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Volume 2 Issue 12  December 2013

about about Hat Trick (noun): 1. A sports metaphor for three achievements by a single player in a game. 2. A magic trick. We happily accept both deÞnitions. Hat Trick Magazine is a special project targeted at sharing spiritual and professional growth with likeminded people from around the world. We share strategies that truly will change your life, business and career (with a little help from some pro friends). WeÕve all been there: under/un/employed, in a bad situation, in transition, wondering what the options are and not knowing the skills we would need to get us there. We wonÕt lie to you. Coming out the other side isnÕt easy, but we can show you what we learned along to way and help you get the conÞdence to turn that leaf over and pursue that which is your destiny. Knowledge is power. Not everyone fancies themselves to be an entrepreneur but the truth is, even when seeking employment these days, pulling together your resumŽ requires some sly articulation to showcase your skills, be keyword-optimized and with a strong, personable presentation to get noticed. We feature inspirational people who have great careers, amazing businesses, tips and a host of amazing stories will inspire and amaze you. Our editors and contributors are some of the most connected in their industries and specialisms. Hat Trick Your Life! Take control of your lifestyle, your career, your dreams and your journey. WeÕll share what we know and we invite you to join us. If you or your business would like to be featured or simply would like to contribute a feature in an upcoming issue, please email us on content@hattrickmagazine.com 2 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

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Editorial Team

Michelle Fitz Editor-In-Chief, Page Design Michelle is originally from Arkansas and the head of Hat Trick Strategies, a UK firm for Emerging Technologies, Business Change and Corporate Strategy. Her firm has served US and UK household names, government departments and a portfolio of business coaching clients, based globally. Michelle produces all page layout, custom graphics and ad designs for this publication. She holds professional qualifications in LEAN Six Sigma, PMI PMP, is a Practitioner in both PRINCE2 and MSP and is a leader in digital synergies linking content, the customer journey, social media Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com 4 • customer and care words/SEO.

Michael Hartley Associate Design Editor Michael is a British entrepreneur based in Manchester, England and is an expert in graphic design, digital artistry, branding and design management. He is a trained violinist, and brings a tremendous breath of creativity to projects. His firm, Michael Thomas Designs, are experts in brand research for target demographics, image and the production of a consistent brand identity for mid-sized companies. Michael understands how to get at the heart of a firm’s offerings and customer base and works closely with select web designers to implement a consistent look and feel across digital, print and online platforms.

Eleni Sofroniou Illustrator Eleni is an illustrator based in London and owns Fall Into London. She produces the majority of the illustrations which appear in Hat Trick Magazine (which compliment give our magazine its distinctive look and feel). She has previously created pieces for ELLE Magazine, Essex Style Magazine, and The Female Entrepreneur Association. As well as creating personalised illustration, Eleni's illustrations can be purchased from her website.

Andrea Sullenger Business & Tech Editor Andrea is a mix of “kick butt” sales / marketing coach and inspirational possible-i-tarian. She has been working with solo-entrepreneurs for the past 16 years, helping them build their own thriving transactional businesses all while creating streamlined and successful digital products to maximize and leverage their income streams. Andrea shares many of her strategies via Hat Trick Magazine, but to get the latest, subscribe to her list. Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com •


Editorial Team

Sandra Cunningham Career & Learning Editor Sandra contributes to the Careers column for the Financial Times and is the owner of Outside In Coaching and Communications, where she helps mid-career women make a successful transition from a soul-sucking, dead-end job to a meaningful and fulfilling career, while creating a lifestyle they can afford and enjoy. Sandra truly believes it’s possible to be wildly successful doing work you love whilst having the work/life balance most people can only dream of. Visit her website for free articles, resources and to sign up for your free e-booklet "21 Pointers to Your Career Edge." • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com 6 Sharpen

Shalanda Turner Style Editor Shasie has a B.S. Degree in Chemical Engineering and works as a Project Engineer for a Specialty Chemicals company in Houston, Texas. When Shasie is not at work, she moonlights in the Fashion Industry. She is the creative voice behind the top Fashion Blog; Live Life in Style, Founder of Houston Fashion Bloggers, Style Editor for online media site FashionMingle.net, Fashion Brand Ambassador for Monarch Magazine, Owner of Shop Shasie’s Closet and Houston Fashion Examiner for Examiner.com.

Charlene SanJenko Wellness & Lifestyle Editor Charlene SanJenko is a serial entrepreneur with a successful lifestyle and fitness practice serving Canada. She is an accomplished figure competitor and has served her community in local government. As a social entrepreneur, she believes there is an intrinsic link between physical and emotional fitness, leadership and excellence. She is a thought leader whose emphasis is in helping transform ordinary ladies into “HIP”, High Impact Performance women. powHERhouse.com

Brittany De Staedtler Beauty Editor Brittany is an entrepreneur and owner of bath, beauty and skin care brand Posh Brats and flagship store Bathery, located in Macclesfield, England. She is an advocate for career progression for women from small towns. Being from the Southern US, she overcame what could have easily been a template predefined for her, but pursued a career and degrees in Cosmetic Chemistry, leading to the successful career she has held to date. Brittany regularly shares simple beauty secrets you can make at home, as well as her thoughts and skills in business.• 7 Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

Editorial Team

Tanya Jackson Food, Home & Family Editor Tanya is the author of our popular Southern recipe column and the editor for our Food & Home section. She is married to a pastor, her high school sweetheart, and is a proud Southern mother and grandmother. Tanya has lived all over the US, but wherever she has lived, she has brought her love and curiosity for local foods and flavors. Tanya believes the best aspect of having cooked in the four corners of the US, was learning to cook what grows around us; because it is our families that make a difference in our lives and sharing our love and enjoyment of good food together goes hand-in-hand. Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com 8 • Hat

Karen Salmansohn Faith & Self Help Editor Karen is an ex-Senior VP, awardwinning ad writer/creative director (at age 27) who left her successful advertising career (having worked as a writer/creative director/ image consultant for numerous household names), to pursue her passion of writing. She owns notsalmon.com, is an Oprah columnist and a best selling author and book packager with over 1 million books sold. Some titles: How to Be Happy Dammit; Enough Dammit; The Bounce Back Book; – and many more. Journalists call Salmansohn “Deepak Chopra Meets Carrie Bradshaw”, merging empowering psychology/philosophy tips with edgy humor and stylish graphics.

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From the Editor

Good Planning Goes Deeper When was the last time you challenged yourself to truly plan your strategic roadmap, for your life and your business? I’m talking about looking into your “heart of hearts” and reflecting holistically about your personal, business and life goals, your feelings and emotions and letting those guide your decisions and plans. When was the last time you thought about what made you happy? What lights your fire? What simply feels good? I’m going to be exploring and reviewing Danielle LaPorte’s new book Desire Map in the upcoming new year. Desire Map is all about identifying and confronting your feelings and emotions to identify what she calls Core Desired Feelings. In a recent interview, Danielle described her motivation and concept for creating Desire Map simply by saying “It’s about how I want to feel. I want to feel good.” What I love most about Danielle is her tenacious, blatant challenge to us to not only seek out who we are and our deepest-held desires but to expect no less from our life’s journey and to MAKE IT HAPPEN. 14 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

In my coaching practice, one of the first battles my clients and I often fight is a deeply held concern that perhaps they are somehow inadequate or lack qualification or external validation to be doing what they love, as entrepreneurs. The next step is learning to balance their inherited set of criteria for what is “professional” and honouring or bringing forth a certain proportion of their personality, beliefs and things they love into their business. These are the things that matter. They shape everything from the way you behave, your tone of voice and your brand. Your body sends a number of physical signs to let you know what you believe and think - you know in yourself the way you feel when you’re pursuing something that isn’t right for you and doesn’t reflect what you want or what you want for your business. Listen to it! Year end is a great time to take pause and map out the things that went well, missed opportunities, things you excelled at, people who inspire you, projects you liked (things you hated) and the big things you look forward to the MOST for 2014. If you’re doing Desire Map, let me know! I’d love to hear what you think of the programme and about your Core Desired Feelings. I’ll be writing about my own experience, as I complete the programme.

Happy Holidays,

By MICHELLE FITZ, Editor-In-Chief


Letter From the Editor, Michelle Fitz •


Cover Story

Facilitating Happiness

Carla Golden describes herself as a Happiness Facilitator, and uses massage, food coaching and a whole raft of knowledge from studying for her Phd in Holistic Health & Healing which she hopes to attain very soon. Carla’s journey towards health and healing was signposted with her own lessons, traumatic experiences and personal growth that gave her the leverage to start to heal and look

By Katie Spencer 16 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

Carla Golden

after herself, in order to come full circle and help support others to do the same. Carla knows that what we are putting into our bodies affects us far more than we think, and combines solid nutritional advice with new age energetics in her unique way of working.


You describe yourself as a Happiness Facilitator - can you explain what you mean and how you do this? I describe myself as a Happiness Facilitator because ultimately that’s why I do what I do. Feeling relaxed through massage and feeling healthier in the body is ultimately about feeling happier about life. Individual happiness contributes to kinder communities which then effects the level of world peace. I’d love to see more peace in the world for the benefit of all.


Can you tell us about your own personal journey and your epiphany moments that led you down this path? Over the years as I analyzed my unhappiness and confusion about life I slowly learned to see and experience that how I took care of myself helped determine my level of joy in life. I was a slow learner, mostly because I didn’t fully realize that I was worth the time and effort, however my education took a huge leap after my daughter was born. I had no doubts about taking the best care of her that I could and as I nurtured and nourished her, I learned to do the same for myself. I think there comes a point in life that to grow up and be an adult only gets you so far. The next step is to parent & nurture yourself to fill in those gaps that weren’t tended to during childhood and adolescence. To be a whole, healed person we need to parent ourselves and becoming a mother, to my daughter and myself, helped me learn how to do that. I struggled with sexual abuse and an eating disorder until I learned to liberate myself from 18 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

my past using acute self-care and self-compassion as my tools.


I feel a lot of what you offer comes right back to supporting people with self love, why is that so important? Self love is everything. We can’t possibly love another or the world without first loving ourselves. Every relationship starts with the relationship we have with ourselves. Whatever we do to ourselves, we do to others and vice versa. So the kinder we are toward ourselves the kinder we can be to others. That goes for patience, tolerance, acceptance and forgiveness too. I do support others in learning to value and love themselves. True healing can only be self healing. Others can inspire you and teach you methods, however it is up to the individual to ultimately heal themselves with self love and self care. This sounds like a huge responsibility, and it is, however it is also a great privilege and freedom. Once we can see that we cause our own suffering we can choose simply to let it go. It’s equally shocking as it is liberating.


Tell us more about the energy of food and how it affects us as humans. Food is fuel for the physical body. It gives us the calories and building blocks we need to function, regenerate and live every day. Food also carries an energetic blueprint based on how the food was raised or grown, gathered, prepared, handled, acquired and received. Living foods fresh from nature carry the highest energetic vibrations...especially if picked fresh and still warm with the sun’s energy. Cooked foods have very little life in them and are harder on the body to digest. Every bite of food can fuel our physical body Carla Golden: Facilitating Happiness •


and energize our spiritual body (soul) or do the opposite. We are both physical and spiritual and so is food. The key is to know the foods that support both bodies. I teach this at length in The Healers Diet.


You seem to be saying that we have established habits that are harming us due to unresolved emotional pain, and that we are using food and alcohol as a type of medication to numb ourselves to this? Yes, we all have coping mechanisms. Because the mouth was our first input of contentment and pleasure when we were fed as babies, the mouth continues to be a location for comfort, coping and distraction. We may overeat to numb feelings. Digestion requires a vast amount of energy to function as does feeling strong emotions. One of the most effective ways to turn off intense emotions is to eat a heavy meal. One can not feel deeply and digest dense food simultaneously and since food needs to move through the body rather than sit, the body will delay feeling the feelings. Without knowing the mechanics of this, we’ve all done it. We may smoke, drink alcohol, eat junk food, eat too much or eat too often to temporarily satiate uncomfortable feelings. There are many other ways to cope in the world, however I focus mostly on solid and liquid food. When we can see and identify our patterns and tendencies and instead choose to handle intense emotions instead of delay them, we face life and move through difficulty rather than delaying it and having it build strength over us or pretending it’s not there which also requires an enormous amount of mental and spiritual energy.


You say that drinking alcohol is something that western women have been tricked in to 20 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

thinking is beneficial for them, can you expand on this? We, especially women, have been sold the notion that wine is heart healthy which helps us feel good about consuming. Wine companies are making pretty labels full of pinks, yellows and feminine graphics to appeal to moms, working women and college girls. Addiction makes for excellent repeat business for companies.

