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October 2019

Parade Awards Ceremony 600 E. 103rd Street | Kansas City, MO 64131

On the Cover: Cover story 3 HBA Announces DPD and POP Winners Winners of the Distinctive Plan & Design and the Pick of the Parade awards were announced at a celebration at Children’s Mercy Park on Oct. 2.

Features Earn Rewards in October


You’re a member of the HBA for a reason, right? If you share your reason (or reasons) with non-members and they join in October – you win prizes!

Upcoming Election for 2020 Board Members


Ballots for the upcoming board of directors election will be emailed in October to the primary representative of each HBA member company. See who’s on the ballot.

Associate Appreciation Lunch


KCHBA members gathered to celebrate its associate members who do so much for the organization.

In Every Issue Calendar 4 New Members


Anniversaries 21 Residential Permit Statistics

23 2

Bill Arnold, CKF; Parade Chair Justin Pfeifer of Pfeifer Homes; and Art Spelts, Pella

Parade Awards Winners Announced Oct. 2


inners of the Distinctive Plan & Design and Pick of the Parade contests were announced as HBA members gathered at Children’s Mercy Park for the Fall Parade of Homes Awards Celebration. Special thanks go to Nebraska Furniture Mart for sponsoring the awards ceremony; Bob Fescoe, a representative of Noah’s Bandage Project, for announcing the winners; and to Susan Fleenor of Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling for distributing the awards. Contest winners are featured on the Parade website, KCParadeofHomes.com. Housing professionals from outside the Kansas City area toured contest homes Sept. 26-27. The Distinctive Plan & Design award focuses on interior design and architecture. Judges in the Distinctive Plan & Design contest considered: curb appeal, layout and use of space, design and special features of the kitchen and bath, unique accent areas, lighting, furnishings and window treatments.

Chris and Roy Ragland of Homes by Chris; Kevin Kirtley, K&E Flatwork; Billy Jackson, K&E Flatwork; Stanton Ragland, Homes by Chris; and Julia Haseltine, Julia Haseltine Design

Pick of the Parade award ranks homes based on construction techniques, material selection, and craftsmanship. Criteria for Pick of the Parade contest include, among others: exterior flatwork and foundation, framing, window and door installation, cabinetry quality and installation, painting and floor covering.

The Home Builders Association appreciates continuing support for the Parade from Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling, presenting sponsor.


Fall Calendar Sept 28- Oct 13

Fall Parade of Homes

Oct 10

Clay Shoot

Oct 17

Construction 101

Oct 30

Missouri Combined Area Council

Nov. 6-8

Certified Sales Professional Classes

Nov. 21

Succession Planning Seminar

EPA Repeals Obama-Era WOTUS Rule


n a positive development to resolve years of uncertainty over where federal jurisdiction begins and ends, the Environmental Protection Agency today rescinded the Obama-era “waters of the U.S.” (WOTUS) rule. “NAHB commends the EPA and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for repealing the 2015 WOTUS rule that vastly expanded federal overreach over water and land use by regulating man-made ditches and isolated ponds on private property,” said NAHB Chairman Greg Ugalde. “By repealing the 2015 rule, the EPA and Corps have finally provided consistency among all 50 states, which will make the federal permitting process more predictable and affordable,” he added. “Now, the agencies need to finalize a new definition that restores common sense to the regulatory process by respecting states’ rights and balancing economic and environmental concerns.” The 2015 WOTUS rule has been subject to several legal challenges that halted its implementation nationwide. Last month, the U.S. District Court for Georgia issued a decision finding that the substance of the rule violates the Clean Water Act. The court remanded the rule back to the agencies to fix it. Prior to EPA’s repeal announcement, the Obama-era rule was in effect in 22 states and the District of Columbia, and the previous regulations issued in 1986 were in effect in the remaining 28 states. The EPA decision means the 1986 rule will now be in effect nationwide until a final replacement rule is issued.

