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CHRISTMAS 2019 At Hatchards we love Christmas; every day sees new books arriving in the shop, books that will be exactly perfect for a particular customer. This year (as we say every year) is an exceptionally good one and we are confident that within this catalogue, and the shop, there will be something for everyone. If you just can’t decide, may we suggest a Hatchards subscription; we choose a book especially for you each month. John le Carré and Philip Pullman have both written astounding new novels, Charles Moore has completed his masterly biography of Margaret Thatcher and William Dalrymple has written a brilliant new history of the East India Company. John Julius Norwich provides a light-hearted view of life, Gerald Scarfe a darker view and Henry Poole a stylish one. Books accompanying exhibitions on Lucian Freud and William Blake will cater for your artistic needs while a selection of books by London chefs will provide food for thought. Small presses often produce the most remarkable books and Slightly Foxed, Redstone Press, Little Toller and Spitalfields Life prove the point with memoirs, histories, an unusual guide to butterflies and an even more unusual guide to London architecture. The Hatchards Library is going from strength to strength; this year we are adding a mystery surrounding a snowman and a hilarious view of Paris to the collection. We have mined our archive and now have Hatchards cards to accompany your books and stylish bags in which to carry them. Like Katherine Rundell we feel strongly that children’s books should not just be for children: Harry Potter, Dr Seuss and Emma Chichester Clark can be enjoyed at any age. To confirm the point we have Brexiteer geese, the stories behind picture books and a second Dangerous Book for Boys (and girls) of all ages. As is the way with children, the Hatchards at St Pancras has grown. Now in the very heart of the station, it will cater for all your literary requirements – travelling and otherwise. We hope this catalogue will give you ideas for presents and indeed yourself but these are only a fraction of the books we stock, many of which are often signed. Do please visit the shop or come to our Customer Christmas Evening on Thursday 28th November. May we wish you a very merry Christmas and a literary New Year.


WRITERS & BOOKS THE SECRET LIFE OF BOOKS Tom Mole For readers, books are familiar objects, whether they are gifts, poolside paperbacks, illuminated manuscripts or practical manuals. The advent of electronic books has changed their world but their influence has seemingly not diminished. Tom Mole looks at all aspects of the book from bindings to errors, books burnt to books treasured and traces their impact on all of us. A riveting read for all bibliophiles. £14.99 Hardback

GENIUS AND INK: Virginia Woolf on How to Read Virginia Woolf, foreword by Ali Smith Between the two World Wars Virginia Woolf wrote a series of essays for the Times Literary Supplement. Her passion for reading was as great as her passion for writing and she writes eruditely on Thomas Hardy and George Eliot, the weirdness of Elizabethan plays and the pleasure of revisiting favourite novels. £9.99 Hardback (November)

BOWIE’S BOOKS: The Hundred Literary Heroes Who Changed His Life John O’Connell Homer, Spike Milligan, Muriel Spark and The Beano rub shoulders in this intriguing book. John O’Connell has taken the hundred books that David Bowie credited with transforming his life and has composed an essay on each, linking the books with David Bowie’s music. £16.99 Hardback (November)

WRITERS’ LONDON Carrie Kania & Alan Oliver Many of the world’s greatest writers, past and present, have been inspired by London. Follow in the footsteps of Shakespeare, Dylan Thomas and Oscar Wilde, visit the city’s bookshops and literary pubs, and discover where the authors lived, loved, lost and are buried. £15 Paperback with flaps, signed copies available (November) 2


THE ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS CRACKER Edited by Artemis Cooper, introduction by Julian Fellowes In 1969 Lord Norwich produced a small pamphlet for his friends containing a selection of pieces that had charmed, amused or entertained him during the year. By the time of his death in 2018 these little booklets were eagerly awaited by thousands of people who had never met him but appreciated his gentle sense of humour and view of the world. This collection includes the fiftieth and final Cracker, along with a selection of earlier pieces chosen by his daughter, Artemis Cooper. £14.99 Hardback (November)

‘A bouquet of individually picked flowers culled by a master gardener, and arranged in a manner that would get him first prize in any literary flower show’ Bernard Levin

MORE FROM JOHN JULIUS NORWICH... FRANCE: A History: from Gaul to de Gaulle British history sometimes only teaches us about the battles that we won: Crécy, Poitiers, Agincourt and Waterloo in the case of France. In his unique, erudite and engaging style John Julius Norwich fills in the gaps ranging from Philip the Fair and Madame de Pompadour to Papa Joffre. Giving us far more than a simple history, he shows how and why France has inspired the rest of the world to live, eat, dress and love better. £10.99 Paperback


JOHN LE C ARRÉ AGENT RUNNING IN THE FIELD John le Carré This is the twenty-fifth novel by the master of the spy story. At forty-seven Nat assumes his days running agents are over but the Secret Intelligence Service has one more job for him: to take over a defunct substation of London General with a ragtag band of spies. The young and highly ambitious Florence, Nat’s wife Prue and his disenchanted badminton partner Ed become ensnared in matters beyond their control. This chilling portrait of our time is humorous, heartbreaking and almost unbearably tense. £20 Hardback, signed copies available £300 Hatchards exclusive edition, signed, limited to 100 copies, leatherbound with printed endpapers

‘When people press me, I say I saw the name [John le Carré] on a shop front from the top of a London bus. I didn’t. I just don’t know. But never trust a novelist when he tells the truth’ John le Carré

MORE FROM JOHN LE CARRÉ... The Little Drummer Girl This story moves away from the Cold War of Smiley to the Middle East. Martin Kurtz, an Israeli spy, recruits Charlie, a young English actress, as part of a plan to discover the whereabouts of a Palestinian terrorist. Acting is easy for Charlie but as the plot deepens her loyalties are split to breaking point. Every bit as gripping as when it appeared in 1983, it is now republished as part of the new complete John le Carré in hardback. £14.99 Hardback 4

FICTION & CRIME NOTHING VENTURED Jeffrey Archer William Warwick, who appeared briefly in the Clifton Chronicles, now has a series of his own. Theft, love, an assistant with a secret and a suave, unscrupulous art dealer combine to make this a brilliant page-turner. The first, we hope, of many in this series. £20 Hardback, signed copies available

THE TESTAMENTS Margaret Atwood ‘Dear Readers: Everything you’ve ever asked me about Gilead and its inner workings is the inspiration for this book. Well, almost everything! The other inspiration is the world we’ve been living in.’ (Margaret Atwood) £20 Hardback

THE MUSEUM OF BROKEN PROMISES Elizabeth Buchan The Parisian museum which Laure owns is unusual; filled with tangible memories it is as likely to make visitors laugh as weep. Seemingly business-like and in control, Laure has hidden objects from her own past within the collection, the story of which, set thirty years earlier, is brilliantly intertwined with the present day. £14.99 Hardback

A SINGLE THREAD Tracy Chevalier A visit to Winchester Cathedral in 1932 changes Violet’s life. She mourns for her brother and fiancé and hates the ‘surplus woman’ position she occupies in society; her office job at least provides employment and independence but she feels there must be more. Meeting the broderers, women embroidering the cathedral kneelers, Violet discovers a new life which intensifies with the threat of a second Great War. Subtle, moving and intriguing. £14.99 Hardback, signed copies available


FICTION & CRIME SWORD OF KINGS Bernard Cornwell This is the twelfth book in The Last Kingdom and if you know this series, that is all we need to say. If you don’t, the books are set in Anglo-Saxon England and follow the fortunes of Uhtred, an English boy born into the Northumbrian aristocracy, captured by the Danes and taught the Viking ways. Each story is complete but if you want to read them in chronological order The Last Kingdom is the first. £20 Hardback

THE MITFORD SCANDAL Jessica Fellowes Bryan Guinness proposes to Diana Mitford and a whirlwind romance ensues. Nancy Mitford, Evelyn Waugh and a whole gaggle of friends and hangers-on follow the couple to Paris. Diana’s lady’s maid Louisa Cannon is there too and when a murder victim is found she suspects links with a death that took place two years earlier. Somewhere amongst the bright young things there could be a murderer lurking. £14.99 Hardback, signed copies available

THE LYING ROOM Nicci French When Neve Connolly sees the man lying dead on the floor she knows what she should do but instead, after a split second, she chooses the other option: to start a web of lies and deceit that will separate her from the dead man, a man she isn’t meant to know. Her actions detonate a new train of events, endangering her and the people she loves. Is she about to become a witness turned victim? A masterly story of suspense. £14.99 Hardback

UNDER OCCUPATION Alan Furst In 1942 occupied Paris was a city where no one could be trusted. Inspired by a true story, Under Occupation explores the link between the resistance movements in France and Poland and the movement of documents and, of course, spies. Paul Ricard is at the centre of this link, undertaking increasingly dangerous missions that eventually lead him to the heart of Germany. £20 Hardback (November) 6

FICTION & CRIME TIDELANDS Philippa Gregory The first story in Philippa Gregory’s new series opens with a young woman waiting to meet a ghost. However it is a man who appears in the graveyard, a man in need of help, which Alinor willingly gives. But this is 1648, Alinor is the descendent of a wise woman and the man a Catholic Father. £20 Hardback

THE SECOND SLEEP Robert Harris This story apparently plunges us deep into the fifteenth century. Father Fairfax is sent to a remote Exmoor village to conduct the funeral of the previous incumbent. What is not clear is why the man died and increasingly the young priest finds all his beliefs are being called into question. £20 Hardback, signed copies available

JOE COUNTRY Mick Herron Another gripping Jackson Lamb thriller. His team of Slow Horses provide grim humour as they go about their work in an equally grim winter. Skilful plotting and the cameo appearances of thinly-disguised characters we all know from daily newspapers confirm Mick Herron as a master of storytelling. £14.99 Hardback, signed copies available

SEROTONIN Michel Houellebecq There isn’t much to hold Florent-Claude in Paris: a job he hates and an unfaithful lover. He returns to the Normandy countryside of his youth to wallow in lost loves and past happiness, coping with the present thanks to Captorix, a recently released anti-depressant which alters the brain’s release of serotonin. A devastating story of solitude, suffering and the burdens of modern life. £20 Hardback


FICTION & CRIME STARVE ACRE Andrew Michael Hurley The story opens in seemingly endless winter, Andrew Michael Hurley’s haunting descriptions instantly plunging the reader into the cold. Richard and Juliette are trying to come to terms with the death of their son; both still distraught, they are of little help to each other, drifting further and further apart. This moving novel shockingly demonstrates the fine line between hope and uncontrollable grief. £12.99 Hardback

BARON WENCKHEIM’S HOMECOMING László Krasznahorkai Winner of the Man Booker International Prize in 2015, László Krasznahorkai is regularly hailed as a leading candidate for the Nobel Prize in Literature. This is probably his most important novel yet and tells the story of an elderly Baron wishing to return to Hungary to be reunited with his high-school sweetheart and the Professor who desires to immunise himself from thought. An extraordinary achievement. £20 Hardback (November)

