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Mowachaht / Muchalaht keep Tsu-xiit free By David Wiwchar Southern Region Reporter Gold River - Elder Gloria Maquinna stands at the end of the partially submerged dock, raises her hands towards the sky and dances to her late husband’s paddle song, along with two of her granddaughters. Behind them, dozens of canoe paddlers, drummers, and community members sing their ancient songs, hoping to pull Tsu-xiit away from his DFO captors. After an hour, with singing voices growing hoarse, and dancers cold and wet in the face of southeast gales, Mowachaht / Muchalaht community members slowly retreat from the Gold River docks, obviously saddened that the young killer whale was still across the harbour inside an area protected by high-powered Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) and RCMP boats. “He’s coming!” someone shouts, and people rush back to the dock, pounding drums and paddles on the dock boards, singing at the top of their lungs, hoping to see Tsu-xiit swim back towards them once again as he had throughout the

“I’m very happy today,” said the mother of Tyee Ha’wilth Mike Maquinna, Gloria Maquinna, tears streaming down her face. “These are tears of joy. It’s been really emotional these past ten days and I’m proud my son didn’t give up,” she said.

day, up and down Muchalaht Inlet, as DFO officers and First Nations paddlers played a type of tug-o-war game with the young whale. For the past week, Mowachaht / Muchalaht paddlers have been on the water, trying to lead Tsuxiit out to open ocean, away from DFO boats who have been on the water, trying to lead Tsuxiit into Gold River harbour,

Mowachaht / Muchalaht Tyee Ha’wilth Mike Maquinna carried the weight of his Nation in their struggle to keep Tsu-xiit (Luna) free.

where a series of net pens await, along with slings and steel tanks which are intended to transport him down island to Pedder Bay. Every time the canoe paddlers attracted Tsu-xiit away from DFO, a message was relayed back to the Mowachaht / Muchalaht Marina and Campground, where throngs of people cheered at the news broadcast over the VHF marine radio. On this one day, Tsu-xiit switched directions five times as he followed boats leading him in different directions. “We started leading Tsu-xiit out to open ocean at 6 this morning, and were within sight of it when DFO boats showed up and attracted the whale away from us,” said 35-year old paddler Gary Maquinna. “We turned around and caught up to them at Gore Island where Tsu-xiit was playing in a log boom,” he said. Though the tug boat Tsu-xiit liked to play with was leading him back to waiting DFO boats, paddlers sang and drummed their paddles on the bottom of the canoe, coaxing him back out towards Yuquot. “The DFO boats tried to get aggressive with us, trying to swamp us with their wake since we were already battling rough seas, and taking runs at us,” said Gary Maquinna. “They tried to box us in against the rocks, and then took a run at us, coming within a few inches of our bow. Then they saw we had 4-year old Seth Jack on board, and they backed off a bit,” he said. “The concern we have is that DFO is trying to escalate this into a conflict,” said Mowachaht / Muchalaht Tyee Ha’wilth Mike Maquinna. “All we are doing is the same thing we’ve been doing here for thousands of years;

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paddling our canoes and singing songs. We have a very special connection with Tsu-xiit and we’re paddling in support of him,” he said. “We’re trying to stay out of harm’s way, but DFO seems committed to turn this into a battle, even though we’ve made it clear we don’t want that. They have bulletproof vests, guns, and high-powered vessels. We’re just paddlers in traditional canoes.” Earlier that evening, DFO had used the boats they had trained Tsu-xiit to follow to successfully lead him into their protected area alongside the former Bowater Mill freighter wharf. They escorted him into the 80’x80’ six-sided net pen, only to watch him rush out before they could close the net behind him.

“He’s coming!” someone shouted, and people rushed down the dock, pounding drums and paddles on dock boards, singing at the top of their lungs, hoping to see Tsu-xiit swim towards them once again as he had throughout the day, up and down Muchalaht Inlet, as DFO officers and Mowachaht / Muchalaht paddlers played a type of tug-owar game with the young whale. With winds whipping up four-foot waves, a few paddlers jumped into one of the dugout canoes and rushed out to try and attract the whale back out. But mirroring the David-and-Goliath battle being played out on the water, the canoe was pushed back to the commercial dock.

After winds calmed slightly, canoes launched another attempt at leading Tsu-xiit out of the net pen, paddling along the log booms and singing traditional songs while a number of support boats motored alongside. Paddlers and support crews erupted in cheers and yells, sending dozens of onlookers on shore into a frenzy, as Tsu-xiit broke away from DFO boats and darted out of the enclosed area towards the canoes. For the next few hours, Tsu-xiit followed the canoes, and the Mowachaht / Muchalaht and Hesquiaht support boats, all the way to Yuquot at the opposite end of Nootka Sound. DFO partially suspended operations through the next day. “We don’t want to perpetuate this tugof-war that’s going on,” said DFO Marine Mammals Coordinator Marilyn Joyce. “But I don’t know if we’ll find an acceptable approach that will make everyone happy.” “What we’ve been saying all along is that nature must be allowed to take its course, but nature has been lost in all of the process,” said Mike Maquinna. “We’re standing with the whale, and will do everything we can to ensure its safety,” he said. But the next day, DFO announced that charges would be forthcoming for people who interfered with the whale. “The interference going on is boats are attracting the whale away from our boats. This is a disturbance of a marine mammal,” said Joyce. “We’re not interfering,” responded Maquinna. “The interference came from DFO preventing our canoes from

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DFO bans Monitor from capture site By David Wiwchar Southern Region Reporter Gold River – As soon as relations began to chill between Mowachaht / Muchalaht Tyee Ha’wilth Mike Maquinna and DFO Marine Mammals Coordinator Marilyn Joyce, the first pawn to fall was the independent monitor position. DFO had agreed to allow Mowachaht / Muchalaht to have an independent monitor and an independent videographer on site to ensure concerns about the respectful treatment of Tsu-xiit were allayed. “There’s a hope that there would be some documentation of the capture in case something happens,” said Maquinna, adding they don’t want to depend on DFO reports and video, but rather have their own independently gathered information.

“This is not about Marilyn Joyce, DFO, the Mowachaht / Muchalaht Nation or me,” said Maquinna. “This is about a very important whale named Tsu-xiit whole has gotten lost in DFO’s militaristic and thoughtless operation,” he said. But after conflicts began on the water, the independent observers were informed by DFO communications that they were

Mowachaht / Muchalaht Tyee Ha’wilth Mike Maquinna personally hands a letter to Fisheries and Oceans Canada Marine Mammals Coordinator Marilyn Joyce requesting she be removed from the “Luna Project”. no longer allowed in or around DFO operations in the effort to capture and relocate the four-year old orca known as Tsu-xiit or Luna. “I understand the concerns from First Nations, but we will not tolerate the current tug-of-war between vessels,” said Joyce, when she was forced to finally address the independent monitor issues in a dockside press conference. “We had agreed to have Chief Maquinna’s observers, but there was also an agreement to have no interference,” she said. “We’re not interfering,” responded Maquinna. “The interference came from

DFO preventing our canoes from practicing our culture and traditions,” he said. Earlier in the week, Joyce had said “we have to follow through on our commitments to Chief Maquinna and his First Nation”, but she was quick to dismiss his monitors as soon as the slightest chill in relations surfaced. “This is not about Marilyn Joyce, DFO, the Mowachaht / Muchalaht Nation or me,” said Maquinna. “This is about a very important whale named Tsu-xiit who has gotten lost in DFO’s militaristic and thoughtless operation,” he said.

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One of the Mowachaht / Muchalaht whaling canoes passes the area where DFO boats try to lure Tsu-xiit into a net pen. Soon after this unauthorized photo was taken from inside the DFO compound, paddlers once again attracted Tsu-xiit away from DFO control, and led him out towards Yuquot.

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Two Hot Days of Treaty Planning in Victoria By Denise August, Central Region Reporter Victoria- NCN treaty delegates met for two hot days of treaty planning in beautiful, sunny Victoria. Northern Region Co-chair Archie Little welcomed the people and requested a moment of silence for the late Robert ‘Hutsa’ Peter of Kyuquot who was laid to rest the day before. Elder Stanley Sam said the opening prayer in the NCN language. Chief Robert Sam of Songhees welcomed the Nuu-chah-nulth people to the homeland of Lekwangen people. “I know it’s been a long hard road since this process started. I wish you well in your deliberations during your meeting here in our homeland,” he said.

“I know it’s been a long hard road since this process started. I wish you well in your deliberations during your meeting here in our homeland,” said Songhees Chief Robert Sam. The agenda was reviewed and amended before minutes from previous NCN Treaty Planning meetings were reviewed and adopted. There was discussion about schools and possibilities for NCN language programs. Simon Lucas, Hesquiaht pointed out that language has been on treaty agendas since the process began yet little progress has been made. He said lack of funding continues to be an issue for First Nations language programs in secondary schools. Cliff Atleo Jr., NTC Treaty Manager, provided an update on the status of NCN Treaty Negotiations. He said Canada has previously refused to negotiate with the Nations that are party to the fisheries litigation launched last year, claiming it may impact other issues to be negotiated. The governments proposed NCN put the litigation into abeyance so that negotiations ‘can proceed unhindered on all topics, including fisheries, treaty-related measures and other matters affected by the litigation.’

Nuu-chah-nulth negotiators will meet with federal and provincial officials on July 13th to resume treaty negotiations. In order to resume treaty negotiations Canada may only negotiate matters outside of fisheries issues. Atleo has

contacted BC and Canada regarding dates available for resumption of negotiations and they suggested July 13th. Delegates began reviewing work NCN have accomplished over the years in preparation for treaty negotiations. They agreed that while changes have taken place since the outcome of the Agreement-in-Principle vote there was no need to redo much of the work that has already been done. Dave Watts, Tseshaht Treaty Negotiator recommended former mandate groups get up and running and make the necessary changes resulting from the diminished size of the Nuu-chah-nulth negotiating table. He offered Tseshaht’s meeting space to members of the mandate working groups. Michelle Corfield, Nanaimo Away From Home Representative, pointed out that there’s a reality NCN must face: the federal government is dangling the negotiation carrot now that an election has been called but, she says, the reality is there will be no negotiations until after the election. Despite this, she recommends NCN pursue resumption of negotiations bearing in mind that things will probably be different once a new federal government is in place. Simon Lucas said while he respects the thoughts of others, he sees things differently, “I’ve been in this game a long time and I’ve seen the Liberals come and go and I’ve the Conservatives come and go…let’s not make the election an obstacle.” Cliff Atleo Sr. says the strength of Nuuchah-nulth Treaty Teams would come from the Ha’wiih. He said some First Nations take direction from Chiefs and Councils and he urged Ha’wiih to take back their culture. He suggested they assert their authority by inviting their people to a dinner and talk with them, not at them. Tseshaht Chief Negotiator Richard Watts formally announced Tseshaht’s intention to enter back into Nuu-chahnulth treaty negotiations. The announcement came as a result of Tseshaht’s announcement last year of their intention to leave the table over past disagreements that have since been resolved. “We’re here and we’re part of this team,” he said, “and we want a strong united front and we want to work to get the best deal for our people.” Delegates began strategizing in the area of communications with our own people and also with the broader community in terms of lobbying for support. Darleen Watts, Tseshaht Treaty Team, reminded the table that it is important to

Upcoming Meetings Meeting DAC Health Fair NTC Meeting

Date July 7 July 8 & 9

Place Tsaxana Tsaxana

Start time 9 a.m. 9 a.m.

Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council

Toll Free Number 1-877-677-1131

Nuu-chah-nulth leadership have now established a toll free number to assist membership with any questions they may have regarding treaty related business.

do long-term planning, much like what the federal and provincial government do. She suggested the table reaffirm its commitment to move forward and work out differences not only at the table but also within communities. “The government loves seeing us in these struggles and it is sad when we accommodate them,” she said, adding, “We need to remind them and ourselves that we are the government.” She recommended that June 28 to July 2nd be designated as the week of regrouping. She said we need to commit ourselves to this week and the work that needs to be done in order to get negotiations on track.

Tseshaht Chief Negotiator, Richard Watts formally announced Tseshaht’s intention to enter back into Nuu-chah-nulth treaty negotiations. “We’re here and we’re part of this team,” he said, “and we want a strong united front and we want to work to get the best deal for our people.” Cliff Atleo Jr. announced treaty (BCTC) funding should be available soon. Tseshaht wants clarity on how NTC regional treaty funding has been allocated in light of Maa-nulth taking a portion of the funding with them to their own treaty table. Atleo Jr. pointed out some allocations were divided up based on three regions with five First Nations in two of the regions and four in the north. Today there are three First Nations in two of the regions and only one in the south that represent the Nuu-chah-nulth Treaty Table. Delegates agreed to revisit funding formulae and come up with something more equitable to the remaining First Nations. After some discussion and the review of several allocation methods, the group agreed on a formula and funding will be distributed to the communities accordingly. Ron Frank, Chairman of West Coast Vancouver Island Wildlife Advisory Committee (WCVIWAC) delivered an update on the activities and accomplishments of the group. WCVIWAC, in operation since 2002, has been well received by all NCN First Nations, says Frank. “It is helpful to have a place to talk about issues affecting many interest groups,” he added. Funded by the federal and provincial governments, the WCVIWAC is a balanced group of First Nations and Consumptive wildlife user groups. The Committee provides advice to the governments of British Columbia and Canada, and Nuu-chah-nulth on the conservation and management of all wildlife and wildlife habitat within the traditional territories of the Nuu-chahnulth peoples. Frank says interest in the innovative model has spread to cover Vancouver Island entirely in the fall of this year. Initiated through a treaty-related measure between Nuu-chah-nulth, Canada and BC, the committee’s goal is to ensure conservation of wildlife and wildlife habitat on Vancouver Island for the sharing, use, and enjoyment of all current and future generations of British Columbians. Archie Little says the concept is a good

one, preserving resources not only for our future generations but also for those we are willing to share with. “Our Ha’wiih own the resources,” he reminded everyone, “but we’ve always told them we’re willing to share.” Frank asked the table to support the fall 2004 expansion of the Committee and its mandate and to continue to support the Nuu-chah-nulth interest in the Vancouver Island Regional Wildlife Committee. The table passed a motion by consensus supporting Franks’ request. A Nuu-chah-nulth Fisheries Litigation update, prepared by NTC Fisheries Manager Dr. Don Hall, was presented by co-chair Archie Little. In it, Hall says the parties have exchanged case particulars and a case management Judge will be assigned to set deadlines. It is expected that it will be several months before initial court dates are set. Delegates spoke about fisheries issues their people continue to face and exchanged ideas for resolving those issues. Late on the second day, there was talk about ways in which to revive and retain the Nuu-chah-nulth language. The highly successful language program at Ha-Ho-Payuk School in Port Alberni turns out grade six students with some knowledge of Nuu-chah-nulth language. The problem they face upon leaving the school is there are no high school programs that build on the language base.

Negotiators discussed ways to revive and retain the Nuuchah-nulth language. The table will pursue a Treaty-Related Measure to secure resources from the government to acquire Klitsa School for the purpose of strengthening language skills in high school students. A group is working to acquire the now closed Klitsa Junior Secondary School in Port Alberni so that it could serve as a high school featuring Nuuchah-nulth cultural programs. The table will pursue a Treaty-Related Measure to secure resources from the government to acquire Klitsa School for the purpose of strengthening language skills in high school students. The last discussion of the day revolved around the challenges the smaller table faces in terms of decision-making processes and fair representation at negotiating tables. They concluded that the table should regroup given the length of time since treaty was last negotiated and the changes in the make-up of the NCN Treaty Table. They noted in some cases previous methods of doing business are no longer efficient and adjustments need to be made. The next NCN Treaty Planning Meeting was scheduled for June 28 – 30 at Somass Hall in Port Alberni. The main focus of the meeting is upcoming tri-partite treaty negotiations. We will have a full report on this session in the next issue (July 15th) of Ha-Shilth-Sa.

