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Educating Heartsit&Counts Minds Different Where

2009-2010 Board of Directors Board of Corporate Members


Br. Thomas Dziekan, C.S.C., Chair Br. James Branigan, C.S.C., Member Br. Stephen LaMendola, C.S.C., Member Br. William Zaydak, C.S.C., Member

Executive Committee of the Board Honorable Salvatore Agati ‘75, Chair Attorney Kevin H. McSherry ‘75, Vice Chair Mrs. Beth Devino, CPA ‘93, Treasurer Mr. Michael Martone ‘74, Secretary

Mr. James Abromaitis, ‘75 Mr. Frederick Blasius Jr. ‘76 Dr. Daniel Coelho, MD ‘78 Mrs. Joyce S. DeCesare, LPC CSC Monsignor Thomas Ginty ‘76 Ms. Jane Lescoe Mr. Raymond J. Lynch Attorney Gary O’Connor Mr. Neil M. O’Leary Mr. Rocco Orso Mr. John Pronovost ‘85 Mr. Frank Samuelson Jr. ‘73

Faculty Liaison Mrs. Andrea Rodriguez

Educators in the Faith Making God Known, Loved, and Served For information contact: Bro. Jonathan Beebe, CSC Director of Vocations

The Mission and Purpose of Holy Cross High School



President’s Message. . . . . . . . 1 Holy Cross Fund Donors . . . . . 2 Alumni Giving. . . . . . . . . . . 6 Giving by Class . . . . . . . . . . 7 Scholarships & Endowment. . . 10 Thank you. . . . . . . . . . . . 12

Brothers of Holy Cross

he MISSION of Holy Cross High School is to assist in the total Christian education of young men and women. To accomplish this, Holy Cross High School, in cooperation with parents, provides a framework which fosters integration of the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical and social growth of each individual. Holy Cross High School is an integral part of the mission of the Catholic Church. Our special role at Holy Cross High School is founded on the love that Jesus Christ has for us. We

What’s Inside

believe this love will lead us to an awareness of the uniqueness of each person in the Holy Cross community. The school’s PURPOSE is to foster the development of conscience and a sense of responsibility in each member of the school community. We trust that the awareness of Christ’s love for us will lead us to a Christian commitment which manifests love and concern for all.

From the President

Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends of Holy Cross, Excellence is an admirable goal, and an education in the Holy Cross tradition is a commitment to excellence that challenges the whole person, both heart and mind. For 40 years, Holy Cross has combined educational excellence with religious commitment. Our graduates are well-educated, have high standards of character and integrity, continue to grow in their faith, and understand the need to help those less fortunate. Your investment in Holy Cross, as recognized and celebrated in this Annual Report, helps strengthen our ability to build on this foundation of excellence and meet the opportunities and challenges of today. The sacrifices you make in order to donate to the Holy Cross Fund have tangible results. Your gifts in 2009-2010 allowed us to:

❖ Significantly increase financial aid, providing assistance for young men

❖ Improve teacher resources by upgrading our science labs and installing a state-

❖ Improve campus facilities by paving the parking lots, replacing the tennis

❖ Enhance the religious and personal formation of our students and faculty by

and women who might otherwise be unable to attend Holy Cross. of-the-art language lab.

courts, and installing new signage on the property.

funding participation in the 2010 Pilgrimage to St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal and the Holy Cross Leadership Conference in South Bend, Indiana.

To each of you who have contributed, I am extremely grateful. Your continued support will help take us to the next level. My goal is not to emulate everyone else – it is to be better than everyone else! On behalf of our dedicated faculty and staff, and the students we serve, I thank you for your past generosity and welcome your future participation. Sincerely, Timothy McDonald President


Holy Cross Fund Donors 2009-2010 This list recognizes donors who made gifts during the period from July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010

President’s Circle

Oronoke Society

Anonymous Anonymous Archdiocese of Hartford Brothers of Holy Cross Eastern Province Congregation de Notre Dame Mr. and Mrs. Mark Herlihy & Family Sandy and Frank Monteiro ‘88

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Abromaitis ‘75 Mr. Robert M. Allen ‘76 Mr. and Mrs. James C. Bodor ‘89, ‘90 Mrs. Cathleen Armstrong Brush ‘78 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Buckley ‘80 Mrs. Micaela Niven Bulich ‘81 Mrs. Anne Regan Casson ‘83 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cheezic Mrs. Deborah Renker Chevalier ‘83 Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Ciampi Jr. ‘82 Mr. and Mrs. James Cunningham Atty. Arthur B. D’Almeida ‘73 Mrs. Joyce DeCesare † Dr. and Mrs. Mark DeFrancesco Mr. Michael A. DeSantis ‘75 Mr. Richard E. Dufour ‘80 Dr. Stephen G. Dunn ‘80 Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Dzinski Jr. ‘81, ‘84 Dr. and Mrs. John Elser Mr. Paul E. Farrell ‘85 Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Fazo ‘76 Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Fette Mr. Brian J. Flaherty ‘83 Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Graziano Mr. Robert W. Harkins ‘84 Scott and Robin Henderson & Family Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hertel Mr. and Mrs. John Hogan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Holroyd Mr. James G. Humphrey ‘78 Mr. and Mrs. Colin Kearns Mr. Kenneth P. Keefe ‘87 Mr. Dennis M. Koshier ‘75 Mr. and Mrs. George Kulikauskas Mr. James Labeck and Atty. Susan Whalen ‘81, ‘81 Mrs. Angela Lamoy Mr. Robert J. Lanese ‘83 Mrs. Catherine Livermore Mrs. Sonia Preta LoBue ‘84 Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Longo Mr. Ivan A. Lucuk ‘00 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lynch Mrs. Donatella Gugliotti Malitsky ‘96 Mr. David W. Manzo ‘72 Dr. Luciano Marini ‘77 Mr. John P. McCusker ‘92 Atty. Kevin H. McSherry ‘75 Mr. Sean P. Moriarty ‘91 Atty. and Mrs. Gary O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. Theodore P. Oczkowski ‘78 Mrs. Karen Murphy Olsen ‘91 Mr. Rick F. Oricchio ‘74 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Phelan ‘89, ‘97 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Polzella ‘83, ‘87 Atty. Julie M. Porzio ‘81 and Mr. Joseph J. Santopietro ‘77 Mr. and Mrs. Amadeo Rinaldi Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sarlo Atty. and Mrs. Paul Shea Mr. Peter Tatalias Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Tokarski ‘83 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Tremaglio ‘79 Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Verzino ‘86 Mr. Frank Vigliotti ‘89

Annual Gift of $5,000 or more

St. Joseph Circle

Annual Gift of $3,000 or more Anonymous

Cross & Anchor Circle Annual Gift of $2,000 or more

Mr. and Mrs. Martin F. Devino ‘81, ‘93 Ms. Kelley A. Laurel ‘81 Mr. Robert J. Livermore ‘91 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Sierakowski ‘89, ‘89 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Steponavic Jr. ‘74 Ms. Carrie Zimyeski and Mr. Keith F. Sullivan ‘83 Lisa and Richard Vitarelli ‘87

Moreau Society

Annual Gift of $1,000 or more Mr. Richard D. Banziger ‘77 Mr. Kenneth C. Clisham ‘79 Dr. and Mrs. Joseph DeMayo Kim and Jeff Fryer ‘87 Msgr. Thomas M. Ginty ‘76 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Leger & Family Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McDonald Dr. Thomas F. Murray Jr. ‘83 Mr. Mark F. Phelan ‘85 Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sullivan Mr. Scott Thomas ‘94 Mr. John Zick

Crusader Society

Annual Gift of $500 or more


Mr. and Mrs. Paul V. Atkins ‘87, ‘87 Beth and Charles Boulier III ‘73 Mr. Joseph C. Brevetti ‘72 Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Brigham ‘79, ‘79 Mr. and Mrs. Maurice F. Fabiani ‘76, ‘80 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fappiano ‘85 Mrs. Tammy Lawton Fauth ‘86 Mr. Scott M. Fitzgerald ‘86 Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Generali Mr. Jose Gonzalez Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Gruszka ‘72 Mr. Michael J. Harris ‘91 Ms. Jennie Kilmartin Mr. George Kozlow Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Mascoli Atty. and Mrs. Matthew D. McCormack ‘78 Mr. Kevin D. McGetrick ‘86 Mr. and Mrs. Luke Murphy Mrs. Anne Petrarco & Family Atty. and Mrs. Jack Senich ‘84, ‘82 Mr. Lee V. Sheehan ‘80 Mr. and Mrs. Toby Soriero