THE MAN WHO SAW EVERYTHING Deborah Levy An egotistical young man is about to embark on a journey to study history in East Berlin. Just before he leaves he is hit by a car on the famous Abbey Road pedestrian crossing. Nearly thirty years later history repeats itself in another accident. Deborah Levy skilfully slips between the time zones examining the significance of what we notice, the details we miss and their consequences. £14.99 Hardback

DEEP RIVER Karl Marlantes As Russian imperialism threatens their country, three Finnish brothers flee to America at the turn of the twentieth century. Settling amongst their own countrymen they try to make a life for themselves whilst not losing the traditions of the home they have left. Aino the youngest tries to balance the traditions of his old country with increasing involvement in American labour politics. A moving epic of survival. 8

£17.99 Hardback


THE BOOK OF DUST: Volume Two, The Secret Commonwealth Philip Pullman This is the second volume of The Book of Dust, a trilogy that will stand alongside Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials. Lyra is now a young woman; it is twenty years since the events of La Belle Sauvage and nearly ten years since she and Will Parry parted. This story takes her to a world she never knew existed, travelling deep into a mysterious desert in Central Asia searching for the secret of Dust. £20 Hardback £40 Limited slip-cased edition

‘The zeppelin was turning around ahead of them, its searchlight probing the rain and the dark marsh gloom below it. Another minute or two, and it would be facing them, and once it had the Maid of Portugal fixed in the glare of the light, nothing would save them.’ Philip Pullman, The Secret Commonwealth

MORE FROM PHILIP PULLMAN... THE BOOK OF DUST: Volume One, La Belle Sauvage When La Belle Sauvage opens Lyra is a baby, already in danger from the authorities. The title of the book does not however refer to the girl but to the canoe which carries Lord Asriel away from his enemies but into even more danger. There are old friends here from His Dark Materials, as well as old enemies, and a host of new characters, inhabiting an Oxford in a world so like ours and yet so different. £7.99 Paperback


FICTION & CRIME TO CALAIS, IN ORDINARY TIME James Meek To each of the three travellers in this story Calais represents hope of a better life: escape from an arranged marriage for a young woman, a return to Avignon for a Scottish proctor and the thrill of adventure for an archer. However it is 1348 and the Black Death is heading towards Calais at alarming speed, killing thousands. Suddenly life becomes precious. £18.99 Hardback

THE STARLESS SEA Erin Morgenstern There are doors in this world which lead to another, below, with limitless layers descending deep into the earth to the Harbor and the library of stories on the shores of the Starless Sea. A story, a sword and a man are lost, creating the setting for an exciting and magical quest. A worthy successor to The Night Circus. £16.99 Hardback (November)

THE ART OF DYING Ambrose Parry Writing as Ambrose Parry, Christopher Brookmyre and Dr Marisa Haetzman have concocted another gripping tale set in nineteenthcentury Edinburgh. Will Raven and Sarah Fisher attempt to solve the mystery of a spate of deaths in the city. Evocative and atmospheric, with a crime so unthinkable it almost defies detection. £14.99 Hardback

QUICHOTTE Salman Rushdie When a travelling salesman falls in love with a TV star he realises that he will have to prove his worth before he can declare his love. Sam DuChamp, writer of unsuccessful thrillers and author of this story, is in the midst of his own crisis. Real and imaginary, the characters intertwine in a rollercoaster trip across America on a quest for love. This is Salman Rushdie at his very best: eccentric, strange and readable. £18.99 Hardback, signed copies available 10

FICTION & CRIME THE CASE OF THE WANDERING SCHOLAR Kate Saunders Several years ago Oxford scholar Joshua Welland took to wandering the countryside and disappeared. His dying brother wants to see him once more and employs Laetitia Rodd (respectable, widowed, Victorian, lady detective) to find him. Laetitia does what she can but then an untimely death intervenes. She is convinced the two cases are connected. Gentle crime at its very best. £14.99 Hardback

GRAND UNION: Stories Zadie Smith Seven of these stories were published in the New Yorker to great acclaim, the remaining ten are published here for the first time. From the past to a dystopian future, from the last day in a life in north-west London to a package poolside holiday, Zadie Smith shows that she is the master of short fiction as well as novels, novellas and essays. £20 Hardback, signed copies available

OLIVE, AGAIN Elizabeth Strout A widow and a widower. Olive Kitteridge is a mass of contradictions: capable, independent and outspoken, yet vulnerable since her husband died. Jack Kennison, when the book opens, appears to be losing control of himself. Following on from Elizabeth Strout’s acclaimed novel Olive Kitteridge, this novel can also be read as a stand-alone story, one which explores human relationships in captivating detail. £14.99 Hardback

GRANDMOTHERS Salley Vickers Three very different grandmothers wake up on a wet morning. Nan spends her morning happily researching coffins, as she feels it’s good to be prepared, Blanche shoplifts without being able to stop and Minna, living in a cosy shepherd’s hut, acquires the trust and friendship of many children, none of whom are actually her grandchildren. A gentle and perceptive tale of chance meetings and friendships across the generations. £16.99 Hardback, signed copies available (November)


REDISCOVERED CLASSICS DOWN IN THE VALLEY: A Writer’s Landscape Laurie Lee For much of his life Laurie Lee lived away from his beloved Cotswolds yet the memories remained with him. These pieces, based on interviews and published for the first time, describe the village pond which was the centre of gossip for adults and children alike, the excitement of the sheep wash and the true darkness and silence in the country of those days. A vivid picture of a vanished world. £12.99 Hardback (November)

THE YOUNG VISITERS Daisy Ashford, illustrated by Posy Simmonds First published in 1919, The Young Visiters was dreamt up by the then nine-year-old Daisy in 1890. The tale of Victorian society and matchmaking viewed from the nursery, complete with the original idiosyncratic spelling and grammar, has delighted Hatchards’ readers ever since. Posy Simmonds’ illustrations match it perfectly. £10.99 Hardback (November)

THE BARON IN THE TREES Italo Calvino, translated by Ann Goldstein At the age of twenty-eight, Italo Calvino decided to write stories that he would like to read, rather than the political commentaries he felt he should be producing. The story of the Baron does comment upon the intellectual climate of the time but, above all, it is a great tale of a boy who climbs into the trees at the age of twelve and does not come down. This new translation brings the magical prose to life. £9.99 Hardback

THE PARIS MYSTERIES Edgar Allan Poe The Murders in the Rue Morgue, first published in 1841, is often regarded as the first detective fiction story. Chevalier Auguste Dupin is not a professional detective and his methods are all the more interesting. Also in this handsome collection are the other two crimes he solved: The Mystery of Marie Roget and The Purloined Letter. £10.99 Hardback (November) 12

ESSAYS COVENTRY Rachel Cusk This collection of superb essays includes memoirs, criticism and politics. Rachel Cusk’s writing on Edith Wharton, Olivia Manning and Kazuo Ishiguro will make you look at these authors in a new light, whilst her pieces on driving and rudeness should be compulsory reading for all. £14.99 Hardback

SURFACING Kathleen Jamie In prose as much as poetry, Kathleen Jamie’s view of the natural world is unique. Taking time as her inspiration in these essays, she explores themes as diverse as Neolithic farmers on the Scottish shoreline, ancient artefacts uncovered by thawing tundra in Alaska and her own family as it changes with the passing years. A moving and inspiring collection. £12.99 Hardback

WHAT TIME IS IT? John Berger, illustrated by Selçuk Demirel, introduced & edited by Maria Nadotti John Berger reflects on the historical and philosophical meanings of time, the differing rates at which it seems to pass and the occasions that defy time. When John Berger died, Maria Nadotti sympathetically edited his work to fit alongside Selçuk Demirel’s magical pictures. £14.99 Hardback

97,196 WORDS: Essays Emmanuel Carrère, translated by John Lambert The Adversary and Limonov marked Emmanuel Carrère as an unusual and uniquely talented writer combining a razor-sharp mind with exquisite literary prose. These thirty short pieces are the first of his essays to be available in English and are equally compelling, covering truth, reality, humanity, remarkable events and eccentric lives, including the author’s own. £14.99 Hardback 13

SLIGHTLY FOXED If you haven’t already met, may we introduce you to Slightly Foxed? Beautifully produced, hand-sized hardbacks containing the very best memoirs. Roald Dahl’s two brilliant memoirs show where many of his inspirations originated. In Boy, his childhood memories include ‘a small skinny hag with a moustache on her upper lip’ presiding over the sweet-shop and Roald Dahl’s time in Africa, which opens Going Solo, includes vultures described as ‘feathered undertakers’ and a lion who eats the wife of the cook. The second part of the book covers his years in the RAF, exciting enough not to need embellishment.

BOY Roald Dahl, preface by Sue Gee

£18.50 each, Hardback, handnumbered limited edition of 2,000 (November)

GOING SOLO Roald Dahl, preface by Henry Jeffreys

PERIOD PIECE Gwen Raverat, preface by Hazel Wood This is a deliciously funny, affectionate and atmospheric picture of growing up in the small world of nineteenth-century academic Cambridge. This is truly a book to dip into, described as a circular book - ‘it is all going on at the same time, sticking out like the spokes of a wheel from the hub, which is me.’ (Gwen Raverat) £18.50 Hardback

84, CHARING CROSS ROAD Helene Hanff, preface by Maggie Fergusson In 1949 Miss Helene Hanff of New York City wrote to Marks & Co. of Charing Cross Road enclosing a list of ‘pressing problems’, books she hoped to buy. So began a correspondence which lasted twenty years and grew in warmth and friendship with members of staff chipping in with family news and Helen sending food parcels to the bookshop. All very reminiscent of our favourite customers now. £18.50 Hardback 14

LIVES & LETTERS HOME WORK: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years Julie Andrews The second volume of Julie Andrews’ memoirs opens with her arrival at Hollywood and her instant successes as Maria and Mary Poppins. She not only describes the making of the films but also the personal side of her life: adjusting to a new and often daunting world and juggling work and family. A charming and candid memoir. £20 Hardback

ME Elton John Never before has Elton John written about his life so openly and in such detail: his loves, friendships, drugs and successes. From his first gig in America, aged twenty-three, to life with David Furnish and their two sons, this is the story of the music, relationships, passions and mistakes. Warm, witty and honest, this is a remarkable autobiography. £25 Hardback

THE YEAR OF THE MONKEY Patti Smith At the beginning of 2016 Patti Smith arrived at the Dream Inn, Santa Cruz. She had just turned sixty-nine, finished three nights of performing and left close friend Sandy Pearlman, who was to have accompanied her, seriously ill in hospital. The year takes her to Fernando Pessoa’s house in Lisbon, to the Arizona Desert and to a Kentucky farm, mixing fact and fiction in a dreamlike prose. £12.99 Hardback

GOTTA GET THEROUX THIS Louis Theroux In 1994, as a fledgling journalist, Louis Theroux seemed unsuited to presenting; intelligent but gawky, when he was offered a job on television his first reaction was to panic. In this delightful book he recounts his unexpectedly successful career: stalking game, gambling in Las Vegas and meeting dementia sufferers. A joyous, wry and refreshingly honest memoir. £20 Hardback, signed copies available


