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The perfect starting point for experiencing Northern Norway MORE THAN 70 ADVENTURES AVAILABLE FOR BOOKING

Travel Guide for the Harstad Region is printed in an edition of 12,000 copies. The magazine is available for visitors in public places and tourist offices in Harstad, Tromsø, Narvik, Vesterålen and Lofoten.

The magazine is published by HT Media/Harstad Tidende. Graphic production is performed by Polaris Media Sør.

The cover image is taken by Roar Edvardsen and shows the mountain Keipen in Harstad.

The magazine is produced independently of Harstad Tidende’s news room and all content is commercially produced.

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Harstad, also called the Pearl of Vågsfjorden, is located on Norway’s largest island, Hinnøya. Harstad offers a delightful blend of wild Northern Norwegian nature.

Surrounded by high majestic mountains, beautiful fjords, and an archipelago, the city and the surrounding region offer a plethora of activities for nature lovers and adventurers. From mountain hikes with magnificent panoramic views to boat trips through tranquil waters to observing the Northern Lights in winter, Harstad is a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

But Harstad is not just about nature - the city is also a cultural hub with museums, historical sites, and numerous great festivals throughout the year. Local cafes and restaurants tempt with fresh seafood and Northern Norwegian delicacies, promising taste experiences as memorable as the stay itself. Experience the best of Northern Norway with Harstad as your starting point.

Welcome to you all.

Useful travel apps for the region

These apps may be worth checking out for easier ticketing, planning and timetables.

2 HARSTAD Travel Guide for the Harstad Region
Photo: Arne Widding Reis nordland Entur Troms Reise

Harstad kommune Hársttáid suohkan

Attraktiv hele li vet

Harstad is a lively small town with a rich history and culture. The city has a population of around 25,000 people, but the region, including Lofoten, Vesterålen, Ofoten and Senja, is the most populated area in northern Norway, with 117,000 inhabitants.

Sortland Kvæfjord





Travel Guide for the Harstad Region HARSTAD 3 Andenes
Andørja Rolla Narvik

– in the heart of Hålogaland HARSTAD

Anna Rogde - theworld’soldestsailingschooner

30-60 MINUTES:


You’ll find the idyllic Sandtorgholmen a half-hour drive south of Harstad city center. You can go on a day trip for a cup of coffee and dinner, or bring the family or group of friends for a hot tub, wine tasting, sea fishing, or a sauna.


The scenery around the bridge is a popular photo motif all year round. The characteristic bridge creates a nice silhouette against the sky, and if you’re lucky, you might also see the sea eagle fly by. Right by the bridge is Tjeldsundbrua Kro & Hotell, which offers good food and drink – and accommodation.


Harstad/Narvik airport is the region’s airport with daily departures to Oslo, Trondheim, Bodø, and Tromsø.

1-2 HOURS:


At the foot of the mountain Spanstinden, you’ll find Lapphaugen tourist station. Here you can get guided canoe trips, but also wander around freely on your own, completely free. The tourist station also offers tailor-made war history tours.


In the world’s northernmost zoo, you can see wolves, brown bears, lynxes, wolverines, arctic foxes, moose, reindeer, and other animals from the Arctic fauna. The park covers an area of 1,100 acres.


Most people associate Riksgränsen and Björkliden in Sweden with skiing and winter, but there are beautiful mountains and nature to hike in also during the summer.


This is Northern Europe’s most mountainous island, which has eleven peaks over 1000 meters. The island is known for fantastic deep-sea fishing and great mountain hikes.

4 HARSTAD Travel Guide for the Harstad Region
.Phot o : H ar r i et O l s e n

Harstad is located in the heart of Hålogaland and is an excellent starting point for powerful experiences and memories for life.


The newly renovated old manor in Hadsel municipality in Vesterålen operates as a farm hotel with one of Norway’s best restaurants featuring Northern Norwegian ingredients on the menu.


Take the gondola to the top of Narvik mountain and enjoy the midnight sun in the summer or the northern lights in the winter. Enjoy nature or immerse yourself in history. When the Germans invaded Norway during World War II, battles were fought in and around Narvik. Learn more at Narvik War Museum or take a trip with Ofotbanen to see the tracks.

2-4 HOURS:


The “capital” of Lofoten with galleries, museums, commerce, and restaurants, in addition to mighty natural experiences.


Whether you want to go on a mountain hike, surf the waves, or hunt for the big

Experience Astafjorden

Start your journey in Harstad. Take the ferry from Harstad to Sørrollnes on the island of Rolla. From there, you can choose to visit Hamnvik and Ibestad. Continue your drive over the beautiful and mountainous Andørja, and onwards to Sjøvegan in Salangen.

In Sjøvegan, you can visit Lundbrygga and experience a fascinating exhibition of historic motorcycles. Then, the trip continues to Lavangen, where you can take a refreshing walk along the cultural trail by Åelva. The walk concludes at Krambuvika Bygdemuseum, where you can immerse yourself in local history and culture, and enjoy delicious coffee and waffles in the museum’s café before heading back to Harstad.

Enjoy the fresh air, magnificent nature, and unique culture in Astafjorden. All museums on the trip have free admission, making this a perfect and affordable outing for the whole family.

fish, Lofoten is an eldorado for outdoor enthusiasts. Here you will also find the Viking Museum at Borg, the Lofoten Aquarium in Kabelvåg, and the fishing village of Henningsvær.


This is one of the best places in Europe to see whales. If you’re lucky, you’ll see orcas, humpback whales, fin whales, and sperm whales.


“A Norway in miniature”. Norway’s second-largest island with a nature that takes you through deep valleys, hill-covered slopes, and steep mountains.


Further north you’ll find the “Paris of the North” with attractions like Fjellheisen, the Arctic Cathedral, and Polaria. The express boat runs daily from Harstad to Tromsø.

Enjoy an unforgettable Saturday in the Archipelago!

Start the trip with a ferry ride from Stornes to Bjørnerå on Grytøya. A short distance from the ferry dock lies Grytøy Bygdetun, where you can immerse yourself in Northern Norwegian coastal culture through the collection of over 4000 items. They are open every Saturday through the summer season. Free entry!

Continue the trip to Bjarkøy, an island with a rich Viking history. Take a refreshing walk along the cultural trail and enjoy the magnificent view over the sea. Before returning to the mainland, you can take a dip in the fresh water at Leirvågen. Enjoy a delicious packed lunch in the beautiful nature and let the peace settle in.

Drive through Historic Kvæfjord!

Start your journey by driving from Harstad to the Trastad Collections in Borkenes. Trastad is the National Center for Outsider Art. The museum offers an exciting journey into a creative universe and provides a new perspective on the world of art. Entry: NOK 120 / NOK 55

Continue the trip to Hemmestad Wharf, a lively museum with exhibits on Northern Norwegian coastal culture. The museum also has a cozy café. Finish your journey with a walk along the idyllic cultural path SkallanRå. The path winds through a beautiful cultural landscape, offering you a great view over Kvæfjorden. The trip is about an hour each way and is suitable for most people. Along the way, you can enjoy a break at one of the designated rest areas and admire the fantastic view.

Travel Guide for the Harstad Region HARSTAD 5
Photo: Steve Nilsen

NATURE Close to the City


don’t need to go far to experience the outdoors. There are many hiking opportunities in the Harstad area! Here are some tips.


This is a great starting point for local outdoor activities in Harstad. From the city center, it takes about fifteen minutes to walk here, or just a few minutes by car to the large parking lot. Here, there is a shelter right at the start of the lit trail, so if you have children or just want a short trip, the outing doesn’t need to be longer than a few meters. If you want to go further, you can ski along 20 kilometers of prepared trails. On foot, you can follow the trail network across almost all of Hinnøya, but be aware that these are not visible after the snow has fallen.


A nice trip to Aunfjellet suitable for the whole family! From Harstad, drive north, over Møkkelandseidet, and continue towards Aunfjellet. Parking is available at several spots along the road at the highest point. On foot or by ski, follow a straight, gentle route westward to the peak. Even though the trip is short, the view is priceless. From here, you can see the majestic Grytøy Mountains, Kasfjorden, and the great sea north of Andenes. Keipen is located at an altitude of 496 meters.

Maistua and Heia

Driving towards Harstad from the south, you might have noticed the silhouette of the “moomin house” on the mountainside. That is the open touristcabin Maistua, with the associated Dome next to it. The trip here suits most people and is a great goal for both small and large hiking enthusiasts. The easiest is to start the trip from the Medkilabanen, which is located south of Harstad city center. Turn off at the Nordmarka junction, and follow the road up to the lane. There is ample parking space here. Further from

Maistua, you can follow the route to the top cairn at Heia, which is located at 545 meters above sea level.


With 1.5 kilometers each way from the parking area at Aspeli in Kilbotn, the walk is neither long nor steep, making it perfect for children as well. At Forravatnet, it’s great to light a fire and enjoy some sausages and coffee. The terrain around the lake is perfect for children to romp around in, and there are also many good climbing trees.

Kanebogen Beach

This gem is most visited during the summer, with its nice little sandy beach, but it is also nice to visit in the winter to hear the sea hitting the shore. You can walk along the sidewalk and footpath almost the entire way from Harstad city center. On foot, it takes about an hour to get there from the center, 5 kilometers away. In daylight, you have a nice view towards Rogla and Rolla, while in the dark you can enjoy the silence and the lights of houses in the distance.

