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C ROESO Wow what a year it’s been! We can’t quite believe we’ve managed to make 5 editions of Barry Magazine. None of this would have been possible without everyone’s support. We’re proud that this issue features some fantastic charities who do great work in Barry, plenty of local businesses and of course our community that we want to continue to shout about. The community in Barry really is amazing and we hope that with Barry Magazine, the Business Club and events like Pride we can continue to show everyone how brilliant you are! Thanks for reading! Hannah, Tom & Bernie

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Banter Cards

One of the first things we think about when it comes to Christmas is… cards! We caught up with Toni from Banter Cards to find out more about the busiest time of the year. Clue - it’s probably not what you think.

How did things change?

Hi Toni! You are from Cadoxton originally, how did Banter Cards start? I’d always wanted to work for myself, I wanted to own a shop! I was an Analyst at British Gas at the time and I always used to buy the team birthday cards, I thought ‘I could just make these myself’. It was a Sunday morning, I was sat on my sofa watching Eastenders learning how to use Photoshop. I set up an Esty shop called Banter Cards and I was embarrassed by the name at first but I added the design and it sold that day. I didn’t even have card so I ran to Tesco, it was like a kid had made it but I sent it out.

We had at least one or two sales everyday but they all complained because the quality was so bad. I found a paper supplier online, his name was Lawrence, he sold us loads of card and kept it in his unit. I have no idea why he was so nice, but that’s how I managed to start sending better cards out. We went from sending 1 or 2 a day to sending thousands per month. We used to buy the card plain, pre-cut and pre-folded but that was quite expensive. I sent the girl who complained a replacement order, said sorry and sent her a refund and then I resent orders out on the new card to everyone even if they hadn’t complained. I come from a service background and know that you remember good customer service. The first order I ever sent out I wrote on the envelope ‘super human’ and we still hand write that on every single envelope that goes out. We’ve sent out over 300,000 orders. 5

Barry Magazine

When did you expand? It all happened really quickly. In the first 5 months I was working at British Gas and doing Banter Cards. I was working from 8am-6pm 4 days a week and I would come home and go for a run because that was the only thing that was keeping me sane. Then I’d pack orders until 4am and go back to work. It was horrible, I remember being in my car just crying thinking this is horrific, I can’t keep it up. We were approached by an investor who wanted to give me my yearly salary and get us a new printer for a share in the company. I thought, this is ridiculous but I handed my notice in at work. I had worked there for 11 years and I had no money, the investment wasn’t right, so we pulled out. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone at work, I had £17 in my bank and I thought ‘what am I going to do?!’ I said, what’s the worst that can happen? I can always get another job. I didn’t think it would fail, I just didn’t think I would be able to pay my bills. 6

I was so glad I left my job. It was the best thing I ever did! What happened when you went full time on the business? It was 18th December so we carried on with the orders and put some more money into Facebook ads. At that point I was spending around £5 a day, so we increased it to £30 a day. I was petrified but we started getting so many sales. I got in touch with some Instagram influencers, at the time you didn’t have to pay influencers, so I was speaking to all of the meme accounts who had about 200k followers and asked if I could send them some things. Every month we were sending out stuff to them and they would share it for free.

Banter Cards

I used to message celebrities all the time. I messaged Scarlett Moffatt one day and she replied and shared it, that day we had about 400 orders but we were still working from the bedroom.

I used to message celebrities all the time. I messaged Scarlett Moffatt one day and she replied and shared it, that day we had about 400 orders but we were still working from the bedroom. My friend Joe had to come and help. That first month in the bedroom we made £17,000, I was so glad I left my job. It was the best thing I ever did! In March my sister had to come and work with us. There were 3 of us in the bedroom doing shifts because it was so small. We introduced some other products, we had balloons, pens, notepads. When did you move out of the bedroom? Eventually we were outgrowing the bedroom and we just had to move. That was in August so it was a year and 3 months after we started. For the first 3 years of the business I worked every single day. Christmas day I was packing orders, on Valentine’s Day we worked until into the night and got up early in the morning. I was so ill all of the time but I knew I needed to make it work.

Did you love your business? When I first started it I did absolutely love it but 8 months in I just hated it because it was all I did. I didn’t do anything else, I didn’t go out, I had no money because I wasn’t taking money from Banter Cards. I couldn’t go shopping, I couldn’t go on holiday. I hated it for awhile but when we moved into the unit we hired someone else and it was so much nicer. We don’t really get anything that goes wrong now. 7

Barry Magazine

Is Christmas a really busy time? Yes! Also Black Friday is our busiest time because we do really good sales. We print everything in house so we have unlimited stock with cards, we can put them as low as we want without running out of stock.

ahead. We keep our service as amazing as we can because they can’t compete with that. We put passion into it. Do you want to bring the business back to Barry?

Christmas is not as stressful as other occasions. On Black Friday we cram so many orders into two days and we have to get them all out within 24 hours. But Valentine’s Day is busy for 3 weeks so it’s sustainable. Christmas is super busy but it’s just cards so it’s easy to pack and send out but we have a lot more options this year.

It’s difficult and we are looking. We’re in an awkward time because we are outgrowing the place we’re in. It’s a scary leap to take and it needs to be the perfect unit but the lease is often 5 years. Can you imagine moving all this? I don’t even like moving house! I want it to be perfect but I do want to be back in Barry. I would love somewhere that has a shop front.

Do you ever have people that copy you?

What do you think about the changes happening in Barry?

