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hove park celebration for olympic flame


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friend asked me recently which natural therapies ‘worked’. It was an interesting question. I could immediately list some very positive results I had personally experienced, but I think she was after something more solid. When it comes to healthcare, we live in an evidence-based world. All our pharmaceuticals are rigorously tested, and the drugs prescribed by our GP have been proven to ‘work’. We cannot say the same for many natural therapies. Whilst the anecdotal evidence is strong, many don’t perform well in clinical trials, which is perhaps what provoked my friend’s question, and why I found it difficult to answer. You might flick “It’s not necessarily through the adverts at the back of this magazine and wonder whether you would feel better after your treatment, after all there about proof, it’s is no guarantee. But as many of us know, the irony is that just because a prescription medicine has been proven to work by about possibility.” performing well in clinical trials, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. How many of us have been prescribed an eczema cream, an anti-depressant or a sleeping pill that hasn’t worked for us? And that, I suppose is my answer. If you’re suffering from ill health, go to your GP, get a diagnosis and get informed, but, if like many people, you have tried everything they have to offer and still aren’t 100%, you may find that ‘unproven’ natural therapies may well work for you. After all it’s not necessarily about proof, it’s about possibility. The positive feedback therapists receive shows that some people respond very well to natural therapies. I recommend that you choose qualified, insured therapists. In the back of this magazine, you’ll find a wealth of therapists, offering a huge range of treatments. Many people have had amazing results, and leave feeling better, I hope you’re one of them.

Wishing you health and happiness,


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righton and Hove City Council is celebrating the Olympic Flame’s arrival on July 16th. In addition to the official Olympic Torch Relay Celebration taking place at Sussex County Cricket Ground, Brighton’s community art charity Same Sky will be creating a fun family day with a dramatic finale in Hove Park. Families are invited to bring picnics to Hove Park and enjoy the celebrations from 4pm, while they wait for the Olympic Torchbearer to come running past at 6.06pm. The park will have a festival feel, festooned with giant flame-shaped flags, Brighton and Hove Nordic Walking Group, will be displaying life-sized sporting figures they have crafted in Same Sky workshops. At 9.30pm there will be a spectacular finale performance to end the day – the Sky Dome. A full list of workshops can be found on the Same Sky website. 01273 573982



the new way for consciousness work


n a state of good health every cell in the human body is in constant communication with every other cell, physically and at an energetic level. Owing to the many causes of everyday stress – family, work, environmental – the free-flow of balanced communication within those cells, or systems is compromised. Given that the brain alone has an estimated 1 trillion cells, and the body 50-75 trillion cells, it’s hardly surprising that things can go badly wrong – and we are consciously, or not, aware of deteriorating emotional, mental, physical health.

The bodymind is in a state of dis-ease. Ideally, to heal these distorted lines of communication a person would engage the body’s own process; the body has innate intelligence – a cut finger is usually healed with no intervention – and will heal in its own time and according to its own priorities. BodyTalk can rapidly accelerate and achieve this, where stressed body and mind are struggling owing to overload. It is unique in that it uses biofeedback to select priorities from the BodyTalk Protocol, and tapping techniques to

restore communication. This is consciousness work: the observer the observation - the observed...It is effective on animals and people (for some practitioners, plants), producing lasting, and sometimes dramatic, improvements for clients. BodyTalk is practiced world-wide and taught in eight languages. Uniquely, its Protocol integrates with other professions or therapies, ensuring BodyTalk is developing particularly

fast amongst practitioners who combine it seamlessly with those other systems. The International BodyTalk Association has a full explanation of BodyTalk, plus video testimonials: www.bodytalksystem. com Normal charges are £45, and half-price taster sessions are also available. Phone Sarah Corin on 07967 211059 to book in Eastbourne, Hastings or Hailsham: www.

It’S all about HavIng tHat ComPEtItIvE EdgE


aining the competitive edge is something we all strive to achieve at some point in our lives. Gaining qualifications at school, college or university is part of forming a competitive edge in our careers. With the Olympics just around the corner, we are reminded that our top sports men and women use many training techniques to enhance their performance. It’s a competitive world, where performance plays a major part in helping you to achieve the results you desire.

So how can Hypnotherapy help me achieve better results? Caroline of the Eastbourne & Uckfield Hypnotherapy Practice explains “We all recognise that feeling, where we know we have the answer to something, but just

can’t remember. The harder we try and the more anxious we are, the more difficult it becomes. With Learning Performance Therapy, we train students to stay more relaxed and focused, which in effect allows the person to retrieve the information they have learned more easily and quickly. Sports Hypnotherapy helps people to improve their ability to visualise themselves performing the tasks correctly, which in effect helps to program the mind to focus directly on the expected results.” Both techniques help to give you that competitive edge. Free initial consultations are available by calling Caroline at the Eastbourne & Uckfield Hypnotherapy Practice on 01323 762 844 or visit the website Wellbeing 5 Wellbeing 5

locAl chiRoPRActoRs

FundRAise FoR childRen’s chARity

this summer lushington chiropractic are donate fees from two special interest clinics to dr Barnardo’s

James Revell (Doctor of Chiropractic) explains “Although these are complicated and difficult conditions there may be something we can do to help ease your pain or at least answer your questions. We see a lot of people at the clinic with these types of pains, so we created these special interest clinics. We decided to waive our normal £49 consultation fees for these clinics this July and August to help fundraise for Barnardo’s.” “Your consultation will take up to an hour. The chiropractor will go through every detail with you, making sure nothing has been missed. They may use hands-on treatment if appropriate, or just answer your questions and give you advice on nutrition, exercises, posture, massage and more. Chiropractic cannot necessarily offer a cure for these conditions, but with these special interest clinics you will enjoy a thorough, professional and detailed assessment, with plenty of advice and information.” The chiropractors will treat every case individually and hope to raise as much money as possible. If you, or someone you know is suffering then call the clinic now on 01323 722499, spaces limited.

66 Wellbeing Wellbeing

Photo: Brian Norcross - FreeImagesLive

Wednesday mornings is their ARTHRITIC ACHE clinic Wednesday afternoons is their HIP & SCIATICA clinic.

Avoiding delAy can help you Work, Rest and Play!


study conducted at Brunel University over a period of three years has highlighted the benefits of early access to physiotherapy treatment. The authors demonstrated that patients who underwent ‘early intervention’ had significantly better results than those who had to wait six weeks or more. Results after six weeks showed patients who had had immediate treatment improved more rapidly in ‘function, mood, quality of life and general health’. Early intervention reduced short-term disability, distress

and anxiety. Local Chartered Physiotherapist Dave Peachey (MSc, MCSP) backs the findings stating ‘I know that when a patient comes to me with a symptom history of less than six weeks, I have a very positive mindset that I can help that person and make a real difference to their life. Early treatment really can be the key to a quick recovery.’ Wellbeing wishes Dave every success at his brand new physiotherapy clinic in Seaford which offers rapid access for individuals with an array of injuries and problems. Patients can self refer themselves without needing to see a



Train to be a practitioner


What is Reiki?

GP first. Depending on the findings on assessment, treatment can include acupuncture, massage, manual therapy techniques, exercises, education & advice, or a request for referral onto alternative professionals via the GP if needed. If you require assessment and treatment of a musculoskeletal problem you can contact the clinic on 01323 650914 or via e-mail on davepeacheyphysio@gmail. com.

Reiki is a deep relaxation therapy using gentle touch. It is a practical, simple, non invasive way to connect with our own energy source and essence. It is healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional wellbeing. Reiki has many benefits, it can help relieve stress and tension, promote the body’s natural ability to heal, balances the body’s energies, relieve pain, and promote a total state of relaxation to create a deep sense of wellbeing to name a few. To receive Reiki the client lies fully clothed on the treatment couch and is gently touched at various points of the body and head to allow Reiki to flow where it is needed. There is no diagnosis by the practitioner so Reiki complements the effectiveness of most forms of treatments and medication, enhancing a sense of wellbeing.

personally discovered Reiki in 2005. It was quite a strange experience - I was out walking with a group of friends and during a conversation Reiki was mentioned. It was like a light came on in my head and I thought, I want to know more about this! By the end of 2005 I had completed Shoden (Reiki 1) which enables you to treat friends and family and carry out self healing meditations and Okuden (Reiki 2) which allows you to practice as a practitioner. I soon began to attract clients who benefitted from regular sessions almost immediately! Whether it was a simple backache or something deeper like an emotional issue, the changes were subtle but immediate. In 2010 I took it one step further and completed the Master/Teacher course and am now able to pass this on to others. Your Reiki ‘First Degree’ course lasts for 15-16 hours, which is equivalent to more than two days training. You spend approximately nine hours working through a multimedia study pack, at your leisure, and then

attend a single-day live course. During the live part of your training you will focus on practical energy work, there are no more than four students. This approach provides you with a complete training in the basic Reiki technique. You can learn at your leisure, in the comfort of your own home, allowing all the information to sink in and allowing you to realise any questions that you might have, and you then arrive on the course well-prepared and already knowing a great deal about Reiki. Then we spend the live part of your course working with energy and putting what you have learned into practice. If you would like to know more please contact me on 07944232174 or email aharmstone@ I am offering limited places with 20% discount (£95 instead of £125) until December 2012.

