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Antalya Chess Express c3 s19

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Antalya Chess Express 2012 MayÄąs Cilt 3, SayÄą 19

Sorumlu EditĂśr/YayÄąncÄą: Dr Harun Taner

WCh r 3 Anand,Viswanathan (2791) − Gelfand,Boris (2727) [D70] WCh

] 14.0-0-0 [14.Rd1 e4 15.fxe4 Ng4 16.Nf3 Nxe3 17.Qxe3 Bg4 18.Be2 Bxf3 19.Bxf3 Nc4 20.Qe2 Rc8 21.Bg4 Nxb2 22.Be6+ Kh8 23.Nb5 Qa5+ 24.Qd2 Nd3+ 25.Ke2 Rf2+ 26.Kxd3 Qxb5+ 27.Ke3 0–1 (27) Zissis (2791)-Hasan Mehdi (2829) Guingamp FRA 2006]

Moscow (3), 14.05.2012 [Taner,Harun] [D70: GrĂźnfeld: Unusual White 3rd moves (met by ...d5)] 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.f3

14...Bd7 15.Kb1 Rc8 [Diagram

+ + + + + + + + + ! + + + +" #+ $ % + & ' Q + +) *+-+++% $+. /012345678 ] 16.Ka1 [16.d6 Nc4 17.Bxc4+ Rxc4 18.Nge2 Bf5+ 19.Ka1 Be6 20.Bg5 Qd7 21.Bxf6 Bxf6 22.Ne4 Bd8 23.N2c3 Rf7 24.Qe3 Qc6 25.Rc1 Qa6 26.b3 Rc8 27.Na4 b6 28.Ng5 Bxg5 29.Qxg5 b5 30.Qxe5 bxa4 Nielsen,P (2680)-Tazbir,M (2500) Helsingor 2009 1–0 (33)]

Gelfand – Anand

d5 4.cxd5 Nxd5 5.e4 Nb6 6.Nc3 Bg7 7.Be3 0-0 8.Qd2 e5 9.d5 c6 10.h4 cxd5 11.exd5 N8d7 12.h5 Nf6 13.hxg6 fxg6 [Diagram


Antalya Chess Express c3 s19

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16...e4N [16...Na4 17.Nge2 e4 18.d6 Re8 19.Rc1 Qa5 20.Nxa4 Rxc1+ 21.Qxc1 Qxa4 22.Nc3 Qb4 23.Nxe4 Rc8 24.Bc5 Be6 25.Bd3 Qa4 26.Nc3 Qa5 27.Re1 Bf7 28.Ba3 Nd7 29.Re7 Ne5 30.Rxf7 Nxf7 31.d7 Hillarp Persson,T (2450)-Aberg,A Stockholm 2002 0–1 (38)] 17.Bd4 [17.fxe4? is inferior since it leads to 17...Rxc3 Discovered attack: c3, f6–e4 18.Qxc3 Nxe4–+] 17...Na4 [17...Nc4 18.Bxc4 Rxc4 19.Nge2 ( 19.Bxa7 b6∓) 19...exf3 20.gxf3=]

] 24...a5 [24...h5 25.Rh4±] 25.Rh40 Rc2 26.b3 Nb2 27.Rb1 Nd3 28.Nd4 Rd2 29.Bxd3 Rxd3 30.Re1 Rd2 31.Kb1 Bf5+ 32.Nxf5+ gxf5 33.Re7+ Kg6 [Diagram

18.Nge2 Qa5 19.Nxe4 [Less advisable is 19.fxe4 Nxc3 20.Bxc3 Qa4µ] 19...Qxd2 [Diagram

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + ! + + + +" #+ + + + & ' + + +) *+-+ + + . /012345678

+ + + + + + + + + + + + ! + %$+ +" #+ + + + & ' $+ +) *,- +++%++. /012345678

] 34.Rc7 [White threatens to win material: Rc7xc8]

] 20.Nxf6+ Rxf6 21.Rxd2 Rf5 22.Bxg7 Kxg7 23.d6 [Is this a dangerous pawn?]

[34.Rc4!? Rd8 35.Re6+ Kg5 36.Rc7 R8xd6 37.Rxd6 Rxd6 38.Rxh7±]

23...Rfc5 [Black has a mate threat] [23...Nb6 24.Nc3 Rd5 25.Rd3=]

34...Re8= 35.Rh1 Ree2 36.d7 Rb2+ 37.Kc1 Rxa2 ½-½

24.Rd1/ [Diagram


Antalya Chess Express c3 s19

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Anand,Viswanathan (2799) − Gelfand,Boris (2739) [D70] WCh Moscow (3), 14.05.2012 [H2Aq,Taner,Harun] 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.f3 d5 4.cxd5 Nxd5 5.e4 Nb6 6.Nc3 Bg7 7.Be3 0-0 8.Qd2 e5 9.d5 c6 10.h4 cxd5 11.exd5 N8d7 12.h5 Nf6 13.hxg6 fxg6 14.0-0-0 Bd7 15.Kb1 Rc8 16.Ka1 [Diagram

+ + + + + + + + + ! + + + +" #+ $ % + & ' Q + +) *,- +++% $+. /012345678

] 24...a5 [24...Nb6 !? 25.Nc3 Nd5 26.Re1 Re8 27.Ne4 Nf6 28.b4 Rd5 29.Bc4 Rd4 30.Nc5 Rxc4 31.Nxd7 Rxe1+ 32.Rxe1 Houdini Aquarium (0:09:10) +0.22|d28] 25.Rh4 Rc2 26.b3 Nb2 27.Rb1 Nd3 28.Nd4 Rd2 [White is better] 29.Bxd3 Rxd3 30.Re1 Rd2 31.Kb1 Bf5+ 32.Nxf5+ gxf5 33.Re7+ Kg6 34.Rc7 [34.d7 Rcc2 Houdini Aquarium (0:02:33) +0.56|d26]

] [16.d6 statistics: 4 games, White wins 100%] 16...e4 [Novelty]

34...Re8 [Diagram

[16...Na4 17.Nge2 e4 18.d6 Re8 19.Rc1 Qa5 20.Nxa4 Rxc1+ 21.Qxc1 Qxa4 22.Nc3 Qb4 23.Nxe4 Rc8 24.Bc5 Be6 25.Bd3 Qa4 26.Nc3 ... 0–1, Hillarp Persson Tiger (SWE) - Aaberg Anton (SWE), Cup Rilton]

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + ! + + + +" #+ + + + & ' + + +) *+-+ + + . /012345678

17.Bd4 Na4 18.Nge2 Qa5 19.Nxe4 Qxd2 20.Nxf6+ Rxf6 21.Rxd2 Rf5 22.Bxg7 Kxg7 23.d6 Rfc5 [23...Nb6 !? 24.Nc3 Rd5 25.Rd3 Bf5 26.Rxd5 Nxd5 27.Bd3 Nxc3 28.Bxf5 gxf5 29.bxc3 Rxc3 30.Re1 Rd3 31.Re7+ Houdini Aquarium (0:13:40) +0.02|d30] 24.Rd1 [Diagram

] 35.Rh1 [Equal]


Antalya Chess Express c3 s19

WCC 2012]

[35.Re7 !? 35...Rd8 36.Rexh7 Rxg2 37.d7 Kf6 38.Rd4 Ke5 Houdini Aquarium (0:00:56) +0.48|d26]

14...Bd7 15.Kb1 Rc8 16.Ka1 [16.d6 Has won 4/4 for White but it gives away c6 and e6. Doubtless Anand has prepared 16.Ka1 16...Be6 17.Nh3 Nbd5 18.Nxd5 Bxd5 19.Bg5 Be6 20.Nf2 Qd7 21.Qb4 a6 22.Bxf6 Bxf6 23.Ne4 Bf5 24.Bd3 Bxe4 25.Bxe4 b5 26.Qa3 Bg5 27.Qxa6 Be3 28.Rd5 Rc6 29.Qa3 Bd4 30.Qb3 Kh8 31.Rxb5 1–0 Hillarp Persson,T (2530)-Wojciechowski,P (2159)/Jersey 2004/EXT 2005]

35...Ree2 36.d7 Rb2+ 37.Kc1 Rxa2 [37...Rxa2 38.Kd1 Rad2+ 39.Kc1 Ra2 40.Kd1 Houdini Aquarium (0:00:08) +0.00|d28] ½-½

Anand,Viswanathan (2799) − Gelfand,Boris (2739) [D70]

16...e4 [Diagram

WCh Moscow (3), 14.05.2012 [Pein,Malcolm,Taner,Harun]

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1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.f3 [The Anti Gruenfeld. Black is invited into a King's Indian Saemisch after 3...Bg7 4.e4 or a Benoni after 3...c5 4.d5. There was wild play after 3...e5!? 4.dxe5 Nh5 in KramnikLeko 1998] 3...d5 4.cxd5 Nxd5 5.e4 Nb6 6.Nc3 Bg7 7.Be3 0-0 8.Qd2 e5 9.d5 c6 10.h4 cxd5 11.exd5 N8d7 12.h5 Nf6 13.hxg6 fxg6 [Diagram

+ + + + + + + + + ! + + + +" #+ $ % + & ' Q + +) * + + ,-% $+. /012345678

A novelty and a logical response to open the g7–a1 diagonal but White neutralises this. Assume both players in prepared analysis] 17.Bd4 [A slight dilemma for Black taking on f3 helps White after Nxf3 but the e4 pawn is attacked. Nc4 and Re8 now perhaps] [17.Bd4 Re8 18.fxe4 Nxe4?? 19.Nxe4 Rxe4 20.Bxg7 Kxg7 21.Qh6+; 17.Bd4 Re8 18.fxe4 Rxc3 19.Qxc3 Nxe4 20.Qb4 Bxd4 21.Qxd4 Ng3 22.Rh2 Ba4 Is hugely complex, I guess Boris is checking something like this]

] 14.0-0-0 [14.d6 Be6 15.Nh3 Bxh3 16.Rxh3 Rc8 17.Bg5 Laznicka-Areschenko 1082

Antalya Chess Express c3 s19

17...Na4 18.Nge2 Qa5 [18...Qa5 19.Nxe4 Qxd2 20.Rxd2 Nxe4 21.fxe4 Rfe8 22.Bxg7 Kxg7 23.Rd4 Nc5 24.Nc3 Nxe4!=; 18...Qa5 19.Nxe4 Qxd2 20.Nxf6+ Rxf6 21.Rxd2 Rf5 22.Bxg7 Kxg7 Black's activity should ensure equality. White might not be able to support d5; 18...Qa5 19.fxe4?! Nxc3 20.Nxc3 Nxe4 21.Nxe4 Qxd2 22.Nxd2 Bxd4]

24.Rd1 a5 25.Rh4 Rc2 [25...Rc2 26.b3 Nc3 27.Nxc3 R8xc3 28.Bd3 Rxg2 29.Re4] 26.b3 Nb2 27.Rb1 Nd3 28.Nd4 Rd2 29.Bxd3 Rxd3 30.Re1 Rd2 [30...Kf6 31.Re7 Bf5 32.Nxf5 Kxf5 33.Rf7+ Ke6 34.Rc7 Rd8 35.Rhxh7 R8xd6 36.Rce7+ Kd5] 31.Kb1 [31.Re7+ Now and Kg6 not possible - Speelman on ICC. A good point but after the game the computer seemed to show Black holds anyway 31...Kf6 32.Kb1 Bf5+ 33.Nxf5 gxf5 (33...Rd1+ Black seems to hold 34.Kb2 Rd2+ 35.Ka3 Rcc2 36.Ka4 Rxa2+ 37.Kb5 gxf5 38.Rexh7 Rxd6 39.R4h6+ Ke5) 34.f4 Rxd6 35.Rxb7 Rg8 36.Ra7 Rxg2 37.Rh6+ Rg6 38.Rhxh7]

