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23rd Annual Meeting


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Our First President’s Perspective Twenty three years ago, various Hispanic leaders began meeting on a monthly basis to design what we know today as the Hispanic Dental Association. One such leader was Dr. Francisco Rivera Hidalgo, currently based out of Dallas, Texas. “The Godoys from the American Journal of Dentistry, called me and asked me to join them in what would become the only Hispanic organization in dentistry inclusive of diverse oral health professionals and ethnicities,” says Hidalgo. “I joined in part because I noticed a lack of representation of Hispanics among CE

presenters. The organizing group felt like many Hispanics dentists did not affiliate with the usual associations so we felt a strong need to create an organization that would bring the full dental team together for leadership, service and educational opportunities.” The group of leaders, with help from Colgate, conducted a market study on the use of “Hispanic” or “Latino” in our name and ultimately we agreed on Hispanic, creating HDA as “To provide leadership and represent professionals who share a common commitment to improve the oral health of the Hispanic community.”

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Photo: Steven Doll

The Ripple Effects of a Passion-Driven Life p.8

News & Reports President’s Message

It is my unique pleasure to invite you to join me in my hometown of Boston for our 23rd Annual Meeting as we “Honor our Legacy and Celebrate our Future”. Join us for two eventful days of continuing education, networking, and HDA camaraderie in one of our most historical US cities. Our lineup of speakers and events will make this gathering celebratory and educational as we expect hundreds of students, oral health professionals and partners to join us. To conclude our meetings, we will have the chance to close in grand style at the Museum of Science in Boston with our Closing Celebration: Night at the Museum. Tickets are selling fast so remember to get yours! I would like to thank our Annual Meeting Planning Committee members Dr. Lilia Larin, Dr. Tyrone Rodriguez, Dr. Vidal Balderas, Dr. Amarilis Jacobo, Dr. Zuzana Mendez, Dr. Esperanza Rodriguez, Dr. Aidee Nieto Herman, CEO/ Executive Director David Pena as well as our staff Carolina Peña and Paul Austin our graduate fellow for all the help leading up to our big event. I hope you too can join us! See you in Boston, Maritza Morell, DMD, MS, MPH President, HDA Board

Dear Colleagues, It’s that time of the year where we come together for our Annual Meeting and I wanted to cordially invite you all to register and attend our 23rd Annual Meeting. This year we are fortunate to be hosting it in Boston, a beautiful and historic city, home of three prestigious dental schools and our President Dr. Maritza Morell. A committee of six students attending school in UCHC, UCSF, UC-Denver, Harvard, Tufts, including myself from UTSD, has been enthusiastically organizing student-focused activities for the conference. Expect a schedule full of great gatherings that every attendee will benefit from. Similar to past years, we will have the Crest Oral-B Orgullo Poster competition, student sessions on leadership presented by Ms. Paula Vogel from A-dec, student chapter presentations on S.E.A.L. and roundtable discussions alongside our faculty advisors. There will be a great set of speakers focusing on very essential topics such as “Cancers among the Hispanic Population” and “Initiatives to Improve Access to Care and Utilization for Minorities”. As future graduates, I encourage you to attend a session intended for practice management that will discuss the essentials to grow and thrive in today’s economy. On top of everything, we have events planned for the evening to explore the city together. We are expecting great outcomes and connections so it is my hope that you will be a part of this! Sincerely, Martha Orozco, Student Trustee


David Pena, Jr. CEO/Executive Director Carolina Pena, Newsletter Editor

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2013 Board of Trustees


President Maritza Morell, DMD, MS, MPH Boston, MA

Amaralis Jacobo, DDS New York, NY Michael Lopez Mountain View, CA Millie McClain, PHN, PhD Las Vegas, NV Zuzana Mendez, DDS Boston, MA Ricardo Mendoza, DDS Chicago, IL Frank Ramos, DDS San Antonio, TX Esperanza Rodriguez, DDS Bronx, NY

President-Elect Tyrone Rodriguez, DDS Moses Lake, WA Treasurer Vidal Balderas, DDS, MPH San Antonio, TX Immediate Past President Lilia Larin, DDS National City, CA


Student Trustee Martha Orozco Houston, TX CEO/Executive Director David Pena, Jr. Washington, DC

HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 • Summer 2013

HDA News & Reports is published four times annually by the Hispanic Dental Association, and distributed to members and other dental professionals interested in the oral health of the Hispanic population. ©2013 Hispanic Dental Association

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News & Reports

Our First President’s Perspective


Continued from page 1 HDA has come a long way, but before recent memory fades, the recalling of events and histories becomes part of our piecing together of HDA’s heritage. For this purpose Dr. Hidalgo willingly shared his perspective on a few concepts and values that have become the heart and soul of this organization.

Then & Now The HDA was a reflection of the networks and experiences of the founding members. It was very small when we started but it grew organically. Dr. Fonseca on Calle 8 in Miami came with his wide share of experiences and through his involvement in other organizations, helped us bring in other dentists. I, in the 1990s, organized a series of visits and educational exchanges with residents in Mexico and Baylor residents. This became my recruiting springboard and many Arthur H. Merritt Memorial Lectureship participants have joined HDA over the years. Like Dr. Fonseca and I, others made a concerted effort to bring in those in our network.

When people would find out we existed, they immediately joined so we knew we were relevant. We had people from Miami to Madrid and we began responding to regional needs but a national vision was always there and that is what we aimed for. Through the years, another association of public health professionals and its many Hispanic members joined with HDA and much of our national agenda began with a strong emphasis on public health. This partnership gave us another dimension beyond the perspective of a general dentist. Leaders came and went but several founding members have made their mark on HDA. One of these is Dr. Josephine Rosa, the first hygienist to be president, who opened doors for other hygienists to participate. Naturally, we had our ups and lows but people like Dr. Rosa helped propel the organization. Whether it was 1993 or 2003 or 2013, the most important thing is that we are here to represent Hispanic patients and oral health professionals with their unique needs.