LIVES & LETTERS TWAS THE NIGHTSHIFT BEFORE CHRISTMAS Adam Kay This is a Christmas book that alternates between the hilarious and the heartbreaking, portraying the festive season for the NHS staff who are on duty. Removing baubles from inappropriate places is just one of the seasonal joys. Yet again, the doctor-turned-writer has produced a pitch-perfect book that amuses, reveals and shocks. £9.99 Hardback, signed copies available

A DAY LIKE TODAY: Memoirs John Humphrys After fifty years at the BBC and over thirty as presenter of the Today programme John Humphrys is now retiring. Famous for pursuing the truth, his memoir is as honest as his interviews, with forthright views on politicians, celebrities, the role of the media in politics and the health of the political system. Unmissable reading. £20 Hardback, signed copies available

THE GLOSSY YEARS: Magazines, Museums and Selective Memoirs Nicholas Coleridge Nicholas Coleridge is famed for knowing the people who matter – in fashion, in publishing and beyond. In this riveting memoir he tells everything he knows about everyone: gossipy scoops, amusing anecdotes and a glimpse of the worlds of fashion and journalism from the inside. Elegant, honest and extremely interesting. £25 Hardback, signed copies available

NORMAN HARTNELL: The Biography Michael Pick Three British Queens, countless members of the British Royal family and aristocrats and film stars around the world have worn designs by Norman Hartnell. From his father’s pub the ‘Crown and Sceptre’ to his meteoric rise to challenge the Paris designers, Michael Pick unearths the true and often troubled life of the most famous of British couturiers. £35 Hardback 16

LIVES & LETTERS THE MAN IN THE RED COAT Julian Barnes Samuel Pozzi, society doctor, takes the reader on a tour of the Belle Epoque in Paris. Like the doctor himself, a serious scientific thinker with a fabulously complicated private life, this period was rife with contradictions: glamour and elegance alongside violence and prejudice. Julian Barnes is at his very best in this sparkling insight into French history. £18.99 Hardback, signed copies available (November)

SONTAG: Her Life Benjamin Moser When she was twelve Susan Sontag saw photographs of the Holocaust and for the rest of her life she remained concerned with how pain could be portrayed and endured. Her work redefined the ways in which people look at suffering and their responses to it. One of the most renowned American writers, she combined striking looks and a razor-sharp mind. £30 Hardback

BIG SISTER, LITTLE SISTER, RED SISTER Jung Chang For most of the twentieth century the Soong sisters were at the heart of power in China: Red Sister married Sun Yat-sen, founding father of the Chinese republic, Little Sister married Chiang Kai-shek and Big Sister became his unofficial adviser. Meticulously researched and brilliantly written, this is the history of modern China told through three remarkable women. £25 Hardback, signed copies available

THE LIFE & LOVES OF E. NESBIT Eleanor Fitzsimons Most of us know Edith Nesbit through her stories of waving at trains or travelling with a Phoenix. In reality she was a campaigning Socialist and a founder member of the Fabian Society. Home was a wayward husband, his lover (Edith’s friend) and their children, whom Edith supported whilst hosting legendary parties and taking lovers herself. ‘Audaciously unconventional.’ George Bernard Shaw. £20 Hardback


HIGH LIFE GENTLEMEN OF UNCERTAIN FORTUNE Rory Muir In Regency England to be a younger son and remain a ‘gentleman’ was not always easy. The heir would inherit the family wealth and the spare and other brothers would have to make their own ways in life. Looking at Jane Austen’s brothers and a host of other young men, both famous and unknown, Rory Muir has painted a fascinating portrait of society. £25 Hardback

TAKE SIX GIRLS: The Lives of the Mitford Sisters Laura Thompson The six Mitford sisters are among the most remarkable siblings of the twentieth century. Given a privileged but eccentric upbringing they became a writer, a countrywoman, a Fascist, a Nazi, a Communist and a duchess. This magnificent biography, now reissued with a wealth of wonderful photographs, uncovers their extraordinary lives. £30 Hardback

BIDDESDEN COOKERY Mirabel Guinness, illustrated by Roland Pym Mirabel, called after a Shetland pony rather than the fruit, was the youngest of the nine children of Bryan Guinness and Diana Mitford brought up at Biddesden House. The traditional English cooking consisted of what was ripe in the kitchen garden with pheasants and other game and whatever could be foraged. Everyone was involved and new recipes appear as cooks change or siblings marry. Nostalgic, scrumptious and useful. £15 Hardback

THE HOUSE PARTY: A Short History of Leisure, Pleasure and the Country House Weekend Adrian Tinniswood Weekends at a country house were once as important a part of the social calendar as the Chelsea Flower Show and Ascot. Looking behind the scenes from the viewpoints of both guests and hosts, Adrian Tinniswood reveals the true story of this privileged way of life. Join Nancy Astor, Winston Churchill and a group of Bright Young Things and be entertained in style. £10 Hardback, signed copies available (November) 18

HIGH LIFE CLEMENTINE CHURCHILL: A Life in Pictures Sonia Purnell In 2015 First Lady was published, the highly acclaimed biography of Clementine Churchill. This volume contains an abridged text and over a hundred and twenty illustrations that provide an intriguing picture of the person upon whom Winston depended so heavily. A magnificent portrait of both the period and a very elegant and influential woman. £30 Hardback, signed copies available

THE MOUNTBATTENS: Their Lives and Loves Andrew Lownie Dickie and Edwina were two of the most remarkable characters of the twentieth century, moving easily between the levels of society. He was the last Viceroy of India and a decorated war hero, she immensely wealthy and a tireless charity worker. Andrew Lownie has spent four years researching their lives and loves and has written a compelling double biography. £20 Hardback

LADY IN WAITING Anne Glenconner Anne Glenconner has been deprived of her inheritance twice, first by being born a girl and second when her husband left his fortune to a former employee. Resilient, witty and generous, she describes her varied life inside a gilded cage: as a childhood friend to the Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret, as Lady in Waiting to Princess Margaret and on Mustique, the paradise retreat for the rich and famous which her volatile and unpredictable husband owned. £20 Hardback, signed copies available

THE AMBASSADORS: Diplomacy in the West from Richelieu to Kissinger Robert Cooper As a diplomat himself, Robert Cooper is perfectly equipped to write this fascinating history of diplomacy in the West. From Richelieu to Kissinger he considers the ambassadors of each age, their influence, achievements and, often most pertinently, their failures. A masterly study of three hundred years of history. £25 Hardback (November)


HISTORY VOICES OF HISTORY Simon Sebag Montefiore Socrates, Queen Elizabeth I, Bob Dylan and Donald Trump rub shoulders in this wide-ranging collection of speeches. Heroic, shocking, poignant or chilling, they cover every human emotion with speakers ranging from novelists to conquerors to killers. Simon Sebag Montefiore shows why these seventy speeches are so important both for our understanding of the past and our hopes for the future. £14.99 Hardback, signed copies available

LEADERSHIP IN WAR Andrew Roberts From the eighteenth to the twentieth century Andrew Roberts takes nine leaders who fundamentally shaped the outcome of war: Napoleon, Nelson, Churchill, Hitler, Stalin, Marshall, de Gaulle, Eisenhower and Thatcher. What did they have in common and what can it teach us about the nature of conflict? Meticulously researched, inspiring yet cautionary. £25 Hardback, signed copies available (November)

VENUS & APHRODITE: History of a Goddess Bettany Hughes Bettany Hughes reveals the origin of the Roman goddess, her relationship with her Greek equivalent Aphrodite and her importance as a descendant of the prehistoric goddesses of the Near and Middle East. Using art, myth, philosophy and archaeology this book analyses the importance of Venus and explains her continuing relevance for the twenty-first century. £12.99 Hardback, signed copies available (November)

VOX POPULI Peter Jones Subtitled Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Classical World but Were Afraid to Ask, this witty and engaging book shows how the Ancient Greeks and Romans have influenced Western thought for two thousand years. First published over twenty years ago, it is now updated, revised and even better. 20

£12.99 Hardback (November)

HISTORY DOMINION: The Making of the Western Mind Tom Holland Churches may be empty and many people in the West may ignore religion but Christianity is one of the most powerful cultural systems in the world. Rather than simply writing a history of Christianity, Tom Holland traces its effects. Few people realise just how subversive and disruptive it was in its beginnings yet it came to saturate the mindset of the Latin world. A surprising and thought-provoking history. £25 Hardback

CRUSADERS: An Epic History of the Wars for the Holy Lands Dan Jones Dan Jones’ approach to this massive subject is to concentrate on the individuals involved, creating a tableau of history that spans the entire period of the Crusades from 1100 to 1492. Swashbuckling knights, Christians, Muslim Janissaries, Berbers, famous leaders and distraught wives all have their place in this story – one that will entertain as much as it informs. £25 Hardback, signed copies available

THE BROTHERS YORK: An English Tragedy Thomas Penn After his masterly biography of Henry VII, Thomas Penn examines the House of York. Three royal brothers were at the heart of the family but the conflicts between them undermined their strength and power. How and why did the brothers destroy their family? £30 Hardback, signed copies available

SILVER, SWORD & STONE Marie Arana For a thousand years silver, sword and stone have been the key elements in Latin America’s history representing wealth and greed, violence and religious fervour. A widow living in the highest human settlement in the world, a drug dealer turned police informant and a Jesuit priest are the three extraordinary lives through whom the story is told. £30 Hardback



THE ANARCHY: The Relentless Rise of the East India Company William Dalrymple In the eighteenth century the East India Company was transformed from a trading corporation into a massive colonial power. William Dalrymple traces the origins of the Mughal power it overthrew and shows how an entire subcontinent was almost totally controlled from a boardroom in London. As well as appealing to those interested in Indian history this book will engross anyone interested in the power of big business. £30 Hardback, signed copies available

RISE AND FALL: A History of the World in Ten Empires Paul Strathern From the Akkadian to the American, empires are created by a combination of a sense of adventure and a dogged pursuit of power. War, subjugation, administration and sometimes a new civilisation are integral parts of the diverse empires that have been and frequently gone during the last five thousand years. Paul Strathern explains why in this compelling new history. £16.99 Hardback

THE NARROW CORRIDOR: States, Societies and the Fate of Liberty Daron Acemoglu & James A. Robinson Liberty emerges only when there is delicate balance between state and society. Based on decades of research the two authors explain how some countries achieve this balance while others tend towards despotism or anarchy. Using their framework the development of any state can be analysed: the past, present and future. £25 Hardback 22

HISTORY PRINCE ALBERT A. N. Wilson Victoria may have been the Queen but to a great extent it was Albert who established the stable position of the monarchy. Intelligent and capable, interested in both the arts and sciences and revered throughout the Empire after his death, he was an exceptional man. A. N. Wilson’s meticulously researched and absorbing biography does him proud. £25 Hardback, signed copies available

THE EUROPEANS Orlando Figes In the mid-nineteenth century the cities of Europe began to be linked by the railways and a European culture developed of artists, musicians, performers and spectators moving freely across the continent. At the centre of this book are three people who typify the age: author Ivan Turgenev, singer and composer Pauline Viardot and her husband Louis – critic, publisher, journalist and translator. £30 Hardback, signed copies available

GENIUS & ANXIETY Norman Lebrecht Between the mid-nineteenth and mid-twentieth centuries a handful of Jewish people brought about radical changes in the worlds of literature, science, engineering and medicine. These far-sighted individuals remade the world and, in so doing, changed the Jewish view of themselves. This is the first work to address both sides of the story; Norman Lebrecht’s lifelong passion for all things Jewish makes him the perfect person to conduct the analysis.