19.Nxe4 [19.Nxe4 Qxd2 20.Nxf6+ Rxf6 21.Rxd2 Rf5 22.b3 Nb6 23.Bxg7 Kxg7 24.d6 Rd5 25.Rxd5 Nxd5 26.Ng3 Ne3] 19...Qxd2 20.Nxf6+ [20.Rxd2 Nxe4 21.fxe4 Bxd4 22.Rxd4 Rf2 23.e5 Bb5 With strong counter-play] 20...Rxf6 21.Rxd2 Rf5 22.Bxg7 Kxg7 [22...Kxg7 23.Rh4 Nb6 24.Rhd4 Nc4 25.Rd1 Ne3∓; 22...Kxg7 23.b3 Nb6 24.d6 Rd5 25.Rxd5 Nxd5 26.Kb2 Rc6 27.Rh4 Rxd6 28.Rd4 Kf6 29.Nc3 Ke5 30.Re4+ Kf6 31.Rd4]

31...Bf5+ 32.Nxf5+ gxf5 33.Re7+ Kg6 [

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + ! + + + +" #+ + + + & ' + + +) *+-+ + + . /012345678

23.d6 [Diagram

+ + + + + + , + + + + + + + ! + + + +" #+ + + + & ' +$+ +) *,- + +%++. /012345678

] 34.Rc7 [The players looked at 34.d7 Rcc2 35.Rc4 Rb2+ 36.Kc1 Rxa2 37.Rc8 Rf2 38.Re6+ Kf7 (38...Kh5 39.g4+ fxg4 40.fxg4+ Kxg4 41.Re4+ Kh5 42.Rh4+ Kg6 43.Rg8+ Kf7 44.Rf8+) 39.Rf6+ Kg7 40.Rg8+; But Black defends with 34.d7 Rcc2 35.Rc4 Rxc4 36.bxc4 h5 37.Kc1 Rd4 38.Kc2 Kf6 39.Rh7 Ke6 40.Kc3 Rxd7 41.Rxh5 Rg7]

] 23...Rfc5 [23...Nb6 24.Nc3 Rd5 equalises but Gelfand didn't see this line which was the top choice of computer engines. [MC]] 1083

Antalya Chess Express c3 s19

34...Re8 35.Rh1 Ree2 36.d7 Rb2+ 37.Kc1 Rxa2 [37...Rxa2 38.Kd1 Rad2+ 39.Kc1 Ra2=]

8...e5!? [This move is not the main here.] [8...Nc6 is the usual choice with long and sharp lines; 8...Qd6!? 9.f4 Rd8 10.Nf3 Qb4 happened in the recent game between Jobava-Caruana from 2012.]


Anand,Viswanathan (2791) − Gelfand,Boris (2727) [D70] WCh Moscow (3), 14.05.2012 [Naiditsch,Arkadij,Taner,Harun]

9.d5 c6! [Black needs to start immediately a play in the center. In case White would manage to castle long, play h4–h5 Blacks position would be very bad]

[We are in the 3rd round of the WCC Match and just like in the first round, Anand continues with 1.d4]

10.h4 [The beginning of the actions!] [10.d6? is not working now because of 10...Re8 11.0–0–0 Re6 12.Bg5 Black wanted to play Bf8 and the pawn on d6 would get lost 12...f6 13.Be3 Bf8! a great sacrifice! 14.Bxb6 axb6 15.Bc4 b5! 16.Bxe6+ Bxe6 White is an exchange up, but doing clearly worse! There is no decent defence against the Blacks b4 move, also all Black pieces are perfectly in the game and the knight from b8 will take a very good place on d7.]

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.f3 [and here comes the change in comparison to game Nr 1, where White has played 3.Nc3] 3...d5 [maybe in the next games Black could try the 3...Bg7 4.e4 d6 and we are in the King's Indian, in which Anand usually is choosing the lines with Nf3 and not f3!] 4.cxd5 Nxd5 5.e4 Nb6 6.Nc3 Bg7 7.Be3 0-0 8.Qd2 [Diagram

10...cxd5 11.exd5 N8d7 [11...f5 Of course it would be very nice for Black to put pawn to f5, but it seems that White is just to fast 12.h5 N8d7 13.hxg6 hxg6 14.Bh6 White threats on the Black King are very dangerous already.; 11...h5 This move is quite interesting and deserves attention, Black is blocking the Whites play on the file, and want themselves to continue the development in a normal way by playing N8d7–Nf6. White got quite a big range of moves here, for example: 12.Nh3 then Ng5, or maybe the direct 12.0–0–0 followed by g4 is possible as well. We can be sure in one, this position been analysed very well by Gelfand's team as well as of course by

+ + + + + + + + ! + + +" #+ $ % + & ' Q + ) * + + ,-% $+. /012345678 This is the very main position of Gruenfeld with 3.f3] 1084

Antalya Chess Express c3 s19

Anand team, so we should just simple believe them that 11... Nbd7 is the best move here :)]

Nfd5. White got again here very many moves to be considered. As we see, position is super complicated and it is really hard to say who is doing better; an interesting move as well is 16.Nh3 e4 (a typical sacrifice is not working now 16...Rxc3?! 17.Qxc3 Nfxd5 18.Bc4! and some of the Black pieces will get lost on the d file) 17.Nf4 and we are again in a totally messy position, but from the feeling maybe White could be better here. The knight on f4 is taking a very powerful position]

12.h5 Nf6 13.hxg6 fxg6 [Both players have played their moves very fast till here. A bit strange, that almost all the engines are giving quite a big advantage to White which is not obvious at all with "human eyes"! This makes the position very tricky and hard to analyse.] [13...hxg6 14.Bh6 with a mating attack]

16...e4! [Diagram

+ + + + + + + + + + ! + + + +" #+ $ % + & ' Q + +) *,- +++% $+. /012345678

14.0-0-0 Bd7 [after this move Anand had his first thought. Let us also take a look at the position from the logical point of view: 1) It is clear, that positionally White is doing better. A strong pawn on d5 is giving White a clear advantage in the center. Also in case White manages to develop the pieces by playing for example: Nh3–g5 White will be better as well. 2) It is clear as well, that Blacks chances are in the dynamic play.] 15.Kb1 [a standard prophylactical move. White king will anyway have to move away from the c line]

an excellent move by Black! and very quickly played by Gelfand. Great preparation by the Gelfand team]

15...Rc8 [I think we are at the first critical position. White got a huge range of moves that needs to be considered, and Anand took around 25 minutes of thinking before playing his next move.]

17.Bd4! [after another long thought, Anand is finding probably the best reaction!] [a mistake would be 17.fxe4? Rxc3! this time it is working 18.Qxc3 Nxe4 19.Qe1 Na4 Black pieces are going for the White king 20.Bd4 Nxb2! and this is the finishing move. White King is going to be mated soon; a mistake as well would be 17.Nxe4? Nxe4 18.fxe4 Rxf1! a pretty move but of course such things Anand sees immediately 19.Rxf1 Nc4 and again the b2 pawn is the troublemaker, Black is winning]

16.Ka1 [One of the options should be definitely 16.d6 Be6 this is why maybe d6 is not the best, the bishop on e6 is standing perfectly, even if it is looking like a lost of a tempo, just 2 moves ago been played the move Bc8–d7. 17.Bg5 Black wanted to play Nfd5 17...Qd7 Black Queen is going to f7 and same time Black wants again to play 1085

Antalya Chess Express c3 s19

17...Na4 [this move been quickly played as well by Black, and it seems it is leading to a forced draw– amazing preparation!]

18...Qa5! [a very good move by Black practically forcing White to go into a drawn endgame]

[17...Nc4 this move gives White the chance to develop completely 18.Bxc4 Rxc4 19.Nge2 and White should be doing a bit better, he managed to keep his strong d pawn, plus White will have dangerous attacking chances in the future whether White King is having a very safe position; 17...Re8!? personally I like this move a lot, now Black wants to play e3 18.fxe4 and the sacrifice again and again on c3 18...Rxc3! 19.Qxc3 Nxe4 and we are n in a totally unclear position. To know who is doing better here very deep analyses are needed. Computers are not giving the right evaluation in many lines which makes it even harder finding the truth, but again, we should just believe Gelfand team that 17...Na4 is the better choice]

19.Nxe4 [it is difficult to find something better for White] [19.fxe4? is not working again 19...Nxc3 20.Bxc3 (20.Nxc3 Nxe4 21.Nxe4 Qxd2 22.Nxd2 Bxd4∓) 20...Qa4 and White can not protect the pawn on e4–so Black should be doing great] 19...Qxd2 20.Nxf6+ Rxf6! [Diagram

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + ! + % + +" #+ + + + & ' $+ +) *,- +++%++. /012345678

18.Nge2 [an interesting move would be here 18.Nxe4!? Nxe4 this move is starting a long forced line, it might be that instead of 18... Nxe4 Gelfand planned to do something else!? but not easy to understand actually what... 19.fxe4 Bxd4 20.Qxd4 Qg5 of course Blacks chance is the development! 21.Kb1 White King is in the middle of the game protecting the field c1! 21...Rxf1 what else?! 22.Rxf1 Qxg2 23.Ne2! Maybe Anand has blondered this nice protection move?! 23...Qxe2 24.Ka1 we are in a very crazy position. From the material point of view, Black is doing better, but probably for a practical game Blacks position can be very dangerous. White got good attacking chances plus the 2 central pawns can get in movement very soon. I think Whites position is even objectively better]

a very exact move by Gelfand] [in case of 20...Bxf6 21.Rxd2 Bxd4 22.Rxd4 Rc2 23.b3 Black would still have to fight for a draw] 21.Rxd2 Rf5! [Blacks target is the pawn d5, and it is very difficult for White to find anything to protect the lonely d5 pawn] 22.Bxg7 Kxg7 23.d6 [Black simple wanted to win the pawn back by playing Nb6 and at Nc3 Nxd5] 23...Rfc5?! [the first inaccuracy Gelfand after a great play] 1086


Antalya Chess Express c3 s19

a practical game it is very hard to evaluate!] [a not very difficult 23...Nb6 24.Nc3 Rd5!= is leading immediately to a draw 25.Rxd5 Nxd5 and White got nothing better than letting Black taking twice on c3]

27...Nd3 28.Nd4 Rd2 29.Bxd3 Rxd3 30.Re1! [So, White is a pawn up, plus Re7 is a very dangerous threat. Blacks only hope seems to be the White King]

24.Rd1/ [Diagram

+ + + + + + , + + + + + + ! + + + +" #+ + + + & ' +$+ +) *,- +++%++. /012345678

30...Rd2! [Diagram

+ + + + + + + , + + + + + + ! + $ + +" #+ + + + & ' + + +) *,- + + + . /012345678

the beginning of almost an end for Black...] Black is trying all the tricks in the fight for survival, to have the rooks on the 2nd rank is the best chance]

24...a5 [still here 24...Nb6 25.Nc3 Nd5 would have been probably the better option for Black]

31.Kb1 Bf5+ [The only move] 25.Rh4! [finally the White rook from h1 is joining into the game. White wants to play Re4–Re7] 25...Rc2 [probably the last chance for Black to start some action]