Miles of lovely Ski Tracks

Throughout the ski season, miles of ski tracks are groomed across the entire Harstad region. Just in Folkeparken, there are 20 kilometers of tracks, while in Kvæfjord, the trails extend over 38 kilometers. Great trails are found in many other places, including Evenskjer, Tjeldsund and Lødingen.

On skisporet.no or in the free app Skisporet, you can always see which trails have been groomed throughout the country. TIPS

6 HARSTAD Travel Guide for the Harstad Region
All photos: Øivind Arvola
Ski Tracks Fantastic bathing spots
Outdoor training facility

Røkenes Gård Restaurant and Guesthouse

Enjoy a fine dinner in beautiful and historic surroundings!

Just ten minutes from Harstad, city center, you can now make your dinner an experience by having it at the traditional Røkenes Gård and Guesthouse. The atmosphere is strongly influenced by history and the activities of the residents on the farm over time. This has “settled in the walls,” making it a unique place to visit.

Contact information: Email: rgaard@online.no www.roekenesgaard.no Phone +47 770 58 444 or +47 958 34 958

Welcome to Harstad Golf Club

The golf course is located in scenic surroundings, 6 km outside Harstad city center at Røkenes Gård, and is a forest/park course with 9 holes. There are a total of 27 different tee-off points, so you play 18 holes from different tees. The course par is 68.


Travel Guide for the Harstad Region HARSTAD 7

MOUNTAINS Experience Magnificent

he Harstad region is an eldorado for those who like to hike high and ski down steep slopes. Summit trips offer a unique combination of experiences: you can enjoy physical activity, fantastic nature, and extreme experiences combined with speed and excitement. In the immediate vicinity of the city, there are several mountains that can be easily reached in a few hours, and a drive away are Senja, Lyngen, Vesterålen, and Lofoten with their enticing mountains.

Strandstind (1,076 m)

A classic in the area. You can start from the parking place at Forvikneset, or from Strand and up Silsandfjellet. The hike takes about 5 hours, and is mostly free of dense forest (just right down by the roadside, but that’s fine to deal with). On the north side of the mountain, the snow often stays until late summer, so the keenest can ski here in July!

Helligtind (948 m)

One of the most popular peaks on Tjeldøya, both in summer and winter. The hike starts from Myklebostad, where parking is available. Aim for Litletinden, and follow the ridge to the top. Just before the summit, there is a saddle point from which you can descend when snow conditions allow. Gentle and open skiing that ends with varied forest skiing.

Nona (1,012 m)

Grytøya’s highest mountain is a real challenge for ski enthusiasts, requiring safe route choices and avalanche risk assessment. To get here, take the ferry from Stornes to Bjørnerå, and from the ferry dock turn right, through the tunnel to Dale. Here you will find a parking space by the summer barns at the end of the gravel road. Parts of the trip should be done on foot, and you might need both an axe and crampons. There are several descent options, choose based on skill level and snow conditions.

Horntind (910 m)

Horntind in Kvæfjord is a great ski mountain well worth a visit. There are both a northern and a southern peak, especially the former offers nice skiing – but parking is easier for reaching the southern.

8 HARSTAD Travel Guide for the Harstad Region
Photo: Lars Ihrstad

Stor Snytind (996 m)

Snytindan consists of seven sharp peaks on Hinnøya, where the most prestigious is Stor Snytind. The mountains are a good distance from roads, so the trip here should be made into a multi-day excursion where you first go to Snytindhytta (DNT) and use this as a base for day trips to for example Stor Snytind. In good years, the ski season can last from October to July, so there are many opportunities for several nice trips in the area.

Nontind (643 m)

Nontind in Kasfjord has a main slope of about 30 degrees and several gentler alternatives down, making the peak a bit safer if you are unsure about the avalanche risk. For those who like steep slopes, the east side towards Skjerstaddalen is a tip for a route.

Hinnstein (560 m)

This peak is close to the center and is a good choice on days when you do not have much time for a mountain hike, but still want to get out. The trip starts from Breivika. There are several possible routes up, but the easiest is to enter the treeless area to the left of the peak as early as possible.

Nattmålsfjellet/ Nattmålsnuten (568 m)

Another city-near hike. You start from Kilkam Stadium, and follow the lit track to Nattmålsfjellvatnet and then directly towards the summit. You gain about 350 meters in elevation – including many opportunities for vigorous jumps.

Mountain Safety Rules

We spend more time outdoors, and we use it in increasingly diverse ways. The mountain safety rules help you plan and carry out a fantastic trip – that is also safe.

1 Plan the trip and notify where you are going.

2 Adjust the trip according to ability and conditions.

3 Take into account weather and avalanche forecasts.

4 Be prepared for bad weather and cold, even on short trips.

5 Bring necessary equipment to be able to assist yourself and others.

6 Choose safe routes. Recognize avalanche-prone terrain and uncertain ice.

7 Use a map and compass. Always know where you are.

8 Turn back in time, there is no shame in turning around. Conserve your energy and seek shelter if necessary.

A shovel, probe, and avalanche transceiver are mandatory equipment on mountain trips in winter. Some trips require good skiing skills, and you must have the knowledge and experience to make sound decisions along the way. Steep mountain sports are associated with risk, especially during periods and in areas where the avalanche danger is significant. Follow the forecasts for weather and snow conditions! These forecasts can be read on varsom.no, and in the app of the same name. It is recommended to book trips through companies that have professional guides rather than going on your own in unfamiliar

Travel Guide for the Harstad Region HARSTAD 9
Make safe choices!
Photo: Christian Dramsdahl Photo: Christian Dramsdahl


-The City of Opportunities

n the midst of a region with 120,000 inhabitants, we find the coastal city of Harstad, which is also called “The City of a Thousand Joys.” It is the author and former editorin-chief Bård Borch Michalsen who gave the city this name, as a tribute to all the opportunities, activities, experiences, and joys that the city provides. Both to those who live here and those who visit.

“Harstad has a rich shopping offer with both shopping centers and niche shops. You can eat very good food at the city’s restaurants, and in the center, you will find activities such as a playland, bowling, and mini-golf. The city has a rich cultural life with many festivals, and there is also a golf course and a trotting track,” says communication manager Øivind Arvola in Harstad municipality. He points out that there is a wealth of activities and experiences, both on sunny days and gray days.

“Grottebadet is a popular water park with slides, saunas, warm and cold pools, in addition to a sports pool. The bath is blasted into the mountain under the city’s center.”

Historic Harstad

For those interested in history, Harstad

In the heart of Northern Norway, surrounded by magnificent mountains and beautiful archipelagos, lies Harstad with its varied experiences and activities. This is a wonderful place to be, both in summer and winter.

has much to offer. Here you can learn, see, and hear about the region’s history from the Stone Age, Viking Age, Middle Ages, and World War II. At Trondenes, you can visit the church from the 13th century and get to know the chieftain Tore Hund – the one who killed Olav the Holy at Stiklestad.

“Trondenes Historical Center, and especially the Medieval Farm, provides a good insight into what it was like to live and thrive in Harstad during the Viking Age and the Middle Ages,” says Arvola. At Trondenes, you will also find the Adolf Cannons, which are among the largest weapons of World War II. The cannon was meant to sink any allied ship that ventured into Vågsfjorden and is the only one of its kind preserved. North of Trondenes Church, a path also starts that takes you back to the traces of the Soviet POW camp that was here during the war.

Explore the City’s Nature

For outdoor enthusiasts, there is easy access to great hiking trails and mountain peaks.

“Keipen is one of the most accessible peak hikes in the entire region. It is a simple and short hike, but you are rewarded with a fantastic view in all directions.”

Arvola also points to Harstad Bike Park and Folk Park with many hiking trails and a frisbee golf course.


Harstad has many options for accommodation, whether it is hotels or motorhome camps.

“The city is well-prepared for tourists, whether you come by motorhome or boat. You will find all facilities right in the center. In the surrounding area around Harstad, you will find several campsites, for example in the archipelago.”

The Perfect Base

As the midpoint in Hålogaland, Harstad is perfect as a base if you want to explore the region.

“Harstad is a compact city located between Senja, Ofoten, and Lofoten. If you have Harstad as a base, you can reach far on day trips, and then return to the city that has so much to offer,” says Arvola.

With an airport nearby and stops for the coastal steamer and express boat, it is easy to get to and from Harstad.

“Everything you want to experience in Northern Norway, you can experience in Harstad.”

10 HARSTAD Reiseguide for Harstad-regionen
Photo: Øivind Arvola

At Close Range

Harstad is surrounded by nature, and there is a short distance between urban amenities and magnificent natural experiences. Harstad and its surroundings have many marked hiking trails that take you to spectacular viewpoints.


Generalhagen is Harstad’s beautiful outdoor arena for concerts and experiences. On sunny summer days, you can frolic in and around the fountain, and in the winter, you can use the ice rink that is set up every year.

Frisbee Golf

In Folkeparken, you will find a great 9-hole disc golf course. It is easily accessible and designed for everyone; both beginners and experienced players. Here you can have fun for many hours with friends and family.


Want to be near the sea? No problem. Harstad has a unique archipelago with islands and islets that are easy to access. And the fish often bite as soon as you cast your line.

Arrive by Sea to the HEART OF THE CITY

With a new service building and a location in the heart of the city, the guest harbor in Harstad is perfect for anyone visiting the city by sea.

The guest harbor in Harstad has a brand new and modern service building, situated right by the dock.

“Here visitors will find everything they need for a comfortable stay, from washing machines and dryers to showers and handicap toilets. For families, there is also a changing table available. The new facilities mean you can stay here for several days”, says business developer Cecilia Heimlund Henningsen at Harstad port.

