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A selection of original paintings

A I G A N A G A L I By

Claudie Bastide E:

T: +44(0) 207 4392299

Hay Hill Gallery 5a Cork Street Mayfair London

Seraphim!!! Nino!!! Georgiy !!! Georgiy !! Georgiy !! I close my eyes and silently scream... My scream shakes the world inside me and fills the vacuum with salient tunnels of sound. Saints look straight into my eyes... I toss in fear... Calm down, silently observe their faces‌ I touch their hands‌ I want to remember everything... As a bolt of lightning, sharp sound pierces through my head. I am treading my own path, but everywhere I look, I see faces of my Saints and hear the rustling of their wings. From a novel The Holy Garden by Aigana Gali Thoughtful painting, classical composition, Renaissance palette and unique photographic technique symbolise her works. Relics and modern representations at once, they return a viewer to a long-forgotten dialogue about feelings that have been discarded for later contemplation.

The Holy Garden’s mixed media on canvas 120 x 46 cm (x4)

The Holy Icon of St. Nono 1,2 and 3 mixed media on canvas 150 x 95 cm (x3)

Sunset in a Holy Garden mixed media on canvas 150 x 95 cm

The Holy Bird of Passion mixed media on canvas 150 x 95 cm (x3)

Biography Main exhibitions 2010 Personal Fine Art Exhibition The Westbury Hotel Gallery,London 2009 Personal Fine Art Exhibition OYU Art Gallery, Almaty,KZ 2007 Personal Fine Art Exhibition Kasteev State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan 2006 Personal Fine Art Exhibition Zig-Zag Art Gallery, Almaty,KZ 2005 Personal Fine Art Exhibition Ark Art Gallery, Almaty,KZ 2004 Personal Fine Art Exhibition The Alma-Ata Art Gallery, Almaty,KZ

Hay Hill Gallery 5a Cork Street Mayfair London E:

T: +44 (0) 207 439 1001

Aigana Gali  

Selected works