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An Informative Guide | Dec 2015


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INDEX EDITOR’S NOTES Your Key To Luxe leisure


Hua Chang Heritage Hotel Bangkok


Intercontinental Bali Resort


Oriental Residence Bangkok


Le Coral Hideaway Phuket




The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa


Umaid Bhawan Palace


Melati Beach Resort and Spa




Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16


Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi


Miran International Hotel




EDITOR’S INSIGHT What truly define your luxury hotel from others? THE LUXURY HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY IS THRIVING

9 10

Thailand Thailand Vietnam

FEATURE Dominican way Barcelo Hotels & Resorts HOT NEWS

12 14

India India


ASIA Alila Villas



INTERVIEW: Dusit Thani Hua Hin Thailand


G Hotel Kelawai


INTERVIEW: Hotel La Classic/Raj Hospitality


INTERVIEW: Hakuba Onsen Shirouma


Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees


Malaysia India


Hong Kong

Hong Kong China









The Menlyn Boutique Hotel



Piekenierskloof Mountain Resort South Africa




Clanwilliam 134

Grand Hyatt Melbourne Australia

INTERVIEW: Corp Executive Hotel Qatar


Suba Hotel 90 United Arab Emirates

Media Rotana Dubai 94 United Arab Emirates

INTERVIEW: Safir Doha Hotel Qatar


The Address Dubai Mall 100 United Arab Emirates

Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa Bahrain


South Africa

South Africa

Draaihoek Lodge 136 South Africa

Sovereign Suites Nairobi 140 Kenya

Sarova Stanley 142 Kenya

Ellerman House 146 South Africa

INTERVIEW: Pondoro Game Lodge


South Africa

NORTH AMERICA INTERVIEW: Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel


Villa Ammende 110



The New York EDITION 156 United States


ION Iceland Adventure 112 Iceland


INTERVIEW: Ystad Saltsjöbad 116

Paradisus Playa Del Carmen



Kolbe Hotel 118

HUB Porteño 162




Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards

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126 146



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REVEILING THE BEST IN A NUTSHELL Welcome to Haute Grandeur, The Best in HotelsTM. These pages capture the essence of what every discerning traveller seeks – remarkable hospitality experiences. We are in the holiday spirit and hope you are too! With Christmas around the corner we thought it’s the best time to head to your favourite spot or take some time out to browse through our selection of Haute Grandeur hotel experiences and find your new favourite.

Marinique de Wet

We have evaluated a variety of hotels, spas, retreats, casinos, lodges and resorts to offer you a unique choice of destinations that will exceed your expectations.

EDITOR Only the best will do, so whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, you’ll find a selection of hotels inside these pages that will leave you inspired to book your next trip! Get ready to pack your bags and head to one of these outstanding locations that will cater to your every need.





To b e co me an Event Par t ner o r Spo nso r co ntact us o n info @ hauteg randeu r. co m



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What truly define your luxury hotel from others?

With all the similarities in the hotel business today, hoteliers

In order to be of true value, excellence should be rewarded as a

find themselves having a limited means of differentiating their

whole and that to be of true value to a Hotelier, exclusivity is a

offerings and proving to guests that they are truly offering a


unique and unsurpassed experience that can not be found “next door�.

When travelling to a city and a traveller is considering a few luxury hotels all situated in the same area more or less with the

This is where Awards come in.

same rates, what are they really looking at when making their

In this instance an award is something that can truly differentiate

final decision when booking a hotel? Ask yourself this question

one property or one group from another.

and you will soon learn why winning a credible exclusive Award with a concept that is transparent is of utmost importance

When an international body, with the correct backing and

because be honest, it is and will continue to have an impact on

credibility, places their seal on a particular property or group it

guest perception!

allows for a victor to emerge and provides the winning property with something unique that no one in the vicinity has.

Transparency of an Awards concept and how the Award is

Of course there are different factors to keep in mind.

not only promoted by the hotel but also the efforts that are put in by the Awards organization is of utmost importance.

The award should always be of benefit.

There is no point in winning an Award if nobody knows about

With benefit what I mean is exclusivity. A lot of awards around

it and therefore promotion of results via multiple marketing

today are much diluted with far too many winners all over the

platforms from the side of the Awards organization is key.

world. When the awarding brand is diluted the award carries

Haute Grandeur is proud to promote its members globallyat

no real weight as numerous other properties will carry the

the lowest possible participation cost in order to provide

same award.

maximum benefit to our winners.


H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM


The luxury Hospitality industry is thriving. The luxury Hospitality industry is thriving.

their disposal in terms of what can and

Some choose to label properties with

It is a segment of the hospitality industry

can’t be said and this situation renders

categories, others with numbers such as

for which there is still great demand

the battlefield almost too even for a true

1st 2nd and 3rd place.

despite so many new 5 star properties

winner to emerge.

springing up all over the world.

Personally I disagree with all. This is where Awards come in.

I am of the belief that in order to be of

You must ask yourself, what truly

In this instance an award is something

true value, excellence should be rewarded

differentiates these properties from one

that can truly differentiate one property

as a whole and that to be of true value to


or one group from another.

a Hotelier, exclusivity is a must. When an award is issued with a particular

Many will say it is their level of service,

When an international body, with the

category it labels that property with that

some will say other things.

correct backing and credibility, places


their seal on a particular property or Brands have invested so much in creating

group it allows for a victor to emerge

A great example would be if someone

their own signature of luxury, companies

and provides the winning property with

was looking to travel with their girlfriend,

such as Four Seasons, St Regis, Ritz

something unique that no one in the

they would immediately avoid a “top or

Carlton, Waldorf Astoria and their efforts

vicinity has.

best Family Resort” because of the stigma

have paid off as they are doing very well,

attached to it. In reality these “family

however, when viewed from a consumers

Of course there are different factors to

Resorts” would probably be able to cater

point of view things become a little

keep in mind.

to their every need however, due to


the labelling, the business is likely to go The award should always be of benefit.

somewhere else.

The web is the window to the world

With benefit what I mean is exclusivity.

Another factor to consider is that there is

regardless what industry you are in and

A lot of awards around today are much

no point in winning an award and nobody

when viewing hotels on the web, one

diluted with far too many winners all over

knowing about it.

always sees the same things, amazing

the world.

It is vital that the awarding company

rooms, beautiful restaurants, opulent

have the means to showcase its winners

décor, mentions of service excellence and

When the awarding brand is diluted the

on multiple platforms and at the lowest

so on.

award carries no real weight as numerous

possible cost in order to provide maximum

other properties will carry the same

benefit to winners.

With all these similarities, Hoteliers find themselves having a limited Arsenal at



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Dominican way Barcelo Hotels & Resorts Adventure holidays, packed with mountain climbing, safaris and downhill skiing can be all well and good. But sometimes – when you get a precious week of much needed leave – all you really want to do is stop, take a deep breath and totally relax. When slowing down and loosening up is the main goal of your holiday, then the Caribbean is the place to be. More specifically, the Dominican Republic. Although some of its smaller neighbours (such as Jamaica and Barbados) can get more attention, this idyllic island nation definitely deserves serious consideration as a location for your next cruisy vacation. With sandy white beaches, clear blue coastline, stunning wildlife and welcoming locals, it’s the perfect choice for a holiday that is all about recharging your batteries.

Here are the five best things to do when you want to kick back in the Dominican Republic:

nothing will feel you more at peace with the world than the sight

1. Laze on a beach

5. Watch the sun go down

Well, this is an obvious one. But you can’t talk about relaxing in the

Sunsets are pretty spectacular throughout the Caribbean, but the

Dominican Republic without putting a strong focus on its glorious

ones you’ll see in the Dominican Republic are really something

beaches. In fact, it is hard to overstate the beauty of the sandy

special. Blending together an almost unfathomable palette of pinks

stretches of coastline that surround this island, and the beaches

and oranges and yellows and reds, the sky puts on an impressive

here are widely considered to be among the best in the world.

display in the evenings – and it’s best enjoyed with a cold glass

From the blissfully secluded Playa Rincón to the turquoise-hued

of the local Presidente beer or a freshly made Coco Loco cocktail

Bahia de las Aguilas, you could spend your entire time here beach-

in hand. The prime place to watch the sunset is at Bavaro beach

hopping and never run out of top-level options.

in Punta Cana, where there are 2 Barceló Hotels: Barceló Bávaro


of these majestic creatures frolicking just metres away.

Beach Adults Only and Barceló Bávaro Palace Deluxe (that cater 2. Take the plunge

to everyone from families to conference groups to adults looking

The American hip-hop band TLC recommends you “don’t go

for a quiet, kiddie-free holiday) and have a variety of bars and

chasing waterfalls” – but you should absolutely disregard this

restaurants so you can feast on fresh seafood while looking out as

advice when you visit the Dominican Republic. After all, this

the sun goes down over the deep blue sea.

country is home to a stunning hike known as the 27 Waterfalls of Damajagua. It’s not necessary to visit all 27, of course. The ideal way to do it is to book a day trip with one of the many tour companies offering guided visits to these parts and will take you to see half a dozen of the best waterfalls. Once you are out there, surrounded by the lush greenery, floating in the crystal clear pools of water, all the stress of daily life will feel a world away. 3. Get pampered One of the best way to put yourself straight into the relaxation zone when you are on holidays is to visit a luxurious day spa – and the Dominican Republic has some fabulous ones on offer. One of the nicest is U-Spa at the Barceló Bávaro Beach Resort, in Punta Cana. They set the scene with candles, soothing music and gentle incense, and visitors are given access to a range of facilities including an outdoor pool, thermal baths, steam room and vichy showers. After enjoying these different forms of water therapy, it’s time to enjoy some of U-Spa’s signature treatments that include massages, body wrap and facials using 100% natural and native ingredients such as cocoa and mango. A couple of hours here and you will feel like a whole new person. 4. Be at one with the fauna The location of the Dominican Republic, surrounded by the warm, clear waters of the Caribbean, make it an ideal place for discovering marine wildlife, and snorkelling is an excellent way to do it. The scuba diving here is also good, but the best way to connect with the local fauna is to go whale watching. From midJanuary to the end of March each year, humpback whales migrate to Samana Bay, on the eastern side of the island, for breeding season. If you are here at the right time, it is an absolute must, as


HOT NEWS for promoting good health and wellbeing,

dining, entertainment and fashion brands

allow our guests to live life well and

located in Mamsha Al Seef and the Al Seef

maintain their healthy lifestyles even when

Village Mall.

H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM

they are away from home,” says Brice


Borin, the resort’s general manager.

Surrounded by some of the most valued landmarks of the city, Andalus Al Seef

Amatara Resort & Wellness takes control

“In the coming months, our spa facilities

Resort & Spa is conveniently located

will be extended to include the world’s

on Abu Dhabi’s Eastern Ring road and

first Thai Hamam, a combination of Thai

is only twenty minutes from Abu Dhabi

and Turkish Hamam treatments, with a

International Airport. All in all, this five star

Salt Relaxation Room for asthma and

resort is an urban sanctuary situated in

allergies, and Rhassoul Clay treatments

close proximity to the city’s most dynamic

for improving the health and vitality of the

and cultural experiences.

body and skin. PHUKET, THAILAND (October 8, 2015) – Amatara Resort & Wellness has assumed management of newly named Amatara Resort & Wellness, formerly Regent Phuket Cape Panwa today. Located






southeastern tip of Phuket Island, the resort is 15 minutes away from Phuket Town and just 45 minutes from Phuket International Airport.

105 rooms and suites, each with its own private balcony and sea view. The Premier Sea View rooms, Pavilions and Suites set new standards in comfort and design. The ultimate Pool Villas feature their own private pool, guaranteeing unforgettable luxury and privacy. The lush resort also offers the finest gourmet cuisines in the resort’s six food and beverage outlets. the


Resort & Wellness, please call +66(0) 7631 8888 or email to sales.phuket@

Andalus Resort & Spa, Abu Dhabi Opening Soon Nestled in the hustle and bustle of modern

Amatara Resort & Wellness features


For more information about Amatara


city living, stands a beacon of ancient times, a fortress of times gone by, a place where you can relive the majestic, experience infinite opulence and delight in marvelous architecture. Andalus Hotels & Resorts introduces the luxury resort suites, Andalus Al Seef Resort & Spa; an innovative and refreshing concept designed to change perceptions of the extended stay forever. This family-


overlooking the endless seascape, and open to the ocean breezes, the resort is the first and only luxury destination resort spa in Phuket. “Our seclusion in this beautiful location, and the holistic programmes that we offer

friendly serviced residences features a sophisticated Mediterranean atmosphere, refined first class service and excellent location, where each suite becomes a fantasy destination catering to both families and the individual traveler. The suites, situated in low rise villas, define a new lifestyle of choices with renowned

|W| |E|


ASIA Asia is not only known as the world’s largest and most populous continent, but prides itself in outstanding 5 star hotel experiences and impeccable service.


W: | E: T +66 2 260 2530 | F +66 2 260 2334

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Bo Phut Resort & Spa has earned an unparallel reputation for offering the most luxurious and secluded hideaway on Samui.

A visit to Bo Phut Spa is a supreme pampering experience.

Dining L’ Ocean, Sala Thai, Pool Side, Beach Bar open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.

Living All 61 rooms including 32 villas and 29 deluxe rooms.


18 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM

Hullett House Sends You


The Warmest Season’s Greetings


Alfresco Dining Lunch from HK$238 Dinner from HK$488 (852) 3988 0101

1881 Heritage, 2A Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong 香港九龍尖沙咀廣東道 2A 號「 1881 」 (852) 3988 0000

Sharing Plates Lunch from HK$168 Dinner from HK$438 (852) 3988 0104

French Elegance Lunch from HK$398 Dinner from HK$988 (852) 3988 0220

Chinese Delicacies Lunch from HK$198 Dinner from HK$690 (852) 3988 0107

H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM


Alila Villas

|W| |E|

RELAX AND HEAL THE SOUL WITH NEW RETREAT EXPERIENCES AT ALILA VILLAS SOORI, BALI The private and luxurious Balinese retreat of Alila Villas Soori will roll out a range of new experiences and daily indulgences from this month, each designed to promote the beauty, warmth and rich culture of its unique location on the island. Surrounded by UNESCO’s world heritage protected rice fields and fronting the volcanic sands of the south west, the new offerings will draw on the boosting elements that define this incredible coastline and provide guests at the boutique all-villa resort with a new retreat style experience. New multi-day Relaxology retreats… For those seeking the space and time to heal the soul, the resort’s new three, five and seven day Relaxology retreats will combine a daily programme of soothing and detoxifying Balinese treatments using locally sourced ingredients – including the volcanic sand itself – with new spa menus incorporating raw food options, daily Yoga and a range of cultural journeys. New treatments will include ‘Soakology’, a signature foot massage using sea salts, herbal oils, ginger lotions and Alila Detoxifying Bath Salts. The benefits of the volcanic sand will be put to use in the ‘Volcanic and Rice Bran Lulur


treatment’, a high pressure warm water massage using detoxifying volcanic sand body exfoliator and rice milk and rice bran lotions to help with blood circulation and boost the body’s immune system. The spa elements will be combined with a range of new cultural Alila Journeys that enable guests to draw upon the peace and spirituality of the region. From learning to make terracotta earthenware with a local Blacksmith from Kerambitan, to mastering wayang style artwork or salt making, each experience will be truly immersive. To complete every retreat, ingredients sourced on a local market visit will be transformed in an open-air cooking class with the resort’s chefs to create an unforgettable meal served on the private beach on the final evening.

