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‘HOKE’ HOUSE & Interview with Robert Pattinson






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This magazine is dedicated to all those home and aspiring home owners who love creating their own individual space. This magazine is for you. What do you like, what do you want to read about, what can we find for you? 2012 promises to be an exciting year and with so many interior and furniture trade shows at the start of the year we want you to set us a challenge... Tell us what you are looking for, is it an amazing purple corner sofa, perhaps you want that clever bed that comes out of the wall... whatever your desire please share it with us at

A family affair

Rachel Branson PUBLISHER / EDITOR You may have noticed the similarity of our surnames, yes Stylista Homes is a family affair. For the last 6 years my husband Richard (yes he really is Richard Branson, but no not the one who owns Virgin) and I have developed Haywood Media and published Wellbeing Magazine, but as 2011 comes to a close Victoria, my sister-in-law and my niece Zoe decided to turn our passion into a reality and so Stylista Homes was created. Having spent many years walking the aisles of trade shows like The Spring Fair, Ambiente and Maison & Objet we wanted to share with you some of our inspirational finds. I have really enjoyed creating the first edition and we hope you enjoy it too. Victoria Branson FEATURES EDITOR Thank you Rachel for kindly explaining our family connection, Zoe is my eldest daughter who shares the family interest for beautiful things. I’m absolutely thrilled that an idea born out of an enthusiastic conversation about home interiors has finally come to fruition. I’ve had an infinite passion for interior design for many years now and Stylista Homes has presented me with the chance to share my ideas as well as providing a great excuse to scour the world. I endeavour to find attractive and unusual pieces to give your home a truly Stylista feel. I sincerely hope that you enjoy our first issue and would love you to join us on our Stylista journey!

Zoe Branson-Chant YOUNG STYLISTA FEATURES Being the youngest in the team, I aspire to be an Interior Designer as I spend many hours browsing the Internet, reading mum’s design magazines and wandering around IKEA picking out items I want in my room. Now I have the chance to share my ideas with you all and I hope you enjoy my ‘Young Stylista’ features. Follow us on facebook at or twitter at stylistahomes









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Front cover image from Graham & Green

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fireside ARMCHAIRS

Cover image:

DREAM (above) Designed by Jamie Graham, the Dream Collection features this beautiful button back armchair. Made and upholstered in England £1,395 Dream Footstool in Velvet £495 Graham & Green



re you sitting comfortably? Then I will begin.. Once upon a time in Egypt, during important religious rituals or official coronations, armchairs would be used instead of side chairs. Considered the highest seat of honor, the armchair was reserved for the pharaoh and was richly decorated. Social prominence determined what piece of furniture the Egyptian sat upon. A stool was better than sitting on the floor, but a side chair had a back on it and was much more comfortable. The highest ranking Egyptian would sit

in an armchair since this type of chair had the comfort of both back and arm supports. In ancient Egypt chairs appear to have been made of ebony and ivory, or of carved and gilded wood. They were covered with costly materials and supported upon representations of the legs of beasts or the figures of captives. Egyptians believed that the chairs need to represent natural forms to avoid creating chaos in the universe, by creating an artificial object. This tendency is seen all over Egyptian art and manufacture. An armchair in fine preservation found in a tomb in the Valley of the Kings is astonishingly similar, even in small details, to that “Empire” style which followed Napoleon’s campaign in Egypt. Moreover, the political hierarchy of seat furniture continued into the Greek and Roman periods with authoritatively designed throne chairs. The armchair was also a seat of prominence during the Medieval period. When receiving visitors to the manor, the Lord sat in a massive armchair with the Lady of the manor seated in a side chair. During banquets, the Lord and Lady sat side by side while their guests sat on benches, or stools, some of which were brought by the guests themselves. That we are still said to sit “in” an armchair and “on” other kinds of chairs is from a time when the Lord sat

STORY TELLER (right) Storyteller chair in Seduction Mulberry with bolster in Mineral Heather £1063 Sofa Workshop All models are: handmade in Britain - available in a choice of thousands of fabric and leathers choices - 10 year frame guarantee - made-tomeasure option

