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Hearing Loss Guide to hearing aids

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Prevention is better than cure

NUTRITION: Antibiotic Resistance

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The mechanics and the strategy for creating more abundance in your life How to manage and direct your thought process Manage and direct your Emotions The difference between Action and Activity What to do first How to get out of overwhelm 5 steps How to create more certainty and defuse stress when in the process of achieving and creating. Create more connection with others Start the process of unconsciously attracting to you Attraction mechanics

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Welcome to the Christmas edition with lots of ideas for Christmas gifts (pages 28-29) as well as our travel suggestion to visit the stunning Stoke Park making a perfect gift for that relaxing weekend away. With the season of colds and flu around the corner we suggest you read our feature on ‘Prevention is better than cure’ (page 21) and Kate’s regular nutrition article which looks at the growing problem of antibiotic resistance (page 6). With only a few days until our guest speaker arrives in the UK to inspire you to go ‘Further Faster’, remember to book your tickets at Don’t miss out! Rachel Branson


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Wellbeing news from around your area... MOTHER AND BABY SCHEME EXTENDED AT ESO


he ESO are delighted to announce that they are extending their Mother and Baby Scheme until the end of the year. The low-cost community scheme allows new mums and their babies (up to 1 year) to come along to the clinic for a thorough osteopathic check and assessment, and if required ongoing treatments, for just £5 per appointment The Mother and Baby scheme is open to existing and new patients and now runs until 30 December  2010. To make an appointment simply call 01622 685989 or email enquiry@eso-clinic.  quoting Mother and Baby Scheme.

4 Wellbeing

NEW ADDITION TO THE WELLBEING FAMILY On 20th September, Liliana Victoria Branson was born at Pembury Hospital to Rachel and Richard Branson, owners of Wellbeing Magazine. They would like to thank all the therapists and practitioners who used their skills and treatments to make it

possible. In particular they would like to thank Fiona Corliss for the liver cleansing, Evelyn Piechoczek for the acupuncture, Patrizia Sergeant for the Journey work, Sue Hutchings for the Reiki treatments and Helios for their Homeopathic birth kit. A big thank you to you all.

ACUPUNCTURE AT THE SKIN & LASER CLINIC Judy Bowen-Jones is now practicing classical Chinese acupuncture and therapeutic massage at the Skin & Laser Clinic, Tunbridge Wells, as well as The Holloway Acupuncture Clinic in Crowborough. Judy uses acupuncture to treat a wide range of conditions including back pain, muscle and joint pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety, menstrual, menopausal and fertility problems, breathing difficulties, IBS and gastrointestinal problems, skin conditions, fibromyalgia and ME, stroke recovery and many more acute and chronic conditions. Skin & Laser Clinic Cobden House 25 London Road Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 1DA 01892 535577 The Holloway Acupuncture Clinic, Cherry Trees, Crowborough Hill, Crowborough TN6 2HL 01892 664939 Daytime, evening and Saturday appointments available!


Wellbeing news


Build Africa, an award winning charity working in international development, has opened new offices in Tunbridge Wells. With a new address at Vale House, Clarence Road, in the centre of town, and the Elimu Challenge, a new fundraising initiative geared towards working with local businesses, the charity is strengthening its connections with the area. In Kent since 1983, Build Africa has staff living in the area and receives great support from local people and businesses many of whom campaign and fundraise on its behalf. Oliver Kemp, chief executive of Build Africa, comments: “We are continually impressed with the commitment of residents, neighbouring businesses, schools and parents to our mission – to improve life for young people in Kenya and Uganda. Their generosity of spirit and their knowledge of us are important reasons

why we chose to stay year after year. With this new office and our recent Elimu Challenge fundraising initiative, we are increasing our links with the town and the area, telling people about our plans and finding new ways to share resources and work together. “ Build Africa is dedicated to providing access to education to Kenyan and Ugandan children and to overcoming the gender gap that currently exists. The Africa Blossoms campaign will raise the funds to enable them to address this inequality. If you would like to learn more about Build Africa please contact James Gambrill – To find out more about the important work of Africa Blossoms, please contact Elaine Gordon – Build Africa, Vale House, Clarence Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 1HE

7 November: “Games People Play” - A workshop looking at how we communicate with others. 12pm to 3pm, Kikodo Centre, Sevenoaks £35. Call 01732 451839 or visit 8 November:  The Mystery of Motherhood - A three-hour workshop exploring the role of motherhood. 12pm to 3pm, Kikodo Centre, Sevenoaks, £35. Call 01732 451839 or visit 14 November:  Crystal Clear -A fascinating talk introducing the use of crystals in our day-to-day life. 1.30pm to 6.30pm, Kikodo Centre, Sevenoaks, £10. Call 01732 451839 or visit  21 November:  The Mystery of Motherhood - A three-hour workshop exploring the role of motherhood. 10am to 1pm, Kikodo Centre, Sevenoaks, £35. Call 01732 451839 or visit 26 November: Create your own Personal Perfume - A unique opportunity to create and name your own personal perfume. Kikodo Centre, Sevenoaks, 7.30pm to 10pm, £35. Call 01732 451839 or

WORLD CHALLENGE TO PERU St Gregory’s RC School, Tunbridge Wells and is working towards a 5 week trip with World challenge to Peru. 15 young people aged 16 and 17 will be working in the community, and on a building project, as well as trekking Machu Picchu. With the trip costing £3645 each these young people have been raising funds since October 2009. Help them reach their target by supporting their Christmas Craft Fair on the 27th November. Cone and buy your Christmas gifts from their 30 stalls, displaying beautiful handmade and local crafts, from silver jewelry to hand made chocolates, to handbags and handmade rag dolls, They will also be serving morning coffee and homemade cakes as well as afternoon tea. Saturday 27th November 2010 St Johns Church Hall, St Johns Road, Tunbridge Wells 11 am till 4 pm £1.00 adults children free

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Words: Kate Arnold


ntensive farming is big business. Demand outstrips supply, and with this comes not only growing produce out of season but also in huge quantities. To achieve this often requires growth hormones and antibiotics, which can cause many animals to be overdeveloped and deformed, in order to produce more milk or appear plumper. This has been highlighted in the wonderful work that Hugh Fernley Whittingstall has done with his Chicken Out Campaign and Jamie Oliver did with pig farming. Antibiotics have saved millions of lives and revolutionised medicine, however most are not used to save lives. In human medicine we have used them too much for minor problems and in intensive livestock production they are still primarily used to compensate for crowded and unnatural conditions on factory farms.

6 Wellbeing

Many scientists now acknowledge that by using antibiotics unnecessarily we encourage the rapid spread of antibiotic-resistant infections. It has long been known that overuse of antibiotics on factory farms leads to antibiotic resistance in food poisoning bacteria, like salmonella. But in the last two years, scientific evidence has also implicated intensive farming in the rise of two serious super bugs: a new strain of methicillinresistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in farm animals, which is spreading rapidly and transferring to humans, and a new and almost untreatable type of E.coli that is causing large numbers of deaths in the UK and elsewhere, especially among the elderly. Farm-animal MRSA is spreading on intensive farms in continental Europe. In the Netherlands it already affects

39% of pigs and almost 50% of pig farmers. In Dutch hospitals 25% of all MRSA cases are now caused by the farm animal strain, and farmers are no longer permitted in general wards without prior screening. It has been found in chickens, dairy cows and calves and in 20% of pork, 21% of chicken and 3% of beef. It has also been found in farm animals and people in Germany and Denmark, from which we import large quantities of pork.