Yes! When we first started there wasn’t many pages on Facebook, but because it’s so easy to start selling cards we get it all the time now. They are always going to copy, but we are always going to be one step


It’s amazing, it’s such a different place to live now. I never ever appreciated the view and how nice it is to live here. We have such good places, like Academy and the

Banter Cards

next batch soon, we do it every 6 months. It’s really important especially now that everyone is so environmentally conscious. We’ve changed our cellophane to be biodegradable, and we’re trying to move away from cellophane completely. Everything we do will hopefully soon be sustainable. We use recycled paper as much as we can. We have a charity range, cancer cards. My mum passed away from cancer so I knew I wanted to work with a cancer charity. We work with Trekstock and they get 100% of the profits from any of the charity cards that we sell. We’re in talks about a new range at the minute, it’s something I’m really passionate about. Not everyone wants a sad card because they are ill. What do you have planned for the future?

for every 1000 cards we sell we’ll plant 5 trees. We’ve planted over 150 trees so far and we are due to plant the next batch soon. Little Olive. I always said I would love a unit down Barry Island but the space is so sought after. Do you work with charities? When we first got the new printer we agreed with my friend from J.V Tree Services that for every 1000 cards we sell we’ll plant 5 trees. We’ve planted over 150 trees so far and we are due to plant the

We’ve just launched our subscription box which is either 12, 8 or 4 cards a month, every month we send out brand new cards that aren’t on the website and a free gift like a pen or a badge. We’ve streamlined the way we do wholesale orders so we’re looking at getting more wholesale customers. We’ve got to be sales people now! Other than that, just carry on and make sure we’re happy at work. I try not to think too far in advance, enjoy what we’re doing and go from there. Do you have any advice you would give to someone starting a business? Believe in yourself, I wish I had believed in myself more. Work super hard and be passionate!


Barry Magazine

WHAT’S OCCURRIN'? The latest good news and updates from around Barry.

BRO RADIO WINS BIG Bro Radio picked up four awards at the National Community Radio Awards! They won gold for Sage Person, Silver for Young Person of the Year, Silver for Specialist Music Show of the Year and Bronze for Community Show of the year. Congratulations all!

NESSA IS BACK! Oh! Welcome back Nessa! We were so excited to hear the news that in celebration of the Christmas episode being aired next month, Nessa Shanessa Jenkins will be returning to Barry to turn on the Holton Road Christmas lights. See you there for a day of festive fun.


What’s Occurrin?

THANK YOU FROM PRIDE It feels like so long ago but we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported the first ever Barry Pride. We’ll announce more information about next year’s event in the New Year!

NEW YEAR SWIM If you’ll need waking up on New Year’s Day, why not head down to Barry Island for the first swim of 2020? Tŷ Hafan are once again bringing us the annual New Year’s Day Swim so keep an eye out for the booking link!

MARATHON FOR MARC In November Jeff Davies completed an ultra marathon which is 7 laps of 7 miles between Marcos Cafe on Barry Island and Mrs Marcos in Porthkerry. Jeff has raised over £1000 so far for the Barry RNLI in memory of his son Marc Davies.

SLEIGH BELLS RING The elves from Barry Round Table are going to be busy this year with their most ambitious Christmas yet. They’ll be taking the 2019 Barry Santa Sleigh on 16 routes, taking place between 1st and 23rd December!


Barry Magazine

2020 CALENDAR Local photographer David Clemett has produced a beautiful calendar of images of Barry Island, so you can have a new picture every month! To get yours message David on the Barry Island Riviera Photography page on Facebook.

THE BEST EVER XMAS FAIR We were invited to High Street Primary school to speak to the School Council about their Christmas event, the best EVER Christmas Fair on 29th November. The pupils are organising the whole event themselves and we can’t wait to see how they get on!

CHEERS FOR BEERS Congratulations to Barry Round Table for organising Barry Beer Festival last month! We were really proud to be one of the sponsors and the group raised over £2000 for local good causes. See you there next year!


Shahi Noor


We pride ourselves on the quality of our food and friendly helpful staff. We have a high number of regular customers which speaks for itself. Shahi Noor offers an exceptional variety and the highest quality of Indian cuisine!

www.shahinoor.co.uk | 87 High St, Barry CF62 7DX


01446 735706


Barry Magazine

Plastic Christmas Christmas is a time for celebrations and parties, but with it comes a huge amount of plastic and waste, most of which will stay around for years to come.

With some pre-planning and a little bit of effort there are ways you can reduce the amount of plastic you use over the Christmas period, here’s a few of our ideas!

Wrapping paper & cards Most wrapping paper isn’t recyclable, especially if it’s metallic or glitter. Why not get creative and use brown paper? You can customise it with paint, draw a festive design with coloured pens or decorate it with holly and pine cones from a winter walk. If you plan on giving cards this year make sure they can be recycled, or consider cutting them up after to make Christmas tags. Cards can also be a way to support local charities and communities, we bought ours from the RNLI this year. 14

Plastic Free Christmas

Food One of the difficult ways to reduce plastic is with food, many of our favourite Christmas treats come wrapped in plastic. The best way to avoid this is to shop locally. Awesome Wales has a huge range of store cupboard essentials, vegetable boxes and fresh bread which come unpackaged. Hopkins Butchers on High St and Marshalls on Holton Rd will let you bring in your own containers to collect your meat and The Deli on Barry High Street is having a cheese night in December. Where you can, try to make things from scratch. Canapés, dips and snacks are the worst for plastic containers, so make cooking a fun activity with your family and cook some festive food in the kitchen. If there’s any leftovers then wrap them up in beeswax wraps or reusable containers.

Gifts Plastic toys are a huge problem for landfill. The gifts in our stockings, the tiny trinkets that come out of crackers, many of us include these as a Christmas tradition. But there is another way! When it comes to children’s toys, wooden toys are a beautiful alternative that make much more sense. We love the range from Little Nutkins, a local company based near Cowbridge, but there are many to choose. For your friends and family, what about giving an experience instead? It could be tickets to a concert, a meal voucher for a local restaurant or even just the gift of time. Cracker toys are harder to avoid, especially if you are buying them from a supermarket, but why not make your own? Wrap them up and fill them with delicious chocolates from Cocoa Therapy or gifts you actually want. 15

Barry Magazine

Decorations Hands up, who’s tempted by the Christmas decorations whenever they go shopping? These plastic ornaments often get broken, thrown away, or changed when we get bored of them, so why not go natural this year? Head out for a crisp winter walk and pick up holly, greenery, pine cones and branches. Bake oranges and apples and make a wreath or string up popcorn. If you’re setting your table, avoid single use plates and cups, you can rent them from places like Waitrose or pick a mix and match set from your local charity shops. They’ll be next to nothing and you can always donate them back after.

