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the future of philanthropy


For 100 years, we have amplified the power of giving in Hawai‘i.

So ... what’s next?

Our focus is on creating long-term, large-scale

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... across these six sectors, covering a broad mosaic of community issues.

Embarking on our next century Hawai‘i Community Foundation’s yearlong centennial celebration was more than a recognition of our 100 years of community service. We hoped to light a spark that would ignite the power of philanthropy for future generations in Hawai‘i. As we embark on our next century, this community is facing a series of challenges that are more complex than ever before. They exist within a larger system and have to be dealt with as interdependent elements that link and interact. That requires us to shift our focus from solving separate problems to creating social change.

The goal — which is to improve our community as a whole and for the long run — calls on Hawai‘i Community Foundation to become a catalyst for this change. We’re tasked with understanding how the issues are interconnected, reaching out to others in the community, and arriving at collaborative solutions that will stick. Already underway at HCF are initiatives in public education, homelessness, fresh water security, and government transformation. We’ve been effective as a convener because of the knowledge we share and the trust we’ve earned among leaders in nonprofit, community, business, and government sectors, whose collaboration is key to success. We’ve learned that success, when it comes to large-scale social change, can often take years. The issues, the key players, and the resources all need to be “ripe,” and the process needs to be carried out with commitment, collaboration, and focus.

Our promise is to utilize all of the knowledge, the leadership, and the relationships we’ve built over a century of experience to deliver even greater impact for the next century. 4

h awa i ‘ i c o m m u n i t y f o u n d a t i o n | t h e f u t u r e o f p h i l a n t h r o p y

We believe our investment is worthy of its long-term, high-impact reward:

a better Hawai i for all and for always




Chief Executive Officer

President & Chief Operating Officer

Board Chair

A Catalyst for High-impact solutions rely on deep reserves of knowledge and the ability to convene networks of public and private leaders committed to pivotal change

Change The Hawai‘i Community Foundation, together with a constellation of partners, is making great strides against some of our community’s most pressing needs.

define success build net wor ks

We build networks of people and organizations to establish the trust and collaboration that are required to tackle complex challenges.

We invest in data systems as a tool for making informed decisions and tracking progress towards goals.

ch ange systems

We partner to create innovative strategies that can be replicated for maximum impact.

A Strategy for Impact Building networks, defining success, and changing systems – these form the foundation of all our initiatives When we take on a complex issue facing Hawai‘i’s future, we bring together key stakeholders to develop shared goals and strategies. The kind of long-term, large-scale social change we’re hoping to effect requires a comprehensive approach and a coordinated effort to achieve it.

Helping All Students Succeed Securing Hawai‘i’s Fresh Water Future Housing Homeless Families Faster Creating a Healthier Hawai‘i

a c ata ly s t for ch a nge | 2 017 a n n ua l r e p ort


ch a nge s y s t e m s de f i n e succe s s

bu i l d n e t wor k s

Helping All Students Succeed Middle School can be tough — peer pressure, academic stress, drugs, and distractions. Sadly, thousands of young students in Hawai‘i are struggling through sixth, seventh, and eighth grades; their poor attendance, behavior, and course work all signal a greater likelihood that they will drop out during high school.

In 2013, the Hawai‘i Community Foundation brought together 15 funders to launch “Connecting for Success” at 10 middle schools. It’s a groundbreaking program that helps schools use real-time data to keep track of middle school students who are at risk of dropping out and develop programs that help those students reconnect to school in a way that can change the trajectory of their lives. Key to the program’s effectiveness is its use of data, starting with the Department of Education’s Hawai‘i Early Warning System.

“An integral part of the initiative was helping teachers develop the ability to track the right data and helping teams use it to target interventions for students who needed them most.” — KAREN LEE, FORMER EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, HAWAI‘I P20 PARTNERSHIPS FOR EDUCATION

The impact thus far for over 2,000 students who are getting extra support from school and community mentors has been transformative. “The changes we’ve seen in our students come not from guessing but from knowing what’s going on with them,” said Amy Kendziorski, Principal of Waimea Middle Public Conversion Charter School. “The kids are better off, and so is the school.” Whether shooting hoops or shooting the breeze together, adolescent boys get the chance to interact with committed, conscientious men like Steve Evans through the Boys to Men Mentoring Hawai‘i program at Waimea Middle School.


h awa i ‘ i c o m m u n i t y f o u n d a t i o n | t h e f u t u r e o f p h i l a n t h r o p y

“The value of a group of funders that can align behind one goal and commit to a multi-year effort multiplies the impact we can have.” — Mike Mohr, The Omidyar Group

Connecting with male role models like Officer Cacho in informal settings can help boys make good choices and grow into good men. Yoga and meditation are part of the girl’s mentorship program at Waimea Middle School.

o v e r t h e pa s t t h r e e y e a r s , c o n n e c t i n g f o r s u c c e s s h a s h a d a m e a s u r a b l e i m pa c t :


of at-risk students in the program were promoted to 10th grade compared to 86.5% overall in Hawai‘i DOE


of participating students received A’s and B’s in English (compared to 32% of similar students)

hcf as the


of connected students received A’s and B’s in math (compared to 21% of similar students)

catalyst f o r c h a n g e

define success

build net wor ks

change systems

We helped educators use data to identify and track at-risk youth, and use common metrics to evaluate the results.

We created a Community of Learners for participating schools and their community partners to share what works.

We provided training and resources to help schools find new ways of engaging at-risk middle school students.

To learn more visit HawaiiCommunityFoundation.org/CFS

ch a nge s y s t e m s

de f i n e succe s s bu i l d n e t wor k s

Securing Hawai i's Fresh Water Future

Fresh water is Hawai‘i’s single most important natural resource, but as the climate in our islands becomes more volatile and generally drier, our supply is increasingly threatened. Given that Hawai‘i’s economic and environmental survival is based on the availability of fresh water, we knew it was time to act.

The Hawai‘i Community Foundation created the Wai Maoli: Hawai‘i Fresh Water Initiative in 2013 and invited knowledgeable stakeholders from multiple sides of the issue to convene as a blueribbon Fresh Water Council. “We worked for over a year to come up with specific policy changes and strategies, and plan to keep working together to get them implemented,” said council member Dennis Teranishi, President/CEO of Pacific International Center for High Technology Research. The resulting Blueprint for Action centers around the council’s mandate to create 100 million gallons a day of additional, reliable, fresh water by 2030. The 25-member coalition identified three aggressive strategies to achieve that goal — ­­ conserve, recharge, reuse — with clear targets for each. Support for convening the Fresh Water Council and for the pioneering work of its members came from a collaborative of 11 funding partners.

“Our decision to support this initiative stemmed from our foundation’s commitment to securing Hawai‘i’s future and our belief that a shared agenda for action is the way to get there.” — FUNDING PARTNER BETO BEDOLFE, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF CALIFORNIA-BASED MARISLA FOUNDATION

Diminishing fresh water supplies in Hawai‘i, along with projections for a drier, hotter future, have consequences for the economic and environmental sustainability of our island home. 18

h awa i ‘ i c o m m u n i t y f o u n d a t i o n | t h e f u t u r e o f p h i l a n t h r o p y

The grant we received from HCF, along with federal funds, were crucial to enabling the Commission to establish its water audit program and provide three years of funding to assist the counties and other water utilities to audit their systems for water losses. — Jeff Pearson, Deputy Director, Commission on Water Resource Management

Governor Ige, legislators, Fresh Water Council members, HCF staff, and youth from Hawai‘i Nature Center’s summer program attended the 2016 fresh water bill signing.

As an island people, the quantity and quality of available fresh water in Hawai‘i directly impacts our health, economy, food production, ecology, native cultural practices, and quality of life.

l e g i s l a t i v e l e a d e r s a n d t h e g o v e r n o r l e d o n wa t e r s e c u r i t y i n 2 0 1 5 -2 0 1 6 . t h a n k s t o t h e i r a c t i o n s :


bills were passed during the 2015 and 2016 legislative sessions to improve Hawai‘i’s ability to capture, reuse, and restore fresh water.


40+ million gallons per day by 2030 Improve efficiency in how water is transported and used so that each Hawai‘i resident requires 15% less water to meet individual needs

hcf as the


30+ million gallons per day by 2030 Capture more rainwater in our aquifiers by expanding and actively protecting watershed areas while improving our storm water retention


30+ million gallons per day by 2030 Double the amount of wastewater being treated and reused to irrigate parks and local crops across our Hawaiian Islands

catalyst f o r c h a n g e

define success

build net wor ks

change systems

The Fresh Water Council documented threats to Hawai‘i’s fresh water supply; set a specific goal to achieve water security; identified targets to meet by 2030; and continues to advocate for policy changes.

Convening stakeholders who were often adversaries to come up with collective recommendations established a foundation for moving forward and a model for resolving contentious issues.

Having unanimously agreed on goals for achieving water security, members of the Fresh Water Council are working together to accomplish the objectives of the Blueprint for Action to bring about necessary policy changes and stimulate private and public investments.

Review the Fresh Water Blueprint for Action at HawaiiCommunityFoundation.org/Blueprint

ch a nge s y s t e m s

bu i l d n e t wor k s de f i n e succe s s

Housing Homeless Families Faster As the rate of homelessness rises in Hawai‘i, many of those without a permanent place to live are families with children (42%). The Hawai‘i Community Foundation recognized the need to take immediate action and spearheaded an innovative, three-year program in 2014 called HousingASAP.

Hawai‘i Community Foundation knew that if shelter providers worked together, instead of independently, results for homeless people would be better, and the entire community would benefit. To that end, we brought together a group of 14 funders (including HCF) who pooled their resources toward a common goal: place more families into permanent housing faster and help them stay there.

“When funders and providers are brought together to tackle pressing needs, people are helped more rapidly and better solutions are developed.” — FUNDING PARTNER ANN BOUSLOG, FUND ADVISOR, COMMUNITY HOUSING FUND

The eight organizations that make up the HousingASAP network provide most of the shelter beds available for families in Hawai‘i, so increasing their capacity — to incorporate Housing First practices, to use data for improving and evaluating effectiveness, and to implement policy and systems change — is a wise investment. One of the network’s most important accomplishments is a coordinated entry system that allows a homeless family to be referred to the most appropriate service provider in order to quickly get them placed into permanent housing. When families have homes, their futures become brighter. A safe, secure, and sanitary place to live helps keep families stable and connected with each other, and can even improve the educational outcomes for children.


h awa i ‘ i c o m m u n i t y f o u n d a t i o n | t h e f u t u r e o f p h i l a n t h r o p y

“By moving in the same direction and using data to guide us, members of the HousingASAP network are improving the long-term outlook for vulnerable families in Hawai‘i.” — Maude Cumming, Executive Director, Family Life Center

Access to affordable housing increases the well-being and self-sufficiency of families like the Lee ‘ohana in Kapolei.

housi ng a s a p h a s h a d a m e a su r a bl e i m pac t :


homeless families placed in permanent housing since 2014


reduction in number of days families stayed in emergency shelters

hcf as the


of families in emergency shelters placed into permanent housing

catalyst f o r c h a n g e

define success

build net wor ks

ch ange systems

Using data increased transparency and helped identify and share the most effective programs and practices.

Building a network of transitional housing and emergency shelter providers strengthened their individual and collective effectiveness.

The collaboration of shelter providers resulted in policy changes and coordinated intake to improve outcomes for homeless families.

Learn more about the HousingASAP network at HawaiiCommunityFoundation.org/HousingASAP

ch a nge s y s t e m s

de f i n e succe s s bu i l d n e t wor k s

Creating a Healthier Hawai i When the state received a portion of the class action master settlement with the tobacco industry 16 years ago, Hawai‘i Community Foundation formed a partnership to reduce tobacco-related diseases and deaths in Hawai‘i and start to improve people’s health.

Under a contract with the Hawai‘i State Department of Health (DOH), HCF was tasked with managing the Hawai‘i Tobacco Prevention and Control Trust Fund.