Human Health Concerns The overuse of non-therapeutic antibiotics in poultry, beef cattle and swine production poses a serious threat to human health. Because half of these antibiotics belong to classes of drugs used in human medicine, the risk of antibiotic resistance in humans is increased. This is especially threatening for people

image: courtesy of FoodInc

Antibiotic Resistance

Wellbeing nutrition with compromised immune systems including infants, elderly people and patients with cancer receiving chemotherapy. Antibiotic resistance in humans is a tremendous public health threat worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) held a conference on this ‘crisis’ and concluded that there is sufficient evidence showing that “the major transmission pathway for resistant bacteria...[is] from food animals to humans” and that this has led to “increased frequency of treatment failures (in some cases death) and increased severity of infections”. In their recommendations, the WHO specifically called for stricter legislation to minimise antimicrobial usage in agriculture because it is so prevalent and may pose a significant risk to human health. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria can be transmitted from animals to humans in several ways:

1) Environment: bacteria found in the animal manure can contaminate local waterways and groundwater 2) Food: people consume meat that contain antibiotic residues or has been contaminated with the resistant bacteria during slaughter 3) Direct contact: farmers and farm workers may become infected by the animals and pass it on to the family and community 


dv Kate’s A

E.coli A new type of resistance in E.coli, ESBL, has been spreading globally in recent years.  E.coli is a major cause of urinary-tract infections and blood poisoning. In the UK 5-10% of all urinary-tract infections caused by E.coli are now ESBLs. According to the Chief Medical Officer, those who contract this form have a 30% risk of dying. This type of antibiotic resistance has now been found on large numbers of farms in the UK and it is suspected that this is spreading to humans on food.

How much do we really know about the food we buy? In Food, Inc., filmmaker Robert Kenner lifts the veil on our nation’s food industry, exposing the highly mechanized underbelly that has been hidden from the consumer with the consent of government’s regulatory agencies, USDA and FDA.

Words: Kate Arnold I, for one, am not happy eating hormone and antibiotic injected meat and poultry - it just doesn’t sit right with me. For all patients with any kind of hormonal problem, I always advise organic meat and poultry, eggs and cheese etc. As with pesticides, buy organic and free range where and when you can. However it’s all very well for those of us still with jobs, or those who prioritise health or who are informed, but what about the rest of the population? Good highly dense nutrient rich food should be available and affordable for everyone. I think it’s a good idea to try and by the best food that you can afford. If you know you eat a lot of apples, make some organic at least. In my weekly food shop, produce like lettuce, potatoes and apples are organic, avocadoes, bananas and mangos are not. Not everything needs to be organic. You don’t really need organic tomato ketchup (unless you are against GM food in which case read the label) so use your money wisely. If you would like further information please contact Kate on 01323 737814 / 722499 www.

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Wellbeing food


e k o h c i t r A Globe

An impressive looking green-purple globe shaped vegetable covered in layers of spiky leaves.


lobe artichokes require a little effort in preparation and cooking, leading to quotes like “Life is like eating artichokes; you have got to go through so much to get so little,” Tad Dorgan, however the results are well worth it and are often considered to be a luxury. Thin stalks signal dehydration, so look for stalks that are firm, and squeak when squeezed. Historical accounts show that wealthy Romans enjoyed artichokes prepared in honey and vinegar, and seasoned with cumin. It was not until the early twentieth century that artichokes were grown in the United States, and Castroville, California, claims to be the “Artichoke Capital of

8 Wellbeing

the World:” even having an Artichoke Queen — the most famous being Marilyn Monroe in 1947. Artichokes are actually a flower bud - if allowed to flower, blossoms measure up to seven inches in diameter and are a violet-blue colour. Artichokes are a close relative to the thistle.

How to Use Artichokes can be boiled with lemon juice for 30-40 mins, steamed for 35-45 mins, or sautéed: only the flesh inside the leaves and the hearts are edible. Served whole as single portion impressive looking starters, or use the hearts to add a wonderful flavour to salads, pasta dishes, vegetable bakes and pizzas. You only eat the soft end of the leaf, so pull one off, dip the

base end into your sauce of choice (melted butter or mayonnaise) and, starting at the tip and moving towards the base, scrape the leaf between your teeth - the soft edible bits come off into your mouth.

Growing Your Own Although plants can be grown from seed, it is far easier to buy ready-

rooted and plant in the spring. Plants can be grown in groups, but as each produces up to 12 edible heads, one plant may be enough for your needs. In the first year, remove the flower heads, in the second cut the heads before they flower and enjoy. Thanks to

A Tasty Lunch-

Pea & Artichoke Hummus 140g frozen petits pois

1. Tip the peas into a bowl and pour over boiling water to cover. 100g artichoke hearts, 2. Leave for 5 mins, fresh or canned drain and tip into a food processor with all the 2 tsp ground cumin other ingredients and seasoning. 2 tbsp lemon juice 3. Pulse to make a rough purée, spoon into 4 tbsp olive oil a small bowl, cover with cling film, and chill until some mint leaves ready to serve. More delicious recipies at


Superjuice with the world’s latest

The world’s hottest new superjuice has arrived in the UK.


merica is buzzing to the flavours of AS10 Fusion, a new high energy drink which combines the bounty of the Amazonian rainforest with NASA-approved antioxidants to pack a powerful punch. Bursting with berries plucked from deep in Brazilian jungles, AS10 Fusion gives an instant lift to tired, flagging bodies in a shot-sized blast. Made with the juices from Cupuacu, Acai, Acerola, Prickly Pear and Yum Berry, AS10 Fusion sets a new standard in health drinks. Not only is it delicious, but it also provides a nutritious serving of fruit and vegetables – in a glass. Like its older sister AS10 – which resembles a bottle of the best red wine - AS10 Fusion is one of a range of nutritional products developed out of years of joint research between US company AmeriSciences, NASA and the Johnson Space Centre. No other juice can boast the complex array of

nutritional agents, which contain a unique blend of so-called “superfruits” – fruits that contain a high concentration of phytochemicals that have the potential to impact upon health in a positive way. Add to these a subset of scientifically-researched natural ingredients that are part of a formula codeveloped and used by NASA/JSC in an attempt to keep astronauts healthy during extended space travel and you have the perfect recipe for brilliant body fuel! AS10 Fusion has all the benefits of AS10, with an added energy-boosting blitz of B-complex vitamins, known for their role in the production of cellular energy, and a proprietary blend of energizing ingredients such as guarana. Both AS10 and AS10 Fusion are available from an exclusive group of UK distributors. The only supplier in Kent is former marketing manager for the worldwide

information technology company Unisys, Carolyn Gordon. Carolyn, who lives in Tunbridge Wells, recently returned from a week at AmeriSciences HQ in Houston, Texas, learning more about the products and the philosophy behind the company. She said: “I’ve always been interested in health and wellbeing and when I heard about these products decided to investigate further.” Carolyn is now a living testament to the quality and purity of the products and the cutting edge science which has aided their development. She said: “The difference they have made to my life is amazing. I no longer get that flagging feeling late in the afternoon, just as the children are about to land home from school, and a quick blast first thing in the morning sets me up for the

day – without the need for caffeine.” So, as AmeriSciences enters Phase 2 of its research and clinical trials with NASA’s Johnson Space Centre, you too can become part of the jet set. While AS10 is popular for its wine-sized 750 ml bottle and can be purchased in cases of four, the smaller AS10 Fusion is a quick-fix which comes in an easy-to-carry 75 ml size. This is popular with walkers, cyclists and sports enthusiasts, as is HS Extreme, a tasty citrusflavoured sachet-mix drink, which can be taken at any time of day to gain an extra boost. Carolyn said: “Unlike a lot of the popular energy drinks, AS10 Fusion has a pleasant taste and is made entirely from natural products” To learn more about the benefits of AS10, visit or call 07763 216139.