Recipe One of our favourite ways to decorate the tree is with gingerbread shapes. They are super easy to make so you can get the little ones involved and they taste delicious too. We’ve got a simple recipe with ingredients that you can mostly pick up from Awesome Wales so you don’t need to use plastic wrapping too! • • • • • • • • •


2 tbsp golden syrup 1 large egg 200g plain flour, plus extra for dusting ½ tsp bicarbonate of soda 2 tsp ground ginger 1 tsp ground cinnamon ½ tsp mixed spice 100g cold unsalted butter, diced 75g light muscovado sugar

Barry Magazine


Find out what’s on in Barry over the next few months! Click the links to visit their pages.


Holton Road Late Night Shopping Holton Road, Barry

22-24 Cowbridge Christmas Weekend High Street, Cowbridge

23 Visit Santa at Pugh’s Wenvoe Child: £12.50, Adult: £3.50 Holton Road Light Switch On Holton Road/King Square Christmas Sullyfair Sully Sports and Social Club 1pm 18

28 Barry Business Club Christmas Networking Event Awesome Wales / 6-8pm


Barry High St. Light Switch On Barry High Street / 4-8pm

30 Father Christmas on the Farm Amelia Trust Farm, Barry 10 - 4pm Rhoose Community Cinema Yesterday Stewart Road Community Centre

What’s On In Barry

DECEMBER 01 St Athan Christmas Lights 3-5pm Christmas Fayre St Donat’s Castle


Embroidered Wreath Workshop Annie and Lolo Tickets £16.50


Barry Lovelight for Tenovus All Saints Church Barry Tickets £6

05 High Street Late Night Shopping High Street, Barry

07 Cake & a Cwtch Shop Opening Park Crescent Penarth Pavilion Christmas Fayre 10am-5pm Women’s Self Defence Mt.Fitness Barry Tickets £5.50

08 HEB Christmas Fayre Castleland Community Centre 10-2pm Santa Fun Run 2019 Barry Island 11am


Santa’s Christmas Countdown The Memo 10.30-2.30pm


UK General Election Local Polling Station


Cheese Day! Food For Thought Delicatessen


Dementia Friendly Christmas Tea Party Masonic Hall 12-3pm


Billboard Ensemble presents Cinderella Memo Arts Centre All day - £15


The Muppet Christmas Carol Memo Arts Centre 11am


New Year’s Day Dip Barry Island


Social Media Workshop 10am-2pm £45 19

Barry Magazine

A Very Barry Christmas! This year close down your laptop, stay clear of the city centres and shop locally. We found out more about Barry’s Shop Local campaign and how you can support our traders.

We’ve all seen the shop local campaigns on social media over the years. Posts reminding us that when we shop locally we aren’t lining the pockets of a CEO, we’re paying for dance lessons or football training.

Shopping locally supports our community and our neighbours, but what if we simply don’t know what’s available? Shop Local Barry are here to signpost us to our four main shopping areas in Barry, High Street, Holton Road, Park Crescent and Vere Street. Why not explore and see what you can find?

Have a Very Barry Christmas! 20

A Very Barry Christmas

High Street We are lucky to have a thriving High Street in Barry, with the highest number of independent shops in Wales and the 4th highest in the UK. You’re guaranteed to find unique gifts up and down the street and you can refuel at the coffee shops and food traders as you go. This year the High Street Christmas Light Switch on is taking place on 29th November and there will be plenty

to keep the little ones occupied with live entertainment, magicians, Elf on the Shelf and surprises on the night. Lee and Andrew Selby will turn on the lights at 7pm. After the success of November, they are holding another Late Night Shopping evening on Thursday 5th December.


Barry Magazine

Holton Road Barry Town Centre will be lit up on 23rd November for the annual Christmas Light Switch On, but this year is bigger and better! We’ll be welcoming Nessa back to Barry to turn the lights on at 6pm. Finish your Christmas shopping at the biggest market to date with 40+ stalls.


Stay around and browse the shops and enjoy the extra special showing of Home Alone in Central Park. Bring your own chairs and blankets and cosy up to watch this festive film, if that doesn’t get you in the Christmas spirit we don’t know what will!

A Very Barry Christmas

Park Crescent Christmas Lights are popping up across the Town, thanks to Barry Town Council who have been responsible for Christmas lights across our shopping areas including Park Crescent. Here you’ll find an eclectic mix of shops, salons and some very special window displays which is well worth a visit.

This year, why not help us support our hard working traders and staff by treating the ones you love this Christmas, and yourself because you deserve it! There are so many fantastic shops on Park Crescent so you can spoil your family and furry friends alike.


Barry Magazine

Vere Street Shop Local Barry is all about working with traders, which is why they have produced the shop local leaflet which helps put areas like Vere Street on the map, literally! Shopping locally can mean finding the materials you need to make a gift by hand or buying a voucher to treat someone to something they love like a fresh haircut 24

or a new tattoo. It can even mean treating your friends and family to a meal out in a local restaurant. If you’re stuck for inspiration take a look at the shops around you on Vere Street and see what’s on offer.


Let Quadrant Financial Associates Ltd help you!

