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Explore the world … World Leaders Travel • 2010–2011 Portfolio

Celebrating the inaugural World Leaders Symposium

Travelers with Shimon Peres in Israel

. . . with the people who shape it . World Leaders Travel is pleased to present a portfolio of exclusive, customized travel events that give you the opportunity to explore the world with the people who shape it. As world travelers ourselves, we’re passionate about blending the wonder of travel with the power of education to create extraordinary experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. And that’s what we offer here. We invite you to explore, to be inspired, and to join us on a fascinating educational journey.

J. William Diebenow President • 1-800-395-3288

Mikhail Gorbachev with travelers in Russia

Travelers on customized excursions

Featuring a Who’s Who of Special Guests Renowned World Leaders James A. Baker, III

Colin Powell

Former U.S. Secretary of State

Former U.S. Secretary of State

Mikhail Gorbachev

Condoleezza Rice

Former President of the Soviet Union

Former U.S. Secretary of State

F.W. de Klerk

Jehan Sadat

Former President of South Africa

Former First Lady of Egypt

William J. Perry

Desmond Tutu

Former U.S. Secretary of Defense

Archbishop Emeritus

Accomplished Figures in Arts, Culture, Foreign Affairs, Human Rights, Media, Religion, Science, and Technology Karen Armstrong

Chris Heaney

Best-Selling Author

Author, Cradle of Gold

James Billington

Marvin Kalb

Librarian of Congress

Award-Winning Journalist & Correspondent

James Bradley

Zalmay Khalilzad

Best-Selling Author

Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Afghanistan, and Iraq

Joan Brown Campbell

Michael Krasny

Interfaith Leader

Author & Radio Host

Vinton G. Cerf

Aaron David Miller

Vice President, Google

Middle East Policy Expert

Edward Djerejian

Bill Moyers

Former U.S. Ambassador to Syria and Israel

Veteran Broadcast Journalist

Valery Gergiev

Robert Schrire

Conductor & Director, Mariinsky Theatre

Political Analyst

Chuck Hagel

Michael Shara

Former U.S. Senator


Richard Hansen

Crocker Snow

Archaeologist & Maya Expert

Director, Murrow Center for Public Diplomacy

Special guests will be joining events for various lengths of time. Please visit or call 1-800-395-3288 for details and a complete list of speakers.

Aboard the Silver Wind

Local guest speakers

The Perfect Combination of Experts, Access, and Insight Why Here? Why Now?

A Wealth of Experience

We are ever mindful of these two key questions when

Since 1978, our team of experienced service and travel

creating travel events that hit all the highlights, focus

professionals has built a reputation for excellence, and

on compelling and timely topics, and feature a lineup of

you can be sure that we’ve taken care of even the smallest

uniquely qualified guest speakers and in-country experts.

details. When you’re traveling the world, experience counts, and we’re pleased to have hosted special guests

An Extraordinary Blend of Travel and Education When you explore the world with the people who shape it, you

such as George H.W. and Barbara Bush, Madeleine Albright, Lech Walesa, Tom Brokaw, and thousands of intellectually curious travelers.

enjoy a rare opportunity to be part of a multi-dimensional

Exclusive Access

educational experience. The combination of three exciting elements—perspectives from globally significant leaders,

Special connections open doors not available to the

insights from special guests and local experts, and the

typical traveler. While each destination is different, guests

valuable contributions of your fellow travelers—results

can expect experiences such as dinners in one-of-a-kind

in a uniquely compelling travel experience.

settings, meetings with high-level government officials, performances in grand theaters, and private tours of

An All-Inclusive Journey From arrival to departure, we’ve got you covered. This includes customized, small-group excursions; tips and gratuities; on-tour flights, transportation, and transfers; a

ancient sites.

World-Class Accommodations, Dining, and Amenities

pre-departure travel guide and reading selections; special

On land and at sea, enjoy five-star accommodations,

events and receptions; and fine wine and spirits on cruises.

internationally inspired cuisine, impeccable service from an experienced staff and local guides, specially arranged

A Well-Balanced Itinerary Each travel event is designed to ensure that you experience superlative highlights, are offered compelling options, and have time to relax and enjoy your travels.

events in unique venues, and the personal attention you expect.