32.Nxf5+ gxf5 33.Re7+ Kg6 [and we are in a position, where Anand made a terrible miscalculation. Having only 5 minutes for the 6 moves, Anand is making a very strange decision - practically agrees to a draw.] 34.Rc7? [34.d7 Rcc2 35.Rc4! it is clear that Anand saw this move 35...Rxa2 (35...Rxc4 is not saving as well 36.bxc4 h5 37.Kc1 Rd4 38.Kc2 Kf6 39.Rh7 Ke6 40.Kb3! Rxd7 if Black doesn't take on d7 White King is going slowly to b5 anyway. 41.Rxd7 Kxd7 42.Ka4 b6 43.Kb5 followed by c5 with a totally winning pawn endgame) 36.Rc8 Rdb2+ 37.Kc1 Rf2 38.Re6+ Kh5 39.g4+! and this is the key move! Not an easy move to foresee,

26.b3 Nb2!? [a very risky move by Black but probably the best chance to fight] [in case of a silent 26...Nb6 27.Re4 a4 28.Re7+ Kf6 29.Ng3! White seems to be close to winning. The knight on e4 is going to be a beast!] 27.Rb1! [the tempting 27.Rdd4 the Black knight got no moves, but 27...a4 28.bxa4 Black wanted to play a3 28...b5! is leading to quite a complicate position. Especially in 1087

Antalya Chess Express c3 s19

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.f3!? [Diagram

especially with little time on the clock. White is promoting Queen with a check 39...fxg4 40.Rc5+ Kh4 41.d8Q+]

+ + + + + + + + ! + + +" #+ + + + & ' + + ) * +$ %Q,-% $+. /012345678

34...Re8 35.Rh1? [it was still not too late to play 35.Re7 on which probably Black got nothing better than to come back on 35...Rc8 and pray for a repetition] 35...Ree2! [now the game is just a draw!] 36.d7 Rb2+ 37.Kc1 Rxa2 [Diagram

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + ! + + + +" #+ + + + & ' + + + +) *+ ,- + ++. /012345678

After the first game the Grunfeld is no surprise anymore but Anand still deviates from the main lines. This modest pawn advance might promise the advantage for White as it helps to build a strong pawn center and avoid the exchange of the knights on c3. However, it also weakens White's position and stops the natural development of the knight so Black should be able to get counter chances.] 3...d5 4.cxd5 Nxd5 5.e4 Nb6 6.Nc3 Bg7 7.Be3 0-0 8.Qd2 [

a very interesting game. Black has been clearly better prepared, but strangely enough missed a very easy draw and find themselves in a very difficult endgame. Anand seems to continue being not in a Top shape. 1) He has been today in a small time trouble and 2) He missed quite an easy win with 34. d7. Usually the World Champion is not letting such opportunities away!]

+ + + + + + + + ! + + +" #+ $ % + & ' Q + ) * + + ,-% $+. /012345678


Anand,Viswanathan (2799) − Gelfand,Boris (2739) [D70] WCh Moscow (3), 14.05.2012 [Scherbakov,Ruslan,Taner,Harun]

] 8...e5 [8...Nc6 is more common but Anand should have been prepared for that. After 9.0–0–0 Black has a choice. 9...f5!? is 1088

Antalya Chess Express c3 s19

9.d5 c6 10.h4 cxd5 11.exd5 N8d7 12.h5 Nf6 13.hxg6 fxg6 [13...hxg6?! is too suspicious: 14.Bh6 Nfxd5 15.Bxg7 Kxg7 16.Rd1 Be6 17.Qh6+ Kf6 18.Ne4+ Ke7 19.Qg5+ f6 20.Rh7+ Rf7 21.Nxf6! Rxh7 22.Nxh7+ Kf7 23.Qh6 Qh8 24.Bd3 with initiative but perhaps White's advantage is not as big as it looks like.]

one of the most promising continuations. Perhaps Anand was going to play a) 9...e5 10.d5 Nd4 has been often played but White scores well after 11.f4!; b) 9...Qd6!? is interesting: 10.Nb5 (10.Kb1!?) 10...Qd7 11.Kb1 (both 11.f4 Qe6! , Mamedyarov - Negi, Caleta 2012; and 11.Na3 e5!? 12.d5 Nd4 13.Kb1 c6 14.dxc6 bxc6 , Ivanchuk - Sutovsky, Ningbo 2011 were fine for Black) 11...Rd8 12.d5 a6!? (after 12...Ne5?! 13.Qc2 c6 14.Nxa7! Rxa7 15.Bxb6 Ra8 16.Ne2 Re8 17.Nc39 White has obtained a big advantage, Anand - Mamedyarov, Bastia 2011) 13.dxc6 Qxd2 14.Rxd2 Rxd2 15.Bxd2 axb5 16.cxb7 Bxb7 17.Bxb5 f5 18.exf5 Bd5 Black has obtained good compensation for the pawn, Vitiugov - Giri, Reggio Emilia 2011; 10.e5 (10.h4 fxe4 11.h5 gxh5! brings Black good results see, for example, Mamedyarov - Kurnosov, Moscow 2009, commented by Mikhail Golubev in CT-3030) 10...Nb4 11.Nh3 with some edge for White, according to practice the pawn chain d4–e5 kills the Grunfeld bishop on g7 and it may not be attractive for some of Black's advocates.; In the game Jobava - Caruana, Moscow 2012 Black experimented with 8...Qd6!? 9.f4 Rd8 10.Nf3 Qb4 but White's chances should be better after 11.a3!? (11.Qc2 Nc4 12.Bf2 c5 13.0-0-0 cxd4 14.Nxd4 Bg4 15.Be2 Bxe2 16.Ndxe2 Nc6 17.a3 Qa5 was fine for Black in the aforementioned game) 11...Qb3 12.Bd3 Nc4 13.Bxc4 Qxc4 14.Rc1 Qb3 15.0–0; An immediate 8...f5 did not completely solve Black's problems in the game Khismatullin - Kurnosov, Moscow 2011 after 9.e5 Be6 10.Nh3 - see CT3750.]

14.0-0-0 [In the game Laznicka Areshchenko, Moscow 2007 White played 14.d6 but here Black had a typical 14...e4! (after 14...Be6?! 15.Nh3! Bxh3 16.Rxh3 Black faced serious problems) 15.Nxe4 (15.fxe4 Re8) 15...Re8 with initiative for the pawn.] 14...Bd7 15.Kb1 [White cannot proceed without this move.] 15...Rc8 [

+ + + + + + + + + ! + + + +" #+ $ % + & ' Q + +) *+-+++% $+. /012345678 ] 16.Ka1!? [A patient move.] [An immediate 16.d6 has been tried more often. White has scored very well but perhaps things are not as good as the statistics suggest. The most precise reply seems to be 16...Be6 17.Nh3 Nbd5 18.Nxd5 Bxd5 19.Bg5 Be6 20.Nf2 and here in the game Hillarp Persson - Wojciechowski, Jersey 2004 Black should have prevented the appearance of the blockading knight on e4 by the thematic 20...e4! and if 21.Bxf6 Qxf6 1089

Antalya Chess Express c3 s19

22.Nxe4 Qe5 with excellent compensation for the pawn. A possible continuation might have been 23.Re1 Rc6 24.g4!? (in case of 24.Rxh7 Bf5 25.Bd3 Rd8 26.Rxg7+! (26.Reh1?! Rcxd6! 27.Rxg7+ Qxg7 28.Bc4+ Kf8 29.Qc1 Rd2;) 26...Kxg7 27.Rh1 White could not be better) 24...Rb6 25.Nc3 Qa5!? 26.Rxe6 Bxc3 27.Rxg6+! hxg6 28.Bc4+ Rf7 29.Rh8+ Kxh8 30.Qh6+ Kg8 31.Qxg6+ Kh8 32.Qh6+= with perpetual check.]

] [18.Nxe4 looked risky but it was still worth considering. Yet, Black had sufficient counter chances: 18...Nxe4 19.fxe4 Bxd4 20.Qxd4 Qg5 21.Kb1 (not 21.Ne2 Rc2 22.Rb1 Rd2 23.Qb4 Rc8 with domination) 21...Rxf1! 22.Rxf1 Qxg2 23.Ne2!? (here 23.Qf2 White would force a draw by 23...Qxh1 24.Qf7+ Kh8 25.Qf6+=) 23...Qxe2 24.Ka1 Rc4!? (24...Rc3!? 25.Rf2! Rd3 26.Qxa4! Qxf2 27.Qxd7 should be better for White: 27...h5 28.Rc1 Qf7 29.Qd8+ Kg7 30.a3 Kh6 31.Ka2 and so on though the position remains very complicated) 25.Qf6 Qxb2+ 26.Qxb2 Nxb2 27.Kxb2 Rxe4 28.Re1 Rxe1 29.Rxe1 Kf7 and Black should be able to hold on. For example, 30.d6 Be6 31.Kc3 h5 32.Kd4 h4 33.Ke5 h3 34.Rc1 Bd7 etc.]

16...e4!? [Gelfand comes up with a novelty.] [In the game Hillarp Persson - Aberg, Stockholm 2001 Black included 16...Na4 17.Nge2 e4 and here White should have played 18.Bd4, neutralising Black's powerful bishop, which would be actually a transposition to the recent game.] 17.Bd4 [Such pawns can not be taken: 17.fxe4?? Rxc3! 18.Qxc3 Nxe4 19.Qe1 Na4 with decisive attack. For example, 20.Bd4 Nxb2! 21.Bxb2 Bxb2+ 22.Kxb2 Qb6+ 23.Ka3 Rxf1! 24.Qxf1 Qc5+ 25.Kb2 Qc3+ 26.Kb1 Ng3 27.Ne2 Qb4+ 28.Ka1 Nxf1 29.Rhxf1 Qc5 and White has no chances to escape because of his vulnerable king.] 17...Na4!? [17...exf3 18.Nxf3 promoted White's development.] 18.Nge2 [

18...Qa5!? [18...exf3 19.gxf3 Qa5?! might have given White more attacking options. Here this queen lunge just makes things worse but Black had no concrete options anyway: 20.Nxa4 Qxa4 (20...Qxd2 21.Rxd2 Bxa4 22.Bh39) 21.Nc3 Qa5 22.Qh2 Rf7 23.Bd3 and Black's life is not easy.] 19.Nxe4 Qxd2 20.Nxf6+ [In case of 20.Rxd2?! Nxe4 21.fxe4 Black had a good choice: 21...Bxd4 (21...Nc5!?) 22.Rxd4 Rf2 with an annoying initiative in the ending. White could probably hold on but it was not much fun. One optional line: 23.e5 Bb5 24.g3 Rc2 25.e6 (25.d6 Nc5 26.Kb1 Rxf1+ 27.Rxf1 Rxe2 28.Rd5 b6 29.b4 Na4 30.d7 Nc3+ 31.Kc1 Nxa2+ 32.Kb1=) 25...Kg7 26.d6 Nc5 27.e7 Bxe2 28.Bh3 (28.e8N+? Kf8 29.Bxe2 Rcxe2 30.d7 Rxb2 31.Rf4+ Ke7 32.Rxh7+ Kd8 33.Rxf2 Rxf2 34.Nd6 Rf6 35.Nc4 Nxd7) 28...Bf1!? (28...Kf7? 29.Re1) 29.Rd1

+ + + + + + + + + + + ! + % + +" #+ $ + + & ' Q$+ +) *,- +++%++. /012345678 1090

Antalya Chess Express c3 s19

Rxb2 30.Be6! (30.e8Q?? Rxa2+ 31.Kb1 Rfb2+ 32.Kc1 Nb3#) 30...Bb5!? 31.d7 Nxe6 32.e8Q Rxa2+ 33.Kb1= and Black has no more than perpetual check.]

short draw again! Really, the game would not be too attractive then: 25.Rxd5 (or 25.Rd3 Bf5 26.Rxd5 Nxd5 27.Bd3!? Nxc3 (27...Bxd3?! is unnecessary though it still seems drawish: 28.Nxd5 Rd8 29.Rd1 Be2 30.Nf4 Bxd1 31.Ne6+ Kf6 32.Nxd8 b6 33.b3 Ke5 34.d7 Kd6 35.Ne6 Kxd7 36.Nf8+ Kd6 37.Nxh7 Ke5) 28.Bxf5 gxf5 29.bxc3 Rxc3 30.Rd1 Rc8=) 25...Nxd5 26.Bb5 Nxc3 27.Bxd7 Rd8 28.Bg4 (28.Rc1 Rxd7 29.Rxc3 Kf6) 28...Nd5 29.d7 h5 30.Bh3 Nf4 31.Rd1 Kf6 with repetition after 32.Kb1 Nxh3 33.gxh3 Ke7 34.Rg1 Kf6 35.Rd1 Ke7=]

20...Rxf6! [After 20...Bxf6?! White had more chances to consolidate his forces: 21.Rxd2 Bxd4 22.Rxd4 Rc2 23.b3 Bb5!? (23...Nb6 24.Ng3>) 24.bxa4 Bxe2 25.Kb1 Rfc8 26.Bxe2 Rxe2 27.Rc1 Rd8 28.Rc2 though this ending still seemed defendable.] 21.Rxd2 Rf5 22.Bxg7 Kxg7 [White has won the pawn but his lack in development would hardly allow him to support it in time.]

