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Your adventure awaits…


Honolulu, Hawai‘i, U.S.A

no borders no boundaries Experience a global education explore new opportunity 80 countries world expand new cultures experience deliver ideas change your life

Reputation for excellence and value ■■

The U.S. News & World Report ranks HPU in their “Best Colleges 2013” for Top Regional Universities in the West.


Barron’s regularly recommends HPU as a “Best Buy in College Education” among the 3,900 universities in the United States


The Princeton Review includes HPU in its “Best Western Colleges 2012.”


HPU ranks first, in 2013, among Hawai‘i private colleges and universities in “lifetime return on investment,” according to, an organization dedicated to measuring value in higher education that ranked schools nationwide based on earnings over a 30-year span compared to costs-to-attend.


As one of the “Top West Coast Schools for Salary Potential,” HPU graduates receive the best earning potential of all colleges and universities in Hawai‘i, according to the 2012–13 PayScale College Salary Report.


According to the 2011 Project on Student Debt, conducted by the Institute for College Access & Success, HPU student’s average debt level is 27% below the national average for private universities.


Bloomberg Businessweek recognized HPU in 2011 as having the “Best Return on Investment” of all undergraduate degrees in Hawai‘i, based on tuition cost and the earnings of alumni.


HPU is America’s No. 1 university in diversity, ranking ahead of Harvard, Yale, Columbia and Stanford, according to, a fact-based college selection website that helps readers hone in on issues that matter most to them. HPU ranked No. 5 among U.S. campuses in ethnic diversity and No. 6 in geographic diversity.

Welcome to Hawai‘i Pacific University. Discover a highly ranked, personalized, You’re the kind of student who refuses to settle for

American private university

“same old.” You want an experience that extends far

experience. Seize the cutting-edge,

beyond classes and lectures, that takes you far away

21st-century benefits of a unique

from ordinary. And you’re ready to go to a different

global crossroads where East meets

country to earn your degree.

West. Embrace an extraordinary academic adventure that draws bright

Because you’re an explorer at heart. And when

minds like you from across the world.

and more than 80 countries, HPU’s unique

it comes to your passion, your career, your

aspiration is to maintain a student profile

future … no borders, boundaries, glass ceilings,

one-third from Hawai‘i and one-third from

or stereotypes can stop you.


Home to students from all 50 U.S. states

that is one-third from the mainland U.S., around the globe.

Start your great adventure at

It’s not just an international community you can fit into; it’s one that fits you.


Discover World-Class Programs Undergraduate Programs

Expand your professional horizons

Work alongside the world’s best

Your career dreams are bigger than most. It’s why you’re looking

HPU international students are able to apply for a work permit

for the perfect mix of academic programs and people; education

that enables them to work anywhere in the U.S. for up to one year,

and career preparation; opportunities and connections to succeed

immediately upon graduation. And, thanks to the global, world-class

on a global stage. HPU is the place. Here, you’ll work closely

career preparation they receive here, almost 50 percent of HPU

with professors who include Fortune 500 executives, successful

students find jobs even before they graduate. And as an alumnus of

entrepreneurs, renowned scientists, and exceptional artists, among

HPU, you will become part of a highly regarded career network of

others. Learn from the unique cultural and professional experiences

HPU graduates who will support you. You’ll find HPU graduates

of classmates from across the world. Enjoy extraordinary hands-

pursuing successful careers at top companies and organizations

on learning experiences on our campuses, around Hawai‘i and

across the U.S. and worldwide, including:

across America. Gain experience through internships and study abroad opportunities worldwide. And connect with successful professionals in every field and in every country.

“HPU is unique in many ways. The

Apple, Inc.