Wellbeing 9

Wellbeing gardening


‘Plant’…water…grow…harvest…and eat – all in a matter of days! Words Pat Crawford, for Hadlow College


ithout a heated greenhouse - or a similar resource - it is generally assumed that it simply isn’t possible to grow very much kitchen produce during the winter months. All that might begin to change if a lot of ‘five a day’ – and herb enthusiasts take the advice of Suttons. The Devon-based plant and seed specialists, for whom Hadlow undertakes trials of new varieties and investigates innovative growing techniques, have produced a series of excellent small guides. They include ‘Windowsill Gardening’ which advocates all-the-yearround production of chemicalfree leaf salads and herbs. The leaflets are available free of charge from Suttons’ stockists. (Note the important advice to use a special winter seed mixture

10 Wellbeing

to obtain the best salad leaf crops during the winter months.) Suttons promise growing Alfalfa indoors during the winter is easypeasy! An additional benefit, Alfalfa can be harvested when it is just a few days old – that is, just after the shoots have emerged from the germinating seed. Suttons suggest growing in a clean glass jar. Put the seeds in the jar. Place a piece of muslin or linen across the top of the jar and retain with an elastic band. Rinse the seeds with water and allow the excess to drain through the muslin. Turn the jar upside down. Place the jar (still upside down and at an angle to facilitate drainage) in a warm, dark place such as an airing cupboard. Rinse the seeds with water a couple of times a day allowing excess water to drain away. Harvest when the shoots and roots are about 2cm long.

Add the sprouts to salads. They are crunchy and very slightly spicy – and they contain a quite amazing number of nutrients. Young sprouts also make a deliciously crunchy addition to sandwiches – and they are a healthy snacking option too! Some enthusiasts make a sort of tisane with the sprouts: put a generous number of sprouts in the bottom of a jug, add boiling water and ‘brew’ for about an hour. Pass through a strainer. The tisane can be sweetened with honey and drunk hot or chilled – it is something of an acquired taste! At least fifteen hundred years ago Chinese herbalists used Alfalfa to treat a wide range of health disorders. It is very nutritious being high in calcium and vitamins C, E, K and those in the B group. Today’s herbalists make use of Alfalfa in a variety

image: courtesy of Sutton Seeds

PlantforLife reveals the scentsational benefits of

UK gardens

New research, from PlantforLife reveals 63% of people in the UK purchase floral and herbal scented products to enhance their health and wellbeing yet, when asked, just 32% realised the plants they grow in the garden can provide the same effects. PlantforLife has joined forces with aromacologist, Danièle Ryman, and celebrity plantsman Chris Collins, to show people how to give their garden a simple and healthy, scented makeover.

Common scents

of ways - including treatment of arthritis, fluid retention and kidney disorders, cleansing the blood, lowering the levels of bad cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular disease - and for a whole range of other problems. Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) is a member of the pea family and the most cultivated perennial legume in the world. It is grown as a field crop for beef cattle, sheep and goats and is a high-protein addition to hay for performance horses. It is an attractive plant that, because of its pink-mauve flowers, is sometimes mistaken for clover. Hadlow, graded ‘Outstanding’, offers a wide range of horticulture courses at degree and further education levels including a degree course in Medicinal Horticulture. The college also offers a range of ‘recreational’ type courses. Telephone: 0500 551434

Floral and herbal scents have long been recognised for their health and wellbeing benefits, and the research shows the top 5 scented products, purchased at least once a month in the UK, are: • Lavender - helps reduce stress and improves sleep quality • Mint - aids digestion • Basil - eases symptoms of stress and can help lift your mood • Rose - has soothing qualities and can ease nerves • Rosemary - provides stimulation and is also good for your hair

Making scents of it all... Whilst there’s a lack of awareness about planting, over a third agreed they would like to know how they can start planting and using their favourite scents. This is why PlantforLife has developed Nature’s remedy – A scentsational guide to growing a healthy garden– an easy to use guide which shows how simple it is planting and using floral and herbal scents in your garden. Aromacologist, Danièle Ryman says, “Plants and flowers have many different purposes, and once you understand how useful they can be for wellbeing, relaxation and stimulation – you can begin to plant not just for aesthetics, but for your health too. Not many people know that simply breathing the aroma of hyacinth can lift your mood, or that gardenia is an effective remedy for anxiety.” Chris comments, “Although colour is an important part of any outdoor space, introducing different scents into your garden is essential to creating your perfect outdoor haven. Having beautifully scented plants outside not only means you can reap the health benefits but planting a scented garden is a great way to help the environment and attract wildlife, like bees, back into your garden.” Log on to to download your free guide with tips and advice from Danièle Ryman and Chris Collins, for planting and using your favourite floral and herbal scents.

Wellbeing 11

Wellbeing products MEET THE BULLDOG Bulldog is the UK’s first and largest natural skincare brand for men. As a pioneer of natural grooming, all Bulldog products are body friendly and don’t contain controversial man-made chemicals such as parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, artificial colors, or synthetic fragrances.

All Bulldog products are loaded with essential oils and other amazing natural actives to deliver superb grooming results. Bulldog is also delighted to be

the first male grooming company to be recognised and approved by the BUAV under their Humane Cosmetics Standard.

Tried & tested Wellbeing new products for you and your family...

GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT whatever goes on your skin should be good enough to eat. Superfood ingredients such as Goji berries and Peruvian Inca Inchi oil are both highly nutritious as part of your diet and highly effective when incorporated into your skincare. The products are free from nasties, which means that you are safe from the harmful effects of parabens, sulphates, silicones and all the other usual suspects that we have unfortunately

Evolve is an eco smart range of beautiful, effective, organic beauty products for face, body and hair. Retailing below £20, the range is designed to be accessible and affordable yet desirable; helping everyone live a little better in their everyday lives. Certified organic by ECOCERT, the range is based on the principal that

become accustomed to finding in our skincare. available from John Lewis, Ocado, Wholefoods Market, Planet Organic and selected online retailers.