PELIKAN armchair by One Collection Pelikan is a striking design. Its organic form is a good example of the way in which Finn Juhl has been inspired by modern ”free art”. Very comfortable and manufactured according to best craftsmanship traditions with hand-sewn upholstery. £4523

“in his chair.” These throne-like seats were always architectural in character, and as Gothic feeling waned took the distinctive characteristics of Renaissance work. This hierarchy continues today in the formal dining room. Armchairs are placed at each end of the table for the host and hostess, while guests sit in side chairs. In Europe, during the Renaissance the chair ceased to be a privilege of state, and became the customary companion of whoever could afford to buy it. Once the idea of privilege faded the chair speedily came into general use and began to reflect the fashions of the hour.

It is in 1636 that the word armchair was used for the first time to name the “chaise à bras”. The majority of the chairs from all countries until the middle of the 17th century were made of timber (the commonest survival is oak) without upholstery, and when it became customary to cushion them, leather was sometimes used; subsequently velvet and silk were extensively used, and at a later period cheaper and often more durable materials. The traditional fireside chair, with its high winged back, firm armrests and supportive seat was known as the wing back, easy chair or fireside chair. Wing chairs appeared in English manors


CASSINA PRIVÉ (above) Large Island Lounge Chair Privé, designed by Philippe Starck takes furnishing trends to a harmony with contemporary life at home. Sitting down, stretching out, curling up - nothing is forbidden. Quilted in leather, the backrest cushions, are removable with removable covers, and have a feather stuffing. £9,108


sometime in the late 17th century. The basic wing chair consists of four legs situated in a squat little square. A long back with slight incline and high arms on each side surround the square. Two small ears, or wings, flank the sides above the arms. Since its inception, the design of the wing chair has changed little. The wing chair sprang from necessity. Residents of stone-cold English houses huddled around their fireplaces, seeking to soak in as much heat as possible and the angular shape of the wing chair retained warm drafts from the fire. Today with central heating and well insulated homes, the fireside chair is chosen for comfort and design rather than out of necessity or social status. So whether your style is cool and contemporary or tasteful and traditional there is a chair just waiting to adorn your fireside this Winter.

ICON CHAIR (above) The Icon chairs in Nubia Leather are a stylish, funky addition to any contemporary living space and the perfect partner to the Aura, Couture or Reverso ranges. Back suspension with stretch webbing strips means you sink into the back cushion for extra comfort zig zag spring seat suspension provides flexible support and even weight distribution for comfort. £859

LINCOLN CHAIR (left) Lincoln Chair and a Half. Available in all of Raft’s fabrics and leathers. From £1,309

LAUTREC (right) Designed by Rene Haas From Muralto, all Muralto furnishings are handmade to order. Therefore the sizes and coverings can be altered to fit with a client’s particular dimensions and style requirements. from £2,229

HAND-KNITTED CHAIR (above) An original Greaves and Thomas swivel chair on a wooden base, the chair has been covered in a hand knitted highly textured patchwork design with deep-set crocheted buttons. £2,300

ASTON CHAIR (left) This 21st Century interpretation of a gentleman’s club chair stands on its own bringing accent and flavour to the interior. The Aston chair retails from £2,240 Footstool £770


winter warmth

FIREPLACES As Winter draws in there is something quite comforting about sitting in front of an open fire, gazing into the flames from your fireside armchair. A few years ago we installed a wood burning stove in our early Victorian apartment. I loved the smell, the warmth and glow as we would sit in front of the fire on a cold Winters night. Now in our brand new modern home it would be wonderful to recreate that feeling and look and have been inspired to look at more contemporary and creative solutions. I hope we can inspire you too.