What can we do for you: • Help manage transition in your life • Retirement Solutions • Investment Portfolio Planning • Cash Portfolio Planning • Long Term Care • Personal Financial Protection

Let’s talk… Email: info@quadrantifa.co.uk Telephone: 02920 814045 Address: 115A Park Crescent, Barry, CF62 6HE

Quadrant Financial Associates Ltd is an appointed representative of The Tavistock Partnership Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Barry Magazine

STYLE INSIDE THE BOX Who’s started planning their Christmas party outfit already? It can be all too easy to head to a shopping centre and pick something straight off the rail, but where’s the fun in that?

The Box Edit Boutique will be opening in the Goodsheds next year and we asked them to give us some styling tips for our winter wardrobes. The Box Edit Boutique want to provide a space where you can come not only for clothes but for styling tips on how to wear them too. Catwalk looks can be intimidating, but Ashley and Helen have worked in the fashion industry for so long that they know how to make those looks commercial and stylish. Their biggest goal is to gain a loyal customer base and get to know each customer individually. What they like, how they wear it, and build on previous purchases and wardrobe staples. Here’s their top looks this winter!


Box Edit Boutique

HOUNDSTOOTH JACKET: Jess Rose Vintage TOP: Helen’s wardrobe TROUSERS: Ashley’s Wardrobe INFLUENCE: A/W 19/20: Celine, Gucci, Chanel, Richard Quinn STYLING TIP: Adding a slim leg trouser to an oversized jacket will keep the look feminine and flattering.

MUSTARD TSHIRT: Carrottop Design organic cotton and ethically produced SKIRT: Charity shop NECKLACE: Annie and Lolo INFLUENCE: A/W 19/20: Fendi, Hermes, Emilia Wickstead, Roberto Cavalli STYLING TIP: Wearing mustard near the face can be draining on pale skin, wear on the bottom with black tights to keep the look warmer and bolder.


Barry Magazine

PAISLEY JACKET: Hannah’s wool mix TOP: Charity shop JEANS: Ashley’s wardrobe BAG: Annie and Lolo INFLUENCE: A/W 19/20: Etro, Alexa Chung, Altuzzara, Junya Watanabe, Anna Sui STYLING TIP: For an alternative silhouette replace your skinny jeans with a straight leg turn-up and wear with heels to lengthen the leg.

PUFF SLEEVES TOP: Helen’s wardrobe, SKIRT: Barry Boutique ON10 EARRINGS: Annie and Lolo HAIRBAND: Ashley’s Wardrobe INFLUENCE: A/W 19/20: Alexa Chung, Miu Miu, Fendi, Zimmermann STYLING TIP: Wearing volume in your shoulders will slim your waist, exaggerate this with a belt to draw the eye.


Box Edit Boutique

CHRISTMAS LOOK DRESS: Ashley’s wardrobe JUMPER: Jess Rose Vintage JACKET: Ashley’s Wardrobe INFLUENCE: A/W 19/20: Ralph Lauren, Saint Laurent, Chanel STYLING TIP: Keep Christmas outfits layered, it’s cold outside and warm inside! Simple, and no one likes a cold on Christmas day.

One of the reasons they chose to open in the Goodsheds is because they believe shopping small is the future, it’s not about walking into a sea of clothes, it’s about knowing when you walk into the boutique they will have something for you. ‘Supporting independent businesses helps realise people’s dreams, it keeps a community together and we can’t wait to be a part of it.’


Barry Magazine

Looking to get on the property ladder for 2020? Then preparation will be key to your success...


• Contact me to make sure you are able to obtain a mortgage • Obtain your credit reports • Make sure you have a 5% deposit • Have evidence of income, expenditure and deposit

Arrange a FREE no obligation meeting with your local mortage adviser in Barry, Lucy Gulwell. 07791786265 lucy.gulwell@charlesderbymb.com charlesderbymortagebureau.com Your home may be reposessed if you do not keep up with mortgage repayments.


Christmas Gift Guide

2 5

4 11 7

12 6 7 9




1 2 3 4

Amber Noir Lingerie Annie & Lolo scarf Awesome Wales Decorations Awesome Wales tea diffuser


5 6 7 8

Banter Cards notebook Barry RNLI Christmas Cards Claire Hill necklace & earrings Cocoa Therapy chocolates

9 Goodwash shampoo & beard bar 10 Goodwash t-shirt 11 Haus of Verona / Plumpkin 12 The Bare Co candle


Barry Magazine

Banking on your support This Christmas 1 in 5 people will live below the poverty line in the UK and 94% at the Trussell Trust foodbanks are unable to afford the essentials they need to eat, stay warm and keep clean.

‘Every person that visits our foodbank is offered a cup of tea or coffee as soon as they walk in, we want everyone to feel at ease.’ We met up with Becky and Phil who recently took over the management of the 6 foodbanks across the Vale of Glamorgan to find out more about what they do and how we can help. The centre opened in October 2011 and relies on support from generous donors who give up their time, support by giving food and money or partner as a business. ‘Actions speak better than words for us’ Phil explained. ‘It’s more than just food, we meet people with genuine needs, refer them on to other agencies and bring them out of a time of crisis.’ 32

80 different agencies across the Vale give out foodbank vouchers with the aim that the foodbank will support families for a limited time to help them back on their feet. Of course, no one is ever turned away and they will often have visits from Citizens Advice to help people with more than just food. There are plenty of reasons that someone might visit the foodbank and no one is judged when they walk through the door. A person in need will receive an emergency parcel with three days worth of food and toiletries. So how can we help? The team have been encouraged by the number of volunteers they have received and now have over 90 across the 6 centres.

Banking on your Support

It’s more than just food, we meet people with genuine needs and bring them out of a time of crisis.

They are currently looking for volunteers for the annual Tesco Food Collection from 21st-23rd November which forms a huge part of their stock for the winter period. If you’d like to help or get involved with fundraising you can find out more by emailing info@vale.foodbank.org.uk.