12 Wellbeing

Afriteaque is a premium, Soil Association certified, organic, paraben-free, ladies skincare range featuring the potent anti-aging ingredient, Rooibos (Redbush). Recent research shows that Rooibos contains approx 50 times more antioxidants than Chinese green tea and rivals anti-aging ingredients such as gingko, ginseng and white tea. Afriteaque is free from parabens,

petrochemicals, sodium lauryl sulphate, perfumes, ethoxylated ingredients, sulphated surfactants and GM ingredients and is blended with the highest quality organic ingredients, certified by the Soil Association. The range consists of a: Cleansing Milk (£17), Toning Spritzer (£17), Night Cream (£30), Day Cream (£28) and Body Lotion (£15) Available online at




Words: Frances Barnes Cathed

ral of N

otre Da

me of A


Vive La Difference Right on Your Doorstep Chateau de Chantilly

“Take it from me,” asserted the novelist and Francophile, Nancy Mitford, “PURE HAPPINESS begins the moment you cross the Channel.” A recent invitation to Picardy, northern France, offered a chance to put this theory to the test. Picardy is a true “Next County” territory – easy to reach via Euro-tunnel, utterly French and ticking all the right boxes for great architecture, sport, scenery and good food. The past is ever present in this forward-looking region, glimpsed in Gothic Cathedrals, stunning 18th Century Chateaux, and in haunting place names, like the Somme, which recall the epic battlefields of WWI. Our history lesson began at St Valery-sur-Somme and with a date drilled into us from schooldays 1066. It was from this final port, not neighbouring Normandy, that William the Conqueror left France to take the English crown, his vast fleet harboured in the deep-watered Somme estuary - today a haven for wind and sand surfers. Visit the Herbarium des Remparts garden, where over 1000 species of medicinal or sea plants are reared without pesticides. The nearby Au Velocipede

cafe dispenses delicious brews, trouncing the legend that the French can’t make tea! Pride of Amiens, Picardy’s capital, is the magnificent 13th-century Cathedral of Notre Dame. Built in only 70 years, and twice the size of Notre Dame de Paris, the Cathedral is the largest Gothic structure in the world. It houses many treasured relics, including the head of John the Baptist, and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Not least of the attractions of Amiens is gastronomy, with its famous Les Halles in the lee of the Cathedral and the Marche sur L’eau near the Venicelike canals of Saint-Leu. Amiens macaroons, and Gateau Battu are among local specialities Discovering the beautiful Chateau de Chantilly, originally home of the Conde family, ensures its history is as easy to follow as swallowing cream – literally. We strolled through the classically laid out grounds designed by Le Notre, landscape gardener of Versailles, and marvelled at the wonders of the chateau, destroyed during the Revolution, but perfectly reconstructed in 1830 by the Duke d’Aumale to house his magnificent collection of paintings, drawings

and works of art. Here we tasted the authentic Crème Chantilly, a delicious confection of crème fraiche and icing sugar, famed around the world and served by owner Jean Michel Duda, “Ambassador of Crème Chantilly.” The nearby forests which have seen 40 Kings of France pass beneath their branches, is also the setting for the elegant Dolce Chantilly, a stunning golf course and leisure complex, themed to relate to the Picardien passion for horse breeding and polo. A gourmet meal at the Etoile Restaurant included spider crab and vintage wines served with memorable 5-Star flair. A visit to “the prettiest town in France” ended our Picardy stay. Senlis elegantly wraps 2000 years of history within its lovely walled enclosure. The birthplace of the Capetian dynasty producing the Kings of France until the Revolution, Senlis traces its history back to Gallo-Roman times, and can be toured with ease on foot, or, better still, by horse and carriage. For information on attractions mentioned visit our website or view:

Wellbeing 13

the middle ear, preventing transmission of sound. This can cured by a surgical procedure called stapedectomy, in which the bone is replaced by an artificial bone. Conductive hearing loss can be cured medically or surgically, often using a procedure called myringotomy, which pierces a small hole in the ear drum, and patients can greatly benefit from hearing aids as what is needed most is amplification.

Sensorineural hearing loss

Hearing Loss words: Katherine Slessor

According to The Royal National Institute for Deaf People, there are nearly 9 million deaf and hard of hearing people in the UK, 2 million of them between 16 and 60. There are many reasons for loss of hearing, some are directly linked with medical conditions, some are caused due to our lifestyle choices and some are age related, but what can we do to ease or prevent them?


here are many different types of hearing loss, depending on which part of the hearing pathway is affected. An otologist (ear specialist) will locate the source of the hearing loss, in order to classify it into one of the following groups:

Conductive hearing loss Any condition that interferes with the transmission of sound through the outer and middle ear to the inner ear. This can be anything from fluid in the Eustachian tube, leading

14 Wellbeing

to lessened mobility of the eardrum, the tiny bones inside the middle ear or a blockage in the middle-ear cavity. Common causes are: • Ear Wax • Infections which swell or produce fluids • Foreign bodies in the ear • An injury, such as a sports injury • ·Birth defects • Otosclerosis, where new bone is deposited around one of the tiny bones in

The damage lies inside the inner ear, the acoustic nerve, or both. With over 30, 000 nerve endings the cochlea is susceptible to damage from a variety of causes. This form of hearing loss is the most challenging to correct, but some people experience dramatic improvements. There are many conditions that cause the delicate inner portion of the ear to function abnormally. They include: • Otosclerosis • Infections • Presbycusis, the natural aging process, causing damage to both the inner ear, the acoustic nerve, or both. Shortly after birth, we begin to lose hair cells and nerve endings within the cochlea, and the stiffening of the cochlea and loss of nerve endings is also detrimental. • Trauma, such as a blow

to the ear or a head injury, can cause a fistula, or opening, to develop. The inner ear is filled with fluid, and the middle ear is filled with air, causing hearing loss and dizziness if fluid leaks through. This kind of hearing loss often is cured by surgically repairing the fistula. One of the biggest, and most discussed, causes of sensorineural hearing loss is noise. Whether that be through industrial noise or recreational, it can cause significant damage to hearing. While loud rock music through headphones is most frequently blamed, gunfire, power tools and classical musical instruments such as the violin can all damage hearing. Continuous exposure to loud noise damages the structure of hair cells, resulting in hearing loss and tinnitus, although the process occurs more gradually than for impulse noise, where a unexpected extreme noise, such as an explosion, causes immediate hearing loss. In most cases there is very little that can be done after impulse noise damage, as the damage is so extensive.

Central hearing loss An inability to filter out competing sounds, such as hearing a conversation in a busy room, or missing the beginning of a sentence because you are not looking at the person and therefore your brain cannot fill in the gaps. In this instance physical ‘hearing’ is not the issue, it is understanding what

is being said that is the problem due to an issue with the central nervous system. This has previously led to miss-diagnosis, but now it is recognised by otologists, and whilst treatment is limited a lot can be achieved by educating the person, their family and friends.

Guide to hearing Aids Four main models exist and the suitability of each type will depend on factors such as degree of hearing loss and physical dexterity.

Functional hearing loss

1) Behind-the-ear (BTE)

Again there is no physical damage to the hearing process, however the hearing loss is due to a psychological or emotional problem: they do not seem to hear or respond. This poses a challenge for otologists not only in terms of diagnosis but also treatment: which can result in further emotional trauma.

This device is housed in a small case behind the ear and the sound is delivered into the ear canal via a custom-made earmould or tubing system. BTE designs have become smaller and smaller over the years, and the introduction of receiver into the canal has been a recent development.

Mixed hearing loss

2) In-the-ear (ITE)

Occurs when both conductive and sensorineural hearing losses are present in the same ear, making treatment complicated but not impossible.

ITEs are completely contained in a custom-made casing that fits into the pinna. They are easy to handle, give reasonable easy access to controls, but they are sometimes visible when standing face to face with someone.

