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Meet the Executive Council In addition to the annual article you can also watch each EC member sit down and expand on their roles for 2011

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vol. 24, no.01 january 2011


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feature Under an Hour with the 2011 Executive Committee HBAL’s 2011 Executive Committee members are embracing this year with an enthusiasm for making the most of the time they spend working on behalf of the association. Challenged with answering the following questions in just 10 minutes, they offered their own unique perspectives on leading HBAL in 2011. page 6

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Meet the Executive Council In addition to the annual article you can also watch each EC member sit down and expand on their roles for 2011


shows & events

New Year, New Products!

Table Top Night

Here are some products for 2011 that we considered especially interesting for HBAL members.

Table Top is one of the largest Builder & Remodeler events of the year, you don’t want to miss it!

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cover; 2011 Executive Committe Left to Right: Bob Thieneman, Jr.; Stan Logan, Jr.; Perry Lyons; Scott Yates; Billy Doelker; Rob Eberenz, Jr.; Rocky Pusateri; Chuck Kavanaugh - page 6.

january 2011


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The HBAL is looking ahead to 2011 with optimistic expectations.

Home Builders Association of Louisville, Inc. 1000 North Hurstbourne Parkway Louisville, KY 40223-4012 (502) 429-6000 FAX (502) 429-6036 Email: Web Site: 2011 OFFICERS Billy Doelker President


Rob Eberenz, Jr. Vice President Bob Thieneman, Jr. Treasurer Perry Lyons Secretary Stan Logan, Jr. Associate Vice President Charles J. Kavanaugh Executive Vice President BUILDER DIRECTORS Terry Chynoweth Pat Durham Michael Isaac Joe Kroll P. R. Lancaster David Lurding Jeremy McGraw George Miller Michael O’Dea Chris Osborne Rocco Pigneri David Rateau Dave Smith Todd Stengel ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS Bill Bardenwerper Davis Boland Joe Dumstorf David Ernst Dale Hellmann Buddy Kittle Paul Miele David Mikels Teresa Morgan Jeff Ratanapool Tom Raver Joe Simms Derek Smothers HONORARY BUILDER DIRECTOR Clifford Thieneman, Sr. HONORARY ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS Frank Arnold, Sr. Richard Bean Ray Dauenhauer PUBLISHER Charles J. Kavanaugh EDITOR Tara Brinkmoeller ADVERTISING Leah Ritter Melissa Mattingly 502.429.6000 ART DIRECTION Jason Yann GRAPHIC DESIGN Scott Dudgeon WRITERS Stacy Smith Rogers HBAL Issues Nancy Miller Product Features HBAL Staff PRINTING United Graphics

After making significant changes to the association, which included streamlining operations and a focus on our member’s business in 2010, we are poised for the comeback which many indicators point to as beginning in 2011. Your Association in 2011 will be very focused on advocacy on your behalf. With a transformational change at Louisville City Hall as well as with the Oldham and Spencer County Judges, we will be busy creating working relationships with the newly elected officials and maintaining relationships with those already there. We will represent the membership in this area through activities of the Association’s Government Affairs Committee and the strengthening Commercial Council, as well as the Land Development and Codes Committees, in addition to staff and numerous member volunteers who are involved in our advocacy efforts. Our focus in this area will span local governments (seven counties), the statewide legislature and nationally with Congress. Of major importance in 2011 are two new initiatives by new President Billy Doelker. Billy has appointed a Banking Task Force to begin outreach to all banks within the region. The second initiative is for outreach to the Realtor community about the benefits of new homes and new home communities. SMC chair, Pat Durham will head this effort with assistance from Realtor members of our Board, Teresa Morgan and Joe Sims, among others involved in the Association.

make investments in hardware and software throughout the building to better serve our member’s needs.

Creating upgrades and changes to the Website will allow us to better communicate with members and the public.”

Our philosophy is to “connect members to business” and we will continue to offer numerous opportunities to connect to other members and the general public. This philosophy will continue to be part of the foundation of the Association and for 2011 we are adding an additional public event, the Home Product Expo, January 15-16, 2011 at the Paroquet Springs Conference Centre in Shepherdsville.

Our philosophy is to “connect members to business” and we will continue to offer numerous opportunities to connect to other members and the general public.”

We at HBAL viewed 2010 as a transition year, in this down economy, with an upside beginning to take hold in 2011. We believe our new initiatives in this New Year at HBAL are investments in members that will lead to more business in 2011. I am positive and we want all members to stay positive and utilize your Association to prepare for the comeback! Sincerely,

Billy has appointed a Banking Task Force to begin outreach to all banks within the region.”

In addition to advocacy and outreach efforts, we will also focus and reinvest in upgrading your association’s technology. Creating upgrades and changes to the Website will allow us to better communicate with members and the public. We will also be implementing a social media plan for the association and all events, which will enhance our ability to communicate with members and consumers alike. Additionally, we will

Charles J. Kavanaugh Executive Vice President Home Builders Association of Louisville

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january 2011


Under an Hour with the

2011 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE by: Stacy Smith Rogers

HBAL’s 2011 Executive Committee members are embracing the New Year with an enthusiasm for making the most of the time they spend working on behalf of the association. Each cited cautious optimism as a guiding mindset for moving forward in the new year. Working with a new mayor, improving relationships with local Realtors and bankers, preparing members for success and motivating them are key initiatives of the Executive Committee. Challenged with answering the following questions in just 10 minutes, they offered their own unique perspectives on leading HBAL in 2011.

6 louisville builder •


What aspects of running your career/business do you expect to bring to your role in leading the association in 2011?


What motivates you? Is there a source of inspiration or a role model that you keep in mind when going about your daily business?


What are some key things that have helped you maintain professional focus in the last year?


Are there any experiences that you would share with someone in the industry who might be feeling the weight of keeping his/her business afloat in the last couple of years?


Moving forward into 2011, what will help guide you in leading the association?





“I am a hands-on leader and like to be involved. I prefer to listen and d then plan and implement a course of action on any given issue.  I be-lieve that working as a team is always greater than trying to do things ngss individually. I know that God is in control and all that I have is His. I find my source urcee of strength from Him each and every day, and I do my best to carry outt all my daily business activities in a way that is pleasing to Him.  I alsoo cerr.  think of my mother who passed away at an early age in 1996 of cancer.  She was a very important part of my life and provided invaluable en-couragement to me. My hope is that she would be proud of me today dayy as her son. 


I have tried to stay positive and be involved in activities that allow mee to get my mind off of work (golf, U of L games, spending time with myy family). I have an amazing staff that I work with who takes ownership hip p and initiative in what we do at Key Homes – that allows the responsinsi-bilities to be shared and not completely fall on my shoulders.


Don’t give up and remain positive. I am a firm believer that the chalhal-lenges we face today will make us better in the future.  I also think thatt a true measure of success today is staying afloat and that is quite an ac-complishment over these last couple of years.


In guiding the association, I will do my best to be a good listener, conon-tinue to build upon the strong team work and camaraderie that already adyy exist in HBAL and try to be proactive and stay on the forefront of whatt is coming for us as an industry. That means not being afraid of change ge iff it’s needed to succeed.”  

Billy Doelker started Key Homes, LLC in 1999 and has been a member mberr of HBAL for 10 years. He holds a degree in business management from rom m the University of Louisville. He has previously served as chair of the Oldham County Councill ass well as the HIPAC and Membership Committees. In addition, he hass ingg served on the Registered Builder, Tour of New Homes and Advertising Committees, as well as the Shelby County Council. tivee In addition to his business and HBAL responsibilities, Billy is active with Springdale Community Church. He has been married to wife Lisa, sa, a freelance graphic designer, for 11 years. They are proud parents of one-yearear-old daughter Hallee. The couple enjoys traveling and Billy stays activee on n the golf course, in the gym and on the field, playing recreational sports.