World Leaders Symposium

R u ssia G e o rgia A z erbaijan UKRAINE TURKEY

“I can’t imagine a better way to get the most out of a travel experience!” —C. Schneider, 2008 Symposium Traveler

Russia & the Black Sea: Beyond Perestroika


o stand in the center of Moscow’s Red Square—especially if you remember Sputnik or bombastic

Soviet May Day parades—is nothing short of thrilling. Add insights from Mikhail Gorbachev to your Moscow experience,

Condoleezza Rice Former U.S. Secretary of State

William J. Perry

Mikhail Gorbachev

Former U.S. Secretary of Defense

Former President of the Soviet Union

and it only gets better.

Your 17-day journey begins in Russia’s

capital city, but like the influence of this View all speakers and sponsors at

former superpower, it extends much further. As you circumnavigate the fabled

Aboard the Silver Wind • Aug 30–Sep 15, 2010 August 30–31

Depart Home / Arrive Moscow, Russia


September 1–2


September 3


Istanbul, Turkey (Embark) September 4–5

At Sea


September 6


Batumi or Tbilisi, Georgia


September 7

Pervomaysk Odessa Sevastopol



Caspian Sea

Batumi or Baku, Azerbaijan September 8

At Sea / Sochi, Russia

Sochi Batumi Tbilisi

Black Sea

September 9 Baku

At Sea / Yalta, Ukraine September 10

Sevastopol Istanbul


September 11

Odessa or Pervomaysk September 12



September 13–14

Istanbul, Turkey (Disembark) September 15

Depart Istanbul / Arrive Home

Black Sea aboard the Silver Wind, all around you are historic points of interest and manifestations of an enigmatic, determined, and creative people. Their stories will come to life with the help of local dignitaries, U.S. cabinet secretaries, a “father of the Internet,” the U.S. Librarian of Congress, an astrophysicist, media experts, and more.

No matter what captures your

imagination—a Russian cosmonaut training center, the beauty of a field of sunflowers where Ukrainian nuclear missile silos once stood, the elegant oil-boom mansions in Azerbaijan, Odessa’s famous Potemkin Steps, or cosmopolitan

Optional EXTENSIONS Kiev, Chernobyl & Moscow / August 25–31, 2010 Istanbul & Ephesus / September 15–18, 2010

17 days • land/sea/ON-TOUR air Maximum 236 passengers SHIP: The exclusively chartered Silver Wind (ten nights) HOTELS: The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow (three nights) Ciragan Palace Kempinski Hotel, Istanbul (two nights) Price: From $23,990 per person, double occupancy From $39,990 per person, single occupancy

Istanbul—you will experience firsthand how Russia and her neighbors are integrating past and future, and the realities of life in a post-perestroika world.

To reserve your space today, contact your professional travel advisor, a sponsoring organization, or World Leaders Travel at 1-800-395-3288;

World Leaders Symposium

Jordan U.A.E. Kuwait Saudi Arabia Qatar ISRAEL OMAN IRAN

“Every country we visited was a highlight. The program in each locale so fit the importance of that country in the larger puzzle. Excellent!” —2009 Symposium Traveler

The Middle East: Fast Forward


aybe time travel is possible. In the short span of a generation, deeply rooted

tribal cultures have been transformed into lifestyles driven by technology and modernity. It’s partly this juxtaposition— nomadic Bedouin and ancient ruins

James A. Baker, III

Jehan Sadat

Zalmay Khalilzad

Bill Moyers

Former U.S. Secretary of State

Social Activist and Former First Lady of Egypt

Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Afghanistan, and Iraq

Veteran Journalist

View all speakers and sponsors at

contrasted with the world’s tallest building and glittering displays of oil wealth—that makes the Middle East so fascinating. For 15 days, immerse yourself

Aboard the Silver Wind • Dec 29, 2010–Jan 12, 2011 December 29

Depart Home

December 30–31

Arrive Amman, Jordan / Dead Sea January 1–2

Dead Sea / Petra


Jerusalem Bethlehem

Dead Sea




KUWAIT Kuwait City

Shiraz Pe









Petra / Aqaba / Dubai, U.A.E. (Embark)

Dubai Muscat



This experience will be defined by

celebration and understanding, both of in the New Year at the Dead Sea, and

January 6

experience wondrous Petra like few ever

January 7

will—by candlelight. In the Persian Gulf,

At Sea

Dammam, Saudi Arabia January 8–9

Dubai (Disembark) Arabian Sea

the future.