“Sugar is addictive to the human body. Alcohol is sugar on fire and is extremely damaging.” One of the strongest growing brackets of problem drinkers in developed countries is educated, financially comfortable women. Book groups, potlucks, play groups, ladies nights out, and jewelry or kitchen gadget parties more often than not include wine. It’s become a regular feature. Only horrible diets are made more healthful with the addition of wine (resveratrol combatting the onslaught of fats from rich meals of creams, cheeses and meats) however a clean, healthful diet is not improved with the addition of wine. The heart healthy aspects of wine are undone by damage done to the liver, brain and nervous system. Alcohol in any form is dehydrating, high in calories and is provides false sense of security, confidence and happiness. Sugar is addictive to the human body. Alcohol is sugar on fire and is extremely damaging.


I agree with you that so many of us unwind with a glass of wine in the evenings and indulge even more at weekends, but can this always be looked at as an indication of past trauma?

Carla Golden: Facilitating Happiness •


A young Carla, well on her way to becoming a holistic health healer 22 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

Partaking of wine isn’t always an indication of past trauma. It may be an indication of current trauma! LOL! If life is so hectic, stressful, busy or difficult that you need an edge taken off, perhaps your time and money would be better spent addressing the details of your life so that it’s more pleasant and manageable. Perhaps after a long, hard day it would be fun to look forward to a bath, a run, a walk with a friend or some yoga. These would be safer and more healthful options for the short and long term. Alcohol always offers a dead end. Enjoying a glass now and then as celebration can be wonderful. Daily intake or more-daily-than-not is a problem.


Surely its ok after a long hard day to look forwards to a delicious Shiraz or a chilled Chardonnay? Yes, looking forward to wine at the end of the day is just the same as someone looking forward to junk TV or candy. It’s numbing, delaying and avoiding one’s details of life. I recommend working on finding solutions...change jobs, change partners, be single, end friendships, save money, workout, eat smarter, clean out the house...whatever it takes to get you feeling happy about your normal, simple, beautiful life.


Neil Donald Walsch in Conversations With God says that the human body is not adapted to alcohol consumption and that this has a detrimental effect on your energy system, what do you feel about this in terms of the energetic effect of alcohol?

I completely agree with NDW. Alcohol has a very low vibration and offers nothing to the physical or spiritual bodies other than delay and denial. Just because most of the developed world is delayed Carla Golden: Facilitating Happiness •


and in denial does not mean it’s a good personal choice. I’d love to see more people, especially healers and light workers, to turn the tide on imbibing. I’d love to see a sober revolution where it becomes hip, sexy and cool to be sober. Facing life straight on and knowing that you can handle what comes your way is empowering. No longer is there a need to shrink from life. More often that not, when problems or challenges are dealt with as they come, they’re not a big deal. When we delay and deny they build into something that feels impossible to resolve. A sober life is a very efficient way to live.


Most of us have heard about The Law of Attraction, can you tell us how food and drink would affect us drawing in what we want in our lives?

The Law of Attraction plays a huge role in how we eat, what we choose to put in our bodies and how we manage our choices. When we set high standards for our food - this can be physical food or thought food - the universe more often than not provides what we expect to find. If you ban junk food and junk thoughts, you will see a world of nutritious, beautiful food choices and see people being kind, happy and generous. When you feed yourself happiness, happiness radiates from you and attracts more of the same. It is important to know your standards and set boundaries for what you will and will not accept into your space: food, people, situations, drama, distractions, etc. Once you have made this clear to yourself and the world, universal laws and energy provide. I no longer eat junk food or support junk thoughts and relationships. My life has vastly improved and it’s easier to be happier every day.


What differences do you see in your clients when they change their diet? 24 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

The individuals and situations are uniquely different, however the moment is always the same. Once a client realizes that their future is in their hands, the world turns into one big, happy playground. The subtle yet profound inner shift is crucial. Finding the language of my client and what really speaks to them (rarely it’s exactly food) is what I seek in helping them shift from victim of life to master of their own life. Once they feel in control, they are more inclined to take better care of themselves through food and exercise. Once they value themselves more, they begin to protect what they cherish. If I can help you fall in love with yourself, the rest of the work is easy. This is a beautiful unfolding that I love to witness. My clients thank me profusely, however it is completely my honor. It is magical to watch someone open up to themselves and see their full potential and worth. It heals me to see them heal themselves. That’s what we’re here for...to heal each other. The trick is to not get stuck in the “OMG, the wreck of my life is totally my fault.” See that, accept it, and move into the freedom to start charting a brand new course beginning today, right now in this moment. Don’t look back until you are in a strong, safe place with yourself. Then you can look back and see how ridiculously difficult you made your life and laugh about it.


How can people work with you and find their own inner Happy? Clients geographically near to me can work with me in person for food coaching or massage. Those around the world, I can work with on Skype for food coaching. On my website CarlaGoldenWellness.com I have two free online food courses: The 8 First Steps to a HAPPY™ Kitchen and The 9th HAPPY™ Step. These help people get the worst food ingredients out of the grocery carts and pantries and learn to identify, prepare and eat real, whole food. The Healers Diet is the online food course I created to show and teach others how to eat to take great care of their physical bodies and use food as a platform for spiritual Carla Golden: Facilitating Happiness •


growth. In 2014 I will be hosting free online “Fruit Til Five: The Healers Diet Jumpstart Weeks” each month to help people understand and ease into an optimal plant based lifestyle for body and soul.

Carla Golden is a licensed massage therapist specializing in therapeutic essential oils and a spiritual nutritionist with a BS in Holistic Health and Healing from the University of Natural Health. She is currently pursuing her Masters Degree and PhD in holistic nutrition. With her husband, daughter, dog and two cats, she lives on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina in USA. Carla likes to say that she is a seeker of common ground and silver linings because she loves to connect with others and discover magic in the world. She is an avid reader, runner, swimmer, emerging artist and moonlights as a computer geek.

Come eat with me for a week! Enroll for a free week of Fruit Til Five HERE. “When I am around you, Carla, I feel what you are…brave, honest, funny, intelligent, creative, inspiring, and just so leaning into life and what it means to be human. You show it, you say it, you breathe it, you eat it, you live it.” Finlee P “Carla is absolutely authentic & totally real. She lives, eats and breathes the life she talks & advocates. Dedicated to everything she cares about – friends, family, business, the environment, good food – Carla finds the time to put her passion into everything. Carla radiates health & happiness from the inside out. You cannot help but to be infected by it!” Leighanne K

26 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

to HERE K C CLI out b a e r o learn m lden and Go a l r a free C r e h r fo sign up tter with newsle pdates yu weekl

Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com •


Business & Tech Tips

Branding Isn’t a Show Stopper

Once upon a time, when I was taking my company from freelance to something bigger, I felt that I needed to get everything 100% set up from the word go, from branding to clients, social media to blogging. The temptation to get it exactly right paralysed me for a long time. FIND ME ONLINE HERE

By Michelle Fitz 28 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

I remember being very focused on my brand. For me, my brand was so much more than just my logo. It was the way it would be pulled together graphically, the way it should be situated against competitors, and the tone of voice it should have across social media and other online platforms. While that may sound reasonable, there’s a fair amount of balance to be had when trying to start a business, cultivate it and make it something successful. Something special doesn’t always mean “immediately perfect”. That goes for your brand. I work in projects and there is a term we use quite a lot (a term I quite like, actually), which is “iteration”. Now, I’m not implying you should wing it entirely. No sir; I think that the idea, the concept and the imagery should be there... even if it is something simply in your head which needs the assistance of a talented designer to draw out for others to see. But what I am saying, is that you should give yourself a bit of slack when it comes to walking the dangerous line of over-thinking this aspect of your company. The most important lesson I have learned through the years is that the things such as offerings, target audience and the tone of voice/image you wish to be perceived in and use are the most important “bits” to focus upon. The rest will come in time and you shouldn’t allow this to be a show-stopper to actually launching and succeeding in your business. Let’s talk about offerings for a moment. A clean offerings list is probably one of the most important parts of your business and its foundation. In fact, whether you realise it or not, your offerings are the core of your brand. Think about a restaurant menu. If there are too many options, a restaurant has quite a lot of ingredients to maintain in their stock. Branding Isn’t a Show Stopper •


Keeping a kitchen staffed and ready to go at a moment’s notice to cook a long list of dishes can be challenging. Do you want to be cooking 12 complicated dishes at the same time, and without much planning? Or would a streamlined list of offerings, perhaps with some overlap in ingredients or seasonal availability may be in order.

A good business is one that will have the courage to explore their target customer’s needs and seek to meet them and refine them as those needs evolve or are clarified. Your service list is comparable to a restaurant menu. Order, time and resources are better managed when your offerings are lean and inter-related. Similarly, customers simply “get you” and what you are capable of doing if the service list reads well and makes sense, per item and as a whole. If you are multi-passionate, this can be a difficult one to get your head around in the early stages. I want you to know that I have been there (and in fact, I am still kind of in this arena myself). A good business is one that will have the courage to explore their target customer’s needs and seek to meet them and refine them as those needs evolve or are clarified. Really breaking down who it is that you are talking to, advertising to, aiming to serve, is the most valuable and pragmatic use of your time in the early stages of starting a business.

30 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

The key here is to go into business with a healthy dose of skepticsm toward your own deeply held beliefs about what you think your customer wants or needs and to proactively challenge yourself to explore, first hand, your customer base. Brace yourself for the news that you may actually be wrong. Be prepared to mix things up, respond to demand and be flexible with their needs whether that is concerning payment or service level agreements or, simply, quality. This is how to shape your brand. It’s not all about the images you apply, the colours, the scheme, what you call yourself. Sure - those are “branding”, but a brand is something deeper. Something far more tangible. It’s what you’re about. The way you carry yourself in business and the way that people will regard you as well.

Don’t let the fuller sense of “having a brand” be a showstopper. Iterate. Make it better over time. Focus on quality and clarity. The rest can be evolved, over time, slowly and as it makes sense and the clarity comes through.

Branding Isn’t a Show Stopper •


What’s Your Facebook


So you know when you read “90210” you know where that is, I mean everyone knows where that is! It’s Beverly Hills, California. Home of the elite, the sun, the fun, the wealth, the glam…and of course, home of the show 90210. An oldie, but a goodie that I loved to watch growing up! What is so freaking cool about 90210 is that just saying the zip code everyone immediately knows what and where it is. So why not take it as a clue to get our Facebook URL in all the right spots, so it becomes just as famous—well maybe not as famous, but as popular— as 90210.


By Andrea Sullenger 32 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

Check out this video for ‘Three Tricks to Increase Your Facebook Likes, Fans and List!’

Want some more? How about this, I do it frequently. You will know when you are in the appropriate setting, but rather than grab a biz card first thing when meeting someone new, I grab my phone! Why? Because I jump onto FB, friend request them and then tell them when they accept I will shoot over my fan page and they can “Like It”! A few really cool things happen here…


No one has ever freaked out (now I don’t do this in all settings. If I was meeting with a large corporation to pitch them I probably wouldn’t do it, but one on one, networking events etc... yep that’s where I do it!) It is really natural these days to connect via social media.


I am immediately breaking the ice. Letting them “in” to my inner bubble.


I am prepping them. I have already told them I am coming to you, dude or dudette, and you better accept my friend request and go to my page and “Like It”! I am doing my What’s Your Facebook 90210? •


CTA (call to action) in the face to face! Be consistent with your updates and posts! Don’t expect people to hang around your page like a Denny’s at 2.00am, waiting for you to post something magical. Pick the days of the week you are committed to posting and DO IT! CTA – CTA – CTA! Always, always have a call to action at the end of your posts. Make them simple, as in one step long. Yes, “Like” and “Share” is actually considered one step on facebook!

Other Usefull Tips Become a MIX MASTER! Mix up the type of posts you do! Some written content, some media with images, links to blogs and articles etc. Don’t be vanilla! Remember who your audience is! Who is your ideal client... not who is on your page but who do you want to attract? Who do you want to serve? You can ROCK OUT increasing your facebook likes by just focusing on a few things!

P.S. If we aren’t facebook friends yet you have gotta get your fanny on over to HERE and connect with me!

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to Being

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Internet Addiction

Do You Have an Addiction to the Internet? FIND ME ONLINE HERE

By Michelle Holmes Internet Addiction •



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LINDSAY MARINO Medium, Author, Speaker

Email Lindsay@LindsayMarino.com

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Lindsay Marino is an International Spirit Medium, Reiki Master, and Host of Intuitive Guidance with Lindsay Marino. She earned her certification through World Renowned Psychic Medium and TV personality, Lisa Wiliiams. Lindsay taps into your soul and connects with your Loved Ones to pass on messages of love, to help you heal. She is available for private, telephone, and group readings. Contact Lindsay at 352-356-8331 Serena Dyer~Coauthor of “Don’t Die with Your Music Still In You” says Lindsay has a gift, a true gift, with the ability to give readings that are accurate and spot-on. Lindsay and I have never met in person, but when she gave me a reading, I felt as if she had known me for years! Lindsay’s energy is calming and warm. I highly recommend having a reiki treatment or reading with Lindsay. After my reading with her, I felt calm and energized at the same time!

w w .e m





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Career & Learning

LinkedIn: Is Your Profile

Working Hard Enough?

