2021 HDR Foundation Annual Report

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2021 Annual Report

Street Collective $38,000 Des Moines, IA | HDR sponsor: Joe Spradling
EMPLOYEE CONTRIBUTIONS EMPLOYEE CONTRIBUTORS 2015 $483,718 1,517 2016 $524,808 1,688 2017 2,208 $809,888 2018 $1.1M 2,329 2019 $932,990 3,166 2020 $1,178,972 3,610 2021 $1,270,000 3,529
Native Prairies Association of Texas $10,120 Deer Park, TX | HDR sponsor: Erin Hatchett

Thank you for everything you’ve done to make 2021 a special year for the HDR Foundation. I continue to be humbled by the generosity of our employee donors, grant sponsors and volunteers. Much like our company, the unique model for our Foundation begins with the incredible passion you have for making an impact in the communities where we live.

We were thrilled that our Canadian colleagues participated as part of their first Day of Giving this year. With a sense of camaraderie and pride, they raised $69,876 for the HDR Canada Fund and awarded their first two grants in July.

That outstanding start in Canada is just the beginning of what the HDR Foundation’s broad-based employee participation model can do across the globe. Through the establishment of the HDR Australia Fund, our Australian colleagues will participate in their first Day of Giving in 2022 and will conduct their first grant cycle.

I’m also very proud of the establishment of an Inclusion, Diversity & Equity (ID&E) Committee for the HDR Foundation in 2021. They have thoughtfully helped us examine everything we do, from representation on our Board of Directors and Grant Review Committee to the communities being served by our grants to how we can be more proactive to address ID&E issues in our communities. They have given a sharper focus to an important cause.

It has been an honor to serve as the chair of the HDR Foundation Board of Directors for the last two years. I’d like to wish a warm welcome to Rex Fisher, who becomes chair in 2022. The Foundation is in great hands with Rex, and I’m excited by what the future holds for us.

Before we look ahead, let’s reflect on what we accomplished in 2021. This report celebrates the impact we made thanks to a record $1.27 million raised by generous employee donors like you. Every dollar supports a cause close to the heart of one of your colleagues. THANK YOU!

This report celebrates the impact we made thanks to a record $1.27 million raised by generous employee donors like you.


REVENUES Unrestricted Restricted Total Contributions 1,399,953 164,281 1,564,234 Contributed Goods & Services 257,596 — 257,596 Interest Income 496 496 Net Assets Release from Restrictions 12,178 (12,178) TOTAL REVENUES 1,670,224 152,103 1,822,326 EXPENSES Grants 848,670 848,670 Contributed & Services 260,696 260,696 Professional Fees Credit Card Fees 1,372 1,372 TOTAL EXPENSES 1,110,738 1,110,738 CHANGE IN NET ASSETS 559,486 152,103 711,588 NET ASSETS, BEGINNING 3,929,418 573,377 4,502,795 NET ASSETS, END 4,488,904 725,480 5,214,384 4

Our Passion for giving comes from the values we hold as a company — doing well by doing good. We know that working together, we drive progress and change. Philanthropy is not a silver bullet, and no one grant stands alone. Our 2021 stories tell of collective impact and shared purpose.

Action drives our employee sponsors and our Young Professionals. Read their stories of tackling community issues through volunteerism and donating professional expertise.

Understanding informs our Board of Directors and our staff. We are led by colleagues who insist on transparency, accountability and impact in everything we do.

We are here to serve you. We encourage you to look across the horizon to 2022 with us. We hope to welcome our next country into HDR’s philanthropic family. We are proud to share the following information.

Boys and Girls Club of Northeast Ohio $20,000 Cleveland, OH | HDR sponsor: Juan Guzman
We are here to serve you. We encourage you to look across the horizon to 2022 with us.



