and respect the opinions of others. We are a community that is self-reflective and ever changing. And we are a community within others—a group of currently enrolled families within a larger body of alumni and their families within the City of Oakland. Head-Royce recently published its first Community Impact Report. In it we paint the picture of the farreaching effects that we have not only on our students, but also on the Oakland youth that we educate through our Heads Up and Summer Enrichment programs; the dozens of local organizations and institutions that our students support through community service; the individuals that Head-Royce employs; and the Oakland businesses that we patronize. This magazine incorporates and expands on the information in that report, which can be viewed in its original form on our website. In this Annual Report, our community celebrates another record-breaking year of philanthropy by our parents, alumni, trustees, faculty, grandparents and friends. In 2012–13, we raised $1,311,061 for our

Annual Fund, a milestone that reflects a 6% increase in donations from 2011–12, which was also a recordbreaking year. We are deeply grateful to you, our donors, for believing in and supporting our mission, which is the heart of our school community.

Robert A. Lake

head of school

Looking ahead, Head-Royce will continue to evolve as we develop our Master Plan, with the ultimate goal of strengthening our position as a top-ranked national K–12 school and an important contributor to our local community. We could not move forward with such confidence without your past and continuing support. Thank you.

Betsy Crabtree

board chair

Head-Royce School ··· Magazine Winter 2013  3

2012–2013 Financial Summary percent

Operating Revenue Tuition & Fees .................................................. $24,289,819 Ancillary ................................................................ $2,661,917 Annual Giving ...................................................... $1,311,061 Interest & Other Income .................................. 1,137,611 $

Endowment Transfer ........................................... $696,883 Marsalis Event Revenue .................................... $149,820     Total ..................................................................... $30,247,111

Operating Expenses Salaries & Benefits ......................................... $14,968,944 Operating .............................................................. $4,695,318 Financial Aid ....................................................... $3,854,590 Plant ....................................................................... $3,179,709 Ancillary ............................................................... $2,059,909 Professional Development ..................................$337,197     Total ..................................................................... $29,095,667

80.3   8.8 4.3 3.8 2.3 0.5


51.4 16.1 13.2 10.9 7.1 1.2


Contribution to Reserves .................................$1,151,444

Endowment Status as of June 30, 2013 At the close of Fiscal Year 2012–13, the average one-year return on the endowment investment was 6% and the overall market value reached $15,968,582, an increase of 1% over the previous year. 4  Head-Royce School ··· Magazine Winter 2013


We created this Community Impact Report to demonstrate that we are not just a school with an Oakland address. Since 1964 we have made meaningful and positive contributions to our community. Many of our families come from Oakland. We live here. We work here. We shop here. We root for our local teams. And we raise our families here. Head-Royce is much more than just a school. We are an extension of the community, a vibrant member of the City of Oakland and a critical part of the Bay Area.

The report was sent to neighbors and city officials. To view it in its original form, go to Head-Royce School School ··· ··· Magazine Magazine Winter Winter 2013 2013  5   5 Head-Royce


Local Head-Royce Vendors Anleu Construction, Inc.

An Economic Partner

Bay Alarm Berkeley Chess School

Our students, parents, employees and alumni regularly patronize local businesses in the Montclair, Glenview, Rockridge and Dimond districts, and throughout the City of Oakland.

Epicurean Group Flowers by Myrna Nit Pixies

In 2012–13, Head-Royce spent approximately $865,000 in Oakland, $1.2 million across Alameda County and $2.6 million in the greater Bay Area. Whenever possible, the school works with small, local businesses—some relationships have been in place for decades.

Schaaf Design Shelby Designs & Illustrates Solstice Press LaBella’s Pool You Name It Promotions










6  Head-Royce School ··· Magazine Winter 2013

“We have worked with the Head-Royce School since 1993. Over those years, we have worked together on projects both big and small because they believe in supporting local businesses and they share our commitment to building a better community.” Gabby Siegel ’95, Solstice Press (on left shown with her family) Family-owned and operated green-certified local print shop in Oakland

Head-Royce School ··· Magazine Winter 2013  7


Job Creator Head-Royce is proud to be a vibrant part of the local economy, providing nearly 500 jobs last year. The school has a $30 million annual budget, including financial aid and operations as well as $15.6 million* in salaries and benefits. 84% of all employees live in Oakland or Alameda County. *2013–14 budget

Head-Royce Employs










Including 101 Summer Program counselors


Heads-Up is a year-round supplemental educational program that serves youth from Oakland public schools

8  Head-Royce School ··· Magazine Winter 2013

“I learned how to connect with kids more and make them understand what you’re trying to say while still maintaining your essence of responsibility. When you’re a counselor you’re looking after the kids and parents trust you so it’s important to stay responsible. But then again, if you’re too strict or too serious, the kids go back to parents and say ‘class with Speedy today was so boring!’ So you try to find a balance.” Chris B. ’15 (aka “Speedy”) Summer Enrichment Program counselor

“What I enjoyed most about working with the Summer Program this summer as a counselor was definitely the variety of personalities, including both counselors and campers, that were brought into one place with the common goal of having as much fun as possible. And when all these animated people who would otherwise have distant lives come together, everybody is better for it, having made connections they would never had made.” Chris W. ’15 Summer Enrichment Program counselor

Head-Royce School ··· Magazine Winter 2013  9


Diversity At Head-Royce, we pride ourselves on developing successful leaders for tomorrow and serving the City of Oakland and the East Bay. We believe that a school community rich in diversity provides the greatest opportunity for students to learn life’s lessons. Our academic program promotes the study and appreciation of all forms of diversity, including race, culture, religion, socio-economic, family structure, learning differences, disabilities, gender and sexual orientation. Our commitment to diversity extends throughout all aspects of the school— academic curriculum, hiring practices, extra-curricular activities and financial aid.

Inclusive Our students and families represent the full spectrum of genders, sexualities and family structures; all are welcome at Head-Royce. Our program includes: »» Partnerships with the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN), Our Family Coalition and Diversity Directions »» Assemblies featuring marriage equality advocates, transgendered persons and “Coming Out” celebrations »» Cultural competency training for faculty and use of the Welcoming Schools curriculum

Community Groups Making connections, strengthening community Family Affinity Groups: »» African American Families Network »» Asian Parents Network »» Gender and Sexuality Diversity Network »» Latino Families Network »» Learning Differences Network Student Groups: »» Asia Club »» Black Student Union

»» Mindfulness training for students and faculty

»» Gender Sexuality Diversity

»» Day of Silence and Gay Awareness Week

»» Indian Culture Club

»» Partnerships with organizations that increase educational opportunities for young people of color, including Educational Coalition for Hispanics in Oakland (ECHO) and A Better Chance

»» Latinos Unidos


“For over 12 years, Head-Royce School has been one of our strongest allies in supporting the work


of A Better Chance to open the doors to greater educational opportunities for high achieving, traditionally underserved students of color in the City of Oakland. Head-Royce School has always been a leader in this effort and has financially supported and graduated nearly 70 scholars during the length of our partnership.” Prasant Nukalapati, A Better Chance

10  Head-Royce School ··· Magazine Winter 2013











“We strive to bring more attention to the diversity of cultures and experiences within the Asian community at HRS. We’re here to support Asian students in expressing their individuality and celebrating their heritages. We also want to provide more resources for new families acclimating to the Head-Royce culture. Ultimately, we want to help our kids to become leaders who can speak for the whole community, not just for a particular affinity group.” Margaret Yee, Upper School (English) Asian Parents Network Leader, Asia Club Advisor

“We are pleased to launch a formal Indian Culture Club this year, open to students of any background. So far, we hosted Renuka Gupta of the Pardada Pardadi school from India and led a joint discussion with Asia Club on the controversies surrounding the Miss America pageant. We also

“I’ve had an awesome time with the Gender Sexuality Diversity Club. We’re talking about issues that are contemporary and relevant to our community here at Head-Royce. We’re on the cusp of a social shift; we are seeing the world change around us.” Andy P. ’15

“I love being in the Gender Sexuality Diversity Club because I’m around people who are passionate about accepting others and working towards equality. It’s so rewarding to see our community grow and evolve and witness our hard work pay off.” Rachel A. ’15

educate others about South Asian culture via dance presentations and lectures. We recently hosted a mehndi (henna) booth at the All-School Fair and look forward to hosting a festival of colors (Holi) celebration in the spring.” Neethi Venkateswaran Upper School Faculty (Math) Indian Culture Club Advisor

Head-Royce School ··· Magazine Winter 2013  11

Nia—A Part of HRS’ Diverse Fabric Nia is the Swahili word for “purpose.” The school’s Nia group brings a prominent African American speaker to the Head-Royce campus each year as well as established the Nia Scholarship Fund in 2003 to provide financial support a student of color. “Yes, diversity means including and celebrating all races, creeds and colors. However, diversity comes with work, education and effort. Diversity is part of the institutional fabric of Head-Royce. One part of that fabric is Nia which celebrates African Americans and addresses issues that impact our community. Working with Nia has been a cornerstone of our experience at Head-Royce. Nia has made a significant difference. It makes a difference to have an endowed scholarship to support students of color. It makes a difference to have a Speaker of Color Series that remembers the history and celebrates past and current African Americans. It makes a difference to educate and inform all people about the issues and challenges that African Americans face. For our family, it has been important to be in an educational environment that supports and uplifts our children and allows us to openly share our diversity. We are willing to work hard to make sure that we impact the future diversity of Head-Royce and make a difference for other African American students and families. We are part of the fabric of Head-Royce.” Vangeria Harvey, Parent

12  Head-Royce School ··· Magazine Winter 2013

From left to right: Vangeria Harvey, Parent, Harrison ’17, Madison ’22 and Haywood Harvey, Parent

Head-Royce School ··· Magazine Winter 2013  13


Financial Aid Head-Royce is a destination for students throughout the Bay Area—students come from Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley and over 30 other communities in the East Bay and beyond to attend HRS. We also enroll international exchange students in the Upper School. This year, Head-Royce awarded more than $4.2 million* in financial aid to 229 students, representing 26% of the student body. We offer more financial aid than 99% of all other Bay Area independent schools.






*2013–14 budget















14  Head-Royce School ··· Magazine Winter 2013



“The financial aid program at HeadRoyce School has more than quadrupled since 1978. With this growth has come a tremendous increase in socioeconomic, racial and ethnic diversity at the school. We celebrate that our students engage with a wide range of friends and share interesting lessons in diverse classrooms because the school has made access and inclusion a priority. How fortunate we all are that our mission of scholarship, diversity and citizenship can be realized because our financial aid program provides educational opportunity to families coming from many East Bay communities and beyond.” Catherine Epstein Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

Head-Royce School ··· Magazine Winter 2013  15



Building Strong Communities

We have made a commitment to our neighbors to minimize traffic on Lincoln Avenue. Our transportation program helps us do just that. We ask HRS families to follow the school’s driving rules, offer two bus options and a carpool program. Over the last two

an sR d.

em Cl

n ffi Rd







Approximately one-third of our students currently ride the bus to school through our subsidized bus service or AC Transit.


A v e.


al tv ui


e. Av

Head-Royce School


  Provided financial support for supplemental neighborhood security patrol (in partnership with neighbors)


  Placed traffic control measures on Lincoln Avenue, in partnership with the city and the Cerebral Palsy Center


  Closed internal road and shifted many deliveries to the main entrance on Lincoln Avenue


  Led the charge to get a 4.5–ton limit set for trucks traveling on Lincoln Avenue


Ave .

le i tt



l co Lin


Av e.

Av e

  Three full-time security guards have averted robberies and break-ins at neighborhood homes (security area shown in gold)




i ll


Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Ascension


s R d.



Ra ve  3


e. Av

ns wo o

Lin co ln

Av e.


re st H


Neighborhood Commitment er




years, the school has invested nearly $500,000 in a bus program, substantially increasing ridership. We believe this investment is important for student safety, the environment and to minimize traffic impact on the neighborhood.

Head-Royce believes in being an active member of the local community. We work hand in hand with our neighbors and believe our presence bolsters the security of the neighborhood.

Ho ov


16  Head-Royce School ··· Magazine Winter 2013


Ln .

Lincoln Child Center

(Recently Purchased)

School’s security guard area Private security patrol district (school contributes to financially)

Transportation Subsidy



2011–2012 School Year

Additional Efforts







School Year

School Year


Offering free bus service this year to Summer Enrichment Program students to minimize car traffic on Lincoln Avenue

Dedicating more than 20 people each day to managing afternoon dismissal, streamlining the bus and automotive queues

Monitoring traffic flow and reacting in real-time to ease backup on Lincoln Avenue and surface streets

Encouraging faculty and staff to carpool, bike or use alternate methods of transportation

“The AC Transit line 604 has been great for getting to and from HeadRoyce. My daughter is in 11th grade and this is our 7th year using the 604. We live in North Berkeley and the drop off at North Berkeley BART is very convenient.” Cynthia Perry, Parent, Rachel ’15

“As a longtime member of the Head-Royce community, I’m pleased to be playing a role in how we engage with our neighbors and the city. This year, we’ve been working closely with our neighbors to host events on common issues, like security, and sponsored a booth at the Dimond district’s annual Oaktoberfest street fair. It’s incredibly important that we become part of fabric of the local community.” Mary Fahey, Director of Community Relations (pictured at left)

Head-Royce School ··· Magazine Winter 2013  17


Community Service

“Working with these kids was a great experience. Putting a smile on their faces whenever I saw them made my day.”