ASIA New Sundowner Indulgences and Jari Mulut menu… Infusing a different kind of fun into the dining experience are Ombak’s tasty new ‘Jari and Mulut’. Jari and Mulut is available from 5pm onwards at Ombak, ideal to enjoy pre-dinner or while basking in the glow of a stunning sunset with cocktails. Nothing beats sharing a plate or two of tapas when out for the evening with a group of friends – a great accompaniment to drinks and dinner conversation. These tapas, however, come with a provocative twist on finger food, offering a fusion of Balinese ingredients and the Latin American flair that Argentina-born Executive Chef Fernando Trump is intimately


22 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



INTERVIEW: Dusit Thani Hua Hin |W| |E|

H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Khun Victor Sukseree General Manager of Dusit Thani Hua Hin

Our visions are shaped and moulded by the situation and expectations of our guests.

Tell us about your history with Dusit

hotel’s 1990 opening was a grand affair

What (“is” should be ‘are”) the key factors

Thani Hua Hin & what makes this hotel so

most graciously presided over by the King

offered by Dusit Thani Hua Hin that

special to you seeing that you have a very

of Thailand’s late sister, HRH Princess

cannot be found at any competitor hotels

successful management history here?

Galyani Vadhana. Twenty-five years have

in the region?

passed and my sense of privilege and of

pride remains as strong as ever, as does

We are born of a truly Thai inspiration and

Hospitality’, Thanpuying Chanut Piyaoui,

my gratitude to have been entrusted with

sense of excellence that was instilled by

opened her first hotel in Bangkok which

what has been a true labour of love.

our founder, Thanpuying Chanut Piyaoui,






who also instilled a sense of national

over the years progressed to become an international chain renowned for its

What is your main recipe to running a

and hospitality excellence in all staff and

seamless blend of Thai and Western luxury

successful hotel in difficult times?

management since day one.


Over the years we have accumulated an

What is your vision for Dusit Thani Hua

achieve progress based on quality and fit

extensive base of Thai and international

Hin in 2016?

for purpose, brought her to Hua Hin in

return guests and by constantly reviewing

1989 to find the perfect location to build

our operation for improvements have

Our visions are shaped and moulded by the

an outstanding resort hotel.

benefited greatly by reputation and word

situation and expectations of our guests.

of mouth. Our recipe is to have the finest

To remain at the forefront, continued

It was my personal privilege when in 1989,

hardware, service and friendly courteous


Thanpuying Chanut Piyaoui entrusted me

ambience that are possible, backed by

course is essential. However, this must be

to open and be the first and only to date,

reliability that our guests and indeed

supported by flexibility of operation plus

General Manager, asking that I develop

agents can confidently count on.

twenty-first century professionalism and

plus service excellence. Her indomitable determination




and run the hotel as if it was my own. The






How do you see the association with Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards may improve your business? Having a great product does not ensure business success if no one knows about it. By association with Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards, our product achieves greater recognition, especially within our target markets. What is your advice to young aspiring hoteliers today to reach success in a highly competitive industry where only the absolute best experiences are acceptable for luxury travellers?

25 This is a difficult question as each individual is different. However, there is nothing more important once the basic educational qualifications have been achieved than gaining first-hand experience in all aspects of the industry. During varied experience, an individual will be able to evaluate their potential and temperament suitability for the numerous avenues of advancement available within hotel operation and management. Success only comes with dedicated hard work and focused determination to be the best in whatever field one chooses.

H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



G Hotel Kelawai |W| |E| The hotel houses rooms that are uniquely inspired by innovative

G Hotel Kelawai is located at the prominent location on the bustling

design to create energizing space for guests to work or play by day or

Jalan Kelawai, noted to be one of the busiest streets in Penang. Jalan

mix and mingle by night. In addition to that, it will also accommodate

Kelawai is famous for a diverse array of attractions ranging from

three trendy and stylish food and beverage outlets – Spoon café, 2PM

traditional temples and local eateries to upscale restaurants, boutiques

lobby lounge and Gravity, a 24th floor rooftop bar that are set to fulfil

and jewellers. Located within walking distance from the hotel, Gurney

guests’ gastronomic appetites.

Plaza and Gurney Paragon and nearby to tourists’ attractions, UNESCO world heritage sites and beaches, just about everything Penang

There are a total of 208 rooms namely 143 Deluxe rooms that are

has to offer is right at your doorstep for unimaginable convenience.

35sqm, 20 units of Executive Room at 35sqm, 43 units of Executive

Within mere minutes is also Gurney Drive, home to the congregation

Premier at 45sqm and 2 units of Premier Suite at 82sqm of which

of roadside iron chefs. Allow these local fare maestros to take you

all are crafted to be elegant yet casual. The rooms aim to personify

on journey of gastronomical proportions and sample almost all that

an opulence that is bespoke from its clean architecture, to its interior

Penang is famous for. Open for 24 hours round the clock stomach

design and even the thread count in the sheets. Feel right at home,

stuffing, you’ll be screaming for reprieve before the week is out.

and at the same time, in worlds apart.


G Hotel Kelawai tagged as “Style Redefined� is where iconic design and cutting edge lifestyle set the stage for exclusive and extraordinary experiences.


28 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM


INTERVIEW: Hotel La Classic

H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM

Bangalore, India


Dr. Raja Gopaal Lyer Owner of Hotel La Classic & Raj Hospitality Management and Consultants PVT LTD

I have learned that the only constant in life is that it will inevitably change.

A brief overview of Hotel La Classic and

planning in achieving the targeted goals

from the buzz of the city makes it very

Raj Hospitality Management Consultants

by creating the Vision, Mission and Values

accommodating for a weekend getaway

Pvt Ltd and who is the owners?

of your Hospitality Business. We tailor our

with all its weekend offers and brunch

project support to each owner and each

menus as well.





project. Whether you’re interested in a

consultant Pvt Ltd, owned by Dr.Raja

new build, conversion, adaptive reuse, or

Raj Hospitality Management Consultants

Gopaal Iyer is a fast-growing private

mixed-use opportunity, we are there to

Pvt Ltd has its presence across various

consultant for the Tourism and Hotel

help combine a hotel project with retail,

cities and towns of India.

Management. We enhance your business

residential, entertainment, commercial, or

performance by creating a Brand image in

others to drive real estate value.

the crowded Market place and make your

Choose your pick of the property with Raj Hospitality to cherish memories of a

hospitality business to surge ahead of

What makes Hotel La Classic and Raj

your competitors. Raj hospitality links the

Hospitality Management Consultants Pvt

customer and the business, by analysing

Ltd an absolute must when travelling to

What is your main recipe to running a

the needs of the investor and the customer.


successful hotel?

positioning for the new brands and Market

Hotel La Classic is a luxury boutique

Exceptional Customer Delight, passion

re-positioning for the existing Brands.

hotel with excellent customer service

and dedication to work are the main

Raj hospitality is one stop shop solution

and facilities at an affordable price. The

recipes to running a successful hotel.

provider that satisfies all the business

ambience and the dĂŠcor of the hotel is

operational needs right from the top to

definitely very comforting and soothing

bottom and satisfy the customer & the

for a weary traveller on the highway or

investor, by giving quality services, setting

for corporate guests after a tiring day

up the Goals of your business, Strategic

at work. The location being little away


We are expert in creating the Market

What do you regard as the top 3 most unique experiences that a

guests expect when visiting you?

guest can expect when deciding to stay at your hotel?

Guests can expect to be greeted with the utmost genuine

We have Guest Executive Rooms with butler service which

hospitality and be catered to personalised services. Regular

pampers the guest with memories of a lifetime.


What makes Hotel La Classic a competitive hotel, what can

guests are met with warmth and all their preferences are considered while serving them to ensure they are extended an

The 24hrs Coffee Drop which is very convenient for the travellers

experience of staying with us.

for a break and a quick bite. The Envy Lounge Bar which offers a wide range of international brands and excellent services.

What is your vision for the Hotel in the short term & long term? Imagine yourself on a bed with dim lights and light music and your To provide Exceptional and Personalized service, exceed

body is treated with beauty oils and expert mashers, you have

expectations of customer and provide experiences that inspire

only one option “The Blue Petals Spa” that offers the traditional

a connect with our brand that makes us a “CHAMPION” in the

Thai and Ayurvedic treatments for an ultimate relaxation of

realm of hospitality

Body, mind and soul.

How do you see the association with Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards improving your business? We are confident that this award will take us places in terms of improving guest satisfaction, improving the trust our clients have on us, brand value and employee morale.


32 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



INTERVIEW: Hakuba Onsen Shirouma |W| |E|

H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Toshiro Maruyama General Manager of Hakuba Onsen Shirouma

We aim to make our guests feel at home.

As an experienced hotelier, what do you

Our guests also can enjoy the wonderful

What is your short term goal for the hotel

feel is the key elements that is important

activities during the dinner, Cultural

in general and do you feel this Award will

to focus on if a hotel would like to have a

Evening and Sake Tasting. The Cultural

assist to achieve this?

high return guest rate?






performance, local rice cake pounding,

Our short term goal is be known our

I think most important thing is of course

Japanese tea ceremony, and a Japanese

destination Hakuba to all over the world.

intention toward to customer, we always

Sake cask opening ceremony. At the Sake

We have a lot of customer from around the

keep on mind to welcome our customers

tasting event guests can choose 6 cups

world in winter season as a ski resort, but

as our own family. Our key elements to

of Japanese Sake from a selection of 20

our Mountain resort also have wonderful

have our customer to feel like they are

brands of local sake.

scenery in all seasons. Our short time

part of family in their own home. We provide heart-warming hospitality.

goal is to increase traffics and promote So these are our strongest what we offer

outdoor activities during summer period.

a historical and a very unique experience.

And this global trustworthy awards will be

What in your opinion makes your hotel stand out in a competitive industry?

greatly assist. How in your opinion will a successful result from Haute Grandeur Global Hotel

Our small luxury style hotel is family own.

Awards add to building staff moral and

For over 100 years my grandparents were

positively affect your guest’s perception

farmers in the area, and they built the

of the hotel?

Hakuba Onsen Ryokan SHIROUMA-SO as a small accommodation for people to

Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards

Hakuba for skiing. And today the original

raise global hotel service standard, and

200 years plus old pillars and beams are

encourage the persons who engage in

still in use. All the meals are made using

high hospitality service industry. If we

recipes passed down by my grandmother,

could receive the award, it will be great

and her daughter (my mother) as head

motivation for our staff and massive trust

chef selects the ingredients and prepares

for our customers.

the meals.



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees |W| |T| +85 221 261 988

A modern and chic hotel emphasizing sleek design, the tastefully decorated Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees is a classic example of clever planning and creative design.

ASIA The ultra-creative design lobby has a unique twist, designed with

Attained an array of international and local hotel and dining awards.

utmost innovation; Hong Kong-based designer has made an illusion

Award-winning Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees is located near the Kai

and constructed an environment where it feels as though you’re inside

Tak Cruise Terminal and Mongkok. Minutes from Tsimshatsui

Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa. The distinctive effects catch guest’s


attention as soon as they enter the hotel. The innovative design

are conveniently reachable by complimentary hotel shuttle bus.

concepts of the hotel are also highlighted with its ceiling, doorposts,

Features 704 guestrooms and suites with contemporary furnishings,

walls and the front desk all inclined at an angle of eight degrees. The

suitable for worldwide business, MICE, leisure and family travellers.

crisscross pattern of the floor creates an illusion that makes guests feel

Comprehensive hotel facilities include over 6,300 sq. ft. multi-function

like they are standing on a slanted surface.

space, restaurants and bar, business centre, club lounge, fitness centre,






outdoor swimming pool, children’s pool, whirlpool and sauna.


The “tilting” design is to tie in our hotel name “8 Degrees”. Since our hotel is located in the area which was the old Hong Kong Kai Tak

2016 Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards

International Airport, thousand of flights took off and landed everyday,

shortlisted categories:

the angle between the runway and flight is 8 degrees, we employ

• City Hotel

“8 Degrees” in the hotel name and interior design to symbolize the

• Design Hotel

prosperous Hong Kong and one of the landmarks in the past.

• Family Hotel

The impressive hotel and restaurant design as a whole has earned us

• Leisure Hotel

the “The Best Design Hotel” in hotel’s opening and much recognition

• MICE Hotel

by guests from over the world.

38 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Hua Chang Heritage Hotel Bangkok |W| |T| +66 2217 0777

A new style of luxury design hotel has arrived in downtown Bangkok. Announcing the official opening of Hua Chang Heritage Hotel, where classic Siamese motifs blend seamlessly with contemporary design concepts.

ASIA Inspired by the art and culture of King Rama V-era Thailand and

A Bridge to Luxury

turn-of-the-century Europe, Hua Chang Heritage Hotel combines

Hua Chang Heritage Hotel is the newest development by Baiyoke

cosmopolitan sophistication with refined relaxation. In a soft-opening

Group of Hotels, developer of major properties including Thailand’s

phase since January 2013, the hotel officially begins full operation in

tallest hotel, Baiyoke Sky Hotel in Bangkok. For its latest project,

late first quarter of the year.

the group has brought considerable expertise in the luxury market and combined it with a keen sense of history, an understanding of

The concept of preserving heritage in a contemporary context is

contemporary desires and a clear vision of the future.

evident in every component, from the hotel’s “New Thai Colonial” architectural styles combining Thai and Western design elements, to

The hotel takes its name from nearby Hua Chang Bridge (Elephant

the lush greenery that abounds throughout a tranquil garden setting.

Head Bridge) built during the reign of Rama V. Today, this city-

Here guests find an urban resort of unexpected splendor nestled

center location likewise exemplifies Bangkok’s emergence as an

within one of the city’s most vibrant districts.

international metropolis attracting leisure and business travelers from around the globe. On Phayathai Road with easy access to the

The seven-story building comprises 80 stylish guest rooms as well

adjacent BTS skytrain system, Hua Chang Heritage Hotel stands very

as an array of facilities and amenities to enhance the luxury design

near both Bangkok Art & Culture Center and historic Jim Thompson

hotel experience. Guests enjoy advantages such as 24- hour in-

House. Also within short walking distance are major shopping

room dining, pool bar, cozy reading area, limousine service and even

centers including Siam Paragon, CentralWorld, MBK and the chic

personal butler service.

street fashions of Siam Square.