You can also help by donating food over Christmas and throughout the year. On the foodbank website vale.foodbank. org.uk there is a list of donation points and urgently needed food items which is regularly updated. If you’re stuck for ideas we’ve created a reverse advent calendar as a guide, to take part just find yourself a box that you can fill over the next few weeks. Each day, when you eat your own chocolate treat, take a look at the day on the reverse advent calendar and see what you can a dd to your box. Donations are needed by 9th December to get them out before 25th December. With your help we can try to make sure that every family in the Vale has something to look forward to this Christmas. Thank you.


Barry Magazine



Reverse Advent Calendar

In the lead up to Christmas pick an item from our reverse advent calendar and donate it to your local food bank.


Barry Magazine

12 Days of


The festive period is a busy and sometimes exhausting time of year, but Cardiff and Vale Well-being have some top tips to help you have an enjoyable, safe and healthy time in the lead up to Christmas.

Cardiff & Vale Well-being

Remember you are important. Don’t compare your life to others and try not to judge them, you have no idea what journey they are on.

Look after yourself.

It is important to be honest and talk to people about your mental health, whether it’s good or needing some improvement. If you are struggling over the festive period, please tell someone, help is available. 36

12 Days of Wellbeing

Take time for you.

Self-care is vital. When travelling on an airline you are told to put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others. You can’t pour from an empty cup so make sure you look after your own well-being this winter.

Be grateful.

Recognise that some of our neighbours are lonely and do not have good support so take time to be friendly and reach out in the spirit of Christmas.

Get good quality sleep.

Sleep is so important for well-being so make sure your bedroom is free from all blue light such as computers, mobile phones and TVs.

Get outside.

Take a good brisk walk, see the trees, breathe the air, feel the wind, smell the flowers. We have some great open spaces, beaches and the beautiful Porthkerry right on our doorstep!

Check your internal voice.

Positive self talk is a way of boosting your confidence at times when you don’t feel so confident, tell yourself that you are doing the best that you can. You’ve got this!


Barry Magazine



Drink water every day and eat as much fresh fruits and vegetables as your budget allows. You could even try growing your own, you only need a container in a small space in a garden or join a food co-op.

Volunteer and find meaning.

Belonging is an important part of being human, so connect with your community and contribute to a cause you feel passionate about. You could volunteer or make a Christmas meal for those who may need it.

Declutter your life.

Christmas is coming and along with that comes more ‘stuff’! Ever feel like your house is getting smaller? Having a clear out gives you a sense of achievement and you may be able to help a good cause.



Everyday is a learning day. Learning a new skill such as being creative or embarking on an accredited course can rewire your brain. You could even get together with friends and try to make some of your Christmas presents or cards.

Stay healthy.



Keep learning.


As they say, laughter is the best medicine. Laughing is a trigger for physical and emotional changes in the body and can protect us from the damaging effects of stress, so make some time to fill your days with joy and have a great Festive period!

Barry Magazine

THE CLWB is bringing new classes, activities and workshops to Barry, so you can meet like minded people.

We want to promote all of the great activities happening in Barry, and be a one stop shop for adult classes. But we need your help! What activities would you like to see? Let us know!

BEHIND THE CLWB Hi I’m Chloe! Having recently moved to Barry, I found myself always travelling into Cardiff to take part in my favourite classes like dance, yoga and gymnastics. There must be other people in Barry who want more of the things they love on their doorstep?!

Are you a local instructor or passionate about your hobby? Why not share it! Send your ideas to us and we’ll help you get your class or workshop up and running. GET IN TOUCH! Email theclwbbarry@gmail.com

EVENTS IN DECEMBER Tues 3rd Dec Embroidered Christmas Wreath Workshop w/ Byrd Crescent

Sat 7th Dec Women’s Self Defence Class @ Mt.Fitness, Barry

@ Annie and Lolo 7pm - 9pm / £16.50

11am - 12:30 £5.50


Barry Magazine

InstaChristmas It’s the most wonderful time of the year… but what if it isn’t? Charlotte Archibald tell us why she’s ditching the perfect ‘Instagram Christmas’ this year. It was 7am in our hotel room in Rome. I blinked half-asleep at my phone’s alarm and then sprang into action when I remembered why I had set an alarm when we were on our family summer holiday. Today was the day. A day that has been circled on the calendar for months – the day tickets go on sale to visit Santa. The next 10 minutes were frantic. I was desperately trying to refresh the ticket page on two separate devices to secure those golden 40

tickets, but I still missed out. Honestly, getting tickets to see Beyonce would have been a lot easier! It was September and I was already stressed out that I’d ruined Christmas. I was on holiday and in that moment I was miserable. It was then I realised that my desire to create perfect family Christmas was getting out of hand. I decided to make a change. I was no longer going to strive for the perfect ‘Instagram Christmas’.


Looking back, I had let Christmas get out of hand. With two young kids, it’s easy to feel the pressure to make it magical and get carried away. If I wasn’t buying tickets to Santa in the summer, I was staging family Christmas card photoshoots in the forest or booking endless activities like ice skating, sleigh rides and reindeer-feeding.

There’s a whole industry now that relies on parents’ desire to capture the perfect pictures for social media, and parents now spend hundreds every year in an attempt to get the whole family into the festive spirit. But when I think back to my earliest Christmas memories, the things that made it special were the traditions we kept up year on year. They weren’t particularly expensive or extravagant, but they mattered to me. I would get excited about making mince pies with my Nan, opening the box of decorations with my sister and hanging them on the tree. These were the things I couldn’t live without at Christmas.

like last year! We’ll continue with family traditions like doing hot chocolate and new pyjamas on Christmas Eve and I’m introducing a ‘reverse advent calendar’, where we collect one toiletry item each day in the run up to Christmas to make a care-package. We’re also going to go for quality rather than quantity when it comes to presents. As impressive as a sky-high pile of presents may look, kids forget about half of them almost immediately and so many end up at the bottom of a toy box by New Year’s Day. Just making the decision to ditch the ‘InstaChristmas’ has already lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. It will save my sanity and my bank account and hopefully help us get back to what this time of year really is about – family, friends and togetherness and not a filtered picture or hashtag in sight!

