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ALA 2022

Featured Authors Washington D.C.

June 25-27, 2022 Joe Blunt

Joe Coleman Theo Peoples

Booths 1845 and 1944 My Time to Shine: The Story of the Fabulous LCB by J. Michael Willard with Glenn Leonard, Joe Coleman and Joe Blunt, ISBN 9781946664709, 128 pages, pb, Retail $19.95

Nate Branch: Playing My Way Through Life by Nate Branch with Barry Kienzle, ISBN 9781951556853, 168 pgs, Retail $19.95 Harlem Globetrotter Nate Branch brought joy to millions of fans for fifteen years and his amazing life is captured in this New Release! biography, co-authored with awardwinning author Barry Kienzle. Nate's love for music, learned at an early age, continues to entertain and praise God from the church piano.

My Time to Shine is, in essence, not merely a biography of Glenn Leonard, Joe Coleman and Joe Bluntread that the fabulous LCB former lead singers of The Temptations, The Platters and The Drifters as a group, but as individuals with separate and interesting personalities. This book is a treasure chest of memories of years past.

New Release!

Zen and Now ISBN 97819515568 60, 5 x 7 pb, 80 pages, Retail $12.95

Four Bears in a Box ISBN 978195155604 4, 8.5 x 11, hc, Retail $16.95

Back to the Beach SBN 9781951556907, hc 8.5 x 11, 32 pages, Retail $16.95

Gilligan's Dreams: The Other Side of the Island 978195155653, 6 x 9, 272 pgs, pb, Retail $19.95

DREAMA DENVER, is an actress and international multi-awardwinning author of Four Bears in a Box and Gilligan's Dreams, detailing her 30-year marriage to Bob Denver, star of that iconic television series "Gilligan's Island. She has two foundations, The Denver Foundation, which supports families with special needs, and Always Free Honor Flight, which pays tribute to our U.S veterans, Dreama encourages her readers to rewrite a dog's future and adopt!

Barry Kienzle is the multi award-winning author of The Crossings, and The Indian, stories with Northern Kentucky origins. He wrote Heart of a Lion, a memoir of Willie Burton, who has cerebral palsy, yet wrestled at Fairdale High School near Louisville, Kentucky. His children's book Willie A Super Friend!, is also based on Willie Burton. Barry's primary career was as a CFO in a construction and real estate development company. Retirement yielded time for writing and he co-authored a biography of Nate Branch of Harlem Globetrotter fame. For more information, visit Barry's website HERE ( New Release!

Zahra Omar Shansab started writing poetry when she was in 4th grade in Kabul, Afghanistan. She was forced to flee Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation, lived in India for several years and eventually immigrated to the United States. With a degree in psychology, she was director of early childhood education for many years. She believes that reading and exposure to literature are crucial to children reaching their full potential as individuals.

JAN THORNTON JONES is a retired Early Childhood teacher. Jan has written two award winning children’s books, The Angel In The Park and Why Me? She has always been fascinated by the heroism, patriotism and bravery of the soldiers on both sides of the Civil War. These acts of valor, along with the ageless wisdom of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, served as the inspiration for Last Letter To Gettysburg.

Kaitlyn Dorroh is a high school student who makes her home in North Carolina. She has a YouTube channel, CK Vlogs. Kaitlyn is involved in athletics and enjoys playing softball and cheering. She loves New Release! writing and is passionate about helping Adam's Cape, Inc. a non-profit established in honor of her cousin Adam who passed away at six years old. Through Adam's Cape, Inc. she dedicates her time and talents helping children struggling with significant medical needs. follow Adam’s Cape on Instagram @adams.cape

New Release!

Award-winning author, Dayle Dabney, has spent her entire life with young children from babysitting, to teaching in various states, to owning her own pre-school for 18 years, and lastly to teaching in the Baltimore County school system.

LYNN SALSI, author of 19 books, is the recipient of many writing awards, including an American Library Association Notable Book Award and Historian of the Year. In 2009 she was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for The Life and Times of Ray Hicks, Keeper of the Jack Tales. Lynn is known for retelling ancient tales of America's first settlers and for her travels to 18 countries to study global stories. For more information visit RUSTY MCQUADE works with home health patients to help them maintain and gain muscle strength. Rusty has taken her life experiences and developed these simple and easy to do exercises. Stickyman Movements is easy to follow and the results have helped people maintain good muscle tone and improve general health.

