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An Informative Guide | June 2016


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INDEX EDITOR’S NOTES Exciting Times Lie Ahead


Citymax Bur Dubai


Mövenpick Hotel Jumeirah Beach


Emirates Grand Hotel


INTERVIEW: Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai


Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi


United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates


United Arab Emirates


United Arab Emirates

EDITOR’S INSIGHT 10 How to develop exceptional service habits How to digital detox while travelling

Abu Dhabi


ANA Intercontinental ,Tokyo


Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees


INTERVIEW: Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa


Karma Kandara Resort


INTERVIEW: The Korek Mountain Resort & Spa




Kempinski Hotel Nay Pyi Taw


Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan


Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore



MIDDLE EAST The Oberoi, Dubai 16 United Arab Emirates

Fairmont Dubai 18 United Arab Emirates

INTERVIEW: Fairmont Dubai United Arab Emirates


Grand Millennium Amman 22 Jordan

INTERVIEW: Al Seef Resort & Spa By Andalu United Arab Emirates


Chine India

Indonesia Iraq


Bay La Sun Hotel & Marina Saudi Arabia



Pullman Zamzam Madina 28 Saudi Arabia

INTERVIEW: Park Inn Radisson Dammam 30 Saudi Arabia


Philippines Singapore





Marina Mandarin Singapore


Summit Lodge Bou que Hotel


Pimalai Resort & Spa


Etnia Pousada & Boutique




Amatara Resort & Wellness, Phuket




Hanoi La Siesta Hotel & Spa Vietnam

Canada Brazil

AFRICA Radisson Blu Hotel Dakar Sea Plaza 132 SENEGAL

Mhondoro Game Lodge


Silver Bay Villa


Ellerman House


Endless Horizons Boutique Hotel


Sovereign Suites Nairobi-Sun Africa Hotels


South Africa


South Africa

Hotel Vesper


Relais & Châteaux Hotel Heritage


Andronis Luxury Suites / Andronis Exclusive


INTERVIEW: Reykjavik4you Apartments


Sofitel Luxembourg Le Grand Ducal


Cappadocia Cave Resort


Aro Ha Wellness Retreat


Kamer01 Amsterdam


VOMO Island


The Thief


Saffire Freycinet


Hotel Cubo



Netherlands Belgium Greece

Luxembourg Netherlands

Luxembourg Netherlands Norway


Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London United Kingdom


South Africa South Africa Kenya

OCEANIA New Zealand Fiji


Conrad Maldives


Taj Exotica Maldives


Outrigger Kanotta Maldives Resort & Spa


Maldives Maldives

AMERICAS Dream Downtown, New York United States








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H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



EXCITING TIMES LIE AHEAD Welcome to Haute Grandeur, The Best in HotelsTM. These pages capture the essence of what every discerning traveller seeks – remarkable hospitality experiences. We have almost reached the halfway mark of 2016 and looking back on the last 6months it has been an exciting journey across all sectors, but the hospitality sector just seem to be the most exciting one of them all! The Haute Grandeur Award nomination numbers have seen a significant increase from 2015, and we are so excited because this month

Marinique de Wet PRESIDENT & COO

we also launch the Haute Grandeur Global Spa Awards, an exciting new leg to the Haute Grandeur Awards Brand. The Spa Awards will be the first Global Spa Awards initiative to bring absolute transparency within Award results, considering that results are purely based on what customers had to say about their first-hand experiences! We are blessed to be in a fast growing ever evolving industry and expanding our brand with objectives in mind to encourage healthy competition but at the same time encourage growth is what we aim for. We practice what we preach in challenging existing marketing tools that are able to positively influence guest perception and to create even better systems to be recognized by. We invite you to follow Haute Grandeur’s news on how we expand and how our member hotels and hotel groups grow too! Watch this space..





To b e co me an Event Par t ner o r Spo nso r co ntact us o n info @hauteg randeu r. co m


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The Monroe Group of Hotels officially introduced guests to the newly renovated Monroe Hotel, Beirut The Monroe Group of Hotels officially introduced guests to the newly renovated Monroe Hotel, Beirut. Having undergone

Etihad Airways revealed the trailer of its virtual reality film featuring Academy Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman.







guestrooms, meeting rooms, Item fulltext auditorium and ballroom, the property now also boasts a refreshed spa, hairdressing salon and fashion boutique.

The footage, which marks the first


time a Hollywood actor has starred in a

impressive views of the Mediterranean

virtual reality video, is hailed as a major

and for its strategic location in the heart of

accomplishment for the airline as it allows

Beirut within walking distance to the best

viewers to experience its Airbus A380 and

archaeological sites and old souks of the

The Residence by Etihad concept.


“The film is the latest example of Etihad

In addition to being located in the business

Airways’ ongoing commitment to adopting

district of Downtown Beirut, it gives the



businessmen the greatest opportunity to

reimagine the way we engage with our

mix business with leisure,” commented

guests and how we communicate our

Ghassan Naaman, general manager, The

innovations,” said Peter Baumgartner,

Monroe Group of Hotels.



chief commercial officer, Etihad Airways.






INSIGHT competitive space, each hotel has to

I do not believe this will reduce Dubai’s

showcase its unique selling points, the

glamour, exciting offerings and amazing

teams need to be on top of their game and

architectural wonders.

the service levels need to be at the highest standards.

We would not seek to drastically alter our strategy or target markets, as our key

Competition ushers all of us to be at

audience will remain the same.

our best every day. In the five-star hotel

The market’s current challenges and opportunities.

industry, only those who are consistent

What are the management’s priorities for

in their service standards and who deliver

the coming months?

the brand experience they promise their guests, will excel in both occupancy and

AMMAR HILAL: This fall marked the


launch of new restaurant and bar concepts at Sofitel Dubai Downtown. We are

With room supply expanding at an exponential rate, hoteliers in Dubai have to be on top of their game, according to Ammar Hilal, General manager, Sofitel Dubai Downtown, who shares his views on the market’s current challenges and opportunities. How has business been at the hotel as

Overall, those in the hotel industry

offering visitors and residents a culinary

believe there will be a decline in average

destination with many cuisines on offer

daily rate (ADR) over the next 12 to 18

within the heart of Downtown Dubai.

months. However, I strongly feel the new and continual tourism projects will drive

Furthermore, our very successful lounge

further demand to the destination.

has recently been refurbished to have a more organic, elegant look and feel, with

By 2020, Dubai’s total hotel room count

unbeatable views of downtown and the

is set to reach 140,000 – 160,000 units

iconic Burj Khalifa.

compared to previous years?

with around 20 percent of these targeting the midmarket sector. How will this shift

Al Jazira Chez Louis is a branch of the

AMMAR HILAL: Sofitel Dubai Downtown

affect Dubai’s profile?


is now in its second year of operation. We opened the hotel on May 1, 2014 and the property has enjoyed high occupancy




Lebanon, which specialises in quality AMMAR





Mediterranean seafood.

combination of culture and dynamism, Dubai is an amazing city and looking at

Wakame offers a culinary experience like

what it has achieved over the past 50

no other, transporting guests to the Far

prestigious awards.

years is quite incredible.

East, where a team of expert chefs perform

The hotel’s main markets are Saudi Arabia,

The team at Dubai Department of Tourism

levels ever since, as well as a number of successes, including winning three

behind the sushi and dim sum bars.

GCC, UK, Australia, Germany and France, and we are currently identifying Brazil, China and Africa as emerging markets. How will the anticipated rise in both demand





performance levels? AMMAR


& Commerce Marketing works hard to

Inka welcomes guests to feast on a variety

promote the destination and identify the

of pallet teasing delights on a culinary

communication channels, focussing on

journey through Peru. With a colonial and

existing and emerging markets.

chic design, Inka boasts an unobstructed view of the majestic Burj Khalifa with the

Like in any other city in the world, everyone

hustle and bustle of Downtown Dubai

should have the opportunity to visit Dubai.

surrounding it.

Introducing more rooms for the midmarket Undoubtedly,


competition in Dubai has increased over the past few years as more properties are entering the market. In this highly

sector will enrich the country in many

By the end of the year we will bring more to

ways and provide long-term benefits to all

the table as we welcome a French-inspired

sectors of the economy.

restaurant and an exciting new nightlife destination.


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How to develop exceptional service habits It all begins with a thought. Thoughts turn into words, and words turn into behaviors, and behaviors turn into habits. In fact,

Habits to embrace

anything we consistently do will become a habit. Napoleon Hill wrote that “Thoughts are things, and powerful things at that”.

WOW somebody

It generally takes anywhere from 3-4 weeks of daily repetition

Start your day by asking yourself, “how and who will I WOW

to form a habit, but once it’s formed, it is very difficult to NOT

today?” By asking yourself that question everyday, it will become

do it. The mind doesn’t know if it’s a good or bad habit. Your

a habit. After a while, you will begin assessing each day based on

mind just accepts whatever you feed it, and the habits ensue. To

whether you impacted someone’s day in a memorable way. The

deliver a consistently exceptional service experience, there must

person you WOW can be a guest, team mate, leader, vendor,

be habits that are hardwired throughout your entire team.

family member or a complete stranger. It truly doesn’t matter who the person is. The key is to assume that each person has

Service culture

unconditional worthiness, and treat them accordingly.

A strong service culture is comprised of multiple people who have developed strong service habits. Is it the norm for everyone

Sign your work

to escort rather than point directions? Or is it just a few team

There is something very significant about being mindful of your

members who do it? Is it the norm for everyone to learn guest

own strengths. Not just being aware of your strengths, but

preferences…or anticipate needs…or follow through with

actually paying attention to your strengths while you are using

resolving guest complaints? Or is it just a few team members?

them. So, if you are a natural smiler, be mindful of how you feel

Exceptional service cannot be dependent on whether a particular

when you smile. Be mindful of how others feel when you smile.

employee is working. I don’t know about you, but there are some

Deeply appreciate that natural ability, and you will notice how

places I only visit on certain days at certain time periods, because

more amplified that strength will continuously become. Signing

a particular person is working. That is the exact opposite of a

your work simply means to put your personal stamp on the

strong service culture. No matter who is working, the service

experience you provide to others. Only you can do certain things

should be memorable. No matter what time of day it is, the service

the way you do them, because of your unique mix of strengths.

should be memorable. No matter if it’s a weekend or weekday, the service should be memorable. No matter if it’s busy or slow,

Be encouraging

the service should be memorable. Strong habits can supersede

At least once a week, proactively thank a team member for

individual moods, and push everyone in a common direction.

something. It can be a peer, someone you report to, or someone who reports to you. Don’t just “thank them”, but truly go out of

Often times, people ask me about the first thing they should

your way to find out what makes that person feel appreciated.

do to develop a team of people who deliver engaging service.

Is it a hand-written note? A verbal affirmation? Inquiring about

The first thing I tell them is to make service the most important

a personal hobby? Whatever it is, ensure that the recognition

thing on the team. It cannot be equal to any other objective,

is meaningful and personalized to that individual. By developing

and it certainly can’t be an item on a to-do list. Every process

the habit of encouraging each other, the team will inevitably

on your team has to be anchored in service. Basically, anyone

respect and appreciate each other more. Each team member will

should be able to look at ANY of your team members, and see

better understand what it feels like to be engaged; therefore,

that exceptional service is how the team measures its success.

they will be more eager to make their guests feel that way as

Furthermore, any new employee should be able to immediately

well. The first step in serving your guests with excellence, is to

tell from the interview that “this team is different from any other

serve each other with excellence.

team that I’ve been a part of”.


12 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM

How to digital detox while travelling: tips from wellness coach Lyndall Mitchell With digital devices increasingly dominating our lives, it’s a


challenging task to lead a balanced lifestyle, even more so when

You have to ask yourself, why am I checking social media so

you are travelling. Lyndall Mitchell (below), founder of Aurora

often? What is it hiding or postponing? How would I feel without

Spa and life coach, shares her tips for digital detox, a unique

social media? Sometimes, we keep distracting ourselves with

wellness programme which she will be conducting at Alila Villas

social media when we don’t want to stop and look within or

Soori, Bali from June 17-19. She shares some tips on how to

when we are trying to avoid something else in our life. Harvard

perform a digital detox when you’re travelling.

Medical School scientists found that using a cell phone or laptop before bed can disrupt the body’s production of melatonin and


negatively affect sleep quality.

A digital detox is about disconnecting from your devices. This is about allocating time to switch off from devices, slow down,


recharge and reconnect with yourself and others. The Alila Villas

We may feel like we have so many friends on social media,

Soori Digital Detox Weekend Retreat focuses on practical skills

however, they are not quality relationships. Investing in your

and strategies to reduce stress and distractor influencers. There

friends is important at every stage in our lives. Are you investing

can be a villa host allocated to your device should you have an

time and energy in your friends? You have to stop and reflect on

important event or conversation that you may be required for.

how you want technology to work for you.