“The Trust Fund was used to develop a comprehensive program that includes policies, prevention, and cessation interventions. And results are yielding improvements in public health and saving lives.” — LOLA IRVIN, ADMINISTRATOR, CHRONIC DISEASE PREVENTION AND HEALTH PROMOTION DIVISION, DOH

The multifaceted program that’s come out of this public/private partnership includes the Hawai‘i Tobacco Quitline, smoking cessation and youth prevention programs, and advocacy that helped to pass legislation to create smoke-free workplaces, increase taxes on tobacco products, and address secondhand smoke. While smoking rates have decreased and tobacco-related deaths are down in Hawai‘i, smoking still claims 1,200 lives each year and costs the state $526 million annually in medical expenses. Alarmingly, the use of e-cigarettes by students is up over 500% since 2011. Up against a tobacco industry that spends relentlessly to increase the use of nicotine, our steadfast work on behalf of the Trust Fund has helped to make Hawai‘i’s smoking rate (14.1%) one of the lowest in the nation. Malia Lehua Lema, Health Educator at the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center, meets with program participants at the Pai‘olu Kai‘aulu transitional shelter. With the “No Tobacco” dollars they earn, individuals can “shop” for toiletries and other basics. 30

h awa i ‘ i c o m m u n i t y f o u n d a t i o n | t h e f u t u r e o f p h i l a n t h r o p y

“Through support from HCF’s Tobacco Cessation grant, the West Hawai‘i Community Center has been able to decrease barriers and increase access to care in order to reach hundreds of people, regardless of their ability to pay.” — Victoria K. Hanes, Psy.D, Behavioral Health Director, West Hawai‘i Community Health Center

Culturally relevant materials created by ‘Imi Hale Native Hawaiian Cancer Network complement the program and resonate with program participants like James Hamili Jr. and Dina Vinson of Wai‘anae.

hawai‘i tobacco prevention and control trust fund is improving the health of hawai‘i’s people:

28% 65% 21%

decrease in adult smoking from 2000 – 2013

decrease in youth smoking from 1999 - 2013

hcf as the

decrease in deaths due to lung cancer from 2001 – 2013


in the nation to prohibit sale or possession of cigarettes and e-cigarettes to anyone under 21

catalyst f o r c h a n g e

define success

build net wor ks

ch ange systems

Trust Fund resources are carefully invested and monitored to prevent people from starting to use tobacco products and help others to quit.

By virtue of the collective efforts of HCF, the DOH, the Legislature, and community partners, there is a coordinated statewide approach to tobacco control.

Measurable results — including legislation for smoke-free workplaces, implementation of the Quitline, and prohibition of the sale of cigarettes and e-cigarettes to youth under 21 — are reducing public health costs and saving lives.

More positive results at HawaiiCommunityFoundation.org/Tobacco

Catalyst Fund Collaborative partnerships spark high-impact solutions Money alone cannot change the world. To address Hawai‘i’s most pressing issues, the Hawai‘i

Community Foundation relies on its ability to innovate new approaches and convene networks of leaders to create pivotal change.

The Catalyst Fund provides core support that enables HCF to develop strategies to grapple

with important local challenges, strengthen leadership within the nonprofit community, and promote collaborative partnerships among donors to make the greatest impact.


h awa i ‘ i c o m m u n i t y f o u n d a t i o n | t h e f u t u r e o f p h i l a n t h r o p y

centennial donors (page 54) along with the following supporters have contributed to the catalyst fund. we thank them for their partnership and commitment to improving hawai‘i’s future. Anonymous (2) Mark & Tomoko Agne Alexander & Baldwin, LLC Jeffrey & Loan Arce Christopher & Melissa Benjamin

Hawaii Regional Council of Carpenters Hawaiian Airlines Keith K. Horita Howard Hughes Corporation Imanaka Asato

Dura Constructors, Inc.

Irongate, LLC

Elizabeth Rice Grossman

Joseph & Vera Zilber Family Foundation

Hawaii Carpenters Market Recovery Program Hawai‘i Construction Alliance Hawai‘i Pacific University

Leonard Kamp, Jr.* Kaua‘i Leadership Council at Hawai‘i Community Foundation

Kawailoa Development, LLP

Wayne J. Rapozo de Costa

Paul & Lisa Kosasa

R.M. Towill Corporation

K. Taniguchi Ltd.

Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez

Duane & Susan Kurisu

Swayne Family Foundation

Russell & Constance Lau

The Freeman Foundation

Dale Madden

The Queen’s Medical Center

Peter & Vicki Merriman

Marc C. Tilker

Moss Foundation, Inc.

Richard Wacker

Alan M. Oshima

Rebecca Ward

Pasha Hawaii

Sharon R. Weiner

Judy & Michael Pietsch Pūlama Lāna‘i


To learn more about the Catalyst Fund visit HawaiiCommunityFoundation.org/CatalystFund

“We’re pleased to partner with the Hawai‘i Community Foundation as a Catalyst Fund member. Supporting the fund and joining in with other community leaders and businesses aligns perfectly with our goal of strengthening communities across the state now and for future generations.” r on ta k e ta Executive Secretary Treasurer, Hawai‘i Regional Council of Carpenters

Our Promise

With the knowledge we’ve accrued and the leadership we’ve earned over 100 years of service to the community, we are a catalyst for positive change in Hawai‘i

As the state’s largest grantmaker that invests in people and solutions for Hawai‘i, HCF is helping generous donors and dedicated charities achieve their greatest impact.

w h at w e do

We amplify the power of giving


h awa i ‘ i c o m m u n i t y f o u n d a t i o n | t h e f u t u r e o f p h i l a n t h r o p y

We enhance the lives of those in need and enrich the lives of those who give

By supporting programs that achieve specific results and by helping donors make smart choices, the benefits and satisfaction of giving go both ways.

We create partnerships to tackle tough problems

and build stronger communities

By bringing funders together with nonprofit, community, and government leaders, the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts.

We transform people’s generosity into lasting change

By serving as a trusted steward of donors’ funds, the impact of giving can endure for generations.

We share more than a century of experience and

knowledge to make giving more effective

By informing philanthropists and leaders about needs and opportunities in the community, initiatives and grants can be more responsive to changing priorities.

a bou t hcf | 2017 a nnua l r eport


how w e help


Philanthropy is a personal expression of who you are and what you care about


h awa i ‘ i c o m m u n i t y f o u n d a t i o n | t h e f u t u r e o f p h i l a n t h r o p y

donors of all sizes

HCF customizes your plan by helping to find the best method for your giving and connecting your interests with reputable charities.

professional advisors

HCF is a resource for estate planners, accountants, and financial advisors seeking charitable solutions for their clients.


HCF helps businesses support the community while achieving their own charitable goals.

private foundations

Clients can focus on charitable giving while HCF handles administrative, financial, and grantmaking services.

planned giving

A planned legacy gift through HCF will have a long-lasting impact on a charity or a cause that is important to you.

how w e help

Nonprofit Organizations When our local nonprofits perform at their very best – delivering vital services and programs across the islands – Hawai‘i’s people and communities are better off


h awa i ‘ i c o m m u n i t y f o u n d a t i o n | t h e f u t u r e o f p h i l a n t h r o p y

hawai‘i legacy giving campaign

In 2016, HCF partnered with over 100 nonprofit organizations across the state to encourage people to think about their legacies and provide for the community and charities in their wills.

advancing nonprofit excellence

Over more than a decade, HCF invested $14 million in grants to strengthen the capacity and leadership of organizations. Today, HCF is focused on providing connections, knowledge, and resources that improve the effectiveness and results of high-performing nonprofits.

flex grants

Since 2013, more than 40 donors have joined HCF to provide over $16 million in unrestricted grants to high-performing nonprofits; each grantee organization decides how best to use the funds to support its mission.

a bou t hcf | 2017 a nnua l r eport


how w e


We believe in the power of partnerships to make better decisions and build stronger communities


h awa i ‘ i c o m m u n i t y f o u n d a t i o n | t h e f u t u r e o f p h i l a n t h r o p y

professional advisors

MATTHEW G. BEALL Hawai‘i Life Real Estate Brokers

HCF is a resource for estate planners, accountants, and financial advisors seeking charitable solutions for their clients. Three individuals received the 2016 Outstanding Professional Advisor in Philanthropy Award for giving back to the community through their own time and treasure, and for incorporating philanthropy into their everyday work by helping clients consider and achieve their charitable goals.

LOUISE ING Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing

See past awardees and videos at HawaiiCommunityFoundation.org/PA-awards BRIAN IWATA, CPA Taketa, Iwata, Hara & Associates LLC

government partnerships

HCF secures the cooperation of government, business, community leaders, and nonprofits into multi-sector partnerships that create long-term, systemic change.

funding partnerships

HCF brings together funders with a shared vision to leverage resources, solve tough problems, and achieve outcomes that might otherwise be unobtainable. In 2016, $5.3 million was distributed to address issues including helping homeless families, improving outcomes for at-risk youth, and preserving fresh water.

a bou t hcf | 2017 a nnua l r eport


Where We Are

With experienced staff located across Hawai‘i, a 20-member Board of Governors, and Leadership Councils comprised of local residents on Maui County, Kaua‘i County, and Hawai‘i Island, the work of HCF is both statewide and unique to each island community

k aua‘ i & n i ‘ i h au

o ‘a h u

• Office opened on Kaua‘i in 2001

• The Hawaiian Foundation was established in 1916 and renamed Hawai‘i Community Foundation in 1987

• There are 60 funds established to benefit Kaua‘i and Ni‘ihau •

C. Brewer Building in downtown Honolulu

over $10 million in grants to nonprofits on Kaua‘i and Ni‘ihau in the past 5 years

• Annie Sinclair Knudsen Memorial Fund is one of the

largest geographical funds at hcf, giving out over $7 million to Kaua‘i nonprofits since 1987

hcf headquarters moved in 2011 to the historic

over $750,000 in grants in the last 5 years from 4 funds that focus on supporting nonprofits serving the ‘Ewa, Kahuku, Wai‘anae, and North Shore communities

• In 1987, Robert E. Black left a legacy gift of over $60

million to HCF that continues to benefit communities across the state 46

h awa i ‘ i c o m m u n i t y f o u n d a t i o n | t h e f u t u r e o f p h i l a n t h r o p y

h awa i ‘ i i sl a n d •

first neighbor island office opened in 2000 in Waimea

• There are 88 hcf funds established to benefit Hawai‘i Island, including 31 scholarship funds •

over $24 million in grants to Hawai‘i Island nonprofits in the past 5 years

hilo office opened in 2015 to better serve East Hawai‘i

m au i , l ā na‘ i & mol ok a‘ i •

hcf maui office — serving the islands of Maui, Lāna‘i, and Moloka‘i – opened in 2002

• There are 57 hcf funds established to benefit maui

county including Maui Nui Community Fund, Hāna Community Endowment Fund, and Lāna‘i Community Benefit Fund •

over $16 million in grants were awarded to Maui County nonprofits over the last 5 years

in 2009, marti d ebeneditti created the maui nui community fund — donors now contribute to the fund and include it in legacy planning a bou t hcf | 2017 a nnua l r eport


In 2016, HCF distributed more than



to the community from over 750 funds established by individuals, families, and businesses that care about making Hawai‘i a better place


contract clients $



donor designated grants








donor advised grants



hcf initiatives



other hcf grants


h awa i ‘ i c o m m u n i t y f o u n d a t i o n | t h e f u t u r e o f p h i l a n t h r o p y

Last year, your collective generosity supported the community in these areas: a r t s & c u lt u r e

$ 3.4 m

g ov e r n m e n t & c i v ic s

$ 1 .6m

com m u n i t y & e conom y

$ 3. 5m

h e a lt h & w e l fa r e

$ 7. 8m

h u m a n se r v ic e s

$ 5. 9m

o t h e r


e duc at ion nat u r a l e n v i ron m e n t

grand total

$ 1 2 .7 m $4.1m

$39.5 million*

*Includes expenses related to the implementation of various programs and contracts. Does not include $8.4 million in grants administered on behalf of private foundations and other clients. a bou t hcf | 2017 a nnua l r eport


Our Givers Generous people stand behind HCF’s nearly 800 funds, each with a meaningful purpose and a deeply held commitment to improve lives and make Hawai‘i a better place

We are grateful to the more than 1,000 individuals, families, and businesses that partner with the Hawai‘i Community Foundation to create lasting change in our community.

legacy society Planned gifts to Hawai‘i Community Foundation have meaning and impact for years to come. Donors through a will, trust, or other testamentary plan are part of the Legacy Society, recognizing this special form of lasting philanthropy. Photo: Legacy Society Member Bobbi Aisaka

Anonymous (59)

Jennifer Bohlin

C. Frank Damon, Jr.

Ronald J. Hays

Joanne Tanaka Acoba

Mark A. Boyd

Larry & Anne Day

Dr. David Heeney

Kathleen Ai

Susan Bradford

John* & Marti deBenedetti

Monica Heeney

Bobbi Aisaka

Tom & Chris Brayton

Stefanie Delmont

Peter R.* & Theresa A. Heinze

Dana Anderson

Concetta DiLeo

Will J. Henderson*

Jane Anderson

James Burns* & Emme Tomimbang

Kristina Dixon

Roger M. Higa

Paul & Elizabeth* Arrigo

Catherine Capozzoli

Andrew & Edith Don

James R. Hill

Rick Asbach

Karen Chandler* & Chris Grootaert

Joseph Duax Jon & Eleyne Fia

Eileen Hilton & Leonard Rossoff

Mary Charles

Keith A. Finkboner

Nancy R. Hiraoka

Lorinda Cheng-Arashiro

Alfred & Karyl Franks

Laila F. Hoffmann

Wallace Chin

Patsy K. Fujimoto

Sadao & Jean Honda

Archibald S.Y. Cho & Patricia H. Cho

Alexander Gaston

Walter & Takako Horikoshi

Wanda Gereben

Timothy Y.C. Choy

Thomas & Gloria Huber

Doug Gibson

Henry B. Clark, Jr.