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january 2011


2011 Execut Executive tive C Committee ommittee

Vice-President Vic V

ROB EBERENZ, JR. RO R Robert L. Eberenz, Jr. Builder, LLC Rob R



“IIn my own business, I fall back on the basics and I think those are traits “In th ha are important to carry forward in leading the association. I try to that al lw always be punctual and cognizant of someone else’s time. In addition, I think th it’s important to be detailed, organized and committed. After mo m more than 30 years in the business, I still rely on those traits. M father is a builder, so when I was growing up he was a role model for My me m me. And, my mother has been in real estate almost as long he has been in th he industry. They both serve as examples to follow and have reminded the me during this time that persistence pays off. They’ve been married for m ov over ve 50 years. They’ve taken on adversity and have demonstrated that pe eo people who don’t give up can persevere. In regard to motivation, I’ve be ee a part of a men’s bible study class comprised of HBAL members been wh w who have met on Wednesdays from 8-9 a.m. for over a year now. Beca au of the additional time on my hands, I’ve had more opportunities cause too rread the the Bible, and that’s something that has really helped me du ur during this time.


I’v ve been able to maintain focus this year knowing that we’re all going I’ve th hro through this together. I wouldn’t describe it as misery enjoying compa an but it is some consolation for me to know that I’m not the only pany, on ne Now, I find motivation and encouragement in the little victories, one. be ec because I know that they’re headed in the right direction.


I kn know some of us feel like we’re taking one step forward and two steps ba ac but I sincerely think that this new year holds progress for us. We back, may be taking baby steps, but if we stay encouraged and keep up a caum ti iou optimism and look at things on a weekly basis, it will help. tious


Iff you y look at our current political environment, I think you’ll see that pe eo people are paying more attention to what’s happening in our country th ha they used to. Things are being talked about and people are listenthan in ng more attentively and are engaged. I think that proactive response is ing po os positive on many levels, especially within our local, state and national as sso associations.” R Eberenz, Jr. brings more than 33 years experience to the Executive Rob Co C Committee. He has been a registered builder for 31 years and has built mo m more than 400 homes in Greater Louisville. He holds a bachelors of scien nc and commerce degree in business management from the University ence off L Louisville and an AAS degree in real estate. He grew up in the housin ng industry and is a third generation builder. ing He previously served on the Board of Directors 17 years ago and mo m more recently has served on it the last four. In addition to his many years of involvement of i with the association, Eberenz has chaired the BICF and Act A Activation & Retention Committees. He has also served on the Registe ere Builder, HIPAC and Homearama Site Committees. tered Eberenz has been married to wife Janis for 31 years. She holds a ma m master’s degree in architecture and is working on a second master’s deggree re r in urban planning and design. They have four children: Robert III II, Mitchell, Olivia and Whitney. His hobbies include boating with his III, ffamily, fa am hunting, fishing and tennis.

8 louisville builder •

22011 011 E Executive xecutive C Committee ommittee


BOB THIENEMAN, JR. R.J. Thieneman Realty Group


“Having had to adapt from market conditions from a developing and d at our memberss marketing perspective, I’m able to empathize with what are going through during this transitional time.


My role model of course is my father, who passed away in April. Wha Whatt motivates me is people. Making people happy is a basic building blockk h of our business. I really enjoy the challenge of seeing things through ee people livingg from raw dirt to a happy homeowner. It’s satisfying to see happily in our one of our homes.


I’ve maintained focus through our strategic plan. Within hin that are thee at we call ‘R.J.’ss core values and code of ethics that revolve around what Way.’ It’s our guiding principle. That means we strive to build an at-mosphere of security, purpose, hope and dreams. We are stewards ooff honesty, integrity and family values first, with a lifelong commitment too our customers, because it is our responsibility to make a positive differ-.’s way empow-ence in the community and to leave a lasting legacy. R.J.’s ers us to strive for excellence, because we know if we do that, successs evelopment and d will follow. It leads us to sustain progress via personal development embracing change.


My advice is to ‘hang in, hang on, but don’t hang up.’ For those of uss who can do that during a time like this, I fully believe wee will perseveree and be successful.


rying to stay in n In my own business, I am doing more with less and trying d tune with my customer’s needs. Value engineering is a phrase I learned n helping guidee early in my career, and I think that best describes it. In the association, I think it’s important that we work with Realtors too n make sure we take advantage of every opportunity to bee successful. In ial Council. Wee addition, I hope to work more closely with the Commercial really need to encourage our members to take up the flagg and follow thee examples set forth by people like Bob Marrett and John Miranda. Beingg involved with the association is very similar to helping a worthy cause. IIff you volunteer your time like they have, you’re contributingg to making thee American dream more affordable and possible for more people.” lder since 1992 2. Treasurer Bob Thieneman, Jr., has been a residential builder 1992. ndustry, he hass With more than 28 years experience in the housing industry, nities. He holdss built hundreds of homes and developed several communities. te from Eastern n a bachelors of business administration degree in real estate Kentucky University. ocial Responsi-Thieneman has served on the Registered Builder, Social bility and SMC Committees. In addition to serving 18 years on thee pment and Bes HBAL Board, has also chaired both the Land Development Bestt New Homes Committees. Bob has been married to wife Beverly for 28 years. They have twoo children, R.J. Thieneman III, and Chelsey. When he’s not working, hee enjoys traveling with family, golf, biking, hiking, reading and Sudoku.

january 2011


20111 E Executive xecutive C Committee ommittee

Secretary Se




“I have been in the building business for over 36 years. We have been thr through some very prosperous years and some very lean years. Having liv lived both aspects of the business, hopefully I can use that experience to help in leading our association through our current economic times.   I llove what I do. I like creating, implementing and seeing a project thr through. I am the eternal optimist. However, I know that I am not in total control. Having grown up on a farm, we could cultivate, plant, fer fertilize and have either a bumper crop due to a great growing season or a failed f harvest because of a drought. As my dad would always point out, the growing season was out of our control, but the cultivation, planting an and the weeding were still our responsibility if there was any hope of a ha harvest. I used to tell him when he ribbed me for leaving the farm, ‘I’m sti still a farmer, I just grow houses.’ With his lasting lessons, I acknowledge tha that I cannot control everything. I try to keep that in mind in all I do eve everyday.


This economic climate has had an impact on most business in the United States. Our industry is not alone. It has survived in down economic co conditions before, and it will again. ‘This too shall pass.’ Our industry sti still is and will continue to be a significant part of The American Dream. W We must continue to endure.


Ag Again, we are not alone in this economy, everyone is feeling the strain. As we have in the past and are currently doing, we should tighten our be belts and communicate openly with everyone in our industry.


Ou Our past experiences help us put all things in perspective. Our industry is changing, c and we need to adapt and lead in a new direction. It’s essentia tial to blend past experiences with the freshness of the younger members of the association. Pe Perry Lyons has been a member of HBAL since 1974, serving on the Ed Education Committee as an instructor for more than 10 years. He curren rently serves on the Land Development committee and is chair of the Co Codes and Standards Committee. Perry has been married to his high school sweetheart, Linda, for 38 yea years. They have two girls, Alyson and Ashley, and five grandchildren, Jor Jordan, Madison, Samuel, Mayson and Mallory.