Pictured: BALANCE modular stove system Design by Peter Maly The fireplace BALANCE distinguishes itself by its interior design concept! The structural unit of the fireplace oven can be assembled in a variety of ways, with storage elements for firewood in various widths and a bench element, in the form of a horizontal line. The floating version, where all elements are fastened horizontally to the wall, is very attractive. Another solution is the free-standing version on stainless steel feet. From ÂŁ4651 available from

855 LEATHER PANELS (above) This beautiful wall design brings together furniture and fireplace. It has leather side panels with subtle LED mood lighting integrated behind the side panels. The fireplace is available as a gas fire with finishes and colours that can all be customised. Starting price, fully designed and installed ÂŁ11,000 excl VAT (including leather)


ORANIER ARTEMIS VERTIKO (left) Highly advanced with 3 fold air supplies and high efficiencies and with either natural stone or polished black panneling £3,035

BROSELEY YORK (above) Nothing says Autumn quite like a traditional stove or fire and as the temperature outside drops you’ll be glad of the extra warmth it will bring to your home. Cosy up in front of the cast iron Broseley York midi electric stove, whilst it’s not a log burner, its flame effect is realistic and its low maintenance too £619 THE FONTANA The Fontana fireplace is from Muralto. The Muralto showroom is open from 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday and by appointment only at weekends £6195 +VAT


it’s a crackling



Get cosy this Winter without the guilt by choosing a woodburning stove from Vesta. It’s energy efficient and kind to the environment. If you’re looking to heat your home in the most economical way this Winter, look no further than a woodburning stove from Vesta. With the reduction in your heating bills, these lovely stoves can pay for themselves in just 18 months! Plus you get to enjoy the rustic crackle of a real fire - surely a justified purchase if ever there was one? Compared to a fireplace where 80% of the heat is lost up the chimney, with a woodburning stove 80% goes into your room so you’ll soon find yourself turning down that thermostat. Vesta also manufacturers stoves with boilers which can feed the central heating so you could even say goodbye to your expensive heating bills once and for all. And with wood in plentiful cheap supply you can be smug and toasty all season long!

The Vesta V4 Woodburning Stove. Available in a wide range of colours £599


The ‘Hoke’ Residence, designed by architect Jeff Kovel from Skylab Architecture, featured in the ‘Twilight’ films


twilight RESIDENCE


he Twilight Saga continues and it promises not to disappoint the die hard fans. I think I can class myself as a fan, well the fact that I found myself sitting in a cinema full of swooning teenagers on the first night must mean something! I love a good vampire film, but the stunning location, the Cullen house architecture and the beautiful interiors are a big reason for me liking the film, oh and the gorgeous Robert Pattinson as well! The Cullen house, designed by architect Jeff Kovel from Skylab Architecture yet again makes an appearance in latest film “Breaking Dawn”, I aspire to have this house, it is on my dream board so maybe one day I will have my very own Cullen House.

Canadian architecture publication, the Hoke’s were approached by a film location scout, about a little film called Twilight. The house was designed in 2006, completed construction in 2007 and Skylab have since designed an additional residence next door. Although the Hoke House made an appearance in the second film, “New Moon” the interior shots were in fact from another home restored by architect, Brian Hemmingway located in West Vancouver, Canada.

and massive windows opening out to leafy Canadian surroundings. The latest movie “Breaking Dawn”, sees human-vampire couple Bella Swan and Edward Cullen travel to Brazil for a romantic honeymoon. The pair fly to Mamangua Bay, close to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, and stay in a glamorous coastal home, which boasts a private beach in addition to luxury furnishings. The 11,000 square-foot property was designed by architect Thiago Bernardes and for devoted followers it is now available to rent for £2,480 per night.

This home was originally built and designed in the 1950s by Arthur Erickson, a celebrated Canadian architect. The home was built in the post and beam style with dramatic entertainment areas, high ceilings, two fire places, amazing open spaces

Jeff Kovel and Skylab Architecture became known through the film Twilight although many know the ‘Cullen Residence’ as the ‘Hoke Residence’. The ‘Hoke Residence’ was originally built with the speculation of finding a suitable buyer and after two days on the market, the house was purchased by the director of footwear design at Nike, John Hoke. Following a cover story in a



twilight INTERVIEW

Words: Phil Thompson / The Interview People

The Twilight Saga continues and for those of you who are Robert Pattinson fans, Phil Thomson caught up with British born actor to talk about his experience while filming Twilight “Breaking Dawn”