Spectacular arrival

Harstad harbor is located inshore, making it a sheltered harbor. The arrival is spectacular.

“First, you see the fountain “Selsbanes Sail” and then you see the painting on the Port Building. It is “Angel Flock” from 1996, created by Herleik Kristiansen. Then you dock right in the center of Harstad”, says Henningsen. From the guest harbor, you are just a stone’s throw away from the city’s amenities, whether you want to experience culture, one of the city’s many restaurants, or have an important errand.

“Whatever you need, everything is within a short walking distance of the guest harbor. If you need a taxi or bus,

it is also in the immediate vicinity.”

The guest harbor is simply a great starting point for exploring all that Harstad has to offer.

“For those seeking nature experiences, I would recommend the beautiful archipelago, a trip along the “Path along the Sea” or the People’s Park”.

Sustainable Stay

Harstad Port is a certified Eco-Lighthouse and aims to offer guests the most sustainable stay possible.

“With the Go Marina-app, boat guests have easy access to information about port facilities and services, including berth rental that includes water, while electricity is offered based on need”.

Cecilia Heimlund Henningsen also highlights all the city’s maritime businesses.

“Whether you need boat repair, marine electrician, or something else, help is near”.

Harstad port warmly welcomes all seafarers to the guest harbor, which now has top modern facilities.

“Harstad is a city that has much to offer those who love being at sea. Here you get scenic experiences combined with urban city life”.

Travel Guide for the Harstad Region HARSTAD 11
Photo: Øivind Arvola Photo: Øivind Arvola Photo: Øivind Arvola Foto: Frank Bang

You will find us by the main road into Harstad, 3 km south of the city centre. We offer free parking up to 2 hours and have plenty of parking spaces in a parking garage/car park and around the shopping mall. All buses traveling south from Harstad, stops at the bus stop directly outside AMFI Kanebogen.


12 HARSTAD Travel Guide for the Harstad Region AMFI Kanebogen | 10-20 (18) | amfi.no/amfi-kanebogen
Welcome to a pleasant shopping at AMFI Kanebogen!

GALLERY North-Norway

Gallery North-Norway presents thought-provoking and challenging world-class art by established as well as new Norwegian and international artists.

The gallery’s purpose is to give the audience the opportunity to enjoy contemporary art and to understand the significance of art, artists, culture, and creativity – and their impact on individual and collective lives.

The facility was originally built as Harstad swimming pool and community center in 1958 designed by architect Jan Inge Hovig (1920-1977) and is located in the center of the city. In 1999, A3 architectural office AS was engaged to convert the swimming pool into a gallery, and the remodeling was completed in 2001. The building is one of the most distinctive in the city and is part of the

so-called community quarter. Throughout the year, a number of exhibitions are set up, both solo and group exhibitions, from national and international artists in all forms of art. In addition, concerts and lectures are regularly arranged at the gallery.

Visits to the gallery’s art exhibitions are free. Opening hours are Thursday 17:00-20:00, Friday 15:00-18:00, Saturday and Sunday 11:00-14:00.

New Service Building in the Harbor

If you arrive at the harbor with a boat, yacht or commercial vessel, you can now use a great new service building equipped with showers, toilets, a washing machine, and a dryer. Everything is modern and easily accessible – right in the center of town. Access to the service building can be purchased via the GoMarina app or at a machine. All that remains then is to enjoy Harstad and everything the city has to offer.

Please contact the harbor master at havnevakta@harstad. kommune.no or call 770 01212 for questions.


Take the plunge into a wild and beautiful experience in the pearl of Vågsfjorden, Harstad. VÅG offers a tranquil refuge in genuine North Norwegian nature, right in the city center. Here you can come alone or to share the peace with friends.

Travel Guide for the Harstad Region HARSTAD 13
BOOK: Photo: Steve Nilsen

FEEL THE PULSE of the city

14 HARSTAD Travel Guide for the Harstad Region Sport 1 Vitus Apotek Synsam Vinmonopolet 2 WEAR Vero Moda Garn & Sånt Normal Sunkost Kompis Norli/Ringo EspressoHouse Sabrura Sushi KappAhl Skeidar Nille Elon DogMan Princess Plays Bowling Kompis Lindex Coop Extra Bark spiseri Alti Harstad Fjordgata 1, 9400 Harstad HURTIGRUTEN/HAVILA BERGEN - KIRKENES
parking BUS Welcome whether you are traveling

Alti Harstad is a new and modern shopping center located right in the heart of Harstad and just a short walk from the harbor. Alti can tempt you with a variety of stores, restaurants, and activities such as bowling and mini-golf. With everything from the wine monopoly to a pharmacy, and groceries to clothes, interior decor, and electronics, everyone will find something they like!

With its central location, Alti Harstad is right in the sweet spot, and there is a bus stop, taxi stand, and express boat and coastal express in the immediate vicinity.

Travel Guide for the Harstad Region
Express boat TROMSØ/the archipelago/SENJA ToURIST INFO ToURIST INFO TAXI Mobile home parking Welcome in–traveling to or from Harstad!



It’s great to be outdoors, but sometimes it’s also nice to spend some time indoors. Harstad offers many options for those who appreciate indoor activities.

16 HARSTAD Travel Guide for the Harstad Region
Photo: Charlotte Groved

Sam’s Playland

Both adults and children revert to their younger selves upon entering Sam’s Playland, just outside the center of Harstad. Here, one can romp around 600 square meters spread over four levels, featuring everything from trampolines and foam pits to slides and climbing walls. There’s also a relaxation area and a café.


Among the newest indoor offerings in the city, you’ll find Interpadel at Stangnes. Here, you can choose from 7 courts, for both doubles and singles play.


Harstad Cinema has two halls; a large one with seating for 399 people, and a smaller one with capacity for 70. The schedule is updated weekly, with Fridays as the regular premiere day. The venerable cinema building from 1955 naturally also houses a kiosk, so movie snacks are secured.

Gallery North-Norway

In the heart of Harstad’s center, you will find Gallery North-Norway, which presents thought-provoking and challenging art of international caliber. Here, you can view works by both Norwegian and international artists. The place is perfect for wandering around, letting your thoughts wander, and getting inspired.


At the Trondenes Historical Center, you can see, hear, and learn about the region’s history from the Stone Age to the 1950s. The main focus of the exhibition is on the Viking Age, the Middle Ages, and World War II.


The city’s pride and a major attraction for many. Deep inside the mountain – right in the city – you will find a water slide, jacuzzi, splash pool, therapy pool, sauna, steam cave, diving tower, and a sports pool. There is also a café if you need a break.

Cultural House

Harstad Cultural House is located in the center of Harstad and hosts performances and concerts throughout the year. Here you can experience the full spectrum of what the cultural world has to offer.


Down by the waterfront, in the same building as the Cultural House, you will find Harstad Library. It is open six days a week, regularly hosting various events ranging from reading sessions and concerts to language cafés and creative workshops for children.

Bowling and minigolf

Plays is a classic for both young and old. Here there are standard lanes with the option for child barriers, so everyone can experience a sense of achievement. Plays also has its own mini-golf course.

Travel Guide for the Harstad Region HARSTAD 17
Photo: Harstad Cultural House Photo: Harstad Library Photo: Sør-troms museum Photo: Plays Bowling & Minigolf Photo: Interpadel Harstad Photo: Charlotte Grovedt Photo: Charlotte Grovedt

Book a table here: barkspiseriogbar.no

We warmly welcome you to us!

Opening hours:

Monday–Thursday: 15.00–23.00

Friday–Saturday: 15.00–00.00

Sunday: Closed

The kitchen is open from 15.00–21.00

Fjordgata 1, 9405 Harstad

Food and drink should be like life itself. Tempting and flavorful.

TASTE YOUR WAY through the city

Great cafes, world-class restaurants, and delicate food stores. In Harstad, you’ll find a surprisingly large number of tasty eateries, some of which have a touch of gourmet.




Røkenes Gård



77 30 11 00 www.gois-restaurant.no

77 05 84 44 www.roekenesgaard.no

Egon +47 40 00 03 81 www.egon.no/restauranter/harstad

Ming Restaurant +47 77 06 24 00 www.kinarestaurant.no

Elias Restaurant +47 40 40 32 75 www.eliasrestaurant.no

Big Horn Steakhouse

90 55 80 77 www.bighorn.no/restaurant/harstad

Masala Indisk Restaurant & Bar +47 48 91 51 90 www.masalaindisk.no

Kompis +47 92 07 71 98 www.kompisnorge.no

AVA Bar og spiseri

77 07 05 00 www.avaharstad.no

Bothner Kafe & Spiseri +47 41 19 56 44 www.bysenteret-harstad.no/bothner

Bakerinnen +47 41 58 78 20 www.bakerinnen.no

Peppez Pizzza +47 22 22 55 55 www.peppes.no

Milano +47 77 07 94 10 www.milano-harstad.no

O`learys Harstad +47 40 00 98 80 www.olearys.no/harstad

Dolly Dimples

04440 www.dolly.no

Jordbærpikene +47 93 07 25 70


Burger King +47 92 27 91 75 www.amfi.no/amfi-kanebogen/butikker

Sushi Point

Sabrura Stick & Sushi

Espresso House

Big Bite

47 51 54 53

45 83 79 87 www.sabrurasushi.no

45 94 08 75

90 24 97 62 / +47 41 38 33 35 www.bigbite.no Rustikk +47 96 09 61 01 www.amfi.no/amfi-kanebogen/butikker

