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the Way The People of Hathaway Brown School

This book was designed to introduce you to warm, intelligent, diverse, and amazingly vibrant people employed by Hathaway Brown School. The material contained here is not meant to be comprehensive. Additional details about the men and women pictured on these pages – including their specific professional responsibilities, the institutions where they received their own educations, and contact information – may be found online at

2013–14 Faculty & Staff

of an HB student P = Parent currently enrolled in K-12 or a

graduate of Hathaway Brown School

of a student currently ¥ = Parent enrolled in HB’s Infant &

Toddler Center or Early Childhood Program

of a student who u = Parent graduated from HB’s Infant

All images by Kim Ponsky ’98

& Toddler Center, Early Childhood Program, or a grade other than Grade 12


he lamp of learning has been burning luminously at Hathaway Brown since 1876. In three different centuries, its flame has been fueled by the bright, impassioned

teachers and school personnel who have nurtured and emboldened generations of students, proudly bearing the responsibility of lighting the way.

It is my great honor and privilege to work shoulder-to-shoulder with this current

cohort of vibrant HB educators – 220 strong. Our work is a shared enterprise, with some imparting wisdom from the front of classrooms, and others teaching lessons simple and profound by way of their hard work and example.

Those who live part of their lives and make their careers within these halls often consider HB to be something of a second home. For good reason.

Literally and figuratively, our community is a family. In fact,

among our company, we have a few grandparents of HB students, and 62 of us – including me – have children who are now or at one time were enrolled at HB. Several employees share other

ties as well: two fathers and their daughters; a mother and her

daughters; another set of sisters; a pair of sisters-in-law; a mother and her son. Four married couples work together on campus, and

16 educators and administrators are school alumnae – women who

grew up here and have returned to keep the lamp of learning lit. As you read these pages, you’ll notice that one-half of our instructors have earned graduate degrees, and eight hold

doctorates. You’ll also learn that their HB tenure ranges from

one to 35 years; many have additional deep experience in fields

outside of education; and some have lived for extended periods in other countries.

But what I hope you’ll focus on most of all is the enthusiasm with which each of my colleagues embraces his or her role at HB. And I don’t think you’ll be able to miss their expressions. All are wearing dazzling smiles, brilliantly illuminating their faces with joy for their work.

Bill Christ, Head of School

Ron Ackroyd

Bill Adler, BS

Lindsey Ahrens, MA¥

James Allen, BSE

Plant Operations 2001

Upper School Mathematics Teacher 2007

Aquatics Teacher, Head Coach Varsity Swimming 2009

Director of the Center for Technology & Design, Upper School Technology Department Chair 2008

It seems that Mr. Ackroyd is forever delivering heavy boxes across campus, setting up tables and chairs for events, or touching up the plaster and applying fresh coats of paint to the walls of HB. He does a lot more, too. And he always does it with a smile

The highest levels of math offered at HB are taught in Mr. Adler’s classroom. He enjoys introducing students to the most complex proofs and he shares their excitement when they discover hard-earned solutions. With such a disciplined mind, it’s no surprise that he’s a martial arts expert, too.

In or out of the pool, Mrs. Ahrens makes a splash. As a lifelong competitive swimmer herself, she made her passion a career and she hopes to inspire HB student-athletes to do the same. Her influence has been felt around the world – she’s even coached teams at the International Children’s Games.

Ever since his college days, Mr. Allen has been committed to increasing female participation in IT. A founding member of Girls in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, he loves experimenting with computer devices and gadgets of all shapes and sizes and he encourages HB girls to invent new applications as well.

Margaret Appenheimer, MA

Upper School English Teacher 1998

Becki Anders, MA, MEd Kindergarten Teacher 2005

Prior to teaching kindergarten, Ms. Anders was a personal, career, and vocational rehabilitation counselor for adults. She soon discovered her calling was in giving children a solid educational foundation so they could stay on the right path. A Wilson Level I Certified Tutor, she helps girls develop a solid understanding of sound patterns and structures to improve reading and spelling skills.


Tara Anderson, MCIS Assistant Director of Technology 2000

Attention to detail is Ms. Anderson’s hallmark. Not only does she understand the ins and outs of a host of HB systems and databases, but she’s a troubleshooter of the highest order. Come to her with a problem and you can expect that she will not only fix it, she’ll also make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Beth Armstrong, BA

Upper School English Teacher 2013

In addition to teaching English for more than a decade, Mrs. Appenheimer also has taught a graduate course for aspiring teachers and worked as an instructional and curriculum coach for teachers affiliated with the International Baccalaureate. She brings great energy, enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, and humor to her role at HB.

Mrs. Armstrong always has been fully immersed in the life of the Upper School. An English teacher for more than 25 years, she also has served as the faculty advisor to HB’s literary magazine, Scripta, and the new student magazine, Retrospect. Through the years, she’s also been the dean of faculty for the Aspire program, English department chair, and ninth-grade dean.

Not Pictured: Lailah Ameer, Infant & Toddler Center Teacher. See page 29.

Bob Armstrong, MA

Candice Badner, BS

Sharon Baker, MA

Director of Transportation 1983

Early Childhood Teacher 2013

Middle School English Department Chair, Middle School English Teacher, WEST Fellowship Director 2005

Certified to teach secondary school English, Mr. Armstrong was drafted upon his graduation and served two years in the U.S. Army, working with classified material. He has been in educational services for more than 30 years. He now spends his days at HB overseeing intricate transportation routes and plans, keeping everything running smoothly and on time.

Mrs. Badner is an outgoing and dynamic addition to HB’s Early Childhood teaching staff. A newlywed who enjoys playing with her Husky puppy outside of school, she’s also an avid bowler. She’s pretty good at it, too – she once even rolled a 300 game.

Originally from Chicago, Mrs. Baker enjoys reading young adult literature, researching pop culture, and laughing every day with her students. Another perk of her position at HB is that she advises girls as they develop and present independent study projects. She’s proud to call Cleveland her home, but she’s still a devoted Windy City sports fan.

Falon Baltzell, MA Upper School Dance Teacher 2013

A graceful new member of the HB Performing Arts Department, Ms. Baltzell is an accomplished dancer and choreographer. She is a three-time summer dance program scholarship recipient, and she’s been honored by the Society of New Music, which commissioned her choreographic works and showcased them throughout New York.

Paul Barlow, DPM

Sara Barresi, BA

Joel Bartell P’10

Joy Barton, BSEd

Associate Director of Athletics, Head Coach Varsity Basketball, Director of Summer Athletic Programs 2005

Infant & Toddler Center Teacher 2013

Plant Operations 1984

Middle School Art Teacher 2012

The only high school team in Ohio history to win five consecutive state championships did so under the direction of Coach Barlow. In addition to guiding Blazer Basketball to such amazing heights, through the years Coach Barlow also has served as head coach for HB’s varsity softball, golf, and field hockey programs.

One of the happy people found in the Infant & Toddler Center, Mrs. Barresi looks forward every day to spending time teaching and learning from HB’s youngest boys and girls. For the past several years, along with caring for her own son, she also has been a nanny to an HB student.

A perennial member of the HB community, Mr. Bartell was supposed to have retired from his post in 2013. But he just couldn’t seem to stay away. Although his schedule’s a little lighter these days, you’ll still see him on campus, working hard to keep the school buildings and grounds in excellent repair.

As creative as she is engaging and fun, Mrs. Barton comes by her first name honestly. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious and she inspires girls to produce lovely works of art. She and her students supply an endless array of beautiful masterpieces that are proudly and lovingly showcased at HB and in galleries throughout Northeast Ohio.

Not Pictured: Hannah Bartell ’10, Early Childhood & Primary School Special Programs Assistant. See page 29.


Ed Beegle

Theresa Bell, SSC

Bonita Bertrand

Jim Bissler

Transportation 2004

Dining Services Director of Operations 2013

Middle School Office Administrator, Assistant to Middle School Director 2011

Plant Operations 2009

You can’t pass Mr. Beegle in the halls of HB without him stopping you to say hello and wish you well. He’s one of those friendly people who go out of their way to hold open doors and give you a smile. And he still gets you to your destination on time.

Most days the first cheerful face that greets students and faculty in the HB cafeteria belongs to Ms. Bell. In the morning, she prepares delicious and nutritious meals in the kitchen, and then she dishes them out at lunchtime from her station at the hot buffet to nearly 1,000 people of all ages.

It’s been said that if purple is your favorite color, you are sensitive and compassionate, understanding and supportive. Mrs. Bertrand – whose office and wardrobe are bursting with the bright hue – certainly is all of those things. She says the best part about working at HB is helping people any way she can.

HB sits on 16 beautifully manicured acres in Shaker Heights. Tending to all the landscaping, field upkeep, snow removal, and other exterior maintenance is a never-ending job, but it’s a job that’s done remarkably well by Mr. Bissler and other members of the plant operations team.

Caroline Borrow, PhD P’18 u

Mary Boutton, JD, MEd P’08

Berniece Boyle, MEd P’23

Jane Brown, MA

Louise Blyth Timken Chair for Mathematics, Middle School Mathematics Teacher 2005

Primary School Mathematics Chair, Fourth-Grade Teacher 2003

Middle School Science Research, Middle School Science Teacher, Middle School Literature Teacher, Fifth-Grade Dean 2001

Director of Early Childhood 1994

Dr. Borrow became a teacher because one day after working together on a geometry proof, her father told her that she should keep studying mathematics so that she could be a teacher or an engineer. She chose teaching. She’s glad she did, she says, because teaching at HB is the best profession in the world.

A passionate practitioner of the Storyline teaching methodology, Ms. Boutton has completed several Storyline training sessions in Scotland, Iceland, and the United States. She also has been a presenter at international Storyline conferences, and she recently traveled to Skutskar, Sweden, on HB’s behalf to collaborate with a class there on a literaturebased Storyline project.