24.Rd1 a5 [There are no more concrete ideas.] [The tempting 24...Rc2 could be simply met by 25.b3 Nb6 (25...Nb2 26.Rd5) 26.Rh4 and White gets all his pieces into action.]

23.d6 [

+ + + + + + , + + + + + + + ! + + + +" #+ + + + & ' +$+ +) *,- + +%++. /012345678

25.Rh4 Rc2 26.b3 Nb2 [Trying to play as actively as possible, but White keeps everything under control.] 27.Rb1 [27.Rdd4!? looked risky under time pressure: 27...a4!? 28.bxa4 b5!? (28...Nxa4 29.Rxa4 Bxa4 30.Rxa4 Rd2 31.Rb4>) 29.axb5 Nc4´ with very active play already though for three pawns.] 27...Nd3 28.Nd4 [

+ + + + + + + , + + + + + + ! + $ + +" #+ + + + & ' + + + +) *,-++ +%+ . /012345678

] [Otherwise White cannot maintain his material advantage, for example, 23.Kb1 Rc5 24.b3 Nb6; or 23.Rh4 Nb6 24.Nc3 Rxd5!] 23...Rfc5? [Probably the first inaccuracy in the whole game but it could cost a great deal!] [If Gelfand found the correct 23...Nb6! 24.Nc3 Rd5! with full equality then some spectators would blame the players for the 1091

Antalya Chess Express c3 s19

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + ! + + + +" #+ + + + & ' + + +) *+-+ + + . /012345678

] 28...Rd2 [28...Nb4? did not work: 29.Nxc2 Rxc2 30.Re1! Rxa2+ (30...Bf5 31.Rxb4! axb4 32.g4+-) 31.Kb1 Bf5+ 32.Kc1 Ra1+ 33.Kd2 Ra2+ 34.Kc3 Rc2+ 35.Kd4 and White escapes with the exchange.] 29.Bxd3 Rxd3 30.Re1 [Now Black has to work hard to get half a point.] 30...Rd2 [

+ + + + + + + , + + + + + + ! + $ + +" #+ + + + & ' + + +) *,- + + + . /012345678

] 34.Rc7?! [34.d7! straight away could have secured excellent winning chances: 34...Rcc2 (34...Rc5 35.Rexh7 (35.Rc4? Rcd5) 35...Rd1+ 36.Kb2 Rd2+ 37.Ka3 b5 38.R4h6+ Kg5 39.d8Q+ Rxd8 40.Rh4 Kf6 41.f4 Ke6 42.Ra7 b4+ 43.Ka4 Kd5 44.Rh1+–) 35.Rc4! Rxc4 (35...Rb2+? 36.Kc1 Rxa2 37.Rc8 Rf2 38.Re6+! Kh5 (38...Kf7 39.Rf6+! Kg7 40.Rg8+!) 39.g4+! fxg4 40.fxg4+ Kxg4 41.Re4+! Kh3 (41...Kh5 42.Rh4+! Kg6 43.Rg8+ Kf7 44.Rf8+!) 42.Rh4+! Kg3 43.Rg8+ Kf3 44.Rf8+ Kg3 45.Rxf2+–) 36.bxc4 h5 37.Kc1 Rd4 38.Kc2 and White's king comes just in time: 38...Kf6 39.Rh7 Kg6 (39...Ke6 loses to 40.Kc3! (not 40.Kb3? Rxd7 41.Rxd7 Kxd7 42.Kc3!? eventually brings White extra pawn but it's still a draw: (42.Ka4 Kc6 43.Kxa5 Kc5 is drawish: 44.f4 h4 45.a3 (45.a4 b6+! 46.Ka6 Kc6! 47.Ka7 Kc7=) 45...Kxc4 46.Kb6 Kd4 47.Kxb7 Ke4 48.a4 Kxf4 49.a5 Kg3 50.a6 Kxg2 51.a7 h3 52.a8Q h2 and luckily for Black, his odd f5–pawn, which usually helps White to win in such situations as there is no stalemate, keeps vital g4–square under control! For example, 53.Qa2+ (or from the other side: 53.Qg8+ Kf2 54.Qh7 Kg2 55.Qg6+ Kf2 56.Qh5 Kg2 57.Qg5+ Kf2 58.Qh4+ Kg2) 53...Kg1 54.Qb1+ Kg2

] 31.Kb1 [31.Re7+!? was worth considering but Black was holding on, though not without difficulties: 31...Kf6 32.Kb1 Bf5+ 33.Nxf5 Rd1+! (the hasty 33...gxf5? would have justified White's idea: 34.f4! Rxd6 35.Rexh7 Rd1+ 36.Kb2 Rd2+ 37.Ka3 Rxg2 38.Rxb7 Ke6 39.Rh6+ Kd5 40.Re7+-) 34.Kb2 Rd2+ 35.Ka3 Rcc2 36.Ka4 Rxa2+ 37.Kb5 gxf5 38.Rh6+ Kg5 39.Rexh7 Rab2 40.Kb6 Rxb3+ 41.Kc7 Rc3+ 42.Kd8 Rcd3 43.Rh5+ (43.d7?? Rxd7+-+) 43...Kf4 44.d7 Rxg2 and some passed pawn should save Black's skin even if he has to give up one of his rooks for White's passer.] 31...Bf5+ 32.Nxf5+ gxf5 33.Re7+ Kg6 [


Antalya Chess Express c3 s19

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + ! + + + +" #+ + + + & ' + + + +) *+ ,- + ++. /012345678

55.Qc2+ Kg1 56.Qd1+ Kg2 57.Qe2+ Kg1= and White cannot force Black's king into the corner.) 42...Kd6 43.Kd4 b6 44.f4 h4 (44...a4? 45.g3+-) 45.a4 Kc6 46.Ke5 Kc5 47.Kxf5 Kxc4 48.Kg5 b5 49.axb5 Kxb5 50.f5 a4 51.f6 a3 52.f7 a2 53.f8Q a1Q etc.) 40...Rxd7 (40...Rd1 41.c5 h4 42.Kc4+- is a simple win) 41.Rxd7 Kxd7 42.Kd4 and White wins the pawn ending: 42...Ke6 There are two ways here: (42...Kd6 43.c5+ Ke6 (43...Kc6 44.f4+-) 44.f4+–) 43.f4 (43.c5 f4 44.Ke4 a4 45.a3 h4 46.Kd4! (46.Kxf4? Kd5 47.Kg5 Kxc5 48.f4 Kd6! 49.Kg6 Ke7 50.Kg7 Ke6=) 46...Kd7 47.Kc3! (47.Kd5 Kc7) 47...Ke6 48.Kc4! Ke5 (48...Kf6 49.Kd5 Ke7 50.c6 bxc6+ 51.Kxc6) 49.c6! bxc6 50.Kc5 Ke6 51.Kxc6 Ke5 52.Kc5 Ke6 53.Kd4! (not 53.Kb4? Kd5 54.Kxa4 Kd4 55.Kb4 Ke3 and Black is in time) 53...Kf5 54.Kd5 and White collects f4–pawn: 54...Kf6 55.Ke4 Kg5 56.Ke5+–) 43...b6 44.c5 b5 45.g3 Ke7 46.Kd5+– a4 47.c6 b4 48.Kc4 b3 49.axb3 axb3 (49...a3 50.Kc3 Kd6 51.b4) 50.Kxb3 Kd6 51.Kb4! Kxc6 52.Kc4 Kd6 53.Kd4 Ke6 54.Kc5+–) 40.Kc3 Rd1 41.d8R Rxd8 42.Rxb7 and here I agree with Sergey Zagrebelny, who commented this game online on that it is unlikely that Black will survive here though White's win is still not secured.]

and the players signed the score sheets.] ½-½

Anand,Viswanathan (2791) − Gelfand,Boris (2727) [D70] WCh Moscow (3), 14.05.2012 [ChessBase,Taner,Harun] 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.f3 [Diagram

+ + + + + + + + ! + + +" #+ + + + & ' + + ) * +$ %Q,-% $+. /012345678

34...Re8 35.Rh1? [White should have tried to get back by 35.Re7! but here Black had other options, such as 35...Rd8!?] 35...Ree2 [A draw is inevitable now.]

"Anti-Grßnfeld"] 3...d5 [Nach 3...d6 4.e4 Bg7 5.Nc3 wäre die Sämisch-Variante der KÜnigsindischen Verteidigung auf dem Brett.; Eine radikale Antwort wäre 3...e5 4.dxe5 Nh5 5.Nh3 Nc6 6.Bg5 Be7 7.Bxe7 Qxe7 8.Nc3 Qxe5 9.g4 Ng7 Kramnik,V (2780)-Leko,P (2665) Tilburg 1998]

36.d7 Rb2+ 37.Kc1 Rxa2 [


Antalya Chess Express c3 s19

14...Bd7 15.Kb1 [Anand bringt den KĂśnig in Sicherheit.]

4.cxd5 Nxd5 5.e4 [Anders als sonst in vielen GrĂźnfeld-Varianten kann Schwarz hier nicht durch das Schlagen auf c3 Zeit gewinnen.]