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Muschum reunite with spirit of late Tyee Ha’wilth Maquinna By Brian Tate Northern Region Reporter Muchalaht Inlet – In a fond and memorable moment, 13 people paddling two canoes were reacquainted with the late Tyee Hawiilth Ambrose Maquinna in his spirit form, as it resides in the killer whale known as Tsuu-xiit. In the late Chiefs conversations with various people, he said he would come back as a killer whale. Shortly after his passing, this lone male killer whale appeared in July 2001 at Mooya Bay, where Ambrose originated from. The first canoe was manned by James Johnson the rudder man, Yathloua (Mike Maquinna), Jeanine Dick and Marsha Maquinna in the next seat followed by Leon Murphy and his son Tyrell, and finally Eugene Amos in the bow. The second canoe was manned by Kelly John rudder man, Brian Tate, brothers Jerry and Ben Jack, followed by Chuck Jack and then Ed Jack in the bow. At 7:30 pm, the two canoes start out from the small boat launch located on the old reserve site at the head of Muchalaht Inlet. The purpose of this trip was to see if they can talk to Tsuuxiit and help him with a prayer and a chant, and to see for themselves what DFO and the Vancouver Aquarium were building to contain this lone killer whale. Within minutes of their departure, the two canoes were soon at the site of the net pens. Workers were milling about making sure things are ready for the day Tsuu-xiit is put in the pen and were getting ready to go home for the evening. Jerry Jack yelled to one of the workers “what the hell are you going to do with our whale?” “Who do you people think you are anyway?”. The worker turned and greeed the paddlers for he knows them as he is a Gold River resident, and politely yells back, “hi Mike, Eugene good evening! I hope you don’t think differently of me Mike, I have to feed my family somehow in this town!” “No I don’t. A living is a living it’s just a shame we meet like this,” said Mike. The canoes continue on their way out towards Victor Island where they come across Tsuu-xiit. Upon sighting Tsuu-xiit, the two canoes joined together to make one for safety measures, as it was uncertain whether the whale would be gentle or overly playful as he is sometimes known to be. Sitting and waiting quietly for the whale’s arrival, Tsuu-xiit silently rose out of the water right in front of Yathloua ( Mike Maquinna). Instinctively knowing this is his kin, Tsuu-xiit then turned to Marsha Maquinna as if to say ‘I know who you are’. Kelly John then started a prayer in his language asking, “creator watch over this one, guide him to safety. Let him not be harmed by the mamulthnee during their attempts to capture him.” “Hello Tsuu-xiit it is me your friend, and your family is here too, look it is Yathloua your son and your qua-oots Marsha as well,” said Kelly. After Kelly finished talking, Tsuu-xiit started to go around the canoes as if to see who had all come to visit him. The next individual he visited was Jerry

Jack who he allowed to rub several times in a fond greeting. Tsuu-xiit then turned and went to where Ed Jack was sitting and rubbed elbows so to speak as Ed’s elbows were slightly over the side of the canoe. DFO’s Ed Thorburn and another Officer approached to see what was happening. After a few questions they left and watched from a distance. The songs Ambrose used to enjoy singing or listening to were sung. Tsuuxiit then began to be playful as if he was Mowachaht / Muchalaht pullers gently touch Tsu-xiit with their paddles dancing back and forth from one side to Then, on Thursday June 24th, after ten the other of the canoes, splashing some days of struggle on the water, and after while spraying others with his breath continued from page 1 numerous phone calls to various DFO Tsuu-xiit was excited. practicing our culture and traditions. The and First Nations leaders, Mowachaht / As this was going on DFO returned and concern and apprehension we have is Muchalaht got their way. Ed Thorburn requested to come aboard that DFO is escalating this into a “DFO has agreed to stop the capture and help with the paddling back to the conflict. We demand they stop trying to process until we have a chance to sit Reserve, and was granted permission by intimidate our people, and cease capture down and talk,” Maquinna told Mike Maquinna. efforts until protocol can be developed,” reporters in Gold River. “It is by no Five songs were sung before it was time he said. means over, but we’ve gotten into the to go back in. Kelly said a final prayer “We’re not trying to intimidate anyone,” planning process where we should have while Tsuu-xiit came up next to Yathloua said Ron Kehl, Fisheries Officer in been from the beginning,” he said. (Mike Maquinna) as if to share a final charge of the Luna operation. “I’m moment with him knowing it was time confident the officers are operating very “DFO has agreed to stop the to say good night. safely and appropriately. We may have During the trip back, the two canoes capture process until we have a to step up enforcement actions, but stayed tight together with only the chance to sit down and talk,” we’re trying to avoid charges if at all outside paddlers guiding them in. TsuuMaquinna told reporters. “It is possible,” he said. xiit followed and played with the various Earlier in the week, Joyce and by no means over, but we’ve paddlers by splashing some and Maquinna met on a few occasions, with gotten into the planning process surprising others by popping up right the DFO leader emerging and using where we should have been from beside them; but he was always gentle. conciliatory language. the beginning,” he said. This whale never made any sudden “Seeing the singing, drumming, and moves that would jeopardize the safety cultural connection was really inspiring,” Over at the DFO encampment, of the crew members, even when he said Joyce after returning from a trip to communications personnel quickly bumped the stern of the canoes playing Yuquot with the Mowachaht / Muchalaht distributed a short statement from DFO, with rudder men Kelly and James. Tyee Ha’wilth. “We respect that the First refusing to answer any questions. This first greeting of the canoes and Nations are practicing their traditions “We understand the cultural and Tsuu-xiit seemed to have made Mike with the whale. I’ve gained a lot of spiritual significance of Luna to the Maquinna and his people more respect for their beliefs and their Mowachaht / Muchalaht First Nation,” determined to fight for this lone killer connection to the whale. The priority DFO said in their prepared statement. whale in Mowachaht/Muchalaht right now is about being respectful, and “We have had a number of discussions territory. we will proceed at some point but we with them and have attempted to want to do that in a mutually respectful accommodate their needs and views in way,” she said. our operations. It is evident however, A few days later, Joyce said her only that further discussions are required, concern was the success of the and in the interest of public safety and reunification effort, adding “if there’s a well-being of the whale, we will be willingness from First Nations to meeting with First Nations over coming proceed, we’re interested in discussions days to review options. Consequently, with them”. for the time being, Fisheries and Mike Maquinna offered to lead a Oceans Canada is deferring operations reunification plan which he believes to relocate the whale.” would be less harmful. The plan would involve Mowachaht / Muchalaht canoes Over at the DFO encampment, leading Tsu-xiit out of Nootka Sound, communications personnel and 350 km down the west coast of quickly distributed a short Vancouver Island to the San Juan Islands. Joyce dismissed the plan as statement from DFO, refusing to being too dangerous. answer any questions. Maquinna accused Joyce of misrepresenting his Nation to the media “Things were escalating and getting when she reported his First Nation serious,” Maquinna said, citing agreed to a proposed 500-metre buffer numerous close calls between canoes zone around Tsu-xiit. and DFO boats, and threats of potential “Ms Joyce has lost all credibility with charges against paddlers and support the Mowachaht / Muchalaht First Nation boat skippers. “The strength came from and the Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council,” our membership. We’ve been very Maquinna wrote in a letter to DFO culturally active and that will continue Director General Kevin Stringer, calling to happen,” he said. “Our hope is that for Joyce’s removal from the relocation things can work out better than they project. “We no longer have any faith in have, communication will improve, and her ability to properly consult with us Marilyn is not part of future and communicate with us on a regular discussions.” basis and in a meaningful way.” “I’m very happy today,” said the Sitting and waiting quietly for “I’m disappointed you’re asking for my mother of Tyee Ha’wilth Mike the whale’s arrival, Tsuu-xiit replacement,” Joyce said to Maquinna Maquinna, Gloria Maquinna, tears silently rose out of the water after being personally presented with a streaming down her face as she was copy of the letter. “I feel our relations right in front of Yathloua ( Mike helped up the boat ramp by have been respectful, but as long as I am Maquinna) instinctively knowing granddaughter Marsha. “These are tears on this job I’m going to do the best I of joy. It’s been really emotional these this is his kin, flesh and blood can,” she said as her voice quivered. past ten days and I’m proud my son and


and then turning to Marsha as if to say I know who you are.

our Nation didn’t give up,” she said.

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Canoes lead Tsuu-xiit to Yuquot By Brian Tate Northern Region Reporter Muchalaht Inlet - On Wednesday, June 16th, two canoes filled with 18 people from Mowachaht/Muchalaht launched from Ahaminaquus to attempt to lead Tsuu-xiit the killer whale away from his attempted capturers. The journey started early in the morning, and by the time they reached Yuquot in the evening, they were able to celebrate their first success keeping Tsuxiit free from DFO and the Vancouver Aquarium. The day started at 7:45 a.m. and all is quiet as the two canoes slowly make their way out from the small boat launch at Ahaminaquus. After a few minutes of paddling, Jerry Jack performed a prayer chant for guidance, protection, strength, and courage to make it through the day.

The day started at 7:45 a.m. and all is quiet as the two canoes slowly make their way out from the small boat launch at Ahaminaquus. After a few minutes of paddling, Jerry Jack performs a prayer chant for guidance, protection, strength, and courage to make it through the day. Along for support and safety is the Mowachaht / Muchal;aht Fisheries boat We-he-tsinup driven by Edwin Jack, who follows at a safe distance. With him are two reporters from CBC French Canada and a pair of reporters from the Province Newspaper who managed to get on board to cover the unfolding events of the day. Paddling for a half hour without seeing the killer whale brings on a small anxiety of “Where is he? Is he here?” The singers start to sing one of the songs that late Ambrose enjoyed singing and listening to, as the canoes approach Victor Island a short distance from the old village they see Tsuu-xiit feeding on chinook salmon. The next anxious moment comes from being unsure how will he receive the paddlers, whether he will follow, or will he continue eating? After the canoes tie together to make one, it is clear he will follow. Tsuu-xiit goes to each individual paddler as if to acknowledge who they are, stopping frequently with Marsha Maquinna the oldest daughter of Mike Maquinna. The paddlers start to sing more songs with a happier and more energetic tone in their voices, as they start off on their journey once more.

With the wind picking up it is decided to put the mast and sails up to make better time heading to Yuquot. With the speed increasing, so does Tsuu-xiit. It is clear he is enjoying this day with the paddlers and the songs being sung, he shows his cheekiness by pushing on the paddles, rubbing the canoes, and spraying the paddlers from his blowhole. While Tsuu-xiit follows he enjoys having the blade of the paddle held on his nose, and tends to surprise various paddlers by popping up suddenly and splashing them. This continues on for a few hours until the canoes reach a place called Ous Reserve. Here the canoes meet up with Hesquiaht Chief Councilor Joe Tom, his wife Geraldine, and others on his boat. The other boat traveling with Joe is the Hesquiaht Fisheries boat driven by Rufus Charleson, carrying Hesquiaht Tyee Hawiilth Dominic Andrews (Matlahoua), Dr. Simon Lucas and his wife Julia, Cliff Lucas, Nora Lucas, and Paul Lucas. Once the two boats from Hesquiaht get close enough, Jerry Jack says in his language, “Hesquiaht you are welcome into the Mowachaht / Muchalaht territory and we are happy to see you, please join us”. This was followed with a welcome song to the guests by all the paddlers. One of the paddlers received a surprise from the Hesquiaht as her son was with them, returning home after being away with his young family for several months. He came home not only to see his mother, but also to support his relatives in their efforts to lead Tsuu-xiit out to Yuquot. Around 11 am the two canoes continue on their way with the killer whale still following and playing with the canoes. An hour later they reach Mooya Bay the place Tsuu-xiit was originally sighted three years ago. Tsuu-xiit takes off from the canoes and heads towards the bay to feed on his favored Chinook salmon.

With the wind picking up it is decided to put the mast and sails up to make better time heading to Yuquot, with the speed increasing so does Tsuu-xiit. It is clear he is enjoying this day with the paddlers and the songs being sung, he shows his cheekiness by pushing on the paddles, rubbing the canoes, and spraying the paddlers from his blowhole. Tsuu-xiit’s sudden departure brought on several questions, “Did we lose him? Can we catch up to him?” These questions were answered quickly, as

Tsu-xiit visits with Chief Jerry Jack en route to Yuquot Tsuu-xiit started to breach and splash about as if he was joyful for his return to Mooya. He continued to do this on several occasions. The paddlers watched in amazement at the height and the ease he seemed to have jumping out of the water. There were constant ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhhs’ as he breached. Laughter could be heard at the show Tsuu-xiit was putting on. Upon his return to the canoes, Tsuu-xiit swims on his side, slapping the water quite hard, leaving the paddlers to only guess as to what he meant. Some said “he is saying thank you for bringing me out”. Others said “he is waving at us!” Once more the canoes were on their way out to Yuquot, and it is now just after noon. Tuta Marina is now in sight along with Grieg Seafoods’ fish farm at Williamson Passage. The paddlers decide to rest once they reach the calm waters of Tuta Marina. While the paddlers rest, Tsuu-xiit gently rubs against the Hesquiaht Fisheries boat and moves back and forth to the canoes. At 1pm, Charlie Lucas arrived in his boat, and the canoes were once again underway after being fed by their Hesquiaht guests. This time the canoes are separated and are moving faster now that they have a flotilla behind them. Along with We-he-

Mowachaht / Muchalaht canoe pullers paddle late into the night, leading Tsu-xiit to Yuquot, and away from DFO netpens near Gold River.

tsinup, there were three Hesquiaht boats and the Ahousaht Fisheries boat that joined shortly after leaving Tuta. The paddlers feel a sense of joy because so many other people from different Nations had joined them on this journey.

The paddlers feel a sense of joy because so many other people from different Nations had joined them on this journey. Throughout the afternoon paddlers were switching off with relatives from the neighboring Nations. “What a relief to be able to rest,” someone said. “I am glad they came.” After rounding San Carlos Point the wind picked up but the canoes kept going and Tsuu-xiit still followed. The most difficult part of the journey was now just in front of the paddlers, and winds continued to rise as the canoes paddled into the chop while traveling through Fidalgo Passage, and the Spanish Pilot Group Islands. The paddlers were getting more tired, with less people willing to trade off because of fatigue. The decision was made to tow the canoes and ferry the paddlers across Cook Channel. Once across the channel the paddlers resumed their journey with Tsuu-xiit at Saavedra Islands and paddled into Yuquot arriving around 5:30 pm. Once in the cove there was a sense of relief and a feeling of victory as the people paddlers thwarted DFO and Vancouver Aquariums’ plan to capture Tsuu-xiit on this day. Max’s Water Taxi loaded everyone on and took them home to Ahaminaquus, where they were greeted with warm cheers and lots of hugs from waiting friends and relatives.

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Chief Earl Maquinna George and Tim Paul honoured By Denise August, Central Region Reporter Port Alberni- Friends and family of Ahousaht Chief Earl George and renowned Hesquiaht artist Tim Paul gathered at the Alberni Athletic Hall on Sunday, June 27 to honour the two men for their accomplishments. George, an Ahousaht Chief and Elder, was being recognised for his scholastic achievements and the publication of his book, Living on the Edge, an anecdotal portrayal of George’s life growing up in Ahousaht. Tim Paul, a world renowned, gifted artist was acknowledged for receiving the Royal Academy of Arts Award. Nelson Keitlah greeted the guests, asking that a moment of silence be observed for the late Carl Jumbo of Ahousaht who had just passed away that day. He announced that today’s celebration was to honour the two men for the recent achievements in their careers. Dinner songs from Ahousaht, Huu-ayaht, Mowachaht, and Hesquiaht were performed before guests sat down to a buffet-style meal of roast beef, salmon, ham, and salads. Following dinner, Keitlah, standing next to George, congratulated him on an award he won for his historical book. “We are proud, as Ahousahts, of his achievement and I want to say to you on behalf of Josephine (Earl’s wife), and the family how proud we are of you and what you’ve accomplished,” said Keitlah. George’s son, Lewis, thanked the people on behalf of his parents for attending the dinner to honour his father and others. He said his brother Corby could not make it from his home in Pitt Meadows but sent his congratulations through a phone call that day. Lewis explained that his father worked for the Coast Guard for about 25 years then decided to work on a University

education. He earned a Bachelor degree first, then followed up with a Master’s degree from the University of Victoria, proving that higher education isn’t only for the young. George recently wrote his book, Living on the Edge, which won an award that garnered an invitation for a celebratory dinner from BC’s Lieutenant Governor last May. Unfortunately, the dinner invitation allowed George only one guest. It was then that the family decided they would host a Nuu-chah-nulth-style dinner where many friends and family could come and share in the celebration. Lewis concluded by congratulating his father and thanking the guests for showing support to Earl for what he’s done. Richard Lucas announced that artist Tim Paul won the Royal Academy of Arts Award. Speaking on behalf of Paul, Lucas said he didn’t want the celebration to focus on Paul. Instead, Paul wanted to honour the Elders that guided him throughout his youth and career. Paul said it was through their wisdom, guidance and teachings that made him the success he is today. He wanted to thank them for always being there when he needed them. Some are gone now: Alice Paul, Moses Smith, Paul ‘Frisco’ Lucas, Charlie and Caroline Mickey, and Dr. George Louie. “George Louie said to me, you will be able to do what you want to do and go where you want to go because you are not afraid to ask,” remembered Paul. He thanked those that are there for his family when he needs them and left with his own words of wisdom, “You need to understand that healing is your job.” He urged the people to reach out and take responsibility for their own healing. Earl and Josephine presented a final award to Lewis and Cathy George for their successful business venture ‘House of Himwitsa’ located in Tofino. The evening ended with short congratu latory speeches from some of the guests.

Earl George, an Ahousaht Chief Tim Paul, a world-renowned, and Elder, was recognised for his gifted artist was acknowledged scholastic achievements and the for receiving the Royal Academy publication of his book, Living on of Arts Award. the Edge; an anecdotal portrayal of his life growing up in Ahousaht.

Certified General Accountants

Degruchy, Norton & Co.

“Specializing in First Nations taxation, auditing & •Jay R. Norton, FCGA, CAFM strategic management •Cory McIntosh, CGA, CAFM, CFP planning.” Bus.: (250) 724-0185 Fax: (250) 724-1774 Toll Free: (866) 724-0185

2nd Floor, 4445 Gertrude St. Port Alberni, B.C. V9Y 6J7

Tla-o-qui-aht people march through their Esowista Reserve and Tofino to raise awareness of the issue of violence against women.

Tla-o-qui-aht Marches to End Violence By Denise August, Central Region Reporter Tofino- The people of Tla-o-qui-aht and their guests took park in an ‘awareness walk’ on June 16 in an effort to bring attention to the issue of violence against women that continues to plague our communities. One participant said week after week there are reports of alcohol-induced rapes and beatings of women and they just don’t know what to do to stop it. The participant went on to say that victims of such abuses seem to be getting younger and younger and there is a fear that people might begin to accept

these atrocities as normal. Carrying placards with slogans urging people to respect mothers, sisters, and aunts as life-givers, the people began their march on the beach at Esowista. Singing songs and drumming, dozens of men, women, youth, and children marched through the reserve before driving to Tin Wis Resort. There, they resumed their march into Tofino with an RCMP escort all the way to the waterfront. Once there, Marie Atleo led a powerful prayer chant before participants boarded traditional canoes for the trip across the inlet to Opitsaht. Participants and organizers gathered for luncheon and to share goodwill.

TimberWest supports Tseshaht archaeology By Hazel Cook Ha-Shilth-Sa Reporter Port Alberni - With the sun shining and a light, warm breeze in the air, the instructors and students of the Tseshaht First Nation and North Island College (NIC) Co-operative Archaeological Field School couldn’t have asked for anything better. On June 15th, Deb Foxcroft gratefully accepted a donation of $500 from Steve Lorimer, Manager of First Nations and Community Relations from TimberWest. Many request for donation letters were sent out to various companies. The letter was directed to TimberWest’s donation committee who approved the TseshahtNIC letter. “The donation committee looks for many features in a group

asking for donations. Education and area related are a few. Because (the Tseshaht-NIC field school) lies within Tseshaht territory, it was easy for us to say yes.” Lorimer said. Patricia Watts, Research Coordinator, the person who brainstormed the idea of having a archaeological dig in Tseshaht territory, said that even some of the students had donated some of their own money to help cover costs of the dig. Watts said that when she first started planning the dig, she asked many archaeologists to instruct the course/dig, but many of them were too busy. She went to the NIC open house and met Eric Forgenge, who agreed to instruct the class of 17 students as it would provide an excellent training session for the students involved.