We believe that serving one’s local community is part of good citizenship and it is an integral part of our mission. Students from kindergarten to 12th grade engage with local and regional agencies as well as international non-governmental organizations. »» Teachers in grades K–8 identify projects linked to the academic curriculum and provide opportunities for students to serve and learn. »» A student-driven Community Service Board leads the program for students in grades 9–12, identifying opportunities and pairing students with organizations. To the right is a list of organizations that are currently being served, or have been served, by Head-Royce students:

“Rebuilding Together Oakland is celebrating its 20th

Joshua D. ’17, Volunteer at St. Vincent Academy

ENVIRONMENTAL LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS »» Alameda Community Food Bank »» Alameda County Food Bank »» Bay Area Hispano Institute for Advancement

»» Friends of Sausal Creek

»» First Tee

»» Go Green Foundation

»» Habitat for Humanity »» Lincoln Child Center

»» Lake Merritt/Berkeley Marina clean-ups

»» Milo Foundation

»» Sunol Agricultural Park

»» Piedmont Gardens

»» Berkeley Men’s Shelter

»» Rebuilding Together Oakland

»» Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (BOSS)

»» Salvation Army (Booth Child Development Center)

»» Centro Vida Children’s Program


»» Cerebral Palsy Center

»» East Bay Regional Park District

»» Special Olympics

SCHOOLS »» Futures Elementary »» New Highland Elementary »» Sequoia Elementary School

anniversary and Head-Royce has partnered with us

»» Clausen House

»» The Paden School

from the beginning, making us an integral component

»» East Bay Depot for Creative Re-Use

»» The Encompass School

of the school’s service learning program. Hundreds of


Head-Royce students and faculty have volunteered

»» Ama Ghar Children’s Home (Nepal)

with our organization to repair the homes of lowincome elderly and disabled homeowners and renovate community facilities throughout Oakland.” Kym Luqman, Executive Director Rebuilding Together Oakland Parent of Aminiah ’13

18  Head-Royce School ··· Magazine Winter 2013


»» A New Hope for Cambodian Children

»» Children’s Hospital Oakland

»» Kiva

»» Relay for Life »» UNICEF

»» Nothing But Nets

»» Vincent Academy

Quotes from second graders who participated in restoration efforts for Sausal Creek

“I liked walking in the water. If we don’t take care of our creek, we won’t have flowers on the bank.” JACOB P.

“I enjoyed stomping in the cool, green water. I love testing things no matter what, and this is important work because the creek helps a lot of plants grow.”

“It’s important to help the creek so that kids can play there at the park.”

“I really enjoyed helping Sausal Creek because it is our local watershed and provides water to the plants around it.”

“I liked measuring the creek and putting a thermometer in it and measuring the depth. We can keep track of the measurements to see how it changes.” KYLER C.



JOHNNY W. Head-Royce School ··· Magazine Winter 2013  19


Founded in 1987 as a partnership between the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) and Head-Royce School, Heads Up is a year-round academic enrichment program that has served more than 1,000 low-income youth from Oakland. Now entering its 26th year, the mission of the Heads Up program is to provide underserved middle-school students of color from the OUSD with challenging and enriching educational programs to prepare them for academic success and to help them develop an appreciation for community and civic responsibility. The vast majority of Heads Up students have traditionally been the first in their families to attend college. Oversight for the program—including teaching, mentoring and fundraising—is provided by Head-Royce. Donations to the program directly fund Heads Up’s annual operations.

20  Head-Royce School ··· Magazine Winter 2013

“For many of the Heads Up students, arriving to a safe campus is a unique experience within itself and offers a temporary break from the harsh realities of the violence and poverty that accompany their daily life. Heads Up is their access to greater opportunity and without it, they become statistics competing in a broken system just like everyone else.” Dexter Moore Jr., Heads Up Teacher (pictured right)

“We are big fans of the Heads Up program as it provides students a safe environment to pursue their love of learning. The program also focuses on teaching the students how to advocate and speak up for themselves. This combination allows the students to have pride in their work and achieve their goals back in their own classrooms.” Samantha and Marc Furstein Parents of Jessica ’21 and Jayden ’24

(L to R) Mously Diakhate, Heads Up alumna and Dexter Moore Jr., Heads Up teacher

“As a first-generation college student, I don’t have anyone in my (immediate) family who has gone on to college ... The Heads Up Program essentially became my uncle who graduated medical school or my mentor who knew me well enough to write me a stellar recommendation. The program became my family ... I cannot imagine my life without Heads Up. It provided me with the extra resources I could not find through the Oakland public school system. Heads Up truly bridged my two worlds, helping me become the woman I am today.” Mously Diakhate, Heads Up alumna




Head-Royce School ··· Magazine Winter 2013  21


Facing Environmental Challenges Head-Royce aims to be a leader in sustainability. By teaching students to be stewards of their communities, the earth and its resources, we educate the next generation of leaders to make a difference in improving the environment for humanity. The educational program emphasizes ecological sustainability, environmental health, nutrition, personal responsibility and leadership.

Members of the Upper School Green Team

Upper School student body co-presidents

“When we were talking about running for president, we realized we wanted to do something that would make an impact on the school and the larger community. We thought about how climate change is the biggest challenge we’re facing and so working on the school’s Dylan C. ’14

Thomas P. ’14

22  Head-Royce School ··· Magazine Winter 2013

impact on it was best thing to do.”

“I think a lot of high school students live in close proximity to each other but it’s a challenge to carpool when people have different schedules. We definitely have too many cars in the lot when we could encourage people to reduce their carbon footprint and carpool or take the bus.”

“The school has created a really fabulous busing infrastructure and we know that there are many kids who could take bus but don’t. So we’re working on that as well as (the school) divesting from (investment in) fossil fuels as the two big things this year.”

“I am grateful to work at a school that weaves an understanding of our interconnectedness with everything living into our curriculum and supports students making changes to preserve this precious balance with nature. The environment has awesome powers of healing and our students have been raised with environmental ideals, from teachers as well as parents.” Laura Galligan Chair of the World Languages Department

50% 2006

Over reduction in landfill waste since


of the

building materials for our

LEED Gold-certified Upper School building were sourced with

412 60kw

solar panels on campus generate

of energy in newest buildings produced by their own solar panel



recycled content


Upper School building features efficient plumbing fixtures that reduce water consumption by

of total electricity is generated by

solar panels


2007 3rd school Green Business


organic, edible garden classroom


, Head-Royce became only the

in Alameda County to be certified Our food provider purchases our food, including

as a

cage-free hormone-free products local sources

by the Bay Area Green Business Program

eggs, and



FOCUS AREAS »» Solid waste reduction and recycling »» Energy conservation

Re-certified as a Green Business in


Use only

green-seal cleaning products and low

volatile paints and carpets

»» Water conservation »» Pollution prevention

Head-Royce School ··· Magazine Winter 2013  23


2012–2013 Giving A Head-Royce education guides students toward lives of intellectual leadership and engaged citizenship, made possible by the philanthropic generosity of our community. The 2012–13 school year closed with another record-breaking year in fundraising. Our loyal supporters—trustees, parents, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents, faculty and staff, foundations and friends — enable us to sustain the pursuit of excellence for which the school is known. On behalf of a grateful school community, thank you to our donors and volunteers for your generosity and support.

24  Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013

Head-Royce //  Annual Report


Gift Summary by Area Annual Fund ...................................................... $1,311,061 Heads Up ................................................................ $182,137 Marsalis Event Revenue .................................. $149,820 Restricted & Special Gifts ................................... $29,680 Endowment & Facilities ...................................... $28,884

77   10.7 8.8 1.8 1.7


56 17 9 7 5 4 1 1


    Total ..................................................................... $1,701,582

Gift Summary by Constituency Current Parents ................................................... $962,005 Current & Past Trustees ................................... $293,543 Alumni .................................................................... $145,293 Parents of Alumni ............................................. $119,720 Corporations & Foundations .............................. $83,421 Current & Past Grandparents ............................ $61,309 Current, Past Employees & Friends ................ $26,078 Parents Association .............................................. $10,213     Total ..................................................................... $1,701,582

Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013  25

26  Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013

Annual Fund Donors by Level At the conclusion of the fiscal year on June 30, 2013, a total of 1,011 donors contributed $1,311,061 to the Annual Fund, a new record in fundraising for Head-Royce! Thank you to each of our donors and tireless volunteers. Special thanks goes to our indefatigable Annual Fund Co-Chairs, Rachelle Hebrard and Marcia Pillon.

Leadership Giving Includes Gifts of $2,500 and Above BENEFACTOR’S CIRCLE $50,000 AND ABOVE Anonymous (2) Alan & Lauren Dachs Charles & Ivette Esserman Matthew & Martina Scanlan

1887 FOUNDER’S CIRCLE $25,000–$49,000 Derek & Rachel Benham Seo Hak Lee & In Sook Kim Susan Sherrerd

Daniel & Lily Chao

Brenda & Jeremy Wagner

Paul Davies III ’79 & Pilar Davies

Frank & Melissa Williams

Jessica & Mike Dodson

Leland Jones ’88


Lakeside Foundation

AED Foundation

Laura Davies Mateo ’75

Steve & Elizabeth Baus

MCM Foundation

Rob & Shannon Bloemker

David Nagle & Joya Gray

Kevin & Shauna Brennan

William & Carla Newell

David & Susan Brody

Linnaeus Thomson Fund of Tides Foundation

Michael Novogradac & Barbara Forsberg-Novogradac

Robert & Mary Jo Cook

Erik & Kirsi Tiemroth

Elizabeth Crabtree & William Hirsch

Michael & Nancy Torres

Tim Ripsteen ’93 & Vanessa Mandel Ripsteen ’93

ANNA HEAD CIRCLE $10,000–$24,999

Martha Sellers & Luigi Semenzato

Rick Arney ’88 & Lucy Arney

Weston & Lisa Settlemier

Charlie Baxter & Jinee Tao

Jim & Marilyn Simons

Courtney Carroll ’91 & Brent Bamberger ’91

Michael & Renée Sitzman

Jim & Susan Cavalieri

Elliot Peters & Therese O’Neill Peters

JOSIAH ROYCE CIRCLE $5,000– $9,999

Michael & Elyse O’Sullivan

Marc & Sheryl Stuart Joan Bradley Wactor ’76 & Jon Wactor

 ✤ Those who gave in honor of the 125th Anniversary

Peter & Melinda Darbee Robert Gailey & Sara Brody Google Matching Gift Program John & Michelle Henry

Fred & Marcia Pillon Harold & Marian Smith Michael & Joëlle Stallone Zack & Tricia Stenger Sedge Thomson & Sylvia Brownrigg

Abigail Dachs Vix ’96 Katherine Welch Wells Fargo Foundation Mark Zitter & Jessica Nutik Zitter

David & Linda Hong David & Carmela Irwin Kyle Johnstone ’92 & Kirsten Johnstone

Dean Artis & Vivien Williamson Paul Ash & Silvia Fernandez

Tejal Patel ’86 & Laszlo Muhl

Rachelle & Michael Hebrard

S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation

Ken & Joy Caruana

Frank & Lesley Yeary

Prabhleen & Baljit Gill

Savvas Papaiacovou & Randa Brandt

MARY E. WILSON CIRCLE $2,500–$4,999

John & Blakely Atherton Stephen & Jennifer Bai David Baraff & Cynthia Adams Brannin & Julie Beal Diane Bessette & Peter Denwood Robert Blackburn & Ann Smulka Drew & Bethany Burns Gregory Call & Carolyn Sherwood Call Jeff & Eva Camp Peter & Lisa Cella Walter Chen & Xiao Qing Wu Joseph Cheng & Sara Reinganum Phillip & Julia Chin Charles Constanti & Erica Benson ✤ Frank & Grace De Miguel Laura & Derek de Petra Steven & Betsy Dixon

Anonymous (3)

Noah & Sandra Doyle

Robert & Heather Lake

Kranthi & Jaya Achanta

Peter & Sigrid Duesberg

Nicholas Leach & Leah Robinson-Leach

Phil & Mary Albert

EAD Foundation Francis & Noriko Enderle Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013  27

Head-Royce Annual Fund  //  Donors by Level continued

Leadership Giving Continued

Peter & Lisa Engstrom Mark & Kimberly Epstein Neal Finkelstein & Rebecca Johnson Nicole Engh Florance ’87 & Stephen Florance Marc & Samantha Furstein ✤ Robert & Anita Gardyne Evan Gilbert ’88 & Victoria Shelton James & Lisel Greenfield Ephraim & Donna Greenwall Gary & Elna Hall Richard & Elizabeth Hedreen Eric & Rhonda Hjort Carrie Horsey Timothy & Cara Hoxie Kenneth Hui & Siu-Ling Ku Scott Jackson & Rosemary Antonopoulos Jewish Community Federation & Endowment Fund

Andrew Moon & Eleanore Kim-Moon Brian & Patricia Napper Chris Newton & Eve Rodler Glenn & Heidi Noga Elena Ortega ’71 & Frank O’Brien Richard Otter & Gloria Saito Umesh & Avani Patel Peter & Alison Ratcliffe Teresa Renaker & Robin Kojima Lawrence Richards & Ashley Magargee George Roderick & Rosemary Gillespie

Scott Verges & Britta Sjogren


D. Scott Ruegg ’79 & Heather Ruegg

Geoffrey & Secil Watson

Noah & Allison Hagey

John Wiley

Robert Hartinger & Linda Taga

Georgios Sakoulis & Brandi Khoei

John Woolard & Sam Deaner

Edward & Natalie Henrich

Danny & Emily Wu

Sarah Herringer ’04

Bennett Yang & May Yu

Gregory Heywood & Kristen Kwan

The San Francisco Foundation Edgard Sanchez & Olivia DeAnda Sanjiv Sanghvi & Caren Shapiro Frederick Schnider