Assuring the Successful Continuation of Your Business Assuring the Successful Continuation of Your Business

T Typically, the more successful business owners become, they also become more vulnerable. Learn how to T Typically, more successful theybusiness also become more just vulnerable. how to combat thosethe vulnerabilities andbusiness assure owners that thebecome, successful remains that atLearn this succession combat those vulnerabilities and assure that the successful business remains just that at this succession planning seminar. Among the areas of focus will be why successful businesses ultimately fail, the planning seminar. Among the areas of focus will be why successful businesses ultimately fail, the importance of coordinating estate plans with succession plans, addressing active vs. inactive children importance of coordinating estate plans with succession plans, addressing active vs. inactive children within a family business (does it make sense to leave the business to all the children?), liquidity issues, within a family business (does it make sense to leave the business to all the children?), liquidity issues, valuation methodologies that will whilelowering loweringthe the more. valuation methodologies that willsatisfy satisfythe the IRS IRS while taxtax billbill andand more.

The Trump administration has proposed a new WOTUS rule that NAHB generally supports. The proposed rule would clarify the extent of federal oversight and correct the vast overreach of prior rules. Once finalized, builders and developers will be better able to determine for themselves whether they will need federal permits for construction activities.

WHEN | Thursday, November WHEN | Thursday, November21 21 TIME | 9:00 a.m. – 11:00a.m. a.m. TIME | 9:00 a.m. – 11:00

WHERE | HBA, 600 103rdSt. St.KC, KC, MO MO 64131 WHERE | HBA, 600 E. E. 103rd 64131 RSVP | Paige@kchba.org RSVP | Paige@kchba.org

And, because the proposed rule narrows the extent of federal jurisdiction by excluding isolated water bodies, “ephemeral” waters that only form in response to rain, and most ditches, builders should require fewer Clean Water Act permits for isolated or temporary wetlands or water bodies.

About the Speakers

About the Speakers Resnick Associates is a second generation business succession, estate planning and life insurance planning Resnick is a second business estate Twin planning andand lifepartners, insurance firmAssociates that works with privatelygeneration held businesses acrosssuccession, the United States. brothers Leeplanning firm that works with privately businesses across the United Twin brothers andTerry partners, and Terry Resnick are basedheld in Overland Park and Harrisburg, Pa. InStates. the past 20 years, Lee and have Lee

and Terry arebybased in 200 Overland Park and Harrisburg, Pa. Intothe past 20 been Resnick brought in close to organizations, including Coca-Cola, educate andyears, work Lee with and theirTerry familyhave on an to individual basis, assuringincluding they are best positioned preservation of their beenbusiness broughtowners in by close 200 organizations, Coca-Cola, to for educate and work with their family businesses and assets. business owners onnon-business an individual basis, assuring they are best positioned for preservation of their businesses and non-business assets.

NAHBNow, 9/12/19


The Power of this Organization Is Derived from its Members


eriodically, I plan to address specific topics with members of the Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City so that there is a greater understanding of the work that this organization is doing on your behalf. The month of October is recognized as Membership Month within the National Association of Home Builders, which provides the perfect opportunity for me to address what is likely my favorite part of this incredible job I have; you, the member.

In addition to advocacy efforts, the KCHBA utilizes the twice annual Parade of Homes and our annual Home & Lifestyle Show as opportunities to engage an interested public on just what our industry is all about. Without question, this organization is truly the voice of the housing industry. But what projects that voice into the ears of those who need to hear that message is the KCHBA member. The KCHBA is staffed by a committed, professional group devoted to serving your interests. However, the true influence that this organization wields lies in the strength of our members. It is the member that steers the KCHBA in the direction it needs to go. It is the member that fuels the KCHBA’s progress through annual and event sponsorship, volunteerism, and subject matter expertise. It is the member that the KCHBA exists to serve.