THOUGHTS FROM A WISE LEADER Honoring our Legacy We have a way of being Hispanic, we bring our perspective, language, and culture. This gives color to what we do and how we react to things. Celebrating our Future Any successful future will integrate our ideas and our cultures into mainstream US culture and dentistry. This is something to celebrate, therefore let’s not separate but integrate our distinct differences into the mainstream. Latino Living in the US but acculturating and appreciating. We embrace our new culture but we hold on to our roots. (I am a Puerto Rican living in Texas among Mexican-descent Latinos.) Passion We value our social relationships as much and sometimes more than our professional relationships. We do things with a different emotion and energy. We have regional passion. Professional passion. Cultural passion. Service When we have the honor of having a patient’s trust: they trust that we will not harm them. We won’t profit beyond reason from them. We will do what is best for them and so we serve them. Service is our greatest responsibility from us as dental professionals towards our patients. The characteristics of our profession is founded upon experience and research. Part of service is to contribute to our profession. This spirit of services should be what moves us to gather, contribute, and advance the profession and one another. Education As a professional, we have the responsibility to educate our patients. This is where education begins: our patients. For this to occur, there has to be effective communication. This happens when people have shared experiences and that doesn’t always happen and affects the effectiveness of our communication. We have to continue to educate ourselves on our patients and what matters to them. Advocacy Advocate but with open mind and open eyes. This means being open to change our agenda. Not that we have to compromise our values, but being open to ideas and when necessary, broaden the vision.

Dr Hidalgo in his office

Leadership True leadership is entrusted and not imposed. People will look at that leader and either trust them, support their ideas, and move them forward or they won’t. It requires communication, interpersonal relationships and trust.

HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 • Summer 2013


News & Reports

HDA President’s Corner Society of American Indian Dentists (SAID) Dr Tyrone Rodriguez (HDA President Elect) and I attended the Society of American Indian Dentists 24th Annual Conference in beautiful Tulalip Resort and Casino in Washington State this past May 31st – June 2, 2013. SAID worked with The University of Washington School of Dentistry as well as with the Tulalip Tribe to provide amazing educational sessions. We all know that In order to grow and nurture a diverse population of dentists, starting with a pipeline of outstanding candidates from the region and across the country. University of Washington along with SAID Hosted their first dental career event for middle and high school students. Additionally, Dr George Blue Spruce narrated his journey into dentistry as the first American Indian dentists to graduate. What a story! A Senior public health college student at the University of Colorado, Joaquin Gallegos, from the Jicarilla Apache Nation and Pueblo of Santa Ana presented the powerful results from a clinical trial conducted by the Center for Native Oral Health Research where along with Dr Terry Batliner where they studied numerous Tribal Nations. A student like Joaquin represents how SAID fulfills its purpose of encouraging American Indian Youth to pursue a career in the profession of dentistry by providing role-model leadership. For the closing event SAID’s Cultural Event was the most unique experience of the whole meeting. The event allowed us to witness the Tulaip.....Wow.

Dr Maritza Morell and Dr George Blue Spruce, SAID founder with a painting by a native from the Tulalip tribe

American (AAPD)



(L to R) Dr Ed Chapelle (NDA President), Dr Ruth Bol (SAID President), Dr Joel Berg (AAPD President and Dean at the University of Washington), Dr Maritza Morell (HDA president)


Left to right: Roundtable discussion on our joint efforts at SAID with Bob Johns (NDA Executive Director), Dr Maritza Morell (HDA president), Dr Ruth Bol (SAID President), Dr Tyrone Rodriguez (HDA President Elect), Dr Drew Preston (SAID President Elect), Dr David Smith (SAID past president)


As many of you know, Dr Tyrone Rodriguez and I are pediatric dental specialists. We both had the opportunity to attend the AAPD’s 66th Annual Session at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort in Orlando Florida this past May 22-26, 2013. AAPD’s Educational proceedings were very informative as the AAPD is the recognized authority on children’s oral health. Our own HDA past presidents, Dr. Mario Ramos (AAPD Trustee at large) and Dr Ivan Lugo from P & G attended the AAPD annual convention as well. Photo: Dr. Morell and Dr. Warren Brill, AAPD President


Dr Morell at the POW WOW from Tulalip Tribe

L to R: Dr. Michael Lopez, Dr. Tyrone Rodriguez, Dr. Lilia Larin, Dr. Marsha Butler of Colgate-Palmolive, Dr. Maritza Morell, Dr. Esperanza Rodriguez, and David Pena.

HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 • Summer 2013

News & Reports National Dental Association

Dr Morell with Dr Drew Preston (SAID president elect) and Dr Charles Norman (ADA president elect).

The National Dental Association celebrated their Centennial Annual Meeting at the Washington National Harbour in Washington DC this past July 25-29, 2013. There was opportunity for plenty of fellowship and networking. Our entire HDA board of trustees as well as our HDA staff joined our good friends from NDA in an incredible Centennial Celebration! Together with board members from NDA, SAID, AAWD and ADA, HDA board members had the opportunity to participate in an enlightening leadership event headed by the leadership expert, Dr Ashleigh Rosette, to improve joint collaborations among those specific associations. The joint event was aimed at providing an opportunity for our HDA board members to mix, mingle and work with the leaders from those other associations. Additionally, the world re-known poet, educator, author, and playwright Dr. Maya Angelou gave a heartfelt keynote address at the Centennial Opening Ceremony. NDA’s Scientific sessions emphasized topics on how to improve the delivery of oral health care in underserved communities, how to improve the educational opportunities of minorities in oral health, mentorship, global health, clinical dentistry and many others. Please join me in congratulating NDA in their first 100 years!

HDA BOARD DEVELOPMENT: MBTI AND TEAMS At its July meeting, the Board engaged an activity to enhance communications, decision-making and the like. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator tool was used through Basman & Associates and its president, Ms. Beril Basman in a brief session, led the Board in various application exercises to demonstrate how to utilize personality preferences for enhanced effectiveness as individuals and team members. This training was possible thanks to Procter and Gamble in support of the HDA Leadership Initiative designed by Dr Morell and the Board of Trustees.

HDA Board of Trustees ready to meet at the National office in DC.

Dr. Rodriguez receiving the Pierre Fauchard membership at the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference by the international president Dr. Ernesto Acuña. The Pierre Fauchard Academy promotes the elevation of the standards and practices of the art and science of dentistry worldwide.

HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 • Summer 2013


News & Reports Welcome New Professional Members! • Raymond M. Rodriguez of Dallas, TX • Carolina Arana of Atlanta, GA • Gregory Stoute of Nashville, TN • Wilmer Orjuela of San Antonio, TX • Eliana Valdez of Lawrence, MA • Greg Frodel of Pasco, WA • Gustavo Salas of Houston, TX


• Susana Merida of Frederick, MD • Diana Macri of New York, NY • Miranda Brooks of Washington, DC


• Timothy McMurphy of Brandon, MS • Richard Gesker of Washington, DC

Work with school-aged children one to five days per week

• Jimmy Londono of Augusta, GA • Ashley Elliott of Hillsboro, OR


• Ronald Espinueva of Henderson, NV


• Raquel Braga of Pittsburgh , PA • Ximena Checa of Miami, FL


• William Alvarez Suarez of Winthrop , MA • Jane S. Grover of Chicago, IL


• Doris Ferres of Vero Beach, FL • Araceli Rosas-Fernandez of Braintree, MA

OR • Nicholas Bushey of Tampa, FL • Nilsa H.Toledo of West Palm Beach, FL


• Eugenia Larrowe of Galax, VA • Jorge Rojas of Playa Vista, CA • Britta Martinez of Chandler, AZ




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HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 • Summer 2013

News & Reports

Disturbing Shortage of Hispanic Dentists to Serve Rising Hispanic Population An HDA White Paper Excerpt There is one Hispanic dentist for every 6,000 Hispanic patients in the United States. This disturbing shortage of Hispanic dentists available to deliver dental care to a historically underrepresented minority in the United States has serious implications on the oral health of a growing population. This shortage indicates a more disturbing reality of Hispanic individuals applying to, attending, and graduating from dental schools across the nation relative to their representation in the population. The lack of professional capacity available to deliver care coupled with the over representation of oral disease in Hispanics magnifies a growing problem. The business community and our government cannot be blindsided by this workforce crisis as the high costs of poor health will have a dramatic effect both today and into the future of the health industry’s and our government’s efforts to manage the economy of poor health. There will be an indirect, but significant negative impact on American businesses as demonstrated by losses in employee hours related to oral disease. In a 2000 report, then United States Surgeon General, David Satcher, MD, PhD, noted that there were “profound and consequential disparities in the oral health of [American] citizens. He also noted that there was a disproportionate level of problems in oral health being

HDA Couples

experienced by some ethnic and racial minority groups. According to the 2010 US Census Bureau population report, there were over 50 million individuals of Hispanic descent living in the United States. This number represented 16.3 percent of the total 2010 U.S. population, and a 43% increase over the 2000 census figures, at which time Hispanics represented 12.5%. During that same time, the graduation rate of Hispanic students from American dental schools increased at a similar pace, rising approximately 39%. On the surface, these numbers might seem to imply that Hispanic representation in dentistry is successfully keeping pace with population increases and should be satisfactory. However, this is not the case. The 2010 US Census reported 161,305 active dentists in America, with only 8,650 being Hispanic and the remaining 152,655 being non-Hispanic. Thus Hispanic dentists represent only 5.36% of active dentists as compared to the 16.3% Hispanic population. This statistic alone pointedly illustrates the disparity between Hispanic and NonHispanic dentists. Several conclusions can be drawn from these numbers. First, there is a clearly defined disparity of dental care being provided to the U.S. Hispanic population. Hispanic dentists are applying for admission, enrolling, and graduating in lower numbers, relative to

the general Hispanic population, than non-Hispanics, thus creating a growing gap between culturally competent Hispanic dental care providers and the number needed to meet the growing number of Hispanic patients. Second, the reasons for this are many: lack of qualified dental care providers of Hispanic race, ethnicity, or language; low income and likely lack of education on the importance of dental health care; lack of insurance for much of the population; and lack of exposure to the Dental profession among Hispanic youth. Third, as the Hispanic population increases, the need for dental care education will continue to increase. This education needs to be two-fold: one, educating the population in general on the importance of basic oral care at home, and the need to visit dental professionals on a regular basis; and two, the urgent need for Hispanic dental care professionals. Improving general awareness among Hispanics through community education is essential to increasing awareness of the critical importance of participation in both oral health practices to reduce oral disease and opening opportunities for young Hispanics at an early age to consider the pursuit of dental allied health careers to address the growing need.

They met at the 2011 Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA We were both participating in the Orgullo poster competition. As fate may have it, our posters were very close to each other. We became Facebook friends and I made sure we stayed in contact. What HDA quality attracts you to her/him? He says: Her big heart and nature to help others. Her family and friends revere her for these qualities, as do I. We have common goals in life and in our field. She says: He is a genuine person, with such a big heart! He makes me laugh which is important but first of all, he is intelligent. It turns out we actually are from the same hometown-Bell Gardens, CA. We lived two streets away from each other, and might have met as children (but I moved when I was 5). We both are first generation Mexican-Americans who were the first to attend college/professional school in respective families. I know what he was gone through, and what it takes because I have gone through the same thing. Our favorite date was… A marathon date half way between LA and Las Vegas where we had a full day of activities. We shopped at the outlet malls, played mini-golf, went to happy hour, did some bowling, and finally ended the night at a wine bar She says: We ended the day at this cute wine bar. It was an older crowd, they were playing jazz music and at that moment he asked me to be his girlfriend. He yelled to everyone that I had accepted! It was a memorable day, and as I write this I can only smile thinking how blessed I am.

HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 • Summer 2013


News & Reports

The Ripple Effects of a Passion-Driven Life If you had met Dr. Edwin Chicchon during a health fair in the San Francisco area some years ago, you might have thought what some in Latin America like to call “metiche” (nosy). At HDA we call it passionate. Dr. Chicchon could have minded his own business that day but instead, he went to the Telemundo table and asked to speak to the anchor of the news herself asking, “Why is Telemundo not covering oral health matters?” The conversation let to an invitation to the studio, not once, but weekly, making him a trusted spokesperson on oral health information for an audience that needed it and magnifying the voice of so many HDA members who share a particular passion to see more Hispanic students entering dental careers. “I am very concerned that our community is not ready to meet the demand for oral care. There is a serious shortage of Hispanic dentists to care for our growing population,” says Chicchon. Shortly after,


Chicchon linked arms with HDA leaders like past presidents Dr. Victor Rodriguez and Dr. Lilia Larin, joining HDA’s mission and taking important messages through the airwaves with his show Salud Dental es Vida con el Dr. Edwin Chicchon. Fast forward four years later, Chicchon has produced countless shows, interviewing guests addressing key messages in prevention, educational achievement and discussing relevant news, treatments, and research in dentistry. Before Dr. Chicchon stepped into the spotlight, he never thought he would be a dentist. An electrical engineer by training, he enjoyed art and was always community and family oriented. He had worked as a gardener, has cleaned clinics and even worked as a dental technician. It wasn’t until he joined a health mission trip 11 years ago to the Peruvian amazon that he internalized one of the most important life lessons through an experience that led him to become a dentist: “I went there to

HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 • Summer 2013

help but I was the one who was actually healed during the trip. It changed me. I understood what real need meant for some people. It was a beautiful mission but I felt deep sadness for the poverty and lack of access. It urged me to do something about it. I now believe, one of the most important things we can do as humans is to help others and this is the core of my success and happiness.” His passion for serving underserved populations may have begun in a remote jungle in Peru but the drive to help people is what fuels his lively radio conversations, interviews on Telemundo and work as a dentist in Fremont, California. Having seen what it is like to have no access to dental care, switched careers, moved to Mexico and then the United States, Dr. Chicchon’s career speaks to the passion for service and love for community that can multiply and reach thousands directly and via the airwaves.

News & Reports

HDA Partnership to help secure financing for Members The Hispanic Dental Association recently forged an exclusive partnership to provide financing solutions to help grow HDA’s members’ practices. The firm selected was Fund-Ex, one of the nation’s leaders in financing for healthcare professionals. Al Canal, Chief Relations Officer of Fund-Ex stated, “We consider it an honor to be the exclusive financing partner of the Hispanic Dental Association. This partnership will provide the much needed financing their members are looking for to grow their businesses. Fund-Ex is looking forward to a prosperous long term relationship with the HDA.” Securing funding in today’s economic climate has become very challenging, even for one of the nation’s Top SIC codes, dental healthcare providers. Moreover, as the industry has evolved during the past several years, the general practitioner is simply doing more types of dental procedures. With these new procedures come more opportunities, which in turn require additional training, technology and equipment. With the ever-changing landscape in our country’s dental health arena, dentists must be able to expand and invest in order to maintain a solvent, upto-date and prosperous practice. Access to working capital is an important part of any practice that desires to offer clients the best care possible. As the Nation’s leading working capital lender of dental professionals, Fund-Ex understands the day to day challenges of

a busy dentist and has designed a program especially for HDA’s esteemed members. Here are a few of the HDA member financing program features; • A Fund-Ex Loan Specialist Dedicated to Serving HDA Members • Hassle Free Experience • No Cost/No Obligation Proposal • Expedited Loan Application • 48 Hour Loan Approval • No Hard Collateral Required • Loan Won’t Appear on Your Personal Credit Report • Flexible Loan Terms and Programs • Wire transfer of funds

As an HDA Member you will have access to a dedicated HDA finance team located in Manhattan, NY to facilitate all of your financing needs. To learn more about this new member benefit feel free to call Fund-Ex at 800-222-2222 Ext. 2222

David Pena, CEO/Executive Director of HDA said, “Many dental practices, both large and small, find it challenging to secure the capital they need quickly. The present financial market has created limited financial resources for today’s dental practitioner. Fund-Ex has designed financing programs to help HDA’s dental professionals grow their practices. At HDA we pride ourselves on providing our esteemed members with the very best solutions the market has to offer. We are excited to partner with Fund-Ex and provide greater value to our members.” Providing financial peace of mind for our nation’s dental practitioners is something that Fund-Ex has been doing for years. It is good to know, there is a company amidst the financing sector that is supporting the growth of today’s dental healthcare providers.

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HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 • Summer 2013


News & Reports

23rd Annual Meeting Schedule Preview Friday Schedule 8 - 8:30a 8a - 5p 8:45 - 10:15a

OFFICIAL WELCOME- OPENING SESSION EXHIBIT HALL OPEN DEANS PANEL: How is the pipeline flowing today and what will need to be done to meet tomorrow’s demands in admissions? Panel: • R. Bruce Donoff, DMD, MD, Dean at Harvard School of Dental Medicine

• Huw Thomas, BDS, MS, PhD, Dean at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine Moderated by Adrianna Segura, DDS, MS Dean at UT Health Science Center San Antonio

10:30a - 12p

IMPROVING ACCESS TO CARE: Assessing the Political Landscape Andrew Kaffes, BS, MA & Legislative Consultant, Hispanic Dental Association

10:30a - 12p

Moderated by Amarilis Jacobo, DDS - HDA Trustee

12:15 - 2p

MARKETING IN YOUR PRACTICE: Social Media Trends Brad Newman, Founder & Chief Buzz Officer at Dentainment

LUNCH ON YOUR OWN • Light lunch available for purchase in Exhibit Hall. • Private Practitioners Lunch - By Invitation Only. Sponsored by FUNDEX • Private Lunch for Chapter Faculty Advisors. By Invitation only. Sponsored by COLGATE

2 - 3:30p


2 - 4:30p

• Cecilia Diaz, DDS

3:30 - 4:30p


2 - 3:30p

• Aldo Sordelli, DDS

Moderated by German Galucchi, DDS

TEAM APPROACH: Effective Latino-Oriented Private Practice (For Office Managers, RDH and DA’s) • Martha Forero DDS, RHD

3:30 - 4:30p

• Victoria Rodriguez, DA, Mngr.