Brian Hoppy Board Chair & Cross Sector Services Director Eric Keen CEO & Ex-Officio Nichole Andersen Special Projects Director Jerome Brown Quality Office Director JaNell Cook West Region Water Business Group Director Doug Wignall Architecture Group President Dorri Raposa Senior Vice President, retired Elisa Davies General Counsel, HDR | Secretary Nancy Hales Executive Director Angel Stoner U.S. Grants Manager
Rob Rodriguez Corporate Controller | Treasurer



Shannon Bozarth Federal Laurence Nepveu Goulet At-Large Maria Trejo YP Representative April Drake Architecture Ameerah Palacios Water Milos Vasiljevic At-Large Jim Engebretson Corporate Sameer Patel Resources Pam Yonkin Transportation Josh Krayger At-Large Maher Salah Field Services Mark Fairweather Managing Director, Australia HDR CANADA FUND HDR AUSTRALIA FUND Jim McKay Engineering Managing Director, Canada Tom Ditoro Architecture Managing Director, Canada Kim Gostelli National Business Development Director, Canada Cate Cowlishaw Managing Principal, Australia Architecture Practice Garry Wall Managing Director, Asia and the Pacific Building Engineering Services

2021 Day of Giving

Contribution Dollars Raised

increase from 2020 7.7%


New Contributors


As HDR employees demonstrated their dedication to making our company resilient during trying circumstances in the world, we asked how we could make a similar impact in our communities.

With “A Time to Give” as our Day of Giving theme, employees recognized the need of the moment and raised a record $1.27 Million

Total Contributors


With many employees participating from home, we connected through live video broadcasts in four different time zones, including a visit with Canadian employees during their first day of giving.

Over the lunch hour, Teresa Gruber from Feeding America spoke live about her organization’s efforts to combat food insecurity and the HDR Foundation’s impact on their cause.


Our employees love a good challenge. As part of the 2021 Day of Giving, we challenged our office teams to encourage donations from at least 50% of their employees.

offices with 10+ employees met the goal. 44

We rewarded their generosity with $105,000 more than

in grants to local food banks in their communities.

The participation stretched from Portland to Lafayette to Ottawa, uniting our donors in a global cause while making a local impact.

Employees volunteer at St. Mary’s Food Bank | Phoenix, AZ
Project Pink’D $29,946 Omaha, NE | HDR sponsor: Terri Winslow