Annual Gift of $250 or more

† In memory of John A. DeCesare

Mr. Joel C. White ‘88 Mr. Norby M. Williamson ‘81 Dr. John T. Wisneski Jr. ‘73

Holy Cross Society Annual Gift of $120 or more Hon. and Mrs. Salvatore C. Agati ‘75 Atty. John Ambrozaitis and Ms. Kathleen Moriarty Ms. Melissa Audette ‘96 Mrs. Veronica Ayotte Mr. and Mrs. David Bakewell Mrs. Heidi Shea Ball ‘87 Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Barone Dr. and Mrs. Paul Beauvais Mr. Edmonde F. Bernier Jr. ‘97 Mr. Vincent C. Bernota ‘75 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bielanos Rich and Tricia Marino Brown ‘90 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bushka Mr. Richard F. Bushka ‘82 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Bushka ‘80 Hon. Domenick N. Calabrese ‘79 Mr. and Mrs. Gary Carlo Atty. and Mrs. Mark A. Carrington Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Catalano Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Vincent N. Caterino Jr. ‘77, ‘77 Mr. Jeffrey S. Christie ‘86 Mr. Charles Christolini Jr. ‘72 Dr. Marc A. Ciampi ‘88 Mr. Christopher M. Ciarleglio ‘00 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Ciarleglio ‘72 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Comeau ‘82 Mr. Jay A. Coon ‘83 Mr. Kevin M. Crean ‘74 Mr. Neil J. Creem ‘77 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Debkiewicz Mr. Thomas F. Deimantas ‘72 Mrs. Lou Anne Nesta DeMattei ‘80 Mr. William Derwin Mr. and Mrs. Yvon J. Desaulniers Fr. Richard A. Deshaies, SJ ‘72 Mr. and Mrs. Peter DiClementi & Family Mrs. Christina Lomma DiStasi ‘96 Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Donahue Ms. Erin E. Drakeley ‘85 Mrs. Anne Esposito Ms. Katherine Esposito ‘97 Ms. Laura Esposito ‘94 Mr. Christopher O. Fappiano ‘72 Mr. Richard E. Filippone ‘81 Mr. Matthew Fisher ‘99 Atty. Daniel L. FitzMaurice ‘72 Mr. Paul D. Francisco ‘77 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. George ‘82, ‘82 Mrs. Patricia George Mrs. Martha Giammatteo Mrs. Amy Dollinger Gilbert ‘85 Mr. Steven M. Gomes ‘78 Mr. David J. Gonski ‘84 Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Gunnoud ‘74 Mr. Edward Hamilton Mr. Donald L. Hawks III ‘93 Mrs. Anne Herr Mr. David J. Hoey ‘85 Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hotchkiss Mr. William A. Humphrey ‘73


Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Innes Mr. and Mrs. Robert Janiga Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Kalosky ‘76 Mr. David E. Kapusta ‘98 Mr. Michael P. Kasperski ‘84 Mr. J. Timothy Krusko ‘75 Dr. Edward T. Lahey ‘90 Mr. Christian R. Luppi ‘78 Mr. Robert Manning ‘85 Hon. and Mrs. Richard M. Marano ‘78, ‘79 Mr. Matthew J. Mariani ‘91 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Marino ‘76 Mr. Francis C. Marrello ‘72 Mrs. Carla Coelho Martin ‘92 Mr. David J. Martin ‘83 Mr. Justin J. Martinkovic ‘93 Mr. David A. Mascoli ‘85 Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCoy ‘81 Mrs. Ellen McGaughey Mr. and Mrs. Kevin T. McGovern ‘81, ‘81 Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Migliarese Mr. and Mrs. William Miller Mr. Marc M. Montalto ‘87 Mr. James A. Mulhall ‘78 Mr. and Mrs. Francis Mussatti Mr. and Mrs. Peter Nakano Mr. Nicola Nave Mr. William F. Noel ‘84 Mr. and Mrs. Jon G. Novakowski ‘76 Mr. J. J. O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Orso Mr. Linas R. Pakalnis ‘79 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Parenti Mrs. Kathleen Murphy Partin ‘93 Mrs. Teresa Porzio Perugini ‘84 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony B. Petta Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Phalon Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Puzzo ‘79 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Richard ‘80 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Rinaldi ‘89 Mr. Gary A. Rinaldi ‘75 Mr. Edward J. Rossi Mr. Stefan J. Rybak ‘76 Mr. Frank H. Samuelson Jr. ‘73 Mr. and Mrs. Pat SantaBarbara Mr. David M. Santoro ‘85 Attys. Charles and Christine Senich ‘80, ‘80 Ms. Eileen Smyth Dr. Carl J. Spadola ‘73 Mrs. Carol Starkey Atty. and Mrs. William L. Stevens ‘73 Mr. and Mrs. W. Martin Stokes ‘74 Mr. George J. Strobel Jr. ‘74 Mr. Dennis P. Strozzi Mr. Neil F. Sullivan ‘88 Mr. Wayne F. Sullivan ‘79 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Sura Atty. Michael G. Tansley ‘75 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tignor Mrs. Lisa Celello Trager ‘87 Mr. and Mrs. James Tsitso Mrs. Susan Brett Turano ‘94 Mr. John J. Tuttle Jr. ‘72 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Vitarelli Mr. Thomas W. Walker ‘72 Atty. Jayne Elser Welch ‘86 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wengertsman Mr. Raymond A. White ‘72 Mr. and Mrs. William Wildman Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wilkonski Mr. Paul M. Wilner ‘83


Mr. and Mrs. Conrado Yabut Mr.* and Mrs. Richard Yazluk Mr. Anthony M. Yitts ‘83 Mr. John A. Zinno Jr. ‘85 Mrs. Catherine Zupkus


Annual Gift less than $120 Anonymous Mrs. Lori Accetura Mrs. Sue Accuosti Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Addona Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Albino ‘80 Mr. and Mrs. Dominic J. Alegi Mr. Roy Allison and Ms. Janice Pratt Mr. and Mrs. Mark V. Altieri ‘75 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ashe Mr. Peter G. Asselin ‘82 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Audette Mr. and Mrs. Andy Azab Mr. and Mrs. James Bacchiocchi Mr. and Mrs. Gene Bacik Dr. Donna Balaski ‘81 Mrs. Maura Foley Barbino ‘85 Mr. and Mrs. Fred Barone Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barrett Mr. and Mrs. Francis Bartolomeo Mr. and Mrs. David C. Baxter Mr. Peter J. Belval ‘75 Ms. Marjorie T. Beman Mr. Napoleon W. Benaitis ‘73 Mr. and Mrs. Jan Bendtsen Mr. David D. Benedetto ‘73 Dr. Christopher W. Bentley ‘76 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Bergamo ‘82 Mr. and Mrs. Aldo Bernabe Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Binkowski Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Boccialetti Mr. Stephen S. Body ‘86 Mr. Paul J. Boiano ‘75 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Borecki ‘81 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Botte ‘84 Mr. and Mrs. Roger Boucher Mr. John P. Bouffard ‘06 Paul and Catherine SantaBarbara Bouffard ‘80 Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Bowen Mr. Paul Bradley ‘81 Mr. and Mrs. James Brittingham Mr. and Mrs. William Brouillard Mrs. Joanne Buckheit Mrs. Theresa Josef Bueno ‘93 Mr. Adam J. Bulakowski ‘95 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Burgess Mrs. Kelly Sheehan Burke ‘91 Mr. Kevin J. Burns ‘79 Mr. and Mrs. Eric Z. Bushka ‘86, ‘88 Mr. and Mrs. H. James Bushka Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Bushka Ms. Jaime Padula Byrne ‘97 Mrs. Bridget Moore Calista ‘94 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Carlozzi ‘79 Ms. Catherine Carrington ‘96 Ms. Elena Carrington ‘97 Mrs. Sue Carrington Mr. and Mrs. Brian T. Carroll ‘83 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Caruso Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Casalino Mr. Michael R. Caselas ‘82 Mr. Ronald M. Caselas ‘72 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Casey Mr. Salvatore D. Catalano *Deceased