10 louisville builder •

2011 20 011 E Executive xecutive C Committee ommittee

Associate Vice President

STAN LOGAN, JR. Logan Lavelle Hunt Insurance & Wealth Management


“Like our own personal businesses, the association needs eeds to adapt too ethods of doingg meet current needs. HBAL continues to evolve its methods excellbusiness while still maintaining its core principles of providing excelds lence in programs and services that meet the members’ diversified need needs and provide quality housing for all citizens within our community


es Being an active member of this association for many years motivate motivates me. It has been good to me, my family and my agency. Every year I tr tryy associaato return my services by being active in several levelss of the associabers, being activ ve tion. Either by signing new members, retaining members, active on committees and government affairs as well as general ral polices of th the he ll. I want to concon nassociation. I am also very active at the state level as well. es. tinue to extol the benefits of the association to associates.


sics. Focusing on n Like a lot of businesses, I needed to go back to the basics. n my key relationships while prospecting for new ones. I have focused on he competition. developing a plan and sticking to it and out-working the


n’t What doesn’t beat you only makes you stronger. You’re not alone. Don Don’t give up.


ern or suggestion n I want to hear from any associate about any idea, concern ociates as related d that could have a positive impact with their fellow associates ortant within th he to the association. Business-to-business selling is important the hee association. If we can each work to help one another, we can ride th the current economic downturn more easily.” ce Stan Logan, Jr. has been part owner of Logan Lavelle Hunt Insuranc Insurance ars of experienc ce & Wealth Management for 14 years. Stan has 28 years experience nd the College of of and is a licensed CIC. He graduated from the U of K and nt for the Home Hom me Insurance. He is also the current associate vice president Builders Association of Kentucky. 0 years, and ha ass Stan Logan has been a member of HBAL for 20 has erved on the AsAsschaired the Advertising and PR Committee and has served sociates Advisory, Government Affairs and Education Committees. sonss: He has been married to wife Judy for 23 years. They have three sons: ly time, boating, boatingg, Graham, 22, Matt, 22, and Josh, 18. Stan enjoys family golfing and trips to Naples, Fla.

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january 2011 11

NAHB Chief Economist David Crowe’s Take on the National Economy and What That Means for Louisville by: Stacy Smith Rogers

Louisville native David Crowe, Ph.D., is chief economist and senior vice president at NAHB.  He is responsible for NAHB’s forecast of housing and economic trends, survey research and analysis of the home building industry and consumer preferences, as well as microeconomic analysis of government policies that affect housing.  In addition, Dr. Crowe is responsible for the development and implementation of an innovative model of the local economic impact and fiscal cost of new home construction, which has estimated the net impact of new housing in more than 500 local markets.  His past research has concentrated on home ownership trends, tax issues, demographics, government mortgage insurance, local land use ordinance impacts and the impacts of housing on local economies. When asked about the Louisville economic climate in relation to home building, Crowe offered his take on when the market will improve and how HBAL members can serve as catalysts for a productive year in 2011. The National Economy and Its Effect on Home Building Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. By now, everyone knows that jobs are the forerunner in the race to improve the economy nationwide. Crowe said economists in every industry are watching the numbers and waiting for a signal that it’s moving forward. That magic number he refers to comes from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, which releases monthly job statistics that Crowe says are the numbers to watch when it comes to recovery in the economy. “We want those numbers to be higher than 150,000. In the last report we received (in November), the number was 151,000, so we viewed that as a solid number. It’s a positive sign,” he said.

A shrewd consumer could see there is going to be a greater demand for homes than the supply can support.” – David Crowe

Economists aren’t the only ones watching that numbers. Potential homeowners are watching it as well, and until they reach a comfort level with employment, they aren’t going to move forward in investing in new homes. Crowe noted that when that comfort level is finally reached, that first-time home buyers will be the first ones to act due to the fact that they don’t have a home to sell prior to buying. 12 louisville builder •

What’s in Store for Louisville? Crowe is predicting a national increase in home building business of 25 percent by mid-summer. “I’m expecting that number to be slightly better for Louisville. The fortunate thing about Louisville is that it didn’t experience the rapid increases or decreases as in other parts of the country. It’s more in the middle of the pack. The areas that were hardest hit are battling two things: the recession and the damage they did to their local industry before the recession hit. Louisville didn’t have those extremes, so it’s just battling the current economy,” he explained.

I’m expecting that number to be slightly better for Louisville. The fortunate thing about Louisville is that it didn’t experience the rapid increases or decreases as in other parts of the country. – David Crowe

Crowe described buyers as being in a “significant chill” right now. “Buyers are so confused by various pieces of information they receive. And, employment instability are huge factors,” he said. Once they achieve a certain comfort level with the economy and jobs Crowe said he expects that chill to start thawing. How Can Members Prepare for What’s Ahead? Crowe recommends that HBAL members continue communicating to consumers that pent up demand for new construction eventually is going to explode into activity in a market that has a huge deficit of inventory. “We’re at a 42-year low of unsold new homes. The surplus that everyone had been hearing about a couple of years ago has transformed into a huge deficit, and right now that number is only going to decrease, making the deficit even larger,” he said. Crowe explained that the slowdown is like a damn and when consumer confidence rises and the damn breaks, the increase in demand will drive up interest rates and leave many new home buyers wishing they had acted before that happens. But Crowe admits that’s a hard sell right now. “A shrewd consumer could see there is going to be a greater demand for homes than the supply can support,” he said. Crowe likened the situation to that of waiting until the day before the big concert to buy tickets. Buyers are taking a big risk of missing out on the seats they want. But given the tentative nature of today’s

consumers and the instability in the job market, buyers aren’t factoring that risk into their decision making. According to Crowe, the message to consumers right now should be, “don’t get left out.” Like any self-respecting economist, Crowe has the numbers to back that up. “There are over 2 million unformed households in the U.S. right now. Those are buyers who we expected to have entered into the stage of owning a home, but haven’t,” he explained. Crowe said that many of those unformed households are comprised of young adults who moved back home with their parents or are still living with roommates. The instability of the economy has prevented that natural progression of new buyers entering the marketplace. Crowe recommends that members consider the kind of buyers they need to prepare for when that damn breaks. “The focus will still be on first-time buyers, so builders need to prepare homes that will fit their needs and budgets,” he said.

What is Expected with Low Mortgage Rates? According to a recent Mortgage Bankers Association economic forecast, mortgage rates may be as low as they will get and are on course to rise, slowly moving toward 5 percent by the end of 2011. The association predicts rates on the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage will average 4.7 percent in the first quarter of 2011 and climb to 5.1 percent by the end of the year. That rate is expected to climb to 5.7 percent at the end of 2012. Industry experts predict that refinance business will drop next year as mortgage rates begin their rise from record lows.

Data Shows Indication that 2010 was the Bottom of the Market Data by MarkgetGraphics Research Group, Russ Lohan, Principal

Housing demand in Louisville is static or trending upward based on recent studies by MarketGraphics Research Group. The research firm updates its estimates every four months. The studies are based on field investigations of available residential lots on which housing construction has been initiated, housing under construction, building permits issued, sales of housing, sales prices of housing, and compiled estimates of demand, price, and absorption. HBAL was provided with this recent data and several charts from the research firm which provides an overview of housing trends in the Louisville market. Comments on data are noted in footnotes below each chart.

Prices of Housing Starts

Housing Needed Annually

Forecast of Housing Starts

2010 Forecast Metro Louisville (8-County Market)

Metro Louisville (8-County Market)








Metro Louisville (8-County Market)


12000 5000

Even with a modest recovery – without a continuing supply of new lots – shortages of lots will start to occur by 2013, with certain areas seeing shortages in several price ranges as early as 2011. New-lot development timelines can take 24-36 months or more, depending on the jurisdiction. Financing to developers needs to loosen up very soon to avoid lot shortages. Self-financed developers will have a significant advantage.


