2021 Grants





America and Local Food Banks

U.S. and Canada | US$105,000


Almost Home

Employee Sponsor: Sara Ross

Kingston, ON, Canada | CA$10,000

Community Care - City of Kawartha Lakes

Employee Sponsor: Kerry Clifford

Lindsay, ON, Canada | CA$10,000


Chicago Gateway Green

Employee Sponsor: Grace Rappe

Chicago, IL | US$19,640

ElderHelp of San Diego

Employee Sponsor: Rick Veihl

San Diego, CA | US$19,990

Meals on Wheels - Central Texas

Employee Sponsor: Zachary Stein

Austin, TX | US$20,000

WISE Zambia

Employee Sponsor: James Thomas

Kaoma, Zambia | US$19,518

Boys and Girls Club of Northeast Ohio

Employee Sponsor: Juan Guzman

Cleveland, OH | US$20,000

Eddy House

Employee Sponsor: Mark P. Smith

Reno, NV | US$11,800

Foster Love

Employee Sponsor: Brian Green

Papillion, NE | US$10,000

Hemisfair Conservancy

Employee Sponsor: J.M. Gonzalez

San Antonio, TX | US$6,500


Employee Sponsor: Teresa Konda

Gretna, NE | US$9,000

Larchmont Charter School

Employee Sponsor: Jennifer Thoren

Los Angeles, CA | US$20,000

Latino Center of the Midlands

Employee Sponsor: Jose Labrador

Omaha, NE | US$10,000

Native Prairies

Association of Texas

Employee Sponsor: Erin Hatchett

Deer Park, TX | US$10,120

Partnership for Hope

Employee Sponsor: Lori Calub

Omaha, NE | US$7,500

Reno Bike Project

Employee Sponsor: Keith Weaver

Reno, NV | US$6,444

Denver Urban Gardens

Employee Sponsor: Jason Longsdorf

Denver, CO | US$100,000

Friends of Henniker Rescue Squad

Employee Sponsor: Thomas French

Manchester, NH | US$24,225

Midlands Fatherhood Coalition

Employee Sponsor: Kaela Bailey

Sumter, SC | US$40,000

Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation

Employee Sponsor: Margaret Ittelson

Phoenix, AZ | $30,000

Polk County Conservation

Employee Sponsors: Rusty Jones and Laura Lutz-Zimmerman

Granger, IA | US$71,070

Project Pink’D

Employee Sponsor: Terri Winslow

Omaha, NE | US$29,946

South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics

Employee Sponsor: Lee Tupper

Hartsville, SC | US$25,000

Street Collective

Employee Sponsor: Joe Spradling

Des Moines, IA | US$38,000

U.S. Green Building Council Los Angeles

Employee Sponsor: Kate Diamond

Los Angeles, CA | US$20,000

Women’s Center for Tarrant County

Employee Sponsor: Clara Castaneda

Fort Worth, TX | US$32,850

Young, Black & Lit

Employee Sponsor: Andrea Roncek

Evanston, IL | US$65,000


Impacting Our Communities

The HDR Foundation holds special meaning when employees see the impact of a grant in their local community firsthand. In total, we awarded $854,266 in 2021, including our first grants in New Hampshire, New Mexico, Georgia and central Iowa. While food security and sustainability remained central to many of the causes we support, we also awarded grants toward programs for children and young adults exiting the foster care system, providing life skills and mobility for homeless people, and offering extracurricular educational opportunities for disadvantaged youth. Additional grants created public gathering spaces in underserved neighborhoods and supported the needs of people with disabilities.

I have volunteered with Friends of the Henniker Rescue Squad for over 26 years, and this was the first time I could marry my work family with my volunteer family. I am so honored to be a part of the first HDR Foundation grant in New Hampshire.
Friends of Henniker Rescue Squad $24,225 Manchester, NH | HDR sponsor: Tom French
Partnership for Hope $7,500 Omaha, NE | HDR sponsor: Lori Calub
Latino Center of the Midlands $15,000 Omaha, NE | HDR sponsor: Jose Labrador

Global Giving


Canadian employees embraced the launch of the HDR Canada Fund with enthusiasm. An impressive 174 employees (47%) raised $69,876 during their first Day of Giving, with added incentive coming from an architecture versus engineering challenge conceived by Tom Ditoro and Jim McKay. In July, the Canadian Advisory Committee consisting of Tom, Jim and Kim Gosteli announced their first grants.

Almost Home $10,000 Kingston, ON | HDR sponsor: Sara Ross Tom Ditoro Architecture Managing Director, Canada Jim McKay Engineering Managing Director, Canada
Community Care – City of Kawartha Lakes $10,000 Lindsay, ON | HDR sponsor: Kerry Clifford


The buzz in Canada didn’t go unnoticed Down Under, where Australian employees began the behind-the-scenes work to launch the HDR Australia Fund at the end of the year. We look forward to having our colleagues in Australia participate in their first Day of Giving and award their first grants in 2022!

The HDR Australia Fund provides another powerful way to support the local communities we serve every day. We are honoured to be entrusted with this fund to increase our impact.

This gives us the rare opportunity to provide solutions to fix things in our communities, which is directly linked to our passion to do this in our everyday architectural or engineering jobs.

Australians are known for the support they show each other in times of need. The recent bushfires, supporting refugees, promoting mental health and rising concerns around climate change have all prompted great generosity from our communities. The fund will enable the HDR team to work together to increase the impact we can make.


YP Action Grants


In September, we announced the return of one of our favorite programs — the YP Action Grants. Designed to inspire action through volunteerism, young professionals take the lead by planning community service activities in their offices. In total, we funded more than $85,000 to support 18 grants, including meal distributions through food banks, tree planting and park restorations, after-school STEM activities, and diaper drives and career development programs for first-time mothers and refugees.

Marine Toys for Tots Foundation $4,400 Omaha, NE | HDR sponsor: Angel Stoner
I’m really proud to work at a company that has a specific grant and a Foundation dedicated toward service activities, so I can tell that it’s a really big focus that HDR has.
— Lara Grotz Water/Wastewater EIT, HDR
The Relatives $5,000 Charlotte, NC | HDR sponsor: Lara Grotz Charleston Parks Conservancy $4,500 Charleston, SC | HDR sponsor: Bekah Payne
HOPE Helps, Inc. $4,970 Orlando, FL | HDR sponsor: Courtney Humphreys


Our largest-ever community grant addresses two causes that continue to be important to HDR employees — addressing food insecurity and sustainability. Building upon a 2019 grant, our $100,000 grant will support Denver Urban Gardens’ initiative to add sustainability elements to 20 urban gardens and develop outdoor classrooms in four of its gardens in under-resourced communities. The grant will add a suite of STEM elements to innovative outdoor classrooms, providing 1,500 K-12 students hands-on learning about environmental stewardship using sustainable, cost-saving technology.