Like it or not, social media is here to stay. And if the future is in social, then there’s no doubt about it – you have to be social too. With over 200 million users and growing, LinkedIn is the world’s No 1 social networking site for business professionals. And with over 64% of recruiters now using ONLY LinkedIn for recruiting, then you have to be there if you are in any way serious about positioning yourself for long-term career success. FIND ME ONLINE HERE

By Sandra Cunningham 40 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

Despite these powerful statistics, I have been quite alarmed lately to discover just how many people still don’t use LinkedIn. Even more upsetting is when I find that they are there, but in a way that does no favours whatsoever to their image and reputation.

Are you content to be seen as an anonymous, grey cut-out with little to say for yourself? Or do you want to let the world’s business community know who you are and for them to share in the fantastic work that you do? Be in no doubt, that if someone wants to check you out, LinkedIn is one of the first places they’ll look. Now this isn’t a post explaining everything you need to know about LinkedIn, nor is it about how to network successfully or find your next job. These are topics for another day. This is for you if, a) you know that your personal ‘brand’ is being compromised by your LinkedIn presence, and b) you want some quick and easy ways to ensure your profile is working just as as hard as you do.

7 Tips for a Harder Working Profile


Upload a good professional photo. It seems rather obvious but make sure it’s there. You’ll increase your chances of being found by 7 times, and most would-be connections won’t take you seriously otherwise.

Do check that your pic is of the required quality and fits LinkedIn’s sizing criteria. Choose an attractive, interesting head and shoulders shot (no sunglasses please, and make sure it is recent). People often ask me if it should be a formal shot, and I say ‘No’, not necessarily – consider how you want others to see you. Linkedin: Is Your Profile Working Hard Enough •



Tailor your profile to your intended audience. That means having a clear strategy in mind for what you want LinkedIn to help you achieve. If you are positioning yourself for future recruiters, or employers then make sure you portray yourself as someone who can meet their needs and make a valuable contribution to their organisation.

That may take a little thought and research, but if you want be noticed, make sure you know what experience, skills and competencies they are likely to be looking for and provide relevant information that speaks to these.


Craft your Summary. This is a really key part of your profile – if you don’t capture your reader’s attention here, the rest of it won’t get read. Create a summary that tells your story within the first three lines: years of experience, place of employment, expertise any significant certifications. Make sure you include relevant information only, to make sure your message gets across clearly and nothing gets get lost.

There’s a nifty balance to be struck between presenting yourself effectively and not being a boring show-off. I can’t emphasise this enough. The same applies with your headline. Keep your writing direct and factual, avoiding the over-use of superlatives. Words like ‘accomplished’, ‘seasoned’, ‘tenured’, ‘driven’, ‘polished’, and ‘passionate’ are meaningless and in fact, a bit of a turn-off. And, just in case you’re thinking about it, do avoid writing a straight regurgitation of your CV. It’s lazy, it’s unimaginative, and it doesn’t impress.


Express yourself naturally. You’re on a social media site, so you can afford to be more informal than if you were applying for a job, while remaining professional too. If you’re struggling with where to start on your Summary,

42 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

you might want to get some inspiration from others. But be very careful about copying and pasting paragraphs from other profiles. It always shows – and you could get caught out. Remember people recruit people. And they want to know the real you. There’s absolutely no point in trying to be like somebody else anyway as it’s likely to back-fire further down the line. So imagine you are talking to a work colleague and take the opportunity to describe your qualities and achievements in a way that reveals your natural personality, without necessarily talking about the kind of person you are (see the above point re: superlatives).


Get discovered. Just having a LinkedIn profile is not really enough if you want to increase your chances of being found, not just on LinkedIn but via Google too. I am not an advocate of spending a lot of time on social media, but you can help yourself by putting at least some time aside each week to being active. Keep refreshing your status and connecting with new people. Join groups. Participate in discussions. The more you do this, the higher up the search rankings you will go.

I learned recently that if you are careful to use selected keywords consistently and frequently within your profile, you are more likely to be found by people who are searching with the same term. In any case, as long as you don’t go all spammy with this, it certainly leaves people with know doubt about what you have to offer.


Endorsements & recommendations matter. So do try and gather as many as you can. I guess LinkedIn has turned endorsements into a kind of game, but it is a good idea to play along. The more endorsements you have, the more discover-able you will be under the relevant Linkedin: Is Your Profile Working Hard Enough •


skills headings and categories. My recommendation is to keep it authentic. Don’t endorse someone for having an NLP qualification (someone did this to me) if you have no idea whether they studied NLP or not (I didn’t). Recommendations are a little bit more work but are well worth the effort as they will get read if someone really wants to know you. You can make it easier for others to recommend you by politely sending a suggested draft which they are free to edit. You may also need to send them instructions about how to complete the upload. You can find this in LinkedIn Help. Oh, and don’t put recommendations ahead of your work history. If you are developing your career or if you’re looking for work, your work is what matters and you should prioritise your information flow accordingly.


Don’t just see LinkedIn as a job-finding medium. Unless you are out of work, and explicitly job-hunting, it’s a good idea to take a long term view with LinkedIn. Even though it seems to be moving that way, LinkedIn’s real power is not as a job-board. Showing up well and using it’s networking strength to further your professional interests, grow your reputation and build connections is a very positive way to enhance all aspects of your career.

If you are sniffing around, be conscious of the messages you are sending – you probably don’t want your boss and colleagues to know what you’re up to, so do stay on top of your Privacy Settings and make sure that only the people you want to see your profile can do so. To be honest, I have found that my settings sometimes change when LinkedIn does an update, so it’s a good idea to check from time to time. 44 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

With LinkedIn becoming ever more important and influential, it makes good sense to put in a bit of effort NOW to make sure you are positioned clearly for success by taking full advantage of the exposure that LinkedIn can provide if used in the right way.


By Sandra Cunningham

Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com •


Leave Your Emotions

At Home

I, like many other L&OD pros, see great relevance in the topic of emotional intelligence and its relationship with work. Many times over will you hear things being said about the percentage points increase of sales folk who have good EI or the x point improvement on the staff survey because of a focus on EI. It’s useful information and helps give credence to this topic. But why does it need that credence at all? Who doubts that there is wisdom and efficacy in understanding our emotional selves? This is the battle we face in HR. To convince the number crunchers that topics like EI are core to understanding human behaviour and therefore core to business success. Here are some examples of situations where the individual has shown that not only do they understand EI, but it’s helped them achieve a goal. At a previous organisation a colleague passed away. He was popular and well liked, and sadly his death was sudden due to


By Sukh Pabial 46 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

advanced cancer. Not long after at a company all hands, the CEO was honouring him and he started to cry in front of everyone. We all clapped in solidarity. There was no tenuous link to ‘do better work to honour his memory’. There was appreciation of a CEO who cared about the people he worked with. What did he achieve? Showing strength of character to his workforce that we could rally around. Love wins over fear every time. An old work colleague used to worry about doing a good job. He was good at what he did, was willing to learn and develop new skills. He took his time, sought help when he needed it and accepted feedback no matter how critical it was. What did he achieve? He now has his own company and offers consultancy on the very thing he trained in. The last team I worked in was a new group who came together to help the organisation develop its learning and organisational development capabilities. I really enjoyed working with this group because we all took the time to appreciate and listen to what we each had to say. What did we achieve? In six months of being there we were receiving regular praise from all parts of the business because of the good work we were doing. I can’t categorically link any of the above to EI. I can understand, though, that good EI – both natural and developed – helps make things better. It’s hard to define that ‘better’ in hard terms. We can put people through programmes and through development to be better. But for me that’s not the crux of it. For me, the crux of it is about the environment you’re in and how you cultivate these behaviours for everyone to understand and be comfortable with. People often say ‘leave your emotions at home’. They only say that because they’ve never been allowed to or shown how to share their emotions at work in a safe way which is non-threatening and supportive of them as a person. Leave your Emotions At Home •


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Digital Blessings by Ann Pissard

Positively Emotionally Mindful •


Faith & Self Help


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By Karen Salmansohn

Self Help for People Who Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Doing Self Help

The Instant PepTalk App !




Plus, Check Out My Shop!

How are you feeling today? Stressed? Depressed? Working on a dream, and need a quickie faith-booster? Dealing with a grumble-grumble toxic person? You’ve come to the right app – because you’re about to receive an instant pep talk – for FREE! My app’s name is also my app’s mission: Instant Peptalk. (Click here now to see it on iTunes!)

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Time Flies. What are you Waiting For?

“I don’t have time.” “I don’t have the money.” “I don’t have the family support.” No. What you don’t have is the desire. You aren’t yet uncomfortable enough. The fire hasn’t started in your soul. You are stuck in fear, in self doubt. You are safe inside your bubble of


By Gina Hussar 52 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

what’s familiar. Because for those who have been called, there are no excuses. For those who have been called, excuses are abolished and replaced with a golden, twinkling, Vegas style lights of possibility.

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide I get it. I was there too. For an entire decade actually. But

I don’t want you to have to hit rock bottom in order for the light bulb to finally turn on. When you stay safe, you are smothering the person you are meant to be in fear. You may live an ok life. And there is nothing wrong with that if you can live with that longing; if you can ignore that whisper from your soul that reminds you daily of the gifts and abundance you are leaving on the table. I couldn’t ignore it. For me, and I am guessing for a lot of you, leading a life that is not in line with your soul eats away at you. And every day, the knowledge that life is short is presented to you. And the message gets louder and louder. And if you still ignore it, it starts to manifest in physical symptoms like fatigue, anxiety, weight loss (or gain), depression. I’m not making this up. It happened to me and studies support the physical manifestation of emotional pain. You might not feel quite so desperate yet. But keep ignoring... and you will.

“ If you read this, it’s because you were meant to read it. Can you be absolutely sure that destiny will keep knocking day after day? Trust yourself. And if you can’t, trust me, trust God, trust possibility.” Time Flies. What Are You Waiting For? •


“And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”- Anais Nin. There comes a time, and maybe you are already there, in which you cannot imagine going one more day in your current reality. That’s fantastic! That’s the fire starting! That’s the stunning realization that you are more afraid of staying the same than you are of changing. There is power in that realization. Use it!

I don’t believe in accidents. If you read this, it’s because

you were meant to read it. Can you be absolutely sure that destiny will keep knocking day after day? Trust yourself. And if you can’t, trust me, trust God, trust possibility. You are not promised a tomorrow. None of us are. So make sure your today fills you with unprecedented happiness and immeasurable love!

Gina Hussar is a Spiritual Success Coach. She specializes in Integrated Success, Inner Peace and Purpose Clarity. She is a certified Law of Attraction Practitioner and a Certified Reiki Healer.To learn more or to schedule a complimentary Strategy Session, visit www.30secondstopeace.com

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By Joey Phelps & Michael Phelps Lil Nipper Snappers Cartoon •


Style & Beauty 1 2



By Shalanda Turner 56 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com




2 Coast Tabbie Knitted Dress Mint Velvet 3 Kurt Geiger Oatmeal Textured Scarf 4 Belgravia Heeled Sandals Accessorize 5 Gold Bangles Accessorize Cabouchon 6 Chandelier Earrings Belkin Quilted Case For iPad & iPad Mini 1

Shasie’s Fashion Picks •


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Shop Online BeaumontOrganic.com

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Welcome to the Home of Organic and Ethical Luxury. Inspiring your Fashionable Palate, Whilst also Fulfilling a Desire to Give a Little Back to the World we Live in. Minimalist and Effortlessly Cool Urban Staples.

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Pin Up Bodies Pin Up Bodies


By Sorelle Amoré

74 60

By Sorelle Amoré ¥• Hat HatTrick TrickMagazine Magazine ¥• hattrickstrategies.com hattrickstrategies.com

Red Lipsticks Three Red Lip Colours That you Should Try

I don’t know if it’s just me but I do believe that there’s something about red lipsticks that makes me feel radiantly self-assured, more confident and extra sexy in an instant. Think about how slipping on a pair of high heels can make you feel like you can take on the world, and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. This glamorous shade of lipstick has been around since the ancient times and has always been considered as a declaration of a girl’s transition to womanhood. It’s amazing how a quick swipe of a flattering red lipstick can transform your make up look from shy to smoldering in seconds!

Review: Pin Up Red Lip Sticks •


Red lipsticks offer an endless spectrum of phenomenal colors

to choose from, which is why finding the perfect red lip color can be a grueling task. I haven’t even mentioned that the choices makes it also impossible to own just one. If you’re on the lookout for the perfect red lippie, you’ve come to the right place. Be the center of everyone’s attention (without even trying) with these phenomenal red lip colors.

Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick in

Really Red for those looking for a bright red lip color. Revlon Really Red should be right up your alley. I love wearing this lipstick whenever I’m feeling a little down because it possesses a very perky and cheery appeal which tremendously lifts my spirits up. Revlon Really Red is a blue-based red lipstick making it remarkably beautiful for those who are cool-toned. This lipstick applies very smoothly without tugging or pulling, but the formula can be slightly drying if you don’t apply a lip balm prior to its wear. This shade goes on completely opaque and settles into a matte finish. The wear time is average and requires reapplication after four hours.

YSL Rouge Volupté Shine Lipstick

in Corail Incandescent. A show-stopping red lip color never goes out of style, just like the YSL Rouge Volupté Shine in Corail Incandescent. This universal red lippie offers remarkable wearability because it has the right amount of orange undertone to look good on warm skin types and it also has the right amount of pink undertones to look flattering on cool skin types. It applies with a minor slip because it has a very high wax content but it doesn’t feather out the way other balmy lipsticks tend to do. The formula 62 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

is pleasantly waxy which makes it ridiculously moisturizing and very comfortable to wear.

MAC Matte Lipstick in Russian Red. Whenever I’m being asked to recommend a red lipstick for beginners, MAC Russian Red is the first lippie that comes into my mind. Described as a ‘mid-tone neutral red’, MAC Russian Red is my favorite red lip shade among all my favorites. This is the kindest red lip color for me because it it’s not too blue, not too pink and not too orange. The neutral quality of this best-selling MAC lipstick makes it very wearable and suitable to a wide range of skin tones. MAC Russian Red has an incredibly rich pigmentation in one swipe and sets into a semi-matte finish. It’s not particularly moisturizing but it didn’t suck out any moisture from my lips either. Also, it has a very faint sheen to it at close inspection although there’s no visible shimmer in the product itself. This shade wears for a solid five hours on me and leaves a cherry red stain behind.


Before making your puckers red, always line your lips with a lip liner in similar or matching color if longevity is an issue for you. Using light strokes, outline the natural edge of your lips using a lip liner and work your way in filling the rest of your lips with color towards the center. This technique will help hold your chosen lipstick shade from migrating outside your lips.

Lots of love, Sorelle Review: Pin Up Red Lip Sticks •


Super Simple Homemade

Lip Scrub Recipe

When you go out in the evenings, are you more of a dark eyes or dark lips kind of woman? Generally, I choose my eyes, but occasionally, when I feel like being totally vintage glam and changing it up a bit – I like to rock a bright, red lip. For me, doing a smokey eye is carefree. I know how to do it. It’s a look that works. I like my eyes, but the red lip creates a bit more stress; will I leave lip marks on all my drinks? Will the lipstick end up on my teeth? Will I eat off part of the lipstick leaving a strange red lip-liner looking ring around my lips?


By Amanda Cook 64 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

Most of all, where did all these little flakes on my lips come from? Flaky lips? What?! Your lips can get rough at any time of year – but it seems to happen especially in the dry air of winter and during the hot summer months. It makes sense – your lips are always out there, exposed to the elements. And if you exfoliate the rest of your body (do you?) to keep it smooth and fresh, then why not your lips? I’ve heard from a lot of readers that you want anti-aging solutions. Well, it may not be revolutionary, but exfoliation is a great place to start! As we age, our skin regenerates more slowly (you may notice that your hair and nails grow more slowly, cuts take longer to heal, and your skin doesn’t have that same glow; that’s because our skin cells have slowed down a bit). By exfoliating, we gently scrub off the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal the new, fresh skin cells underneath. This gets rid of gray, dry, flaky skin anywhere on your body. In this case – on your lips!

Homemade Lip Scrub Recipe This homemade lip scrub is so super simple. It only uses 2 ingredients, which you probably have in your cupboard already—if you’re already in the coconut oil fan club, that is. If you’re not in love with coconut oil yet, then go buy yourself a jar of it and get ready to love the tasty food & skincare options it provides. I’ve seen other recipes that make lip scrubs like body scrubs, using liquid oil with sugar inside. But wouldn’t it be convenient to have a more travel-friendly lip scrub? Something with a good, creamy texture that wasn’t going to melt everywhere? Guest Beauty Editor: Lip Scrub Recipe •


Enter: Coconut Oil & Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

Stirring the homemade lip scrub – if it’s too soft, just pop it in the fridge to harden.

As you know, Coconut oil is solid at room temperature. (At least, at room temperature here in London! If you live in a hot climate, you may get different results. In that case, just store this lip scrub in the fridge!)

Love coconut? Use organic, cold-pressed coconut oil so you

maintain that gorgeous coconutty fragrance.

Hate coconut? Use ‘deodorized’ coconut oil, which has no

smell (or simply substitute for a different oil, and have a liquidy scrubm - ie, Olive Oil or Sunflower Oil).

Sugar is a gentle exfoliant. I used brown sugar in this recipe, but you

could also use white sugar (or any kind of edible sugar you have on hand). 66 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

This recipe is completely edible which is a good thing,

since it’s going on your lips

Makes 1 pot (2 tsp) Ingredients 1 tsp. coconut oil (organic,cold pressed or deodorized – depending if you want the coconut smell) 1 tsp. brown sugar (or any sugar you have on hand)

Instructions Stir the coconut oil and brown sugar together with the back of a spoon and put into a little lip balm container. If the coconut oil is too hard to stir, gently warm it in your hands, or in the sun (or in the microwave, if you use one), to slightly soften the coconut oil before stirring. That’s it! This scrub should last for 6 months. But this is DIY, people, so we need to use common sense! If the lip scrub starts to smell different, or if you see any mold growing on it, just throw it out and make fresh.

To Use: Just rub a little lip scrub on your finger,

apply to your lips, and gently scrub with your fingertip. Lick, wipe or rinse off. If you’re applying lipstick afterwards you’ll want to wipe off the coconut oil residue from your lips, so it doesn’t make your lipstick run!

Guest Beauty Editor: Lip Scrub Recipe •



of a Hollywood


Fun Christmas

Nail Art

Collection Christmas holiday season is a time to be festive! ‘Tis season get inspired with Marina’s best picked nail art that will lift your spirits and bring the holidays to life. Choose a wintry and Christmas color that represents your personality and top it of with your favorite design. Behold, the ten hottest Christmas nail art!


By Marina BerBeryan 68 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

10 9



6 Confessions of A Hollywood Stylist •


5 4




70 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com


health & beauty.

Find simple tips & recipes at VintageAmanda.com

Confessions of a Hollywood Stylist •


Holiday Money Saving Shopping Tips

The holidays are upon us, so saving money while shopping is the name of the game. Check out my money-saving tips below, and if you have some you’d like to add be sure to share them with Hat Trick Magazine.

Shop online Free shipping codes are almost always available, especially this time of year, so save yourself the hassle and get thee to a computer or smart phone to shop!

Cash back sites Cash-back sites are another reason to shop online. Score cash-back savings on top of coupon codes for incredible savings. My three favorite cash-back sites are: 72 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com


By Lisa Wynter


Studentrate.com Ebates.com Before you head into a store or check out of an online shopping cart be sure to check out retailmenot.com for the latest in-store and online coupon codes. These are often unpublished deals you won’t be notified of even if you are signed up for a particular retailer’s online list-serve. Make note of these two online blogs for the latest and greatest in coupon codes and freebies:



If you are a drugstore makeup junkie, as you should be Nouveau Cheap is the blog for you. G, the writer, posts weekly drugstore deals, as well as reviews and swatches for every single discount makeup line under the sun. So yeah, follow her blog. When you are shopping for electronics, don’t immediately think BestBuy, Ebay, Or Amazon. Sites like QVC and HSN often offer better deals on electronics as well as free financing options, coupons, and of course, cash back saving when you shop through ebates or shopeathome.com.

That’s it folks! Don’t forget to share your money saving tips! Holiday Money Saving Shopping Tips •


Lifestyle & Wellness

The Muscle Behind

My Mission

Proven Athletic-Based Performance Principles to Win in Everyday Life


By Charlene SanJenko

We all want great things. Teetering between exhaustion and exhilaration, we’re constantly asking ourselves, ‘How do we get what we truly want without overwhelming ourselves in the process?’ Some of us are losing the battle. A growing number of women are suffering from Chronic and Adrenal Fatigue, and it’s time for us to shift our thinking that greatness hinges on how hard we must work, how much we must do and everything that we must achieve.

In my research for my upcoming book, Gamechanger, I had the opportunity to interview and survey 50+ high-impact performance (‘HIP’) women. We discussed some of the athletic-based performance principles that I bring into everyday life, and many of their own practices included similar principles.

1 Find Your Guru I cannot say enough about the power of mentoring. A mentor is someone you trust who can share their expertise, experience, feedback, contacts and tactical steps for success. Why is mentoring important? The word ‘short-cut’ comes to mind. They guide you through a process of how to most effectively get from A to B as they’ve already been there and have many lessons learned. Save energy.

2 Start Your Practice They say ‘knowledge is power’. Knowledge holds the potential for power but doesn’t fully strike its stride until it is implemented into accountable action. Knowledge is all around us – books, websites, Charlene SanJenko: The Muscle Behind My Mission •


experts-of-the-month, workshops, webinars, seminars, coaches, and the list continues – to the point of being overwhelming. Where do we start? Start with what feels doable. Start with baby-steps. Start with taking action that breeds excitement and bubbles with positive anticipation. Listen to your gut. Breed energy.

3 Feel the Fear… and Do It Anyway Something you should know: there’s a fine line between trepidation and exhilaration, a fine line. Growth comes by stretching and reaching beyond your comfort zone. Muscle is created by progressive overload. Building some muscle behind your mission includes learning how to walk this fine line. Balance energy.

4 Practice the 80/20 Rule 80% of our results are derived from 20% of our efforts. We’ve heard this, but are we taking it to heart? Get crystal clear on where to shine your lazer focus in order to get the biggest bang for your buck. Conserve energy.

5 Practice Periodization In sports and athletic performance, periodization is an approach in training that involves the progressive cycling of various aspects of a training program over a specific period of time. Building muscle behind your mission also involves this important principle. You cannot give 100% to all things all of the time. Respect the natural evolution of manifesting an idea into tangible form and celebrate your wins and lessons learned – your progress and performance - with rest and recovery prior to the next cycle beginning. Cycle energy.

76 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

6 Build a Strong Core At the very root of our performance and our muscle lays our foundation - who we are at our core and how we feel about ourselves. One fundamental PowHERhouse principle is, “The stronger we are, the stronger we are.” As we become stronger and more energetic in our bodies, our confidence and courage grows, firmly rooting and grounding our mission and positioning us for imminent success. For centuries, women have put fitness into a tiny, little box and labeled it ‘weight-loss’; now is our time to recognize it’s true purpose and allow fitness to elevate our mission and our lives to their fullest potential. Strengthen energy.

7 PowHERplay A power play is a sports term meaning to effectively utilize a numerical advantage. We firmly believe in the strength created by bringing together HIP mission-based women in small and large groups, from masterminds to events and retreats, networking and collaborating, online and real time. Join our mission. Leverage Energy.

8 Playing at the Top of Your Game Takes a Winning Gameplan People are drawn to people who are MAGNETIC. Energy attracts energy. Functioning at the top of your game means that you are firing on all cylinders, you are positive, grounded and vibrant. Charlene SanJenko: The Muscle Behind My Mission •


When you are operating from this state, opportunities you are waiting for are attracted to you. They have no choice but to be. PowHERhouse helps you to understand what it takes to create your own winning gameplan that lifts you to the top of your game. Breed energy.

As we come to the close of another year, Autumn is a perfect opportunity for reflection and gratitude. Are you where you want to be? Are you ready to build some muscle behind your mission for 2014 and beyond? Emanate energy.

We are the ones that the world is waiting for. powHERhouse.com

78 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

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Charlene SanJenko PowHERhouse Women ¥


Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com •


What To Do To Heal Your Relationship With Food And Escape The Diet Trap For Good

Although it has never been easier to source food in the Western world, knowing what’s good for you and what is not is getting more and more complicated.


By Nathalie de Ahna 80 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

Despite new super diets and food trends appearing daily and scientific research telling us exactly what we need to do to be healthier, happier, and fitter, most people are actually getting sicker, more overweight, and unhappier.