Zoom Into Books is i an exceptional opportunity to engage with Award-Winning Authors New York Times Best Selling Authors Actors Musicians Producers Scientists and more!!

Rick Robinson is an international award-winning author, having twice been named the International Independent Published Author of the Year. He has ranked number one in his category on Amazon and has often placed multiple books in the top 100. Rick has also been a regular humor columnist for local, national and international publications. During his time in the military, DON HELIN served at a number of stateside posts as well as overseas in Vietnam and Germany. He is the author of six thrillers that draw from his military experience, including three tours in the Pentagon. He writes for TheBurg, a community magazine based in Harrisburg. His novel, Secret Assault, was selected as the Best Suspense/Thriller at the 2015 Indie Book Awards and his most recent novel, Roof of the World is a 2020 Next Generation Indie Book Award Winner. His novel, Long Walk Home, received a Five Star review at Readers Favorite Awards. For more information visit ELIOT PARKER is the author of four previous thriller novels and a collection of short stories. He has won the West Virginia Literary Merit Award, the PenCraft Writing Award, and the Feathered Quill Book Award for his work. He hosts the podcast program Now, Appalachia, on the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network and teaches English at the University of Mississippi. For more information visit HEATHER DUGAN is the founder/director of Cabernet Coaches®, an “all ages, all stages” access group for women that fosters selfbetterment through faceto-face friendships and social connection. The Friendship Upgrade: Trade ClickableConnections for Friendships that Matter pinpoints the causes of isolation and offers life-changing solution steps for the socially side-lined as well as those seeking deeper, more meaningful friend connections.

C. D. "Tony" Hylton, III has been around journalism nearly all of his 78 years. His journalism career has taken many forms Editor/publisher of the Hinton (WV) Daily News (now Hinton News); public relations practitioner for a Washington, D.C. Based national trade association and Public Information Officer for a major U.S. Army Command in Vietnam. And Raise Hell continues Tony's examination of the principled interaction journalism and the rough and tumble brand of local politics found in southern West Virginia in the 1960s.

Koko & Stoney by Don Stansberry, illustrated by Don Stansberry and T. A. Graham, ISBN 9781951556631, 11 x 8.5, 32 pages, hc, Retail $16.95 Even though Koko was the only living creature on the planet, he andStoney created endless adventures. Everything was perfect until an electric storm changed their lives. Koko finds there is more to Stoney than his hard outer shell and he will have to make a decision that will influence their lives forever.

ASHLEY BELOTE is the illustrator of Frankenslime and Valenslime (Feiwel & Friends, 2021). She is the author-illustrator of her solo debut early reader The Me Tree (Penguin Workshop, 2021) and her solo debut picture book Listen Up, Louella (Feiwel & Friends, 2022). She studied traditional animation under the direction of Don Bluth and earned her BA from Alderson Broaddus University and her MA in Arts Administration from the University of Kentucky. Her graduate study included a children’s literature and illustration course, through Simmons College at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. She also serves as the Illustrator Coordinator for the Carolinas chapter of SCBWI.

It was a dark and stormy night..... The June heat and humidity in Washington D.C. felt oppressive as Elaine and I walked across the parking lot at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and into a side door to reach the elevators. – From Army Regulations to Novels by Don Helin “Levi Martin climbed to the top of a small hill outside his home in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.“ -Last Letter To Gettysburg by Jan Thornton Jones

“Mom, can I go outside and play with the other kids?” --Willie A Super Friend by Barry Kienzle “I'm starting this book with something I never believed was all that important until I reached a point in my career where I thought I'd reached my ultimate goal and was ready to settle in for the long haul.” --Can You Get Our Attention? By Kraig Kann “Despite all these years, the smell could still nauseous.” The Northfield make Mark Northfield nauseous.”-Saga: Apocalypse Bounty by Calvin B. Fisher

