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12 x 12

& Prelude November/December 2013

albuquerque, nm

About harwood galleries & exhibitions Harwood Art Center’s galleries are dedicated to providing exhibition, audience expansion and professional development opportunities to artists working in all media. Harwood Staff curate four exhibitions annually; the remaining months are awarded to individuals and groups through a competitive application process. For more information, please visit or email

ABOVE: 12x12 (anonymous until sold)

12 x 12

& Prelude Harwood Art Center invites you preview our 7th Annual 12x12 Exhibition and Fundraiser – an exquisite evening of art, live music by Chris Dracup Trio and hors d'oeuvres on Saturday, December 7 2013 – in the following pages. Over 200 youth, emerging and established artists created original works for this year's exhibitions and donated them to benefit Harwood's community arts programs. 12x12" pieces will be available for $144 and 6x6" pieces for $36 at the time of the event. Larger works are available now through the PRELUDE online and silent auction. The December reception is exciting and suspenseful, as 12x12 and 6x6 artists' names are not revealed until purchase, and the PRELUDE featured auction closes that evening.


Special events prelude reception • november 15, 6 – 8p member preview • december 5, 5:30 – 7p 12x12 main event • december 7, 6 – 8p exhibitions close • december 13

12 x 12

& Prelude

12x12 & PRELUDE comprise Harwood Art Center’s 7th annual fundraising exhibitions. Over 200 youth, emerging and established artists create and donate original works for the occasion, offering their incredibly generous support to Harwood’s community arts programs. We are deeply thankful for their vision and involvement. 12x12 ambassadors fay abrams debi dodge laura freed eleanore macnish lisa mcculloch pia salazar friedje vangils 12x12 & PRELUDE exhibitions curated by debi dodge guruamrit khalsa julia mandeville 6x6 exhibition curated by vashti moss artist donations processed by sarah dewey shawn fricke tina yara-nieto program materials designed by guruamrit khalsa julia mandeville marie shriver, ripe inc.

RIGHT: 12x12

(anonymous until sold)

Who We Are 12x12 & PRELUDE are presented by Harwood Art Center, a program of Escuela del Sol Montessori. For over 40 years, Escuela del Sol, an independent Montessori school, has nurtured creativity, independence and academic excellence. Harwood Art Center expands the school’s philosophy to serve a broad audience of youth and adults with a variety of programs, including art classes, studio rentals, gallery exhibitions and community outreach projects, as well as apprenticeship, teaching and professional development opportunities. Escuela and Harwood are dedicated to building a love of lifelong learning, creative expression and positive impact on our community and our world. harwood art center – escuela del sol board of trustees maria garcia geer, president deborah chavez, treasurer elizabeth marcilla, secretary inga tomlinson, board – staff liaison fay abrams john barney samantha clark ann edenfield-sweet friedje vangils (ex-officio) harwood art center staff friedje vangils, executive director and head of school victoria baca, administrative assistant and event services coordinator jennifer depaolo, community outreach coordinator sarah dewey, administrative assistant shawn fricke, programs assistant don hebb, facilities manager guruamrit khalsa, director of administrative services chris loss, business manager julia mandeville, director of programs and community relations elizabeth marcilla, assistant head of school vashti moss, director of youth arts and education lita sandoval, web and social media manager tina yara-nieto, administrative assistant … plus 30 amazing teachers and support staff and 75 teaching artists and apprentices!

12 x 12 We are honored and amazed by the artists who accept our invitation to participate in 12x12. Though their works will remain anonymous until sold on the night of our main event, we want to recognize their generosity now; imagine us singing these names from the rooftop of Harwood:

! Lisa Alessio

Carol Adamec Diane Alire Lea Anderson Maude Andrade Joseph Baca Wanda Becker Angela Berkson Randall Biggers Heather Bingham Elaine Bolz Renee Brainard Gentz Deborah Brink Ann Bromberg Dana Burgy Katie Burkstaller Amy Camber Dominick Camber Katie Carillo M. Certo Corie Chambers S. Michael Chavez Michelle Chrisman Jill Christian Amy Cliser Juliana Coles Donna Loraine Contractor Pat Conway Anne Cooper