2 0 0 9

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cater Mr. and Mrs. Richard I. Cherubino & Family Mr. and Mrs. Darrin Chessic ‘78 Mr. and Mrs. James Chittum Mr. James P. Chittum ‘87 Mr. and Mrs. Normand D. Chouinard ‘74 Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Christiano Jr. ‘73 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Christiano Mr. Christopher C. Ciampi ‘86 Dr. James A. Ciccarelli ‘79 Mr. Francis J. Cipriano ‘83 Mrs. Kathleen Carney Claessens ‘81 Mr. and Mrs. George Clark Jr. Mr. Kenneth J. Clark ‘90 Mr. Peter J. Clark ‘94 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coatta Mr. Frank Coelho ‘81 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Colby Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Collette Mr. and Mrs. Michael Conard Mr. and Mrs. Maurice J. Connors Jr. Mr. Charles H. Coon Jr. ‘72 Mrs. Jane Cooney Mr. Patrick J. Cooney ‘91 Mr. Chester Cornacchia ‘84 Mr. Clifton Cotter Sr. Ms. Marie C. Crochetiere Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cumbo Mrs. Susan Curzi Mr. and Mrs. Brian Cyr ‘82 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dabkowski Ms. Patricia Collins Daigle ‘79 Mr. Thomas Dailey Mrs. Patricia Dalton Mr. and Mrs. Carl Dambrauskas Mr. Robert J. D’Amico ‘72 Mr. and Mrs. John D’Angelo Mr. and Mrs. Robert D’Angelo Mr. Armond T. Dantino ‘77 Mrs. Helen D’Antonio Mrs. Ethel Daskal Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D’Aurio Ms. Denise R. Dean ‘87 Ms. Alecia K. DeAngelis ‘83 Mr. and Mrs. Zbigniew Debkiewicz Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeCarlo Mr. Chris Decker Mrs. Marie Delage Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DelBuono Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D’Elia Mrs. Loretta DellaCamera Mrs. Janet Dumonski DePaul ‘76 The Dominic DePiano Family In Honor of James Cunningham Mr. Dale A. Desaulniers ‘84 Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Desaulniers ‘81 Mr. Thomas A. Desjardins Jr. ‘85 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Desjardins Mr. and Mrs. Luigi DiCandia Mr. Michael J. DiCandia ‘02 Mr. and Mrs. David DiGiorgi ‘81 Mr. and Mrs. Francis DiGiovanna Mr. Louis Diliberto Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. DiNino ‘77 Mr. Joseph A. Dinova ‘73 Mrs. Jodi Siemenski Dizazzo ‘84 Mrs. Mary Doyle Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Drugonis Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dumas Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Durant Ms. Catherine E. Dwyer ‘87

2 0 1 0







Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Dzinski Mr. Brian P. Egan ‘80 Mr. and Mrs. John M. Egan ‘83 Mr. Jose M. Eguia ‘87 Ms. Maria Eguia-Brusco ‘86 Dr. and Mrs. J. Michael Elser ‘75 Mrs. Deborah Perkowski Engstrom ‘81 Mrs. Deborah Barone Esposito ‘87 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Essex Mrs. Corey Griffin Evans ‘97 Mrs. Barbara Fainer Ms. Gina L’Heureux Farra ‘90 Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Fazzino ‘76 Mrs. Nancy Fischer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Flaminio ‘79 Mr. John F. Forino ‘72 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Forman Mrs. Cynthia Pelzer Fox ‘78 Mr. and Mrs. David Fox Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Francis Mr. and Mrs. Robert Franko Mr. and Mrs. David Frappier ‘85 Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Frazer Mr. Angelo Galasso ‘08 Ms. Enrica Galasso ‘09 Ms. Valery Galasso ‘04 Ms. Gina M. Gallo ‘80 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Galvin Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Gaydosh Mrs. Rhonda Migliorisi Geffert ‘85 Mrs. Lorraine Aurio Gendron ‘80 Mrs. Denise Yarosis Gertz ‘88 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Giannelli ‘79, ‘82 Mrs. Mary Owens Gibrall ‘82 Mrs. Amy Kennelly Gilchrist ‘92 Mr. and Mrs. James A. Giuffre ‘74 Dr. and Mrs. Ira Goldman Ms. Karen Noonan Goode ‘89 Atty. John H. Gorman Jr. ‘72 Mr. James E. Gorton ‘85 Mr. and Mrs. David Goulet Mrs. Mary K. Greene Mr. and Mrs. William T. Greene Mr. and Mrs. Louis Grella Mr. Charles D. Grey ‘96 Mr. Daniel G. Grish III ‘80 Mr. Albin K. Gruenwald ‘79 Ms. Angela M. Guardiano ‘84 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Guarino Mrs. Sarah Murphy Guglielmo ‘78 Ms. Rosalba Gugliotti ‘98 Mr. William J. Guillotte ‘90 Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas F. Habelka Mrs. Carla Razza Hamel ‘85 Mr. and Mrs. William Harpin Ms. Janice M. Hartnett ‘81 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hawks Jr. Dr. Kevin M. Healey ‘73 Mr. Brian T. Henebry ‘80 Mr. and Mrs. Justin Hennessy Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hine ‘79 Mr. Timothy Hoff ‘04 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hogrefe Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Holland Mr. Harold J. Horan III ‘74 Mr. and Mrs. Jay Horrocks Mrs. Monica Mirto Humphrey ‘83 Ms. Lisa M. Ieronimo ‘81 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Ieronimo ‘77 Mr. and Mrs. Leonard S. Ingala ‘74 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Jackson

2 0 0 9

2 0 1 0

Mr. Roger R. Jackson Jr. ‘72 Sr. Patricia Jamele, CND Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Jamele Mr. Augustus Jayaraj ‘96 Mr. Edmund Jayaraj Mr. and Mrs. David Jensen Mrs. Peggy Johns Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kalnins Mr. Joseph D. Kane ‘72 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Karas Mr. and Mrs. David Kazlauskas Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kelly Mr. and Mrs. William Kiazim Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Kindulas ‘81 Mrs. Ellyn Shea Kirk ‘90 Mr. Robert J. Knightly ‘72 Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kolb Mr. Robert Koosa Mr. David A. Kopchick ‘91 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kopchick Mr. and Mrs. Frank Korn Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kovaleski Mrs. Maria Davino Krikorian ‘82 Ms. Jeanna Rossi LaBella ‘88 Mr. James F. LaBrecque ‘72 Mr. Christopher A. LaFlamme ‘72 Ms. Diane M. Lamontagne ‘77 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lamothe Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lano Mr. Joseph F. Lanzetta ‘72 Mr. and Mrs. John Lawley Ms. Jaime Lawlor ‘04 Mr. James R. Lawlor IV ‘86 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lawlor Sr. Mary Ledden, CND Ms. Tricia M. Lenda ‘90 Mr. David J. Lepri ‘73 Mrs. Melissa Maturo Levesque ‘98 Mr. Stephen G. Lewis ‘00 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Litke Mrs. Marilyn Lombardo Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lopez Mr. and Mrs. Edmond C. Loyot Jr. ‘78 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Luccaro Mr. Andrew J. Lukeski ‘74 Mrs. Brigett O’Neill Lummel ‘90 Mrs. Anne Lund Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lussier Atty. Mark J. Malaspina ‘75 Mr. and Mrs. William Mancini Ms. Michelle Marano ‘07 Mr. Richard Marano Jr. ‘09 Ms. Erin B. Leger ‘02 Mr. Joseph F. Marciano ‘79 Ms. Marcia A. Marinaro ‘84 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Martin Mr. David Martins ‘05 Mr. and Mrs. Raul Martins Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Marunas Ms. Lina Marunas ‘94 Mr. Gregory J. Mascoli ‘84 Ms. LindaAnne M. Mascoli ‘88 Dr. Nicholas M. Mascoli III ‘83 Mr. Anthony Mascolo ‘82 Mrs. Pierrette Masotta Mr. James D. Mastriani ‘79 Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maturo Ms. Allison McAdam ‘04 Ms. Emily A. McAdam ‘01 Mr. and Mrs. Gary McAdam