In most cases of mild to moderate hearing loss your GP or otologist will recommend a hearing aid. Over two million people in the UK use hearing aids, which are in essence micro-computers which suppress background noise, and come in a variety of models. See panal for a guide to hearing aids. With thanks to www.nidcd.,, Baby boomers and hearing loss: a guide to prevention and care by John M. Burkey and Joan McKechnie at Hearing Direct,

3) In-the-canal (ITC) ITC aids are smaller, filling only the bottom half of the external ear, giving them a cosmetic appeal.

4) Completely-in-thecanal (CIC) CICs are considered to be modern and cosmetically appealing as they fit so deep in the ear canal that they are practically invisible.

Wellbeing 15

Wellbeing fitness

Beautcamp Pilates

Favoured by Hollywood A-Listers like Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman and Ben Stiller – Beautcamp Pilates is the hottest fitness craze from LA that promises to get you in shape fast by combining traditional Pilates techniques with circuit training.

With studios in East and West London, and a host of fabulous new classes to choose from you’ll be sure to find something that suits you! Lou Garrod went along to find out what it was all about. Beautcamp offer a wide variety of classes, ranging from low to high power, across London. My session was lead by Niko, and abilities ranged from beginners to regulars. Us beginners were well looked after by Niko, who ensured we were using all the equipment correctly and getting the most out of our session, answering any questions or concerns we had. The class was an hour long and incorporated a variety of stretches using a Reformer machine. The machine provides resistance training to areas of the body we would all love to work on, such as our inner thighs and arms, but are missed during regular gym sessions.

16 Wellbeing

The next day I felt some tightness in the areas I’d been working on, no aches and pains, but a sense that I’d been really working hard on neglected areas. I thought this class was an excellent way to mix things up with regular gym sessions, or as an exercise regime in itself. The personal training aspect makes you feel supported, and stops you slipping into bad habits and miss-using the equipment. I’ll definitely be back for another session soon! Prices start at £14, offpeak, and £24 peak times, with discounts available for booking a package.

Think you’re super fit? A pro at Pilates? If you think you are up for the challenge why not try the advanced class from Beautcamp Pilates. Beautcamp’s ‘challenge’ trainer Suru offers the ultimate work-out for those who think they can handle it! Suru is convinced that when taught the Beautcamp way, Pilates is the ultimate body conditioner - building strength, flexibility, endurance, and coordination, without building that unattractive bulk. For more information visit or call 020 7034 0000

Wellbeing 17

Stunning Stoke Park

Words: Katherine Slessor If you’re looking for a romantic break, or some quality time with girlfriends, then look no further than Stoke Park, Buckinghamshire.


et in over 350 acres of beautiful land, the estate boasts a 27 hole Championship Golf Course and a truly glorious Spa, completed by sumptuous rooms, delicious restaurants and lounges, and extensive leisure facilities: all only 35 minutes from London. From the moment you sweep up that famous drive, passing gently sculptured fairways on either side, complemented by the tranquil lake and Memorial

18 Wellbeing

Gardens, you have crossed into elegance, sophistication and splendour. Then you are met by The Mansion house itself, one of the last truly majestic British buildings open for public use, and lovingly restored to reflect all aspects of the estate history, which stretches back for over 1,000 years. Through The Mansion doors you are greeted by friendly staff, who will take you through to The Orangery where you can enjoy a chilled glass of something bubbly and take in the views. The Mansion boasts 21 rooms ranging from ‘bedrooms’ to ‘suites,’ all with traditional decoration, sumptuous furniture, and marble bathrooms with

roll-top baths. The Dining Room is also situated here, offering contemporary British cuisine, whilst The Orangery offers comprehensive breakfast and lunch menus.

Pampering in the Pavilion Situated beside The Mansion is The Pavilion building, opened in 2008. This building offers a further 28 rooms, again ranging from ‘bedrooms’ to ‘suites,’ decorated in a more contemporary style, with marble bathrooms, 42 inch HD LCD TV’s, mood lighting and magnificent views of Windsor Castle. The Pavilion also hosts the swimming pool, San Marco Italian Restaurant and SPA SPC.

Wellbeing UK Travel

The Spa is a beautiful combination of modern and tranquil surroundings, with an extensive range of treatments including: The Active Glow Facial, combining a kiwi seed and pomegranate scrub, lymphatic drainage and pressure point scalp massage to detoxify and leave you with a radiant, glowing complexion. £80, 55 minutes. The White Chocolate Wrap, a decadent and soothing treatment to leave the skin nourished and replenished. A layer of pampering oil and white chocolate cream is applied to your skin, your body is then cocooned in heated fleeces, whilst you receive a luxurious foot and scalp massage, then a relaxing full body massage to leave you nourished and calm. £110, 85 minutes. The Aromaheat, uses Hawaiian, Balinese and Thai massage techniques to relax and restore tense muscles. A heated herbal poultice, full of active ingredients, is rolled along the body to create full relaxation, whilst warm essential oils are drizzled on for a pampering massage. £110, 85 minutes.

If your looking for something a bit more active, then you can either hit the gym or head towards the Stoke Poges golf course, complete with driving range, putting green and short game practice area. If golf is not your thing then how about tennis? Stoke Park boasts 13 tennis courts, including six Wimbledon specification courts, which play host to the annual Boodles Tennis Tournament, past players including Andre Agassi, Andy Roddick, and Britain’s very own Andy Murray.

Famous Film Set If all this is still not enough to tempt you, Stoke Park has also been the location for several major films over the last 60 years. James Bond famously played Golf upon its hallowed greens against the cheating Goldfinger in 1964, whilst Daniel Craig dramatically enters after Colm Meaney’s summons “I’ll see you at Stoke Park at 3.00”and is eventually shot on The Mansion steps in Layer Cake. For us ladies there is perhaps the slightly more memorable scenes of Bridget Jones’s Diary, where Bridget accompanies Daniel Cleaver on a romantic mini break:

firstly frolicking about on the lake, then retiring to the grand Pennsylvania Suite.

Spa Packages There are several break packages to choose from, all include the regular DBB however there are some tempting additions:

The Bridget Jones’s Mini Break: Includes Chardonnay, chocolate dipped strawberries and a DVD of the film.

The Sophisticated Girls Night: Includes champagne, a Facial or Massage and a group makeup or perfume blending demonstration.

Rest, Relaxation and Revive: Includes a Hot Stone Massage, Active Glow Facial and Therapeutic Hydrotherapy. Stoke Park Park Road, Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire SL2 4PG Tel: 01753 717171

Wellbeing 19

Calling all...