Hawaiian Airlines






Bank of America

Hawai‘i State House of Representatives

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Hawai‘i State Senate


New York Life

Bank of Hawai‘i






Oceanic Time Warner Cable


Honolulu Star Advertiser


Peace Corps

Honolulu Zoo



Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard






Pricewaterhouse Coopers




Procter & Gamble


Lockheed Martin Global


Queen’s Medical Center





Marriott & Ritz Carlton

Stanford University Hospital


Starwood Hotels & Resorts


Sun Microsystems


United Nations


Through HPU’s Career Services

downtown campus is at the heart

Center, students routinely

of Honolulu, for example, while the

find co-op and internship

Hawai‘i Loa Campus on the Windward


opportunities at prestigious

side of the island offers a wonderful


organizations and companies,

view of Hawai‘i’s natural beauty. But

such as:

the real edge over other places is faculty who bring the real world into

American Express Financial Advisors

the classroom. The majority of them


Deloitte & Touche, LLP FBI

in the field or retired executives

■■ ■■

Hilton Hotels




State of Hawaii


Polo Ralph Lauren


U.S. Department of State


Walt Disney World


CIA Department of Business, Economic Development, & Tourism Department of Land & Natural Resources Department of Defense

experiences in the working world.”


Disney World

Eugene Mak Home country: Malaysia BSBA, Finance ’11




Merrill Lynch








Morgan Stanley

from the book, but through their

Graduate Programs

“HPU gave me the opportunity to grow and learn according to my individual needs and at my own pace. The ethnic diversity and variety of cultures I was exposed to during my years at HPU has continuously helped me in my private and professional life.”

Home country: China Management ’12

China International Enterprises


from industry. They don’t just teach

Xiaofan Cui BSBA, Hospitality and Tourism


are either experienced professionals

“HPU does everything it can to help students fast-track their way to their desired careers. The travel industry, for example, is my passion. And, from Disney, to Starwood, to Outrigger, HPU has good connections with the best companies. Also, the Career Services Center helps set up internships, job shadowings, seminars, etc. Thanks to HPU, I now see a clear career path ahead.”



Accounting Advertising/Public Relations Anthropology Asian Studies Biochemistry Biology General Human and Health Sciences Business (General) Business Economics Chemistry Communication Computer Science Diplomacy and Military Studies Economics Elementary Education English Environmental Science Environmental Studies Finance Health Science History Hospitality and Tourism Management Humanities Art History East West Classical Studies Philosophy Religious Studies International Business International Studies Globalization and Social Change International Relations and Security International Political Economy and Development Journalism Justice Administration Management Management Information Systems Marine Biology Marketing Mathematics 3-2 Engineering Applied Mathematics Education Pure Math Multimedia Cinematic Production Integrated Multimedia Nursing Oceanography Political Science Pre-Health Professions Program Psychology Social Work Sociology Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Theatre (Individualized)

Start your great adventure at

Viken Martarian Home country: Sweden BSBA, Marketing ’02 MBA, Marketing, Finance ’04 Managing Director and Board of Directors at Tetra Pak Shanghai City, China

Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master of Arts in Communication Master of Arts in Diplomacy and Military Studies Master of Arts in Global Leadership and Sustainable Development Master of Arts in Human Resource Management Master of Arts in Organizational Change Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Master of Business Administration Master of Education in Elementary Education Master of Education in Secondary Education Master of Science in Information Systems Master of Science in Marine Science Master of Science in Nursing Master of Social Work 5

Know your professors one-on-one

Think global adventure You’re looking for an unforgettable learning experience. Where classrooms expand seamlessly across

Our small class-sizes averaging less than 20 students, mean that, as an HPU student, you can expect one-on-one

international borders and cultural boundaries. Where big ideas wander freely into global workplaces.

mentoring from highly experienced professionals and

Where faculty teach as much from textbooks as they do from personal experience. And routinely work

world-renowned experts in their fields, including such

on real-world challenges. We’re with you. Because, at HPU, we believe that’s how learning happens best.

professors as:


Senior Specialist Award, professor of Hospitality and


Dr. Jerry Agrusa. Recipient of the prestigious Fulbright Specializing in Hospitality and Tourism

Tourism Management and a recipient of an HPU Excellence

International Studies, International

Management at the heart of one of the world’s

in Teaching award, Dr. Agrusa regularly involves his students

Business, Communications, Information

most-loved tourist destinations—from nearby

in his research on tourism and hospitality—in collecting data,

Systems, Nursing, Global Leadership and

Waikiki to five-star resorts on the other islands

for example, on the Honolulu Marathon. He has published

Sustainable Development and more at a

in Hawai‘i.

