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Barry Magazine

CO N TE NTS Hi everyone! Welcome to the first edition of #Barry, the unique online magazine for Barry. When I moved here last year I was amazed at how friendly, kind and generous everyone was, so it’s great to be able to give something back. We’re really happy with the positive response from the community about this magazine, thank you so much for supporting us to make this happen! If there’s something you’d love to see in our next edition let us know, this magazine is all about YOU and YOUR #Barry! Enjoy! Hannah, Tom & Bernie

Running into 2019 ....................... 4 Chocolate Art From the Heart .... 6 Bern’s Eye View ........................... 10 How to Guide ............................... 12 What’s on in Barry ...................... 16 Get a Pizza This .......................... 20 Vale of Glam Mam ...................... 22 First Hand Experience ................ 28 #Barry On The Gram .................. 30 Valentine’s Gift Guide ................ 32 Memories of Barry ...................... 34 A Lilbit of Barry ........................... 36 Join the Revolution .................... 38 The Attic Project ........................ 40 Bricks & Mortar ........................... 42 A Shot of Barry ............................ 44

#BarryMagazine www.barrymagazine.co.uk hannah@hicommunications.co.uk Editor: Hannah Isted Design: Tom Collins at tcols.design Cover: Adam Whitmore

Barry Magazine

RUNNING INTO 2019 ... with the help of the Barry Island Parkrun team

If you’re looking for a great way to get fit in 2019, Parkrun could be the exercise for you! Parkrun organise free, 5km timed runs every Saturday morning around the world. They’re open to everyone, free and easy to take part in, whatever your fitness level. There’s lots of

Photo Credit: Barry Island Parkrun Facebook page 4

information and help on the Parkrun website and blog here. The Barry Island Parkrun takes place at the Barry Island promenade and is entirely run by enthusiastic volunteers, you can even grab a cup of coffee with them in Marco’s Café after the race!

Running into 2019

Photo Credit: Barry Island Parkrun Facebook page

The group ran over Christmas and on New Year’s Day with a record breaking 616 runners and 35 volunteers. They recently welcomed our friends in Billericay for a Gavin and Stacey themed run which even made BBC News.

If you’d like to get involved but you aren’t sure about running yet or you can spare the time to help out, please email barryislandhelpers@parkrun. com with your barcode number and which days you’d like to volunteer.

Video Credit: devilgas on Youtube 5

Barry Magazine

Chocolate Art from the Heart We sit down for a chat with Barry High Street’s resident chocolatier!

Tell us about yourself Vicky! I’m Vicky and I’m a 38 year old mother of two, happily married with two dogs. I’m originally from The Rhondda but I live in Barry. I am hugely into strength training so when I’m not in the shop or parenting I try and get as much training in as I can. I used to be a competitive power lifter and rower so I like to maintain that just for sane mind as well as healthy body. How did Cocoa Therapy start? I used to be a secondary school teacher and when we started a family we moved back to Wales from Essex. I took time out while my children were very small but I don’t sit still for


Barry Magazine

“I think this high street deserves its own chocolate shop” very long, so I started dabbling with patisserie and confectionery and made wedding cakes. I specialised in chocolate and did a chocolatier course with a chef who won Bake Off Creme De La Creme. I was talking to him about chocolate and I loved it instantly, I just wanted to know more.

I did a professional chocolatiers course with a chocolate school in Canada and practiced lots and learnt as much as I could. I’m a massive foodie and I think that you should be able to have everything in moderation which is why I try to balance food with training. Why did you pick Barry High Street? I live here! I did look at Cardiff but my kids are in school in Barry, I live in Barry and there’s a lot going on here. I think this high street deserves its own chocolate shop, it’s a friendly street with some lovely businesses 7

Barry Magazine

and I think it’s growing. It’s a no brainer. There’s a lot coming into Barry, like Goodsheds which will be massive. There’s lots in the pipeline so it’s good to get in now!

it’s the familiarity. There is actually no one stand out flavour. People are really keen to try what comes next now. I’m really proud, they are my babies!

What do you think will be the most popular for Valentine’s Day?

What are you plans for the future?

What is your most popular chocolate?

What do you love about Barry?