Grafton & Sue Jhung

Clifford A. Gonsalves

Jenni M. Cooney

Jennifer Joe

Marc W. Greenwell

Karen Jones

Ann Bernson

William R.* & Carol J. Coops

Richard W. Gushman, II

Barbara Bezdicek & Ray Mayron

Lydia Clements

Randolph Hack

Leonard Kamp, Jr.* & Rebecca K.H. Kamp*

Richard & Myrna Cundy

Suzanne M. Hammer, M.D.

Robbie Ann Kane

Janis Casco Blayer

Paul Dahlquist

Martha Hanson

Robin & Sally Kaye

Brian Bagnall Molly Baher Bobby C. & Julie Baker Hermine Baker & Niel Thomas Andy & Maureen Bates Robert R. Bean Katherine Bell & Thomas Blackburn Wayne R. Benner


h awa i ‘ i c o m m u n i t y f o u n d a t i o n | t h e f u t u r e o f p h i l a n t h r o p y

William Kaye

Uri Lyne Martos

Deborah Rice

John A. & Mary Karyl Thorne

Gerry & Karen Keir

Joseph J. Martyak

Rick & Claire Robinson

Ronald E. & Ivy L. Timpe

William G. & Karen M. Kemp

Mary E. McGregor*

Michael* & Kathleen Roeder

Carl F. Kim

Mort Matsumoto

Earl & Frances Tokumura

Jim S. Romig

Diane M. Kimura

Kenneth & Diane Matsuura

Greg Sakaguchi

William J. King

Michael J. McCabe

Eileen Sakai

Stephen Kokubun

Joe* & Sandy McCleskey

Liane Sakai

Patricia A. Kraemer & James Stockman

Pamela M. McCoy Lurline Wailana McGregor

Laura Mallery-Sayre & Frank H. Sayre

Gina Mello

Marsha Schweitzer

Sam Millington

Mary S. Sheridan

Sara Miura

Grace Sherwin

Richard D. & Cheryl H. Moore

Myles S. Shibata

Richard S. Morris

James & Sharon Skouge

Karl & Christine Moskowitz

George C. & Nancy W. Slain

Eldon L. Wegner

Melvyn T. & Sadie D. Murakami

Kent R. & Polli Smith

Paul* & Roberta L. Weil

Lee Y Myers

G. William & Heather Snipes

Sim Wenner

Norma B. Nichols, Ph.D.

Snorkel Bob Foundation

John Wythe White &

Valery O’Brien

Perry & Sally Sorenson

Janice C. Parrott

Peter Sparks & Clytie Mead

Katharine P. Lloyd

David & Kathleen Pellegrin

Virginia L. Squier

Violet S. Loo

Diane Peterson

Jefferson & Patricia Stillwell

Natalie Mahoney

Jennie L. Phillips

Michael P. & Carol Sullivan

Michael & Tomoko Malaghan

Judy Pyle & Wayne Pitluck

Russell H. Taft

Makia K. Malo

Michael Quinn & Licia Lau

Timothy Takaezu & Jodi A. Lam

Duen Hsi Yen & Linda Takai

Paul Mancini

Henry E. Renteria

Yoko Tanaka

Darcie A. Yukimura

Harold J. & Inge Marcus

Earl G.* & Bettie S. Reque

David A. & Virginia Thomas


Ivor Kraft Eugene & Kathleen Kreinik Gerald W. Kwock Joan Langan Donald W.* & Bernadette Lau Chester P. Lau Carol Mon Lee Elvira T. Lee Joe Lee Skip & Hiroko Lee Lisa Livingston & Gilbert Lewers Livingston*

M. Yukie Tokuyama Stan & Renee Tomono Jan Dean Valdez Ann Marie Ventura Totthi Vreedenburgh Philip & Louise Wang Rebecca Ward Kendall P. Watts Gulab & Indru Watumull

Victoria Gail-White Robert E.* & Karen K. White Carol Yoshimura Yamada John & Rae Yanagihara Curtis & Sylvianne Yee

our gi v er s | 2017 a nnua l r eport


centennial donors Thank you to these donors who have partnered with HCF to mark our centennial year. With their support, we were able to: • establish the Catalyst Fund, a fund that supports HCF’s ability to innovate solutions, develop strategies, and build networks to create long-term positive change • launch the Hawai‘i Legacy Giving Campaign, a partnership with 100+ nonprofits to encourage people to leave a gift to the community in their will or trust • build awareness about HCF and encourage people to think about how they can give back and give more Photo: Centennial donors William Reeves, HCF Board Chair Deborah Berger, and HCF Board Member Judy Pietsch

Anonymous (1)

Roberta F. Chu

Peter S. Ho

Judy & Michael Pietsch

Alan H. Arizumi

Kimberly W. Dey

Tyrie L. Jenkins

Katherine G. Richardson

American Savings Bank

First Hawaiian Bank

Micah & Joelle Kāne

Jennifer G. Sabas

Paul T. Keenan

Curtis Saiki

Elizabeth Rice Grossman

Tom Kelly

Myles S. Shibata

Richard W. Gushman, II

Paul Kosasa

Joyce Stupski

Harold K.L. Castle Foundation

Amy & Paul Luersen

Mary G.F. Bitterman

Robert S. Harrison

Catherine Luke

Michael Broderick

Hawai‘i Community Foundation

Joseph J. Martyak

Kaleialoha Cadinha-Pua‘a

Hawaiian Electric Companies

Elliot K. Mills

Hawai‘i Community

Central Pacific Bank

HEI Charitable Foundation

Caroline Miura

Foundation Staff

Wallace Chin

Honey Bun & James Haynes

Pierre M. & Pamela K. Omidyar

Bank of Hawaii Foundation Robert R. Bean Deborah K. Berger & William H. Reeves



h awa i ‘ i c o m m u n i t y f o u n d a t i o n | t h e f u t u r e o f p h i l a n t h r o p y

Kelvin H. & Janice H. Taketa Christine van Bergeijk Walk the Talk Fund –

Eric K. Yeaman

2016 donors Behind every gift of generosity is a donor’s passion and reason for giving back to the community. The act of helping others is one of life’s most rewarding and meaningful experiences. The following individuals, organizations, foundations, and trusts made contributions to the Hawai‘i Community Foundation valued at $1,000 or more in 2016. We also acknowledge the gifts of those donors who have requested to remain anonymous. Photo: Donors Darrin & Darien Gee with their family


Brian Bagnall

Gerald P. Burke

Crown Family

Anonymous (31)

Maryann Barros

Michael & Joan Burke

Matt & Maggie Cwiertnia

Skip Adams

Harris & Megan Barton

Timothy A. Burr

Grace Czerwinski

Norman & Shirley Akita

Charlie Bass

Michael & Liz Byrd

H. Dwight Damon

William F. &

Robert R. Bean

Roberta J. Cable

Denise Bekaert & Felicity Yost

Kaleialoha Cadinha-Pua‘a

Katherine Bell &

Carl & Christine Carlson

Alberta M. Aldinger Carolyn Alexander

Lorrie Dana Robert & Sherri Daniels Kent & Elizabeth Dauten

Thomas Blackburn

Robert & Teresa Cartwright

Jane Anderson

Mitch & Joan Berman

Vicky & Benjamin Cayetano

Michael Aranoff &

Alex M. Bogusky

Chris & Beate Chee

James & Janet Bond

Wallace Chin

Jeffrey & Loan Arce

Lowell & Dana Bostrom

Merle Chong

Nikesh & Ayesha Arora

Andrew & Ellen Bradley

Timothy Y.C. Choy

Steven & Hillarie Dietz

Kathryn Au

Kenneth & Laura Breitenbach

Rai Saint Chu & Richard Turbin

Concetta DiLeo

Lora L. Ayers

Edmund & Martha Burke

Richard Cox

John & Tina Doty

Deborah J. Anderson

Mika Yamaguchi-Aranoff


h awa i ‘ i c o m m u n i t y f o u n d a t i o n | t h e f u t u r e o f p h i l a n t h r o p y

William & Barbara Davis Larry & Anne Day Mary Day Francis (JD) & Susan DeLoria

John Drouilhet & Sada Okumura Patrick J. & Grace T. Duarte Riley Duren Rod Easterly David B. Erdman Charles Evans Randall Farleigh & Denise Cook Farleigh

Richard & Karen Goodale

Heather & Jonathan Ive

Bob & Lynn Kubota

Daniel & Claudia Goodfellow

Kim Coco Iwamoto

Dexter & Mary Kubota

Steve Goodfellow &

John & Jacque Jarve

Kenneth & Patricia Kupchak

Mary E. Jewett

David & Mindy Kwon

Terry & Carol Johnston

Thomas & Elizabeth Laffont

Kendis Kado

Russell & Constance Lau

Glenn & Margaret Kagawa

Carol Mon Lee

Tamar Chotzen Goodfellow James W. & Priscilla A. Growney Richard W. Gushman, II William Harman Honey Bun & James Haynes

Ian & Alma Kagimoto Patricia Kam

Joe Lee Margie A. Lee

Gary & Debra Fournier

Theresa A. Heinze

Jeff & Lotta Fox

Chris J. Helmuth

Amy Frazier

Jessie Hill

Robin Freeman Bernstein

Cameron & Marilyn Hinman

John & Laura Gamble

Vernon & Gaynielle Hirata

Benjy & Terri Garfinkle

Peter & Michelle Ho

Chuck Garrett

John & Jennifer Hoffee

Richard & Helen Gates

John Holliday, Jr.

Mike & Judy Gaulke

Keith K. Horita

Darrin & Darien Gee

Paul & Kimberly Horner

Bert & Susan Kobayashi

Bryan Luke

Richard & Carolyn Gerding

Peter & May Rosanna Hsi

Gloria R. Kobayashi

Catherine Luke

Marjorie Gifford

Marlene Imahiro

Karl Kobayashi

Kevin J. Luke

John Goings

Frederick K. Ito

Lindsay Kosasa

Paul & Cordelia MacLaughlin

David W. Goodale

Mary Ann Itoga

Paul & Lisa Kosasa

Curtis Macnguyen & Sandy Le

Donald Y. Kanagawa Micah & Joelle KÄ ne Estelle M. Kelley Thomas Kelly, Jr. Richard & Kathryn Kimball Sheldon & Adrianne Kimber Charles & Mary Bea King Cami Kloster & Jonathan Scheuer

Ra-Hee & Kun Lee Marilyn Lee-Tom Sam Leong Robert & Catalina Lewis Creighton & Dianne Litton Katharine P. Lloyd Ronald J. Loo Amy & Paul Luersen

our gi v er s | 2017 a nnua l r eport



Dexter D. Mar & Faye Fujisaki Mar Crystine J. Margolis Tom K. Matsuda

Richard & Lynn Meiers

Glenn K. Muranaka

Carl D. & Mary Jane Panattoni

Gilbert M. Meyer

Scott W. Nair

Moon Soo & Marilyn Park

Geoffrey Michaelson &

Denise Nakanishi

Gary Passon &

Flora L. Ii-Michaelson

Hirofumi & Mayuri Nakato

Charlene Schulenburg

Florence E. Matsukawa

Cindy & Robert Miller

Joe Nelson

Honey Pavel

Joe S. Matsukawa

Katie Minkus

Winton & Carrie Nicholson

Judy & Michael Pietsch

David & Kasia Mays

Susan K. Miura

Tod & Allison Nielsen

Mary & Andrew Pilara

Pamela M. McCoy

Tad & Caroline Miura

James Nishida

Thane & Linda Pratt

JB & Susan McIntosh

Tad T. Miura

Delbert M. Nishimoto

Mike & Diane Prohoroff

Shirley McKown

Gail A. Miyashiro

Neal & Melissa Norman

Robert & Ragnhild Reif

Laureston & Barbara McLellan

Phyllis Moldaw

John & Donna O’Connell

Katherine G. Richardson

Ron & Cindy McMackin

John & Marie Moseley

Marian J. Okada

Lyle B. Robinson

Bill & Leslie McMorrow

Ritchie & Sunny Mudd

Billy O’Sullivan

Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez

Stephen & Beth McParland

Nancy Mueller

Paul & Sandy Otellini

Kim Roth

Jonathan & Mary McRoberts

Michael J. Murakoshi

Rob & Cindy Pacheco

Jennifer & John Sabas

“Our long association with HCF has taught us the real value of philanthropy and the satisfaction of giving to our community.” hc f b oa r d m e m b e r r ob e r t b e a n & f r a nc e s be a n Frances Katsuda Bean Wai‘anae High School Scholarship Fund, Jacqueline J.H. Bean Memorial Fund, Robert R. & Jacqueline J.H. Bean Fund 2

“We feel it is our responsibility to do what we can to make the lives of others easier and to leave the world a better place. And, it feels good!� r ob e r ta & l at e h u s b a n d, pau l w e i l Legacy Society Members

Ronald Sade

Marco Silva

John & Sandra Thompson

Jeanne F. Wellinger

Judith K. Sakaguchi

Polli & Kent Smith

William S. & Nancy Thompson

Damaris & Wells Wescott

Eileen Sakai

Perry & Sally Sorenson

Beth Tokioka

Chadd White

Liane Sakai

Michael & Jill Spalding

Earl & Frances Tokumura

John Wythe White &

Charles Sander, Jr. &

John Stanton &

Stan & Renee Tomono

Leann Sander

Theresa Gillespie

Walter J. Treliving

Victoria Gail-White Lynn & Bill White Andrew &

Linda Sanford

Thomas & Ann Stagnaro

Lynn & George Ushijima

Thomas Schene

Elizabeth Steele

Stewart Van Scoyoc

Mark & Lynda Schwartz

George A. Stracke, III

David & Karen Vandervoet

Roxanne Scott & Randy Omel

Anthony J. Sutton

Charles & Kate Vasilius

Cecily Wong

Wesley & Phyllis Segawa

Keith Swayne

Joseph Vierra

Myron & Abbi Wong

T. Raymond & Betsy Sekiya

Thomas & Pamela Szkutak

Liane & Bruce Voss

Richard P. Wong

Patricia Sheehan

Donald M. Takaki, Sr.