Midgard Harstad +47 77 02 53 01 midgard.pizza

Rungfa Thai Food

Yuuka Yuuka Sushi

Blomsø Bakeri

40 18 82 35

93 93 25 83 www.yuuka-yuuka.com

77 06 43 09 www.blomsobakeri.no

Esencia Kaffebar +47 97 88 14 94 www.esenciakaffebar.no

Tjeldsundbrua Kro & Hotel

77 08 93 00 www.tjeldsundbrua.no

The Social +47 77 29 03 00 www.socialbarbistro.com/nb

Bar Bassit

77 00 08 02 www.thonhotels.no/hoteller/norge/harstad

40 55 55 50
+47 95 09 09 11
Bella Napoli +47 99 88 33 37
+47 47 66 05 55
+47 40 60 30 95
+47 77 00 67 00
www.ringogbestill.no OBS Kafe
Mat av Vahl
www.vahl.no Kaikanten
Indulge in a feast of

COLORFUL flavors and vibrant surroundings

he restaurant was established in 2019 and is currently an employer with 11 full-time positions, serving as the flagship of the organization. The restaurant is named after the owner, Goi Uttakleiv. Her Thai background inspires the concept and the products offered. In 2022, the restaurant underwent a major expansion and now has a capacity of 80 guests. Goi’s restaurant is a family business that has actively worked to create a pleasant workplace where the staff can contribute. This has been one of the success factors that has led to continuous growth in the business.


In Asia, spring rolls were a seasonal dish made in the spring, hence the name. Here, we serve freshly fried, crispy spring rolls from Goi’s own recipe.


One of the earliest forms of street food was grilled food. We are inspired by two traditional dishes from Southeast Asia, with Goi’s own twist.

Gaeng “Thai-curry”

If you ask a Thai, mothers and grandmothers are the world’s best cooks, spending enormous amounts of time in the kitchen. Families have created memory books to preserve their recipes. Goi serves red and green curry inspired by flavors and recipes from her mother and grandmother.

Wok & Noodles

The Thai government created the dish ‘Pad Thai’ in an effort to protect the country’s rice resources. By encouraging people to eat noodles instead of rice, they created a national dish that everyone would love. At the same time, the diversity of the Thai diet was improved.


A good soup is a small meal in itself, especially classic Thai soups. We serve Tom Yum Goong and the delightful noodle soup Guay Tiew from Goi’s own recipe.

Something Sweet

A complete Thai meal is not finished without a sweet ending! A sweet and flavorful dessert is the perfect conclusion to a visit to our restaurant.

20 HARSTAD Travel Guide for the Harstad Region

Travel and experience on your own

Our best travelling tip is to ask the locals and the easiest way to explore the region is by car. You will easily get to the large attractions and also find the small, hidden gems, and may travel in your own tempo.

At Evenes Airport and at our office near the center of Harstad city you may collect the keys 24/7, and it is possible to book a car on short notice by phone. To get the best prices and see our fleet of cars, please visit www.rentawreck.no

harstad@rentawreck.no | Storgata 79, 9406 Harstad

Travel Guide for the Harstad Region HARSTAD 21
® We carry brands such as: Local souvenirs (Harstad kulene) Over 30 hand-painted motifs
Storgata 5, Harstad / 77 06 12 20 post@hjemmehososs.nu Locally produced cups with strong expressions


A universally accessible nature trail that starts at the Trondenes Historical Center. Currently 1.5 km long. Several installations along the trail, with the “Sun and Wind House” being the largest with its 30 seats.


A universally accessible nature trail that starts at the Trondenes Historical Center. Currently 1.5 km long. Several installations along the trail, with the “Sun and Wind House” being the largest with its 30 seats.



Here, an exciting story is told about Norse myths, the Viking Age, church power, great heroes, and old customs. The painful history of World War II and the POW camp is also a major focus of the exhibition. All based on this region and the most significant peninsula in Northern Norwegian history.


A living medieval farm opened in June 2019, adjacent to the Trondenes

Historical Center. At the farm, you meet both people and animals, and history comes alive for both young and old. There is something for everyone here.


The world’s northernmost stone church from the late Middle Ages, construction began as early as the late 1100s. The church was considered the largest and most beautifully equipped church north of Nidaros Cathedral, both in Catholic and post-Reformation times.


A memorial for the Soviet soldiers who died in the POW camp. Erected in 1945 by the surviving soldiers in memory of their fallen comrades.


The remains of the largest POW camp in Harstad, which from 1942 to 1945 housed up to 1200 Soviet prisoners of war. The Trondenes Historical Center has an exhibition about the camp where

22 HARSTAD Travel Guide for the Harstad Region
F o t o : H T M e d i a

you can see, among other things, the registration cards of 410 of the Soviet prisoners who died at Trondenes.


One of several military camps from the war that was converted into an evacuation camp when the residents of Finnmark were forced to flee because the German troops burned the settlements during their retreat from Finnmark in 1945. A total of 930 refugees were accommodated at Trondenes until 1951.


The lake was formed about 4000 years ago and is, according to the saga, the place where the first Christian baptism took place in 999. Today, Laugen is a protected landscape area due to its unusually rich birdlife and vegetation diversity.

Hop-on, Hop-off. A Walk in the Cultural Landscape of Trondenes

The cultural trail at Trondenes takes us past Altevågen with boat sheds and burial mounds from the Viking Age, when Trondenes was a chieftain seat that made clear imprints in Snorre’s saga about Olav the Holy. Already in 1180, the foundation walls of Trondenes church began to be erected, but the wall around the church is even older. Perhaps it was built as a defense against attacks from Karelians. The painful history is also seen in the cultural landscape, with traces of both the Soviet POW camp and the Finnmark town that was in use from 1945-1951. Join a guided walk in the cultural landscape this summer. You can participate in the whole or parts of the tour. Hop on and off as you wish!

Registration: No

Ticket: Free

Accessibility: Wheelchair-friendly walk with the exception of Altevågen Organizer: Trondenes church and Sør-Troms Museum


One of the few places in the country where the traces of boathouses and burial mounds can be directly linked to the old saga stories. The bay is also a popular recreational area for the local population and is equipped with benches and tables.


During World War II, part of the most powerful battery in Hitler’s 5000 km long Atlantic Wall, and today the only remaining ones of their kind. One of the four cannons in the battery is fully renovated, providing a unique insight into the advanced technology of the time. Visits only with authorized personnel.




SØR TROMS MUSEUM 19 different museums and cultural historical places to visit.


HISTORISKE SENTER Museum of Cultural History


Guided tour to the Adolf Cannon Tel: +47 45 83 18 38 www.arcticonsepts.no


Trondenes Church is open from June 24th to August 9th, from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Admission is free. If there are ceremonies during opening hours, the church will not be available. Everyone is, of course, welcome to attend the service.

Travel Guide for the Harstad Region HARSTAD 23
Foto: HT Media
tour to the Adolf Cannon Tel: + 47 90 09 67 75 www.northup.no
Photo: Øivind Arvola
Tel: +47 77 01 83 80 www.stmu.no
Tel:+47) 77 01 83 80 www.stmu.no

Join us on a journey through time

to the 13th century in Northern Norway

Cuddle with goat kids, weave with unwashed sheep’s wool, or shoot nets made of flax. At Trondenes Medieval Farm, children and adults can not only learn about history, but also experience it.


• Opened in 2019

• The farm complex consists of a house, a stave church, and a smithy

• The farm is part of the Trondenes Historical Center


Summer: 22.06-18.08 2024: every day from 11 am to 3 pm


Tuesday-Sunday from 11 am to 3 pm

Here you will find toilets, disabled toilets, food service, and wheelchair access

See more at: www.stmu.no/ attraksjoner/ middelaldergarden/

rondenes Medieval Farm is a stone’s throw from the center of Harstad, right by the Vågsfjord and embraced by historical whispers and beautiful nature. At the farm, you can meet the housewife Jorunn, Krafse-Gunvor, and the other people who live in and around the farm.

“This is a living museum farm. We try to recreate the feeling and give an insight into what it was like to live on a North Norwegian farm in the Middle Ages,” explains Ingrid Moe, marketing manager at Sør-Troms Museum, who is also the farm manager and Jorunn housewife.

Trondenes Medieval Farm is part of the Trondenes Historical Center. With its proximity to Trondenes Church and the surrounding cultural trail, you get a unique blend of historical exhibition, café, culture, and nature.

Meet the animals on the farm

All summer and until October 1, there are animals on the farm.

“We have a flock of hens that roam freely, and six curious and social goat kids. You are allowed to go into the goat enclosure and cuddle with these undisciplined little rascals,” laughs Ingrid and says that it is especially popular among the children who visit them.

Outside the farm, by Laugen, you can also see wild sheep and calves, which graze to keep the cultural landscape in order. Trondenes Medieval Farm is open every day and has activities for both children and adults. In the morning, there are especially activities aimed at children, whether it is making rune jewelry or learning to braid with four, five, and six threads.

“It will be a nice memory to take home.”

24 HARSTAD Travel Guide for the Harstad Region
This is a living museum farm. We try to recreate the feeling and give an insight into what it was like to live on a North Norwegian farm in the Middle Ages
Ingrid Moe, Marketing manager, Sør-Troms Museum.

Weaving and Yarn

The adults can also try their hand at traditional handcrafts.

“We set up a warp-weighted loom, where the audience can strike a weft in the loom. Together we will weave a varafell, with unwashed sheep’s wool,” explains Moe.