H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Intercontinental Bali Resort |W| |T| (62361) 702677

Suspended between heaven and earth InterContinental Bali Resort nestles secluded within 14 hectares of tropical landscaped gardens, alongside a 500m prime stretch of white sand beach. One of Bali’s most renowned and enduring properties, this five-star resort was the first luxury property of its kind to be built on the shores of beautiful Jimbaran Bay. The recipient of multiple international awards since, InterContinental Bali Resort seamlessly accommodates the needs of travellers to Bali, whether it is couples, families, or corporate types.

ASIA InterContinental Bali Resort positively encourages cultural immersion

modern travelers a “resort within a resort” that further enriches

and local interaction and is environmentally and community-committed

the InterContinental Bali Resort experience. An exclusive array of

through a number of eco-friendly and socially conscious initiatives and

Club InterContinental privileges and entitlements for Club guests

community programmes, which have been recognised internationally.

include 24-hour bespoke butler service working in sync with the new

Providing a peaceful yet fully self-sufficient haven during your stay in

“Virtual Butler Service,” exclusive access to the private Club Pool,

Bali, InterContinental Bali Resort is conveniently positioned a short

use of Inspiration Space, a dedicated lounge that encourages guests

drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport and easily accessible to

to explore their individual passions, plus unlimited visits to Club

the island’s many attractions and destinations.

InterContinental Lounge, an elegantly appointed and refined sanctuary of social interaction and light fine-dining refreshments, operating 24

InterContinental Bali Resort offers 417 guest rooms, suites and villas


in three unique levels of accommodation: Resort Classic, Singaraja


and Club InterContinental. All categories have ultimately have been


created with insightful care and thought to anticipate every possible

InterContinental’s unique brand concept ‘In The Know’ will help you

need of the seasoned global traveler. A diverse array of top-notch

get the most from your stay here in Bali. There is so much to see,

facilities includes extensive meetings and events venues, abundant

do, and experience. With our savvy local know-how, our team at

recreation and leisure outlets and activities, including six pools, spa

InterContinental Bali Resort invites you to experience what defines

and dedicated child-care facility, while culinary excellence abounds

their island home. Delve into the soul of Balinese culture and heritage.









with a superb choice of restaurants, bars and dining experiences. Set in its own private wing and secluded enclave in exquisite gardens,

In The Know will enrich your stay with activities that will get you up

Club InterContinental is the resorts’ premier accommodation category

close and personal with the unique character of this tropical location

that truly defines luxury, an exclusive haven offering discerning

– from traditional culinary experiences, to scouring the lesser-known.

H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Oriental Residence Bangkok |W| |E|

Every aspect of the property speaks of elegance Boasting an enviable position on Wireless Road, Thailand’s business and embassy district, Oriental Residence Bangkok provides luxurious comforts in the heart of the capital, with 145 lavishly appointed suites. Every aspect of the property speaks of elegance, along with convenient access to a selection of exclusive shopping venues and the efficient BTS Skytrain close by.

ASIA To celebrate the upcoming festive season, Oriental Residence has

located at the lobby. Café Claire has established a strong reputation

also launched the first epic Christmas Tree Ceremony for everyone

in Bangkok for offering a discerning menu of western cuisine.

to appreciate the elegance, aroma and colour combinations of the

Executive chef, Nattakit Kanlayanamitr draws on a palette of the finest

Tallest Macaron Tree in Town on Tuesday, 24 November 2015. This

ingredients, presenting them with artistic flair and attention to detail.

ceremony will not only awe its distinguished guests due to the grand macaron Christmas tree, but also support a great cause. Whilst guests

Café Claire has recently introduced a Weekend Brunch menu that

enjoy a late afternoon treat of free-flowing drinks, Oriental Residence

highlights a grandiose Seafood Tower, featuring premium seafood

macarons will go on sale at 50 THB per piece and all the proceeds

items such as lobsters, king crabs, Fine de Claire oysters, tiger prawns

will be donated to raise the “Ranger’s Fund” to support Freeland’s

and New Zealand mussels. Keeping the festive season alive after

Surviving Together Programme, which strives to conserve and protect

the Christmas Tree Ceremony, Oriental Residence will host a series

Thailand’s biodiversity at the front lines.

of Christmas and New Year delights, including a festive version of Café Claire’s Afternoon Tea set with festive treats, served with the

Oriental Residence has also consistently been active in promoting

exceptional blends of TWG tea, not to mention scrumptious set

their corporate social responsibility programme by displaying the

dinners and festive signature dishes featured in the brunch menu on

signature Oriental Residence teddy bears for sale at the Front Desk.

the most anticipated dates of the year.

Guests may purchase a teddy bear and take a piece of their Bangkok getaway back home. And as they do, they make a donation to charity

Whilst offering opulence in the heart of the city, Oriental Residence

with each purchase.

strives to provide the highest standards of service for guests to ensure that they feel pampered during their getaway to Bangkok, Thailand.

To keep the momentum alive, Oriental Residence consistently arranges exciting new features to Café Claire, Oriental Residence’s dining outlet


46 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Le Coral Hideaway Phuket

|W| |E|

Experience the picturesque setting Le Coral Hideaway lies in the tranquil setting of Natai Beach in Phang Nga, Thailand overlooking the serene Andaman Sea, located 30 minutes from Phuket International Airport. The fast track immigration service will have you enjoying your holiday from the moment you set foot on Phuket.

ASIA Experience peace and tranquility from the safety, comfort and luxury


of Le Coral. Enjoy stunning views of the ocean and sunset from your

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, LA PERLA RESTAURANT provides

private balcony or from Coral Moon Bar, release stress and tension

a relaxed setting in which to enjoy Thai and Western favorites. Start

with a soothing spa treatment at SPA CORALLIA, relax by the pool

your day with nutritious offerings at the Breakfast Buffet, available

with Luna Bar & Restaurant catering to your food and beverage needs

between 6.30am-10.30am. and Breakfast a la Carte, from 10.30am

and savor the fine international cuisine of LA PERLA RESTAURANT.

– 02.00pm. For lunch, enjoy any of the many dishes available, from soups, sandwiches, pasta and savory entrees to dessert. For dinner

56 luxurious seafront suites, each providing the foundation for

LA PERLA RESTAURANT is magically, transformed from its casual

ultimate comfort and relaxation

day setting into a true luxury dining experience, indoors in a romantic ambiance or outdoors under the stars.

SPA CORALLIA - Discover Peace


A holiday in paradise is not complete without the physical and mental


tranquility induced by a soothing spa treatment at SPA CORALLIA.

The perfect place for sundowners, watch the sunset over the Andaman

Our highly trained spa professionals focus on healing your mind and

horizon from the chill atmosphere of Coral Moon Bar. Stay for sip your

body from the stresses of daily life with techniques steeped in Thai

drinks in outdoor comfort and elegance, listening to the sea on the

tradition. The ambiance is designed to pacify your mind and body from

sand and watching the day ebb into night. To enjoy by night, under a

the moment you enter, preparing you for the healing touch of our

resplendent star-filled sky, fun with the games and Pool Table, discover


the Coral Moon Bar


H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Wessel Z. Krauss

General Manager of PRINCESS D’ÂN NAM Resort & Spa

Invest time, energy and money in your team.


What is your current biggest challenge

the promise to our guests. Recognition

Caribbean, graduated from the Hotel

competing on a global scale in a highly

by Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards

Management School Leeuwarden (Now

competitive industry?

is essential to underline the uniqueness






of our product, our services, and our

Stenden University) and started his career at the Sahid Jaya Hotel in Jakarta under

Being a small independent luxury resort in

the wing of one of the most remarkable

a secluded location in Vietnam, visibility

hoteliers Mr. Tony Bruggemans. Returned

in the (global) market is our greatest

In your opinion what is the most

to Amsterdam and after several positions

challenge. Guests find us mainly through

important factors of staying competitive?

at the American Hotel moved to the Sofitel

word of mouth but in a fast changing

Amsterdam. He was then asked to join

world we acknowledged that this was

Invest time, energy and money in

the Mercure a/d Amstel and subsequently

simply not enough. The hotel’s web

your team.

progressed to Shanghai and worked at the

site needed to have a full facelift and a

contribution to the success of your

Sofitel Jin Jiang Oriental and did the pre-

well thought out social media strategy

property and stay true to this vision.

opening of the Swissotel Shanghai. His first

had to be developed and implemented.

Knowing who you are and fully and openly

General Managers position was with URBN

Reaching our (global) guest trough mainly

acknowledging both your strengths and

Shanghai from where he moved to Bangkok



weaknesses and subsequently using these

and worked for Hotel IQ as a quality and

not working well for us as we ended up

as a starting points for the development

standards auditor. Back in Amsterdam he

getting completely lost in the multitude

of your joint strategy, are key to staying

successfully opened the Canal House, and

of hotels included in these channels.

competitive. Stimulating creative thinking

then moved to Beijing where he started &

Therefore the development of a strong

and an out-of-the-box attitude towards

opened Hotel Éclat Beijing. Looking to escape

and transparent strategy for on-line

challenges will result in great and often

to a different environment he is currently

distribution was essential. Our location

new solutions to an existing problem or to

residing in Vietnam as General Manager of

35 kilometres south of destinations

the development of new offerings, leading

the PRINCESS D’ÂN NAM Resort & Spa.

like Phan Thiet and Mui Ne, give us the

to an improved and more competitive

opportunity to distinguish ourselves from

product and a genuine service attitude by

the obvious and this clearly resonates in

the team.



secluded location on the East Sea.

Make them aware of their

Spa we are looking on how to incorporate the local culture What is a “FUN FACT” about your Hotel? As many of our team members come from one of the Dragon Fruit orchards surrounding our resort, our guests often go home with a bag full of freshly picked Dragon fruits brought as a gift by one our team members. What is your secret to staying “one step ahead” of other luxury Hotels in Vietnam? If I would tell you, it would no longer be a secret right? My secret is looking at our competition and doing exactly the opposite. This way at least you get noticed and guests will value your originality. For a small independent property it

further into our offerings thus creating an even more unique experience for our guests. Furthermore we will be expanding our SPA offerings to include more wellness and health programs, expand the offerings in our sports department to include 3-5 days exercise programs and combine both with a dedicated and well balance food and beverage offering. We are looking to set-up a cooperation with a sea-plane and/or helicopter operator to offer our guests a scenic 45 minutes flight from Ho Chi Minh City to the resort as another option to travel to the resort. We will also focus on renovating our public areas and increase the number of species of heliconia in our ginger garden with additions from Middle America and the Caribbean thus further adding elements that make PRINCESS D’ÂN NAM Resort & Spa unique.

is impossible to compete with branded hotels with huge marketing budgets. You have to develop your own identity and uniqueness and find your niche within the niche market and excel in it. A truly genuine and original product will always be recognized by guests and the perception of luxury can also be served during sunset by a genuinely friendly server. One does not have to invest fast amounts of cash in quality and bespoke


found in something as simple as a perfectly executed cocktail

service. How will Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards compliment your brand as a unique and transparent Global Awards initiative offering an elegant Award concept? The annual rating procedure whereby ratings given by hotel guests, staff and industry experts on all elements of the resort combined with the scores from, have elevated the quality of the Awards to a superior level whereby full transparency is guaranteed. This sets the Awards apart from most of not all other awards and therefore winning in one of the categories will most certainly elevate our brand, our image and will be huge compliment on our efforts. What is your plans for 2016 to stay ahead of global industry changes where mainly hotels have to adapt constantly to spoilt guests and their demands in order to stay competitive? Managing expectations of your guests is key in ensuring a sustainable growth. Over promising and under delivering is to be avoided at all times and at PRINCESS D’ÂN NAM Resort &


H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa

|W| |E|

The smart and swanky hotel provides a peek into the future of hospitality. THE METROPOLITAN HOTEL & SPA is a Five Star Deluxe full service hotel located in the heart of the business and commercial hub of New Delhi, and provides easy access to most of the corporate and financial centres, ministries, embassies and the International Trade Fair grounds.

ASIA Now nicknamed as ‘THE MET’, the smart and swanky hotel provides a

of luxury encapsulates the time-honoured powers of ayurveda with a

peek into the future of hospitality. THE MET, a member of Great Hotels

modern influence to heal and restore, relax and invigorate mind, body

Of The World, Luxury Collection is a fine blend of style and substance

and spirit.

and welcomes guests to a fresh atmosphere with vivid, minimalist, urban, stylish designs, and let them slip into smoothest place with

THE MET is home to Craft House, a luxury lifestyle store, with its

warm and thoughtful service. Liberally sprinkled with both business

exclusive range of Indian handicrafts, pashmina, jewellery, ayurvedic

essentials and travel comforts, THE MET is the perfect destination for

spa products and the most unusual and unique Indian tea selections.

finest living for an international business and upscale leisure traveler as it is conveniently located in the heart of business and commercial

Guests can also have an artistic experience at art gallery, Art Spice that

hub of New Delhi.

promotes contemporary art and showcases art exhibitions of some of the finest artists from different generations across the globe.

THE MET houses renowned restaurants to mesmerize guests with eclectic options to choose from distinctive dining and wining

In addition, THE MET has state-of-the-art Business Center, stylish

experiences. To the global gourmet, THE MET offers the award winning

Banquet Halls and Meeting Venues, enhanced Health Club, and

Sakura, India’s first authentic Japanese restaurant, Chutney, Bar +

Swimming Pool to provide the extras that our corporate business

Tandoor, offering diners an indigenous fusion of pan–Indian cuisine,

traveler expects.

Zing, the all-day world cuisine restaurant featuring an international platter set to tantalize the taste buds and Zing GourMET Shop to

Come, LIVE MET SMART at this prestigious property in New Delhi,

entice sweet tooth with delectable offerings. The hotel also has


NeoVeda Spa, based on the concept of new ayurveda. This epitome


54 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM


Umaid Bhawan Palace |W| |T| (0291) 5104028

The Palace is an imitable tribute to art deco

56 Perched high above on the red sandstone hillock of the Blue City, Umaid Bhawan Palace is a legacy of the bygone era. The moment you enter the palace, you will transcend into the old world charm of the Marwar region of Rajasthan. Built last amongst the great palaces of India it is a golden hued desert sandstone monument set amidst 26 acres of verdant gardens. Situated 3.5 kms from the Airport and 4 kms from the Railway Station, the magnificent Umaid Bhawan Palace is the world’s sixth largest private residence.