Through the years she’s spent at HB, Mrs. Boyle has found amazing opportunities to grow as a professional, a friend, and a parent. She considers herself blessed to look forward to going to work each day. For her, teaching at HB is not a job; it’s part of who she is.

Soft-spoken and caring, Mrs. Brown has the perfect temperament for her job. Almost magnetically, her students are drawn to her. She’s incredibly wellversed in the field of early childhood education. Prior to HB, she taught children with learning disabilities and behavioral handicaps, and she owned and operated a Montessori school.


Amanda Bruner, MAT Early Childhood Teacher 2013

Michael Buescher, MS uu

Upper School Mathematics Department Chair, Upper School Mathematics Teacher 1999

Sherri Buford, BS

Jenny Burnett, MAT ¥

Early Childhood Teacher, Early Childhood Diversity Liaison 2011

Performing Arts Department Chair, Upper School Dance Teacher 1999

A Cleveland native who recently returned to Northeast Ohio after teaching kindergarten for two years on Capitol Hill, Ms. Bruner is excited to be at HB. Her classroom experience includes designing and implementing a special project-based curriculum, which young students eagerly embrace.

An innovative teacher who finds inspiration beyond the classroom, Mr. Buescher brings great perspective and much joy to his work at HB. He has contributed to textbooks, and participated in field tests of mathematics manuals. He’s also been invited to give presentations at local, national, and international conferences.

During college, Ms. Buford was able to experience many different educational opportunities with young children. Since her graduation, she has continued to teach in kindergarten and early childhood classrooms in the Cleveland area. HB students appreciate her nurturing attention. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, reading, and exercising.

A member of the board of trustees of Ohiodance who has performed with numerous companies, Ms. Burnett has been a presenter at education conferences and workshops across the country as well. A beautiful dancer in her own right, she motivates HB students to express themselves in new and inspiring ways.

Vanessa Butler, BSEd ¥¥

Dana Lovelace Capers ’86, MS P’21,’25

Beth Burtch, MS

Liliana Butcher, MEd

Judy Cortese Chair in Science, Upper School Science Teacher, Upper School Registrar 2004

Upper School Spanish Teacher 2011

Along with her love of science, Ms. Burtch is passionate about fitness. She teaches a variety of group exercise classes, including morning Pilates for her colleagues at HB. She’s incredibly detail-oriented and organized, which serves her well in her role as registrar. Outside of HB, she likes to cook, dance, and root for the Browns.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sra. Butcher is fluent in Spanish and Italian. She lived in Argentina with her Italian grandparents until she and her parents immigrated to California. Growing up in a culturally diverse area solidified her interest in other cultures, a love that she brings to her work at HB.

Director of Marketing, Upper School Graphic Design Teacher, Yearbook Advisor 2007

Director of Alumnae Relations 2009

At HB, Ms. Butler’s colorful personality and artistry are reflected in many forms, from the school website to display advertising to the student yearbook. She began her career in advertising and went on to lead the creative team at the county library system, where she designed and illustrated two award-winning children’s books.

An HB alumna herself, Mrs. Capers knows the importance of learning “not for school, but for life.” She truly values the relationships that she has developed as member of the HB community since her days in the Middle School and she works to keep more than 3,500 fellow alumnae connected and actively engaged with the school.


LaVona Carpenter, BA P’24

Jan Nordstrom Carr ’64, MA

Primary School Spanish Teacher, FLES Coordinator, Primary School Diversity Liaison 2007

Director of After-School Club 2011

A dedicated language teacher, Sra. Carpenter has taught English as a Second Language, Spanish, and Spanish Bilingual classes. She also has traveled to Spain and Mexico and studied Spanish literature and culture in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Those experiences help inform her role on HB’s diversity liaison team.

A seasoned educator who has spent time as a primary school director, Mrs. Carr loves working with students in preschool through grade four. She is so happy to be back at her alma mater, where she cares for HB students and guides them through interesting and fun activities after the final school bell rings.

Bill Christ, MA uu

Terry Churchill

Head of School 1987

Director of Plant Operations 1985

HB’s 13th head of school, Mr. Christ is an extremely knowledgeable and gifted educator who is the chief architect of the school’s signature Institute for 21st Century Education. He’s been designated one of 20 Outstanding Independent School Heads in the United States by Columbia University and he firmly believes that no one has gotten more from an HB education than he has.

Before the beautiful atrium was erected, before ground was broken for the expansive aquatics center, before the building linking the Primary and Middle schools took shape, Mr. Churchill was here, watching over campus and keeping HB’s physical plant humming along. Things may look different these days, but his hard work goes on.


John Castle, AS Plant Operations 1986

Katherine Jenne Chapman ’04, MEd Director of Middle School Admission 2013

You’d be hard-pressed to find a day when Mr. Castle is not at HB, making sure that things are running smoothly. Even in the evenings and on weekends, he can be spotted on campus tending to the daily maintenance of our city of learning. He helps keep the place both functional and beautiful.

The admission office is the perfect place for Mrs. Chapman to be. Each day, she finds herself at the crossroads of interacting with students and being an ambassador for HB. After working as a classroom teacher and an educational leadership consultant, she is overjoyed to have returned to her alma mater.

Anthony Cirincione, Michael Ciuni, MA, MEd AAS Upper School English Teacher, Dining Services 2009

Just about everyone who’s dined at HB can attest to Mr. Cirincione’s skill. Each and every day, he handcrafts new and delicious pizza delights, from mouthwatering meat and veggie varieties to the occasional decadent dessert pie. Using fresh local ingredients, he helps people enjoy eating healthfully.

Assistant Coach Varsity Softball 2013

A new member of the HB Upper School English department, Mr. Ciuni was excited to return to his hometown of Cleveland. He spent more than a dozen years teaching high schoolers, coaching baseball, and working as a musician in Chicago. In his spare time back on the North Coast, he enjoys playing recreational ice hockey.

Leslie Coleman, MEd

Stefanie Corlew, BS

Middle School English Teacher 2010

Controller, Business Office 2013

Mrs. Coleman is an important member of the Middle School team. On top of teaching literature to fifth graders, she also mentors girls who participate in the FIRST LEGO League robotics competition, she’s an advisor for the Middle School ski club, and she teaches a variety of classes offered through HB’s innovative Academy program.

While she earned her degree in accounting, Ms. Corlew played for her college basketball team. She always wished that WNBA got its start just a few years earlier so that she could have played for a little bit longer. A veteran of nonprofit organizations, she brings great talent and enthusiasm to HB.

Since she was a tot playing a singing angel in her family’s annual home Christmas pageant, Mrs. Cornwell has loved theatre. She’s performed with numerous ensembles and theatre programs across the region and across the country. During her HB tenure, she has directed roughly 40 main stage shows.

Passionate about issues of equity and inclusion, Ms. Cross recently completed the NAIS Summer Diversity Institute and taught students through a program affiliated with Boys Hope Girls Hope of Cleveland. At HB, she teaches history, she’s an advisor, and a member of the school’s diversity liaison team. She also tries to laugh as often as possible.

Scott Danielson, BA

Ali Day, MAT u

Megan Dea, AS

Lise DeConingh, MEd P’09

Digital Media Specialist 2013

Upper School History Teacher, Junior Class Dean 2000

Administrative Assistant to the Associate Head of School 2003

Middle & Upper School French Teacher 1987

After graduating from college and earning his teaching license, Mr. Danielson began his career as a substitute teacher working at numerous Cleveland-area schools, including HB’s Middle School. He went on to work in marketing, honing his skills in social media outreach. Outside of school, he is an active fitness enthusiast, blogger, singer/ guitarist, and movie buff.

Named one of the top 10 players in the Atlantic Coast Conference her junior and senior years, Ms. Day twice guided her Duke University basketball team to the NCAA tournament. She went on to play professionally in Athens, Greece, and Tarbes, France. At HB, she has been a coach and she now teaches history to ninth- and 10th-graders.

In addition to enthusiastically supporting the associate head of school for more than a decade, Mrs. Dea now serves as program coordinator for HB’s Center for Global Citizenship. She’s always willing to pitch in on projects throughout the school and she loves to tell stories about her adorable dachshunds, Jake and Bindie.

Raised in Les Yvelines, the west suburb of Paris near Versailles, Mme. DeConingh passed a selective exam to be part of the French educational system during her first year of high school. After marrying a Clevelander, she started her career at HB, where she has taught world languages for more than 25 years.

Molly Cornwell, MFA P’08,’14 Upper School Theatre Director, Upper School Theatre Teacher 1994

Toni Cross, BA Middle School History Teacher, Middle School Diversity Liaison 2009


Shelby Dietzel, AAS P’12 Dining Services 1999

Always smiling, Mrs. Dietzel is an important HB asset. Besides stocking the salad bar daily with a delicious array of fresh and prepared vegetables and fruits, she also watches over the children enrolled in After-School Club, and she’s one of the most sought-after activity leaders for Broad Horizons camp.

Brooke Edwards, MA

Gerry DiIorio Infant & Toddler Center Teacher 2008

Babies and toddlers rejoice when they see Mrs. DiIorio. Warm and caring, she brings a sense of calm and comfort. She often may be seen walking handin-hand with little ones as they make their way around the halls of HB and try to spy the “big girls” in action.

Elizabeth Dreyfuss, MS u¥

Jody Duecker, MA Certified Athletic Trainer 2012

Early Childhood Teacher 2008

Although she grew up just a few blocks away, Mrs. Dreyfuss traveled a long way before arriving in HB’s classrooms. After graduate school in New York City, she trained in Italy in the Reggio Emilia methodology. Now studying Conscious Discipline, she encourages her students to slow down, take deep breaths, and just have fun.