Helen Cozza Sasha Custer Evan Dent Jennifer DePaolo Sarah Dewey Lauri Dickinson Cheryl Dietz Marilyn Dillard Debi Dodge Cynthia Elliott Ken Frink Lindsey Fromm Dan Fuller John Garrett Jill Gatwood Cindi Gaudette Molly Geissman Lisa Gillett Laura Green Ricardo Guillermo Bryce Hample Ann Hart Marquis Sarah Hartshorne Christine Herman Karl Hofmann Linda Holland Mark Horst Michael Hudock Dani Jeffries continued >

Evey Jones Jessica Kennedy Sat Shabad Khalsa David Koch Ellen Koment !Jean Kondek Ted Laredo David Leigh Stephanie Lerma Hank Lerma Marta Light Trevor Lucero Anna Mafchir Gloria Mallory Suzanne Marshall Tara Massarsky Jeness May Renee McKitterick Frank Melcori Katherine Minott vashti b moss Marcia Newren Mary Oertel-Kirschner Rachel Olinger Brooke Palmer Rachel Popowcer Susie Protiva Alan Paine Radebaugh Luanne Redeye


Alison Robbenhaar Richard Rodriguez Ben Roe Jr. Donna Romano Maria Ross Mariana Roumell-Gasteyer Valerie Roybal Carol Sanchez Lita Sandoval David Santiago Eliza Schmid Emily Schuyler Sharon Schwartzmann Janet Shagam Barbara Shapiro Larry Smith Bob Stembridge Mary Sweet Myriam Tapp Thomas Tomlinson Harriette Tsosie Shawn Turung Susan Weeks Margi Weir Deborah Wozniak Tina Yara-Nieto Fred Yost Jessica Zekus Rachel Zollinger


6x6 Speaking of singing from the rooftops… There is perhaps no one we wish to celebrate more than the youth artists – and budding philanthropists – of Escuela del Sol Montessori for their brilliant 6x6” contributions:

Scarlet Abraham Teis Akhtari Lauren Anderson Avery Anderson Beatrice Andrews Isabel Arbetan Oscar Banks Henry Banks Miles Bellmore Hannah Berkheimer Audra Chavez Peter Chimosky Isabela Chou Riley Collins Brigid Contreras Ridlington Sterling Cook Adrienne Derstine Thomas Dickson Winder Dillenbach Simon Driscoll Gigi Fleshner Talulah Blue Freed Abigail Friggins Zoë Gartner Stephanie Gonzales Ian Gonzales Harlow Raeyce Hale-JonesHunt Myles Heavilin Elise Heavilin

Kendra Heck Johnathan Helsel Mateo Herrera Ryan Hughes Colin Huyler Samiyah James Jackson Johns Chloe Lapsys Grant Lapsys Allison Lium Kayla Lopez Brighton Ludwig Phoenix Luther Leam Lyons Elijah Mann Lila Mann Sam Marcilla Ian Merewether Sarah Miller Ovie Nirgudkar Milo Patterson Ada Patterson Solana Pearl Zoë Pennebaker Hayden Prescott Graciela Rawlings Max Rembe Skyler Rice Max Rodriguez y McCallum continued >

Maggie Rodriguez y McCallum Mirella Romano Quinn Romero Clara Scherzinger Sofia Schuyler Ethan Sheff Cydney Slaughter Ethan Smith SolĂŠne Sparks Grace Steffan Sofia Steffan Nathan Tandy Isabelle Tandy

Juan Tashjian Catalina Tashjian Logan Taylor Jolie Taylor Zander Turner Isabel Veitch Liam Veitch Sasha Walinsky Miel Wewerka Mix Wewerka Alejandra Wilson Scott Wilson Julia Wolfe Shade Phea Young


Escuela del Sol Montessori is the parent organization of Harwood Art Center. To learn more visit


Prelude 12x12’s featured exhibition & silent auction

Sally Condon Sally was born and raised in Maine. After receiving her Masters of Fine Arts degree from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1990, she moved to Albuquerque where she lives and works today. Her work has been shown throughout the United States and internationally in France and Japan. Wes Pullka of The Albuquerque Journal named her Artist of the Year in 2012. Her unique encaustic technique achieves an inner luminosity that captures and rebroadcasts soulful ambient light.