Renee D. Wagner

Heuionalani Wyeth

Robert & Louisa Shelton

Gregg Takara

Herbert & Ellen Watanabe

Ronald Yamada

Myles & Wanda Shibata

Barry & Sandra Taniguchi

Kendall P. Watts

Peter & Lani Yukimura

Kay Shintani

Frank & Joan Thomas

Roberta L. Weil

Alice Zenger

Angelique Wilson Ross Wilson, Jr. & Debbie Baker

sect ion t i tle | 2017 a nnua l r eport



Gee & Company, LLC


100th Infantry Battalion

Grace Pacific LLC



Huntington Ingalls Industries

Office of Hawaiian Affairs

1250 Oceanside Partners LLC

Hale Kauai Ltd.

Institute for a

‘Ohana Makamae, Inc.

4s - Silversword Software and

Hawaii Chapter


Services, LLC American Savings Bank ARDA Legislative Fund Association of University Women Honolulu Branch

Number One OES Hawaii Food Industry Association Hawai‘i Life Real Estate Brokers

Sustainable Future K. Taniguchi Ltd. Kahala Senior Living Community, Inc. Kaihonua, LLC Kaimana Hila

Cadinha & Co., LLC

Hawaii Pizza Hut, Inc.

Kalihi Education Coalition

Cafe 100

Hawai‘i Tourism Authority

Kamehameha Schools


Hawaiian Electric Companies

Kawailoa Development, LLC

Hawaiian Islands

King Auto Center

Telescope Corporation Clark Realty Corporation Dean Foods Deja Vu Surf Hawaii Dow Earthworks Pacific, Inc. ‘Eo Na Punawai Finish Line Productions, Inc. Foodland Super Market, Ltd. Friends of Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge 60

Trading Company LLC Hilo Higashi Hongwanji Mission Hoku Eono, LLC Honolulu Board of Realtors Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce Charitable Corporation Honolulu Publishing Company, Ltd. Honolulu Star-Advertiser

h awa i ‘ i c o m m u n i t y f o u n d a t i o n | t h e f u t u r e o f p h i l a n t h r o p y

Koloa Inc. Koloa Surf Company KTA Super Stores Kūki‘o Golf and Beach Club, Inc.

Oceanfront Sotheby’s International Realty Inc.

Pono Market, Inc. Pure Hawaii Inc. RB Tahoe LLC RB Waterfronts LLC Referentia Systems Incorporated Roses Systems Solutions Rotary Club of Hanalei Bay Russell Bowman Art Advisory, LLC Saiva Siddhanta Church Saltchuk Resources, Inc. Spring Water, LLC

Lima Kokua, Inc.


Loyalty Enterprises, Ltd.

Syngenta Hawaii, LLC

MacArthur and Company, Inc.

The Madden Corporation

Meadow Gold Dairies

The Sherwin-Williams

My Investment Co., LTD. Na ‘Oiwi Kāne ‘Ohana

Company The Specialists LLC

Thirty Meter Telescope International Observatory Corporation Three Palms Properties LLC Travaasa Hana Unicold Corporation W.E. Denison Corp Managing Agent for High Country Traders Waimea High School Class of 1952 Ward Management Development Company, LLC Wesley R. Segawa & Associates, Inc.

foundations & trusts A. Grant Heidrich III & Jeannette Yvonne Heidrich, Schwab Charitable Fund Alan & Charlotte Waxman, Schwab Charitable Fund Ann & Gordon Getty Foundation Anna Kalei Gower Revocable Living Trust

Brett & Danielle White Fund,

C. N. Wodehouse Hawai‘i Children’s Trust Fund Trust

Foundation Chamberlin Family Foundation Charles & Helen Schwab Foundation Chonita & Jack Larsen Charitable Remainder

Bandel & Paula Carano Trust


Bobbie & Mike Wilsey Fund, The San Francisco Foundation

Foundation DSEA Wong Foundation Durban Family Gift Fund,

Central Pacific Bank

Atherton Family Foundation

Bank of Hawaii Foundation

Dr. Alvin & Monica Saake

Santa Barbara Foundation

Clements Charitable Fund,

Ayco Charitable Foundation Esme Y. Chu Revocable Living Trust F. S. & Mary Lyman Trust F. William Littlejohn & Amy E. Littlejohn Charitable Remainder Unitrust Fenton Family Foundation

Schwab Charitable Fund

Flanagan Family Foundation

Donald Lee & Sally Steadman

Frank & Katherine Woodford

Lucas Foundation

“The Maunakea Fund is an important way of giving back to the community that has made it possible for the Maunakea Observatories to thrive all these years. Through my work with the great team at HCF, I have witnessed, firsthand, the incredible impact of the programs HCF supports.” d oug s i mons Maunakea Fund

Memorial Trust


Geico Foundation George A. Kanna Scholarship Foundation Inc. Gerald W.G. Kwock Charitable Foundation Gib & Susan Myers Fund, Schwab Charitable Fund Goldsmith Family Foundation III Graham Family Fund, Fidelity Charitable Fund Growney Family Fund Hamamura Charitable Fund, American Endowment Foundation Harold K.L. Castle Foundation Harry & Dorothy Onohara Living Trust Hau‘oli Mau Loa Foundation

James H. Greene, Jr. Fund, Fidelity Charitable Fund Jamie Weinstein Family Charitable Gift Fund, Fidelity Charitable Fund Jean I. Fennimore Trust John & Marcia Goldman Fund, Jewish Community Federation John & Peggy Baker/ Baker Family Fund, Fidelity Charitable Fund John M. Simpson Foundation Katherine H. Wery Revocable Trust Katherine S. Keller Revocable Trust Kauai North Shore Community Foundation Kelvin & Janice Taketa

HEI Charitable Foundation

Fund, The San Francisco

Hon Chew Hee Estate



Kilgo Charitable Trust

Iwamoto Family Foundation

LGA Family Foundation

J. Christopher & Anne N. Reyes

Lilias Jacquelyn Hannum

Foundation 62

Johnson Trust

h awa i ‘ i c o m m u n i t y f o u n d a t i o n | t h e f u t u r e o f p h i l a n t h r o p y

Lott Foundation

Parker Ranch Foundation Trust

Lyles Foundation, Fresno

Parks Family Foundation

Regional Foundation Mackenzie Family Fund, Silicon Valley Community Foundation Magaro Family Foundation, Inc. Marc & Lynne Benioff, Schwab Charitable Fund Marisla Foundation Mary Wentworth Deering Trust Michael & Susan Dell Foundation Michael Roeder Charitable Remainder Trust Michael W. Michelson Fund, Fidelity Charitable Fund Moss Foundation, Inc. Nadine N. Moseley Foundation Nanea Foundation Inc. Onaway Island Fund, The San Francisco Foundation Pablo & Nathalie Salame, Goldman Sachs Gives

Paul & Elle Stephens Family Fund, Marin Community Foundation Pierre & Pam Omidyar Fund, Silicon Valley Community Foundation Prisanlee Trust Robert C. Perry Trust Robert E. Black Memorial Trust Ronald E. & Ivy L. Timpe Fund, Oregon Community Foundation Rotary Club of Kapaa Foundation Rotary Club of Poipu Beach Foundation, Inc. Sacharuna Foundation Safeway Foundation Sidney E. Frank Foundation Simon Foundation Stracke Joint Revocable Trust Stupski Foundation Sykes Family Foundation

The A.C. Kobayashi Family Foundation The Bill Healy Foundation The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation The Ceres Trust The Chambers Family Foundation The Charles Engelhard Foundation The Crawford Family Fund, Fidelity Charitable Fund Gift Fund The Dorrance Family Foundation The Freeman Foundation

The Frost Family Foundation The Gary & Jean Shekhter Grants Fund, Jewish Community Foundation San Diego The Hazen Family Foundation The Hoak Foundation The John & Frances Von Schlegell Family Fund, Schwab Charitable Fund The Johnson Family Foundation The Joseph C. Grossman Foundation The Julia Burke Foundation The Karsh Family Foundation

“The Hawai‘i Community Foundation is a perfect match for us and a way to say Mahalo Nui Loa to Maui.” pat r ic i a & j e f f e r s on s t i l lw e l l Legacy Society Members Photo: Painting by Jefferson Stillwell

The Lisa & John Pritzker Family Fund, Northern Trust Company The Mallett Family Fund, Fidelity Charitable Fund The Probst Family Foundation The Rieflin Family Fund, Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund The Rob & Melani Walton Foundation The Roberts Foundation The Rose Family Fund, Fidelity Charitable Fund The Snyder Family Foundation

The Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation Van Konynenburg Foundation Van Scoyoc Family Charitable Fund Vermut Family Fund, Schwab Charitable Fund Victoria & Bradley Geist Foundation Weissman Family Foundation, Inc. Western Union Foundation Yokouchi Foundation Zierk Family Foundation

charitable funds Hawai‘i Community Foundation offers a wide range of funds that provide maximum flexibility to meet the philanthropic goals of our clients and the needs of our community. (New funds in bold) Photo: Nadine & Galen Nakamura, Loa’a Mai ka ‘Ike Fund

unrestricted funds

Dorothea Helene Flint Fund

donor advised funds

Brian Bagnall Fund

These funds have the greatest potential to respond to new and emerging needs in our community. Donors give full discretion to Hawai‘i Community Foundation’s Board of Governors to authorize grants that provide the greatest impact.

Eleanor & T. Dudley

C.H.A.N.G.E. Fund

Lowell Dillingham Fund

These funds are charitable vehicles that allow donors maximum flexibility to recommend grants to benefit the community. Donors are free to focus on the rewards of giving while the Hawai‘i Community Foundation manages the administrative details.

Margaret & John

A Touch of Grace Fund

Andrew & Estelle Schustek Fund Arneil Petrie Tout Fund Atherton Fund Barbara Cox Anthony Memorial Fund Board of Governors Fund Burkland Family Fund Busjaeger Fund Charlotte M. Florine Fund Community Needs Fund (Discretionary General Fund) 64

Musson Fund James Ward Russell, Jr. Fund John & Sandy Linville Fund

Ushijima Fund

Agne Family Fund

Margaret Chang Fund

Aina-Nalu Charitable Fund

Margaret Ushijima Fund

Alfred M. Masini Charitable

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick K. Makino Memorial Fund Peter C. Statler Fund Thomas & Mary Litaker Memorial Fund

Fund Aloha Angels Fund Ananda Fund Hawai‘i Anderson-Beck Fund Andrew & Edith Don Fund

Carol & Raymond Mori Charitable Fund Carole Sheridan Memorial Fund Carranza ‘Ohana Fund Central Pacific Bank Community Endowment Fund Charles B. Wang Family Fund Chevron Education Fund Chris & Melissa Ching Benjamin Fund Clark Realty Corporation Community Fund

Victoria S. Geist Fund

Andrew & Ellen Bradley Fund

Colleen Sullivan Fund

William B. & Edna A.