This is simply unbearable! --The Me Tree by Ashley Belote Zack Kelly stood on the front Patio of the Calhoun Beach Club, looking past the noisy rush hour traffic on West Lake Street to the scenic beauty of Lake Calhoun, remembering.-MISSING by Don Helin Colton rocked back on the balls of his feet before sucking in a breath and straightening his posture. ---A Final Call by Eliot Parker Louella loved Roar Scout Camp. – Listen Up Louella by Ashley Belote “We've nothing to do,” said the three little bears ...--Four Bears in a Box by Dreama Denver Everett Kenzo glanced up at the three-story library building and took one last look at the ornate design with the large white pillars, knowing this would be the last time to see it. --Twins by Don Helin

"The old lady did not even look up from her digging in her garden as the excited children skipped by her fence." --Miss Dirt Turtle's Garden Club by Daniel Boyd

There she was, walking toward me, her eyes looking straight into mine. –The Importance of Being Zen by Dreama Denver

Pari sat patiently on the ledge of the doorway facing the courtyard.--Light Chaser by Zahra Omar Shansab

Coach Crane jumped from the bench and signaled to Milky to immediately call a timeout.--Nate Branch: Playing My Way Through Life

Great First Lines from Award Winning Books!

The Social Chameleon By Alex Ross Paper Anvil Press, ISBN 978173569720832, Retail $19.99 NGIBA "Best Illustrator" Finalist A story about a chameleon who doesn't fit in, but eventually learns how to live by his own true colors. Artwords by Beatriz M Robles ISBN: 978-1-64314-517-4 (Paperback), 978-1-64314-518-1 (Hardcover) 97 pgs, retail price: $12.99 Paperback, $19.99 Hardcover

ALA 2022

Featured Authors Washington D.C.

June 25-27, 2022 Booths 1845 and 1944 Heroines of Avalon & Other Tales by Ayn Cates Sullivan ISBN 9781947925045 (hardcover) 9781947925083 (paperback) 283 pgs, retail price, $26.95 / $16.95

Artwords is "Writing that asserts, transforms, and transcends to become art." Literary artworks consisting of calligrams, photographs,and redactive poetry.

This Grail series explores women’s spirituality through the mythical retellings of six goddess tales from the King Arthur legend.


Blue Ocean Bob by Brooks Olbry ISBN 9781736380109, 32 pages retail price: $14.95 "With help from some wise sea creatures, a courageous boy learns to protect the sea and all life within it.” Press for Champagne by Christopher S. Ruhland A drinker's guide to Champagne, this book leads you through a personal discovery of this most magical of wines. ISBN: 9781737546801, 182 pgs, Retail price: $14.99

The Colored Water Fountain by Calvin James ISBN 9781737178910, 35 pgs, retail price: $20 Hardcover A great flood has remade the planet. Children are immortal. No one remembers the world, but when Asher finds a 'colored' water fountain, he sets out to uncover the meaning. Brain Dance by Diane Wilson ISBN 9781736522431, 230 pgs MindStir Media, Retail price $16.96

An intimate and s o m e t i m e s humorous account of an injury that could happen to any of us. It's neuroscience that reads like a novel you can't put down.

The Garden and the Glen by Elizabeth Mosley

My Stories Have No Endings by Gayle Gonsalves

(Lenox Street Press LLC) ISBN 9781732844308, 108 pages, $27.99 Hardback, $19.99 Paperback

ISBN 9781777437428,

A story of belonging. It's about the magic that finds us when were brave enough to stand up, stand out, and be our true selves.

Systematic Land Theft/Book2: Don't Bet the Farm on Medicaid Ed. 4 by Jillian Hishaw ISBN 9781732332928 261pgs, retail price: $65 for Full Book; $25 for Limited Edition

Documents the history of land theft in Black and Tribal communities in the U.S.

273 ogs, Retail Price: $18

Kai hears the Ancestors whisper in the wind she writes their stories; their words guide her through love and heartache. The Lives of Diamond Bessie by Jody Hadlock ISBN: 9781684631179, 328 pgs, retail price: $16.95 An "affecting tale" of betrayal, revenge, and redemption inspired by a true story that Publishers Weekly says "leaves a lasting impression."