Not elaborate North Pole-style movie sets where it can cost nearly £50 to take the kids to see Santa. I’d let the ‘Insta-Christmas’ get the better of me, and now I’m determined to make a change.

This year, we’re taking a more relaxed approach to Christmas. We’re establishing some small family traditions and trying to change the focus from how much stuff we can get or do, to what we can give. I’ll take the kids to see one Santa – not three 41

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Gift Guide Stuck for present ideas this Christmas? Annie and Lolo are here to help with their festive gift guide!

Forget dropping hints…make sure you get what you’ve been dreaming off this Christmas by writing it down on A&L’s wish list and leaving it behind the counter for your loved ones to find!



Annie & Lolo Gift Guide







Fun monochrome make-up pouches £12.75

2. Fun and brightly coloured leather coin purses all varieties £12.50 3. Goodwash sports wash 250ml £15.00 Goodwash shampoo bars £2.50 Handmade wash cloth £8.50 4. Baldhead London hand painted print £35.00 (more words available in store) 5. Fizz Goes Pop statement earrings H~~Zzzandmade laser cut / £36.00 Blue envelope clutch bag / £14.00 (more colours available) 6. Christmas stockings £25.00 All Christmas wrap pictured is available £2.50 per sheet 43

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Cocoa Christmas What do you get the person who has everything this Christmas? You send them to Cocoa Therapy to make their own chocolate tree of course.

44 44

We’ve been a fan of Cocoa Therapy since the shop opened last November on Barry High Street and Vicky was our first interview for Barry Magazine! When her chocolate workshops launched we obviously had to try one. Chocolate, prosecco and cheese from The Deli... Could there be a better way to spend a Thursday evening?

Cocoa Therapy

These small workshops of up to 6 are held in Vicky’s beautiful shop. They are suitable for anyone, whether you are artistically challenged like me or a cake decorator like the lady I was sat next to. To get started we shined up our moulds by polishing them for as long as we could. Getting that shine is very important and definitely bought out our competitive sides. The beautiful colours you see on the chocolates come from rainbow selection of cocoa butter which is tempered ready for us to use, the hardest part is coming up with a design!

Now it’s time for the best bit. In the back of the shop is something everyone’s childhood dreams are made of, a chocolate tap. If there’s anything better than making a chocolate tree, it’s filling it with more chocolate. We picked from a range of Vicky’s delicious bonbons including one of my favourites, the blondie.

I’d highly recommend these workshops if you’re looking for an experience to give as a gift this Christmas. Vicky is so knowledgeable about chocolate and the process of creating and designing, you’ll come away with more than just chocolate, a huge admiration for the skill it takes to make so many beautiful treats! 45

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Barry Docks Breakwa

ater Lighthouse

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THE BIG BARRY QUIZ OF THE YEAR Have you been paying attention for the last 12 months? To test your knowledge take part in our Big Barry Quiz of the Year!

Answer the questions below and email us on info@barrymagazine.co.uk. All of the correct answers will be entered into a draw to win this bundle of gifts from Barrybados who kindly helped with our questions!

1. What was the name of the Barry contestant who appeared on the voice in 2019? 2. Which DIY store closed its doors for good this year? 3. Who did Barry’s Lee Selby recently fight and beat in October? 4. What position did Barry Town United finish in the Welsh Premier League during the 18/19 season? 5. Which secondary school has been given the go ahead to be completely re-built? 6. Name the two headline acts from GlastonBARRY 48

7. Which film was shown on Sunday for this year’s cinema by the sea? 8. Which world record was broken on Barry Island? 9. Which inaugural event took place on Barry High Street in September? 10. Barry now has a zero waste shop, what is its name?



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CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME Homelessness is a terrifying reality that many young people will wake up to this Christmas, but Llamau and their generous Supported Lodgings Providers are hoping to make a difference.

Mum of two and Social Care Officer, Lauren Walters has been one of Llamau’s Supported Lodgings providers for nearly 7 years. During her time with Llamau, Lauren has welcomed four young people into her home, providing them a stable home environment, allowing them the space and time to develop and grow. Lauren: “Once I’d managed to buy my own home, I decided to apply to become a Supported Lodgings provider and offer a room to a young person in need of help. “These children, and they are children at the end of the day, are homeless and have no one else to turn to. I open my home to them because I’d hope someone would do that for my children if I couldn’t be around for any reason.” 50

Lauren currently has a young man called Thaidy* living with her. He has no contact with his mum and step father after they asked him to leave their home last year. He moved in with Lauren in May this year and has since settled in very well. Thaidy: “Lauren is ever so kind to me. She allows me my space to get on with my life and is always very warm and respectful towards me. After being made homeless I spent some time sofa surfing so I feel very lucky to have been placed with Lauren and her children.” Lauren: “My children really like Thaidy and he’s really good with them.” Thaidy is currently studying with Llamau’s Learning 4 Life programme and has an apprenticeship lined up; opportunities


he hopes will pave a good career for him, allowing him to leave homelessness behind him for good. Thaidy: “I know I’d be homeless right now and doing things I wouldn’t want to be doing if I didn’t have the support around me that I do from people like Lauren and my Support Worker, Michelle.” Lauren: “I’ve been really impressed with the support I’ve had from Llamau and our Support Worker, Michelle. The continued support and guidance has been so helpful to us both.” Regardless of age, finding yourself homeless is a terrifying situation to face, let alone when you’re in your teenage years with no one to turn to and Christmas is approaching.