TEMPOROMANDIBULAR DISORDERS: Diagnosis, and Treament Options • Elizabeth Moncada, DDS, MS

4:30- 6:30p


6:30 - 7:30p

STUDENT RECEPTION hosted by Crest Oral-B

7:30 – 11pm



HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 • Summer 2013

News & Reports

Saturday Schedule 8a - 12p


8a - 9:30a 8:30-10:25a




8:30a-10:25a FACULTY WORKSHOP HDA FACULTY ADVISORS: Our Role with HSDA • Margo Melchor, RDH, MEd

Man Wai Ng, DDS, MPH


10:30a - 12p

Oral Health & Pregnancy Fernando Romero, MD and Isabelle Chase, DDS, FRCD

12- 2p 2 - 4p

PRESCRIBING A PLAN FOR HEALTHIER PRACTICES: Closing the Gap of Business Knowledge • Al Canal, Chief Relations OfficerBankers Health Group


FOREIGN TRAINED DENTISTS PANEL: What are your options in the USA? Discussion on Advanced Education and Limited license for Foreign-trained Dentists

2 - 4p

PHARMACOLOGY • Andres Navedo, MD


• Nadgie Ortiz, DMD

• Myron Allukian, DDS, MPH • Aidee Herman, DMD

4:00 - 5:30p

STUDENT SESSION Moderated by Paula Vogel, Corporate Liaison- A-dec S.E.A.L. AND ORGULLO 2013 POSTER PRESENTATIONS

Health Determinants & Disparities Practice • Mr. C. Godfrey Jacobs, Program Manager • Dr. Crystal L. Barksdale, PhD

7 - 8p 8 - 10:30p


This is a ticketed event. Tickets available for purchase via online registration.

HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 • Summer 2013


News & Reports

See you in Boston!

Explore The Cradle of Liberty Ways to see the Boston Whether you like to cruise, walk, drive or take in the view from the tallest of skyscrapers, there is something for every explorer. Suggestions all within close vicinity of Marriot Copley Plaza (MCP). • Boston Duck Tours (0.1 mi) • The Swan Boats (1 mi) • Prudential Tower (0.2 mi) • Old Town Trolley Tours (1.0 mi)

Attractions Whats the point of seeing a city if you don’t know what to look for? This mix of museums and town centers will give you something to look foward to after a long day at the annual meeting. Suggestions all within close vicinity of MCP: • Boston Museum of Fine Arts (1 mi) • Boston Tea Party Ship & Museum (1.7 mi) • Museum of Science (2.1 mi) • Newbury streety (.3 mi) • Copley Square (.3 mi) • The Christian Science Plaza (.3 mi)


HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 • Summer 2013

News & Reports Restaurants After a long day at the annual meeting, it’s impossible not to work up an appetite. Luckily, Boston offers a wide variety of both continental and Ethnic food at varying prices , most of which is within two miles of (MCP). • b.good 0.2 mi ($) • Vejigantes Restaurant: Authentic Puerto Rican food .7 mi ($) • Union Oyster House: First Oyster House in America 2.1 mi ($$) • Boloco Copley Square 0.3 mi ($) • Lucy Ethiopian Café 0.4 mi ($) • Vlora 0.2 mi ($$) • The Courtyard Restaurant 0.2 mi ($$) • Giacomo’s 0.2 mi ($$) • La Voile 0.3 mi ($$$) • Fogo de Chao 0.2 mi $$$

Free Stuff! Free is always good. Luckily enough, Boston is home to a few free options for your stay during the Annual Meeting. • Visit an Art gallery on Newbury Street (.5 mi) • Free wine tasting at Coolidge Corner (Fri,Sat 4-7) (2.8 mi) • Tour the USS Constitution (3.1mi) • Sam Adams Brewery Tours and Tasting (Fri 10a-5:30p, Sat 10a-3p) (3.3 mi) • Visit the Commonwealth Museum (4.9 mi) • Take a stroll along the Boston Harbor walk (11.9mi)

HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 • Summer 2013


News & Reports

Student Profiles

Daniel Gonzalez

Adriana Castiblanco

Grant Christian Burgdorf

Daniel Gonzalez Who is your favorite Hispanic influential figure?

My 3 goals for 2013: 1. Travel somewhere new with my family and Fiancé

Pope Francis

My media mix: Song: “Esta vida” Jorge Celedon TV: Game of Thrones

2. Make a difference to at least one of my patients.

Magazine/blog: Men’s Health

3. To be a great HDA student president


What do you do when you are not studying? When I’m not studying I sleep, eat, play soccer, spend time with my fiancé, take my Westie dog on walks, and hang out with friends.

What is your favorite quote or book? Cien Años de soledad/ A hundred years of solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

What is the best thing about being a HDA member? Getting to know people who share common values and interests.

Most valuable advice I received as a dental student?

3 things I am passionate about

Deactivate your Facebook account during exam blocks

1. Dentistry 2. Soccer 3. Giving back to the community

Dental student at Tufts University and president-elect of the Tuft’s chapter of the Hispanic Dental Association (HDA), Daniel Gonzalez, exemplifies the hurdles and fears many people face when moving to a complete alien country. He was only 11 years old when he moved to Boston without being able to speak a word in English. Despite his struggles with English, he never gave up and with determination and hard work, Gonzalez made his way to a private high school and has since then excelled with numerous awards such as the “mostimproved student award,” and an award for his research on risk factors for oral cancer among Hispanics in Massachusetts. The passion Gonzalez has for the less fortunate shines through with his monthly participation in the HDA community outreach programs that provide free basic dental care and education in the Boston area. Furthermore, his mission trip to the Dominican Republic to provide free dental care, his dedicated time to teach biology in a summer program for low-income high school students and his efforts to hand out hygiene kits with toiletries donated by Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, truly makes Daniel Gonzales a HDA member to admire. “I like mission trips,” he says, “because they immerse you in a culture and you can see the social factors promoting medical problems that can be prevented, not just treated.” - Daniel Gonzales on mission trips.


HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 • Summer 2013

News & Reports

Adriana Castiblanco What is your favorite quote or book? “I am thankful for all of those who said NO to me. It’s because of them I’m doing it myself.” – Albert Einstein.

Most valuable advice I received as a dental student? I got the following advice from one of my upper classmates at school: “you should not try to compare yourself with any of your classmates or colleagues. All of you guys have demonstrated that you deserve to be in Dental School. You only have to compete against yourself”.

