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A selection of original paintings


Claudie Bastide E:

T: +44(0) 207 4392299

Hay Hill Gallery 5a Cork Street Mayfair London

I started using watercolours like oil, literally squeezing them out of the tube and mixing them with a brush, this was rectified by McNab. Being self taught I started reading books, visiting galleries and looking at other artists work, Sisley and Monet especially, but all artists really. Reading books on artists technique, there was an interesting article I discovered on the painting knife which changed everything for me. I feel brushes are unwieldy - you hold a handful of brushes, well I did, one for each colour in the end, this was not for me. So I started with the painting knife which is very clean and very immediate. I feel that it is quicker to catch the moment , the feeling - this spontaneity is reflected in the painting which seem fresher because of it. I also use a very limited range of colours: Cadmium Red, Prussian Blue, Coeruleum Blue, Cadmium Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Titanium White (lots of white). From these I think you get enough variety and freshness which I hope is indicative of my paintings. When I paint I try to portray a happy, peaceful even hopeful visual experience so that the viewers mood is lifted either by the evocative subject or relaxed by the tranquillity of the scene. Finally I feel if people like my work, then, hopefully, they will like me, for my work is a direct reflection of me. It is a blessing to follow such an occupation. An occupation that, depending on ones health, one can pursue till death.

By the Loing, Saint-Mammes Oil on Canvas 51 x 61 cm 2009

Moret-Sur-Loing Oil on Canvas 76 x 91 cm 1993

Snow Scene Aboyne- Bridgeview Rd Oil on Canvas 40 x 46 cm 1990

Lavendar Cutting in Grasse Oil on Canvas 76 x 91 cm 1993

Snow Scene Aboyne Oil on Canvas 40 x 46cm 1990

Biography Main exhibitions 1961 First Exhibition at Calpe Institute, Gibraltar 1965 Paintings accepted for the British Arts council Exhibition 1976 One-man Exhibition at the Haste Gallery, Ipswich, Suffolk 1988 Richmond Gallery, New York 1989 Jonathon Poole Gallery, Woodstock, Oxford 1991 Bodellwydan Castle, Clywd 1994 - 2001 The Bruton Street Gallery, London 2000 Wally Findlay Galleries, Palm Beach, Chicago, East Hampton & New York 2000 Publication of major catalogue raisonnĂŠ 2001 Wally Findlay One-man Exhibition, New York 2002 The Bruton Street Gallery, London 2003 The Catto Gallery, London 2005 Wally Findlay, New York, Palm Beach 2005-2006 The Eaton Gallery, Duke St. St James, London 2007 The Oakham Gallery, Bury Street, St James, London His Paintings are to be found in many privtate collections in the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States of America, Canada, the Middle East, Singapore, the Far East, Republic of Trinidad & Tobago and Japan.

Hay Hill Gallery 5a Cork Street Mayfair London E:

T: +44 (0) 207 439 1001

William Foreman  

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