Lauren: “I always buy some gifts for the young person staying with me at the time. You don’t know what Christmas has been like for them before so you want to make it a nice experience for them.” Llamau’s Supported Lodgings Scheme provides a young person with the opportunity to live within a home environment, supported by their host and support worker, encouraging young people to live independently. Could you become a Supported Lodgings host and help change a young person’s future? Contact Llamau via enquiries@ llamau.org.uk or visit www.llamau.org.uk. *Name changed to protect young person’s identity


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Dog Day In Can you believe we’re at the end of 2019?! The summer now seems like a distant memory as the nights draw in. Words: Emma / Oh Doggo

On a crisp winter day, we love nothing better than wrapping up warm and getting out on an adventure with the doggos.

We’ve talked to lots of dog owners about this feeling, and they always sum it up in the same way. Which got us thinking at Oh Doggo HQ, isn’t this a bit like ‘Hygge’?

Afterwards you’ve got the perfect excuse to go home, light some candles, get out those slipper socks and snuggle up on the sofa. Bliss!

And if it is, surely we can describe how you and your furry friend can get the most from the winter months with a little inspiration from ‘Hygge’ maybe like… a dogs guide to Hygge...YES!


Dog Day In

‘Hygge’ is described as an atmosphere and an experience, being with the people (or dogs) you love. The best way to experience this lushness could be making the most of a crisp and wintery weekend, wrapping up warm and going on an adventure with your pooch. After, you can come home, get snuggly and make some festive treats for you and your furry friends.

HYGGE CHECKLIST • Scarf, hat, mittens for wrapping up outside • A reusable cup full of tea • Wooly jumpers to stay cosy • Slipper socks • Lots of blankets (esp. if your dog is anything like Davey Mac!) • Candles • A comfy sofa • A good book/board game/or your favourite Netflix show

Ticked off everything on the Hygge checklist? Good! You’re ready to pick one of our tried and tested wintery walkies!

CWM GEORGE WOODS & SALMON LEAPS Our social media tribe are wonderful humans and gave us lots of tips and information about this walk, particularly about the mysterious ‘Salmon Leaps’, a cascading river just outside of the woodlands. We had no idea this place existed but with a walking map, the weather on our side and Dave and Minnie ready for an adventure, we thought we’d give it another try!

Although you might get a bit lost, it’s all part of the adventure and the rewards you reap from sticking at it are vast. The woodlands are beautiful, Minnie loved chasing after squirrels and leaping over streams, Dave was thankful for the shelter of the trees! The views across Michaelston-le-Pit are incredible. So, the next time you have a free Saturday and a sense of adventure, take your pup on this walk – you won’t regret it!

COSMESTON When you need a change of scenery, but more of a leisurely stroll than a rural trail to navigate, Cosmeston is perfect! It’s great for dog walks and so beautiful in the autumn and winter. We took Minnie for a potter around the lake and woodlands recently and she loved it. It was freezing cold, so an hour wrapped up and clutching our cups to keep warm was enough for us. It gave us enough time to walk around the lake and into the woods where Minnie had a chance to sprint some laps, sniff out squirrels and do her favourite thing ever…roll in fox poo. Aside from the latter, it’s the perfect place to spend a chilly afternoon!

OGMORE We love Ogmore. Whatever the season, it’s a beautiful area for a coastal walk. In the summer, Ogmore beach is packed with visitors, but in the autumn and winter it’s much quieter. We recommend a stroll along the grassy verges on top of the cliffs – it’s the perfect dog walk for a moody day! Southerndown, a short drive up the road is another beautiful coastal walk – there’s also plenty of woodland for puppers to run through. Drive further along the heritage coast and you can also visit Nash Point, one of my favourites because of its lighthouse. 53

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So… you’ve picked an adventure, braved the elements with your pupper pal, now you’ve finally made it home, muddy boots and red noses all round. You deserve some downtime, right? RIGHT! This is the time of day when I put on a pair of slipper socks and a chunky jumper and get that kettle on! There’s just one thing missing… an evening in should always have treats, so once you’ve got yourself cosy, why not make some weekend biscuits for your furry friend?

PUPPER TREATS Bernie’s Favourite Peanut Butter and Banana Biscuits Ingredients • • • • • •

1 cup all-purpose or whole wheat flour ½ cup oats 1 egg ⅓ cup peanut butter (xylitol free) 1 medium sized mashed banana 1 tablespoon honey

Instructions • Preheat oven to 150 degrees C. • Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or silicone baking sheet. • Mix all ingredients except egg white in a medium bowl until well combined. • Roll out dough onto floured surface to ¼ inch thick. • Cut into desired shape using small cookie cutter. • Bake until golden brown and firm, approximately 35 minutes • Cool before serving. Tuck in!


DON’T FORGET! You can also treat yourself and make the biscuits from our plastic free Christmas article. There you have it, a doggie guide to the perfect Hygge winter day. All that’s left to do now is cwtch up with your pupper and enjoy!

Mt. Fitness

At MT.Fitness we welcome everyone, regardless of what level they’re starting at. Here, it’s all about the individual’s journey, so you only have to live up to your own standards. Get ready to achieve your goals. Join us today.

Strength Training Women’s Weight Lifting Open daily 24 hours a day 7 days a week www.mt-fitgym.co.uk The Mount Rooms Hotel, Porthkerry Rd, Barry CF62 7XY


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If you’ve been following us @BarryMagazine, you might have seen we’ve been running our new networking group, Barry Business Club!

Join the Club

We launched Barry Business Club back in the summer when we noticed there wasn’t a place for local businesses to meet up in a relaxed setting where they can just chat, make some friends and get to know people locally. Our 5th event is on 28th November, just in time for Christmas, so we thought we’d tell you a little bit more about it so you know what to expect! We meet at Awesome Wales on Holton road between 6-8pm and it’s usually a Wednesday or Thursday evening, this month it’s a Thursday. If you’re running late, don’t worry, come anytime until 8pm. It’s a very relaxed room so you can easily slip in if you’ve been caught up! We’ll be there on the door to meet you, say hello and find out more about you. Entry is £5 which includes your drink. Here you’ll also get a free tea or coffee voucher so you can head over to the drinks counter where Amy or Stuart will be there to meet you.