15...Rc8 16.Ka1 [Diagram

+ + + + + + + + + ! + + + +" #+ $ % + & ' Q + +) *,- +++% $+. /012345678

5...Nb6 6.Nc3 Bg7 7.Be3 0-0 8.Qd2 [8.f4 wurde hier auch schon gespielt.] 8...e5 9.d5 c6 10.h4 [Diagram

+ + + + + + + + + ! + + + " #+ $ % + & ' Q + +) * + + ,-% $+. /012345678

Damit geht WeiĂ&#x; auch Angriffen auf der Diagonalen f5–b1 aus dem Weg.] [AnandSekundant Nielsen hatte die Variante Stellung auch schon auf dem Brett und spielte: 16.d6 Nc4 17.Bxc4+ Rxc4 18.Nge2 Bf5+ 19.Ka1 Be6 20.Bg5 Qd7 21.Bxf6 Bxf6 22.Ne4 Bd8 23.N2c3 Rf7 24.Qe3 Qc6 25.Rc1 Qa6 26.b3 Rc8 27.Na4 b6 28.Ng5 Bxg5 29.Qxg5 b5 30.Qxe5 bxa4 31.Qxe6 Rxc1+ 32.Rxc1 Qb6 33.Rc7 1–0 (33) Nielsen,P (2680)-Tazbir,M (2500) Helsingor 2009]

Mit dieser Variante hat WeiĂ&#x; bisher sehr erfolgreich gespielt (72%). "Objektiv" (Engine-Bewertung) hat Schwarz aber genug Gegenspiel.] 10...cxd5 [10...h5 11.Be2 cxd5 12.exd5 N8d7 13.d6 Nf6 14.Bg5 Re8 15.Rd1 Be6 16.Nh3= 0–1 (48) Kramnik,V (2790)Shirov,A (2710) Cazorla 1998]

16...e4 17.Bd4 18.bxc3 Nxe4–+]

11.exd5 N8d7 12.h5 Nf6 13.hxg6 fxg6 [13...hxg6 14.Bh6 sieht gefährlich aus fßr Schwarz.]

[Nicht 17.fxe4 Rxc3

17...Na4!? [17...e3 18.Bxe3 Na4 wird durch 19.Nge2 Nh5 20.Bd4 entkräftet.; Weniger verpflichtend war 17...Nc4 18.Bxc4 Rxc4 19.Nge2 (19.d6!?) 19...exf3 20.gxf3 b5= (20...Qa5) ]

14.0-0-0 [Der weiĂ&#x;e Bauer d5 bietet strategisch gesehen einen groĂ&#x;en langfristigen Vorteil fĂźr WeiĂ&#x;. Durch die lange weiĂ&#x;e Rochade erhält Schwarz jedoch einige Angriffschancen.]

18.Nge2 [Riskanter ist 18.Nxe4 : 18...Nxe4 19.fxe4 Bxd4 20.Qxd4 Qg5 21.Kb1 Rxf1 22.Rxf1 Qxg2 23.Ne2 (23.Nf3?! Rc2 24.Ka1 Rxb2 und nun muss WeiĂ&#x; 1094

Antalya Chess Express c3 s19

Dauerschach forcieren: 25.Nd2! Rxd2 26.Rf8+ Kxf8 27.Qh8+ Ke7 28.Qe5+ Kd8 29.Qb8+ Bc8 30.Qd6+ mit Dauerschach) 23...Qxe2 mit unklarer Situation. WeiĂ&#x; hat die beiden Freibauern, Schwarz Gegenspiel gegen den KĂśnig.]

[Verzichtet aber auf 23...Nb6 24.Nc3 (24.Kb1 Nc4 25.Rd4 Rf6 26.Nc3 Nxd6) 24...Rd5! 25.Rxd5 (25.Nxd5? Rc1#) 25...Nxd5=] 24.Rd1 a5 25.Rh4 Rc2 26.b3 Nb2 27.Rb1 [Riskanter war 27.Rdd4 a4]

18...Qa5 [Nach 18...exf3 19.gxf3 Re8 ist WeiĂ&#x; ebenfalls etwas im Vorteil.] 19.Nxe4 [Das funktioniert, weil der Se2 das Matt auf c1 deckt.] [19.Rh4 exf3 (19...Nc5 20.Nc1 (20.Nxe4? Nb3+-+) ) 20.gxf3 Nxc3 21.Bxc3 Qc5=] [Nicht 19...Qxd2 19...Qxd5? 20.Bxf6 Qxd2 21.Rxd2 Bxf6 22.Nxf6+ Rxf6 23.Rxd7+– mit Figurengewinn.]

27...Nd3 28.Nd4 Rd2 [Diagram

+ + + + + + + , + + + + + + ! + $ + +" #+ + + + & ' + + +) *,-++ +%+ . /012345678

20.Nxf6+ [Weniger genau war 20.Rxd2 Nxe4 21.fxe4 Rfe8 22.b3 Nc5=] 20...Rxf6 [Nach 20...Bxf6 21.Rxd2 Bxd4 22.Rxd4 wäre der weiĂ&#x;e Vorteil deutlicher, weil Schwarz seinen Tf8 nicht aktiviert hat.] 21.Rxd2 [Diagram

Nun droht Sc1 und Ta2 (Matt).]

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + ! + % + +" #+ + + + & ' +$+ +) *,- + +%++. /012345678

29.Bxd3 Rxd3 30.Re1 Rd2 31.Kb1 [Nach 31.Re7+ Kf6 32.Kb1 (32.Rxd7? Rc1#) 32...Bf5+ 33.Nxf5 Rd1+ 34.Kb2 Rd2+ 35.Ka3 Rcc2 36.Ka4 Rxa2+ 37.Kb5 gxf5 reicht der weiĂ&#x;e Vorteil auch nicht zum Gewinn. 38.Rxb7 Rxd6 39.Rh6+ Ke5 40.Re7+ Kd5 41.Rh1 Rd2 42.Kxa5 usw.] [32.Ka1 Bd7 31...Bf5+ 32.Nxf5+ (32...Bd3? 33.d7 Rd8 34.Ne6++-) 33.Re7+ Kf6 s.o.]

] 21...Rf5 22.Bxg7 Kxg7 [Nun ist es fĂźr WeiĂ&#x; gar nicht so leicht, seine Figuren endlich zu entwickeln.]

32...gxf5 33.Re7+ Kg6 34.Rc7 Re8 35.Rh1 [Oder 35.Rc2 Ree2 36.d7 Rd1+ 37.Kb2 Rxc2+ 38.Kxc2 Rxd7=]

23.d6 Rfc5!? [Droht Matt auf c1,]

35...Ree2 36.d7 Rb2+ 37.Kc1 Rxa2 [D


Antalya Chess Express c3 s19

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + ! + + + +" #+ + + + & ' + + + +) *+ ,- + ++. /012345678

+ + + + + + + + + + ! + + + +" #+ $ % + & ' Q + +) *,- +++% $+. /012345678


(novedad que la posiciĂłn pide a gritos , para potenciar la coordinaciĂłn de las negras; lo conocido era] [16...Na4 )] 17.Bd4 [(si 17.fxe4? Rxc3!! 18.Qxc3 Nxe4 , con posiciĂłn ganadora)]

[37...Rxa2 38.Kb1 Reb2+ 39.Kc1 Rxg2 40.Kb1 Rgb2+=] ½-½

17...Na4!? [(no se ve nada malo en 17...Nc4 , pero GuĂŠlfand tiene otra idea)] 18.Nge2 [(tras 18.Nxe4 Nxe4 19.fxe4 Bxd4 20.Qxd4 Qg5 , las negras tendrĂ­an mucha compensaciĂłn por el peĂłn)]

Anand,Viswanathan (2799) − Gelfand,Boris (2739) [D70] WCh Moscow (3), 14.05.2012 [Garcia,Leontxo,Taner,Harun]

18...Qa5 19.Nxe4 Qxd2 20.Nxf6+ Rxf6 21.Rxd2 Rf5 22.Bxg7 Kxg7 [(la actividad de las negras, incluido su rey, compensa el peĂłn)] 23.d6 Rfc5 [(lĂłgica humana, pero las mĂĄquinas prefieren] [23...Nb6 24.Nc3 Rd5!! , especulando con el mate en c1)] 24.Rd1 a5!? [(tras una larga reflexiĂłn, GuĂŠlfand arriesga y rechaza la prudente 24...Nb6 25.Nc3 Nd5! )]

[Cuando dos grandes juegan a ganar, el combate suele ser tan bello, emocionante e instructivo como este, que dejó el marcador empatado (1,5–1,5; hoy, 4|_ partida):] 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.f3 [(con respecto a la Gruenfeld normal - 3.Nc3 d5 4.cxd5 Nxd5 5.e4 Nxc3 6.bxc3 -, las blancas ocuparån el centro con mås piezas en el tablero)]

25.Rh4! Rc2 26.b3 Nb2 27.Rb1 Nd3 28.Nd4 Rd2! [(es tentador 28...Nb4 , pero peligroso; por ejemplo: 29.Nxc2 Rxc2 30.Re1 Rxa2+ 31.Kb1 Bf5+ 32.Kc1 Ra1+ 33.Kd2 Ra2+ 34.Kc3 Rc2+ 35.Kd4 Nc6+ 36.Kd5 Nb4+ 37.Rxb4 axb4 38.g4 , y las blancas deben ganar)]

3...d5 4.cxd5 Nxd5 5.e4 Nb6 6.Nc3 Bg7 7.Be3 0-0 8.Qd2 e5 9.d5 c6 10.h4 cxd5 11.exd5 N8d7 12.h5 Nf6 13.hxg6 fxg6 14.0-0-0 Bd7 15.Kb1 Rc8 16.Ka1 e4! [Diagram


Antalya Chess Express c3 s19

+ + + + + + + + ! + + +" #+ + + + & ' + + ) * +$ %Q,-% $+. /012345678

29.Bxd3 Rxd3 30.Re1! Rd2 31.Kb1 [D

+ + + + + + + , + + + + + + ! + $ + +" #+ + + + & ' + + +) *+-+ + + . /012345678

Anand no quiere saber nada de la GrĂźnfeld y se decide por esta linea que ya ha jugado antes, conocida por ser anti-GrĂźnfeld o India de Rey, esta linea es muy directa pero se considera que las negras no tienen problemas jugando bien pero da lugar a partidas abiertas e interesantes, en los Ăşltimos aĂąos ha vuelto a ponerse de moda]

(evita Tc1 mate si se va la torre blanca; Anand amenaza con explotar su peĂłn de ventaja; hay que ser preciso en el contraataque)] 31...Bf5+! 32.Nxf5+ gxf5 33.Re7+ Kg6 34.Rc7 Re8 35.Rh1 [(lo sensato contra 35.Re7 serĂ­a 35...Rc8 (, pero no 35...Rxe7 36.dxe7 Re2? 37.Re4!! Rxe4 38.fxe4 Kf7 39.exf5 Kxe7 40.g4 , ganando)) ]

3...d5 4.cxd5 Nxd5 5.e4 Nb6 6.Nc3 Bg7 7.Be3 0-0 [Diagram

+ + + + + + + + ! + + +" #+ $ % + & ' + + ) * + +Q,-% $+. /012345678

35...Ree2 36.d7 Rb2+ 37.Kc1 Rxa2 [. Tablas: si] [37...Rxa2 38.Kd1 Red2+ 39.Ke1 Re2+ 40.Kd1 Red2+ 41.Kc1 Re2 , etcÊtera.] ½-½

Anand,Viswanathan (2791) − Gelfand,Boris (2727) [D70] WCh Moscow (3), 14.05.2012 [Prado,Oscar de,Taner,Harun] [Veremos si Gelfand repite la GrĂźnfeld y quiĂŠn es el primero en desviarse.]