HEALTHY RETREAT Create some technology boundaries before you start your retreat. This could be switching off devices at 8pm every night to start to get a healthy rhythm and experiment. In the retreat, the workshops will give plenty of tips and strategies on healthy boundaries with technology, making technology a diligent servant instead of a tyrannical master in our day-to-day lives. Technology curfews are a great place to start with crafting a structure. FOCUS ON THE TASK When we travel for work, our time can be more interrupted than normal. I would suggest that rather than continually scanning through emails at airports, onboard planes or in transit, check your emails in blocks to be more productive. Allowing a power hour to knock off your emails can be far more effective than regularly scanning and not responding. Our brains function best in a serial manner, so mono-tasking is far better than multitasking. When we scan our emails, mild or extreme anxiety often arises which thus leads to unnecessary wear and tear on our bodies over time. It’s also very inefficient.


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MIDDLE EAST A visit to the Middle East includes the glitziest of cities and the most picturesque of beaches, but make sure you book one of our shortlisted hotels to experience the ultimate Arabian hospitality.



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



The Oberoi, Dubai |W| |E|

The Oberoi, Dubai is a contemporary luxury hotel that embodies height, light and space.

MIDDLE EAST The Oberoi, Dubai is a contemporary luxury hotel that embodies height, light and space. We offer uninterrupted views of the iconic Burj Khalifa from our prime location, just minutes from Dubai Mall and Dubai International Financial Centre. Crowned by a gold leaf ceiling, our magnificent white marble lobby sparkles under the light of spectacular handcrafted chandeliers. Our chic, elegant restaurants guarantee to satisfy discerning palates. The 252 spacious, luxurious and elegantly appointed rooms and suites convey a warm and welcoming ambience. Timber floors, rich fabrics, hand-tufted rugs and specially commissioned artwork further accentuate the elegance of the room.


H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Fairmont Dubai

|W| |E|

A firm fixture in the bustling Dubai cityscape, the iconic Fairmont Dubai

MIDDLE EAST A firm fixture in the bustling Dubai cityscape, the iconic Fairmont Dubai is renowned as a flagship property within the global portfolio of Fairmont Hotels & Resorts since its debut over 13 years ago. Ideal for families, this multi-use complex is just minutes away from Dubai’s key attractions, shopping facilities and beaches. This 34 story property features 394 spacious guestrooms (including 128 suites and luxury penthouses) offering the perfect blend of amenities, location and gracious hospitality, The Spa, two terraced rooftop swimming pools and 10 contemporary dining and entertainment venues including the first blind dining restaurant in the middle east.


INTERVIEW: Fairmont Dubai |W| |E|

H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Robert-Jan Woltering General Manager of the upscale Fairmont Dubai

“Dubai is a cosmopolitan city of diversity and contrasts at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa”

A firm fixture in the bustling Dubai

Tell us about your history?

What motivated you to move from Europe to run a hotel in the Middle

cityscape, the iconic Fairmont Dubai is renowned as a flagship property within

I worked in the hotel Industry for the

East and take on the challenge of VP for

the global portfolio of Fairmont Hotels &

past 28 years, having held progressive

Fairmont in the UAE?

Resorts since its debut over 14 years ago.


Designed with business in mind, this

hospitality companies, including over 20

UAE has emerged as one of the world’s



years with Accor Hotels. Hospitality is my

leading international business centers

from Dubai’s key attractions, shopping

passion in life; I am totally excited to do

and regional hubs. With state-of-the-

facilities, golf clubs and beaches and is

the job that I am currently doing. I always


directly linked to the Dubai International

consider myself as an innkeeper which is

professional environment, the country has



the pure sense of a real Hotelier; this is

fast become the best place to do business

covered walkway. 
Modeled after an

what drives me. Of course in the last few

in the Middle East. The government here

Arabic wind tower (barajeel), this 34

years this has slowly drifted away from

is pro-business with the most transparent

story property features 394 spacious

me in my previous role as Area General

business regulations in the region, first-

guestrooms (including 128 suites and

Manager in Germany where it was more

class physical infrastructure, and access

luxury penthouses) offering the perfect

as a visionary role and my job was focusing

to an experienced and skilled labor force.

blend of amenities, location and gracious

more on coordinating the actions of the

All these factors, along with the country’s

hospitality, a spa, two terraced rooftop

troops. It is actually what I am doing here

leaders vision to uplift the tourism and

swimming pools and 10 contemporary

as well and I totally find this fulfilling and

especially the hotel industry, made me


full of passion to create a common vision

eager to always come back and work here.










including the award-winning first blind dining restaurant in the middle east, Noire.



and get the team behind it.





I first came here in 1997 when I opened the very first multi-

welcome and is made to feel special, valued and appreciated.

purpose Hotel complex in Dubai at Deira City Center. And when leaving the UAE I always had a feeling that my mission was incomplete and wanted to come back. I am very pleased

How in your opinion does winning an international respected

to be back to Dubai after almost 15 years and to be able to

Award add to building staff moral in your business?

materialize this dream together with a great company such as FRHI which drives people to achieve the utmost of their

Obviously when you win everybody wants to be part of the


winning team. So It is like playing the championship league; It is only the winner that gets the credit and obviously our

What makes running a hotel in Dubai an exciting challenge?

staff wants this credit because they are working very hard to achieve our vision which is not only turning moments into

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city of diversity and contrasts at the

memories for the company, but also elevate our hotel from

crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. It is a vibrant and unique

good to great.

destination, combining variety and excitement with excellent infrastructure and first-class hotels, as well as conference,

What advice would you offer to young up and coming

dining, shopping and entertainment facilities. Dubai brings

hoteliers who are inspired to become the next leaders

together the highest standards of comfort and convenience

within the industry?

with the traditional adventure of Arabia. It is the city of creativity and innovation where everything is possible, and

My advice would be first of all to be committed, to be engaged

this what makes running a hotel in Dubai an exciting challenge.

and to work hard. It is only your personal engagement that

What are the most challenging issues you are facing in your

to always be creative - as I say creativity is the highest form

current position?

of intelligence.

The world economy has faced a new bout of severe financial market volatility, marked by sharply falling prices for equities


will make a difference to become a true leader. You also have

and other risky assets. Obviously this is affecting the region which impacts the current development of the business and our bottom line result. 
 In your opinion, what is the single best quality your employees can possess that would best compliment the Fairmont brand ethos?
 If anything truly defines Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, it is the value we attach to lasting memories. Building upon a century of experience as hoteliers has endowed us with a rich tradition of hospitality. We offer experiences that are authentically local, in hotels and resorts of unrivalled presence. And genuine hospitality is achieved when engaging service and attention to detail elevate each stay into cherished memory. Our brand promise is that we turn moments into memories for our guests, and we know that even the best locations and offerings would be meaningless without outstanding guest service. Our skilled and motivated staff is equipped with the tools and the mindset to naturally deliver on this promise. Within a Fairmont experience, every guest is offered a warm


H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Grand Millennium Amman

|W| |E|

MIDDLE EAST Located in one of the great cultural centres of the Middle East, the Grand Millennium Amman invites you to enjoy the true beauty of this city. The hotel’s 178 supremely comfortable bedrooms and suites are elegantly appointed and offer a superb comfort. The Grand Millennium Amman is a deluxe hotel ideally located in Amman’s commercial centre, next to the shopping centres, banks, restaurants, art galleries and entertainment.



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM


Fadi Hazeem Hotel Manager Al Seef Resort & Spa By Andalus

“Today Abu Dhabi is on the world map as one of the best places to visit in the world”

Tell is about your history with Al Seef

What prompted you to work for Al Seef

competitive environment where I can

Resort & Spa and what your main goal is

Resort & Spa by Andalus?

contribute my ideas and learn from the

for this new Resort?

veterans in the industry in order to excel Andalus Hotels & Resorts is a fast growing

I joined Al Seef Resort and Spa by

company and that was what first attracted

Andalus as Hotel Manager with 9 years

me. And there is something very fulfilling

What are the most challenging issues you

of experience in the hotel industry.

about being the resort’s first hotel

are facing in your current position?

However, my goals are to provide the

manager, which allows me to build up the

finest facilities and services in the market

operations on a clean slate and set the

Focusing on the highest guest satisfaction

while making sure our Caballeros work

tone on how the resort will be run in the

with great profitability is not easy to

in a safe and conducive environment as


achieve, as well as bringing out the best

well as generating a reasonable return of 24

and succeed.

investments for the owners. What motivated you to go into the hotel

in your Caballeros, hiring the right people What makes Abu Dhabi such an exciting

in the right place in order continually

destination and what inspire you to work


in such a competitive hospitality region?


In your opinion, what is the single best Abu Dhabi has grown so much in the

quality your employees can possess?

It’s all about diversity and opportunities,

hospitality field in the last 10 years, today

the hospitality industry has a lot of

Abu Dhabi is on the world map as one

To have self-motivated Caballeros who

opportunities to grow and if you love the

of the best places to visit with a world

have the passion to serve.

place you work, that makes it even more

class Formula One circuit, the upcoming






We work not only as a team, but because

museums, many man-made and natural

the hospitality hours are quite long, we

islands with beautiful resorts. On a whole,

spend a lot of time with one another and

I like to challenge myself by being in a

we become more like a big family.


How in your opinion does winning an international respected Award add to building staff moral in your business? Having that recognition goes a long way to motivating our Caballeros – knowing that their hard work and dedication is appreciated and recognized, it will spur them to work even harder to provide better service to delight more guests. What advice would you offer to those who are inspired to become successful in the hotel industry? First, you need to be passionate about what you do, it’s like a marathon - you can only complete a marathon if you persevere; sometimes personal sacrifices are necessary as this industry never sleeps; and you will not go wrong with high levels of energy to continually ensure the job is done with possible perfection.


H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Bay La Sun

Hotel & Marina

|W| |E|

The ultimate holiday destination for family fun and leisure.

MIDDLE EAST The Bay La Sun Hotel & Marina is located in a beautiful coastal

restaurants in the city located at walking distance from The Bay

natural environment, overlooking the stunning blue waters

La Sun Hotel & Marina. Unlimited fun awaits you in our outdoor

of the Red Sea to the west and the city’s natural lagoon and

facilities. Take a stroll down the beach walk or along our marina

mangrove to the east.

promenade and enjoy a selection of restaurants and cafes, or enjoy a session of go-karting across the hotel.

The Bay La Sun Hotel & Marina raises the standard of hospitality in the Kingdom with its 195 spacious rooms and suites, all

Opening soon is the Juman Park and the Hotel Pool where

decorated with a touch of contemporary arabesque features

families can unwind. When opened, the park will elevate your

and offering a luxury range of amenities designed to cater to

experience at the Bay La Sun Hotel & Marina to the next level.

the needs of the corporate and leisure traveler alike

Your family will have access to Tennis courts, kids play zone & splash pad, multi-use court and mini golf facility.

Your exploration journey continues with a multitude of dining and lounging options offering a wide choice for all taste buds.

Opening Soon!

From Seasons, the all-day-dining restaurant offering buffet and

A state-of-the-art Corporate Entertainment Center.

ala carte choices to Veranda, the terrace with canal views and a selection of shisha flavors. Le Café Patisserie, located in the

Get ready for a relaxing vacation and exclusive family fun at the

lobby, offers premium selection of pastries Corojo, the modern

Bay La Sun Hotel & Marina. A world of amazement awaits you

cigar lounge, offers an extensive selection of Cigars for the

at KAEC, don’t miss our special offers!

connoisseurs. Guests can also choose from a wide selection of seafront


H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Pullman Zamzam Madina |W| |E| Pullman Hotels & Resorts showcase a unique Pullman Journey, enriched with the amaze of spiritual sensory experiences, in the blissful sanctuary Madinah al Munawarah, at threshold of the grandiose Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) Mosque. Unfolding 5 star upscale luxury services, in 835 rooms & suites, and 4 unique restaurant venues. Complementary indoor parking and WiFi ensure a seamless Pullman Journey. Local landmarks such as Quba Mosque, Uhud Mountain, etc. rest within 15 minutes on the wheels.



INTERVIEW: Park Inn Radisson Dammam |W| |E|

H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM

Saudi Arabia


Fadi Mheisen

Hotel Manager Park Inn by Radisson Dammam

“Winning an international award is testament to the team’s passion ”

Park Inn by Radisson® is a colourful,

As an experienced hotelier, what do you

The Park Inn by Radisson brand is

dynamic, midscale hotel brand providing

feel is the key elements that is important

modern and colourful and our hotel in

a hassle-free and easy hotel experience.

to focus on if a hotel would like to have a

Dammam offers travellers contemporary

Friendly. Positive. Vibrant. Uncomplicated.

high return guest rate?


Park Inn by Radisson is designed for





business hub of the city and the mega

modern travellers. We are adding colour

At the heart of everything we do is

shopping centres in the area. Our location

to life through our flexible and functional

the guest and so an understanding of

on the picturesque Corniche is popular

spaces, our people and our energy at any

their needs, the ability to deliver quality

with both business and leisure travellers

of our 140+ hotels across the globe.

service and provide a warm welcome,

and we are just a short distance from the

is key. Guests will always return to a

King Fahd International Airport making

hotel that provides a hassle-free and

us a highly accessible accommodation

Tell us about your history with Park Inn

easy experience that is friendly, positive,


Radisson Dammam?

vibrant and uncomplicated. How in your opinion does winning an

I joined the hotel in December 2014

What in your opinion makes Park Inn

international respected Award add to

as the pre-opening manager while the

Radisson Dammam stand out in a

building staff moral in your business?

project was under construction. This was

competitive industry?

my first opening as a leader and I have


an to

international the




learned a great deal. It has been a busy

I believe that what makes Park Inn by



but rewarding period with many stages of

Radisson Dammam stand out is the

commitment and dedication to excellent

planning and preparation, execution and

passion of our team. We read many

guest services. It is a recognition of the

testing before we were finally ready to

reviews from guests commenting on the

best of the best and serves as an incredible

welcome our first guests.

fact that their stay is characterised by a

motivation to the entire team for us all to

friendly and helpful team.

continue to excel at what we do.