The Artist’s Words “I was one of the first renters at Harwood and had studio space there for over 12 years. I feel very fortunate to have been part of Harwood's community. Many friends and important connections have been made because of Harwood. Thank you for supporting us all these years.”

Easy to Grow Oil, Wax, Mixed Media on Panel / 24x24” Value $2,000 / Opening Bid $550 / Bid Now >

Ann Dunbar Ann graduated with distinction from UNM with a degree in Fine Arts. She has been a studio artist since, and has also been deeply involved in art education in Albuquerque. She operated her own art school for years, and has taught at Bosque School for 17 years. Ann has shown in many galleries throughout the United States, Turkey and Iceland. Her shows include Museum of Albuquerque: “Albuquerque Now: Fall”, “Miniatures and More”, “Ray Graham Collection”. She has also shown at 516 ARTS, solo show at 116 Arts; Souvenir Gallery, Seattle; galleries in Santa Fe, California, New York , Colorado, Texas, Michigan and Kansas.

The Artist’s Words “My artwork has evolved around common items relating to women's lives and the memories these objects elicit. Over the years I have created artwork which speaks through the voice of clothing. Clothing can represent who you are and what image you want to present. It can also identify culture, age, era, gender, profession, status. I use clothing to speak of important current issues, life's passages and growth, the beauty and sacredness of life and its elements, and also its atrocities. I am intrigued with the amazing possibilities of paper sculpture: taking a flat piece of paper and seeing just where it can go. I am especially interested in the ephemeral qualities of paper and the way light and air currents interact with this media. My joy is making art that speaks through my heart. I have a passion to create and explore the possibilities art allows one to experience.”

Off Balance Paper, Maps, Mixed Media / 21x46� Value $650 / Opening Bid $200 / Bid Now >

Deborah Gavel Deborah Gavel is an artist, art activist and educator with roots in Boston, MA and a current practice in Albuquerque, NM. Director of the community performance A Prayer for Juarez and West Mesa, Deborah holds a B.F.A. from Rhode Island School of Design, as well as an M.A. and an M.F.A. from University of New Mexico. Deborah’s work has been shown internationally, received numerous awards and is featured in several permanent collections – including, most recently, the City of Albuquerque’s Public Art Urban Enhancement Program.

The Artist’s Words “At the prelude of this show, I will be en route to Italy and a dream come true to see Venice. This painting is a tribute to Venice and the opportunity to see La Biennale di Venezia. I have worked on this panel for a long time, twelve years in fact. I was not entirely satisfied with it at each stage but through the years I have returned to it, scraped it back and revised it again and again. It finally came together for me as a prelude to my journey. This years Biennale title, The Encyclopedic Palace, curated by the NY's New Museum curator, Massimiliano Gioni, was inspired by a fellow Italian, Marino Furiti. His 1950's vision of a building where all the knowledge of the world would be contained was conceived to be built on the National Mall in Washington DC. It was never realized but the original architectural model will be on display in one of the pavilions of the Biennale. For the Futurist, Furiti, this complete body of knowledge housed in a single building seemed quite plausible. Presumably it would have been a world library filled with books. Today, in the age of electronic information exchange, perhaps all we need is a virtual library. When Julia Mandeville came to pick up this piece at my studio, I asked her what "WORD" meant to her. She said, "Everything." I like that. Yes, it can mean your favorite book or film, a poem, the dictionary, an encyclopedia of knowledge, life, death yes, everything. Moreover, "WORD" is you, as your refection moves through it as you move between it and the light. You are WORD.”

Word Encaustic, Silver Leaf, Oil, Mixed Media on Panel / 24x24� Value $3,000 / Opening Bid $550 / Bid Now >

BC Nowlin BC Nowlin is a native of New Mexico and currently lives in Corrales. He is a writer and internationally known painter with a penchant for motorcycles and good coffee. His works have been exhibited in Santa Fe, Scottsdale, Mexico City, Denver, Seattle, Vail, Palm Springs, and Aspen. The Weems Gallery represents him locally.