Wellbeing77 Wellbeing


HYPOTHYROIDISM be making you tired? As we bounce in to Summer I know some of you have been struggling (or know someone struggling) with fatigue and odd vague symptoms so this month we are focusing on the thyroid gland. words: Kate Arnold


am seeing an abundance of people having been undiagnosed or diagnosed with hypothyroidism. This gland is vital to our overall health and can cause problems in all of us, men and women and at any age. When its not working properly the list of symptoms can be daunting. Last year I saw a 25 year old woman, her parents and siblings were all hypothyroid. She had all the symptoms as well but her blood test was borderline. It took another six months for a positive test to show. By that time she was well into the symptoms of fatigue, puffy eyes and feeling the cold. If this sounds like you, a family member or friend, read on....

8 Wellbeing

Why is the thyroid gland important? The thyroid gland lies in front of the neck between the voice box and the skin. The entire gland weighs less than an ounce. Despite its small size its an extremely important organ which controls our metabolism and is responsible for the normal working of every cell in the body. It achieves this by making the hormones thyroxine (T4), and triiodothyronine (T3) and secreting them into the bloodstream. In healthy people the amounts of T3 and T4 in the blood are maintained within narrow limits by TSH which is secreted by the anterior pituitary gland. If your

GP suspects that you may have an under active thyroid they will send you for a blood test. High levels of TSH mean you have an under active thyroid. You will then need to take thyroxine, and your blood will need to be monitored as it is not easy getting the right amount - it’s certainly not a one size fits all situation. The typical (but not necessarily accurate) type of person to get this condition is female, overweight and over forty. However that is too specific. I’ve seen many underweight people who have under active thyroids in their late 20’s and 30’s. If you are having trouble losing weight,

Wellbeing nutrition feel the cold a lot and feel tired, its worth asking your GP for a test. I have listed most of the symptoms below, but the list is far longer and the symptoms can be strange and vague e.g. the fatigue has been described as “feeling drugged”. Unfortunately the thyroid blood test is notoriously unreliable as the thyroid secretions change, so you might need several tests to get a positive result. If your blood tests come out positive your GP will usually leave it a month or two and do another one just to make sure. You are measuring your TSH level and often you can be borderline and then normal several months later. There is a strong hereditary link to this condition - all my family have hypothyroidism and at the moment my results are borderline.

What are the symptoms of an under active thyroid? * Cold hands and feet * Tendency to feel the cold * Fatigue, especially in the morning * Depression * Dry Skin * Headaches * Constipation * Loss of hair * Aching in the joints * Muscle cramps in the feet at night * Swollen eyelids (especially in the morning) * Swelling of hands and feet * Heavy periods * Loss of libido * Brittle nails * Difficulty swallowing * Elevated cholesterol * Hoarseness *Low blood pressure * Inability to concentrate * Poor memory * Slow heartbeat (bradycardia) * Weight gain.

How is it diagnosed? The conventional approach to diagnosing hypothyroidism revolves around the measurement,of thyroid blood tests, primarily the TSH test. If the TSH is elevated, the pituitary gland is sensing a low thyroid hormone level in the body and TSH is being secreted in order to stimulate the thyroid gland to produce more thyroid hormone. If the TSH is normal many doctors believe that automatically rules out a hypothyroid state. The reference ranges are: TSH normal range 0.4 - 4.5 mIU/L TSH Hypothyroid > 4.5mIU/L

What’s the problem with the TSH test? There are several schools of thought regarding the validity of the TSH - this is just one of those. The TSH blood test has been the gold standard in conventional medicine for over 30 years. When TSH values fall above this range i.e. >4.5 mIU/L a diagnosis of hypothyroidism is given. When this reference range was established it included approximately 95% of the population. Therefore 5% of the population fell outside this range and therefore could be classified as having a thyroid disorder. In the Colorado Thyroid Study researchers believed that the true incidence of hypothyroidism was higher than 5%. This is one school of thought, but I do know quite a few GP’s who feel the same and feel restricted in what they can do

when the test is borderline or the patients symptoms are severe. Over 30 years ago Dr Barnes wrote about the inadequacies of solely relying upon blood tests in: Hypothyroidism The Unsuspected Illness. Dr Barnes agreed that lab testing could not be the sole judge of whether there is hypothyroidism present or not. There is great controversy in conventional medicine about what the normal TSH range should be set. There are many doctors and organizations who believe the upper limit of the TSH range should be lowered from 4.5 - 3.0 mIU/L. This small change may result in a doubling of the numbers of individuals diagnosed as hypothyroid. Some people may do better at a TSH of 1.0 while another may do better on 3.0. It is also important to check more than just the TSH test. T3 and T4 levels are also important. Its common to see patients who have normal T4 and TSH levels and low T3 and may therefore have the symptoms of hypothyroidism. Many people do not convert T4 to T3 and might well be hypothyroid even though the TSH falls within the normal range. Don’t get me wrong, blood tests are important but for some conditions, we could wonder how relevant they are. So many people have clear blood tests but are still symptomatic (and this goes beyond hypothyroidism) and if its not “in their heads”, which it often isn’t then there is something else going on.

Wellbeing 9

Wellbeing nutrition

Factors that may cause inability to convert T4 to T3 Nutrient deficiencies : * Chromium * Copper * Iodine * Iron * Selenium * Zinc * Vitamin A * Vitamin B2 * Vitamin B6 * Vitamin B12. Medications: * Beta Blockers * Birth control pills * Oestrogen * Lithium * Steroids. Diet: * Soy * Cruciferous vegetables. Other: * Aging * Alcohol * Diabetes * Obesity * Stress* Surgery.

What to do next? If you have the above symptoms and/or have a family history of hypothyroidism, go and get your TSH tested. If there is a family history, ask for T3, T4 and thyroid antibodies as well. If the test comes back borderline, discuss this with your GP in more detail and ask for another test in a few months time. In the meantime concentrate on your diet (see below) and get as much exercise as you can. Make sure you are not deficient in any of the above vitamins and minerals and get expert personalised help if you are still having problem - this can be with a nutritionist.

Diet tips for hypothyroidism If you thought diet had nothing to do with an underactive thyroid think again. The key is adopting a diet that is rich in whole foods, including plenty of vegetables, fruits, lean meats and whole grains like brown rice, quinoa or barley instead of wheat based

products. These foods typically nourish the body and provide plenty of natural vitamins and minerals. Avoid excess sugar and refined foods. Too much sugar can cause weight gain, but especially in someone with hypothyroidism. Typically, eating too much sugar results in the body creating too much insulin. This means your body is not able to use its own fat for energy, so any carbohydrates and other molecules you eat are stored as fat, so you find it hard to shift excess weight. Someone with hypothyroidism is much more likely to end up exhausted, fatigued and hungry for longer-periods of time when they are not eating correctly. So eat several small meals during the day instead of three larger ones. This helps maintain a steady level of energy and provides the body with a steady source of constant fuel and also helps to improve metabolism. If you are not doing so already, begin a moderate exercise regime to boost your metabolism. An under active thyroid may increase your risk of a heart attack, so take nutritional steps to make sure your heart is healthy. Keep an eye on your cholesterol - raised cholesterol levels can be a sign of hypothyroidism rather than an unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

to e d i u g s ’ e Kat

THYROID HEALTH Foods that support thyroid health

3Seafood, like sushi and seaweed, which contain iodine to support the thyroid gland. But also fish for its essential fatty acids content (Omega 3’s) that assist with weight loss, reducing inflammation, and the production of hormones. 3Green tea, which can help support the metabolism. 3Lean meats and fish which contain tyrosine, thought to help boost thyroid hormone production. 3Foods rich in selenium, a mineral that supports the thyroid and immune system for those suffering Hashimoto’s disease (an auto-immune based thyroid condition). These include brazil nuts and salmon. 3Eat in moderation (as they can suppress the thyroid function): Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, mustard, greens, peaches, pears, radishes, spinach and turnips. 3Eat zinc rich foods such as almonds, tofu, chicken, turkey and pumpkin seeds. If you are putting on the pounds due to an underactive thyroid, it can be a tough call to lose the weight - if you would like some personalised help with this then do contact me on 01323 737814.

For more information contact Kate Arnold 01323 737814

10 Wellbeing

T: 07900 413 661 W: E:

The Wealden Retreat

s all o we ing

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the natural way

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from plants and non-petrochemical minerals

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22 Wellbeing the whole mag NovDec2011.indd 22

us us!?

e s

The Wealden Retreat

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Visit ‘name of salon’ and enjoy Aveda’s up 99% naturally hair colour Aveda hair colour answers alltoyour needsderived naturally. Aveda hair colour answers all your needs naturally—from full grey coverage to vibrant colour—while leaving Visit Thedamage-free, Wealden Retreat and enjoy Aveda’s upprecisely to 99% hair essentially silky and touchable. Our customized hair colouring system offers matched permanent and long lasting deposit-only shades. With up to 99% naturally derived ingredients — naturally derived* hair colour. such as patented green tea extract—we allow you to create bespoke and unique hair colour. *


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hers ELIEF

Wellbeing 11

has enabled me to successfully ~Yoga manage a back problem caused by

scoliosis and now I have no noticeable effects. In addition, I generally feel calm and stress free. Jane


Spotlight on Yoga with Lisa Powell


t was through a period of crisis that Lisa turned to yoga. She had already been practicing yoga on and off since the age of 19, but it was only between the ages of 28-30 that she took to it more seriouslly, when she became ill and her Father passed away. It was through this intense period of mourning and recovery from illness that she realised her need to make a huge change in her personal and professional life. By taking herself to India and immersing in the culture and philosophy of yoga she was able to overcome her illness and connect rather than disconnect from

12 Wellbeing

her grief. Through this process of unwinding she glimpsed Bliss and realised that she wanted to pass on the wonderful message of health and wellbeing through yoga to others.