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NTC hosts Grad 2004 By Brian Tate Northern Region Reporter Maht Mahs – The Maht Mahs gymnasium was packed to capacity as friends and family witnessed one of the largest Nuu-chah-nulth graduating classes (52). Hundreds celebrated and honoured their children on Saturday June 26th. The Master of ceremonies for the evening was Jennifer and Vanessa Gallic, daughters of Jason and Diane Gallic from Tseshaht First Nation. “You have persevered in this world of technology and made it through 12 years of school and have made it here tonight I would like to congratulate you for completing school,” said Richard Watts. Keynote speaker Emily Recalma told students what it means to be a graduate. “You sit here this afternoon graduates not just because you fulfilled all the academic requirements, but because you have reached a stage in your lives where you are now carriers of the tools needed to make decisions that will guide you in the life you now get to mould and build for yourselves. Education is the only thing that nobody can take away from you. It is wholly and completely yours. It is your lever and it is your key to reaching the goals you may or may not have decided on yet. In learning, you not only come away with knowledge but you also learn habits. Habits that will serve you and others well in life. And by this I don’t mean how to write neatly and not to crease your essays before you hand them in. Rather, it is habits of analytical thinking. The habit of being curious, of evaluating and wanting to know more. The habit of not believing everything you read. By attending school you have taught yourselves these habits by sheer process. All that is needed is an open mind and a will to know more. With knowledge we learn how to step out of the small world that we once imagined revolved around us, and we see that the world has so much in it. There are so many things to learn, and so little time to do it. You must be commended for how far you have come. You have completed no easy task. I have found that well meaning people often give you a lot of advice as to what you should do with your life. But honestly, only you can decide. I encourage you as you lay in bed tonight, not to feel pressured to come up with a plan or to come up with something you say you are interested in rather, I encourage you to think of a chance you’d like to take. What are you fascinated by? What makes your stomach feel a little sick with anticipation? These are the things that make great people. Not those with the

most knowledge, rather it is those with enough knowledge and the guts to take a chance. Kurt Vonnegut commented on this when he said that “we have to be continually jumping off cliff’s and developing our wings on the way down.” I believe that when we are too comfortable we are not making a difference. Jump now, and figure it out later. We are the new generation. We must meld the past with the future and work towards creating a better life for our communities. One of the ways we can do this is with education. Every chance we take, every time we wonder about something and decide to look it up is valuable. Education is a bank that collects interest. We need to use the opportunities that are there for us to help make a better life for ourselves and our communities. So enjoy your accomplishments, revel in your milestone. You have learned a lot along the way and it was not all found in your text books. Now you get to decide what chances are you going to take. What you are willing to put on the line. This is the greatest opportunity you have ever had. The opportunity to choose your future. Congratulations on your terrific accomplishment. I wish you all the best in the future.” Other speakers included the Nuu-chahnulth Princess Ali Richards and Nuuchah-nulth Role Model Bethany Watts followed by Charity Mack this years NTC Valedictorian speech. “My name is Charity Mack. I am from the Ahousaht First Nation. My parents are Janet and Willie Mack. I graduated from John Barsby Community School in Nanaimo B.C. I have lived in Ahousaht most of my life. For grade 12 I decided to move to the city and experience the new and larger environment, prepare myself for what is expected of me and adopt to the whole new and larger environment. In order to continue on with my education, which I have planned. I will live in this environment. But I will some day return to Ahousaht, my home, and take part in contributing what I have achieved and what I am capable of doing to make it a better place. On behalf of the graduates we have several people to thank. First of all we would like to thank you all for coming to celebrate this day with us. We would like to acknowledge all the Hawiilth for being here today. Thanks to the Chief and Council and the members of the Tseshaht First Nation for welcoming us into your territory to celebrate this special event. Thank you to the NuuChah-Nulth Tribal Council for all your hard work in getting this day organized. Thanks to all the cooks for their preparation of the wonderful meal. We

would like to say thank you to all of our friends for making our education fun and exciting. Thanks to our brothers and sisters for all the help with the homework and giving us the spare time to attend our school and non-events. Thanks to all our Aunts and Uncles, cousins and grandparents for all the advice and encouragement you had to offer. We would like to give a special thanks to our parents for always being by our side in good times and bad. Thank you for all your hard work you put in getting us this far. Getting us to school, checking up on us in school and making sure we were always caught up with our school work. Thanks again to you all for all of your support and always believing in us, it is greatly appreciated. To the graduates I would like to say NTC Valedictorian Charity Mack congratulations on your big to change your goals as well, but when accomplishment. But don’t take this as you go through that next-door don’t the finish; it is only the beginning of a close it behind you for you have new journey. From here there is no younger brothers and sisters behind looking backwards, we can only move you. You have taken another step in forwards. I encourage you all to being your own person, so be careful continue on with your education. I know and be safe and once again you have it in you to succeed in what congratulations,” said Archie Little ever you do. Just set your heart, mind Northern Region Co-chair. and soul to all of your goals, even to the “It goes to show me that you are smallest acts. This is the secret to already leading, showing us the success success. Whatever you decide to do in we have. I am swelling up with pride life, give it your best effort. Your hard from the youth here and I would like to will pay and success will be yours. For congratulate you today. I would also it is not what lies behind us or what lies like to say Tlecko, Tlecko for making before us, it is what lies within us. Do Nuu-Chah-Nulth very proud tonight. not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead where there is no path and leave a trail. Not I, not anyone else can travel The Nuu-Chah-Nulth 2004 the path for you. You must travel it for Graduates are as follows: yourself. Only you are capable of seeing Ahousaht: Alice Atleo, Tyson Atleo, what is down that path and what the Violet Campbell, Byron Charlie, future holds for you. I encourage you to Michael Frank, Michael Gregory, keep trying until you reach your goals. Aaron Keitlah, Nelson Keitlah, Do all that you know and try all that you Howard LaFortune Jr., Courtney don’t know. Be strong and be wrong, Louie, Tabitha Louie, Charity Mack, because for every mistake we must Gina Mack, Grace Marshall, Shezellsurely be learning. Don’t be afraid to Rae Samuel, Joyce Smith, Gary reach out for help and never stop asking Swan, Gladys Swan, Nancy Titian, questions. So let’s help each other out to Gary Thomas, Shirley Thomas. make our communities stronger and safer places, because some day we will Ditidaht: Cynthia Eaton, Chelsea be the next leaders of our communities. Edgar, Gordon Robinson. Ehattesaht: So never give up on your hopes and Sheila John, Darcy John, Kyle Harry, dreams, you can make them come true. Chancellor Amos. Hesquiaht: So I encourage you to go for it, make it Karleena George, Lee Lucas, happen. Become doctors, lawyers, police Michelle Sabbas. Hupacasath: Ernie officers, professional athletes or that Michaud. Huu-ay-aht: Melissa Hoeft, successful person you wish to be. Just Coraleah Johnson, Henry Williams. keep striving to achieve your goals. Kyuquot/Checklesaht: Jesse George, Always be thankful for your family and Wayne Vincent. friends who are always here to support Mowachaht/Muchalaht: Richard you in any way they can. And always Mark. Tla-o-qui-aht: Patricia Barker, remember who you are and where you Renee Charlie, Catherine Matthew, came from. Be proud to be Nuu-ChahChristen Thompson, Sylvia Williams. Nulth,” she said. Tseshaht: Cherie Bullock, Victoria Charity’s speech was followed by the Dick, Teoni Fred, Alice Gallic, Co-Chairs address by Archie Little and Bonnie Gallic, Leanna Maquinna. Shawn Atleo. Ucluelet: Jake George, Jami Manson, “To the Grads; at this time of year is Rose Touchie. fun for us because we get to witness your accomplishments. I want you to dream, for dreams are our goals. It is ok

The Nuu-chah-nulth graduating Class of 2004

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Education - h=a-h=o-pa Hesquiaht students to get innovative new school By Denise August, Central Region Reporter Hot Springs Cove – Hesquiaht students up to Grade Twelve may soon have a new school in Hot Springs Cove, bringing to an end the dangerous commute for students by sea to neighboring Ahousaht.

Hesquiaht students up to grade twelve may soon have a new school in Hot Springs Cove, bringing to an end the dangerous commute for students by sea to neighboring Ahousaht. For years elementary students have attended the two-classroom school located in the basement of the Community Building that also once served as Hesquiaht Band Office. Primary students (Kindergarten to Grade Four) have used one room while Grades Five to Seven have used the other room. There is no gymnasium, instead, teachers must provide physical education classes outside or, in bad weather, the upstairs meeting area, an area not suitable for such activities. High School students have to leave the community entirely to attend school in Ahousaht. They must be on the boat by 7:30 a.m. for the half hour trip. In winter storms the ocean can be life threatening. Students are often stranded in one community or the other due to bad weather. Hesquiaht Administrator, Nancy VanHeest, is proud to announce that a beautifully designed, technologically innovative new school is soon to be constructed right in the community. Marceau Evans Architects who also designed Ditidaht’s new school says Hesquiaht’s new school, measuring 14,300 square feet, features a floor plan divided into three areas: a classroom wing, a central story-telling and library area supported by administration areas, and the gymnasium wing that includes the kitchen and eating area. The building, says architect Leung Chow, is designed as a post-disaster facility, meaning that it can serve the community’s shelter needs should an ordeal such as the 1964 tsunami occur. Chow says building features included four classrooms covering Kindergarten to Grade Twelve with a science nook in the senior classroom. Other areas include a library, computer resources,

lobby / multi-purpose story telling area, gymnasium with built in bleachers, full kitchen, eating area overlooking gymnasium, administration areas for offices, staff room, and storage, etc., washrooms with changing areas. He says special factors had to be taken into consideration when designing the new school. The community is remote, only accessible by boat or float plane. Utility services for such a large building is another challenge, especially in a community serviced by diesel generators. Using what Chow calls a ‘noteworthy integrated design approach’, Marceau Evans Architects set about designing a school that would meet the needs of the community as well as take advantage of environmental forces to run school systems.

Using a ‘noteworthy integrated design approach’, Marceau Evans Architects set about designing a school that would meet the needs of the community as well as take advantage of environmental forces to run school systems. “Many factors affected the design of the school,” says Chow, ”but perhaps two driving forces behind the proposed design are, the remoteness of the site and its severe climatic conditions, and that the area is designated as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.” These 2 conditions gave the Project Team a challenging opportunity to design a fully integrated eco-sensitive project. The team adopted the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) model as a reference point to assess design decisions. The design philosophy, according to Chow, is to minimize site intervention, maximize the use of regional materials, minimize the size and complexity of the building systems, (structural, mechanical, and electrical), minimize energy required for the building, and to use the climatic conditions as sources of energy for the school. For example: • the strong and frequent winds are used to naturally ventilate the building; no need for large mechanical fan units that are used in conventional construction of schools this size. • site planning diverts storm run-off to detention pond near school to

TSESHAHT MARKET FULL SERVICE GROCERIES, GAS BAR, HOT FOODS, SNACKS AND SO MUCH MORE! Hours of operation - 7:00 am - 10:30 pm Phone: 724-3944 E-mail: tseshahtmarket@shaw.ca ~ Web address: www.tseshahtmarket.ca

An architect’s model of the future Hesquiaht school

lessen erosion problems that currently exist within the community. This pond also acts as the source of energy for a geoexchange heat pump system. Basically, the heat pump system operates like a refrigerator turned inside-out, that is, instead of cooling the inside of a refrigerator, it will warm the inside of a ‘refrigerator’, which in this case is the inside of the school. The 3.3m of annual rainfall will ‘recharge’ the pond frequently to allow the heat pump system to operate year round. a radiant concrete floor slab (warmed by the heat pumps) will provide a silent, comfortable, and even heat throughout the building, and has the benefit of keeping the building warm during off-hours, requiring no energy when the community generators are shut down. rainwater will be collected and used for sewage conveyance, lessening

the demand of potable water from the community water tower • the building has been sited to protect play areas from the wind, while optimizing the aerodynamics of the building roof planes to use the prevailing wind to ventilate the building. Large roof overhangs on the protected side of the building offer outdoor activity areas during rainy periods. • all heavy timbers and siding (cedar) will be milled locally by band members with training supervised by the construction manager the construction manager will involve Hesquiaht First Nation team members in all aspects of the project. Hesquiaht is awaiting approval from INAC who are currently reviewing Design Development Documents. Proposed construction is expected to begin in early 2005 subject to INAC funding approval.


TRAFFIC AND PARKING ENFORCEMENT Effective June 21, 2004 Tofino Bylaw Enforcement shall be issuing Notices of Infractions against the District of Tofino Traffic and Parking Regulation Bylaw No. 704, 1995. These notices shall be given to ANY VEHICLE that is parked longer than the allotted time in 30 minute, 1 hour and 2 hour timed zones. Offshore vehicles, displaying a valid decal, will be permitted long-term parking in zones designated 4 hours or longer. ALL TRAFFIC AND PARKING INFRACTIONS SHALL BE FULLY ENFORCED. D.V. (Vaughan) Lee Chief Bylaw Enforcement Officer District of Tofino 121-3rd Street Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0 (250) 725-3229

NTC ELEMENTARY SECONDARY SCHOLARSHIPS The 2004 E/S Scholarship applications are now available at all First Nations offices, SD 70 & SD 84 schools and on the NTC website, nuuchahnulth.org. The deadline for the completed scholarship application packages to be received at the NTC office is 4:30 p.m., Friday, July 9th, 2004. Applications can be faxed to 250.723.0463. With demands on the NTC education budgets, we shall only be able to accept applications from students who are registered members of Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council member First Nations.

SCHOLARSHIP CELEBRATION Friday July 23, 2004, 6 p.m. Maht Mahs Gym, Port Alberni Chumus provided after award presentations. For more information call Eileen Haggard or Blair Thompson at 724-5757 Scholarship Applications can be picked up from your band office or the Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council office. If you are living away from home you can download the application off of the N.T.C website – www.nuuchahnulth.org

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mis Sports - %im-cca^ p-m Tseshaht youth runs toward his dream Submitted by Betty Johannessen for Ha-Shilth-Sa Port Alberni - Johnny’s parents are Priscilla and Johnny Larsen Sr. He is the great, greatgrandson of Bessie and John Dick, who was a well known long distance runner. Johnny lives with his grandmother, Mary Donna Morris, who is his biggest fan. She says, “Johnny has always loved to run. He got his first pair of Nike running shoes when he was one and did his first sprint down the aisle of a supermarket. I’m very proud of Johnny and his accomplishments. I never thought that spending my birthdays and Mother’s Day at the track would be a yearly event, but that’s what I do. I enjoy watching him run. I appreciate the dedication and discipline he shows as an athlete. He has fun and always does his best.” He will be competing in the B.C. Junior Pentathlon Championships in Nanaimo on June 26th. This will also be Johnny’s third year competing in the Junior B.C. Championships in Track and Field, held in Kamloops on July 23rd - 25th. Remembering that all great athletes started out as a child with a dream, we will be watching as Johnny “runs” toward his dream. Johnny Larsen, 13, a member of the Tseshaht Band, has been making a name for himself in track and field events at the local, island and provincial levels. He has been competing for the past three years. The first year of competition he won the True Grit award for determination and dedication at the local level. For the Island he placed seventh for track and field events and tenth for the Run, Jump and throw. Provincially he won the bronze medal for two hundred metre hurdles. In 2003 he improved dramatically receiving the Senior Boy Overall trophy locally, second for Run, Jump and Throw and third for track in the Island series.

Tournaments Alberni Valley Kid Wrestling Camp 2004 The Alberni Wrestling Club is again hosting its annual Kids Wrestling Camp July 68. If you are interested in attending contact Maureen Messenger at 723-3540 for a registration form, or just show up at ADSS on July 6th at 10:00am and register at the door. No previous experience is necessary as most participants are beginners. Camp Dates: July 6th 7th 8th Time: 10:00 am to 12:00 noon Place: Camp Cost: Equipment:

Alberni District Secondary School Gym Free Ages: Boys and Girls ages 9-12. Gym strip (shorts or sweat pants, clean runners and T-Shirt)

Andrew David’s “Team Opitsaht” will be hosting a 2nd Annual Slow Pitch Tournament July 16, 17 & 18, 2004 AT WICKANINNISH FIELD, TOFINO This will consist of 7 male and 3 female on field at all times. The entry fee is $300.00 per team. There will be trophies and cash prizes. $100.00 deposit by July 7, 2004 to secure a spot in tournament. Please make cheque or money order payable to Andrew David and mail to PO Box 18, Tofino, B.C. V0R-2Z0 Based on 14 Teams Based on 12 Teams 1st Place---------------------$1800.00 1st Place---------------------$1500.00 nd 2 Place--------------------$1000.00 2nd Place--------------------$1000.00 3rd Place---------------------$ 750.00 4th Place---------------------$ 500.00

3rd Place---------------------$ 500.00

To register your team for the tournament please contact Andrew David at 725-4495 or leave message with Vickie Amos at 725-3233. Men’s Fast Pitch Tournament Wes Thomas Dedication Tournament July 16, 17 and 18, Recreation Park, Port Alberni

Provincially he placed eight times in the top ten for his age group primarily in hurdles, sprints and throws. This improvement is a result of hard work on Johnny's part. He practices twice a week with the AV Track and field club and three times a week with running coach, Asker Naesgaard. This year in Sidney, his first meet of the season, he received a personal best in each of the events he entered, placing first in the 200 metre sprint. In Victoria he won gold in the distance hurdles, silver in the high jump and bronze in the 800 metre. In Duncan, he got eight personal bests, receiving five first place ribbons. With the 200 metre sprint being his favourite event with a time of 28.1 seconds.