Wendy Jordan ’63

Nilamber & Lydia Shrestha

Daniel & Bamidele Kammen

Andrew Singer & Alesia Barrett Singer

Raymond Kwong & Anna Pon John & Caroline La Voie Crystal Land & William Miller

Robert Staples & Ellen Smyth Staples

T.R. & LEA HYDE CIRCLE $1,500–$2,500

John & Alison Hightower Thomas & Sandra Holland


Keith Holloway & Nancy So

Rick Andrade & Jamie Cutland

Yvonne Hopkins-Ekdahl ’83 & Kjell Ekdahl

Mark & Stacy Batzdorf Joe & Stefanie Cannizzo

Michael Johnson & Elizabeth Glenewinkel

Gunther Stein & Emily Taylor

Chevron Ken Conour

Edward Lee & Rhonda Righter

Andrew Stoddard & Kris van Eeghen-Stoddard

Jim Lin & May Chiu

Eric Talley & Gillian Lester

Ken Dupee & Nancy Scanlon

Matthew Lituchy & Lori Mazurek

Theresa Tao & Charles Jones

Charles Dyke & Alison Tucher

Paul Markovich & Lisa Alumkal

Robert & Jasmine Tarkoff

Robert & Catherine Einspruch

Mark Mears & Balvinder Kaur Mears

Emily Dachs Taylor ’01

Michael & Sally Fitzhugh

Daniel Oppenheimer ’85 & Sarah Tunik

Michael Tubach & Amrita Singhal

Judith Ford

Eric & Susan Poncelet

John & Justine Milani

Shelby Tupper ’80 & Erich Tupper

Robert Fulgham & Heidi Lustig ✤

Mark Richards & Sarah Noonberg

Mark Min & Susanna Bang

Lea & Pat Van Ness

GE Foundation

Wayne & LaTonya Robinson

Matt & Sarah Langdon

Jeff & Andrea Meghrouni-Brown

28  Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013

Leo & Lee Dorado

Adel & Mirzeta Khalil Kenneth & Darlene Lem Nick & Susan McCully Eric & Jacqueline Mowat Brant & Hilary Newman

David Sandford ’85 & Sandra Doi Debo Sarkar & Yasmin Kudrolli Kurt Scherer & Valerie Constable James Sethian & Daniela Ushizima Edward & Patricia Sham Rebecca Shapley ’92 Michael & Shauna Stark Michael & Yvonne Thompson TPG Capital Visa International Robert Wirth & Helen Yu Samson & Grace Wu Margaret & Paul Yee Yongzhong Zong & Chuntao Hou Dr. Edie Zusman & Stephen Pratt

DANIEL & CATHERINE DEWEY CLUB $1,000–$1,499 Anonymous (2) Tracy Achorn Advent Matching Gifts Fund Erica & Eric Bachman Cyril Birch Daniel Bodner & Ruth Singer Michael & Kathleen Bracco Walden & Sally Browne Linda Brownrigg & Philip Lewis

Michael Levi & Natalie Roe Michael Lindheim & Melissa Schwartz-Lindheim

GREEN & GOLD CLUB $500–$999 Anonymous (7)

Jan Nielsen Little ’75 & Rory Little

Abbott Fund Matching Grant Plan

Suzanne Smith Mangus ’69 & Rodney Mangus

Joshua Abraham & Amitra Mamdouhi

Michael & Kristine Marubio

James Anthony & Kristy Feck

Erin McCune ’86

Sandeep & Amar Aujla

John & Karen Medford

Christopher & Jane Bachmann

Michael & Christina Meyer

Andrew Backer & Stephanie Rafanelli

Mark Burget & Ann Skartvedt

W. John Miottel III ’79 & Jean Banker

Calvert Foundation

Russ Mitchell & Juanita Yun

Bank of the West

Ting Chen & Weiqing Xu

Al Newman

Ken Barclay & My Tang

Carey Chern & Juliana Wong ✤

Mark & Laura Novak

Cassandra Benjamin

Jeff & Lori Colvin

Nina Wagner Oliai ’86 & Fred Oliai

Jeffrey & Jocelyne Birren

Mark & Hannah Davis

Jeffrey & Millie Baird

Jake Furber & Lindy Lowe

Robert Kieckhefer

Patrick Dawkins & Terri Dunn Dawkins

Petros & Lynne Pelos 

Corwin Booth ’84 & Margaret Booth

Bill & Lori Gallagher

Douglas & Bonnie Kim

Laurence & Alexis Pelosi

Steven & Susan Boranian ✤

John & Karen Gillis

Michael Kim & Sara Lee

Robin & Erica Dennings

Dominique & Nancy Philippine

Amanda Bryan ’75

Robert Gils & JoAnn Copperud

Suzanne Koga

Richard & Rebekah Drogin

Gregory & Rachel Quilici

William Glaser ’83

Daniel Kwon & Christine Lee

James Edwards & Erin Simms-Edwards

Jennifer Rainin ’85

Alan Carlson & Diane Cohen-Carlson Paul & Helen Chapman

Stella Glogover & Peter Bianchini

Christine Johnston Laddish ’61 & Timothy Laddish

John & Jayne Chipman

Dan Golden ’98

Alfred & Lynn Lau

David & Sarah Choi

Miron Goldgeil & Nurgul Toktogonova

Lisa Lawley

Luzanne & Tom Engh Jerry & Patricia Fosnaugh Steven & Carol Garrett Jason Ginsburg ’86 Stephen Gong & Susan Avila Kathryn Bryan Hampton ’71 & Gregory Hampton

Ben Rewis & Melanie Gideon Michael & Julia Robarts Seth & Margaret Rosen Jonathan Rosenson & Rebecca Lueck Rosenson Michael Sippey & Katrina Traywick

Frank & Maryellen Herringer

Daniel Sommer & Erika Anderson

Ann Hertelendy ’92

Roger Spencer & Nora Wong

Revell Horsey

Walter & Annette Stella

Keesoo Huh & Jisun Suh

John & Barbara Steuart

Robert & Linda Infelise

Barbara Joan Tiger Bass & Jeffrey Lewis

Intuit Corporation

Campbell & Lorelie Crabtree-Mansur Kenneth Crawford & Leonie McConville Stephen Debenham ’80 Deepak & Babita Dhawan Nancy Moncure Ditzler ’50 & Hugh Ditzler ✤ Sharon Eisenhauer Peter & Cori Ekman 

Jeffrey & Shannon Faucette

Brian & Kari Ann Jeffs

Harvey & Leslie Wagner Foundation

Elaine Feidelman & Bud Shuman

John H and Amy Bowles Lawrence Foundation

Jason Wong & Susan Hsu

John Fogg ’87 & Virginia Hewitt

Christopher Wornum & Anne Cook ✤

Todd Foster

Michael & Randi Lee Jackie & Dawn Lemoine

Chad & Kimia Zucker

 ✤ Those who gave in honor of the 125th Anniversary

Mark & Wendy Feldman

Kathryn Fox & Brigeda Bank

Charles Lee & Sook Kim

Goldman Sachs

Sang Yong Lee & Jung Eun Hong

Mark & Annie Goldsmith Marc Gordon & Sherri Burnett

Peter Leroe-Munoz ’98 & Rosanna Leung

Renata Hesse ’82

Levi Strauss Foundation

Elizabeth Hill

David Levin & Julie Scarpelli

Melvin & Jeanne Hing

Lois Ann Blemer Lippincott ’51 ✤

William & Susan Horning

Alfredo & Vivian Lopez ✤

John & Rita Hui Glen Ingalls & Renee Pacheco

Ray Louie & Diana Yuen

Katharine Irwin ’44

Matthew Lovell & Colleen Haikes

Jith & Inocencia Jayaratne JP Morgan Chase Foundation Daniel Judge & Christina Cordoza Kaiser Permanente

Kenneth & Roxane Louie

Christopher & Natalie Lucas Scott Magargee Bill Marchant ’82 & Anne Marchant

Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013  29

Head-Royce Annual Fund  //  Donors by Level continued Todd & Soo Masson

Eric & Jody Taylor

Jeanne Alvis ’78 ✤

Paul & Suzanne Binder

Kelly Brown & James Schaaf

John McArthur & Mara Luckmann

Ingrid Knudson Tillion ’73 & Alan Tillion

Robert Anderson & Laura Mameesh

Alice London Bishop ’54 & Robert Bishop ✤

Suzanne Bryan ’73

Adam & Vladlena McClure

Timothy & Peggy Toppin

Michael & Caren Andrews ✤

June Seifert McKenzie ’43

Leonardo & Monique Torio

Anne Chew Melbye ’54 & Richard Melbye ✤

Suiming Tu & Jiewei Zhao

Julie Williamson Aragon ’71 & Mark Aragon

Brendan Blakeley ’88 & Jennifer Jones ’89

Edward & Elaine Mitcham ✤ William & Dawn Moser Sean & Diana Mulligan Richard Nelson & Sharon Murphy Vincent Ng & Susan Mar-Ng Christi Niehans ’01 Daniel & Tish Niehans Katherine Nolan-Stevaux ’89 & Olivier Nolan-Stevaux

Hassan Vafai & Vida Sarrafan John & Melanie Vest Peter Vinella & Jeanette Jin Steven Vogel Rob & Carolyn von Behren Trong & Helen Vu Ronald & Jocelyn Weiss Louis & Tanya Willacy Terry Wit James Wright & Jean Hayward

Elizabeth Ortega

Robert & Kyndra Wu

Donald Ousterhout & Marlene Ma

Michael & Sachiko Yamamura

Kevin Owen & Akiko Tsuzuki

Ming Hua Zhu & Mandy Liao

Christian & Imelda Phillips

Shoshana Ziblatt & Mac Heebner

Lawrence Prozan & Linda Drucker Ernest & Jane Reddick Martin Reese & Estephania Galvao De Mello Reese Jeffrey Riebel & Jennifer Long Peter Roach & Monique Stevens Peter Ross & Shari Hollis-Ross Christopher & Elizabeth Russell Ann Sagramoso Rama Salvekar Paul & Erin Scott Heidi Shale Jeffrey Simon & Dana Cohen Steven & Gioia Suplick Kent Suzuki & Lisa Washburn

Yongliang Zhang & Yuning Lu

JAYHAWKS CLUB $100–$499 Anonymous (11) Marcus & Barbara Aaron Suzanne & Jim Abbey Fadi Abourjeily & Farah Fawaz Willie & Kaylee Adams Kenneth & Karen Adelson Katherine Adler ’87 Peter Adler ’90 Yohanes & Lori Admokom Anna Alberti Peter Alexander ’94 & Alison Starling

Anil & Jyothi Swaroop

Terry Pink Alexander & John Blaustein ✤

Kevin Taguchi & Sepi Razavi

Marcus & Sahara Alexis

Eric & Lucy Tam

David & Sherry Almandsmith

30  Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013

Thomas & Annette Boeckling

Lindsey Arita ’06

Mark Borowsky ’77 ✤

Richard Arita

Nicole & Cindy Bowler

Catherine & Barry Augus

Gray Boyce ’76 & Tom Bliska

Sabina Aurilio ✤

Karen Bradley & Frank Dauby

Michelle Avery

Jennifer & Paul Brakeman

Ronald & Iris Bachman

Antonio Brambila & Angelica Flores ✤

Collin & Yasuko Baker Henri Balla & Florence Ndedi ✤ Marliese Kreske Baltimore ’71 & James Baltimore Bank of America Jeffery & Karen Banks ✤

Kimberly Branagh ’90 ✤ Jean Krusi Braun ’69 & Edward Braun Claire Spiegel Brian ’70 & Brad Brian

Rajesh Bansal & Poonam Gupta

Myra Mossman Brocchini ’50 & Ronald Brocchini ✤

Jonathan Barnes ’99

Donald Brody & Toby Mickelson

Alison Beck & Huong Nguyen

Harris Brody ’98 & Johanna Berman

Jeffrey & Barbara Beck Dora Benavides & Ludwik Rutkowski Justin & Dorothy Biddle

Barrie Bulmore & Michael Ornstil ✤ David Burton & Jordan Battani Michael Bye & Berenice Perez-Bye Alison Barnes Callahan ’01 & Gregory Callahan Donald & Lucy Campbell ✤ Tuqiang Cao & Hsin-Ru Chang Timothy & Evelyn Carr Noel Fassoth Carterette ’51 & Edward Carterette Alexander Chan & Shelly Wong Kai Kwong & Yuk Wan Chan Justin Chen ’06 Albert Chin & Phie Dai-Chin Scott & Margaret Clark Willetta Clark The Clorox Company Leonard & Roberta Cohn ✤ Christopher & Holly Cole ✤

Patricia Brody Katharine Brookes 

Ciara Coleman & James Harris Harold & Deborah Collard

Rachel Kirshman Concannon ’96 & Jason Concannon Lili Cook & Megan Tracey Randall Cook ’87 & Carmen Drabczyk Cook ’88 Anne Duhring Cooper ’37 Kristin Copper Jeannette Cosby ’58 & Antonio Cosby-Rossmann ✤ Patricia Cosgrove David & Stephanie Coupe

Nathan Dunn ’91

Patricia Gaglia

Kristin Clark Dwelley ’88 & David Dwelley ’86 ✤

Laura Galligan & Mark Troup

Patricia Dwelley Emily Dybwad ’01 Peter & Anne Dybwad Rebecca Carr Eaton ’91 & Nick Eaton Milton & Yvonne Edelin Ranah Edelin ’86 & Johanna Vaughan-Edelin

Robert Gardyne ’10 Ryan & Lindsay Garrity Mark Gartland & Claudia Ward Barbara Gee & Gordon Baranco Barbara Gilbert

Dave Nagle

Anne Ginnold

Mary Albert

Gloria Saito

Mary Goglio & Jane McDermott

Beth Burns

Patricia Sham

Jayne Chipman

Rakhee Sharma

Francis Enderle

Joni Binder Shwarts

Mark Epstein

Andrew Singer

Tim Goodman & Harriett Janetos

Colleen Haikes

Katherine Welch

John Gordon & Janis Mitchell

Gary Hall

John Wiley

Matt Langdon

Claudia Ward

Thomas Gold & Lucy Harris ✤

Marcia Ray Ellers ’63 & Richard Ellers ✤

Robert & Angela Goldsby ✤

Todd & Brooke Elmgren

Remy Goldsmith ’95

Clare Breuner Cummings ’47

Joan Rose Enloe ’53 & Leslie Enloe ✤

Ying Gong ✤

Alisa Curry ’83 ✤

Catherine & David Epstein ✤

Rachel McClain Daines ’02

Heather Erickson ’95

Dallas Jewish Community Foundation

Sam & Kavita Ernst

Richard & Mindy Craig Meredith Coleman Cranston ’03 ✤

Troy & Shannon Datcher Charles Debbas & Asseily Amal

Jon & Jenny Ettinger Jay Evans & Anna Bavykina Kenny Ewbank

Penelope Goldsmith

Jim Graham Andrew & Jane Greenthal Susan Williams Gregory ’59 & Thomas Gregory

Mary & Walter Fahey

Harriet Webster Griffith ’43 & Robert Griffith

Carol Brown Farrar ’54

Alfred & Lynne Groff

Tony Farrell & Kathy Heinze

Jan Groschupf & Paul Clouse

Frances Fassett

Michael & Sarah Grossman

Thomas DeWit & Janine Bloch

Gerda Fruchtenicht Faye ’54 & Marc Faye ✤

Kirsty Brown Gumina ’96 & Peter Gumina ✤

Kathleen Woehrle Dexter ’80 & Sean Dexter ✤

Nancy Feidelman & Tim Carroll

Sarah Clifford Hafner ’75 & Parke Hafner

Warren & Sally Debenham Carla Lo Coco Deeths ’96 Jane Witter Delanoy ’70 & Fred Delanoy Kathleen Traynor Derose ’79 ✤