more than 100 refereed articles and conference proceedings,

Pursuing innovative programs in


global crossroads of East and West. ■■



Interacting with business leaders within

Studying in HPU’s highly acclaimed Marine Science program and exploring the natural

lectured or consulted in more than 25 countries, and been quoted by The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Associated Press and ESPN News, among others.

multinational companies as you study

sciences or environmental studies across

marketing and management in Honolulu’s

one of the world’s best-known natural, living

Dr. Catherine Linnes. From digitizing data to building

thriving international financial district, right in

laboratories… studying sea turtles, or whales,

applications for data analysis, this Associate Professor of

the middle of HPU’s downtown campus.

or the cancer-fighting properties of specific

Information Systems has taught classes over the past 13

coral species from aboard a 42-foot research

years that have involved more than 500 real-world projects,

vessel on the Pacific Ocean.

which have often translated into first jobs for her graduating

Interning at the offices of a U.S. Senator in Washington, D.C., or with the World Health Organization in Switzerland.

students. “I’m not surprised that the State recognizes the skills, talents, and dedication our students immediately bring to such positions,” says Dr. Linnes, about four students recently hired by Hawaii’s Office of Information Management and Technology. “Building these bridges between our

Go as far as your passion for learning takes you Passionate about earning a graduate degree? More than 36 percent of HPU’s graduates pursue advanced degrees within one year of graduation. HPU’s

Dr. Carlos Juarez. A Professor of Political Science, Dr. Juarez currently serves on the Consular Corp of Hawai‘i as the

Concurrent Program allows juniors and seniors to earn up to 12 semester hours

Honorary Consul of Peru to Hawai‘i. He has lectured across

toward any of our 14 master’s degrees through select graduate-level courses that

Europe, Mexico, South America, Australia, and New Zealand;

also count toward their undergraduate degrees! And, HPU graduates successfully

served on the staff of former U.S. Senator Alan Cranston;

apply to prestigious professional and graduate programs at some of the world’s

and consulted with the U.S. Institute of Peace

best-known universities, including:

in Washington, D.C., the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, and the Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance


Boston University


Texas A&M


Columbia University


Yale University

Dr. David Horgen. Interim Dean of HPU’s College of


Cornell University


University of California-Berkeley

Computational and Natural Sciences and Professor of


Duke University


University College Dublin, Ireland


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


University of Bergen, Norway


University of New Mexico


Harvard University


University of Southampton, Great Britain




MSIS Program and the public and private sectors is what our efforts are all about.”

London School of Economics & Political Science


University of Sydney, Australia

Stanford University

Start your great adventure at

in Stockholm, Sweden.

Chemistry, Dr. Horgen is acclaimed both for his scholarship and for outstanding teaching and service. An innovator in the field of marine natural products chemistry, Dr. Horgen is studying a species of coral thought to have cancer-fighting properties. As part of this pioneering research effort toward curing cancer, he is collaborating with researchers from The Queen’s Medical Center and the University of Hawai‘i’s Cancer Center to study the soft coral compound waixenicin A, which shuts down a protein involved in cancer and stroke.


Belong in a community you can call your own

Your home in Hawai‘i As part of a major campus expansion in exciting

You’re looking for more than just an education overseas.

downtown Honolulu, HPU has acquired waterfront

What you want is a community that fits you. A community that

property right next to the exciting Aloha Tower.

understands your specific needs as an international student far

This new facility offers stylish, urban waterfront

from home. That dedicates the resources it takes to help you

loft residences for HPU students. Set amidst a

Annually, for more than 20 years, HPU

make an easy transition to a different culture. That helps you

diverse array of shopping and dining options, the

celebrates its international community

build the kind of professional and personal relationships you can

facility includes such features as a bookstore, a

highlights many of the 80 countries our

depend on long after you graduate. At HPU, we know what you

welcome center, a fitness center, student and

students come from. Intercultural Day

mean. We are among America’s most global, culturally diverse

study lounges, and much more. Alternatively, you

college communities.

can opt for a traditional residential experience at

Celebrating Multi-Cultures

in a daylong multicultural festival that

is filled with food, student-led dancing/ performances and demonstrations that represent many of the countries.