Hotel Awards may improve your business?


How do you see the association with Haute Grandeur Global

Our association with Haute Grandeur Global Awards is a partnership with a global association which will help us reach a wider audience to communicate our brand values. This is positive for us as it helps create awareness in new markets and drive business. What is your short term goal for the hotel in general and do you feel this Award will assist to achieve this? In the short term we are working towards being recognised as the best hotel in the city through the delivery of a memorable guest experience at great value. Winning the Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Award for the best guest experience category is evidence that we are going in the right direction and this just adds to our credibility as a reputable international brand.


H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM





H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Citymax Bur Dubai

|W| |E| The hotel is close to the Burjuman metro station, the thriving Karama shopping and restaurant district and a short taxi ride from the world’s largest shopping mall, Dubai Mall. This hotel offers 691 rooms, 24-hour room service, Indian restaurant, Asian restaurant, buffet restaurant, sports bar, 24-hour Lavazza coffee shop, gym, roof top swimming pool, complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, travel desk and free shuttle bus to the beach. The Citymax design is contemporary in every way: conceptually, functionally and aesthetically, delivering honest, tasteful, and adaptable accommodation to the global business and leisure traveller. Smaller travel budgets shouldn’t mean less comfort.

Mövenpick Hotel Jumeirah Beach

|W| |E|

Mövenpick Hotel Jumeirah Beach is located in the heart of Dubai’s most dynamic and lively seaside district, The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence. This 5-star hotel is modern, chic and contemporary, with exciting dining and recreation options only a few steps from the stunning Arabian Gulf beaches. All of the 294 rooms have balconies and free WiFi Internet, in addition to sea views for some rooms and suites. Exceptional cuisine is on offer at the famed Dubai restaurants and award-winning bars. Guests can dine on delicious New York Cuisine at Soul, experience a delectable buffet at The Talk or catch up on sports at West Beach Bistro & Sports Lounge. The Falls Lobby Lounge & Terrace is home to the famous Mövenpick coffee and Pool Bar and Lounge serves up all the poolside favorites in Dubai International Airport and also offers a large swimming pool, wellness centre and gymnasium. Modern meeting, conference and banqueting facilities are available for event planners and corporate clients.


a relaxed atmosphere. The hotel is only a 30-minute drive from


36 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM


H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM


Emirates Grand Hotel |W|



Beckoning from the sidewalk of Sheikh Zayed Road stands the majestic Emirates Grand Hotel

MIDDLE EAST Beckoning from the sidewalk of Sheikh Zayed Road stands the

experience! Emirates Grand Hotel is positioned as extremely

majestic Emirates Grand Hotel - brightly lit and surrounded by

affordable; offering outstanding value for money to the business,

the twinkling stars of Dubai’s skyline.

corporate and leisure markets setting a new hospitality and offering comfort and style rooms. Ideally situated, Emirates

The property which has been designed to cater to frequent

Grand Hotel is a short drive to Dubai Mall , offers quick access

business and leisure travelers stands tall as an icon of warm

to the DIFC and Exhibition Centre, operates runs to Jumeirah

Arabian hospitality well equipped with the most modern

Beach in just fifteen minutes and is only five minutes away from

comforts and chic interiors. The property is generously

the City Centre, and walking to the DIFC metro station all the

proportioned and features all the modern amenities including

benefits of Dubai’s top retail and entertainment destinations.

tennis court, wellness center, swimming pool & Jacuzzi, meeting rooms and a business centre. The elegant property has 430 rooms comprising deluxe, one bedroom, one bedroom premium and two bedroom units. The all-day dining Panorama Restaurant on 43rd floor gives guests innumerable gastronomic choices and the Emirates Grand Lounge offers them a relaxing and soothing experience. The Spa is home to a splendid range of treatments and consists of 13 luxurious treatment rooms, imbued with contemporary splendor and serenity to complement the authentic spa


INTERVIEW: Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai |W| |E|

H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Mahmoud Sakr Hotel Manager Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

“Without passion an individual cannot accomplish any outstanding achievements”

Tell us about your history

Starting from its unique striking wave-

to taking a dip in Jacuzzi pools, Playing

like design, Jumeirah Beach Hotel is one

beach football with palm-tree goals. With

of Dubai’s most instantly recognizable

all the wide range of indoor and outdoor

“I joined Jumeirah in 1999, taking on the

structures. Jumeirah Beach Hotel located

activities, Wild Wadi WaterparkTM is one

role as the Director of Rooms, working for

in Dubai is equally famed for its amazing

of the most unique amusement parks that

the world’s most luxurious hotel, Burj Al

value and sheer wealth of options.

is a must see in Dubai offering 30 rides

Arab Jumeirah, which I was part of the

All the hotel’s 618 rooms, suites and villas

and attractions for the family.

preopening team. In 2002, I got promoted

are luxuriously furnished and provide

to Executive Assistant Manager and

spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf. And

Similarly for people looking for a private

enjoyed a rapid career progression at Burj

once you’ve finished taking in the view,

getaway, Jumeirah Beach Hotel is the

Al Arab Jumeirah, working as an Executive

you can choose from the widest array

ultimate destination. Beit Al Bahar Royal

Assistant Manager to Resident Manager in

of leisure facilities and restaurants. The

Villas, name translates as, ‘villas by the

2004 and to General Manager in 2007. In

Jumeirah Beach Hotel has 21 restaurants

sea’ are hidden between lush green foliage

2008, I got the opportunity to take on a

and bars with five award winning outlets.

and water features at the hotel. The 220

new challenge as the General Manager of

Jumeirah Beach Hotel offers variety of

square meter spaces offer a luxurious

Mina A’ Salam hotel at Madinat Jumeirah,

activities to ensure the ultimate family

place to stay and highly personalized

the Arabian Resort, soon after in 2012 I



was appointed as the General Manager of





Pavilion Dive Centre, six swimming pools,

Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

Sinbad’s Kids Club, Talise Spa and fitness

There are 19 private villas, and each villa

center, 2km beach stretch, watersport

has its own terrace and plunge pool. The

I am an Egyptian national, graduated with a

activities and complimentary, unlimited

Villa’s décor is inspired by elements of the

degree in Hotel and Tourism management

access to Wild Wadi Waterpark™.

Middle East creating a calm and inviting

from SADAT Academy for Management

Jumeirah Beach Hotel caters to every


Sciences in Cairo. With over 22 years of

consumer. From diving and discovering

experience in the hospitality industry. In

the underwater shipwrecks of Dubai,

the start of my career I was working for

several prestigious hotels all over Egypt and soon moved to hotels in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Prior to joining Jumeirah, I spent 13 years of my professional career with Le Meridien Hotels, working across the Middle East.” What motivated you to go into the hotel industry? “It has been my passion since I was young. It all started when I used to visit the hotel next to my home. I would just go sit at the lobby and observe everything around me. I was fascinated by the amount of people coming from different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds, considering the different needs of each consumer while offering a range of services and facilities. I was fully aware early on in my career that the hospitality industry is a dynamic field full of challenges, but yet extremely rewarding. I decided to continue my career in the hospitality industry, and further my studies in hospitality and tourism management. The hospitality sector is a dominant industry and it will continuously market, it is a fulfilling investment”. What prompted you to work for Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts? “Jumeirah hotels & resorts are leading in the hospitality


grow and expand. Despite the fact that it is a competitive

industry. For anyone thinking to start a career, Jumeirah is the place to grow. I have been working for Jumeirah for over 17 years, throughout my journey with Jumeirah there is always something new to experience and learn and I have progressed a lot throughout my career. Jumeirah is always keen on exceeding expectations by providing the finest and most luxurious services. Jumeirah’s core essence literally is mimicked across the company, to Stay Different™ .Just as every guest is different, so are our hotels and resorts. This is why Jumeirah’s brand promise of Stay Different™ is so relevant and critical to how we honor the unique personalities of our properties while consistently delivering a memorable Jumeirah experience that is competitively superior and commercially successful. Working for a local Dubai brand is always quite rewarding and, with it being internationally known it adds value.”


What makes Dubai such an exciting destination and what

In your opinion, what is the single best quality your employees

inspire you to work in such a competitive hospitality

can possess?


H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM

“Passion, without passion an individual cannot accomplish any


“Dubai is a great destination from all aspects, firstly its

outstanding achievements. If a person is not willing or eager

strategic location as international trade hub providing

to push boundaries, the business will eventually stay stagnant

access to all regional and international markets. Secondly,

and ultimately fail to succeed. Thus enthusiasm and innovative

its excellent infrastructural facilities, safety, clean

thinking are two primary factors that are embedded within

environment, tolerance and cultural diversity, availability

every Jumeirah colleague as it has been the driving force for

of a wide range of consumer goods and services. In

the company’s success”.

addition to climate with year-round sunshine, intriguing deserts, beautiful beaches attracting a thriving business

How in your opinion does winning an international respected

community, Dubai receives millions of leisure and

Award add to building staff moral in your business?

business visitors each year from around the world. Over the time Dubai became a major business center with a

“Winning an internationally respected award adds a lot to the

more dynamic and diversified economy. After establishing

business and employees moral, by giving recognition to all the

an outstanding performance on an international level,

hard work and effort invested individually and collectively for

Dubai is always aiming to provide a good quality of life,

the success of the company. With this, it is closer to reach the

excellent living conditions, thus has invested heavily in real

company’s vison; to be a world class luxury international hotel

estate such as hotels, residential recreational and leisure

and hospitality management company, committed to being

facilities. Such a fast growing diversified economy makes

the industry leader in all of our activities through dedication

Dubai a highly competitive region. However I believe

to stakeholders; colleagues, customers, business partners and

that competition is an extremely important factor for


the continuous growth and progression for any business or industry. Competition increases the standards of any

What advice would you offer to those who are inspired to

industry, creating innovative and evolutionary results”.

become successful in the hotel industry?

What are the most challenging issues you are facing in

“The hotel industry is a predominant industry with many

your current position?

challenges; people tend to focus on immediate results and numbers. Watching a flower bloom takes a lot of time and

“As mentioned earlier competition has two sides to it.

patience. Thus, my advice is for anyone who is interested

As much as it can be a great advantage for the company

to get into this field is to show perseverance, enthusiasm,

and industry at the same time it is a demanding sector.

patience and hard work in order to overcome challenges and

No boundaries or any systematic workflow. Change is

obtain the ultimate outstanding results. One essential factor

inevitable and needed in order to have a competitive

to consider is good teamwork. With teamwork anything can

edge. Innovation is a core value and is well acknowledged

be accomplished”.

for the success of any organization”.


Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi |W| |E|

Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi brings Thai-inspired design and

modern conveniences. The guestrooms are equipped with the

hospitality to the heart of the United Arab Emirates’ capital

latest technology and free wireless internet for those seeking

city. This 5-star luxury hotel is centrally located in Abu Dhabi’s

comfort, luxury and personalized services.

new business and government district, within easy reach of the


Eastern Mangroves, the city’s lush natural habitat the Corniche,

An array of exquisite dining avenues including Benjarong, our

the city’s iconic seaside promenade and the Abu Dhabi National

Signature Thai restaurant serve delicacies to satisfy any palate

Exhibition Centre.

and a host of facilities and services, including Namm Spa and DFiT Fitness Centre, allow guests to nurture their minds and

With its prominent glass tower, Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi presents a fresh and innovative architectural design. The hotel offers 402 rooms and suites and 131 furnished studios and one bedroom apartments. Inside, guest rooms and fully furnished extended stay executive apartments are infused with Thai elegance and

bodies while staying in the Emirates.

H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM





H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM


ASIA Asia is not only known as the world’s largest and most populous continent, but prides itself in outstanding luxury hotel experiences and impeccable service.



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



ANA InterContinental Tokyo is located in Tokyo’s vibrant business and commercial district; only a short distance from some of the most renowned spots such as Ginza, Roppongi and Shibuya. Seamless and


convenient direct access from both Narita and Haneda Airports is available via coach, taxi, or private car. ANA InterContinental Tokyo offers 844 guest rooms and suites in contemporary design with Japanese style infusions whilst for meeting planners a choice of over 20 meeting suites for up to 1,000 delegates is available. With 11 restaurants and bars, ANA InterContinental Tokyo offers a diverse range of choices throughout the day and into the evening including the two Michelin starred Pierre Gagnaire Restaurant.


Ideally located in the centre of Tokyo’s vibrant business district


H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees |W| www.harbour-plaza/hp8d |E| Located near the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal and Mongkok area, the

Over 6,300 sq. ft. of function space, consists of one large crystal

award-winning Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees is minutes away from

chandelier banquet room divisible into 9 individual meeting rooms and

Tsimshatsui shopping, entertainment and sightseeing destinations,

a pillarless Garden Room, fully equipped with audio-visual technology

MTR Hunghom Station, Kowloon Bay & Kwun Tong, which are

and wireless internet connectivity, perfectly caters up to 450 guests,

conveniently reachable by free hotel shuttle bus.

offering a perfect venue for all meetings, social gatherings or weddings.