] 8.Qd2 [La alternativa aquĂ­ aunque menos jugada es]

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.f3 [Diagram

[8.f4 Nc6 (8...c6 9.Nf3 Be6 10.Qc2 N8d7 11.Be2 Bc4 12.g4 e6 13.h4 Qe7 14.h5 1097

Antalya Chess Express c3 s19

+ + + + + + + + ! + + +" #+ $ % + & ' Q + ) * + + ,-% $+. /012345678

c5 15.e5 Rfc8 16.hxg6 hxg6 17.dxc5 Nxc5 18.Bd4 Bd5 19.Rd1 Rd8 20.Nxd5 Rxd5 21.Kf2 Rc8 22.Qb1 Rcd8 23.b3 Na6 24.Qe4 Nb4 25.f5 exf5 26.gxf5 gxf5 27.Qxf5 Rxd4 28.Rdg1 1โ 0 (28) Kortschnoj,V (2670)-Spassky,B (2545) Active Chess Match, St Petersburg RUS 1999) 9.d5 (9.Nf3 Bg4 10.e5 Bxf3 11.Qxf3 Nxd4 12.Qe4 c5 13.Rd1 Qc7 14.g3 f5 15.Qg2 Rfd8 16.Qf2 e6 17.Bg2 Nc4 18.Bc1 Rd7 19.0-0 Rad8 20.b3 Qa5 21.Na4 Bf8 22.Kh1 b5 23.bxc4 Qxa4 24.cxb5 c4 25.Be3 c3 26.Rd3 Qc4 27.Rxd4 Rxd4 28.Bxd4 Rxd4 29.Rc1 Ba3 30.Bf1 Qd5+ 31.Bg2 Rd1+ 0โ 1 (31) Graf Alexander (UZB) (2646)Ivanchuk,V (2705) Merida (Mexico) 2004) 9...Na5 10.Bd4 e5 11.Bxe5 Bxe5 12.fxe5 Qh4+ 13.g3 Qe7 14.Qd4 Rd8 15.b4 Nac4 16.Bxc4 Qxb4 17.Nf3 Qxc4 18.Qe3 c6 19.Rc1 Bg4 20.Nd2 Qb4 21.0โ 0 cxd5 22.exd5 Nxd5 23.Nxd5 Rxd5 24.Ne4 Qd4 25.Nf6+ Kg7 26.Nxd5 Qxd5 27.Rc7 Be6 28.a3 b5 29.h4 h5 30.Rf2 Rd8 31.Rxa7 Qd1+ 32.Rf1 Qc2 33.Qf2 Qxf2+ 34.Rxf2 Rd3 35.Kh2 Re3 36.Rb2 Bc4 37.Ra5 g5 38.hxg5 Kg6 39.Rf2 Rxe5 40.a4 Rxg5 41.Ra6+ Kg7 42.a5 b4 43.Ra7 Be6 44.Re2 Kg6 45.Ra8 Kg7 46.Ra7 Kg6 47.Re4 Rb5 48.a6 b3 49.Rb7 Ra5 50.a7 Bd5 51.Rb6+ Kg7 52.Re5 Ra2+ 53.Kg1 Be6 54.Rb7 Kg6 55.Reb5 Bc4 56.Rc5 Be6 57.Rcc7 Bd5 58.Rb6+ Kg7 59.Rc5 Be6 60.Rb7 Kg6 61.Re5 Ra1+ 62.Kf2 Ra2+ 63.Ke3 Ra4 64.Kd3 Ra1 65.Kc3 Rc1+ 66.Kb2 Rc2+ 67.Kb1 Ra2 68.Kc1 Rc2+ 69.Kb1 Ra2 70.Re2 Ra4 71.Rd2 Kg5 72.Rd8 Ra2 73.Rb5+ 1โ 0 (73) Mamedyarov,S (2725)Shirov,A (2745) Baku AZE 2009]

Gelfand se decide por e5 aunque lo mรกs jugado con diferencia es] [8...Nc6 con varias partidas recientes de fuertes GM incluida una de Anand frente a Mamedyarov veamos unas pocas: 9.0โ 0โ 0 Qd6 a) 9...f5 10.e5 (10.h4 fxe4 11.h5 gxh5 12.d5 Ne5 13.Bh6 Nec4 14.Qg5 Rf7 15.Bxc4 Nxc4 16.Rd4 Qd6 17.Bxg7 Rxg7 18.Qxh5 Qf4+ 19.Kb1 Bf5 20.fxe4 Bg4 21.Nge2 Qd2 0โ 1 (21) Mamedyarov, S (2724)-Kurnosov,I (2602) Moscow RUS 2009) 10...Nb4 11.Nh3 Be6 12.Kb1 Qd7 (12...N4d5 13.Ng5 Nxc3+ 14.Qxc3 Bd5 15.h4 Qd7 16.Bd3 Rac8 17.Bc2 Nc4 18.h5 h6 19.Nh3 g5 20.Nxg5 hxg5 21.h6 Bh8 22.h7+ Kf7 23.Bxg5 Ke8 24.Rh6 c6 25.f4 b5 26.Qh3 Rc7 27.Rg6 e6 28.Qh5 Qf7 29.Bh6 Ne3 30.Bxf8 Nxd1 31.Bd6 Kd7 32.Bxc7 Ne3 33.Bd6 Nxg2 34.Qg5 Qxh7 35.Rh6 1โ 0 (35) Ivanisevic,I (2645)-Gabrielian,A (2554) Plovdiv BUL 2012) 13.Nf4 Bf7 (13...Rfd8 14.h4 Bf7 15.a3 a5 16.Qc1 Bb3 17.Rd2 e6 18.Nd3 Nxd3 19.Bxd3 Nc4 20.Bxc4 Bxc4 21.h5 b5 22.hxg6 hxg6 23.Bg5 Rf8 24.Na4 Qd5 25.Nc5 Kf7 26.Qc2 a4 27.Nd3 Rh8 28.Rc1 c6 29.Nf4 Qd7 30.g4 Bh6 31.Bxh6 Rxh6 32.gxf5 gxf5

8...e5 [Diagram


Antalya Chess Express c3 s19

33.Rh2 Rah8 34.Rxh6 Rxh6 35.Qg2 Qd8 36.Rg1 Qh8 37.Kc1 Ke8 38.Qg5 Rh1 39.Kd2 Rxg1 40.Qxg1 Kd7 41.Kc3 Kc7 42.Qg5 Qh2 43.Qe7+ Kb6 44.Qd8+ Kb7 45.Qd7+ Kb6 46.Nxe6 Bxe6 47.Qxe6 Qf4 48.Qg8 Qe3+ 49.Kc2 Qe2+ 50.Kb1 Qxf3 51.Qb8+ Ka6 52.Qa8+ Kb6 1/2–1/2 (52) Vitiugov,N (2726)-Ostenstad,B (2469) Rogaska Slatina SLO 2011) 14.a3 a5 15.d5 Bxe5 16.axb4 axb4 17.Nb5 Ra5 18.Bxb6 cxb6 19.Qxb4 Rfa8 20.Rd4 Bxd4 21.Qxd4 Ra1+ 22.Kc2 Rxf1 23.Rxf1 Qxb5 24.Rc1 Rd8 25.Qe5 Bxd5 26.Nxd5 Rxd5 27.Qe6+ Kf8 28.Qc8+ Kf7 0–1 (28) Motylev,A (2647) -Svidler,P (2728) Wijk aan Zee NED 2007;

17.Rxd8+ Nxd8 18.Nge2 Nf7 19.Qh4 h6 20.Qxe7 Qd7 21.Qxd7 Bxd7 22.Bg2 Nc4 23.Bf2 Bb5 24.Nd4 Nce5 25.Be3 Bd7 26.Rd1 Rf8 27.Nd5 Kh7 28.Kb1 Nc4 29.Bc1 c6 30.Nc3 Bc8 31.Bf1 Nce5 32.Be2 c5 33.Nc2 b5 34.Nd5 c4 35.Nce3 Nd3 36.Bxd3 cxd3 37.f4 Nd6 38.f5 gxf5 39.exf5 Ne4 40.Nf4 Nf6 41.Nxd3 Re8 42.Rg1 Bf8 43.g5 hxg5 44.Rxg5 Bh6 45.Rg6 Bxe3 46.Rxf6 Kg7 47.Rd6 Bxf5 48.Bxe3 Rxe3 49.Kc2 1/2–1/2 (49) Grischuk,A (2771)Mamedyarov,S (2763) Moscow RUS 2010; b) 10.Nb5 Qd7 11.Na3 (11.f4 Qe6 12.Nc3 Rd8 13.Nf3 Nc4 14.Qe2 Nxe3 15.Qxe3 Nb4 16.b3 Qb6 17.a3 Nc6 18.Na4 Qa5 19.d5 Nb8 20.Qc5 Qxc5+ 21.Nxc5 c6 22.Bc4 b6 23.dxc6 Rxd1+ 24.Rxd1 Nxc6 25.Bd5 Bg4 26.Bxc6 Rc8 27.Kb1 bxc5 28.Bd5 Bxf3 29.gxf3 Bh6 30.f5 gxf5 1/2–1/2 (30) Mamedyarov,S (2747)Negi,P (2641) Caleta ENG 2012) 11...e5 12.d5 Nd4 13.Kb1 c6 14.dxc6 bxc6 15.Qa5 Qb7 16.Ne2 Rb8 17.Rd2 Nd5 18.exd5 Bf5+ 19.Ka1 Bc2 20.Qc3 cxd5 21.Nxd4 Rfc8 22.Bc4 Ba4 23.Nb3 e4 24.Bd4 Bf8 25.Qe3 dxc4 26.Nc5 Qc6 27.Nxe4 f5 28.Nf6+ Kf7 29.Nb1 h6 30.Nc3 Rb7 31.g4 Rd8 32.gxf5 gxf5 33.Rg1 1–0 (33) Ivanchuk,V (2768)Sutovsky,E (2700) Ningbo CHN 2011; 10...Rd8 11.Nb5 Qd7 12.d5 Ne5 (12...a6 13.dxc6 Qxd2 14.Rxd2 Rxd2 15.Bxd2 axb5 16.cxb7 Bxb7 17.Bxb5 f5 18.exf5 Bd5 19.Ne2 Bxa2+ 20.Kc2 gxf5 21.Bc3 Bc4 22.Bxc4+ Nxc4 23.Nd4 Ne3+ 24.Kd3 Nxg2 25.Nxf5 Nf4+ 26.Kc4 Bxc3 27.bxc3 Kf7 28.Re1 Ng6 29.Nd4 Ra2 30.h3 Rh2 31.Ne6 Kf6 32.Nxc7 Rxh3 33.Nd5+ Kf7 34.Rf1 Nh4 35.f4 Nf5 36.Kb4 h5 37.c4 Rd3 38.Nb6 h4 39.c5 Rd2 40.Kc3 Rg2 41.Rh1 Rg4 1/2–1/2 (41) Vitiugov,N (2729)-Giri,A (2714) Reggio Emilia ITA 2011) 13.Qc2 c6

b) 9...e5 10.d5 Nd4 11.f4 c5 12.fxe5 Bg4 13.Re1 Bxe5 14.h3 Bd7 (14...Qh4 15.Kb1 f5 16.Bg5 Qh5 17.Bf4 Nd7 18.Rh2 Qh4 19.g3 Bxf4 20.Qxf4 Qh5 21.e5 g5 22.Qd2 Bf3 23.Bd3 Nb6 24.g4 Qh4 25.gxf5 Bxd5 26.Nxd5 Nxd5 27.Rg2 h6 28.Re4 Qh5 29.h4 Nb4 30.Bc4+ Kh8 31.a3 b5 32.Be2 Nxe2 33.Qxe2 Qxe2 34.Rgxe2 Nd3 35.f6 Rae8 36.hxg5 hxg5 37.Nf3 Kh7 38.Rg4 Nf4 39.Nxg5+ Kg6 40.Nh3+ 1–0 (40) Acs,P (2530)-Ftacnik, L (2567) Germany 2007) 15.Nf3 Nxf3 16.gxf3 f5 17.Bg5 Qc7 18.f4 Bxc3 19.Qxc3 fxe4 20.Rxe4 Rf7 21.Re5 c4 22.Qd4 Qd6 23.Rh2 Rc8 24.Rc2 Qc5 25.Qxc5 Rxc5 26.Bg2 Kg7 27.d6 Rxe5 28.fxe5 Rf5 29.Be3 Be6 30.Bxb7 Kf7 31.Rf2 Rxf2 32.Bxf2 Nd7 33.Bxa7 Nxe5 34.a4 Bxh3 35.a5 Bd7 36.Bd5+ Be6 37.Bg2 Bc8 38.Bd4 Nd3+ 39.Kd2 Nf4 40.Bc6 Ke6 41.a6 1–0 (41) Postny,E (2661)Mekhitarian, K (2504) Barcelona ESP 2008; 10.Kb1 a) 10.h4 Rd8 11.Nb5 Qd7 12.h5 a6 13.Nc3 Nxd4 14.hxg6 fxg6 15.g4 Qc6 16.Qf2 Ne6 1099