Critical Masses: Who Wins, Who Loses, Who Decides by Julie Banks Lewis 172 pages, ISBN979-8463059574, Retail $14.99

Our world is in crisis. In fact a multitude of crises. To survive, we need to come together and yet we appear to be pushing apart Roly-Poly and the Light by L. Leigh Love ISBN 978-1-954396-19-7 and ISBN 978-1954396-09-8, 32 pgs, Retail $22.95 and $12.95

A story for anyone who has ever felt different. A story of a friendship with a roly poly, Ayla, who shares wisdom of valuing self and connecting with others.

The Husband Plot by Katherine Grant ISBN 978173438136, 324pgs, Retail price $16.99

What could go wrong when you marry a perfect stranger? In this steamy Regency romance, love is all or nothing. Streets of Tears by Larry Hilton ISBN-13 978-0996786140, 388 pgs, Retail $17.27

The author takes the Viennese family of Viktor Baur through the turbulent years of World War I, the difficulties of feeding the family when money was worthless after the war.

Edu-Chameleon by Lili-Ann Kriegler ISBN: 978-1-922497-86-4, 286 pgs, Retail Price $15.95

Edu-Chameleon gives Kindergarten and Junior Primary educators clarity and practical ideas about how to support and structure play and design projects for children's enhanced learning outcomes.

More Busting Bad Guys: True Crime Stories of Cocaine, Cockfights, and Cold-Blooded Killers by Mark Langan (Concierge Marketing Inc.) ISBN: 9780991311040 276 pgs, Retail price $19.95

More Busting Bad Guys delivers a graphic and authentic look at solid policing on the streets of America's heartland. Adhara's Sonder by Mark McClish (Curious Corvid Publishing) ISBN: 1736867547 pb - 1736867539 hc, 340 pages, Retail price: $19.99 pb, $24.99 hc

The Quantum Effect: Mission COVID-19 by Nicklois Leonard (Gatekeeper Press) ISBN 9781662907500, 186 pgs, retail price: $24

An epic time travel adventure where destiny meets fate as the apocalypse hangs in the balance.

Follow Navy SEAL Commander Maxwell as he leads his team in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse to learn the truth.

Witchcraft Legacy: Stories from the Big Attic by Richard Brewster ISBN: 978-0-9913520-6-7 (paper), 978-09913520-8-1 (e-book) 198 pgs, Retail Price: $19.95 (paper), $9.99 (e-book)

Follows an ancient “cursed” book and the family who possessed it across nearly four centuries. Ethical Profit: A Guide to Increasing Profit Using Sustainable Business Practices by Samantha Richardson ISBN 9781999149604, 210 pgs, Retail $19.99

Ethical Profit contains something for everyone —there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, read examples and solutions that can be mixed-andmatched to address your business's unique challenges. Https://

Raise My Ebenezer by Richard Shrubb (IUniverse) ISBN 9781663223197 pb, 9781663223210 hc, 197 pgs, retail price $13.99 pb, $23.99 hc A modern-day parallel to Dante's Inferno. Dr. Mark Anthony is a nice guy who becomes a killer due to transgressive literary genres. He redeems himself by stopping the manufacture of a genocidal drug designed to make parents disregard their children.

Beyond Carbon Neutral: How We Fix the Climate Crisis Now by Samuel Goodman ISBN:9781636768236, 338 pgs. Retail price: $19.99

Beyond Carbon Neutral presents a strategy for reversing climate change with today's technology and marshaling societal institutions to achieve success. Https://

Addy of the Door Islands by Judy DuCharme (Ambassador International)

Sean Moses Is Martin Luther, The King Jr. by Moses Powe (Fatherless Fathers Publishing) 52 pages, hc ISBN 9781735180335 Retail $20.95 This story explores, supports, and presents powerful Black figures in young peoples' lives. It is the perfect picture book read for adults looking to capture the excitement and greatness of Black people in history.

ISBN: 978-1-64960303-6, 309 Pages, Retail price: $17.99

Addy and her sister arrive in Ephraim, Wisconsin on the steamer with Orphan Train children, but no one awaits them.