Features 704 tastefully designed guestrooms and suites with Wi-Fi

Accomplished by the hospitable service and excellent facilities, the

access, stylish restaurant featuring international cuisine, alfresco bar &

hotel is ideal for all business, MICE, leisure and family travelers looking

dining, Business Centre, well-equipped Fitness Centre, relaxing sauna

for comfortable and attractive accommodation.

and outdoor swimming pool surrounded by a lush landscape. Guests staying on Executive Floors enjoy daily complimentary afternoon tea and evening refreshments at Harbour Club Lounge and breakfast buffet at CafĂŠ 8 Degrees.


Over 6,300 sq. ft. of function space, consists of one large crystal chandelier banquet room divisible into 9 individual meeting rooms and a pillarless Garden Room


52 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



INTERVIEW: Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa |W| |E|

H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Bhagwan Balani General Manager of Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa

“Our retreat is unique in that we offer among the most extensive spa facilities in Asia”

Bhagwan Balani is the General Manager

What is your current biggest challenge


for Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa.

competing on a global scale in a highly

are committed to providing a Great

With over two decades of experience in

competitive industry?

Environment, Great Careers and Great

the hospitality industry in India, Bhagwan



of Hilton


Rewards to ensure our team members

has worked in various positons in general

I am not in a position to comment on

are always at the Heart of Hilton. In fact,

management, sales and marketing with

challenges on a global scale. However,

Hilton Worldwide was selected as one of

Hyatt, Amritsar; Park Hyatt Goa Resort

in my position as General Manager of

the 2016 Fortune 100 Best Companies

and Spa; Leela Hotels & Palaces, Mumbai

the retreat, I believe, the single largest

to Work For, by global research and

and Leela Kempinski, Mumbai.

challenge in India is the acute scarcity

consulting firm Great Place to Work and

of trained, experienced and motivated

Fortune Magazine. This list recognises

Bhagwan holds a diploma in Marketing

talent. Our team members are the most


Management, from Prin. L. N. Welingkar

important differentiator, and attracting

workplace cultures.

Institute of Management Development

and nurturing team members who are

and Research, Mumbai, and a diploma

passionate about what they do and

in Hotel Management and Catering

driven to provide exceptional service and

Technology from Bharati Vidyapeeth’s

memorable experiences to our guests is a

Institute of Hotel Management and

challenge we have to consistently address

Catering Technology, Navi Mumbai.

and overcome.




In your opinion what is the most important factor of staying competitive? Anticipating and exceeding expectations of the fast evolving not only relax and rejuvenate but converge to realign the harmony of the mind, body and spirit.


customers by offering an environment and experiences that

What is your secret to staying “one step ahead” of other luxury Resorts in India? Our retreat is unique in that we offer among the most extensive spa facilities in Asia spread over 70 acres with 17 Spa treatment rooms, relaxation terraces, meditation cave, yoga pavilion, hydrothermal facility. At Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa, we understand and respect that every individual has distinct needs and objectives and hence, to meet each individual’s objectives, a personalised holistic wellness programme is designed that includes a combination of spa therapies, yoga and meditation sessions as well as rejuvenation or healing with music and dance therapy, etc. How will Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards compliment your brand as a unique and transparent Global Awards initiative offering an elegant Award concept? As a reconfirmation of our effort to exceed guests’ expectations, it would be an honour for the entire team.


56 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM


Karma Kandara Resort |W| |E| Set on a spectacular limestone cliff top high above the Indian Ocean, Karma Kandara comprises 54 private pool villas of 1 - 5 bedrooms. Each boasts private pool, en-suites and spacious living, kitchen and dining area with top of the line appliances, sleek contemporary furnishings and traditional artworks.

58 The resort’s award-winning amenities include gymnasium, main infinity pool, library and meeting facilities, 24 hour reception and in villa dining, destination restaurant di Mare, a post-modern pavilion serving Mediterranean cuisine with pan-pacific twists with Temple Lounge above. Accessed via a hill tram, Karma Beach Bali is a bamboo folly set on a white beach lapped by a cerulean lagoon, where guests enjoy custom cocktails and Mediterranean flavours. Karma Spa brings together sublime cliff-hanging spa shacks where body workers and visiting masters perform healing rituals and massages. The resort also offers a dedicated Kid’s Club.


Set on a spectacular limestone cliff top high above the Indian Ocean


INTERVIEW: The Korek Mountain Resort & Spa |W| |E|

H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Anoop Suri

General Manager of The Korek Mountain Resort & Spa

“Innovation & Communication” is the key factor of staying competitive in the Luxury resort industry. ”

An experienced hotelier with 25+ Years of

Successful Hotelier who has brought

and Visitors. The Region has a huge Expat

Experience in Asia & Middle east with 5

accolades and awards to his properties.

population helping out in development

Star Hotels and Resorts. MBA – Hospitality

and setting up services to international

and 3 Yrs. Diploma in Hotel Management

What is your current biggest challenge

with Additional qualifications in Business

competing on a global scale in a highly


competitive industry?




Ecological Management and Financial Management.

standards. The Luxury resort industry in Kurdistan region





Kurdistan Region offers a variety of

segment in the nearby countries Like

Tourist attractions like, Historical Sites,

GCC, Turkey and also Europe. The region


Natural Water falls, Pre Historic caves,

is surrounded by the well-known tourist

by AHLEI, USA. Fellow of Institute

High Altitude resort like Ours and much

destinations and these are well connected

of Hospitality- London, Management

more. The region also has a Snowy winters

with the Countries around the world.


offering Ski and snow Locations.






and All

India Management Council. Member of

Also the biggest challenge is the Political

International Luxury Hotels association,

Most of the world is not aware of this

Situation in the nearby countries like Iran,

International Food service executive’s

majestic Destination – “Kurdistan”, along

Syria, Turkey and Iraq, which has caused a


with the Kurdistan Tourism the private

lot of strain on the industry by reduction

industry is working very hard to create

in Tourist arrivals in last Two Years.




Cross International etc.

a worldwide awareness about us. Also Actively involved in efforts with the

we are required to clear the doubts and

In your opinion what is the most

development of workforce in Hospitality

confusions in the mind of people with

important factors of staying competitive?

industry specially in Asia and Middle east,

regards to this region. The Region has a

he is a writer of various books, articles

Stable Government, Very High security,

In Today’s competitive world, where a

and is an avid tweeter on management.

safe and sound environment for Families

guest has many options, we need to

have the edge over others. Today’s Guest lives in fast paced

We do a Lot of analysis of customer expectations and

life and needs to have new and more at all times. The guests

Feedbacks to continuously upgrade our services to meet their

are virtually enabled and are online at most of the time. The

requirements. The Wow factor is expected in every aspect

information flow is very fast and instantly absorbed. Unlike old

of our operations for the Guests. We continually train and

days the decisions are made more rapidly.

develop our employees to meet the increasing demands and expectations of the guest.

Thus “Innovation & Communication” is the key factor of staying competitive in the Luxury resort industry.

We are also most active communicators on the Social Media with our combined coverage going beyond 100,000 captive

We Need to bring new activities, new Features to our resort


on continuous Basis. We at “The Korek Mountain Resort & Spa” have ensured that we bring something new at all times,

How will Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards compliment

we allow freedom to our employees in being creative and

your brand as a unique and transparent Global Awards

come up with Ideas about what we can do more and better

initiative offering an elegant Award concept?

for our guests. “What Next “is what we believe in, we try to start working on something before our guests get bored of the

“The Korek Mountain Resort & Spa” is a well-known name

present offerings.

and an Established Luxury Resort Brand in itself within the region. Known for its beautiful Scenic Natural Beauty, Luxury

We use all possible modes of communication to our guests,

accommodation, Gourmet Cuisine and lots of activities.

with the guests. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and

“The Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards” will ensure a

also the conventional medium of SMS and Emailers are used

global awareness for not just our resort but also the region.

to keep them abreast of all NEW and Better we plan for our

The Transparent procedures of shortlisting and finding the


winners based on actual Guest Feedbacks and Independent review of the Properties.,

To be innovative we also need to understand the Guest Requirements, in fast paced worlds these also change at a rapid

“The Korek Mountain Resort & Spa” and “The Haute Grandeur

speed. For this Guest feedback and analysis of such feedback

Global Hotel Awards” together complement each other as

is very important. Creation of the Guest usage data along with

both stand for offering a Trusted service partner, with assured

demographical details plays a very important role in creating

Memorable experience for all Guests. The Seal of the Haute

the marketing strategies and planning new offerings.

Grandeur Global Hotel Award winner, brings about confidence


More and more use of social media keeps us in direct contact

and sense of trust in the Customers visiting the property. What is your secret to staying “one step ahead” of other luxury Resorts in Kurdistan? “The Korek Mountain Resort & Spa” believes in imbibing the local culture and style in its product and operations. Which is widely visible in its interiors and the wood work all around, The Resort has been built with Minimum impact on the Natural topography and ecological system. The Resort has attained its No. 1 Position and is striving to retain this position at all times, by ensuring something new in every season. We have maintained a proper Mix of Local and Expats in our manpower as well as management, which ensures a balance of Modern and updated Knowledge with the Local specialization.


62 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



INTERVIEW: Hakuba Onsen Ryokan SHIROUMA-SO |W| |E|

H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Toshiro Maruyama General Manager of Hakuba Onsen Ryokan SHIROUMA-SO

“We strive for a high level of service and demand the best of ourselves”

What is your current biggest challenge

challenge and it is one that I welcome and

competing on a global scale in a highly

enjoy taking on daily!

competitive industry? In this evolving marketplace, my preferred

What is a “FUN FACT” about your Hotel? My grandparents were originally local

In your opinion what is the most

farmers who enjoyed taking people in.

important factors of staying competitive?

Over the years this practice of theirs

strategy is to know one’s strengths and






play to them rather than trying to be all

Again, you can never fool the customer,

business and the rest is history! Parts of

things to all people. This is not to say

and so in keeping with this line of thinking,

the original building still remain and can

we do not innovate, but rather I mean

our top priority is and has always been to

be seen in various places. Also, the affinity

the importance of being proficient in the

provide output above and beyond what

for farming continues as we grow our own

basics. Innovation and experimentation

people would expect. This is not always

vegetables which are hand-selected and

should come as a natural complement on

easy but it is the standard by which we

carefully prepared by my mother. So it is

top of the basics. We work to stay true to

hold ourselves to. We place ourselves in

very much still a family affair and it is this

our originality and spirit of service, and our

the customer’s shoes to better see their

homey atmosphere and hospitality that

strength lies in what we do and how we


It is from this standpoint

is the heart and soul of what we do. In

do it. We always make sure our integrity

that we gain insight that allows us to

addition to that, we offer a full cultural

remains intact. This is the most important

raise our internal expectations in an

experience where customers can take part

lesson and something customers recognize

“adjust & improve” process that enhances

in Taiko (Japanese drumming), Mochitsuki

and appreciate.

the experience and provides the best

(traditional rice-cake making), and Sake

welcome possible.

(rice wine) tasting.

Therefore, our biggest

challenge is one of continuity. In running a business there are always circumstances and issues that come up. But despite this we must continually perform and adhere to the highest levels of service. This is the

What is your secret to staying “one step ahead� of other luxury Resorts in Japan? We do a Lot of analysis of customer Of course we are aware of the competition, but we try not to focus too much on it. Our primary focus is on knowing what we are good at and making sure we deliver in a constant fashion. We strive for a high level of service and demand the best of ourselves; the rest we leave to the customer to decide because that is where the ultimate judgement lies. How will Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards compliment your brand as a unique and transparent Global Awards initiative offering an elegant Award concept? It is truly an honor to receive this prestigious award and we are thankful and humbled by the experience. However, for me this is not the pinnacle or some destination we have arrived at; it is only the beginning. From this point on, we are inspired and motivated to achieve even more and aim for a higher level of customer satisfaction. We accept it with grace in our hearts but tomorrow face another day and another customer. For these encounters with new and returning customers alike, we to cement our value. So we can say the award represents an invitation or doorway to our future where we are able to grow


must provide the service that they expect, but now overdeliver

and develop further. What is your plans for 2016 to stay ahead of global industry changes where mainly hotels have to adapt constantly to spoilt guests and their demands in order to stay competitive? Going forward we will stay focused on creating more value. We understand that being in the hospitality industry, we are chiefly value-creators. This means that of course we master the fundamentals to maintain the benchmark of what our hotel represents, but beyond that we raise the bar by looking for ways to innovate and add original value, value that people might not be expecting. So in this manner we are overdelivering in a surprising and satisfying way to solidify our relationship with customers. I am speaking now in a software sense. In terms of hardware we are proud of our location and facilities so expect to not only maintain but also undertake new investments that heighten the quality of the experience. We want to offer the right amount of luxury + immersion + hospitality so this is the key element to our edge in developing long-term and sustainable business.