our stunning, 135-acre Hawai‘i Loa campus at the From your application process, to securing your student visa, to

base of the lush, beautiful Ko‘olau Mountains (and

getting to HPU and transportation from the airport to campus, at

connected to downtown Honolulu by free shuttle),

is designed for international students

HPU, you’ll find an array of services to help you get here, settle in,

or, for off-campus housing. At HPU, you’ll find a

whose English test score is below

and succeed, including:

truly international community of students and

The International Bridge Program (IBP)

HPU’s entry requirements, but who have demonstrated an advanced level of proficiency. Students take five HPU


courses (total 15 credits) specifically

international students with staff dedicated to helping you with

designed for the program. All IBP

everything from student visa issues to work opportunities

courses are taught by HPU professors and include relevant topics such as Global Issues, Sustainability, Cultural


Studies, and Business. After successful ■■

programs. This program ensures that our international students are recognized and supported in their efforts to improve language, grasp concepts, develop study skills, acquire cultural understanding,


and build the connections they need to assimilate into the HPU learning what it means to be a global citizen. ■■

semi-intensive English ■■

Honolulu campus for those

by ELS, the international leader in academic ■■

programs are available at all proficiency levels. HPU accepts a certificate of

are also many good resources on campus for

you get quickly and fully involved in all of our student life

HPU students. The Career Center is helpful and the

activities and programs

advisors there tell you everything you need to know

Academic Advising Services… to help you design an academic

website is very useful for finding businesses that are

pathway that meets your specific goals and keeps you on track

looking for interns. I even landed an internship at

in order to get a great internship. The HPU Connect

Turtle Bay Resort in the Special Events Department.

Career Services… to ensure you take maximum advantage of the

Orientation… to familiarize you with HPU as you first arrive, meet

Each year, more than 1,000

Felliphe Castro Home country: Brazil BA, Hospitality and Tourism Management ’11

international students from approximately 80 countries enroll at HPU.

program to waive the TOEFL requirement ■■

Margot Filippi, BS Oceanography and Mathematics ’12, accepted

Center for Academic Success… to provide extra help with

a five-year PhD fellowship from MIT and will be participating in

your studies. Tutoring for all subjects is available free of charge

its joint program of Mechanical Engineering and Oceanography

through this center

completion of Level 112 of the ELS intensive

The Center for Student Life & First-Year Programs… to ensure

your most important questions

minimum English requirement. Designed

requirements. For more, please visit

of Honolulu’s downtown business district allows

other students, talk to your professors and receive answers to

students who score lower than HPU’s

ELS students who meet HPU’s academic

to help you secure on or off-campus housing before you arrive

HPU and then helps with job interviews as you plan your career

provides intensive and

and offers conditional admission to all

all over the world and HPU’s location in the middle

extraordinary internship and other professional opportunities at

ELS Language Program

English language preparation, these

Residence Life and Commuter Services…

to graduate

community… even as they discover

training at our downtown

“HPU is unique. Here, you can meet people from

students to interact with business people. There

completion of IBP, students can enter directly into one of HPU’s degree

professors eager to welcome you home.

International Student Services… a central support center for our

through the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. In addition to MIT, Filippi, who is originally from France, was accepted to

Alumni Global Network… to enable you to maintain connections

UC-Berkeley and the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, UC-

with HPU graduates and the university, HPU has alumni chapters

San Diego. She has volunteered her time with National Oceanic

around the world

and Atmospheric Administration, worked at an oceanographic consulting firm in Waimanalo, and also served as the president of HPU’s Math Club and a President’s Host.

To learn more about these and all other services available for international students, visit:


“It is refreshing to live and learn in an environment where you can surf in turquoise waters or take breathtaking hikes after class. It is incredibly positive, too, to grab coffee with your professors and exchange ideas outside of your classroom. By getting involved in various campus activities, I was able to adjust quickly and feel at home.” Yasemin Karabudak Home country: Germany BA, International Relations ’13

North Shore

Downtown Campus


Kane‘ohe Kailua


Airport Aloha Tower

Hang out at our downtown student center, Sharky’s Cove, or the Sea Warrior Center where you’ll find billiards, ping pong, foosball tables, and more.