Ne 201 ed 5 ed

Ne 201 ed 4 ed

Ne 201 ed 3 ed

Ne 201 ed 2 ed

Ne 201 ed 1 ed







7,327 5,453

7,478 5,741








144 la 20 nce 10


Cu r Invrent en Lo tor t y

$9 O 25 ve ,00 r 0

Louisville areas with the most starts priced under $175,000 are occurring in Shepherdsville, the Fern Creek/Okolona area of Jefferson County, and the eastern portion of Clark County, Ind. More than 53 percent of the homes priced over $625,000 are occurring in northeastern Jefferson County








$1 Un 75 de ,00 r 0 $1 75 , $2 00 25 0 t ,00 o 0 $2 25 , $2 00 75 0 t ,00 o 0 $2 75 $3 ,00 25 0 t ,00 o 0 $3 25 $4 ,00 25 0 t ,00 o 0 $4 25 $6 ,00 25 0 t ,00 o 0 $6 25 $9 ,00 25 0 t ,00 o 0























Top portion of Range (gray): Represents upside of potential. Bottom portion of Range: Represents the downside risk evaluation Louisville peaked in 2003 with a total of 7,478 homes, dropping only to 2,040 during 2009. Indications point to 2010 as the bottoming out point in the Louisville market, with 2,190 homes, growing to between 3,660 and 4,880 homes by 2015. Future lot and housing demand will depend on a range of factors – primarily job growth and mortgage rates.

january 2011 13

The New Year Brings us Impressive New Products and Services by: Nancy Miler

Writing an article about new products that affect the home building industry is a major challenge because there is such an amazing array of possibilities. Most every category of the industry has recently debuted new products, or is planning to do so in the near future. Louisville Builder selected some that we considered especially interesting for HBAL members. Kitchen and Bath One of the newest refrigeration products (also applicable to laundry and some models of dishwashers), and unique to Miele, is the company’s remote vision plan. The wireless module is installed along with the unit itself. It monitors every operational part of the appliance 24/7/365. Once the purchaser has registered with Miele, the company contacts the owner if there is any abnormal activity, such as loss of temperature. A service technician is sent to the home with the necessary parts. Miele’s goal is to eliminate the two step service call which requires a technician to diagnose the problem and return with the parts. “One of the worst things that can happen while homeowners are on vacation is for them to have the refrigerator die, leaving a smelly, nasty kitchen floor that has on it what was frozen in the freezer. I have found the plan to be extraordinarily successful because it’s such a value to the consumer,” says Linda Dumstorf, co-owner of Trend Appliances. The $200 cost includes a lifetime wireless module and a five year warranty. Miele plans to add the plan throughout their line in the future. 14 louisville builder •

Although induction cooking has been around for 20 years, it seems to have had a considerable revival. “There are no Energy Star ratings for cooking products, but if there were a cooking product that would qualify, it would have to be induction because of speed and controllability. When cooking with gas, ventilation has to be considered more heavily in terms of ridding the kitchen of extra heat, and eliminating odors, gas molecules and carbon monoxide. Electric cooks faster and eliminates the heat and carbon dioxide. When many clients shop for gas, but become familiar with induction, they love it because of all the advantages,” Dumstorf says. She also notes that more attention is being given to and an increasing number of manufacturers are introducing steam ovens that have convection, and adds that there are practically endless cooking possibilities.” There’s no end to what can be cooked in a steam oven, and when convection is added it is phenomenal. It’s expensive and there is a learning curve but multiple courses can be cooked at the same time, from meat to vegetables to dessert, and there’s no crossing of flavors,” adds Dumstorf. Steam with convection ovens have

New Year, New Products special solid and vented pans that can be stacked in levels and exactly fit into the oven, allowing dishes to be prepared for four to six people at one time. Under counter products, such as beverage centers, wine cabinets and ice machines continue to have steady growth. Insinkerator’s countertop disposal switch has been a big hit in the marketplace and is particularly good for people who have island sinks. It is available in several colors. Leigh Rae Kmiec, market development manager for Plumber’s Supply reports that Kohler and Lasco have introduced walk-in tubs that are very accommodating for individuals who have problems getting in and out of the tub. Both manufacturers feature a rising wall that requires less than five pounds to operate and allows the user to facilitate it by the push of a button. She also likes Kohler’s new flip side shower and hand shower that has four different spray options. Brizo offers two new lines of faucets. Baliza, which has simple and elegant lines, was inspired by lighthouses. It is available in five finishes for the lavatory, Roman tub, tub, tub/shower, custom shower and a bidet. The second line, Siderna, is notable for its geometric structure and soft, flowing curves that reflect the movement of cascading waterfalls. The Future is Here in Home Entertainment One of the most exciting developments in whole house control is the ability to monitor energy consumption and anticipate the upcoming utility bill. “We have great new applications and equipment to help save energy, with automated lighting control and HVAC control,” says Ryan Wight, sales manager for Century Entertainment and Furnishings. “It’s all becoming more affordable and is no longer confined to the million dollar price homes. We’re even installing basic controls in spec homes. Rather than just being able to control everything, the new systems are now tying into all the circuitry. The home owner is able to see what’s happening in real time, and can do things such as turning the lights and oven on and off to see how those changes affect the energy bill.” He says 3D projectors for media rooms are just beginning to hit the market. In addition to the 3D television, they require 3D glasses and Blu-Ray players. The front projection system creates the theaterlike presence. Now, instead of having 3D on a 50” or 55” screen, it’s also on 12” screens. “Buyers are very cautious about getting into the new technology at the right time and are carefully looking for the best deals. They don’t want to find it’s cheaper a few weeks later. I foresee that our entertainment business will become more integrated with the Internet and clients will be able to access more content, maybe even to the point that they won’t have to pay for cable or Direct TV. They’ll also be able to do more things with their phone and computers and will be able to talk to their televisions. I think it’s all very positive,” says Wight. Heating and Air Conditioning Trane Residential Solutions sales leader Jason Lewis believes his company’s ComfortLink Remote Thermostat and the Schlage link web-based interface will become a system that’s very appealing to builders and contractors. The thermostat complements and enhances the functionality of the Trane Comfort System and allows remote

An increasing number of manufactures are offering steam ovens.

access with the Schlage LiNK. One simple Internet interface can control several aspects of the home, from Z-WAVE enabled lights and small appliances to the heating and air conditioning system. He says the Trane ComfortLink Remote Thermostat lets homeowners remotely control their home’s temperature from most webenabled cell phones and computers to suit their family’s schedule. Compatible with most brands of central heating, cooling and heat pump systems, it also allows for seven day programming with four setting per day for personalized home comfort. In addition, it sends text alerts for filter changes and maintenance reminders before the heating and cooling seasons begin. “Today’s homeowners want solutions that help keep their families healthy, comfortable and safe. They’re looking for products and systems that fit their lifestyles. The Trane ComfortLink Remote Thermostat offers a number of practical features to help homeowners actively manage their energy use and reduce utility bills,” says Tim Farmer, Director of Trane’s Connected Home Solutions. Home Health and Wellness “Teleformatics refers to how technology is being used in various areas of health care to progress the field. Visual Concepts’ new product that will be introduced to Louisville and the surrounding areas in early 2011 falls under that. This advanced technology will improve the lives of the aged, those with chronic health conditions, and their caregivers, by remotely and passively monitoring home activities, allowing aging in the home and improving everyone’s peace of mind. In addition, it also prevents social isolation and loneliness of the senior,” says Pam Washburn, senior sales executive for Visual Concepts Louisville.