If I’m honest, I don’t know. I just I’ve got some heart shaped want to pick one thing and do it well. chocolates and I’m going to bring There’s no plans for Cocoa Therapy out some big indulgent gift boxes to be a coffee shop and there never for the last minute boyfriends. were, despite what people say. The I’m doing a late night opening before bottom line is that I love it and it’s Valentine’s Day my passion but so people can my job and I “Yes - we were a real life it’s choose some want there to be nice things for Gavin and Stacey! a line between their loved ones. my work life and We got married on the People’s tastes my family life same day as them too.” are unique, so and everything it varies. I get else. I still want lots of people to go and do my grabbing a last minute present but deadlifts on a Thursday night! I’ve some come to the fridge and really got ideas in 5-10 years of opening take their time selecting a personal another one but I want to do this gift. I was wildly wrong at Christmas! one well first.

Right now I don’t have one! Initially it was salted caramel, but as people have started to venture out into other flavours they’re becoming more experimental. Some people come in and choose solely on colour, the pink and blue ones always do well. I think 8

What’s not to love about it? When we moved from Essex we thought - why not look at Barry as it’s by the coast? We viewed our house and loved it, the area, the beach, the countryside and it’s close to my family and Cardiff. There’s nothing not to like. We met loads of really friendly people and

Barry Magazine

it’s probably 1/6th of the price of the house we had in Billericay. Yes - we were a real life Gavin and Stacey! We got married on the same day as them too. I wouldn’t move anywhere else in Wales now. What’s your favourite place to go in Barry? I love Whitmore and Jackson and I love the Island in the winter time. I’ve loved it since they opened and they really championed me as they used to stock my chocolate before I opened the shop. Paletta is going fast up the list. I love the family atmosphere, they’ve got a Subbuteo table so we can go in, send the kids to play, and we can have a little drink. Everyone’s happy! I love Annie and Lolo and I like to call in for a chat and a coffee on my way through in the morning before we open up. Porthkerry Park, when the Island is rammed... and how could I miss Jackson’s Bay! Last summer me and my husband got a stand up paddle board and spent the entire summer with the kids there. I like Academy obviously and Hang Fire too! There’s lots of places that I love here so it’s hard to pick just one!


Barry Magazine

Bern’s Eye View A day out to some of the dog friendly hotspots in Barry We might be biased, but we think Barry is one of the best places to own a dog. Whether you’re heading to the Island for some sand, walking through Porthkerry Park or taking a stroll around town, there’s so much to see and do and our brilliant businesses are catering for our four legged friends too! Last year I rescued a Chocolate Labrador puppy called Bernie from Many Tears, a great animal rescue centre in Llanelli. He has been a good excuse to get out and about and explore more of Barry, so we thought we would share a few of our favourite places! 10

1. Romilly’s Cafe We love walking down to The Knap with Bernie and one day we popped into Romilly’s Cafe for some breakfast. This cafe is the perfect place to take a dog if you want to sit down for something to eat, the full English was delicious! There were dog treats on hand and water for Bernie, even though he tipped it all over the floor. When we finished it was full of pooches and a great atmosphere.

2. Whitmore & Jackson When we came to visit the Island, Whitmore and Jackson was one of the first places we visited. It’s just as good as we expected and the perfect place to grab a hot drink before a cold walk on the beach. I’m more of a tea girl but I’m told the coffee here is very good!

3. Academy Espresso Bar Academy is such a gem for Barry and we love visiting. They do the best hot chocolate and delicious healthy (and very naughty) breakfasts. Bernie is always given a fuss from the team and he loves to sit down next to us on the sofas! Academy is the perfect place to spend your Sunday morning after a long dog walk.

Bern’s Eye View


If you have any suggestions or places you love please share them with us on social media @barrymagazine. We know there are plenty and we would love to include them all.


Barry Magazine

How to Guide:

Make a Hand Tied Bouquet

Nothing beats fresh flowers in the house! Follow these simple steps to make a bunch of flowers look like a professional arrangement. It’s important to choose seasonal flowers and pair them with the right vase or container. By choosing the flowers that are currently in season you will get the best quality, colour choice and price. Foliage is also a key factor in making the perfect handtied. Visit your local florist to pick individual blooms and foliage and for some help and advice. Choosing your flowers: Select flowers in groups of odd numbers 3s, 5s and 7s, this will create a good balance, however, anything goes when being creative and if it looks good, who’s counting! 12

You will need: A clean

vase, scissors, garden string or ribbon, flowers and foliage. STEP 1: Choose flowers and foliage and lay them on a flat surface in their groups, removing all damaged and unwanted leaves and thorns if using roses. Remove all foliage and leaves from half way down the stem. It is important to not have any leaves touching the water, as this will create dirty, smelly water and bacteria.