Tlu-piich Coordinator Eunice Joe My name is Eunice Joe. I am from the Huu-ay-aht First Nation. My parents are Judy Joe and (late) Herbie Joe. I am pleased to join the staff at the Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council as the coordinator for the 2004 Tlupiich Games. Summer is here and it is time to begin preparing for the Games. This year will mark the 23rd annual Tlu-piich Games. Every year the success of the Games relies on the help of volunteers from the community. For more information or to volunteer please do not hesitate to contact me at the NTC office (250) 724-5757. I look forward to your attendance and participation at this year’s event. Deadline for Sports Hall of Fame Nominations: The deadline for Sports Hall of Fame Nominations has been set for Friday, July 16, 2004. Any one interested in nominating an outstanding athlete can contact Eunice Joe, Tlu-piich Games Coordinator at the Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council (250) 7245757 for nomination forms or for more information. Deadline for Nuu-chah-nulth Princess Pageant/Youth Role Model Event: The deadline for the Nuu-chah-nulth Princess Pageant/Youth Role Model Event has been set for Monday, July 12, 2004. Any one interested in participating can contact Eunice Joe, Tlu-piich Games Coordinator at the Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council (250) 724-5757 for registration forms or for more information. Dates for 2004 Tlu-piich Games The dates for the 2004 Tlu-piich Games are as follows: Nuu-chah-nulth Princess Pageant/Youth Role Model Retreat July 18 – 20, 2004 Nuu-chah-nulth Princess Pageant/Youth Role Model Event July 20, 2004 Nuu-chah-nulth Tlu-piich Games Canoe Challenge July 20, 2004 Nuu-chah-nulth Tlu-piich Games July 22 – 25, 2004 Times and locations of events to be confirmed. For more information contact Eunice Joe at (250) 724-5757.

Entry fee: $350.00 per team Dead line for entry: July 2, 2004. First place prize: $1000.00 Second place prize: $650.00 Third place prize: $350.00 Plus place and individual trophies.

For information and registration contact. Tom Campbell 250-670-2456 Travis Thomas 250-670-2423 Wally Samuel 250-724-5290 E-mail: wally-samuel@shaw.ca Entry fee by cash or certified cheque.

To All Retired Softball Players - 50+ or other Any individuals or team wishing to take part in a fun game at the Wes Thomas Tribute on July 17th or 18th please contact Tom Campbell or Wally Samuel or coach Francis Amos prior to the games. Any other coaches out there to help are encouraged to come out and participate. "If possible please squeeze into old uniforms” If we get more that two teams we will accommodate everyone (Rules & Regulations will be discussed) Also aside from what will be a fun filled weekend we will be accepting any volunteer help with scorekeeping, field work and whatever else needs organizing. Also anyone wishing to acknowledge or tribute anyone else between games please let us know before tourney starts or 1 or 2 games before hand. We are also hoping to have a loonie toonie draw. Please come out and help us make this a memorable weekend. Tom Campbell

LSC Thunder 9th Annual Fast Pitch Tournament July 23, 24 & 25, 2004 at Recreation Stadium in Port Alberni Entry Fee: $350.00, 1st Place: $1500.00 guaranteed Based on 8 teams For more information please contact Les Sam @ (250) 723-8950 or Richard Sam @ (250) 723-8503. We hope to hear from you…

Tseshaht First Nation 10 Day Sports Extravaganza 2004! August 13-15th - Sr. Mixed Slo-pitch 40 team entry - $300.00/fee All prizes are based on Team registries. Example: 15 Sr. Men’s teams, Prize payouts will stand as listed. August 16 – 8th - 18 – 20th Jr. 16-under, Intermediate 17-21 yrs Ball Hockey & Basketball 15 Team Entry - $250.00/fee nd August 20-22 - Sr. Men’s “C” Division Open Fastball 15 Team Entry/fee All teams must pay half of registration fee prior to tournament dates, the balance is to be paid before first game commences. Cheques for registration fees can be made out to the Tseshaht First Nation Recreation Department. Locations for play times will be provided the day before each event (meeting will be held the night before with /coaches). Contact Tseshaht Recreation Coordinator – Gina Pearson by phone: 250724-1225 or fax: 250-724-4385

Northern Region Games 2004 - Hosting Tribe: Nuchatlaht August 19, 20, 21, 2004 In Oclucje Opening ceremony starts @ 12:00 noon, August 19, 2004 This is a drug and alcohol free event. For any questions or information, you can contact Audrey or Lydia at Nuchatlaht Tribe, P.O. Box 40, Zeballos, B.C. V0P 2A0. Phone (250) 332-5908 or fax (250) 332-5907. Email: nuchatlaht@hotmail.com.

"Chappy" Tony Fred Memorial ~Fastball Tournament August 21 & 22, 2004 @ Recreation Park, Port Alberni Further information will be provided in future Ha-Shilth-Sa or contact Matthew Fred @ 720-3921

Page 10 - Ha-Shilth-Sa - July 2, 2004

Pacific Rim National Park celebrates National Aboriginal Day By Denise August, Central Region Reporter Long Beach, Tofino- Pacific Rim National Park Reserve (PRNPR), in partnership with local agencies, hosted expanded Aboriginal Day festivities over several days during the third week of June. On June 21st tourists and locals were invited to Wickaninnish Centre to watch local First Nations cultural events. The highlight of the day was to be the raising of a totem pole carved by Ucluelet First Nations artist, James Cootes. Unfortunately, the pole was incomplete and would not be raised that day but it was on display in its unfinished state. Organizers say it will be completed on site and raised at a later date. Acting PRNPR Superintendent Nadine Crookes welcomed everyone to the park and acknowledged the various partners such as Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Reserve for their contribution to the festivities.

Chief Bill Keitlah of Ahousaht was introduced and he and his people performed songs and dances for the crowd including the Kingfisher Dance. Keitlah’s father, Bill Sr., explained briefly the history of two of the songs saying one of the songs originally came from Ucluelet First Nation and the Kingfisher Dance was originally from Tla-o-qui-aht. Guests were invited to a barbeque salmon luncheon after the performances were done.

BRAKER and CO. Barristers and Solicitors 5233 Hector Road P.O. Box 1160, Port Alberni B.C. V9Y 7M1 Phone: 723-1993 - - Toll free 1-877-723-1993 Fax: 723-1994

Personal injury litigation, including motor vehicle accident injury claims

Growing up safe - Strength within families is built & taught at a young age Written by Jackie Watts, Infant & Early Child Development Isn’t it amazing how when parents provide the best care for the ones they love, that there is an incredible impact and long lasting outcome for generations to come… Care also includes providing a safe environment for children to grow up in. When children feel safe in their neighbourhoods and communities, and when adults teach safety anywhere that a child goes, this will create a strong foundation for growth and development. By creating memories and learning experiences, children are able to grow up knowing how to be safe and who taught them how to be safe when they were growing up. It’s important to teach small children a safety plan, that way they are prepared if in case they are faced with a conflict, or a danger or an uncommon situation. As parents or adults you can teach safety plans. One example is when a stray dog or cat enters the child’s path. You can assist your child to work out a safety plan by asking your child “what would you do if a stray dog or a cat jumped in front of you?” As a parent, let your child figure out what to do on their own before giving suggestions. This will allow your child to draw upon their common sense and brainstorm – you may want to continue to assist your child to figure out what they could do.

Then offer different possible outcomes to encourage your child to act appropriately if something were to happen. Summer time safety includes: Car Seats save lives – when travelling by a vehicle, babies and toddlers need to be secured in car seats. Swimming Safety – always swim with experienced swimmers, never swim alone. Smaller children need clear boundaries and lifejackets help until they learn to swim on their own. Sun Block – will protect everyone from burning and more importantly skin cancer. Biking, Roller Skating, Street Hockey – make sure to wear safety equipment, like helmets, elbow and kneepads and gloves. Road Safety – look both ways when crossing the street. Parents – when crossing a cross walk don’t endanger your baby by putting the buggy on the street first (sometimes parents will do this to warn the drivers or slow them down) this endangers your baby. Make sure you set clear boundaries with small children around road safety and crosswalks. HAVE A FUN & SAFE SUMMER!

Invitation to all NCN from Access Awareness Committee When the initial HealthAbility Fair Session was being held, there were several NCN losses. The Access Committee decided to postpone the portion of day 2 program to show respect to the families and communities that were affected. There was also a commitment made to hold the continuation in the Northern Region. The DAC committee has now made these arrangements and wants to invite NCN members to join us for another fun day of learning and sharing of information. We hope to see you there!

Where to go from here, Survivors? July 13 - 16, 2004 Survivors of Indian Residential Schools

at the Tseshaht Longhouse & Maht Mahs Gymnasium 9:00 am to 4:00 pm daily Dinner served 5:00 - 6:00 pm followed by evening entertainment

This conference will help faciltate further healing and help plan a memorial and momument to honour all Nuu-chah-nulth students who attended Indian Residential school. Two days issue processing and two days planning. This is an opportunity for Nuu-chah-nulth survivors to be heard and to have input on what is going to be done about Indian Residential School issues. Alberni Indian Residential School photo courtesy of A.V. Museum photograph collection PN5912

Old Ways Consulting 4444 Bigmore Road, Kleekhoot Indian Reserve Port Alberni, BC V9Y 7L7 Telephone: 250-724-9667 Facsimile: 250-390-2257 Email: oldways@shaw.ca

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Current and past staff members gather with current and former clients and other supporters of Kakawis Family Development Centre.

Kakawis Celebrates 30 years By Denise August, Central Region Reporter Kakawis, Meares Island- The Kakawis Family Development Centre opened its doors on Saturday, June 19th, to former clients, supporters, and staff for a day of food and festivities to mark 30 years of helping families overcome addictions. Kakawis, once the site of the ‘old’ Christie Indian Residential School, was a controversial selection for a new First Nations place of healing. In some cases, people treated there lived at Christie as children. For them, it meant returning to a place of painful memories in order to overcome addictions; addictions stemming from incidents that occurred at the residential school. For others it is a beautiful place of healing and tranquility. In 1974 the old classrooms and dormitories were reopened to assist families to achieve sobriety and healthier lifestyles. The huge main building which housed the classrooms, dormitories, and chapel burned to the ground in the early 1980’s. The site is now a grassy field above the beach. Only two or three original buildings remain at the site, including the old gymnasium, which is still being used today. Over the years smaller houses and offices were built and some portable buildings were brought in. Kakawis Family Development Centre is unique as it takes in the entire family for a treatment session and deals with addictions in a holistic way. The families are assigned self-contained living space in the portable buildings. There is large room with an adjoining kitchen for potluck dinners and other group activities. While parents are attending treatment programs or counseling, their children are at ‘school’ with on-site teacher, Hero Vey. There is also a daycare centre staffed by Toddler Care Givers Florence

Michael and Jack Aubertin. After six weeks, families say their goodbyes, board the boat and head back to Tofino with the new skills they learned at Kakawis. June 19 was a sunny, hot day as Kakawis staff and board members welcomed guests to the gaily-decorated field and gymnasium. In their 30th Anniversary Pamphlet they said there are recognizing ‘30 years of contribution to family treatment, family healing and the result of greater wellness in our homes and in our communities.’ They thanked all friends, relatives, clients, staff, board, Elders and many others who have helped and supported family treatment. Refreshments were on hand and everyone enjoyed a light lunch. Elders, former clients, former staff, and many others mingled outside. Some stayed in the gym, looking at artwork created by clients over the years or browsing through old photo albums. Guests were invited to speak on the outdoor stage, sing, or dance. Later they enjoyed a feast of BBQ salmon, Kou-us style. Kakawis would like to acknowledge the following for their contribution to the success of the Family Development Centre: Board Members: Eric Sayers, Peter Grieg, Lisa Charleson, Wilfred Andrew, Ken Faris, Trudy Frank, Elsie Robinson, Terry McNamara, Lucia Bartleman, Mary Hayes, Rosalinda Williams, Georgina Amos and Marion Tom. Staff: Sadie Greenaway, Carol Sam, Marian Webster, Holly Millar, Jacquie Brown, Joanna McKay, Patrick Doyle, John Duff, Lawrence Desjarlais, Florence Michael, Jacki Aubertin, Margaret Bird, Hero Vey, Rose Tom, Millie Williams, Daryle Blackbird, Dave Williams, Jody McRee, Bill Webster, Ryan Parker and Dennis Blackbird. Elders: Elders come in during the sessions to provide support to our families. We acknowledge your important contribution to this work. Creator: Kleco to the Creator, who is a part of all of us, and in this place and in everything we do. Thank you good friends and relatives for helping us to celebrate our 30th

The staff of Kakawis Family Development centre played host to the 30th Anniversary celebrations

anniversary. May your journey be safe, happy and healthy. Kleco, Kleco.

Judy Sayers and Sharon VanVolsen present trophies to 1st Place Flying Dragons, 2nd Kwisa Quilth Naas, and 3rd Miss Yawa

Choo-Kwa challenges champion canoes By Brian Tate Northern Region Reporter Somass River – A very hot and sunny July 19th saw approximately 1200 people witness the first canoe races on the Somass River in several decades. The Hupacasath First Nation put out a canoe race challenge to all Nations and was met with 10 teams answering the call. The teams included Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation (Miss Yawa, Kwisa-Quilth-Naas), Port Alberni City Hall employees, NTC employees, Tseshaht Determination, Port Alberni Friendship Center, West Coast Dragon Boat Society (Flying Dragons), Ahousaht First Nation, RCMP and the hosts Hupacasath First Nation. “I am grateful you all came out today to witness this event. I am so pleased that the weather is with us and you are here with us so lets all have fun,” said Hugh Watts. “You are an incredible sight,” said Judith Sayers. “We want to make this a yearly event to see who is the most skilled with their canoes, I want to just say over and over Klecko, Klecko, Klecko. And welcome to the races,” she said. “We accept your challenge. We have traveled many miles and we are not even tired yet. Thank you for the invite,” said Rod Sam of Ahousaht. “Thank you all for coming, and we hope to give you a run for your money,” said the Hupacasath canoe team. Several teams that had entered into these races were having to borrow a spare Hupacasath canoe or a Tla-o-quiaht canoe when either team had a idle canoe between races. The first round of races saw RCMP lose to Hupacasath, TFN Miss Yawa defeat PAFC, Ahousaht lose to the Flying Dragons, PA City Hall lose to TFN Kwisa-Quilth-Naas, and NTC lose to Tseshaht Determination. After this round a break was taken so the paddlers could re-hydrate themselves from the heat. The next few rounds saw some incredible times like 4:02 for the Flying Dragons who went undefeated through the day but did not have the fastest time of the day. A dragon boat is built to have 20 paddlers one drum person and a rudder man so their boat was extremely long compared to the West Coast style

canoes. The fastest time went to TFN KwisaQuilth-Naas who posted 3:59 and with only seven paddlers. TFN Kwisa-Quilth-Naas had paddled 3 races in a row facing PA City Hall, Tseshaht Determination, and TFN Miss Yawa before finally losing to the Flying Dragons in the final heat.

More than 1200 people witnessed the first canoe races on the Somass River in several decades. The top three canoes were TFN Miss Yawa 3rd, TFN Kwisa-Quilth-Naas 2nd, and The Flying Dragons 1st. The Best Costume trophy went to PAFC, and The Most Sportsman Like Team went to PA City Hall. “I want to thank Hupacasath for inviting us here and I want to thank my crew for coming here and trying very hard. These races today were for my dad Alex Frank. I also want to thank Tin-Wis Best Western for sponsoring us to be here today,” said Arnold Frank of TFN Miss Yawa. “I would also like to thank Hupacasath for inviting us today, we also had fun and enjoyed these races. I would like to also dedicate these races to my grandfather Alex and thank Tin-Wis Best Western for sponsoring us as well,” said Ivy Robinson for TFN Kwisa-QuilthNaas. “I want to say as well thank you for inviting us here today, we also had a lot of fun,” said Donna Gaetz of the Flying Dragons. “I want to once again thank everyone for coming out and especially thank all the canoe teams that were able to make it. I hope to see you all again next year,” said Judith Sayers. In addition to the canoe races there were many tables of arts and crafts, smoked fish and upsqwii, and all sorts of refreshments along River Road. Down at the Old Hupacasath Band office there were barbequed salmon dinners, hot dogs and hoagies. The craft store belonging to Choo-Kwa Adventures had a sale on their crafts and Hupacasath held a silent auction. Performing for the people on a portable stage were the HaHuu-Payuk dancers and Ed (Tat) Tatoosh’s blues band had people dancing on the road.

Tla-o-qui-aht’s Kwisa Quilth Naas finished with the fastest time

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Nuu-chah-nulth Healing Project Nuu-chah-nulth Healing Project Contact List Main Office (Southern Region) 5120 Argyle Street, PO Box 1383 Port Alberni, B.C. V9Y 7M2 Ph: (250) 724-3233 Fax: (250) 723-6010 Tofino Office (Central Region) 151 First Street, PO Box 279 Tofino B.C. VOR 2ZO Ph: (250) 725-3367 Toll-free: 1-866-901-3367 Fax: (250) 725-2158 Gold River Office (Northern Region) 100 Ouwatin Road, PO Box 428 Gold River, B.C. V0P 1G0 Ph: (250) 283-2012 Fax: (250) 283-2122

Nanaimo Urban Office: 204-96 Cavan St. Nanaimo, B.C. V9R 2V1 Ph: (250) 753-8567 Fax: (250) 753-8933 Victoria Urban Office: 853 Fisgard St. Victoria, B.C. V8W 1S1 Ph: (250) 380-9896 *New* Ph: (250) 413-7303 (Cell) Fax: (250) 388-5120 Vancouver Urban Office: 106 - 23 West Pender St. Vancouver, B.C. V6B 3E3 Ph: (604) 254-9972 Fax: (604) 254-7919

Nuu-chah-nulth Healing Project Events Picnic in the park Sunday, July 11, 2004 12:30 - 4:30 p.m. At New Brighton Park across from the PNE on McGill Street Everyone Welcome BBQ, Games & songs * Bring food to share * Outdoor swimming pool * Spend time with other Urban Nuu-chah-nulth people * Final Vancouver Gathering for the Vancouver Healing Project For more information call Jody Olsson 604-254-9972 or 604-3126539 or Vina Robinson 250-7316271 -------------------------------------------

Picnic in the park July 14, 2004 (rain or shine) Victoria Beacon Hill Park Everyone Welcome. 1 - 4 pm This will be the last organized Healing Project Event in the area. Come out and celebrate five great years of empowerment. * You bring your own picnic basket, with your fav-food. * Bring your own games, to share with others. * Bring something to sit on. * and yes BRING DRUMS, cameras who know what might happen. Contact Michael J. McCarthy 250-380-9896 or 250-413-7303

Teach Mis Ukqin All that Nas has provided us to lead a fulfilling life

Picnic in the Park July 20, 2004 Nanaimo, Bowen Park Picnic Shelter Everyone Welcome. Picnic: 12 - 3 pm This will be the last organized Healing Project event in the area. Come out and celebrate five great years of empowerment. * Bring your own picnic basket. * Share your favourite picnic dishes. * Bring games to share with others. * Chairs, etc. * and of course, bring your drums and songs. * Don’t forget your cameras. Contact: Shawn Sinclair 7538567 or 616-3674 or Vina Robinson 250-731-6271. --------------------------------

Picnic in the Park July 22, 2004 Foreshore Campbell River Everyone welcome Picnic: 11 - 2 pm This will be the last organized Healing Project event in the area. Come out and celebrate five years of empowerment. * Bring your own picnic basket. * Share your favourite picnic dishes. * Bring games to share with others. * Chairs, etc. * and of course, bring your drums and songs. * Don’t forget your cameras.