“This type of pile weaving, also known as boat rug, was made so that fishermen could stay dry and warm in the boat. We have spun the yarn ourselves from unwashed sheep’s wool, set up the warp, and then everyone can join in the weaving.” Flax is grown in the field on the farm, and after the flax has dried and retted, the fibers can be used to make linen thread.

“With them, we can make fishing nets. Those who visit the farm get to participate in shooting the nets, and see the process from soil to linen to a tool for getting food on the table.”

Connecting to the past

Trondenes Church and the cultural trail are situated next to the farm and add an extra dimension to the historical experience. The medieval farm, Trondenes Church, traces in the cultural landscape, and the museum’s historical exhibition tell a rich story about the area and its people through the centuries.

“On the farm, we are in the year 1221, and being able to dress and act as people did at that time gives both adults and children a deeper understanding of our history,” says Ingrid, who is herself the housewife Jorunn.

“We are a fictional family who resides on the farm. The head of the household, Leiv, you never meet because he is out at sea. The housewife Jorunn is a Christian and loves everything with the church. Krafse-Gunvor has the old faith, and she

can arrange with herbs and remedies if something becomes sick. The maid Frøydis manages and looks after the house and the servant Halte-Haldor keeps order in the field plots.”

With a mix of interactive experiences, live storytelling, and a wealth of culture and history, Trondenes Medieval Farm invites visitors into a world where the past meets the present.

No two days at the museum farm are the same, and the activities follow both the seasons and the weather.

Travel Guide for the Harstad Region HARSTAD 25
All photo: Harriet Olsen
26 HARSTAD Travel Guide for the Harstad Region TV-Tower The General Garden SAM Playland Sjøkanten Shopping Centre Harstad Church Røkenes Restaurant and Guesthouse Harstad Golf Course Ferry Stornes Grytøy Bjarkøy Sandsøy Harstad Harbour City Centre Nupen Aunfjellet Borkenes ExpressboatHarstad-Tromsø Harstad Bike Park Stien langs sjøenThePath Alongthe Folkeparken / The Peoples Park Hospital Harstad Church Catholic Church The General Garden Gallery of Northern Norway Cinema City Centre Alti Shopping Mall Bysenteret Shopping Mall NorthUp ArctiConcepts Grottebadet Harstad Cultural Scene Public library VÅG Havbadstu / Sea Sauna Guest harbour Express boat / Øylandsruta Guest harbour facility building Stien langs sjøen / The path along the sea Path to Folkeparken / The Peoples Park Kunststien / The Art Path Havila Kystruten / Hurtigruten Cruise pier Welcome to Harstad Borkenes/Kvæfjord, Race Course, Sollifjellet Ski resort, Refsnes ferry, Vesterålen, Lofoten RV 867 RV 83 RV 850 Emergency Ambulance 113 Police 112 Fire 110 Center The Path Along The Sea Peoples Park and Guesthouse Course Path Scene Water Park Norway Sea Sauna Outsider Art Sildoljefabrikk Centre Shopping Centre Centre Arcticus Hotel Harstad Harstad Hotel Harstad and Camping 2 4 19 11 8 16 17 5 6 27 23 18 7 12 15 24 21 20 22 25 19 26 5 16 Taxi Troms Fylkestrafikk Bus info & tickets 2 3 1 5 4 1 3 2 1 2 1 2 3 4 5 Express boat Harstad - Finnsnes -Tromsø BjarkøystedeneSkrolsvik HIKING - SIGHTS - ATTRACTIONS - ACTIVITIES 1 Adolf Gun 2 Trondenes Historical Center 3 Trondenes Church 4 The Medieval Farm 5 Stien langs sjøen / The Path Along The Sea 6 Cinema 7 TV-Tower 8 Folkeparken / The Peoples Park 9 Gansåstoppen 10 Kanebogen Church 11 Harstad Bike Park 12 Røkenes Restaurant and Guesthouse 13 Athletics track 14 Harstad Race Course 15 Harstad Golf Course 16 Kunststien / The Art Path 17 SAM Playland 18 The General Garden 19 Harstad Church 20 The Catholic Church 21 Harstad Cultural Scene 22 Public Library 23 Grottebadet Indoors Water Park 24 Gallery of Northern Norway 25 VÅG Havbadstu / Sea Sauna 26 Harstad Stadion 27 Bowling and mini-golf 28 Kasfjord City 29 Nupen 30 Keipen 31 Elgsnes 32 Trastad Samlinger / Outsider Art 33 Hemmestad Brygge 34 Kvæfjordeidet 35 Fabeløya 36 Krøttøya 37 Meløyvær 38 Bjarkøya 39 Meløyvær Fort 40 Sollifjellet Ski resort 41 Maistua 42 Grytøy Bygdetun 43 Skjærstad Sildoljefabrikk 44 Ole Ottesastua 45 Grøtavær Fort TV-Tower The General Garden SAM Playland Sjøkanten Shopping Centre Amfi Shopping Harstad Church Trondenes The Medieval Trondenes Røkenes Restaurant and Guesthouse Harstad Golf Course Ferry Stornes Grytøy Bjarkøy Sandsøy Harstad Harbour City Centre Nupen Aunfjellet Borkenes ExpressboatHarstad-TromsøHavila Harstad Bike Park Stien langs sjøenThePath AlongtheSea Folkeparken / The Peoples Park Hospital Harstad Church Catholic Church The General Garden Gallery of Northern Norway Cinema City Centre Alti Shopping Mall Bysenteret Shopping Mall NorthUp ArctiConcepts Grottebadet Harstad Cultural Scene Public library VÅG Havbadstu / Sea Sauna Guest harbour Express boat / Øylandsruta Guest harbour facility building Stien langs sjøen / The path along the sea Path to Folkeparken / The Peoples Park Kunststien / The Art Path Havila Kystruten / Hurtigruten Cruise pier TOURIST INFORMATION Welcome to Harstad Borkenes/Kvæfjord, Race Course, Sollifjellet Ski resort, Refsnes ferry, Vesterålen, Lofoten RV 867 RV 83 RV 83 RV 850 Emergency Ambulance 113 Police 112 Fire 110 - activities Along The Sea Park Guesthouse Park Art Centre Hotel Harstad Harstad Camping 3 2 4 19 11 8 16 17 5 6 27 23 18 7 12 15 24 21 20 22 25 19 26 5 16 Taxi Troms Fylkestrafikk Bus info & tickets 2 3 1 5 4 1 3 2 1 2 1 2 3 4 5 Express boat Harstad - Finnsnes -Tromsø BjarkøystedeneSkrolsvik ELECTRIC CAR CHARGERS www.ladestasjoner.no
Travel Guide for the Harstad Region HARSTAD 27 40 34 14 41 35 36 37 39 38 9 32 33 28 43 29 30 31 45 44 42 6 Kanebogen Church Amfi Kanebogen Shopping Centre Atchletics track Heli-Team Trondenes Historical Centre The Medieval Farm Trondenes Church The Adolf Gun Harbour Harstad-TromsøHavilaKystruten-Hurtigruten GansåstoppentheSea Ferry StangnesSørollnes Starting point Gansåstoppen Harstad RV 83 3 10 13 9 4 4 3 1 ACCOMODATION 1 Clarion Collection Hotel Arcticus 2 Thon Hotell Harstad 3 Scandic Hotel Harstad 4 F2Hotel 5 Strawberry Clarion Arcticus Hotel Harstad 6 Tjeldsundbrua Hotel and Camping SHOPPING 1 Alti Shopping Centre 2 Bysenteret Shopping Centre 3 City Centre 4 Amfi Kanebogen Shopping Centre 5 Sjøkanten Shopping Centre TOURIST INFORMATION 1 ArctiConcepts 2 NorthUp 3 Guest harbour facility building 4 RV septic tank and water TRANSPORT 1 Harstad Taxi 2 Airport Bus 3 Heli-Team Photo:ØivindArvol a Emergency Ambulance Police Fire 113 112 110


CLOSE TO NATURE – By Water and Land

Explore nature with Explore Harstad – whether you want to paddle, hike in the mountains, or explore caves.

wild and beautiful coastline with mountains, fjords, and islands makes Harstad a paradise for those wanting to try activities like mountain hikes, paddling, or cave exploration.

“At Explore Harstad, you’ll find all the outdoor experiences you can imagine. Whatever you wish for, you’ll find it with us. We offer everything from low-threshold trips to simple destinations to challenging 1000-meter peaks,” says Kristian Hyllestad of Explore Harstad.

Explore Harstad attracts everyone from solo tourists to group travels and team building for companies.

Sharing the Joy of Nature

The startup of the company was driven by a deep desire to share with others the joy of nature they experience themselves.

“I bought myself a kayak and found it very fun to paddle. Eventually, it became natural to take people on tours. There’s something special about paddling at night under the midnight sun, with complete silence and tranquility around you. The bird and animal life at night is quite unique, and I really enjoy sharing that,” says Kristian. He finds that people appreciate the same experience and wish time could stand still.

“Those we take on tours often become

euphoric, and it’s almost hard to get them back on land again. You lose sense of time, and it feels like time stands still. The same feeling occurs when you hike in the mountains under the midnight sun or on a snowshoe trip under the northern lights in winter.”

Cave Exploration and Mountain Fishing

Explore Harstad actively works to create new magical experiences, and new this year are cave exploration, glamping, and mountain fishing.

“There are three accessible caves in

28 HARSTAD Travel Guide for the Harstad Region

and around Harstad. These are Trollkirka, Resshellaren, and Okshola. Cave guides take you to the caves on foot or on snowshoes, depending on the season.”