How do you feel about the Twilight Saga coming to an end? Well, I am sad, of course. It’s been such an adventure, such a ride. I made new incredible friends that will be with me forever.   Share one of your fondest memories with us.   Well, the honeymoon that we shot in Brazil, that was pretty amazing. I would go back there if I could. I fell in love with that country.   And one of the not so fun experiences.   Well, I had to take my shirt off right next to Taylor (Lautner). And I am sure you all know what a superb specimen that guy is. He makes me look like such a whimp (laughs).   What is it like to be working with beautiful women on the set of this movie?   It’s great, it’s really nice being surrounded by hot girls all the time. It’s the best thing ever. Hey, it’s why

I became an actor! You had to be very pale in Twilight, and wear contact lenses all the time. What was worse? Oh, the contact lenses for sure. They were pretty tight, and at times they were painful too. That’s one thing I won’t be missing much. I don’t mind being pale. I am British, we are not supposed to tan much in the first place (laughs).   Do you think you will keep in touch with all the other actors from the movie?   Well, I certainly hope so (laughs). I don’t know if we will all call each other all the time. In this business, you need to move around so much. It makes it very difficult to stay in touch with others.    Do you have a favorite scene in this movie?   I think the birth scene is so different to everything else in the movie. And also, for a fantasy, it has a young audience, but it goes quite far. It’s

quite graphic. You are doing major press events for this movie all over the world. You are at Comic Con which is a big comic convention. What are the nerdiest things that you have found out about each other? I wouldn’t say Kristen is nerdy. She, literally, is a cooking fan. She’s a nerd when it comes to cooking. Especially on set. It was bizarre. She’d be in the trailer and the cooking channel was always on.   What will you miss about your character?   I liked how understanding Edward was. I liked that he was old school. I think that’s cool. I will miss that.   Are you creeped out by all the attention you have been getting from the ladies over the years?   I am not creeped out at all by it. You’d just have to be creeped out by women in general, which I am not (laughs).

A collection of Twilight interviews can be purchased through Amazon Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner - The Interviews 2008-2011



INTERIORS Edward Cullen’s Room Inspiration

John Lewis Sapiens Bookcase, Raw Iron, H202cm £179


The Barcelona daybed is part of the Knoll Barcelona family designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, £8648 Available from



I found this cute rabbit night light which is perfectly suitable for young children or animal lovers. A really cool design which would look great on any childs bedside table. Works great as a gift as it’s cheap. I like it because it gives a nice warm glow £4.99

QUEEN ANNE STYLE THRONE This gorgeous girly armchair will add a bright splash of colour to your room. It has a silver frame with blazing pink upholstery. It’s a great piece of furniture for all you girls £150

CHALK MEMO BOARD This is great for children with busy schedules. It’s dazzling green apple design is fruity and fun. It brings a bit of colour to your room. Fab for younger teens £9

DOODLE DUVET COVER This is no ordinary duvet cover, you can personalise it however you like by doodling on it. The special washable pens mean if you get bored with your design just wash the cover and it’ll disappear, then you can doodle all over again £39.95


7ft Windsor Fir Tree, £80 Mini Bauble Garlands, £3 Brights Bauble Selection, 75 pack, £12 Tree Box Baubles, 34 pack, £4 Tesco Finest* Mini Crackers, 6 pack, £5 Jumping Reindeer Hanging Decoration, £1 Brights Parcel Decorations, 9 pack, £4 Star Hanging Decorations, £1.50 Bell Cluster Decorations, £1.50 Giftbags, £1 each


inspiring CHRISTMAS

CHRISTMAS TIME UK Great selection of christmas tree decorations, choose by finish, colour and size. A great way of adding a touch of sparkle to your tree this season. Cyclamen pink, shatterproof baubles, each box contains 6 baubles, with 3 different designs £11

BOLLYWOOD CHRISTMAS Set of 12 mixed glass shapes in various colours £17.95

Turquoise spiky porcupine bauble 80mm £2

Krebs decorative baubles turquoise/pink & orange in colour, made of glass, 9 baubles per pack, 80mm £18

Beaded decorations purple set of 3 £3.95

TESCO DIRECT Icicles from the Tesco Brights Decoration Pack. A huge array of shapes and styles create interest and glamour on your Christmas tree, 75 pieces £12 Tesco pink bell cluster decoration £1.50