£20 Hardback

Fiction may be based in imagination rather than fact but during the Cold War literature of all types had a profound influence on both sides of the Iron Curtain. In 1955 the CIA mounted an operation with military precision to drop thousands of copies of Animal Farm behind the Iron Curtain. Both superpowers took the literary battle very seriously; this is the story of the writers who were on the front line of the Cold War. £25 Hardback


HISTORY STARING AT GOD: Britain in the Great War Simon Heffer ‘Now that shrapnel is killing an entire generation, we are left staring at God.’ (Margot Asquith) Staring at God covers the years of the Great War, showing how Britain adapted and at what cost. Simon Heffer’s critically acclaimed history of modern Britain continues with this masterly political, social and cultural work. £30 Hardback, signed copies available

TRINITY Frank Close On his first day at Oxford Frank Close met Professor Rudolf Peierls, the father of the atomic bomb and one-time mentor to Klaus Fuchs, possibly the most damaging spy of modern times. A physicist himself, Frank Close explores both the science and spying that surrounded Fuchs, and Trinity, the explosion of the atomic bomb in 1945. £25 Hardback, signed copies available

ENOCH POWELL Paul Corthorn Conservative, then Ulster Unionist, Enoch Powell revelled in challenging the orthodox. Adopting a thematic structure, this book considers his views on international relations, economics, immigration, Europe and Northern Ireland, setting them in the wider historical setting. Paul Corthorn’s study goes far beyond the ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech and analyses the inconsistencies and long-term influence of this most controversial politician. £20 Hardback

WINDS OF CHANGE: Britain in the Sixties Peter Hennessy The author of Never Again and Having it so Good now turns his attention to the sixties. Harold Macmillan’s wind of change, which blew over Africa and the remaining British Empire, also blew over Britain. At the beginning of the decade much of rural Britain was as it had been before the war but life everywhere was rapidly changing under the influence of broadcasting, the uneasy truce of the Cold War and the threat of a Third World War. £30 Hardback 24

PRIME MINISTERS MARGARET THATCHER: The Authorized Biography, Volume Three: Herself Alone Charles Moore This concluding volume of Charles Moore’s masterly biography covers the period from Margaret Thatcher’s third election victory in 1987 to her death in 2013. Based on personal interviews and private papers this volume analyses the long term impact of her rule on Britain, the truth about her political assassination and her continuing roles during her retirement. Personal as well as political, it describes the Iron Lady but also a woman who could be surprisingly vulnerable. £35 Hardback, signed copies available Volume One: Not for Turning £16.99 Paperback Volume Two: Everything She Wants £14.99 Paperback

THE PRIME MINISTERS: Reflections on Leadership from Wilson to May Steve Richards There are many memoirs and biographies of prime ministers but this is the first to consider all the modern prime ministers from Harold Wilson to Theresa May and dispassionately unearth their strengths and weaknesses. Renowned political writer Steve Richards knew or observed all these leaders and is perfectly positioned to challenge the caricatures we think we know so well. £20 Hardback

WHO DARES WINS: Britain, 1979-1982 Dominic Sandbrook This serious history of Britain opens with a scene from Fawlty Towers. In his characteristically entertaining yet knowledgeable style Dominic Sandbrook explains that this was the state of Britain in 1979. But, it was also a time of great opportunity and Margaret Thatcher had a plan for the country - it was just that it was a plan of kill or cure. £30 Hardback


HISTORY HOW TO BE A DICTATOR Frank Dikötter Dictators can often seize power with comparative ease but keeping control can be another matter. Power can be held through by violence but dictators last longer if they can create at least an illusion of public support. Through eight twentieth-century dictators Frank Dikötter shows how this can be achieved. A remarkable study of the abuse of power. £25 Hardback

BLACK LIVES 1900: W. E. B. Du Bois at the Paris Exposition Edited by Julian Rothenstein At the 1900 Paris Exposition, Du Bois’ The American Negro exhibit used photographs and ground-breaking charts, maps and graphs which challenged the stereotypical view of Black people. Elegant and dignified, intelligent and hard-working, it showed people very different to the Exposition’s degrading racist displays. £25 Flexibound

WHERE POWER STOPS David Runciman Ambitious politicians spend half a lifetime working towards the top job, certain that once they achieve their goal they will be able to make a real difference. But when they reach the Oval Office or No. 10 the real power always seems just out of reach. Studying nine politicians David Runciman argues that this is the point at which personality becomes crucial and shows what we can learn from this. £14.99 Hardback

HITLER: Only the World was Enough Brendan Simms There are many insightful biographies of Hitler but few have taken such an in-depth view of his actual stated aims. Studying new sources and Hitler’s works, Brendan Simms re-evaluates his life and, in so doing, challenges many of the prevailing views. £30 Hardback, signed copies available 26

HISTORY ATTLEE AND CHURCHILL Leo McKinstry The coalition government during the Second World War saw a unique partnership that transcended party lines with Churchill’s dogged determination and courage combining with Atlee’s quieter virtues. Leo McKistry’s ground-breaking book is a gripping and engrossing picture of this political partnership and its denouement after the 1945 election. £25 Hardback (November)

WORLD WAR II: Infographics Jean Lopez, foreword by Jonathan Fenby The information displayed here gives a unique panorama of the Second World War. Covering the conflict from its origins through to the aftermath, the data covers over fifty themes including aircraft production, the fall of democracy in Europe and the cost of manpower. Original and accessible, this approach will appeal to historians and graphic designers alike. £29.95 Hardback

CHASTISE: The Dambusters Story 1943 Max Hastings Operation Chastise was an episode in the Second World War known to most people via a 1950s film. As Max Hastings shows, the real event was much more complicated, the deaths far worse, the leaders more ruthless and the failures more serious. His superb narrative of the action hold these strands together, making an exciting and shocking read. £25 Hardback, signed copies available

A HOUSE IN THE MOUNTAINS Caroline Moorehead Less well-known than the French Resistance, the Italian Resistance played a hugely important part in the defeat of Germany in the Second World War. Where it differed was in the number of women in its ranks. This tells the story of four such women, living as partisans in the mountains around Turin in a time of danger, violence, and corruption but also a time of camaraderie, pride and optimism for the women who had proved themselves in a hitherto men’s world. £20 Hardback (November)


LONDON THE CREEPING PLAGUE OF GHASTLY FACADISM The Gentle Author Facadism is supposed to preserve the appearance of old buildings. The problem is that the end result is frequently an elegant shell with a monstrous carbuncle growing out of it, an architectural style that is both hilarious and horrific. The Gentle Author presents the most notorious in London, together with an amusing analysis of the trend. You will laugh and wince in equal measure. £15 An ingenious board cover which allows the book to stand on its own two feet, signed copies available

A SHORT HISTORY OF LONDON Simon Jenkins Smaller than most histories of the capital and far more entertaining, this is all you need to know about London’s past. Simon Jenkins’ short histories of England and Europe were highly acclaimed and this volume is just as exceptional. Not even mentioned in the Domesday Book, London is now one of the greatest cities in the world; this concise volume tells its story. £25 Hardback, signed copies available

CRUICKSHANK’S LONDON: A Portrait of a City in 20 Walks Dan Cruickshank One of the most pleasurable ways to discover London’s history is to walk the streets, particularly in the company of Dan Cruickshank. He is perhaps the only person to describe Edgware Road as an ancient track but in doing so he opens our eyes to the city’s past. Whether read from the road or an armchair, this book will delight and inform. £25 Hardback (November)

MUDLARKING Lara Maiklem Lara Maiklem may look like a commuter as she travels in to Cannon Street on the early train but for fifteen years she has been mudlarking, timing her journeys to match the tides of the river. Much of London’s history ends up in the Thames, to be exposed as the tide falls and discovered by mudlarks such as Lara. Memoir, history and practical guide, this book will change your view of the river. £18.99 Hardback 28

RARE & OUT OF PRINT We keep an extensive range of first and fine editions including many signed copies, ideal for a special gift. We like to think we have something for every taste and budget – from vintage travel narratives to crime fiction, renaissance history to art monographs. All first editions are carefully cleaned, with dustwrappers housed in removable, archival-quality sleeves for protection.

For historians we have a first edition set of Sir Winston Churchill’s six volume History of the Second World War. Leatherbound, with marbled endpapers and gilt edges, these are books to read and treasure. £2,000.

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For those of more criminal inclinations there are period hardback editions of many classics: James Hadley Chase, Leslie Charteris, Edmund Crispin, Georges Simenon and many others. £25-£75.

Early works by authors featured in this catalogue are often available as collectable hardbacks, some of which are signed. The prices of our out of print and first edition books vary depending on their condition and rarity. Our stock changes all the time so please speak to one of our specialist booksellers to see the current selection.


HATCHARDS PUBLISHING When John Hatchard opened his shop in 1797, he was a publisher as much as a bookseller. We have revived this tradition with the Hatchards Library. Over the coming years we shall reissue the books that we think everyone should have but seem to have forgotten. They are limited editions, only available at Hatchards and have cloth bindings, beautiful endpapers and stylish dust jackets. THE CASE OF THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN Nicholas Blake In the midst of the harsh winter of 1941 Georgia, wife of private detective Nigel Strangeways, receives a surprising invitation: to go to stay with her cousin Clarissa to investigate the unusual behaviour of a cat. Once there, the cat is the least of their worries, as murder, suicide and of course the abominable snowman take centre stage. Nigel’s old friend Detective-Inspector Blount of the Scotland Yard CID is called in but it is Nigel’s brain that unravels the tangled crime. Cecil Day Lewis was an academic and poet laureate and, under the pseudonym of Nicholas Blake, writer of ingenious, literate and cultured mysteries.

£12.99 Limited Hatchards edition with a green cloth binding, gold foil dust jacket and exclusive William Morris endpapers. 2,000 numbered copies (November)

‘The children, side by side, leaned out of the window. As they watched, the crack at the top of the snowman’s head deepened. A segment of snow slid, smoothly as a camera shutter, off its face. Its face ought to have gone. But it was still there. The squat, shapeless snowman still had a face – a face almost as white as the snow which had covered it, the dead, human face of someone who shouldn’t have been there at all.’ Nicholas Blake


HATCHARDS PUBLISHING DON’T TELL ALFRED Nancy Mitford When Alfred is appointed Ambassador to Paris his wife Fanny is, briefly, delighted. The problem is that there are too many potential disasters lurking in the city: firstly she can never remember anyone’s name, secondly her mother The Bolter is there with her new, ninth husband and thirdly Basil, wastrel, friend of the aforementioned husband and son of the unfortunate Fanny is also there when he is supposed to be elsewhere studying for his exams. To exacerbate the problems, the previous Lady Ambassador has taken up residence in an Embassy flat and refuses to move. Can things get any worse? In Nancy Mitford’s wicked hands, obviously, yes.