Family Business

Explore Harstad is a family business and was started near Breivika, about eight kilometers outside Harstad city center. The location is at the foot of the famous mountain Hinnsteinen and offers great opportunities for nature experiences throughout the year.

“Our guests find it fun that we are a family business. It’s my wife Hilde and I

who run it, but also our two eldest children are guides. When guests come back to the camp, they often find one of our parents who has made a fire and serves freshly made coffee.”

For Kristian and Hilde, knowledge of the nature and history of the place adds an extra dimension.

“We are on familiar grounds and then we have something extra to offer by being able to tell a little more about both everyday life and history,” says Kristian, welcoming everyone to Explore Harstad.

See all activities on the website: exploreharstad.no

May 25th - 27th, 2025


Festival of classical music.


Photo: Øivind Arvola

August 15th - 17th, 2024


Music festival in the center of Harstad. www.bakgaarden.no

Photo: HT Media

August 17th, 2024

Bakgården junior

Family performance in the morning - a party for the kids

www.bakgaarden.no /bakgarden-junior

June 8th 2024

Harstad Havnelangs

Harbor festival presenting maritime job opportunities, activities, health, environment, and safety at and near the sea.

Program details on Harstadhavn.no in advance.

June 22- 29, 2024


NUK is a festival for young people (14-20 years) from all over Northern Norway where people meet to develop their creative and artistic potential, - regardless of background and competence. www.facebook.com/nuk.nyungkunst

June 22th - 29th, 2024


i Nord-Norge

An international arts festival, dedicated to music, theatre, dance and performing arts. www.festspillnn.no

July 25th - 28th, 2024

Festival promoting Forest Sami culture as well as art and culture from all of Sápmi. www.markomeannu.no Márkomeannu

Steve Nilsen

June 28th - 29th, 2024

Music festival at the beautiful Gressholman outside Harstad. www.gressholmanfestivalen.no Gressholmanfestivalen

Photo: Andreas Isachsen

July 26th - 28th, 2024


Hard rock festival at Gressholman outside Harstad. www.rockholm.no

30 HARSTAD Travel Guide for the Harstad Region

A Night with Buddha

The A Night with Buddha festival is an artistic platform that, through conversations, seeks to counteract polarization and oppression, and to commemorate the Buddah statues in Bamiyan. www.facebook.com/a.night.with.buddha

Sami month in Harstad and Kvæfjord

A collection of events that promote Sami culture and history in the area.

The program is presented on the municipality’s website in advance.

January 30th - february 2th, 2025


Festival for contemporary music. www.ilios.no

Photo: Knut Aaserud

Nordnorsk Gitarfestival

The guitar has the potential to unite people across social and cultural differences. We want to create a festival that unites people around fine six-string experiences that lie so deeply in our culture. www.nordnorskgitarfestival.no

Photo: Nordnorsk Gitarfestival


A celebration of Harstad’s cultural life, focusing on diversity, development, collaboration, and inclusion through art and cultural events. Free for the public.

harstad-sentrum.no /kulturnatt

Harstad Pride

6 days of celebrating diversity.You can find more information at our facebook page. www.facebook.com /harstadpride

Photo: Steve Nilsen

Nordnorsk Litteraturfest

The purpose of the Northern Norwegian Literature Festival is to highlight literature from the North. Every year we organize a festival in Harstad town, with book baths, concerts, talks, lectures and parties, in honor of the literary landscape north of the Arctic Circle. Find us on facebook.

A festival that generates laughter, creativity, and other positive impulses for the city. wwww.harstadstandupfestival.no Harstad Standupfestival


Arctic Moving Image & Film Festival

AMIFF celebrates film in all its art forms, through past, present, and future, and explores our society, in our Arctic backyard and the wider world. www.amiff.no

Trondenes Church, the world’s oldest stone church north of the Arctic Circle, is the center of the festival. Based here, Trondenes Days offers unique experiences in historical settings: concerts, services, lectures, and market.


Photo: Steve Nilsen

Travel Guide for the Harstad Region HARSTAD 31
Photo: Øivind Arvola
October 27th - November 3th, 2024 October 18th, 2024 November 7th - 10th, 2024 August 30th - 31th, 2024 February September 2th - 7th, 2024 September 12th - 14th, 2024 2025 TIVALEN TRONDENESDAG E N E DATSRAH EDIRP DRÅGKAB KCOR KULTURNATT S T PUDNA LAVITSEF .RJNEDRÅGKAB MLOHSSERG AMIFF DRONILKSRON MOKRÁM AN DEC NOV OCT PES UL - MMER NTER F A LL city culture north



Visit Harstad Brewery.

Tel: + 47 90 09 67 75



Guided tour to Keipen.

Tel: +47 45 83 18 38



Cave walk in Trollkirka.

Tel: + 47 90 09 67 75



Helicopter ride.

Tel: + 47 90 09 67 75



Popular outdoor climbing park for everyone.

Facebook: Fabeløya naturlekepark


Sherpa stairs- 3000 meters.

Tel: +47 90 09 93 32

Facebook: Vasskartinden


Culture dissemination in museum premises. Sale of Handicrafted items

Tel: +47 41 80 69 70

FB: Hamnvik Handelssted Donsegården


Bird watching: The area around barn has a bustling bird life.

Tel: +47 48 19 15 85 www.stallmeyer.no


Mountain tours.

Tel: +47 48 19 15 85



Horseback riding. Great nature experiences. (Spring, summer and autumn)

Tel: +47 48 19 15 85



Visit Nils Per’s Farm Museum. Tel: + 47 90 09 67 75



Visit Olaåsen farm. Tel: + 47 90 09 67 75



Great Escape Harstad City - Challenge yourselves. Tel: +47 90 07 46


TASTE OF THE ARCTIC Best of the Best at Gressholman - with Zipline. Tel: +47 90 07 46 66/ +47 90 03 63 68 www.facebook.com/AktivEvents

TASTE OF THE ARCTIC Flyboard course.



Experience the Northern Lights in spectacular surroundings.

Tel: +47 90 93 27 42



Exclusive facility in dreamlike surroundings - a piece of paradise.

Tel: +47 95 89 96 36

Facebook: Nordnorwegencamping


Experience real Norwegian salmon farming. Display Center.

Tel: +47 48 49 11 11 www.arcticaqua.no


Accommodation, boat hire, activities and dining.

Tel: +47 95 08 63 69 www.midnattsol.as


Mountains tours.

Tel: +47 90 93 27 42


32 HARSTAD Travel Guide for the Harstad Region
Tel: +47 90 07 46 66/ +47 90 03 63 68
66/ +47 90 03 63 68


Explore Harstad offers motorhome camping right in the heart of Harstad, at UIT’s parking lot on Havnegata 11.

You can’t get more central in Harstad! All the city’s amenities are just a short walk away. Grocery stores, the cultural center, sea sauna, restaurants, and shopping centers are just a few hundred meters from your door.


• Parking space with 4 meters distance to the next motorhome.

• Access to toilets centrally located in the area.

• Access to water and electricity.

• Option to purchase access to the new service house at the marina, which includes a washing machine, dryer, shower, and other facilities.

• Waste disposal facilities at the newly built facility in Medkila.

• In collaboration with some of the city’s eateries, we will offer a breakfast menu to our guests. More information on our website.

Note that some spaces are reserved for extra-long motorhomes. Each space is numbered, and there is a sign with information on where to place your motorhome, etc. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

988 99 356 Post@exploreharstad.no www.exploreharstad.no

Travel Guide for the Harstad Region HARSTAD 33 The perfect place to enjoy the evening. BOOKING: +47 952 48 491 / booking@verftetbar no

We have a large selection of hiking and outdoor equipment!

Åpningstider mandag-fredag, 9-19, Lørdag 10-16

Følg oss på:

I vår butikk har vi stor lidenskap og sterk kjærlighet til sportsfaget. Vi har de beste merkevarene, et lokalt tilpasset utvalg og solid fagkunnskap - og aller mest har vi et hjerte for ekte sport.

In our store, we have a great passion and strong love for the field of sports. We have the best brands, a locally adapted selection, and solid expertise - and most of all, we have a heart for real sport.

Sport 1 ALTI Harstad, Fjordgata 1 // Phone: + 47 960 07 277

Sport 1 ALTI Harstad, Fjordgata.1 // Tlf: 960 07 277


Elgsnes gård



At Elgsnes Gård, you can rent a charming guesthouse that is available year-round and offers fantastic opportunities to see the Northern Lights between October and March. The guesthouse is perfect for festive occasions, with ample space for many guests in beautiful surroundings.

In addition to the guesthouse, the farm offers a boathouse that is also suitable for gatherings. The boathouse is equipped with benches, a toilet, terrace heaters, and a wood stove, and can accommodate 38 people, making it ideal for parties and social events throughout the year.

Experience the unique atmosphere at Elgsnes Gård and enjoy the sight of the magical Northern Lights in comfortable and atmospheric surroundings

For more information and photos, visit www.elgsnes.com

34 HARSTAD Travel Guide for the Harstad Region
Ekte natur. Ekte opplevelser. Ekte sport.



Boat rental. Tel: +47 99 36 96 98



Cabin rental, self-service.



Boat rental. Tel: +47 90 09 93 32



Charter trip with sailboat.

Tel: +47 90 09 93 32



Guided mountain tour.

Tel: + 47 90 09 67 75



Accommodation and fishing.



Accommodation, pub, sauna and more.