Aranoff Keiki Fund

Community Housing Fund

Aspect Technology Fund

D. Lau Family Fund

Howe Fun

h awa i ‘ i c o m m u n i t y f o u n d a t i o n | t h e f u t u r e o f p h i l a n t h r o p y

D. Otani Produce Charitable Fund Daniel K. Inouye Memorial Fund Daniel M. Browne-Sanchez Fund Daniel R. Sayre Memorial Fund Darrin & Darien Gee Family Fund David & Kathleen Pellegrin Fund David McEwan, M.D. Charitable Fund Deviants from the Norm Fund Donald & Joann Kawane Family Charitable Fund

Doty Family Charitable Fund Dr. Philip Liu Fund For Medical Education Dr. Ric Fund for Education, Arts, & Culture Dwayne & Marti Steele Fund E.Y. Chun Vision Foundation Fund Economy Plumbing & Sheet

Elizabeth K. Bell Moloka‘i Mission Fund

G70 Foundation Fund

Emergency Group Fund

Garrett D. Bordenave

Emme Tomimbang Education Fund Eunice Chun Chinese Language Fund Florence Iwamoto Kaua‘i Fund Foodland Community Fund

Family Fund

Fred & Mary Weyand Fund



Elli Kupke Fund

Metal, Inc & Matsuzaki

Edith Wilhelmina Sherock

Fujieki Family Foundation

Freeman Bernstein Family Fund

Memorial Fund Geoffrey Michaelson & Lehua Ii-Michaelson Fund George & Jean Madden Family Fund George C. & Nancy Wright Slain Fund George Mason Fund Gerry & Karen Keir Fund

Eileen A. Sakai Fund

Freeman Foundation Fund

Giza Makana Fund

El Arco Iris Fund

Frost Family Fund

Gloria Kosasa Gainsley Fund

“HCF has the ability to leverage every dollar that goes out to the community so the benefits are amplified.” f or m e r hc f b oa r d m e m b e r pau l ko s a s a Kosasa Family Fund, ABC Stores Jumpstart Scholarship Fund, and ABC Kauai Charitable Fund Photo: Paul with his daughter Lindsay Kosasa, creator of Kosasa Kitty Scholarship Fund


Goodale Family Fund Gordon Russell Fund Growney Family Fund Hale Uluwehi Kauai Fund Hapa Fund Hawai‘i Affiliates of Sotheby’s International Realty Charitable Fund Hawai‘i Dental Association Charitable Fund Hawai‘i Life Charitable Fund Hawaii Pizza Hut Literacy Fund Hawai‘i’s Future Fund Hawktree International/ Donald M. Takaki Fund Hawktree International/ Takaki Family Fund Hilton & Maria Acacio Unemori Fund Hisa & Fukutaro Kawakami Fund Hoku Corporation Fund Huddy Family Fund ‘ili‘ili Fund 66

Inkinen & Associates Charitable Fund J.C. Earle Family Fund Jack’s Fund Jacqueline J. H. Bean Memorial Fund James & Helen Gary Charitable Fund James C. Shingle Family Fund

Kagimoto Family Fund

Kosasa Family Fund

Kahiau Foundation Fund

Krucky Ohana Fund

Kangi Fund

Kubota Foundation

Karen & David Stoutemyer

Kulamanu Charitable Fund

Charitable Fund Karen Chandler & Chris Grootaert Fund Kathryn Inkinen Charitable Fund

Jane C. Wong Fund

Kaua‘i Aloha Endowment Fund

Jay Lee Divine Mercy Fund

Kaua‘i Children’s

Jeff & Loan Arce Family Foundation Jenai & Roger Wall Family Fund Jim & Lynn Lally Family Fund Joanne Holmes Shigekane Fund John & Allison Lyles Fund John Holliday, Jr. Fund John Huey Drouilhet & Sada Okumura Fund John Wythe White & Victoria Gail-White’s Left Wing Right Brain Fund Jose L. Romero Memorial Fund

h awa i ‘ i c o m m u n i t y f o u n d a t i o n | t h e f u t u r e o f p h i l a n t h r o p y

Environmental Education Fund Kawakami Family Fund Kawakami Family of Captain Cook Fund Ke Au Hou Fund, Hawai‘i’s Youth Millenium Fund Kekumuola Fund Kent & Polli Smith Family Fund Kevin Kai‘ea Pavel Memorial Fund

Kunimoto Family Fund Lani Moo Fund Laura & Dallas Smith Family Fund Lee Bentley Shinn Family Fund Leonora & Joseph Wee Fund Leslie Kiaremohalamoe Granat & Kalehuapuakeakapililihau Fund Liane Blythe Sakai Donor Advised Fund Lima Kokua Fund Linda & Steven Marquis Fund Livable Communities Fund Live Aloha Fund Loa‘a Mai Ka ‘Ike Fund Luke Family Fund

Kitty & Buzz Wo Family Fund

maiLady Fund

Koa Fund

Maka‘io Fund

Kōaniani Fund

Malama Kipahulu Fund

Marisla Fund Mervin K. Cash Memorial Fund Michael & Tomoko Malaghan Fund Milton & Henrietta Kushkin Fund Moonbow Fund Moonglow Fund Morimoto & Nishioka Family Fund Moss Foundation Fund MPH Fund Muffles Fund Muriel Macfarlane Flanders Fund Muriel Osborne Hawaii Tennis Fund Myles & Wanda Shibata Family Fund N.F. Kawakami, H.S. Kawakami, & M. Furugen Fund Na ‘Oiwi Kane Fund Nadao & Mieko Yoshinaga Family Fund Nadao & Mieko Yoshinaga Education Fund

Nakila & Marti Steele Family Fund Nancy Sloggett Goodale Fund Nikhil Dadlani Keiki Fund Omidyar Charitable Fund Omidyar Global Fund Omidyar ‘Ohana Fund Pacific Medical Administrative Group (PMAG) Endowment Fund Padmani Brown & David Luedtke Charitable Fund Pahiki Nui Fund Parks Family Fund Patrick J. Sullivan Fund Paul C. T. & Violet Shaw Loo Fund Pearl Harbor Historical Sites Fund Peter & Michelle Ho Family Foundation Fund Phillip & Gerry Wong Ching Family Fund Prisby Geist Charitable Fund Rapozo Kama‘āina Fund Rapozo Parallel Friends Fund

“Moss is a family owned business that believes in giving back to the communities in which we work and live. We found a home in Hawai‘i and we partnered with HCF to ensure that our contributions are making the greatest differences now and in the future.”

d oug r o ge r s Vice President, Moss Moss Foundation Fund Photo: Moss presents check to Hawai‘i Community Foundation L-R: Mike Mazza, Executive Vice President, Moss; Kelvin Taketa, CEO, HCF; Doug Rogers, Vice President, Moss; Micah Kāne, President & COO, HCF


Raymond M. Taniguchi M.D. Educational Fund REALTOR Housing & Community Fund REC Fund - MCC REC Fund - RCL Richanne T. Lam Fund Richard Q.Y. & Esther A. Wong Fund Richard T. Mamiya Charitable Foundation Fund

Ronald E. & Ivy L. Timpe Fund Sananikone-Le Khac Fund Schulenburg Passon Community Fund Scott & Marla Himeda Fund Sea Salts of Hawaii Fund Second Sister Foundation Fund Serendipity II Fund Sharon Weiner Fund Sheridan C. F. Ing Fund

Spoehr Family Fund

Takenaka Kaua‘i

Stan Czerwinski Education Fund Stanley & Renee Tomono Family Fund Starlit Walk Future Fund Stefanie C. & Keith K. Horita Foundation Fund Steve & Gloria Gainsley Fund

Community Fund Takenaka Kaua‘i Cultural & Environmental Fund Taketa ‘Ohana Fund The Haynes Family Fund The HouseMart Family Fund The June Ito Giving Fund The Kāne Fund The NME Fund Thomas & Mi Kosasa Fund

Single Fin Fund

Susan M. Kosasa Fund

Timothy Takaezu &

Sophie DeLoria

Suzie Hayes-Schwartz &

Sheridan Fund

Iwamoto Fund

Bean Fund No. 2

Swayne Family Fund

Stupski Family Fund

Robert & Arlene

Robert R. & Jacqueline J.H.

Spencer Johnson Fund

Foundation Fund

Andy Schwartz Family Fund

The Hilo Higashi Hongwanji Mission is beloved by the community and known as a gathering place for church services, bon dances, and bazaars. Now, through the Hilo Higashi Hongwanji Mission Endowment Fund at HCF, that was established by its board members, the Mission will receive an income stream in perpetuity. s ta n l e y ta k e m u r a ( l ) & dav i d koh a r a ( r ) Hilo Higashi Hongwanji Mission Board Members

Jodi Lam Fund Timothy Y.C. Choy Fund

Tommy Holmes Foundation Fund Tony Group Foundation Fund Tony Quagliano International Poetry Fund Tsai Family Charitable Fund Turbin Chu Family Fund UHA Foundation Fund Ulupono Fund Wag More Bark Less Fund Waikiki Wahine Fund Walk the Talk Fund Weil Ohana Wesley R. & Phyllis E. Segawa Family Fund When the Mainstream Runs Dry Fund William R. & Carol J. Coops Charitable Fund Yamada Scott Family Fund

designated funds These funds are endowed by individuals and organizations to ensure that their charities of choice will continue. In each case, the contributor selects one or more nonprofit organizations to benefit from the grants for as long as the charities exist.

A.P. Sereno Memorial Scholarship Fund A.S. Atherton Memorial Scholarship Fund Adrienne Wong Toyozaki Fund Alberta E. Brown Fund Aloha Pride Center Endowment Fund Aloha Temple Patient Transportation Fund Aloha United Way Endowment Trust Fund Amelia Gaston Fund American Red Cross Endowment Fund

Clifford Kimball

Bobby Benson Center

Memorial Fund

Endowment Fund Brilly & Richard Akeroyd Fund

Cyril O. Smith Fund

Brodhead Family

Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies

Scholarship Fund

Fellowship Fund

Brownee Brown Performing

David & Frances Tatman Heifer

Arts Scholarship Fund

Project International Fund


Designated Charities Fund

Charitable Fund

Diamond Head Theatre Fund

Carl K. Mirikitani Memorial Fund

Don Smith Fund

Ceferino C. & Mitsuko O. Fernandez Memorial Fund #1 Ceferino C. & Mitsuko O. Fernandez Memorial Fund #2 Charles & Helen P.

Chas Fisher Memorial

Edmond & Mildred Ayling Fund

Chonita & Jack Larsen Fund Chonita & Jack Larsen Fund II

Edward M. Ehrhorn Entomological Scholarship Fund

Zachary Fujisaki Mar

Annette Tyler North Fund

Clara T. Nakahara Fund

Aunt Maggie Monteiro

Clarence F.W. & Virginia W.L.C. Young Fund

Nahm Choy Fund

Dorothy Duniway Fund

Endowment Fund

Christian Bosse Fund

Orphan Fund

Doo Wook Choy & Helen

Molokoa Fund

Anna B. Lindemann Fund

Zia-Miyasato Family Fund

Community Action Fund

Dora R. Isenberg

Bishop Fund

Yukimura Family Fund

Foundation Fund

Donald & Astrid Monson

Edwin T. & Leilani Kam Scholarship Fund Elizabeth Flora Deinert Fund our gi v er s | 2017 a nnua l r eport



Elizabeth Leithead Fund Elma F. Taylor Fund Elmer K. Keao Fund Ernest ‘Tommy’ Hayden & Harriett ‘Rusty’ Jean Thomas Fund Esther McClure Stubblefield Designated Fund Eva H. Webb Fund F. William Littlejohn & Amy E. Littlejohn Fund Frances N. Frazier Fund Francis Y.C. & Julia W. Dang Endowment Fund Franklin Benjamin Wells Fund fbo Public Television Friends of Diamond Head Fund Friends of Princess Victoria Ka‘iulani School Fund Friends of Youth Outreach Fund Gary T. & Hilde M. Nii Designated Fund 70

George & Betty Stracke Charitable Fund George Bartlett Fund George Howe Farnsworth Fund George Reynold Carter Fund German Benevolent Society of Honolulu Charitable Fund Grace K.J. Abernethy Fund Grandma’s Christian Elementary Tuition Assistance Fund Gwendolen B. Dekum Fund Hakalau Forest Refuge Management Endowment Hāna Community Endowment Fund Hawai‘i Immigrant Justice Center at Legal Aid Society of Hawai‘i Endowment Fund Hawai‘i Meals on Wheels Fund Hawai‘i Nature Center Fund Hawai‘i Pacific University, Hawai‘i Loa College Fund

h awa i ‘ i c o m m u n i t y f o u n d a t i o n | t h e f u t u r e o f p h i l a n t h r o p y

Hawai‘i Public Television Endowment Fund Hawai‘i Youth Opera Chorus Fund Hawaiian Legacy Foundation Fund HIKI NŌ Fund Hilo Higashi Hongwanji Mission Endowment Fund Historic Preserves of Hawai‘i Fund Holy Innocents Episcopal Church Endowment Fund

Jacquelyn & Alcy Johnson Memorial Fund James & Ruth Tottori Fund Jeanette A. Le Vine Fund Temple Emanu-El John & Dorothy Baird Fund John & Roberta Garcia Fund John E. Loomis - YMCA Fund John F. Kennedy Memorial Scholarship in History Fund John Melvin (Jack) Abramson Fund