Luz & Aldo Diaz Nicole Dixon ’98 Laurel DeMaria Dobbin ’97 & Graham Dobbin ’97

Gregory Feist & Erika Rosenberg Jie Xiong Feng & Yan Yin Ao ✤ Mary Ellen Fine Rachel Fine ’88 ✤

John Miottel ’79

Mary Hamersen Lisa Benton Hardy ’84 & Eric Hardy

Carla Sutherland Dodge ’69 & James Dodge

W. Reed & Lois Foster

Jo Ann Wallis Harley ’60 & Alan Harley ✤

Sara Fousekis ’89

Cynthia Sperry Harris ’52

Mark Doyle ’86

Michelle Frazier

Molly Muhs Harris ’57

Andrew & Randi Drake

Donald & Dava Freed ✤

Daniel Duman ’79 & Helena Ann Weiss-Duman ✤

Charles Freiberg & Andrea Alfano ✤

John Hartman & Joanne Catz Hartman

Chris Dunlap

John Furstenthal ’92 & Laura Lederer Furstenthal ’92

 ✤ Those who gave in honor of the 125th Anniversary

CO-CHAIRS Rachelle Hebrard Marcia Pillon Susan Aaron

Cecilia Gilman Blank

Burton & Barbara Einspruch

Nancy Jacobberger Coyne ’53 & Lloyd Coyne ✤

Annual Fund Volunteers 2012–2013

Annual Fund Co-Chairs: Marcia Pillon (left) and Rachelle Hebrard

Haywood & Vangeria Harvey Norma Harvey

Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013  31

Head-Royce Annual Fund  //  Donors by Level continued Les & Linda Hausrath Beatrice Moorhead Heggie ’43 & Richard Heggie

Gail Kramer Kautz ’54 & John Kautz

Gail Laurence Layman ’58 & Claude Layman ✤

John & Catherine Kedzie

Sally Ann Shaler Le Mieux ’50 ✤

Anna & Tim Heidinger

Donald Kelley & Susan Getman

Betty Hendrickson

Carol & Mack Kennedy

Nancy Hendrickson

Judy & Jeffery Kennedy ✤

Monica Henestroza ’99 & James Lloyd ✤

Marilyn Kinney 

Gary & Fern Herrmann Alison Hood Hess ’69 & Peter Hess Chris High & Jackie Care Jane Buchanan Hill ’67 ✤ Carolyn Balsdon Hiller ’43 & Stanley Hiller ✤ Susan Hancock Hillstrom-Masi ’43 & Joseph Masi David Holzman & Robin Heller Francis & Helen Hong Linda Knop Hoopes ’88 & David Hoopes

Neil Kinney ’82 & Michell Kinney Nancy Knop 

Robert & Nancy Knowles Greg Kohout & Robert Curbelo Howard Kong ’88 ✤ Peggy Duffy Kramer ’43 & Ray Kramer ✤ Paul Krause ’92

Margaret Leavitt ’71 & Alan Lilly

Wynne Lum & Esther Low ✤

Saya & Paul McKenna

Melissa Neuwelt Luo ’97 & Caesar Luo

Michael & Susan Meadows

Kym & Abdul El-Amin Luqman

Lisa Lee ’85

Anne Gideon Lyons ’63 & David Lyons ✤

Russell Leefer & Yvonne van Leeuwen

Mari Blumenau Lyons ’53 & Nick Lyons

Harvey Levine & Beth Schoenberger

Phyllis Mace & Catherine Cassel

Joan Blanchard Linebarger ’49 Ronald Littlejohn & Anna Maselli ✤ Ronn Loewenthal ’76 & Kristin Loewenthal Tyler Lohman ’04

Natasha Miller

Alhousseini Maiga & Aissata Bagaga

Stanley & Hilda Miller

Suzanne Petersen Malmquist ’80 & John Malmquist Dennis Malone

Emmy Hay Long ’56

Amit & Amrit Lamba

Shiela Seagrave Lonie ’43 & Donald Lonie

Barbara DuPuy Massie ’40 ✤

Marlene Marks Louchheim ’51 & William Louchheim ✤

Elaine Mayer

Jason Langkammerer ’88 & Samantha Hero

Katie Huddleson ’67 & Alan Kraning

Heriberto & Carmen Lara ✤

Debra Hughes

Ron Lawrence ’77

Michael Lau & Tammy Tam

Amanda Hulse ’76 ✤ Jane Amber Ireland ’63 ✤ Tobin & Melanie Island Charles Jenkins & Nancy Brown Jenkins ✤ Aaron Jeung & Joyce Tanaka Arthur & Nicole Johnson Christopher Johnson ’82 & Elizabeth Hurt David Jones ’85 Ingrid Jonsson ’87 Noa Kaplan-Sears ’05 Laurence Kaplan Geraldine & Jay Karkowsky ✤ Deanna Karraa & Huda Jadallah Leslie Karren ’86

32  Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013

Joshua Louie ’12 Kenneth & Wendy Louie Ted & Cynthia Low ✤

Christina Meyer ’94

Vera Maciejowski

Benjamin Ladue & Lauren Railey Corinne Lambden

Matthew Merzbacher & Susan Garbarino ✤ Microsoft Matching Gifts Program

Debra Kwok ’83 

Charles Howarth & Maeryta Medrano

Joel Meltzer & Susan Weinstein Meltzer

Krystyna Maciejowski

Diana Barlow Long ’58 & James Long

Joanne Meikle ’75

John Mandel ’86 & Chantel Mandel Robert & Taeko Mao ✤ Charles & Sharon Matthews Sylvia Love McCormack McCallister ’47 Nancy Potter McGee ’52 & Alan McGee

Lauralie Moeller Melissa Mowat Moody ’99 & Ryan Moody Sylvia Taylor Mulvihill ’48 Harry Muniz Mark Muranishi ’06 Anne Bruner Nash ’80 & Jeffrey Nash ✤ Nina Nathan Kenneth & Joanne Nitzberg Elizabeth Crist Noel ’63 & Donald Noel ✤ Lewis & Barbara Dee Noonberg

Anne Jacobson Nunno

Ann Quan & Truman Tam

Susan Rose ’58

Curtis & Lan Shaw

Carlos & Concepcion Sumulong

Terrence O’Sullivan & Mary Dunn

Ramiro Ramirez & Bibiana Recendiz

David Rosnow ’88

Edward & Polly Sholl

Harley Rosnow ’81 & Yuriko Rosnow

Jonathan & Hannah Shun

Mo Tahmasebi & Macy Tafreshian

Sharon Olken ’89 Carol Olson Siraj Omar & Monica Berson ✤ Rebekah Owen Anthony & Christine Pagano ✤ Francisca Paredes Jorge Paredes & Monica Bocanegra ✤ Gloria Park 

Patricia Patterson & Laura Kohout Susan Ray Pease ’59 & Charles Pease ✤ Ramon & Blanca Perez

Ann Marie Reding ’96 Karlyne Myers Reilly ’86 & Jay Reilly Blake Rhodes ’88 & Karin Rhodes ✤ Frances Hayden Rhodes ’58 & John Rhodes ✤ Jay Rhodes ’85 & Dianne Bouton Rhodes ✤ Jeannette Richards ✤ Molly Nock Robarts ’56 & Drew Robarts Nancy Chappell Roberts ’65 ✤ Barbara Robertson

Cynthia Perry

Elizabeth Robinson ’67 ✤

Kristi Peters ✤

Eric Robinson & Jennifer Sime ✤

Joseph Piñon & Angela Robinson Piñon ✤ Leslie & Richard Powell Charles Prewitt & Joanne Levy-Prewitt ✤ Trenton Price ’03 & Miriam Barry ✤

Bob & Barbara Rothenberg  Michael Rubin & Andrea Peterson David & Eugenia Ruegg Jason & Lisa Ryder Peter Sahlins & Ramona Naddaff ✤ Justin & Nicole Sanchez ✤ Ratna & Subhas Sarkar

Shahana Sarkar & Carl Kadlic Janet Foster Saville ’44 & Thorndike Saville Jr. Vinod & Rupa Sawhney ✤ Mary Scarpelli Marta Schmidlin

Margot Binnewies Robison ’86 & John Robison ✤

Michael Schmitz & Catherine Atkin

Ruth Rogow ✤

Michael Scholtes & Marlene Fong

Lewis Romero & Martha Chavarin-Romero Emma Roos

Julien & Jennifer Schreyer Richard Shankman & Kathy Grayson

Choi Tam ✤

Paulo & Susanne Simas ✤

Sophia Taula-Lieras ’00 & Anthony Taula-Lieras

Martha Singer ’77 & Richard Jennings ✤

Craig & Gayle Teuscher

Anne & Lincoln Smith

Jill Thayer

Grace Geyer Smith ’52 & Carl Smith

Carl Thiermann & Marla Browning

Gregory Smith

Carole Thomas

H. Peter Smith III ’78 & Patricia Smith

Jay & Veronica Thomas

Barney Smits & Theresa Nelson ✤

Sally Thomas & Christine Calabrese

Andrea & Benjamin Sparks

Judith Tidrick ✤

Rob & Laurie Statton 

Susan Greenfield Tilling ’55 & Robert Tilling ✤

David Sternberg ’86 & Julie Sternberg ✤

Eugene & Nicole Tintoc

Peter Stevenson & Heather Winding-Stevenson Sabrina Stewart Mary Dyke Stirton ’53 & John Stirton ✤ Eric & Asha Stokes David Stokke & Michelle Bullard-Stokke

Jean Tom ’92 ✤ Martha Toppin Elizabeth Nolan Treacy ’92 & Patrick Treacy Luu Truong & Lily Tran Trace Urdan ’83 ✤ Joseph & Gail VanWinkle Jack & Marianne Vardaman Jeffrey Veit ’87 & Lynn Veit Neethi Venkateswaran Owen & Mimi von Kugelgen Roberta Greenlee Wagener ’58 & James Wagener ✤ Susan Wilde Wait ’57 & Bradford Wait David & Marvalee Wake Nan Horton Warren ’60 & James Warren Laura Piccirillo Waste ’43 & William Waste Camille Watson ’86 Brenda Higgins Webster ’62 Kathrina & Marcel Weekes David Weiland & Virginia Brown

 ✤ Those who gave in honor of the 125th Anniversary

Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013  33

Head-Royce Annual Fund  //  Donors by Level continued Steven Weinberg & Georganne Ferrier


Matthew Weinstein ’90 & Marcie Weinstein

Anonymous (6)

Nikolas Wekwerth & Cameron Jones Eric Wells & Evelyn Willis-Wells Robert Wells & Laurie Kermish Tom & Victoria Welsh Scott & Bonnie Wentworth Paul Wescott & Margery Lee Linda Gaylord West ’58 & Donald West ✤ Sara Tolles White ’55 & Robert White John Whittum Madeline Wilde ’60 Tosha Wilkes Andrews ’89 Susan Johnson Willey ’63

Jody Adelberg & Luanne Jenkins Sue Morrison Ahlf ’48 & Gene Ahlf Betty Mitchell Ames ’43 Susan Anderson April Avila Forde & Patrick Forde Samantha & Neeraj Baheti Barry Barankin & Dawn Nelson Barankin Brian Barish Victoria Thys Barnes ’75 & Graham Barnes Frank Bauch ’04 Dana Tolles Beach ’59 Michael Beck ’95 & Blake Finch

Rebecca Citron ’07

Chad Bellani

Kalle Cook ’95

Holly Below

Sheila Cowen

Zachary Bernard

Nestor & Julie Cuellas

Abigail Berniker ’99

Greg & Alison Wong

Hilary Bisenieks

Anthony D’Agostino & Susan Fiering

Les Wong & Hollis Chin

Samantha Boggs

Christopher Davies

Linda Wood ’56 & John Wood

Hilary & Geoffrey Bond

Sita Davis

James & Katya Woodmansee

Aurelie Bordet

Stacy Dellinger

Stephen Woolpert ✤

Mona Janney Brett ’40 & Willis Brett

Shelley DeMaria ’00

Arnold & Annise Brokstein

Ryan Diew ’13

Dawn Brown-Ward & Jimmi Ward

Andrew Dixon ’13

Elizabeth Lyons Friend ’92 & Nicholas Friend

Rosemary Durousseau

Karen Frock ’82

Renee Hites ’98

Velda Egan

Joseph & Beth Furstenthal

Justin Hoover ’99

David & Susan Elliott

Richard & Katherine Gentry

Lincoln Howarth ’13

Emily Esguerra

Stephanie Gregg Geoffrion ’92 & Bruno Geoffrion

Judy J. Hunt ’67

Leonard Githere & Caroline Ngumi

Michela Isono ’08

Eileen Mears Glaser ’92 & Arek Nathanson

Michelle Ito ’13

Deirdre Williams ’80 & Cedric Hilliard Thomas & Lydia Wilson Polly Nicolaus Wolff ’63 & Ward Wolff ✤

Glenn Woroch & Linda Pacheco Geoffrey Yost Julius Young Eric Yount & Cynthia Zamora-Yount John Zarobell & Keally McBride Stephen & Gloriah Zavell Jonathan Zeidan ’08

Dmitry & Olga Budker Shireen Burns Patrick Caceres & Johanna Paraiso Toni Calabrese-Thomas ’13 Guillermo Campos Mark Carlisle ’92 Debra Carr & Rachel Beser Ann Catrina-Kligman ’88 & David Kligman