Why is that? One of the problems simply might be “information overload”. As today’s news will be old hat tomorrow and theories are constantly disproven, nobody knows what to do anymore, let alone eat. We get confused, frustrated and many of us actually develop pretty bad food-related habits with detrimental effects to our body and mind. But you know what? There is a way to get out of this trap, heal the relationship with our daily bread and learn how to actually enjoy eating again - with no guilty conscience afterwards. How? It is easier than you might think. We just need to find your way back to simple and real food which provides our body and mind with unprocessed ingredients that are not only incredibly tasty but also wildly nutritious. The problem most of us have these days is an abundance of machine-made meals, snacks, drinks etc. Full of additives, preservatives, colorants, tons of salt & sugar and countless artificial substances messing with our system. Why do you think we just cannot stop eating after a handful of potato chips? Why do we crave sugar and fat and regularly have way more than we actually wanted to shove into our mouth? It is not because there is something wrong with us. It is because there is something wrong with what we put onto our plates! Escape the Diet Trap For Good •


If you don’t believe me, let’s all do a little experiment. What about we try a regular breakfast (yes, that is a must), lunch and dinner every day and add a morning and afternoon snack that consists of simple, real and completely unprocessed food. This can be a green smoothie, some yoghurt with fruit, a handful of nuts or olives, or some veggies with a plain nut butter dip. This way you we can slowly start cleansing our body and re-discover our innate food navigation system which, as soon as we’ve freed it from all the “mind-altering crap”, will tell us exactly what to eat in order to become fitter and healthier than we have ever been. Once we are used to these healthy snacks, we will naturally want more (because they make us feel GREAT!) and then we can start fine-tuning our life changing experiment by gradually replacing more and more convenience junk by simple and real dishes. This will not only take years from our actual age but significantly improve our looks, too. For real! If you want to learn more, just grab my free monthly Cheat Sheets and find out what real food and a sensible & holistic approach to life change can do to you. I promise you will be blown away.

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Artesan Craftsmanship, All-Natural Ingredients

Part of developing good taste is becoming aware of the characteristics of the stuff we see and buy and use. Become conscious of color and form and function. Learn to spot the designer’s hard work in simplifying things. It’s the big reason Posh Brats products are so loved and coveted: good, simple, elegant design. I also think it’s one of the main reasons why so many people are flocking to Etsy and buying handmade items....they are just classier and more beautiful than mass-produced crap.

Skincare Bath& Beauty

“If you mention taste nowadays, a lot of people will tell you that - Made in feels England “taste is subjective.” They believe this because it really that way to them. When they like something, they have no idea why. It could be because it’s beautiful, or because their mother had one, or because they saw a movie star with one in a magazine, or www.poshbrats.com because they know it’s expensive. Their thoughts are a tangle of unexamined impulses. “ - Paul Graham

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Why Your Skin How Does to Jump Not Need Start Fancy Your Immunity DesignerWith Chemicals... Vitamin Cures Kiss It! •


The Great Christmas Meltdown

So your tree is up and the turkey is ordered, your cards are written and you have your wine delivery booked, the nativity tickets are bought and the in laws are staying over, the freezer is full of party platters and your little black dress can be worn at least twice with different accessories, taxi sorted for works night out and the must have toys are reserved on amazon and...breathe!


By Kate Spencer 84 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

Christmas is a whole season, not just one day! And lets be honest, it’s usually the women who pull it off, and remember that Auntie Susan is allergic to chestnuts in the stuffing, and that Grandma will be offended if it’s not her cake we eat on boxing day! Christmas, when you are a working woman, is like living a month of your life like a laptop; with fifty tabs open whilst surfing the web. It’s a million and one things that you have to take care of, on top of your regular schedule, and if you are not careful instead of being a recipe for family festivities, it can be a recipe for burnout. No one wants to face the new year a quivering wreck, and getting to the end of the holidays needing an actual holiday! So here are some things to think about that might make it easier on you this time around, and help you to enjoy yourself more and stress out less.


Get some help with your ironing, cleaning, grocery shopping and whatever else you can outsource for a month. Get rid of any thoughts and beliefs that you have that you should be doing it all yourself, you are human! Buy yourself the best Christmas present ever and find someone to help take the strain.

Shop Online Take the stress out of the high street drama and parking issues, do the bulk of your shopping online and then when you get time to have a browse in the shops, you will be able to pick up nice top-up gifts, knowing that you are covered for the big stuff.

Charity Instead of Cards Buy special cards for people that are close but save the “obligation cards” and send a blanket email to say that you are donating to a charity this year instead.

The Great Christmas Meltdown •


IÕm Don’t Make Dinner From Scratch Ditching Get some pre-prepared delicious goodies from an up-market supermarket, like luxury stuffing and ready basted turkey crown, so you The don’t haveDiets to get up at stupid o’clock to push a fat bird in your oven!

If you’d like to join Kate Remember. ..

on her conscious weight ...its not about the stuff. So many of usloss spend moneyyou we haven’t journey can get always got on ‘stuff’ we don’t need to impress people we don’t like. involved online.

Get out of the materialism trap and know that you are fabulous just as you are! This summer I am going to ditch the diets and think myself thinner, and change those nega>ve Wishing self-­‐beliefs that have been hrelaxing olding mfestive e back fseason! or far too you a wonderful long. I know that in my heart if I can really do this, then the rest will fall into place for me, and that weight loss will be a natural side effect to loving myself Love Kate x and healing my past.

86 98

About A Homemade Year

HatTrick TrickMagazine Magazine ¥• hattrickstrategies.com hattrickstrategies.com ¥• Hat

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Is Your Home Making You Sick? •


Mystic Sisters Mystic Sisters Mellissa and Jayshree Mallaya are a household name in South Africa with a clientele of the who’s who from Hollywood to Bollywood. Mellissa followed her heart and now lives with her husband in London where she does Skype, telephone and 1:1 sessions (in addition to planning naughty book club meetings and girls pamper parties). As Seen In Cosmo Magazine!

Write In To Get Featured! Life Or Love Question? Book Your Consultation With Mellissa Phone: +44 7720748095 Or Email Her 88 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com


By Mellissa Mallaya


Dear Mellissa, I’m torn! My ex wants me to spend New Years with him in Ireland. I loved him, but I have moved on. My current partner is working in Australia over New Years. Should I visit my ex? Dilemma


Dear Dilemma. You should have signed it off as booty call! Why would you go to your ex when you have been hurt and treated like last weeks pâté? Besides, I don’t see it working. Your current guy is serious about you - Don’t ruin a good thing and sort yourself out!


Dear Mystic Sisters, my sister grates me! I can not deal with her any more. She brings home one bad man after the next, which is so the opposite of me. She is gorgeous, slim and smart adn I feel she could do much better. I wish I could choose any man like her. Should I confront her and point this out? Sister Sister


Dear Sister Sister, point what out exactly? Work on your own insecurities. She is not interested in a serious relationship right now. You are. Focus on you. Give yourself a revamp. You don’t enjoy your looks, so work on it. Stop comparing yourself to her. You are a lovely person bordering on a nosy parker. Tell her you love her, yes. Advise her and she will lose her unruly temper.

Mystic Sisters •



Dear Mystic Mellissa, thank you for your direct answers. You replied to a friend of mine and you were spot on! My issue is that my boss is a pain. She is younger than me and speaks really fast. Most of the time I have no idea what she is saying! I mentioned this to a colleague who then told her! I didn’t realise they were friends. What should I do! Work Woes


Oh dear. Unfortunately in most work places the quickest thing that happens is gossip! Be direct and approach her. She is not upset with you. She is disappointed that you chose to discuss about her rather than discuss it with her. She won’t bear a grudge. Suggest going for a drink after work. She is friendly but driven. Make sure you apologise. This will soon be water under the bridge.


Dear Mystic Sisters, I love all things spiritual. I have been trying to awaken my intuition. Please can you tell me if you offer classes? Am I intuitive? Should I consider this a career direction? Sahara


Hello Sahara, yes you should consider this a career opportunity. Everyone is born psychic. The same way that everyone is born with a brain. It is just that not everyone uses their intuition, nor brain for that matter! I will offer classes in the new year. In the meantime, go out and experiment with a few decks of tarot. Touch them, look at them. Get acquainted to a deck that you would feel comfortable with. Jot down your own intuitive ‘vibes’ as you go along and use that as your own tarot handbook. Good luck.

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Hi darling, Many people keep their options open and so are you. He adores you but has become mentally lazy in this relationship. He won't walk away unless you do. I do see a new man in 2 years. Yes it is deceptive but mostly to yourself as the world sees you as an attached woman. You would never carry a dead horse about, why carry this? You are witty, loving, naughty and gorgeous. Get out there and seize the world!

How to Detox With Green Superfood Smoothies ¥


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Food, Home & Family


Salad This is one of our favorite side dishes during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. If you have children it is fun and easy to mix together. If one of them likes the extras they can mix those in as they like, or make a separate bowl of the salad. Let Thanksgiving and Christmas be for your children. That is, quit trying to impress the adults. You are building memories in your children that will out last someone’s rude remark about your gravy! A kind word turns away wrath.

By Tanya Jackson 94 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

! d o h t e M

• Sprinkle gelatin over the cottage cheese and let set for 5 minutes (this is a must, otherwise the gelatin won’t melt and will become grainy). • Fold in whipped topping. • Add fruit and nuts as desired. • Dish out on separate dishes with a maraschino cherry. so festive and cheery.

Ingredients « 1-12 oz of cottage cheese « 1-6 oz of pkg. orange flavored gelatin « 1-9 or 13 oz tub of whipped topping « 1 can of mandarin oranges - drained « Maraschino cherries You can add: « 1 can of pineapple bits drained « ¾ cup of chopped pecans

I use our good china and silverware for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Believe it or not it makes the meal more important; you feel obligated to be polite in front of the good dinner ware! If you have a ‘kids’ table at the Christmas Dinner or if you just want to do something different, use wrapping paper as your tablecloth. You can buy rolls at the dollar store that are 60” wide—plenty wide for most tables—or make it a runner for your serving table. Enjoy!





By Amber Hamilton Henson 96 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

Happy Holidays! We hope you had a fabulous Thansgiving and are ready for a Merry Christmas! Here is quick look at what we’ve been doing in and around our home, here in Little Rock, Arkansas. Holiday Decor! •


We hung hundreds of ornaments on our Christmas tree! Our favorites are the handmade ornaments, and we sure have a lot of them! Love love love! Here is a close-up photo of one of my favorites handmade ornaments! It is a “love bird!” It was made by tracing our daughters hands and one foot. Just hot glue the pieces together and add a circle to each side for the head and rhinestone eyes!

Here is another favorite handmade ornament: Hand and Foot Reindeer! Using foam sheets from the craft store, a few rhinestones, and a pipe cleaner as a hanger, this project is quick and easy for kids!

98 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

So, then we put up garland, lights, a pair of smaller trees, and our candy and gingerbread wreath on the exterior of our home! Here is a close-up of the wreath I made a few years ago that we enjoy displaying each year; There is a plush gingerbread to represent each member of our family, and lots of candy, cookie, berry, and gingerbread ornaments! Sweet, right?

Perhaps in next month’s issue I’ll share a few of our favorite Christmas cookie recipes! Also, I can hardly wait to share with you about the Arkansas Women Bloggers’ Handmade Ornament Swap, which I’m participating this year! We already received our beautiful handmade ornament, and have mailed the one we made to another blogger! The Swap rules ask that we do not share the details about the ornaments until December 24th, so stay tuned to see the Handmade Ornament Swap outcome! Your Friend,

Amber Hamilton Henson Holiday Decor! •


All I want for

Christmas Cherie began as a weekly columnist for the main local newspaper in her area. Her articles focus on a humorous look at married life with five children and the ups and downs we can all relate to. She has won 2 international short story contests as well as being published in Our Canada magazine. Cherie is a breast cancer survivor and a huge advocate of self-exams.

By Cherie DeBurger 100 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

Not many people annoy me, I like to think that I have a great deal of patience and understanding. I mean, really, any person with children, or a spouse, must have these abilities oozing from their very pores to keep their sanity. However, I have not obtained the level of zen that I must reach to be able to maintain a calmness when someone insists on repeatedly telling me exactly how many weeks, days, hours, minutes or seconds there are until Christmas. I am well aware of the date and each passing day that slips by without completing my Christmas shopping. Not only do I have to get the decorations out and up I also need to purchase the ingredients and plan the dinner, pick up my Zoloft prescription, juggle the schedule so all family members will be present and accounted for, can’t forget my Zoloft prescription, get presents for the kids teachers, bus driver and mailman, run by the drug store and get my Zoloft, write out our Christmas cards and make sure they are signed sealed and mailed, figure out what to get for those few people who have everything, shop for the kids and get my prescription. One phrase that seems to echo across the land no matter where you live or what you do is ….”I want that for Christmas!” It rings through my house with each commercial advertising any and all types of toys. It reminds me of a shark feeding frenzy, when sharks get so caught up in eating they bite anything that comes within range of their mouth. With the kids it doesn’t matter what toy is being displayed they will see who can ask for it fastest. I guess I could look at it from the positive perspective and admire my children’s tenacity, perseverance, and the competitive spirit but after a while I put on my head phones and just smile and nod when I see them looking my way. With a child’s imagination anything is possible, which makes some of their gift requests rather amusing. My two youngest sons have requested superhero capes this year. My mom had sewn them each a cape last Christmas so I asked them what was wrong with

All I want For Christmas •


the ones Nana had made for them. That was when they informed me the capes Nana made for them didn’t have any powers and they wanted real superhero capes so they could fly around the backyard and shield themselves from any danger. I told them I can hardly keep an eye on you both now what would I do if you could fly? My youngest said “ Don’t worry mommy I can’t go to high or I’ll pee.” Well in that case I guess it’s alright. I have also been informed that they would like to go on a treasure hunt so could I please go to the pirate store and get them a treasure map that leads to a real gold treasure? Well they did say please, so the next pirate I run into I will be sure to ask him where I can pick one up.