Kansas City is home to a large number of non-profits devoted to one cause or another. Each plays a certain role striving to carry out a mission important to their targeted area. The KCHBA, your organization, bills itself as “The Voice of the Housing Industry.” That’s a pretty bold claim to make so maybe we ought to take a moment to explore exactly what that entails and, ultimately, how it makes you, your business, and your industry stronger.

Over the course of my 6+ months of service to you in this role, I have been overwhelmingly impressed by how much our members care not only about this organization, but one another as well. The KCHBA is more than simply the voice of the housing industry. It is a team made up of fierce competitors who come together under one logo so that we all might prosper. That is an incredibly special dynamic that sets the KCHBA apart from the multitude of other organizations in this area.

As the primary advocate of the residential construction industry, the KCHBA builds and maintains relationships with policymakers and their staff to make certain that the perspectives of the men and women building our communities are part of the process. If city planning staff or an elected official is researching how a change or modification in policy will affect housing, they recognize the KCHBA as the place to go to get that necessary information. If an elected official takes a position or makes a claim that fails to incorporate our industry’s input, we make every effort to educate them about the effects that position will have on our communities’ access to new homes.

You represent the KCHBA’s strength, purpose, and future. YOU are the KCHBA which makes YOU the voice of the housing industry. I encourage you to use that voice to bring new members in or attract former members back. As we continue to add new members, those voices join with existing voices in creating an increasingly stronger and more diverse organization that amplifies our common message. Whether you’ve been with the KCHBA for 5 minutes or 50 years, your perspective matters.

Similarly, the KCHBA routinely provides opportunities to engage consumers and other community groups in an effort to ensure that there is a basic level of understanding of the role new home construction plays in the entire metro. Over the course of the past week alone, I have been invited to address a gathering of the Olathe Rotary as well as the Health Equity Network to give them some simple, yet powerful background information about the economic and regulatory conditions our members face out in the market.

The KCHBA is fortunate to count you as a member. The staff here at the KCHBA appreciates the time, talent, and energy the organization’s members lend for the benefit of us all. As your staff, we go to work each day on your behalf because you are worth fighting for. While our national association might have designated October as Membership Month, here at the KCHBA, we celebrate our members on a daily basis. If there is anything we can ever do to improve upon your experience as a member, please do not hesitate to let us know. We are here to serve you as you serve the people of Greater Kansas City.

Through consistent and thoughtful engagement with active civic groups across the metro, the KCHBA is arming a broader pool of potential allies with a level of understanding about the realties our members operate in every day. A greater number of people understanding your importance to our local economies allows for a greater opportunity for our industry’s message to resonate in the regulatory process.

Thank you for all you do in the places we call home.


Scott Wilson, father of Noah Wilson, was in attendance. The HBA requested awards ceremony attendees bring fun, colorful bandages to donate to Noah’s Bandage Project.

HBA Collects Colorful Bandages for Noah’s Bandage Project


id you know that only 4 percent of all cancer research goes to researching a cure to childhood cancer? Noah’s Bandage Project’s mission is to end childhood cancer through awareness, support and the gift of hope.


Bandages are a badge of courage for kids undergoing treatments for cancer. Shots and procedures hurt and can very easily bring anxiety to those who have to experience them. A bandage becomes their badge of honor showing others that they overcame something scary. It helps them show off how brave they are!

Homeowners save with natural gas. Natural gas furnaces heat homes more efficiently than electric heat pumps: the average household can save $400 to $500 a year with a natural gas furnace.

Bandages are also an identity, especially on a cancer floor where kids wear similar hospital gowns, are bald, and end up looking a lot alike, a bandage becomes a way that a child can express themselves, and share with others the things they think are cool. The HBA’s Foundation partnered with Noah’s Bandage Project for the 2019 Fall Parade Awards Celebration to collect as many boxes of colorful, fun bandages as it could to donate to the non-profit.

A BETTER TOMORROW STARTS TODAY. www.kansasgasservice.com

Thank you to all who contributed bandages to this worthy cause!