66 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM


Kempinski Hotel Nay Pyi Taw |W| |E|

Kempinski Hotel Nay Pyi Taw blends its trademarks of European sphostication and luxury with the traditions of Myanmar hospitality. From our luxurious 106 Rooms and 35 Suites, to our exceptional seasonal pan-Asian cuisine, Kempinski Hotel Nay Pyi Taw provides


an unrivaled experience from the moment you arrive. Located next to the Myanmar International Convention Centre and with free high-speed Internet, the hotel is the perfect venue for MICE in Nay Pyi Taw. The Royal Pavilion greets each visitor upon their arrival. The hotel also features an exclusive collection of Myanmar traditional artworks and architectural elements that include the gold leaf adorned ceiling of the reception area - considered to be one of the nation’s most valuable item.


Kempinski Hotel Nay Pyi Taw blends its trademarks of European sophistication and luxury with the traditions of Myanmar hospitality.


H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan |W| |E|

The true measure of an unforgettable experience is the ability to

Whether you’re travelling alone, with your special someone or with

remember everything in vivid details, you feel like you are still in that

little ones, the Director of Fun will keep you busy, or not, depending

certain place and time.Such, is the Crimson experience; it takes your

on how you want to spend the day. If you want to do nothing and

breath away and turns you into an avid story teller to share all the

do it the whole day, the beach or poolside lounges will keep you


comfortable, not to mention gets you sun-kissed after a good few hours under the sun.

Post-card worthy view of endless waters from the main resort clubhouse greets everyone upon arrival, as the sunny disposition of

There’s a list of activities for the day that you can participate in. This

the locale gets to you, refresh with the cool serving of the Crimson

is delivered on your doorstep in a coconut shell with tropical flowers

harvest, a tropical drink of lemongrass, cucumber and peppermint,

found around the resort. Start the day with a good stretch at Aum Spa

that’s provided at the reception to get you into the resort vibe before

with a yoga session. By mid-day, there are various active plays and

you settle in your abode.

sports that will let you have fun and meet new people as each team is formed with other hotel guests.

Take one of the gem carts to take you to your villa or room, get a scenic drive through pebbled pathways with bollard lamps, creating a

By late afternoon, laze at Azure Beach Club’s rock bar for that magical

surreal village experience with the villas and garden rooms along each

blue hour while enjoying your favorite liquid libation. Azure also offers

side framed in manicured patch gardens and trees.

a wide selection of modern Asian selection for lunch and dinner not

ASIA to mention a long list of specialty and modern mixes, classic cocktails,

For early risers, catch the rising of the sun by the Azure garden or the

cold ales and lagers.

beachfront for that glorious morning to start another day in paradise. If you’re up for a little exercise why not get into the pool for a few lapses

Cap the night at Score Sports Bar with a late night happy hour while

before indulging in a full breakfast buffet at Saffron Café.

you take on a challenge of chess, billiards or try your vocal prowess in the karaoke room. If you prefer a slower pace, head to Aum Spa,

Saffron is the resort’s all day dining restaurant serving buffet breakfast,

Crimson’s award-winning spa and wellness center. The 2,000sq meter

lunch and dinner as well as a good selection of ala carte options.

zen sanctuary calms and soothes the mind and body with its holistic and target-centric treatments and massages.

However if your taste is more inclined to gourmet, the International restaurant Tempo can be just the place for you. With its ever-changing

For the night, retire in one of the 250 guestrooms fitted with modern

menu, you rarely get to have the same thing twice if you visit every

conveniences set in tropical aesthetics or in one of the 40 luxurious

month. The specials vary from seafood to premium meats depending

villas with its private plunge pool and elegant 115sq meter of

on seasonality and very recently its kitchen has just been given the

space furnished with four-poster bed and separate living space for

Halal seal.

recreational use.


H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore |W| |E|

A blissful retreat in the heart of Singapore along Orchard Road, the

Our five-star hotel along Orchard Road features a refreshed collection

luxurious Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore hotel features a collection

of guest rooms, modern and rejuvenating leisure facilities designed to

of indulgent comforts amidst lush modern spaces.

enhance every moment of your stay. An excellent base for business and leisure travellers, you will find diverse dining options and

Nestled along this dynamic city’s premier shopping belt, Pan

refreshing experiences that celebrate our signature Pacific hospitality.

Pacific Orchard, Singapore offers convenient access to a variety of entertainment and retail options, including Palais Renaissance,

Through our discerning and personalised service, we take care of the

Wheelock Place and ION Orchard, one of the city’s largest malls,

finest details of your stay with us so you can set out to achieve all that

showcasing well-known luxury brands. It is also a five-minute drive

you have planned for the day.

from the Singapore Botanic Gardens, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


An excellent base for business and leisure travelers, you will find diverse dining options and refreshing experiences that celebrate our signature Pacific hospitality.


74 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Marina Mandarin Singapore |W| |E|

Situated in the heart of the city, Marina Mandarin Singapore offers

In addition, a series of 12 meeting rooms can accommodate smaller

a breathtaking view of the Marina Bay and has convenient access to

business-style gatherings. Every meeting space is enhanced with

the Marina Square Shopping Mall.

advanced audio-visual equipment and Internet access.

The hotel has one of the highest atrium in South-east Asia, which rises

Be spoilt for choice with an array of sensational Asian and

through 21 storeys. Each of the 575 rooms is connected to wireless

International flavours at AquaMarine’s Halal-certified food stations.

or broadband Internet access and is complemented by views of the

Savour authentic Cantonese fare and dim sum at the award-winning

city skyline.

Peach Blossoms. The Atrium Lounge invites guests to relax amidst the chirping of Asian exotic birds with its selection of fine drinks and

Providing award-winning meeting facilities that spell stylish versatility, the pillar-free Marina Mandarin Ballroom can accommodate up to 700 people and the Vanda Ballroom allows for a group of up to 300.

delectable homemade cakes.


Experience Asian Grace, Warmth And Care At Marina Mandarin Singapore


78 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Pimalai Resort & Spa |W| |E| Amidst 100 acres of tropical vegetation, direct access to over 900 meters of pristine sandy beach, lose yourself in the sights and sounds of nature, with buzzing cicadas, birds and eagles hovering majestically above, and mischievous squirrels and monkeys on the trees surrounding you. With 121 accommodation units comprising of serene villas, elegant suites and quaint rooms, this unique resort surrounded by famous snorkeling and diving spots takes you closer to nature than you could ever imagine.



82 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



84 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM




Amatara Resort & Wellness, Phuket H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM

|W| |E|


What is Eternal Happiness? We spend most of our lives trying to

At Amatara, our guests continue to enjoy the exceptional service

achieve happiness through success. Ironically, this effort can stop

that they always have done, and now they will have more choices of

us being truly happy as with success comes stress, obligations and a

services from a peaceful relaxation to an incredible range of wellness

demanding and busy life. Happiness should not be the end goal but a

treatments to enhance their wellbeing, making their stay with us even

method by which we journey. Taking time to harmonize our lifestyle

more rewarding.

habits is the only way to Eternal Happiness. Amatara Resort & Wellness has launched the world’s first luxury Thai To consider yourself happy you must open your eyes and look at a

Hammam at Amatara Phuket. Blending together traditional Turkish

holistic definition. You must have inner and outer peace. This is not

and Moroccan bathing practices with the wisdom and gentleness

just your mental state but your physical state too.

of authentic Thai spa healing arts, the treatment combines the sensations of pampering, soaking, exfoliating, cleansing, contrasting

Amatara created a resort and wellness destination dedicated to your

temperatures, deep massage and calming rejuvenation.

body and soul enrichment: designed to encourage and cultivate Eternal Happiness in every guest. Adding to our existing world class

Amatara’s regional destination spa is renowned for its world-class

resort accommodation and facilities for leisure guests, when we

treatments, ocean vistas and signature therapies. The Amatara Thai

consider wellness, we look at your entire experience with us - the

Hammam Experience is our new flagship spa treatment that combines

sublime night’ s rest in luxurious comfort and excellent Thai hospitality

Hammam traditional bathing principles and soaking techniques with

and personalized service; the incredible wellness, fitness, spa facilities

the best of Thai wellness philosophies, massage and aromatherapy.

and healthy cuisine supporting you on every step of your journey; the panoramic sea view and rejuvenating ocean breeze all combine to

This is the first facility of its kind in the world, and we are delighted to

ensure a soul enriching experience which delivers Eternal Happiness.

be able to offer this to our customers in Thailand for the very first time. The Thai Hammam Experience at Amatara starts with a traditional

The blend of Western and Eastern healing treatments for mind and

sauna followed by a waterfall or jet blast rinse to cool down the body

body create a full suite of wellness packages tailored to match your

temperature. Then the guest will be escorted into the Hammam room

needs exactly. The wide range of services ensures you are always in

to have an intensive hair treatment applied on along with the scalp

control of reaching personal goals. The facilities go beyond indulgent

massage before going into the Thai herbal steam room to soften skin

relaxation, allowing you to experience the world’s first Thai Hammam:

and relax muscles. Once the skin is softened, the guest indulges in a

a perfect mix of Turkish treatments, Moroccan bathing practices

full body massage and exfoliation atop an internally warmed stone

and Thailand’s unique therapies. As your journey continues you’ll

bed. The Thai hammam massage is a luxurious combination of 100%

experience natural mud treatments and a stay in the unique Himalayan

organic natural products and therapeutic massage with a strong Thai

salt room. The expert team is with you every step of the way acting

influence. The next step in the journey is a deeply soothing, healing

as your guide.

and detoxifying thermal mud bath. The body is completely covered with therapeutic mud, while the guest relaxes on an internally heated

Your journey to Eternal Happiness doesn’t stop when you enter your

stone bench. The pores of the skin are open from the heat of the mud

private pool villa. Luxurious surroundings and ocean views ensure a

room and the previous stages of the Hammam process, and the dead

serene and refreshing stay. Your every whim answered, your every

skin removed, allowing the minerals of the mud to be absorbed into

need met. The team at Amatara are ready to create your sanctuary

the body via the skin. This is not only wonderfully detoxifying and

for the soul, crafting unforgettable moments of pure relaxation,

soothing for the skin, it helps to reduce inflammation in the body, thus

uniquely allowing you to experience them with your loved ones. This

reducing aches, pains and muscular stiffness. After several minutes, a

is Amatara’s secret, a journey of sheer indulgence shared with loved

gentle steam infuses the mud room, softening the mud in order to be

ones. There is no Happiness more Eternal than that.

easily rinsed off.

ASIA After rinsing, guests take rest in a soothing Himalayan Salt cave relaxation zone. Negative ions released into the air of the salt room are akin to those of the fresh ocean air, and the salt elements are particularly beneficial for the respiratory system. The Thai Hammam Experience ends with Amatara’s Signature Massage for ultimate relaxation. For the hammam itself, Amatara has created an exquisite architectural design to deliver its Thai Hammam programs, a mix of traditional Turkish and Moroccan influences with modern Asian style and luxurious elegance. The Thai elements of the Hammam are built around gentleness and a sense of wisdom referred to in the cascading mosaics, modern, clean geometry, and gold-coloured Turkish fittings and accompaniments. The Thai Hammam Experience is so memorable and invigorating that it is now included with any wellness package stay at Amatara Resort & Wellness. The program launches officially from March 2016.


H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



HANOI LA SIESTA HOTEL & SPA |W| |E| A peaceful hotel with a homely feel, La Siesta hotel is the newest

relax even more during your stay with us. For food lovers experience

member of the Hanoi Elegance Hotel Group. Apart from the rest of

Vietnam’s authentic cuisine at the RedBean Restaurant on the ground

our other properties, it embodies pure luxury.

floor. Additional thoughtful touches include our 24-hour customer service, evening turn-down service, free unlimited wireless internet

Promising a warm welcome and personal service superbly located on

in every room, cable TV and movie theatre on demand…etc, which we

old Ma May Street, it is in easy reach of Hanoi’s evocative Hoan Kiem

hope will make your stay extra special.

Lake and major attractions. The latest gem is both modern in style as well as embodying the hidden charm of Hanoi’s old quarter. The hotel has 50 spacious bedrooms, including Suites and Duplex rooms. The Suites have modern and comfortable facilities with seating area. And the duplex rooms are particularly good for families and groups of friends. Other facilities include a spa, gym, movie room helping you


A peaceful hotel with a homely feel, La Siesta hotel is the newest member of the Hanoi Elegance Hotel Group. 89



Europe has a rich cultural history extending also into the finest hotels located in this region.

H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM




92 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



94 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM


Hotel Vesper |W| |T| (31) 71 800 99 88 Vesper Hotel is the first boutique hotel along the Dutch coast, based on the quiet south side of the boulevard of Noordwijk. It is a fine luxury hotel for cosmopolitans from all over the world. It consists of 27 unique rooms with handmade beds exclusively designed for Vesper by Softline. All rooms consist of their own luxury facilities, such as rain showers in the middle of a room, a bathtub with seaview, a private sauna, large balconies/terraces with sea-view, vintage design from a market in Amien (France) mixed with modern brands like Vitra - and all in different colors. Personal attention, high quality service, luxury design, exquisite food and drinks (including both signature cocktails and a complete wine cellar), a warm atmosphere and a perfect place to watch the sun go down: that’s what Vesper is all about. Because at Vesper we


believe leisure is much more than relaxation, leisure is an art.