34  Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013

Pamela Smith Diebel ’91

Susana Estrada Robert & Fatima Evans Sarah Fahey Durantini ’98 & Zeke Durantini Matthew Fahey ’04 Mehrdad & Parvin Fakour

James Farinaro & Elizabeth Ferreira Paul Farrington & Mary Pezzuto John Faxio Richard Feldman & Toni Ehrlich-Feldman Warren Fernandes & Cindy Yee Dora Finkelstein ’13 Jonathan Frank & Elizabeth Salsburg Cameron & Lara Franks Matt Fraser

Michael Greenfield ’13

Steve Gregg Barbara Quinn Gross ’53 Dakota Gruener ’07 Chris & Debra Harper Kai Hasson ’02 Ruth Wood Haynes ’45 & Gilman Haynes Yaeir Heber ’07 Sylvia Helmgren Todd Herrmann ’06 John Heywood ’01 Laura Heywood ’97 Priscilla Hine

Chris Irwin ’13 Akiko Ito Marcia Manning Janusz ’56 & Edward Janusz

Kathleen & Kenneth Ray

Orlando Torriente & Rosanna Mucetti

Peytra Redfield

Tacy Trowbridge ’86

Rick Redfield

Surya Tubach ’13

Jason Reed ’85 & Katherine Underhill

Bret Turner

Renee Richard

Rasheeda Turner

Debora Rinehart & Arlene Pimentel

Corey Turoff

David Ritvo & Phyllis Freund Ritvo

Susan Job Urdan ’59 & Richard Urdan

William & Rosita Rothschild

Eugene Vann

Lisa Ruben & Jeanne Martin

Vivian Vargas

Jessica Bernstein Sacher ’71 & Michael Sacher ✤

Henry & Susan Veit

Andrea & Belinda Salvadei Marlene & Eugene Sanders

Andrew & Danielle von Mayrhauser

Cameron Scherer ’07

Jake Wasserman ’97

Mark Schneider ’00

Jesse Wilkins

Mark Searle ’80 Ron & Pam Jaynes Marjory Kaplan Stevie Kaplan Joel Kaufman ’79 Alexis King ’08 Chris Kinney Hillel Kipnis ’06 Sidney Kohls ’06 Adam Koshkin ’07 Lori Koven Josephine Horner Kreider ’63 Laura Krier Louise Cobb Kuic ’50 * Caroline & Steven Lehman Marla Lev David Levin Ralph Levin Warrick Liang Julia Liedtka David Lilienstein & Sandy Chasnoff-Lilienstein Thaddeus Lisowski & Stephanie Piper

Helene Shafer Loomis ’45 & Frederick Loomis Kirstin Louie ’12 Alex Martin-Ginnold ’13

Mary Lou Orr

John Shoptaw & Ellen Oliensis

Elizabeth Owen

Robert Siltanen ’83 & Gwen Meyer

Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Margaret Kent von der Linde ’48 & Gert von der Linde

Rosalind Winter Andrew Won & Elaine O’Neil Grace Wong ’13

Michael Smallberg ’02

Jessica Wu ’10

Vincent & Rashaun Martin

Nancy Franklin Pargot ’94 & Joel Pargot

Douglas & Pamela Smith

Victoria Yang

Darlene Mattox

Lisa Parks & LaRaye Lyles

Kirk Smith & Joan Diamond

Lindsay Zika

Michael McCune ’88

Christopher Pearson

Patricia Snyder ’59

Peter Zinoman & Cam Nguyen

Mary Colby McKey ’47

Adam Pease ’13

Andrew Spear

Michele Metz

Braden Penhoet ’83

Tim Mulvenon

Allison Pennell ’80 & Allen Fish

Kate Johnson Spector ’71 & Alvin Spector

Peter Munoz & Jane Leroe

Francine & Andrew Peters

Susan Spencer

Ann Murphy

Gilbert Pierre-Louis & Anne Prozan Pierre-Louis

Polly Parsons Spring ’43 & Henry Spring

Cody Pillon ’08

Jacqueline Stark

Leslie & Joellen Piskitel

Molly Barrett Stern & Joshua Stern

Griffith & Jane Neal Lawrence & Arlene Newman Sierra Ng ’13 Anna-Marie Nilsson Sarah Noll & Russell Landers Sara Normington ’06 Arthur & Jane O’Brien Charles & Therry Olken Celia Olson ’73 Suraya Omar ’08 Norman & Helene Onaga

 ✤ Those who gave in honor of the 125th Anniversary

Esteban Plaza-Jennings ’07 Jonathan Pont ’86 Stephen & Victoria Popejoy Brittany Price ’06 Jeffrey & Tammara Price Danielle Purkiss ’08 Amanda Quach ’92 Jeff & Judy Quittman

* deceased

Peter & Chinami Stern Mike Talps Adam & Jerilyn Taylor Tomas Theriot Mary Cobb Thomas ’52 & Michael Thomas Vincent & Nadine Tolliver

Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013  35

Alumni Giving Our 125th Anniversary year provided a dynamic opportunity to engage the Head-Royce community and set the stage for the future. Over the course of the year, the Alumni Office hosted more than 15 events locally and nationally, created a special anniversary video produced by and starring more than 60 alumni and connected alumni with each other and their alma mater. We thank the following alumni, who demonstrated their loyalty to Head-Royce with an honorary gift.





Anne Duhring Cooper

Ruth Wood Haynes

Noel Fassoth Carterette

Lyn McEneany Livingston

Betsy Greenlee Wagener

Helene Shafer Loomis

Lois Blemer Lippincott

Susan Greenfield Tilling

Linda Gaylord West

Marlene Marks Louchheim

Sara Tolles White


Susan Rose


Mona Janney Brett


Barbara DuPuy Massie

Clare Breuner Cummings




Sylvia Love McCormack McCallister

Cynthia Sperry Harris

Margarett Lynn Patchett Hewitt

Susan Williams Gregory

Marcia Manning Janusz

Suzi Ray Pease

Betty Mitchell Ames

Nancy Potter McGee

Mary Colby McKey

Grace Geyer Smith

Emmy Hay Long

Patricia Snyder


Mary Cobb Thomas

Molly Nock Robarts

Sue Job Urdan

Sue Morrison Ahlf


Harriet Webster Griffith Bebe Moorhead Heggie Carolyn Balsdon Hiller Susan Hancock Hillstrom-Masi Peggy Duffy Kramer Shiela Seagrave Lonie June Seifert McKenzie Polly Parsons Spring Laura Piccirillo Waste

1944 Joy Hull Elkinton-Walker Kay Irwin Janet Foster Saville

Sylvia Taylor Mulvihill Margaret Kent von der Linde

1949 Joan Blanchard Linebarger

1950 Myra Mossman Brocchini Nancy Moncure Ditzler Louise Cobb Kuic* Sally Shaler Le Mieux

Nancy Jacobberger Coyne

Sue Wiesinger Woehrle Linda Wood

Joan Rose Enloe


Barbara Quinn Gross

Molly Muhs Harris

Mari Blumenau Lyons

Susan Wilde Wait

Mary Dyke Stirton

1954 Alice London Bishop Carol Brown Farrar Gerda Fruchtenicht Faye Gail Kramer Kautz Anne Chew Melbye


1960 Jo Ann Wallis Harley Nan Horton Warren Madeline Wilde

1961 Chris Johnston Laddish

Anonymous (Carol Ann Will Clanton)


Jeanne Cosby

Brenda Higgins Webster

Gail Laurence Layman


Diana Barlow Long Cece McEneany Pereira Frankie Hayden Rhodes

36  Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013

Dana Tolles Beach

Marcia Ray Ellers Amber Ireland Copilow Wendy Jordan

* deceased




Julie Williamson Aragon

Gray Boyce

Steve Debenham

Braden Penhoet

Liz Crist Noel

Marliese Kreske Baltimore

Amanda Hulse

Kathy Woehrle Dexter

Rob Siltanen

Susan Johnson Willey

Pam Hackley

Ronn Loewenthal

Suzanne Petersen Malmquist

Trace Urdan

Polly Nicolaus Wolff

Kathy Bryan Hampton

Joan Bradley Wactor

Anne Bruner Nash

Jo Horner Kreider Anne Gideon Lyons

1965 Nancy Chappell Roberts


Margaret Leavitt Elena Ortega Jessica Bernstein Sacher Denise Saddler

1977 Mark Borowsky Ron Lawrence Martha Singer

Jane Buchanan Hill

Kate Johnson Spector

Katie Huddleson

Alicia Torre



Jeanne Alvis

Judy Hunt Elizabeth Robinson

1969 Jean Krusi Braun Carla Sutherland Dodge Alison Hood Hess Lee Smith Mangus


Suzanne Bryan Celia Olson Ingrid Knudson Tillion

1975 Victoria Thys Barnes Amanda Bryan Sarah Clifford Hafner

Claire Spiegel Brian

Jan Nielsen Little

Jane Witter Delanoy

Laura Davies Mateo

Peter Smith III

1979 Paul Davies III Kathleen Traynor Derose Dan Duman Joel Kaufman John Miottel

Allison Pennell Mark Searle Shelby Tupper Deirdre Williams

1981 Harley Rosnow


Debra Kwok

1984 Corwin Booth Lisa Benton Hardy

1985 Mark Epstein David Jones Lisa Lee Dan Oppenheimer


Jennifer Rainin

Karen Frock

Jay Reed

Renata Hesse

Jay Rhodes

C.J. Johnson

David Sandford

Neil Kinney Bill Marchant

1986 Mark Doyle

Scott Ruegg


Sally Boyce Wolfanger


Ranah Edelin

Alisa Curry

Jason Ginsburg

Will Glaser

Leslie Karren

Yvonne Hopkins-Ekdahl

John Mandel

Joanne Meikle

David Dwelley

Erin McCune Nina Wagner Oliai

“My four years at Head-Royce played a significant part in where I am and who I am today. Head Royce not only challenged me and prepared me academically for Occidental College, but also provided me with confidence and assurance that I could succeed in anything I put my mind to. I would not have been able to attend Head-Royce if it had not been for the scholarships I received each year and for that I am ever grateful. The rigorous

Tejal Patel Jon Pont Karlyne Myers Reilly Margot Binnewies Robison David Sternberg Tacy Trowbridge Camille Watson

education, support from teachers and faculty and endless opportunities both in


and out of the classroom that I received at Head Royce made my future (in my

Kate Adler

career/life) possible.”

Randall Cook

Sofia (Hall-Gallagher) Arroyo ’07

John Fogg

Coley Engh Florance

Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013  37

Head-Royce Alumni Giving  continued Ingrid Jonsson Jeff Veit

1988 Rick Arney Brendan Blakeley Ann Catrina-Kligman Carmen Drabczyk Cook Kristin Clark Dwelley Rachel Fine Evan Gilbert Linda Knop Hoopes Leland Jones Howard Kong Jason Langkammerer Michael McCune Blake Rhodes David Rosnow

1989 Anonymous Kristen Mandel Crosnoe


Melissa Neuwelt

Mark Carlisle

Jake Wasserman

Zil Lyons Friend John Furstenthal Laura Lederer Furstenthal Stephanie Gregg Geoffrion Eileen Mears Glaser Ann Hertelendy Kyle Johnstone Paul Krause Amanda Quach Rebecca Shapley

2005 Max Gibson

Dan Golden

Noa Kaplan-Sears

Renee Hites

Sydney Ward

Peter Leroe-Munoz


2006 Lindsey Arita

Liz Nolan Treacy

Monica Henestroza

Hillel Kipnis

Justin Hoover

Sidney Kohls

Melissa Mowat Moody

Mark Muranishi

1993 Tim Ripsteen Vanessa Mandel Ripsteen

1994 Peter Alexander

Nancy Franklin Pargot


Tosha Wilkes Andrews

Michael Beck Kalle Cook


Heather Erickson

Peter Adler

Remy Goldsmith

1996 Rachel Kirshman Concannon


Carla Lo Coco Deeths


Kirsty Brown Gumina

Courtney Read Carroll

Ann Marie Reding

Pamela Smith Diebel

Abigail Dachs Vix

Rebecca Carr Eaton

Tyler Lohman

Todd Herrmann

Sharon Olken

Nathan Dunn

Sarah Fahey Durantini

Sarah Herringer

Justin Chen

Christina Meyer

Matt Weinstein

Nicole Dixon

Alex Freiberg

Matt Fahey

Abby Berniker

Jennifer Jones

Kimberly Branagh

Harris Brody


Frank Bauch

Jonathan Barnes

Ben Metcalf

Katie Nolan-Stevaux



Jean Tom

Sara Fousekis Jessica Natkin

Laura Heywood


1997 Graham Dobbin Laurel DeMaria Dobbin

38  Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013

2000 Pete Chapman Shelley DeMaria Mark Schneider Sophia Taula-Lieras

2001 Alison Barnes Callahan Emily Dybwad John Heywood Christi Niehans Emily Dachs Taylor

2002 Rachel McClain Daines Kai Hasson Scott Muranishi Michael Smallberg

2003 Meredith Coleman Trenton Price

2010 Robert Gardyne Geoffrey Goddard Jessica Wu

2011 Colin Russell Curtis Serrano Jessica Suplick

2012 Brady Hirsch Joshua Louie Kirstin Louie

Sara Normington Brittany Price

2007 Becca Citron

Senior Giving (Class of 2013)

Dakota Gruener

Toni Calabrese-Thomas

Daniel Hausrath

Ryan Diew

Yaeir Heber Adam Koshkin

Andrew Dixon

Esteban Plaza-Jennings

Dora Finkelstein

Cameron Scherer Lily Stern


Michael Greenfield Lincoln Howarth

Michela Isono

Chris Irwin

Alexis King

Michelle Ito

Camden Louie Suraya Omar Cody Pillon Danielle Purkiss Jonathan Zeidan

Alex Martin-Ginnold Sierra Ng Adam Pease Surya Tubach Grace Wong

Heads Up Since 1987, Heads Up has provided tuition-free academic enrichment and support for underserved middle school students, preparing them for lives of academic success and civic engagement. A combination of individual gifts, foundation grants and a very successful benefit fundraiser— Big Night Out—raised more than $182,000 in essential funds for the program. Through the stalwart generosity of individuals and supporting foundations, Heads Up has served more than 1,000 students since the program began. We are grateful for the community of donors who make this program possible.