What is your approach to yoga? I integrate yoga postures, relaxation, breathing, mantra, meditation, visualization and writing to help others relieve physical and mental tension, release emotional blocks and bring back a sense of connection to the Self. I work with honesty, integrity, passion, knowledge, life-long learning and caring for others. I am mindful of my affect

as a human being on others and the environment, however I have a light-hearted, simplistic approach and a love of life.

What has been your motivation? Seeing someone suddenly make a huge realisation about their immense potential, seeing the peace in faces after a particularly deep meditation or relaxation and the beauty of the individual shining through. I love seeing how the body becomes strong and free with certain ailments melting away. Part of my own journey is to continue being in the company of learned teachers who

inspire me to become a happier more fulfilled person thereby making those around me happier and more fulfilled. My inspiration comes from The ancient wisdom of Yoga, the philosophy by which one unites body, mind and spirit to bring about self realisation. Rod Stryker, ParaYoga, who is committed to contributing to individuals’ growth and happiness by sharing the essence of the timeless teachings of yoga in ways that enhance all aspects of modern life. Deepak Chopra, who is committed to creating a peaceful, just, sustainable and healthy world.

as the flower ~Just thanks the sun for helping it to grow, thank you Lisa for helping me grow this yoga holiday. Lynda

Nelson Mandela, who through adversity came to unite a nation and who’s own words on his epitaph will read ‘The man who lies here has done his duty for his country and his people’.

What has been your best success? Jane suffered from chronic back ache for many years. Due to her condition she needed to take many sick days off from work and presumed this would be the case for the rest of her life. Her work place decided to hold one-day yoga sessions for any staff interested and asked me to come along and teach. I have now been teaching there for about 6 years! Slowly but surely Jane’s body started to respond to the gentle stretches and the deep relaxation. She started to let go and now has a better understanding

of posture, what could have been exacerbating her condition and has made simple changes in her day to day life. One year later and Jane had not taken any days off sick from work for 6 months and was amazed at how the yoga had improved her life. She has since considered training to become a yoga teacher and is still making leaps and bounds.

Where do you teach? I work locally in my home town of St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex, however I run workshop, courses and retreats. Classes usually run as a 6-week course, by the end of the course there should be some noticeable changes, more strength, more connection to the body and an ability to relax. One-day yoga workshops are a lovely way to get away for the day. Two yoga sessions are practiced which include asana, breathing, relaxation,


meditation and sometimes writing. Usually these take place in village halls and include time to have a walk in a local wood. Lunch is often included. I run a week long yoga holiday in Turkey in September. Practicing yoga in beautiful peaceful surroundings has many benefits including: feeling a deep sense of wellbeing which lasts weeks after the holiday is over; having the time to allow the mind to go inward bringing about a deep sense of peace by the end of the week; having a more fulfilled experience by the end of the holiday; practicing yoga twice a day for a week detoxifies and energises the body;

spending some time in the week writing and sitting in silence allows you to start to have a deeper understanding of who you are as a person. There is also delicious food, beautiful surroundings, time spent by the pool, and day excursions planned. Classes from £6 per session 1-2-1 sessions £35 per session Day Workshops from £25 - £50 depending on length Yoga Holiday from £500 for a week including all yoga, accommodation and food . Call Lisa Powell on 07733 395065 or email

Wellbeing 13

MOOD shifters What mood are you in today? Stressed, angry, frustrated, anxious, fearful, sad, grieving?


t some time or another and in varying degrees of severity we all experience some of the above, sometimes on a regular basis; perhaps more so than we care to admit or acknowledge, even to ourselves. The pressures of working long hours with often little pay and maintaining a family or relationship can be overwhelming at times. Stress is a killer. Stress can lead to heart attacks, mental health issues and alcoholism. It can substantially degrade the quality of our lives causing us to over-react to situations or shut down altogether. Whilst we have more freedom of choice, opportunities and possessions than ever before, the increase in depression, anxiety and insomnia continue to rise. An estimated one in thirteen Europeans are prescribed

14 Wellbeing 14 Wellbeing

antidepressants for a whole range of mood disorders. That’s one in four in the UK. Whilst more critical cases necessitates, at times, the use of drugs; for others, a gentle and natural nudge, attention to diet and time and space to retrain our thoughts can lift that burden. Fortunately, nature herself has provided us with an abundance of herbal helpers to assist us through challenging episodes and to quieten and calm both mind and heart. For example, we have a broad range of ‘adaptogen’ herbs. These herbs have been shown to have a non-specific response in the body, increasing resistance to numerous stressors including physical, chemical or biological agents. The Soviet Academy of Science was once charged with finding a substance that improved the performance and decreased the stress

of their athletes and military personnel. Their research, conducted by twelve hundred scientists, physicians and botanists on four thousand plants identified twelve adaptogens. One of these, Eleutherococcus, was used successfully by athletes to prepare for the Olympic games. Of course, these plants have had thousands of years of indigenous use, long before modern society decided to experiment with them and explain them scientifically; but how do adaptogens work? Adaptogens are powerful antioxidants which protect cells from free radical damage, slowing the aging process and stimulating the parts of cells responsible for the manufacture of energy, increasing overall mental and physical strength. They support liver function to remove toxins, thereby improving

the body’s overall ability to function more efficiently, they reduce inflammation which contributes to just about every disease process known to man, and they can help reduce general wear and tear on the body. There is a branch of research called psychoneuroimmunology in which scientists have discovered what many people knew all along that there is an interaction between the mind, the nervous system and the immune system. In other words, how and what we think can change our bodies on a cellular level. The mind plays an important role in both the development and treatment of disease. Therefore paying attention to our minds and our moods is also paying attention to potential physical diseases we may be susceptible to. Because of the numerous chemical constituents in each herb, adaptogens are

“I have a theory about what makes a

carefully selected for each patient based on their other requirements. Plants like Panax can be used to enhance immune function after chemotherapy or in chronic fatigue and autoimmune disorders; Rhodiola can enhance alertness, reduce fatigue and improve memory and depressive episodes; Leonorus calms heart palpitations and is ideal for anyone feeling there is just not enough time in the day to get everything done. Matching the relevant herbs to the person is a skill that relies on a qualified practitioner and the honesty of the patient telling their story. Herbalists cannot eliminate external stressors from your life but they can aid the balance of your body so that in whichever way you as a person react to stress whether it’s causing lowered immunity which leads to recurring colds, or anxiety leading to insomnia, or a tight heart leading to palpitations or a general inability to cope with the day to day grind, rest assured - there are plants that have the ability, given the correct formula and time, to help you.

person old; it is the inability to move with

RIDING the Wave of Change the times, to accept constant change.”


2012 is for me a year of huge change. Since January, my life has been put into the fast lane and accelerated beyond belief. At times I have felt great urges to resist these changes, particularly the idea of moving house... and then I remember to take a deep breath and relax. For the last four years I have lived as a single, self employed mother. But in December, of 2011, all that changed when I became romantically interested in a dear friend of mine. He had also suffered a divorce, and like me was not too hopeful about the prospect of true love. However, true love

presented itself to us, through mutual care and respect for each other. Now we are in the throes of planning our wedding, honeymoon, house move, and to top it all.... I’m pregnant. With these life changing events all happening simultaneously, I’m wondering how it is all possible. Yet somehow it is. Somehow love carries the energy to move it all into place, to where it needs to be. Our lives are merging together now, to bring about long term stability. And in the meantime, our best chance to come through all this unscathed, is to simply allow ourselves to bend with the flowing

river. People often find it hard to discern my age. Although I’m in my mid thirties, I mostly get mistaken for someone in their mid twenties. I still get asked for ID when buying alcohol, which makes me chuckle. So what is the secret to my youth? The ability to accept each moment as it comes, changes and all. Sheila Nursten is an artist and healer. See her work at

Melanie is a qualified herbalist and naturopath practising in Hastings in East Sussex. For an appointment call Melanie on 07840202930, or email

Wellbeing 15 15 Wellbeing



he nation is suddenly waking up to the realisation that a very considerable percentage of the population is overweight. This would be worrying were the problem confined to adults but the fact that so many children are overweight - many to the point of being described as ‘clinically obese’ - is far more concerning. Perhaps the most startling statistic of all relates to research which indicates that one in six children are officially considered clinically obese before starting primary school.