How to Guide with Budding Designs

STEP 2: Find the right vase or container to suit the size and style of your chosen flowers. You can use anything; a jam jar, a jug, an old tea pot, a ceramic vase or an old tin bucket. Rummage in the charity shops or boot sales for a vintage bargain. Make sure the vase has been cleaned thoroughly with a bleach mix and rinsed well. Half fill it with clean water.

hand tied with your right hand and repeat the process, until you have a spiral of stems all going in the same direction. Bring the foliage and flowers lower, as you go, to create a round dome effect. At this point you can re-arrange the flowers to make sure the heads are in the position you like, without letting go of the spiraling stems.

STEP 3: Start by spiraling the stems. Choose the largest flower head, hold in your left hand (or reversed if left handed), next, with your right hand add another flower into your left hand, making sure the flower heads are at the same height, repeat for another two flowers adding foliage equally. Every third flower turn the

STEP 4: Using garden string, tie around the narrow part of the spiral, above where you have been holding them, wrap around a few times and then tie a sturdy knot. Make sure there are no leaves lower than the tying point. The flowers should be 2/3 above the tying point and the stems 1/3 below. Cut the stems. 13

Barry Magazine

Ideally the tying point should be above the water line and the flowers should sit nicely into the vase opening and the stems should touch the bottom of the vase.

TOP TIPS: Change the water & re-cut stems every 3 days. Keep your flowers away from direct sunlight and radiators. If your flowers start to wilt, change the water, re-cut the stems on an angle and use tepid/hot water instead, this will perk up your blooms.

Join us in one of our workshops to learn more floristry skills. www.buddingdesigns.co.uk Budding Designs Flower Studio, 1 High Street, Barry, CF62 7DZ 01446 404660


Barry Magazine

Is your child is struggling with their behaviour, emotions or self esteem? Why not get them some support. If you need help to reduce anxiety, help with transitions, exams, boost self esteem and confidence take a look at our sessions.

1-2-1 or Family Sessions Benefits include: Improved confidence, concentration, creativity, imagination, positive thinking, resilience, self esteem, self regulation & sleep

Sessions involve sand play, expressive arts, mindfulness, stretching, breathing exercises, positive self talk and visualisation. Relaxkidsinthevale@outlook.com Call: 07903716325 www.wellbeingsouthwales.co.uk

T h e p e r s o n a l g r o wt h c o m m u n i t y t h a t r e m i n d s wo m e n t h a t

‘ S ELF C A R E IS M Y S U P E R P O W E R ’


Barry Magazine


Retro-Vibe Music Vinyl Record Sale, 8am-4pm

2nd Feb

Mount Rooms Wine and Cheese night £15 pp

3 Feb rd

The Butterfly Collector Strictly Acoustic - 5-10pm

4 Feb th

Island FIT Muscle Beach Friars £5 per session


Find out what’s on in #Barry over the next few months! Click the links to visit their pages.

7th Feb

Memo Arts Centre Bohemian Rhapsody Sing-along

9th Feb

Beyonce vs Rhianna Masterclass YMCA Barry - £10 pp

9th Feb

Bay 5 - An Evening of Comedy £15 pp

12th Feb

Barry Town Football Club An Evening with medium Lyndsey Shankland

What’s On In Barry

13th Feb

The Small Space Cinema Presents ‘Singin In The Rain’

13th Feb

Memo Arts Centre Concerts & Cakes: Olivia Gomez & Ben Pinnow

16th Feb

Memo Arts Centre The Beach Boys Tribute

16th Feb

Special Brew - Bad Manners Tribute Barry West End Club - £3

16th Feb

Inspired Wellness Free Community Talks St. David’s Methodist Church

16th Feb

Barry Indoor Car Boot Sale St Francis Millennium Centre. 9:30-11:30am. £1 pp

19th Feb

Memo Arts Centre Royal Ballet Live: Don Quixote

20th Feb

The Small Space Cinema Presents Classic Cruise Movie ‘Top Gun’

