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A selection of original paintings

R E U B E N C O L L E Y By

Claudie Bastide E:

T: +44(0) 207 4392299

Hay Hill Gallery 5a Cork Street Mayfair London

Artists Statement My paintings are both an observation of the places where we live, and also a self expression. I am constantly exploring new areas of my own painting to see what creates an atmosphere or a mood for the viewer, to take them past the boundaries of being purely representational, and they become a record of my own experiences and impressions of places. I always try to retain an honesty and an integrity to my paintings, so I am very critical of what does and doesn't go into the finished piece, right from the outset I am questioning my subject, scale and composition, through to the light, palette, and the application of the paint. There is a different motivation behind each collection, but a personal connection to each. Whether it is somewhere I have travelled and felt compelled to paint, or somewhere as personal as a place I remember from my past or even a place where I can find a moment of tranquillity. Painting, to me, should be a very natural process, without the restraints of gimmick and style, it is an infinite language of expression, only I find it much more comforting than using words. Reuben Colley

River Thames oil on canvas 102 x 137 cm

London Eye Rain oil on canvas 107 x 147 cm

Embankment oil on canvas 107 x 137 cm

Oxford Street oil on canvas 102 x 137 cm

Battersea Evening oil on canvas 81 x 61 cm

Windmill Theatre oil on canvas 76 x 61 cm

Biography Main exhibitions 2009 Birmingham Seen Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery 2008 The Art Of Birmingham 1940 to the Millennium Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery 2008 Reuben Colley Exhibition ICC, Birmingham.2007 Birmingham Open Gas Hall, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery 2007 Urban Landscapes New Bond Street, London 2005 Venice ICC, Birmingham 2005 California Bruton Street, London 2003 Forward ICC, Birmingham. 2002 Impressions of London Harrods, London 2002 Streetlife ICC, Birmingham 2001 Impressions of Birmingham ICC, Birmingham.Awards 2007 Best Work on Paper - Birmingham Open Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery 2002 Best Up & Coming Published Artist Fine Art Trade Guild. Acquisitions 2003 Brindley Light Acquired by Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery 2002 Council House Acquired by Birmingham City Council

Hay Hill Gallery 5a Cork Street Mayfair London E: T: +44 (0) 207 439 1001

Reuben Colley  

Selected works

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