ASIA The Palace is designed by the renowned Edwardian architect Henry

hall, Chef’s studio, Fountain courtyard and Smoking room are intended

Lanchester, who has successfully blended the eastern and western

for organizing banquets and meetings. State of the Art Fitness and

architectural influences in the design of the Palace. The Palace is an

Yoga centre, Billiards room, Marble squash court and Swimming pool

imitable tribute to art deco with a total of 64 luxurious rooms and

are designed for offering bespoke luxurious experience at the Palace.

suites which are categorized as: Palace Rooms, Historical Suites, Royal

The Jiva Spa recognized by Outlook Traveller Awards 2015 as the Best

Suites, Grand Royal Suites, Maharaja Suite and Maharani Suite. Even

Spa in India and abroad, will enchant the guests with its Zodiac Indoor

today a section of the Palace is reserved as the private residence of the

Pool and one of a kind holistic Spa experiences. Stay connected with

Royal Family of Jodhpur, currently headed by His Highness Maharaja

family, friends and colleagues as the Palace provides Wi-Fi connection

Gaj Singh II.

for three devices during the stay, with its compliments.

57 The Palace boasts of a majestic 105 - feet high rotunda, a dome,

Indulge into scrumptious appetizers over drinks in the Trophy Bar.

influenced by the Renaissance. The interiors are tastefully done with

An impressive collection of Cognacs and Cuban cigars will keep you

gleaming furniture, exotic murals of the self-exiled polish artist Stefan

going through the day. Savor the Indian cuisine at Risala Restaurant or

Norblin. The elegant artwork follows the Art Deco style.

enjoy the continental cuisine overlooking the magnificent view of the Mehrangarh Fort at Al Fresco Restaurant Pillars.

Considered as the leader in service and style, The Palace is a perfect hideaway for business, leisure, romantic and family holidays. For events like weddings, parties, shows etc The Palace offers six outdoor venues which are Lancer lawn, Peacock lawn, Sundeck, Baradari, Front lawn and poolside. Chamber of Princess, Marwar hall, Rathore Durbar

H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Melati Beach Resort and Spa

|W| |E| Melati, which means the Jasmine flower, was the fragrant inspiration for the resort. A stunning beachfront resort comprises of private pool villas on Koh Samui, Thailand. Melati Beach Resort and Spa has been shortlisted to win the 2016 Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards and participate in the optional categories of Beach Resort, Pool Villa Resort, Villa Resort or Honeymoon Away Resort.


Melati Beach Resort and Spa is a fragrant oasis of peace, tranquility and ultimate indulgence. It has been a great pleasure that the resort is invited to officially

just 15 minutes from shopping venues, restaurant and entertainment

participate in the 2016 Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards for

options. The beautiful resort overlooking a white sand beach and clear

overall excellence. The Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards aim to

blue sea, offering a unique style of the personalized service.

strengthen the market share of the resort that are committed to offer our guests a “wow� experience and we want to share it with all the

The beachside swimming pool and restaurants benefit from glorious

people that make the resort was successful.

sea views, while an indulgent experience awaits you at Melati Spa where jasmine is the signature scent of calmness and creative spa

Beautiful designed with its 77 spacious rooms and villas include

treatments. Dining options include private in-villa BBQ, romantic

private pools for relaxation and privacy while blending harmoniously

dinner on the beach. A Truly piece of paradise, privacy and tranquility

with nature. The resort is located on an exclusive beach at Thongson

with all facilities and excellent services, the ideal destination for those

Bay on the north coast of Samui Island with conveniently location

seeking indulgent romance and a memorable experience.



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM

Hong Kong


Richard Hatter General Manager of Hotel ICON

I have learned that the only constant in life is that it will inevitably change. Whether things are good or things are bad, they most definitely will not stay that way.

What is your current biggest challenge

ICON plays to its strengths, encouraging

used as a teaching facility, other unique

competing on a global scale in a highly

individuality, style and innovation in

attributes within the hotel include; an

competitive industry?



18 metre-tall garden by French botanist

energy and vibrant arts scene. I’m a strong

Patrick Blanc in the hotel lobby (Asia’s

The five-star hotel market in Asia is

believer that competition encourages

largest vertical indoor garden), a display

becoming increasingly competitive, with

creativity and ingenuity, allowing Hotel

of over 100 specifically commissioned

a crowded field of international brands

ICON to remain at the forefront of Hong

works-of-art by local artists as well as

and pricing pressures from outside the

Kong’s ever-growing hotel industry.

an impressive outdoor pool on the ninth




industry. As an independent hotel, we

floor with views of Victoria Harbour and What makes HOTEL ICON unique?

Hong Kong’s skyline.

fully understand our evolving customer

Wholly owned by the Hong Kong

What is the most valuable lesson you


Polytechnic University, and an extension

have learnt so far in your career?

need to work twice as hard and at twice the speed to optimize our revenue and

of the university’s School of Hotel and In your opinion what is the most



I have learned that the only constant in life

important factors of staying competitive?

uniqueness comes from it being the first

is that it will inevitably change. Whether

teaching and research hotel of its kind!

things are good or things are bad, they

An important factor of staying competitive

Integrating a working and profitable

most definitely will not stay that way. I

within the hotel industry is making sure

business model with a teaching and

have learned to appreciate every moment

Hotel ICON is continually ahead of the

research institution, the purpose-built

for exactly what it is, because I realize

game. Hong Kong marks the birth place

luxury hotel has exceeded all expectations,

how fleeting these moments are.

of some of the world’s largest hotel

training up to 100 promising students

groups - home to the very first Peninsula

each year alongside the hotel’s 360

hotel, therefore it’s important that Hotel

permanent staff. Over and above being



Award different to other leading global Awards initiatives?


What is your opinion make Haute Grandeur Global Hotel

Hotel ICON is a very special hotel with an equally specific purpose. Not only does it embody all the creative energy and spirit of Hong Kong, we also demonstrate the perfect balance of high style and traditional hospitality- exciting yet informal, responsive and passionate and showcase the best in the industry. Our mission is matching with Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Award to focus on hotels that do not want to win the average award and the participating hotels are seen to be the benchmark in the industry and to constantly raise the bar of excellence. Briefly indicate how you expect the association with Haute Grandeur will benefit your brand and further build your hotel’s market share? Being the nominee of Haute Grandeur, Hotel ICON would be recognised for its outstanding service and excellent products. Award winner property would be recommended by Haute Grandeur to both Business and Leisure traveller who target to stay in hotel with unbeatable level of service.


62 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16 |W| |E|

To celebrate the Christmas Season, Sofitel Macau At Ponte 16 is delighted to launch a series of festive activities along with dining promotions and spa package.

ASIA The joyful Christmas Lighting Ceremony will be held at hotel lobby from 6p.m. to 7 p.m on 8th December. make sure to reserve a seat via for the best viewing experience. You can also pamper yourself and the beloved one at SO SPA with L’OCCITANT. Only MOP1, 188+ per person to enjoys a wellpacked package with body steam bath, scrub, warp, massage, and canapé set. Christmas could not be completed without festive feasts. This December, Sofitel Macau has prepared different dining options to choose. For a truly luxury dining experience, French style boutique restaurant Prive presents the delicate French cuisine created by talented Michelin-backgroud Chef Jean-Francois Nulli. Want to taste a bit more? Why don’t choose the substantial festive buffet at Mistral? Call +853 8861 0016 for more information or reservations.


66 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



68 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM


Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi |W| |E|

The Hotel Metropole Hanoi is an award-winning French colonial-style hotel lying in the heart of Hanoi, near Hoan Kiem Lake and the magnificent Opera House. Boasting a classical white façade, green shutters, original wrought iron detail, wood paneling and a lush courtyard lawn, the hotel is one of the region’s few remaining hotels of its era. Built in 1901 by two private French investors, the hotel quickly became the rendez-vous point for colonial society in the first half of


the century. Following Vietnamese independence in the 1950s, the new national government opted to maintain it as the official hotel for visiting VIP’s. During and after the war years, it became a base for press and diplomats. 2016 Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards shortlisted categories: •

Destination Hotel

Historical Hotel

Leisure Hotel

Luxury Hotel Brand

Most Unique Guest Experience



72 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM


Miran International Hotel |W| |E| Miran International Hotel opened it’s doors in May 2012. And offers comfortable and the most spacious guestrooms (about 60 square mtrs) in Tashkent and business facilities for any type of accommodation and events. The hotel successfully creates a good combination of traditional hospitality and modern style that can ensure guests’ comfort and convenience. All 140 rooms (smoking and non-smoking) are equipped with the high-class amenities.

74 The hotel has “The Silk Way” restaurant, The ball-room “Samarkand” and 5 conference halls. The Health Club “Stay Fit” is featured with all necessary sport equipment, swimming pool, jaquzzi and sauna. The hotel is located in the centre of Tashkent city - the capital of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The subway and bus stations are very close to the hotel (100 mtrs only). The international airport is located only 5 km far from the hotel and it will take 10 minutes by car only to reach hotel from airport. Luxury Hotel Brand.



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM


AUSTRALASIA The region offer a service orientated culture that is evident from the outstanding hospitality experiences we present to you here.



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Grand Hyatt Melbourne |W| |T| (+613) 96 131234 The hotel offers an array of standout facilitates including Collins

Perched on level 31 is The Grand Club Lounge where you can enjoy

Kitchen restaurant, Ru-Co bar, Australia’s largest hotel health and

panoramic views of Melbourne city with complimentary continental

fitness facility – City Club and an innovative premium events venue

breakfast, all day refreshments, plus evening drinks with canapés. The

– the residence which is the first of its kind in Australia. Grand Hyatt

guest services team provide personalised check-in and check-out, and

Melbourne continues to be recognised as a true Melbourne icon and

concierge services to meet guest’s everyday needs, completing this

has cemented its position as a world-class hospitality provider.

exceptional offering.

Set amidst the impressive arts and culture, fine dining and high fashion

Grand Hyatt Melbourne provides healthy food and beverage options

precincts Melbourne has to offer and renowned for 5-star service, the

for busy travellers with specially designed menus that focus on portion

hotel’s offering is unrivalled from the moment you enter the grand

sizes, organic produce and nutritious alternatives, based on the Hyatt’s

lobby. Featuring spectacular upper and lower entrances, these spaces

global philosophy of ‘Food. Thoughtfully Sourced. Carefully Served.’

exhibit contemporary sculptures commissioned by prominent artists and encapsulates the essence of a premium hotel experience.

The hotel’s restaurant, Collins Kitchen offers guests all day dining experiences. The open plan layout and contemporary feel provides a

The guest rooms, designed by Joseph Pang, mirror the grandeur and

welcoming setting in the heart of the bustling Melbourne CBD. The

luxurious feel of the arrival spaces. Each guest room, framed with floor

expansive open kitchen serves an array of cuisine including Deli, Grill,

to ceiling views boasts a plush, custom-made king – size bed and a

Wok, Wood-Fired Oven and Patisserie. Here, the emphasis is on

luxurious marble bathroom complete with deep soaking tub.

market-style, authentic food where guests are able to interact with chefs for a theatrical dining experience whilst enjoying the seasonal offerings featuring locally sourced produce.


Grand Hyatt Melbourne is the city’s centre of luxury. A spectacular Melbourne landmark, the hotel rises above the city’s vibrant retail precinct, offering unparalleled luxury accommodation and leisure facilities with an impeccable standard of guest service and attention to detail.


INTERVIEW: ADGE Hotel |W| |T| (+61) 2 9215 5138

H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Steven Gargano General Manager of ADGE Hotel

Hotel owners and managers should all concentrate and focus on what they can do to keep people in the industry.

Tell us about your history with ADGE

What makes your hotel stand out in a

We promote natural progression and this

hotel ?

competitive industry?

starts from the top and works its way down.

The owners, directors and Management,


believed that it was the right time to open

departments is an important contributing

All of the staff are included in having

a boutique FULL service luxury apartment

factor to ensuring high service standard

a say in the running of the hotel, from

hotel, offering all the same service’s and

and that is a key factor to why ADGE is

our Finance Controller to our Porters,

luxuries of a traditional five star hotel.

a stand out amongst the industry. ADGE

everyone is included. We don’t micro

Out of these meetings ADGE Hotel was

is a collaborative effort between all staff

manage we expect all of our staff to take

created and is now in its 3rd year and

involved in the running of the hotel. The

ownership for what they do, they all know

continues to be very successful.

staff are a major contributor in bringing

that they are all so important to the hotel.

guests back and enhancing the guests stay.

We treat all staff equally. They feel heard

As an experienced hotelier, what in your

Expectations are high for any hotel and

and when people feel like that they thrive.

opinion is the key elements to success?

we want to make sure that whoever walks





through the door, they are wowed by the

We promote for them to give their

Definitely the key element to succeed is

experience. A good relationship between

personality to the guests, they want to

communication from higher management

all departments is a major contributing

build their own unique rapport with them,

through to front line staff. Being very clear

factor to ensuring high service standard.

they all have their own personality , they

on what the hotel offers and what guest

are intelligent and know what our guests

expectations are. To ensure that ongoing

We are well aware of our customers’

want, and are dedicated which really helps

training is provided to all staff including

expectations and we communicate this

them engage with the guests. They all

clearly defining the corporate culture of

to all staff so mistakes don’t occur and we

have respect for each other and when you

the hotel.

are able to deliver a premium experience.

work with a team that we have it makes

you want to be better and make new staff want to be part of it,

How do you see the association with Haute Grandeur Global

we work together for the one goal ensuring that guests’ stays are

Hotel Awards may improve your business in future?

memorable. Hotel owners and managers should all concentrate and focus on what they can do to keep people in the industry.

Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards will greatly improve our business as it gives us greater exposure to a whole new guest

How in your opinion does the shortlisted result to win the 2016

base that we could not access before.

Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards affect your business and guest perception at the moment?

What is your short term goal for the hotel in general and do you feel this Award will assist to achieve this?

Being shortlisted for the 2016 Haute Grandeur Awards is a great honour. Guests are immediately alerted to the fact that you are

The short term goal is to give credit to the staff who work so

a hotel of the highest quality and that service is flawless. Haute

hard and tirelessly to deliver an unforgettable guest experience.

Grandeur is instantly recognisable and with being shortlisted, it

The efforts that go into ensuring that ADGE is number one are

is not only a great honour, it also comes with great responsibility

rewarded by world recognised awards as prestigious as the

in delivering a hotel that deserves this honour. ADGE is a small

Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Award. Being short listed is a great

boutique hotel and The Haute Grandeur awards gives great

way of allowing the staff to be recognised for their hard work.


exposure for us to the rest of the world.


82 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM


H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM


MIDDLE EAST A visit to the Middle East includes the glitziest of cities and the most picturesque of beaches, but make sure you book one of our shortlisted hotels to experience the ultimate Arabian hospitality.