“In his mind once you got a card you could go to the bank and get money out anytime you wanted and as much as you wanted. He totally missed the part that you had to put money in the bank to get money out.”

I tried explaining that all these things they want cost money and that we don’t have enough in the bank to get them everything they wanted. One of my sons actually went out looking for the money tree after I told him he would have to find one in order to receive all the gifts he was asking for. He told me if he couldn’t find it we could always use some of the treasure he would find with the pirate’s map he was getting. My older son asked for a unique gift when he was around five years old, a debit card. Of course he only saw one side of the way a debit card works. In his mind once you got a card you could go to 102 • Hat Trick Magazine • hattrickstrategies.com

the bank and get money out anytime you wanted and as much as you wanted. He totally missed the part that you had to put money in the bank to get money out. If it were only that easy! We have all heard about the little boy who asked for a tampon for Christmas. When his mother asked him why on earth he wanted that he said in the commercial that he saw on TV they said if you have one you can go horseback riding, water skiing, biking, hiking, and swimming. Christmas is really about how many toys you get or what they are. Ask any parent or grand parent that has purchased something expensive and amazing only to discover the box it came in was a bigger hit then the actually toy.

The Holidays can be such a busy time so when the house is in an uproar and you are sneaking some of that Baileys in your coffee I want you to take a breath, stand back and look at what is really important, no not the presents! The family and friends that you have been blessed with. Merry Christmas from my family to yours.

All I want For Christmas •


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Christmas Issue

Royal Icing PLUS


Royal Iced Christmas Ornament Tutorial

Packed with Festive Recipes & Tutorials!

Birdhouse Tutorial Kelvin Chua Interview

Exclusive Interviews

David MacCarfrae Interview and much more!




Contents 4 11 24 38 40 46 52 64 66 72 74 77

Baking Wish List Cake International: Interviews with Award Winners Cake International: Show Review Christmas Essentials from Biggers-­‐cookware.co.uk Christmas Cookie Tutorial by The Cookie Connoisseur Cake Spotlight -­‐ Bellaria Cakes Design Royal Icing Showcase PME Live Competition Winners -­‐ Interviews Sugar Spooks Collaboration Bake a Christmas Wish Birdhouse Cookie Tutorial The Christmas Collection

6 32 48 60 68

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Mich Tuner MBE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Eddie Spence MBE Kelvin Chua -­‐ Vinism Sugart Sif Jensen -­‐ SifBeth Icing Academy David MacCarfrae -­‐ David Cakes

26 27 28 30

Mini Christmas Cakes from Whitworths Chocolate TrufYles from Whitworths Mini Christmas Puddings from Billington’s Cranberry and Rose Water TriYle from Billington’s

Merry Christmas and welcome the the last issue of 2013. This issue is packed with Christmas designs, Cake International features and royal icing themes for you to enjoy. Cake International in Birmingham is the event of the year for cakers and sugarcraft addicts. Everyone in the cake -­‐world was there, with a record number of exhibitors and cakes being entered into the competitions. We always have a great time at Cake International and this time I had the honour of judging the PME Live Cupcake Competition, which was great fun! We have several Cake International features in the magazine, including a fantastic interview with Mich Turner MBE and a great feature on some of the competitors. We always love to see the people behind the cake and have included over 20 interviews with award winners.


We took over 600 photos at the show, and unfortunately could not feature everyone’s cake in the printed magazine, so we have produced a FREE downloadable Cake International Cake Masters Magazine Special, featuring many other cakes and close-­‐ups of some of the fantastic details. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have ended my year with what has to be my highlight of 2013; I have had the awesome pleasure of interviewing “The Master of Royal Icing”, Eddie Spence! Such a lovely man and it was great hearing about his fantastic career to date, including all the cakes he has made for the Royal Family. Our exclusive interview with Eddie really is fascinating reading!


We also have proYiles on inspirational royal icing artists, Kelvin Chua, David MacCarfrae and Sif Jensen. Their individual take on the role of royal icing in modern cake design is truly a breath of fresh air.

Oh and don’t forget to check out our tutorials; we have cute birds houses and beautiful Christmas ornaments, as well as a bumper bundle of festive recipes. So nothing left but for me to wish you all happy holidays and best wishes for the New Year, which will start with our exciting 2013 Cake Masters Awards Winners announcement! Here’s to a fantastic 2014!

Rosie Editor


Front cover cake: Antonella Di Maria Torte & Design Cookie Tutorial page 40

Editorial Assistant Ceri Roberts

Special thanks A special thanks to Zach who unfortunately will be leaving the sales team to pursue other career avenues. Zach has been grafting since day one of the magazine, helping the business grow to where we are now. Your energy and enthusiasm will truly be missed, best wishes and good luck for the future! Rosie and Cake Masters Team


Sales & Advertisements Zach Zakaria magazine@cakemasters.co.uk

Design Team Danver Palmiano and Elisha Dorado


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Woodland Wonder Cake Tins Set of 2 John Lewis £15

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Cake Masters Magazine had the honour of interviewing Mich Turner MBE, at Cake International in Birmingham. Described as “the Bentley of cake makers” by Gordon Ramsey, Mich has always had a keen interest in food, winning a Devon School’s Cookery competition at the age of 15, and was asked to decorate her A-­‐Level teacher’s wedding cake at 17. After graduating as a Food Scientist and Nutritionist from University in 1992, Mich worked as a Patisserie Buyer at Harvey Nichols until she set up Little Venice Cake Company in 1999.

What do you enjoy about coming to Cake International? I love two things. I love meeting the people who are the real keen cakers, makers, bakers and decorators who get the passion. It’s all about cake people coming together in one room and being literally able to talk to anyone about cake. I love meeting people, hearing their stories and hearing the successes they have had following my recipes. I love to demonstrate here. I know how experienced many of these cake decorators are, so when I come to demonstrate, I think about what I can show people that is going to be achievable, exciting and inspirational – something that will have the ‘wow factor’ in 40 minutes.

A lot of what I do is precision and Yine detail. I know that I can decorate a four tier Parisian Pearl in 4 hours, but for the audience watching, I have to be able to do something that is quite a “showcase”. I cannot underestimate or dumb down how brilliant the skills of the people that are coming here are. When I can showcase something like the Ombre cake, with a Swiss meringue buttercream that I demonstrated this morning, I like to show the audience a new technique, a new cake using that technique and new recipe. That way I am giving them two core skills that they can now go and apply with a different base inside or different Ylavours. My intention is to give them the passion, the creativity and the inspiration, which once they have seen, will then give them the feeling that it’s achievable. Not only that, but they start to feel like they have had a success and they want to do more, so it’s fuelling their passion. So that’s what is great; I like being able to fuel the passion. Continued


Read the full interview by purchasing the December issue of Cake Masters Magazine 7


Interviews with the winners! Name: Rose MaceYield, Rose-­‐Maries Cakes & Sugarcraft Class Entered: E -­‐ Sculpted Novelty Cake Award: Gold: 1st in class & Best in Show

I have been entering competitions since 2009, so I am an experienced competitor. However, I still Yind myself extremely nervous when the big day is here. I worry about the journey the most, especially as I usually create large exhibits that have taken hours to create, and I panic at the thought of them getting damaged in transit (especially as its actually happened to me a couple of times in the past). I always stress as to whether the cake will be liked by people or whether it will be criticised too much.

The inspiration for this cake came from a photograph of a real Yishing basket and Yishing rod. I was looking for a theme to cover that would be based on a popular hobby and would allow me to capture a realistic look to it. The basket is made up of Madeira cakes and carved to the correct shape and size of the basket. The rest of the design is made from a combination of sugarpaste, modelling paste and pastillage. The basket weave was all done by hand and the Yish was modelled on a real Yish.


The whole cake took approximately 70 hours to make.

I won 2 Gold awards at CI Birmingham with 1st in class for the sculpted novelty cake and Best in Show! I am thrilled to bits, it’s a competitors dream.

Get your FREE Cake International Cake Masters Magazine SPECIAL download from www.cakemasters.co.uk featuring over 200 cakes at Cake International! 8 11


Aggy Dadan, Cotswolds Finest Cakes

Vicky Turner, The Yellow Bee Cake Company

Karla Denisse Chumpitaz Butron Sweet K

Lara Clarke, Tasty Cakes

Deb Harwood, Deb's Unique Cake Boutique

Ceri Roberts, PR Cake Library

Holly Bicknell -­‐ Hollywallydoodles

Constance Grindrod, Connie's Cakes

Heather Bicknell Cakes by Heather Jane

Kirsty Low, CakeyBake

Get your FREE Cake International Cake Masters Magazine SPECIAL download from www.cakemasters.co.uk featuring over 200 cakes at Cake International! 9


Emma Jayne Cake Design

Maria Genna, MG Sugarcake

Anna Oates, Little Bears Cakes and Crafts

Rose Dummer, Rosie Cake-­‐Diva

Rhu Strand Pimp my Cake and French Cake Breaks

Vicky Smith, Incredible Edibles

Name: Wayne Price, Melys Cake Design

Kristina Rado

Get your FREE Cake International Cake Masters Magazine SPECIAL download from www.cakemasters.co.uk featuring over 200 cakes at Cake International! 10


Emma Ball,RichardsCakes

Môn Cottage Cupcakes

Helen Atkins Helen Cakes and Cupcakes


Read all the interviews by purchasing the December issue of Cake Masters Magazine Callicious Cakes

Get your FREE Cake International Cake Masters Magazine SPECIAL download from www.cakemasters.co.uk featuring over 200 cakes at Cake International! 11


The No.1 “Cakesperience”

by Hannah Wellington

Cake International in Birmingham is the biggest cake, bake and sugarcraft event of its kind. With over 1000 competitors entering the cake competitions this year and the exhibition larger than ever, my ^irst time at the show was quite an experience! Up and running since 1994, Cake International has doubled in size over the past 2 years making it the most recognised sugarcraft, cake decorating and baking show in the world. Since the baking hype caused by The Great British Bake Off, the home baking market has risen by a delicious 59% in the last 5 years! All of this proving our serious love of cake. As an amateur cake baker myself, I enjoy baking cupcakes, loaves and cakes for all occasions with a few successes; but never had I stepped as far into baking heaven before!

iced a cake one handed, whilst chatting to the audience about her life-­‐story. She shared tips and tricks of the trade making her demonstration extremely helpful and easy to follow.

I also had the chance to have a go at making fondant Ylowers. The exhibitor Edable Art was demonstrating great ways to create the perfect petal and how to paint them. It was fantastic to have quick lessons running throughout the day, as well as being a fun opportunity to learn something new!

The biggest proportion of the show is taken up by the competitions. There were over 1000 cakes displayed, ready for cake lovers to appreciate and judges to place. From a Ylawless Dandelion to huge scenes from iconic Yilms, my favourite in the competition had to

As the queues were already forming when we arrived, it was clear that this event was bigger than I imagined. As I strolled through the gates the smell of icing was the Yirst thing to hit me! Next was the sheer size. Around 100 exhibitors from all around the world had set up their stalls ready to entice, advertise and sell their products and expertise. A great part of the show is the workshops and demonstrations that they put on. You can watch and learn whilst baking stars, such as Mary Berry and Mich Turner, put together irresistible recipes and tutorials on how to create perfect cakes at home. I was lucky enough to Yind a seat for Mich Turner’s demonstration on lace patterns using royal icing. All I could do was watch in awe as she

be elephant dressed for a Hindu celebration as an entry in the ‘Sculpted Novelty Cake’ class. I loved the detail of the creases in the skin and around the eyes. The fabric has perfect, natural looking folds with a beautiful hand painted design. Most of all, it looks exciting due to the use of bright colours -­‐ not to mention her lovely nail varnish!

A lot of attention this year focused on ‘ Decorative Exhibit’ class. From a Ylying pig to a life-­‐size peacock, the class showed a variety of exciting ideas. One entry to attract vast media attention was the 5ft replica of Captain Jack Sparrow. Credit should be given for ambition; however, my favourites are the ones that ooze originality. The winner of this class, Karla Denise Champitaz Burton, made a hollowed out tree trunk that housed a family of four mice. Done in the style of Sylvainian Famlies, the home consisted of three Yloors: a living room, kitchen and bedroom. Natural looking ivy and dainty Ylowers travelled up the side of the trunk, painted to perfection! In 2nd and 3rd place, the fabulous Emma Ball had created two scenes from Ratatouille and Toy Story 3; both of the huge structures included most characters from the two Yilms! The ‘Cupcake’ class showed some ingenious ideas in preparing and presenting. Some designs ranged from tea parties to beach parties, but my favourite in this category were the Twinings Cupcakes. They simply looked and smelt delicious! Presented in an original Twinings Tea box, the cupcakes came with a small menu allowing us to know what Ylavours were used.