£12.99 Limited Hatchards edition with a green cloth binding, gold foil dust jacket and exclusive William Morris endpapers. 2,000 numbered copies (November)

In the Salon Vert there was a telegram on top of my afternoon letters. “Never married him darling, it was deed-pollers gave no interview have taken it up with Grumpy who promises denial tomorrow in Daily Post Bolter’’ Nancy Mitford

We have a selection of fine and first editions by Nancy Mitford and Nicholas Blake. The prices vary depending on their condition and rarity and our stock changes all the time so please speak to one of our specialist booksellers to see the current selection.


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PENS Cross Townsend

Kaweco Sport 32

In the shop there is an elderly glass cabinet which would not look out of place in a 1930s draper’s shop. Displayed within it are wonderful pens for every writer: novelists, historians, list makers and aspiring scribes. Choose from a sturdy little Kaweco or a stately Cross pen and make writing a pleasure again.

A LITTLE LIGHT RELIEF THE DICTIONARY OF POSH Hugh Kellett, illustrated by Oliver Preston Welsh, Gaelic, Catalan and Posh – all these languages are in danger of dying out and need to be preserved. Luckily this book will enable you to learn Posh or polish it up if you are a native speaker. Throughout the dictionary helpful examples are given, recording the trials and tribulations of the Pails-Hurtingseaux family (say it out loud in a posh voice). £14.95 Hardback

IN THE GARDEN WITH THE TOTTERINGS Annie Tempest, foreword by Alan Titchmarsh Tottering Hall, in North Pimmshire, has a large unruly garden which Dicky and Daffy struggle to keep under control. From the importance of ‘stiffeners’ to the use of a bulldozer against ground elder, this book is packed with useful horticultural advice, as the foreword by Alan Titchmarsh shows. It’s also hilariously funny. £12.99 Hardback

THE WICKED WIT OF THE ROYAL FAMILY Compiled by Karen Dolby The Duke of Edinburgh is famous for his witticisms, official and otherwise, but other members of the royal family also have a sharp sense of humour. Her Majesty The Queen is well-known for her wickedly dry and often bitingly funny remarks and the younger royals share jokes which lead to knowing smiles and sometimes outright laughter. The family may be under constant scrutiny but luckily they can still laugh. £9.99 Hardback (November)

CRITICAL TIMES Peter Brookes No one holding public office is safe from the sharp pen of Peter Brookes, unless of course they behave sensibly and respectably. Luckily, few do. Mrs May has to contend with back-seat drivers in her clapped-out car, world leaders are aptly recast as the group Madness and Donald Trump appears as often as we would expect. These cartoons from the past two years of The Times will enliven any Christmas morning. £20 Hardback


THE IMPOSSIBLE RELATIVE WHILE DADDY’S AWAY AT THE WAR: Poems and Pictures Sent to his Daughters Douglas Percy Bliss Between 1941 and 1945 Douglas Percy Bliss chose two albums of poetry for his daughters. The poems were handwritten and illustrated by Bliss who had taught at Hornsey College of Art before volunteering for the RAF. Some of the longer poems overflow in a timely fashion onto Air Ministry paper. The lovely collection of over sixty poems is reproduced in a limited facsimile volume of immense charm and beauty. £90 Hardback limited edition of 500

A MONTH IN SIENA Hisham Matar For many years Hisham Matar had been intrigued by the Sienese School of painting, visiting the National Gallery in his lunch hours to study each painting in detail. He spends a month in Siena to study the paintings there but this is much more than a reflection on art, more a work in praise of Siena generally. He lives in a flat in an old palazzo, learns Italian and walks the city, appreciating everything he sees. An evocative and charming book. £12.99 Hardback

THE BOY, THE MOLE, THE FOX AND THE HORSE Charlie Mackesy These four unlikely friends have become deservedly popular for the gentle wisdom and hope they have given to thousands of people. The boy was lonely, the mole greedy for cake, the fox wary and the horse the biggest and perhaps most thoughtful of the four. Whether you are eight or eighty these delightful drawings will encourage you to listen less to your fears and more to your dreams. £16.99 Hardback 34

THE IMPOSSIBLE RELATIVE LETTERS FROM FATHER CHRISTMAS J. R. R. Tolkien These classic letters, given to Tolkien’s own children between the 1920s and 1940s, have captivated generations of children since, describing Father Christmas’ problems with goblins and the unfortunate incident of the Polar Bear who fell into the dining-room. This de luxe edition includes letters and pictures never included before and the new scans have brought to life a wealth of detail in the illustrations. £75 De luxe slip-cased hardback edition

THIS GOLDEN FLEECE: A Journey Through Britain’s Knitted History Esther Rutter As a child Esther Rutter learnt how to spin, weave and knit. Sometimes regarded as hobbies, for many years these skills were vital to the survival of thousands of people working in farms, workshops and factories. Travelling the length of Britain this book tells the extraordinary history of the country through wool, how it shaped our landscape and, even today, influences our lives. £16.99 Hardback

EDWARD LEAR AND THE PUSSYCAT: Famous Writers and their Pets Alex Johnson Animals have always inspired writers, from rabbits with pocket watches to polar bears in armour. They have provided companionship, only occasionally blotting their copybooks by sitting on keyboards, eating manuscripts or biting visitors. This endearing book is an alphabetical walk through some of the world’s favourite writers and their pets: cats, dogs, wombats, bears and rather more peacocks than you would expect. £9.99 Flexibound


LUCIAN FREUD THE LIVES OF LUCIAN FREUD: Youth 1922-1968 William Feaver Lucian Freud spoke on the telephone almost every day to his friend and collaborator William Feaver, about his art and life. These conversations form the basis of this book tracing the artist’s childhood in Berlin, his escape from Nazi Germany and time at public and art school. It follows him in the Merchant Navy during the war and on his travels round Europe, finally setting up as a painter in London. The adventures, loves and artistic convictions of the passionate young man shine out of this brilliantly written landmark biography. £35 Hardback, signed copies available (Volume 2 to follow next year)

LUCIAN FREUD: A Life Compiled by Mark Holborn in collaboration with David Dawson We are rarely allowed behind the scenes of any artist’s studio but this magnificent book gives us an unprecedented view of Lucian Freud’s private life, with a year-by-year survey of the painter’s life and quotes from the artist himself on his work. The one hundred and fifty illustrations include family snaps, photographs of the studio and portraits of the painter, for example Lucian with his grandfather Sigmund, at the Headdress Ball in the fifties and brilliantly painting David Hockney in his studio in 2002. £150 Hardback

LUCIAN FREUD: The Self-portraits David Dawson, Joseph Leo Koerner, Jasper Sharp, Sebastian Smee Lucian Freud is one of the few twentieth-century artists who regularly painted self-portraits. From the first in 1939 to the last, sixtyfour years later, they are a fascinating insight into both his painting techniques and character. Essays by leading authorities analyse the paintings and an interview with Tilda Swinton, who sat for him, testifies to the intensity with which he studied the human body. £35 Hardback 36

ART THE PURSUIT OF ART: Travels, Encounters and Revelations Martin Gayford As a writer Martin Gayford has made many extraordinary journeys in search of his subjects. An artist’s surroundings are often entwined with their work and the journeys described here are as important as the artists themselves. From prehistoric cave paintings in France to the peaks of the Yellow Mountains in China to a trip to Iceland to see twenty-four different varieties of water, each journey brings a new view of art and travel. £16.95 Hardback, signed copies available

ISLAMIC ART: Architecture, Painting, Calligraphy, Ceramics, Glass, Carpets Luca Mozzati ‘Let us suppose that we are living back, say, in the year 900.’ This magnificent book takes the reader on a journey covering fourteen centuries and three continents, bringing Islamic art alive both historically and geographically. The illustrations show the skill and inspiration of the artists and craftsmen and the text is both erudite and engaging. A stupendous book. £29.99 Hardback

WILLIAM BLAKE: The Artist Edited by Martin Myrone The landmark exhibition at Tate Britain this autumn assesses the importance of William Blake as an artist in his own time and in the twenty-first century. A technical innovator, his work has influenced art, politics and literature for over two hundred years. This superb book gives a comprehensive overview of his work, telling the stories behind some of British art’s most famous images. £40 Hardback, £25 Paperback

JOHN NASH: Artist and & Countryman Andrew Lambirth One of the most talented painters of the English countryside, John Nash is frequently overshadowed by his brother Paul. From the books he read as a soldier in the First World War to his interest in plants and gardening, this is the first full-length monograph to cover all aspects of this versatile and skilful artist. £40 Hardback


PHOTOGRAPHY SHOOT FOR THE MOON Tim Walker Set in a weird wonderland of opulence and eccentricity, the photographs in Shoot for the Moon portray the biggest names in fashion and culture. Tilda Swinton, Kate Moss, Grayson Perry, Jennifer Saunders and many more are captured in settings that could not be more amazing. £85 Paperback with jacket, £1,000 Limited edition, signed copies available

DAVID BAILEY Essay by Francis Hodgson, foreword by Damien Hirst In this breathtaking book David Bailey presents a cultural history of the last sixty years with photographs of world leaders, artists, fellow photographers, friends and family, captured in private and public moments. With its own bookstand designed by Marc Newson, this book is a work of art itself. £2,250 Sumo collectors’ edition with bookstand, signed, dedicated copies available

OUR INTERFERENCE TIMES: A Visual Record Michael Stipe with Douglas Coupland The world of images is caught between the analogue of the past and the digital of the future. For Michael Stipe the moiré pattern perfectly represents this phenomenon as is demonstrated in the hundred and fifty images from his personal archive showing the thrilling and unsettling point where the two meet but fail to integrate. £45 Hardback, signed copies available

ELTON JOHN Terry O’Neill The two hundred and fifty photographs in this book were taken from a collection of over five thousand, showing Elton John at his most public and most private moments. Dubbed by Vogue as ‘the man who shot the greats’, Terry O’Neill has again produced a surprising portrait of a star we all thought we knew. 38

£30 Hardback, signed copies available


JOHN GALLIANO for DIOR Photographs by Robert Fairer, foreword by Hamish Bowles Beginning in 1998, Robert Fairer’s sumptuous photographs record every detail of John Galliano’s breathtaking designs for Dior, with contributions from Hamish Bowles, André Leon Talley and Oriole Cullen. With previously unseen behindthe-scenes moments the book captures the drama, glamour and wild imagination of John Galliano’s shows for Dior. £98 Slip-cased hardback