Today’s homeowners want solutions that help keep their families healthy, comfortable and safe. They’re looking for products and systems that fit their lifestyles.” - Tim Farmer january 2011 15

New Year, New Products The product places sensors in the home to monitor movement that is then relayed to the caregiver via telephone call, text message or email. Information can be shared among caregivers, including professional assistants such as physical therapists. Reminder messages can be sent on a daily basis to the senior to which they can respond back. The system can be programmed to fit the special needs and interests of each individual. This new technology also provides mental and social stimulation by delivering select information such as games or news and photos from the family. “It is a passive monitoring system, not like an alert around someone’s neck. There are no cameras in the home; it’s not invasive. And the person using it doesn’t have to be computer literate. With a simple touch everything can easily be viewed on the screen,” says Washburn. An Alternative to Paint For those who want an alternative to paint, CHIC Liquid Vinyl might be the answer. “Remodelers love it because a lot of time they’re dealing with people who are willing to put money into existing homes rather than moving to new construction,” says Jibreel Shaheed, owner of Kentucky Custom Coatings. “It’s perfect for homeowners who want the low maintenance of solid vinyl siding but don’t like the artificial look. It is a durable v-urethane coating system engineered to provide attractive, long lasting protection for stucco, masonry, metal, wood and composite boards. It’s excellent for protecting exterior walls from water damage. Shaheed adds that it’s breathable and waterproof as well as dirt, mildew and UV resistant. Having low odor and being environmentally friendly, CHIC Liquid Vinyl has no PVAs or potentially harmful PVCs. Services “With mobile banking for their personal and business accounts, we give members of the home building community several ways to manage their money, says Michael Sadofsky, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for Republic Bank and Trust Company. SMS Text, for regular phones or Smart phones, provides balances and all transactions. If the client is using a Smart phone or a web enabled phone, it’s simple to take advantage of Republic’s mobile web banking, allowing the user to view balances and all transactions as well as pay bills. The bank also has an iPhone app that enables customers to do all of the above. For commercial clients, Republic has an online banking system that enables them to do 24/7 banking through their PC or laptop. For our money manager accounts we offer free online banking and free online bill pay, eliminating the need for checks. With that same business online banking, customers can benefit from a number of features, depending on the size of the company, including wire transfers and ACHs online. It’s basically customized for each business. “Also, builders and remodelers need to realize that there is loan money available and that the rates are very low. In fact, money has been available throughout the economic downturn, at least on a local basis,” emphasizes Sadofsky. Vince Guenthner, manager of government affairs at the Louisville Water Company points out several services that may be of interest to builders and contractors. “We have the ability for customers to have a separate irrigation meter, the irrigation retrofit. It can be installed inside the meter vault for $300. The irrigation system can be put on that meter and the homeowner is charged only the water portion of the bill, and none of the sewer charges. For people who irrigate a lot or use a 16 louisville builder •

CHIC Liquid Vinyl offers a durable, attractive alternative to paint.

lot of water for landscaping, it can be a significant savings because well over half of the typical bill is for sewer charges,” he says. Homeowners are responsible for the maintenance of their water service line, for which the cost can sometimes be high. The Louisville Water Company offers a warranty program that ensures that if there’s a break or leak in the line, a local licensed plumber will make the repair at no cost above the $5.49 a month fee. The plan allows for up to two service calls a year for coverage of up to $2,750 per call with a total claim coverage of $5,500. There is also a similar program for the sewer line. The cost is $9.99 per month for up to two calls a year for a total coverage of $10,000. “The Louisville Water Company is in the process of making several new system upgrades that will improve water pressure, reliability and fire protection. These include a transmission main along I-64, a water storage tank at Clark Station at the Jefferson County line, and a pump station in the same location. We’re also going to build a new water storage tank at Old Henry Road and the Snyder Freeway. It will improve service for much of Northeastern Jefferson County. The transmission, water storage tank and pump station at Clark Station will be in service by summer of 2011. The water storage tank at Old Henry Road is expected to be completed in2012,” adds Guenthner.

Chart a New Direction for the New Year









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YOURLOUISVILLE Everything newcomers and long-time locals need to get to know their community and discover Greater Louisville and Southern Indiana.


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KOHLER FLIPSIDE HANDSHOWER The Kohler Flipside Handshower offers four showering sensations – each available with the simple flip of the sprayhead. Choose from KoverageTM for a full-face spray; KottonTM which offers a unique spalike spray; KomotionTM for a relaxing circular pattern full-face spray; and KurrentTM a targeted massage spray. Visit or Plumbers Supply for details. List prices begin at $107.

MIELE REMOTEVISIONTM Miele RemoteVisionTM is compatible with dishwashers, refrigeration products including refrigerators, freezers, bottom-mount refrigerator-freezers and wine storage. RemoteVisionTM uses Wi-Fi technology to create a virtual link between your enabled appliance and the Miele monitoring center. If a fault occurs, the Miele client service center is notified and the homeowner is contacted in order to gain access to the appliance and fi x the problem. For more information visit or contact The Trend at 269-8313.

CONTROL 4 WALL UNIT The Control 4 Wall Unit can be adapted to function in existing homes or can be built into the house system in new construction. Control 4 Wall Units can control home theater, multi-room music, lighting, energy, and security all through mobile access online or using a smart phone. You have the ability to add features and functionality over time or you can install all of the features at once. Visit www. for details, or contact Century Entertainment & Furnishings at 231-6923.

18 lou louisville uiis isv sviil sv ill llllle eb builder uilder •

SONY SXRD 3-D PROJECTOR Sony introduced its fi rst 3-D front projector in fall 2010. Th is high tech, high end projector uses a single ultra high performance 1,000 lumens lamp to deliver a 1080p24 picture. The projector does not require a special screen so it can be easily placed in existing home theaters with minimal revision to the set up making it ideal for retrofit projects. It includes two pairs of Sony active shutter 3D glasses that are also compatible with Sony’s 3D capable BRAVIA HDTVs. Th is product retails for $10,000. Visit or contact Century Entertainment & Furnishings at 231-6923.

BRIZO, SIDERNA TWO HANDLE WIDESPREAD LAVATORY FAUCET Th is stylish bathroom faucet offers soft, flowing curves that mimic the movement of cascading waterfalls. The crisp lines of the faucet ooze modern sophistication. The spout features a hidden water efficient, laminar flow aerator. List price starts at $572.70 and can be found at or contact Plumbers Supply at 582-2261.

TRANE COMFORTLINK TM REMOTE THERMOSTAT The Trane ComfortLinkTM Remote Thermostat allows homeowners to control their home environment from relatively anywhere using a computer or most web-enabled cell phones. Adjust your temperature or check the status of your Z-Wave® lights or appliances. The basic Trane ComfortLinkTM Remote Thermostat kit contains the Thermostat, a Schlage® Bridge and a Schlage® Appliance Module. Each component must be installed by a participating Trane Comfort Specialist dealer. Contact The Trane Company at 491-5599.

january 2011 19

Prepared for Business in 2011 by: Stacy Smith Rogers

The ringing of New Year’s horns throughout Greater Louisville in the wee hours of January 1 signified a shared enthusiasm for what 2011 could mean for businesses in 2011. HBAL staff and leadership have been busy preparing for new, creative and productive ways of operating the association and connecting members with potential consumers in this young, new year. According to national and local forecasts, 2011 offers promise for the industry, but experts agree that it won’t be business as usual, and it won’t come as fast as everyone would like it to. “We want to make sure our members – both builders and associates – are prepared for when the economic recovery does come. I am a cautiously optimistic that we will see some improvement next year,” commented HBAL President Billy Doelker, Key Homes, LLC. With many members adapting their business models to reflect new consumer demands, HBAL is helping them prepare for business in 2011 so that everyone can trade their New Year’s party hats in for those hard yellow ones that signify a stronger demand for home building in 2011. How is HBAL helping members prepare for new construction opportunities? Building Relationships with Banks One way HBAL is helping members prepare for business, according to HBAL Executive Director Chuck Kavanaugh, is by re-building and developing new relationships with banks. “With lack of access for construction and development loans, we’re reaching out to individuals in the banking industry to improve the opportunities for new construction loans. Banks in 2010 have now become one of the largest groups of developers, with so many of them owning residential property. How they market and sell those properties is critical to our local industry, and we want to assist them in doing that in a way that supports the overall efforts of rebuilding the new homes industry in Greater Louisville,” he said. “Using a Registered Builder is of key importance,” he emphasized. During his installation speech, 2011 HBAL President Billy Doelker announced that he will be assigning a task force to accomplish this goal. Task force members will conduct individual meetings with bank leaders and staff, many of whom are new to their positions and have also been adjusting to new ways of doing business as well. Communicating with Mayor Fischer With a new metro mayor, Louisville is sure to experience a different 20 louisville builder •