Tel: +47 979 79 084 www.northup.no


Cultural history museum and gallery for OutsiderArt. Tel: +47 77 01 83 80 www.stmu.no


Bowling and minigolf. Tel: +47 77 30 07 65



Great family-friendly alpine resort. Rental of all necessary equipment. Tel: +47 77 07 78 33 www.sollifjellet.no


Interpadel - 7 lanes. Tel: +47 46 52 96 10



Rental of skates on Kanebogen stadium. www.harstad-sk.no


A day in Lofoten with a guide. Tel: + 47 90 09 67 75 www.northup.no


Sauna centrally located in the harbour in the center.



Fjords, farms and the world’s best cake in Kasfjord City - the mini-city. Tel: + 47 90 09 67 75 www.northup.no


Várdobáiki manages and continues Sami language, history, culture and social life in the region. Tel: +47 76 98 50 20 www.vardobaiki.no


Visit Røkenes farm. Tel: + 47 90 09 67 75 www.northup.no


Art Gallery & Atelièr with a small shop. Tel: + 47 90 09 67 75 www.northup.no


Winter fun in Sollifjellet. Tel: + 47 90 09 67 75 www.northup.no


Water park in the center of Harstad. Tel: +47 77 07 78 33 www.grottebadet.no

Travel Guide for the Harstad Region HARSTAD 35
CAVE EXPLORATION SUMMIT HIKE JET SKI AND FLYBOARD NORTHERN LIGHTS AND WINTER EXPERIENCES Wild experiences - on your terms! Tel. +47 900 74 666 I pekka@tasteofthearctic.no I

Trondenes Historical Center

Arctic Ocean Lodge

Your launchpad to unforgettable Arctic adventures on Andøya, Vesterålen, Lofoten and Northern Norway. With our classic sailing vessel Alma af Frøya we head on adventures like whale safari, photo workshops, ski & sail and even expeditions to Greenland and Iceland in true spirits of the Roald Amundsen legacy.

www.arcticoceanlodge.com / www.amundsenadventure.com Email: info@arcticoceanlodge.com / sail@amundsenadventure.com Instagram: arctic_ocean_lodge / amundsen.adventure Phone: +47 99369698 toveberghstudio Mobil +47 915 60 379 ToveBergh Studio i Stornesveien 11, Ervik, Harstad. Unic and sofisticated fishheadart from north of Norway, and more to

Travel Guide for the Harstad Region HARSTAD 37
Sustainable activities and accommodation both on sea and land
www.stmu.no - tlf. 77 01 83 80
brings the
Middle Ages to
- Café - Historical exhibition - Medieval farm - Cultural trail Take a time travel with us! Opening hours: 22.06.–18.08.: Every day 11:00–15:00 19.08.–31.12.: Tuesday–Sunday 11:00–15:00

Be surprised and excited by great cultural experiences

Harstad Cultural House is the cultural heart of the city, and here you will find good and unique experiences that create memories.

hroughout most of the year at Harstad Cultural House, you can experience everything from big concerts and theater performances to smaller productions by local talents and artists.

– Since its opening in 1992, Harstad Cultural House has been the region’s and the city’s grand parlor. The Cultural House lives together with Harstad Library, Hotel Arcticus, Scene Nord, and the Army Band, and together we have had nearly 5 million visitors over the years, says marketing manager Karianne Koi of Harstad Cultural House. You will find its location at Hamneset, a few minutes walk from the city center.

The biggest in the north

In Harstad Cultural House, you will find Northern Norway’s largest concert hall with a whole 1000 seats.

– Over 30 years later, the hall is still the biggest in Northern Norway. The idea was that the cultural house would be a good reason to visit the city, to be surprised and delighted! The cultural house is a meeting place for both small and large occasions, and a place for cultural experiences that help to give life color and meaning, says Koi.

The Cultural House is well-visited, by both the city’s own population and many travelers, especially from the neighboring cities of Narvik, Finnsnes, and Sortland.

– We want to be a place where you can experience something together. It can be

How to buy a ticket

Purchase tickets via the website harstadkulturhus.no Tickets can also be purchased at the entrance.

Ticket booth opening hours: Monday-Saturday 12:00-14:00 + 1 hour before each performance.

38 HARSTAD Travel Guide for the Harstad Region
Photo: Steve Nilsen

anything from a small classical concert to something really big that is the highlight of the year. Everything from local and national artists to dancers from the culture school to large productions and concerts that come to «little» Harstad, says Koi, giving examples such as Robert Plant, Hanne Boel, and Nazareth.

A new district

With the cultural house, a new district in Harstad has also emerged.

– Parts of the building were previously a sausage factory. Since the opening in 1992, the district of Hamneset has grown, with this cultural quarter, new apartment blocks, and the university. Scene Nord and the Army Band have rehearsal spaces and ‘live’ here in the house, tells Karianne Koi.

Traditional concerts

Many of the performances during the Festspillene i Nord-Norge (The Arts

Festival of Northern Norway) at the end of June take place at Harstad Cultural House, but the season is from the end of August through the winter.

Throughout the autumn and winter, you can experience small and large concerts, and one of the highlights is the New Year’s concert at the beginning of January hosted by the Army Band.

– It is a tradition for many to start the new year with the New Year’s concert, and then there is a gala atmosphere where the audience dresses up. Music is a universal language and this is a nice performance that suits everyone. Koi also wants to highlight concerts and performances with the city’s young talents.

– Throughout the year, there are several performances with children and young people, who simply get a stage to showcase themselves. Harstad is good at promoting new talents.

See a movie in the country’s finest cinema

Visit the cinema in Harstad for a good movie, while you experience one of the most famous architectural gems from the well-known architect Jan Inge Hovig.

Visit the cinema in Harstad for a good movie, while you experience one of the most famous architectural gems from the well-known architect Jan Inge Hovig. Harstad cinema is an architectural gem that was completed in 1955. Out towards the street, there extends a concrete roof with neon lights, which tells what is inside the doors of oak and glass. A strong marble column extends over two floors and makes visible the principles of modernist architecture.

– The architect Jan Inge Hovig has made a big impact on the North Norwegian cities of Narvik, Tromsø, and Harstad. Harstad cinema is one of the buildings he designed, and when it opened, it was characterized as the country’s finest cinema, says marketing manager Karianne Koi.

Big and small movies

Harstad cinema shows both big Hollywood movies, but also narrower quality films.

– The cinema is open all year round and is perfect when you are visiting the city. Then you might have been on tour all day, and instead of just being in your hotel room, you can go to the cinema to see a movie - at the same time as you can experience the beautiful architecture. Here you will find both international and Norwegian films, and most of today’s films are in English.

Scan the QR

– Cinema is a low-threshold offer, and in the time ahead there will be many cool and exciting films, says Koi. When you enter Harstad cinema, you also smell the scent of freshly popped popcorn and it is also possible to take with you a bag of sweets and something to drink. When the lights fade, you just lean back and enjoy the movie.

code and see the program
Photo: Gunnar Holmstad. Photo: Steve Nilsen. Photo: Steve Nilsen.


Welcome to the new Plays Bowling & Minigolf with 6 bowling lanes, 6 minigolf lanes, 2 dartboards, many board games, and a really cool atmosphere. We also tailor events with food and drink for companies, groups of friends, team parties, class parties, or other types of gatherings.

Age limit 18+ from 19:00 - 00:00 on Fridays and Saturdays.

You can find us at Fjordgata 1, in the new Alti Center in the middle of Harstad.

Find ut at fjordgata 1, in the new Alti Center in the middle of Harstad.


Opening hours: Mon-Thurs 14-22 • Fri 13-00 • Saturday 11-00 • Sun 13-21



• Rental of the venue for private events, birthday parties, corporate events, stage, and other festivities.

• Theme parties, DJ, and concerts.

• Large dance floor, 2 bars, space for up to 350 people. Follow us on


Strandgata 17, 2nd floor

Phone: +47 900 96 775

Let’s travel together!

Vi har moderne turbusser for en komfortabel og hyggelig reise.

We have modern tour buses for one comfortable and pleasant journey.

Vi har moderne turbusser for en komfortabel og hyggelig reise.

• The trips can vary from a few hours to many days.

• Turene kan variere fra noen timer til  mange dager.

• Turene kan variere fra noen timer til  mange dager.

• Våre turbusser har plass til 16-57 personer.

• Our tour buses have room for 16-57 people.

• Våre turbusser har plass til 16-57 personer.

We are happy to help with planning trips and events, and look forward to hearing from you.

Vi hjelper gjerne til med planlegging av tur og arrangement, og gleder oss til å høre fra deg.

Vi hjelper gjerne til med planlegging av tur og arrangement, og gleder oss til å høre fra deg.

Kontakt oss på epost tur@boreal.no eller telefon 51 59 90 60

Contact us at tur@boreal.no or telephone + 47 51 59 90 60

Kontakt oss på epost tur@boreal.no eller telefon 51 59 90 60

Travel Guide for the Harstad Region HARSTAD 41
Facebook and Instagram


42 HARSTAD Travel Guide for the Harstad Region
BIKE PARK Photo: Dan Griffiths, Moonhead Media

Bike Park is

for those who want full speed and lots of adrenaline, but also for those who fancy cycling off-road.

This is an activity for the whole family, where everyone can find a track that suits them. The world’s northernmost VMcertified pump track is located about two kilometers from downtown Harstad.

In Blåbærhaugen, you will find the bike park consisting of three tracks, and if you’re excited for cycling, this is definitely the place to visit.