Corp Executive Hotel - Doha Suite Corp Executive Hotel-Doha Suites is a four star boutique hotel

Electronic Safe deposit, Private Dining, Meeting Rooms, Function

tailored to meet the needs of the discerning corporate and families

Halls, Salon & Spa, Roof Top Swimming Pool, and Well equipped

with children. It is strategically located within 10min drives from

Gymnasium, Area for private Barbeque etc.

Hamad International Airport after Ras Abu Aboud Intersection on the C Ring Road and close to the prime location such as Museums, Souq

Spacious accommodations with an everlasting memories of home

Waqif, City Centre and Main Corniche area.

away from home, makes a unique experiences for choosing Corp Executive Hotel-Doha Suite.

Hotel facilities that includes Suites with Fully Equipped kitchenette,


INTERVIEW: Corp Executive Hotel |W| |E|

H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Manoj Kumar General Manager of Corp Executive

Hotel owners and managers should all concentrate and focus on what they can do to keep people in the industry.

Tell us about your history with

of service excellence which entails providing

our endeavor to continue invest in upgrades


consistently high levels of personalized service

to keep our product up to date with latest

and innovative means of improving service

innovation where our guest and environment


get benefited.

invest into the hotel business when investor

What is your main recipe to running a

What in your opinion makes your hotel stand

were skeptical in taking market risk during

successful hotel?

out in a competitive industry?

hit world in 2009-2010, He carved his effort

Every hotel is different and every city is

We believe that “Journey of a thousand miles

into reality in Opening Doha Suite in 2010.

different, so according to us brand is not the

starts with a single step” hence in our opinion

Doha Suite is a four star boutique hotel,

only criteria but the community and its cultural

we must stick on to the philosophical value

marvelously built with 60 elegantly designed

ethos play an incredible role in creating a

that our chairman, Mr.Ahmed Ali Alkuwari has

suites inclusive of integrated meeting halls

concept for the hotel. Secondly the talent pool

carved. We should always be striving to exceed

& business center, banqueting facilities, a

or the human resources that a boutique hotel

our guest’s expectations, build a relationship

multicuisine restaurant, a rooftop barbeque

should employ plays a major chunk in changing

of trust with our guest so in the long run they

area which oversees the Arabian Sea and

the number game in the hospitality industries.

become our assets and serve them from the

Doha Harbor. The Non-Alcoholic beverage

Can do attitudes of managers and well trained

bottom of the heart to make them feel home

bar adjacent to the swimming pool on the roof

staff goes hand on hand in shaping up the

away from home. Finally keeping our resources

top gives an impression of a resort feel. Hotel

business success, so that an eye for detail at

update on changing trends in the market by

is equipped with a wellness center to pamper

the onset is judged and guest expectation are

engaging them in training and seminars that

your senses be it in Spa or Saloon with varieties

met at a right time in today market. We have

are beneficial to the Hospitality industries at a

of facial and nail art, hair curls & cuts, Arabic

been consistently maintaining the consistency

large, in growing them as a better human being

Henna to name a few. The hotel division has

on service level across domain as we know that

and ultimately finest hoteliers in the globe.

an expansion plan to create more hotel rooms

one bad experience can change our guest’s

within Qatar. Doha Suites has a philosophy

perception forever. Last but not the least it is

A Qatari visionary and a business leader, Mr.Ahmed Ali Alkuwari took a step ahead to

the global economic meltdown and recession

What is your short term vision for the hotel in 2016?

We see Haute Grandeur Global Award as “one world one dais� that will help us in connecting with potential global traveler & decision makers

Our short term vision in 2016 is to increase our MPI (Market penetration

across the globe. We the team at Corp Executive Hotel- Doha Suite will

Index) much higher than current year by our Sales as well as our

ensure and assure our guests with great hospitality as always.

operation team to convert all potential businesses to profitability. We are all geared up to establish unique value proposition compared to our

What in your opinion makes Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards a

competitors and executed them through operations that will provide

prestigious accolade and one that will have a significant impact on

different and tailored value to guests. We will focus on activities that fit

guest perception?

together and reinforce each other. We will take all corrective measure on our SWOT analysis for 2016.

According to us Haute Grandeur Global Award is an institution that accredits nothing but the best hotels in the globe by transparent

How do you see the association with Haute Grandeur Global Hotel

selections so that the global travelers get sense of pride in living

Awards may improve your business?

and realizing the product holds deep conviction and top priority


for guest satisfaction.


88 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Suba Hotel |W| |E| Perfect for both short and long-term stays, Suba combines stunning

As Dubai’s first four-star hotel to have tablet-controlled room lighting,

contemporary Arabic design with traditional Islamic values to delight

air-conditioning and television, every modern convenience you desire

the sophisticated global traveller. It features 92 elegantly decorated

is close at hand.

rooms and suites, a variety of appetising dining outlets, and a range of leisure facilities to relax and refresh.

Suba features a range of dining options to satisfy your culinary cravings – morning, noon and night:

Suba takes pride in providing bespoke service with a smile. With 24-

Cinnamon – The all-day dining outlet, offering delicious international

hour front desk service, helpful and knowledgeable staff are always on

buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner

hand to assist, while the business centre takes care of all your business

The specialty fine dining outlet, with contemporary Indian, Chinese

and communication needs.

and Oriental dishes served for lunch and dinner The lobby café with a selection of quick bites and light refreshments,

Suba’s 92 tastefully-appointed rooms and suites lend themselves to

including specialty coffees, teas, juices, shakes, and more

extended stays, with satellite TVs, high-speed Wi-Fi internet, and plush bedding and down pillows to ensure a blissful slumber – every

Guests can also enjoy 24-hour in-room dining from an extensive room

night. Guest staying in the suites also enjoy private Jacuzzis and rain

service menu.



Suba is a boutique hotel with stylish modern accommodations and warm Arab hospitality in the cultural and commercial heart of Dubai. Suba Hotel keeps you connected and productive with a full range

Perfectly positioned in heart of old Dubai, one of the city’s most

of business and secretarial services. The conference and meeting

interesting and dynamic neighbourhoods, Suba is surrounded by

facilities are ideal for parties and corporate events of up to 50 guests,

renowned tourist landmarks, including many of Dubai’s top historic,

and Suba can provide professional outdoor catering for up to 300

cultural, shopping and dining destinations.

guests for your next corporate or social event.

The best of Dubai and beyond is easily accessible, with metro stations, taxi stands, bus stations and Dubai International Airport all less than

Suba also serves as a sanctuary to unwind on a business or leisure trip, with a wide range of relaxing leisure options from the spa, salon and fitness centre to the swimming pool, Jacuzzi, steam room and traditional sauna. There is no request too big or small for Suba’s trained and experienced team, which is always close at hand to care for your every need and desire.

10 minutes’ drive away.


H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM











Explore breathtaking beauty, unsurpassed opulence and the warmth of Arabian hospitality at each of the unique Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas in Abu Dhabi. Be mesmerised by the alluring charm of the Liwa Desert at Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort or escape to the calming serenity of the mangroves at Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa. Relax body and mind in the natural beauty of one of our three Sir Bani Yas Island resorts. No matter what your heart desires, these magnificent Anantara destinations will set the stage for unforgettable memories. Email or call from within the Middle East 800-MINOR Internationally +971 2 656 1399 LIFE IS A JOURNEY. Visit CAMBODIA • CHINA • INDONESIA • MALDIVES • MOZAMBIQUE • THAILAND • QATAR • UNITED ARAB EMIRATES • VIETNAM • ZAMBIA OPENING SOON: OMAN • SRI LANKA



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Media Rotana Dubai |W| |E|

Media Rotana is ideally located in the Heart of new Dubai.

2016 Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards shortlisted categories:

Featuring 536 spacious rooms and suites designed with international

Business Hotel

flair, Club Rotana offering lavish personalized hospitality and 15 fully

City Hotel

equipped, flexible meeting rooms making it the perfect venue to suit

Luxury Hotel

everybody’s needs and ideal for a memorable stay.

Mice Hotel

Guests will enjoy a unique culinary experience at Media Rotana with Five exquisite dining venues offering Italian, British and International cuisine.


#2016hautegrandeurglobalhotelawards 95

H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM

Al Safa Royal Suites


Al Safa Royal Suites has the pleasure to invite you to experience a truly memorable stay in Doha. Thanks to its strategic position and its outstanding staff Al Safa Royal Suites offers the best option for a business or a leisure stay in Doha.


For reservations or more information,

please contact our dedicated Reception Team Tel: 00974 4403 8383 Email:


INTERVIEW: Safir Doha Hotel

H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM

|W| |E|


United Arab Emirates

Dr Mohamed Saleh General Manager of Safir Doha Hotel

I’m strongly believer of the words “ Respect, Communication , Appreciation and solution creator”


Tell us about your history with Safir

What is your main recipe to running a

Caribbean, graduated from the Hotel

Doha Hotel & what makes this hotel so

successful hotel in difficult times?

Management School Leeuwarden (Now

special to you seeing that you have a very

Stenden University) and started his career

successful management history here?






With my education level of Doctorate Degree from California University in

at the Sahid Jaya Hotel in Jakarta under the wing of one of the most remarkable






Hotels and Hospitality Management along

hoteliers Mr. Tony Bruggemans. Returned

Management chain, started since 1998,

with my long management operational

to Amsterdam and after several positions

I joined several international hotel chain

experience of 17 years, it gives me a

at the American Hotel moved to the Sofitel

during that time, but I always come back

great strength in running successfully

Amsterdam. He was then asked to join

to Safir International Management. We

the Hotel in difficult times. I believe in

the Mercure a/d Amstel and subsequently

started the opening of Safir Doha Hotel on

empowerment, by empowering my team

progressed to Shanghai and worked at the

2011 with the great challenges of adding

to take decision in their operation fields

Sofitel Jin Jiang Oriental and did the pre-

Safir Doha Hotel in a prime position in

and I hold them accountable for that,

opening of the Swissotel Shanghai. His first

Qatar Market which we successfully

which result a highly motivated team that

General Managers position was with URBN

achieved during the last five (5) years.

is aware of what expected from them,

Shanghai from where he moved to Bangkok

We are still aiming for more throughout

and leaves me with enough time to plan

and worked for Hotel IQ as a quality and

our guest satisfaction, and motivated

the operation strategy and action which

standards auditor. Back in Amsterdam he

successful management. Since I opened

establish my property as market leader, by

successfully opened the Canal House, and

Safir Doha Hotel from day one, I can see

product quality and service deliver.

then moved to Beijing where he started &

it like my own child growing day by day

opened Hotel Éclat Beijing. Looking to escape

, together with the management team on

I’m strongly believer of the words “

to a different environment he is currently

board we successfully raising up the hotel

Respect, Communication , Appreciation

residing in Vietnam as General Manager of

image , and we are all feeling the loyalty

and solution creator”

the PRINCESS D’ÂN NAM Resort & Spa.

and ownership to Safir Doha Hotel.

What is the key factor offered by Safir Doha Hotel that cannot

The key factor offered by Safir Doha Hotel is the “ Human Factor� because Safir Chain offer the unique mix of Arabic Culture with International Hotel Standard, we totally understand our Guest , Investor and Environment needs and that makes Safir Doha Hotel unique hotel in the region.


be found at any competitor hotels in the region?

What is your vision for the hotel in the short term & long term? My vision is to increase our Guest Satisfaction as well to open more Safir Hotels in Qatar , Middle East and North America. How do you see the association with Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards may improve your business? As a nominees of 2016 Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards is an honored for Safir Doha Hotel Management it is a great chance of increasing our guest trust in our product as well it is a great opportunity for International Market awareness which will reflect positively to increasing our hotel business. What exciting events or news do you have lined up for guests during the festive season? We have exciting packages and event to offer during Christmas, New Year, Thanks Giving, Eid Festival and National Day in 2016, which will attain more interest to our in house guests and future guests.


The Address Dubai Mall H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM

|W| |T| (971) 4 438 8888

World-Class Shopping and Hospitality in The Center of Now The ultimate base for a style-focused citybreak, the multi award-winning Address Dubai Mall is directly attached to the largest shopping and attractions destination in the world. Set right in the heart of Dubai’s bustling downtown district, stroll from the lobby directly into Bloomingdale’s and Fashion Avenue, and prepare for an unbeatable retail experience. A must stay destination for travellers who want their pick of the finest international fashion designers and global style brands whilst enjoying exceptional contemporary Arabian hospitality.

Five Star Celebrations

100 Planning your big day? Or the party of the decade? For a momentous occasion at an exceptional venue, The Address Dubai Mall is the perfect choice for hosting your big event. Offeringan extensive space for a magnificent celebration, the elegant Diamond Ballroom can be decorated to suit any special function, with individual packages arranged to suit every stylish event organiser’s needs. Planning to tie the knot? From the unique set menus and tantilising buffet options personalized by the hotel’s talented buffet options personalized by the hotel’s talented chefs and paired with the finest array of beverages, to the team of exceptional pastry chefs designing your wedding cake alongside the army of creative florists on hand to help you create a spectacular wedding centerpiece and bouquets, every aspect of your wedding day can be taken care of. With complimentary offers ranging from pampering spa treatments for the bride and groom, sweet culinary delights or honeymoon stay packages, saying “I Do” at the Address Dubai Mall makes for everlasting, magical memories.

Fit In The City Boasting a state-of-the-art 24hour fitness centre, The Address Dubai Mall is an exceptional place to ton your physique. With preferential discounts and access to the hotel’s world-class gym, sauna, steam room and 36.5 metre long outdoor pool, complete with certified personal trainers, private members can benefit from tailor made training plans to help hit individual fitness objectives. Guiding members through the high-tech facilities step by step, start a new fitness regime with a complimentary body composition analysis from high-qualified PTs before shaping up with the latest Life Fitness equipment and cardio machines with touch screen LCDs. To complete your healthy lifestyle, try the Gym Lunch Fit. Complete with a nutrient packed lunch box, this high-intensity, 40 minute interval training session is the ideal exercise option for busy schedules. Professional fitness trainers are on-site to motivate, encourage


and improve your afternoon productivity; all whilst achieving positive fitness results.

Relax and Rejuvenate at the Spa The award-winning Spa at The Address Dubai Mall offers guests a holistic approach to mind and body, with exclusive therapies developed with all natural products, including signature treatments created by Natura Bisse and Dubai based beauty brand Shiffa. With a complete menu of refreshing, relaxing and rejuvenating experiences for both men and women, including facials, purifying body wraps, intense body scrubs and intricate hand and foot care, indulge every beauty need with top-to-toe, indulgent pampering. Designed specifically to combat the soaring temperatures of Dubai, The Spa’s Summer Breeze offer an invigorating way to beat the heat. Experience complete hot weather rejuvenation with a 60minute aromatherapy massage, a reviving 30minute body scrub and refreshing 30minute facial for AED599.