In the mood for some culture? Drop by the theatre or art gallery on our Hawaii Loa Campus.


Take part in recurring college-wide events such as Movies on the Mall, in addition to such annual and semiannual events as Club Carnival and Intercultural Day.


Visit our new Aloha Tower complex that features retail and restaurants, entertainment, community and student gathering spaces, as well as student housing.

committed to giving their best, both in the classroom and with


their respective teams. Our Sea Warriors compete at the NCAA Division II level and belong to the Pacific West Conference.

Women’s Sports

Diamond Head Waikiki


Acrobatics & Tumbling



Discover paradise


Cross country











Men’s Sports

You believe college should be the adventure of a lifetime both inside Oceanic Institute


HPU welcomes student athletes from all over the world who are



Hawai‘i Loa Campus

On Campus

Winning Athletics

and outside the classroom. We couldn’t agree more. After all, be it




Cross country



recreational activities, cultural experiences, or outdoor adventures,







few universities offer the diversity of options and opportunities we do. Numerous student clubs to choose from, ranging from academic

no other,” says Miina Huotari ’15 from Finland,

the United Nations Club, to cultural organizations like the Taiwanese

an International Studies major (with minors in

Student Association or the Korean student organization, to special

military/diplomacy studies and theater) who

interest organizations like the Leaders for a Sustainable Future. 14 NCAA Division II athletic teams. Intramural sports. The global cultures,

speaks four languages. As an HPU student, Miina serves as student body president, has

Among America’s safest, healthiest, and

traveled to New York with the United Nations

cleanest cities, Honolulu is recognized as

cuisines, and shopping of downtown Honolulu. The breathtaking beauty

Club, joined the Students’ Rights Standing

of the mountains at our Hawai‘i Loa campus. And the incredible outdoor

Committee, worked as a Peer Academic Coach,

possibilities offered by the Pacific. This is the kind of place where a new

and even competed in two Honolulu marathons.

College Destinations Index. It was also

“It’s been such a great adventure,” she says.

named one of “America’s 20 Best Cities”

adventure awaits you around every corner.

Three distinct locations Hawai‘i Pacific University is one university with three distinct locales. The Hawai‘i Loa Campus is just eight miles (12km) from the urban campus in downtown Honolulu. This campus in Kane‘ohe is home to the College of Nursing and Health Sciences as well as the College of Natural and Computational Sciences. The downtown Honolulu campus—home to the College of Business 10

“HPU is a multicultural learning environment like

and professional organizations like the Akamai Advertising Agency or

and College of Humanities and Social Sciences—has the dynamic energy you would expect from an urban setting, situated among Fortune 500 companies, near the state capitol, with a multitude of shops and excellent ethnic restaurants of all varieties. The Oceanic Institute, on the island’s eastern shore, is an active learning research facility. You may go easily from one campus to the other via our free shuttle bus service.

a “Top College Destination” in the 2012 American Institute of Economic Research

to live in by Bloomberg Businessweek.

Off Campus ■■

Immerse yourself in nearby Fort Street and its bustle of live music, art and other events, restaurants serving up food from across the globe and fascinating shopping options. Use your HPU meal card to sample some of its most popular restaurants.


Discover some of the world’s most amazing outdoor adventures. Paddle board on Waikiki Beach. Enjoy world-renowned surfing competitions on the North Shore. Watch for whales in January and February at the Pali lookout near the Hawai‘i Loa Campus. Hike Diamond Head. Enjoy views of waterfalls.

Peace-of-Mind for your parents and you!


How does HPU rank among . U.S. colleges and universities?

Why is HPU a worthwhile investment . for international students?

Hawa‘i Pacific University, founded . in 1965, is the state’s leading private, nonprofit university with a student population of approximately 6,300 undergraduate and 1,200 graduate students. U.S. News and World Report’s annual review of colleges, “Best Colleges 2013,” ranks HPU among the top 50 Private Regional Universities in the Western United States and highlights our diversity in its “Most International Students” category, while Princeton Review recognizes HPU as one of the top 121 colleges in the western region.




Is HPU accredited?