HENRY POOLE & CO.: The First Tailor of Savile Row James Sherwood Anyone who is anyone is dressed by Henry Poole: from nineteenthcentury kings and maharajas to twenty-first-century hedge-fund billionaires and pop stars. Still owned by the founding family, they have dressed Bram Stoker and Wilkie Collins, J. P. Morgan and the Rothschilds. A hundred and fifty illustrations accompany James Sherwood’s revealing text linking power and style as never before. £35 Quarterbound hardback, signed copies available

PRADA CATWALK: The Complete Collections Susannah Frankel This stylish and comprehensive book is published in collaboration with Prada and celebrates thirty years of outstanding fashion. The influences and highlights of each collection are described and over a thousand illustrations illuminate the magnificent clothes, accessories and models as they parade along the catwalk. £48 Hardback 39


SCARFE: Sixty Years of Being Rude Gerald Scarfe This is a retrospective like no other, revealing sixty years of politics and culture as well as Gerald Scarfe’s development as an artist. Five hundred and seventy-six pages of irreverent cartoons. Well, not quite, there are also designs, sculptures and photographs, as well as witty captions and stories in this magnificent monograph. £150 Slip-cased hardback (November)

LONG DRAWN OUT TRIP: A Memoir Gerald Scarfe Gerald Scarfe has drawn cartoons for Punch, Private Eye and The Sunday Times, sketched Churchill from life, upset Mary Whitehouse and designed albums for Pink Floyd, causing chaos and mayhem along the way. Throughout this memoir his sharp wit and wicked sense of humour shine out whether describing his childhood or being flashed by an American president. £20 Hardback

MOONLIGHT TRAVELLERS Quentin Blake with Will Self In 2017 Quentin Blake created a series of pictures for an exhibition titled The Only Way to Travel. Unwittingly he painted twenty sombre pictures: The Moonlight Travellers. These pictures, together with another twenty, are accompanied by an essay by Will Self, the master of darkness and imagination. A haunting book of dreamlike journeys in words and pictures. £16.95 Hardback £195 Collector’s edition of 500, hardback in slip-case 40

ARCHITECTURE & INTERIORS THE ART OF LOOKING UP Catherine McCormack Many of the greatest buildings in the world encourage us to look up as well as around. From the Imam Mosque in Isfahan to the City Hall in Barcelona, decorated ceilings are used to awe and inspire. Divided into sections on religion, culture, power and politics, and with two hundred and fifty illustrations, this book explains and explores the significance of the ceiling. £35 Hardback

RESTORATION STORIES: Patina and Paint in Old London Houses Philippa Stockley, photography by Charlie Hopkinson With sympathetic restoration, it is possible to live in a Georgian house and enjoy modern amenities. Like ships, the houses may move and creak on the shifting London clay but that is part of their character. Admire the homes of a gardener, a sculptor and an innkeeper, which combine grace and charm with comfort and style. £45 Hardback, signed copies available

THE SPLENDOR OF ST. PETERSBURG Thierry Morel & Elizaveta Renne After 1917 life in Russia changed immeasurably, especially in St. Petersburg which, before the Revolution, had enjoyed a cultural, social and economic renaissance. These five palaces, portrayed in two hundred colour photographs, are testament to this lost life of glamour and architectural splendour. £65 Hardback

TRIANON AND THE QUEEN’S HAMLET AT VERSAILLES Jacques Moulin with Yves Carlier The Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon and Queen’s Hamlet were where Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette retired to when they wanted to escape the pomp and formality of court life. Fascinating text and newly-commissioned photographs reveal the private side of court life. £65 Hardback (November)


LONDON CHEFS THE BOOK OF ST. JOHN: Still a Kind of British Cooking Fergus Henderson & Trevor Gulliver At the age of six Fergus Henderson tasted his first crème brûlée and knew he wanted to become a chef. This twenty-fifth anniversary cookbook includes the classic recipes from the restaurants, comprehensive menus and wine recommendations and, most importantly, his ethos of zero-waste cooking. £30 Hardback

BLACK AXE MANGAL Lee Tiernan, foreword by Fergus Henderson Open-fire cooking and Lee Tiernan’s brilliant marrying of ingredients quickly earned Black Axe Mangal cult status. Home cooks can now reproduce his fantastic recipes with squid-ink flatbreads, grilled hispi cabbage with katsuobushi butter and foie gras and cherry doughnuts just a taster of the meals in this book. With over a hundred and twenty colour illustrations it combines good looks and great practicality. £24.95 Hardback (November)

MARCUS EVERYDAY Marcus Wareing Home meals are important to Marcus Wareing; he may be a Michelinstarred chef but he is also the father of three and the son of a fruit and vegetable merchant. Drawing on all his culinary experience he has written a really useful cookery book: using leftovers in Waste Not Want Not, making entertaining easy in Weekend Dining and making the most of seasonal produce in Garden Patch. £20 Hardback

DISHOOM: From Bombay with Love Shamil Thakrar, Kavi Thakrar and Naved Nasir From dawn to dusk this book follows a culinary journey through Bombay comfort food. There are over a hundred recipes accompanied by evocative descriptions of the city: its people, its fast-vanishing Irani cafes and the simple pleasures of morning chai and omelette or a stroll along the sands at sunset. How to visit Bombay whilst remaining in London. £26 Hardback 42

COOKERY THE LITTLE LIBRARY YEAR Kate Young Following on from The Little Library Cookbook, Kate Young now guides us though the seasons: ‘The long winter nights’, ‘The first signs of spring’, ‘The height of summer’ to ‘When the leaves start to fall’. Twelve months of reading and cooking, what could be more enjoyable? £25 Hardback

MY LAST SUPPER Jay Rayner When Jay Rayner decided to cheat the fates and eat his last meal before his death was looming, with twenty years as a restaurant critic he had plenty to choose from. Going back through his life he remembers the significant meals and creates one outrageous supper, the coming together of all his food memories, to be eaten with friends sooner rather than later. £16.99 Hardback, signed copies available

GREENFEAST: Autumn, Winter Nigel Slater Earlier in the year Greenfeast: Spring, Summer was published to great acclaim. Whilst resolutely omnivorous, much of Nigel Slater’s everyday eating has become plant-based. In these two books he provides a year of recipes for meals which he eats at the end of each day that contain neither meat nor fish. Inspiring and useful, no cook should be without these books. £22 Cloth-covered flexible binding, signed copies available Spring, Summer £22 Cloth-covered flexible binding

THE LOST ORCHARD Raymond Blanc In the grounds of The Manoir there is an orchard with over a hundred and fifty ancient varieties of apple along with medlars, damsons, quinces, walnuts and more. Having planted some three thousand trees, Raymond Blanc tells the story of the fruits with anecdotes and recipes, showing what we have lost but also what it is possible to regain. £20 Hardback (November)


SNIFTERS THE WORLD ATLAS OF WINE, 8th Edition Hugh Johnson & Jancis Robinson Probably the greatest wine book of our times has been completely revised and updated. With extra pages and twenty new maps, cooler-climate regions such as British Columbia and southern Uruguay are now covered in detail. New 3-D maps, infographics and information panels, together with beautiful photographs, accompany the text by the world’s two most acclaimed writers on wine. £50 Hardback, signed copies available

HUGH JOHNSON’S POCKET WINE BOOK 2020 Hugh Johnson Updated every year, this is required reading for every wine lover. Properly pocket-sized and packed with information it is the perfect companion to the new edition of The World Atlas of Wine. £12.99 Hardback

150 YEARS AT CHÂTEAU LAFITE Saskia de Rothschild & Baron Éric de Rothschild The Rothschild family arrived at Château Lafite in 1868. Since then six generations have managed the estate, transforming it into the benchmark for fine wine in Bordeaux. The tasting notes for each vintage are accompanied by items from the archive, portraits by Robert Doisneau and period press clippings. A must for every wine aficionado. £50 Cloth paperback (November)

WAUGH ON WINE Auberon Waugh, introduction by Naim Attallah, illustrations by William Rushton Famous for his wit and outspoken views Auberon Waugh began his career as a wine critic under the pseudonym Crispin de St Crispian. While berating hosts who skimped on their wine, he was never a wine snob and was as happy to praise a £2 bargain as a grand Burgundy. Originally published in 1987 this little volume will now delight a new generation of wine lovers. 44

£10 Paperback

MUSIC THE LADY FROM AREZZO Alfred Brendel The Lady in the title was a tailor’s mannequin in a shop window in Italy. Now installed in Alfred Brendel’s home in Hampstead she continues to ignite his imagination, combining intense seriousness with flashes of humour – characteristics that personify both his playing and writing. A splendid collection of essays combining a master of nonsense with a master of music. £14.99 Hardback (November)

ROUGH IDEAS: Reflections on Music and More Stephen Hough World-renowned pianist Stephen Hough is also a highly-regarded author, composer and painter. A combination of musical insights, candid descriptions of people and places, his opinions on books and paintings and thoughts on more controversial subjects from abortion to the challenge of being a gay Roman Catholic. £18.99 Hardback

TWO RIDERS WERE APPROACHING: The Life & Death of Jimi Hendrix Mick Wall Regarded as the greatest guitarist of all time, Jimi Hendrix is the embodiment of rock ‘n’ roll. In just four years he influenced generations of musicians but in 1970 was found dead in his London flat. The reasons behind his death remain unclear. Mick Wall uncovers both the musical and dark, troubled sides of the extraordinary musician in this major biography. £20 Hardback (November)

FACE IT Debbie Harry Until now Debbie Harry has guarded her private life fiercely; despite the high-profile performances, myriads of photographs and a portrait by Andy Warhol, we have only seen the public face of the lead singer of Blondie. Here she reveals her complex personality and how she has juggled her private life and career as a musical goddess. A music memoir with a difference. £20 Hardback


POETRY FRIENDS: A Poem for Every Day of the Year Edited by Jane McMorland Hunter A wonderful collection of poems to dip into every day. Many of the most beautiful poems ever written were to friends, from Emily Brontë and John Keats, to Stevie Smith and Norman MacCaig. Many lesser-known works are included and the collection will delight and surprise in equal measure. £20 Hardback, signed copies available

DANCING BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOON Gyles Brandreth Having lamented our lacklustre approach to language in Have You Eaten Grandma? Gyles Brandreth has now compiled an anthology of poetry which he urges us to savour, memorise and take time to appreciate. The two hundred and fifty poems are the nation’s favourites and the best examples of stylish language. £14.99 Hardback

IN THE CAIRNGORMS Nan Shepherd foreword by Robert Macfarlane Now best-known for The Living Mountain and during her life predominantly famous as a novelist, Nan Shepherd was most proud of this volume of poetry, first published in 1934 in a small print run in Edinburgh. Poetry did not come easily to her but when it did she felt her ‘whole nature . . . suddenly leaped into life’. £16.99 Hardback

THE MUSIC OF TIME: Poetry in the Twentieth Century John Burnside Poetry is as much a record of history as a creation of verse. From the desolation of the Western Front to the end of Tsarist Russia to the violence of the Troubles in Ireland, poets have always responded to their times. In this deft and erudite book the poet John Burnside has uncovered the union of poetry and the past. £25 Hardback 46