Despite government health warnings – the advice of the medical profession – an absolute plethora of diets – and exhortations to appreciate that ‘gluttony’ and ‘sloth’ are often contributory factors – the problem of overweight is increasing in virtually all developed nations. Equally worryingly, the problem is spreading to developing nations as their economies improve and they adopt fast food habits. Some experts believe that being overweight is related to more health problems than smoking and they cite as examples links to heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stress and

16 Wellbeing

depression. Further bad news: at the same time, more people are speaking of feeling ‘run down’, ‘lethargic’, ‘off-colour’ ‘not quite right’. The good news: increasing numbers of overweight people are seeking solutions. Interest in ‘wellbeing’ is growing, alongside desire to ‘feel good about one-self’ rather than avoiding mirrors at all costs because the reflection is too depressingly honest! We link obesity with too much food and too little exercise. This is often an over-simplification because it is very possible – and actually quite common – for an overweight child (or adult for that matter) to be severely malnourished. All sorts of reasons are debated. Too much fast food… too much time spent on computers…too much time spent watching television. Combine this with insufficient exercise, insufficient nutritious food, insufficient stimulation and it isn’t

difficult to see why the problem is escalating. Many nutritionists blame the high fat and sugar levels in convenience foods but, interestingly, a recent study revealed that housewives in the 1950s consumed more calories than their modern-day counterparts yet were significantly slimmer. The difference? Their daily lives involved far greater physical activity! The Olympics could have a very positive effect on the situation. British athletes who collect medals – no matter what the discipline – will encourage involvement in their particular sport. For some, taking up a sport or activity will be a passing interest but for others it will become an important part of their life. We are already witnessing increased demand for a wide range of sports facilities in both the private and public sectors.

Wellbeing education nomic spin-offs in relation to jobs directly involved with particular sports - or with the manufacturing, retailing and services that support them.

At the same time, opportunities to take part in exciting ‘outdoor adventure’ pursuits are increasing. All this is good for the nation’s health and it also has eco-

‘Outdoor pursuits’ are catching on with people who want ‘something different’. Canoeing, rock climbing, kayaking, orienteering, cycling – and many, many more. New outdoor centres are opening all over the country. Some specialise in winter activities, others concentrate on summer activities. Some operate clubs, others offer holidays - many with instruction in widely ranging sports and activities at levels from the absolute beginner, to the improver and the advanced. As the industry grows, so do job opportunities in the sector.

Hadlow College is offering Level 2 Diploma in Sport and Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport (Outdoor Adventure) programmes. Those successfully completing Level 2 can either progress to the level 3 programme or obtain employment in the industry. Those completing Level 3 can progress to a sports related or other degree programme or gain employment in a supervisory role. The college’s Football Academy – launched a year ago in conjunction with Tonbridge Angels - is going from strength to strength. This autumn two new additions are included in the prospectus - a Tennis Academy and a Golf Academy. Advice and further information can be obtained by telephoning: 0500 551434.

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Wellbeing products HAIR FREE IN 6 MONTHS The TRIA Hair Removal Laser is the UK’s only at-home, hand-held laser hair removal device and uses the same technology available in high end salons. Over the last couple of months I have been testing the device which you use once a fortnight. Their claims are that by the second treatment you should see a 70% reduction, while I am not sure it was that much it certainly has reduced the hair growth. It is a slow treatment as for larger areas like legs you need to recharge in between as you you

run out of battery before completing a half leg, but for bikini line, face and under arms you only need to charge it once for each and is done in a couple of minutes. I was expecting it to be painful and although there was a little discomfort at times, it was nothing compared to waxing or threading. I am looking forward to seeing the results in six months as the idea of being totally hair free is certainly worth the £349 price tag. The TRIA Hair Removal Laser costs £349 and is available online or

Tried & tested Wellbeing new products for you and your family... FUEL YOUR SPORTING PURSUITS FUEL is s new energy cereal has been created to meet the needs of sports and fitness enthusiasts. It is an energy-packed breakfast granola loaded with large clusters of toasted oats and available in two flavours - Real Fruit and Chocolate Chunks. Available from Tesco and on promotion from July 25 - August 14 with £1 off the normal RRP of £3.29. Both cereals tasted delicious, and our only complaint was that we wished the box was bigger!

A medical product that was originally developed for acclaimed opera singer, The Great Enrico Caruso in 1912, is celebrating its 100th Anniversary in the UK this summer with a new vibrant, limited edition pocket tin. A ‘must-have’ for many well-known stars such as Sir Tom Jones. Vocalzone Throat Pastilles (£3.49 for 24) is the

18 Wellbeing

SIR TOM ‘THE VOICE’ JONES BEST KEPT SECRET IS OUT! worldwide, they are used by only product of its kind to contain people of various occupations to Myrrh, an active ingredient that has relieve any irritation caused by been used for centuries to treat sore excessive speaking.  Vocalzone throats and tonsillitis. Throat Pastilles are also regularly Vocalzone Throat Pastilles are used to relieve irritation of the a natural, soothing remedy that throat caused by smoking, hay provides powerful relief from fever or the common cold. irritated throats caused by excessive  Available, singing and speaking.  Not only are music shops, leading health Vocalzone Throat Pastilles trusted stores and independent chemists. by professional and amateur singers

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Certificated Foundation Course in Hypnotherapy 15th/16th September, 22nd/23rd September, 13th/14th October 2012 - 9.30 am - 4.30 pm Course Location: Training Rooms, Headway House, Jackies Lane, Newick, Sussex BN8 4QX Cost £595 Facilitator: The workshop will be led by Penny Hawkins Adv Dip Hyp. MHA. MRSPH. GHR Reg. SQHP. NRH. LNLP. Cert Ed.. 01892 652487

COURSES STARTING SEPTEMBER HYPNOTHERAPY The Link Centre, in conjunction with Mind-Field Training, is offering the Certificated Foundation course in Hypnotherapy which provides both the theory and practical hands-on experience to explore many useful and helpful aspects of hypnosis and allied holistic therapies. It is suitable for self-knowledge and self-development and is a solid and broad base from which students may progress to the Diploma Course (8 weekends). To achieve full practitioner status, students must complete the

20 Wellbeing

Foundation and Diploma Course. The training will enable you to help people positively transform their lives. The course will provide you with the necessary skills to use hypnosis to improve confidence, self-esteem, weight control, insomnia, memory and to use with habits such as smoking and nail biting, resolving people’s fears and phobia’s, gain relief from panic and anxiety and much more. Suitable for those already offer therapeutic services who wish to understand and apply hypnotherapy in their practice. It is also suitable for those who are a ‘people person’ and are considering a change of career Call 01892 652487 for more information.

REIKI First Degree Reiki Training Incorporating Hands on Healing Sunday 23rd September 2012 - Sunday 11th November 2012 Held once a week every Sunday x 8 consecutive weeks 10.30am - 4.30pm Part 1 - Hands-on Healing (2 manuals supplied) This is a comprehensive introductory healing course covering hands-on healing techniques, meditations and visualisations, self-protection, the aura, the chakra system, the human anatomy, client record cards, spirituality, how to scan the body and what an illness means. Part 2 - Reiki First Degree (1 manual supplied) Here, the student will learn about the history of Reiki, how it works, chakra balancing techniques and healing practices. The Reiki healing hand positions are then taught and students receive their first level attunement, which is the highlight of the training. Students will then be required to do a single case study to be presented for discussion on the final day of the course. Tel: 01892 750992

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TOWER Words: Rachel Branson


he short 25 minute journey from Newcastle station to Shortflatt Tower took my three friends and I from the bustling city centre to tranquil countryside of Northumberland. Pulling up the drive, it was hard not to be impressed by the solid fortress of Shortflatt Tower. We were greeted by Octavia and Jono, the current owners of Shortflatt Tower, and as we walked through the front door we were surrounded by the sensual scents of candles and the welcome roar of the open fire in the Tower Keep drawing room. With it’s high vaulted ceiling and 6 foot thick walls, this impressive room is simply furnished with elegant, yet comfortable leather sofas and antique furniture.

22 Wellbeing

After a welcome pot of tea we were guided around our accommodation, you could sense the hundreds of years of family history, brought up to date by Octavia and Jono’s labour of love and eye for detail. Each room has been decorated with beautiful furnishings and quality materials, like the Brazilian marble in one of the bathrooms, while retaining the character of the grade I Pele Tower, which delivers the 5 star Gold accommodation rating they have been awarded. We settled into the upstairs open plan kitchen / living room. We had decided to arrive by train as we felt that this would be the best way to enjoy a weekend of relaxation. As we didn’t have

a car we came well prepared with food for the weekend and planned to stay ensconced in our tower and pampered in their Fullerton Place Spa over the next couple of days. For those that want a little more luxury Octavia and Jono have connections with local restaurants who can cater for your stay and one party even organised a butler for their stay. The four of us each picked our room from the 7 individually styled bedrooms, I was drawn to Gallant Foe, the four poster room, the more traditional of the bedrooms with old paintings, furniture and traditional fabrics and a delightful window seat over looking the Rose Quartz fountain.

The Tower Keep drawing room has a vaulted ceiling, 6 foot thick walls and an open fire. The Tower Drawing room opens out onto an impressive stone terrace with attractive hardwood tables and chairs, a very comfortable swinging sofa and a patio heater.

(above) Rose Quartz fountain adorns the beautiful gardens of Shortflatt Tower (right)Shortflatt Tower has seven beautifully and individually decorated double bedrooms with views overlooking the formal garden and rolling Northumberland countryside.

Wellbeing 23

The Spa Garden was a wonderful place to sit as we enjoyed a chilled glass of bubbly, even though the weather was a little cold Vicky and I braved the hot tub, which turned out to be a wonderful way to the end the day.