Hon Chew Hee Art Fund

Josie & Don Over Comedy Fund

Honolulu Symphony

Josie & Don Over Dance Fund

Society Fund Honpa Hongwanji Hawai‘i Betsuin Fund Horne Family Fund Irene I‘i Holloway Fund Ivena M. Ziegenhein Fund Jack & Marie Lord Fund

Josie & Don Over Memorial Fund Julia Waterhouse Rodenhurst Fund June Olson Fund Kapalua Maui Charities Endowed Scholarship for

Jack & Marie Lord Fund #2


Jack & Marie Lord LP Fund

High School Fund

“Supporting one’s community is an essential ingredient to being a responsible citizen, neighbor, and father. And creating a fund that is managed by such a well-established and respected entity as HCF will be important to future donors for many decades to come.” chris helmuth North Kohala Resource Center Fund

Katherine H. Wery Fund Katherine Hopper Livingston Fund Kathryn LaRue Saunders HUGS Endowment Fund Kaua‘i’s Hindu Monastery Kihachiro J. Hotta Lahainaluna High School Foundation Endowment Friends of the Lahainaluna Library Fund Lahainaluna High School

Lahainaluna High School Foundation Endowment Scholarship Fund Laura D. Sherman Fund Leadership Kaua‘i Endowment Fund Lē‘ahi Endowed Pulmonary Chair Fund Lenore & Chester O’Brien Fund

Madelyn Ross Fund Margaret Zane Bruhn Designated Fund

Mary & Paul Wagner

Mental Health Association in

Charitable Fund Mary Sanford - Hawaiian Mission Children’s Society Fund

Leon J. Rhodes Fund

Maui Academy of Performing


Louis Asing Fund

Fund Maybelle Roth Fund

Mary Wilson Crawford Fund

Leonilda Kekuewa Chang Fund

in Conservation Biology

Marie Kohli Fund

Leon & Dora Thevenin Fund

Foundation Endowment

Maybell F. Roth Research Prize

Arts Scholarship Fund

Hawai‘i Endowment Fund Minnie P. Cuthbertson Fund Monsignor Benedict M. Vierra Fund Nancy S. & Peter Y.B. Kim Elder Care Fund North Kohala Community Resource Center Fund our gi v er s | 2017 a nnua l r eport



Ouida Mundy Hill Memorial Fund

Takuji Hayashi, M.D.

Pacific Century Fellows

Memorial Research Fund

Endowment Fund Parker & Bernieri Fund for Lē‘ahi Hospital Prisanlee Fund Ralph K. Nakamura Kupuna Support Fund Rebecca Carter Fund

“HCF guided our group of 10 nonprofits to create a shared goal and strive for an endowment that we would have thought was unobtainable.”

Robert Blaine Thomas Fund

k e ok i k a l a n i ,

Susan Mahn Fund

Hāna Youth Center, Hāna Community Endowment

Robert Chalmers Memorial Fund Robert E.L. Brooks Fund Rosemary & Nellie Ebrie Fund

The Haus Fund Thomas J. Keller Trust Fund Thz Fo Farm Fund Vincent & Katherine Neal Memorial Fund Virginia Pearson Ransburg Fund Wade & Harue McVay Family Foundation Fund Wallace Rider Farrington Memorial Scholarship Fund

Roy Hideyuki Sako Memorial Fund

Walt Whitman Fund

Royal Hawaiian Band Sick Benefit Fund

Walter & Cathy Scott Memorial Fund

Rudolph Sylva Scholarship Fund

William M. & Violet M. Borges

Salvation Army-Hawai‘i Fund Sekiya of Fukuoka/Hawai‘i Endowment Fund Shigeru & Toyoko Ichiki Fund

Takenaka Kaua‘i Healthcare Fund

Designated Fund William Robert Wickland Fund William S. Richardson Fund Yasuko Mitsuyasu New Year’s Day Meal Fund Yuen-Masumoto IHS Endowment

field of interest funds These funds are created by contributors who stipulate that grants be made in a particular field or to benefit a certain group of people. This type of fund assures the flexibility to adjust to future changes. The organizations or charities serving that field may change, merge, or cease to exist, yet the need may continue.

Albert T. Koenen Fund

Case Foundation Fund

Daniel K. Inouye Institute Fund

Alice M.G. Soper Fund

Cecil G. Marshall Fund

Doc Buyers Fund

Allan Eldin & Agnes Sutorik

Chia-Ling Chang Endowment

Dr. Albert C.K.

Annie Sinclair Knudsen Memorial Fund

ABC Stores Kaua‘i

Arts & Culture Community Fund

Charitable Fund

Baciu Cultural Fund Bernice & Conrad von Hamm

Alan M. Krassner Fund


Chun-Hoon Fund DREAM Fund

Children’s Behavioral Health

East Hawai‘i Fund

Community Restoration

Ellen Ashton Fund

Partnership Fund

Arthur Lawrence Mullaly Fund Artists in the School

Children’s Fund

Gilbert, Jr.

Anna Kalei Gower Fund

4Charity Fund

Abraham & Annie Lau

in Memory of Dr. Fred I.

Geiger Fund

Community Stabilization Initiative Fund Convening Fund - Casey Convening Fund - Kellogg

Ellen M. Koenig Memorial Fund End of Life Care Fund Environment Fund (Impact) Esther McClure Stubblefield Fund

Convening Fund - Packard

‘Ewa Beach Community Fund

County of Kaua‘i Fund

Gary T. & Hilde M. Nii Fund

“We established this fund at HCF as a way to perpetuate the love our parents, Richard and Evelyn Miyashiro, had for the Hilo community and honor the importance they placed on getting an education and giving back.” gl or i a kob aya s h i , k ay s h i n ta n i , a n d g a i l m i ya s h i r o Richard & Evelyn Miyashiro Fund Photo (L–R): Richard Kobayashi, Gloria Kobayashi, Gail Miyashiro, and Kay Shintani at their family restaurant Cafe 100, home of the original loco moco


George J. Henritzy Memorial Fund Gerbode/HCF Fellows Program GuavaGar Westfall Charitable Fund Gwenfread Elaine Allen Fund Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Fund for Family Literacy Hartwell & Rebecca Carter Fund Haseko Training Fund

Hawai‘i Tourism Authority Fund Health & Sciences Community Fund Henry A. Zuberano Early Education Fund Henry Ku‘ualoha & Muriel Roselani Giugni Fund Hōkūli‘a Community Fund Honouliuli Preserve Management Fund

Hawai‘i Fresh Water Fund

Hunger Fund

Hawai‘i Children’s Trust Fund

Ingeborg v.F. McKee Fund

Hawai‘i Children’s Trust Fund -

Innovation Fund

Wodehouse Hawai‘i Civic Engagement Fund Hawai‘i Environmental Funders Group Fund Hawai‘i Island Fund Hawai‘i STEM Learning Partnership Hawai‘i Tobacco Prevention & Control Trust Fund 74

Irving L. Singer Fund Jack L. Stahley Fund James & Winifred Robertson Memorial Fund Jean I. Fennimore Fund Jeanette A. Le Vine Fund Jerry James Bigansky Fund Jessie D. Kay Memorial Fund

h awa i ‘ i c o m m u n i t y f o u n d a t i o n | t h e f u t u r e o f p h i l a n t h r o p y

John A. Burns School of Medicine Alumni Association Fund June Ann Kirkpatrick Fund June Olson Fund Ka Papa O Kakuhihewa Fund Kahuku Community Fund Kahuku Wind Community Fund Kamp Fund Kapoho Alternative Energy Charitable Fund Kaua‘i Island Fund Kawailoa Wind Community Fund Kay A. Edwards Memorial Library Charitable Trust Fund Kitaro Watanabe Fund Kresge Foundation Fund Kūki‘o Community Fund Laila Twigg-Smith Art Fund Lāna‘i Community Benefit Fund

Leadership Initiative Fund Lē‘ahi Fund to Treat & Prevent Pulmonary Diseases Leslie S. King Fund Lillian K. Wilder Fund Mannette Bock Fund Margaret Zane Bruhn Fund Mary & Paul Wagner Blindness Prevention Fund Maui Nui Community Fund Maui Quarantine Fund Maunakea Fund May Templeton Hopper Fund Michael Roeder Fund Minnie K. Fund Myrna Lian & Richard Lee Cundy Fund Natural Resources Conservation Endowment Fund NOAA Partnership Fund North Kaua‘i Fund Ō‘io Fund

Oscar L. & Ernestine H. Armstrong Advised Fund Paka Fund Parks Family Foundation Fund Pathways for Resilient Communities Fund Peter C.P. Char Memorial Fund Pikake Fund Pillars of Peace Fund Public-Private Partners for Literacy Trust Fund Quality of Life Fund Rev. Takie Okumura Family Fund Richard Aadland Fund

Richard & Evelyn Miyashiro Fund

Teruo & Adeline K. Ogawa Moloka‘i Education Fund

scholarship funds


Private foundations, individuals, businesses, and organizations create these funds to assist Hawai‘i residents in achieving their educational goals.

Robert C. Perry Fund

Traut Carson Fund

100th Infantry Battalion

Robert Emens Black Fund

Virginia & Colin Lennox

Richard Smart Fund Robert C. & Helen F. Nichols Fund

Robert R. Midkiff Fund Sadamitsu, Milly, Fred & Leatrice Yokoyama Fund Shirley Ann Stringer-Heller Fund Stein Family Fund Tad & Margaret Miura Fund Tai Up Yang Fund Technology Transformation Fund

Theodore A. Vierra Fund

Botanical Research Trust Fund West Hawai‘i Fund William M. & Violet M. Borges Fund Wilson P. Cannon Fund Women’s Fund Endowment Youth Matters Endowment Fund

“It is with great pride and sense of purpose that we continue the tradition of our parents with a legacy of paying forward for the future of the community.” de x t e r & m a r y k u b o ta Kubota Foundation Scholarship Fund

Veterans Memorial Scholarship Fund 100th Infantry Battalion Veterans Stanley Izumigawa Scholarship Fund 2200 Educational Scholarship Fund A&B ‘Ohana Scholarship Fund AAUW Honolulu Branch Education Fund ABC Stores Jumpstart Scholarship Fund


Albert & Dorothy Shigekuni Scholarship Fund Allan Eldin & Agnes Sutorik Geiger Scholarship Fund Alma White Delta Chapter - Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship Fund Ambassador Minerva Jean Falcon HI Scholarship Fund American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Honolulu Chapter Scholarship Fund in Memory of Jane Suganuma American Savings Bank Scholarship Fund Anna K. Gower & Annabelle K. Gower Scholarship Fund

Anthony Alexander, Andrew Delos Reyes & Jeremy Tolentino Memorial Fund Arthur Jackman Scholarship Fund Bal Dasa Scholarship Fund Bank of Hawaii Foundation Scholarship Fund Barbara Leppe Hawai‘i Scholarship Fund Bick Bickson Scholarship Fund Blossom Kalama Evans Memorial Scholarship Fund Booz Allen Hawai‘i Scholarship Fund Camille C. Chidiac Fund

“This fund continues my sister’s lifelong work to help educate students. I am grateful for the opportunity to remember her this way.” j i m m y n i s h i da Naomi June Nishida Scholarship Fund Photo: Jimmy Nishida with wife Kimberlyn Blackburn

Candon, Todd & Seabolt Scholarship Fund Castle & Cooke George W.Y. Yim Scholarship Fund Castle & Cooke Mililani Technology Park Scholarship Fund Catrala – Hawaii Scholarship Fund Cayetano Foundation Scholarship Fund Celeste Hayo Memorial Scholarship Fund Chinn Ho Scholarship Fund Clarence F.W. & Virginia W.L.C. Young Scholarship Fund Community Scholarship Fund

Cora Aguda Manayan Fund CPB Works For You Scholarship Fund Craig D. Newnan Memorial Scholarship Fund D & J Sakaguchi Scholarship Fund Dan & Pauline Lutkenhouse & Hawai‘i Tropical Botanical Garden Scholarship & Education Fund David L. Irons Memorial Scholarship Fund Deja Vu Surf Hawaii Scholarship Fund Diamond Resort Scholarship Fund

Dolly Ching Scholarship Fund Doris & Clarence Glick Classical Music Scholarship Fund Doris Hardinger Roome Scholarship Fund Doty Family Scholarship Fund Douglas W.K. Tom Scholarship Fund Dr. & Mrs. Moon Park Scholarship Fund Dr. Edison & Sallie Miyawaki Scholarship Fund Dr. George & Carol Kanna Scholarship Fund Dr. William Masaru Shigekawa Scholarship Fund E. E. Black Scholarship Fund Eastside & Northshore Kaua‘i Scholarship Fund Elena Albano ‘Maka‘alohilohi’ Scholarship Fund Ellen Hamada Scholarship Fund for Fashion Design & Sewing