Founded in 1929 in London, Faber & Faber is one of the world’s great publishing houses. Their list of authors includes thirteen Nobel Laureates and six Booker Prize winners but it is for poetry that they are perhaps best known. T. S. Eliot left his job at Lloyds Bank and became director and literary advisor at Faber & Faber, nurturing the careers of W. H. Auden, Louis MacNeice, Ted Hughes and many more. To commemorate their ninetieth anniversary Faber & Faber have published ten stylishly-designed editions of poetry. W. H. Auden, Another Time, Wendy Cope, Serious Concerns, T. S. Eliot, The Waste Land, Seamus Heaney, The Haw Lantern, Ted Hughes, The Hawk in the Rain, Philip Larkin, High Windows, Marianne Moore, Selected Poems, Daljit Nagra, Look We Have Coming to Dover!, Sylvia Plath, Ariel, Jo Shapcott, Of Mutability Each volume £10 Hardback


TRAVEL THE SUMMER ISLES: A Voyage of the Imagination Philip Marsden To reach the Summer Isles, far to the north, Philip Marsden sails from Cornwall up the coasts of Ireland and Scotland. Throughout history explorers, adventurers, fishermen and monks have sailed the western seas, lured by their distant horizons, beauty and mystery. This is a magical journey which combines practicality, history and myth. £20 Hardback

THE JOURNEY MATTERS: Twentieth-Century Travel in True Style Jonathan Glancey For many holidaymakers the aim is to get to their destination as quickly as possible. Here it is the journey that matters. These twenty luxurious trips are ones that Jonathan Glancey has either made or long-dreamt of making and has now imagined as dreams almost come true. Join him on the Coronation from Edinburgh, fly from Southampton to Singapore and dine aboard the Graf Zeppelin. £20 Hardback (November)

ON THE PLAIN OF SNAKES: A Mexican Road Trip Paul Theroux Nogales is the starting point for Paul Theroux’s journey around Mexico. It is a border town, split in half by ‘The Wall’, a forty-foot steel fence designed to keep the poverty of Mexico away from the wealth of America. A fantastic return for this writer of classic travel books such as The Great Railway Bazaar and Riding the Iron Rooster. £20 Hardback

NORTH KOREA JOURNAL Michael Palin In 2018 Michael Palin made a ground-breaking documentary based on his visit to the notoriously secretive Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. This is his journal of the trip. From the clandestine planning where the destination was referred to as North Croydon to his meetings with locals and officials, Michael Palin’s characteristic wit and warmth shine through. 48

£14.99 Hardback

THE HUMAN CONDITION THE BODY: A Guide for Occupants Bill Bryson Most of us have no idea how our bodies actually work, usually only taking an interest when something goes wrong. Having explained science in A Short History of Nearly Everything Bill Bryson now explores the human body. In his characteristic entertaining and clear style he uncovers something more complex, wondrous and mysterious than even he had expected. £25 Hardback, signed copies available

REMARKABLE MINDS: A Celebration of The Reith Lectures BBC Radio 4 In 1948 The Reith Lectures were started with the aim of enriching the intellectual and cultural life of the nation. For the first time many of them have been collected together: Robert Oppenheimer, Daniel Barenboim, Jonathan Sacks and Hilary Mantel to name but a few. This is a remarkable book and a testament to the great thinkers of the last seventy years. £20 Hardback

REBEL IDEAS: The Power of Diverse Thinking Matthew Syed In order to deal with the problems that face the modern world, Matthew Syed argues that individual intelligence is no longer enough. We need to harness the power of our ‘cognitive diversity’ and work together to achieve the common aims of mankind. Incisive and radical, the author of Black Box Thinking and Bounce writes with a marvellously readable style. £20 Hardback, signed copies available

THE MERITOCRACY TRAP Daniel Markovits ‘Merit is sham’: so opens this revolutionary book arguing that the ideal of meritocracy no longer operates as promised. Yale professor Daniel Markovits contends that the apparently benevolent and just system has now created an aristocracy of its own. Exploring the paradox of the situation, he offers a ground-breaking plan for escape. £25 Hardback


TRANSPORT THE VAGABONDS Jeff Guinn During the summers between 1914 and 1924 the Vagabonds set off on automobile adventures. Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone, John Burroughs and a massive entourage of chefs, butlers and general staff travelled all over America. Camping in high style and playing host to presidents, they only abandoned the trips when their fame made them impractical. £18.99 Hardback

IN PRAISE OF THE BICYCLE Marc Augé, translated by Teresa Lavender Fagan French anthropologist Marc Augé has a passion in life: cycling. In this delightful memoir-come-manifesto he remembers the joy of learning to ride his first bicycle and the all-encompassing importance of the Tour de France. From a useful means of transport to a symbol of dreams and escape, the bicycle is enjoying a boom, one which the author believes is vital to our well-being. £9.99 Hardback

JAGUAR: The Art of the Automobile Zef Enault & Michaël Levivier With previously-unseen material from the Jaguar vaults, historical images and newly-commissioned photography, this is the definitive history of Jaguar. Always marrying elegance with a quest for speed, cars such as the E-Type, XK120 and XJS are every motorist’s dream vehicle. This is their story, accompanied by over two hundred envyinspiring photographs, right up to the all-electric ‘cat’ – the i-Pace. £40 Hardback

Officially endorsed by the Bentley Drivers’ Club and the W.O. Bentley Memorial Foundation

£60 Hardback 50

10 0 YE AR S OF



One of the world’s most revered car marques, Bentley celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2019. Six times it was a winner in the gruelling Le Mans 24-hour race and it is the brand behind iconic cars such as the 4½-Litre ‘Blower’ and R-type Continental, and modern classics like the Continental GT and Mulsanne. Produced in association with the Bentley Drivers Club and featuring more than 250 pictures, many from the club’s archives and some never seen in print before, this beautiful book details the whole history of Bentley. It details the founder W.O. Bentley’s early days as a railway engineer and his first attempts at modifying French DFP cars and the company’s early racing exploits, including its victories in the early Le Mans races. After financial struggles and rescue by Rolls-Royce the Bentley brand gradually faded, but there was a revival in the 1980s and renewed impetus when Bentley was acquired by the Volkswagen group. The story is brought up to date with the awesome new Bentleys built for the 21st century and the new era of electrification just around the corner.


With the support of the Bentley Drivers Club and The W. O. Bentley Memorial Foundation, Andrew Noakes has written a history of these magnificent motors from W. O.’s early life, through the glories at Le Mans up to today’s and tomorrow’s technologies. With over two hundred photographs and illustrations this book is as beautiful as it is informative.

10 0 Y E A R S O F

100 YEARS OF BENTLEY Andrew Noakes


SPORT BERKMANN’S CRICKETING MISCELLANY Marcus Berkmann Marcus Berkmann has spent much of his life exchanging obscure cricketing facts with his friends - friends who have provided him with ‘extraordinary facts, stories, stats and assorted drivel’ for this book. Read about twins in cricket, the club that disbanded because of their teas and test yourself on the quizzes. The perfect book to dip into between overs. £14.99 Hardback, signed copies available

ULTRA: The Underworld of Italian Football Tobias Jones Having written astutely on the dark heart of Italy, Tobias Jones now turns his attention to the dark heart of Italian football. Joining the ultras of a small town in the far South he discovers the inside story of these extreme football fans and their links to murder, drug-dealing, charity and religion. Riveting and revealing. £20 Hardback

THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY Alastair Cook One of the greatest cricket players, Alastair Cook played his final test in 2018 and announced his retirement at thirty-three. In this engrossing memoir he explains why and gives an intimate picture of life inside and outside cricket. £20 Hardback, signed copies available

OPEN SIDE Sam Warburton This is much more than a simple catalogue of sporting achievements. Sam Warburton’s successes in rugby have been as much due to his leadership qualities as his sporting prowess. In this candid autobiography he shows us the side of his life that the press or spectators rarely see, the open side. £20 Hardback 51

NATURAL HISTORY ADMIRALS, EMPERORS & CHIMNEY SWEEPERS Peter Marren The names of butterflies are as entrancing as their delicate fluttery flight; we’ve all seen a Red Admiral but where did the name originate? Moths are blessed with even more outlandish names which are explained here: Dark Arches, Seraphim, Peach Blossom and Manchester Treble-Bar. Peter Marren says he had fun researching this book; his enthusiasm is infectious and it is immense fun to read. £30 Hardback

FACES: Profiles of Dogs Vita Sackville-West Vita Sackville-West owned a great many dogs during her life including an Alsatian whose photograph hangs in Sissinghurst Castle and an elk-hound who would regularly take the bus to town when bored. She describes forty-four different breeds in a delightful combination of fact and whimsy, giving a new perspective on man’s best friend. £9.99 Hardback (November)

NESS Robert Macfarlane & Stanley Donwood This is inspired by the question of what the land would be if it came to life and why it might be forced to do so. The haunting form called Ness is shaped from lichen and willow, and made from mist and tides. It will defeat The Armourer on an island of marsh and shingle and save the land. Accompanied by Stanley Donwood’s pen and ink drawings, this is a lyrical and powerful fable for our times. £14.99 Hardback (November)

TURNING THE BOAT FOR HOME Richard Mabey Since 1972, with his first book Food For Free, Richard Mabey has been one of Britain’s most important naturalists. Here he tells the story of his life through his writings. From snow leopards to the arrangement of libraries and the importance of weeds, each piece gives us a glimpse into his world. £18.99 Hardback 52

GARDENING THE LAND GARDENERS: Cut Flowers Bridget Elworthy & Henrietta Courtauld Based at Wardington Manor in Oxfordshire, the Land Gardeners have become deservedly famous for their glorious and glamorous blooms. This book describes how they breathed new life into the gardens surrounding the Jacobean house. With practical advice and plant recommendations they show how to create and make the most of a cutting garden. £39.95 Hardback, signed copies available

SCENT MAGIC: Notes from a Gardener Isabel Bannerman It’s not often that a gardening book manages to be inspiring, practical, romantic and a joy to read. Isabel Bannerman takes us through the year of scented plants in her garden, offering nuggets of information on each plant. With asides from Mr B this is a very personal book, but who wouldn’t want a Bannerman-inspired garden? £30 Hardback, signed copies available

CAMBRIDGE COLLEGE GARDENS Tim Richardson, photographs by Clive Boursnell Quite apart from its academic status, Cambridge is one of the most beautiful universities in the world, with the buildings, ‘Backs’ and college gardens combining to create a unique setting for study. Tim Richardson guides us round these gardens explaining their history, significance and plantings, his words accompanied by photographs so glorious you’ll hardly need to visit the city. £40 Hardback, signed copies available

BETH CHATTO: A Life with Plants Catherine Horwood Beth Chatto’s gardens, nursery, books and articles have inspired and influenced gardeners around the world. Intertwined with plants, this is the story of her life, written with her full approval. From policeman’s daughter to wife of botanist Andrew Chatto and friend of Christopher Lloyd, her life has always included plants and also so much more. Revealing and delightful. £30 Hardback