98 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Relais & Châteaux Hotel Heritage |W| |T| Hotel’s location in the heart of mediëval Bruges and close to many canals, is ideal for sightseeing, museums and World Heritage visits, luxury haute couture fashion boutiques and chocolate shops, theatre and Romantic hotspots. Spend some more time with us to explore Bruges’ Wood and Wetland or enjoy our seaside at nearby cosmopolitan Knokke. The Heritage’s 22 rooms are blending comfort and classical elegance topped with discreet technology. To savor local cuisine and for a true taste of all that’s best of Belgian cuisine, head for Le Mystique Restaurant, only finest seasonal ingredients are used by chef Gregory Slembrouck combined with World flavors. Ready to delight and satisfy your taste. Turn your trip into a truly unique retreat … the passion of Johan & Isabelle Creytens and their dedicated team. Still wondering why guests insist in staying with us…? Because you are special to us! Ipad2 with free Wifi, Bose music with iPod/iPhone dock, Nespresso coffee, handmade Nilson bed with luxury linen and marble bathrooms with Durance toiletries, ... in all rooms



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM


Andronis Luxury Suites / Andronis Exclusive |W| |T| Reflecting traditional Aegean architecture and overlooking the island’s volcanic crater or caldera, the Andronis Luxury Suites represents the most luxurious, dreamy escape in a Mediterranean setting beyond comparison. The multi-villa property gently cascades down the side of this unparalleled Greek


island, forming part of the traditional landscape yet with Zen-like sophistication and discrete luxury that transform these 27 award-winning suites into a lifetime experience for its elite visitors. Elements of minimalistic design combined with stunning views, while multi-level balconies blend with a predominantly white assortment of furniture and finishes, awoken occasionally by touches of red and blue to tickle the senses. Andronis Luxury Suites is set in the quite town of Oia – or Ia as it is pronounced in English – only a short drive from Santorini’s airport and from Fira, the island’s main town.



INTERVIEW: Reykjavik4you Apartments |W| |E|

H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Svala Óskarsdóttir

Hotel Manager and Owner Reykjavik4you Apartments

“The secret of being one step ahead is the small things and the entire staff of my hotel works like a well- oiled machine ”

I’m proud of being the designer of all the

What is your current biggest challenge

apartments in Reykjavik4you Apartment

competing on a global scale in a highly

Hotel.My career are in the Hotel industry

competitive industry?

are as a receptionist and head settlement.

What is a “FUN FACT” about your Hotel? One fun fact about the hotel is that it was built by the owner and it is a family run

Working in bank for few years before

Our way to stay competitive on a global


I founded the construction company.

scale is personal and friendly service

Founder of construction company Ibyggd

and beautiful fully equipped modern

What is your secret to staying “one step

which built the apartments buildings


ahead” of other luxury Hotels in Iceland?

In your opinion what is the most

The secret of being one step ahead is the

important factors of staying competitive?

small things and the entire staff of my

among other projects in Iceland.

hotel works like a well- oiled machine The most important factors of staying

treating all our guests with personal

competitive are making our guests feel

service. That will make the guests have

like home, centrally located apartments

a wonderful experience staying at our

and easy accessibility for information. The

hotel. We offer free DVD collection, free

management takes personal responsibility

books library and day tour bookings in

for the guest happiness and well-being

the reception. The guests will be provided

during their stay.

with a free local cell phone that they are free to use during your stay.


How will Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards compliment your brand as a unique and transparent Global Awards initiative offering an elegant Award concept? The Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards will emphasize Reykjavik4you Apartments Hotel as a luxury hotel on a global scale. What are your plans for 2016 to stay ahead of global industry changes where mainly hotels have to adapt constantly to spoilt guests and their demands in order to stay competitive? There are a lot of changes in the process for this year. We are going to rebuild one of the oldest stone houses in Reykjavik that was built in 1881 called “Brenna”. The house is located right in the middle of the parking lot. We are planning to have an old style apartment there so our guests can experience Reykjavik like it was. We’ll always give our best to fulfill every guests wish and to make sure your stay is unforgettable.


106 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Sofitel Luxembourg Le Grand Ducal |W| |T| Overlooking the PĂŠtrusse Valley, the Sofitel Luxembourg Le Grand Ducal offers a view on the historic district of the city. This is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the delightful charm of Luxembourg, while enjoying a welcome and excellent facilities. The hotel is ideally located in the historic center and only 10 minutes from the airport. In addition, many banks, international institutions and the station TGV are nearby. Sofitel Luxembourg Le Grand Ducal is ideally located for exploring the city. Consider visiting the Bock case-mates (fortifications of Luxembourg who had a stunning walled city). Admire the modern art museum collections Artau GrandDuc Jean (MUDAM), visit the museum DraĂŻ Eechelen or the museum of the Bank. Of course, we do not forget the shopping, including streets Capuchin biggest shopping street of Luxembourg.



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Cappadocia Cave Resort |W| |E| Discover the magical lunar landscape of Pigeon Valley from Cappadocia Cave Resort, an exceptional resort and spa that reflects the unique cultural heritage of the region, and is known for its spectacular cave structures. Guests enjoy astounding views of the 30 million year-old volcanic rock cones, (known as ‘fairy chimneys’), from the hotel’s layered terraces and outdoor pool, as well as two excellent restaurants, three bars and a superbly equipped spa with a wealth of relaxing treatments. The beautifully designed rooms and suites at Cappadocia Cave Resort and Spa have a succinctly romantic, cave atmosphere with natural stone walls, yet provide lavish comforts with embroidered pillows, rich carpets and dark wood, adding an Oriental accent. Each room has a hydro-massage shower or tub and a digital jukebox, and suites offer a private patio or balcony. Be sure to check out the spa, reassuringly large with a heated indoor pool, hammams, saunas, snow and steam rooms. Rise early to take a hot-air balloon ride across the ancient rock formations. Then head to Goreme Open-Air Museum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with early Christian churches carved out the rocks and decorated with frescoes. Discover the fascinating underground city of Kaymakli, built on eight subterranean levels and then return to Cappadocia Cave Resort and Spa for a soothing dip in the pool before dinner in the main restaurant.



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Kamer01 Amsterdam |W| |T| A truly unique experience in a Unesco Heritage site, in the heart of the Amsterdam Canal District panoramic views - gourmet breakfasts designer rooms - personal attention and Tommie the Beagle In the heart of Amsterdam you will find “Kamer 01” (room 1); a bed and breakfast designed with a philosophy of style and personal service. Situated in a bend of the Singel Canal it has a view towards Flowermarket, Spui and the 9 Streets district. Surrounded by museums, cultural activities and fine restaurants, your stay at ‘Kamer 01” is the beginning of your discovery of Amsterdam. In this beautiful heritage building you will come to appreciate the typical “feel” of Amsterdam. The house was originally built in 1585 and since then was renovated almost every century since. It still has lots of original features, including the original spiral staircases, wooden ceiling beams and a visible wooden roof construction. In the breakfast room there are even some fragments of 18th century wallpaper. In 2009 the interior was professionally renovated by Atelier Hertogh to meet modern day artistic and technical standards. The B&B has 1 Suite and 2 rooms: The Green Suite on the first floor, the Red Room on the second floor, the Blue Room on the 3rd (attic) floor. They all have en suite marble bathrooms, a sleeping area in the back and sitting/working area in the front. Then again… who can work with a view like that? In these delightful surroundings your hosts; Peter, Wolter and Tommie the Beagle offer you a concept of personal service aimed at making your stay a memorable one.



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



THE THIEF |W| |T| The Thief’s location is a story in itself: Tjuvholmen, Norway, was once a waterfront borough rife with all manner of skullduggery — a place where the most dangerous criminals were banished for their crimes. Only a few centuries ago, Tjuvholmen, which translates to “thief island” or “thief inlet,” was not the kind of place anyone besides a miscreant would be caught dead in. And yet, there I was in this Oslo neighborhood, suitcase in hand, ready to step through the doors of The Thief hotel — a reference to the past in name only, thankfully. In modern-day Oslo, ties with the area’s tainted reputation were severed long ago. In fact, there is no indication at all that this modish municipality of contemporary waterfront buildings was or has been anything but a premier art and design hub of northern Europe. Today’s Tjuvholmen is a collection of buildings showcasing the latest architectural trends, famed art galleries, outdoor artwork, a beachside sculpture park and Oslo’s crown jewel of contemporary and modern art, Astrup Fearnley Museet (museum), designed by acclaimed architect Renzo Piano. Included in that esteemed lineup is The Thief. Since its debut in January 2013, the small luxury hotel has been turning heads in the art and design world, offering an upscale, urbane alternative in what is arguably the most aesthetically distinctive neighborhood in Oslo. At the hotel’s entrance, I gazed curiously at the compelling sculpture positioned prominently against the building. Inscribed on the building above the human figure bowing before me were two words: The Thief. I wondered why a hotel would call itself that. In time, the answer unfolded. During the course of my visit, I learned that the staff, like many of the world’s best, work skillfully — and sometimes covertly — behind the scenes to ensure guests have seamlessly comfortable stays.



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“There’s a phrase we like to use here,” said Dominic Gorham, guest relations manager for The Thief, while chatting over a cuppa hot ginger tea, a brew he blended personally for me because I wasn’t feeling well. “We say, ‘stealing you away from everyday life.’” And I did feel like I had been taken from my ordinary routine. I couldn’t resist discovering all the original, handpicked modern and contemporary artwork and stylish furnishings displayed throughout the communal spaces, from the lobby and library areas to the dining room and rooftop terrace overlooking the fjord and local cityscape. The hotel provides guests with a treasure hunt map that details the art throughout the hotel. A special gift awaits in the Astrup Fearnley museum shop for those able to locate the most unique piece in the collection. Plus, all guests receive free entry into the museum. The hotel’s art collection was handpicked by world-class curator Sune Nordgren, who believes that “redefining hotel art is about giving the guests quality experiences, causing reflection and perhaps changing their perception of reality for a brief moment.” It only makes sense that Nordgren finds Tjuvholmen and The Thief the perfect locations for his vision. Great works from emerging artists, local Norwegians and world-class talent are works and video art. In a word: stunning. The 118-room hotel completes a revitalized and vibrant Tjuvholmen district, offering a perfect complement to its architectural and artistically endowed neighbors.


exhibited at every turn, from paintings, sculptures and photographs to multimedia

Winding down in my room after all that stimulating artwork was the first order of business for me (and to think, I hadn’t even left the building yet). Modern travelers will appreciate the technology-enhanced guestrooms that provide state-of-theart conveniences. I loved watching the video “art on demand” offered on the interactive television as I wrapped up in a warm designer wool blanket by L&J for Roros Tweed and donned a pair of custom Norwegian wool slippers and a cozy bathrobe created by a local fashion designer. A thoughtful turndown gift added to the preparation for a good night’s rest. A slender thermos of hot water and a teapot of relaxing verbena herbal tea was left in my room, perfect for sipping while drawing a bath in the deep soaking tub doused with bath salts before bedtime. Here, I could reflect on the next day’s agenda — perhaps a stroll to the art galleries and boutiques and lunch along the waterfront, or maybe I would indulge in a treatment at the hotel’s top-ranked The Thief Spa. All the possibilities sounded delightful. For the next several days, I was robbed of all my worries and concerns, swept away in the unlikely arms of The Thief.


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Hotel Cubo |W| |T| The word Cub stands for originality, setting new standards and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. In the centre of Ljubljana, capital city of Slovenia, in walking distance from the most important sightseeing sites and the shopping streets with lots of bars, night clubs, and restaurants you can find a new confirmation of all three of the above qualities : Hotel Cubo. Impressive residence of a hotel was built around 1830 for the family of attorney and rebuilt in 1930’s in middle European cubist Art Deco style. During its history it was home to a ballet school, a publishing company, an educational centre for first aid, driving school and most recently a famous milk cafe ‘Miska’. After thorough renovation the refurbished building opened its doors again in 2011 as a design hotel, using only the best quality materials and with a wink to the cubism of elder times. All rooms are luminous and decorated with particularly good taste in a warm contemporary style using only the highest quality materials and amnesties.



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Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London |W| |T| Shangri-La Hotel, at The Shard, London, which opened in May 2014 to great acclaim as the first luxury five star hotel on the Southbank, has had an exciting year of culinary, cultural and charitable initiatives. This year, Shangri-La Hotel, at The Shard, London welcomed a new Executive Chef and has launched several exciting culinary developments. The hotel appointed Gareth Bowen as Executive Chef, and since his appointment he has worked to integrate his culinary philosophy into the hotel’s restaurants and destination bar, GONG. The ‘At the Market with the Chef’ package offers guests the opportunity to observe and participate in sourcing local ingredients and then creating personalised five course dinner by a world class chef. Moreover, in the spirit of Shakespeare’s 400th birthday, each guest enjoying a room at the hotel is greeted with a Romeo and Juliet inspired cocktail. The hotel’s commitment to celebrating important cultural and historical events is evident through a vast array of celebratory culinary initiatives. For example, to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday a Royal Afternoon Tea is available to guests in Ting Lounge, followed by a celebratory cocktail in line with the Queen’s favourite


tipple: the Queen’s Way. The hotel also partnered with acclaimed chocolatier, Paul A. Young, to offer guests a selection of Royal Chocolates available at the hotel’s patisserie, LANG. One year after the hotel’s opening, Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London launched a year-long Cultural Salon series on an East meets West theme, with monthly luminaries offering ticket holders fascinating insights into the world of the worlds of design, art, literature, fashion and music. Names included Sir Paul Smith, Beatrix Ong and Jimmy Choo. In June, editor-in-chief of Vogue China, Angelica Cheung will be hosting an exclusive talk as part of the Cultural Salon series.