Tesco Assorted baubles The wonderful, colourful designs of these assorted blue baubles help add to the seasonal atmosphere Pack of 12 £20 Tesco blue decoupage bauble £2

Tesco mini bright parcel decorations 9 for £4


7ft Windsor Fir Tree, £80 Gold Angel Tree Topper, £5 Glitter Bird Decoration, 2 for £2 Gold Icicle 80mm Baubles, 12 for £1.50 Sequin Bow Decoration, £2 Jumping Reindeer Decoration, £1.50 Gold Fabulous Giftbags from £1 Matching Tags, 6 for 80p NOEL Mantel Decoration, £4 Tesco Finest Cards from £3.50


CRACKLED GLAZED BALL Beautifully lustrous hand blown, crackle glaze small glass bauble in gold. Available in 6 cm and 10cm diameter from £14 pack of 4






Designed in Sweden, these antique gold hearts with their nice weighty solid feel, will just add a subtle touch of glamour to any tree. They could be used all year round as a beautiful decoration for parties weddings & events or for hanging around the house £4.95 Exclusively from


7ft Canadian Tree with Feathered Tips, £100 Low Voltage Ball lights, £10 Silver Decoration Pack, 75 piece, £12 Tesco Finest 60mm Baubles, 4 for £6 Silver Heart Decorations, £1.50 Pearlescent Acrylic Icicles, 6 for £2 Silver Angel Decoration, 3 for 50p Berry Wreath, £15



ROMEO & JULIET SILVER DOVES Solid sterling silver and hallmarked in London. Supplied with soft storage pouch £80 each or £150 the pair


Beautiful antique effect silver glass bauble, on satin ribbon. Sold as a set of three for £7.50


This stunning glass bauble has a delicate glass angel inside and can be personalised with a message £12.95



12 mini silver heart bauble decortaions for twigs or trees. Each heart 4cm across. 6 shiny and 6 matt £4.50



d 7ft Windsor Fir Tree, £80 300 LED Multi-function Lights, £35 Gold Decoration Set, 75 piece, £12 Gold 60mm Baubles, 12 for £2 Red Beaded Baubles, 9 for £2 Red Organza Bauble, £1.50 Gold Hammered Metal Heart Decoration, £1.50 Giant Gold Bow, £1 Merry Christmas Decoration, £3 Gold Stocking, £6 Pre-lit Wreath, £12



Set of 2 sturdy paper stars in gorgeous Scandinavian red and white designs. These stars look lovely hanging from the ceiling at different heights or in a window as a welcome to your guests. The stars cleverly fold over for compact storing away. 2m of red and white cord included £19


These sophisticated tree decorations come in a set of three, each with a different design. Red glass. Sold as set £8.99



SANTA’S TOY BOX DECORATIONS Perfect gift for a baby’s first Christmas. Hand-sewn sequins and stitching make these exceptional fair trade tree decorations really special. This is a wonderful ethical gift when bought as a boxed set that includes a toy soldier, toy train, Christmas stocking and a Santa. The decorations are also available individually at £4 each or set £15

Pack of 6 £9.99


WILLOW CHRISTMAS DOOR WREATH With naturally dried fruit and cinnamon. ÂŁ40












(right) Happiness Is Not A Destination. Give yourself something to fix on and to encourage you on days where happiness seems a little way away. This light wood plaque has a distressed finish to give it an aged look £19.99


(below) Ideal for connoisseurs who love preparing authentic espresso the traditional way. The X1 features new state-of-the-art electronics and automatic boiler refill. Featuring all new electronics and updated controls, this retro-futuristic espresso machine designed by Italian architect Luca Trazzi comes in a handsome finish & range of colours that make a bold statement in any kitchen. Available in almond, black, deep blue, orange (pictured), pale blue, red, special edition stainless steel and yellow £399


(above)The Deluxe Cognac & Brandy Warmer Set has been created specially for those that enjoy a nice warm hit of liqueur on a cool evening. Luxuriously packaged in a latched wooden gift box, this set allows you to heat your brandy or cognac with the gentle warmth of candlelight. Perfect for anyone who likes the smooth taste of brandy. The mahogany veneer box with a brass latch makes this set highly presentable as a gift to an experienced brandy appreciator, and even makes a great starting point for someone new to the world of warmed liqueur! £19.99