Antalya Chess Express c3 s19

14.Nxa7 Rxa7 15.Bxb6 Ra8 16.Ne2 Re8 17.Nc3 Qd6 18.Be3 Bd7 19.dxc6 Qxc6 20.Bb5 Qe6 21.Bxd7 Nxd7 22.Qb3 Qxb3 23.axb3 Ne5 24.Nd5 Rac8 25.Rd2 e6 26.Nb6 Rcd8 27.Rhd1 Rxd2 28.Rxd2 f5 29.Nc4 fxe4 30.fxe4 Rf8 31.h3 Rf1+ 32.Kc2 Nc6 33.Rd1 Rf7 34.Rd6 Re7 35.Bc5 Rf7 36.Rxe6 Bd4 37.Rxc6 Rf2+ 38.Kd3 bxc6 39.Bxd4 Rxg2 40.Ne5 Rg3+ 41.Kc4 Rxh3 42.Nxc6 h5 43.b4 1–0 (43) Anand,V (2817)-Mamedyarov,S (2746) Ajaccio FRA 2011]

Moiseenko Alexander (UKR) (2664) Timofeev Artyom (RUS) (2661) Saint Vincent (Italy) 2005) 13.gxh5 Nf6 14.hxg6 fxg6 15.Nh3 Nfxd5 16.Nxd5 Qxd5 17.Qxd5+ Nxd5 18.Bc4 Be6 19.Ng5 Nxe3 20.Bxe6+ Kh8 21.Kf2 Nf5 22.h5 Bh6 23.hxg6 Kg7 24.Nf7 Be3+ 25.Ke2 Ng3+ 26.Kxe3 Nxh1 27.Rxh1 Kxg6 28.Nd6 Rf6 29.Rg1+ Kh7 30.Ne4 Rh6 31.Rg4 Rh2 32.b4 Rf8 33.Bb3 Kh6 34.Nd6 Kh5 35.Re4 b6 36.Rxe5+ Kh4 37.Re7 1–0 (37) Ivanchuk,V (2716)-Akesson,R (2476) Antalya TUR 2004;

9.d5 c6 10.h4 [Diagram

+ + + + + + + + + ! + + + " #+ $ % + & ' Q + +) * + + ,-% $+. /012345678

b) 11.d6! ; 11...cxd5 12.exd5 N8d7 13.d6 Nf6 14.Bg5 Re8 15.Rd1 Be6 16.Nh3 Nc4 17.Bxc4 Bxc4 18.b3 Ba6 19.Nd5 e4 20.Nxf6+ Bxf6 21.d7 Qb6 22.dxe8Q+ Rxe8 23.Qe3 Bxg5 24.Qxb6 Bxh4+ 25.Kd2 axb6 26.fxe4 Rxe4 27.Kc2 Rg4 28.Rd2 Be7 29.Rg1 Kg7 30.Nf2 Rf4 31.Nd3 Re4 32.Rgd1 Bb5 33.a4 Bc6 34.Re1 Rxe1 35.Nxe1 Bb4 36.Re2 Bxe1 37.Rxe1 Bxg2 38.Kd2 h4 39.Ke3 Bd5 40.b4 h3 41.Re2 f5 42.Rd2 Be4 43.Kf4 Bg2 44.Rd7+ Kf6 45.Rh7 g5+ 46.Kg3 f4+ 47.Kg4 Ke5 48.b5 Kd4 49.Rh6 Ke3 50.Rh7 Kf2 0–1 (50) Kramnik,V (2790)-Shirov,A (2710) Cazorla 1998 CBM 65 [Stohl]]

] 10...cxd5 [10...h5!? 11.Be2 a) 11.g4 cxd5 12.exd5 N8d7 (12...hxg4 13.h5 Bf5 14.hxg6 fxg6 15.d6 N8d7 16.Nd5 Rf7 17.Bg5 Nf6 18.Nxb6 Qxb6 19.Bc4 Qd4 20.Qxd4 exd4 21.Kd2 gxf3 22.Bxf6 Bxf6 23.Nxf3 Kg7 24.Bxf7 Kxf7 25.Rae1 Kg7 26.Rc1 Be4 27.Rc7+ Kg8 28.Rg1 Bd8 29.Nxd4 Bxc7 30.dxc7 Rc8 31.Re1 Bd5 32.Re7 Bg2 33.Nb5 Bh3 34.Nd6 Rf8 35.Re8 Rxe8 36.Nxe8 Kf8 37.Nd6 a6 38.c8Q+ Bxc8 39.Nxc8 b5 40.Ke3 Ke8 41.Nd6+ Kd7 42.Ne4 Kc6 43.Kd4 a5 44.b3 b4 45.Kc4 Kb6 46.Kd5 Kb5 47.Nd6+ Kb6 48.Nc4+ Kb5 49.Ne5 g5 50.Kd4 Kb6 51.Nc4+ 1–0 (51)

11.exd5 N8d7 [Diagram

+ + + + + + + + + + ! + + + " #+ $ % + & ' Q + +) * + + ,-% $+. /012345678 1100

Antalya Chess Express c3 s19

en 4 partidas con 4 victorias para blancas, una de ellas para Nielsen analista de Anand desde hace varios aĂąos y por el que supongo que Anand habrĂĄ jugado esta linea, nos quedamos sin saber que traĂ­a Gelfand preparado contra d6, quizĂĄs en otra partida lo veamos.]

] [11...Re8 12.h5 e4 13.hxg6 fxg6 14.0–0–0 exf3 15.Nxf3 N8d7 16.d6 Nf6 17.Ng5 h6 18.Bxb6 Qxb6 19.Bc4+ Kf8 20.d7 Bxd7 21.Nh7+ Nxh7 22.Qxd7 Qe3+ 23.Kb1 Re7 24.Qd5 Nf6 25.Rhf1 1–0 (25) Khismatullin Denis (RUS) (2513)-Gasanov Eldar (UKR) (2414) Serpukhov (Russia) 2004]

[16.d6 Nc4

12.h5 Nf6 13.hxg6 fxg6 [13...hxg6 no se ha jugado ya que parece peligroso abrir la columna h aunque los módulos solo dan ligera ventaja tras 14.0–0–0 Re8 15.Bh6 Bh8 16.Kb1 Qd6 (16...Bf5+ 17.Ka1 Rc8 18.g4 Bd7 19.Qh2 Rxc3 20.Bd2 Bg7 21.Bxc3 Nfxd5C) ] 14.0-0-0 Bd7 [tambiÊn eran posibles] [14...Nh5!?; 14...Qd6!?]

a) 16...Bf5+ 17.Ka1 e4 18.Bh6 e3 (18...Bxh6 19.Qxh6 Rf7 20.Nh3 exf3 21.gxf3 Qf8 22.Ng5 Rd7 23.Qh2 Rcd8 24.Bh3 Bxh3 25.Qxh3 Re8 26.Nce4 Nxe4 27.fxe4 Re5 28.Qb3+ Kh8 29.Rdf1 Qe8 30.Rf7 h5 31.Rxd7 Nxd7 32.Nf7+ Kg7 33.Nxe5 Qxe5 34.Qxb7 Qe6 35.a3 Kh6 36.Qxa7 Qxd6 37.Qe3+ g5 38.Qf3 Qg6 39.Rd1 Ne5 40.Qf8+ Qg7 41.Rd6+ Ng6 42.Qf5 g4 43.Qf4+ Kh7 44.Qg5 1–0 (44) Postny,E (2491) Serebro,A (2297) ISR 2002) 19.Bxe3 Nfd5 20.Nxd5 Rc2 21.Ne7+ Qxe7 22.Qxc2 Qxe3 23.Qb3+ Qxb3 24.axb3 Bc2 25.Rd2 Bxb3 26.Nh3 Bf6 27.Nf2 Rd8 28.Ne4 Be5 29.Nc5 Bf7 30.Nxb7 Rd7 31.Ba6 Bc4 32.Bxc4+ Nxc4 33.Nc5 Rxd6 34.Rxd6 Bxd6 35.Nd3 Ne3 36.g4 Nc2+ 37.Kb1 Nd4 38.f4 Ne2 39.Rf1 Kg7 40.g5 h5 41.gxh6+ Kxh6 42.Kc2 Kh5 43.Kd2 1–0 (43) Postny,E (2432)-Greenfeld,A (2570) Tel Aviv 2001;

15.Kb1 [15.Nh3 Rc8 16.Kb1 e4 17.Nf4 exf3 18.gxf3 Bf5+ 19.Ka1 Nc4 20.Bxc4 Rxc4 21.Nfe2 b5 22.Ng3 b4 23.Nce4 Bxe4 24.Nxe4 Nxe4 25.fxe4 Rxe4 26.Bc5 Rf5 27.Qc2 1/2–1/2 (27) Gofshtein,L (2500)Roiz,M (2355) Israeli League tt, Tel Aviv ISR 1999] 15...Rc8 [Diagram

+ + + + + + + + + ! + + + +" #+ $ % + & ' Q + +) *+-+++% $+. /012345678

b) 16...Be6! esta es la recomendación de los módulos y parece la mejor jugada negra. 17.Nh3 Nbd5 18.Nxd5 Bxd5 19.Bg5 Be6 20.Nf2 Qd7 21.Qb4 a6 22.Bxf6 Bxf6 23.Ne4 Bf5 24.Bd3 Bxe4 25.Bxe4 b5 26.Qa3 Bg5 27.Qxa6 Be3 28.Rd5 Rc6 29.Qa3 Bd4 30.Qb3 Kh8 31.Rxb5 1–0 (31) Hillarp Persson,T (2530)-Wojciechowski,P (2159) Jersey JCI 2004; 17.Bxc4+ Rxc4 18.Nge2 Bf5+ 19.Ka1 Be6 20.Bg5 Qd7

] 16.Ka1 [DespuĂŠs de pensar un rato y tras haber jugado rĂĄpido ambos jugadores, Anand se aparta de la jugada d6 que se jugĂł 1101

Antalya Chess Express c3 s19

21.Bxf6 Bxf6 22.Ne4 Bd8 23.N2c3 Rf7 24.Qe3 Qc6 25.Rc1 Qa6 26.b3 Rc8 27.Na4 b6 28.Ng5 Bxg5 29.Qxg5 b5 30.Qxe5 bxa4 31.Qxe6 Rxc1+ 32.Rxc1 Qb6 33.Rc7 1–0 (33) Nielsen,P (2680)-Tazbir,M (2500) Helsingor DEN 2009] 16...e4N [Diagram