In addition to the cultural salon series, the hotel has partnered with a number of up-and-coming Asian fashion designers to highlight the hotel’s commitment to global creative talent. In keeping with the hotel’s commitment to supporting their nominated charity, the Blackfriars Settlement, various initiatives were organised in to raise funds for the local charity. In March, Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London, presented The Blackfriars Settlement with a donation of £15,000, a sum which had been raised over the course of the year through various activities organised by the hotel and an annual charity day off for employees. All proceeds from ticket sales to the Cultural Salon were similarly to this nominated charity.


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AMERICAS South America is renowned for its natural beauty and attract thousands of guests to their stunning beach resorts every year. For the returning guests it is all about the overall experience that should be memorable. Visit our shortlisted hotels in this region to found out why they have been nominated for the Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards.



United States

Dream Downtown, H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM

New York


|W| |T| +1 212-229-2559

A boutique new york city hotel with an emphasis on service and after-dark possibilities





Summit Lodge H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM

Boutique Hotel


|W| |E|

A fun boutique hotel for your next escape to Whistler.


With an eye for all the little things, our redesigned suites contain a kitchenette, fireplace, balcony, large soaker tubs and bathrobes. We make it easy for our guests to enjoy all the adventures Whistler has to offer by providing “complimentary” perks like in-room Ipads, Wi-Fi, shuttle


service, pet stays, gourmet hot beverages, bike and snowshoe rentals and equipment storage. Rejuvenate at Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa or in our own heated outdoor pool, hot tub, fire pit and indoor sauna……a memorable guest experience that fuels laughter and wonder. 127

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Etnia Pousada & Boutique |W| |E|

Close to everything and far from the world.

128 Inaugurated on New Year’s Eve 2001/2002, Etnia Pousada is located a few steps from the epicenter of Trancoso, the Square, 15 minutes from the beach and 80 km from Porto Seguro. Among its attributes internationally recognized by critics, it is considered as a destination par excellence for those seeking tranquillity, sophistication and at the same time simplicity. Planned and designed to offer privacy and relaxation, the inn was built in an area of 7000 square meters. A true oasis in the woods that combines the beauty of nature with the comfort of its facilities and unique décor with ethnic inspiration (hence the project name). In this scenario, every detail or object exposed has a cultural reference that refers to different peoples and ethnic groups. This can be easily observed in both social spaces as the seven suites, two of them masters (Gipsy and Meditarráneo) and the other, doubles (Kyoto, Cottage, Tribal, Trancoso and Goa). In common, they all reflect this unique style of decorating theme.

Internally, each of the bungalows has furniture - from all regions of the planet - acquired personally by the owner, air conditioning, wi-fi, telephone, minibar, safe, Swedish pillows, Egyptian cotton linen closet, balcony, dressing room and a Private garden with outdoor shower. In addition to these units, Ethnicity also counts with two villas (Ibo and Alafia, words in Yoruba that refer to a sacred place to relax). Both are ideal to accommodate families and couples of friends traveling together and fully equipped, allowing guests to cook during the hosting period without bothering to clean up after, because the hostel has chambermaid service. In its infrastructure, the hostel has a swimming pool with bar and lounge, parking and restaurant. Among the possibilities for experiences outside the property, just ask the concierge the extensive activities menu. Among them, massage, surfing, kite surfing, Pilates, biking, yoga and capoeira, as well as tours of the region and fishing in

And if it comes to gastronomy, the capricious service also extends to the table. The breakfast is served by the pool or on the balconies of the bungalows, and is plentiful in cakes, breads, jams, juices and yogurts, all


the high seas.

done by hand. In the restaurant, dominates a proposal multi-ethnic fusion cuisine with reinterpretations of the Mediterranean, Bahian and international cuisine. On the menu, some dishes stand out, such as the Kyoto (grilled fish with sesame and soy sauce with rice with banana and


nuts) and La Mer (grilled shrimp with leek sauce, rice and sautéed potatoes), as well as fresh pasta and a variety of salads. With all these goodies, not by chance the Etnia Pousada & Boutique, which integrates BLTA (Brazilian Luxury Travel Association) won in just over 15 years of operation, numerous international awards. Among them, the “Great Value” by Travel + Leisure and Elle Chic Shack Awards (Elle UK); “Best Budget Hotels” by Tablet Hotels; recommendation of the prestigious Conde Nast Johansen, and has been elected one of the top four hotels in Brazil by the German publisher Taschen in the book “Great Escapes of the World”, which selected the 90 best from around the world.


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AFRICA Africa offer hotel experiences that are outstanding in every sense of the word, from bush to city experiences. Here we introduce properties to you that has been shortlisted for the prestigious Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards and that is worth a visit.



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Radisson Blu Hotel

Dakar Sea Plaza |W| |E| The Radisson Blu Hotel, Dakar Sea Plaza is a perfect example of this. Located on the Cape Verde Peninsula, this sophisticated, modern resort boasts an enviable address in the elegant Fann Corniche neighborhood. The 241 guest rooms and fully equipped suites of this stylish accommodation are characterized by their contemporary design and superb amenities, including individual climate control and Free high-speed, wireless internet. The Dakar Sea Plaza houses 3 on-site dining options and one bar for your enjoyment. Experience the remarkable L’Avenue Restaurant, where chefs are inspired to transform Senegal’s rich history of African, Dutch, and French influences into truly unique Mediterranean cuisine. Unwind by the outdoor infinity pool with a refreshing cocktail from the Pool Bar, or sample fresh-caught, grilled seafood at the Pool Side Restaurant. Savor the explosive flavors of The Little Buddha Dakar, where the eclectic culinary styles of the Pacific Rim come together to create a one-ofa-kind Asian-fusion experience. The hotel’s fitness center and spa provide the perfect way to maintain your fitness routine and relax your troubles away. If you find yourself in Dakar on business, the hotel’s 12 modern meeting rooms and refined ballroom are perfect for planning a productive conference or stellar gala.



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Mhondoro Game Lodge

|W| |E| Mhondoro Game Lodge is a luxury 5-star lodge in Welgevonden Game Reserve, a malaria-free and Big 5 game reserve in Limpopo, a mere two hour and forty five minutes’ drive from OR Tambo. The main lodge and private villa have recently been (re)built and the interior of its suites have been refurbished, offering a tasteful mix of African chic and contemporary design. The luxurious, child-friendly lodge has quickly become famous for its new underground waterhole hide, connected to the main lodge by a tunnel, offering an easy, safe and above all unique opportunity to be amongst the animals drinking at the waterhole in front of the lodge. Mhondoro has a large heated pool, a fabulous cuisine for all, a gym with a sauna and a separate Spa building to enjoy different massages, treatments and/or to take a (milk) bath on the private deck overlooking the waterhole.



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H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Silver Bay Villa |W| |E| Silver Bay Villa is a private luxury escape on the South African Cape West Coast. Situated right on a deserted beach with sweeping views across Stompneus Bay and the surrounding dunes, the villa is designed as a contemporary family retreat that makes the most of indoor outdoor living. There are 4 luxurious bedrooms, all ensuite, plus a large games room on the lower level. The open plan upper level is for chilling out on the expansive living room sofas whilst gazing out to sea, cooking, eating, and taking a dip in the year round temperature controlled pool. The work of award winning SAOTA Architects from Cape Town, Silver Bay Villa is equipped with premium brand appliances and interior design features which make it an exceptionally enjoyable experience for a weekend, mid week getaway or 2 week holiday experience any time of the year.



140 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Ellerman House

|W| |E|

Ellerman House is the quintessential urban retreat for discerning luxury travellers wanting complete exclusivity in Cape Town, South Africa. Located in Bantry Bay, the small, privately owned hotel offers spectacular Atlantic Ocean views against the dramatic backdrop of Lion’s Head. Clifton’s sheltered beaches are within walking distance, while local attractions such as the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway and V&A Waterfront are 10 minutes by car. Originally a private residence, the historic Cape Edwardian-style mansion has 13 individually decorated rooms and suites, terraced indigenous gardens overlooking the ocean, and two ultra-modern villas. Enhancing the entire property is the owner’s extensive collection of original South African art. Compared to the old-world elegance of the main house, Villa One and Two are sleek and glamorous with en suite bedrooms, spacious entertainment areas, private infinity pools and ocean views. Villa One incorporates the tranquil Ellerman House Spa, which specialises in cutting-edge massage techniques, anti-ageing beauty treatments and hydrotherapy. Villa Two is built above the Ellerman House Wine Gallery, which is not only a spectacular cellar for the hotel’s 7500-bottle wine collection but offers an interactive, experiential journey into the world of wine. The natural splendour of the hotel’s unique location is matched by generoushearted hospitality - guest experiences and excursions are all tailor made – modern cuisine that reflects the best of local and seasonal flavours, and a vast collection of South African vintage wines. From local design and art to wine and food, Ellerman House strives to offer a world-class guest experience that remains authentically South African.



144 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Endless Horizons Boutique Hotel

|W| |E| This stylish Boutique hotel offers the best of luxury that Durban has to offer. Located on Umhlanga Rocks drive this “hidden gem”, as it is often referred to, boasts 12 beautifully appointed guest bedrooms. The Executive rooms and pool deck features a striking 180 degree view of the Indian Ocean. All the bedrooms come complete with minibar fridges, en-suite bathrooms, flat screen televisions, complimentary high speed Wi-Fi internet and all the amenities that one could desire. Six of the bedrooms also offers a balcony and is the perfect spot to relax and soak up the Durban sun. The architecture and décor of the building lends itself to a serene and Zen feeling with clean lines and big open spaces. The themed décor showcases an Eastern feel with emphasis on the various elements like wood, metal, earth and water. The two symmetric koi ponds at the hotels entrance is home to large and colorful koi’s and the calming sounds of the water feature captures the tranquility of this boutique hotel experience. The onsite restaurant is the perfect choice for special occasions or to spoil someone special. The small and intimate dining room offers more spectacular ocean views and sumptuous meals that cater for any taste and desire. Be sure to make a reservation as this venue is quite popular for group events and functions. Attention to detail and excellent service is certain with attentive and skillful staff. The well-appointed conference room divides into two smaller venues and can cater for groups of 10 to 70 people. The venue includes an overhead projector, AV and sound equipment as well as dedicated high speed Wi-Fi internet access. The large stacking doors open to the pool deck and a private balcony for less formal occasions. This venue which leads onto the pool deck with stunning views is an excellent choice for weddings and special functions. Under the management of The Endless Group, the service delivery to guests and visitors are world class and no request too extravagant for the hotel team. The employees live by the philosophy of adding something “extra” to everything that they do; it’s no wonder that this hotel is “extra-ordinary”! The experienced and professional personnel will assist you in any request ensuring that you unwind and rejuvenate; whether travelling for business or leisure.



148 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM




W E T +27(0)45 838 4249

H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM


For Love & A Story...

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Sovereign Suites

Nairobi-Sun Africa Hotels |W| |E| With just 14 private, spacious suites, true attention to detail and personalized service can be expected at Sovereign Suites. This luxury Nairobi boutique hotel is set on a private, well-manicured estate, complete with its own lake. The hotel offers The Main, a delicious restaurant, as well as meeting and event space. Whether you seek a romantic getaway or simple peace and quiet, Sovereign Suites is an ideal choice .



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM


OCEANIA The region offer a service orientated culture that is evident from the outstanding hospitality experiences we present to you here.



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Aro Ha Wellness Retreat |W| |E| Aro Ha Wellness Retreat is a purpose built luxury wellness

diligent attention to wellness will be rewarded with a youthful

retreat, set in spectacular surroundings near Queenstown, New

embodiment of exceptional health. If a transformative shift is needed,

Zealand. A first-of-its-kind retreat centre, fusing advanced eco

Aro Ha is the ideal elixir.

accommodation, permaculture based self-sufficiency, and world-class results-oriented programming.

Designed and constructed by a team of New Zealand’s leading consultants, Aro Ha exemplifies best practices for living in balance with

Located in New Zealand’s ethereal Southern Alps; Aro Ha is ideal for

nature while meeting our modern needs. Localised food production

solo travellers, couples, or friends, our physically stimulating programs

from permaculture gardens is used to provide a signature wellness

sculpt the body and mind with sub alpine hiking, vinyasa yoga, and

menu. Off-grid power generation, Passive Haus building techniques,

dynamic movement. Programs include nutrient dense vegetarian

and New Zealand’s first renewable distributed heating scheme all

cuisine, healing bodywork, and daily mindfulness practice.  Your

ensure the retreat treads lightly on the local environment.