“For 20 years the Heads Up program has successfully worked with hundreds of Oakland elementary school students in their transition from middle school and in preparation for college.” Elihu Harris, former Mayor of Oakland

Anonymous (3)

Sandra Avalos

Samantha Boggs

Joe & Stefanie Cannizzo

Richard & Mindy Craig

Suzanne & Jim Abbey

Jeffrey & Millie Baird

Steven & Susan Boranian

Marcia & Jenny David

Joshua Abraham & Amitra Mamdouhi

Surinder & Gurdes Bal

Aurelie Bordet

Alan Carlson & Diane Cohen-Carlson

Michael & Kathleen Bracco

Tracy Achorn

Barry Barankin & Dawn Nelson Barankin

Willie & Kaylee Adams

Barbary Coast Consulting

Yohanes & Lori Admokom

Ken Barclay & My Tang

Isabella Albert ’18

Brian Barish

Phil & Mary Albert

Terance & Kindle Barkus

Geraldine Alexis

Charlie Baxter & Jinee Tao

Marcus & Sahara Alexis

Bayside Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

James Allison & Margaret Lindenstein

Brannin & Julie Beal

Karen Bradley & Frank Dauby Hazel Bradshaw Jennifer & Paul Brakeman Roy Brakeman, Jr. Antonio Brambila & Angelica Flores

Philip Davis & Beverly Gregg Davis

Ken & Joy Caruana

Elizabeth De Bord

Jim & Susan Cavalieri

Didier & Danielle de Fontaine

Watt Cecka

Kit DeMarco

Paul & Helen Chapman

Robin & Erica Dennings

Elaine Chestney

Mously Diakhate

Robert & Laura Chestney

Noah & Sandra Doyle


Kenneth & Dalia Ducker

BraunHagey & Borden LLP

Phillip & Julia Chin

Lois Broadway

The Clorox Company Foundation

Shiva Budice

Gerald Cohen

David Burton & Jordan Battani

Molly Cokeley

Margarita Cabrera-Scarlata

Ciara Coleman & James Harris Campbell & Lorelie Crabtree-Mansur

Peter & Cori Ekman

Elizabeth Crabtree & William Hirsch

Charles Fanning & Melinda Haag

Suzan Alsup

S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation

Rick Andrade & Jamie Cutland

Holly Below

George & Marcia Argyris

Ina Bendich

Michael & Cathy Armstrong

Faraz Berjis & Goly Anvary

Gregory Call & Carolyn Sherwood Call

John & Blakely Atherton

Justin & Dorothy Biddle

Jeff & Eva Camp

Jeramy & Hanna Augustine

Robert Blackburn & Ann Smulka

Lee & Diane Camp

Nancy Duman Ken Dupee & Nancy Scanlon David Early Milton & Yvonne Edelin Sharon Eisenhauer David & Deborah Enelow

Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013  39

Head-Royce Heads Up  //  Donors continued Gerald Fegler & Anita Sham Fegler

Marc & Samantha Furstein

David & Rebecca Hemphill

Sidney Kohls ’06

Bug Mei-Mei

Elaine Feidelman & Bud Shuman

John & Frances Galasso

Edward & Natalie Henrich

Benjamin Metcalf ’94

Nancy Feidelman & Tim Carroll

Barbara Gee & Gordon Baranco

Gregory Heywood & Kristen Kwan

Gregory Kövecses & Laurie Durousseau

Jonathan & Michelle Fieldman

Garrett & Kaija Gibbs

Robert & Carolyn Heywood

Stuart & Wendy Firestone

Max Gibson ’05

Joel Higgins

First Republic Bank

Jay & Ravi Gill

Priscilla Hine

Michael & Sally Fitzhugh

Prabhleen & Baljit Gill

Jack Hirsch ’15

Simon & Shannon Fleming-Wood

John & Karen Gillis

Brady Hirsch ’12

Neysa Fligor

Clement & Nancy Glynn

Jerry & Patricia Fosnaugh

Leon & Elsa Gordon

Michael & Carla Foster

Marc Gordon & Sherri Burnett

Fosters Freeze

Matthew & Allison Green

Dennis & Melinda Franklin

Ephraim & Donna Greenwall

Cameron & Lara Franks

Grubb Company

Michelle Frazier

Karl Haas & Lisa Borden

Alexander Freiberg ’09

Noah & Allison Hagey

Charles Freiberg & Andrea Alfano

Julie Harkins

The Fremont Group Foundation

Rachelle & Michael Hebrard

David & Yuri Fujikawa

Anna & Tim Heidinger

Jake Furber & Lindy Lowe

Leo & Florence Helzel

Linda Knop Hoopes ’88 & David Hoopes

Raymond Kwong & Anna Pon Jim Kyle & Karen Villa-Kyle

Russ Mitchell & Juanita Yun

Robert & Heather Lake

James Mittelberger & Anne Mudge

Crystal Land & William Miller

Andrew Moon & Eleanore Kim-Moon

Deborah Lear

Morayo Imani

Casey Ledor

Glen Ingalls & Renee Pacheco

Theresa Lee

Italian Colors

Jackie & Dawn Lemoine

Scott Jackson & Rosemary Antonopoulos

Matt & Celia Leung

Michael Johnson & Elizabeth Glenewinkel Kyle Johnstone ’92 & Kirsten Johnstone Audrey Jones ’18 Charlie Jones ’21 Nadine Joseph

Scott Milsten & Julie Conner

Shim LaGoy

Debra Hughes

Arthur & Nicole Johnson

Love Miller W. John Miottel III ’79 & Jean Banker

Craig & Christine Lauderdale

Brian & Kari Ann Jeffs

Beth Miller

John & Caroline La Voie

Barb Horst

Robert & Genevieve Johnson

Marla Lev David Levin & Julie Scarpelli Dorothy Lindheim Michael Lindheim & Melissa Schwartz-Lindheim

Haruko Mukasa Tim Mulvenon Mark Muranishi ’06 Scott Muranishi ’02 Kellie Murashima Margaret Murphy Vivian Murphy Frederick & Julie Ann Nachtwey David Nagle & Joya Gray Brian & Patricia Napper

Peter Liu & Jacqueline Khor Liu

Jessica Natkin ’89 & Blair Biddle

Lyn McEneany Livingston ’55 & James Livingston

Joan Natkin

Joy Livingstone Matthew Lovell & Colleen Haikes Christopher & Natalie Lucas

Maya Naylor Richard Nelson & Sharon Murphy William & Carla Newell

Kym & Abdul El-Amin Luqman

Michael Novogradac & Barbara Forsberg-Novogradac

Russell & Renske Lynde

Michael & Elyse O’Sullivan

Judy & Michael MacDonald

Norman & Helene Onaga

Bill & Bergit Salazar Mandel

Stewart & Audrey Orchard

Marjorie Mansur

Elena Ortega ’71 & Frank O’Brien

Larry Mar & Losa Wong

Elizabeth Owen

Joseph Marin & Karen Uno

Kevin Owen & Akiko Tsuzuki

Paul Markovich & Lisa Alumkal

Sue Owen

Yvonne Marshall

Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Kathy McDonald

Robert Page & Grace Brown Jorge Paredes & Monica Bocanegra

Faith Klaus

Mark Mears & Balvinder Kaur Mears

Ruth Koga

John & Karen Medford

Daniel & Bamidele Kammen Matthew & Lee Kane John & Catherine Kedzie Adel & Mirzeta Khalil Karen Khor Lillian Khor Miran Kim Kevin & Sunny Kim Myung & Young Kim Sarah Kim David & Deborah Kirshman

40  Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013

Laura Krier

John Park Lisa Parks & LaRaye Lyles

Jenny Patten Susan Peick Petros & Lynne Pelos Laurence & Alexis Pelosi Allison Pennell ’80 & Allen Fish Cecelia McEneany Pereira ’58 & Nicola Pereira

Jay Rhodes ’85 & Dianne Bouton Rhodes Rachel Richman Riebel Law Corp. Jack Ripsteen & Sandy Gustafson Eric Robinson & Jennifer Sime Jordan & Barbara Roseman

Fritz Sparks David & Judith Stein Gunther Stein & Emily Taylor Robert Stein & Jessica Pers Monique Stine Allan & Cindy Stokke

Saun-Toy Trotter & Katherine Barker

Louis & Tanya Willacy Susan Johnson Willey ’63

Julie Truher Hiro & Kay Tsuzuki

Deirdre Williams ’80 & Cedric Hilliard

Maki Tsuzuki

Frank & Melissa Williams

Douglas & Lisa Tucker

Daniel Winkler & Associates

Shelby Tupper ’80 & Erich Tupper

Sue Wiesinger Woehrle ’56

Jo Ann & Donald Tyre

Stephen Wong & Laura Truffaut

Kristi Peters

Kathryn Ross

David Stokke & Michelle Bullard-Stokke

Dominique & Nancy Philippine

Jason & Lisa Ryder

Jessica Suplick ’11

Sonya Utu

John Woolard & Sam Deaner

Joseph G. Piñon ’19

Denise Saddler ’71 & Keith Matthews

Steven & Gioia Suplick

Julianne Vaccaro

Brad & Kathleen Wrubel

Kent Suzuki & Lisa Washburn

Lea & Pat Van Ness

Bennett Yang & May Yu

Jessica & Phil Tagami

Justin Vogel ’12

Albert & Elizabeth Yee

Theresa Tao & Charles Jones

Mariel Vogel

Margaret & Paul Yee

Huong & Trong Vu

Tim Yee M. Young

Joseph Piñon & Angela Robinson Piñon

Georgios Sakoulis & Brandi Khoei

Ray Plumhoff & Jennifer Berg

Atul Salvekar

Eric & Susan Poncelet

Justin & Nicole Sanchez

Lawrence Prozan & Linda Drucker

Kris Schmidt

Sophia Taula-Lieras ’00 & Anthony Taula-Lieras

Ann Quan & Truman Tam

Melissa Schwartz

Scott & Nicole Taylor

Joan Bradley Wactor ’76 & Jon Wactor

Gregory & Rachel Quilici

Steven Shatz & Nina Rivkind

Craig & Gayle Teuscher

Keith Walker & Veronique Rideau

Carl & Sandy Quong

Susan Sherrerd

Ean Choo & Mary Ann Tham

Anna Wang

John Raabe & Elizabeth Mezei Raabe

Robert Siltanen ’83 & Gwen Meyer

Marilynn Tham

Paul Wang

Jeffrey Simon & Dana Cohen

Carl Thiermann & Marla Browning

Lisa Watts

Barbara & Ralph Thome

Katherine Welch

Teresa Renaker & Robin Kojima

H. Peter Smith III ’78 & Patricia Smith

Robert Wells & Laurie Kermish

Stanley & Wendy Reynolds

Mary Smulka

Kristi Farnham Thompson & Andrew Thompson

Sue Rhee

Andrea & Benjamin Sparks

TMG Partners

Pat Reeves

John & Patricia Yun S. S. Yun Shoshana Ziblatt & Mac Heebner

Hazel & Aubrey Willacy

Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013  41

Endowment & Special Gifts

“This grant continues to fuel all kinds of inspiration—from the written word to the filmed image and from the page to the stage. And everywhere in between, the chance to pursue these paths has been invaluable and I feel

Head-Royce’s endowment, held in trust and invested in perpetuity, generates operating revenue for the school each year, thereby reducing our dependence on tuition dollars. Through the generosity of donors over the years, Head-Royce has more than 90 endowed funds supporting teaching excellence, academic innovation and furthering student access to a Head-Royce education.

Endowment Support Unrestricted Endowment California Community Foundation John H and Amy Bowles Lawrence Foundation

Andy Spear Grade 12 Dean, Anna Head Chairholder


Anna Head Distinguished Chair

Class of 2006 Fund

Becherer Diamond Endowment Fund

Tan Family Distinguished Chair in Science, Technology & Mathematics

Class of 2007 Fund Daniel Hausrath ’07 Les & Linda Hausrath Lily Stern ’07

Steven & Lorraine Lawrence

Class of 2008 Fund

Shenandoah Foundation

that I have yet one more year to continue these studies and pursuits.”