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent McDermott Mr. Ryan J. McDonald ‘95 Ms. Eileen A. McDonnell ‘76 Mrs. Jodie LaCava McGarrity ‘93 Mr. and Mrs. James R. McGrath Mr. James McGrath ‘96 Ms. Maura McGrath ‘97 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McGrath Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McGrenery ‘85 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McKeeman Mr. and Mrs. Robert McLam Ms. Sarah Lawlor McOmber ‘00 Mrs. Linda McWeeney Mr. Robert A. Mecca ‘81 Mr. Philip J. Melchionne ‘79 Dr. and Mrs. Ralph G. Membrino ‘72 Mr. and Mrs. Constable Mentone Mrs. Grace Samolis Menzel ‘80 Mr. Steven T. Miele ‘79 Ms. Kadie Migliarese ‘04 Mrs. Elizabeth Margiotta Milano ‘77 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Miller Mr. Peter K. Miller ‘76 Mr. Joseph Minnella ‘79 Mr. and Mrs. John R. Mobilio ‘75, ‘77 Mrs. Barbara Morcey The Morea Family Mr. John W. Moriarty ‘76 Dr. and Mrs. Robert Morrison Atty. and Mrs. David J. Morrissey Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Mucci Jr. ‘81, ‘81 Mrs. Susan Mucciacciaro Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Muccio Mr. Robert D. Mulhern ‘75 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Mulinski ‘82, ‘82 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Richard Natale Mrs. Mary Nave Mr. and Mrs. Lex R. Nesta ‘79 Mr. and Mrs. David A. Niven Mrs. Kathleen Noonan Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Noonan Ms. Susan Regan O’Brien ‘76 Mr. Thomas J. O’Brien ‘76 Mrs. Cynthia O’Connell Mr. and Mrs. Michael O’Donnell Mr. Brandon T. Olsen ‘07 Mr. and Mrs. David Olsen Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Oricchio ‘77 Mrs. Paula Destefano O’Rourke ‘83 Mrs. Sadie Shaker O’Rourke ‘85 Mr. and Mrs. Denis O’Sullivan Mrs. Michelle Tomac Ouellette ‘88 Mr. Patrick J. Owens ‘76 Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Pannullo Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Parker Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Parker Ms. Katie E. Parks ‘95 Ms. Janet Parlato ‘88 Mr. Scott H. Passaro ‘82 Ms. Tracey H. Pawlak ‘95 Mr. and Mrs. Nicola Pennacchio Mr. and Mrs. Robert Perigard Mr. Christopher R. Perry ‘92 Mr. and Mrs. Brian Peschel ‘82 Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Petruzzi Sr. Ms. Nina Petta Mr. and Mrs. James Phelan Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Picard Ms. Kimberly L. Piccioli ‘92 Mrs. Susan Robitaille Pier ‘81

H O L Y Atty. Franklin G. Pilicy Mr. Dennis M. Piotrowski ‘82 Mr. John M. Pizzano ‘80 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Polletta Mr. John L. Pollock ‘76 Mr. Angelo W. Polzella ‘75 Mr. Daniel Poor and Ms. Mary Austin Mr. Daniel P. Potter ‘83 Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Proch ‘79, ‘79 Mr. and Mrs. Armand Pronovost Mr. Armando M. Rafael ‘75 Ms. Kelly Raimo Joseph and Janay DeCarlo Rainone III ‘88, ‘95 Mr. Robert B. Rakowski ‘73 Mr. Richard R. Ramponi ‘80 Mrs. Denise St. Germain Rasimas ‘78 Dr. and Mrs. Frank Regan Mr. Raymond P. Rein Jr. ‘77 Ms. Amy L. Rice ‘93 Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Riggi ‘80 Mr. Timothy M. Roche ‘84 Dr. Frank Romanelli ‘89 Dr. and Mrs. Salvatore Romano Mr. and Mrs. James Roosa Mr. Paul P. Rosa III ‘82 Mr. Joseph J. Rose III ‘77 Mr. and Mrs. Terrance Rowley Ms. Cynthia Russo Mrs. Lisa Glazewski-Ryan ‘88 Mr. Henry J. Rymut ‘73 Mr. and Mrs. Gary Saam Mr. and Mrs. Amin Sabbagh Mr. John L. Saint-Denis ‘83 Atty. Glenn A. Santoro ‘79 Mrs. Terri Armstrong Schaffrick ‘82 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Scharrett Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schnaars Ms. Patricia Serafin Mr. Corey E. Shaker ‘75 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shaker Mrs. Ann Marie Shattuck Mr. Maurice C. Shea Jr. ‘72 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Shove Mr. and Mrs. James Shove Dr. David W. Sihau ‘76 Mr. Paul G. Silas Jr. ‘84 Ms. Diana M. Silvestri ‘84 Ms. Palma Solomita Mr. Matthew J. Solomito ‘03 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Spagnoletti Mr. and Mrs. John M. Sprano ‘75 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stolfi Mr. and Mrs. Eric C. Strachan Sr. ‘76 Ms. Irene Stukshis ‘83 Mrs. Mary Grandpre Suter ‘84 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Swan Mr. William J. Taglia ‘73 Mr. John M. Tartaglia ‘72 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Thomas Mrs. Mary Leone Thomas ‘83 Mr. and Mrs. Tertulien J. Thomas Sr. Mr. Donald J. Thompson ‘72 Mrs. Janet Titus Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Trombley Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Trzaski ‘72 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Trzaski Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tyll Mr. Alexander D. Tzenos ‘00 Ms. Lia M. Ursini ‘85 Mr. and Mrs. Scott Vaillancourt Mrs. Marnie Valletta




2 0 0 9

2 0 1 0

Mrs. Tonia Maturo Valverde ‘95 Dr. Jeffrey R. Varanelli ‘88 Mr. Douglas M. Veillette ‘74 Mr. and Mrs. James Verrastro Mrs. Victoria Graham Vincent ‘80 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Virzi Mrs. Dayna Zinno Vitale ‘91 Mrs. Andrea Moyher Voccola ‘92 Mr. and Mrs. John Waiculonis Mr. Brian P. Walker ‘95 Mr. and Mrs. William Walker Mrs. Lynda Cardona Westberg ‘86 Mr. and Mrs. Steven Whalen Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Whitney ‘74 Mr. Jeffrey R. Wiener ‘81 Mr. Donald P. Wilke ‘75 Mr. and Mrs. John Woermer Mr. and Mrs. Larry Woodward Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Zainc Ms. Elizabeth Batista Zappone ‘92 Mrs. Gina M. Zappone ‘89 Mr. and Mrs. John A. Zinno Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Pesino Zisk ‘79 Mr. Paul A. Zulpa ‘75 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Zupa ‘83 Mr. and Mrs. Greg J. Zupkus ‘81

We apologize if we have inadvertently omitted any name from this listing. We hope you will let us know so we can correct our records. Thank you for your understanding.


Alumni Giving Class Competition Top 10 2009 – 2010 Total Gifts

1979 1981 1988 1983 1989 1987 1972 1974 1991 1985

$7,630.00 $6,835.00 $6,125.00 $5,815.00 $5,176.00 $5,140.00 $3,715.00 $3,310.00 $3,245.00 $3,100.00

1972 1975 1981 1973 1979 1974 1976 1982 1983 1980

14.22% 12.72% 10.74% 10.69% 9.36% 9.09% 8.90% 8.02% 7.69% 7.43%

1981 1972 1979 1983 1980 1975 1976 1982 1985 1984

29 29 28 24 22 22 21 21 19 19

* Based on total active alumni records

Alumni show their support for our exceptional students and faculty by making a gift to the Holy Cross Fund. When you join your fellow classmates in donating to Holy Cross you continue the tradition of alumni giving that benefited you when you were here. By making a gift, you honor your own academic experience. The Holy Cross community would like to express its appreciation by recognizing the alumni listed on the following pages for the generous gifts they made during 2009-2010.


Giving by Class



Joseph C. Brevetti Ronald M. Caselas Charles Christolini Jr. Gerald A. Ciarleglio Charles H. Coon Jr. Robert J. D’Amico Thomas F. Deimantas Fr. Richard A. Deshaies, SJ Christopher O. Fappiano Daniel L. FitzMaurice John F. Forino John H. Gorman Jr. Richard H. Gruszka Roger R. Jackson Jr. Joseph D. Kane Robert J. Knightly James F. LaBrecque Christopher A. LaFlamme Joseph F. Lanzetta David W. Manzo Francis C. Marrello Ralph G. Membrino Maurice C. Shea Jr. John M. Tartaglia Donald J. Thompson Raymond J. Trzaski John J. Tuttle Jr. Thomas W. Walker Raymond A. White

Normand D. Chouinard Kevin M. Crean James A. Giuffre Robert D. Gunnoud Harold J. Horan III Leonard S. Ingala Andrew J. Lukeski Rick F. Oricchio Joseph A. Steponavic Jr. W. Martin Stokes George J. Strobel Jr. Douglas M. Veillette Peter D. Whitney

Participation 14%

CLASS OF 1973 Participation 11%

Napoleon W. Benaitis David D. Benedetto Charles J. Boulier III Edward C. Christiano Jr. Arthur B. D’Almeida Joseph A. Dinova Kevin M. Healey William A. Humphrey David J. Lepri Robert B. Rakowski Henry J. Rymut Frank H. Samuelson Jr. Carl J. Spadola William L. Stevens William J. Taglia John T. Wisneski Jr.