Expecting Mountains: Overcoming the Overwhelming Lows in Life by Shaunwell Posley

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ISBN 9781734899474 pb, ISBN 9781734899436 hc, 174 pgs, $14.99 pb, $24.99 hc

Discover a revolutionary new way of thinking to transform your problems into new adventures. “A classic book you will always be grateful to possess.” Women and Mixed Race Representation in Film: Eight Star Profiles by Valerie Gilbert

Over 150 Videos

ISBN: 978-1-47666338-8 pb, 302 pgs, Retail Price $39.95

From the silent era into the present century, this book uses an interracial lens to examine the careers of eight actresses.

Costly Freedom by Mary Theresa “Terry” Webb ISBN 9781647532529, 140 pgs, Retail $10.99 The author captures some of the oral history stories handed down from her Benedict relatives about their lives in Georgia during and after the Civil War. INTERACTIVE PRESENTATIONS, WORKSHOPS AND AUTHOR READINGS! Zoom Into Books is the Perfect Package of Talent to add to your Video Library for the Classroom, Homeschool, Book Clubs, Libraries, and Conferences.

Writing Workshops Fiction

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Fishes of the Orinoco in the Wild by Ivan Mikolji ISBN 9781838538835, 392 pgs, Retail $125.00 Wholesale price: $50.00 Imagine yourself floating in a crystal-clear river filled with your favorite tropical fish. Submerge yourself into the Orinoco River. Elmer & Virginia: A World War II Romance in Letters by John Odell ISBN 9781736533802, 479 pgs, Retail $19.50

As Elmer flew combat missions above the battlefields of Europe, Virginia wrote newspaper articles about life on the home front. To open this richly illustrated book is to follow them through the turbulent years of World War II.

ALA 2022 Featured Books Washington D.C.

June 25-27, 2022 Booths 1845 and 1944 Maz'hura: Book One of the Twelve Dimensions by Paul L. Centeno ISBN 9781644563878 pb, 284 pgs, Retail $12.95 ISBN 9781644563861 hc 260 pgs, Retail $26.95

Exploring the birth of a star, Captain Shirakaya and her crew find themselves in the midst of a violent attack from a mythical species once thought to have been exiled from the universe eons ago.

EYO! Educate Your Opinion by Mystqx Skye

Seasons of Love by Virag Dombay (InHouse Publishing)

ISBN: 978-3-033-08128-4, 88 pages, $7.99

ISBN: 9781922717047, 90 pgs, Retail $20 AUS

EYO! Educate Your Opinion is a witty dictionary on debunking stereotypes, including amusing cartoons and blank pages (guess what for!).

Seasons of Love is a collection of short stories that explore the powerful current that is love and how it affects us as it falters. These Walls Between Us: A Memoir of Friendship Across Race and Class by Wendy Sanford ISBN: 978-1-64742-167-0, 314 pgs, Retail $16.95

A bracingly forthright memoir about life-long friendship across racial and class divides, a white woman's necessary learning, and a Black woman's resolute survival.

Like Dust I Rise by Ginny Rorby ISBN 978168433827, 243 pgs, Retail $19.95 A novel of hope and heroism, set in Texas during one of America's worst natural disasters in the Dust Bowl.

Black Table by Anttimatti Pennanen ISBN 9529438044, 318 pgs, Retail $14.90 hc, $12.90 pb

An unexpected death at Portland Comic Convention leads to an epic quest for two science fiction enthusiasts, Jon and Gus.

Floating Underwater by Tracy Shawn (Turbulent Muse Publishing) ISBN: 9781736664902, 312 pgs, Retail $10.99

A woman learns to accept her gifts and embraces a far different future than she ever could have imagined.

The Cardiff Giant by Larry Lockridge

The Great Cyprus Think Tank by Larry Lockridge

ISBN: 9781771804240 hc, 155 pgs, Retail $33.99 ISBN: 9781771804233 pb, Retail $14.99

ISBN: 9781771804974 hc, 169 pgs, Retail $35.99 ISBN: 9781771804967 pb, Retail $14.99

A satire of human gullibility, as its characters attempt to account for the mysterious disappearance of a famous archaeological fake from the Cooperstown's Farmers' Museum.

Bart Beasley forms a think tank of renowned but hires flawed experts to tackle crises besetting the fabled island in 2024. Unknown to all but alert readers is a counterplot to waylay the think tank's best designs. No Ghoulish Green Monsters Here by Dawn Secord

ISBN: 9780981768373, 12 pgs, Retail $15

ISBN 9781734003 901, 32 pgs, Retail $21.99

On an African hike, The Sillybillies meet giraffe and Zebra who show them joy in knowing people different from them.