CHILDREN OF ALL AGES LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD Retold by Beatrix Potter, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury Beatrix Potter’s version of this classic tale is close to Charles Perrault’s original French story and is deliciously dark. No happy ending for Red Riding Hood and her Granny here, while the wicked wolf appears to do quite well. For those who feel that the baddies shouldn’t get away with their crimes Helen Oxenbury has added a possible comeuppance for the wolf in her final illustration. £12.99 Hardback

WHY YOU SHOULD READ CHILDREN’S BOOKS, Even Though You are So Old and Wise Katherine Rundell As a renowned children’s author, Fellow of All Souls and specialist in the poetry of John Donne, Katherine Rundell is perfectly placed to assess the importance of children’s books for adults. Passionately and engagingly, she argues that when we grow up we should not put away childish stories but continue to read the books that entertained us as children and will also inspire us in adult life. £5 Hardback

FIERCE BAD RABBITS: The Tales Behind Children’s Picture Books Clare Pollard Through her own memories of childhood Clare Pollard tells the strange, magical and sometimes shocking history of picture books; The Story of Ferdinand was banned in Spain and burned in Nazi Germany for the pacifism it portrayed and Dr Seuss wrote Green Eggs and Ham as his publisher bet him that he couldn’t write a book using only fifty words. Clare Pollard will transform bedtime reading. £14.99 Hardback

THE LITTLE ISLAND Smriti Prasadam-Halls and Robert Starling All the animals lived reasonably happily together on the farm until one day the geese decided that they might be better off on their own. They took away the footbridge to their island and settled down to life alone. A life which was not quite as perfect as they had expected. A parable for our times perhaps? £12.99 Hardback 54

THE IMPOSSIBLE CHILD HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE J. K. Rowling, illustrated by Jim Kay Harry’s fourth year at Hogwarts finds him competing in the Triwizard Tournament, an event both magical and dangerous. Jim Kay’s inspired illustrations bring dragons, Dark wizards and the medieval splendour of the Tournament itself to life. The book contains the complete original text and full-colour illustrations throughout. £32 Hardback, £150 De luxe slip-cased edition

DR. SEUSS’S HORSE MUSEUM: A Canter Through Art History Dr. Seuss, illustrated by Andrew Joyner Twenty-one years after Dr. Seuss died, his wife Audrey found a box containing a manuscript and sketches. This was the basis for Horse Museum, a fabulously crazy book that explains art history through horses. Learn the difference between Impressionists and Cubists and laugh at the same time. £12.99 Hardback

THE DOUBLE DANGEROUS BOOK FOR BOYS Conn, Arthur & Cameron Iggulden For this brand new compendium Conn has enlisted the help of his sons Arthur and Cameron. Greek gods rub shoulders with paper aeroplanes and invaluable advice on picking locks. Crucially for many households, it also gives instructions for meeting the challenge of a Rubik’s cube. £20 Hardback

EIGHT PRINCESSES AND A MAGIC MIRROR Natasha Farrant, illustrated by Lydia Corry These feisty princesses are not the types to sit around helplessly waiting for a prince to rescue them. A magic mirror links the eight girls who include a medieval princess, a Russian princess and a very modern princess determined to save her community garden from urban developers. Stories for rebel girls with imagination. £12.99 Hardback


CHILDREN’S THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS Roger Duvoisin, poem by Clement C. Moore In 1954 Roger Duvoisin created a colourful set of pictures to accompany Clement C. Moore’s classic poem describing the arrival of Father Christmas on Christmas Eve. Reissued in its original tall, narrow format, it is just the right shape to tuck into a Christmas stocking. £12.99 Hardback

THE CRAYONS’ CHRISTMAS Drew Daywalt, illustrated by Oliver Jeffers The Crayons have never been part of such a splendid book: letters to open, games to play and a huge pop-up tree. Duncan is pleased that they are having a lovely time but he is sad too as not all the Crayons are home for Christmas and no one seems to care. But the Crayons care more for the little boy than he realises. £14.99 Hardback

LIGHTS ON COTTON ROCK David Litchfield More than anything, Heather wanted to live among the stars. Sitting alone on Cotton Rock her dream comes true when a friendly alien takes her on an adventure far, far away. Throughout her life Heather never forgets the alien, always hoping that one day she will meet him again and . . . £12.99 Hardback

DON’T WORRY, LITTLE CRAB Chris Haughton Another enchanting picture book from Chris Haughton, creator of A Little Bit Lost. Little Crab and Very Big Crab set off in search of the sea but when they get there the waves are huge and Little Crab is scared. But then he realises that with his friend Very Big Crab beside him nothing bad can happen. £12.99 Hardback 56

EMMA CHICHESTER CLARK STATION JIM Louis de Bernières, illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark All sorts of things get left on trains: umbrellas, gloves, even coats, but very rarely puppies. But this is exactly what happened, many years ago, on a steam train in Berkshire. Mr Ginger Leghorn had no intention of keeping the pup but his five children thought otherwise and soon Jim was part of the family. Always the centre of attention but often for the wrong reasons, he managed to get stuck down a rabbit-hole, accidentally go to sea and even get noticed by the King! £10 Hardback, signed copies available (November)

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE Emma Chichester Clark Plum thinks she loves everyone but when new dogs arrive at the park she isn’t sure she wants to be friends with them. After a burst of bad behaviour Plum realises the error of her ways and apologises, and finds that new friends can be fun too. £11.99 Hardback, signed copies available

THREE LITTLE MONKEYS RIDE AGAIN Quentin Blake, illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark If you take three little monkeys on holiday you must expect a few surprises: crockery in the bedroom, hats in the garden and an old lady buried beneath the laundry. They get bored very easily and the frogs in the soup weren’t the monkeys’ fault. A second equally hilarious glimpse of the life of Hilda Snibbs and her mischievous monkeys. £12.99 Hardback

THE MISADVENTURES OF FREDERICK Ben Manley, illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark Throughout the year Emily sends Frederick letters on paper darts with invitations to eat ice cream or climb trees or go exploring. Sadly Frederick has to refuse, sending his regrets winging their way back out of the window. Then, one day, he takes his chance…… with interesting consequences. A charming story with Emma Chichester Clark’s trademark delightful illustrations. £12.99 Hardback


CHILDREN’S THE HOUSE OF MADAME M Clotilde Perrin Madame M’s house is haunted. Layer upon layer of flaps and tabs reveal spooky surprises, horrors lurking in the wardrobe and unmentionably scary things tucked under the furniture. This beautiful and intricate large-format book contains a house like no other, if you are brave enough to go exploring. £16.99 Hardback

MADAME BADOBEDAH Sophie Dahl, illustrated by Lauren O’Hara This is the story of The Mermaid Hotel’s most interesting guest. Mabel, a young adventurer, part-time spy and resident of the hotel, is convinced that the woman with two dogs, two cats, a tortoise and twenty-three bags is a VILLAIN. But then Mabel is invited to tea with the VILLAIN and the fun really starts to happen. £12.99 Hardback, signed copies available

WIZARDS OF ONCE: Knock Three Times Cressida Cowell Wish and Xar, warrior and wizard respectively, are two children who lived long ago in the time when magic existed. Unfortunately witches existed then too and, together with Wish’s bodyguard Bodkin, Wish and Xar must make the spell to get rid of them. Twice they have cheated Death, will this be Third Time Lucky? £12.99 Hardback, signed copies available

A TALE OF MAGIC... Chris Colfer Magic is outlawed in the four kingdoms; you could be burned at the stake, hanged or drowned, depending on whether you were in the North, East or West. The Southern Kingdom was slightly better (life imprisonment with hard labour) and it is here that Madame Weatherberry comes with the aim of legalising magic. Exciting, funny and with a delightful book-loving heroine, this series is a prequel to the Land of Stories series but can certainly be read on its own. 58

£12.99 Hardback

CHILDREN’S THE HOUSE WITHOUT WINDOWS Barbara Newhall Follett and Jackie Morris First published in 1927, this extraordinary book was written by a child of twelve who, as an adult, walked out of her house one day and was never heard of again. Much like the author, the main character in the story runs away to live in the wild. Guarded by the deer and befriended by a chipmunk, her story becomes both practical and carefree. £12.99 Hardback

PAGES & CO.: Tilly and the Lost Fairy Tales Anna James As long as you know what happens in a story, bookwandering is comparatively safe. Fairy tales are another matter; rooted in air and fire rather than paper and ink, they contain innumerable variations but, as Tilly and Oskar reason, surely it would be okay if you just go in briefly, right at the beginning? £12.99 Hardback, signed copies available

THE TIME OF GREEN MAGIC Hilary McKay There is something very odd about the ivy-covered house. Soon after they move in Abi finds the stories in her books becoming real, Max has troubles of his own and a mysterious visitor comes in through Louis’ bedroom window. But the busy adults notice nothing strange and the children have to sort things out – with the help of the house itself. The award-winning author of The Skylark’s War has triumphed again. £12.99 Hardback

THE CLOUD HORSE CHRONICLES: Guardians of Magic Chris Riddell In the first of an exciting new series we meet winged horses who nest in trees and eat clouds, a town ruled by a mafia of well-dressed rats and a magic runcible spoon. Add to that gingerbread people, a girl who can talk to wood and a sugar-spun princess and it is clear that this is Chris Riddell at his very best. £12.99 Hardback


CHILDREN’S THE GOLDSMITH AND THE MASTER THIEF Tonke Dragt, translated by Laura Watkinson Many years ago in the mythical city of Bainu, twins were born to a poor cobbler. Identical and inseparable, their characters were very different: Laurenzo became a master craftsman while Jiacomo turned into an excellent thief. They are constantly mistaken for each other – which gets them into, and usually out of, innumerable scrapes. £12.99 Hardback (November)

BOY GIANT: Son of Gulliver Michael Morpurgo, illustrated by Michael Foreman When Jonathan Swift wrote Gulliver’s Travels it was a comment on society as much as an entertaining story and the aim of Boy Giant is exactly the same. Omar is an Afghan boy forced to leave his home in search of somewhere safe to live. He is washed up on an island where society is based on kindness, a response few refugees meet. A marvellous thought-provoking story. £12.99 Hardback

DEEPLIGHT Frances Hardinge In a world of islands, once ruled by merciless underwater gods, Hark and Jelt scavenge for valuable relics in rickety submersibles. There is wealth to be found in the deep waters but there are dangers too, which will change their lives for ever. Frances Hardinge says: ‘I feel my books should scare me a bit.’ This one will scare but also amaze and astound. £12.99 Hardback

INVISIBLE IN A BRIGHT LIGHT Sally Gardner Celeste is rudely awoken by a slap across the face. She assumes her encounter with the man in the emerald green suit was simply a bad dream but everything at the Royal Opera House in the freezing city by the sea seems to have changed. Bereft of her memories and haunted by a strange girl, Celeste realises that she must play the Reckoning, a sinister game with no rules. £10.99 Hardback (November) 60


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