The Artist’s Words Nowlin’s artwork hints of his New Mexico upbringing and his interest in Native American history, but his paintings transcend specific regions and points in human history, allowing the viewer to bring their own experiences to the image. Overall, Nowlin prefers to create in solitude, often hiding himself away in his studio to work, though he says that his ideas never come to him while there. It’s only on solitary motorcycle rides that his creations rise to the surface.

Had Been Here

Oil on Panel / 9x17” (mounted) Value $1,200 / Opening Bid $300 / Bid Now >

Eso Robinson Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Eso Robinson received her BFA from SUNY Purchase in 2002. She has since exhibited in and around NYC as well as in Albuquerque, NM. Eso is currently an MFA candidate here at the University of New Mexico, and will be presenting her thesis exhibition February 2014 at SCA.

The Artist’s Words Eso Robinson is a transdisciplinary artist who uses metalwork, printmaking, drawing, text, collected objects, and ephemera in the creation of both evocative objects and generative installations. With a life-long relationship to and love for both science and literature, Eso explores the intimacy in repetition, layering, and replication with variation, mirroring the constant flux of natural dynamics. Eso’s sensual minimalist approach courts the intangible through the skillful manipulation of material, pattern, language, and light.

I Do Not Feel Still Lithograph / 29x33” (framed) Value $400 / Opening Bid $175 / Bid Now >

Rémy Rotenier Paris born Rémy Rotenier has been a jewelry designer for 30 years and has worked for Tiffany and Co., Kabana, and many other prestigious jewelry houses in the US and France. He teaches jewelry design and has a show on Jewelry Television. Rotenier has drawn and painted all his life, studied painting with various instructors, and completed the course of study in preparation for admission to the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. Recently he has focused his attention on combining his exceptional skills at rendering jeweled insects with expressive still lifes of flowers.

The Artist’s Words “I am a friend and supporter of the Harwood Art Center… As the largest painting [I have] ever created (24x24"), this work is a significant departure from my usually small paintings. I have thoroughly enjoyed the process and painting standing up!”

Creatures by the Jungle Window Acrylic on Panel / 24x24” Value $2500 / Opening Bid $550 / Bid Now >

Elaine Roy

xxoo Sending My Love


Encaustic on Panel / 24x24� Value $1500 / Opening Bid $550 / Bid Now >

Elaine Roy Elaine Roy holds a B.A. from the University of Maine and a B.F.A. from the University of New Mexico. In the last 20 years, she has worked in the furniture and design industry working in product development and sourcing of textiles, home accessories and furniture, overseeing a production frame shop, managing a design studio, store planning, creative director and as a buyer. Since 2009, Elaine has been able to dedicate time and resources for the development of her fine art practices in photography and painting, Harwood Art Center, County Commissioners offices Albuquerque NM, Snap price Projects Gallery Design Studio @ the Hyatt and at the Los Alamos Public library.

The Artist’s Words “With every painting, I am striving to paint as honestly as I can and create an image that cannot completely be taken in with one glance. I like to leave a little mystery, with room for the viewer to bring a memory or a personal point of view to the work that cannot be reached through verbal language or linear thought. Multimedia artist Elaine Roy uses line, texture color, and mood to retrieve the sense data inherent in space before form becomes so familiar and burdened with identity Elaine prefers a hard surface since her work demands physical effort in order to layer, erase, embed, and layer again. Many times, older drawings exist as history under new works. She uses oil sticks, powder pigments , pencils, charcoal and wax in the mark making process incorporating images buried in the multiples layers that may surface within the abstract landscape. Through a reduction and layering process, line and form emerge, seeming to disappear into obscurity. There is a sense of time and space. Alluding to life's mysteries and ambiguities, nothing is clearly seen. An explosion and serenity may exist within one work. There will surely be different interpretations of that which is seen. That which is unseen is either intellectualized or intuitively understood.”

xxoo Sending My Love (previous page) Encaustic on Panel / 24x24” Value $1500 / Opening Bid $550 / Bid Now >

Brooke Steiger Brooke Steiger has lived and worked in New Mexico since 1997. Born in Denver, Colorado, and raised in Oregon, Steiger received her B.A. in Visual Arts from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island in 1994. Following graduation, she spent a year as a Rotary scholar studying printmaking in Florence, Italy and then went on to receive her M.F.A. in Printmaking from the University of New Mexico (UNM) in 2002. Steiger continued her studies by spending two years at the Tamarind Institute of Lithography, earning certification as a Tamarind Master Printer in 2007. She currently works as Lab Manager of Printmaking in the Art and Art History Department at UNM.

