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Giving back to those who make them great


hat three brothers started together in 1921, based on working an honest day and standing by their word, is today, a thriving business and leader in heavy civil construction. Nine decades removed from its humble beginnings, Goodfellow Bros., Inc. hasn’t lost sight of the “Goodfellow Way” and commitment to its employees, clients, and communities. So, when Goodfellow Bros., Inc. recently created a scholarship fund to benefit their employees’ dependents, President Chad Goodfellow and CFO Scott Blaine didn’t have to reach very far to explain their intent. “This business has been enormously successful because of our people. At the end of the day, we are a four generation family-owned and -oriented company,” Chad shared. “We wanted to do something special for our employees’ children, something that would provide long-term benefits.” He added, “We realize the cost of education these days is very high, and we are in a position to subsidize some of those costs and help families who have been responsible for our growth and success.” Chad and Scott wanted to create a scholarship opportunity that made the most sense for their company’s staff. Housing the scholarship at HCF, however, has an added benefit for the students. “Whenever a student applies for a scholarship at HCF, he or she is automatically submitted as an applicant to over 200 other scholarships,” says Tara Shibuya, HCF’s Senior Scholarship Officer. “Students and parents are often thrilled when they find out they’ll be receiving multiple scholarships.” Brothers with hopes for a bright future, the employees who deliver their best every day, an education that makes our next generation flourish; that’s the big promise of little things.

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Goodfellow Bros., Inc. celebrating Administrative Professionals Day

“We wanted to do something special for our future generations, something that would provide long-term benefits.” - CHAD GOODFELLOW PRESIDENT, GOODFELLOW BROS., INC.

Did You Know...

More than 1,200 Hawaii students from across the islands benefited from a 2017 scholarship via the HCF — with 1,686 scholarships totaling more than $6 million in awards. Individuals, families, and companies like Goodfellow Bros., Inc., establish scholarship funds to support those pursuing a college education.

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