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The Ultimate Guide of Building a Strong Yu-Gi-Oh Deck! Do you love losing? I Don’t think anyone loves losing especially if it were a Yu-Gi-Oh duel, if you fail once it doesn’t hurt or even two, in fact it can make you revise yourself and improve your play style. But, what about losing a lot of times? It will break your spirit, you will lose those moments of joy you felt while playing, start getting more frustrated and it will lead you to quit, hate or even you will lose your love for this game. Well let’s say you want to become better as you hate losing, so what do you need? Let me tell you It’s a good deck what you need, wait you don’t know how to build a good deck? Don’t worry about that I will help you start building a deck that suits you and increase your chances in victory against others.

1-Quantity is Important!! The first thing you need to know about building a new deck is the Quantity. Most Decks in General have 40 cards as that’s what you need as you will get a higher chance to draw or complete your long waited victory combo, don’t forget to keep your deck in 2:1:1 as you will need 20 monsters,10 Magic cards and 10 Trap cards. You can extend your cards until 42 if needed but don’t try to increase more than this, more cards mean less chance to draw your victory combo.

2-Keep Away Cards That Don’t Suit Your Deck: To explain let’s go with an example. I use a Raid Raptor Deck it’s a winged beast dark type monsters and I have a Dark Rainbow Dragon I found that it needs 7 dark monsters to be banished from graveyard to be summoned but, I won’t put it in my Raid Raptor Deck. Why? It’s simple it will stay in my hand for a long time as Raid Raptors is Xyz

Monster deck, so you will summon Xyz monsters which needs Xyz material to activate effects, it won’t go to graveyard when you Xyz summon, if I drew Dark Rainbow Dragon the chances of me summoning it will be very low as most Raid Raptor effects disable special summon for a monster except Raid Raptors. In other words KEEP DEAD CARDS OUT OF THE DECK!

3-Use Effect Monsters Instead of Normal Monsters. You love Blue Eyes White Dragon? Sorry but it’s useless you could get Dark Horus with 3000 Attack points and even with extra effect in Dark Horus case you can special summon a dark monster from your graveyard when your opponent activates a magic card. *Most Pros use Effect Monsters deck. *

4-Get General Effect Cards: Let’s Explain this with Example. You made a dragon Deck and you have to put a spell/trap destruction card and you had Mystical Space Typhoon which is a quick spell or Stamping Destruction which do the same as Mystical Space Typhoon, so what will I choose? It’s Obvious I will Choose “Mystical Space Typhoon” Why? It’s Simple Maybe Stamping destruction deals 500 damage as extra effect but I will Choose MST as it is a Quick-Play Spell that can be activated like a trap during my opponent turn.

5-Add Staples: Spell, Trap, or Monster Card, staples transcend deck themes and will strengthen your strategy until you find the cards necessary to abet what you're running. Below is a small list of Monsters, Traps, and Spells considered staples for any deck

type. Of course, new ones will be released as the game develops, and there exists staples for specific deck strategies. One of Most Notable Stable is Dark Hole.

6-Go with Archetype or Attribute. If you want to make a strong deck go with either Archetype or Attribute. Attribute: Monster Element. Fire, Water, Dark etc.‌ Archetype: a group of cards that share the same name To make good use Archetype and Attribute deck have more combos to use and more choices. they are easy to build with some staples it will make a very strong deck. This is All you need to make a good, Strong Yugioh Deck. The only thing left is to keep trying and practicing. Thank you for reading.

Get Kaiba Collector Box: A collection of cards which used by Kaiba. It’s a good start to build a Yu-Gi-Oh deck.

The ultimate guide of building a strong yu gi oh deck!  

Do you want to build a YUGIOH Deck? Try out this guide to build a deck which will shock your opponents

The ultimate guide of building a strong yu gi oh deck!  

Do you want to build a YUGIOH Deck? Try out this guide to build a deck which will shock your opponents