For more information contact Shawn Sinclair at 753-8567 or 616-8567 or Vina Robinson at 250-731-6271

Healthy kids day fair Submitted by Moira Havelka CHN Northern Region Gold River - The second annual children’s health fair held in Gold River Health Unit on June 16 was very successful. 16 children, ages 3 years and 5 years were screened by various health professionals for vision, hearing speech language, dental care, and early childhood development. The speech therapist identified 4 children who will require additional assistance and follow up in the next few months. A doctor of optometry and his assistant came from Campbell River to assess vision in these children and recommended children as young as 3 years old should have their eyes checked by a professional on an annual basis. These services are covered by MSP. Some key points to protect young children and their eyes taken from B.C. health files and B.C. association of optometrists are: 1. Are there eyesight problems that must be corrected at an early age? Yes. Some problems can end in permanent vision damage if not corrected early enough. •

Crossed eyes (strabismus), where the eye muscles point one or both eyes in the wrong direction

lazy eye (amblyopia), where the vision in one eye is weaker than the other. The child's brain will then ignore the weak eye and use the strong one in an attempt to see. If left untreated, the child's brain develops a clear picture in the good eye and a blurry picture in the weak eye which then means the weak eye won't function well.

These problems often have a family history, so if there have been vision/eye problems in your family you should have your child's eyes examined by your eye doctor by age 3. 2.

· · · · · · · ·

Be alert for symptoms that may indicate your child has a visual problem. If your child shows any of these symptoms, take them to your B.C. Optometrist for a complete exam: headaches or visible irritation avoidance of near-distance work covering or rubbing of the eyes tilting of the head or unusual posture using a finger to maintain place while reading losing place while reading omitting or confusing small words when reading performing below their potential

Your child has a lot to learn. Help them to do it efficiently-make regular visits to

your B.C. optometrist part of their school routine. 3. What about homework, computers and TV watching? Your child's homework area should have even lighting and be free from glare or reflections. Older children in particular should take periodic breaks to rest their eyes when studying. When your child is using a computer or playing video games, periodic rest breaks are also recommended. Again, check for glare and reflection from the computer screen. To make TV viewing easier, the room should have overall soft lighting. The best position for watching TV is 3 meters (8 to 10 feet) away from the TV set. Again, occasional breaks from watching TV are important. 4. What should parents know about eye safety? "Safety zones" are necessary with games such as darts, bows and arrows, or missile throwing toys. Does your child understand how important this is? Check the age group that the game/toy is made for against your child's age. Also, think about where they will be playing. Dangerous toys/objects should not be used around pre-school children. Teaching children how to use games and toys safely is an adult responsibility. Every year hundreds of children in B.C., go to the emergency ward with eye injuries. Just about every week a child has to be hospitalized with an eye injury that often could have been prevented. Sharp things like pencils and scissors, or things that can poke like lollipop sticks, are dangerous if a child is running around, or if they use them as a tool in a game with another child. Even everyday objects like uncooked spaghetti sticks, keys, drinking straws, umbrellas, or bits of wire can cause an eye injury.

Nuu-chah-nulth Healing Project Celebration July 16 - 17, 2004 Pearl Warren Building, 611 - 12th Avenue, S. Seattle Friday, July 16 - 5 - 9 pm - Dinner Provided Saturday, July 17 - 10 am - 3 pm - Lunch Provided * Animal Kingdom performance by Ha Ho Payak students from Port Alberni * Fashion Show with Nuu-chah-nulth designer Denise Williams (Tla-o-qui-aht) * Nuu-chah-nulth songs/teachings This will be the last organized Healing Project Event, come out and celebrate 5 years of empowerment. For more information contact Vina Robinson 250-731-6271 or local contact Lorraine Williams 425-673-2472

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Chicken pox is highly contagious Submitted by Jeannette Watts, NTC Nursing Supervisor Chicken pox is highly contagious. It can have an incubation period of 10 to 21 days with about 1-2 days of a slight fever, aches, and pains. Most children have a loss of appetite and headache during the first days of the illness but none of the symptoms are severe. This means that it was spreading through the community without anyone even knowing someone was sick particularly in the winter when cold symptoms such as fever, runny nose, and a day or two of feeling less than well can be the norm. The infection spreads easily from person to person (sneezing, coughing, direct contact with secretions from nose, throat and mouth of infected people). Can also be spread by direct contact with the pox.

The infection spreads easily from person to person (sneezing, coughing, direct contact with secretions from nose, throat and mouth of infected people). Can also be spread by direct contact with the pox. When droplets containing chickenpox virus are breathed in, the virus first

infects the cells lining the nose and throat - multiplying there for 2-3 days (so virus is able to spread very rapidly to others) Then the virus enters the lymph glands and multiplies there for 2-3 days and then enters the blood and the infection is carried throughout the body for another 3-5 days. After that the rash appears. In many children, the rash is the first sign of infection - appearing first on the scalp and then the face - then spreading to the body. Each lesion spreads from one stage to the next: Red spot Vesicle (a small blister filled with clear fluid) Pustule (a blister filled with cloudy fluid) Crust or scab New pox appear for up to 3 to 4 days so that the lesions in all stages may be present at the same time - and the rash is very itchy and causes a lot of distress to children. The infection spreads very easily from person to person, primarily by exposure to droplets of respiratory secretions containing the virus. The virus can also spread via the rash in two ways: the skin lesions (pox) can release virus into the air; and contamination can occur by touching the lesions. In a household, chicken pox will spread to 60-85% of susceptible persons. Because children are most contagious 1

To the parents of the “Celebrating Nuu-chah-nulth Babies” Poster. We are planning to update the poster with the original children. Please call Melanie Braker at 724-5757. 2nd Annual Darlene Haipee Memorial Bike Ride for the Canadian Diabetes Association. This bike ride is in memory of our sister Darlene Haipee from Ucluelet First Nation, she was a Type One diabetic and passed away due to kidney failure in April 2001. Bike Ride Schedule is: leaving 8 .m. & arriving 2 - 3 pm. each day. July 2 - Port Hardy to Woss, July 3rd - Woss to Sayward, July 4th - Sayward to Campbell River, July 5 - Campbell River to Deep Bay, July 6th - Deep Bay to Nanoose, July 7th Nanoose to Duncan, July 8th - Duncan to Victoria, July 9th - Victoria to Nanoose, July 10 - Nanoose to Port Alberni and July 11 - Port Alberni to Ucluelet. This is to raise awareness of Diabetes among First Nation populations. Any donation would be appreciated such as food or a donation can be made to the Canadian Diabetes Association under Darlene’s name. Donations accepted during the ride or you can call Phyllis Shaw @ 1-250-745-3233 or 1-250-745-3225 (fax) or cel 250-731-0121.

day before and 1 day after the start of the rash, by the time the rash appears (and it can be difficult to spot on the scalp and behind the ears) the child has already exposed many others to the virus - for this reason, the Canadian Paediatric Society has recommended that children with chickenpox be allowed to return to school or daycare as soon as they feel well enough to participate without requiring extra care, regardless of the number of days since the start of the rash. Children should wear clothes that cover the vesicles that have not crusted over. Anyone who was pregnant (particularly in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy) and exposed to chicken pox should let their physician know about the exposure. Treatment is mainly comfort measures: baths with some baking soda or oatmeal, calamine lotion, antihistamines may also reduce the itching. For young ones, cutting the fingernails short prevents scratching Children should NOT BE GIVEN ASPRIN or ASA for fever control use Tylenol or Acetaminophen to help lower a fever. Adult symptoms are always more severe than children. And those with decreased immunity may also be at greater risk (cancer, chronic conditions etc.) The Federal Government will be adding the Varicella (chicken pox) to the childhood immunizations beginning in the fall because Varicella is mainly a childhood disease. 50% of children will have had the infection by 5 years of age and 90% of children will have had the infection by age 12.

If you have any questions contact your NTC Nurse.

Dr. Perry Kendall recently issued his annual report on the health of BC. He has the following top 10 recommendations for each of us: 1. Don’t smoke 2. Eat a balanced, healthy diet 3. Remain physically active 4. Drink alcohol responsibly 5. Practice safe sex 6. Use preventive services (such as immunizations & mammograms) 7. Use safety devices (seatbelts, lifejackets, smoke detectors, and bike helmets) 8. Protect yourself & your children from the sun 9. Learn basic first aid 10. Adopt an attitude of lifelong learning. The Top Ten Heart Smart Foods Broccoli - for vitamins C, beta Carotene and folic acid Cantaloupe - for vitamins A & C & beta carotene Beans - for iron, folic acid, fibre & plant sterols Sweet Potatoes - for vitamins A & C & beta carotene, potassium & fibre Salmon, Trout, Tuna - for omega 3 fatty acids Spinach, Kale, Swiss Chard - for vitamins A & C & beta carotene, calcium, folic acid & fibre Oranges - for vitamin C, folic acid & fibre Tomatoes - for lycopene Whole grains - for the B vitamins & fibre Soy Products - for the B vitamins, isoflavones, fibre & plant sterols Lycopene & isoflavones are antioxidants found naturally in plants. A diet rick in antioxidants has been linked with decreased risk of heart disease. Plant sterols are naturally occurring compounds that can help manage cholesterol.

Traditionally, Nuu-cchah-n nulth people used the canoe daily. Did this keep their hearts healthy?

N.T.C. Nursing Updates/Schedules: CENTRAL REGION: Mary McKeogh - Hot Springs Cove every Tuesday, otherwise at the Ucluelet Health Clinic. Chris Curley - Tla-o-qui-aht plus one day per week focus on Sex Education and Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases for all Nuu-chah-nulth communities. Barb Flynn is currently filling in for the Ahousaht nursing services. Barb will be in Ahousaht on April 15 and 28th, and again on May 12th or 13th. SOUTHERN REGION: Penny Cowan is moving into a new office/extension at the Bread of Life. This will provide more nursing space for more nursing activities at the Bread of Life. Penny is at the Bread of Life on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Penny is at Hupacasath Tuesdays. Annet Muller Home Care Nurse for the Southern Region and Community Nurse for Uchucklesaht will be making community visits as needed for client assessment and service. Jody Vos continues to provide services to Tseshaht and Huu-ay-aht (Thursdays). Liz Thomsen continues to provide services to Ditidaht and Knee-Was. NORTHERN REGION: Moira Havelka has now returned to work in the communities of Gold River and Tsaxana. I will be keeping to my previous schedule of : Mon, Wed, & Fri. in Gold River and Tue, & Thu in Tsaxana. Subject to change according to meetings, workshops etc. Notice of cancellation of the Nobodies Perfect Parenting Course until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Sincerely, Ruby Ambrose / Moira Havelka.

Find out if your heart is strong & healthy at the next Nuu-cchah-n nulth hearts@work session offered through the NTC Nursing Program at the NTC meeting in Gold River on July 7 & 8, 2004

Page 14 - Ha-Shilth-Sa - July 2, 2004 July 5 – Happy Birthday to our mom Lorraine Williams. Besides raising us and becoming our role model, you helped so many (hundreds; if not thousands) of people in need and you continue to do so today. You are an inspiration to us all. We hope you enjoy this birthday. From your children Jim, Shirley & Norman and your grandkids too numerous to name. Chuu. June 20 – Happy belated birthday to our cousin Jackie Watts, 30 what? Hope you had a good one. Jim, Norm & Shirley Rush. We wanted to shout out a very special birthday to our special dada, Parker Mack, on June 18th, and a very special Happy Father's Day. We love you very much. Don't get too dark cooking fish over the mountains that weekend. We will be waiting for you when you get home to share "your day". You are always there for the both of us and for our sister Natisa. We love you and hope you have a great birthday and father's day. Love always your little logs, Andrew and Kylie Mack. To My Baby, Parker Mack, I wanted to say "Happy Birthday" and "Happy Father's Day" You know that I love you very much and I wanted to thank you for supporting me through school and helping me get through the last quarter of school. It was hard during my last trimester, but I made it. I was always worried that I would go into labor at school, but she waited until the very next week to come to make sure that I made it through school. She sure made you walk far the day she was born! When she is old enough you can have her massage your feet! She is our little angel sent from above! Our little sweetheart! I also wanted to say thank you for being there for Natisa. Even though she can be a pain sometimes, but she knows that you are always there for her no matter what. I love you baby! We hope you have a great day. We will be waiting for you after you get back from over the mountains to celebrate Father's Day. I love you always, Daria. Happy Birthday to Evalena Touchie on July 6 and Happy Birthday to Lyle Keith Allan Williams on July 26. From Mom Effie Williams, sister Lavern Williams and Lillian Williams. Happy Birthday to the Queen of Lake Cowichan Tasheena, the boss… Georgina Livingstone on June 23. Happy Birthday to our beautiful niece Erin Ross on June 21. Hope you both had a fantastic day! From Annie, Dave, David Jr., Nate & Jen Watts. Happy Belated birthday to JIM RUSH & NORMAN RUSH in Nevada. I love both. From Auntie Linda & We Parker Mack and Daria Matte would like to announce the birth of our new daughter: Kylie Micheala Mack, March 24, 2004, 11:59 P.M. 7lbs. 3oz. 20ins. She just had to be born on her Auntie's birthday too! She waited for the last 15 seconds left on the 24th!! Dad had to double check his watch to make sure that it was the 24th! So Auntie Myra I am glad that we share the same birthday! Love always, Kylie!

Birthdays and Congratulations We would like to wish our DADDYTimothy Happy Belated Father’s Day. We know you enjoyed it! Love you lots Daddy. Your Family…. Babae, Shawna & Your Wife.

Happy Birthday to Dave Wiwchar on July 24 and Mike Watts on July 4 & Denise August on June 29. From the rest of the staff at Ha-Shilth-Sa! family. Edgar Charlie’s family birthdays for July: July 10- Delia, Peter and Brandon, Candace’s sons, July 20- Lil Edgar, July 22- mine, July 17- Christian Charlie, Nathan’s son, July 18- Lil Nathan Waya Wheeldin, Sheila’s son, A special birthday to all my family. Please take care. Your Dad/Grandpa Chief Hanuquii. July 2- For all the people that love me…I’m putting this birthday greeting in here from you to me! Thanx! for G.G. We would like to congratulate our girl for her graduation 2004. Hats off to you baby you never let any obstacles stop you from achieving your grade 12 and the strength you have to carry on with your goals is just phenomenal Nellie Precious Michele. You have proven that nothing or no one can stop you from doing positive in your life and keep your head up high and always remember the sky is the limit. We love you and will always cherish you Nell you be strong as always. Also a very happy 19th birthday to you as well on June 27th you take care be safe and be careful. Love always Dad, Mom, Son and Gregory. Happy 19th birthday to Nellie on June 27th and Congratulations to Jason 'Bundy' Sabbas on his graduation this year. Happy Birthday to our cousins Evalena Delores and Lyle. From the Ross family. We would like to say Happy Father’s Day to daddy Virgil Frank have a good day Dad. Love your baby Corby Frank and hunny Ilene. Happy Birthday to my mom Daisy Helen Eliza George on June 18th. Love you mom. Have a great day. Love always and forever Ilene, Virgil, Corby. No matter what I will always love you through rough times or good times don’t ever forget that. Happy Father’s Day to Wayne Special Happy 75th Birthday to my Dad Jack Moses Johnson Sr. Dad you have implanted great wisdom into my life. There has been so many memories of us both to which we shared. You have always stayed at my place all the years you came to visit me. Dad I want you to know that I appreciate all the things you have done for me..like being my dad lol also happy fathers day. I love you dad. Love your daughter Gert.

I'd like to announce the new birth of my daughter Alvena Serina Jean Mitchell born May 23rd 2004 weighing 8lbs 1oz and 20 inches long. Parents: Annette Little and Jayare Mitchell Grandparents Erma and William Little and Jean & Clifford Mitchell Sr. We all love you baby and we're going to enjoy watching you grow up love your proud mom & dad! George Sr. Love you dad. Have a good day. Love your daughter Ilene, Corby & Virgil. Happy Father’s Day to Dave Frank Sr. Hope you have a wonderful day Dave. You deserve a good day. Love Virgil, Ilene & Corby. Happy Father’s Day to grandpa Felix Thomas. Thanxs for everything you did for us grandpa, if it weren’t for you we couldn’t of done it. Love your great Grandson Corby Frank. You deserve the greatest day Nubbs enjoy the day. We would like to congratulate Violet Melissa Campbell on her Grad of 2004. Sorry we couldn’t made it Vigh but always remember we love you. Love your neph Corby Frank, Ilene, Virgil. Don’t ever forget go for your dream to be the best accountant out there. You know you can do it so do we. Happy Fathers Day Wishes going out to my father Francis Jules enjoy dad love you. From your daughter Shirley. Would like to congratulate my to wonderful girls on their great achievement in school this year! Kayla Sheena in grade 2, got great grades all through the year, plus she received the best athlete award for her outstanding running ability! Way to go girl! She also received an award for sentothen language class! I'm so proud of you! Rayanne Sheena graduated from kindergarten with flying colours! She received 3 awards, senchothen language award, academic achievement award, and one also for her awesome art abilities! Again way to go girls! Mom and dad are so proud of you. Happy 15th Birthday to my daughter CLAUDINE N. SMITH on July 7th/’04. Claudine I would like you to know that I do LOVE you and CARE for you, to me you’re a special girl that is in me life. Hope you have a great day on this special day. Happy Birthday to Curtis Michael on July 4/04. Happy Birthday to my niece Cheri L. Smith on July 22/04. Happy Birthday to my niece Colleen John on July 13/04. Happy Birthday to my niece Lydia Mickey on July 19/04. Happy Birthday to my brother Gideon Smith on July 26/04. Happy Birthday to Brianna Williams on July 9/04. Happy Birthday to J.C. Michael on July 7/04. Happy Birthday to Shelly Mack on July 18/04. Happy Birthday to my niece Tracy Smith on July 19/04. Love from Jessie E Mack and family Claudine, Chelsea, Thomas, and Samuel Mack. Samantha Adams Sweet 16 July th 30 . Celebrate all that you are and all that you dream to be .