3 things I am passionate about 1. My family

My 3 goals for 2013:

2. My ambitions of becoming a dentist

1. Pass The National Dental Board Part I.

3. Traveling to meet new people and see new places around the world.

2. Complete many of my clinic requirements for Junior Year 3. Have a really nice vacation in December

What is the best thing about being a HDA member? The best part is that I meet and stay in contact with dental students and dentists around the US. It is for that reason why I love to participate in the national HDA meetings because I have the opportunity to interact with new HDA members and positively influence those who I meet. Additionally, I had the opportunity to be selected for a scholarship from the HDA and that has contributed to continue my goal of becoming a dentist.

What do you do when you are not studying? I like to listen to music, workout at the GYM, and go to the movies with my boyfriend after a delicious dinner together.

My media mix: Song: “Me Gustas Muchisimo”by N’Klabe Ft. Yomo

Who is your favorite Hispanic influential figure?

TV: I don’t really watch that much TV, however, I like to watch movies when time permits.

I would have to say my parents. Growing up in Colombia was not always easy but they always provided for our family. When I was a little girl, I told them I wanted to be a Dentist, and since that time they have been 110% supportive and I am where I am today because of their sacrifices and support. Gracias papitos!

Magazine/blog: I love SHAPE magazine because there is a lot of good advice on how to have a healthy balanced life. Website: Pinterest, I like the creativeness of people.

Grant Christian Burgdorf Most valuable advice I received as a dental student? My 3 goals for 2013:

The trust of the patient in your chair is more than any occlusal contact or margin that you can get.

1. Read 3 new books off of my bookshelf 2. Exercise four times a week 3. Organize my lockers at school

3 things I am passionate about What do you do when you are not studying? When I’m not studying, I like to read, exercise, and spend time with my great family and friends.

Who is your favorite Hispanic influential figure? Coming from an agricultural background, for me, Cesar Chavez has definitely been most influential

1. Becoming a technically sound and wellinformed dentist 2. Experiencing new things and places 3. Trying to be an understanding and sympathetic person

What is your favorite quote or book? “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” – John Wooden

What is the best thing about being a HDA member? The great opportunities for access to the surrounding communities for health fairs and other programs keeps me motivated to be the best dentist that I can be

My media mix: 1. Song: Come fly with me- Frank Sinatra 2. TV: Game of Thrones 3. Magazine/blog: Newsweek

HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 • Summer 2013



News & Reports

Discrimination Against PLWHA is Not Necessarily Common, but it Has Not Disappeared By Conor Ahern, Ford Foundation Law Fellow National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS (“PLWHA”) has decreased significantly over the years. The data tracking this trend are neither robust nor comprehensive, yet surveys conducted over the past decade for the purpose of gauging discrimination against PLWHA have shown a marked decline compared with those conducted in the 1980s and 1990s. At one point, up to 80% of dentists did not want to treat patients who were HIV+ or perceived to be at risk of being HIV+. In addition, an even higher proportion of dentists believed that they had the right to choose whether or not to treat PLWHA. A third of dentists surveyed in 1995 indicated that they were totally unwilling to treat a patient living with HIV/AIDS. Surveys of individuals living with HIV/AIDS largely corroborated the finding that dentists’ offices were often the site of HIV/AIDS discrimination in the 1990s, as did a 1996 survey, which found that at least 15 percent of respondents reported credible accounts of being refused service by a dentist based on their HIV/AIDS status. These attitudes have mostly disappeared alongside general increases in education and reductions in HIV/AIDS phobia in our society. More recent polls have shown that around 8 percent of respondents have faced some form of discrimination from their dentists due to their HIV/AIDS status, yet even as a comparison with the 1996 survey, this number is inflated because it includes types of perceived discrimination other than outright refusal of care. Despite improvements across the board (and in dentistry in particular), strikingly high levels of discrimination can still be found in other areas where PLWHA seek medical treatment.


Discrimination Against PLWHA in Medical Contexts is an Illegal Violation of the ADA Case law has firmly established that most refusals and disparities in administration of service to PLWHA constitute violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Following the Supreme Court’s 1998 decision in Bragdon v. Abbot, HIV status unequivocally protects all PLWHA from discrimination and unwarranted refusals of service under the ADA. This coverage extends to individuals at all stages and phases of HIV/AIDS infection. Following the Court’s determination that HIV/AIDS is a disability, PLWHA were granted protection from discrimination in medical contexts under Title III of the ADA. Title III states that “No individual shall be discriminated against on the basis of disability in the full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, or accommodations of any place of public accommodation by any person who owns, leases (or leases to), or operates a place of public accommodation.” Because living with HIV/ AIDS has been affirmed as a disability, and because places of public accommodation include doctors and dentists offices, the ADA protects PLWHA from HIV/AIDS discrimination.

Discrimination Against PLWHA is Unethical and Should be Punished to the Full Extent Permitted Like all physicians, dentists have both an ethical and a legal obligation to treat PLWHA with the same willingness and respect as their HIV negative patients and prospective patients. The Principles of Ethics and Code

HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 • Summer 2013

of Professional Conduct promulgated by the American Dental Association very explicitly condemn the practice of turning away a patient solely because of their HIV/ AIDS status as unethical. They also classify disparate treatment of PLWHA (unless that treatment is appropriate for treatment of the patient’s HIV/AIDS condition) or their illness as unethical, unless treatment thereof poses a “direct threat” to the service provider. As a general rule, one’s HIV/AIDS status has no legitimate bearing on a dentist’s prerogative to refuse, delay, or offer disparate treatment to PLWHA. Unfortunately, however, discrimination continues against PLWHA in spite of these two narrow, specific exceptions. Physicians and medical care providers can be issued severe fines and reprimands for their non-compliance with ADA protections for PLWHA. Fines to vindicate the public interest may run as high as $50,000 for first time offenses, and subsequent violations are punishable by up to $100,000. Furthermore, these limitations do not preclude the imposition of supplemental punitive damages. Recent cases have shown that courts are willing to assess these penalties upon practitioners – including dentists – who have unlawfully and unethically discriminated against PLWHA. These adjudications have resulted in discriminating practitioners being forced to pay tens of thousands of dollars in fines in order to vindicate the public interest. In addition, discriminatory practitioners are frequently liable for compensatory damages, which can independently exceed $100,000. FOR THE FULL TEXT AND RESOURCE CITATIONS PLEASE VISIT:

News & Reports

HSDA Chapter @ UNLV




New HSDA members!