Earn Rewards in October


Networking – Events ranging from specialized councils to tournaments and general membership meetings, about 175 events annually, allow for profitable relationship building within the industry.

ou’re a member of the HBA for a reason, right? If you share your reason (or reasons) with non-members and they join in October – you win prizes! The prizes available to win vary based on the number of new members earned:

Education – The association offers approximately 10 continuing education programs on a range of topics each year.

• 2 New Members: HBA T-shirt and hat

3-in-1 Membership – Becoming a member of the HBA also includes becoming a member of The National Association of Home Builders and the HBA of Missouri or Kansas Builders Industry Association.

• 5 New Members: Five bottles of a Robert Mondavi Private Selection red or white wine

• 10 New Members: A Southwest Airlines gift card of $150 • 15 New Members: $350 gift card to a local steakhouse of

Stand Out from the Competition – Kansas City is home to the second largest new-home tour in the country. Members receive a comprehensive and professional advertising and promotion campaign twice a year, when they participate in the HBA’s Spring and Fall Parade of Homes and awards contests.

your choice

If you can’t remember why you’re a member of the HBA, here’s a refresher: Advocacy – On average, local and federal actions save $10,500 on each new home built within a typical year.

Members play a vital role in the function of the KCHBA. The KCHBA would like to use the month of October to bring in new members, while also serving to remind existing members of the value they hold within the HBA.

Promotion – The KCHBA spends more than $468,000 annually, or $840 per member, on industry and member promotion. That’s more than your annual dues!


A Lasting Tribute to a JoCo Pioneer


hen asked why he wanted to donate to the HBA’s remodeling fund, Jeff Ashner of Ashner Construction said it was out of respect for his mom and dad, Dottye and Leo Ashner.

jobs. “Dad would drop us off in the morning and say ‘clean up this job site.’ At the end of day he would come get us. In college, we’d come home in the summer and work on his projects. In doing so Jeff and his brothers got to know the suppliers, the subcontractors and the homeowners. “It taught me a lot about how to solve problems and people skills,” said Jeff. “I began my career building my first house in Lenexa in the Colony Woods community when I was 21 and still in college.”

“It was all of us – my three brothers plus myself – we wanted to pay a lasting tribute to Mom and Dad,” said Jeff. “They were longtime HBA members and pioneers in the Johnson County home-building landscape. This way their name carries on to the next generation who may not know who they are but will see their names on the wall and it may prompt them to ask who they were.”

Today, Jeff constructs luxury, custom homes in Kansas City. “I enjoy the creation of a special home from the ground up. The way I view what we do is as a lasting testament to our ability. We try really hard on every house to make sure it will stand test of time and reflect who we are as a company and craftsmen.”

His parents’ passion for home building was passed down to Jeff and his brothers. “It was hard for it not to be infectious,” said Jeff. “Dad would round us up on Sunday and take us in the family station wagon to houses and developments he wanted to see,” said Jeff. “My dad used to say ‘it gives me great pleasure to drive through a community we developed and see people enjoying it,’” said Jeff. “We’re making a difference in people’s lives with the work we do.”

Jeff’s brothers are all in the business in some way as well. Chris runs Bodine-Ashner Builders in Kansas City, Tim is in Las Vegas in the home construction business, and Steve is a realtor/broker and markets all their communities in the Kansas City area. They all take Leo’s advice to heart. “He used to tell us – really

As they got older, Jeff and his brothers worked on some of the

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KCHBA.ORG BUILDING COMMUNITY In business since 1927,

NASB is one of the largest

construction & development lenders in the Kansas City area.

Our team is ready to help!

Visit nasb.com/construction to connect with a Loan Officer.


Upcoming Election for 2020 Board Members


allots for the upcoming board of directors election will be emailed in October to the primary representative of each HBA member company. Ballots must be submitted to the HBA by noon, Friday, Nov. 1. Each ballot is required to be signed by the voting (primary) member. Any questions regarding the primary representative should be directed to HBA staff.