way of doing business. Fortunately, HBAL’s introduction to Mayor Greg Fischer began long ago, and the ongoing dialogue with him during the campaign allowed many opportunities to communicate the role that home building plays in Metro Louisville. “We began working with the new mayor the day after the election in November and we look forward to continuing our conversations with him on an ongoing basis,” Kavanaugh said. “It’s certainly a positive sign that one of our members, Bill Bardenwerper, was appointed to his transition team. I think that speaks volumes in Mayor Fischer’s willingness to consider the impact of our industry,” he added. Working with Realtors on Selling Homes without Specs It’s more critical now than ever for builders to work with Realtors. Old ways of marketing new construction certainly won’t get many homes sold in 2011. While builders are focusing on marketing their talents without the convenience of having a spec home, it’s important to communicate the benefits of today’s new homes to the people who have a captive audience: real estate agents. New construction in 2011 will be different than it was even just a couple of years ago. Footprints will be smaller, homes will be more energy efficient, layouts will be changed and building products will be smarter, safer and greener. Realtors need to know what makes today’s homes different from those in recent years and be able to communicate that to buyers -- all without the advantage of touring a model home as they did in years past. And, most importantly, builders want Realtors to know that these changes are a response to building what consumers can realistically afford and desire now and in the future. President Doelker will rely on SMC chairman Pat Durham and SMC members to communicate this message. The goal is to put new homes at ‘top of mind’ awareness among Realtors as a real possibility and offering when working with individual clients. SMC and HBAL will reach out to Realtors and the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors to impress the benefits of new homes, provide realistic information about new home prices, and new home communities. “It is imperative to emphasize the importance of having the option of a new home to be included in the initial Realtor-to-buyer conversation,” explained Durham. Durham said that plans are underway to offer classes through the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors (GLAR) on the benefits of buying today’s new homes. “We find that normally Realtors stay away from new construction because they don’t feel comfortable discussing it with their customers due to lack of understanding of the

The motivation behind everything we do this year is connecting members with consumers, whether that’s the buying public or other members. It’s our driving force.” – Chuck Kavanaugh

process. We would like that to change. We will focus on selecting the home site, the ‘nuts and bolts’ of a new home – such as concrete footers, rafters, floor joists, etc..  We will also discuss the positive features of new construction, and even how to market effectively once they have a builder’s listing,” he said. Another initiative by the association is taking the new home construction message to the larger real estate offices and discussing it during regular sales meetings. HBAL Vice President of Events and Operations Gail Schell explained, “We want to encourage the sales agents to keep us in mind as an alternative product for their clients.  The more they are thinking about our industry as they show home products, the more we have a chance to get in the mix of the buyer’s decision,” he said. Getting up to Speed with Technology HBAL is practicing what it preaches in the way of improving its technology. According to Schell, HBAL will be creating a WIFI hotspot throughout the entire building, in addition to upgrades to computers and laptops in the education department. “We’re making improvements to our board room as well to enable us to offer more professional presentations so that our members are proud to host other members of the community here at the HBAL office,” she explained. We will additionally be looking to upgrade your Association’s hardware and software throughout the building. There are also plans to make significant changes to the association website and we will begin to implement a newly created social media plan for the association and all major home show events. In regard to helping members get up to speed, HBAL offers opportunities for them to receive expert advice on how they can improve their social media outreach and website design, as well as incorporate video to their marketing outlets, which is a key tool in communicating to today’s consumers. Branding HBAL as a Resource for Consumers Plans are underway for creating two separate websites for HBAL. According to HBAL Director of Communications and Public Affairs Tara Brinkmoeller, the push for separate sites is driven by need to offer consumers clearly defined and accessible information not only about members, but about the local home building industry as well. “We’ll be promoting the benefits of new homes and focusing specifically on communities where people can find and build new homes. We want the consumer to turn to us for information, and with a separate site that is designed and written specifically for them, we can better promote our members and better communicate directly to the consumers,” she said. Throughout the years, HBAL has successfully utilized its events, such as the Home, Garden & Remodeling Show Presented by Window World, Homearama and the Tour of Remodeled Homes to position HBAL as a resource. The new website will be an extension of that presence and will play a valuable role in helping new consumers make decisions regarding homeownership in the near future. The membership-focused website will continue to keep members informed of critical issues facing the local industry and will promote opportunities to be involved in HBAL activities.

Buy a Home: Help a Cause It’s hard to imagine home building as a “cause,” but in today’s economic climate, home building can play a large role in local and regional economies. By purchasing a new house, home buyers contribute to the overall economy. “I recently had a Realtor mention to me that with unemployment so high, she felt that much of the buying public would embrace the idea of new construction as a means of helping our economy recover. The building industry accounts for a significant percentage of our workforce, and when new construction is steady or robust, so generally is the economy,” Durham said. “As we move forward in 2011, we’ll continue to look at every project, event, publication and initiative and ask ourselves, ‘How does this connect members with consumers?’, and if we can’t positively answer that, then we’ll re-think why we’re doing it and re-focus it to make sure that it does,” Kavanaugh said. “The motivation behind everything we do this year is connecting members with consumers, whether that’s the buying public or other members. It’s our driving force,” he emphasized.

january 2011 21

BRICK&MORTAR: Marketing and Advertising for 2011 “We are in the business to connect members to members and members to consumers” Brick and mortar; the analogy the HBAL Marketing Department is currently using for their Marketing and Media Programs Guide for 2011. And aptly so if you think about your consumer being a brick and the HBAL being the mortar that “connects” you to them. It is also a little play on words in the building industry. And that is what it is all about isn’t it?—finding a creative and interesting way to get your targeted consumers’ attention to notice your product and/ or service. In an effort to help members find that “creative and interesting way” the Home Builders Association of Louisville employs two experienced marketing advisors that assist members in recommending programs. Leah Ritter and Melissa Mattingly are available for oneon-one consultations as a member benefit and at no cost to all members. You will hear them say time and time again that they are in the business to connect members to members and members to consumers. They realize that your company’s success depends on reaching members through a business to business effort and connecting you with your end consumer. This will be a quick run through of all the opportunities that the Marketing Department has available to you as a member.

MEMBERTOMEMBER Want to reach out to Builders, Remodelers, Developers, Contractors or other business owners? Here’s where the Marketing Department can plug you in with the most effective platform available in the building, land development, remodeling and commercial industries. Sponsorship Opportunities include: Table Top Night, Sales and Marketing Council Awards Luncheon, Education Department, Annual Golf Outing, Annual Holiday Party, General Membership Meetings, Sales and Marketing Council Meetings, County Council Meetings, and Honor Roll. Publications include: Louisville Builder and Membership Directory Internet options: Happenings e-newsletter and HBAL website

MEMBERTOCONSUMER The Home Builders Association of Louisville is unique in that it offers high profile public events and publications that reach a core group, which means your ad dollar is more effective in reaching your target consumer. Check out these consumer aimed options. Sponsorship Opportunities Include: Home Product Expo, Home, Garden and Remodeling Show, Homearama, and Tour of Remodeled Homes. 22 louisville builder •

Publications Include: Home, Garden and Remodeling Show Guide, Homearama Plansbook, Tour of Remodeled Homes Guide Book and Greater Louisville Relocation Guide Internet options: Tile ads on all event pages. With all the options that the Home Builders Association of Louisville offers both Ritter and Mattingly stress that there is no one medium in adverting that will make your company successful. Instead use multiple media to direct consumers to a single source. People are inundated with more marketing messages than ever before. What makes your message stand out? Use websites over phone numbers because if your target forgets part of your number you are sending them right to the place where all your competitors are…the Yellow Pages. While both agreed that an internet presence is important, such as having a website and facebook presence, it is important to keep print advertising within the marketing program as recent research supports. According to the Simmons Multi-Media Engagement Study, Magazines are still the No. 1 medium of engagement. Magazine ads gather the most attention because when consumers read magazines there is a unique interest in what the magazine content is AND it is a tangible item. So the consumer can keep the ad or article, tear it out, show it to their friends, etc. Knowing you have your own personal marketing advisor combined with the value of the HBAL media outlets, it really does make sense to advertise with the HBAL right now. With so many choices, both in cost and media outlets, there really is something for all members to participate in. Both Melissa and Leah encourage you to contact them and set up a free one-on-one marketing consultation and let us help you plan your strategic marketing plan for 2011.

