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Big Promise of Little Things Change Comes From Everyone

COMING TOGETHER FOR BIG PROJECTS The might and fury of Pele has captured the world’s attention and as you read this, lava continues to march forward, already engulfing hundreds of homes and displacing thousands of Hawai‘i Island residents.

For these families, “ The eruption has displaced so many there will be no families, but HCF’s support home to return is really an investment in our to when the community and in changes volcano finally subsides, no that will last a lifetime.” opportunity to – Patrick Hurney rebuild on the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Hawai‘i Island

same lot. They must start over in a new place. If the dream of homeownership was difficult for low-income residents before the lava, it appears nearly impossible now.

“The entire West Hawai‘i ‘family’ of funds is going toward the relief effort, and the result is amazing. Look what can be done when we all work together!” says donor Donna Payesko. Helping people with immediate and long-term goals, boldly taking on big projects, combining the strength of many donations—that’s the big promise of little things.

Despite the grim backdrop, Habitat for Humanity on Hawai‘i Island is providing a spark of hope and joy in Puna. It is collecting food and water and trucking the donations to emergency shelters. It is working with volunteer contractors to build on land lent by a local church. And for the long-term phase of recovery— transitioning as many families as possible into permanent dwellings—Habitat is thinking big. Really big. “We propose a multifamily dwelling with 10-12 plantationstyle duplex units surrounding a courtyard. Then replicate that project, wherever land is available,” says Habitat’s

Patrick Hurney. “We can mobilize volunteers quickly; last year, we built 10 homes in 10 days. We’ll host Global Village Teams from the mainland and all over to come to Hawai‘i Island and build.”

DID YOU KNOW: In 2017, HCF distributed over $15 Million in grants to nonprofits and programs that support the health and welfare of people in Hawai‘i.

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