Little Agency gency Aoars! Little R oars! R

Builder and associate members may vote for up to three at-large builder candidates. The candidates for these board positions are: Matt Ernst, Ernst Brothers Construction; Greg Prieb II, Prieb Homes; and Todd Lipschutz, Authentic Homes Kansas City.


Fasone inc. &partners Advertising MArketing Pr Fasone &partners inc. |


Advertising | MArketing | Pr

Make your business ROAR!

Four Associate representatives will be chosen from the following: Bill Arnold, CKF; Bryan Keller, McCray Lumber; Bryan Ballweg, Teague Lumber; Drake Vidrine, NBKC Bank; Glen Dowding, United Heating & Cooling; and Mike Bryant of Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling. Both builder and associate members are eligible to vote for up to four candidates from the list. Area council representative are chosen only by builder members from each particular area. Candidates are as follows: Kansas – Patrick Willis, Willis Custom Homes, and Missouri South – James LaVoy, Forner-LaVoy.

Contact Karol Angotti or Michal Fasone 816.753.7272 karol@fasonepartners.com mj@fasonepartners.com

A position on the HBA Board of Directors is an investment of time and energy. The HBA thanks all those who have agreed to assume leadership of the association.

Donor Profile: Jeff Ashner Continued from page 8

pay attention when building a home because ugly is forever,” said Jeff. “Make sure you don’t leave anything you don’t like. Make sure you do it right from the beginning because you’re not going to get another chance.”

Partners with HBA Since 2010

FasonePartners.com 10

HBA Partners with VCP for 2020 Greater Kansas City Home & Lifestyle Show


he HBA is excited to announce that it is partnering with Veterans Community Project (VCP) for its 2020 Greater Kansas City Home & Lifestyle Show, March 13-15. VCP was the charitable partner of the 2019 Home & Lifestyle Show and was the recipient of a check for $25,000 to support its mission of eliminating veteran homelessness by providing transitional housing in the form of tiny homes and by enabling access to 360-degree services.

• Ernst Brothers Construction • HBA Young Professionals • Grants Custom Homes • Hunt Midwest • Olathe Advanced Technical Center (needs s sponsor) • Ripley Associates – Remax Elite • Winnetonka High School

“We’re pulling these guys out of the trenches in their battle and saving their lives because they would have done the exact same for us,” said Brandonn Mixon, one of Veterans Community Project’s co-founders and a retired Army specialist. “With the HBA’s support, we’re going to continue to provide housing stability and address the underlying cause of the Veteran’s homelessness.”

• Habitat for Humanity “The construction of the tiny homes is almost complete but the need will continue as VCP provides critical services for our veterans and supports the continued maintenance of those tiny homes,” said Will Ruder, HBA executive vice president. “I would love it if the HBA could present a check to VCP after the show for the same amount as last year ­– if not more – to help support local veterans in need.”

To raise funds at the 2020 show, the HBA will host a Parade of Playhouses. The Parade of Playhouses consists of members and local high schools building playhouses to be displayed during the show and auctioned off to the highest bidder via an online auction. Participants committed to the 2020 Parade of Playhouses so far include:

Stay tuned for additional details and exciting announcements regarding this partnership this fall!


Members Gather for Associate Appreciation Month


he National Association of Home Builders designates September as Associate Appreciation month. The HBA is fortunate to have associate members that are so active and involved in the association. As a gesture of its appreciation, the HBA hosted an associate appreciation picnic lunch Sept. 17, sponsored by Kansas Builders Insurance Group. During the lunch, the HBA raffled off HBA-branded merchandise to associates in attendance. Additionally, HBA President Shawn Woods recognized new members who were in attendance. The new member who answered the following question correctly first won two free tickets to the Parade Awards Celebration: Which builder is going to take Shawn’s place as president of the HBA in November? The winner was Hunter Roberts of Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC.