Maya Edwards, MA Kathy Englehart, MLS

The athletic trainer for HB sports, Mrs. Duecker addresses and treats on-site injuries, conducts evaluations, manages rehabilitation programs and preventative care for athletic programs, and she oversees concussion management. She stays active and involved in continuing education for health care and athletic training by teaching courses at the university level.

Sarah Ferguson ’05, MEd

Physical Education Teacher, Head Coach JV Field Hockey 2013

Middle School Spanish Teacher 2013

Library Department Chair, Early Childhood & Primary School Librarian 1988

Early Childhood Teacher 2013

A four-year starter and senior captain for her college field hockey team, Ms. Edwards is the newest member of HB’s department of physical education. As an undergraduate, she was named a National Field Hockey Coaches Association Academic AllAmerican and she brings a terrific track record and great perspective to the HB coaching staff.

The Middle School world languages department at HB has been enhanced with the addition of Sra. Edwards. She holds a graduate degree in Spanish literature and linguistics, and she previously worked as the coordinator for a Spanish language center in Seville, Spain. She likes to remind her students that they have the world on a string.

HB’s Prime and EC librarian for more than 25 years, Mrs. Englehart has published scores of children’s book reviews in The Plain Dealer and has taught children’s literature for a college teacher apprentice program. She is the library consultant for public community schools in Cleveland, and for a nonprofit organization that donates books to schoolchildren.

It’s not surprising that Ms. Ferguson was drawn to teaching 3- and 4-yearolds at HB – that’s the same age she was when she first came to the school herself. The daughter of a former HB administrator, she spent her college years studying clinical and developmental psychology, then she taught preschool while she earned her education degree.


Gail Fisher

Chris Franc, MEd P’06

Chelsa French, BS

Susan Gallagher, BS

College Counseling Office Manager 2000

Primary School Mathematics Department Chair, Third-Grade Teacher, Aspire Admission 2000

Infant & Toddler Center Teacher 2013

Primary School Science Department Chair, Primary School Science & Health Teacher 1989

With a wealth of work experience in schools, Mrs. Fisher has a broad understanding of education procedures in independent and public schools. She’s worked in admissions, human resources, advancement, financial aid, and in the business office. She began her HB career in the Primary School and now is an integral part of college counseling.

A passionate advocate for each of her students, Mrs. Franc also has served outside the classroom as the Primary School diversity liaison, a member of the Aspire admissions committee, and she’s coached Middle School volleyball. Her daughter is an HB graduate and her mother-in-law was the school’s librarian in the 1960s and ’70s.

Before she joined the staff at HB, Ms. French was a full-time substitute teacher at schools on the west side of Cleveland, working with students in preschool through grade six. For several years, she also has held a variety of nanny jobs, caring for newborns and school-age children.

Prior to her teaching career, Mrs. Gallagher was a naturalist and biological researcher who worked across the United States, from Wyoming to Kentucky. She also gained a great love for the environment that she passes along to her students. She enjoys watching girls grow as scientists through their years in HB’s Primary School.

Olivia Geaghan, MEd, MLS

Patricia Gefert, MEd Nancy Gladstone, MEd Hallie Godshall, MEd

Upper School Library Department Chair, Middle & Upper School Librarian, Upper School Diversity Liaison 2010

Eleanor and Kelvin Smith Chair in English, Primary School Language Arts Department Chair, First-Grade Teacher 1988

Director of Middle School 1994

Promise in Education Awardee, Upper School Dean of Students 2007

For more than a decade, Mrs. Geaghan has devoted her life to encouraging everyone around her to get excited about reading. She teaches information literacy and advises the Book Readers Anonymous group at HB. When she is not reading (unthinkable) she bakes delicious desserts, skates with the local roller derby, and enjoys life.

Mrs. Gefert’s training in early childhood education has led to several roles throughout her career, including director of a day care, researcher for a twin study, teacher of gifted preschoolers, and college instructor. She enjoys teaching at HB and she finds each day spent with Primary School students to be a new adventure.

Clichés aside, Mrs. Gladstone always felt at home in the classroom. From her pre-teen days organizing summer camps for neighborhood kids to her graduate days initiating her university’s first outreach summer program for under-served youth to the days she’s worked in HB’s Middle School, the classroom has in fact been her second home.

Ms. Godshall began her journey at HB as the director of Upper School admission. Since that time, she has coached field hockey, taught English, and been the ninth-grade dean. In her current role, she finds herself surrounded and inspired by the wonderful ninth- through 12th-graders who make the Upper School shine.

Not Pictured: Lindsay Fullerman, Upper School Wellness Teacher. See page 29.


Jenna Gordon, MA

Edgar Goshen, AA

Upper School Mathematics Teacher 2011

Transportation 2006

A former college professor who taught 11 different courses in a three-year period, Mrs. Gordon is a sponsor for the national mathematics honor society Mu Alpha Theta at HB. She herself is a member of several mathematics teaching societies, and she’s known for her impeccable style and trademark high-heeled shoes.

Debra Gressel, MFA Upper School Visual Arts Teacher 1999

Art, Mrs. Gressel believes, expands students’ horizons in creative thinking, risk-taking, and innovation. The learning that comes along with personal expression is unparalleled, and hands-on involvement with the creative process can be incredibly therapeutic. For her part, she considers teaching one of many ways to learn. Nature inspires her. 12

Rebecca Graham, MA ¥

Regina Gray

A trusted and reliable member of HB’s transportation team, Mr. Goshen served in the U.S. Army, stationed in Vietnam and Germany after high school. When he returned to the States, he completed his associate’s degree and enjoyed a career at a retail hardware company before he accepted his current position.

With intelligence, wit, and humility, Mme. Graham quietly inspires her students to reach for more within themselves. She’s a Francophile whose passion is contagious, and she reminds girls every day that when you do your best to understand people, you make lifelong friends – and it doesn’t even matter what language they speak.

With so many divisions and programs and ideas and entrepreneurial ventures supported by HB, the business office is a hotbed of activity all year long. At the center of it all is Mrs. Gray, meticulously recording transactions and processing paperwork and finding economical solutions to keep the whole enterprise in good working order.

Siva Grossman, MA

Jason Habig, MA, MEd

Meredith HaleGriffin, MS

Middle School French Teacher 2008

Assistant Director of Broad Horizons & Vacation Camp, Director of Broad Horizons & Summer After-School Expressions Studies, Middle School History Department Coordinator 2001 Chair, Middle School History Teacher, Upper School Speech & Debate Coach 2005

You can always hear Mrs. Grossman coming by the jingling of her keys. An artist and a trained chef who has many roles at HB, her primary responsibility is oversight of a host of camps. She has a special knack for creating an environment that allows children to be children and just have fun.

Mr. Habig loves teaching at HB because the school focuses not just on the final product but also on improving the process through which each student learns. He was inspired to go into teaching by Fr. Larry Ober, S.J., who taught him world history at Saint Ignatius High School in Cleveland.

Purchasing Agent, Accounts Payable 2006

Upper School Wellness Teacher, Sports Performance Coach 2012

A certified strength and conditioning specialist, Mrs. Hale-Griffin was a sport performance coach who helped develop the skills of college student-athletes before she moved to Cleveland. She’s also a respected teacher with deep knowledge about healthy lifestyles, sports nutrition, and exercise physiology, and she brings that insight to the classrooms of HB.

Not Pictured: Sari Gonick, Dining Services; Julie Grazia, Upper School Library Coordinator. See page 29.

Barbara Harris

Julie Harris, BS uu

Infant & Toddler Center Teacher 2002

Early Childhood Teacher, Infant & Toddler Center Closer 2003

For more than a decade, Mrs. Harris has found it incredibly rewarding to care for of all the babies and toddlers at HB. When she is not working at the school, she enjoys reading, taking walks in her neighborhood, and spending time with her family and friends.

A native Clevelander, Mrs. Harris lived in New England for 10 years, where she worked at a boarding school. During her summers there, she became involved with an outdoor education center, and she returns every season with her family. At HB, she teaches the arts, science, and literacy in a playcentered classroom.

Marissa Haverlock, MEd

Renee Hedges, MSE

Early Childhood Teacher 2005

Under Mrs. Haverlock’s guidance, young boys and girls learn and grow and assert themselves in new and important ways every day. She is a talented motivator who helps children acquire independence inside and outside the classroom, while providing them a strong academic foundation. And she always leaves room for having fun.

Learning Specialist 2013

Mrs. Hedges has been a teacher and mental health coach for the last 15 years. Most recently, she created a blended-learning program in a school for at-risk youth. She also has integrated American Sign Language as a teaching modality and foreign language option in the classroom, and she managed an adult group home.

Lori Harris, BS P’15 u

Wayne Hatcher, MA ¥

Always willing to lend a hand, Mrs. Harris makes HB Middle School a special place. Bright, energetic, and thoughtful, she goes out of her way to help students process and understand difficult concepts. A proponent of technology, she is committed to giving girls the tools they need to be engaged learners.

An insightful and inspiring instructor, Mr. Hatcher taught English as a Second Language in Japan and freshman composition at the university level before he joined the English department at HB. He’s often seen happily touring the halls and observing dance classes with his toddler daughter, who has become something of a celebrity in the Upper School.

Middle School Mathematics Teacher, Sixth-Grade Dean 2003

Director of Strnad Fellowship Program, Upper School English Teacher 2007

Carl Hoffman, MA uu Stephanie Hiedemann, MA ¥ Upper School History Teacher 1981 Director of the Center for Civic Engagement, Middle & Upper School Service-Learning Teacher 1996

Through academic service-learning, educational programming, and handson service initiatives, Ms. Hiedemann connects HB students and faculty to Cleveland. She is committed to international social justice and she leads an annual trip to Latin America. At HB, she has taught history and community-based learning courses to Middle and Upper School students.