Participation 9%

CLASS OF 1975 Participation 13% James F. Abromaitis Salvatore C. Agati Mark V. Altieri Peter J. Belval Vincent C. Bernota Paul J. Boiano Michael A. DeSantis J. Michael Elser Dennis M. Koshier J. Timothy Krusko Mark J. Malaspina Kevin H. McSherry John R. Mobilio Robert D. Mulhern Angelo W. Polzella Armando M. Rafael Gary A. Rinaldi Corey E. Shaker John M. Sprano Michael G. Tansley Donald P. Wilke Paul A. Zulpa

CLASS OF 1976 Participation 9%

Robert M. Allen Christopher W. Bentley Janet Dumonski DePaul Maurice F. Fabiani Robert B. Fazo Louis J. Fazzino Msgr. Thomas M. Ginty Brian J. Kalosky

Joseph N. Marino Eileen A. McDonnell Peter K. Miller John W. Moriarty Jon G. Novakowski Susan Regan O’Brien Thomas J. O’Brien Patrick J. Owens John L. Pollock Stefan J. Rybak David W. Sihau Eric C. Strachan Sr.

CLASS OF 1977 Participation 6%

Richard D. Banziger Donna Morin Caterino Vincent N. Caterino Jr. Neil J. Creem Armond T. Dantino Robert J. DiNino Paul D. Francisco Thomas G. Ieronimo Diane M. Lamontagne Luciano Marini Elizabeth Margiotta Milano Ursula Rinaldi Mobilio Stephen J. Oricchio Raymond P. Rein Jr. Joseph J. Rose III Joseph J. Santopietro

CLASS OF 1978 Participation 7%

Cathleen Armstrong Brush Ana Paula Rafael Chessic Cynthia Pelzer Fox Steven M. Gomes Sarah Murphy Guglielmo James G. Humphrey Edmond C. Loyot Jr. Christian R. Luppi Richard M. Marano Matthew D. McCormack James A. Mulhall Theodore P. Oczkowski Denise St. Germain Rasimas

CLASS OF 1979 Participation 9%

Mary Piscatelli Brigham Philip L. Brigham Kevin J. Burns

Domenick N. Calabrese Thomas J. Carlozzi James A. Ciccarelli Kenneth C. Clisham Patricia Collins Daigle Caroline Boyle Flaminio Joseph M. Giannelli Albin K. Gruenwald John J. Hine Eileen Barry Marano Joseph F. Marciano James D. Mastriani Philip J. Melchionne Steven T. Miele Joseph Minnella Lex R. Nesta Linas R. Pakalnis Timothy E. Proch Victoria Fazo Proch Matthew C. Puzzo Glenn A. Santoro Wayne F. Sullivan Raymond C. Tremaglio Mary Elizabeth Pesino Zisk

CLASS OF 1980 Participation 7%

Thomas A. Albino Catherine SantaBarbara Bouffard Dennis J. Buckley Ronald L. Bushka Lou Anne Nesta DeMattei Richard E. Dufour Stephen G. Dunn Brian P. Egan Deborah Blasius Fabiani Gina M. Gallo Lorraine Aurio Gendron Daniel G. Grish III Brian T. Henebry Grace Samolis Menzel John M. Pizzano Richard R. Ramponi Claudia Cardella Richard Vincent Riggi Charles F. Senich Christine Sullivan Senich Lee V. Sheehan Victoria Graham Vincent






2 0 0 9

2 0 1 0


CLASS OF 1981 Participation 11%

Donna L. Balaski Dawn Amici Borecki Paul Bradley Micaela Niven Bulich Kathleen Carney Claessens Frank Coelho Donald J. Desaulniers Martin F. Devino Linda Marino DiGiorgi Bernard J. Dzinski Jr. Deborah Perkowski Engstrom Richard E. Filippone Janice M. Hartnett Lisa M. Ieronimo Robert W. Kindulas James Labeck Kelley A. Laurel Maria Varanelli McCoy Kevin T. McGovern Lori Derouin McGovern Robert A. Mecca Linda Pecka Mucci Vincent J. Mucci Jr. Susan Robitaille Pier Julie M. Porzio Susan M. Whalen Jeffrey R. Wiener Norby M. Williamson Greg J. Zupkus

CLASS OF 1982 Participation 8%


Peter G. Asselin Michael J. Bergamo Richard F. Bushka Michael R. Caselas Donald J. Ciampi Jr. Nancy Paolucci Comeau Mary Ann Lombardi Cyr Daniel A. George

Eileen Lanese George Paula LeBlanc Giannelli Mary Owens Gibrall Maria Davino Krikorian Anthony Mascolo Thomas S. Mulinski Tina Chasse Mulinski Scott H. Passaro Maryann Altieri Peschel Dennis M. Piotrowski Paul P. Rosa III Terri Armstrong Schaffrick Sandra Vigliotti Senich

CLASS OF 1983 Participation 8%

Brian T. Carroll Anne Regan Casson Deborah Renker Chevalier Francis J. Cipriano Jay A. Coon Alecia K. DeAngelis John M. Egan Brian J. Flaherty Monica Mirto Humphrey Robert J. Lanese David J. Martin Nicholas M. Mascoli III Thomas F. Murray Jr. Paula Destefano O’Rourke Joseph P. Polzella Daniel P. Potter John L. Saint-Denis Irene Stukshis Keith F. Sullivan Mary Leone Thomas Cheryl Marcucio Tokarski Paul M. Wilner Anthony M. Yitts Anthony M. Zupa



Lilliana Guerrera Botte Chester Cornacchia Dale A. Desaulniers Jodi Siemenski Dizazzo MaryAnn Graziano Dzinski David J. Gonski Angela Guardiano Robert W. Harkins Michael P. Kasperski Sonia Preta LoBue Marcia A. Marinaro Gregory J. Mascoli William F. Noel Teresa Porzio Perugini Timothy M. Roche Jack Senich Paul G. Silas Jr. Diana Silvestri Mary Grandpre Suter

Stephen S. Body Eric Z. Bushka Jeffrey S. Christie Christopher C. Ciampi Maria Eguia-Brusco Tammy Lawton Fauth Scott M. Fitzgerald James R. Lawlor IV Kevin D. McGetrick Deborah Moran Verzino Jayne Elser Welch Lynda Cardona Westberg

Participation 6%

CLASS OF 1985 Participation 8%

Maura Foley Barbino Thomas A. Desjardins Jr. Erin E. Drakeley Cary Razza Fappiano Paul E. Farrell Sandra Guerrera Frappier Rhonda Migliorisi Geffert Amy Dollinger Gilbert James E. Gorton Carla Razza Hamel David J. Hoey Robert Manning David A. Mascoli Susan Porzio McGrenery Sadie Shaker O’Rourke Mark F. Phelan David M. Santoro Lia M. Ursini John A. Zinno Jr.