22 & 23rd Feb

The Small Space Resident Magicians

27th Feb

Memo Arts Centre Concerts and Cakes

27th Feb

Mount Rooms - Family Film Night The Greatest Showman £10 for a family of 4

3rd March

Whitmore Bay Paint Out Barry Island

9th March

Northern Soul Island - Barry Island Sports and Social Club £4 otd

10th March

Mount Rooms Wedding Fayre

19th March

The Glenbrook Inn Quiz Night 7pm - £1 pp

23rd March

Dog First Aid Course - Castleland Community Centre. £49.50 pp

Wednesday & Friday

from 2pm Castleland Community Centre - FairShare 17

Barry Magazine WWW.LOFTCO.NET


Loft co specialises in complex mixed use regeneration schemes, it has worked in a successful partnership with the Vale of Glamorgan Council for over twenty years and is proud to announce that it is now in collaboration with the Council in building what it believes to be the first "Urban High Street" in the UK. This is a 24/7 scheme that reflects the dynamics of a fast evolving coastal town in the midst of huge and significant regeneration.

Alongside the Pumphouse, the new urban high street will ensure that Barry and the Vale of Glamorgan is working alongside private initiatives to ensure a thriving mixed use, community led scheme that is at the forefront of the planning and regeneration strategies.  At Loft Co we are pleased to be developing a long term partnership with the Vale of Glamorgan and the delivery of these complex, urban projects that have huge social economic benefits in terms of its independent nature, mixed use and many opportunities for SME/incubation type individuals & companies. In a nutshell we believe the Vale is a perfect place to be able to live, work and play and with the Goodshed's being open for Christmas why leave Barry!

Award winning Loft Co recently refurbished a full live/work scheme which is known as the Pumphouse which was a finalist on the Grand Design award scheme and is widely regarded as one of South Wales most significant regeneration projects.



Barry Magazine

GET A PIZZA THIS Everything you knead to know about the new addition to the High Street. Paletta pizza is a new restaurant that has made quite an impression on Barry High Street since its opening last year. If you’re used to travelling out of town to an authentic Italian restaurant you need to give these a try!

Photo Credit: Paletta Pizza

nominated for plenty of awards including ‘Best Family Restaurant’ at the Welsh Italian Awards. Looking for somewhere to take the other half this Valentine’s Day? Fancy an Italian takeaway treat for yourself? This restaurant is a must-try in Barry. We recommend the La Paletta pizza, it’s delicious!

With a menu full of delicious wood fired pizzas, traditional pastas, salads and side plates, there is something for everyone to choose from, including gluten free options.

COMPETITION: We’re giving away 2 set lunches at Paletta Pizzeria! Visit our social media pages to find out more!

As well as looking very cool, Paletta is regularly fully booked and getting

Visit the Paletta Pizza website here or find them on Facebook


Get a Pizza This

Photo Credit: Paletta Pizza

Photo Credit: Paletta Pizza 21

Barry Magazine


Barry Magazine

The Vale of Glam Mam

A Valentine for Barry My love affair with Barry was a slow burner. I grew up in Penarth and Barry had a bad rep, the bad boy of the Vale while Penarth was this aspirational steady guy. I grew up going on school trips where tour guides would say “you’re from Penarth? The town that was built to keep the people of Barry out of Cardiff.” Now I am proud to live in Barry, I’m bringing my kids up here, it’s home. continue onto next page... 23

BarryMagazine Magazine Barry

The Vale of Glam Mam

I Love Barry’s... House prices. The average

house price in Barry is about half that of Penarth. That’s what drew me in and I’m glad. Cheaper doesn’t mean less quality. Barry is awesome value for money.

Beaches. The classic seaside

experience at the Island with chippies, ice creams, arcades and crazy golf at the Island or the low key Jackson’s Bay. Stony beaches, sandy beaches. Beaches for walking and sunbathing and metal detecting.

Parks. Porthkerry, Romilly,

Victoria, Iolo, the splash park, timber trails, play equipment, band stands and of course, the events that they host. Cadstock, Glastonbarry, dog shows, Flying Start events, Scouts all bring our community together.