(right) Assorted cotton tea towels by Greengate £5.75 each


(right) Yixing Handmade Teapot. Two teapots in one. The yin yang symbols denoting that two people are now connected and in harmony together. This is a domestic harmony teapot - each can have their tea exactly as they like it. This item will be sent in a sturdy silk covered box and can be gift wrapped for free - just let us know the occasion and your message at the checkout process and we’ll do the rest. This item will be sent by the ‘signed for’ service £75

NAPKIN HOLDER We just love these... add an extra special touch to your table with this stylish vintage leaf-shaped metal napkin tea light holder. They look stunning lit or unlit. Exclusive to Nordic House £4.95


INSPIRE ARABIAN NIGHTS (below) These lovely lanterns are sure to delight! Set of three lanterns, suitable for indoor and outdoor use £49.95

NEW VINTAGE (below) “New Vintage, The Homemade Home” is the hip girl’s guide to DIY decorating. Filled with inspirational interiors and simple how-to projects £24.99



VINTAGE INSPIRED BOTTLES Perfume Bottle (Aqua) £2.99 Perfume Bottle (Bronze) £2.99

VORTEX AIR HOCKEY (left) Fantastic fun for family and friends, the full-size, professional-quality Vortex Air Hockey table has a powerful electric fan for fast and smooth puck action. It has a digital scoreboard, sound effects and heightadjustable feet, and is supplied with four pushers and six pucks. Suitable for two or four players and all ages £599

TRADITIONAL WOODEN ROCKING HORSE (right) A gorgeous traditional-style rocking horse made from Beech. Complete with leather saddle and bridle. A beautiful toy that is sure to provide hours of fun! £79.00

LONDON GLOBE (centre) Illustrated map of a city on a Globe. 25 to choose from featuring top ranking tourist cities including London, Paris, Rome, Las Vegas. Globees come in 3 different sizes. They are available in either a brushed or chrome silver stand or a pearl black stand and are suitable from age 3 and above. A must-have momento from any visit as well as a beautiful gift or educational aid for primary school aged children. 4” (£14.95), 6” (£19.95) and 9” (£29.95)





(left) If you’ve ever wanted to become self-sufficient, here’s your chance to give it a try. Go Green is a new board game for all ages. It’s great fun to play and educational too. Use your wheelbarrow to move around the board to collect fruit, vegetables, pigs and chickens. The winner is the first to fill their garden and allotment with the most produce and animals. Seems simple. It is. But the ‘Green Fingers’ cards turn up unexpected twists and turns. So you’ll have to protect your chickens from foxes, sell your crops and livestock at the village fair and avoid drought, bird flu, and your animals escaping. And to make things even more interesting there’s ‘Natural Selection’ cards - thoughtprovoking multiple choice questions you answer to win hay-bales £22.95

ALPHABET VINTAGE COMIC LETTERS (left) K is for Kryptonite .... These are wonderful hand crafted, three dimensional paper letters made from vintage paper and recycled card. All the letters are made from original vintage Beano ,Superman or Bunty comic pages (never photocopies). If you have a special comic ,book or magazine request please contact the Letter Room. Each letter is either a limited edition or one-of-a-kind. They are bonded to cardstock to make the letter sturdy. The letters are hollow, very light and uppercase, please note that each one is made from a different page so the pattern will vary. Height 3.9inches(10 cms) depth 1.4inches(3.5 cms )width varies depending on the letter All letters are gift boxed. £38




(below) The H2O Atomic Clock uses the latest long life H2O techno controlled multifunctional clock. Simply add water to the cell to acti energy to run your clock. The clock will automatically pick up the tim the clock always displays the most accurate time available on plane Atomic clock are an alarm, thermometer and calendar making the H multifunctional device £19.99