Participation 4%

CLASS OF 1987 Participation 5%

Kathleen Corcoran Atkins Paul V. Atkins Heidi Shea Ball James P. Chittum Denise R. Dean Catherine E. Dwyer Jose M. Eguia Deborah Barone Esposito Jeffrey M. Fryer Kenneth P. Keefe Marc M. Montalto Kimberly Graziano Polzella Lisa Celello Trager Richard F. Vitarelli

CLASS OF 1988 Participation 4%

Donna Mulligan Bushka Marc A. Ciampi Denise Yarosis Gertz Jeanna Rossi LaBella LindaAnne M. Mascoli Frank J. Monteiro Michelle Tomac Ouellette Janet Parlato





2 0 0 9

2 0 1 0

GIVING BY CLASS (CONTINUED) Joseph Rainone III Lisa Glazewski-Ryan Neil F. Sullivan Jeffrey R. Varanelli Joel C. White

CLASS OF 1989 Participation 3%

James C. Bodor Karen Noonan Goode Michael J. Phelan Anthony L. Rinaldi Frank Romanelli Christopher J. Sierakowski Dayna Steponaitis Sierakowski Frank Vigliotti Gina M. Zappone

CLASS OF 1990 Participation 3%

Stephanie Massimo Bodor Tricia Marino Brown Kenneth J. Clark Gina L’Heureux Farra William J. Guillotte Ellyn Shea Kirk Edward T. Lahey Tricia M. Lenda Brigett O’Neill Lummel

CLASS OF 1991 Participation 4%

Kelly Sheehan Burke Patrick J. Cooney Michael J. Harris David A. Kopchick Robert J. Livermore Matthew J. Mariani Sean P. Moriarty Karen Murphy Olsen Dayna Zinno Vitale

CLASS OF 1992 Participation 3%

Amy Kennelly Gilchrist Carla Coelho Martin John P. McCusker Christopher R. Perry Kimberly L. Piccioli Andrea Moyher Voccola Elizabeth Batista Zappone

CLASS OF 1993 Participation 4%

Theresa Josef Bueno Elizabeth Padula Devino Donald L. Hawks III Justin J. Martinkovic Jodie LaCava McGarrity Kathleen Murphy Partin Amy L. Rice

CLASS OF 1994 Participation 3%

Bridget Moore Calista Peter J. Clark Laura Esposito Lina Marunas Scott Thomas Susan Brett Turano

CLASS OF 1995 Participation 4%

Adam J. Bulakowski Ryan J. McDonald Katie E. Parks Tracey H. Pawlak Janay DeCarlo Rainone Tonia Maturo Valverde Brian P. Walker

CLASS OF 1996 Participation 3%

Melissa Audette Catherine Carrington

Christina Lomma DiStasi Charles D. Grey Augustus Jayaraj Donatella Gugliotti Malitsky James McGrath

CLASS OF 1997 Participation 4%

Edmonde F. Bernier Jr. Jaime Padula Byrne Elena Carrington Katherine Esposito Corey Griffin Evans Maura McGrath Laura Boccialetti Phelan

CLASS OF 1998 Participation 2%

Rosalba Gugliotti David E. Kapusta Melissa Maturo Levesque


CLASS OF 2003 Participation 1%

Samantha Henderson Matthew J. Solomito

CLASS OF 2004 Participation 2% Valery Galasso Timothy Hoff Jaime Lawlor Allison McAdam Kadie Migliarese

CLASS OF 2005 Participation 2% Lucas S. Henderson Kevin R. Leger David Martins

CLASS OF 2006 Participation 1% John P. Bouffard

Matthew Fisher



Michelle Marano Brandon T. Olsen

Christopher M. Ciarleglio Stephen G. Lewis Ivan A. Lucuk Sarah Lawlor McOmber Alexander D. Tzenos


Participation 1%

Participation 3%

CLASS OF 2001 Participation 1%

Andrew D. Beman-Cavallaro Emily A. McAdam


Participation 1%

Participation 1% Daniel DiClementi Angelo Galasso Sarah Herlihy

CLASS OF 2009 Participation 2%

Enrica Galasso Christopher O’Brien Richard Marano Jr.

Participation 1%

Michael J. DiCandia Erin B. Leger


Scholarships and Endowment How To Establish A Scholarship The Holy Cross scholarship program provides additional resources to our students to make education in the Holy Cross Tradition affordable. There are many ways to support our scholarship program.

General Scholarships invite all to make an annual or periodic donation of any amount. The scholarship gifts made to this fund are not named scholarships. The Holy Cross General Scholarship Fund is a crucial source of student support.

Annual Named Scholarships are established on a yearly basis and can be renewed each year by the donor(s). Donors commit to making an annual gift for a specified number of years.

Endowed Named Scholarships

Annual Named Scholarships


Jerry Altieri Mr. Jerry Altieri Alumni Golf Bernier Mrs. Cecelia Bernier James F. Brennan Mrs. Eleanor Brennan Mr. Charles Tutalo Jerry A. Ciarleglio The Ciarleglio Family ‘72 Mark Cordon ‘85 Memorial Mr. Jay C. Burns ‘85 Mr. & Mrs. James Cowan Mr. Thomas J. Clarke ‘86 Erma Cronan Memorial Mr. & Mrs. Steven Cronan ‘83 Franklin Anonymous Melissa M. Garbukas ‘86 Memorial The Garbukas Family Margaret M. Generali The Generali Family Agnes E. Ginty Memorial Katherine and James B. Griffin Atty. Walter Griffin Gary M. Howard Mr. & Mrs. William Howard & Family Brother Francis Leary, C.S.C.

Louis G. Manzo Memorial Mr. David Manzo ‘72 Mothers‘ Club Joseph Muldowney Memorial George M. and Mary E. Oliver Atty. Robert Livermore ‘91 Rose Pannoni Mr. & Mrs. Gerry Pannoni Thomas J. Perrelli Jr. Memorial Ms. Darlene Perrelli Attorney Gerard J. Rehel Jr. Memorial Mrs. Gerard Rehel Ann Marie Romeo Mr. David Fox Ms. Iris Romeo Shove Family Memorial Mr. & Mrs. Jim Shove Laurence M. Solomita Mrs. Ada Solomita Marc Strozzi Memorial Mr. Dennis Strozzi Student Council “Spirit of the Cross” Holy Cross Student Council Judith D. Westlund Memorial Attys. Bruce and Cheryl Bossio ‘83 Dave Yurgaitis ‘86 Memorial The Dave Yurgaitis Golf Tournament Mr. Mark Danaher ‘86 Mrs. Flo Gobbee Donaghy ‘86

are established by a donation which guarantees that a contribution will live on in perpetuity. An endowed gift is one in which the original principal is restricted and only a percentage of the earnings are used for the purpose the donor has specified. A person may create a named, endowed scholarship with a minimum commitment of $25,000. This amount will be payable by the donor in full or at least $5,000 initially. The award will not commence until the minimum commitment has been completed.

Persons interested in establishing a named endowed scholarship are encouraged to consult with the Advancement Office prior to making the gift so that the donor’s intentions are appropriately established in writing.

Once an endowed scholarship has been established, additional gifts, in any amount, can be further donated to the named fund. Endowed Named Scholarships Anonymous Bozzuto Family Congregation of Notre Dame Mr. & Mrs. A. Ralph Corbo Sr. Paul Flowers Anthony Gerace Agatha M. Hanley Charles Martin Hanley Charles Peter Hanley Edmond M. Hanley Memorial Florence H. Hanley Memorial George W. Hanley Memorial Hogrefe Family Jennie Kilmartin Health Field Jennifer Kulpa Memorial Lenti Crane John Jason Marano ’95 Memorial Anne and Charles Martone Memorial Monteiro Family Stephen J. Ross Memorial Rowland Family Jason F. Tillotson Memorial James E. Tobin Make A Difference All Holy Cross scholarships are awarded to qualified individuals on the basis of documented financial need and other verified criteria as stipulated by the donor.

Make A Difference Scholarship Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. James F. Abromaitis ‘75 Hon. and Mrs. Salvatore C. Agati ‘75 Mr. and Mrs. Aldo Albini Dr. Joseph R. Anthony Mrs. Angela Atterrato Ms. Cynthia Atterrato Mr. Fritz Blasius ‘76 Dr. and Mrs. Henry Borkowski Mr. Brian Chapman Mr. Michael Dalton Mrs. Joyce DeCesare Endurance Ms. Marilyn Eslami Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fino Mrs. Selma Frohn Mr. and Mrs. Michael Griffin

Mrs. Roger Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Jackson ‘76 Mr. Roger R. Jackson Jr. ‘72 Ms. Jane Lescoe Mr. Michael J. Martone ‘74 Hon. Paul Matasavage ‘76 Ms. Eileen A. McDonnell ‘76 Ms. Laurel McKiernan Atty. Kevin H. McSherry ‘75 Mrs. Barbara Morcey Ms. Dorothy Murnane Atty. and Mrs. Gary O’Connor Mr. Neil O’Leary Atty. Mark Ouellette Mr. Salvatore Pesce Mr. and Mrs. Donald Piombo Mr. Donald A. Rinaldi Mr. Frank H. Samuelson Jr. ‘73 Mr. Joseph J. Santopietro ’77 and Atty. Julie M. Porzio ‘81 Atty. and Mrs. Jack Senich ’84, ’82 Dr. and Mrs. Craig Sklar Mr. John Somero Dr. Marcia Tejeda