Sydney Ward ’05

Clint & Shana Johnstone Nancy Scott

excited and extraordinarily grateful

Camden Louie ’08

Falik Family Fund for Global Education

Kristen Mandel Crosnoe ’89 & Wade Crosnoe Mary & Walter Fahey John Mandel ’86 & Chantel Mandel Bill & Bergit Salazar Mandel


Susan Peick

Clarence & Joan Coleman

Bowles Family Faculty Fund

Jack Ripsteen & Sandy Gustafson

David Frey

Class of 2004 Professional Development Fund

Frey Garden Maintenance Fund

Horowitz Citizenship Fund

Tim Ripsteen ’93 & Vanessa Mandel Ripsteen ’93 Novogradac Family Fund

Koshkin/Levin Family Fund for Learning Differences

Coleman Family Faculty Fund

Class of 2012 Fund


Edward E. Ford Fund

Parents Association Professional Development Fund

Lee Hanson and Don Scherer Fund

Dan & Lily Chao Family Chair

Granny J Enrichment Fund

Aaron David Plishner Fund

Khandros/Bloch Family Fund

Finnie Family Chair

Michael & Rosalind Plishner

Orton Family Fund

Jane Chapman Fund


Paul & Helen Chapman

Reid Family Faculty Fund

Branka Fund

Pillon Family Fund

Charlotte Rose Coleman Frey ’06 Chair Kelly Brown & James Schaaf

Kremer Family Fund

Schneider Family Faculty Fund

Class of 2003 Fund

Tom & Alexa Seip Fund

Estate of Alberta Hill Steele ’36 Carl Thiermann & Marla Browning Scholarship Endowment

Endowed Named Funds

Class of 2005 Fund

Class of 2011 Fund Colin Russell ’11 Curtis Serrano ’11

Walker/Keenan Family Fund

42  Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013

Richard & Sandra Gilbert Family Faculty Chair

Luzanne Engh Professional Development Fund

Chris Mandel Spirit Award Ingrid Mandel Chiavacci ’91 & Marco Chiavacci

Ortega O’Brien Professional Development Fund

Stein/Pers Family Faculty Fund Jay Tong Family Fund

Michael Traynor Family Fellowship

David Clayton & Gayle DeKellis

Verges Family Faculty Fund

Damien Foundation Scholarship

for students as well as a computer programming day...This chair has opened endless possibilities, and I am excited by


Peter & Melinda Darbee Scholarship

Josefina Castillo Baltodano Scholarship Claire Morris Barber Scholarship June & Robert Chambers Scholarship

Edward E. Ford Minority Scholarship

Paul Chapman Distinguished Scholarship

Charles Freiberg/Andrea Alfano Scholarship

Peter Chapman ’00

Gilbert Family Scholarship

Paul & Helen Chapman Chee Scholarship Class of 1986 Scholarship Class of 2009 Scholarship

Shahana Sarkar Institute for Applied Learning Co-Director, Tan Chairholder

Elise Perrault Grant Scholarship

Jennifer Rhodes & Lesley Wilson

Madame Hull French Scholarship

Constance Seay

Sally Boyce Wolfanger ’79 & Craig Wolfanger

Joyanne Hull Elkinton-Walker ’44 & Carl Walker

William Randolph Hearst Minority Scholarship

Constance Reston Le Mieux Scholarship

Marilyn Mattke Hills Scholarship

Malone Family Scholarship

Holsey/Streeter Scholarship

Martinez/Sloan Family

Hsieh Family Scholarship

Nia Endowed Scholarship

Jennifer Burnett Harris ’48 Scholarship Anna Head Scholarship

Alexander Freiberg ’09

Nancy Moncure Ditzler ’50 & Hugh Ditzler

Class of 2010 Scholarship

Luzanne & Tom Engh

Zach Clayton Memorial Scholarship

all that there is to do and accomplish every day.”

Dunn Family Scholarship Anna Louise Faulkerstein-Jordan Scholarship

Wade Chapman Scholarship

“With the help of the Tan Chair, I hope to offer a math festival

Margarett Patchett Hewitt ’56

Joshua Abraham & Amitra Mamdouhi Denise Bass Allen Prabhleen & Baljit Gill Gary & Elna Hall Christopher & Natalie Lucas Arvon & Petrina Perteet Wendell & Crystal Smith Parents Association Scholarship

Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013  43

Head-Royce Endowment & Special Gifts continued Missouri Theola Riley Scholarship Pamala Hackley ’71

Mary E. Wood Scholarship Wright-Williams Family Scholarship

Alicia Torre ’71 & Jonathan Nimer Erik Roberts Memorial Scholarship


Schneider Family Scholarship

Bern Pregerson & Eva Rodan Fund for Heads Up Professional Development

Betsy Schoen Scholarship Tjian Family Scholarship Roger J & Madeleine Traynor Scholarship Michael & Shirley Traynor van Loben Sels Family Scholarship Megan Kurpinsky Waters Memorial Scholarship

Bern Pregerson & Eva Rodan Fund for Heads Up General Operation Thomas & Gretchen Gibson Heads Up Fund

Special Gifts

Marcus & Sahara Alexis

Noah & Sandra Doyle

Philip & Elizabeth Hopkins

Stephen & Jennifer Bai

Andrew & Randi Drake

Tobin & Melanie Island

Michael Beck ’95 & Blake Finch

James Edwards & Erin Simms-Edwards

Scott Jackson & Rosemary Antonopoulos

Sam & Kavita Ernst

Arthur & Nicole Johnson

Jon & Jenny Ettinger

Kyle Johnstone ’92 & Kirsten Johnstone

Robert Blackburn & Ann Smulka David & Jill Blackston Steven & Susan Boranian Antonio Brambila & Angelica Flores

Jay Evans & Anna Bavykina Cameron & Lara Franks

Ken & Joy Caruana

Jake Furber & Lindy Lowe

Walter Chen & Xiao Qing Wu

Marc & Samantha Furstein


Prabhleen & Baljit Gill

Phillip & Julia Chin

William Glaser ’83

Campbell & Lorelie Crabtree-Mansur

Geoffrey Goddard ’10

Frank & Grace De Miguel Anonymous

Robin & Erica Dennings

Naoko Akiyama & David Katzev

Jessica & Mike Dodson

Thomas Gold & Lucy Harris Melvin & Jeanne Hing David & Linda Hong

Matthew & Lee Kane Suzanne Koga Raymond Kwong & Anna Pon John & Caroline La Voie Robert & Heather Lake Matt & Sarah Langdon Jackie & Dawn Lemoine Matthew Lovell & Colleen Haikes Thomas Lurquin

Pamela Hopkins

“Thanks to this funding, I spent an incredible two weeks taking students to Cambodia. The trip renewed my commitment to international study travel and also gave me great insight into a transitional country in the developing world.” Saya McKenna Grade 10 Dean, Chao Chairholder

44  Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013

“Obtaining my master’s degree in

“Because of the Gilbert Chair, I was able

school-related leadership has been a

to attend so many fascinating

goal of mine for many years. However,

professional development

it was usually the funding of such a

opportunities … my task ahead is to

program that deterred me from

synthesize what I have learned in order

moving forward. I am truly grateful

to create a learning environment at

that the money from the Charlotte

Head-Royce for the teachers.”

Rose Frey Chair has allowed me to

Lea Van Ness Assistant Head of Lower School

reach one of my long-standing goals.”

Gilbert Chairholder

Linda Hoopes, ’88 Head of Middle School Charlotte Rose Frey Chairholder

Russell & Renske Lynde Alhousseini Maiga & Aissata Bagaga Robert & Pamela Majteles Bill Marchant ’82 & Anne Marchant Michael & Kristine Marubio Saya & Paul McKenna Mark Min & Susanna Bang W. John Miottel III ’79 & Jean Banker Russ Mitchell & Juanita Yun Andrew Moon & Eleanore Kim-Moon Morpho Detection, Inc. Mrs. Dalloway’s David Nagle & Joya Gray Jessica Natkin ’89 & Blair Biddle Chris Newton & Eve Rodler Mark O’Connor &

Anne-Marie Owen

Edgard Sanchez & Olivia DeAnda

In Kind

Kevin Owen & Akiko Tsuzuki

Paul & Erin Scott

Jorge Paredes & Monica Bocanegra

Nilamber & Lydia Shrestha

John Dern

Allison Pennell ’80 & Allen Fish

Andrew Singer & Alesia Barrett Singer

Michael Johnson & Elizabeth Glenewinkel

David Stokke & Michelle Bullard-Stokke

Solstice Press

Ann Quan & Truman Tam Gregory & Rachel Quilici Joseph & Veronica Rideaux Tim Ripsteen ’93 & Vanessa Mandel Ripsteen ’93 Eric Robinson & Jennifer Sime Seth & Margaret Rosen

Kevin Taguchi & Sepi Razavi Rahsaan Thompson & Kara Kelly Sedge Thomson & Sylvia Brownrigg

Peter Ross & Shari Hollis-Ross

Orlando Torriente & Rosanna Mucetti

D. Scott Ruegg ’79 & Heather Ruegg

John & Melanie Vest

Jason & Lisa Ryder Andrea & Belinda Salvadei Atul Salvekar Rama Salvekar

Michael & Joëlle Stallone Robert & Elizabeth Stumpf Shelby Tupper ’80 & Erich Tupper

Jeremy & Brenda Wagner Frank & Melissa Williams Jason Wong & Susan Hsu Bennett Yang & May Yu Margaret & Paul Yee

Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013  45

46  Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013

Gifts in Honor and Memoriam These gifts are made to recognize or remember a member of the Head-Royce community. We thank donors who honored or memorialized their classmates, friends, teachers and loved ones through their gifts to the school.

Honoring Gifts

Jennifer Brakeman Jerry & Patricia Fosnaugh

Honoring the Class of 2013 Timothy Carr

Naoko Akiyama Toni Calabrese-Thomas ’13

Les & Linda Hausrath

John & Jayne Chipman

Colin Russell ’11

Leo & Lee Dorado

Catherine Augus Kirstin Louie ’12

Kelly Brown Sierra Ng ’13

Komal Aujla ’25 Sandeep & Amar Aujla

Kyler Choi ’24 Peter & Alison Ratcliffe

Francis & Noriko Enderle

Honoring the Class of 1943 June Seifert McKenzie ’43

Miriam Bachman ’16 Ronald & Iris Bachman

Honoring the Class of 1950 Nancy Moncure Ditzler ’50 & Hugh Ditzler

Rachel Bachman ’13 Ronald & Iris Bachman Trinity Balla ’18 Henri Balla & Florence Ndedi Holly Below Catherine & David Epstein Nancy Knop Samantha Boggs Adam Pease ’13

Honoring the Class of 1953 Joan Rose Enloe ’53 & Leslie Enloe Honoring the Class of 1963 Anne Gideon Lyons ’63 & David Lyons Honoring the Class of 2004 Frank Bauch ’04

Jonathan & Hannah Shun Carl Thiermann & Marla Browning Sally Thomas & Christine Calabrese David Weiland & Virginia Brown

Neal Finkelstein & Rebecca Johnson

Paul Wescott & Margery Lee

Geoffrey Goddard ’10 Tim Goodman & Harriett Janetos

Wells Fargo Foundation

Charles Howarth & Maeryta Medrano John & Catherine Kedzie Michael Lau & Tammy Tam Thaddeus Lisowski & Stephanie Piper Matthew Lituchy & Lori Mazurek Nick & Susan McCully Joel Meltzer & Susan Weinstein Meltzer Natasha Miller Mark & Laura Novak

Mila Einspruch ’25 Ernest & Jane Reddick David Enelow Jonathan Pont ’86

Thomas & Lydia Wilson

Jill Erickson Heather Erickson ’95

Vince Contaxis Lori Koven

Nancy Feidelman Kai Hasson ’02

Elizabeth Crabtree Elena Ortega ’71 & Frank O’Brien

Jenna Feldman ’14 Leonard & Roberta Cohn

Michael & Sarah Grossman Francis & Helen Hong

Nicole Dixon ’98 Darlene Mattox

Michael Tubach & Amrita Singhal

James Farinaro & Elizabeth Ferreira

Anne Ginnold Daniel Bachman ’19 Ronald & Iris Bachman

Terrence O’Sullivan & Mary Dunn

Mark & Wendy Feldman Tinye & Wilbert Dawkins Patrick Dawkins & Terri Dunn Dawkins

Marissa Feldman ’12 Richard Feldman & Toni Ehrlich-Feldman

Mously Diakhate Barbara Gee & Gordon Baranco

Warren Fernandes Les & Linda Hausrath

Luz Diaz Esteban Plaza-Jennings ’07

Lily Stern ’07

Corinne Dixon ’99 Darlene Mattox

Dora Finkelstein ’13 Neal Finkelstein & Rebecca Johnson

Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013  47

Head-Royce Gifts In Honor and Memoriam continued Adam Freed ’09 Donald & Dava Freed

Graham Hill ’14 Richard & Elizabeth Hedreen

Clarisse Lau ’13 Michael Lau & Tammy Tam

Saya McKenna Victoria Yang

Merilyn Pezzuto Paul Farrington & Mary Pezzuto

Alexandra Freed ’05 Donald & Dava Freed

Joshua Hui ’18 John & Rita Hui

Max Leefer van Leeuwen ’14 Russell Leefer & Yvonne van Leeuwen

Nolan Meghrouni-Brown ’12 Jeff & Andrea Meghrouni-Brown

Ernest & Jane Reddick Burton & Barbara Einspruch

Steve Gregg John Heywood ’01

Christopher Irwin ’13 David & Carmela Irwin

Michele Metz Anonymous

Peter Reinke Adam Koshkin ’07

Sophia Grossman ’13 Michael & Sarah Grossman

Courtney Jenkins ’03 Velda Egan

Head-Royce Musicians Chris Irwin ’13

Elaya Jenkins-Adelberg ’08 Jody Adelberg & Luanne Jenkins

Beatrice Moorhead Heggie ’43 Laura Piccirillo Waste ’43 & William Waste

Margot Johnson ’18 Michael Johnson & Elizabeth Glenewinkel

Clayton Hill ’15 Richard & Elizabeth Hedreen

Vera Kerekes Mark Searle ’80

Gavin Hill ’18 Richard & Elizabeth Hedreen

Ronald & Elena Krause Paul Krause ’92

Helen Lee-Righter ’14 Frances Fassett Shauna Lindheim ’24 Michael Lindheim & Melissa Schwartz-Lindheim Thaddeus Lisowski Colin Russell ’11 Sarah M. Louie ’14 Kenneth & Roxane Louie Lower School Faculty Joshua Abraham & Amitra Mamdouhi

Mason Montgomery ’19 Elliot Peters & Therese O’Neill Peters

Ann Quan & Truman Tam Shoshana Ziblatt

Juliana Newton ’23 Chris Newton & Eve Rodler

Owen Richards ’21 Scott Magargee

Vylinh Nguyen Lincoln Howarth ’13

Haley Richards ’15 Lewis & Barbara Dee Noonberg

Michelle Ito ’13 Anna-Marie Nilsson Anne Jacobson Nunno Christopher Noga ’19 Lauralie Moeller Lauren Noga ’13 Lauralie Moeller Eric Olson ’81 Carol Olson Kaya Pearson-Gaglia ’18 Christopher Pearson Courtney Peters ’08 Elliot Peters & Therese O’Neill Peters Kristi Peters Eian Peters ’14 Elliot Peters & Therese O’Neill Peters

Nathaniel Richards ’24 Scott Magargee Anni Robinson ’22 Eric Robinson & Jennifer Sime Liv Robinson ’18 Eric Robinson & Jennifer Sime Joyce Roby David Rosnow ’88 Caleb Rosen ’16 Seth & Margaret Rosen Elizabeth Rosen ’20 Seth & Margaret Rosen Shahana Sarkar Grace Wong ’13 Pierre Schreyer ’15 Julien & Jennifer Schreyer