Denver Urban Gardens $100,000 Denver, CO | HDR sponsor: Jason Longsdorf

I could not be more excited about the HDR Foundation’s award to Denver Urban Gardens. Many of us from the Denver office have been volunteering with DUG for the last few years and have been really impressed by their connection and contribution to the community. We were excited to work with them in developing this new initiative — and even more excited to be able to help fund it.


AJames Aalders*

Hamed Aali

Morgan Abbett

Chris Abbott

Roy Abe

MarySue Abel

Jason Abendroth

Charles Abernathy

Nicolas Acay

Sara Gally Acciavatti

Tyler Achtenberg

Tina Adair

Hank Adams

Jon Adams

Kelly Adams

Lauren Adams

Jessica Adams-Weber

Yetunde Adelekan

Jessica Adetoro

Genesee Adkins

Fady Afif

Carlos Aguilar

Alia Aguirre

BJacqueline Babb Milligan

Chad Babcock

April Bacigalupi

Ronald Bacsikin

Paul Baele

Ned Bagniewski

Brandt Bailey*

Christopher Bailey

Jon Baird

Audri Baker

Chad Baker

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Leroy Baker

Sravanthi Balakrishna Nayakwadi

Brian Balchunas

W.D. Baldwin

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Urs Bamert

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Theresa Biedrzycki

Tammy Bielesch

Jennifer Bienemann

Alicia Biggs*

Andrew Bilello

Karen Bill

Daniel Billman

Jed Bingle

Valerie Birch

Brian Bird

2021 CONTRIBUTORS *Contributors to the HDR Canada Fund **Contributors to the HDR Foundation and HDR Canada Fund 20

Ronald Birkelbach

Bobby Bishop

Janelle Bishop

Jordan Bishop

Kristi Bixby

Daniel Black

Jamie Black*

Megan Black

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Michelle Blake*

Brian Blanchard

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Laurie Butler

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John Buttz

William Buxton

Women’s Center for Tarrant County $32,850 Fort Worth, TX | HDR sponsor: Clara Castaneda

Myra Cabangon

Randy Cabrera*

Jessica Cadkin

Kevin Cagle

Christopher Cain

Kevin Calderwood

Jarvis Caldwell

Katherine Caley

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Amanda Collins

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Sabrina Colon

Midlands Fatherhood Coalition
Employee Sponsor: Kaela Bailey Sumter, SC | US$40,000 22
2021 CONTRIBUTORS *Contributors to the HDR Canada Fund **Contributors to the HDR Foundation and HDR Canada Fund