The Artist’s Words “I’m a long time fan of the Harwood Art Center and am grateful for the abundance of inspiration I have experienced while attending many of their great exhibitions and Open Studio nights through the years. It is my honor and pleasure to support the good work that the Harwood’s dedicated staff does in our community. My submission to the auction is a painting based on the memory of a recent experience that registered as sublime to me. While listening to a talented cellist play a complex piece of music on stage, my eyes drifted upward to settle on the ornate light fixture hanging above my head. The sensory and aesthetic input of the moment transported me from my seat among the crowded audience to a place of peace and respite.”

Cosmos (for Elliott) Mixed Media on Panel / 24x24” Value $1000 / Opening Bid $300 / Bid Now >

Joshua Willis Joshua Willis is a mixed media artist and native of New Mexico. Joshua holds a B.A.F.A. from the University of New Mexico and studied at the Glasgow School of Art and Architecture in Scotland. As a student, elements such as balance, harmony and diversity began to form the basis for his visual vocabulary. Using materials such as scrap metal, wood, fabric and paint, his work now seeks to describes the intrinsic properties found in healthy natural landscapes. Currently, Joshua curates a gallery space for the City of Albuquerque and lives a creative lifestyle.

The Artist’s Words “I place my work on a parallel w/ the natural world. I enjoy standing in undeveloped spaces such as grassland or forest to observe the balance occurring between the varieties of flora and fauna unique to those spaces. I strive for a similar balance when I work with materials such as old bullet rattled washing machines, refrigerators, old signage, car parts and wood. I treat each material as a unique opportunity to seek balance within the context of an artwork.”

Beguiling River Wood and Oil on Panel / 24x24” Value $1200 / Opening Bid $300 / Bid Now >

Cedra Wood Cedra Wood received her MFA in Painting & Drawing from the University of New Mexico. Her interest in human/ecological relationships has drawn her to field-based residencies throughout the American West, Australia, and Scandinavia. Currently a Research Fellow at the Nevada Museum of Art’s Center for Art + Environment, she is also a member of the Ghost Town Arts Collective, and lives and works in Albuquerque.

The Artist’s Words “This piece is based on imagery from a residency I participated in above the Arctic Circle last year. Since the Harwood's Emerging Artist fund had generously supported the purchase of my materials for that journey, it seemed fitting to make a piece for 12x12 that celebrated an experience from it.”

Glacier Camouflage #1

Mixed Media on Panel / 24x24” Value $1200 / Opening Bid $300 / Bid Now >



With Gratitude We deeply appreciate the support of our community. We are privileged to serve such an enthusiastic audience and to work with a brilliant circle of artists, students, teachers, collaborators and funders; in everything we do, we hope to honor your partnership. We offer special thanks for the generosity of:

The Marjorie Falsom Trust !

Special Thanks We love our local business partners! We hope you’ll come try their tasty treats at 12x12 on December 7, 2013 – and stop by their restaurants to experience their full menus!

B2B Bistronomy Café azul Café lush Farina Pizzeria Farm & Table Flying Star Café Gold Rush Cupcakes Golden Crown Panaderia The Grove Cafe & Market Hartford Square La Montanita Co-op Los Poblanos Slate Street Café Trader Joe's Whole Foods

Harwoood Art Center presents our 7th annual 12x12 exhibition and fundraiser

SAturdaY Dec 7 2013


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COVER: Elaine Roy, xxoo Sending My Love | ABOVE: Marie Shriver, 12x12 Invitation Design


12x12 & PRELUDE: Exhibition - Auction Catalog  

Harwood Art Center invites you preview our 7th Annual 12x12 Exhibition and Fundraiser in the following pages. Over 200 youth, emerging and e...

12x12 & PRELUDE: Exhibition - Auction Catalog  

Harwood Art Center invites you preview our 7th Annual 12x12 Exhibition and Fundraiser in the following pages. Over 200 youth, emerging and e...