Kristi Peters

Warren Sepkowitz Christopher Wornum & Anne Cook

Mattison Peters ’09 Elliot Peters & Therese O’Neill Peters

Alison Simons ’16 Jim & Marilyn Simons

Kristi Peters

48  Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013

Crystal Land & William Miller

Evan Simons ’17 Jim & Marilyn Simons

Gregory Wright ’08 James Wright & Jean Hayward

Zach Clayton ’92 David Clayton & Gayle DeKellis

Chris Mandel Ingrid Mandel Chiavacci ’91 & Marco Chiavacci

Andrew Spear Cameron Scherer ’07

Nicholas Wright ’10 James Wright & Jean Hayward

Nancy Heyneman Friedlander ’47 Sylvia Love McCormack McCallister ’47

Kristen Mandel Crosnoe ’89 & Wade Crosnoe

Mike Talps Nathan Dunn ’91

Jeffrey Wu ’13 Jessica Wu ’10

Mary Colby McKey ’47

Manaia Taula-Lieras ’24 Anthony Taula-Lieras & Sophia Taula-Lieras ’00 Maxwell Taylor ’25 Scott & Nicole Taylor Josh Tower Thomas Gold & Lucy Harris Belinda Tucker ’18 Lawrence & Arlene Newman Lucas Tucker ’21 Lawrence & Arlene Newman Hayley Vest ’25 Geraldine & Jay Karkowsky John & Melanie Vest Zachary von Behren ’19 Carlos & Concepcion Sumulong Tom Welsh Ron Lawrence ’77 Tamara Wescott ’13 Paul Wescott & Margery Lee Henry Wit ’25 Terry Wit Claudia Wong ’16 Les Wong & Hollis Chin Grace Wong ’13 Les Wong & Hollis Chin

Margaret Yee Michael Greenfield ’13 Camille Yount ’23 Eric Yount & Cynthia Zamora-Yount Ric Zappa Todd Herrmann ’06 Lily Stern ’07

Memorial Gifts Faith Arita Lindsey Arita ’06 Richard Arita Bertel Borowsky Mark Borowsky ’77 F. Gardiner F. Bridge Donald & Lucy Campbell Luzanne & Tom Engh Daniel & Catherine Dewey Mary Dyke Stirton ’53 & John Stirton Phyllis Lindblom DuBois ’45 Carla Sutherland Dodge ’69 & James Dodge Charlotte Rose Coleman Frey ’06 Kelly Brown & James Schaaf David Frey Clarence & Joan Coleman

Christopher Wright ’15 James Wright & Jean Hayward

Robert Gils & JoAnn Copperud

Samuel V. Gilman Jr. Cecilia Gilman Blank

Mary & Walter Fahey John Mandel ’86 & Chantel Mandel Bill & Bergit Salazar Mandel Susan Peick Jack Ripsteen & Sandy Gustafson

Nancy Lee Puterbaugh ’43 Shiela Seagrave Lonie ’43 & Donald Lonie Kenneth Rainin Jennifer Rainin ’85 Nancy Ripsteen-Dooley ’71 Jessica Bernstein Sacher ’71 & Michael Sacher

Tim Ripsteen ’93 & Vanessa Mandel Ripsteen ’93

Erik Roberts ’85 Jason Reed ’85 & Katherine Underhill

Neil T. Grasso Harvey Levine & Beth Schoenberger

Sara Hutchens McCormack ’56 Linda Wood ’56 & John Wood

Charles E. Robinson Elizabeth Robinson ’67

Paul Hamersen Mary Hamersen

Thelma Pederson McEneany ’29 Lyn McEneany Livingston ’55 & James Livingston

Albert Suarez Jason Ginsburg ’86

Richard Heggie Beatrice Moorhead Heggie ’43

Cecelia McEneany Pereira ’58 & Nicola Pereira

Concetta L. Granata Debra Hughes

Andree Hull Joyanne Hull Elkinton-Walker ’44 & Carl Walker T.R. & Lea Hyde Joan Blanchard Linebarger ’49 Lisa Howell Keigan ’66 Alison Hood Hess ’69 & Peter Hess

Matthew Weinstein ’90 & Marcie Weinstein Louise Cobb Kuic ’50 Nancy Moncure Ditzler ’50 & Hugh Ditzler Mary Cobb Thomas ’52 & Michael Thomas Pak Nin Lau Alfred & Lynn Lau

Mark Searle ’80 Joan Tupper Shelby Tupper ’80 & Erich Tupper

Richard McKenzie June Seifert McKenzie ’43

Megan Kurpinsky Waters ’02 Patricia Brody

Christopher Meyer ’98 Michael & Christina Meyer Katharine M. Mulvany ’56 Marcia Manning Janusz ’56 & Edward Janusz Linda Wood ’56 & John Wood

Glenn Kennedy Corwin Booth ’84 & Margaret Booth

Goldman Sachs

Richard Normington ’09 Sara Normington ’06 Gonzalo Pacheco Glenn Woroch & Linda Pacheco Elizabeth Campbell Power ’31 Peggy Duffy Kramer ’43 & Ray Kramer

Jacqueline Williams Lisa Benton Hardy ’84 & Eric Hardy Mary E. Wilson Stephen Woolpert Heidi Wells Wilson ’65 Jennifer Rhodes Wilson & Lesley Wilson Gary Wit Terry Wit

Shirley Price ’35 Luzanne & Tom Engh Martha Toppin

Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013  49

Profiles in Giving Gratitude for the lifelong friendships and unforgettable experiences made while a student at the Anna Head School inspired Kate Johnson Spector ’71 to make a long-term commitment to HeadRoyce through a gift from her estate. Kate, a Chicago resident, has provided for Head-Royce in her will and has powerful memories of her experience as a student. How did you come to be at the Anna Head School?

I come from a long line of women in my family who attended Bay Area girls’ schools, including Anna Head’s. My parents knew that the small classes, caring atmosphere and school traditions would be a good learning environment for me as I approached the middle school and high school years. Thus, in September of 1964, I entered sixth grade at our new campus of The Anna Head School on Lincoln Avenue, wearing my crisp, yellow, seersucker dress uniform and saddle shoes.

hills above downtown Oakland, I learned how to be more comfortable with my adolescent self in that environment. We students were taught to believe that our thoughts and opinions counted and were important. I learned how to get along, play, compete and work with other girls and women. From these experiences, I learned the value of women’s friendship and camaraderie that have helped me throughout my life, my work and with the roles I have in my family and community. That is why I cherish my friends and teachers from my days at Head’s, 50 years later.

What do you remember most about your time at Anna Head?

We had some wonderful teachers at Head’s. I remember the books we read and the lively discussions that were shared. And, I remember the candid laughter that could erupt at any moment with a fellow student or a faculty member. We were taught to think critically and to analyze … and prepare for any pop quiz that might arrive during class time. I will add that we were strongly encouraged to ask questions. I believe that we fatigued our faculty with our constant questions and tenacious ability to not back down. Years later, we have become strong women and conscientious citizens. How did the school influence you?

In 1971, we were still a school of all girls, all the time, with grades 1 through 12. The 1960s and 1970s were challenging times in our cities and across the country. Though we were in a tiny cloistered place, high in the

50  Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013

Why did you decide to remember Head-Royce in your estate plans?

My husband and I first prepared our wills when I was pregnant with our younger son, a 2013 college graduate. It was clear the time had arrived when we needed to look at our estate planning. By starting anew, we were able to be calmly objective and make changes in a thoughtful and loving way. This process was liberating and felt right. It allowed me the opportunity to remember Head-Royce. I now know that at a time in the future, my family will honor my personal wishes for a bequest to our alma mater. I feel gratified that I choose to support the vision of our founder, Miss Anna Head, in the years to come.

On Leaving a Legacy… »» You let it be known that the Head-Royce School has made a difference in your life. »» You show your family how much you value giving back. »» You give the gift that keeps on giving. By giving to an endowment, principal is maintained allowing for the interest to help the school community year after year. »» You set an example for your family, your classmates and friends from the school. »» You say thank you to a school that has given you a wonderful education, friends for a lifetime and the opportunity for leadership and service to the school and the community at large. »» You help the Head-Royce School make a difference to many students in the decades to come. Kate Johnson Spector ’71

Anna & Josiah Legacy Society Individuals who inform Head-Royce of their intention to make a gift to the school from their estate are invited to become members of the Anna & Josiah Legacy Society. The society honors and gratefully acknowledges the generosity of individuals who include Head-Royce in their estate plans. Many donors can make a more substantial gift to Head-Royce through deferred giving than through an outright contribution. Bequests, large and small, offer a significant source of support to HeadRoyce, and make a lasting contribution to the school.

Anonymous (3)

Kenneth & Darlene Lem

Bequests Received

Deborah Jean Andrews ’69

Carolyn Lewis Gray

Estate of Lucille Mast Fritter ’30

Patrick & Ellen Becherer

Ray Louie & Diana Yuen

Estate of Elizabeth Harrington ’37

Patricia Wetmore Berg ’41

Craig Nevin

Maureen Bowman

Garrett Riegg

Estate of Jennifer Burnett Harris ’48

Paul & Helen Chapman

Georgia Burr Riley ’63

Estate of Marilyn Mattke Hills ’52

Marjorie Claxton ’36 *

Sandra Luce Skillicorn ’56

Estate of Mable Lem

Robert & Diane Coleman

Stewart & Rae Smith

Phebe Cramer ’53

H. Peter Smith III ’78 & Patricia Smith

Estate of Marion Weller MacDonald ’41

Peter Dunn Catherine & David Epstein Diane Murphy Penny Wilson Giorgi ’62 Barbara Quinn Gross ’53 Pamala Hackley ’71 Jo Ann Wallis Harley ’60 Roscoe & Velma Hutton Jeanne Jenkins

Kate Johnson Spector ’71 & Alvin Spector Joanne Splivalo ’68 Linda & Jon Twichell Robert Waters & Nancy Kurpinsky Laura Savel Whitman ’87

Estate of Kathryn Prost-Mcleod ’27 Estate of Kenneth Rainin Estate of Marian Adams Reynolds ’32 Estate of Virginia Steel Estate of Alberta Hill Steele ’36

Wendy Wonnell Barbara Lidy Zunas ’61 & Wayne Zunas

Nancy Knop

* deceased

Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013  51

HRS Focuses on Citizenship As part of a year-long focus, students, faculty and parents are exploring one of the important tenets of our mission: citizenship. Defining the term “citizenship” has been part of our work—what does it mean to be a “good” citizen at Head-Royce and in the larger world? How do we develop kindness, ethics and compassion along the way? How can we and our children make the best decisions possible as we navigate a changing, competitive and challenging world? To answer these questions, we are engaged in various citizenship exercises, including the creation of classroom projects such as “Random Acts of Kindness” in the fourth grade or a personal essay that discusses ethics and political commitment in a senior history elective.

52  Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013

Another way we’re exploring the concept of citizenship is through a “citizenship tree” created by Upper School art students in the Middle School hallway on the way to the Community Room. Students and faculty from all divisions have posted answers to the question: “What does citizenship mean to me?” on tree leaves.

Visit the Blog, Join the Conversation In addition to the activities at the division, department and class level, Assistant Head of School and Academic Dean Crystal Land is devoting her blog ( to the theme of citizenship this year. Posts on her blog include:

In addition, parents recently convened in book groups to discuss the ethics and challenges of parenting; more events are in the works for the winter and spring.

»» Is Ethical Parenting Possible?

Look for more articles and photos about our citizenship initiative in our spring magazine!

»» What’s So Important About Kindness?

»» Global Citizenship at Work in Guinea »» Being a Good Digital Citizen

»» What Does it Mean to be a Head-Royce Citizen?


Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013  53

Alumni Connect

It is easier than ever to stay connected with friends and faculty!

nts: Save Alumni Eve

the Date!

There are a variety of events planned for this year—in the Bay Area and nationally. In addition to annual events,

Recently move? Looking for a new job? Tap into the Head-Royce School Alumni group on LinkedIn. It’s open to alumni, alumni parents, faculty and current parents and includes more than 700 members. Like our Facebook page where you can find out about upcoming alumni events and keep up to date with the latest HRS school and alumni news. People love our “Throwback Thursday” photos from the archives—you never know, you might be in one!

Head of School Rob Lake will be visiting several cities to meet with alumni and share his vision for the school. We hope to see you soon.

December 20 Alumni Basketball Game

January 10 Young Alumni College Assembly

See the pictures from the latest alumni events and scan through our archived albums from the glory days!

January 28 HRS Basketball Game at Oracle Arena

January 29 Discover a new mentor or reconnect with classmates in a new city by searching by name, industry, school or class. Visit (Alumni>HRS Alumni App) to learn more on how to download our alumni mobile app. Let us know what you are up to. Our greatest asset is having an accurate database and we love learning about the interesting things you all are doing. Send an email with any address updates or news to

LA Alumni Reception

February 25 NYC Alumni Reception

February 26 Washington, D.C. Alumni Reception

March 7 Anna Head Ladies Luncheon

March 27 Looking for Class Notes? They’re taking a break this issue but will be back in spring. Send your items to Samantha Boggs, Director of Alumni Relations ( or 510.531.1300 x2191). Also, contact Samantha for other ways to get involved!

54  Head-Royce School ··· Annual Report Winter 2013

Peninsula Alumni Reception

May 2–4 Alumni Weekend

Vision for Head-Royce School

Save the Date! Head of School Rob Lake is hosting interactive presentations about the school’s future. We want you to be part of the conversation on: » How we prepare students for lives of purpose and meaning » Who we are today and where we’re headed » Campus expansion plans » Access and affordability efforts Join us! » Webcast: Jan. 15, 2014 » HRS Library: January 23, 2014 » Alumni Receptions (see facing page for dates) Visit to register

4315 lincoln avenue oakl and · c a 94602 address service requested

Does the person on the mailing label still live or work here? If not, please notify the

Aerial view of Head-Royce’s 22-acre campus on both sides of Lincoln Avenue

Alumni & Development Office of the correct address by calling 510.531.1300 x2149.

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