(above) The OWL Wireless Electricity Monitor is a practical gadget that simply attaches to the electricity main supply so there’s no complex installation involved. Whether it’s turning off at the plug rather than just using standby, or simply turning off a light, OWL shows you the cash impact of changing your habits and behaviours which could amount to savings of hundreds of pounds per year. It is the perfect way to start saving money on your electricity bill £35.99 To claim your 30% discount (£25.19), simply quote CM119 when purchasing the monitor at



ology to power this radio ivate, and enjoy free me signal every day, so et earth. Integrated into the H2O Atomic Clock a real


(above) Cardboard FM Radio with MP3 input, retractable aerial & 9w speaker! In the midst of a man-made Armageddon, it’s time we all started to design, manufacture and consume more responsibly. That’s where the brilliant Cardboard FM Radio comes in! Designed by Christopher McNicholl, the internals of this environmentally friendly electrical device are housed in a simple re-cycled card structure which also means it can be re-cycled again at the end of the product’s life! It also has an MP3 input for your listening pleasure. The radio requires 4 x AAA batteries (included) £24.99


(above) The Showertime unit allows you to monitor the amount of water you use each time you take a shower. A visual display and audio alert allow you to monitor your usage £9.95




PI:P BIRD FEEDER Bring a touch of contemporary styling to your garden with the Koziol Pi:p Bird Feeder. It is designed to be hung, the 5 oval openings around the outside provide perching points for birds, whilst preventing rain from dripping in £29.70

THE TUDOR HOUSE BIRDBOX is handmade from high-grade Scandinavian redwood pine, and is suitable for birds like sparrows and blue tits. Individually handmade to order. UK delivery will be within 28 days £49 notmassproduced. com

CERAMIC HANGING PEANUT FEEDER With thermoplastic perches. Squirrel resistant £35.00

FAT SNAX (right) Sales of bird feed and feeder have rocketed as we’ve become a nation of twitchers, introducing these sleek ceramic fat Snax feeder pods for contemporary stylish gardens, and their birds £3.98 each

GLASS CONE BIRD FEEDER (above) Feed your birds with this very special frosted glass cone bird feeder. This Item comes in a premium gift box. £16.99

GARDEN CAFE (below) Contemporary bird feeder. Features transparent windows, sturdy hanging wire and removable lid for easy top loading. Seed flows into the tray for small birds to feed. This feeder will soon become a meeting place for all your feathered friends £30

WINDOW BIRD FEEDER (left) The award winning feeder by Born in Sweden. An innovative bird feeder that encourages small birds to feed next to a window. Perfect for apartments & flats where a garden is just not possible. Manufactured from recyclable plastic, it can be mounted on any smooth window pane, thanks to an innovative double-sided suction cup. The carefully selected materials can cope with extreme temperatures as well as UV rays. It is designed for small birds and features a drainage hole at the base of the bowl £15



SCENTS FRESH MINT & GRAPEFRUIT A stunning blend of crisp mint, zesty grapefruit and hints of ginger; a delicate fragrance to awaken and refresh the senses. A perfect gift or an indulgent treat for yourself, each of the luxury reed diffusers are available UK wide £25

CASSIS & WHITE JASMINE TRIPLE WICK LUXURY CANDLE Hand produced luxury candles. 100% natural waxes, Italian cotton candle wicks and the finest essential oils combine in a range of indulgent fragrances £40

CEDRUS SLEEP AROMA ROCKS A sophisticated product to boost relaxation which can be activated whenever and wherever you need it. Great for the lounge or bedroom, and ideal for combatting jetlag this will help soothe and calm your mind, combating stress and restlessness £31.00


SCENTED CANDLES Luxurious Lavender scented candle in a re-usable glass. It comes in a stylish gift box, so it is a perfect gift idea £15

FRANGIPANI AND ORANGE BLOSSOM Scent your surroundings with this exclusive Abahna room fragrance, with stylish packaging and heavenly aromas. Choose from four signature fragrances £24

LAVENDER BAGS This charming boxed set of organic Provencal lavender bags are so evocative of the South of France. The bags are presented in a white, tissue lined box and tied with a ribbon and bow. Lavender not only keeps your wardrobe smelling fresh but it also wards off the moths £28


The Torridge bath ÂŁ2,825 plus VAT 01483 237202 Drummonds London showroom: 78 Royal Hospital Road, London SW3 4HN

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