Location. We’ve got trains,

busses and an actual airport. We’ve got the seaside, the countryside, the capital city on our doorstep. We can escape to a rural pub one day and an international sports match or superstar on their live tour the next.

Independents. We’ve got

supermarkets galore but the real character of Barry is in the indie shops and businesses. People who are passionate about what they do, make, cook and sell. The classics who are part of Barry’s DNA and the newbies on High Street. The ones bringing national recognition to our town like Hang Fire.


Visit their website here or find them on Facebook.


Barry Magazine

Sometimes an image should speak for itself. 26

Barry Magazine


Barry Magazine

First Hand Experience Have you heard of reflexology? There are many benefits which most people aren’t aware of but luckily we have a reflexologist on our doorstep in Barry High Street to tell us more! Reflexology is a therapeutic method of relieving pain and discomfort by stimulating pressure points on the feet and hands. This pressure is what will alleviate the source of the discomfort you might be feeling. Reflexology is effective in relieving the symptoms of injury and illness, but above all something most of us are familiar with, stress. If you’re wondering if it’s for you it is non-invasive, gentle and is suitable from newborn to older ages and also during end of life care. It has become a really popular alternative therapy which promotes • • • •


relaxation improves circulation reduces inflammation and pain encourages the body’s natural healing process.

Alex is based in Barry and has been interested in complementary and alternative healthcare for over 20 years. She previously worked as a nursing assistant and community case worker in mental health for over twelve years and during this time completed her clinical reflexology practitioner training.

“your feet are a rich map of information about your health and wellbeing.” If you’re thinking ‘Will it hurt?’ The answer is no, it shouldn’t. There may be discomfort in areas but this will ease. Other common questions are ‘I have ticklish feet’ and ‘I don’t like my feet, so I can’t possibly show you’, but it doesn’t tickle and don’t worry about how your feet look, they will be a rich map of information about your health and wellbeing. Alex will be able to assist you in making changes to not only your physical wellbeing, but your emotional & mental wellbeing too.

Barry Magazine

Touch Healing Reflexology & Reiki



Barry Magazine


We’ve picked some of instagram pictures of #

Want to be featured? Tag @BarryMagazine @jackhortop.photography

@johnscafebarryisland 30


#Barry on the gram


our favourite #Barry.

? e in a post! @bubblesofgold

@gareththwaite 31

Barry Magazine

Two Valley now Barry girls who are finally turning their passion for interiors, fashion and all things lovely into reality. 100 HIGH ST, BARRY CF62 7DS 01446 749601

Barry Magazine

Valentine’s Gift Guide


Annie & Lolo scoured their wonderful shop and let us know their Top 5 High Street treats for Valentine’s Day. 3.




1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Poem from @bespokeverse (£18.00) @baldheaddesigns painting (£35.00) - ‘Good Morning My Love’ mug (£12.50) All cosmetic purses (£12.75 - £15.00) Our matches (£11.50), White linen & seakelp Candle (£12.50) @thornbushhill Cards from @thecompletist & @baldheaddesigns (all cards £3.50) 33

Barry Magazine

MEMORIES OF BARRY We look back at your memories of #Barry over the years

We all love looking back at old pictures so every edition we will be sharing a memory of Barry with you from one of our readers. This photo from Colin Adams was featured on the Old Barry in Pictures Facebook page and is from around 1914. It shows the owner of the beach huts at Barry Island (wearing the white jacket in middle) and the ticket collectors who handed out tickets for the bathing huts and deck chairs. This included Colin’s maternal grandparents who are second from the right. 34

Colin’s grandfather was also a magician at the nearby Fair and his grandmother was in his act as the Vanishing Lady! Their son, Johnny, is the boy sitting down on the left. There’s just a grass bank behind them as the prom didn’t exist yet! Do you know any of the other people in this photo? You can share your memories with the Old Barry in Pictures Facebook page. Thank you to Colin for the permission to use this photo.

Memories of Barry



Barry Magazine

A Lilbit of Barry After being hidden away in a warehouse at the Vale Enterprise Centre for 3 years, Lilbits decided to grow their business and community last year and open a store in one of the oldest buildings in Barry.

