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Ingrown Hairs​ | 3 Ways to Prevent Ingrown Hairs on your Brazilian Bikini Don’t pluck/wax the hair

Plucking or waxing​ the hair can cause the hair to get trapped beneath the skin. After pulling the hair out, it can grow back much thicker, or it can curl, which can cause the hair to grow underneath the skin, as oppose to out of the skin, and result in the formation of ingrown hair. Folliculitis, due to plucking of hair usually happens in the underarm area or the chin. Therefore, to avoid the formation of ingrown hair, you should never pluck or wax your hair.

Don’t shave the skin Shaving the skin can also cause an ingrown hair formation. Continuous shaving damages and irritates the skin. So while the skin is preparing itself, it can cause a blockage on the surface of the skin, not allowing the hair to grow out towards the skin’s surface. People who regularly shave their skin is more susceptible to ingrown hair formation than those who don’t.

Keep the skin clean Frequent use of sauna or Jacuzzi can also cause ingrown hairs. Although, steaming the skin can help heal folliculitis because it can open up the pores, too much exposure to steam can infect the pores of the skin and lead to ingrown hair formation. Just like sweating, it can cause the hair to be trapped underneath the skin.

Undergo laser hair removal Laser hair removal​ is the best way to get rid of ingrown hairs for good. Because this treatment kills the hair in the bikini area, an ingrown hair will not form again. Laser hair removal safely stops the hair growth in the bikini area, thus a smoother, healthier skin can be expected when laser hair removal has done its work.

Ingrown hairs 3 ways to prevent ingrown hairs on your brazilian bikini (1)  
Ingrown hairs 3 ways to prevent ingrown hairs on your brazilian bikini (1)