Thank you to the following who made gifts of $100 or more to the Endowment and Scholarship Fund in 2009-2010. Bozzuto’s Sports Charity Classic, Inc. Mr. Ed Generali Mr. Jose Gonzalez & Family LaBonne’s Epicure Market Mr. Frank Lombardo ‘85 Hon. & Mrs. Paul Matasavage ‘76 Sandy & Frank Monteiro ‘88 Mr. & Mrs. Gil Morea Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Petta QSP/Reader’s Digest Mr. & Mrs. Donald Rinaldi Target/Take Charge of Education Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Toni Mr. John Zick The Class of 1982 Michael Hajjar Scholarship Mr. & Mrs. Marty Devino ’81, ’93

Thank you to the following who made gifts below $100 to the Endowment and Scholarship Fund in 2009-2010. Ms. Marie Accousti The Adriatic Marchegian Club Hon. & Mrs. Salvatore Agati ‘75

Mr. & Mrs. Walt Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Albert Bellemare & Family Mrs. Mary Ann Bruzas Mrs. Jean Bruzas Henry ‘79 Mr. & Mrs. Al Buccini Mr. & Mrs. Mark Casey Ms. Barbara Check Ms. Lucille Cianciulli Mrs. Jessie Ciarleglio Mr. & Mrs. Edmond Cole Mr. & Mrs. Michael Colligan Mr. Tim Connolly Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Connors, Jr. Mr. Patrick J. Cooney ‘91 Mrs. Jane Cooney Mr. John D’Amelia Mr. & Mrs. Michael DeCicco Mr. & Mrs. Paul Dell’Anno ‘81 Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Deschaine Mr. & Mrs. John DiVito Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Durand Mr. & Mrs. Bernie Dzinski ’81, ’84 Ms. Ann Fantano The Flaminio Family ‘79 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Fappiano ‘85 Ms. Patricia Freemantle Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Fryer ‘87 Mr. & Mrs. Peter Garfield Ms. Tricia Generali Mr. Edmond Generali Mrs. Marie Generali Ms. Marianne Generali Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gwiazdoski HCHS Cafeteria Employees Mr. & Mrs. Rick Iannuzzelli Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Joyce Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Killian & Family Mr. & Mrs. Ed Kopka Mr. George Kozlow Mr. Arthur Lanese Ms. Carol Lanese Mr. Dan Larson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas LoCurto Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Lorusso Mr. & Mrs. John Marano Mr. & Mrs. Fred Marano Mrs. Ann McDonnell Ms. Eileen McDonnell ‘76 The McDonnell Family Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McGrath Mr. & Mrs. Mark Mikenna Ms. Elaine Muldowney

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Murphy Ms. Ann Marie Narciso Ms. Jodie Nath Mr. & Mrs. Steve O’Brien Mr. & Mrs. Mike Petro Mr. & Mrs. Mark Petruzzi Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Petta Ms. Nina Petta Mr. & Mrs. William Phelan Ms. Rosemarie Phelan Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Pierelli Ms. Doreen Pilla Mr. Joseph Rainone ‘88 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rainone Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Rakich Mr. & Mrs. Craig Razza ‘83 Mr. Carmine Razza Mr. & Mrs. Amadeo Rinaldi Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Rinaldi Mrs. Diana M. Rinaldi Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rivard Ms. Dolores Romaniello Mr. Eugene Rosato Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Russell Mrs. Georgianna Russo Mr. & Mrs. Don Scacco Sr. Mrs. Margaret Schuster* Mr. & Mrs. Carmen Serafino Mrs. Susan Sirica Atty. & Mrs. William Stevens ‘73 Mr. & Mrs. Ted Strileckis Ms. Doreen Strumpf Mr. & Mrs. Allen Thibodeau Ms. Nancy Wagner Mr. & Mrs. William Walker Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Zarrella Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Zarrella Mr. John Zick Mr. & Mrs. Roy Zyko *Deceased

Gifts in Memory of In Memory of Theresa Killian Ms. Michele Caulfield Ms. Cecile Charpentier Mr. & Mrs. Paul Charpentier Ms. Geraldine Delvaglio Mr. & Mrs. James Harmon Ms. Janice M. Johnston Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lagasse Ms. Elizabeth McGeever Ms. Nancy Perez Mr. & Mrs. Jack Regan Secor, Cassidy & McPartland, PC Mr. & Mrs. James Shove Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Slason Ms. Janette Stevens Ms. Diane Turek In Memory of Kimberly Laliberte ‘93 Mr. Scott A. Laliberte ‘88

Matching Gift Companies The following list represents businesses or corporations who match employee contributions to charitable organizations and have matched donations to Holy Cross High School. Abbott Laboratories Aetna Foundation, Inc. The Amgen Foundation Bank of America Foundation, Inc. Barnes Group Foundation, Inc. Bushwick Metals Chubb and Son, Inc. C. R. Bard Foundation Endurance Federated Department Stores, Inc. GE Foundation The Hartford IBM Corporation MacDermid, Inc. Microsoft Pfizer Foundation Pitney Bowes Prudential Foundation Rexam Inc. Foundation Stanley Black & Decker UBS Unilever United Technologies Wells Fargo


Thank You A

sincere thank you to the following for the donations of items, sponsorships and/or time for various school events. Your generosity is truly appreciated. AAA Southern New England Adam Broderick Aldo’s of Italy Ristorante All-Star Driver Allure Salon & Spa American Copy Service Center, Inc. Mr. Scott Anderson Ms. Jamie Annes Ann’s Deli Antonios Family Art Rich Photography Awards of Elegance Dr. James Bauer Beacon Electric Ms. Marylou Berry Bill Wildman Floor Covering, Inc. Blanchette Sporting Goods Mr. Fritz Blasius ‘76 Blessed Sacrament School BlumShapiro Blue River Studio Boomer McLoud Bozzuto’s Inc. Mr. & Atty. Philip Brigham ’79, ‘79 Brass City Bistro Brothers of Holy Cross BTS Graphics and Printing, LLC Bunker Hill Pharmacy, Inc. Mr. Jay Burns ‘85 Mr. Rich Burns Bushka Lumber and Millwork Mr. Ron Bushka ‘80 Café Palo Caine and Caine Mr. & Mrs. Dave Calo Campion Ambulance Service Carlito’s Restaurant Carmen Anthony’s Restaurant Casey-O’Donnell Funeral Home Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Catalano Jr. Charcoal Chef Dr. Mitchel Chere Cheshire Glass Chili’s Restaurant Chippanee Golf Club

Mr. Norm Chouinard ‘74 Mr. Jerry Ciarleglio ‘72 City Hall Cafe City of Waterbury Coca-Cola Bottling Company Mr. Dwight Colella Mr. & Mrs. Michael Colligan Ms. Tara Conte Mr. & Mrs. James Cowan Crowne Plaza in Southbury Crystal Rock Bottled Water Co. CT Concrete Construction, Inc. Curves For Women Mrs. Kate Dadio Mr. Scott Dalesio ‘87 D’Amelio’s Italian Eatery David Jewelers Mrs. Joyce DeCesare Delianne’s Bridal Dr. & Mrs. Joseph DeMayo Mr. Dennis Deninger deSocio’s Beaute Clinique Mr. & Mrs. Michael Devino Mr. & Mrs. Marty Devino ’81, ’93 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Dibble DiFrancesco Insurance Agency, Inc. DiGiorgi Roofing & Siding, Inc. Mr. Tom DiPietro ‘79 Domars Restaurant Dumouchel Paper Company Dunkin Donuts Ms. Megan Dwyer ‘05 Dzinski Polzella, LLC Mr. John Egan ‘83 Elizabeth Richard Gifts Dr. John Elser Envoy Mortgage