The Lilbits team are husband and wife, Sam and Sam, and their three children (Lilbit, 9 Lilbird, 3 and Lilbear, 1) who are very involved in business, whether it’s testing the toys or filming videos for social media. Their toy shop on St. Nicholas Road is one with a difference and stocks a range of fantastic products that are normally only found online at specialist educational or sensory stores.

own resources to teach the children through play, and their eldest has even started her own business: GUMMY Go. They are a family who love play, toys and finding new ways to have fun, and they want to share it!

The Lilbits children are home educated and very involved with the local home education community in Barry which is much bigger than you might think. They use many of their

The team understand we all have different needs so as well as having a buggy friendly open space, they can also offer a quiet shop for those with children who would be over-


A Lilbit of Barry

whelmed by too many people, noises and lights. If you’re a parent, teacher or just looking for a toy for a child in your life, you’ll be able to find something in store. The toys are suitable from birth upwards, but there’s no upper age limit on play and learning. When you pop into Lilbits it’s a great chance for children to play and adults to shop, which means the team can engage with the community and create something for the people of Barry. Watch this space, pop in or follow them on social media to

keep up to date with their plans for a new premises. They’re currently running a giveaway for a set of awesome nesting gummy bears! We’ve teamed up with them to give one lucky person a chance to WIN A £30 VOUCHER! Visit our social media pages later this month to find out more.


Barry Magazine

WE JOINED THE REVOLUTION and it was delicious. THERE’S A REVOLUTION HAPPENING ON THE ATLANTIC TRADING ESTATE! ARE YOU READY TO JOIN? If you think your normal fast food restaurant is bangin’ (sorry, we had to!) then you need to try Sausage Revolution for a twist on the traditional meat dish. At the end of January we spotted an invitation on Facebook that we couldn’t refuse. It was a party to celebrate the Sausage Revolution’s 1st birthday, a restaurant that we had seen plenty of times before but never ventured in. We were tempted by their new special The ‘Ham&lamba-dingdong’ but they also had the Gaming Squad van, Bro Radio and Ceroc dancers to draw us in. 38

The team couldn’t have been friendlier and our food was the perfect winter warmer on a freezing cold day. There’s vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options available and a huge menu to choose from including their delicious sauces. We met owner Simon and found out more about how they are expanding soon, we can’t wait!

We Joined the Revolution


Barry Magazine

CLEAR OUT THE CLUTTER Reduce your clutter with The Attic Project

Photo Credit: The Attic Project

Christmas is over but the aftermath of presents coming into the home can cause anxiety for some because of the number of items they


already own. If you’re concerned about clutter in your home or a member of your family’s home, the Attic Project is here to help.

Clear out the clutter

The Attic Project is a new partner-ship between Care & Repair and VCS Cymru, funded by the Big Lottery Fund, which supports people to declutter and dispose of items with sensitivity and care for the environment.

‘Making space can create room for much needed repairs’ The Attic Project is a free service currently operating in the Vale of Glamorgan, Cardiff and Newport helping people aged 60+ to make space in their homes. A team of volunteers are on hand to assist residents and help them declutter and reorganise possessions allowing them to live more comfortably in a safer home environment.

reduce the risk of falls or help with downsizing and hospital discharge. Sorting through possessions can bring back a lot of memories and letting go of much loved items can be challenging but the volunteers are trained to support people through reminiscence. Having the opportunity to record and talk about the stories behind treasured possessions can be a valuable process that can also provide a legacy for family and community.

If you would like to find out more about the service, please contact Care & Repair on 0300 111 3333, visit their website www. careandrepair.co.uk or if you are interested in volunteering contact Catherine on 07934 531 001.