Melissa Mattingly Account Executive Builder last names and Associate Company names beginning with L-Z 429-6000, ext. 116

Leah Ritter Senior Account Executive Builder last names and Associate Company names beginning with A-K 429-6000, ext. 117

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Celebrating 90 years in



Create a reďŹ ned mood with the collection january 2011 23

Make Connections with other Members at

TABLE TOP NIGHT As in traditional HBAL fashion the annual Table Top Night is scheduled for Tuesday, February 8th and the event will be held once again at the Mellwood Arts Center, building number three. The times are a little different, running 4:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. – hopefully providing a convenient time for all members to attend over the course of the evening. “We are certainly looking forward to yet another great event that allows the Associate members the opportunity to network with a large number of Builders and Remodelers,” said Gail Schell, VP of Events & Operations for the HBAL. Builder and Remodeler members are free (as is one guest attending with them). And of course the Associates that do not purchase a booth are welcome to attend for the $10 fee to take in all the products and services other Associates are exhibiting. “Table Top Nights is a great opportunity for members to meet and conduct business with one another, which is always a goal of all HBAL events,” explained Schell.

Table Tops are $235 for companies wishing to participate, and this fee includes $50 that will be applied towards the cash prizes that will be given away on February 8th. Table Top is one of the largest Builder & Remodeler events of the year – serving as the building industry’s Trade Show, so plan to participate either as an exhibitor or as an attendee – you do not want to miss this event!

Table Top Night February 8th • 4:00-7:30 p.m. Mellwood Arts Center, Building #3 presented by:

We are certainly looking forward to yet another great event that allows the Associate members the opportunity to network with a large number of Builders and Remodelers,” -Gail Schell

Those Builders and Remodelers that make a reservation with the HBAL office are eligible for several large cash prizes throughout the evening – and you must be present to win. Reservations can be made simply by calling the HBAL Office or e-mail The evening is presented by Bonnycastle Appliance & TV and sponsored by Boland Maloney Lumber and Century Mortgage Company. 24 louisville builder •

sponsored by:

Make the Most of Your Membership in 2011 As with most things in life, you get out of something what you’re willing to put into it. Your membership to HBAL is no different. Whether you originally joined to take advantage of group health insurance or AGC Worker’s Compensation Insurance discounts or because you thought the membership might add credibility and professionalism to your business, it is our hope that you find ways to become involved and engaged at some level so that you’re able to really make the most of your small monetary investment for membership dues in 2011. Through everything that we do as an Association, HBAL strives to serve its members by creating opportunities to connect members with business – whether your customer is another business or the public consumer. Although we have cut back on the number of events hosted by the association over the years, the events that we do host offer better information, education, and increased networking opportunities – so really, you won’t want to miss anything that is offered.

ing or codes and continuing education, there is a place for you to have an active voice with an investment of time that can be determined by you.

Sales and Marketing Committee meeting at Price Weber

2010 June General Membership Meeting with Coach Strong

At press time, HBAL was ranked 2nd in the nation as the largest association by membership. Today, the majority of our members are in the products and services category – we refer to them as “Associates.” Most associate members are looking to reach builders and remodelers, but we urge our associate members to keep in mind that each individual represents a household that could be a potential customer. With nearly 2,100 members total in the Association, that’s a pretty large audience to have access to network with and be a part of. Beyond the large meetings, networking events, education classes, and consumer home shows, HBAL offers many opportunities for you to become involved on a more intimate level. The great thing about associations is that the volunteer “staff ” that gives of their time and talents really has the ability to shape the programs and efforts of the organization. We are only as strong and as good as our membership and board allows us to be – so we need your help to continue to be well-respected and involved throughout the community and nation. Your expertise and suggestions can really make a difference at the committee level and there are several different committees with which to become involved. Whether you like marketing and advertis-

Work to engage yourself at your level of comfort and we guarantee you that your investment of membership dues will be repaid to you exponentially throughout the year. Your membership to this association will help you achieve some of your original motivations for joining, for those of you who came on board for the reasons listed at the beginning of this article, but you can also increase your business, your scope of influence, your knowledge-base about industry issues, and you may even establish lasting relationships with other members when you become engaged and active in the association. As we begin 2011 and make resolutions to ourselves, resolve to initiate, maintain or increase your level of engagement with the association this year so that you can make the most of your membership. Please call the staff at the office to find out ways you can get involved. Make sure your email address is correct in our system so you continue to receive monthly newsletters and notices of events, read the monthly Louisville Builder Magazine to stay informed, “Like” Home Builders Association of Louisville on Facebook and engage your fellow members online using social media. You should also always feel free to stop by your office building. Your participation can increase your business, so invest in yourself – get involved today!


january 2011 25

membermeetings OLDHAM COUNTY

SHELBY COUNTY The last meeting of 2010 for the Shelby Council was on the second. We enjoyed the chicken at Claudia Sanders and meeting with our colleagues. Walt Wilson from the Shelby County High School spoke a few minutes on his class. They will be attending the International Building Show for the first time and working on a hands on project competing against other schools. He asked for expertise from the council in order to prepare his class. Our guest speaker was Nicholas Kane from Citizens Union Bank. Nicholas said IRA’s are our savings accounts for the future. The outlook has been gloomy but things are going to have to eventually change with our economy. Cycles never stop, there are places around the world that are doing well right now. We can take advantage of that with stocks and investments. Depending on your age and income a Roth IRA could be for you. There are lots of choices and you should always diversify your funds. We have all been told that in the past but now is the time that it is a must. The Shelby County Council will continue in early 2011, if you would like to be a member of the council it is only $35 for the year and that includes your lunches. If you would like to attend the meetings, you are always welcome. Sponsorships are also available. For any questions, please contact Nicole Bouchard at 502-429-6000 or

David Voegele, Oldham County Judge Executive

The Oldham County Council wrapped up their year with a meeting on the eighteenth. Our Sponsor for the meeting was DWB Restoration represented by Diaya Clary. She informed the group on the services their company offers and thanked everyone for attending. The Bank of Oldham County held their regular cash drawing, the following were winners: Buddy Kittle, Forcht Bank, Phil Bills, BTM Engineering, Billy Doelker, Key Homes, David Bratcher, P.C. Home Center, Cindy Hack, Re/Max. Our guest speaker for the meeting was Judge Executive Elect, David Voegele. Jim Urban was also in attendance. David explained to the group that his slogan “our quality of life is not for sale,” did not mean he is against development. He is just in favor of quality development. Oldham County has the highest per capita income in the state and that is why he thinks the county misses out on breaks and money for improvements at the state level. The revenue at the county government was flat this year and David would like for it to be flat again this coming year. One of his tasks is to find out a way to get travelers to stop in Oldham County, sightsee and raise some new revenue. He told the group he is open to suggestions. It was added that some of the Oldham County Council members have been meeting with David in smaller group settings to discuss specific issues regarding our industry. The Oldham County Council will continue in early 2011, if you would like to be a member of the council it is only $35 for the year and that includes your lunches. If you would like to attend the meetings, you are always welcome. Sponsorships are also available. For any questions, please contact Nicole Bouchard at 502-429-6000 or