Not Pictured: Marlo Henderson, Administrative Assistant, Early Childhood & Primary School Office. See page 29.

HB - along with his church, his family, and the Green Bay Packers - is one of the four pillars of Mr. Hoffman’s life. In fact, he even met his wife here. He’s constantly scribbling in his trademark notebook, which is stuffed with souvenirs and memories he’s collected in the classroom and beyond through the years.


Sheri Homany, BS P’08,’17 u Upper School Science Department Chair, Upper School Science Teacher, Director of Senior Projects 1997

Ron Hovan, MA Upper School Mathematics Teacher 2011

Elaine Hu, MEd P’15 Upper School Chinese Teacher 2007

Valerie Hughes, MBA Associate Head for Finance & Administration 1998

HB’s dynamic, rich learning community inspires Mrs. Homany. The recipient of the inaugural National Association of Biology Teachers award for promoting young women in science, she constantly develops new labs and activities for her students. She’s a marathon runner and a birder, and she writes questions for the College Board’s AP Biology exam.

Students like to laugh and joke with Mr. Hovan because he’s so friendly and such a good sport. His warm demeanor makes it easy for girls to ask clarifying questions about difficult concepts covered in their math textbooks, and his enthusiasm for the subject matter inspires them to want to learn more.

Ms. Hu was born in Beijing, China, and grew up during the Chinese cultural revolution. She was inspired by her middle school and high school teachers to pursue a teaching career, and she believes that educating other people is “nothing less than the most profound undertaking in life.”

With a keen mind for numbers, Ms. Hughes has the uncanny ability to keep track of the smallest details without losing sight of the big picture. During her tenure at HB, the school has undergone massive physical transformations. She helps facilitate the organization’s continual growth in measured, prudent, and sustainable ways.

Patty Hunt, MS

Lisa Jahnke, BA P’10

Claudia Jasbon, MD, MA

Gerri Jeffrey, BSBA, PHR

Kindergarten Teacher 1997

Upper School Spanish Teacher 2013

Director of Human Resources & Payroll 2012

Mrs. Jahnke has spent her career working with some of HB’s youngest learners. She values the connections she has made with her students through the years and she loves to run into them in the hallways so she can reminisce and discover all the exciting new horizons they’ve encountered since they left her classroom.

A native of Colombia with a strong background in Hispanic history, language, and culture, Sra. Jasbon holds a degree in ophthalmology and she practiced for several years in Bogota. Before joining the world languages team at HB, she worked as a language tutor and taught at the university level.

A well-rounded professional at every stage, Mrs. Jeffrey has held positions as an HR generalist, staffing coordinator, HR manager, strategic business partner, vice president of organizational development, and director of human resources. Before assuming her role in HB’s business office, she worked in the manufacturing industry and for nonprofit organizations.

Kettering Fund Chair for Student Research, Director of the Science Research & Engineering Program 1994

For her leadership of HB’s signature SREP, Mrs. Hunt was named one of the “Top 20 Teachers in the US” by USA Today, and her work with girls in STEM has been honored by both the Siemens Foundation and the Society for Science and the Public. Since 1998, she has guided more than 500 students through her program.


Shelley Johns

Sarah Johnston, MA ¥

Barry Kallmeyer, MEd uu

Associate Head for Enrollment Management, Sophomore Class Dean 1999

Director of Academic Technology, Director of the Worldwide Comm. Center, Coordinator of Middle School Systems 1997

Working with data always has appealed to Mrs. Johns. She began her career with her own data management business, serving clients in Ohio, Michigan, and Texas. She also was an instructor at a small dental/ medical school and a data manager at a local market research company before she came to HB.

Independent schools have always been a major part of Mrs. Johnston’s life. She received her own education at an independent school, and she worked at two others before taking a position in HB’s admission office. A mentor, advisor, coach, and child of a professor and college administrator, she is right at home in an academic setting.

As technology continues to weave its way into the educational fabric of HB, Mr. Kallmeyer enthusiastically embraces all the opportunities it brings. He is passionate about media creation, and he works tirelessly to support students and faculty with the wide array of academic and digital media projects dreamed up each day.

Grace Kattan, BSBA P’16,’25

Denise Keary, MEd, EdS

Julie KerriganEttorre, BS uu

Pre-Kindergarten & Middle School Spanish & French Teacher 2012

Director of Physical Education, Physical Education Teacher, Head Coach Middle School Volleyball 1999

Director of Middle School Athletics, Director of Developmental Programs, Physical Education Teacher 1981

Director of Infant & Toddler Center 2000

Fueled by a love of language, Sra. Kattan is thrilled to share her interest with girls at HB by teaching them the beginning levels of Spanish and French. After college, she lived for a year in Bordeaux, France. She also holds a business degree and she was an auditor before becoming a teacher.

Throughout Ms. Keary’s HB tenure, she has coached Middle School basketball and softball, along with developmental and summer volleyball camps and clinics. She also has coordinated the school’s annual Carnival 5K charity race, initiated breast cancer and heart health awareness campaigns, and developed a peer health education program with East End Neighborhood House.

Passionate about girls’ education and learning through movement, Mrs. Kerrigan-Ettorre has been teaching physical education for more than three decades. At HB, she also has coached volleyball, gymnastics, soccer, field hockey, basketball, softball, and lacrosse. She inspires her students to move and she promotes the infinite growth possibilities that are born of trying.

Mrs. Keske began her HB career as a teacher in the school’s Early Childhood program. Recently, she expanded her responsibilities and assumed her current position in the burgeoning Infant & Toddler Center. She travels the country to discover best practices in the field, and she continually enhances and refines the center’s offerings.

Admission Database Manager 2006

Barbara Kamen, BS Infant & Toddler Center Teacher 2011

HB has a famous trolley that makes frequent trips through the halls: an extra-large stroller that accommodates three toddlers. Ms. Kamen often serves as the conductor for this sensational mode of transport – taking her young charges on exciting tours to soak up the fabulous sights and sounds of campus.

Dawn Keske, MA


Carol Kolar

Adam Kollin, MEd ¥

Technology Intern 2012

Becky Kline, JD, MEd

Dining Services 2001

Upper School Latin Teacher 2011

An important part of HB’s information technology team, Mr. Kitko assists in the maintenance of the technical, network, and database systems that are used across campus. He also helps to troubleshoot issues, supports hardware and software needs, and responds to any user requests that may arise.

Holding both a graduate degree in education and a law degree, Ms. Kline spent several years successfully transitioning from the practice of law into the teaching profession. Before she accepted a full-time position at HB, she taught at a local Montessori school and she served as a long-term substitute in our Primary School.

It’s no wonder that HB’s fabulous dining services team consistently is awarded the highest ratings for food and physical safety. Ms. Kolar does a remarkable job keeping the cafeteria and other spaces neat, tidy, and well stocked. The attention to detail she shares with her coworkers adds to an already terrific dining experience.

An engaging instructor who has taught Latin at all levels, Mr. Kollin also enjoys exploring archaeological sites of the ancient world - which he did most recently during a visit to Turkey. He’s also an HB parent who loves the times when he looks out his classroom door to see his young daughter toddling around campus.

Paul Korney

Molly Krist, MEd P’18,’21

Kristin Kuhn, BA

Kate LaMantia ’00, MEd

Sal Kitko

Plant Operations 2007

Always helpful, most often Mr. Korney can be seen outside at HB, cutting the grass, trimming the edging, or keeping the sidewalks and driveways clear. In the summer months, he also works closely with the other members of his team to reconfigure spaces and prep classrooms for each new school year.


First-Grade Teacher 2011

Upper School History Department Chair, Upper School History Teacher 2010

Now a history teacher in HB’s Upper School, Mrs. Krist began her professional life by working for a decade in real estate. A seasoned traveler, she has spent time in Italy, Greece, China, France, and England. She’s outgoing and fun, and she’s a big believer in family game night.


Director of Early Childhood & Primary School Admission 2009

In her summers during college and beyond, Mrs. Kuhn taught sailing to teenagers in an adventure-learning program in the Caribbean, and worked her way up from mate to sailing director. After she earned her degree in history and education, she lived in Nong Khai, Thailand, where she taught English to elementary and high school students.

Regional Director of Advancement for the Northeast 2012

Based in Boston, Ms. LaMantia has been blazing new trails for HB, traveling and overseeing the school’s alumnae network from Maine to Washington, D.C. An HB graduate, former Senate president, and Honor Girl award recipient, she still can recall most of the lyrics to the songs she sang at Middle School hootenannies.

Emily Lantsman, MEd

Taylor Marcus Laurer ’04, BSBA

Carole Lechleitner, MEd

Matt Lechleitner, MS

Director of Annual Giving 2012

Early Childhood & Primary School Technology Coordinator 1995

Computer Technology Specialist 2002

Ms. Lantsman grew up in Scarsdale, New York, and attended college in northwest Massachusetts. She moved to Boston for graduate school and stayed in New England to teach in charter and public schools there. A newly minted Midwesterner, she brings great perspective to the math and science departments at HB.

An athlete devoted to Cleveland sports, Mrs. Laurer directed the client experience team for the sales department of the Cleveland Cavaliers before she returned to her alma mater. In her role with the advancement office, she works with HB alumnae and parents to raise philanthropic funds that support all aspects of the school.

Using iPad programming apps as well as LEGO NXT robots and WeDo computer programs, Mrs. Lechleitner finds fun and creative ways to introduce girls to - and develop their interest in - programming and robotics. She loves working with teachers and students to appropriately and innovatively integrate iPads and computers in the classroom.