Cake made by Molly Robbins


‘Birthday Cake Under 12 Years’ is especially impressive. Whilst looking at the cakes it is hard to believe that the people who made them are age 12 and under! One cake showed


a bee hive and bumble bees. It was made completely evenly with smooth shapes. I was particularly amazed with this cake, as I know for a fact that I would not be able to produce anything that come close to it!

Out of the 15 classes that are available to enter, the ‘Wedding Cake’ class is by far the biggest with over 300 competitors submitting an entry this year. Incredibly, some cakes reached 8 tiers tall! Many of the cakes on display showed numerous techniques, however, the winner was not the biggest, nor the most colourful. The all-­‐white cake managed to slip by me the Yirst time! Counted as 3 tiers, the cake has 2 traditional tiers that show perfectly equal pleats, Ylowing ribbon and neat scrolls. The icing itself has been imprinted using an embossed rolling pin and then Yinished with a pearl shimmer. The third tier consists of an open wardrobe, revealing a necklace, a bouquet and a pair of white heels. Hanging off of the wardrobe is a classic wedding gown. With exquisite detail, the dress even shows the patterned underskirt. Not only is this impressive, but a small cherub sits above the wardrobe. With Ylawless features, this cake

Cake made by Maureen Timpson

shows knowledge of many techniques; all of which are executed with precision. This entry was well deserving of 1st place!

‘Best In Show’ and ‘Best In Show International Exhibit’ are the two most sought after prizes. Congratulations to Rose MaceYield for winning Best in Show with her immaculate Yishing basket! The basket looked so realistic, as well as the two Yish. Also congratulations to Di Edgcumbe for winning Best In Show International Exhibit! Representing South Africa. Di’s creation was a watering hole surrounded by elephants. A variety of techniques, including the use of what looked like isomalt to create the water, were used to bring her exhibit together

Not only does Cake International play host to the cake competition, but it also hosts the cupcake competitions for National Cupcake Week! There are six different classes, three for home bakers and three for professionals. With less than 20 entries for each class, this is the smallest part of the show. For me, this is the part of the show that makes my mouth water! Blueberry daiquiris, fruit punch and white chocolate are just a few of the Ylavours shown in the classes. The PME live competitions

Cake made by Mary Mantom


were also engaging and I am staggered that people can work under the pressure of the timed challenge in front of an audience.

After a long weekend for the competitors, exhibitors and special guests, a fantastic show was achieved. With smiles all round, the children enjoyed the tasters whilst the bakers enjoyed the discounts!

Any budding cake enthusiast can’t help but be inspired by the people you meet and the spectacular sights you see! My Yirst experience of ‘Cake Heaven’ will not be forgotten. Having loved every minute of it, I am already planning my trip back there next year. I strongly recommend CI to all cake lovers, for a chance to see the very latest trends and ideas from the sugarcraft, cake decorating and baking world! __________________ Get stuck in and book your tickets for next year’s cakesperience at www.cakeinternational.co.uk

Cake made by Karla Chumpitaz

For the Nut & Fruit Mix


200g Billington’s UnreYined Dark Muscovado Sugar Billington’s UnreYined Icing Sugar, for decoration 200g Billington’s Natural Glacé Cherries, halved 100g mixed nuts, roughly chopped 200g raisins 100g glacé ginger 100g ready-­‐to-­‐eat stoned dates, roughly chopped 100g cut mixed peel (orange & lemon) 150ml apple juice 175g butter 2 tbsp black treacle

150g plain Ylour 50g self-­‐raising Ylour 1 tsp mixed spice 1 tsp ground cinnamon 1/2 tsp ginger 1/2 tsp ground cloves 1/2 tsp freshly grated nutmeg 100g ground almonds 4 medium eggs, lightly beaten


Preheat the oven to 150ºC/130ºC fan/gas mark 2. Grease and double line with baking parchment an 8 inch / 20cm cake tin. For the nut and dried fruit mixture, put all the ingredients into a large pan and heat gently, stirring until the Dark Muscovado Sugar dissolves and butter has melted. Bring up to the boil, then remove from the heat and set aside. Into a large bowl, add the plain Ylour and self-­‐raising Ylour, spices and ground almonds, then stir in the eggs, followed by the nut and fruit mixture. Pour into the prepared tin and level out with a spoon.

Bake in the oven for 2 hours, or until the top is golden and a skewer comes out clean when inserted through the centre (if necessary, cook for a further 10-­‐15 minutes). The cake must be springy to the touch.

Transfer onto a wire rack and allow to cool completely in the tin. Once cool, remove the cake from the tin and place onto a large plate or stand (alternatively, wrap in baking paper, followed by a layer of foil and store for up to three days until ready to serve). To decorate, use a star-­‐shaped stencil or similar placed in the centre of the top of the cake, and dust with Golden Icing Sugar. Alternatively, cover with icing and marzipan for a traditional Yinish.


PREVIEW ISSUE Check out our other festive recipes in the December issue of Cake Masters Magazine


Mini Christmas Puddings 15

Chocolate Truffles from Whitworths Ingredients 150g plain chocolate 150ml thick double cream 25g unsalted butter 2 tablespoons rum or brandy 1 tablespoon Greek Yoghurt Sweet paper or petit fours cases 25g of any of the following: Whitworths Chopped Almonds Whitworths Chopped Hazelnuts Whitworths Toasted Chopped Mixed Nuts Whitworths Flaked Almonds, roughly chopped Method

Break the chocolate into small pieces and grind it in a food processor or grate until very Yine. In a pan simmer the cream, butter, and rum or brandy. Add the chocolate and mix off the heat until smooth. Add the yoghurt and stir in.

Transfer the mixture into a bowl, cover with cling Yilm and cool. Then leave in the fridge overnight, or simply place in the freezer for 1-­‐2 hours until thickened.

Take a teaspoon of the mixture and roll between your hands to create a ball shape. Roll each individual ball in the chosen chopped nuts to then place into the paper cases.

This recipe should make approximately 40 trufYles that can be put into boxes and given as Christmas gifts. They should be kept refrigerated and be eaten within three days. TIP: TrufYles also freeze well.



 

  

  

     

 






Read the FULL EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW in the December issue of Cake Masters Magazine 18


Master of Royal Icing


by Cake Masters Magazine

Eddie Spence MBE started his career as an apprentice baker for J W Mackie in Edinburgh. He then went on to study confectionery and cake design and eventually began teaching himself, using the skills he had learnt at a wealth of prestigious colleges, including Napier College in Edinburgh, Kedleston College and Wilmorton College in Derby. His renowned royal icing skills have earned him the opportunity to decorate many cakes for the Royal Family, including Her Majesty the Queen’s Golden Wedding anniversary cake and her Diamond Jubilee celebration cake. Editor of Cake Masters Magazine, Rosie, had the pleasure and absolute honour of interviewing her royal icing hero, touching on all aspects of Eddie’s career to date. We saw you busy judging at Cake International last month, how was it? I think there were only 17 cakes for me to judge. I was glad they didn’t put me on the wedding cakes because they had 238 wedding cakes to judge! It’s very, very, hard to judge as the standard this year was even better than ever before especially at the Gold level. How do you judge, especially given that there is so much variation in style? Every entry does have it’s own style, but the thing we go by in the Yirst place is the ‘wow’ factor, and then every cake that we look at is

100%, then you deduct if necessary for the cutting, the balance, etc. Later on, of course, it goes to the other judges. If there are any problems, if it’s judged higher or lower, the Chairman of Judges sorts it out. I don’t mind as I have been judging for many years now, and I am Chairman of Judges at The Squires Kitchen Exhibition.

Did you get a chance to see any of the cakes in detail at Cake International? There were some beautiful pieces there; I was amazed at how many cakes were there all covering different design, styles, mediums and skill levels. I was very proud of the KingYisher cake by Kristina Rado, which had many royal icing skills including stitch embroidery, brush embroidery and stencilling etc. She is a lovely lady and I have had the pleasure of passing on my various skills to her; she is now so good at her royal icing that she is also teaching at her workshop in Italy. The Yirst cake I ever entered into a competition at the age of 16 was a KingYisher, outlined, Ylooded in and painted, to see that Kristina’s cake and for her to dedicate to me, was very touching.

When my Dad came out of the army, he drove a van for the council as jobs were hard to Yind. Then of course, by this time I was 14, and my parents couldn’t afford for me to carry on at school. So I left school at 13, and I started at Mackie’s on my 14th birthday, and that year I also went to Bakery College. Tell us your memories of Mackies Bakery? It was always called Mackies of Princes Street. We were ‘by appointment’, which was quite a good thing really, because we did quite a lot when the Queen was in Edinburgh and the bakers did the petit fours and gateaux for the Royal Family’s garden parties.

If you started an apprenticeship in Mackies, you could get a job anywhere. In those days we did in-­‐store training. I was very lucky because my Mum worked in Mackies, she helped in the confection department and I had an Aunt who was a Manageress in the restaurant. Mackies

Lets go right back, can you tell us about life before you started your apprenticeship at Mackies I wasn’t academic at school. For 9 years running all our family, and all my cousins all won scholarships to the Castle Primary School; they call it a ‘Dux Prize’ in Scotland. Then I came along, and I broke the mould. I wasn’t academic at all. I was very, very introverted.

When I went to Secondary School, I started getting technical drawing and woodwork, and I very quickly climbed up the ladder. I wasn’t a dunce, don’t get me wrong, these days I would be mid-­‐stream. I loved the sciences and I loved technical drawing. I was top of the class then! 19

Eddie demonstrating at Squires Exhibition Continued


12 Easy Bake Christmas confectionary bags 4 designs £4.25

Kitchen Craft Christmas silicone moulds £10.00 each Easy Bake Christmas tree cake moulds Small tree, pack of 5 £2.75 Large tree, pack of 2 £2.75

Culpitt Edible Gems £3.75 per pack

4 Food gift boxes £2.75 per pack

Kitchen Craft Christmas Fayre silicone cake and jelly moulds £4.00 each

Culpitt Claydough Nativity Scene £19.00



Get ready for Christmas Baking! Culpitt cake boards £1.50

Easybake Tulip Wrap pack of 50 £4

Culpitt Christmas motto cake picks 45p each

Culpitt Piped Christmas Sugar Decorations 12 per pack £2.30 per pack

Tala Chocolate Mould £4.50

www.biggers-cookware.co.uk 21



Read the FULL TUTORIAL in the December issue of Cake Masters Magazine

Christmas Cookie Tutorial by The Cookie Connoisseur




Masters Magazine, Aut/mn Competition Cake

Winner ~ Bellaria Cakes Desig:



A rising star in the delicate world of royal icing...

“Shanghai Splendour”



“Most people think royal icing a dying art, because they do not know how to merge royal icing techniques with modern trends.” Kelvin Chua

Cake Masters Magazine had the fantastic opportunity of interviewing award winning royal icing artist Kelvin Chua from Vinism Sugar Art.

Tell us about your background I went to art college after my high school, completed 1 year in foundation art and 2 years graphic design. Then after college, I found a job in a shopping mall near where I was staying, working as a visual merchandising artist for 2 years.

In early 2002, I went to London as a working tourist, hoping to see the world and experience life. I was hoping to get a job related to what I had been doing i.e. graphic design, visual merchandising or art; however, no one seemed to be interested in my capability. Some even asked me why they would need to employ me, since there are so many fresh graduates from Art Colleges out there.

In late 2002, after many attempts of job applying, I decided to give up and had a few jobs working as a luggage porter, a store keeper in Camden Market, an artist in Bayswater Road, a warehouse assistant in a shop. In spring 2003, I started to work in a Chinese wholesale market in North London and I met my girlfriend, who has changed my life ever since. It is her interest in baking and sugar craft which led to my career in Sugar Art. I’m not a baker or cake decorator. I like to call myself a Sugar Artist because I only design and run workshops. Describe your cake style in 3 words Pipe, Paint, Art

When did you start your career in cakes and cake decorating?

My girlfriend had great interest in baking and sugar craft, especially in sugar Ylowers. She loved attending classes, but sometimes due to her working schedule, she had to miss some courses taught by her favourite artists, like. Alan Dunn. In 2008, she was very upset because she couldn’t attend one of the cake decorating courses. I was hoping maybe I could help her a bit, so I told her I would go on her behalf, and then would teach her when I come home. I fell in love with sugar craft straightaway, as I Yinally found something that I could apply my art knowledge on! So that was how I started. My career started properly in 2010, after I moved back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from London What is your earliest baking memory? I tried to bake in 2009, after completing my cake decorating courses, but I was just not good at it. Finally, I decided to just to eat cake, because it is a lot easier. When did you start working with royal icing? I started working with royal icing in 2009. I love royal icing, because you can do a lot of fragile work which couldn’t be replaced by any other medium.