January 5

January 10 LAND

insights, innovative ideas, and hope for

which begin early in your journey. Ring

At Sea

Doha, Qatar


offer differing perspectives, personal

January 4

Kuwait City, Kuwait









January 3

in vibrant intellectual discussions that

January 11


January 12

Depart Dubai / Arrive Home

where you cruise aboard the elegant Silver Wind for seven nights, exotic worlds await in Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, and rarely visited Saudi Arabia. Along the way, continue to go beyond the headlines as you explore culture and society, faith, energy, foreign

OPTIONAL EXTENSIONS Christmas in Bethlehem / December 22–30, 2010 Oman / January 12–16, 2011 Iran / January 12–19, 2011

affairs, and human rights. Your traveling companions, some of the world’s foremost experts on these subjects, will help it all make sense.

15 days • land/sea/ON-TOUR air Maximum 236 passengers SHIP: The exclusively chartered Silver Wind (seven nights) HOTELS: Kempinski Hotel Ishtar, Dead Sea (two nights) Mövenpick Resort, Petra (two nights) Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai (two nights) Price: From $19,990 per person, double occupancy From $33,320 per person, single occupancy

To reserve your space today, contact your professional travel advisor, a sponsoring organization, or World Leaders Travel at 1-800-395-3288;

World Leaders forum

South Africa Zambia BOTSWANA

“An amazing array of speakers that we thoroughly enjoyed. It was a pinnacle trip— the best of the best!”—J. and P. Saeta, 2010 Forum Travelers

The Changing Face of South Africa


outh Africa is about beginnings. Home to the earliest hominid fossils ever discovered, it’s also

one of the world’s newest democratic success stories. In breathtaking Cape Town, explore the realities of a young

Desmond Tutu

Robert Schrire

F. W. de Klerk

Archbishop Emeritus

Political Analyst

Former President of South Africa

democracy, one that’s still learning to walk upright, with F.W. de Klerk and Desmond Tutu, both Nobel Peace Prize

View all speakers and sponsors at

winners and key figures in the country’s transformation, and a team of experts in

May 1–14, 2011 May 1–2


Livingstone (Victoria Falls)


Private Game Reserve (Kruger National Park)

▼ Johannesburg


of one’s imagination lives on. A safari

May 3–6

experience at Kruger National Park brings

May 7-8

and other exotic animals. The gorgeous

May 9–10

floral panoramas of the Cape Peninsula

May 11

are a fascinating contrast to the Cradle of

Johannesburg Johannesburg / Livingstone, Zambia (Victoria Falls) Livingstone

Indian Ocean

Cape Town

May 13

Humankind near Johannesburg, where fossils speak to ancient origins. A short flight away is the thunderous wonder of

Livingstone / Johannesburg / Depart

Victoria Falls in Zambia.

May 14

It’s an exciting time to be here. Two

Arrive Home

you intimately close to the “Big Five”

Private Game Reserve (Kruger National Park)

May 12

Atlantic Ocean


Amidst rapid change, the South Africa

Depart Home / Arrive Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town

Okavango Delta

media, history, and politics.

decades after Nelson Mandela emerged from prison with fist raised, the world is still watching. Discover the valuable


lessons learned of political, economic,

Rovos Rail, Pretoria to Cape Town / April 27–May 1, 2011 Okavango Delta, Botswana / May 13–18, 2011

social, and environmental reform, and what makes South Africa a rising star.