Then it’s your chance to mingle! If you’re nervous tell us and we can introduce you to someone we think you’ll get on well with. There’s no awkward formal introductions here, it’s just having a chat with some new people and if you fancy going shopping you can do that too, it’s a great way to break the ice. It’s a great opportunity to share your leaflets and business cards so make sure you bring them along. We’ve seen lots of businesses make connections, get new clients and contacts, work together on community projects and even make some new friends. We’ll continue the club again in the New Year, but hopefully you can join us on 28th November! 57

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BARRY ON THE GRAM We’ve picked some of our favourite Instagram pictures from Barry this month.

@broz_ware 58

Barry on the Gram






@fade_away_96 59

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DOING GOOD. Businesses across Barry are changing the world one wash at a time. Mandy from Goodwash tells us why small changes are making a big impact this Christmas.


The Goodwash Company, a new ethical wash and lifestyle brand created in Barry, are on a mission to change the world one wash a time. What inspired you to start the business? We have both travelled all over the world through sport and work and agree there is no place like home, or the people of Wales. We wanted to create a high end Welsh brand that promoted not only our language but the best of our land, sea and culture.

Doing Good

We thought, ‘what if a shampoo could help tackle homelessness?’or ‘what if a Woof Wash could help rescue abandoned dogs?’

experiences that are good for you and your soul. Our products are sourced with the finest natural ingredients from our land and sea. We are against animal testing and cruelty and we have our own registered foundation and use the profits to support local projects that improve the lives of people and animals.

We came up with the wash product idea as ‘washing’ is something we all do each day, so by simply choosing to ‘buy social’ you can help improve lives one wash a time. For us it’s about driving a ‘socially conscious’ culture into the everyday. We thought, ‘what if a shampoo could help tackle homelessness?’or ‘what if a Woof Wash could help rescue abandoned dogs?’ What does ‘good business’ mean to you? Doing, or trying to do the right thing in everything we do all the way from purchasing, making, and selling to looking after our customers, staff and volunteers. Goodwash is not just our name it is our philosophy. We believe in luxury

Why is being a good business is important? Every business has a responsibility to be responsible and the potential to make change. Responsible businesses will behave ethically and contribute to the local economy supporting the workforce for both local communities and wider societies. Are Barry businesses socially responsibility? We have received overwhelming support from our local community and you can find our hand wash in many of the finest local establishments in Barry. Here are a few; Hangfire’s award winning restaurant help support our local community by adding Goodwash to their super cwl washrooms. 61

Barry Magazine

Academy Espresso, Loft co and Platform are also making a huge difference by choosing to buy their hand wash from a local social enterprise. Jan and Gareth at Academy also helped support us in raising over £3500 for a local homeless charity at our first ‘In Good Company’ event. The Sausage Revolution not only use goodwash but helped us out when our first ever bottling machine stopped working. Fitness and Lifestyle company Brawd, Misfit and Anturio Adventure use our natural zero waste shampoo and wash bars for all their adventures to ensure they leave nothing but footprints. Atlantic Way Crossfit ensure all their members support local projects and charities but also use Goodwash products in their washrooms which help to improve lives locally.


It’s a very supportive community and everyone wants each other to do really well and ensure Barry is a great place to work. Where can we find you and your products this Christmas? Our good friend and amazing chocolatier Cocoa Therapy has kindly offered Goodwash Co to hold a pop up on Barry High Street from now until Dec 22nd. We will be there with the full range of products every Saturday and our core products will be available during the week. Cocoa Therapy wanted to do something good for the festive period, by allowing us a pop up we can ensure even more profits go to good local causes with each sale. Come and say hi, have some chocolate and help us change the world one wash at a time!

Hi Communications

Social Media Workshop How to get more customers on Facebook and Instagram without paying for adverts

Monday 20th January 2020 Ticket: ÂŁ45 Lunch included

RNLI Visitor Centre Barry Island




Festive Fun Christmas is an important time in the calendar for ValePlus with events, fundraising and lots of crafting! We found out how they have been preparing for the festive season.

As well as working with 90 adults with learning difficulties throughout the week, they also have a busy programme of events planned including a Christmas party, Christmas meal and a visit to the pantomime to see Cinderella at the Memo Arts Centre in Barry. Christmas is an important time for everyone involved at ValePlus, so the team actively create opportunities to socialise, celebrate and appreciate the meaning of Christmas. 64

Like any community group, Christmas is a great opportunity for the charity to raise funds and their profile, you can catch ValePlus at the Lights Switch On in Barry High Street and Llantwit Major and the Dickensian Evening in Dinas Powys. Their fantastic Nova Shop on the High Street has a good selection of Christmas stock for sale which is part of the strategy to increase their presence in the wider community.

Vale Plus - Festive Fun

The team are very proud of their work in providing training for adults with learning disabilities and are always happy to share their story and activities. They have been busy making craft goods from raw materials from the local area such as driftwood, shells and sea-glass from beaches.

They source wood from the local countryside and use it to make a range of products throughout the year which they then sell to raise funds for the charity. In their arts and crafts sessions and Saturday workshops they have created a range of Christmas gifts including decorations for the tree.

They work closely with the local farm and help out with lots of different tasks throughout the year including harvesting apples and pears from the orchard. Thanks to their hard work they have received a kind donation of bottles of pure apple juice with a hint of pear to sell in the run up to Christmas. The ValePlus range of Christmas Goods are on sale at local events, from CafĂŠ No:5 in Barry High Street and the main office at The Chapel, 118a High Street, Barry. They look forward to receiving your ongoing support for our activities and wish all readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year.


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Barry Magazine Christmas 2019  

Barry Magazine is the unique online only digital magazine promoting local business and supporting the community in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan,...

Barry Magazine Christmas 2019  

Barry Magazine is the unique online only digital magazine promoting local business and supporting the community in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan,...

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