We love you

Happy fathers day too my brother in laws; Brian Amos, Frenzie amos and Michael Savey Sr. My two handsome brothers Jack Richard Johnson Sr. And Ronald Mark Johnson Sr.

Happy fathers Day to the greatest dad, pa-pa in the whole wide world. Ben Clappis. We Love you so-so-so much. Have a rock’n day dad. I wouldn’t trade you for the world! Your daughter Molly Clappis and grandson Chris Williams and Dorian Sutherland. Photo: Ben and grandson Chris * his first GRANDSON always Mom, Dad ,Chelsea, and Brody We would just like to say to Melody Charlie and Janice Ignace, Hello and how are you both doing, it has been a long time now, it would be great to hear from you think of you all the time, you can call us find us in the listings , Miss both of you hope all is well and you take care. from the Swan's (Ahousaht). Happy 4th Birthday to our son and brother Alvin Fred for June 26. Love from Mom, Dad, Daniel & Raquel. Happy Birthday Delores Touchie on July 6. Thinking of you always. From your brother Lyle & Kathy. Happy Birthday Curtis Dick on July 23. From your cousin Kathy. Happy Birthday to my dearest Lyle Williams on July 26. Love your dearest Kathy. Happy Birthday to my sister Jeannine on July 1st. Have an awesome day and good luck in the ball tournament! Theresa. Happy Birthday mommy Jeannine, we love you! Love Cassandra and Tyrell. Happy Birthday to my dad Leon on July 3rd. Have a good day you deserve it. Love your son Tyrell. I’d like to congratulate my son Raymond Westley Samuel Jack Michael for grad from grade 7. I’m happy and proud of you. I love you my son, and remember I’m always there for you and I’ll be there for you in 5 years also. Love Mom #23. Belated Birthday to Brenda Johnson June 8, Jacob – June 8, Joseph Williams – June 29, Pamela Johnson – June 13, and many more to come. Love Shirley M. #23. Happy 15th Birthday to my daughter Claudine N. Smith on July 7. Claudine I would like you to know that I do love and care for you. To me you’re a special girl that is in my life. Hope you have a great day on this special day. Happy Birthday to Curtis Michael on July 4; to my niece Cheri L. Smith on July 22; to my niece Colleen John on July 13; to my niece Lydia Mickey on July 19; to my brother Gideon Smith on My Son In Law Randy Alexander I Am So Lucky To Be A Gram To My Precious Girls Sierra Kelsey Rose Alexander And Jordan Stephanie Alexander. My Nephews Paul Johnson, Sammy Myer, Johnny Dick, Chance Amos, Matthew Savey, Lee Jack, Chuck, Rudy Dick, Danny Savey Sr. Wayne Henchcliffe And All The Dads In The World. Hope You All Get Spoiled Because You All Deserve It. Hugs To You All I Love You. Whenever You See A Red Rose Always Think Of Me Because That Red Rose Is Me.From Mom.Sis In Law And Auntie Trudy Rose Smith.

Ha-Shilth-Sa - July 2, 2004 - Page 15 July 26; to Brianna Williams on July 9; to J.C. Michael on July 7; to Shelly Mack on July 18 and to my niece Tracy Smith on July 19. Love from Jessie E. Mack and family, Claudine, Chelsea, Thomas and Samuel Mack. Congratulations! To Danielle {Audet} and Trevor Wilson on the birth of their little baby girl, Elly Mackenzie Wilson, born on Monday June 14th, in Kamloops, BC. Just a little bit early, she weighed 4 lbs 5 oz. Wishing you all the best, way up in Kamloops. We're all so happy for you, and can't wait to meet Elly! Lots of Love, Uncle Punk, Auntie Anna, and Cousins Ricky and Alex! I would like to say happy 4th birthday to my son Wanya Jay. We love u son. Have a good day. Love Mom and dad. I would like to say happy 4th bday to my son Wanya Jay on July 14th enjoy your day son dad and mom love u so much xoxo . Also would like to say happy birthday to my sister Delia on the 10th have a wonderful day sis and my nephew peter on the 11 and Brandon on the 12th u boyz have fun on ur day ... also would like to say happy b-day to my nephew Christian "lil babes" all the way in Canada happy 2nd b-day. Also happy 21st birthday to my Nephew Edgar "Tiny" have a blast neph also happy birthday to my dad on the 22nd enjoy ur day. Also happy birthday to my mother on the 29 u have a awesome day mom all the way in Canada. We miss u and luv u mom call us sometime.also would like to say happy belated birthday to my neph Kal hope u had a good day from uncle jay and auntie shish and lil Nate.also happy 1st birthday to my neph Kobe. I would like to say happy birthday to auntie Ann 19th enjoy ur day auntie grandma Ann from Jay and Shish and Nate ... happy birthday to my sons Peter on the 11th and Brandon on the 12th, also would like to say happy birthday to my nephews Nathan on the Happy 3? Birthday to my lovable husband & special daddy, Wayne R. Vincent Sr. on July 4, enjoy your day my love cause you sure deserve it. Love ya lots & 10ts Enjoy, enjoy. Love Shirley & Your handsome son Wayne Jr., Tamara & Lyla. Happy Fathers Day June.20, 2004. The bestest dad in the world, love you lots & forever daddy Wayne Robert Vincent Sr. We Luv You... Fr. Shirley & Wayne Jr.

17th and lil Edgar 21st on the 20th and would like to say happy birthday to my sister (auntie) Delia on the 10th and to my dad on the 22nd and to my mom on the 29th enjoy ur days love Candace and her kids and Steph and Trina and Chad and Shish and Jay and Nate. Happy birthday to my sons peter on the 11th and Brandon on the 12th, also would like to say happy birthday to my nephews Nathan on the 14th happy 4th and Christian 2nd on the 17th and lil Edgar 21st on the 20th and would like to say happy birthday to my sister (auntie) Delia on the 10th and to my dad on the 22nd and to my mom on the 29th enjoy ur days love Candace and her kids and Steph and Trina and Chad and shish and jay and Nate.

When you are submitting photographs to Ha-Shilth-Sa ... with birthdays, congratulations & anniversaries, please separate them from other submissions and let us know which pictures go with (person’s name) each greeting. Thank you. Happy Birthday Wishes are going out to my Baby Lyla Stephanie Billy, who is turning 12yrs old on July 14 gonna chuck you in the water. Enjoy your special day my baba Lyla. Your getting up there soon You will be a real teenager, I’m not rushing you to be k. Love you lots. Love Fr. Your Mom Shirley & Wayne Sr. July 14. Birthday Girl Happy 12 birthday to our sista Lyla enjoy your day you deserve it We love you sis Love, Sister Tamara & Brother Wayne R. Vincent Jr. Happy 1st Birthday Timothy {Wenstob} Masso for June 12th. From Anna, Punky, Ricky, Alex - and the rest of the Masso Family! Happy 2nd Birthday to our “sweet cheeks” Miranda Irene Mack. “Little Chubby” on July 13th. With love

14th happy 4th and Christian 2nd on the Here's a Happy Birthday greeting to my Aunty, Angie Joe of Sarita Bay for July 5th. I think of you Always and Miss you dearly. Hugs and Kiss's from your neice - Ann and grandson, Philip. Take good care, Lots of Love to you. Chuu :) Happy Birthday to my son, Alex Masso Jr. - hope you really enjoyed your day on April 21st, happy 15th Birthday Son. You are so precious to me - everyday I begin the day by praying and thanking God for giving you to me. I love you with all my heart, and more. Love Mommy, Anna.

from Mom, dad, & brother Collin. Happy 1st Anniversary to uncle Bond & Auntie Gina on July 5th. We wish you many more happy years. Love from Jenn, Richie, Collin, and Miranda. Happy B-day Menace for June 30. Only one problem with this scenario is that I will be a year older also!! Love you--Mom.

In Memoriam - >a>ak^#ap In memory of my mother Mary Rose Johnson It has been almost 3 years since you left us mom. It was hard for me because your birthday was on June 11th. I know that you are in god’s hands. Miss you mom. Love daughter Trudy Rose Smith. Poem dedicated to my mother Mary rose Johnson I am the rose I am the rose, delicate petals, comforting my soul, I am the rose, colour of red, bright soft, and whole, I am the rose, only flower that soothes all my pain, I am a rose, turning to an angel, to which I do thee gain, I am a rose, from heavens above, I am a rose, floating soul, all I wanted was alot of love, at last I enclose with this poem to you, the rose closes with me inside, alas I’m free, the angel’s wings are wrapped around me, I can dream By Annabelle Aeng There’s no fairy Godmother To make my wish come true. No genie in a bottle to bring me to you. No prayer on a fallen star. No magic potion jar. But I can dream and when I do. I dream that I’m there with you. We would like to dedicate this poem to our precious girl, Lisa Marie Young who has been missing since June 30, 2002. Always on our minds, always in our prayers! We love you forever Lisa! We will never give up till have an answer, we will always stay strong! In our hearts forever! Love your family.

David Family: To all my brothers and sisters Ernie, Ethel, Irene, Joan, Martha and Danny. Through the loss of our brother Steve, It is very sad the way we lost him so suddenly. I know I am in debt to all of you as the elders of all our family and my sincere respect to you all. I want to let you all know the love I had for Steve and the respect I had for him. I am only thankful too for the loved ones he had left for us to help them grow. I believe we all have some duty to help the children i.e.: Stevie, Sandra and others. I know it is in our teachings not just to watch but become closer as a family. Letter to Lorraine John: I want to offer my sincere sympathies to my dear cousin Lorraine during the loss of her son Anson. I am really

I feel no more pain, I’m at peace, I wanted thee, bye for now always look at a red rose, Because the red rose was always for you all to remember me. I’ve always love the red rose. I had this poem published by poetry.com I was so happy because I had the opportunity to have my poems being read by people. I am a poetry writer and have over 300 poems. I have had interests in this since I was a little girl. Remember whenever you see a red rose always think of me because that red rose is me. Love from Trudy Rose Smith. June 25, 2004 To family and Friends: Please forward this letter to others who may want or contribute to a very important cause, to keep the awareness out in the communities regarding Lisa Marie Young, Marlene Joanne & Don Young’s daughter who has been missing for two years now. Family and friends are kindly asked to contribute by making a carving or painting. The funds raised will go towards hiring a private investigator. Two years on June 30, 2002 since our relative has been missing. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Mary Martin at (250) 725-4478 or Carol Martin at (250) 7253389. If we could possibly get the items by the 15th of July it would help considerably. With respect, Carol Martin & Mary Martin sorry for not coming home but I did try and I was told that the funeral was cancelled so I only humbled myself and prayed for you, Winnie. Regardless of how we think we all have loved ones that we cherish. I just want to tell you Winnie that we set aside all our differences of feelings toward our children. Time is so precious having kids of our own, also a gift from God. I know the Creator is the healer of all things regardless of our situation. In time, healing will take place for you through all our prayers. I just want to tell you Winnie, My love for you is always there. I only hope the best for you in your future. And please do take care. From your cousin, Edgar Charlie, Chief Hanuquii.

Page 16 - Ha-Shilth-Sa - July 2, 2004

Nuu-chah-nulth Registry and Treaty Information ... Registering events are very important! · Birth Registrations: It is important to get baby registered as soon as possible. You must complete the parental consent for Registration/Statement of Band Affiliation form and provide the LARGE form birth certificate, these consent forms can be obtained through your Band Office or at the NTC Office. Registration takes 6 - 8 weeks. · Transfers: Are you wishing to transfer to another Band? Write to the Band you want to transfer into. Once accepted you will need to complete a consent to transfer form, also, notify the Band you are currently in and let them know your intentions. · Marriages, divorces, name change, deaths: Please provide appropriate certificates to up date the Indian Registry Lists. A consent form needs to be completed for any name changes. · Are you turning 18 soon? If you would like your own registration number then you have to submit a letter of request. Process also takes 6 - 8 weeks (no longer automatic). · All documents are to be submitted to Rosie Little - Indian Registry Administrator at the NTC Office, with the exception of Ditidaht, Hesquiaht, Huu-ay-aht and Tla-o-qui-aht. Contact these First Nations directly. To have a status card issued through NTC from these four First Nations please have your Indian Registry Administrator fax approval and your information prior to coming into the office if possible. · Does your First Nation have their membership code in place? If so, and you would like the above events recorded for "BAND MEMBERSHIP" then it is EQUALLY AS IMPORTANT that you contact them as well. · Your First Nation needs your current address and phone number so they can contact you regarding Treaty developments, letters and bulletins. · First Nation phone numbers and addresses are listed below for your convenience.

Ahousaht (250) 670-9563 - Fax: (250) 670-9696 General Delivery Ahousaht, B.C. V0R 1A0 Ditidaht First Nation 1-888-745-3366 - Fax: (250) 745-3332 PO Box 340 Port Alberni, B.C. V9Y 7M8 Ehattesaht 1-888-761-4155 - Fax: (250) 761-4156 PO Box 59 Zeballos, B.C. V0P 2A0 Hesquiaht First Nation 1-877-232-1100 - Fax: (250) 670-1102 PO Box 2000 Tofino, B.C. V0R 2Z0 Hupacasath First Nation (250) 724-4041 - Fax: (250) 724-1232 PO Box 211 Port Alberni, B.C. V9Y 7M7 Ka:’yu:’k’t’h’/Che:k’tles7et’h’ (250) 332-5259 - Fax: (250) 332-5210 General Delivery Kyuquot, B.C. V0P 1J0 Mowachaht / Muchalaht (250) 283-2015 - Fax: (250) 283-2335 Toll free - (800) 238 - 2933 PO Box 459 Gold River, B.C. V0P 1G0 Nuchatlaht First Nation (250) 332-5908 - Fax: (250) 332-5907 PO Box 40 Zeballos, B.C. V0P 2A0 Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations (250) 725-3233 - Fax: (250) 725-4233 PO Box 18 Tofino, BC. V0R 2Z0 Tseshaht First Nation Toll Free: 1-888-724-1225 - Fax: (250) 724-4385 PO Box 1218 Port Alberni, B.C. V9Y 7M1


Thursday, July 15, 2004 at 7 PM At Tsawaayuus (Rainbow Gardens) 6151 Russell Place, Port Alberni ***New society members welcome

Annual fee: $2.00

TO ALL UCLUELET FIRST NATION MEMBERSHIP We are updating our Membership List. We will be administering our own Membership, soon. Until then, the Membership Committee will be assisting the person, who has been hired on a short-term basis, to bring our list upt0-date. Are you and/or Your Children registered? Remember when you are registered with the NTC office, you have to register with the Band Office, as well. Please call the Band Office Toll-Free # 1-888-726-7342 and leave a message, where you can be reached and I will return your call. TO ALL MEMBERS: PLEASE keep the office up-dated with addresses, telephone, cell & fax numbers ALSO email addresses. Email Information to: vmundy@island.net

INSURANCE REQUIREMENT OUT OF PROVINCE AND COUNTRY Recent situations have been embarrassing to some people who Depart Canada without acquiring any type of medical coverage insurance. Non-Insured Health Benefits Program through health Canada does not cover anyone who departs Canada, nor does your BC Medical Plan unless you have written authority form them stating that they will cover you, and what they will cover. (Remember the price is much higher in US than here - I suggest you check it out to protect yourself and your family). Ensure you get coverage by contacting your local travel agency - they can and will help you! It is also understood that once you have departed Canada and you change your mind and decide you wish to have coverage - - it is too late...Travel policy insurance will not cover you in outside the country if you try to obtain insurance after you have left. Protect yourself and your family! Questions on this matter are encouraged and welcomed through the Non-Insured Health Benefits Program Coordinator (Robert Cluett) 1-888-407-4888 or 250-7243232.

Important Notice to all Nuu-chah-nulth First Nations members, Band Managers, CHR’s, Health Clerks and Band Membership Clerks:

MEDICAL COVERAGE NOT AUTOMATIC Reference: Recently, many bills were received at the NTC (Non-Insured Health Benefits Section) (NIHB) from parents requesting payment under this plan. If a child is not registered with Indian Affairs and the province there is no medical coverage. Therefore, FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR PAYMENT OF MEDICAL VISITS, X-RAYS, ETC. WILL FALL ON THE PARENTS! Indian Affairs cannot and WILL NOT PAY any bills without full coverage. Remember, unless a child is REGISTERED with both Indian Affairs (Status Card) and the provincial medical plan (MSP Card) two very important medical factors apply: a. The child is covered under the parent medically, for only three months; and b. Once the child reaches 1 year of age then they are no longer covered under the NIHB program for: equipment; supplies; drugs; dental; and optical. Normally, a child reaching 19 years of age requires (her or his) own medical care card. A child can maintain medical coverage up to age 25 when in full-time attendance at a post secondary institution, that is approved by the provincial medical commission. It takes 6 – 8 weeks to obtain these coverage cards! Start the process immediately! Do not assume it is done! Follow up with this until you have both cards! Questions to be directed to the Band Membership Clerks, or the NTC Registry Office 724-5757. Robert Cluett, CD - NTC NIHB Program Supervisor

MAILING HA-SHILTH-SA TO NUU-CHAH-NULTH MEMBERS Ha-Shilth-Sa is looking for addresses of Nuu-chah-nulth (NCN) members who are NOT receiving the paper. Ha-Shilth-Sa is free for Nuu-chah-nulth members. If you want to receive Ha-Shilth-Sa please send name (including your middle name or initials) to: Ha-Shilth-Sa, P.O. Box 1383, Port Alberni, B.C., V9Y 7M2 First Name: _______________ Initial: ____ Last Name: _______________________ Apt. #: _____ Mailing Address: ____________________________________________ City: ________________________________________ Postal Code: ______________ * In order to quality for a free subscription you must fill in Nuu-chah-nulth First

Uchucklesaht Tribe (250) 724-1832 - Fax: (250) 724-1806 PO Box 1118 Port Alberni, B.C. V9Y 7M7 Ucluelet First Nation (250) 726-7342 Fax: (250) 726-7552 PO Box 699 Ucluelet, B.C. V0R 3A0

Nation i.e. Ahousaht, Ditidaht, etc: (Excluding Toquaht) _______________________________________________________________________ Phone Number: _________________________________________________________ Change of Address (Include your previous address) ______________________ New Subscriber?