14 days • land/ON-TOUR AIR HOTELS: Mount Nelson Hotel, Cape Town (five nights) Private Game Reserve (two nights) Westcliff Hotel, Johannesburg (two nights) Royal Livingstone Hotel, Livingstone (two nights) Price: $14,990 per person, double occupancy $17,640 per person, single occupancy

To reserve your space today, contact your professional travel advisor, a sponsoring organization, or World Leaders Travel at 1-800-395-3288;

World Leaders Travel Areas of Expertise

Travel Partners

Working under the banner of High Country Passage from

These events come to life through collaboration with some

1978 until 2009, and now as World Leaders Travel, our

of the world’s leading academic, cultural, and public affairs

team of travel professionals has led intellectually curious

organizations. Our partners help to build the team of

travelers on journeys to nearly 100 destinations, including

distinguished experts, open doors not otherwise available

the Arctic, Argentina, Australia, Chile, China, Cuba, Egypt,

to a typical traveler, and contribute to the rich educational

the Galápagos, Greece, India, Israel, Mexico, and South

program. You’ll also have the pleasure of traveling with

Korea. We’ve also catalogued a list of groundbreaking

sophisticated and like-minded individuals who add yet

accomplishments, from opening the door to group travel

another dimension to your experience. Award-winning

in Saudi Arabia during the early 1990s to recently bringing

Silversea Cruises, one of the world’s most celebrated

the largest group of American travelers to Iran since its

cruise lines and our host during each Symposium,

1979 revolution. Beyond the travel events featured in this

also plays an important part in making your journey

portfolio, visit

unforgettable. To view a list of sponsoring organizations,

to learn more about our in-depth experience worldwide.


It Keeps Getting Better We are always looking for—and more importantly, finding—new ways to make your travel experience extraordinary. So, keep in mind that what you see here is just the beginning. Call or visit us online to learn more about new features and an ever-expanding lineup of special guests. You can also be sure that with this level of customization, when we refer to these experiences as one-of-a-kind, we mean it.

Making a Difference

Private, Small-Group Travel

With a focus on education, cultural awareness, and

There are few things as rewarding as traveling abroad

responsible tourism, World Leaders Travel is committed

with family and friends. With that in mind, let us know if

to celebrating the power of travel to affect change. Your

you have a small group or organization that would like to

participation makes it possible to support some of the

create the trip of a lifetime. We offer outstanding itineraries

inspiring individuals and innovative organizations you

to select destinations worldwide, and may be able to

encounter during your journey, and to ensure that their

customize a private journey to meet your needs.

important local efforts continue.

Please call today for more information. • 1-800-395-3288

Russia: State of the Arts


chaikovsky. Chekhov. Dostoevsky. Tolstoy. Nureyev. Baryshnikov.

Netrebko. From music and dance to literature and architecture, Russia is synonymous with the cultural arts.

Valery Gergiev

This specially arranged

Renowned Conductor

celebration of Russia’s artistic heritage centers around the vibrant arts scenes in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where you’ll explore extraordinary venues, enjoy special performances, sample Russian culinary innovations at the finest restaurants, and meet some of the newest artistic stars who will continue to infuse Russia’s creative spirit.

The colorful onion domes of iconic St. Basil’s

Cathedral are the perfect prologue to a performance and private tour at the grand Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. Learn about the city’s cutting-edge art scene in discussions and meetings with leaders from local arts organizations and distinguished artists, designers, and musicians.

In St. Petersburg, you’ll be part of the lively

atmosphere surrounding the world-famous Stars of the White Nights Festival. A meeting with renowned Russian conductor and opera company director Valery Gergiev at the Mariinsky Theatre and a behind-the-scenes tour of this

June 29–July 8, 2011 ul

June 29–30 fo fF in

Depart Home / Arrive Moscow, Russia la


July 1–3

and discover the treasures of the Hermitage during a rare, after-hours


visit. It’s all part of a soul-stirring performance of

July 4–7

sights and sounds that you’ll find only in Russia.

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg

attend a special festival performance

July 8

Depart St. Petersburg / Arrive Home



storied venue are planned. You’ll also

10 DAYS • LAND/On-Tour AIR

Moscow AIR

Maximum 36 passengers HOTELS: Park Hyatt Hotel, Moscow (four nights) Grand Hotel Europe, St. Petersburg (four nights) Price: Approx. $11,990 per person, double occupancy Approx. $14,380 per person, single occupancy

Chile through a Literary Lens


n the words of beloved Chilean author Isabel Allende, “Write what

should not be forgotten.”