Ellison Onizuka Memorial Scholarship Fund Elsie S. Yoshizawa Hotta Scholarship Fund Empowerment Scholarship Fund Eo Nā Punawai Scholarship Fund Esther Kanagawa Memorial Art Scholarship Fund Eugenia Jacqueline Perry Fund F. Koehnen Ltd. Scholarship Fund Filipino Nurses’ Organization of Hawai‘i Scholarship Fund Financial Women International Scholarship Fund Fletcher & Fritzi Hoffmann Education Fund Foodland Scholarship Fund Frances Katsuda Bean Waianae High School Scholarship Fund Frances Watanabe Memorial Scholarship Fund

Grace Pacific Outstanding

Frank H. Minato Scholarship Fund

Scholars Fund

G & J Furuta Scholarship Fund

Guy Marshall Scholarship Fund

Gail A. Perry Fund

Guy Toyama Memorial

Gear Up Tuition

Scholarship Fund

Assistance Trust

H.C. Shipman Scholarship

Geoffrey Michael Chan Wing


Au Scholarship Fund

Hale Kaua‘i Scholarship Fund

George & Augusta Rapozo Kama‘āina Scholarship Fund George & Lucille Cushnie Scholarship Fund George Mason Business Scholarship Fund George S. Ishiyama Unicold Scholarship Fund Gerald W.G. Kwock Charitable Foundation Scholarship Fund German Benevolent Society of the Honolulu Scholarship Fund Gerrit R. Ludwig Scholarship Fund Good Eats Scholarship Fund

in Memory of Samuel W. Wilcox II Hale Kaua‘i Scholarship in Memory of Wayne Ellis Hale Kaua‘i Scholarship in Memory of William Moragne Hannah Cochrane Fund Harry S. Onohara & Dorothy Y. Onohara Fund Hawai‘i Chapter No. 1, Order of the Eastern Star Scholarship Fund Hawai‘i Pacific Gerontological Society Scholarship Fund Hawai‘i Pizza Hut Scholarship Fund

our gi v er s | 2017 a nnua l r eport



Hawai‘i Society of Certified Public Accountants Scholarship Fund HEI Scholarship Program Fund Henry A. Zuberano Scholarship Fund Herbert & Ollie Brook Fund Hew/Shinn Scholarship Fund Hideko & Zenzo Matsuyama Scholarship Fund Hilo Chinese School Scholarship Fund Hilton Grand Vacations Scholarship for the Asia Pacific Junior Cup Fund Hokulani Hawai‘i Fund Hōkūli‘a Scholarship Fund

Hōkūli‘a Foundation Scholarship Fund Hon Chew Hee Scholarship Fund Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Fund Ho‘omaka Hou/A New Beginning Fund Ho‘oulu Scholarship Fund Howard S. Okada Family Scholarship Fund Ian Doane Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund Ichiro & Masako Hirata Scholarship

Inspired to Serve Scholarship Fund in Memory of Seigo & Hisaye Kagawa Isemoto Contracting Co., Ltd. Scholarship Fund Janet Y. Sato Na Lima Paheona Scholarship Fund Jean Erdman Scholarship Fund Jean Fitzgerald Scholarship Fund Jean Ileialoha Beniamina Scholarship for Niihau Students Fund Jhung Family Foundation

Imi Ho‘ōla Leadership

Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Fund

Johanna Drew Cluney

‘Imi Na‘auao Scholarship

In 2013, Hilton and Maria established the Hilton and Maria Acacio Unemori Fund at HCF to support organizations serving Maui County. Photo: Hilton & Maria Acacio Unemori Fund

Scholarship Fund

John & Anne Clifton Scholarship Fund John Dawe Fund Jon “J.D.” Sakamoto Memorial Scholarship Fund Joseph & Alice Duarte Memorial Scholarship Fund Joseph & Elaine Malama Vierra Scholarship Fund K. M. Hatano Scholarship Fund Ka‘a‘awa Community Fund Ka‘ehu Scholarship Fund Kahala Nui Residents Scholarship Fund Kahiau Scholarship Fund Kalihi Education Coalition Scholarship Fund Kamp Scholarship Fund

“Giving back allows us to reflect, with gratitude, on all that we have been given. Each time we share with others, we plant seeds of hope and show that we care. Thank you, HCF, for helping us realize a dream.” s us a n m i u r a Inspired to Serve Scholarship Fund in Memory of Seigo & Hisaye Kagawa Photo L–R: Glenn Kagawa, Margaret Kagawa, and Susan Miura

Kapolei Business & Community Scholarship Fund Kawasaki-McGaha Scholarship Fund Kazuma & Ichiko Hisanaga Scholarship Fund Ken Yamase Sportsmanship Scholarship Fund Kenneth Makinney & David T. Pietsch Families Scholarship Fund King Kekaulike High School Scholarship Fund Kohala Ditch Educational Fund Kōloa Scholarship Fund

Kolohe David Scholarship Fund Korean University Club Scholarship Fund Korean War Veterans Children’s Scholarship Fund

Lily & Raymond Torii Scholarship Fund Logan Nainoa Fujimoto Memorial Scholarship Fund Makia & Ann Malo Scholarship Fund

Kosasa Kitty Scholarship Fund

March Taylor Educational Fund

Kubota Foundation

Margaret Follett Haskins

Scholarship Kūki‘o Employee Scholarship Kurt W. Schneider Memorial Scholarship Fund Laura Jean Armstrong Fund Laura Rowe Burdick Scholarship Fund Lilian B. Reynolds Fund

(Hawai‘i) Scholarship Fund Margaret Follett Haskins (Kansas) Scholarship Fund Margaret Follett Haskins (Maui) Scholarship Fund Margaret Jones Memorial Nursing Fund Mary Bloder Scholarship Fund

Matsukawa Family Scholarship Fund Meadow Gold Dairies – Hawai‘i Scholarship Fund Mitsuo Shito Public Housing Scholarship Fund Moanalua High School Math Scholarship Fund Naomi June Nishida Scholarship Fund Neil Tepper Scholarship Fund Nick Van Pernis Scholarship Fund O‘ahu Filipino Community Council Golf Scholarship Fund


Oscar & Rosetta Fish

Rapozo Scholarship for Maui

Scholarship Fund

Sugar Industry Workers

Ouida Mundy Hill Memorial Scholarship Fund Pat Shinobu Scholarship Fund Paulina L. Sorg Scholarship Fund Perry & Sally Sorenson Scholarship Fund Philippine Cultural Foundation of Hawai‘i Scholarship Fund Philippine Nurses’ Association

Ray Yoshida Fine Arts Scholarship Fund Raymond F. Cain Scholarship Fund Rich Meiers Health Administration Scholarship Fund Richard Smart Scholarship Fund Rise Up Scholarship Fund

Hawai‘i Foundation

Robanna Fund

Scholarship Fund

Robert & Peggy Tanaka

Pono Market, Inc. in Memory of Minoru & Kiyoko Kubota PRSA-Hawai‘i/Roy Leffingwell Public Relations Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Fund Robert Iwamoto Family Scholarship Fund Robert Iwamoto Family Vocational Scholarship Fund

“I feel reassured that HCF will help me make informed and confident decisions about my grantmaking.” gr e g or y w r e n n Trustee of Cooke Foundation

Ron Bright Scholarship Fund Roxanne Scott & Randall Omel Scholarship Fund Safeway Foundation Hawai‘i Scholarship Fund Sam & Pauline Suemi Leong Scholarship Fund Sarah Rosenberg Scholarship Fund Senator Richard M. & Dr. Ruth H. Matsuura Scholarship Fund Shaun S. Tokumura Memorial Scholarship Fund Shelley M. Williams, RPh Scholarship Fund Shigeru & Toyoko Ichiki Fund

Shirley McKown Scholarship Fund Shuichi, Katsu & Itsuyo Suga Scholarship Fund Snipes-Meyer-Vorhies Nursing Scholarship Fund Sophie Y. Nonomura Fund Stein Family Scholarship Fund Takehiko Hasegawa Scholarship Fund Teruo & Adeline K. Ogawa Scholarship Fund The Sherwin-Williams Company Aloha Scholarship Fund Thelma Grace Hansen Fund THINK STEM Educator Scholarship Fund

THINK STEM Scholarship Fund Thz Fo Farm Scholarship Fund Times Supermarket Shop & Score/American Savings Bank Scholarship Fund Tommy Lee Memorial Scholarship Fund Tongan Cultural Society Scholarship Fund Tony Group Scholarship Fund Toraji & Toki Yoshinaga Scholarship Fund Troy Barboza Education Fund University of Redlands Hawai‘i Scholarship Fund Vicki Willder Scholarship Fund

contract services

George F. Straub Trust Gertrude S. Straub Trust*

Teaching Academy

Hawai‘i Community Foundation partners with the following clients to support their community grantmaking and/or scholarships.


‘Aiea General Hospital

W.D. Uehara Family Scholarship Fund Wai‘anae High School

Waimea High School Class of 1952 Scholarship Fund Walt Dulaney & George Kon Scholarship Fund Walter H. Kupau Memorial Fund Will J. Henderson Scholarship Fund William James & Dorothy B. Lanquist Fund

Association Scholarship Fund* Atherton Family Foundation**

Grace Bryan Taylor Trust Hawai‘i Veterans Memorial Fund* Ida M. Pope Trust* Jean Estes Epstein Charitable Foundation*

Cooke Foundation, Limited

Ka‘iulani Home for Girls Trust*

Dr. Alvin & Monica Saake

Kamehameha Schools*

Foundation* Dr. Hans & Clara D. Zimmerman Foundation* Eizo & Toyo Sakumoto Trust* Fred Baldwin Memorial

The Gerald W.G. Kwock Charitable Foundation* The Seto Foundation Victoria S. & Bradley L. Geist Foundation**


William Lew Scholarship Fund

Frost Family Foundation

* Scholarships

Yoshi & Millie Ushijima

Gear Up Tuition Assistance

** Scholarships & Community

Scholarship Fund



s t e wa r d s of t h e com m u n i t y HCF utilizes reputable investment managers who oversee its investments consistent with its charitable mission. Investment manager performance and strategies are reviewed by HCF’s Investment Committee, comprised of directors who are knowledgeable in investment and financial matters, with the assistance of an independent investment monitor and HCF staff.

2016 volunteer advisory committees Some funds at the Hawai‘i Community Foundation have advisory committees made up of thoughtful community leaders who provide their expertise to support the Board of Governors with grantmaking.

annie sinclair knudsen memorial fund

doc buyers fund

family literacy

Rebecca Buyers

elena albano ‘maka‘alohilohi’ scholarship fund

Joy Miura Koerte

Sara V. Diehl

Liana M. Horovitz

Solomon Kaulukukui, Jr.

Samuel W. Pratt

Alexander Viehman

Lee Stein

Katherine T. Kawaguchi

Bernadette Sakoda

Elsie Buyers Viehman

bernice & conrad von hamm fund

east hawai‘i fund

Meleen L. Pang Corenevsky

Carol Ignacio

C. Michael Heihre

cecil g. marshall fund Charles R. Kelley

Jane Buyers-Russo

Roberta Chu Brian M. Iwata Fred J. Koehnen* Peter Kubota Alan Okamoto

ellen m. koenig memorial fund George S. Brosky Walter S. Kirimitsu

‘ewa beach community fund Lisa Enanoria Mark Kennedy

Elizabeth Kelley

Rowena Martinez

Estelle M. Kelley

Paul T. Oshiro Dennise Parish Rodolfo Ramos Tim Tucker


h awa i ‘ i c o m m u n i t y f o u n d a t i o n | t h e f u t u r e o f p h i l a n t h r o p y

Leanne Aken Leah Allen, Ex-Officio

Gordon Miyamoto Deborarh Miyao Richard Palma Andreas Wiegand Delwyn H. Wong

gerrit r. ludwig scholarship fund Brian M. Iwata

hawai‘i children’s trust fund advisory board

jean fitzgerald scholarship fund

jessie d. kay memorial fund

kahuku community fund

Masu Kusume Dyer

Frank C. Atherton

DeeDee Letts

Trisha Kajimura

Mimi Kennell

Jan Lai

Leslie Llanos

Representative Bertrand

Marilyn Kiner

Kobayashi Senator Suzanne Chun Oakland Kayle Perez Danette Wong Tomiyasu Sylvia Y. Yuen

Judy Moody Barry Nakasone

ka papa o kakuhihewa fund Nina Fisher

Kent Fonoimoana Ali‘itasi Ponder Elizabeth Rago

jeanette a. le vine fund

Michael Freitas Georgette “Jo” Jordan

kaua‘i aloha endowment fund Lauri Ho

Ken Aronowitz

Shad Kane

ho‘omaka hou – a new beginning fund

Steven Guttman

Cynthia Rezentes

Marcia Klompus

Ron Schaedel

Georgianna M. DeCosta

Linda Martell

Karen Young

Mele Pochereva

Alice Tucker

kay edwards memorial charitable trust Kate Acks

Karen K. White

Michael de la Cruz

Philip White

Jessica Gleason

“Individually, many people may want to give but may feel their contributions are too small to make great impact in the community. The East Hawai‘i Fund at HCF allows people to join their dollars with others so that grants for the community are more meaningful and can make a bigger difference.” b a r r y ta n iguc h i Founding member of the East Hawai‘i Fund, former HCF board member Photo: The East Hawai‘i Fund supports organizations like Hope Services that provides shelter to families in need

The King Kekaulike High School Scholarship Fund was established in 1998 by the KKHS WOW Committee to recognize the outstanding work of students attending the high school and to support their goals of obtaining a higher education. Photo: Donor David Fukuda

king kekaulike high school scholarship

lāna‘i community benefit fund

Loren Ayresman

kurt w. schneider memorial scholarship fund

Mary R. Charles

lē‘ahi fund to treat & prevent pulmonary disease

Cindy Koichi-Asato

Elton Kinoshita

Aaron Fernandez

David Easa, M.D.