Reminder ~ Returned papers are automatically deleted from the mailing list. It’s up to you to keep us informed of your address!

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poets nook I Shut My Eyes Tight Well it seemed like I just Heard all the news today It seems my life is going to change I close my eyes I begin to pray Tears of joy Stream down my face With eyes shut tight Under the sun light Welcome to this place God will show you everything If I had one wish One demand You standing beside me A Good Friend I believe a good friend is someone you can trust, someone who is honest and someone who is caring. Friends that I interact with today, are those I find to have good spirit, good judgment, and an awesome personality. My reason for choosing this topic is my learning experience with friends that I grew up with and for some friend that were very short term. Obviously for me, it starts from home, Ahousaht. I have many friends I grew up with and got to know very well, but some friends do not stick out as much as this friend does! I want to tell you abut my friend who I find very loyal, trustworthy and considerate. We could go without months seeing each other and yet remain the closest friends. She is admirable; the people respect her for the willingness she gives to help the community. Her name is Eugena Swan, a dear friend who grew up in the same neighbourhood as I. Our families have similar background, such as values, teachings and traditions. Her grandfather and my grandfather were very respectable elders who sang our native tongue, offered support to the community and carried out traditional works of arts and crafts. She is a friend I know today that is a strong believer in keeping those values and traditions. Today she works with the Ahousaht Treaty team, she weaves cedar, she dances our traditional dances, she is a community organizer for recreation, she works on funeral arrangements, she contributes to potlatch/potluck gatherings, she volunteers with the community newsletter as senior editor, and she commits some of their time to fundraising events. I would like to acknowledge Eugena for her outstanding work she offers to the community of Ahousaht. She is trusted with the most admiration when it comes to the community seeking assistance. I have

But now you are gone Now everything has changed In my life and everything has gone wrong And has rearranged I wish you didn’t leave Because you were a loved one I couldn’t believe it, That you were gone We all miss you and love you, Now you are above. I wish I could, I can see you one last time Submitted by Agnes John seen her become the person she is today, striving and working hard toward her goals. She is a very caring person with a great personality, someone tat you can easily get to know. “If you ever visit Ahousaht, ask for Eugena Swan, anyone along the path of Ahousaht will inform you where she can be.” She is now married with four wonderful children, three boys and one daughter. Her husband, Larry Swan contributes to her ambitions, and her goals. He supports her in anyway he can. I am sure he is a husband who is proud of his wife’s accomplishments. She has a wonderful family that she teaches all that she has learned: trust, respect, loyalty and honour. Her being a good long friend of mine, she has seen my changes as I have seen hers. There were times when I have gone back home to Ahousaht to work and each day we made sure to spend time together. We went to visiting each others house to have coffee, we worked on a community newsletter, or we hung out at the old T-bird hall during her working hours. Friendship to her and I is what we make it, to forever be trusting, to have no judgment on one another, and to always have a good attitude. In our friendship, we share our everyday stories, everyday dreams, everyday accomplishment and most of all our friendship in spirit. This is a long friendship, a friendship that has many stories of good and bad experiences. Today, we laugh, we cry, we get excited, and we are very happy when we get to see one another. I am a very honest person when it comes to discussing my friend. I know she will always be there for me to lean on and ask for advice, feedback, and vice-versa. Writing about her is not at all difficult because she defines the closest meaning of a friendship to me. Beverley McEwan

Klecko’s - +ekoo Thank you Ben David - I really want to express my gratitude to Ben David. In May 2004, Ben presented my Son, Ricky Masso with a mask that he made. Ricky was so honoured! Ricky is such a friendly, outgoing young man. And, over the past couple of years has grown very close to Ben. Ben was carving at Eighth Avenue school one day, and Ricky mentioned that he'd love to have a mask just like Ben was doing. Ben was really moved that Ricky made this request, and he made a promise to fill the request. He did it! And he said he did it because Ricky always makes him feel so good. Thank you Uncle Ben, Anna, Punky, Alex and Ricky Masso. And that's Ricky! I'm really proud of you Son! What a remarkable young man

you've become, very respectful. I'd like to send out a "Happy 11th Birthday" wish to you for June 13th. Hope you really enjoyed your swimming party. I love you with all my heart, and more. And thank God each day for giving you to me. You're a real treasure! Lots of love, Mommy Anna.



Tsow-Tun Le Lum Treatment Centre has an opening for a position as TREATMENT PROGRAM SUPERVISOR. The position is 3 days a week. Under the general direction of the Executive Director, the Treatment Program Supervisor oversees all aspects of treatment program delivery. The position has primary responsibility for counselling, program delivery, offender case management, and case plan development for all programs offered by the Centre. Position Requirements Graduation from an accredited college or university with a minimum of Bachelor Degree in counselling, psychology, social work or their equivalent. Three years of experience in program administration/management. Knowledge and awareness of First Nations Culture, Traditions and Treatment Issues, Effective time management, team membership and written/oral communication skills, and willing to role model a lifestyle free from alcohol and other mood altering drugs (3 years sobriety) Experience in a residential setting absolutely necessary. Proven Supervisory experience. Salary commensurate with experience. A criminal record check will be conducted. Please address résumés to the attention of the Personnel Committee. P.O. Box 370, Lantzville, BC V0R 2H0. Applications and résumés will be accepted until 4:00 PM on August 6, 2004. Tsow-Tun Le Lum Society thanks all those that apply for the position, however, only those who are short-listed will be contacted. Fax: (250) 390-3119 2. Tsow-Tun Le Lum has an opening for a SUBSTANCE ABUSE COUNSELLOR The incumbent is responsible for the implementation of all phases of the treatment program, including the administrative activities related to the position duties. The Counsellor facilitates the participants’ involvement in activities and in the day-to-day operation of the Centre. The Counsellor is expected to work with other staff and other professionals as a member of a Therapeutic Team committed to carrying out the goals of the Program. Other expectations include providing written reports, attending staff meetings, participating in case management conferences, and supervising sessions and training programs. This position will work with institutions and organizations relevant to the referral of clients to and from Tsow-Tun Le Lum. Position Requirements A Minimum of Bachelor of Social Work or equivalent. A combination of training and experience may be considered. Minimum three years residential treatment (or related) counselling experience, including First Nations and alcoholic clientele. Experience in a residential setting absolutely necessary. Knowledge and awareness of First Nations Culture, Traditions and treatment issues. Effective time management, team membership and written/oral communication skills, must be computer literate and willing to role model a lifestyle free from alcohol and other mood altering drugs (3 years sobriety). A criminal record check will be conducted. Please address résumés to the attention of the Personnel Committee. Box 370, Lantzville, BC V0R 2H0. Applications and résumés will be accepted until 4:00 PM on August 6, 2004. Tsow-Tun Le Lum Society thanks all those that apply for the position, however, only those who are short-listed will be contacted. Fax: (250) 390-3119. Education is a Key to opening all Doors! I had a teacher's conference in Victoria BC on June 3, 2004 I had to meet her teachers once again. She is doing excellent she received 3 Certificates with A's A- and Another A. Her teacher Hilary said she is doing 99%, and said she is impressed with her, she done a fake "job interview" and said she did wonders and that she would have hired her. David her Social Studies teacher, said that she has busted her butt working off a storm there and said that he is pleased with her work and she's a good student, Dennis the science teacher said she is a A student,

so I was very impressed with her education. She is really making improvements, she's learning to be a photographer, hair dresser, she plays all kinds of sports, hockey, basketball, does crafts and arts, she is an excellent sewer her teacher says so. Anyway on a personal note, I would like to thank all the teachers for been supportive for my daughter. It's always my pleasure getting acquainted with you all. Overall, have a better day and take care of ourselves and each other until next time. From a mother that cares, Carol Mattersdorfer, Ahousaht First Nation.

A huge thank you for all those people who made our ‘awareness walk’ a success on June 16th. Thank you. We

Naomi Frank, Ray Seitcher, Margaret Morrison, Ha-Shilth-Sa, Francis Frank, Wilfred Frank, Sharon Mark, Charlene Frank, Christine (?) from Ucluelet, K.J. Frank, Mary Martin, Dennis Frank, Glenn Frank, Greg Frank, Curtis Frank, Kennedy Frank, Wendy Amrehein. If we forgot anyone, it is not intentional, you know who you are. Also the cooks at Opitsaht, it was an excellent lunch. Kleco to Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations for all the moral and financial support. I remain, In Sincerity, Gloria A. Frank.

would like to thank the Ucluelet First Nation for a very warm and hospitable welcome to our group into your traditional territory. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts. Klecos to Suzanne Hare, Nellie Joseph, Elmer Frank, Giselle Martin, Robert Martin, Joe Martin, Phil Smith, Pam Frazee, Jackie Olsen, Mary Hayes, Tin Wis Best Western Resort, Marie Atleo, Tricia Martin, Moses Martin, Levi Martin, Youth Conference on June 2, 3, to Kamloops BC There is a time in my life where, I have to recognize Harvey and Doris Robinson, Matt, Christie, Allen English, and Katrina they were the chaperones for 33 youth that attended a two-day conference. They had a potluck dinner for them when they came back. I went to it because my two gorgeous boys, that attended the youth conference, Nick and Fred Mattersdorfer. So I personally

would like to give my most million thanks to you Harvey and Doris for taking my boys the last minute. My boys were so in their glory and they shared with me that they enjoyed it so much. To all the other ones that helped out to from the YYam group that helped out. Alot has been happening in Ahousaht these days and it is good to see CHANGE, and I hope things are really looking up too. choo!

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Klecko’s - +ekoo Thank you Ahousaht On behalf of Ahousaht Islanders Ball hockey team we would like to say Thank you, to all for your support, towards our tournament in Seabird Island (Chilliwack BC), There were 16 men’s teams and ours placed 4th, we had very interesting and FUN games, the last 3 games we played in a row on Sunday were awesome, we only need to win 1 more to make the top 3 but we have a great time anyways. Considering our team consists of like a majority of young playas: Larry, Eugene, Warren, Gary, Jacob, Waylon, Malcolm Swan, Fries, Wally Campbell, who come from Brenda Sue Campbell, Joe Joe, and our Brother in law Russell Taylor who all come from Rosie Swan, we also had on our team Eddie, Peter, Derek, Byron, Teddy (Chubby girl) Jack, Darrell and Dennis Blackbird. Our team would just like to acknowledge some of our young guns: Warren Swan, Malcolm Swan, Gary Swan, Byron Charlie, Derek Chum, and Dennis Blackbird who really stood out at this tournament. Way to go guys! Our team hosted a luncheon picnic for Brenda Sue and Angus Campbell's Family on Saturday which was Awesome, we served fried/baked Sockeye, with potato and macaroni salads with bread and drinks. (Talk about hmmmm.. so good hey Brenda, Angus, Nettie, Poi, Corby, Linda, David) we must have fed at least 90 Ahousahts, (there were two soccer teams young boys and girls, and their Chaperones, and the Mack ladies ball hockey team that were there, thanks to the Chefs Claudine, Patsy, Clara, Mar, Carol, Martha, Bernice, and Irene. It was an Hi, my name is he-seek-nuup qua Trudy Rose Smith. I come from the Mowachaht, Hesquiaht, and Ohiaht band. I am proud to from all three places. First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to say that it was a pleasure being recognized by the Healing Project. I am honoured that you people gave me a wonderful gift Kleco Kleco. Vina Robinson you hold a very special place in my heart and you always have, you, your mother Elsie Robinson, Cathy, Louise, Bev. I was so glad that I put in time to help with the healing Project and I am going to miss you so much. I am crying you know. You have brought alot of inspiration to alot of people with all the love, time, and patience you put into the Healing Project. You are a great inspiration to me Vina. I love that you took time to acknowledge me along with the crew. My favorite song in the world is simply the best. And you are. Love you hugs. Sean Sinclair you also have had the opportunity to get to know all of us first nations from the Nuu-chah-nulth Society. We will always have the door open for you always. Kleco for all the times you came up to see me and take me out for lunch. I do like the recycled tissue better lol you looked so cute in your outfit. You have spunk and a wonderful family. Going to miss you with your special hugs your shared with all of us. Tom Curley I want to honour you because you put a real spark in my life which made my whole world shine. I want to thank you for recognizing me with my poems. I someday want to be a leader in a positive way because I am that way. I don't share negative outputs and I focus on positive sides. I am so happy that you were the master of ceremonies there you did an awesome good job. I hope I fill in

honour to serve everybody, it just goes to show how Ahousaht can pull together in good times, and to see Brenda Sue and Angus' family around all of us who were there. Now we would like to say thanks to our sponsors who helped us a lot, Ahousaht Treaty Ahousaht Administration Cougar Island Felix/Ilene Thomas Tinwis Best Western Tofino Coop Main Stream Canada MAC Bingo Tofino Coop Ahousaht Fisheries John Paul (chops) Lastly we would like to say to the parents, wives, and girlfriends for helping us fundraise, to get to Seabird Island, for this tournament it was well worth it, and you know who you are, with out your help none of this would have been possible. Thank you it is greatly appreciated ! I just want to thank my wife Gena Swan, for everything you do for our boys Eugene and Warren and my nephews with out your help, with everything you do for our team, this would not be possible, it just goes to show your dedication to these boys who are (15-18 years of age most of them) to make a difference on our reserve, without you we would be lost. I thank you very very much Love your Husband Larry Swan Sr. Thank you Manager; Gena Swan Coach; Larry Swan Captain; Eugene Swan Ahousaht Islanders Ball hockey Team that space soon like tomorrow ok lol. I am putting all my poems into a disc and make a book of it all. Kleco-Kleco your honour, your highness. Love you hugs. Delores Seitcher You my angel. You will always be. I light up when I see all people when I go to events and you r one of them. So special u have a great sense of humour just like me and we both should be comedians for the first nations events. I want to let you know that you have opened my eyes with tears when I received a gift from you that you send. I cried and will never loose my name tag you send with the red rose on it with my name does that mean that i have to look at it to see if I remember myself. I hope you loved what i got you because smiling is the best medicine I smile so much my left dimple is getting tired of showing how deep it goes lol because i only have one dimple. Lol. Hugs to you Delores I love you. J'net August - hi five to you gal u did an awesome job I am dang proud of you. You keep up the good work we need you and me together lol. I loved telling stories of all funny stuff that has happened in life for me and people around me it was fun. I love making people laugh and i smile alot. Thank you for making me part of the team with the little play we put on stage it was sweet. I will miss you all but will see u all when i go there. Don't forget me ok. Hugs. Ray Seitcher I want to thank you for being there for me and my family along with the healing project. You have done an excellent job. Going to miss you all. I am so glad i got to meet you. I hope we will see each other along with the crew. Hugs. Rose Jack I thank you for offering me a ride down to Port Alberni. It was so special and you made me feel so wanted.

I appreciate what you have done for me u have always been there for me you and My Auntie Vi. Love you both. Klecokleco. Mr Harold Lucas - A million hugs to you for bringing me home from Port Alberni So awesome of you. I thank you with all my heart. I counted my toes and fingers when I got home lol Yep, all there, whew. Kleco Kleco. To all the Nuu-Chah-Nulth First Nations, I want to acknowledge each and every one of you because you all deserve it. I am always so glad to see you all even the ones I have never met. I just introduce myself to new people which i did a the healing Project. I have gotten great wisdom from my late grandmother Ada Williams. She told me that I had a very special gift and no one can ever take it away from me and said i was born with it. Hmm still kind of figuring out what it is. So don’t any of you know what it is? Lol. I want to let you all know that i light up when i see all of you at special events and my heart beats a million times per second...cept when i am at bingo and the caller doesn't call my number i need. lol. kleco kleco to all of you hugs. To my granddaughter Natasha Amos, Wow you did an awesome presentation I am so proud of you. You spoke with great pride and empowerment. We need young people who is not afraid to speak in public and I feel that you can do it hon. I was so infatuated to see my granddaughter on stage with all of us on there, Great Grandpa Jack Johnson Sr. Grandparents Brian And Marge Amos, Mother Adrienne Amos, Jack Johnson Jr. and of course wattle me lol hugs Tasha.. Love you pretty girl. love grandma. My niece Adrienne Amos I too am so proud of you for talking with the project you did with your daughter and mom. I watched with great pride listening to you speak to all the people and you did a wonderful job. I know that you too will have great spirits in you to have the power to speak out in public. I am so proud to be your auntie...auntie..lol fingers getting tired from all typing lol. Pretty lady you are some kind of wonderful yes you are.. Love you niece hugs. My Sister Margaret Amos, you are incredible sis. You did an awesome project and of course I am proud of you. I have always known in my heart that you were special sis you have accomplished alot in your life and did so good. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful family especially your husband Brian Amos. I have gotten great wisdom from you, dad, and our late mother and grandmother.