Great literature, rich

in historic context and epic struggles, is an ideal lens

Michael Krasny

through which to commemorate

Author & Radio Host

the past and imagine the future. Follow the pen strokes of Isabel Allende and Pablo Neruda, two of Chile’s most celebrated writers, as the story of Chile unfolds in three captivating chapters—Santiago, Valparaiso, and the fertile countryside.

With Michael Krasny—host of the award-

winning KQED (an NPR member station) radio show Forum, professor of English, interviewer extraordinaire, and widely published scholar and critic—as your traveling companion, immerse yourself in the Chile of Allende’s lovingly portrayed protagonists. Memorable settings from her novels, also key points of historic interest, serve as guideposts amidst the vibrant street life of cosmopolitan Santiago and the lovely seaside port of Valparaiso. Encounter the new generation of Chilean writers and artists influenced by the nuances of their country’s history and culture; delight at the eccentricity of Neruda’s eclectic homes, the physical manifestations of

January 7–16, 2011

his poetry, passion, and political convictions; and

January 7–8

marvel at the artifacts of Chile’s indigenous people at the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art. Toast all that

Depart Home / Arrive Santiago, Chile


January 9–11

Chile has to offer in the beautiful Casablanca Valley,


renowned for its world-class wines.

January 12

Santiago / Casablanca Valley / Valparaiso

Pacific Ocean

10 DAYS • Land Maximum 36 passengers HOTELS: Hotel Plaza San Francisco, Santiago (four nights) Hotel Gervasoni or Zero Hotel, Valparaiso (three nights) Price: $5,990* per person, double occupancy $7,780* per person, single occupancy *Plus a separate $500 donation to KQED Public Media

Buenos Aires, Argentina / January 15–19, 2011


January 13–14



January 15 Valparaiso

Santiago Casablanca Valley

Valparaiso / Viña del Mar / Depart Santiago Buenos Aires


January 16

Arrive Home

Atlantic Ocean

El Mirador and the Maya


omplex religious and political systems; advanced artistic,

scientific, and architectural achievements; monuments towering above the jungle; ancient unsolved mysteries. This

Richard Hansen

is the story of the Maya, and the


context for your extraordinary adventure.

A highly developed civilization that peaked

around 700 A.D. and then disappeared from Central America, the Maya left behind troupes of howler monkeys and flocks of tropical birds, and a long line of insatiably curious scientists. Dr. Richard Hansen, whose work has redefined our understanding of the Preclassic Maya, is one of those intrepid explorers and your guide on this journey back in time. By chartered helicopter, journey to immense El Mirador, a rarely visited Maya settlement buried deep in the Guatemalan jungle. Hansen, director of the Mirador Basin Project, and his colleagues have identified more than 26 major and 60 minor cities at the site and continue to make fascinating discoveries, which you will learn about firsthand.

Beyond the wonders of El Mirador, fill the pages

of your own jungle book with a boat trip to the

February 13–20, 2011

ruins of Aguateca; exploring the World Heritage site Tikal, renowned for its soaring pyramids; camping

February 13 HELI

El Mirador





Depart Home / Arrive Guatemala City, Guatemala February 14–16

Flores (Tikal & Aguateca)

in the rainforest under a star-filled sky; and relaxing for four nights at deluxe accommodations in the heart of the Petén jungle.

Camino Real Tikal Flores Aguateca

February 17–18

El Mirador

February 19

Nakbe / Flores February 20

Depart Guatemala City / Arrive Home


Lake Atitlán Antigua

Guatemala City

OPTIONAL EXTENSION Antigua & Lake Atitlán / February 20–24, 2011

8 DAYS • LAND/ON-TOUR air Maximum 28 passengers HOTELS: Westin Camino Real, Guatemala City (one night) Hotel Camino Real Tikal, Flores (four nights) El Mirador Camp (two nights) Price: $6,990 per person, double occupancy $7,890 per person, single occupancy

Machu Picchu: 100 Years Later


erched high in the Peruvian Andes is a legendary Inca

city that escaped the notice of Spain’s conquistadores in the 1500s. Three centuries later, however, Machu Picchu did not escape the notice of Hiram

Chris Heaney Author, Cradle of Gold

Bingham, an American historian. Thrilled by the prospect of unexplored Inca cities, Bingham was led to the largely forgotten site by Melchor Arteaga in July of 1911, and the eyes of the world were soon riveted on this once-lost Inca city.