Gift Baskets Galore Glazey Dayz Goldsmith’s Art & Frame Gallery Mr. Jose Gonzalez Grand Oak Villa Mr. Robert Greene ‘79 Dr. and Mrs. Richard Gruszka ‘72 Guaranteed Rate Mortgage Co. Halmar International Mrs. Dawn Harpin Senator Joan V. Hartley Health Complex Medical Mrs. Kate Henderson Mrs. Jean Bruzas Henry ‘79 Holy Cross Board Members Holy Cross Cafeteria Staff Holy Cross Coaches Holy Cross Fathers’ Club Holy Cross Mothers’ Club Mrs. Mary Hope Mr. Lou Howe Images Portrait Studio Mr. Vinnie Ingala ‘11 Interpoint, LLC Jay Tee Package Store Mrs. Peggy Johns Jostens K-9 Etiquette Mr. Bob Kindulas ‘81 Mr. Bob Koosa Mr. George Kozlow LaBonne’s Epicure Market L.J. Photo Studio Mr. Chuck Lacerenza La Tavola Restaurant Ms. Angela Lauretano Mr. Paul Leger Mr. David Lepore ‘82 Ms. Jane Lescoe Loehmann Blasius Chevrolet Cadillac Mr. Frank Lombardo ‘85 Mrs. Liz Lynch Mr. & Mrs. Ray Lynch Luso Cleaning Service Main Street Financial Group Maisto’s Party Plus Mr. Bill Mancini Manor Inn Mr. David Manzo ‘72 Mario’s Pizza and Deli Atty. Rene G. Martineau

k n a h T ou Y


Jim Gomulinski ‘86 Mrs. Halise Erem eScrip ESPN Fascia’s Chocolates Mrs. Doreen Fazo Mr. Bob Ferri Mrs. Caroline Flaminio ‘79 Fran’s Cans and Bart’s Bottles Redemption Center, LLC Frankie’s Gateway Limousine Mr. Ed Generali Mrs. Martie Giammatteo

Mr. Michael J. Martone ‘74 Hon. Paul Matasavage ‘76 Mattatuck Industrial Scrap Metal Mattatuck Museum McBride’s Restaurant and Apizza Atty. & Mrs. Matthew McCormack ‘78 Mrs. Nadine McDonald Atty. Patrick McGrath ‘91 Mrs. Susan Porzio McGrenery ‘85 Mercury Fuel Service Mr. Bob Metivier Milestone Marble and Granite, LLC Mrs. Ann Barth Milo ‘79 Mohegan Sun Resort & Casino Mona Lisa Restaurant Mr. Frank Monteiro ‘88 Atty. Garrett M. Moore Sr. Mrs. Kathy Mosgrove Mountain Top Liquor Ms. Elaine Muldowney Mrs. Ruth Mulhall Mrs. Eileen Mulrooney Mr. & Mrs. Luke Murphy Mystic Seaport Naugatuck Savings Bank Naugatuck Valley OB-GYN Assoc. Navin Brothers Food Service Ninety-Nine Restaurant & Pub Nino’s Restaurant Mrs. Karen Nocera Mr. & Mrs. John Norton NOVA Metal Finishing, Inc. Mrs. Jo Oczkowski Mrs. Chris O’Donnell Olive Garden Restaurant Oliver’s Supermarket O’Neill Funeral Home Paisano’s Restaurant Partners in Mission Mr. Tom Brodnicki Mr. Larry Furey Patrick Baker and Sons Mr. & Mrs. Mike Phelan ’89, ‘97 Mr. Thomas I. Phillips III Mr. Joe Polletta ‘07 Powell, Dibble & Rossi, PC Prospect Boarding and Grooming Prospect Liquor Prospect-Wolcott Veterinary Hospital QSP/Reader’s Digest

2010-2011 Board of Directors and Administration Quassy Amusement Park Queens Kitchen Bakery Realty Executives Rejuvenating Touch Massage Therapy Republican-American Ridell Mr. Vinnie Riggi ‘80 Ritucci Friedman Orthodontics Rollermagic Roma Ristorante Ryders Health Management Salon Odette San Marino Restaurant Sarracco Mechanical Services, Inc. Mr. Matt Satkowski Ms. Katie Satkowski Schmidts and Serafines Seven Angels Theatre Mr. Joseph Shanahan Sr. Shears’ Gallery Shubert Theater Siemon Realty Signature’s Restaurant Ms. Carol Sirica Speak Easy Café Mr. Ron Stango Star Plumbing and Heating Co. St. Mary’s Hospital Mr. Tom “T-Bone” Stankus Mr. & Mrs. Ray Steinfeld Jr. ‘79 Mr. Frank Steponaitis Atty. & Mrs. William Stevens ‘73 Stop & Shop Supermarket Sullivan’s Jewelers Sweet Basil Cafe & Deli

Target Mr. Tony Temporale ‘72 The Aqua Turf The Auction Registry The Comforts of Home The Country Club of Waterbury The Hills Restaurant The John M. Glover Agency The Orchid Florist, LLC The Palace Theater The Printed Pear The Vineyard on the Hill Thomaston Opera House Timex Tire Shak Town Plot IGA Mrs. Janet Tremaglio Triple Stitch Sportswear United Machine Company Villa Rosa Vinnie’s Pizza Virtu Restaurant W.B. Mason Co., Inc. Mr. Brian Walker ‘95 Warner Theatre Wesson Energy Inc. Mr. Norby Williamson ‘81 World Gym Mr. & Mrs. Conrado R. Yabut YMCA Waterbury Atty. Debra J. Zappone Mr. Robert A. Zappone Mr. John Zick Zackin, Zimyeski, Sullivan Mr. Bob Zinno Mr. John Zinno Jr. ‘85

In addition to our donors and sponsors, we would like to thank the many volunteers, in particular our faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and students, who throughout the year generously donated their time and talents to Holy Cross. We could not achieve success without you. Thank you!!!!!

Board of Corporate Members Br. William Zaydak, C.S.C., Chair Provincial, Eastern Province Brothers of Holy Cross

Ms. Jane Lescoe Teacher City of Waterbury

Br. James Branigan, C.S.C., Member President, Notre Dame High School West Haven, CT Br. Jerome Donnelly, C.S.C., Member Director of Student Success & Retention King’s College, Wilkes-Barre, PA Br. Stephen LaMendola, C.S.C., Member Academic Liaison, Education Department King’s College, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Executive Committee of the Board

Atty. Kevin H. McSherry ‘75, Vice Chair Attorney McSherry Law Office Mr. Michael Martone ‘74, Secretary Government Relations Consultant Murtha Cullina, LLP Mrs. Beth Devino, CPA ‘93, Treasurer Accounting Manager Mercury Fuel Service, Inc. 

Members Mr. James Abromaitis ‘75 Executive Director Capitol City Economic Development Authority Mr. Frederick Blasius Jr. ‘76 Vice President Loehmann Blasius Chevrolet Cadillac

Dr. Daniel Coelho, MD ‘78 Anesthesiologist Anesthesia Associates of Torrington Mrs. Joyce S. DeCesare, LPC CSC Licensed Professional Counselor Private Practice

Mr. Rocco Orso Director of Purchasing City of Waterbury Mr. John Pronovost ‘85 Investment Advisor Main Street Financial Group

Mr. Lamarr Stinson ‘88 VP, Network Sales BBC Worldwide America Mr. Norby Williamson ‘81 Executive Vice President – Production ESPN and ABC Sports

Administration Mr. Timothy McDonald President Mrs. Margaret Leger Principal Mr. Michael Giampetruzzi ‘95 Assistant Principal Mrs. Andrea Rodriguez Assistant Principal

Program Directors Mr. Jerry Ciarleglio ‘72 Director of Athletics

Honorable Domenick Calabrese ‘79 Judge Woodbury Probate District Mrs. Teresa Ciarleglio Marketing Communications Team Leader Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Mr. Frank Monteiro ‘88 Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer MacDermid, Inc.

Mr. Frank Samuelson Jr. ‘73 Principal (Retired) Oxford High School

Honorable Salvatore Agati ‘75, Chair Judge State of CT Judicial Department Waterbury

Mr. Robert DiMartino Business Development Director Finalsite Web Software & Services


Monsignor Thomas Ginty ‘76 Pastor St. Matthew Church, Forestville

Mr. Louis Howe Director of Campus Ministry

Mrs. Kathleen Murphy Partin ‘93 Director of Finance Mr. Edmund Generali Director of Guidance Br. Thomas Sawyer, C.S.C. Director of Information Technology Mrs. Jodie LaCava McGarrity ‘93 Director of Admissions/Public Relations Mrs. Martie Giammatteo Director of Student Activities Mrs. Cary Razza Fappiano ‘85 Vice President for Advancement

Mr. Bernard Dzinski ‘81 Certified Public Accountant Dzinski Polzella, LLC

The Advancement Office 587 Oronoke Road • Waterbury, CT 06708 203.574.5422 • Fax: 203.596.3740

13 1