Mary Rose Johnson and Ada William. We are so proud to be of the Ohiaht, Hesquiaht, Mowachaht band. I am and I know you are. I know that you are gifted with great positive outlook on life sis. You are the only one i seen that never had no bitterness or no hate towards no one. I am like that too I am A fun loving kind of lady lol. You have alot of patience with the job that you have and a very hard worker. You are my only inspiration sis I love you lots. hugs. Little sitter, .Little sister don't you lol Elvis Presley. I am your little sister. Jack Johnson Sr... Dad. Was so good to see you at the Healing Project. I was so happy when I saw you there. I want to let you know that I got my laughter and smiles from you because you have a great sense of humour and smiles. I am always going to take care of you dad and I love you so much. Kleco kleco to you dad. Jack Johnson Jr. Hey Handsome.Was awesome seeing you in Port. I am proud of you because I am.. Hey quit that.Your smiling with those huge dimples and laughing and I can hear you.Bro I constantly think of you each passing day because we don't live close by. I always miss you lots bro.. I want to let you know that I am here for you anytime and I love you so much......Hugs wittle sista. John Amos Hey handsome, I also am proud of you. you always give out alot of your time for the people around you. You always volunteer at all events. I know that you are a very special part of my life as you had a rough life and you came to me and talked to me and I listened. I will always be there for you always John. I know all of what you told me and I am always leaving my door open to you. I love you Neph. To All The Nuu-Chah-nulth people I want to always ask if you all could remember this from me because I love you all and will be there for you..... Whenever you see a red rose always think of me because that red rose is me.... Kleco-Kleco. Lady Lillian Howard...bow bow your highness. I am so honoured to be related to you. You have inspired me and Wow... awesome speaker.... I know I am going to be that I can feel it. Was so good to see you and family and dancing up a storm with you all with the Michael girls lol.. I know that you will always hold the key of good wisdom to which you have implanted on all of us and no thorns ok ....ouch...lol just kidding you... I will always have my heart and soul open to you lady. Love you lots...Hugs... Julie, Monica, LIl , Barney so glad to see you all. Kleco kleco.

Thank You Terry Rose My Fiancé I just want to say honey that you have put up with all my pain to which I have been going through. I cried a tear you wiped it dry, patience and time was what you had for me honey. The Residential School issues that you had to put up with me for all the flash backs I was having and you held me with comfort. We have struggled with our relationship going on

three years and we are still together. I love you with all my heart Terry and no one can take that away from me. I want to thank you so much Terry for all the things you have done for me I really appreciate it very much. You are very special to me honey and I want our love to be strong for along time. love you always babe Trudy Rose Smith {CuppyCakes)or {CC}

Hello, my name is Kaytlen Lucas and I had gone to Montreal for a Band trip with my ADSS Grade 9 Concert and Jazz band. I was the only Nuu-chah-nulth member that had participated in the Montreal Musicfest, which included school bands from all over Canada. At Musicfest the grade 9 band had received 2 Gold ratings and 1 silver rating. While in Montreal we had gone to many tourist locations and had been told stories of old Montreal. I enjoyed the trip because met new people from other schools; local people were friendly and Bilingual which helped a lot, and they were very

helpful. I also learned how to play our pieces better because of adjudication where the judges help us improve our band. I would like to thank my parents, Linus and Donna Lucas, the Hesquiaht band, and Community and Human Services Board for helping me with this opportunity to attend at the Montreal Musicfest Canada. It is an experience that I will remember and I am lucky to have had this experience. I encourage other youth to follow your interests as they may provide you with opportunities to participate in events that you may otherwise not have a chance to do.

Arts FOR SALE: Native designed jewellery; silver, copper, gold engraving, stone setting. Contact Gordon Dick by phone 723-9401. WANTED: I am looking for someone to make Abalone buttons. Call 7237134. FOR SALE: Carvings for sale: coffee table tops, clocks, plaques, 6" totems, canoes, leave message for Charlie Mickey at 724-8609 or c/o Box 40, Zeballos, B.C. V0P 2A0 FOR SALE: Genuine Authentic basket weaving grass. Linda Edgar, phone 250-741-1622. BASKET WEAVING FOR SALE: Grad Hat Regalia, Baskets, Weaving material, specializing in Maquinna Hat Earrings. Available to teach at conferences and workshops. Call Julie Joseph (250) 729-9819. WANTED: whale teeth, whalebones, mastodon ivory and Russian blue cobalt trade beads. Lv. msg. For Steve and Elsie John at 604-833-3645 or c/o #141-720 6th St, New Westminster BC V3L3C5. FOR SALE: Native painting. Call Bruce Nookemus (250) 728-2397 WHOPULTHEEATUK - Sandra Howard, Mowachaht Cedar Weaver. Hats, Caps, Pouches, Baskets, Mats, and Roses for Sale. Price Negotiable. Barter or Trade. Ph: 250-283-7628. e-mail:oomek@hotmail.com. ROSE AMBROSE: Basket weaving, shawls, baskets, headbands, roses, etc. Also teach 723-2106.

wihayaq,cik, James Swan AHOUSAHT NATIVE ARTIST Original paintings, and carvings. (can customize orders) P.O. # 84 - Ahousaht, BC. - V0R-1A0 home (250) 670-2438 ~ cell (250) 7315304. www.ahousahtnativeart.com wihay@alberni.net

Reprezent Designs

First Nations Graphics. Specializing in Native Vinyl Decals. (Custom Made/All Sizes). All types of Native Graphics. Call Now! Celeste Jacko. Ph: 604-928-2157 or Email: ladybrave05@hotmail.com

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CLASSIFIED Automotive D&M AUTOCLEAN: "We’ll do your dirty work" Automobile cleaning and renewal. CARS - TRUCKS - RV'S BOATS. 7429 Pacific Rim Highway. Phone 720-2211. PROFESSIONAL BODYWORK: Will do professional bodywork and painting. 14 years experience. Marcel Dorward. New Phone #: 723-1033. FOR SALE: 1 1999 Safari Van - 7 passenger, excellent condition - $12,000 (OBO). Contact (250) 726-2446 or fax (250) 726-2488. FOR SALE: 1989 Ford Econoline 17 passenger bus. Auto, runs great. $5500 obo 723-2308. FOR SALE: 1990 Ford 2 wd 1 ton crew cab on propane. $2500. 735-0833. FOR SALE: 1971 Chev ¾ ton pick up truck w/no motor, also 1971 automatic motor (needs to be installed). Call Rick 728-3519.

Marine BOAT FOR SALE: 1992 - 25 foot Raider. Aluminum cabin, open fore and aft deck, adjustable outboat bracket, tandem galvanized trailer. $19,900 without engine, $29,900 with 2001 - 225 Merc Optimax. Call Roger Franceur 723-4005 BOATFOR SALE: MV Ropo – no license. 40’ fiberglass. Ex-freezer troller. Fully equipped. Freezer system only 2 years old. Harold Little (250) 670-2477. FOR SALE - 40’ Ex-troller and Spring nets made to order. Call Robert Johnson Sr. (250) 724-4799. FOR SALE: Area "G" AI Troll License 37.5 ft. Contact Louie Frank Sr. at 250670-9573 or leave a message at the Ahousaht Administration Office at 250670-9563. FOR SALE: 38 1/2 ft “C” license for $10,000. Donald Mundy (250) 7205841. FOR SALE: New and Used Barclay Sound Sockeye Nets. (250) 923-9864. WANTED: 18' - 19' Fiberglass Deep V Fishing Boat, Soft Top, (Double Eagle, Hourston, etc). Call Dale or Barb @ 250 - 283 - 7149. CANOE BUILDING: Will build canoe, or teach how to build canoe. Call Harry Lucas 724-1494. FOR SALE: 25’ Bayliner powered by 350 Chev with Volvo leg. Excellent condition. $11,000. 735-0833. MISSING – 30 HP Yamaha. Any information please contact Boyd or Josh Fred at 723-5114 or 724-6491. Reward! TRADE: Hot or cold smoked salmon (vacuum packed) for a 9.9 outboard motor or W.H.Y. Call John @ (250) 723-3276. WANTED: Boat Trailor for 20’ boat. Call Micheal @ 720-6026. FOR SALE. Nets –Different Sizes, Different prices, make an offer. Trolling gear – offers. View – 5010 Mission Rd. Phone – 723-9894. JEWELRY: in gold with silver or just silver or gold. Earrings, pendants, rings and bracelets. Call Gideon Smith @ 390-2355 or 754-9413 available for PROFESSIONAL Workshops/ Conferences. Healing Circles/Retreats/ Canoe Journeys. Contract or full-time position. Holistic massage and aromatherapy with essential oils by Raven Touch. Please contact Eileen Touchie @250-726-7369 or 726-5505.


Specializing in set up and management of Forestry operations. Phone 250 731 6222 Or 250 723 9706. Call for more info.

T.S.G. TRUCKING SERVICE: Moving And Hauling, Reasonable Rates. Tom Gus, 5231 Hector Road, Port Alberni, B.C. Phone: (250) 724-3975. FOR HIRE:Pickup truck and driver. Need something transported or towed? Transport/move furniture, fridge, stoves, outboard motors, your boat, canoe or travel trailer towed or moved. By the km and by the hour. Call 250-724-5290.

+`um>k`a Advisory for Histories, Governance, and Constitutions (forming governments). contact Harry Lucas, at 724-2313. NUU-CHAH-NULTH NATIVE LANGUAGE: Transcribing in phonetics - for meetings, research projects, personal use. Hourly rates. Phone Harry Lucas at 724-2313. FREE LANGUAGE CLASSES: at Hupacasath Hall. Language Instructor Tat Tatoosh. Monday and Wednesday Nights. 7 pm to 9 pm. (Bring your own pen and paper). Parenting Skills for Parents and Tots. Fridays from 3 – 4 pm. EVERYONE IS WELCOME. cuu kleco. Edward Tatoosh, Certified Linguist. TSAWAAYUUS: SHARE YOUR TALENTS WITH YOUR ELDERS: Volunteers required for the following: 9Give demonstrations 9and/or teach basket weaving, carving, painting, etc. 9We also need cultural entertainment. Contact Darlene Erickson at 724-5655. FIRST AID TRAINING: Canadian Red Cross Certified First Aid Instructors Lavern and Alex Frank are available to teach First Aid to your group, office, or community. Classes can have up to 24 students. Phone (250) 725-3367 or (250) 726-2604 for more information. SWEEPY’S CLEANING SERVICES: Samantha Gus: Need some Cleaning done? Don’t have enough time? Good rates. Call 723-7645 or leave a message @ 724-2763. Windows, dishes, vacuuming, laundry, walls, shelves, etc. Custodial/ Janitorial certified. Commercial house keeping/ home making certified and Food safe. GROWING THE CIRCLE COMMUNICATIONS GROUP: Video / music / CD-Rom or DVD production, website design or enhancement, book publishing, public relations, marketing, and training. Top quality professional productions at very reasonable rates. Contact Randy Fred, 530 Cadogan Street, Nanaimo BC V9S 1T4; Tel. 250-7410153; e-mail: randyfred@shaw.ca. Chuu! NITINAHT LAKE MOTEL: New Manager is Lucy Edgar. I can be reached at Office # - 250-745-3844, Home # 250745-6610, Fax # 250-745-3295. PO Box 160, Port Alberni, BC, V9Y 7M8. COU-U$ CA$H - Need Cash between paydays. We loan $100, $200, up to $500 dollars. 100% owned and operated by First Nations. Phone (250) 390-9225. Or (250) 741-6070 cel. 401 Harvey Road, Nanoose Bay, B.C.

HOUSE FOR SALE to TFN member on Esowista Reserve. Newly added 1 bdrm suite. Views of ocean and forest. Info: (250) 725-3482. PRICED TO SELL. 14 ft. X 70 ft. Princeton 1993 Mobile Home. 2 Bedroom, plus 12 ft. X 18 ft. addition, Located at Sproat Lake Mobile Home Park. Can be moved, relocated. By appointment only. NO AGENTS! Phone: 724-5290. HOUSE FOR SALE: 3 bedrooms, with 3 bedroom basement suite, fruit trees, berry bushes and flower beds. Newer carpets and lino. 4 appliances. $95,000. Call 723-8979. BOARDROOMS FOR RENT: At the Tseshaht Administrative Buildings, Port Alberni. For more information call the Tseshaht First Nations Office at (250) 724-1225 or toll free 1-888-724-1225. FOR RENT: A non-profit organization has rooms to rent, by the day, week or month. Very reasonable rates for Room and Board. Also, there is a Boardroom available for rent. For more information phone 723-6511. ROOM AND BOARD 0PPORTUNITY): Looking for Adult tenants for August 1 and September 1, (3 available), Non-smoking and nondrinking Home. Located in Port Alberni (south), close to bus stop. Clean private room. Tenants must be clean and responsible. $350/month - Hydro, cable and Internet access included. (References Required). Call 250-7235503 for info. WANTED: Medical Equipment such as wheelchairs etc. Can be dropped off at the Tseshaht Band Office. 5000 Mission Road, Port Alberni. Contact Gail K. Gus at 724-1225. FOR SALE: Beautiful Native Design Dress. New condition. Size 5-7. 7243049. FOR SALE: Custom built food cart with grill, deep fryer, sink, water pump, and lots of storage. 1 owner. $6500, obo. 724-4383. WANTED: Serger Sewing Machine to buy. Please call 724-4987 MISSING: White, toddler size Canucks jersey with “C. Little, #99” on back. Jersey of sentimental value taken from a Port Alberni home. Call 724-6434 or 724-2935 with information. WOOD FOR SALE: $80 per cord. Leave a message @ 723-1129. FOR SALE: TREK 800 Unisex Mountain Bike, brand new condition (used 3 times). Blue and Silver, kickstand and back wheel-rack included. $350.00. Call 724-3420. FOR SALE: 4 1/2’ x 9’ pool table, 2 years old, $2000. 728-3537. FOR RENT: Equipment for power point and DVD presentations. Projector and Screen. By the hour or day. Deposit required. Telephone: 250-724-5290. WANTED: An old spanking strap from the Residential era and any pictures from CT Hilton in Port Alberni in the years 1964/65/66. Later known as Hilton Elementary and is now privatized. Leave message for August Johnson @ 283-2015 the Mowachaht/Muchalaht Band Office. WESTCOAST TRANSITION HOUSE EMERGENCY SHELTER: For Abused Women and their Children on call 24 hours toll free. 1-877-7262020. PORT ALBERNI TRANSITION HOUSE: Call 724-2223 or call the nearest local shelter or crisis center. HELP LINE FOR CHILDREN: 310-1234. Wanted: Traditional Stories for project. Call Caroline Thompson at 724-5757




July 2, 2004

Business Profile: J.C Espresso Bar, The Filbert Tea House Owner: Candice Charalambidis The first impression you get when meeting Candice Charalambidis is that she is a very kind, considerate, intelligent young woman. Candice, or Candy as she prefers is of Kwakiutl heritage and has lived in Comox for most of her life. She graduated from George’s P. Vanier Secondary School in the Comox Valley. Candy owns and operates J.C Espresso Bar, Filbert Tea house, and 2 Cappuccino carts. She attributes much of her success to her supporting family; she has 4 children: a 10-month-old, a 4-yearold, a 7-year-old, and a 10-year-old. Candy’s husband stays at home during the day to look after the children leaving Candy to deal with the day-to-day business. At night Candy stays at home with the kids while her husband works the night shift. Candy’s brother also helps with the businesses working at all 3 locations of the company. Candy started off operating a cappuccino cart and then the opportunity came along to buy out the owner. Given Candy’s background at North Island College graduating from the Hospitality-Tourism program, and various work experience with management positions she decided it was time to become self-employed.

One of the most difficult things that Candy found was developing a business plan. She wants to stress how important it is to have an adequate business plan, and to use it. When Candy purchased the business, she acquired another cappuccino cart, J.C Espresso Bar, and the Tea House. Once the business was up and running under Candy’s direction she quickly discovered how tricky, but rewarding it is to manage the staff. Candy strongly believes that good employees are the key towards success in her industry. Moreover, Candy thinks that having a presentable, tidy location is an essential practice. Furthermore, she deems it necessary to have fresh and organic products, as well as ‘being local’. Candy only carries local newspapers and is an active member in the community. The Cappuccino Bar donates 50% of its proceeds 3 times a year, plus she donates to local schools, charities, and the local dog shows. What Candy enjoys most about being an entrepreneur is the flexibility and control she has over her businesses. One benefit from being the owner was that she was able to redesign the Espresso Bar and Tea House so that she could be more productive

The picturesque Filbert Tea House

Candy proudly stands at the counter in J.C. Espresso Bar and the operations be more appealing. The downside to running her own business is the amount of stress there is and how time consuming the business is. She must always deal with deadlines, suppliers, and employees. Furthermore, there is not a day when she is not working, so she must sacrifice a great deal of family time and give up other leisure activities she used to enjoy doing. Candy emphasizes the importance of dedication, customer service, and quality to overcome these obstacles. Another thing that Candy stresses is, “the importance of doing your research about your industry so that you can plan as much as you can because it is not as easy as you think it is. There is a lot of innovation, expertise, and effort required to be successful ”. Candy affirms that NEDC is available for ideas, support, training, workshops, and aftercare. She also states that, “there is lots of help available. Set your goals, work hard and you can achieve anything. There is lots of opportunity out there for aboriginal people today. Dream”. She would like to thank Tale’awtxw Aboriginal Capital Corporation for the financing,

NEDC for providing a contribution under the BEP program, as well as her family for the constant support they provide.

J.C Expresso Address: 1773 Comox Ave., Comox, BC V9M3L9 Phone: (250) 339-3222 Email: jc_espresso@yahoo.ca The Filbert Tea House Address: 61 Filbert Rd Comox BC, V9M2S7 (250) 339-1811 Email: jc_espresso@yahoo.ca Nuu-cchah-n nulth Economic Development Corporation

Celebrating 20 Years 1984-2 2004

Nuu-chah-nulth Economic Development Corporation 7563 Pacific Rim Highway, (next door to Tseshaht Market) Office Hours: MON - FRI: 8 am to 12 pm, 1 pm to 4:30 pm, SAT, SUN, and HOLIDAYS: CLOSED

The purpose of NEDC is to promote and assist the development, establishment and expansion of the business enterprises of the Tribes and Tribal members of the Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council.