As HB’s computer tech, Mr. Lechleitner is the technology doctor who fixes computer hardware and software problems. Rarely does he use a carpenter’s hammer or large screwdrivers, but he will go to any length to fix a computer. He’s a retired Navy commander who also worked as a manufacturing manager for a number of years.

Ringo Chung-Wai Lee, BE

Therese Lee

Susan Levitan, MAT

Sandrine LhometSchmitz, MA ¥ ¥

Middle School English Teacher, Eighth-Grade Dean 1980

Upper School French Teacher 2010

It was her grandmother’s influence that led Ms. Levitan to a career as an HB English teacher. A prolific writer who published more than 100 children’s books, Anne Terry White read to her granddaughter from the time she was an infant until she became an adult, teaching her how to imagine, craft, and edit stories.

Born and raised in France, Mme. Lhomet-Schmitz has been a teacher for more than a decade. She worked as a teaching assistant at the university level, and she has taught English as a Second Language at a regional community college. She thoroughly enjoys interacting with the diverse array of dynamic people who call HB home.

Upper School Mathematics Teacher, Upper School Physics Teacher 2013

Dining Services, Transportation 1997

Hardworking and a consummate professional, Mr. Lee is a familiar face at HB. In addition to transporting students to and from school, sporting events, and field trips, he also is a valued member of the dining services team. He enthusiastically supports the HB community in a number of ways.

Dining Services 1998

A master artist, Mrs. Lee creates beautiful and intricate origami swans of all sizes that grace many desks and display cases across campus. Recently, she crafted and donated an entire flock of the beautiful paper birds to raise funds for the HB Orchestra to travel to her native Hong Kong.


Shannon Liber ’88, MA

Morgan Locsei, MEd

Julie Lozon ’07, BA

Lisa Lurie, MEd

Administrative Assistant for Athletics, Head Coach JV Basketball, Assistant Coach Varsity Softball, Assistant Coach Varsity A Tennis 2011

Counselor 2000

Director of Adventure Learning, Physical Education Teacher, Head Coach Middle School A Basketball 2006

Middle School Mathematics Teacher 2010

In addition to working with students in all divisions as a physical education teacher, Ms. Liber also teaches adventure learning to Middle and Upper School girls. She has overseen AL trips to the New River Gorge in West Virginia, and the Hocking Hills in Ohio, and she’s even taken students climbing throughout Peru.

Before she joined the staff, Ms. Locsei already had HB connections. Her high school senior project was conducted in Nancy Gladstone’s fifth-grade classroom, and she was an Aspire teacher for two summers during college. She instills in girls a love of math as they add to her growing collection of rubber ducks.

An accomplished athlete and sports enthusiast, Ms. Lozon is a vital member of HB’s athletics program. She assists in scheduling games and practices for the school’s varsity and junior varsity teams, and she coaches three sports herself. With boundless energy and enthusiasm for the Blazers, she encourages student-athletes to work hard and have fun.

As an HB counselor, Ms. Lurie helps girls to develop not only their intellectual identities but also to look inward and develop their character. She motivates students to find the best in themselves and assists them as they prepare to face their futures with courage and confidence.

Natalie Manzanares, MA ¥

Michele Matras, ICASI

Middle School Spanish Teacher 2009

Dining Services 2010

After many voyages abroad and an exciting study of Latin American literature and Spanish linguistics in graduate school, Sra. Manzanares has enjoyed sharing her love of the Spanish language, literature, and culture with HB students. She is committed to celebrating the diversity of our school community and fostering a caring and inclusive environment.

Pastries are Ms. Matras’ specialty. Anyone who’s attended an HBcatered event most likely has either sampled or admired her handiwork. As beautiful as they are tasty, her cookies, cakes, and other treats are a wonderful part of any buffet. And all that she asks in return for her efforts is to see people smile.

Paul Maes, MEd

Rosie Maes, BS

Linda K. Vaughan 1956 Chair for the Athletic Director, Director of Athletics 2011

Early Childhood Teacher 2012

A former professional athlete, Mr. Maes played basketball in England, New Zealand, and France. Known as the “Shot Doctor,” he continues to be active in the international basketball scene. Through HB athletics programs, he helps girls challenge themselves to take their talents to the highest level of personal and team performance possible.

Having relocated to Cleveland from her native Denver, Ms. Maes was honored to begin her teaching career at HB. Working with children has always been her passion, and she is amazed at how much she learns from preschoolers each day. She helps boys and girls explore the world through literacy, music, and imaginative play.


Not Pictured: Kathy Maimone, Director of Network Technology. See page 29.

Diana McBeath, MS P’15

Chelsea McCallum, BME

Joanne McConville, BS

Terry McCue, EdD P’10

Upper School Science Teacher 2010

Primary School Music Teacher 2012

Kindergarten Teacher 1989

Assistant Head of School, Director of College Counseling 2003

Holding national board certification in adolescent and young adulthood science, and a lead professional educator’s license, Mrs. McBeath has been a high school science teacher for more than 25 years. During that time she has taught all levels of biology. Outside of the classroom she enjoys reading, solving puzzles, and taking nature walks.

A dedicated practitioner of the Orff Schulwerk philosophy of teaching music, Ms. McCallum is the newsletter chair for the Orff society’s Greater Cleveland chapter. She has completed Orff Level II training, and she’s certified to teach music play in music learning theory. At HB, she and her students enjoy experimenting with recorders and other instruments.

One of the founding teachers of HB’s program for 3-year-olds, Mrs. McConville also has taught specialeducation, pre-K, and kindergarten students. She is the coauthor of three books for Early Childhood teachers, and she’s a past recipient of the Anne Cutter Coburn Chair for Excellence in Teaching.

International education and college admissions work have been the focus of Dr. McCue’s career. She worked for the Japanese government as a Mombusho English Fellow for three years and she won a Fulbright scholarship to Germany. Before she joined the school’s college counseling office, she designed the Global Scholars program at HB.

Torrey McMillan ’90, MS

Ashley Medve, BS

Jamie Morse, BFA P’99,’03

Emily Mount, MSEd

Visual Arts Department Chair, Upper School Art Teacher 1983

Early Childhood Teacher 2013

Prior to his career at HB, Mr. Morse worked for several years in the antiques business - buying, selling, and appraising. He still loves to show off when he watches “Antiques Roadshow,” since he usually knows each item and its value without missing a beat. He’s an awardwinning painter whose work is shown nationally.

A wonderful asset to the Early Childhood program, Mrs. Mount says she’s excited to continue her education career at HB. She particularly enjoys teaching writing and math and works to embed these subjects within her classroom’s playbased curriculum. Fluent in Italian, she spent time studying in Rome during college.

Director of the Center for Sustainability 2011

An HB alumna, Ms. McMillan co-founded the Upper School environmental club, “The Lorax,” along with the school’s recycling program. Now back at her alma mater, she leads school sustainability initiatives, helping to weave principles and practices – including issues of economics, the environment, social equity, and human wellness – into the curriculum, culture and operations.

Aspire Administrative Assistant, Assistant Coach Middle School Swimming 2013

New to the Aspire program, Mrs. Medve already has helped facilitate one successful summer session. For more than 10 years, Aspire and its trademark butterfly have connected HB with under-resourced public schools around Cleveland. Students with leadership potential are mentored by a dedicated group of high school and college students refining their own teaching talent.

Not Pictured: Mark McConville, Consulting Psychologist; Cory Medina, Dining Services; Marcia Merritt, Assistant Director of the Annual Fund. See page 29.


Jim Niederst

Jamie Mueller, MA

Debbie Musso P’14

Upper School English Teacher 2006

Infant & Toddler Center Teacher 2005

By fourth grade, Mrs. Mueller knew she wanted to be an English teacher, and by sixth grade - when she had her father as her teacher - she knew she wanted to write. The years she’s spent in the classroom at HB have consistently confirmed that those early instincts were correct.

A favorite among little ones, Mrs. Musso is one of the many reasons that HB’s Infant & Toddler Center is such a busy and happy place. She loves to bring HB’s youngest learners outside to run, jump, play, and explore the campus when the sun is shining.

Ms. Kasubick has always been a Middle School teacher. She has a passion for history, especially East Asian studies and anything related to the Cold War. In addition to her commitment teaching seventh-grade girls, she loves photography and she shares her skill and creativity with students in the classroom.

It’s always fun to hitch a ride with Mr. Niederst. He knows all of Cleveland’s highways and byways by heart and he’s an excellent conversationalist who keeps his passengers enlightened and entertained. He travels all across the region, safely delivering HB students to hundreds of destinations.

Karen Oberholtz, BA

Kathleen Osborne, BS P’18,’20

Scott Parsons, MAT P’18,’19

Liz Patterson, MD, MS P’06,’11

Director of Communication & Outreach 2008

Director of the Osborne Writing Center, Upper School English Teacher 2011

Middle School Mathematics Department Chair, Middle School Mathematics Teacher 2005

One of Ms. Osborne’s major responsibilities at HB is editing the school’s magazine. Her varied career has included positions as a mental health worker in the psychiatric intensive care unit of an inner-city hospital, as a customer service trainer for an insurance company, and as a police and education beat reporter for a daily newspaper.

Mr. Parsons lives to read books, surround himself with books about books, write about books, and watch movie adaptations of books; and a friendship with him feels somewhat like signing on for a lifetime, relentless membership in a book group. He’s also a published author who has presented at numerous state and national conferences.

When her tenure as co-director of the introductory clinical medicine program at an area medical school was completed, Dr. Patterson moved into a Middle School math classroom at HB. As a teacher, a mother, and a graduate, she understands and has felt firsthand the benefits of an allgirls’ independent school education.