ENTERPRISES Bobcat Equipment, Toro Dingo Equipment Cronkhite Trailers

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HBAL Remembers Past President

Raymond McDonald McDONALD, RAYMOND L., 86, of Louisville, passed away Friday, November 26, 2010 at his home, surrounded by his loving family. Ray was born November 2, 1924. He was a graduate of Male High School Class of 1942. During World War II he was a second lieutenant fighter pilot and attended Mississippi State University. After World War II he remained in the Kentucky National Guard for four years. He then started the first airport in Bardstown, KY. He later joined his father as a home builder in Louisville, KY in 1949 and founded McDonald Homes. By the time he semi-retired he had built some 1,000 homes and developed close to 700 lots in subdivisions such as Westmoorland, Sunshine Acres and Wyndham Place. He built homes in both Homearama and at the Home, Garden & Remodeling Show. He became President of the Louisville Home Builder Association in 1967. He was Builder of the Year in 1983. He received the John W. Robinson Award in 2003 for his years of dedicated service to the Home Builder Association. He also earned the Life Spike Award from the National Association of Home Builders. Ray was awarded the Half Century Award for 50 years of dedicated service and commitment to the real estate industry. Raymond McDonald, 1967 HBAL President

John Miranda serving on Real Estate Industry Council of the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank John Miranda; partner with Pinnacle Properties of Louisville, LLC, a local commercial and residential developer and builder in the Louisville area; is one of ten members who serve on the Real Estate Industry Council of the St Louis Federal Reserve Bank. John, along with six of the council members, met with James Bullard, Federal Reserve Bank President and Chief Executive Officer in St Louis, and some of his staff on November 16 to discuss issues pertaining to the Real Estate Industry, particularly as it relates to our members’ difficulty obtaining fair appraisals and loan renewals extended by area banks. John submitted an outline of a plan developed by HBAL’s Government Affairs Committee to help free up lending for our member companies. Our Association continues to work with our elected officials, the Treasury Dept, FDIC, and the Federal Reserve about the challenges we are facing during this prolonged economic downturn, and solutions available to loosen the credit crisis affecting our industry.

Joe Dumstorf is a Registered Associate The Trend would like to congratulate Joe Dumstorf for his recognition by the Home Builders Assoc of Kentucky as a Registered Associate. This honor was presented at HBAK’s Fall Board Meeting. The Trend is excited to celebrate its 57th year in business under the same family ownership.” Logan Lavelle Hunt in “Rough Notes” Logan Lavelle Hunt has been recognized on a recent National publication called Rough Notes. If you want to read the article you can go to and it is on front page.

To sumbit your news just email Tara Brinkmoeller at

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Associates Approved 11/10

Congratulations to these Milestone Members: These members have reached a milestone mark in their membership with their renewal in November.

Tallas Concepts, LLC Troy Davis Type of Business: Construction Management Sponsor: Billy Doelker

40 Years Stan Logan, Logan Lavelle Hunt Insurance

Trinity Designs, LLC Mike McCarthy Type of Business: Cabinetry Sponsor: Joe Dumstorf

25 Years Steve Deneen – Registered Builder Stan DeVore, dba Landscape Lighting Company Todd Jackson, Jackson Tile, LLC

Bluegrass Nursery, Inc. Garland Lewis Type of Business: Wholesale Nursery Sponsor: Jeremy Esposito

20 Years David Brown, David Brown Aluminum Dave Ritchie, Zaring Septic & Drain Service Jeff Chism, Chism Service Irrigation, Inc.

Harrison Enterprises, Inc. Robert Harrison Type of Business: Asphalt Paving & Excavating Sponsor: Dale Hellmann

15 Years Harold Valentine, HTA Enterprises, Inc. Sam Hoehner, Lee Brick & Block 10 Years Lafe McGary - Associate Builder/Remodeler Patrick Lancaster – Registered Builder

Coffman’s Painting Garland Coffman Type of Business: Painting Sponsor: Rob Eberenz, Jr. Academy Mortgage Corporation Chris Palmer Type of Business: Mortgage Lending Sponsor: Billy Doelker Larry Gene Curry Builder, Inc. Larry Curry Type of Business: Framing and Decks Sponsor: John Miranda Keb’s Tree Service Kelvin Smith Type of Business: Tree Service Sponsor: Jesse Francis Mold Stoppers of Kentucky Jeremy Becker Type of Business: Mold Remediation services/Pretest new construction Sponsor: Brendan Kavanaugh Affiliate Approved 11/10 Larry Stewart Commonwealth Bank & Trust Company Sponsor: Buddy Kittle

5 Years Barbara Cotton Robinson, Arcus, Inc. Todd Rush, Design In Stone, LLC

memberspending The following have applied for Registered Builder/Remodelor membership or Associate Builder/Remodeler membership. Members with pertinent information about applicant’s suitability to become a registered member of the Association, particularly credit information, are requested to contact the Registered Builder Committee, c/o the HBAL office at 1000 N. Hurstbourne Parkway, Louisville, KY 40223, by mail or you can fax information to Margie at the HBAL office at 429-6036. Pending Registered Remodelor: Brandon Bailey Bailey Remodeling & Construction LLC 229 Sage Road Louisville, KY 40207 494-7442 Sponsors: Ben Tyler Rob Peterson

Greg Bryant Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Sponsor: Paula Tobe

For an up to date Spike Club list please visit HBAL.COM

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As of Decmber 1, 2010

Builders: Dominion Homes

Blacketer Company Deville Homes Associates: A&G Drywall, Inc

Frost Brown Todd, LLC

Republic Bank

Allied Aluminum

K-I Lumber & Building Materials

R.J. Thieneman Realty Group

Bardenwerper, Talbott & Roberts

L & N Federal Credit Union

Sam Kinnaird’s Flooring

Bonnycastle Appliance & TV

Logan Lavelle Hunt Insurance

Screens of Kentucky

Boral Bricks

Louis E. Hobbs Construction Co. Inc.

Sonne Steel

Chenoweth Appliances

McDonald Marble & Stone Inc.

Surburban Steel

Corrigan Electric and Home Systems

MetLife Home Loans

The Trend Companies of Kentucky

Cunningham Door & Window

Paragon Management Group

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Fifth Third Bank


VanZandt, Emrich, & Cary

A special thanks to all Honor Roll Members! For more information on how you can be listed on the HBAL Honor Roll, please call Leah or Melissa at 429-6000.

March 11-13, 2011 Kentucky Expo Center


Call 502-429-6000 or E-mail Gail Schell at 6SRQVRUHG%\

Visit our website for more information.


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Back Alley Ornamental Iron ........................ 25


New Year’s Day


NAHB International Builders Show Orlando, FL


Home Product Expo 10 a.m. - 8 p.m., Paroquet Springs Conference Centre


Home Product Expo 12 noon - 5 p.m., Paroquet Springs Conference Centre


Registered Builder Committee 10:00 a.m., HBAL


SMC Awards Luncheon 11:30 a.m., Hurstbourne Country Club


Executive Committee Meeting 1:00 p.m., HBAL


Board of Directors 3:00 p.m., HBAL

Boland Maloney .......................................... ibc

Bobcat Enterprises ....................................... 26

Dauenhauer Plumbing ................................... 4

Duggins’ Co., Inc. ........................................ 26

DWB Restoration II, Inc.............................. 21

K-I Lumber ..................................................ifc

Logan Lavelle ................................................ 4

Middleton Reutlinger .................................. 17

Porter Paints ............................................... 23

Home Product Expo January 15-16

SMC Awards January 25

February 2

Land Development Committee 10:00 a.m., HBAL


Table Top Night Mellwood Art Center


Executive Committee Meeting 11:30 a.m., HBAL

30 louisville builder •

Table Top Night February 8

Wayne Supply / The Cat Rental ..................... 4


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