Freed of its jungle shroud, Machu Picchu

has been the focus of intense Peruvian affection and care as a national treasure, cultural site, and sacred place. Celebrate the centennial—100 years to the day—of Machu Picchu’s rediscovery in the company of Chris Heaney, author of the new book on Bingham, Cradle of Gold.

Immerse yourself in the historical and cultural

riches of Lima’s colonial center; the fine collections of artifacts from Peru’s Pre-Columbian cultures at the National Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology; and the achievements of Peru’s early inhabitants at archaeological sites around Cuzco and in the Urubamba

July 16–26, 2011

Valley. And in specially arranged July 16

discussions with historians, Peruvian officials, and

Depart Home / Arrive Lima, Peru

preservationists, you’ll discover what lies in store for


July 17


this icon of Inca supremacy. Lima


Yucay Chinchero

Nazca Lines / July 14–16, 2011 Puerto Maldonado (Amazon) / July 25–29, 2011

Puerto Maldonado


July 20–21



July 22–23 NAZCA LINES

11 Days • LANd/RAIL /ON-TOUR AIR Maximum 30 passengers HOTELS: Marriott Hotel, Lima (three nights) Hotel Libertador, Cuzco (three nights) Casa Andina, Yucay (two nights) Sanctuary Lodge, Machu Picchu (two nights) Price: $6,990 per person, double occupancy $8,980 per person, single occupancy

July 18–19

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu July 24


July 25



Pacific Ocean

Depart Lima / Arrive Home

W o r l d L e a d e r s FORUM

Syria Lebanon Israel

“...the finest and most educational trip we have taken in our well-traveled lives.” —Dr. and Mrs. A. Goodman, 2010 Forum Travelers

Syria & Lebanon: History in the Making


hether you like your history ancient or in-the-making, prepare for unending

rewards. A veritable historical and cultural buffet, Syria and Lebanon offer a fascinating assortment of highlights,

Edward Djerejian

Aaron David Miller

Former U.S. Ambassador to Syria and Israel

Middle East Policy Expert

including the awe-inspiring UNESCO World Heritage sites of Byblos, Baalbek, Palmyra, Krak des Chevaliers, Aleppo,

View all speakers and sponsors at

and Bosra.

September 12–24, 2011 September 12–13 LAND AIR


September 14–17

U.S. Ambassador, a veteran Middle East


regional experts and scholars, you can

September 19

expect to gain a deeper understanding of

Hama (Krak des Chevaliers)


September 20

Hama / Beirut (Baalbek), Lebanon

Tel Aviv

September 21–23



Dead Sea


negotiator, and an impressive team of

Palmyra Palmyra

Mediterranean Sea

ideologies shaping the future, that will grab your attention. Led by a former

September 18


happening here now, and the issues and

Depart Home / Arrive Damascus, Syria



Beyond their rich histories, it’s what’s

the important roles Syria and Lebanon play on the world stage.

As you do, you’ll also observe how


both nations treat their history with

September 24

respect and affection. Syria incorporates

Depart Beirut / Arrive Home

Umayyad mosques, medieval souks, Damascene houses, and archaeological ruins into the rhythms of everyday life. Lebanon is a heady combination

OPTIONAL EXTENSION Israel / September 6–13, 2011

13 days • land Maximum 60 passengers HOTELS: Four Seasons Hotel, Damascus (five nights) Tadamora Palace Hotel, Palmyra (one night) Apanee Cham Palace, Hama (one night) Four Seasons Hotel, Beirut (four nights) Price: From approx. $15,990 per person, double occupancy From approx. $18,890 per person, single occupancy

of Mamluk architecture, Roman temples, and vibrant street scenes. Long accustomed to influencing the course of history, Syria and Lebanon are well poised to do so in the future.