Upper School Office Administrative Assistant 1985

After a stint in marketing and public relations, Ms. Oberholtz joined HB and spent the last three decades working in the Upper School office. Through many changes in locations and directors, she has loved watching the division thrive - growing from graduating classes of 30 to 40 students to classes that now number in the 80s and 90s. 20

Bridgette NadzamKasubick, MEd P’23 ¥ Middle School History Teacher, Seventh-Grade Dean 2004

Transportation 2009

Not Pictured: Rose Ann Paradise, Dining Services. See page 29.

Technical Director 2008

Felicia Philpot, CCL P’07

Mary-Scott Pietrafese, MEd ¥¥

Dining Services 1998

Early Childhood Teacher 2004

It was during her sophomore year of high school that Ms. Patton first became interested in teaching physics. She started at HB as the Summer Studies chemistry teacher, and she began teaching full time in the Upper School science department shortly thereafter. Committed to physics education, she has served on several advocacy boards.

Throughout his career, Mr. Peck has worked as a technical director, a production manager, a stage manager, a sound, lighting and scenic designer, and a properties master. He’s been stationed in locales including New York City, Chicago, Seattle, and Dallas, helping to stage classical plays as well as experimental shows and world premieres.

Besides being an important contributor to HB’s daily lunch service, Ms. Philpot also is the chief facilitator for meals served outside the dining hall during meetings, luncheon presentations, and other events. She’s often seen cheerily pushing “Fifi’s Cart” through the halls. The vibrantly bedecked buffet on wheels is always stocked with delicious provisions.

Mrs. Pietrafese has been an Early Childhood educator for a dozen years and she’s spent more than a decade in the classrooms at HB. She is a mother of two children who are currently enrolled in the school’s EC program. She enjoys being outside and spending time with her family.

Kim Ponsky ’98, BA

Carmen Ptacek, BA P’21,’26 u

Kevin Purpura, BS P’15 u

Mary Rainsberger, BA, CFRE

Adventure Learning Teacher, Physical Education Teacher, Head Coach Varsity Soccer 2003

Director of the Center for Business & Finance, Upper School History Teacher, Upper School Economics Teacher 2001

Director of Advancement 2000

Passionate about sports and the outdoors, Mrs. Ptacek always can be spotted on the athletic fields or in the Courtland Woods near HB’s ropes course. Her favorite teaching moments come during the climbing phases of the adventure learning curriculum when students attempt the elements known as the Dangle Duo or the Volleyball Punch.

A licensed stock broker/trader, in addition to teaching in U.S. high schools, Mr. Purpura once spent two years overseas teaching students in the Republic of Singapore. Although he enjoyed the work he did in the finance industry during a brief hiatus from education, he quickly realized that teaching was his calling.

Having begun her HB career overseeing the school’s annual fund, Mrs. Rainsberger also served as director of gift planning before accepting her current position. She is a fearless and imaginative fundraiser who loves HB, and has excellent relationships with the school’s many generous supporters who live here in Cleveland and around the country.

Mary Kay Patton, BS

Robert Peck

Upper School Science Teacher 1997

Upper School Art Teacher, Upper School Photography Teacher 2009

A well-known and highly regarded children’s photographer, Ms. Ponsky also beautifully captures images for bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, and corporate clients through candid portraits. She was an HB student when she first learned about photography, and she fell in love with the art form. She constantly is learning new things and improving her craft.


Kathryn Redfern, BA

Shelby Reesing, BS

Erin Reid, BA

Tina Reifsnyder, BA

Upper School Spanish Teacher 2013

Primary School Mathematics Specialist 2011

Advancement Coordinator 2011

Admission Coordinator 2005

Sra. Redfern always has enjoyed language studies, and she hopes to instill the same passion in her students. She studied abroad for six months at the University of Salamanca, in Spain. She likes to travel whenever she has the opportunity, and she recently participated in a medical mission trip to Santo Tomás, Peru.

Before she moved to Cleveland from San Diego, Mrs. Reesing was an elementary school teacher for 10 years. She spends most of her free time cheering on her two sons at their sporting events. Her entire family loves living in Northeast Ohio, where they enjoy the change of seasons.

Having earned a degree in business marketing and management, Ms. Reid worked for seven years in the financial development office of a large nonprofit agency. She was drawn to HB by a desire to return to an educational environment, as she had enjoyed the time she spent working in her college’s development office as an undergrad.

The opportunity to join the HB community in an administrative role was one Mrs. Reifsnyder could not turn down, and she decided to move out of the classroom and into the world of admission. The biggest perk of her job is being able to work with families from the point of inquiry through enrollment and beyond.

Erin Roberts, MA

Karin RobertsRedmond, AA

Carrie Rodusky, BSEd

Peter Rudolph

Early Childhood Teacher 2013

Transportation 2009

She started at HB as a substitute teacher in the Early Childhood and Primary School classrooms, and now Mrs. Rodusky is happy to be a permanent part of the academic team. She loves to collaborate with her colleagues,exploring literacy and developing and encouraging the creativity of young children.

A stellar member of HB’s transportation department, Mr. Rudolph takes pride in his work as a bus driver and he truly enjoys working with teachers and students and getting them where they need to be. In his spare time, he likes to play golf and watch basketball.

Kindergarten Teacher 2011

Student Billing, Administrative Assistant to the Associate Head for Finance & Administration 1991

Brightening the classroom and the halls of HB with her colorful and fun fashion sense, Ms. Roberts has spent her entire teaching career here. She joined the Primary School as a student teacher, and then spent time as an assistant teacher in the first grade. She’s also a former artist-in-residence in dance for the Tiffin, Ohio, schools.


Responsible for a number of areas surrounding HB’s business office and reaching into general school operations, Mrs. Roberts-Redmond wears a number of hats. Among other things, she oversees student billing and receivables, coordinates all school phone systems, schedules fire drills, orders general office supplies, answers the switchboard, and greets school visitors at the main reception desk.

Not Pictured: Eva Rosbach, Early Childhood & Primary School Receptionist. See page 29.

Sue Sadler, MA P’03

Allison Schumaker, BS

Sarah Schwab, BA

Louise Scott, BA P’21

Early Childhood Music Teacher 2013

World Languages Department Chair, Upper School Spanish Teacher 2006

Director of Advancement Information Services 2010

Ms. Sadler embraces each day with optimism and pride in all that HB has to offer. A former math and science teacher, she was fifth-grade dean, Middle School math department chair, and Middle School director before taking on her current role. She loves the school and is dedicated to girls’ education.

In college, Ms. Schumaker was an intern with the outreach department’s Early Childhood music play program, a subject after her own heart. At the same time, she was fortunate to sing in the festival choir for two Bach festivals. She is a parish cantor and she plans to continue her professional development throughout her HB career.

While living for a year in China as a child, HB Spanish teacher Sra. Schwab discovered a fascination for language and culture. After returning to the States and her home in Illinois, she began to study Spanish which served to fuel her passion. During college, she spent time studying in Costa Rica.

Mrs. Scott worked for 24 years as a college director of advancement services before she came to HB. A whiz with data who has a knack for finding innovative ways to curate information and chart trends, she is proud to come to school every day with her daughter, who is a student in the Middle School.

Camille Lipford Seals ’02, MA

Libby Seidel ’03, MA Upper School History Teacher, Assistant Coach Middle School Swimming 2011

Janine Sekulich, MA

Middle School History Teacher, Assistant Coach Varsity Track & Field, Assistant Coach Middle School A Basketball 2011

Koyen Shah, MA P’21 u

Director of the Center for Leadership & Well-Being, Aspire Founding Director 1998

A grateful recipient of her own HB education, Mrs. Seals delights in watching the inevitable metamorphosis happen to girls across Greater Cleveland through their participation in Aspire. The tuitionfree academic and leadership program benefits high-achieving girls who are limited in opportunity because of low family income and lack of exposure to higher education.

Graduated from HB, Ms. Seidel returned to her alma mater for four summers to teach in the Aspire program before she joined the staff here. As a college student, she double-majored in political science and education, and she earned a grades 8-12 history teacher certificate. Outside the classroom, she coaches Middle School athletics.

Ms. Sekulich has been privileged to teach in several diverse and established schools across the United States. In Littleton, Colorado, she was named reading teacher of the year. In Los Altos Hills, California, her tech challenge students placed third in a Silicon Valley competition. At HB, she established the Bounding Blazers fifth- and sixth-grade running club.

In her role at HB, Mrs. Shah focuses on initiatives that encourage girls to spend time reflecting and thinking about what it takes to be well and lead well in today’s complex world. She works in collaboration with schools around the country to identify resources that make leadership work more accessible to girls.

Associate Head of School, Director of Upper School 1987

Martine Vilas Conway 1949 Chair for Aspire, Program Director for Aspire, Interim Director of the Center for Multicultural Affairs, Diversity Coordinator 2010



Judy Silverstein, BA Upper School Mathematics Teacher 1998

Linda SimonMietus, MA P’15 Middle & Upper School Orchestra Director, Middle & Upper School Orchestra Teacher 2004

Mary Sloan, BS

Megan Sloan

Early Childhood Teacher 2013

Infant & Toddler Center Teacher 2011

For more than 15 years, Mrs. Silverstein has taught geometry classes in HB’s Upper School. She grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and has two married daughters and four young grandsons. When she’s not scouring classic geometry textbooks for intriguing problems to share in class, she enjoys calligraphy and working on 1,500-piece jigsaw puzzles.

A former international musician, Mrs. Simon-Mietus played in the Hong Kong Philharmonic, was music director of the Hong Kong International School, and was the founder and conductor of the Hong Kong International Youth Orchestra. She joined HB with the goal of building a high quality and extremely rewarding instrumental music program.