Business, Corporate and Life Coaches


he Association for Coaching is an independent not for profit organisation with the goal to promote best practice, raise awareness and standards across the Coaching industry. One of the great benefits that members have is the opportunity to attend Co-Coaching Forums. One of which is held here in Tunbridge Wells facilitated by our Tunbridge Wells Life Coach; Caroline Hart.   Co-coaching forums provide an opportunity for coaches to practice their coaching skills within a peer group, learning and developing by participation and observation. Though this is a members-only benefit, non-members are welcome to attend one forum evening as a guest

20 Wellbeing

to experience the event and find out more about the Association for Coaching. a minimal £3 fee is all that is asked from attendees of these fantastic evenings. (AC Members receive CPD Certificates for attending these events) if you are a coach in the local area Caroline would like to invite all local you to attend the forum as her guest. To find out more about the great benefits attending such a group has or to book your place please contact; Caroline Hart – Life Coach and Forum Facilitator for The Association for Coaching, Tunbridge Wells Co-Coaching Email; Telephone; 01892 616219 

Prevention is better than cure words: Sarah Worne

“Prevention is better than cure” is a very homoeopathic approach, and we’ve asked local homoeopath Sarah Worne to give us her advice for dealing with winter colds and flu. From Epsom salts to onion soup Sarah gives us her top tips and unpicks some common myths. Will an apple a day really keep the doctor away, or do we need to give ourselves a little more TLC?


he next time you feel a cold coming, there are various straightforward strategies which will help you through the process more easily. The number one rule is: don’t overload your system with food. Forget the old saying, ‘Feed a cold - starve a fever.’ Your body is using up energy - for its very own clearout of toxic or excess waste - so encourage, rather than sabotage this process. Change your diet to fresh fruit and vegetables. Many of us are now aware that stress is the number one culprit for bringing down physical health, making homoeopathy such a natural choice, and with the increasing pace of our lifestyles, there will usually be some stress or other to compromise our energies. Homoeopaths often tell their patients that the common cold is a blessing! It’s the body’s way of slowing us down and letting us know that we should take it a little easier and a cold gives us a natural de-tox, however unwelcome that may be. Ideally, a cold should not

be suppressed with orthodox medicine or popular high doses of vitamin C. Continue to take in fluids, using spring water and fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Try to avoid commercial juices which can encourage catarrh, rather than help expel it. At bedtime take a hot bath with one or two pounds of Epsom Salts dissolved in it and then go immediately to bed, taking care not to get chilled. The body needs energy to recover, and to ensure this above all, your body needs rest! Homoeopathy is an energybased medicine capable of building the immune system by gently balancing the body to facilitate its very own unique ability to heal itself. When our immune systems are working efficiently, we have the natural capacity to ward off those uninvited winter bugs – the ever familiar coughs, colds and the increasingly dreaded influenza, and a visit sooner rather than later to a homoeopath is a wise move. Whilst many over-the-counter homoeopathic remedies work for

simple acute ailments, actually visiting a homoeopath will be far more effective and long lasting. Your first visit will explore your medical and family history to find inherited lines of weakness. Any mental and emotional symptoms will be of primary importance and your overall coping strategies will be looked at, together with your diet, fitness levels and general lifestyle. Your prescription will then be individually made up for you as no two people are the same.

First Signs At the first sign of stress or when you have the feeling ‘I wonder if I am going to get a cold?’ take Arsenicum in low potency (6C) half hourly for up to six doses. This remedy will usually arrest it unless the chill is due to standing in a strong wind; then Aconite taken in the same way should help. Ferrum Phos 6X is another good remedy to take in the early inflammatory stages of a cold. You can also use

Wellbeing 21

Wellbeing homoeopathy other biochemic tissue salts to help with those runny noses. Alternate the appropriate one with Ferrum Phos 6x – every 2-3 hours. Use Kali Mur 6X for a whitish discharge, Kali Sulph 6X for yellow and for watery discharges try Nat Mur 6X. Onion soup with lots of onions is another excellent way to help the body naturally detox. Allium Cepa is good for burning, acrid discharges and watery eyes. Nux Vomica is useful if you have a cold which makes you feel irritable with a runny nose during the day which will then stuff up at night – you feel chilly and can’t get warm enough. Black elderberry extract/ juice (also available in capsule form) helps support the immune system and has twice the natural antioxidant capability as cranberries. Anti-oxidants support the immune system by helping neutralise the harmful effects of free radicals. Echinacea is still also very useful to take when feeling run down or if you have been in contact with someone who is suffering from the flu virus. Whilst good Homeopathic constitutional prescribing is a great insurance for health, your Homeopath will also be able to prescribe remedies to

22 Wellbeing

help your body resist the infectious and much feared influenza. A good diet and adequate exercise are common sense measures and if you understand the ‘mind-body’ approach to health then you may need a little more than “an apple a day to keep the doctor away” – so it’s worth considering the comprehensive energetic power of Homeopathic remedies to keep in balance - prevention has to be better than cure and remember, a cold may not be such a bad thing after all! For further information please contact Sarah Worne MCPH RSHom., Registered Homoeopath on 01323 871313, or email Sarah runs clinics in Lewes, Forest Row and the South Downs

Understanding Homoeopathy Author: Sarah Worne MCPH RSHom.

A succinct and informative little book – a perfect introduction to Homoeopathy. It takes the reader through many of the issues raised by those new to the subject such as the origins and history, benefits of treatment, when it is appropriate to self-prescribe and when professional help is needed. Published by First Stone and costs just £1.99 and can be obtained via or purchased from Helios, Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells. SKU#: BK1473

Wellbeing 23

Words Cheryl Hersey

g n i utt


your feet first We tend to take our feet for granted but anyone that’s ever had their leg or ankle in a plaster cast will tell you how much more difficult life becomes when you can’t walk normally.


he truth of the matter is that a large majority of lower body injuries are caused by what we put on our feet. Recent research found that over 200,000 people each year suffer injuries from broken ankles to shin splints caused by wearing poor or incorrect footwear. These injuries cost the NHS a whopping £40million a year.

The Footwear Offenders Fashion footwear is often the biggest culprit when it comes to poor foot health. Shoes that are pretty or fashionable are often too high, too tight or too flimsy to offer our feet the support they need. When we wear ill-fitting or unsupportive footwear for long periods it leads to more serious health problems

24 Wellbeing

including anything from bunions to bad backs. We’re probably all familiar with the problems associated with high heels but what about other types of shoe?

cause conditions such as plantar fasciitis to develop. They also have no arch support, and can cause pain to the ball and heel of the foot because of the thin soles.

Ballet Pumps

Imitation UGGS

They might look pretty but The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists claim that totally flat shoes like ballet pumps can actually be as bad for feet as high heels. The style of the ballet pump is tight by design, squashing toes into the front of the shoe and causing corns and calluses to develop. Solving the problem isn’t as easy as choosing a bigger size either. In larger pumps an adapted walking style and some toe scrunching is required to keep them from falling off. This causes a strain on the knee and the tendons and can

We’ve all walked behind someone in a pair of UGGstyle boots and seen them practically stepping on the floor as their foot falls off the side of the shoe! Many cheaper UGG-style boots offer no support to the heel of the foot, this coupled with a cheap sole that wears down quickly and you’ll soon find you’re falling of the sides of the sole. With your foot out of alignment from the rest of your lower body you’re much more prone to all sorts of injuries from knee pain to a twisted ankle.

Flip-Flops In the majority of pairs, toescrunching is a necessity if you don’t want to lose your flip-flops. Over a period of time this can lead to tendonitis, shin splints and plantar fasciitis. A totally flat flip-flop offers no support for the heel or arch of the foot meaning that your foot moves around a lot so you’re much more likely to trip over and hurt yourself.