Darrel Ellis

The Sillybillies Find Stripes and Spots by Julie Dawson (Gordon Lane Press)

Bling faces her fears, is introduced to responsibility and by developing teamwork, successfully builds her selfesteem while saving the day.

Letters to Myself by Alexandra Mireanu

Colors of Truth by Paula Paul

ISBN: 9781777851910, 90 pgs, Retail $17.50

ISBN--978-1-09838-472-2, 292 pgs, Retail $13.34

This debut poetry collection encompasses a young woman's journey from Romania to Southeast Asia, to the age of 25. Https://

The lives of two girls, one black, one white, are intertwined one hot Texas summer of tragic, life-altering events.

Why We Are in Need of Tails by Maria daVenza Tillmanns (Iguana Books)

Why We are in Need of Tales, Part I by Maria daVenza Tillmanns (Iguana Books)

ISBN 9781771803908 $27.99 hc ISBN 9781771803724 $8.59 pb

ISBN 978-77180-466-0 hc, 61 pgs $29.99 ISBN 978-77180-465-3 pb - $7.50

When our most nuanced skills for communication were lost, Huk and Tuk tell tales to compensate for this loss.

Huk and Tuk explore intriguing questions that arise from their discussions of the tales they tell each other.


Why We Are in Need of Tales, Part II by Maria daVenza Tillmanns

Why We Are in Need of Tales, Part III by Maria daVenza Tillmanns

ISBN 978-77180-514-8 hc, 58 pgs $4.69 ISBN 978-77180-515-5 pb $5.76

ISBN 978-77180-566-7 hc, 60 pgs ISBN 978-77180-565-0 pb

Huk and Tuk discuss another important aspect of telling tales, making dreams come alive. Dreams are the source of hope.

Huk and Tuk gain an understanding of the different choices we make in different situations - and how important choices can be. Https://

The Year the World Stood Still by Susan Brescia (A Poet's Hand) ISBN 9780578944067, 96 pgs, Retail $34.99

Real-life stories during COVID-19 through emotional life-like charcoal drawings and accompanying vignettes. Stories unfold through moments of tragedy, heroism, selflessness and hope. My Friend the President by Lynn W. Leigh

We The Presidents: How American Presidents Shaped the Last Century by Ron Gruner ( ISBN 9781737823124, 650 pgs Retail price $18.50 pb, $28.50 hc

An engrossing history of how American presidents over the last 100 years have shaped today's America, and the world. Along the Métis Trail: Métis History, Heritage, and Culture by George & Terry Goulet (IAP Career College)

(Heart to Heart Publishing) ISBN 9781937008475, 296 pgs, Retail $18.00

ISBN: 9781926835051, 336 pgs, Retail $19.95 ($24.95 CAD)

A heart-warming story of unlikely friendship formed during a hair-raising chase across Arkansas.

A book that provides a vivid up-to-date portrayal of the fabulous history, heritage, and culture of the Métis People from the late 1700s to 2022.

Coming Alive by Anne Ierardi (Shanti Arts) ISBN: 9781-56056198, 200 pgs, Retail $26.95 Coming Alive grapples with faith, sexuality, and art, a coming out and coming into one’s own told with honesty and humor. The Perfect Package of Talent for your Library, Book Club, Classroom, Homeschool, Retail Outlet. Watch the Zoom Into Books YouTube Channel and meet Award-Winning Authors New York Times Best Selling Authors Actors Musicians Scientists And more!

Prairie Sonata By Sandy Shefrin Rabin (Friesen Press) ISBN 9781525576379, 288 pgs, Retail $18.99 Growing up on the Canadian prairies, a teenage girl learns about life and love from her school and violin teacher. First Watch: Charlie’s Secret by Kathy Stickney (Outskirts Press) ISBN: 9781977231062, 162 pgs, Retail $15.95

Catch a wave with rebel Charlie, over in Australia, as he and his friends use surfboards to protect sea turtles.

The largest international awards program for indie authors and independent publishers. Showcasing talents & titles that deserve to shine 570-686-1214

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