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March 19, 2014

The Hawk

# Top Prof SJU Only 32 teachers have made it through to the second round of our tournament since our return from spring break. Number 1 seed, Richard George, Ph.D., has surprised no one in advancing to the second round considering he received an influx of votes via Twitter. Major upsets were made by Barbara Klaczynska, professor of history, seeded at 12, and Greg Manco, Ph.D., seeded at 14, who beat their respective 5 and 4 seeds. Want to see your favorite professor earn the title of Saint Joseph University’s Top Prof? Tweet your votes this week through Saturday, March 22, at our Twitter handle, @SJUHawkNews.

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1. Richard George, Food Marketing

9. Kevin Boyle, DSS

5. Michael Alleruzzo, Management

13. George Latella, Food Marketing

3. Todd Erkis, Finance

6. Paul Wood, DSS

7. Ginette McManus, Finance

2. Ruben Mendoza, DSS

1. Nicole Clements, DSS

1. Joseph Feeney, S..J., English 9. John C. Yi, DSS 8. Owen Gilman, English

12. Barbara Klaczynska, History

12. George Sillup, Pharmaceutical Marketing

4. Ronald DuFresne, Management

4. Brian Forster, Natural Sciences 3. Richard Sherman, Accounting

14. Greg Manco, Mathematics

11. Patricia Zaleski-Kramer, Psychology

10. Jason Mezey, English

2. Peter Norberg, English

1. Julie McDonald, Philosophy

8. Mark Reynolds, Chemistry

5. Francis Graham Lee, Political Science

4. Melissa Chakars, History

3. Tenaya Darlington, English

10. Susan Libel, Political Science

6. Tom Burke, Economics

2. Mark Forman, Chemistry

6. William McDevitt, Managing Human Capital

10. Joseph Larkin, Accounting

2. John Lord, Marketing

Round 2 Bracket #topprofsju