Although the accommodation normally sleeps 14, we never felt over whelmed by the size of the accommodation, it felt comfortable and welcoming and very quickly we began to unwind. It is easy to see why families choose to stay here for special occasions and friends join together for celebrations. The Master bedroom makes a wonderful Bridal suite, I can easily imagine a bride using this room and gliding down the stairs to their licenced room, and this year they will see their first Winter wedding. Past and present generations of the family have taken great pride in creating and maintain-

24 Wellbeing

ing the wonderful garden and the grounds around the Tower. The flower borders have been planned to produce colour and blooms throughout the year and there is a beautiful rose quartz fountain.

noise and uninterrupted views. Balancing tranquil surroundings with energy and vitality, Shortflatt has an exceptionally calm and relaxing atmosphere making it an ideal place for rest and relaxation.

With a variety of areas to stroll or to sit and relax in the garden and parkland, it’s a wonderful space to explore. With prior permission, it is also possible to walk around in the surrounding fields on the other side of the ancient haha and there are several footpath and bridleway routes that pass through nearby. There are also great views of the house from every direction. The drive is nearly a mile long so there is great privacy, very little traffic

Fullerton Place Spa built with funding from Defra has a wide range of treatments and therapies available.Their facilities consist of a steam room, outdoor hot tub, hammam and 4 treatment rooms, and offer a range of quality treatment experiences. The treatment rooms are beautiful especially the specially created Hammam treatment room (pictured right). Octavia and Jono took inspiration from their travels to Morocco.

Drifting off to the foothills of the Himalayas Words: Fenella Wood When it comes to the long awaited trip to the spa I am not normally one to opt for a facial, having always regarded them as the sparkling wine of treatments when really all you want is the glass of bubbly. I tend to be a staunch “free me of all the aches and pains from having a 21month old please and massage me to an inch of my life” kinda gal. But this time I thought I would go for a slightly different approach. The Elemis SOS Purifier treatment was idyllic. Deborah (the masseuse) explained the treatments and oils involved which included two face masks to boost, calm and balance the skin. A heavenly stress relieving massage around the eyes, a mind-balancing neck and head rub and an arms, hands and feet massage. The setting at Fullerton perfectly combines an enchanting mix of Buddhist backdrop tunes, calming oils, soft cotton sheets and faux fur throws to sink into; I soon found my mind drifting off to the foothills of the Himalayas with not a child or thrown toy in sight! An hour or so later

and I felt blissfully relaxed and a complete convert to facials - the sparkling wine has upgraded to the ranks of Champagne. However, just how long the feeling of calm would last once back in the kingdom of toddler is another question!!

A nurturing ritual Words: Rachel Branson There is something very comforting about the use of water in a treatment. The Hammam treatment is a ritual of washing and cleansing, including an exfoliation with ‘Savon Noir’, a nourishing soap made from olives and olive oil. Salts infused with oil and fresh herbs are also used followed by the rinsing and cleansing of the body. Grace poured warm water over my body and head, while sitting on the heated, tiled bench. The feeling was very much the same as a small child being bathed by her mother, something I have recently been doing for my little one, now I know why she loves bath time so much! It is quite an intimate experience, however Grace’s gentle voice with her explanation of the process left me knowing

I was in very capable hands. ‘Rhassoul’ is then applied to the body and hair while you soak up the warmth of the Hammam and its heated benches. Rassoul is Lava clay sourced from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, extremely rich in trace minerals which treat and purify the skin and extract toxins. The final part of the ritual is a wonderful, relaxing full body massage with ‘Argan Oil’, which has rich, healing and restorative properties for skin and hair. After an hour and a half I was left feeling truly pampered and relaxed and enjoyed a blissful night’s sleep.

Retreats at Shortflatt Octavia and Jono with the help of their Spa Manager Grace, are organising their first retreat in July bringing their luxury accommodation, spa treatments, local practitioners, and caterers together to create a truly unique experience. Octavia & Jono Hedley-Dent Shortflatt Tower Belsay Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Northumberland NE20 0HD 01661 881804 To book accommodation Cottages/Shortflatt-Tower.aspx

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l a r u t a N



ummer has arrived! This means we are outside a lot more hopefully, summer in Great Britain doesn’t necessarily mean BBQ’S, hot sunny days, shorts and T shirts but let’s hope for a really warm sunny one this year. We all deserve it.

We all know that we need to wear sunscreen, need to moisturize and look after our skin well, but in recent years, some cosmetics have had bad press - full of parabens and other chemicals we’d rather avoid. Did you know that there is a natural alternative? Natural sun block is available, for example, from Sussex-based handmade skincare company Elena’s Nature Collection. At Wellbeing Magazine, we love their natural sun block Factor 50. Mix it with Elena’s Body Lotion to make lower factors and use Elena’s Body Lotion as an after sun lotion. Our skin is our biggest organ and requires a lot of maintenance.

24 Wellbeing 26

No, we don’t need face lifts, eyelid surgery, lip botox, all we need is good organic handmade skincare and to keep smiling! That is the best anti wrinkle cure in the world! They also make a fab chemical free eye makeup remover which cares for eye lids as well along with their best-selling Elena’s Day Cream Special and Night Cream Extra or try Trinity Soap/Shampoo for itchy dry red skin. For advise tailored to your skin phone their help line 01435 882092. For advice and inspiration have a look at their blog at www. elenasnaturecollection. Free information packs for all wellbeing readers, phone or email us elena@ Available on the NHS at your GP’s discretion. Elena’s Nature Collection. Local Handmade Skincare.



lue clay is a perfect product for drawing out impurities combined with wonderful healing properties of aloe vera combinded with essential oils treating acne prone skin.

Ingredients: 2 tbsp of blue clay 3 tbsp aloe vera gel 1 tsp orange flower water (can be replaced with spring water)

2 drops lavender essential oil 1 drop orange essential oil 1 drop tea tree essential oil (can be replaced with chamomile oil) Use once or twice a week.


POWERFULofBEAUTY Magnets Magnetism, a natural phenomenon, affects the cells of plants and animals. Loggerhead and leatherback turtles for example, are known to orient to the Earth’s magnetic field.


xperiments show that many migratory birds can detect magnetism, but we’re not sure exactly how they do this is. One possibility is that it involves cells containing iron-rich magnetite crystals, which are found in the brains of many birds and other animals (including humans). Magnetism is naturally generated by planets and stars, protecting the earth from solar radiation. Life on earth simply wouldn’t exist without the earth generating a huge magnetic force. Earth’s magnetic strength varies worldwide, some locations have a higher magnetic strength than others. Throughout the globe, through the ages, people have been fascinated with the special, healing properties of magnets. Though as modern medicine developed, many older healing traditions have been forgotten. Interest in magnet therapy resurfaced in the 1960s after early space travel. Upon return, the astronauts suffered various health problems - lack of concentration, tiredness, depression, insomnia - which weren’t immediately explainable. It was proposed that their symptoms could have been a result of them being out of the earth’s magnetic field. Energetix provide a wide range of stylish, designer jewellery and wellbeing products incorporating the power of magnets - for women, men, children and animals. For more information please visit, call Lesley on 07956 193803, or e-mail (Not for use if pacemaker is fitted. Not recommended for use during pregnancy. Please consult your doctor if you have any concerns.)

Or why not try blue clay for cellulite treatment. Blue clay is toning, smoothing the skin, reducing appearance of cellulite and absorbing

the toxins. You can treat a cellulite in comfort at your own home: Before applying the mask on the body, first scrub the skin. You can use either a body scrub

or scrub gloves and a soothing shower gel. Do the scrubbing in a circular movement to remove dead skin cells. After mix the blue clay with spring water (amount depending on the size a body area of treatment - starting from 3 tablespoons), adding a few drops of essential oil (olive oil can be used) and make a creamy paste, apply to desired area, cover with cling film

and a towel, leave at least for 20 min. Shower with warm water and use a body brush to massage the treated area. Apply a moisturising body lotion or anti cellulite cream. Use at least once a week. Drink plenty of water. For local Blue Clay supplies try www. Email: skincare@

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There has never been a better time to learn something new, redundancies and the need to earn an extra income offers a great opportunity to retrain or learn a new skill. With a vast array of courses on offer all around the country, the only problem you have is choosing which new skill you would like to learn. From evening and part-time courses to full time, degree level studies why not take the opportunity to try something different this September. If you have a burning desire to retrain in a new profession perhaps the Acupuncture courses at London Southbank University are worth taking a look. They offer BSc(Hons) Chinese Medicine

28 Wellbeing

Acupuncture or an M.CMAc Chinese Medicine Acupuncture ( studyacupuncture). For those looking to explore practical wisdom in a non academic evening course then Kent School of Philosophy are offering a 10 week course in Canterbury, Maidstone and Tonbridge starting September ( There are also courses that offer you the opportunity to improve your own health and fitness, courses like Alexander Technique (alexander-technique-college. com) and Yoga (sports-centre. can offer you the chance to improve your own posture as well as learn new skills

and change career. Reiki courses (yourhandscanhealschoolofreiki. or Ann Harmstone, see page 7) can offer you the chance to learn a skill that can be used to improve your own health and the health of your family and friends. If you love the outdoors, plants, gardens and animals then have a look at Hadlow College (, they have short courses, part-time and full time courses covering everything from floristry and garden design to Dog Grooming and Animal Management. Most of these courses start in September so check out their websites and you never know in the next few weeks you could be starting a new chapter in your life.