H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa

|W| www.sofitel/6722 |E| The hotel is an exclusive resort catering to both leisure and business

Within the hotel are 262 rooms and suites, combining comfort and

travellers, reputed for its elegance, refinement, considerate, attentive

elegance, offering breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf. Each of the

service and attention to details. This hotel is an example of the

hotel’s rooms boasts cutting edge technology and a private balcony

kingdom’s legendary hospitality, enhanced by a touch of the French

with sea view. Counted amongst its rooms are 21 Prestige Suites and 6

savoir-faire cherished by Sofitel.

rooftop Opera Suites individually themed in distinctive variations from Moroccan, Nubian, Turkish, Gulf Arabic, Indian and Levant designs,

Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa is the first hotel in the

with adjoining private terrace and infinity pool. The Royal Suite is

GCC to offer thalassotherapy; seawater and aquatic plants based

one of a kind in the Kingdom with 500 square meter space with its

treatments. The Thalassa Sea & Spa complex covers 2,000 square

breathtaking views across the Arabian Gulf, 24 hour butler service and

meters on two floors of the hotel. The complex features 14 treatment

private terrace with infinity pool and Jacuzzi. The 32 Club Millesime

rooms using sea products, massages and wellness programs with

Rooms provide exclusive access to the Club Millesime Lounge, offering

a fitness evaluation area for personalized routines. Guests can also

open buffet, an outdoor terrace, complimentary wine and a selection

enjoy traditional massage treatments such as the Swedish massage,

of cocktails every evening. Sofitel Bahrain also features a business

Thai Massage and Hot stone massage. In addition to this, a seawater

centre, valet parking, limousine service, baby-sitting service, meeting

hydrotherapy pool, freshwater pool, saunas, steam rooms, hairdresser

rooms and banquet facilities which can accommodate up to 1,000

for men and beauty salon for women, as well as Yoga studio is available

guests and feature top-of-the-range audio and video equipment.

at the complex.

The vast ballroom alone, which covers 1,100 square meters can seat


Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa is set on a coastline of dream beaches offering guests a paradise setting to enjoy an idyllic stay. approximately 840 guests. Sofitel Inspired Event Managers are ready

or on the panoramic sea-view terrace with live music from the resident

to tailor make events of all kinds that meet guests’ desires.

band. Saraya offers flavors from all over the world, presented in the all day dining restaurant. Also available are numerous cocktails and

Sofitel Bahrain boasts 5 restaurants and 4 bars for different culinary

drinks that await guests in the hotel’s bars including the Cocktail Bar,

experiences. Pashawat is an intimate lounge with cozy atmosphere

Pool Bar and Lobby Lounge. The Macaron Pastry Shop compliments

perfect for discovering the aromatic delights of Lebanese cuisine with

the hotel’s culinary offerings.

the most popular Oriental/Arabic tunes and belly dancing. Wok offers authentic Vietnamese cuisines with a kitchen that can be viewed from

The Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa can be reached by the

the dining room. It’s a spectacle of lights and flavors to be enjoyed

main ‘Khalifa Bin Salman’ highway or by the ‘King Fahd’ Causeway,

indoors or out on the terrace. Fiamma serves genuine Italian cuisine

through a series of bridges connecting the islands and linking Bahrain

indoor and outdoor, and features fresh pasta and antipasti counters,

to Saudi Arabia. The hotel is located 30 minutes from Bahrain

complemented by a Pizza oven. At La Mer guests may savor the very

International Airport, 25 minutes south-west of the capital Manama

best culinary delights of the sea, from fish to shellfish and seafood,

and just 5 minutes from the Bahrain International Circuit (Formula

while overlooking the Arabian Gulf. Tapas Bar is a restaurant / bar

One racetrack).

serving a wide variety of creative and unusual tapas. The cocktails are well reputed to be the best on the island and can be enjoyed indoors


104 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM





Europe has a rich cultural history extending also into the finest hotels located in this region.

H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM






H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Sandi Kovačević General Manager of Hotel Cubo

Our rule in Hotel CUBO is not to follow trends in our industry but to set them.

Mr. Sandi Kovačević comes from a family

What is your current biggest challenge

we are preparing several exciting surprises

of hoteliers. He grew up surrounded by

competing on a global scale in a highly

for the next season …

hotel industry, gained experience in the

competitive industry?

You have to be very innovative. Hospitality industry demands involvement of your

family hotel, later on he worked on a cruise ship and he started as a dish washer for a

Our biggest challenge is to constantly find

heart and soul. Only in that way you can

famous hotel chain hotel, then a bell boy and

new things which will make our guests

be successful in long term. A lot of training

gradually worked up his way to a manager

feel even better. The second challenge is

and new events are required to stay in the

of a small hotel. In Ljubljana, he worked on

to get people to know about us. As a small

trend or even be the trendsetter.

various managing positions in hotels in sales

hotel with a limited budget for promotion

and F&B, until he became general manager

that certainly isn’t easy.

What is a “FUN FACT” about your Hotel?

opening until today we can not imagine Hotel

In your opinion what are the most

The building in which Hotel CUBO is is an

CUBO without the manager Sandi Kovačević

important factors of staying competitive?

old one, dating from the out deco period

of Hotel CUBO in 2010. From the hotel

in 1930’s. It is protected by the Cultural

who never shies away from carrying luggage or park cars whereas his favorite task in the

Our rule in Hotel CUBO is not to follow

Heritage Board and we had to take a

hotel is chatting with guests. He does his job

trends in our industry but to set them. We

lot of care when we were restoring the

with joy and dedication since for him and the

set up new trends and others follow us.

building’s interior and exterior. Recently,

entire hotel staff hotel guests satisfaction is

For instance, in many hotels in Ljubljana

it turned out how “old” is relative. Namely,

one of the most important premises.

the mini bar is included in the room price.

in front of the hotel, on our doorstep, a

That was our idea. The latest improvement

construction revealed remains from the

in Hotel CUBO was to offer bikes free of

Roman settlement here two thousand

charge to our guests, enabling them to

years ago. All of a sudden, our “old lady”

explore Ljubljana in a different way. And

became a baby. By the way, during their

stay our guests have the opportunity to observe the entire excavation scene from their hotel room window. What is your secret to staying “one step ahead” of other luxury hotels in Slovenia? As I mentioned before, we set the trends. 80 % of the services which the hotel offers are expected by the guests. The remaining 20% of services are “gems” - surprises which guests don’t expect. We always strive to achieve the “wow” effect by offering the unexpected. However, very quickly these novelties become a standard and we have to think about new ones. How will the Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Award compliment your brand as a unique and transparent Global Awards initiative offering an elegant Award concept? Hotel CUBO is a small boutique hotel, so we can not afford attending trade fairs and conventions and big marketing campaigns. One part of our marketing is word of mouth of satisfied customers - directly to their friends or on portals like When our efforts and achievements are recognized by renowned professional organizations such as Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Award, we are of course flattered as well. This



award proves to us, our partners and guests that we are on the right track. What are your plans for 2016 to stay ahead of global industry changes where mainly hotels have to adapt constantly to spoilt guests and their demands in order to stay competitive? We already have several projects going on for the near future. We will add electric bikes to our fleet to ease exploration of Ljubljana and its surroundings. To go further afield, our guests will have an option to get one of hotel’s cars. We are currently developing an application for smartphones - a virtual guide to Ljubljana and Slovenia, with our personal recommendations included. This of course is not all what we are working on right now. But as I said in the beginning, we always want to surprise our guests with something, so you will have to visit Hotel CUBO next year to see all what we have prepared for you.



Villa Ammende |W| |E|

H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM

We choose the world we live in ....


Luxury Art Nouveau Hotel Villa Ammende is a century old

nce lifestyle of the Old World, where people

exceptionally beautiful architectural landmark of Estonia and of the whole Baltic region as one of few genuine Art Nouveau

had enough time and space for each other, and oneself. We

hotels in the world.

want to offer the luxurious accommodation, excellent and highly personalized service. This is a genuine world of Art Nouveau -

Villa Ammende, built on 1905, opened as a luxury hotel and fine

the last breeze of beauty in the history, before the machines

dining restaurant on 1999, is carefully renovated charming city

took the world by storm.such as driftwood and Icelandic lava

chateaux with its genuine historical interiors and furnishing,


nestled in the ancient parks area of Pärnu, the summer capital of Estonia.

Luxurious suites and penthouses, romantic salons and dining halls, fragrances of lilys and fresh coffee - that is the hotel with

Every hall and a guest’s bedroom is decorated with a luxurious

inexplicable touch of historical nonbleness where guests are

Art Nouveau style furniture from the beginning of the previous

waited on as amicably and courteously as they were treated

century. Cherry, oak, beech, birch - furniture from different

100 years ago. The hotel coffee salongs and halls provide

types of wood with a shellac polish provides the halls and hotel

outstanding relaxing atmosphere and our fine dining restaurant

rooms with this “je ne sais quoi”, the enchanting historic scent.

is a tranquil setting for experiencing exquisite cuisine and fine

The rich antique fireplaces allow You to let your thoughts fly


under the spell of the cosy fire, the castle tower invites to a romantic dinner with someone special, precious ...

Villa Ammende - Ideal place for a romantic weekends and gourmet vacations, for a diplomatic receptions, business trips

Fairytale environment encouraged the decadence, yet modern

and company meetings around a year.

lifestyle in that era, oysters and Champagne were indulged at joyful celebrations, and history was made.

Our exceptional wedding party service will make sure your special day is the most memorable day of your life. In historical

We have created for You the opportunity to experie

and luxurious Villa Ammende all your dreams will come true.




H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM


ION Iceland Adventure |W| |E| (

Less than an hour’s drive from the cultural landmarks of Reykjavik and set against a backdrop of majestic mountainous lava elds, ION promises to provide an unforgettable experience – tailored to fit your travel aspirations.

112 ION is designed to inspire, revitalize and allow guests to escape

an escapologist’s dream retreat like no other, with plenty of

the mundane. Inside and out, guests are surrounded by a visual

headspace for one’s inner-hermit and plenty of exploration

symphony inspired by Icelandic cultural heritage, contemporary

opportunities for the outdoor adventurer. An abandoned inn

artisans and the unique characteristics of the land and its

turned design hotel. ION Adventure Hotel is where modern

people. ION is situated in Nesjavellir, 40 kilometers away from

design meets Iceland’s incomparable natural landscape.

downtown Reykjavik.

Situated near a national crossroad making the hotel accessible to various parts of the country, ION is conveniently located to

In the Land of Fire & Ice

offer guests the best of Iceland. From the volcanic marvels of

Craggy rock land, glimmering lakes, and the UNESCO

Mount Hengill to the urban sophistication of Reykjavik nearby,

World Heritage Site of Thingvellir National Park make for

the unique landscape plays a pivotal role in the rich design of



113 the hotel, which leans heavily on sustainable practices and

an espresso machine. The furniture is made from natural

the natural features of the island.

materials such as driftwood and Icelandic lava stones.


Lava Spa

All bedrooms provide unobstructed unique views. The

ION’s Lava Spa seamlessly connects its interior to the

bathrooms are equipped with water saving shower systems.

outdoors through a series of textural transitions designed

All rooms have king-size, hypo allergenic and comfortable

to help guests peel away from urban stress. From the entry

beds with fair-trade organic linens.

way, through naturally adorned treatment area out onto the wooden deck of a lovely 10 meter long hot tub that

In the rooms you will nd organic soaps and lotions made from handpicked Icelandic herbs, iPad with hotel information and

continually ows like a river.

114 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM




INTERVIEW: Ystad Saltsjöbad |W| |E|

H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Anders Nilsson General Manager of Ystad Saltsjöbad

Over the years we have successfully built a strong culture of service mindedness that guides both new and old staff to give the correct customer service in all situations. Ystad Saltsjöbad, located in Österlen right

out encompassing concept with genuine,

possible standards, so ongoing training

next to the beautiful Baltic Sea beaches, has

heartfelt service surrounded by beautiful

and staff development is a key factor

been a classic seaside hotel since 1897, is

and exciting environments where you will be

in our success. Over the years we have

now an award-winning spa and conference

able to relax and feel good - from beginning

successfully built a strong culture of

hotel constantly being developed and

to end.

service mindedness that guides both new and old staff to give the correct customer

updated. The hotel’s interior and design exude

Please outline your spa’s philosophy and

service in all situations. In this work

point of difference from the competition ?

we have drawn heavy influences from existing cultural models that have been

classic Newport. The maritime flair and the natural light characterise the hotel’s entire

Over the last years we have redefined

very successful, such as Disney’s approach

atmosphere and ambience. In our lavish

the spa experience on the Scandinavian

to customer service and hospitality.

spa area you can enjoy luxurious indoor and


outdoor environments and be sure not to

attracts ever growing attention from spa

Please outline your key marketing and

miss out on our award-winning and widely

lovers from other international markets.

operational initiatives for the last 12

talked-about spa ritual Creek Experience

Ystad Saltsjöbad main strength lies within

months and give evidence/examples of

with sauna traditions and experiences from

continuous product development and

how these have helped your business ?

around the world gathered under one roof.

genuinely delivering exceptional customer





service. The receipt for our progress

Extensive development of the spa and

More recently, under the leadership of

within these two key areas has been a

new guest areas over the last year – with

our gastronomic director Daniel Müllern,

large number of prestigious awards.

exceptional occupancy and ever growing demand we saw the possibility to expand

Ystad Saltsjöbad has increasingly become renowned for good food, well rooted in

Please explain how your spa excels at

our existing large spa with an additional

the proud local cooking traditions, yet

customer service?

800 sqm indoors areas and add one outdoors sauna, two outdoors heated

introducing influences from the American Within our small hotel chain of prestigious

pools, a top floor with luxurious relaxing

brands we have implemented our own

beds and sea view as well as an exclusive

At Ystad Saltsjöbad you will find a world

staff academy and developed an extensive

champagne bar. Also further investments

class experience anchored in a well-thought

training program for achieving the highest

in our ESS academy to train and

and French cuisine.

development staff skills and service levels. These two factors levels and customer retention levels. What is your retail strategy and how do you measure its


combined have remarkably increased our guest satisfaction

success? Our retail strategy is largely channeled towards our in-house guest, since we have occupancy levels on well above 90%. In terms of treatments and spa rituals they are normally fully booked long in advance so we have had little need to advance our strategies in this area for some time, but when needed we package the treatments into the hotel packages, giving us the means to run a stabile team of key staff at any season. We also package and sell day spa products when needed, this is determined and released to market by spa manager in as good time as possible. We upsell products, this is often done after completed treatment and in relation to what fits the client from the therapist expertise and guidance. We have newly introduced a treatment ‘Expert Care where we perfectly customise the nature of treatment in discussion with the customer. This is a step towards more customised treatments – something we believe will be more and more popular ahead.