Mrs. Sloan began her teaching career in Florida, teaching severely emotionally handicapped children. She later moved to Philadelphia and taught students with brain injuries. She spent time as a sixth-grade teacher in Delaware as well, before she took a hiatus to raise her children. At HB, she’s enjoying being back in the classroom.

Being a teacher for the older toddlers at HB is an experience that Ms. Sloan finds invaluable. She spends her days teaching and learning from the children in the Infant & Toddler Center, and she spends her evenings studying at a local college, working toward a degree in Early Childhood education.

Grayland Smith

Colleen Sommerfeld, MEd

Deb Southard, MM

Don Southard, MEd

Middle School Performing Arts Department Chair, Middle School Music Teacher 1982

Upper School Science Teacher, Senior Class Dean 1981

Mrs. Southard’s goal is to find a song for every occasion - and she knows a whole lot of songs. Together with her trusty guitar, Morgan, she teaches music classes, conducts guitar and recorder ensembles, directs the fabulous Middle School chorus, leads hootenannies, and directs the annual eighth-grade musical.

Those moments in the classroom when a concept clicks or a student learns a new skill and she looks up with that “a-ha” look on her face – those are Mr. Southard’s favorite moments of all. He considers HB a great professional environment because of the fun, interesting, wonderful, dedicated students he gets to teach each day.

Dining Services 2010

Associate Director of Upper School Admission 2010

Mr. Smith is one of the people who help keep HB’s lunch service running smoothly. With more than 1,000 delicious and nutritious meals served up to faculty, staff, and students every day, it makes a big difference that he’s always on hand to pitch in.


She worked in college admission for several years, and now Mrs. Sommerfeld is pleased to be part of the HB team. Along with assisting prospective families through the decision-making process, she also works closely with Upper School members of the Gold Key Club, the school’s ambassador program.

Not Pictured: Matthew Skitzki, Staff Accompanist; Lauren Sloan, Infant & Toddler Center Teacher; Joanna Smith, Early Childhood & Primary School Traffic Liaison. See page 30.

Jill Spano, MS

Carol Sphar, BS

Karen St. Amour, MA

Chris Staats, BA

Upper School Science Teacher 2010

Primary School Visual Arts Teacher 2003

Primary School Learning Specialist 1999

Transportation 2009

During the years she’s spent at HB, Mrs. Spano has had many responsibilities. She has worked in both the Middle and Upper schools, she’s been sixth-grade dean, and directed the summer Superstart program. Most passionate about environmental science, she enjoys anything that connects students with the world that surrounds them.

An arts educator and studio artist for 35 years, Ms. Sphar believes art is a universal language that even the youngest students can understand. She encourages creative thinking, promotes exploration of materials, and helps students find their individual artistic voices. She’s raised three puppy guide dogs that have grown up in the classrooms of HB.

She began her career as a fourthgrade teacher, but Mrs. St. Amour found her true passion was working with dyslexics, seeing a new world open up for them as they learned to read and realize they were bright, gifted students. She was in private practice for several years before she joined HB.

Every year, the amazing transportation team delivers students safely to and from school, and to a wide array of field trip destinations and sporting events. With students hailing from 78 different Northeast Ohio communities, HB wouldn’t be as accessible without the support of Mr. Staats and his colleagues.

Kathleen Stefanski, BS

Kelly Stepnowsky, MEd ¥¥

Jennifer Stevenson, MS, EdS P’24

Jennifer Stilson, BS

Second-Grade Teacher 2008

Director of Department of Learning Services, Coordinator for the Center for Family Support, School Psychologist 2010

Originally from Medina, Ohio, Mrs. Stepnowsky worked in schools across New England before she moved back to the Greater Cleveland area and joined HB. She has been an elementary reading specialist and she has taught in charter and private schools. She loves to play and coach soccer – especially with her own children.

The wealth of experience Ms. Stevenson amassed as a school psychologist in diverse districts from Southern Ohio to New York City helped prepare her for her K-12 role at HB. She is charged with coordinating support services with the school’s learning specialists, developing accommodation plans, and consulting with academic teams on students’ behalf.

Infant & Toddler Center Teacher 2013

A new member of HB’s well-rounded Infant & Toddler Center staff, Mrs. Stefanski holds an undergraduate degree in education. Before she joined the team here, she spent time teaching special-education classes in a public school setting, and she offered her services as a tutor for schoolchildren.

Not pictured: Claudella Stewart, Dining Services. See page 30.

Fourth-Grade Teacher 2012

From the time she entered kindergarten, Mrs. Stilson knew she wanted to be a teacher. She earned an education degree and taught for several years before taking a break to raise her children. When her fourth child was in first grade, she decided to return to the classroom, and HB was the perfect match.


Second-Grade Teacher, Assistant Coach Varsity Lacrosse 2008

Upper School English Teacher 2013

Executive Assistant to the Head of School 1979

Mary Toth

Jennifer Tramer, MSSA

A Cleveland west sider by birth, Mrs. Strachan officially converted to an east sider when she became part of the HB community. She spent one year as the first-grade assistant teacher and moved to second grade the next year. She’s been there ever since. On the field, she’s assistant coach for varsity lacrosse.

Now a member of HB’s Upper School English department, Ms. Thayer holds a master’s degree in creative writing. She taught English at the college level and she formerly served as assistant to the director of The LIT, Cleveland’s literary center. She’s also a published short-story author and journalist.

Extremely organized, knowledgeable, and helpful, Mrs. Toth has deep institutional knowledge. She’s been at HB for 35 years, keeping the Head of School’s office running smoothly for 27. She enjoys working with Mr. Christ so much that she even had a miniature bobble-head desk ornament made in his likeness.

A “lifer” at another area independent school, Mrs. Tramer earned six varsity letters in college – three in field hockey and three in lacrosse – along with a degree in psychology. After graduate school, she worked many years with young adults, coaching at several schools, giving college interviews, and serving as a dean of student life.

Nicky Trebec, BS

Nicole Trombetta, MS

Middle School Science Teacher, Assistant Coach Middle School Volleyball 2010

Middle School Science Department Chair, Middle School Science Teacher 2003

Stefanie Tuma, ICASI

Megan Ullom, MAT P’23

Director of Dining Services 2013

Manager of Advancement Administration, Board Liaison 2012

Recently having moved from the HB pool – where she was aquatics director – to the Middle School classroom, Ms. Trebec is thrilled to be part of the sixth-grade team. She holds a degree in zoology and she enjoys being outdoors, playing any sport that gets her heart pumping.

Ms. Trombetta’s eighth-grade science class provides students with an introduction to physics and the opportunity to solve engineering problems through hands-on challenges. She also mentors the Upper School’s FIRST Robotics Team 2399, the Fighting Unicorns. She is a past recipient of SAE International’s award for teaching excellence.

HB has a new food-service provider, AVI Foodsystems of Warren, Ohio, and the company’s team on campus is headed by Mrs. Tuma. She is a culinaryschool graduate who completed her internship at a restaurant in Cleveland’s Flats district. In the past, she has overseen food service for an entire public school system.

Dedicating her time to working with the board of trustees, writing stewardship reports for donors, and planning special events, Mrs. Ullom truly enjoys being a member of the HB community. She formerly worked in a K-8 school in Nashville, where she learned how wonderful it is to be a part of an educational institution.

Irene Strachan, MEd


Toni Thayer, MFA

Assistant Director of College Counseling, Assistant Coach Varsity Field Hockey 2012

Not pictured: Deborah Tellep, Infant & Toddler Center Teacher; Samantha Tulisiak, Infant & Toddler Center Teacher. See page 30.

Renee King Van de Motter ’88, MS Middle School Mathematics Teacher 2009

Stacey Vayo, BS Director of Aquatics Programming, Head Coach Middle School Swimming 2013

Returning to HB to teach mathematics, Mrs. Van de Motter brings enormous insight and wonderful exuberance to the Middle School. She never really lost touch with her alma mater, having served for quite some time as a math tutor for students here and in other area schools.

With broad experience in the world of swimming and aquatics-center management, Ms. Vayo is a terrific asset to HB’s athletic administration team. She holds a degree in Middle School education and she served as the director of a large regional aquatics facility that drew a wide range of enthusiasts.

Marie Walsh, BA

Emily Wanders, MEd ¥¥

Upper School Mathematics Teacher 2010

Starting out in information technology as a project manager, Ms. Walsh is now enjoying her second career as a teacher. In her previous education experience, she launched an engineering program for high school girls, and she coached volleyball for many years. She loves what HB has to offer: something for everyone.

Courtney Visioni, MA¥¥ Associate Director of College Counseling 2008

HB has been a fantastic home for Mrs. Visioni. A vital member of the college counseling administration who holds a master’s degree in counseling, she says that partnering with Upper School girls and their families in the college process has been the most rewarding professional experience of her career.

Joe Vogel, MEd Director of the Center for Global Citizenship, Upper School History Teacher 2004

Having studied political science, Mr. Vogel served as an administrator in Ohio’s Summit County Prosecutor’s Office, and as the assistant to the Lt. Governor of Ohio before he became a teacher. He boasts an extensive international résumé and has traveled throughout more than 60 countries. He also owns a farm in Virginia.

Laura Main Tori Weisberg, MEd Webster ’91, MA P’21 u Early Childhood Teacher 2010

Third-Grade Teacher 2010

Upper School Choral Director, Music Teacher, Primary School Diversity Liaison 1998

Mrs. Wanders truly takes HB’s school motto to heart. Devoted to lifelong learning herself, she knew that she wanted to become a teacher by the time she was in third grade. She has been stationed in second- and thirdgrade classrooms throughout her career, and she’s married to a teacher, too.