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



VOMO Island |W| |E| On the heels of VOMO Island Resort’s recent five million dollar renovation, the 225-acre luxury private island retreat in Fiji is proud to share this nomination news. “We are so pleased to share VOMO’s recognition with the Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards. It’s the culmination of our team’s hard work around the renovation and our dedication to providing our guests with the best possible luxury vacation experience,” says General Manager, Mark Leslie. The VOMO renovation transformed 26 Hillside and Beachfront Villas featuring sleek modern design, upgrades to public spaces, additions to the iconic Rocks Bar restaurant and Reef Restaurant offerings elevating service and amenities ensuring its world-class reputation. VOMO Island Resort offers friendly world-famous Fijian hospitality, crystal blue waters, pristine beaches, snorkelling and scuba diving options, for an unforgettable vacation experience for families, couples and groups.

OCEANIA ABOUT VOMO RESORT: VOMO Island Resort is located only a short, scenic 15-minute flight from Nadi in the South Pacific. Where Fijian culture still exists from a bygone era, this secluded hideaway is home to legendary soft sand beaches, crystalline blue waters welcoming, couples, families and groups. Nestled amongst lush greenery, the 30 villa accommodations include 7 Hillside and 19 Beachfront Villas and 2 Beachfront Retreats. Additionally, The three-bedroom Royal Villa and four-bedroom Residence offers an indulgent island experience with their own private pools, living and private dining areas. Resort amenities include a PADI Dive Centre, Day Spa, gym, boutique, Kid’s Club, water sports and the use of the exclusive island VOMO Lai Lai, where guests can unwind and relive the days of Crusoe with five-star luxury just a radio call away. VOMO Resort is also a proud member of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that encourages guests to bring food and school supplies making a lasting impact on communities in travel destinations around the world. Rates start at approximately US$1,000 and are all inclusive of meals and non-alcoholic beverages.


H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Saffire Freycinet |W| |E|

Saffire Freycinet is an intimate sanctuary on Tasmania’s East Coast that

Enjoy the comforts of our purpose-built 12m vessel Saffire as you

delivers sophisticated coastal style and an inspirational experience.

spend the day exploring the rarely visited Schouten Island in our

Discreetly positioned overlooking the Hazards Mountains, Freycinet

Signature Experience, or if you are pushed for time you may choose

Peninsula and the pristine waters of Great Oyster Bay, Saffire blends

the new half-day experience, or a 90-minute exploration of Great

mankind and nature with breathtaking beauty.

Oyster Bay.

Featuring 20 luxurious suites, exclusive day spa, restaurant, guest

The abundance of natural wonders that surround Saffire can be taken

lounge and bar, this experience is a celebration of the art of service,

in through complimentary activities including bird watching, canoeing,

internal and external wellbeing, local culinary delights, ancient

guided walks, mountain biking, kite flying, archery ,marine farm

landscapes and abundant wildlife.

exploration and Tasmanian devil experience .



162 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM




164 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM

Savoy Resort & Spa has set a new benchmark for this much-loved corner of the Indian Ocean. Think serene spaces and eye-catching designs. Eclectic cuisine and intuitive service. A world-class spa and the largest swimming pool in the Seychelles. And of course the kids are invited to come along too ...


Talcum-powder sands, rose-tinted sunsets and carefree, coastal living distinguishes Beau Vallon on the northwest coast of MahĂŠ. And now the most popular bay in the Seychelles is blessed with the five-star standards of a luxury resort.


H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Conrad Maldives |W| |E|

Surrounded by the countryยนs best diving, whale shark areas and

a resort within a resort concept located on the tip of Rangalifinolhu.

sprawling coral reefs, Conrad Maldives is the only resort to offer three

A dining destination in itself, Conrad Maldives is an epicurean delight

distinct resort experiences spanned across two islands, offering luxury

featuring 12 restaurants and bars including the globally renowned

travelers a uniquely inspired experience.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant.

The resort features 150 architecturally designed villas of enviable calm

Guests can while away the time and take respite in one of the resorts

and sophistication, guests can choose to relax in one of the romantic

two award-winning spas, both set on stilts above the lagoon. Conrad

water villas on the adults only Rangali Island or the seclusion of the

Maldives is the destination for the globally connected to disconnect

beach villas tucked amongst tropical greenery of Rangalifinolhu or

from daily life and revel in the luxury of nature and time.

retreat to one of the stunning over water villas at The Spa Retreat,


Conrad Maldives Rangali Island enjoys the elite position of being located in the heart of the Indian Ocean



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|W| |E|


Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Maldives is located on the exotic Emboodhu

designed villas are perched over the lagoon with nothing but blue

Finolhu Island, in the middle of one of the largest natural lagoons in

ocean waters and glorious sunsets to block the view. All the villas are

the world. This tropical isle, once known as the ‘Three Coconut Island’,

palm-thatched, built of finest natural wood finishes on the exteriors

ornamented with pale white sand and crystal blue waters is lush with

and the interiors are delightfully appointed in classic Maldivian style.

tropical flora. The resort is only 15 minutes by luxury speedboat, available 24 hours, from Malé International Airport.

Taj Exotica Resort & Spa is also renowned for its remarkable culinary experience, with a vast array of hand-picked Progressive menu items

The multi award-winning resort seamlessly extends the magic of

from all over the world. The resort proudly caters over five hundred

the island’s blessed natural beauty in its design even as it offers the

different exclusive menu choices to soothe the guests’ palettes

finest in contemporary amenities and services. Luxuriously appointed

presented in a creative, innovative style from “Farm to Plate.”

villas and suites, private plunge pools and personal sundecks with endless views of the Indian Ocean, make this the perfect setting for

No trip to the Maldives is complete without pampering yourself in

a private retreat. Our Jiva Grande Spa, an authentic Indian spa, offers

a haven of sheer indulgence with Jiva Grande Spa’s Indian inspired

a range of signature wellness experiences. A choice of bespoke dining

treatments. The spa includes a unique Ayurvedaa Pavilion where

experiences, water sports, and recreation options make for a complete

ancient art is administered following an individual consultation with

and exclusive destination holiday.

resident Ayurvedaa physician. It also offers Alepa, a sensual and engaging signature treatment that evokes an aura of the royalty where

Each of the resort’s luxuriously designed 64 villas and suites come with

the couple themselves can apply the therapeutic mud on each other

private Butler Service and are furnished in natural tones and textures

then rinsing off in 4 different shower experiences, surely a total bliss!

and offer spectacular ocean views. Most of the resort’s luxuriously


Welcome to an island sanctuary where luxury and landscape merge to create a living experience that is one with nature.


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Outrigger Kanotta Maldives Resort & Spa |W| |E| Escape to your own private world on a secluded island in a sapphire

Konotta is a private island in the Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, 211 miles 340

sea. Welcome to Outrigger Konotta Maldives Resort, a sanctuary

kilometers/211 miles south of the Maldives capital city of Male.

of exceptional comforts, innovative cuisine, oceanfront cocktails,

It is a 55-minute flight from Male International Airport (MLE) to

rejuvenating Navasana Spa, and stunning sea life, 21 Beach Pool Villas,

Kaadedhdhoo Airport (KDM) then a scenic 30-minute private yacht

21 Ocean Pool Villas, 2 Lagoon Pool Villas, 8 Two Bedroom Beach Pool

transfer to the Resort.

Villas, and the exquisite Grand Konotta Villa make Outrigger Konotta Maldives Resort one of the destination’s most desirable getaways for romance, family holidays, dive adventure, and complete relaxation.


Welcome to Outrigger Konotta Maldives Resort, a sanctuary of exceptional comforts, innovative cuisine, oceanfront cocktails, rejuvenating Navasana Spa, and stunning sea life.


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Dominican way Barcelo Hotels & Resorts Adventure holidays, packed with mountain climbing, safaris and downhill skiing can be all well and good. But sometimes – when you get a precious week of much needed leave – all you really want to do is stop, take a deep breath and totally relax. When slowing down and loosening up is the main goal of your holiday, then the Caribbean is the place to be. More specifically, the Dominican Republic. Although some of its smaller neighbours (such as Jamaica and Barbados) can get more attention, this idyllic island nation definitely deserves serious consideration as a location for your next cruisy vacation. With sandy white beaches, clear blue coastline, stunning wildlife and welcoming locals, it’s the perfect choice for a holiday that is all about recharging your batteries.

Here are the five best things to do when you want to kick back in the Dominican Republic:

nothing will feel you more at peace with the world than the sight

1. Laze on a beach

5. Watch the sun go down

Well, this is an obvious one. But you can’t talk about relaxing in the

Sunsets are pretty spectacular throughout the Caribbean, but the

Dominican Republic without putting a strong focus on its glorious

ones you’ll see in the Dominican Republic are really something

beaches. In fact, it is hard to overstate the beauty of the sandy

special. Blending together an almost unfathomable palette of pinks

stretches of coastline that surround this island, and the beaches

and oranges and yellows and reds, the sky puts on an impressive

here are widely considered to be among the best in the world.

display in the evenings – and it’s best enjoyed with a cold glass

From the blissfully secluded Playa Rincón to the turquoise-hued

of the local Presidente beer or a freshly made Coco Loco cocktail

Bahia de las Aguilas, you could spend your entire time here beach-

in hand. The prime place to watch the sunset is at Bavaro beach

hopping and never run out of top-level options.

in Punta Cana, where there are 2 Barceló Hotels: Barceló Bávaro


of these majestic creatures frolicking just metres away.

Beach Adults Only and Barceló Bávaro Palace Deluxe (that cater 2. Take the plunge

to everyone from families to conference groups to adults looking

The American hip-hop band TLC recommends you “don’t go

for a quiet, kiddie-free holiday) and have a variety of bars and

chasing waterfalls” – but you should absolutely disregard this

restaurants so you can feast on fresh seafood while looking out as

advice when you visit the Dominican Republic. After all, this

the sun goes down over the deep blue sea.

country is home to a stunning hike known as the 27 Waterfalls of Damajagua. It’s not necessary to visit all 27, of course. The ideal way to do it is to book a day trip with one of the many tour companies offering guided visits to these parts and will take you to see half a dozen of the best waterfalls. Once you are out there, surrounded by the lush greenery, floating in the crystal clear pools of water, all the stress of daily life will feel a world away. 3. Get pampered One of the best way to put yourself straight into the relaxation zone when you are on holidays is to visit a luxurious day spa – and the Dominican Republic has some fabulous ones on offer. One of the nicest is U-Spa at the Barceló Bávaro Beach Resort, in Punta Cana. They set the scene with candles, soothing music and gentle incense, and visitors are given access to a range of facilities including an outdoor pool, thermal baths, steam room and vichy showers. After enjoying these different forms of water therapy, it’s time to enjoy some of U-Spa’s signature treatments that include massages, body wrap and facials using 100% natural and native ingredients such as cocoa and mango. A couple of hours here and you will feel like a whole new person. 4. Be at one with the fauna The location of the Dominican Republic, surrounded by the warm, clear waters of the Caribbean, make it an ideal place for discovering marine wildlife, and snorkelling is an excellent way to do it. The scuba diving here is also good, but the best way to connect with the local fauna is to go whale watching. From midJanuary to the end of March each year, humpback whales migrate to Samana Bay, on the eastern side of the island, for breeding season. If you are here at the right time, it is an absolute must, as


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The Haute Grandeur Global Hotel AwardsTM is a prestigious globally trusted Awards initiative building its reputation as the world’s leading awards initiative by rewarding outstanding hotel experiences. The Awards is a method of ranking and assisting hotels and is regarded as the pinnacle of achievement for hotels globally.

Hotels participating in the Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards,

The Haute Grandeur Global Hotel AwardsTM recognize outstanding

including those that are constantly striving towards raising the

hotels across countries, continents and on a global basis.

bar of service delivery to new heights. It will provide the much needed inspiration to the larger hotel industry who seeks positive

Each country has their own criteria for doing star gradings, thus

role models from within their industry to provide them with a

the Global Hotel Awards do not limit the Awards to a certain

reason to celebrate.

amount of stars but exclusively focus on recognizing outstanding achievement and luxury lifestyle.

What makes a hotel a winner? Winners of a Haute Grandeur Global Hotel AwardsTM accolade are the ones that are creative

The Haute Grandeur Global Hotel AwardsTM is the highest

in their approach when it comes to client satisfaction, they

achievement any hotelier can hope to receive, evident from the

continuously find ways to go the extra mile, they have that “wow�

strict selection process where outstanding hotels are selected

factor and they put their guests first no matter what! No request

from a wide range of areas to participate in the Awards.

is impossible and no client query go unanswered. From the first point of contact you are aware that this is an outstanding hotel.

The Haute Grandeur Global Hotel AwardsTM was established as an independent and unbiased initiative to honor the very highest achievements from across the global hotel industry, recognizing exceptional contributions by outstanding hotels. The Haute Grandeur Global Hotel AwardsTM promise to raise service delivery levels by means of awarding only the very best in the industry. It aims to focus on hotels that do not want to win the “average� award. Participating hotels are generally seen as the benchmark in the industry as they create awareness about the value and importance of constantly raising the bar of excellence.


The value of a Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Award is powerful in terms of its ability to boost marketing and promises to have a direct impact on guests perceptions and revenue. It provides the much needed inspiration that hotels look for by identifying role model properties across all continents in order to further raise their current levels of service delivery to even greater heights. The annual Awards Gala Ceremony where winners are revealed, is not only the most dazzling event of the year on the luxury hotel industry calendar, it also highlights the values of leadership, hard work, dedication, ambition and success. This event takes place each year in a different exotic location and offers hoteliers in attendance new networking opportunities.

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