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Toshiro Maruyama General Manager of Hakuba Onsen Shirouma

We aim to make our guests feel at home.

As an experienced hotelier, what do you

Our guests also can enjoy the wonderful

What is your short term goal for the hotel

feel is the key elements that is important

activities during the dinner, Cultural

in general and do you feel this Award will

to focus on if a hotel would like to have a

Evening and Sake Tasting. The Cultural

assist to achieve this?

high return guest rate?






performance, local rice cake pounding,

Our short term goal is be known our

I think most important thing is of course

Japanese tea ceremony, and a Japanese

destination Hakuba to all over the world.

intention toward to customer, we always

Sake cask opening ceremony. At the Sake

We have a lot of customer from around the

keep on mind to welcome our customers

tasting event guests can choose 6 cups

world in winter season as a ski resort, but

as our own family. Our key elements to

of Japanese Sake from a selection of 20

our Mountain resort also have wonderful

have our customer to feel like they are

brands of local sake.

scenery in all seasons. Our short time

part of family in their own home. We provide heart-warming hospitality.

goal is to increase traffics and promote So these are our strongest what we offer

outdoor activities during summer period.

a historical and a very unique experience.

And this global trustworthy awards will be

What in your opinion makes your hotel stand out in a competitive industry?

greatly assist. How in your opinion will a successful result from Haute Grandeur Global Hotel

Our small luxury style hotel is family own.

Awards add to building staff moral and

For over 100 years my grandparents were

positively affect your guest’s perception

farmers in the area, and they built the

of the hotel?

Hakuba Onsen Ryokan SHIROUMA-SO as a small accommodation for people to

Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards

Hakuba for skiing. And today the original

raise global hotel service standard, and

200 years plus old pillars and beams are

encourage the persons who engage in

still in use. All the meals are made using

high hospitality service industry. If we

recipes passed down by my grandmother,

could receive the award, it will be great

and her daughter (my mother) as head

motivation for our staff and massive trust

chef selects the ingredients and prepares

for our customers.

the meals.