Choosing the right footwear Footwear should be appropriate for the situation as different surfaces place slightly different demands on the body, if you’re running, you need cushioning and flexibility but if you’re hiking over rough terrain, you need a more solid and supportive shoe. The fit of the shoe is very important because if they are too big your foot will move forwards/backwards and side to side resulting in blisters. If they are too tight then blood flow can be restricted, this can be painful and should be avoided. Be certain to find a shoe that is comfortable without allowing your foot to move excessively inside it. People generally have one of three types of foot; pronating, where the feet roll in, supernating, where they roll out, or neutral. Choosing a trainer or insole that matches your foot type will provide optimum support. Good footwear shops should be able to advise you about this. Finally, shoes are like tyres, they need changing periodically and will last for a few thousand

miles depending on their quality and the circumstances in which they are used. The shock absorbency of the sole will only last so long. A good way to tell if it is worn out is if you develop sore calf muscles after walking or exercising.

Wellbeing footwear

Clever Footwear Oven mouldable insoles Even the most supportive shoe on the market is flat inside so a good insole is crucial to prevent foot pain and provide internal stability. SOLE Footbeds mould to fit your foot perfectly, improving comfort and reducing foot pain. They are also a great alternative to expensive orthotics. Simply pop this insole in the oven and the arch support and base layer can be moulded to the shape of your foot! It’s also ‘wear-mouldable’ over a period of time. There’s a moisture wicking top layer and thick cushioning to absorb shock, while the deep heel cup keeps your foot aligned in the shoe. £35

Reflexology shoes Chung Shi shoes give your feet a little reflexology while you walk! They’re lightweight and durable but they also help to improve your posture thanks to the curved sole and revolutionary new reflexology bar. This unique

design also works lower leg muscles up to 200% harder than regular trainers, to help increase circulation and flexibility, as well as improving core stability. £155

The hybrid shoe The Exhale is the new hybrid shoe that can be worn inside and out. This slipper/shoe hybrid is perfect for all sorts of activities, from apres-ski to lounging around the house. A Sherpa lined footbed offers ultimate cosiness for cold winter days. You can wear the Exhale as a proper shoe or fold down the heel panel for slip-on comfort. The Exhale also has a mouldable design which means that 100% of your foot is supported. The Exhale is lightweight – the women’s size 5 weighs just over 400g – but offers all the warmth and support of a traditional winter shoe. It’s water-resistant and there is an antibacterial Polygiene coating inside to help combat foot odour. £55

Wellbeing 25

Wellbeing advertorial


Way of the Soul “This work with energy and music is the spiritual work for the coming age. When scientific research, spiritual practice and artistic expression work together, heaven and earth are in resonance.“

Ann Pattihis is a qualified Practitioner offeringTama-Do treatments in Hawkhurst 01580 753 993


he essence of Tama-Do is that the body must be in overall harmony to be healthy, and the health of the physical body depends on the health of the aura, or subtle energy around the body. Tama-Do diagnosis and treatment is subtle and because it is subtle, it is very fast with immediate benefits. It starts by asking: what does this soul need right now? Physical ailments or emotional problem are addressed as energetic imbalances. Diagnosis is done with the client fully clothed, drawing on Chinese medicine where the overall appearance is noted including colouring, posture, manner and voice. Twelve pulses are taken as a way to “listen” to the organs, the tongue and eyes are also assessed. Then the client’s etheric, astral and mental energy is scanned to build up an energy diagnosis and the appropriate Tama-Do treatment is selected. What makes Tama-Do special and revolutionary is that it integrates so

26 Wellbeing

many bodies of classical knowledge and treats the soul, subtle and physical simultaneously. It combines the teachings of Music Theory, Mathematics, Chinese Medicine, Aikido, Kototama, Astrology, the Vedas, Kabalah, and more into a set of simple and effective techniques. Treatment with Tama-Do involves using tuning forks (in a similar way to using needles in acupuncture) on the meridians, and musical instruments with elemental sound is played around the body. It uses music theory’s “cycle of fifths” to represent the expansive harmony of the chakras. Fabien Maman’s ground breaking research showed this to be the most beneficial way to harmonise the body. And finally, Tama-Do treatments use sound, colour, light and chi movement - working from the outside in, from the stars down to the cell so that soul, mental, emotional and physical bodies are all “heard” and harmonised together.

Fabien Maman, creator of Tama-Do and founding father of vibrational medicine.

Tama-Do techniques include: - Musical Spine –for release of deep trauma l Shu Points: Tuning forks on Acupuncture Command Points –to balance and empower the organs. l Tama-Do Extra Points – gentle hands-on technique to calm release “emotional roller coaster”. l Eight Qi Mo –for realigning the chakras. l Harmonizing the Chakras and Aura with Acoustic and Elemental Sound –cycle of fifths and overtone progression around the body. l Shamanic Sound - ancestral memories and central axis of Truth. l Colour - to harmonize and empower the chakras, clear the astral/mental fields, soul path readings. l Chi movement to optimise the inner flow of vital energy. Scientifically researched, practical ways to balance and maintain health and nurture the soul’s light.

ann pattihis at the soul space professional energy practitioner


01580 753993 07810 043937

Come and experience the potential of Sound Healing Ann specialises in Tama-Do Energy Diagnosis, Colour Balance and Sound Therapy, shamanic sound journeys, soul alignment, theta-deep relaxation, NLP, coaching and transformation. Offers spiritual guidance and profound treatment for the emotional and physical imbalances.

Loving Christmas Gift idea Give someone you love a life changing session with Ann and support ‘Surviving Christmas’ reg. charity Beautiful colour gift card A single two hour appointment £95 A four week course is reduced from £380 to £345, (28 days to change a pattern) and a six week course reduced from £570 to £500 (deeper change) £5 from each gift session donated to Surviving Christmas reg. charity Contact Ann to discuss 01580 753 993 or “Ann made me feel so relaxed and her insight has helped me change my life completely...” Elaine, a former stress and migraine sufferer.

Stocking Fillers Gifts from the Amazon

The amazing restorative powers of the Amazon’s flora have been captured by ila in their new skincare range Rainforest Renew. The four piece range combines the bio-active raw ingredients of acmella, pfaffia, marapuama and white lily, in a unique blend, to deliver an extraordinary Amazonian elixir that leaves skin glowing with vitality. The wild grown babassu oil used as a base for the range is grown and harvested for ila by the Kayapu tribe in an ethical trading relationship.

Gift of Music

Sea of Calm and Legacy of Light are just two CDs available from Gap Music. Sea of Calm is so soothing, it is the perfect remedy for helping to de-stress and wind-down at the end of a long and tiring day. Legacy of Light will leave the listener with a feeling of enchanchment and tranquility. With various styles of music from Chill-out, Lounge, Dance, Pop, Country, Rock, NewAge, Latino... we have something for everyone....

28 Wellbeing

Health Benefits of Espresso

There has always been a myth that coffee is bad for you but the bad bit is the added milk and sugar. There is evidence that coffee in its purest form as an espresso is rich in antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, which all help in improving health by keeping the immune system healthy. Espresso also has less caffeine than a brewed cup of coffee so will still give you a caffeine fix as too much coffee can leave you feeling restless and irritable.There is also evidence that espressos can stop headaches, boost your mood, prevent tooth decay and prevent the onset of diseases such as Parkinson’s, diabetes and heart disease. As Jura coffee machines and beans use only the finest materials and techniques the espresso made by Jura will ensure to make it a healthy drink.