23.gxf3 Bxd4 24.Rxd4 Bc6=; 17.Nxe4 Nxe4 18.fxe4 Rxf1 19.Rxf1 Nc4 20.Qe2 Bxb2+ 21.Kb1 Bg7–+; 17.fxe4 Rxc3 18.Qxc3 Nxe4 19.Qb4 Ng3 20.Bc5 Rf7]

+ + + + + + + + + + ! + + + +" #+ $ % + & ' Q + +) *,- +++% $+. /012345678

+ + + + + + + + + + + ! + % + +" #+ $ + + & ' Q + +) *,- +++% $+. /012345678

Llega la novedad de Gelfand que se aparta de la Ăşnica partida que habĂ­a y que fue una victoria de un aficionado ante Hillarp con]

Gelfand sigue con su idea de eliminar el caballo de c3.] 18.Nge2 [18.Nxe4 Nxe4 19.fxe4 Bxd4 20.Qxd4 Qg5! 21.Kb1 (21.Ne2 Rc2 22.Rb1 Rfc8 23.Qb4 Rd2 24.d6 Qe3 con mucha compensaciĂłn y las blancas deben jugar con cuidado 25.e5 Nxb2 26.Qh4 (26.Rxb2? Rd1+ 27.Rb1 Qxe5+ 28.Qb2 Rxb1+ 29.Kxb1 Bf5+ 30.Ka1 Qxd6∓) 26...h5 27.Qf6 Nc4 28.Qxg6+ Kf8 29.Qf6+ Kg8 30.Qg6+=) 21...Rxf1! 22.Rxf1 Qxg2 23.Ne2 Qxe2 24.Ka1 Rc4 25.Qf6 Qxb2+ 26.Qxb2 Nxb2 27.Kxb2 Rxe4= y las negras no deben perder.] 18...Qa5! [Buena jugada de Gelfand que implica sacrificar un peĂłn pero con cambio de damas y pasar a un final con compensaciĂłn.] [18...exf3 19.gxf3 Qa5 20.Nxa4 Qxa4 (20...Qxd2 21.Rxd2 Bxa4 22.Bh39) 21.Nc3 Qa5 22.Qh2 ]

17...Na4!? [Diagram

[16...Na4 17.Nge2 e4 18.d6 Re8 19.Rc1 Qa5 20.Nxa4 Rxc1+ 21.Qxc1 Qxa4 22.Nc3 Qb4 23.Nxe4 Rc8 24.Bc5 Be6 25.Bd3 Qa4 26.Nc3 Qa5 27.Re1 Bf7 28.Ba3 Nd7 29.Re7 Ne5 30.Rxf7 Nxf7 31.d7 Rd8 32.Bc4 Rxd7 33.Qe1 Qd8 34.Nd5 Kh8 35.Be7 Qe8 36.Bb5 Rxe7 37.Qxe7 Qxe7 38.Nxe7 Bd4 0–1 (38) Hillarp Persson,T (2450)-Aeberg,A Stockholm SWE 2002] 17.Bd4 [Anand juega una tranquila centralizando su alfil para combatir al de g7. Tomar el peón no era posible y ahora la jugada d6 no era tan fuerte] [17.d6 Na4 18.Nge2 Qa5 19.Nxa4 Qxd2 20.Rxd2 Bxa4 21.Bxa7 (21.Rd4 Bc6) 21...Nd7 22.Bd4 (22.fxe4!? b6 23.g3 Ra8 24.Nf4!? Rfc8! (24...Rxa7 25.Bc4+ Rf7 26.Bxf7+ Kxf7 27.Nd5 (27.Rxh7 Bb3) 27...h5=) 25.Bh3 Rxa7 26.Be6+ Kf8 27.Kb1 Bc6=) 22...exf3

19.Nxe4 Qxd2 20.Nxf6+ [20.Rxd2 Nxe4 21.fxe4 Nc5! 22.Bxc5 (22.Nc3? Nxe4∓; 22.Bxg7 Kxg7 23.Rd4 Bb5=; 22.e5 Ne4 23.Rd1 Bxe5!=) 22...Rxc5 23.Kb1 Re8 1102

Antalya Chess Express c3 s19

24.Ng3 Be5=] 20...Rxf6! [20...Bxf6 21.Rxd2 Bxd4 22.Rxd4 Rc2 23.b3 Bb5 (23...Nb6 24.Ng3>) 24.bxa4 Bxe2 25.Kb1 Rfc8 26.Bxe2 Rxe2 27.Rc1 ] 21.Rxd2 Rf5! 22.Bxg7 Kxg7 [D

(25.Rh4 Rd5 26.Rhd4 Rxd4 27.Nxd4 Kf6 28.Bd3 Nd5 29.Nb3 (29.Be4 Ne3 30.Rg1 b6=) 29...Ne3 30.Rd2 b6=) 25...Nd5 26.Re1 Re8 (26...Nxc3 27.Re7+ Kf6 28.bxc3 Be6 29.d7 Rd8 30.Rhxh7>) 27.Ne4 Nf6 28.Bd3 Rd5 29.Rd1 Rd8 30.Nxf6 Kxf6 31.Be4 Rxd1+ 32.Rxd1 Bc6 33.Bxc6 bxc6 34.Kb1 Ke6=] 25.Rh4! Rc2 26.b3 [Diagram

+ + + + + + , + + + + + + + + ! + + + +" #+ + + + & ' +$+ +) *,- + +%++. /012345678

+ + + + + + + , + + + + + + ! + + + +" #+ + + + & ' + +$+ +) *,- +++%+ . /012345678

] 23.d6 [23.b3 Nb6=] 23...Rfc5?! [Era mejor 23...Nb6! 24.Nc3 (24.b3 Rd5=) 24...Rd5!= que llevaba a la igualdad mĂĄs fĂĄcil. 25.Rd3

] 26...Nb2! [Gelfand es valiente y mete el caballo en b2 parecĂ­an mejores otras retiradas pero en todo caso las blancas tienen ventaja.] [26...Nb6 27.Re4 ; 26...Nc3 27.Nxc3 R8xc3 28.Bd3 Rc1+ 29.Rxc1 Rxc1+ 30.Kb2 ] 27.Rb1 [27.Rdd4! era buena pero era difĂ­cil de ver toda la secuencia 27...a4 Ăşnica para intentar dar salida al caballo 28.bxa4 Nxa4 (28...b5?! 29.axb5 (29.a5 Nc4=) 29...Nc4 30.Rxc4 R8xc4 31.Rxc4 Rxc4 32.Ng3 Rd4 33.Kb2 Bxb5 34.Bxb5 Rb4+ 35.Kc3 Rxb5 36.a4 Rc5+ 37.Kb4 Rc2 38.Ne4Âą y creo que el blanco tiene muy buenas chances de ganar.) 29.Rxa4 Bxa4 30.Rxa4 Rd2 31.Rb4 Rxd6 32.Rxb7+ Kh6 33.Ng3 Rd2 34.Kb1 Rd1+ 35.Kb2 Rd2+ 36.Kb3 Rcc2 37.Re7Âą y de nuevo el blanco tiene ventaja y buenas chances de victoria.] 27...Nd3 28.Nd4 Rd2 29.Bxd3 Rxd3 30.Re1 [

a) 25.Nxd5 Rc1#; b) 25.Rxd5 Nxd5 26.Bb5 Nxc3 27.Bxd7 Rd8 28.Bg4 (28.bxc3 Rxd7 29.Rd1 Kf6 30.c4 b6 31.Kb2 Ke6=) 28...Nd5 29.d7 h5 30.Bh3 Nf4 31.Rd1 Kf7 32.Kb1 Nxh3 33.gxh3 Ke6 34.Rg1 Kf6 35.Rd1=; 25...Bf5 26.Rxd5 Nxd5 27.Bd3 Nxc3 28.Bxf5 gxf5 29.bxc3 Rxc3 30.Re1 (30.Rd1 Rc8=) 30...Rd3 31.Re7+ Kg6 32.Rxb7 Rxd6 33.Rxa7 Rd1+ 34.Kb2 Rd2+ 35.Kb3 Rxg2 36.a4 h5=] 24.Rd1 a5?! [Gelfand anda jugando con fuego y deberĂ­a recordar que tiene peĂłn de menos y ademĂĄs el de d6 estĂĄ pasado y deberĂ­a intentar simplificar y recupera el peĂłn lo antes posible.] [24...h5!? 25.Rh4 Rc2 26.Rb4 b6 27.b3 Nc3 28.Nxc3 R8xc3 29.Bd3 Rxg2 30.Re4 ; 24...Nb6! 25.Nc3 1103

Antalya Chess Express c3 s19

+ + + + + + + , + + + + + + ! + $ + +" #+ + + + & ' + + + +) *,- + + + . /012345678

Kg6 (39...Ke6 40.Kc3 Rxd7 41.Rxd7 Kxd7 42.Kd4 Kd6 43.c5++-) 40.Kc3 Rd1 41.d8Q Rxd8 42.Rxb7Âą con peĂłn de mĂĄs y con posibilidades de victoria] 34...Re8 35.Rh1? [Anand tenĂ­a poco tiempo pero el suficiente para no jugar esto que lleva a tablas forzado muy fĂĄcil para el negro.] [35.Re7 Rd8 a) 35...Rc8 36.d7!Âą; b) 35...Rxe7 36.dxe7 Kf7 (36...Re2 37.Re4!+-) 37.Rxh7+ Ke8 38.Rh5 Rxg2 39.Rxf5 b6 40.Rb5 Rg6 41.Re5Âą; 36.Rexh7 Rxg2 37.d7 Kf6 38.Rd4 Ke5 39.Rd3 le daba algunas posibilidades todavĂ­a de poder ganar.] 35...Ree2 [ahora la partida es tablas] 36.d7 Rb2+ 37.Kc1 Rxa2 [D

] 30...Rd2?! [30...Kf6! 31.Rf4+ (31.Re7 Rd2 32.Kb1 Bf5+ 33.Nxf5 Rd1+ 34.Kb2 Rd2+ 35.Ka3 Rcc2 36.Ka4 Rxa2+ 37.Kb5 gxf5 38.Rh6+ Kg5 39.Rexh7 Rab2 40.Rh5+ Kf6 41.R5h6+ Ke5=) 31...Kg5 32.g3 Rc5=] 31.Kb1 [31.Re7+ Kf6 32.Kb1 Bf5+ 33.Nxf5 Rd1+ 34.Kb2 Rd2+ 35.Ka3 Rcc2 36.Ka4 Rxa2+ 37.Kb5 gxf5 38.Rh6+ Kg5 39.Rexh7 Rab2 40.d7 Rxb3+=] 31...Bf5+ 32.Nxf5+ gxf5 33.Re7+ Kg6 [

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + ! + + + +" #+ + + + & ' + + + +) *+ ,- + ++. /012345678

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + ! + + + +" #+ + + + & ' + + +) *+-+ + + . /012345678

Tablas, creo que Gelfand jugó bien la apertura, nos hubiese gustado ver la partida con 16.d6 , luego igualó con la entrega de peón pero no hizo la buena 23...Cbb6 que llevaba a tablas, luego se complicó y quedó con peón de menos y Anand dejó escapar buenas posibilidades de victoria tanto con 34.d7 y con 27.Tdd4.] ½-½

] 34.Rc7? [Anand estaba apurado con menos de 5 minutos y no se atreviĂł con la Ăşnica con la que tenĂ­a chances para poder ganar que era] [34.d7! Rcc2 35.Rc4! Rxc4 36.bxc4 h5 37.Kc1 Rd4 38.Kb2 Kf6 39.Rh7

Redaksiyon Dr Harun Taner 1104

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