easonal tune-up WORDS: JANE SEFTON

172 million days are lost each year in the UK to sickness, costing the economy over £13 billion*. Minor ailments such as colds and flu are the most common causes of short-term absence followed closely by muscular skeletal problems such as back pain.


ne answer to reducing sickness levels is to improve general wellbeing. A quarterly seasonal tune up with an acupuncturist can help improve overall health by enhancing the body’s immune system to keep illness at bay. A seasonal tune up can also provide a boost in energy levels, lifting mood and improving a person’s sense of wellbeing. Why do I need a seasonal tune up now? The change in seasons places additional demands on our bodies. In particular we are more vulnerable physically and mentally as each of the seasons change and therefore more likely to get sick or depressed. Traditional Chinese medicine recognises this and uses acupuncture to smooth the transition. At certain periods of the year, the body can have

difficulty adapting to change and can tire or deplete easily, leaving it more vulnerable to disease. A seasonal tune up can help your mind and body to adjust, easing the transition from one season to the next. It will also replenish the body’s motivating energy, known as Qi, improving ability to deal with stress, boosting energy levels and helping the body to ward off illness and allow the body to function more effectively. How does it work? A seasonal tune up works in much the same way as getting your car serviced – motorists are advised to regularly check the oil and water levels, give the tyres a once over and top up the antifreeze in order to keep their cars running efficiently. Your body and mind can also benefit from a quick tune up to help you look and feel your best. Acupuncture

aims to improve overall wellbeing by identifying and treating the root cause of any problem, rather than specific symptoms. Addressing imbalances in the body will help return Qi to an optimum level, improving overall wellbeing of the mind and body and preventing further illness. Acupuncture is based on Chinese medicine principles that have been developed, researched and refined for over 2,500 years. Acupuncture is holistic, not focused on isolated symptoms. It regards pain and illness, whether physical or mental, to be a sign the whole body is out of balance. Acupuncturists look at the whole person so may also provide dietary and lifestyle advice alongside an acupuncture treatment. What will happen in a seasonal tune up? Treatments are tailored to an

individual so will vary from person to person. If you have not had acupuncture before, the acupuncturist will apply a number of different diagnostic processes to get a better picture of your overall health. This includes taking a full medical history, reading your pulses or looking at your tongue. From this, the practitioner will be able to form a diagnosis and treat the source of any underlying problems. By inserting fine needles into the channels of qi energy an acupuncturist can clear any blockages that are impeding the flow of energy, stimulate the body’s own healing response and help restore its natural equilibrium. To make an appointment with Jane Sefton MBAcC please visit www.acupuncturenaturally. or call 07834369390. *CBI Absence & Labour turnover.

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Not feeling 100%? Not sure where to turn?

The Energy for Life healing process enables all of us to reconnect back to the essence of who we are, whilst experiencing an accelerated healing journeywith tranquility & inner peace.

Spirit Guide Portraits Reiki Healing Angel & Faery Readings Psychic Development Training Jackie Mannell Therapist Old Brewery Yard Battle, TN33 OAF 01424 775075

Contact Sheila on: T: 07900 413 661 W: E:

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Li Likke us? For e u offe exclus s! iv rs e ews


the natural way

Visit ‘name of salon’ and enjoy Aveda’s up 99% naturally hair colour Aveda hair colour answers alltoyour needsderived naturally. Aveda hair colour answers all your needs naturally—from full grey coverage to vibrant colour—while leaving Visit Thedamage-free, Wealden Retreat and enjoy Aveda’s upprecisely to 99% hair essentially silky and touchable. Our customized hair colouring system offers matched permanent and long lasting deposit-only shades. With up to 99% naturally derived ingredients — naturally derived* hair colour. such as patented green tea extract—we allow you to create bespoke and unique hair colour. *



from plants and non-petrochemical minerals

*from plants and non-petrochemicals

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Wellbeing 31



in the Lot Valley Nick Hordern’s sleuthing takes him from the Next County to the Next Continent No, not exactly the riddle of the Sphinx, but you’re getting warm. What does a giant basaltic slab discovered near Alexandria have in common with Hollywood’s quintessential ‘ladies man’? The answer. An enchanting medieval town of 10,000 citizens in south-west France, whose Tourist Office loudly proclaims its USP: “Figeac, the banks of the Nile in the valleys of the Lot!” There must be something in the water, for the town was the birthplace not only of JeanFrancois Champollion, the father of Egyptology who cracked the hieroglyphic code of the Rosetta Stone discovered in 1799; but also of Charles Boyer, born precisely 100 years later in 1899, the suave, heartthrob of the silver screen. Figeac, is in the delightful department of Lot, favoured by Brits, in the Dordogne Valley, the latter described by Henry Miller

32 Wellbeing

in the 1930s “as the nearest thing to Paradise this side of Greece.” Abutting the northeastern edge of s, Cairo Pyramid at Giza r the 435,000-acre te s a c r/broad , autho Joseph Cottens and Causses du Quercy ordern Nick H Charles and Diana Boyer. BeRegional Nature Reserve, fore dinner, George and I enterthe 12th-century trading town of tained on the piano, and Boyer half-timbered and stone houses, performed slick conjuring tricks. palaces would become a stop A happy, enjoyable evening that on the route to Santiago de ended a decade later in tragedy. Compostela. The ancient mint, Both Sanders and Boyer’s wives Hotel de la Monnaie, is now the died of cancer, and the two men Figeac Tourist Office. committed suicide. Boyer only loved one woman in 44 years of Born in Figeac on August 28, wedded bliss. 1899, Charles Boyer at 11 monopolised the town’s small Jean-Francois Champollion, movie theatre. His phenomenal son of a Figeac bookstore photographic memory while owner, was born in the town on at Paris’ Sorbonne landed the December 23rd, 1790. He was unknown’s first break as an nine when Napoleon’s soldiers emergency stand-in for a star had uncovered a stele near the and he never looked back. Boyer town of Rosetta on the Nile River was a Hollywood leading man Delta, and so began a lifelong when I met him when I was one obsession to unravel the hidden of Madison Avenue’s ‘madmen’ secrets of the world’s first supervisiting our LA branch office. power. The single most famous The hosts were George & Benita slab in the history of archaeolSanders whose guests were the

ogy, now in the British Museum, contained a decree from the general council of priests in 196 BC, in ancient Greek, hieroglyphics, that adorn Egyptian monuments, and demotic, a joined-up writing. Only the Greek was understood, until in 1822, the 32-year-old, fluent in Middle Eastern and Oriental tongues, dashed into his brother’s office and shouted “Je tiens l’affaire!” (‘I’ve got it!’), whereupon he collapsed and stayed in bed for five days. Champollion died aged 41, worn out after having visited Egypt, revealing to the world its 3,000-years of ancient Egyptian history, and fulfilling a childhood dream. I humbly followed in his footsteps, inspired by John Keats’ sonnet to the Nile, “Son of the old moon-mountains African! Stream of pyramid and crocodile!.” Cruising up the Nile in a floating palace, I visited ancient towns that soared from the desert: Abu Simbel, Edfu, Karnak and at Luxor, Hatsheput’s Temple, where pictured is the 4,000 years ago Punt expedition for the fabulous luxuries of spices and gold at the Horn of Africa. This same Horn of Africa is today destitute, its starving population a scar on the face of humankind. The message was highlighted (“Don’t they know it’s Christ-

mas”) by a charismatic figure, Sir Bob Geldof, who followed Keats’ tradition of artists succeeding where politicians failed and raised $100 million. Before I left, I had to talk to Sir Bob. His staff had warned me off so I had to doorstep him at the London Library where he was reciting his beloved Keats to a hand-picked audience of celebrities. It took all my courage to approach him. After all, he had called a notorious Horn of Africa warlord , a f-----!, and on TV, too. It had stopped the interpreter dead in his tracks. “Go on,” said Bob, “translate it.” I clutched my BBC World Service mike and headed for the scrum around Sir Bob. Might the former Boomtown Rat, known as much for his expletives as for his tireless campaigning for Africa’s poor, decide to “make Hordern history? I’m 6’2”, but he, sylph-like towered over me. “How are you, Sir Bob?” “Fine, thank you,” he replied. So far, so good. “There were echoes of Keats in your Geldof in Africa book,” I said “Wow!” he replied. “That’s flattering. I didn’t intend to. That’s fantastic!” His love of Africa and its people shone throughout the interview, saying “I only feel alive when there.” If my mother, a convent girl from an Order originating the Next County, had not met and wed

an Old Etonian car salesman (General Motors) in Alexandria, a stone’s throw (je m’excuse) from Rosetta, I would not be here, standing in Champollion’s footsteps publicising the wonders of Figeac’s native son. OFFICE DU TOURISME DU PAYS DE FIGEAC: Hotels 3-star Best Western Hotel, Le Pont D’or from £64; 2-star Hotel Au Pont du Pin from £47 Restaurants La Dinee du Vigier, Eurl Le Cinq; Les Anges Gourmande, Restaurant Pizzeria Del Portel Champollion Museum: Dedicated to the native son’s life and works, open year round. Euros 3.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR WELLBEING READERS: TOULOUSE e.g. EasyJet to Toulouse £29.99 one way – 2-hour drive to Figeac. Take advantage of the Toulouse great deal week-end with 130 offers for museums, monuments, excursions, and restaurants, featuring cassoulet, a thick stew of white haricot beans, cooked with Toulouse sausage and various cuts of meat Prices from Euros 32.50/ person, per weekend.