KBIG sponsored the lunch

Thank you to KBIG for sponsoring the lunch and thank you to Stephen Spallo of James Hardie Siding and his father for bringing Ciao Bella Ice Cream to the event! Remember – do business with a member!


KCHBA.ORG Private Mortgage Banking

Tri 9.7

Good news for your jumbo buyers

10.01% down payment and no mortgage insurance

When buyers are able to put down less than the typical 20% down payment and avoid mortgage insurance, you can broaden the range of properties you show buyers. Count on the #1 Jumbo mortgage lender. Contact us today! Andrew Johns, Private Mortgage Banker Office: 913-234-2935, Cell: 563-564-9868 andrew.johns@wellsfargo.com www.wfhm.com/loans/andrew-johns NMLSR ID 965525

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Parade Awards Winner 2019 HBA Combined Area Council MISSOURI NORTH: 2019 Chair | Brian Tebbenkamp 2019 Co-Chair | Mike Powell MISSOURI SOUTH: 2019 Chair | James LaVoy 2019 Co-Chair | Troy Bellah Best Practices for Handling Government Inspections – OSHA and EPA Oct. 30, 11:30-1:00 p.m. Located at Staley Farms Golf Club 10310 N. Olive Ave., Kansas City, MO 64155 Lunch Is Included Handling a government inspection at your construction job site in the proper manner can mean the difference between passing with flying colors and thousands of dollars in regulatory fines, or worse, the issuance of a stop work order. This presentation, by attorney Andrew Brought of Spencer Fane, is designed to provide tips and best practices for handling environmental, health, and safety inspections by government inspectors from the EPA and OSHA. Participants attending this presentation will learn do’s and don’ts for dealing with government inspectors and strategies to maintain compliance. The presentation will also address recent enforcement trends by OSHA and EPA affecting the construction industry. Prices: Builder members discounted / Associate members $25 / Guests $40 Sign up to register through kchba.org or email Paige@kchba.org. For questions

Brian and Carrie Tebbenkamp, Patriot Homes

or more information please contact 816-942-8800.

NEW HOMES SALES November 6-8 April 3-5 9:00am - 5:00pm

9:00am - 5:00pm $495 Member | $595 Guest $495 Member | $595 Guest KCHBA Office | 600 East 103rd St. KCMO 64131 KCHBA Office 600 East 103rd St. KCMO 64131

Certified New Home Sales Professional (CSP) Ma Master the craa of successful selling. This professional-level course is designed for specialists in new home sales. You will gain a broad understanding of the home building business, discuss consumer psychology and learn the advanced techniques used by real estate veterans for greeting, closing and overcoming objections. KS Code: E17772 | 9 Elective CE hours Ele MO Code: 1080017012 | 9 Elective CE hours QUESTIONS OR TO REGISTER CONTACT PAIGE@KCHBA.ORG OR 816-942-8800. CE THROUGH THE REECENICHOLS TRAINING



New Overtime Rule Raises Annual Threshold to $35,568


The final rule also:

he U.S. Department of Labor has issued a final rule that will raise the overtime salary limit from $455 per week to $684 per week, which is equivalent to $35,568 per year for a full-year worker.

• Leaves untouched the standard duties tests for determining whether a worker would be subject to overtime; • Raises the total annual compensation level for “highly compensated employees” from the currently enforced level of $100,000 to $107,432 per year;

This means that any professional, administrative and executive employees making less than $35,568 would be due time and a half if they work more than 40 hours a week.

• Allows employers to use nondiscretionary bonuses and incentive payments (including commissions) that are paid at least annually to satisfy up to 10% of the standard salary level, in recognition of evolving pay practices; and

The Labor Department said the final rule will make 1.3 million American workers eligible for overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The final overtime rule represents a victory for NAHB, which opposed the 2016 Obama-era rule that would have raised the overtime threshold to $47,476 because such a drastic jump would result in real hardship for the nation’s small business community.