Sheila Colon Cajigas

Kaitlyn Condon

Tori Conklin

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Amy Omae

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Steven Peluso

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Larry Pereira*

Carla Perez

Michael Perkins

Creighton Omer

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Charles O’Neill

Patrick O’Neill

Pak On Cheung*

Thomas Onnen

Huey Yann Ooi

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Andy Osvalds

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Michael Ott

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Adam Overbay

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Aaditya Pise

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Stephen Power *

Jan Powers

Nagulasingaratna Prabaharan

Chandra Prasad

Jeff Price

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Douglas Prindle

Frank Proctor

Daniel Prokop

Herbert Protin

James Provance

Joshua Prusakiewicz

Michael Pucci

Binaya Pudasaini

Dick Pursley

Cassidy Putman

Mary Putnam

Darren Pynn

2021 CONTRIBUTORS *Contributors to the HDR Canada Fund **Contributors to the HDR Foundation and HDR Canada Fund


Kevin Quattlebaum

Keith Quernemoen

Robert Quiggle

Darwin Quijano

Regina Quinlan

Michael Quinn

Natalia Quintero

John Quirus

Leanne Raaberg

May Raad*

Reja Rabbi

Alice Rademacher

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Jonas Radstrom

Curtis Rae

Stephanie Rall

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Andrea Ramirez

Sahimara Ramirez Gonzalez

Chuck Ramsay*

Gregory Ramseth

Janine Ralph*

Chris Rand

Jenna Rao

Djibrilla Rapant

Dori Raposa

Grace Rappe

Kim Rasmussen

Joe Rath

Vinton Rathburn

Awais Rauf *

Kurt Rautenstrauch

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Munira Rawat

Brian Ray

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Anthony Ream

David Reardon

Christopher Rector

Brandon Reda

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Kristin Redman Machacek

Lisa Reece

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Dennis Reep

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Arlie Reeves

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Marlin Register II

Robyn Reich*

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Matthew Reid

Brandi Reilly

Chad Reilly

Lauren Reinhardt

Brian Reis

Anthony Reitmeier *

Robert Rella

Rayanne Render

Carolyn Renfro

Paula Renner

David Rennoldson

Marta Reus

Paula Reyes Rodriguez

Kelli Reyna

Brian Reynolds

Renae Rich

Neil Richards

Lisa Richardson

Michael Richardson

Robert Richardson

Jason Richter

John Rickert

John Rickrode

Cindy Rieke

Sarah Rigard

Philip Riggio

Sean Riley

Todd Riley

Isabel Rincon

Steven Riojas

Ana Rios

Susan Ririe

Paul Risher

Danielle Risse

James Ritchey

Andrew Ritter

Stephanie Rittershaus

Encarnita Rivera

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Marci Roan-Polk

Christine Roarke*

Joshua Robbins

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James Roberts

Michael Roberts

Talley Roberts

Kimberly Robertson

Rhonda Robins

Amber Robinson

Bradford Robinson

Christopher Robinson

Tina Robinson

Aaron Robison

Patricia Rockwell

Shawn Rodda

Laurie Roden

Kendra Rodgers McGraw

Fernando Rodrigues

Adriana Rodriguez

Christina Rodriguez

Jose Rodriguez

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Mayela Rodriguez Angulo

Francisco Rodriguez Mancha

Eric Roecks

Virginia Roether

Vera Rogacheva*

John Rogers

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Steven Rogowski

David Rohan

Ticha Rohan

Colin Rohlfing

Jonny Rohrer

Barry Rolle

Adam Roller

Beth Rood

Erin Rooney

Darryl Root

Ned Bagniewski | Omaha, NE

Trevor Root

Kaisha Rose

Michael Rose

Timothy Rose

Janel Ross

Sara Ross*

Phil Rossbach

Nathan Rossman

Alexander Roth

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Michael Roughan

Cheryl Rountree

Chris Routley*

Amit Roy

Nicole Roy

Calcino Rozario

Michael Rudisell

Michal Ruedy

Rutatenekwa Rugabandana

Diego Ruiz*

Jairo Ruiz

Eric Rushenberg

Ryan Russ

Catherine Russell

Jill Rust

Scott Rustand

Amanda Ruston

Maggie Rutford

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Chris Ryan

Michael Ryan*

Edwin Rydell

Andrea Ryon

Eric Rysdon


SDomenic Sacchetti

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Dawn Saetta

Samantha Safara

Ryan Saffels

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Maher Salah

Joshua Salazar

Oscar Salazar-Bueno

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Amy Salisbury

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Ludwin Sanchez

Rachel Sanchez

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Carmen Sandoval

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Rebecca Santiago

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Lorraine Scannell

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Raphael Schill

Therese Schillerberg

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Colleen Schinker

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Melissa Schmetzer

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Jacob Schmitz

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Robbi Schnabel

Michael Schneider

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Tom Schoen

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Alex Schroeder

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Amy Seda

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Gagan Sehgal

Mike Seiner

Mark Seits

Cameron Self

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Terri Sell

Jeff Semigran

Emy Semprun

Min Ah Seo

April Seo

Sandra Sequeira

Joseph Sernett

Stephanie Serpico

Adam Service*

Ellen Sespaniak

Tom Sethjinda

Bill Severns

Lindsay Shagla

Avi Shah

Amy Shahar

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Stephanie Shamblin Gray

Basim Shamsuddin

Joanne Shaner

Rece Shankleton

Abhishek Sharda

William Sharp

Michael Shaver

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Nicholas Shaw*

Trooper Shaw

Alicia Shealy

Thomas Shelton

Mingwei Shen

Kristi Shepherd

Dave Sheppard

Kimberly Sherman

Roy Sherrer

Jessica Shimazu

Hoch Shin

Bethany Shingleton

Shannon Shipp

Mark Shippen

Suzette Shiu*

Adam Shockley

Darryl Shoemaker *

Amir Shokrollahi

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Donald Singler

John Singleton

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Eric Sjoberg

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Kevin Slattery

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Erik Snead

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Abel Solana*

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Paul Soleyn

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Michael Sondles

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Amy Sorensen

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Kathryn Sosnowchik

Susan Sosnowski

Leticia Soto-Daniels

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Kevin Spady

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Rona Spellecacy

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Hong Spores

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TPaige Taber

Michael Tablan

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Clarence White

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