Wellbeing 33

Wellbeing books HEART THOUGHTS A TREASURY OF INNER WISDOM Louise L Hay ISBN: 978-1-4019-3720-1 £12.99 Heart Thoughts is a beautifully illustrated and charming treasure trove of small pieces of wisdom. Compiled from Louise’s meditations, spiritual treatments and lectures. It is easy to read, pick up and choose a page as your daily guidance to asset you in your day-to-day experiences. Use the index to look up wisdom for a specific area of your life or just choose a page a random - you may be surprised at how relevant the words are to you at that moment.


reviews What have you read lately? SEARCH INSIDE YOURSELF Chade-Meng Tan ISBN: 978-0-00-746797-6 £12.99 Famed for its innovative and enviable working culture, Google is more that just a search engine. The Search Inside Yourself’ program, created for Google by a diverse group of individuals from within Google including a Zen master, a CEO, a Stanford University Scientist and best selling author Daniel Goleman. It has been a life changing program for many at Google employees. This book shows you how to apply the principles for yourself, your business and everyday life. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would make an excellent introduction to personal development, especially those who come from an academic and scientific background or those who think searching inside yourself is only for those on a spiritual journey.

34 Wellbeing

PEACE FOR LIFE Freedom from problems for better health and happiness Sandy Newbigging ISBN: 978-1-907571-10-7 I was recently introduced to this book by Becci Harvey (MindDetoxTunbridgeWells. who uses the techniques to help her clients free themselves form long standing problems to create better health. Sandy discovered unhealthy beliefs as being a major cause of chronic stress, bad health and unhappiness. This book contains easy to follow steps for getting peace with your past and how the top 20 unhealthy beliefs can negatively impact on your health. The book is great introduction to the methods and now practitioner like Becci can also offer support and personal guidance for those that want to dig a bit deeper.

WHAT IS LOVE The Spiritual Purpose of Relationships Frank Vilaasa 978-87-988722-6-9 £10.99 This book presents a new way of understanding relationships. It begins by examining the main areas where people get stuck - possessiveness, unrealistic expectations, judgements etc. and explains how to move past these issues, and cultivate relationships based on love that is real. The readers is able to understand what is going on not just as a mental concept, but also as a felt experience in the body. The model used for this new understanding is the Tantic Yoga Chakra System.www.


Wellbeing clinics & treatments


Welcome to the Therapy Rooms, where you will find solutions and ideas to support your health and wellbeing. We encourage you to contact our clinics and therapists to find out how, they can help you to improve your health, fitness and knowledge. Enjoy and be inspired.



Yurtopia Therapies 07969 949984

Debbie Cobb - Holistic Massage Dip. m.CThA

Based in Battle, I provide holistic massage within a beautiful canvas Yurt. The perfect place to unwind and receive a tailor made massage, whilst being warmed by the wood burning stove.

“Be transported to a different world of relaxation”

NEW fitness classes HAILSHAM

fitness pilates legs, bums, tums zumba dance

From just £4 per session

Call Julie: 01435812843 07733 099735



Li vi n g

Sue LewiS Independent Consultant 07879 075 81 |

SueLewies_JulAug_therapyrooms.indd 1

17/06/2011 15:29:31

Offering solutions to a wide range of problems such as:- Low self esteem  Panic attacks  Fears and phobias  Eating disorders  Difficulty sleeping  Chronic fatigue syndrome  Menopausal problems  Stress (including post traumatic stress disorder). A personal combination of therapies drawn from EFT, Reiki/ healing, Dr Claire Weekes’ method, relaxation techniques, healthy living and mentoring, to help make the best of your life’s journey. To learn more or to make an appointment call 01825 873132 / mob 07767 367817 / email

Paul Skene Keating

Introductory Course 15th Sept Accredited Diploma Course commences 12th Oct


Working With The Arts To Heal As an integrative Arts Psychotherapist I offer support for people with a variety of issues using the arts as well as talking therapies. Sarah: 07714218529 |

32 Wellbeing 36

TRANSITIONS COUNSELLING Acceptance, Understanding, Empathy Relational Counselling for Children, Families, Couples and Individuals. Stress management, anger issues, challenging behaviour, separation & loss. Lindsey Wilde: 01825 761875

Magnetic Jewellery Beauty & Power

Contact Lesley on or 07956 193803 or visit

oN thE NhS

helpline 01435 882092/884090

from just


per month including design!

Feldenkrais Awareness through movement Giving yourself breathing space

Exclusive designer jewellery incorporating high quality permanent magnets.

AvA i l A b l1E HallowsL_Jul2012.indd


Exploring how you can breathe more fully

Thursdays 4-5pm

Lewes Subud Centre, BN7 2DB, £8.50 drop-in, £35 for 5 sessions Contact Rebecca Meitlis: 07595543605 | 01273 477990 |

10/06/2012 21:12:10

Are you looking for better health? Eczema and Psoriasis are kept under control by Elena’s Nature Collection naturally. Elena’s Routine formulated from customer research over 12 years is known to reduce the itch, lubricate the dryness and regenerate the skin day and night. Mail Order and invaluable information: |


Choose from over 50 naturally healthy drug-free treatments, courses and workshops To find out more call 01273 470955 or visit 16 Station Street, Lewes


Creative work using dreams and imagery from the unconscious to achieve balance.

07743473205, East Sussex and London

Wellbeing Wellbeing 33 37

A session with a horse

can be increadibly revealing...

| 01273 814 402

*No horse experience necessary.*

‘Seeing you for who you really are’


ColyerEmmaV3_52x74mm_JulAug2011.indd 1

yoga | ayurveda

08/06/2011 15:07:15

rejuvenation retreats

Michaela Augustin, Ayurvedic Therapist BSc (AYU)

magic power wisdom back to yourself...

with Amy

A space for healing & embracing wholeness

For appointments: The Acupuncture Clinic | 143 Portland Road | Hove, BN3 5QJ | or call Micha direct at 07794323780 Member of APA | | 01323 749747 | 07971 380547


AmyLawSmith_Shiatsu_TherapyRooms_SeptOct2011.indd 1


 get your life under control  make the most of your time, living space and belongings

 confidential advice and coaching  practical de-cluttering assistance T




- MovingU4ward CLARK

with the

Alexander Technique Liz Jeffries MSTAT

I have developed unique ways that you can benefit from the Alexander Technique. Choose the one which best fits your need: • ‘One to One’ lessons, to meet individual needs • Group A.T. Sessions, for movement in everyday activities • Stem Sessions, concentrate on walking in comfort • Stem Weekends, walking with luxury included! • Special Sessions - expectant and new Mums, Over 50’s Groups


Have fun with the Alexander Technique!

To know more, contact Liz Jeffries on 01424 465838 or

01435 883111 07974 950726

Eve Peacock


Appearances on ITV’S “This Morning” Columnist for “Spirit & Destiny” Available for sincere, accurate consultations at Visions, The Enterprise Centre, Eastbourne. 01323 646101 | 07807637784 | 01323 643220

34 38 Wellbeing Wellbeing

JeffriesL_Jul2012.indd 1

Yoga Holiday

with Lisa


19/06/2012 19:56:13

Huzur Vadisi, Turkey 24 Sept - 1 Oct 2012

Two yoga sessions per day, delicious meals, accommodation in idyllic setting, plenty of time to relax by the pool. Contact Lisa on 07733395065

Practitioners Help your clients get their lives back! ‘The Vital Impact You Can Have on M.E and Fibromyalgia’ Workshops call Catherine 01293 220906 Or book your space at Sufferers download your free E Book at



per month including design!

HYPNOTHERAPY Find the ability within you to change Give up unwanted habits Overcome fears & limiting emotions Develop confidence & self-belief

John Hirst


Eastbourne Clinic of Natural Medicine 01323 734664


Your Natural Balance Ear Can Cand dling, Indian Head Massage Massage,, Reiki Ma Masster/Teacher/Practitioner Jane:

07906 558326

A ppointmen available App ppointments ointments also also ava available at at

Sea Seaford ford Chir Chiropody opody & Podiatry 12 Place Lane, Seaford


It IS for you 46-47 High Street | Hastings 01424 444946 Hair Cutting & Colour Specialists | Massage & Reflexology Hopi Ear Candling | Non Surgical Face Lift

Lose weight for good Improve your sleep Become an ex-smoker Call Steve Neesam now on 01323 768292 to book a free 30 minute consultation

Wellbeing 39 35 Wellbeing

What is life’s purpose? Where is your power? Harner Shamanic Counselling© In 5 sessions you will learn to become your own ‘divinatory shaman’. Gaining a tool that restores personal power, unlocks the child and lets the heart sing! Contact for intro session:

Treatments & Reiki Courses

Narda Martine

Tel: 01435 868910 | 07944 232174 Email:

BSc Hons Neuro | 07964 743349 / 01273 670081

Deepen the Connection to your Voice Workshops and 1-2-1s Use the voice for self healing and finding stillness Monthly workshops Brighton & Eastbourne 07976 016103 | 01323 871523

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Facial rejuvenation acupuncture Bach flower remedies Naturopathic advice Jane Sefton PhD, Dip Ac, ND, MBAcC, MANP Clinics in Eastbourne | Seaford | Newhaven 07834 369390 | 01273 917888

Hypnotherapist Step into Healing: Take the first step now to overcoming your fears and gaining control of your life.