• The final rule will be effective on Jan. 1, 2020. NAHBNow, 9/24/19

NAHB was also concerned with the Labor Department’s proposal to implement automatic salary updates going forward. In the current final rule, the Labor Department rejected requests to implement an automatic update process for future salary thresholds and declined to set a fixed schedule for review.


Head to the polls on Tuesday, November 5th to support candidates who support you! Johnson County Community College Board of Trustees Greg Musil Nancy Ingram Jameia Haines Lake Quivira La Brady Lilja, Mayor Greg Prieb II Olathe Larry Campbell, Ward 1 Overland Park Terry Harper Scheier, Ward 1 Paul Lyons, Ward 2 Tom Carignan, Ward 3 Fred Spears, Ward 4 Phil Bressler, Ward 5 Rick Collins, Ward 6 Prairie Village Serena Schermoly, Ward 2 Shawnee Jim Neighbor, Ward 1 Kevin Straub, Ward 3 unexpired term Wyandotte County Commissioners Melissa Brune Bynum, District 1 Ann Brandau-Murguia, District 3 Angela Markley, District 6 Disclaimer: This is not an exhaustive list of candidates who may support the residential construction industry. This is a list of candidates who obtained the PAC Trustees’ approval for contributions. Disclaime




Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling Diamond/Home Show

Makita Platinum Plus Nebraska Furniture Mart

WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL! With our years of experience and broad expertise in the HVAC industry, Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling can provide you with all sorts of heating and cooling services.

MikeBryantHVAC.com (913) 441-7807



When you team up with Fidelity Bank, buyers enjoy locked terms and rates with a single closing. Builders manage the construction alongside a dedicated, experienced new construction lender.


fidelitybank.com | 913.808.4006

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KITCHENS & BATHS BY BRIGGS Premi er D e c o rativ e Pl u mbing

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Single-Family Permit Numbers Down Slightly in August


he number of single-family housing permits issued in August in the Kansas City metro stayed about the same as July, according to the monthly Residential Building Permit Statistics report compiled by the Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City. The organization reported a total of 436 single-family homes permitted in August, down just 8 percent from the 471 homes permitted in July. Once again, Johnson County issued the most permits in August with three of the five top permitting cities based in that county. The top permitting cities were Kansas City, Mo., (66); Olathe, Kan., (40); Overland Park, Kan., (37); Lenexa, Kan., (36); and Platte County, Mo., (25). The number of permits pulled in Johnson County year-to-date is down 26 percent compared to 2018. But the largest decreases in permits year-to-date from 2018 to 2019 are in Platte County (-40%), Clay County (-41%), and Wyandotte County (-47%). Multi-family permits in Kansas City saw an increase in August from 117 to 236. All 236 permits were issued by two cities: Blue Spring and Lee’s Summit.


Residential Building Permit Statistics

Residential Building Permit Statistics AUGUST 2019 CASS COUNTY Archie Belton Cass County Cleveland Garden City Harrisonville Lake Winnebago Lee's Summit Peculiar Pleasant Hill Raymore Village of Loch Lloyd

CLAY COUNTY Clay County Excelsior Springs Gladstone Kansas City Kearney Lawson Liberty North Kansas City Pleasant Valley Smithville JACKSON COUNTY Blue Springs Buckner Grain Valley Grandview Greenwood Independence Jackson County Kansas City Lake Lotawana Lee's Summit Oak Grove Raytown Sugar Creek PLATTE COUNTY Kansas City Parkville Platte City Platte County Riverside Weatherby Lake Weston JOHNSON COUNTY De Soto Edgerton Fairway Gardner Johnson County Leawood Lenexa Merriam Mission Hills Olathe Overland Park Prairie Village Roeland Park Shawnee Spring Hill Westwood

Single MultiFamily Family Total Units^ Units% Units 0 12 0 1 0 1 5 2 11 1 19 1 53