What were your ^irst experiences of using royal icing? When I just started, I followed the recipe exactly in the books and on packaging just like most beginners would; but then realised working with different brand of icing sugar, meringue powder, albumen powder, different chicken eggs will give you different results…not



by Cake Masters Magazine

Royal Icing Showcase


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Olga  Danilova www.supertorte.ee 26


Meet Sif Jensen SifBeth Icing Academy

Sif’s royal icing creations are classically elegant and perfectly piped. Cake Masters Magazine interviewed Sif, from SifBeth in Denmark, to ^ind out more about her background and to learn more about the technique of “over-­‐ piping” with royal icing. Tell us about your background I never had any plans to become a cake decorator. A baker maybe, and once I dreamed about opening an ice cream shop. I have always loved baking. Cakes, pastries, breads, pies, you name it…I baked it. Cake decoration, however, was never on my radar. In Denmark, the British and American style of cake decorating was never big. So I just wanted to be a pastry chef, or an author, or an artist. But then the Internet arrived, and suddenly I found myself looking at elaborate wedding cakes, novelty cakes and gumpaste Ylowers. I had no idea what gumpaste even was, but I wanted to learn. I used Google and found an entire world of cake decorators and sugar crafters I had no idea even existed. It was awesome. This was in 2006, and I decided I needed to learn that right away. I have always been very creative, and this just seemed like a tasty extension of my creativity. DeYinitely more tasty than pencils! When did you start working with royal icing? I started working with royal icing in 2007.

What were your ^irst experiences of using royal icing? Was it dif^icult? I became interested in royal icing when I read on a cake forum about this thing called “The Lambeth Method”, which was supposed to be really difYicult and prestigious to master. So of course I had to learn that. I found the original Lambeth book from 1936 and ordered it. I was still very much a newbie, but as I thumbed through the book, my jaw just dropped, and I knew I had to learn that. I have always loved history, architecture, art and books from the Middle Ages and up to the beginning of the 20th century, so there was no going back from there. Victorian cake decorating, it was made for me. But of course it was difYicult. The Lambeth book was written for professionals, giving no real instructions. I spent a lot of time Yiguring everything out, scouring the web for helpful snippets and a lot of learning by doing. It took a lot of time (and tears) but it was so worth it.

popularity it used to have. The cake world is way too diverse now. But I don't think it's a dying art at all. In fact, it seems to be on the rise right now. When I started decorating cakes, it was difYicult to Yind anything but dated pictures of overpiped cakes and 80's wedding cakes with buttercream. Now I seem to constantly discover another cake decorator using the methods of Auld Lang Syne. Not just straight copies of Lambeth cakes either. I really think the book “Royal Icing” by Sir Eddie Spence, published in 2010, Continued

What do you love about decorating with royal icing? Decorating with royal icing is like the perfect combination of drawing (something I have been doing all my life) and sculpting, a craft I have admired forever. It's like drawing in 3D with sugar. I also love the fact that you can go very far with just a handful of piping tubes, a bag and some icing. It's not exactly expensive materials we're talking about here. If you have the adequate skills you can make 50p worth of ingredients look like a million.

Do you think royal icing is popular? I don't think royal icing will reach the Sif Jensen ~ SifBeth Icing Academy 27


LIVE COMPETITION WINNERS Congratulations to the PME Live Competition winners at Birmingham’s Cake International 2013. Winners scooped medals and cash prizes up to the value of £500! Cake Masters Magazine interviewed the winners in the Cupcake Team Challenge, Student Team Challenge and Cake Decorator of the Year. Cupcake Team Challenge Winners: Haley Dawood -­‐ Jasmine Bakery Laura Nolan -­‐ The Nuthouse Bakery

How did you feel about working under timing conditions? Laura: Timing conditions were TIGHT. We had had a run through a week prior to the event, our one and only. I had said to Hayley at the time, we need to be able to do this here in less than 2.5 hours, as on the day we will need the additional time. There is no way of trying to explain to someone how intense the pressure is. How difYicult it is to smile at the audience and keep focused, to acknowledge the audience, wave hello to fans, family and students, talk to the judges, and stay on track.

Discussions with the judges are not your average conversations; they want to discuss design choice, give you future ideas and let’s not forget they take your cupcakes away to show the audience!

Did everything go according to plan? Hayley: According to plan. Yes it did. We did a practice run the week before. Therefore, we both knew what each one of us was doing for the actual competition. Laura compiled a typed up list of each cupcake design, what tools were required etc.; we utilised every possible second of the allocated 3 hours. What went well? Laura: Hayley and I. Not only are we friends, but we really work well together. We complement each other. We are opposites and they attract as they say. I think the fact that we had planned everything down to the last detail; we ran it almost like a project. Tell us about your inspirations behind your winning designs Laura: We had three hours to complete twelve cupcakes. Our chosen theme was based around a combination of black and white designs, with a 50's Hollywood feel. We both felt that the black and white combination was striking, but

stylish at the same time; we wanted to avoid anything kitsch or tacky. Prior to the competition, we played around with numerous designs; but the twenty we settled on included rufYles, corsets, stilettos, hats, Yilm reels and a Marilyn Monroe inspired design using a handmade stencil. We sat down and brainstormed ideas and concepts that we could relate to that era, and narrowed that down to twenty designs which would not only look stunning individually, but that also worked well as a collection. Of course, we also had to be conYident we could complete all twenty designs within the three hour window! How do you feel about winning? Hayley: It was the pinnacle of my new career so far. I had a fantastic day. All the PME staff and the judges made me feel at ease and were very welcoming. It gave me the massive conYidence boost needed to make myself and business more successful. Will you enter again next year? Laura: We certainly want to, just need to work on a fabulous theme, and hopefully, once submitted it will be good enough to get us through!

Judges, Gary Chapman, Adele King and Rosie Mazumder with winners of the Cupcake Challenge Laura Nolan and Hayley Dawood




Sugar Spooks Collaboration by Cake Masters Magazine


Cake Masters is a fan of all the cake collaborative projects being put together with Bakers from all over the world. We interviewed Creative Director, Avalon Yarnes, to ^ind out more about the Sugar Spooks collaboration, one of the ^irst collaborations to push cakes to the next level, incorporating moving cakes and exploding cakes! Tell us about your background I’ve been on this earth for 27 years and live in a cabin in the Rocky Mountains next to a glacier with my boyfriend and co-­‐organizer of the collaboration, Zach Waters. I own Avalon Cakes in Colorado. It is actually my 2nd job; during the week I work full time as a bakery, candy, merchandise and gift basket director for a chain of gourmet local markets. No lack of sugar in my life, or spare time for that matter. But I live, breathe and eat art... I just love it too much! When I’m not creating cakes, I am most likely painting or conjuring up some project to take on. I didn’t truly discover my love for art until my early twenty’s. Once you get that natural high from creating, you latch on and never let go. Enjoy every second of it all. Tell us about the collaboration Sugar Spooks is a video collaboration of over 40 sugar artists from around the globe. Main objective: celebrate Halloween to the fullest. Each cake has an “extreme” element, which range from sounds to moving parts. The collaboration started as talk between a few good cake friends. It was originally supposed to be 25 participants, but as time went on it grew to about 55. I’m sure we could have easily reached 100, but it was important to keep it fairly small so that we wouldn’t have

too long a video. It ended up being such a great mix of people creating a diverse spectrum of ideas. Friendships were created and fun times were had! I could have never have had a successful video without the help of Zach. He spent countless late nights bringing it all together in the end.

How was this collaboration different? Sugar Spooks is different for a few reasons: First, the theme was simply “Halloween”, left open for interpretation. We did have everyone try to describe their pieces, so that there weren’t any repeats. I think that aspect really allowed for creativity, although it made it much more difYicult to pick a design and stick with it. Second, each cake needed to have an “extreme” element. Moving parts, sounds, glow in the dark and even exploding cakes were some of the great extreme elements people came up with! Third, there was a Yinished video of all the cakes. We wanted to make sure the viewer was able to experience the artistry and extreme element to the fullest.

Purchase the full version of do whatever you want, which really brings Cake Masters Magazine you back to the art. The collaboration is a way onfor our us to vwebsite ent in cake for orm your and make something i ncredibly c razy for no one but us local stockist and everyone to see.”

How long did it take you to plan? The Yirst conversation about the collaboration started Sept 4th,. From that point on, I started bringing people in. I laid out the ground rules on Sept 15th and gave them a due date of Oct. Continued

What inspired you to do this? Well of course the fabulous “Cakenweenie” project! I was so honoured to have been a part of such a great collaboration. When it came to completion, I was left hungry for more and my head was racing with ideas. It is so very rare that cake artists get to create whatever they want; their creativity is usually bogged down by speciYic customer requests. This was an opportunity for them to go wild. Sarah Myers from High Five Cakes put it best, “Cake artists are always doing what we are paid to do, which is what everyone wants. Sugar Spooks is a for everyone to channel their inner child and


Top image: Piece of Cake -­‐ Custom Cakes by Mark 29 66

Avalon Yarnes of Avalon Cakes


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Welcome to the world of...



“Many of the younger generation of students look at royal icing as new medium to cake decorating, although it dates back hundreds of years. I feel the fact the I have been invited to teach royal icing around the world, suggests that it is in great demand and that people are wanting to embrace the art of royal icing.”

David MacCarfrae by Cake Masters Magazine

TV judge, musician and royal icing virtuoso, David MacCarfrae is usually seen creating royal icing masterpieces for royalty and famous clients at his shop, David Cakes of Distinction. Cake Masters delved into the depths of David’s world to ^ind out more! Tell us about your earliest baking memory Okay, I must have been about 5 and every Saturday my brother and Dad used to go to the footie, it wasn’t really my calling to be honest, so I stayed with my Mum, who used to do a big Saturday bake. I used to watch Mum in the kitchen and help her, and it was just something that fascinated me. She used to do cupcakes, well we called them fairy cakes then, and chocolate fudge cakes, lemon meringue pies and I used to help her. That’s when I Yirst began. When I was 3 apparently, my Nan bought me a cash register and I used to play pretend shop, collecting empty cardboard boxes, tea boxes, tins and whatever, I went on then to add 30 years in the retail business. 18 months ago due to International teaching commitments I decide to close down the retail side of David Cakes to concentrate on the teaching aspect, although I do still offer bespoke commissions, travelling to the UK or International location of the wedding to create the cake for the client. What do you enjoy most about decorating? The freedom with freehand is what I enjoy most. I just love that everything we create is different , it never gets boring.

How were you introduced to royal icing? The options in my school were History, Geography and Art. We used to choose at that point what we wanted to do at about 13. I wanted to do domestic science obviously, because of the inYluence of my Mum, so we went up to the school and spoke to the Head Master, and he said “Well I haven’t got any objections, but Dave is going to be the only boy!” I was the Yirst lad in our school ever to do cookery. I took a bit of stick and I remember one occasion when my Mum packed a basket of ingredients for class, I said “Oh, Mum I can’t go with that. I will have to put it in my Adidas bag”.

When you ^irst started working with royal icing, did you ^ind it quite dif^icult? When I left school and went to college, my mentor was an German gentleman called Helmut Proff. He basically handed down his knowledge of cake decorating from when he was taught by his mentor. That’s when I really got into royal icing in a big, big way. If I am honest, I remember at Yirst it was very challenging. I left school with 2 ‘O’ levels in Art and Cookery, and failed everything else! I didn’t care, because that’s all I wanted to do. If you could describe your cake style, what 3 words would you use? Original, Ylamboyant and unrestricted. A lot of people are really into fondant covered cakes and fondant or modelling chocolate decorations. Do you think royal icing is a dying art? Many of the younger generation of students 69 32

look at royal icing as new medium to cake decorating, although it dates back hundreds of years. I feel the fact the I have been invited to teach royal icing around the world, suggests that it is in great demand and that people are wanting to embrace the art of royal icing.

When David Cakes set up in 1981, royal iced wedding and celebration cakes were the norm and all wedding cakes were produced in rich fruit mix. In the mid-­‐90s when fondant covered sponge wedding cakes arrived, most people followed the trend to fondant. From a business point of view we embraced the new medium, offering it alongside the traditional royal icing decorated cakes. I look at what I am doing as handing down something that I was taught all those years ago and I am very proud to be carrying on the tradition.

Where do you get your design inspirations from? Everything and everywhere. I love and am very much into old Hollywood movies from the 30s. I have got a silent movie collection. Those Busby Berkerly stage sets were lavish.

Obviously architecture and travelling the world we are seeing a lot more as well as in our beautiful country. Then nature itself; walking outside. Even when I am up in an aeroplane and I am looking out of a window, I am looking at cloud formations gaining design inspiration. When I get the time, going to the likes of Snowdonia with a tent and just sleeping under the stars. I Yind those sort of moments are very inspiration as well.

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