To reserve your space today, contact your professional travel advisor, a sponsoring organization, or World Leaders Travel at 1-800-395-3288;

World Leaders Symposium

Japan China Hong Kong Vietnam Singapore Cambodia

“Our high expectations were all exceeded . . . this was in a class by itself. Superb!” —E. Kelley, 2008 Symposium Traveler

East Asia: Partners across the Pacific


okyo’s eye-popping, neon-bright Ginza, one of the most luxurious shopping districts in the world, is

a good metaphor for Asia today: big, bold, highly efficient, a hotbed of activity, and a sight to behold.

Colin Powell Former U.S. Secretary of State

Chuck Hagel

James Bradley

Former U.S. Senator

Best-Selling Author

relinquishing the reins of global influence,

While Japan shows no signs of

China’s economy—the world’s third View all speakers and sponsors at

largest—is on a steep trajectory, its twin mega-cities of Shanghai and Hong Kong

Aboard the Silver Shadow • October 13–31, 2011 Tokyo




October 13–14


such as the Shanghai Museum, the

October 15–17

Moshe Synagogue in Shanghai’s Jewish

October 18–19

Quarter, Hong Kong’s vibrant harbor and

October 20–21

breathtaking Victoria Peak, the fortune

October 22–23

tellers on Kowloon—are still much prized.

October 24

Further south, Vietnam’s storied capital,

October 25

Ho Chi Minh City, bustles with burgeoning

October 26

commerce and new construction, a

October 27

testament to the indomitable spirit of the

October 28–29

Vietnamese people.

Tokyo (Embark)

Shanghai, China

At Sea

Hong Kong

Pacific Ocean

Hong Kong At Sea


Danang, Vietnam At Sea

Danang Angkor Wat Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City October 30




time, their natural and cultural treasures—

Depart Home / Arrive Tokyo, Japan

At Sea


flexing considerable muscle. At the same

October 31

Singapore (Disembark / Depart) / Arrive Home

On this grand voyage aboard the

luxurious Silver Shadow, Colin Powell and a team of statesmen and regional experts will put your finger on the pulse of

OPTIONAL EXTENSIONS Kyoto / October 9–14, 2011 Beijing / October 10–14, 2011 Siem Reap, Cambodia (Angkor Wat) / October 31–November 4, 2011

Asia, tying together the threads of green technology, international relations, the emerging role of women, skyrocketing economic growth, and trends in

19 Days • LAND/SEA Maximum 318 passengers SHIP: The exclusively chartered Silver Shadow (fourteen nights) HOTEL: Imperial Hotel, Tokyo (three nights) Price: From $19,990 per person, double occupancy From $33,320 per person, single occupancy

innovation and culture.

To reserve your space today, contact your professional travel advisor, a sponsoring organization, or World Leaders Travel at 1-800-395-3288;

the Ritz-Carlton, Moscow

Ciragan Palace Kempinski Hotel, Istanbul

Luxury Accommodations From the long list of amenities aboard Silversea Cruises’ award-winning small ships to the distinctive attractions of world-class hotel properties, specially chosen accommodations are part of every World Leaders Travel itinerary. More than just a place to lay your head, each venue offers a range of luxuries and memorable features—the perfect location, a storied past, spectacular architecture, the highest levels of luxury and service. Like you, we believe that every part of your travel experience should be extraordinary.

Pantone C of Condé Nast Traveler (nine times) and Travel & Leisure (seven times) Voted “World’s Best” by8400 readers and awarded the coveted “six stars” from Fielding’s Guide to Worldwide Cruises three years in a row.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai KEMPINSKI Hotel Ishtar, Dead Sea

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2010-11 WLT Catalog  

World Leaders Travel Portfolio, Exclusive, Luxury, Middle East, Russia, South Africa, Peru. Guatemala, Lebanon, Syria, Chile, Condoleezza R...

2010-11 WLT Catalog  

World Leaders Travel Portfolio, Exclusive, Luxury, Middle East, Russia, South Africa, Peru. Guatemala, Lebanon, Syria, Chile, Condoleezza R...