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

0 12 0 1 0 1 5 2 11 1 19 1 53

S-F Units YTD

M-F Units YTD

Total Units YTD

1 59 14 1 0 7 24 16 49 15 90 7 283

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

1 59 14 1 0 7 24 16 49 15 90 7 283

4 0 2 42 1 0 3 0 0 3 55

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

4 0 2 42 1 0 3 0 0 3 55

25 8 2 274 34 0 22 5 0 30 400

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 240 0 0 240

25 8 2 274 34 0 22 245 0 30 640

7 0 22 1 0 12 12 12 2 20 0 0 0 88

134 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 102 0 0 0 236

141 0 22 1 0 12 12 12 2 122 0 0 0 324

153 0 101 3 0 68 52 65 2 228 3 0 0 675

134 0 0 160 0 0 0 0 0 346 0 0 0 640

287 0 101 163 0 68 52 65 2 574 3 0 0 1315

12 5 0 25 0 0 0 42

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

12 5 0 25 0 0 0 42

101 22 0 95 5 3 0 226

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

101 22 0 95 5 3 0 226

7 0 1 17 3 1 36 0 0 40 37 4 0 9 10 0 165

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

7 0 1 17 3 1 36 0 0 40 37 4 0 9 10 0 165

34 0 1 99 30 23 158 1 0 296 206 44 0 76 84 6 1058

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 49 410 0 0 0 0 0 459

34 0 1 99 30 23 158 1 0 345 616 44 0 76 84 6 1517

August 2019

Single MultiFamily Family Total Units^ Units% Units LEAVENWORTH COUNTY Basehor 5 0 5 Lansing 0 0 0 Leav. County 12 0 12 Leavenworth 0 0 0 Tonganoxie 6 0 6 23 0 23 WYANDOTTE COUNTY Bonner Springs Edwardsville KCK/Wyandotte Co MIAMI COUNTY Louisburg Miami County Osawatomie Paola Spring Hill Totals

S-F Units YTD

M-F Units YTD

Total Units YTD

38 2 57 9 27 133

0 0 0 0 0 0

38 2 57 9 27 133

0 0 6 6

0 0 0 0

0 0 6 6

5 0 74 79

0 0 0 0

5 0 74 79

0 4 0 0 0 4

0 0 0 0 0 0

0 4 0 0 0 4

23 31 0 1 11 66

0 0 0 0 108 108

23 31 0 1 119 174







Comparison of Single Family Building Units for Greater Kansas City (Cass, Clay, Jackson, Platte, Johnson, Leavenworth, Miami, Wyandotte Counties) Month/Year January February March April May June July August September October November December Annual Total

2012 188 182 270 277 294 268 288 260 379 331 283 279 3,299

2013 273 224 335 444 337 333 409 354 384 369 340 288

2014 287 216 362 439 385 364 375 352 383 468 312 328

2015 240 260 393 437 395 438 399 425 462 459 360 432

2016 274 408 542 523 503 578 494 536 424 466 417 352

2017 457 477 571 562 504 567 512 480 514 583 502 468






2018 2019 463 234 463 234 549 357 564 410 598 391 569 387 485 471 514 436 353 485 354 276 5,673


Comparison of Permits By Units Issued Year to Date

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019

S-F Units 2027 2709 2780 2987 3858 4130 4205 2920

2012 - 2019 M-F Units 1062 1881 2271 1765 3062 1213 2345 1447

Total Units 3089 4590 5051 4752 6920 5343 6550 4367

^The Single Family number is units and includes both attached and detached units. %Multi-Family units are in buildings with 5 or more units. # Not available at time of report Permit information reflects the most recent data at time of publication. In order to ensure accurate recording of residential building permit statistics, the HBA may revise monthly and year-to-date figures when updated data is made available. Copyright 2019 Home Builders Assoc of Greater Kansas City. All rights reserved.


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