By Paulo Cortes & Freddie Martinez

UNLV’s HDA Chapter hosted 40 innercity high school students at our dental school for a two day event. The kids were introduced to the fields of general dentistry, orthodontics, and dental assisting. During our first day, the students received a lecture from a representative of each field followed by a Q&A session after each lecture.

Britta Martinez of Chandler, AZ Maricela Salcedo-Prado of San Francisco, CA Farzad Moghaddam of Los Angeles, CA Kyle Shiffler of Playa Del Rey, CA Norman Chen of Los Angeles, CA Nathan Beck of Los Angeles, CA Jennifer Pierce of Los Angeles, CA Janelle Gunther of Los Angeles, CA Grant Burgdorf of Los Angeles, CA

We were taken back by the how engaged the students were and the interest they displayed towards the field of dentistry as a whole. During the second day, the students participated in several hands-on activities. Their first activity consisted of taking an alginate impression of their finger(s). During this portion we asked the students to be creative and we had some really amazing impressions such as twisted fingers, a student asked if she could keep her ring on, and amazingly we had one student stick all four fingers in to a small plastic cup. The impression was poured up in buffstone and they were able to take the replica home as a souvenir at the end of the day. It was amazing how excited they were to see what they created with their imagination. The last activity involved the students doing an actual amalgam and composite restoration filling on a Class I preparation. During this time we had several UNLV HSDA members explaining to the students the difference between amalgam and composite material and the reason we will use each material.

Eugenio Aquino of Los Angeles, CA Eric Mejia of Pasadena, CA Fowran Cheong of Los Angeles, CA Denise Robles of North Hollywood, CA Anthony Fioretti of Los Angeles, CA Priscilla Elizondo of Los Angeles, CA Kevin Quan of Los Angeles, CA John Pierce of Los Angeles, CA Diana Lopez of Greenwood Village, CO Avanthi Kopuri of Aurora, CO Besi Tong of Denver, CO Samer Hejlawy of Aurora, CO Andok Barsechayan of Aurora, CO Ameeta Sachdev of Denver, CO Savannah Mortensen of Aurora, CO Ashley McCoy of Aurora, CO Caitlin White of Aurora, CO Anuja Patel of Aurora, CO Marisol King of Aurora, CO Jonathan Casiano of Lakeland, FL Jorge del Valle of Gainesville, FL Nelcy Sanchez of Weston, FL Raquel Blanco of Gainesville, FL Rajiv Kalra of Gainesville, FL Kira Santos of Gainesville, FL John Farah of Gainesville, FL

All the students loved this activity and put so much effort to make sure to make their restorations was the best. They started to compare their restorations with one another and they were intrigued to know how to make their restorations better. Some students were convinced they had found their calling “I’m so excited, I love this, I’m going to be a dentist!!”

Frank Berdos of Gainesville, FL Violeta Trenkova of Gainesville, FL Laura Cabrera of Gainesville, FL Clara Vu of Gainesville, FL Ali Yazback of Gainesville, FL Selycette del Carmen Hamner of Gainesville, FL Alicia Milllan-Morales of Seminole, FL Tony Nader of Gainesville, FL Sergio Jacas of Gainesville, FL An Nguyen of Gainesville, FL Chelsea Brinkman of Gainesville, FL Yesha Patel of Gainesville, FL

HSDA Chapter @ UCLA

Alicia Castellano of Gaineville, FL

UCAL HSDA Volunteers with Colgate “Bright Smiles Bright Futures”

Govinda Allin of Gainesville, FL Mariana Al Nasser of Gainesville, FL Patricia Prieto of Gainesville, FL Linda Yang of Gainesville, FL Marcela Solarte of Gaineville, FL Mitch Zientz of Gainesville, FL Kelsey Fleener of Lexington, KY Ashley Merritt of Lexington, KY Christina Giles of Lexington, KY James Simpson of Lexington, KY Charlie Poblenz of Lexington, KY Eric Shrestha of Lexington, KY Laura Sutherland of Lexington, KY Jacqueline Massauda of Lexington, KY Roth Rube Lewis of Louisville, KY

HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 • Summer 2013


HSDA Chapter @ UW

News & Reports GIVING BACK TO THE PIPELINE By Lan Nguyen, AmeriCorps *VISTA Member When Luis Acevedo Rodriguez was a student at Marysville-Pilchuck High School in the state of Washington. He planned to finish college as soon as possible and find a job until the summer programs at the University of Washington changed his mind and put him on a path to professional dentistry. Following a counselor’s advice, Luis participated in U-DOC in 2005. The U-DOC summer enrichment program at the UW encouraged high-school student interest in the healthcare professions. It was open to students from disadvantaged backgrounds and/or from communities underrepresented in the health professions. He went on to attend the UW, where he participated in the Summer Medical Dental Education Program (SMDEP) in 2006. This is one of the 12 college-level six-week enrichment programs funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for motivated underrepresented students interested in medicine or dentistry. Luis entered the program wanting to be a physician, but he started to explore dentistry as he learned more about it. Now a fourth year student, Luis is among a group of students who have entered the school with a boost from UW pipeline programs that help pre-dental students from Hispanic and other underrepresented backgrounds. Luis recalls the first dental impressions he poured in the SMDEP dental simulation. “I still have my stone models from the impressions from SMDEP. Now I look at them and I go, wow, these are bad!” he laughs. “But that’s the first time I started looking into dentistry.” He says his interest solidified after he started working with Dr. Beatrice Gandara, the Director for Educational Partnerships & Diversity at the UW School of Dentistry. “When I started working with her, it really reinforced everything that I wanted to do in dentistry. By the time I was done job shadowing and doing volunteer projects with her, I knew that I wanted to come to UW, and that it was my first choice.” In 2010, Acevedo Rodriguez entered the UW School of Dentistry, where he received a Procter & Gamble Professional Oral Health/ Hispanic Dental Association Foundation Award.

are Latino and have incomes below the federal poverty level.