The largest private university in the .central Pacific, HPU offers more than 50 undergraduate programs and 14 graduate degrees. HPU is accredited by the:

■■ Accrediting Commission for Senior College and Universities of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges ■■ Council on Social Work Education

Whichever way you look at it, HPU . is an excellent investment in your child’s future. Our tuition costs are well below the U.S. average for private universities and we also offer a variety of scholarships and financial aid options. Further, we work hard to help students move more quickly into their future career, offering, for example, summer sessions, so students may accelerate completion of their degrees. But that’s not all. Not only do HPU students graduate with debt that’s a fraction of what American students incur nationally, they also are more likely to end up with higher salaries. This combination of affordable tuition and monetary success of our graduates is why Bloomberg Businessweek consistently recognizes HPU as the “Best Undergraduate Return on Investment” of any private college or university in the state of Hawai‘i and why Barron’s recommends HPU as a “Best Buy in College Education” among 3,900 U.S. universities.



■■ Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education


Is HPU a safe, welcoming community . for my child?

As one of America’s most culturally . diverse universities, HPU’s truly global community is home to students from all 50 U.S. states and more than 80 countries. Few universities offer international students a more welcoming environment or a more adventure-filled and internationally relevant academic experience. Plus, of course, the unparalleled benefits of our location at the strategic center of the Pacific Rim— easy access to the professional possibilities of a region with the fastest growing economies in the world; astonishing natural beauty and inspiring recreational opportunities; rich cultural and ethnic diversity; and Honolulu, a city that ranks among the safest, healthiest, and cleanest cities in the U.S.

Is it helpful to visit HPU first?

Yes, experiencing our campuses, . firsthand, is the best way to decide if HPU is the right fit. If you are in search of an extraordinary college adventure at a world-class American university offering outstanding academic programs and career preparation, small class sizes, individual attention to students, and a welcoming, truly global community, HPU may be the perfect fit. Unable to visit? Our admissions counselors may be able to come to you! To check if and when an HPU representative may be visiting a city near you, please visit, or contact us at the International Center at or 1.808.543.8088. Meanwhile, for a taste of the HPU adventure online, visit

International Center 1164 Bishop Street #1100 Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96813 +1.808.543.8088


Fax: +1.808.543.8065




Toll-free U.S. and Canada: 1.866.CALL.HPU

Hawai‘i Pacific University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution that prohibits discrimination against, and harassment of, any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, ancestry, marital status, disability, arrest and court record, or veteran status. Sex discrimination includes sexual harassment and sexual assault. For more information on how to report discrimination or harassment to HPU, please go to and click on the link to the HPU Student Handbook.

Applying to HPU As a university with extensive experience in meeting the specific needs of international applicants, you’ll find our application process to be efficient and straightforward. Our “rolling admission” policy allows you to apply anytime throughout the year and ensures you may begin your HPU adventure in the fall, spring, or summer semesters. And, whether you are a first-year applicant, a transfer student, or a graduate student, you’ll find all the information you need to apply at We are now accepting the Common Application: Admissions Requirements ■■ Signed and completed

■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■


application form (either online, at, or in print) USD$50 non-refundable application fee Officially certified copies of student’s transcripts Personal statement or Essay Letter of Recommendation SAT/ACT scores recommended, but not required Official English proficiency test results recognized by HPU (visit for more information) Copy of student’s passport photo page

Other Requirements: ■■ Original Statement of Financial


■■ Original or certified copy of

a bank statement These documents can be submitted at any time in the admissions process.

Scholarships HPU offers a variety of competitive academic and activity-based scholarships, ranging from $3,000 to $12,500 to outstanding international students with exceptional leadership potential. Full-time degree seeking and transfer students are automatically evaluated for HPU’s academic merit-based scholarships of up to $12,500 per academic year (fall and spring only) at the time of admission based on academic abilities. Students with specific talents and interests may also benefit from a wide range of additional scholarship opportunities ranging from our Excellence in Undergraduate Writing awards to Debate, Athletic, Music Ensemble, and Cheer and Dance scholarships. Our Undergraduate International Scholarships— available to first-year and transfer students—serve as a partial tuition waiver, renewable each year for a maximum of four years, as long as the student remains in good standing. For more information on scholarships, please visit

Hawaii Pacific Education: Global Education  
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