Adopt a puppy this Christmas

Tony Buzan’s ‘Mind Set’

Leading authority on the brain and learning, and international best-selling author, Tony Buzan has changed the way we think, read and learn. Tony’s Mind Maps provide simple but powerful techniques allowing readers to unlock the full potential of their brain. Providing timeless and completely relevant lessons, not just about Mind Mapping, but also Speed Reading and methods of maxing your Brain power, these books show why Tony is still number one in his field. The Mind Map Book: Unlock your creativity, boost your Memory, change your Life (rrp £14.99) The Speed Reading Book: Read more, learn more, achieve more (rrp £10.99) The Memory Book: Take your Memory to the ultimate level (rrp £12.99) No matter where you are in life, Tony Buzan’s books can help. Individually they books are powerful tools for the Brain, increasing the ability to learn, understand and remember. Used together they will transform your life. To win these books go to

For a long lasting Christmas gift why not consider the Adopt a Puppy scheme from Canine Partners, supported by Purina PetCare. Canine Partners is a charity that provides highly trained assistance dogs to people with disabilities. Your gift recipient receives an introduction letter, adoption certificate, glossy photos and a soft toy puppy. They will also get a pupdate every few months with photos and news on how the puppy is doing. Once the trained puppies graduate as canine partners, they will go on to assist people with disabilities in a huge range of everyday tasks able-bodied people take for granted. This can include picking up dropped items, opening doors, taking washing from the machine, operating pedestrian crossings and much more.

The influence of


Capricious Mercury and Retrograde Venus Add Drama to November and December, says Tristan Morell



The full moon for Aries is important, bringing new partnerships and friendships. So if you’re looking for love, things could be about to change! Even if not, there are likely to be new friends and connections, with networking strongly highlighted in the next two or three months. It’s going to be about who you know not what you know - very often the case in life!

The Sun aligns Venus on the 28th bringing love into the lives of many little gems! This is an important time for Gemini as far as romance is concerned. You will probably fall in love or find that you are more popular than ever. You’re in the spotlight again. So look out for superb opportunities coming your way. It’s also a great time for networking - again, a natural Gemini gift.

TAURUS: Mercury soon conjuncts with Venus which is helping you get back in tune with others. Many Taureans lately have lost connection with other people and there may have been disagreements with people with whom you were previously close. Now things will change and challenges will end. It’s also a time for new friends. This is of massive importance because these people will help you to move on.

30 Wellbeing

CANCER: Two strong Mercury oppositions in October will change things in the next few months. In fact, Mercury is causing all sorts of problems at the moment for everyone! Review all travel plans because of this; later in the month, friends will rally to support you and things will improve for sure. Some long overdue discussions connected

to your love life will make things clearer... at last!

LEO: Mercury will have a major effect on you over the next two months, bringing a spiritual awareness that will make you more optimistic about where you are going. As a Leo, you already have a positive view on life but these planetary effects will give a strong power boost. You feel as though you can take on the world... and you probably can. Confidence and strength will be your key words now. Do it!

VIRGO: Saturn and Venus will affect your sign these next two months, highlighting relationships and signalling that this area of your life needs to change or be “upgraded.” Honest discussions are

required to clear the air. Friendships, rather than love interests may be your focus, but changes are to do with close companions and there are likely to be a few lessons to be learnt.

LIBRA: Due to the effects of Venus turning retrograde in October, relationships are likely to be highlighted and you may even be unsure who is supporting you and who isn’t right now. By mid-November it will no longer matter because everything will have changed, and you will feel stronger as a person. But beware retail therapy at the moment. It’s a time to make merry but save!

right now, a beneficial time of self discovery and growth. You are the Sign that invents, thinks ahead, and can adapt with practical theory as well as inventiveness and spirituality. Well, now is the time you will be doing just that. This is also a time when new love could enter your lives and you may be leaving the past and certain people behind as you move forward.

SCORPIO: Scorpios have moved away from certain people recently - all for the good. New contacts (and some old connections) will have returned. The twists and turns in the dramatic lives of Water Signs continue. But now things settle down; let bygones be bygones and celebrate the good things in your lives. Travel is highlighted strongly in your house of pleasure. Perhaps it’s time to put the past to rest and just enjoy yourselves.

SAGITTARIUS: For Sagittarians, this is a great time for learning, for broadening horizons, and welcoming

new opportunities. Unexpected options occur, leading to growth. Due to the effects of Venus your love life is likely to improve a great deal at the end of November so be prepared; there could be some passion on the menu then!

CAPRICORN: Don’t expect too much from partners or colleagues right now. You Capricorn folk appear so strong on the surface that everyone

thinks that you really are! It’s not always true, but if you are going to play the part you have to act it! Don’t be surprised these next two months if you are expected to be a tough cookie, even if you feel like a soft digestive! This is a good learning curve for most Capricorns. Be prepared to see yourselves in a new light!

AQUARIUS: It’s another big learning curve for Aquarians

PISCES: The last few months (even the last couple of years), may have felt like a never-ending soap opera drama for many Pisceans. But finally it’s getting better! Much, much better. You’ll be surprised how things suddenly turn around in the next few months. Things can do that in life! Now you are in for some pleasant surprises, and even, if you feel you have been going through hell, keep going!

An international Clairvoyant Astrologer and Palmist established for many years, Tristan Morell now commutes to the UK from his new base in Spain where he works on his TV show “spirit and sol” which is shown on 6 channels and along the Costa Blanca. With a devoted following in all continents, his personal one-to-one readings, as well as by telephone, internet and skype, are valued by clients all over the world. He is retained by many celebrities, sports stars, including Australian Wimbledon Ace, Pat Rafter, and top business and public figures. To contact him see his website or call 00 34 63 835 1027; email; Skype address: Blushers 1

Wellbeing 31

Wellbeing books £4.99

LAVENDER Nature’s Way to Relaxation and Health Philippa Waring ISBN 978-0-28563-886-0 Lavender is one of the most ancient herbal remedies, packed with medicinal and therapeutic properties. This book looks at the history and folklore surrounding this plant as well as how to use lavender for a range of illnesses and injuries, cosmetics, soaps and perfumes as well as it’s culinary uses. If lavender is something you use in your household then this book will inspire you to use it for many different purposes.responsible for hindering the flow of money.

FLOWER ESSENCES Remedies and inspirations for well-being




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Louise L. Hay & Friends ISBN 978-1-4019-2527-7 In this inspirational book, people all over the world express their appreciation for writings and teachings of Louise Hay for the miracles she has brought to their lives, by telling their stories.

At the end of each chapter their are simple exercises, affirmations and reader tips on: healing, dealing with pain, overcoming addictions, attracting prosperity, handling career changes, learning to love, relationships and achieving mental wellness.

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Clare G Harvey ISBN 1 84483-293-7 Beautifully illustrated book explaining the uses of 25 flower essences from around the world. Clare G Harvey shares her understanding of how to harness the potent therapy of flower essences with remedies, creams and spritzes. Looking at the cleansing and purifying properties of sage to the calming abilities of hibiscus this is the perfect book for anyone interested in understand the healing properties of these beautiful flowers.

INSPIRED DESTINY Living and fulfilling a purposeful life Dr John F Demartini ISBN 978-1-84850-215-4 You’ll come away from this

book with a fully realised vision of yourself, understanding the real difference between being a leader and being a follower, and see how to set an example for others by doing what you love. You’ll set in motion a far-reaching ‘ripple effect’, beginning the journey of mastering and living a meaningful and inspiring life.


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November/December 2010 - West Kent - Wellbeing Magazine  

November/December 2010 - West Kent - Wellbeing Magazine