H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Kolbe Hotel |W| | T| (0039) 06 6798866

Charming and unique luxury hotel just a few steps from the Roman Forum.

Can you imagine gazing at Ancient Roman Ruins from your own hotel room? The Kolbe Hotel Rome is one of the very few hotels in Rome with this unique combination of historical importance coupled with elegance, comfort and technology. The Hotel is located in the heart of the historic centre; in front of the Palatine Hills and Roman Forum, only a brief walk away from the Bocca della Verità (Mouth of Truth), Colosseum, Circus Maximus, Piazza Venezia, and the popular Trastevere quarter. Staying right in the heart of the ancient city is a must for everyone wanting to easily reach and enjoy the most beautiful artistic attractions of the Eternal City. In the heart of Ancient Rome This unique four star hotel occupies a magnificent former Franciscan convent from the 17th with many original features intact, right in the heart of the historic city. Most of their 72 charming rooms have either Roman Forum or Hotel’s private garden views. The structure is restored in the mid to late 19th century in order to host the Order of Friars Maximilian Kolbe, a Polish friar who lived and studied here. Father Kolbe was awarded sainthood in 1982, the “Kolbe Hotel” gets its name from Father Maximilian Kolbe, and inside the Hotel, a chapel and an important museum are dedicated to him. Carlo Izzo, the Managing Director of the Hotel “While staying at the Kolbe Hotel, you will be surrounded by the magnificence of Ancient Rome, you can see the remains of the great Roman civilisation, such as the Roman Forum. The Hotel will host you in a setting with all the flavour and fascination of history, but with the service and style of the most modern and prestigious accommodation.”

The luxurious Kolbe Hotel Rome has all been recently renovated with the technological innovations, as a modern “Smart Corner” which allows you to use two iMac computers and two iPad workstations connected to a printer and two big “touch screen” 58 inch each and use the free Wi-Fi on the terrace or in the garden, as well as in the rooms and public areas. Kolbe Hotel Rome - Not just history A place where the Ancient and the Modern meet and blend in a new dimension of ospitality, the place can also offer you the perfect backdrop for your romantic wedding or unforgettable events. The Hotel garden will be your private oasis of peace and charme hidden away from the noise of the city for celebrating this memorable day with all the joy, privacy and happiness that the occasion deserves. The Hotel has also a marvelous and elegant Garden Restaurant “Al Palatino”, it is an ideal place to relax after a long day.

pleasure of modern luxury surrounded by the woonders of ancient history. Our rooms and suites will embrace our guests in comfort and tranquillity while outside the timeless, romantic atmosphere of Rome awaits them.


Izzo, the Managing Director, says: “Our guests can enjoy the

2016 Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards shortlisted categories: •

Hisotrical Hotel

Prime Location Hotel

Conference Venue Hotel

For Kolbe Hotel the Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards is a golden stamp of guaranteed hospitality. The recognition confirm that the hotel is an ideal destination for the most demanding traveller. Mr Carlo Izzo, Managing Director says “I am convinced this prestigious Award will have a postiive impact on our hotel to contribute and develop businesscontribute to develope business with an hiagh level of clientele.


120 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM




122 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM




124 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM





H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM





AFRICA Africa offer hotel experiences that are outstanding in every sense of the word, from bush to city experiences. Here we introduce properties to you that has been shortlisted for the prestigious Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards and that is worth a visit.



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



The Menlyn Boutique Hotel |W| |E|

The Menlyn Boutique Hotel provides a fivestar hotel offering that is the industry’s best in luxury accommodation, fine dining and premium conferencing Situated in the heart of Pretoria, The Menlyn Boutique Hotel provides a five-star hotel offering that is the industry’s best in luxury accommodation, fine dining and premium conferencing. A world-class luxury destination, this premium hotel caters to business and ambassadorial travellers in Pretoria, as well as local guests to their chic signature restaurant, The Black Bamboo. The hotel has successfully married the delicate balance between relaxed leisure and comfort, and the professional service that they have become renowned for. One undeniable benefit the prominent Menlyn Boutique Hotel offers its guest is their ethos of providing real value and adding a personal touch to all aspects of the hotel. It is this approach that has resulted into the hotel’s impressive return guest rate of 90%, many of whom are frequent travellers to Pretoria. The staff go out of their way to get to know the guests making the hotel and restaurant experience a step above the norm. The Menlyn Boutique Hotel’s five-star facilities include 16 beautifully designed standard rooms, two fully equipped self-catering units, eight spacious executive rooms, and of course, their magnificent Presidential Suite. The hotel which specialises in boutique conferencing can accommodate a variety of group sizes, from small intimate groups to medium sized boardrooms and spaces comfortably holding up to 120 delegates. They also have a variety of appealing packages for functions to suit any event requirements, be it a birthday or a business function. Among the luxurious extra amenities that guests are able to enjoy are the fully equipped fitness centre and a tempting assortment of spa packages at the opulent Beauty Within.



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM


Piekenierskloof Mountain Resort |W| |E|

South African based Piekenierskloof Mountain Resort, located in the Western Cape Province, nestled among the Cederberg Mountains, and features 22 hotel rooms that have been designed so that guests feel comfortable, yet at home. Finishes are of a high quality as are the linen and towels. Piekenierskloof Mountain Resort aims to make its visitors so welcome that they will want to return again and again. It also offers 16 luxury thatched self-catering chalets comprising a double-bedded master en-suite bedroom, a twin-bedded second en-suite bedroom and a loft with twin beds. The chalet boasts a dining area, satellite TV and fireplace, while the large, open plan kitchen that is fitted with a dishwasher, microwave, fridge-freezer, stove, oven, crockery and cutlery. Every chalet has a spacious veranda and private braai area where guests can take in the awe-inspiring mountain vistas and Oliphant’s river Valley. Kloof restaurant at Piekenierskloof Mountain Resort offers a simple elegance combined with a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Let your taste buds be


tempted by some of the mouth-watering offerings prepared by our Chef. Not only is the Conference Centre an ideal place to hold team building events, seminars, symposiums and lectures but it is also becoming an increasingly popular venue for birthdays, weddings and other special functions. In addition to the other services and facilities – ladies bar & lounge, children’s playground, pool table, indoor heated pool and outdoor pool – we also offer a Wellness Centre and, for the more adventurous, a Zip Line. Hiking trails onsite and in the surrounding area offers you the chance to do some bird watching. There are plenty of experiences to be had in the region, from 4 x 4, rock climbing and mountain bike trails, to lazy walks through the kaleidoscopic fields of gazanias, vygies and daisies that bloom every August and September.



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



FROM DREAMS & INSPIRATION SPRINGS THE ROYAL MANSOUR From the exquisite mosaics adorning its palatial interiors to the mesmerising murmur of the fountains in the courtyards, the Royal Mansour reflects the beauty, grace and indeed, the very soul of Morocco. A first glimpse of this sensual luxury makes the heart beat faster, awakening the senses. But the true relaxation offered by this paradise in the centre of bustling Marrakech can only be experienced by a stay amidst the elegant tranquillity and attention to detail of the Royal Mansour. You and those you love will leave refreshed in mind, body and spirit.





TEL.+212 (0) 529 80 80 80


Clanwilliam H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM

Lodge & Spa


|W| |E|

An extensive spa menu offers relaxing massage and beauty therapy treatments. Escape to the famous Cederberg and magical Olifants River Valley, to the charming Clanwilliam Lodge & Spa, a three star family, leisure and function venue hotel. If you are looking for a tranquil, serene and relaxing environment, oasis-like and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a warm welcome awaits you just 2½ hours’ drive north of Cape Town and five minutes’ from the 18 km long Clanwilliam Dam - a favourite for Bass Classic competitions. The lodge aims to provide excellent service to our guests above and beyond all else and we constantly seek for something different to surprise! This 100 year old historic structure was built by the first municipal government in Clanwilliam, one of the ten oldest towns of South Africa. Later, the building was used as a hostel for the agricultural school next door. The building was transformed into a hotel in 2006 and opened its doors to its first Guests in December of that year. The natural, rustic architecture, with thick sand coloured walls, archways and cathedral high ceilings, boasts 32 comfortable rooms, standard to luxurious, each with different style and shape. All suites have shower and bath.

All Guest rooms have a shower.

Premier rooms and suites have king sized four poster beds. Standard rooms have queen or twin beds. An extensive spa menu offers relaxing massage and beauty therapy treatments. Conference, events and catering facilities are all offered on site. The restaurant, next to the pool in the garden, has hosted weddings of up to 150 Guests. The pool and garden area is a favourite for outdoor events in a very calming atmosphere. For those who prefer to get out and explore, the area is abound with enjoyable outdoor activities, from hikes, tranquil nature walks and Bushman Rock paintings, to mountain biking, water activities on the Dam, wine tasting at nearby vineyards and Rooibos farm tours. The Rooibos Tea Factory offer tea tasting, information and interesting Rooibos products. Enjoy the flower splendour of over 200 species of indigenous plants in bloom during August / September each year. After a day out and about, unwind on the hotel’s poolside Bedouin beds, in the sunken cocktail bar or coffee lounge, with subtle Moroccan décor and muted desert-like tones that impart a tranquil and restful mood. During the hot summers, the large, inviting pool with kiddies section, is a favourite for young and old.




Draaihoek H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM


|W| |E|

Draaihoek Lodge is “an escape to nature; a secret getaway; a romantic oasis ; the ultimate in tranquility; a place to unwind - with true South African hospitality and West Coast humor - a want-to-return destination “ – according to our guests. Draaihoek Lodge offers luxury accommodation set in an unspoiled, secluded Nature Reserve. 8 Luxury suites and the lavishly appointed 3 bed roomed Manor House, overlooks the scenic strand veld and dunes with a 5 km private beach within easy walking distance. The soothing sound of the ocean is enjoyed as background music everywhere on Draaihoek Lodge. The Nature Reserve reaches from the Atlantic Ocean inland to the Sandveld’s mountain range and across to the Verlorenvlei, a RAMSAR classified site, south of Elands Bay. The coastal border of the Reserve stretches along an undisturbed sandy beach, hugged by rugged dunes and favored by flocks of birds typical to the West Coast. The uninhabited bay area is frequented by whales, seals and playing Heaviside dolphins. A huge diversity of bird life is thriving in the Reserve, both in the unspoiled, deserted veld and beach as well as around to the Lodges & Restaurant. The Reserve also boasts rock art sites, a living portrayal of stone-age culture. Draaihoek Restaurant: Traditional South African food plus the West Coast seafood provide a mouth-watering culinary experience. Dishes are complemented by a selection of fine wines sourced only in surrounding wine growing areas.

136 Draaihoek Lodge’s secluded setting and specialized conference facilities offer the ideal environment to facilitate meetings, sessions, workshops and seminars. For a unique wedding ceremony and reception, our establishment offers a stylish backdrop set against the rugged scenery typical of the West Coast. Draaihoek Lodge strives to enhance our wonderful natural surroundings with luxury accommodation, great cuisine, excellent service and a genuine caring attitude towards guests and staff alike.



138 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM




Sovereign Suites H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM


|W| |E|

Luxury surpassed with a personal touch. The Wedding Place with large lawns and aristocratic colonial building. Its location is also preferred for high rank private and secure meetings. Sovereign Suites has been shortlisted to win the 2016 Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards. Experience true luxury and relaxation in the heart of Africa at Sovereign ensuring that each guest will have personalized service and feel completely at home. Set on six private wellmanicured acres of land, the property features a large lake and possible animal sightings in the morning. Accommodation Sovereign suites are an all-suite luxury hotel. The property features 14 spacious and comfortable suites. Rooms available include Junior Suites, Presidential Suites with Jacuzzis, and one Penthouse Suite all with Individual ipad docking stations. These over-sized rooms equipped are ideal for both families and those looking for true privacy and seclusion. Dinning & Events Enjoy dining at the Main restaurant, or host your next meeting on-site with space to accommodate up to 150 guests indoors. Sovereign Suites is a truly relaxing and fulfilling getaway, ideal for romantic honeymoons and enthusiastic alike. Experience Africa in total decadence. The hotel can accommodate up to 400 guests out doors and up to 150 guests in doors. Choose from three flexible indoor spaces, which can be used for board meetings, cocktail receptions, banquets, and more. Lush outdoor lawns can be of use as well. Our wedding services does everything from flowers and the bubbly to the celebrant and the photos with the local tribes people, getting married through Sun Africa Hotels is as simple


as saying “I Do”. Wellness and excursions Sovereign Suites offers a variety of luxury services and standard facilities to ensure that each guest has a relaxing and fulfilling stay in Kenya. Guests can also enjoy the swimming pool, fitness center, spa treatments, and indoor/outdoor lounge. A stroll around the property’s six private acres is not to be missed either. Take a boat ride at the large lake, and guided tours to lush tea and flower farms.



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Sarova Stanley

|W| |E|

From the moment you pass through the century old revolving doors, you leave the heat and bustle of modern Nairobi for a world of cool Victorian elegance. Sarova Stanley launched itself into Kenyan history in 1902 by becoming the first luxury hotel in Nairobi. The grandeur of the presidential suite, the charm of the Lamu and Karen Blixen suites, to the chic and sophistication of the club rooms or the contemporary functionality of the deluxe rooms, The Sarova Stanley has a fine range of accommodation to choose from. An eclectic mix of dining and entertainment options is on offer. One can enjoy the legendary Thorn Tree Café – reputed to be Nairobi’s first post office or the casual atmosphere at the Pool deck restaurant. Thai Chi restaurant is reputed to be the finest in Thai cuisine within the region, being 1 of only 2 Thai restaurants in Africa to be awarded the Thai Select certification. The Exchange Bar is an elegantly decadent, plush lounge bar; home to the Nairobi Stock Exchange since incorporation, for a period of over fifty years. Sarova Stanley also offers superlative conferencing & banqueting facilities with its 9 meeting and conference rooms. A heated swimming pool and state-of-the-art health club and gymnasium take pride of place in the hotel’s inventory.



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lReturn with us to Nature’s perfect playground Set on 11, 000 hectares, Gondwana is the only Fynbos reserve in the world with free roaming big 5 species. Luxury accommodation in Kwena Lodge suites or private bush villas ideal for families.Ideally located only 4 hours from Cape Town and 45 Minutes from George Airport. Numerous activities on offer including exhilarating game drives with expert field guides, fun Junior Ranger experience for children, spa treatments, fishing excursions with gourmet picnics, as well as hiking and biking in the 2500 acre protected area for endangered species.