New HSDA members!

He worked as an assistant in the dental clinics and developed service projects involving fellow dental students. These included a dental career exploration experience for middle school-age kids of migrant farm worker families who were attending a summer program and a mobile dental clinic session for the parents.

Marilyn Henry of Lexington, KY

“What got me really interested was the site of Skagit County, because when I was in U-DOC and SMDEP, we actually went up to the migrant camps and we would just help out and do a lot of translations,” Luis said. “Being able to return and serve there as a dental student was great, because I had a lot more knowledge than when I was in U-DOC and SMDEP. I was able to organize projects in places that I had just visited before.”

Natalie Nelsen of Lexington, KY

“We are fortunate to be able to work with our community partners in the SeaMar dental clinics,” said Dr. Gandara. “In addition to facilitating our dental students’ work in the community, the SMDEP students shadow in a SeaMar clinic during the summer program.” Luis is currently the community outreach coordinator for the Hispanic Student Dental Association’s UW chapter, which was founded in 2011. The chapter coordinates dental outreach activities for migrant farm worker communities and for the annual Latina Health Fair and a number of other Hispanic community health fairs. The chapter also provides teaching and mentorship at several half-day “Dental Camps” held regularly at the dental school during the year for middle and high school students from communities underrepresented in the dental professions. Luis is a frequent mentor at these camps, which explore the professional responsibilities of dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and dental laboratory technicians through hands-on activities.

Alexander Silvia of Lexington, KY Melisa Gilbey of Lexington, KY Ashley Betz of Lexington, KY Mary Wiechart of Lexington, KY Isaac Henkle of Lexington, KY Kelsey Freener of Lexington, KY Emilio Hernandez of Lexington, KY Priscilla Uba-Oyibo of Lexington, KY Chris Atchison of Cambridge, MA Mishelle Gonzalez Espinosa of Newton, MA Carolina Rodriguez-Figueroa, Shoreview, MN Seth Huiras of Minneapolis, MN Vanessa White of Apex, NC Eric Saiz of Las Vegas, NV Jennifer Garcia Avalo of Kew Gardens, NY Ingrid Murra of New York, NY Francis Lugo of New York, NY Marcela Cardona of New York, NY Leydi Barros of New York, NY Vanessa Lebron of New York, NY Sara Goldberg of Coram, NY Zachary Harrison of Philadelphia, PA Kelly Bird of Kingwood, TX Amber Lovatos of Houston, TX

“It is a powerful message when a young student sees someone like Luis being a provider for his or her community and talking about how to become a dentist,” said Dr. Gandara. “They realize they can do it, too!”

He continued to work with Dr. Gandara in outreach and mentorship efforts. In 2011, between his first and second years of dental school, Luis served as a summer-term AmeriCorps member for eight weeks at two different clinics in the SeaMar Community Health Center system in the Skagit and Whatcom counties of Washington State. The majority of clients served by the SeaMar Clinics


HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 • Summer 2013

HSDA Chapter @ the Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine (SDM)

HDA Chapter @ Greater Chicago

News & Reports Special Olympics Special Smiles In May, the Greater Chicago HDA chapter led by Dr. Ricardo Mendoza engaged in the Special Olympics Special Smiles. The team of 32 volunteers screened 650 Special Athletes, provided oral hygiene instructions and made appropriate referrals according to specific needs.

DRIVEN BY DIVERSITY By Sara Goldberg. Chapter Vice President Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine, Class of 2015 In initiating an HSDA chapter, we realized that its purpose in the Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine (SDM) community would extend beyond the Hispanic population. HSDA at Stony Brook can be used as a platform to enhance the level of diversity present within the dental school, and can encourage membership from students of all backgrounds. It will provide a warm welcome to new

underrepresented minority students, with such events as a “Welcome Fiesta” at the start of the academic year. Our chapter will draw its membership from current minority dental students as well as those students who appreciate the value of diversity in their dental education. HSDA will promote a diverse culture at Stony Brook University SDM, and can also serve as a platform from which other diversity groups can develop. Furthermore, our primary goal for the 2013-2014 academic year is to make the Stony Brook Dental Care Center (DCC) more “Hispanic-friendly,” by increasing

bilingual signage and translating electronic health record forms throughout the clinic. Additionally, our chapter is initiating a Spanish for Dentists course open to all members of the Stony Brook University SDM community. These efforts will attempt to eliminate the language barrier between the vast Hispanic community in Suffolk County and Stony Brook University DCC providers, as well as support the delivery of oral health care services. We are excited by the new chapter’s momentum, and look forward to building upon it in the upcoming year.

HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 • Summer 2013


News & Reports NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION US POSTAGE PAID Springfield, IL Permit No. 925 Return Service Requested National Headquarters: 1111 14th St. NW., Suite #1100, Washington, DC, 20005

Format: ¼ box with a design similar to: WJIbG9gTRnIFY&ved=0CAkQ_AUoAQ&biw=1280&bih=595#facrc=_&imgdii=_&imgrc=4jDYvX GEk_fZ_M%3A%3BuOm9NXwQxwq_xM%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fmediad.publicbroadcastin­silent­auction%3B2541%3B1190 The text within the box is this:

HDA Annual Meeting

Silent Auction Your donations go a long way. Every item donated and sold help support our mission and programs year-round in Service, Education, Advocacy and Leadership. Will you donate today? Visit for details. We are looking for items such as : *Airline tickets

*Membership vouchers



*Dental equipment & supplies *Dinner Vouchers *Tickets to sporting event


*Sports memorabilia *Gift certificates *Vacation accommodations

Annual Meeting attendees will have the opportunity to view and bid on Silent Auction items for the duration of the conference. Bidding will culminate at our Closing Celebration: Night at the Museum on Saturday, September 28, 2013. HDA News & Reports • Issue No. 173 • Summer 2013

HDA Heritage Issue: Summer Edition  

Meet our founding president, get to know an HDA couple, take a sneak preview of the Annual Meeting Program, and more.

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