Matthew Roberts-Ward Dip Hyp,C

Call 07955 166426 for session rates and packages or email:

Are you interested in people? Or learning more about yourself?


Blue Clay

Then we have the course for you:

For homemade skincare, face masks and therapies. Retail and wholesale.

36 Wellbeing 40 Wellbeing

• Counselling and Psychotherapy training • Introduction to Transactional Analysis (TA101) • Counselling skills courses • CPD Workshops

01892 652487 June Wellbeing Ad.indd 1




18/06/2012 08:56

Gemstone Jewellery can help with physical, emotional, mental & spiritual issues.

For yourself or as a gift, we’d love to work with you to create something special.

Come and be looked after at

“Totally Tranquil”

Seahaven Herbal Dispensary LLP

Shop, gallery, therapy space Reiki, Reflexology, Massage, Angel Card Readings, Art gallery & much more Treatments for everyone including those with mobility problems & other disabilities.

Tarmount Lane, Shoreham, BN43 5ZD, 07796 518667

Looking to grow

• • • • •

FREE Health Advice On-site dispensing of Chinese and Western herbs Herbal Consultations & Acupuncture Treatments An Ongoing Programme of Talks and Workshops Sales of Selected Natural Health Products

01273 917888

your business?

It’s not easy at the best of times, but with the right support and tools you can do it! That’s why Wellbeing Magazine offers support and tools specifically for therapists and practitoners of alternative and complementary therapies. We know marketing is way down your to-do list. We know you’d rather be helping people get better than sorting out your advertising. We know what works, so let us do what we’re good at so you can get on with

what your good at.Our marketing packages start at just £15 a month and include editorial and adverts in the magazine, free design, directory listings and unlimited editorial online. Excellent value, excellent service, get in touch today!, 01273 475402 Wellbeing 37

What’s On Jul 2nd

12.30 FREE 1 hour talk on Hydration and Health: BETTER WATER FOR LIFE Nicki Edgell, www., Independent Nikken Consultant, 01273 230947/ 07786405366


noon-1pm Lunchtime Tai Chi (Outdoors, Beginners & Improvers) Bay Vue Gardens, Hillcrest Centre, Hillcrest Rd, Newhaven £7 (drop-in) Equilibrium 01273 470955 www.


9am-2pm, Walk in Shiatsu Clinic, Natural fitness Centre, Eastbourne, from £10, 01323732024, info@ 10am-11.30am, Crystal Meditation Workshop - find your inner peace - all levels welcome, Natural Fitness Centre, Eastbourne, £7.50, 01323732024, info@ 2-5pm, Alexander Technique Workshop alleviate stress, Natural Fitness Centre, Eastbourne, £25, 01323 732024, info@


5pm-6.30pm, Shamanic Drum Journeying Session - an opportunity to practice the shamanic art of journeying, Natural Fitness Centre, Eastbourne, £15, 01323732024, info@

38 Wellbeing


3-5pm, Kids Classical Buteyko breathing workshop, venue TBC, Brighton, £375, kate@,


Evenings, Classical Buteyko Breathing Workshop for optimal physical and mental health, Brighton Natural Health Centre, 27 Regent Street, BN1 1UL, Brighton, £375, kate@, www.


11am, Become a ‘divinatory’ shaman with Harner Shamanic Counselling. 30min intro, 4 St James Mansions, Brighton, FREE, 07964743349, www.narda.


Thurs 12noon-1pm Lunchtime Tai Chi (Outdoors, Beginners & Improvers) Bay Vue Gardens, Hillcrest Centre, Hillcrest Rd, Newhaven £7 (drop-in) Equilibrium 01273 470955 www.


1.30 - 6pm, Divine Union Co-Creation (Partner Yoga) Workshop, Brighton Natural Health Centre, £25, 01273 600010,


Drop in Shiatsu Clinic at the Yogalife studio

in Eastbourne. ALSO Wednesday 8th August 9.30am to 12.30pm. Cost by donation.


12pm, Become a ‘Divinatory’ Shaman with Harner Shamanic Counselling 30min intro, 4 St James Mansions, Brighton, FREE, 07964743349, www.narda.


2pm-4pm, Shamanic Workshop with Emma O’Leary and Susie Gates, Natural Fitness Centre, Eastbourne, £15, 01323 732024, info@ 9am-5pm Massage Clinic, Equilibrium Health Centre, 16 Station St, Lewes, From £40, Steve, Rachael & Dafna, Equilibrium 01273 470955


9.30am – 4.30pm, TA101 introduction to transactional analysis, the Link Centre, Newick, £130, wendy@, www.


3-6pm, Sound Bath and Beach Picnic, Natural Fitness Centre, Eastbourne, £15, 01323 732024, info@


7.15-8.45pm, Enchanting Evening - yoga, stillness and devotional chanting, Natural Fitness Centre, Eastbourne , £10,

01323 732024, info@


3-5pm, Yoga Masterclass with Lucy Newport, Natural Fitness Centre, Eastbourne, 01323 732024, info@naturalfitnesscentre.

Aug 3rd

11am, Become a ‘Divinatory’ Shaman with Harner Shamanic Counselling 30min intro, 4 St James Mansions, Brighton, FREE, 07964743349, www.narda.


10.30-1.30pm, Anusara Yoga Workhop, Natural Fitness Centre, Eastbourne, £25, 01323 732024, info@


10-2pm, Wellbeing Open Day with talks, free massage and other therapy tasters at Lushington Chirorpactic, Eastbourne Town Centre, BN21 4LL, 01323 722499, www.



9am-2.00pm, Walk in shiatsu clinic, Natural fitness , Centre, Eastbourne, from £10, 01323 732024, info@ 2pm-3.30pm, Self Acupressure Workshop, Natural Fitness Centre, Eastbourne, £15, 01323732024, info@


9am - 5.30pm, Multilevel Counselling Skills Course, The Link Centre, Newick, £375, wendy@, www.


Enchanting Evening - yoga, stillness and devotional chanting, Natural Fitness Centre, Eastbourne, £10, 01323 732024, info@


12noon, Become a ‘Divinatory’ Shaman with Harner Shamanic Counselling 30min intro, 4 St James Mansions, Brighton, FREE, 07964743349, www.narda.


2.00pm4.00pm, Shamanic workshop with Emma O’Leary and Susie Gates, Natural Fitness

Centre, Eastbourne, £15, 01323 732024, info@

Sept 3rd

6.30-7.45pm Scaravelli Yoga St Michael’s, High St, Lewes, Suitable for all levels £126 (14 week course) 01273 470955, 8.00-9.00pm Scaravelli Yoga, St Michael’s, High St, Lewes, Suitable for all levels £119 (14 week course) 01273 470955,


12noon-1pm Lunchtime Tai Chi (Outdoors, Beginners & Improvers) Bay Vue Gardens, Hillcrest Centre, Hillcrest Rd, Newhaven £42 (6 week course) Equilibrium 01273 470955


Drop in Shiatsu Clinic at the Yogalife Studio in Eastbourne. Donations. 7pm – 9pm, Network Evening for Helping Professions, The Link Centre, Newick, Free, wendy@thelinkcentre., www.thelinkcentre.


9.30am – 4.30pm, Certificated foundation certificate in hypnotherapy – 6 days over 3 weekends, The Link Centre, Newick, £595, wendy@, www. Thai Massage School

Introductory Course in Brighton. Learn the art of Traditional Thai Massage combining soothing massage, acupressure and applied yoga. www. e mail christine@thaimassageuk. com 01273 562202

Mondays 2 - 3.15 pm

, Yoga for the Over 50s, Brighton Natural Health Centre, £8.50 (£7.50 conc), 01273 600010, www.

Tuesdays 3 July - 4 Sept

, 11 - 12 noon, Qigong Exercise class 3 and 4 week courses, Brighton Natural Health Centre, £28/£21, 01273 600010, www.bnhc. 10 July - 11 Sept, 7 - 8.30 pm, 10 week Astanga Yoga Beginners course, Brighton Natural Health Centre, £85, 01273 600010, www.bnhc. 4 - 5.15 pm, Nia dance class with Teresia Sykes, Brighton Natural Health Centre, £8.50 (£7.50), 01273 600010, www.bnhc.

Wednesdays 11 Jul - 1 Aug

, 3.30 - 4.45 pm, Ballet for Adults in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, Brighton Natural Health Centre, £30 (£28 conc), 01273 600010,

Thurdays 10am

, become your own shaman! harner shamanic counselling 45 minutes introductory session, 4 st james st, brighton, free, 01273 670081, www.narda. 630-8pm, Intermediate Yoga Class with Lisa Powell, The Christ Church Hall, crn London & Silchester Road, St Leonards, £42 for 6 week course, 07733395065,

Fridays 10.00am -11.30am

Friday Morning Yoga & Meditation class, with Karunajala. www. brightonbuddhistcentre.

Check out the Wellbeing Directory! online at www. wellbeingdirectory. Find local therapists, classes and workshops quickly and easily. Already an advertiser? Claim your listing and upgrade free of charge. Wellbeing 39

July/August 2012  

Looking at the food we eat, how to look after our bodies and minds as well as our home and working environment.

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