There are many reasons why people accumulate possessions or struggle to discard unwanted items. Making space can create room for much needed repairs and adaptations which keep people warm or improve accessibility in the home. It can also 41

Barry Magazine

Bricks & Mortar Property Advice from your local property Expert With Valentine’s Day approaching, Karen from CF6 Lettings and Sales explains the importance of falling in love with a property from the outset. That feeling of knowing this is the one in the first few seconds, that love at first sight flutter. In the property industry this is what’s known as kerb appeal. You only get one chance to make a first impression and there’s a belief within the industry that buyers make their decision within 10 seconds of arriving at your home. I believe that this is too simplistic, but the reality is that when your potential buyer or renter arrives, if they get a negative first impression, you’re starting off on the back foot. You’ll then have an enormous amount of work to do to try and regain the lost momentum and move the prospect into a position of wanting to make you an offer. The problem faced by most people when they come to sell or rent their home, is often not seeing 42

straightforward, yet obvious improvements right in front of them. So when you try to sell or rent your home, you should first try and look at your house through the eyes of an observer seeing it for the first time. This is often harder than it seems and you may need to enlist the help of a trusted friend who you can call upon to seek their advice and tell you the brutal truth. It’s simply a matter of common sense, elbow grease and a few quid spent. All of which will dramatically enhance and improve the presentation of your property upon arrival. I’ve produced a handy checklist for you to use as a guide: • Clear the garden of any children’s toys/trampolines etc. • Clear the garage/shed of any junk/ items that you will not be taking to your new home • Weed the garden and sweep leaves

Bricks & Mortar

• Jet wash pathways and driveways • Repair broken fences and gates • Paint any exterior woodwork and metalwork, for example gates, fences, gutters and doors • Clear gutters and make sure that the roof has no missing or damaged tiles • Clean windows inside and out • Plant seasonal flowers and/or hanging baskets • On the day of the viewing ensure the driveway or roadside is clear for the viewer to park their car

• Try to give access for your viewings during the day • If your property has two entrances, we’ll want to guide viewers to the entrance that has the most scenic visual outlook These steps just cover the exterior of your property. Look for inspiration and get ideas from the best houses on your street and copy what vthey’ve done. For further information please contact Karen on 07976595153 / Karen@cf6lettings.com or visit www.cf6lettings.com

Karen NEW YEAR - NEW APPROACH - NEW HOME - TRY A NEW ESTATE AGENT! Director We work harder to sell or let your home. CF6lettings.com Vale Of Glamorgan To request a FREE Market or Rent Appraisal visit cf6lettings.com or Call 01446 349434

Enjoy our New Year Offers LANDLORDS!

SELL YOUR HOME FOR ONLY £499 Call Richard Today on 01446 349348


Find Out What Your Home Is Really Worth Get A FREE Valuation Report - Call Me on 01446 349434 43

A Shot of Barry

Barry Magazine


Adam Whitmore’s love of Barry shines through in the cover photo for our first issue. We followed him on a trip around the Island as he tells us about his love of seaside towns and film photography. Adam: I love the idea of being different in life, Barry doesn’t try to be quirky, it just is. It doesn’t necessarily jump out on everyones holiday lists, but while stumbling around one wintery afternoon, this seaside town really gives you a sense of time traveling. Firstly stepping back in time with its colourful beach huts and funfair, then jumping into the future with the latest regeneration just around the corner. It’s a town where you’re bound to come across something or someone interesting, photogenic and distinctive in its own right. It’s full of little quirks, fascinating and unusual subjects and vibrant colours with some softer shades thrown in. I’ve been drawn to seaside towns around the UK since I was a kid. Originally from a village close to Rhyl, North Wales, we used to visit an array of seaside resorts and

A Shot of Barry

beaches along the North Wales coast almost every weekend.

“this seaside town really gives you a sense of time traveling.” We used to visit family in Yorkshire and see classic victorian seaside towns such as Scarborough, Bridlington and Whitby to name a few. For most pictures I use Yashica FX-3, SLR and a Canon Dial 35 point and shoot, both 35mm film cameras. This links the past to the future nicely, and maintains the vintage

look and feel. The different tones and contrasts between different film stock can give so many desirable effects. I also shoot completely in manual, without a flash, which makes it more challenging, especially in low-light, but I feel this gives it a more natural feel. I try and capture the unusual, the unexpected, and try to give a different perspective on the subject. I moved down to South Wales several years ago to study in Cardiff, but Barry Island made me feel a little closer to home. If you’re a lover of film photography make sure you check out Adam’s instagram.


Barry Magazine


Barry Magazine


Barry Magazine

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BARRY Magazine 48

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Barry February 2019  

Barry Magazine is the unique online only digital magazine promoting local business and supporting the community in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan,...

Barry February 2019  

Barry Magazine is the unique online only digital magazine promoting local business and supporting the community in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan,...

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