Jan M. Matsushita

Ernest Magaoay

Zachary Holsomback

Reid Ikeda, M.D.

Tammy Sanches

Wayne Ishizaki

James Lumeng, M.D.

Valerie Janikowski

Kenneth Nakamura, M.D.

Sharon Liden

Laurence Rotkin, M.D.

Diane Preza

Elizabeth K. Tam, M.D.

kūki‘o community fund Sally Hartman

laila twigg-smith art fund

A. Grant Heidrich

Ka‘ili Chun

David Johnston

Duncan Dempster

Andrea McTamaney

Carol Doran-Khewhok

Danielle White

Robert S. Katz

Ross Wilson, Jr.

Cade Roster

mary bloder scholarship fund advisory committee

Dawn Zierk

Waileia Roster

Eric Balinbin

Cecily Wong

Steven Cornell

Brian Wu, M.D.

Emily Decosta Tiffany Kuban 84

h awa i ‘ i c o m m u n i t y f o u n d a t i o n | t h e f u t u r e o f p h i l a n t h r o p y

Since 2007, HCF’s Medical Research grants program has distributed over $8 million to support research projects across the state, which include: research to diagnose and treat rat lungworm disease; and Dr. Angel Yanagihara’s study of the lethal toxin in box jellyfish venom, which led to the development of an ointment to help mitigate the painful stings. Photo: Dr. Angel Yanagihara

maui quarantine fund

rev. takie okumura family fund

west hawai‘i fund

Peter R. Hoffmann, Ph.D.

Richard Cameron

F. David Horgen, Ph.D.

Marjorie M. Higa-Funai

Alison J. Leong

Myles Kawakami

Scott K. Kuwada, M.D.

Dennis Kodama

Donna Payesko

Steven S. Knight

Olivier Le Saux, Ph.D.

Noella Kong

John Roth

Pamela Tumpap

Takashi Matsui, Ph.D.

Grant Lee

Sonny Shimaoka

Michelle L. Matter, Ph.D.

Sada Okumura

Wade Yasuda

Marjorie K. Mau, M.D.

Heather N. Williams

Jim Walsh

medical research

Alika K. Maunakea, Ph.D. Vivek R. Nerurkar, Ph.D. Ralph V. Shohet, M.D. Michelle D. Tallquist, Ph.D. Helen Turner, Ph.D. Saguna Verma, Ph.D. Monika A. Ward, Ph.D.

think fund

Kawehi Inaba

* Deceased

Laurie T. Ainslie Roberta Chu Mary Correa Thomas Ka‘eo Duarte Hiapo Perreira Douglas Simons Barry K. Taniguchi

our gi v er s | 2017 a nnua l r eport


Our Ohana

The HCF ‘ohana is made up of dedicated and knowledgeable individuals who are passionate about making a difference and committed to serving their community

The work of the Hawai‘i Community Foundation is carried out by a highly motivated team of talented individuals and a devoted group of community leaders including a 20-member Board of Governors, Neighbor Island Leadership Councils on Kaua‘i, Maui, and Hawai‘i Island, and Scholarship Ambassadors.

2 017 b oa r d of g ov e r nor s The Board establishes policies, sets organization-wide priorities and program strategies, and ensures that the financial stewardship and operations of HCF are conducted with integrity and accountability. These highly respected community leaders provide invaluable support for the work and mission of the Hawai‘i Community Foundation. This year, we bid aloha to governors Kimberly Dey, Honey Bun Haynes, and Paul Kosasa. We are grateful for their dedication. We welcome new governors, John C. Dean, Tamar Chotzen Goodfellow, and Michael P. Irish. These highly respected community leaders provide invaluable support for the work and mission of the Hawai‘i Community Foundation.



v ic e c h a i r

se c r e ta r y





The Learning Coalition Co-Founder

Bank of Hawaii Chairman, President & CEO

YMCA of Honolulu President & CEO

First Hawaiian Bank President & COO

h awa i ‘ i c o m m u n i t y f o u n d a t i o n | t h e f u t u r e o f p h i l a n t h r o p y




First Hawaiian Bank

Alert Holdings Group, Inc.

Vice Chairman

President & CEO (Retired)

TAMAR CHOTZEN GOODFELLOW Philanthropist & Community Volunteer

ELLIOT K. MILLS Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa Vice President & General Manager

MARY G.F. BITTERMAN The Bernard Osher Foundation



President & CEO

Dr. Richard Grossman Community Foundation



DGM Group, Inc.

First Hawaiian Bank



Chairman & CEO

JUDY B. PIETSCH Judy B. Pietsch Consulting



Community Volunteer




Bank of Hawaii

Central Pacific Bank

Sr. Vice President

Executive Chair



Halm’s Enterprise, Inc.

Jenkins Eye Care



JENNIFER G. SABAS Daniel K. Inouye Institute Fund Director

our ‘oh a na | 2017 a nnua l r eport


2 017 n e igh b or i sl a n d l e a de r sh i p cou nci l s Leadership Council members provide HCF with personal, in-depth knowledge of community needs across the state. The dedication of these volunteers enables HCF to make a difference in every island community. Over the years, these volunteer leaders have helped HCF further its mission by providing advice on issues relevant to their respective islands.

h awa i ‘ i i sl a n d








h awa i ‘ i c o m m u n i t y f o u n d a t i o n | t h e f u t u r e o f p h i l a n t h r o p y




k aua‘ i














m au i cou n t y



our ‘oh a na | 2017 a nnua l r eport


2 016 s chol a r sh i p a m b a s s a d or s Volunteer scholarship ambassadors have the difficult task of reviewing and making recommendations for scholarship awards for over 200 funds. Made up of community members, educators, and past scholarship recipients, these dedicated volunteers truly understand the impact that education can have on an individual’s future.

h awa i ‘ i i sl a n d Kumu Belcher Kan Donohoe Nahua Guilloz Raymond Hasegawa

k aua‘ i

Juno Apalla Ellen Ching Paul Horner

o ‘a h u

Jane Anderson Noe Archambault Trever Asam Bert Ayabe Jami Burks Janice Casey Paul Casey Mary Charles David Choy Lurline Choy Camille Chun-Hoon Tim Dayton Iwalani Dayton Lori Eldridge Eric Fujimoto

Marty Hind Ann Kikuta Kathleen Lassiter Clayton Leonard

Susan Miura Robin Pratt Sonia Topenio

Mark Hayes Elizabeth Ignacio Matthew Ing Lance Inouye Arlene Iwamoto Kim Coco Iwamoto Lenny Kamp Alice Kawakami Gerald Keir Elizabeth Kent Diane Kimura Suzi Kiss Barbara Kuljis Barry Kurren Faye Kurren

Sharon Sakai Gladys Sonomura Cynthia Sorenson

David Uhlmann Lauren Whittemore

m au i cou n t y Sheila Haynes Paul Mizoguchi Galen Nakamura Kyle Sakamoto

Jodi Lam Richanne Lam Kenneth Lee Cheryl Leialoha Glee Logsdon Theresia McMurdo Andrew Meade Ross Murakami Terence Murphy William Nagle Diane Ono Alana Pakkala-Kobayashi Sarah Razee Marc Rousseau Eileen Sakai

Charlene Schulenburg Karen Temple Jason Williams

Greg Sakamoto Amy Sato Tetine Sentell John Stepulis Ruth Stepulis Cynthia Takenaka Marisa Tanaka Gae Bergquist Trommald Carrie Walter Barbara Ward Lynn Watanabe Marlene Young

our ‘oh a na | 2017 a nnua l r eport


h awa i ‘i com m u n i t y fou n dat ion s ta f f A highly motivated team of talented individuals carries out the work of HCF. Staff members are knowledgeable about the community and passionate about making a difference. They walk their talk as HCF professionals and caring members of the community.




Senior Accountant

Director of Neighbor Islands

Executive Assistant to VP of



Executive Assistant to VP of Communications

Events Coordinator



Donor Relations Assistant

Front Office Administrator



Web Solutions Senior Officer

Executive Assistant to the VP of

Community Grants & Investments

CATHERINE HOWL AND Senior Communications Officer

COURTNEY IKEDA Development Services Manager


Development & Donor Relations

Gifts & Compliance Director &


Associate General Counsel

Gifts & Compliance Associate



Program Officer, Community Grants &

Senior Scholarship Associate



CARL A FUJIMOTO Senior Accountant

Program Assistant, Community Grants & Investments


PAM FUNAI Senior Program Associate, Community Grants & Investments

Senior Philanthropic Services Officer – Hawai‘i Island


ANDREA FURULI Senior Philanthropy Advancement Officer –

MICAH K ĀNE President & COO

ROBBIE K ANE Director of Programs, Strategies, Initiatives & Networks, Omidyar Initiatives

CHERYL K ANESHIRO Knowledge Management Specialist

NELL A K AUWENAOLE Executive Assistant to the President & COO

TOM KELLY Vice President of Knowledge, Evaluation & Learning

L ARISSA KICK Senior Program Officer,

East Hawai‘i Island

Community Grants & Initiatives



Associate Director of Donor Relations

Associate Director of Communications

Senior Philanthropic Services Associate -



Hawai‘i Island

Senior Scholarship Administrator

Senior Development Officer

Vice President of Finance, Administration, Information Solutions & Chief Financial Officer


our ‘oh a na | 2017 a nnua l r eport





Program Assistant,

Systems Architect

Accounting Assistant



Community Grants & Investments


Donor Relations Officer

Vice President of Development & Donor Relations

AMY LUERSEN Vice President of Community Grants & Investments

SUSAN MALTEZO Senior Grants Manager, Community Grants & Investments

LYNELLE MARBLE Director of Communications

URI MARTOS Senior Philanthropic Associate - Kaua‘i


DEBOR AH RICE Senior Philanthropic Services Officer – Maui County

LISA RODRIGUES Executive Assistant to the VP of Strategies, Initiatives & Networks

GLORIA ROMUAR Administrative Services Coordinator

Community Grants & Investments

JOANNE WATASE-YANG Communications Associate




Program Director, Strategies,


GEORGE SEYMOUR Scholarship Associate


Program Associate, Community Grants & Investments

ETHAN WUNG Development Data Manager

K AWEHI YIM Executive Assistant to the CEO

DARCIE YUKIMUR A Senior Philanthropic Services Officer – Kaua‘i

Vice President of Marketing Initiatives

Program Associate, Strategies,


Initiatives & Networks

Scholarship Officer


Program Officer,





Maui County

Philanthropy & General Counsel

Initiatives & Networks, Omidyar Initiatives

Initiatives & Networks

Senior Philanthropic Services Associate –

Initiatives & Networks

Program Associate, Strategies,

Vice President of Strategies,

Vice President of Philanthropy & General Counsel

Executive Assistant to the VP of




Program Director, Strategies,

Initiatives & Networks


h awa i ‘ i c o m m u n i t y f o u n d a t i o n | t h e f u t u r e o f p h i l a n t h r o p y

MIYA ZIALCITA Program Assistant, Community Grants & Investments

As we embark on our second century of work, we want to honor the

whose vision, charisma, and dedication have opened minds, touched hearts, and inspired generosity to ensure a better future for Hawai‘i.

con tac t us

k aua‘ i

o ‘a h u

4139 Hardy Street, Suite C

827 Fort Street Mall

Līhu‘e, Hawai‘i 96766 • Tel: 808-245-4585

Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96813 • Tel: 808-537-6333 Toll-free: 888-731-3863

m au i cou n t y

h awa i ‘ i i sl a n d

33 Lono Avenue

65-1279 Kawaihae Road

Kahului Building, Suite 390

Parker Square, Room 203

Kahului, Hawai‘i 96732 • Tel: 808-242-6184

Kamuela, Hawai‘i 96743 • Tel: 808-885-2174 117 Keawe Street, Suite 108

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h awa i ‘ i c o m m u n i t y f o u n d a t i o n | t h e f u t u r e o f p h i l a n t h r o p y

Hilo, Hawai‘i 96720 • Tel: 808-935-1206

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