145 - +27 (0) 21 555 0807 - GARDEN ROUTE -SOUTH AFRICA

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Ellerman House

|W| |E|

Ellerman House is the quintessential urban retreat for discerning luxury travellers wanting complete exclusivity in Cape Town, South Africa. Located in Bantry Bay, the small, privately owned hotel offers spectacular Atlantic Ocean views against the dramatic backdrop of Lion’s Head. Clifton’s sheltered beaches are within walking distance, while local attractions such as the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway and V&A Waterfront are 10 minutes by car. Originally a private residence, the historic Cape Edwardian-style mansion has 13 individually decorated rooms and suites, terraced indigenous gardens overlooking the ocean, and two ultra-modern villas. Enhancing the entire property is the owner’s extensive collection of original South African art. Compared to the old-world elegance of the main house, Villa One and Two are sleek and glamorous with en suite bedrooms, spacious entertainment areas, private infinity pools and ocean views. Villa One incorporates the tranquil Ellerman House Spa, which specialises in cutting-edge massage techniques, anti-ageing beauty treatments and hydrotherapy. Villa Two is built above the Ellerman House Wine Gallery, which is not only a spectacular cellar for the hotel’s 7500-bottle wine collection but offers an interactive, experiential journey into the world of wine. The natural splendour of the hotel’s unique location is matched by generoushearted hospitality - guest experiences and excursions are all tailor made – modern cuisine that reflects the best of local and seasonal flavours, and a vast collection of South African vintage wines. From local design and art to wine and food, Ellerman House strives to offer a world-class guest experience that remains authentically South African.



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INTERVIEW: Pondoro Game Lodge |W| |E|

H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM

South Africa


Robbie & Liza Prehn Owners of Pondoro Game Lodge

Guests can enjoy a night alone in the middle of wildest Africa under a canvas of twinkling stars

What makes Pondoro Game Lodge an

What is your main recipe to running a

I believe it makes a huge difference.

absolute must when travelling to South

successful lodge?

I furthermore believe in the “Loyalty

Africa for a safari?

Beyond Reason” concept. When dealing To manage a lodge is to manage people.

with guests we must remember that they

A safari to Africa is about taking a journey

I firmly believe that staff are responsible

are not creatures of logic. We are dealing

or adventure into the wild, but it is also

for at least 80% of the overall guest

with creatures of emotion. Once you

about going back in time to rediscover

experience at a hotel. Most of our staff

cross that bridge and manage to appeal

the romance and luxury safari experience

have been with us for many years and

to the emotional side of guests you create

during the time of Karen Blixen’s Out

have been the main contributors and

loyalty to your brand or hotel that goes

of Africa. A small, exclusive lodge like

benefactors of the growth and success

beyond any reason.

Pondoro that only sleeps 16 guests will

at Pondoro. This longevity creates a kind

transport guests back to a decade where

loyalty that cannot be bought. So to quote

What is your vision for the lodge in the

the earth was less crowded, service was

Sir Richard Branson: “My philosophy has

short term & long term?

personal without being invasive and

always been, if you can put staff first, your

where animals still roam free adjacent

customer second and shareholders third,

Short term: To keep improving our service

to the Olifants river at the foot of the

effectively, in the end, the shareholders

and general infrastructure at the lodge in

Drakensberg Mountains.

do well, the customers do better, and you

order to invite guests into a hotel in the

yourself are happy.”

bush that is unlike any other.

wines from our award winning cellar as

What makes Pondoro Game Lodge so

Long term: In keeping with our vision the

well as our amazing location overlooking


current lodge size will not be expanded

Great game

viewing in open safari cruisers and excellent cuisine complemented by fine

the mighty Olifants river will quench your thirst for mystery, sensuality and intimacy.

upon. We would like to keep it small and My wife Lize and I own and manage

exclusive. I believe the market is moving

the lodge. We also live on the property.

towards a more health conscious traveler

in a global sense of the word and we might expand in that general direction to satisfy a growing need. How do you see the association with Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards may improve your business? I believe in the vision and professionalism shown by Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards and know that the association with a powerful and growing brand like this will ad valuable impetus to our marketing efforts. Association with a respected brand provides credibility to Pondoro and peace of mind to a huge and ever expanding online traveling market who knows that Pondoro can be booked with confidence upon receiving the Haute Grandeur’s stamp of approval. What exciting news/plans do you have lined up for returning or new guests travelling to Pondoro Game Lodge soon? Pondoro now has a unique and romantic Treehouse hide beforehand. This adds a new and fresh dimension to the safari experience where guests can enjoy a night alone in the middle of wildest Africa under a canvas of twinkling stars while looking


overlooking a spotlit waterhole that guests can book

out for elusive nocturnal creatures secure in the knowledge that they are safe and sound high up in the tree canopy. What do you regard as the top 3 most unique experiences that a guest can expect when deciding to stay at Pondoro Game Lodge? • A romantic moonlit bath in the outdoor Jacuzzi on the deck in front of your suite while sipping on a good glass of wine just before going to bed. • A private 2 hour long picnic lunch overlooking a waterhole while watching animals cooling down from the midday heat. • A sleepover at the Treehouse hide


152 H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



INTERVIEW: Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel |W| |E|

H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



Tony Medd

General Manager of Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel

To us, this award gives merit to our product and our brand reputation.

Tell us about your history with Summit

ours is what we love to do, and in every

ownership within the team. Because of

Lodge Boutique Hotel

way our staff love to connect with both

this, whenever our hotel is recognized

our two legged and four legged guests in

for their hard work, it does nothing but

every way we can.

encourages us and builds our morale.

I had just finished the opening of the Aava Whistler Hotel in time for the Winter

How do you see the association with

2010 Olympics. The brand was taking shape nicely and I began to wonder what

What in your opinion makes Summit

Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards

my next challenge might be. I have always

Lodge Boutique Hotel stand out in a

may improve your business?

liked the idea of improving hotels that

competitive industry?

were struggling. I always liked the Summit

Being an independent boutique hotel,

Lodge Boutique Hotel and I had watched

Because we are an independent boutique

some people are not sure what quality to

it over time. When asked if I could help out

hotel, we get to live and breathe with

expect as standards change so much from

the Summit, I jumped at the opportunity

creative freedom. We can be a little bit

one hotel to another. To us, this award

to work with the team.

more agile to move ahead of the ebbs

gives merit to our product and our brand

and flows of trends, we get to express


the personality and culture of our location As an experienced hotelier, what do you

and people and we can be a little cheekier

What is your short term goal for the hotel

feel is the key elements that is important

than the larger chain hotels.

in general and do you feel this Award will

to focus on if a hotel would like to have a high return guest rate? We prioritize our guest experience over

assist to achieve this? How in your opinion does winning an international respected Award add to

Our goals is to be known as the boutique

building staff moral in your business?

hotel of Whistler, and this award helps

our revenue. In all that we do, we aspire to

validate this.

look after every guest as if they were our

Our staff have literally renovated each

own family or VIPs. Getting to know our

room with their own hands, and so

guests, to listen to their stories and share

there is already an essence of price and



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



The New York EDITION |W| |E|


The New York EDITION brings together lasting comfort, extraordinary style and an exceptional level of service in a uniquely individual environment.


Located in the heart of midtown New York’s Flatiron District,

Square Park, to the world-famous Empire State Building, to the

steps from Madison Square Park, the luxury hotel seamlessly

breathtaking skyline of New York City.

blends the integrity and character of a prestigious landmark building with a simple, sophisticated design sensibility. Originally

2016 Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards

built in 1909 as the headquarters for The Metropolitan Life

shortlisted categories:

Insurance Company, the historic 41-story clock tower offers

Best New Hotel (less than 3 years)

jaw-dropping 360-degree views and is an iconic landmark

Boutique Hotel

against the city skyline.

City Hotel

Conference Venue Hotel

The design hotel’s 273 unique guest rooms and suites feature

Design Hotel

oak floors and dark oak wood-paneled foyers that create a

Leisure Hotel

cozy, private residential entrance. Oversize windows frame

Luxury Hotel

city views, ranging from a close-up, intimate view of Madison


H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM


SOUTH AMERICA South America is renowned for its natural beauty and attract thousands of guests to their stunning beach resorts every year. For the returning guests it is all about the overall experience that should be memorable. Visit our shortlisted hotels in this region to found out why they have been nominated for the Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards.



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Paradisus Playa Del Carmen



Experience this all-inclusive Playa hotel with its promise of all-inclusive fun.


A stunning private bay is home to the lush, tropical Playa del

For those in search of experiences a little closer to the luxury of

Carmen La Perla & La Esmeralda and as the name states this

the hotel, we offer unforgettable international cuisine from 14

is a paradise. Experience this all-inclusive Playa hotel with its

restaurants and 16 bars. It is easy to understand why Paradisus

promise of all-inclusive fun.

Playa del Carmen was selected winner Travelers’ ChoiceŽ 2014 Trip Advisor.

The superior luxury resort in the Riviera Maya combines a


facilities, YHI










Alongside the water and surrounded by the protected




mangroves, Paradisus Playa del Carmen La Perla (adults only) &




La Esmeralda is on a level unlike anything you have experienced

designed to be flexible and equipped with state-ofthe-art technology. All of this plus spectacular day excursions include diving and the iconic Mayan pyramids.



H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM



HUB Porteño |W| |T| +54 11 3220-6600

HUB Porteño is a boutique hotel with a difference. Opened

stone that encapsulates the elegance of Buenos Aires Belle-

in October 2012 on a leafy street in Recoleta, the group of

Époque era. Inspired by the private home of former owner and

Argentine entrepreneurs behind HUB Porteño wanted to

bon-vivant Lalo Palacio, each room is individually decorated

create the kind of place they dreamt of staying when traveling:

with hand-crafted pieces from highly skilled Argentine artisans,

intimate surroundings, locally-sourced design and a host that

antiques and priceless Argentine artwork. Guests can also relax

was the best in town, connecting them with people and events

between 2 living rooms, a roof-garden and terrace bar, gym and

in the city that they could never access alone. Helped by a team

spa, cocktail bar and gourmet restaurant, Tarquino.

of Ivy-League professors and Liberal Arts experts, Founder Partner and CEO Gonzalo Robredo opens up the city to the

The Experiences: Reinventing the way visitors explore and

hotel guests through a series of cultural experiences that have

experience the city, Hub Porteño’s team create private cultural

led the hotel to be described as ‘The Ultimate Insider’s Club’.

experiences that replace traditional tour guides and welltrodden routes with contemporary experts who are truly

Located on one of the most elegant blocks in Recoleta, a stone’s

passionate about their specific field, be it Architecture, Art, Polo,

throw from Avenida Alvear and Recoleta Cemetery, the 11 suite

Tango or the city’s booming Culinary Scene. Alongside a range

hotel occupies a converted private mansion built from Paris

of pre-defined ‘Essential Experiences’, Gonzalo and his team


Located in vibrant Buenos Aires – a city that combines light and shadow, poetry and history, tradition and avant-garde


craft custom-made itineraries based entirely on the client’s

new insight, it is our network of experts where Hub Porteño

interests, from a passion for film to a love of literature, with

truly stands out. Passionate porteños at the top of their

the constant aim of opening up the city and its potential

field, they work with Hub Porteño out of a love for what

in away that could never be accessed or understood alone.

they do, turning the run-of-the-mill into the unforgettable.

Itineraries are private and include a private driver and meals

Among them is Martin Bohmer, a University professor who

where applicable.

holds a Master of Laws from Yale University. In between working as a counsel for the University of Buenos Aires

An extension of this concept, Hub Porteño’s staff take a

and teaching law at both the University of San Andres and

very active approach to the hotel’s concierge service, always

Buenos Aires, Martin shares his passion for tango and his

ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest private

knowledge of Argentine Literature and Philosophy over a

member’s bar and securing hard to come by tickets and

variety of itineraries. Other experts (among many) include


historian Eduardo Zimmerman, journalist Declan McGarvey and Art curator Delfina Helguera.

The Experts: When we travel, what makes the difference is the people we meet. While itineraries always seek to offer


H AUTE GR A NDE UR |T | + 2 7 ( 0 ) 8 6 1 AWA R D S |E | I N FO @H AU T EGR A ND E U R .COM | W | HAU TEGRA NDE U R.COM


The Haute Grandeur Global Hotel AwardsTM is a prestigious globally trusted Awards initiative building its reputation as the world’s leading awards initiative by rewarding outstanding hotel experiences. The Awards is a method of ranking and assisting hotels and is regarded as the pinnacle of achievement for hotels globally.

Hotels participating in the Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards,

The Haute Grandeur Global Hotel AwardsTM recognize outstanding

including those that are constantly striving towards raising the

hotels across countries, continents and on a global basis.

bar of service delivery to new heights. It will provide the much needed inspiration to the larger hotel industry who seeks positive

Each country has their own criteria for doing star gradings, thus

role models from within their industry to provide them with a

the Global Hotel Awards do not limit the Awards to a certain

reason to celebrate.

amount of stars but exclusively focus on recognizing outstanding achievement and luxury lifestyle.

What makes a hotel a winner? Winners of a Haute Grandeur Global Hotel AwardsTM accolade are the ones that are creative

The Haute Grandeur Global Hotel AwardsTM is the highest

in their approach when it comes to client satisfaction, they

achievement any hotelier can hope to receive, evident from the

continuously find ways to go the extra mile, they have that “wow�

strict selection process where outstanding hotels are selected

factor and they put their guests first no matter what! No request

from a wide range of areas to participate in the Awards.

is impossible and no client query go unanswered. From the first point of contact you are aware that this is an outstanding hotel.

The Haute Grandeur Global Hotel AwardsTM was established as an independent and unbiased initiative to honor the very highest achievements from across the global hotel industry, recognizing exceptional contributions by outstanding hotels. The Haute Grandeur Global Hotel AwardsTM promise to raise service delivery levels by means of awarding only the very best in the industry. It aims to focus on hotels that do not want to win the “average� award. Participating hotels are generally seen as the benchmark in the industry as they create awareness about the value and importance of constantly raising the bar of excellence.


The value of a Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Award is powerful in terms of its ability to boost marketing and promises to have a direct impact on guests perceptions and revenue. It provides the much needed inspiration that hotels look for by identifying role model properties across all continents in order to further raise their current levels of service delivery to even greater heights. The annual Awards Gala Ceremony where winners are revealed, is not only the most dazzling event of the year on the luxury hotel industry calendar, it also highlights the values of leadership, hard work, dedication, ambition and success. This event takes place each year in a different exotic location and offers hoteliers in attendance new networking opportunities.

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Haute Grandeur, The Best in Hotels™ Dec 2015  

These pages capture the essence of what every discerning traveller seeks – remarkable hospitality experiences.

Haute Grandeur, The Best in Hotels™ Dec 2015  

These pages capture the essence of what every discerning traveller seeks – remarkable hospitality experiences.