On top of all the wonderful musicality she brings to HB, Mrs. Webster also is a college movement teacher. She has co-directed a regional children’s music ensemble, and she has presented workshops throughout Ohio and across the country. She directs a parish choir, and performs regularly as a vocalist in Greater Cleveland.

Having grown up with a father in the U.S. Navy, Mrs. Weisberg always has enjoyed traveling and making new discoveries. As a 3-year-old, she lived in Japan, attending traditional Japanese preschool and becoming fluent in Japanese. At HB, she teaches a class called “New Faces, New Places,” which introduces students to global cultures.


Kristen Wise, MEd ¥

David Williams

Judy Wilson, BSN

Kelly Wilson, MEd P’07

Don’t challenge Mr. Williams to a dance-off. That is, unless you like losing. A spirited, talented, fun-loving member of the dining services team, he brightens up the cafeteria. He’s a really good singer, too – entertaining preschoolers and others with zany original lyrics about the foods they enjoy each day.

Mrs. Wilson is the embodiment of everything a school nurse should be. She’s smart, thoughtful, proactive, nurturing, and a calming influence for boys and girls – and the occasional faculty member – who are feeling out of sorts. She cares for the entire HB community with grace, knowledge, and compassion.

A lover of all kinds of nature, Mrs. Wilson relishes the annual Cape Cod trip that she takes with seventh-grade students, communing with aquatic animals. Outside of school, she owns a farm. She’s also a strong believer in the benefits of technology and she appreciates the collaborative spirit between HB faculty, families, students, and staff.

Trained in Responsive Classroom Techniques, Conscious Discipline, and Storyline, Mrs. Wise is a wise and insightful teacher of young children. During her years at HB, she has taught scores of preschool and pre-K students, encouraging their curiosity, nurturing creativity, and imparting life skills. Always refining her craft, she is committed to professional development.

Steve Wismar, BA

Eric Wonderly, PhD

Laura Zappas, MA P’23 uu

Kathy Zopatti, MA

Upper School Learning Specialist, Psychologist 2005

Middle School English Teacher, GROW Foundation Mentor 2003

Dr. Wonderly has practiced in the field of school psychology and psychology for more than 36 years, providing services to individuals in the public, parochial, and independent school settings as well as in his private practice. A vital member of HB’s department of learning services, he provides comprehensive behavioral assessments, psycho-educational evaluations, intervention planning, and counseling.

While attending graduate school and aspiring to become a professor in comparative literature, Mrs. Zappas realized that her heart belonged out of the research library and in the classroom. She has since taught at schools in Colorado, Oregon, and Ohio, and she loves being part of the HB community.

Dining Services 2001

School Nurse 2010

Early Childhood Teacher 2002

Middle School Science Teacher 1994

Transportation 1983

For 30 years, Mr. Wismar has enjoyed the vibrant intellectual enthusiasm of the HB community. He doesn’t just transport students to sporting events – he stands on the sidelines and cheers wholeheartedly for the Blazers. He’s a voracious reader who considers himself fortunate to be a contributing member of the school.


Director of Primary School 2006

Mrs. Zopatti’s interest in teaching took root while she was completing her senior project in high school. Through the years, her passion for education continued to grow and she earned a degree in curriculum development. Since then she has had the pleasure of teaching – and making her mark – at five independent schools across the United States.

Not Pictured Lailah Ameer, MEd

Kathy Maimone, MIS P’14

Infant & Toddler Center Teacher 2013

Director of Network Technology 1997

A graduate student working in HB’s Infant & Toddler Center, Ms. Ameer also is a full-time homeschool teacher for her three children. Her English and early childhood background has led her into writing a collection of short stories for young people.

Drawing upon her years of training and experience, Ms. Maimone ensures that HB’s technical infrastructure is in great shape. Working with members of the technology department, she also helps determine and fulfill the school’s longrange technology needs so that students, faculty, and staff always have the best tools at hand.

Hannah Bartell ’10 Early Childhood & Primary School Special Programs Assistant 2012

Ms. Bartell is here with a smile and a hug to greet our youngest at HB in Before School Care, and back to wish them well as they head home. Her handmade greeting cards are works of art, and her pastries rival any bakery in town. It’s not surprising that such a multi-talented young woman is an HB grad.

Lindsay Fullerman, BS Upper School Wellness Teacher 2013

HB’s new ninth-grade wellness instructor, Ms. Fullerman already was familiar with the school and its amazing students, since she has been a Middle School basketball coach. Holding a degree in kinesiology, she formerly worked with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Perpetually smiling, she has a positive approach to teaching and a balanced outlook on life.

Sari Gonick Dining Services 2008

Ms. Gonick is a cheerful member of HB’s dining services team. She assists her colleagues not only with daily lunch preparation, but also with the à la carte breakfast selections available for Upper Schoolers, along with the morning and afternoon snacks provided to classrooms for students in other divisions.

Julie Grazia Upper School Library Coordinator 2001

When Mrs. Grazia first came to HB, she was a member of the school’s college counseling office. A few years later, she moved upstairs to the Geisel Library, where she has been a vital curator of information. Her education background also includes time spent working in the admission office for an area university.

Marlo Henderson Administrative Assistant, Early Childhood & Primary School Office 2010

The biggest perks of her job at HB, Ms. Henderson says, are the attacks of hugs she receives from students. She cherishes the many interactions she has with the children, their parents, and the Early Childhood and Primary School faculty, and she enjoys being able to solve problems for them.

Mark McConville, PhD Consulting Psychologist 1979

A specialist in adult, adolescent, emerging adult, and family psychology, Dr. McConville has lectured and taught widely on the subjects of child development, parenting, and counseling methodology. He is the author of the Counseling Feedback Report, an innovative and widely used adolescent assessment tool, along with several books. He also sees patients in private practice.

Cory Medina Dining Services 2013

A new member of the AVI Foodsystems team that staffs HB’s dining hall, Mr. Medina helps ensure that HB students are well cared for at lunchtime. He and his colleagues focus on fresh ingredients and impeccable service, and their dedication is evident in all sorts of ways every day.

Marcia Merritt, BA P’16 Assistant Director of the Annual Fund 2013

Mrs. Merritt has the pleasure of working with HB parents, raising their awareness of the necessity of the school’s annual fund, and explaining why it’s such an essential component in maintaining our innovative academic environment. Prior to joining the staff full-time, she was an active volunteer, managing the Brown Bag campus store.

Rose Ann Paradise Dining Services 1989

A fixture in HB’s kitchen, Ms. Paradise is a major reason for the school’s consistent high rankings in food service. She and her colleagues each day prepare a menu made from recipes that call for a wide assortment of fresh, locally sourced foods.

Eva Rosbach Early Childhood & Primary School Receptionist 2009

Mrs. Rosbach began her HB career in dining services, where she quickly befriended students and faculty members with her winning personality. Now a valued member of the Early Childhood and Primary School team, she greets visitors, assists in Before Care and After-School Club, and cares for little ones feeling under the weather.


Matthew Skitzki, MM Staff Accompanist 2010

The owner and pianist of Skitzki Piano Performances, a small arts business based in Cleveland, Mr. Skitzki provides live music for special events, collaborative pianists, and piano lessons. Outside of HB, he maintains an active performance schedule. He has received awards for his work, and he has released three original CDs.

Lauren Sloan Infant & Toddler Center Teacher 2013

Ms. Sloan’s first experience at HB came when she volunteered her time in the Infant & Toddler Center as part of a requirement for her high school senior project. She enjoyed being with the older toddlers so much that she couldn’t stay away. Now attending a local college, she works in the center each afternoon.

Joanna Smith Early Childhood & Primary School Traffic Liaison 2003

Ms. Smith is an indispensable member of the HB community. She engages in her job with warmth and enthusiasm even on the coldest Cleveland days. She even welcomes each child by name at arrival time, and is ready with a hug whenever needed – for children and parents alike.

Claudella Stewart, CCS Dining Services 2013

Though she’s new to HB’s dining services team, Ms. Stewart is a familiar friendly face at HB, having been a member of the after-school cleaning crew for a number of years. With great cheer, she makes sure all the spaces on campus – including the kitchen – are neat and sanitized.

Deborah Tellep, MEd, EdS Infant & Toddler Center Teacher 2013

Even at a young age, Mrs. Tellep knew she wanted to work with children and families. She spent more than a decade supporting hospitalized children and their families as a child-life specialist. Now with two young boys of her own, at HB she is fulfilling her dream of caring for very young children.

Samantha Tulisiak, MS Infant & Toddler Center Teacher 2013

Although her educational background is in biology, Ms. Tulisiak always has enjoyed Early Childhood education. Throughout college, she spent her summers working with children, returning to her scientific studies in the fall. Now she is happy to be pursuing both, enjoying her weekdays at HB and her weekends teaching anatomy and physiology at the college level.


Hathaway Brown is a dynamic and compassionate community dedicated to excellence in the education of girls. For us, educational excellence includes, but reaches well beyond, superb preparation for college. The true mission of the school, as reflected in our motto, “Non Scholae Sed Vitae Discimus,� is preparation for life. We strive to foster in the minds of our students an abiding passion for learning and in their hearts a constant devotion to strong character and public service. At this moment in history, there is great need for women of vision and courage who are empowered for leadership in a multicultural and globalized society. We seek to answer that need by inspiring our students to achieve their utmost potential, and to rise boldly to the challenges of our times. While transforming the lives of the girls in our care is our primary calling, Hathaway Brown embraces broader aspirations as well: to help shape a future of unbounded possibility for women; to stand among the country’s leading schools in educational innovation; and to be such a force for the common good beyond our campus that we are respected as a civic treasure.

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage

19600 North Park Boulevard Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122


Cleveland, Ohio Permit #3439

Meet our amazing faculty and staff in person! Call 216 320 8767 today to schedule your tour.

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