The largest track, covering a whole 2100 square meters, is a symmetrical track where competitors cycle against each other in pairs. Here it may get a bit competitive when the youth challenge the parent generation to a match? In addition to this, there is a pump track of 1100 square meters, and a mini-track for the smaller children.

Starting from the bike park, one can also engage in trail cycling in the Folkeparken, or embark on a round trip in the nearby area.


Travel Guide for the Harstad Region HARSTAD 43
Photo: Espen Inbjør Photo: Dan Griffiths, Moonhead Media Photo: Dan Griffiths, Moonhead Media

Ottestad Gård, Dalheim Gård, and Smaksgalleriet By Smith-Hald from Kvæfjord have joined forces to offer an extravagant selection of homeproduced goodies. From juicy meat dishes of veal, pork, and lamb to cured sausages and bacon. A varied selection of delicious cheeses made from both sheep’s milk and cow’s milk, steak cheese burgers, unique and distinctive jellies that are perfect for cheese boards and tapas dishes, aromatic oils, and tasty crackers.

We invite you to experience genuine farm coziness and explore our varied assortment of delicacies.


44 HARSTAD Travel Guide for the Harstad Region IT’S ALWAYS SUMMER HERE! www.grottebadet.no Open every day | Håkonsgt. 7, 9405 Harstad DISCOVER OUR NEW LOCAL DELICACY PARADISE AT SKOLEGATA 11



The city’s main hall for culture.

Tel: +47 77 02 81 00



Playground for young and old.

Tel: +47 91 17 64 33



RIB trip in the archipelago.

Tel: + 47 90 09 67 75 www.northup.no


Bird safari.

Tel: +47 99 36 96 98



A day of sailing.

Tel: +47 99 36 96 98



Backcountry skiing/sail to ski.

Tel: +47 99 36 96 98



Rental of equipment

- Kayak/SUP Board / Hammock.

Tel: +47 41 63 38 03 www.exploreharstad.no


Intro Ice climbing.

Tel: +47 97 52 65 43 www.arcticseatosummits.no


Ski and sail.

Tel: +47 97 52 65 43



Fitness centre/Gym - Book by appointment - open 24 hours a day, all year. www.feel24.no


Exciting cave tours in our region. Including Trollkirka.

Tel: +47 90 07 46 66/ +47 90 03 63 68



Top tours for all levels. We adaptfor you.

Tel: +47 90 07 46 66/ +47 90 03 63 68



Join the Northern Lights experience/hunt.



TASTE OF THE ARCTIC Fun activities and challenges. Tel: +47 90 07 46 66/ +47



Guided paddling tour, with certified guides/instructors.

Tel: +47 41 63 38 03



Midnight Sun Paddling.

Tel: +47 41 63 38 03



Kayak course. The course includes all necessary equipment.

Tel: +47 41 63 38 03 www.exploreharstad.no


Mountain tours with experienced guides.

Tel: +47 41 63 38 03 www.exploreharstad.no


Cave walks. Tel: +47 41 63 38 03



Mobile home camping in the city centre of Harstad.

Tel: +47 41 63 38 03


Travel Guide for the Harstad Region HARSTAD 45
63 68
90 03
+47 90 07 46 66/ +47 90 03 63 68

Trastad Samlinger –

National Center for Outsider Art

A cultural-historical museum and Outsider Art gallery located in Pavilion 7 at the former Trastad Farm/Northern Norway’s home for intellectually disabled. Here, you have the opportunity to experience an authentic residential and care unit from 1966, an Outsider Art gallery, and a museum shop.

Opening hours 02.07.–21.07. 2024

Tuesday–Sunday 11:00–15:00

www.stmu.no - tel. 77 01 83 80



Hemmestad Brygge

Down by the sea in Kvæfjorden, you’ll find an ochre-yellow gem, filled with stories of traders, emigrants, women, and fishermen. Here, there’s an old, nostalgic general store, a comprehensive exhibition, and a village café where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with something extra, right down by the shoreline.

Opening hours 26.06.–11.08. 2024

Tuesday–Sunday 11:00–17:00

Explore Várdobáiki Museumssiida and experience the boundless Sami community!

The museum presents a diverse history of the forest Sami, reindeer-herding Sami, and coastal Sami cultures in Northern Nordland and Southern Troms. Várdobáiki Museum is open from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM on weekdays. Open some Saturdays and Sundays.

Address: Skånlandsveien 78, Evenskjer

At Vilgesvárre Sami Settlement, you can experience traditional Sami cultural landscapes through live cultural presentations and activities, with restored buildings from the mid-1800s. Open from June to October, with accommodation and dining available by appointment.

Contact Tore Johnsen at +47 905 92 574 for more information


Gállogieddi takes you on a journey to the first permanent settlement from the late 1700s, featuring a combination of livelihoods and unique buildings such as a turf hut, farmhouse, and traditional bowstick lavvu.

The Gállogieddi Sami Open-Air Museum is open during the summer season, from mid-June to mid-August, from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Contact us for visits outside of regular hours.

Address: Øvermyrnesveien 38 Phone: +47 769 85 020

Also, experience the Márkomeannu Festival at the end of July, a celebration of Sami culture and traditions!

46 HARSTAD Travel Guide for the Harstad Region
anew.no. Photo: Sør-Troms Museum

A natural stop on your journey

Tjeldsundbrua Hotel is located in the countryside at the end of Tjeldsundbrua, only 18 km from Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes. The hotel is strategically located for travelers in both professional and leisure context. The area around the Tjeldsund Bridge o ers fantastic opportunities for outdoor activities.


With hotel, sea houses and activities, we can o er a variety of accommodation options for long and short stays. We are your natural stop and accommodation only 15 minutes’ drive from Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes.


Tjeldsundkroa is your natural stop and the heart of our business. With good food, service-oriented sta and beautiful premises, we have a complete o er for travellers.

Travel Guide for the Harstad Region HARSTAD 47
www.tjeldsundbrua.no / +47 770 89 300
48 HARSTAD Travel Guide for the Harstad Region DNT Harstad owns and operates 8 cabins. We work to ensure that as many people as possible experience the joy of participating in an active outdoor life by providing cabins, routes, and activities. Follow us on DNT cabins on Hinnøya. Book a cabin here: For more information, visit dnt.no/harstad


Explore flat trails ideal for families and fitness enthusiasts, or take on the challenge of rising terrain for more experienced skiers. With ample parking available at Kvæfjordeidet and the shooting range at Borkenes, access is easy even during busy periods.

Enjoy scenic stops like Svartåsen, Lysvannet, and Koven. With café facilities and activities such as skiing games and sledding, the Kvæfjord trails are the perfect destination for ski enthusiasts and families seeking outdoor fun.




from 11.00 - 17.00 (except Tuesdays/Weds) in the period 29.06 - 26.08.2024

We offer today’s lunch, cakes and much more! The farm shop is also open.

A warm welcome to Refsnes!

For more information call 941 44 025 or see our Facebook page

Here, you can admire two wagons and a railway carriage attached to the old locomotive, as well as see iron ore stored since operations ceased. On your way, you'll pass the foundations of the former administration building and laboratory, with fascinating information panels telling the site's history.

The station area offers a picnic table and additional information signs. The former railway track is now a scenic cultural trail leading to the "Upper Station" and the old mines. The path to the locomotive is easily accessible. For more tips on great trips see lovest.no.

Travel Guide for the Harstad Region HARSTAD 49
is open
summer café in our garden
more A little
ZERO WASTE place, where you find homemade
long network of varied ski trails suitable for all
Experience the Bjarkøy Locomotive!
Photo: www.lovest.no
displayed in a charming station building at the historic “Lower

IN HARSTAD Sleep well

Cozy “fika”, warm evening meals, and a sauna with panoramic windows overlooking the sea and mountains. All this is included when you stay at Clarion Collection Hotel Arcticus in Harstad.

“Fika is a pleasant little break, and with us, you always get something sweet with your coffee between 3 PM and 5 PM,” says front office manager Trine Eilertsen. Included in the room rate are three meals: breakfast, fika, and an evening buffet.

At the hotels in Harstad, you wake up refreshed and can enjoy a tasty and nutritious breakfast, ready for a new and eventful day.


Located in the city center, Scandic Harstad is within walking distance to most attractions, whether you want to shop, eat at one of the city’s many great restaurants, or visit the Grottebadet, which is right next door.

“Thors is the hotel’s atmospheric lobby bar. It’s a comfortable place for a good chat and a drink and is a popular meeting place for both locals and visitors,” says hotel manager Trond Dahle.

He also recommends the hotel’s partner, Gois Restaurant, located in the same

building as the hotel. The restaurant offers a fresh and modern menu inspired by authentic Southeast Asian cuisine.

The hotel, with the city’s largest hall, Nordic Hall, hosts many of Harstad’s concerts, festivals, and conferences.

“We have private parking and with five charging stations, it’s safe and convenient to come by car,” says the hotel manager.

Address: Strandgata 9

Phone: +47 77 00 30 00

“In the evening, we serve a simple hot dish, and on Fridays, there is always a taco buffet. This is especially popular with families with children. We provide everything you need for a pleasant stay.”

The hotel is located in the same building as Harstad Kulturhus and is situated on the waterfront, just a five-six-minute walk from the center.

“We have a gym and sauna available to all guests, and from the sauna, there are large panoramic windows facing the sea. You can see everything from the fountain to the city center.”

Nearby the hotel, there is a grocery store and a post office, and in addition to the hotel’s own parking spaces, there are municipal parking spaces.

“These are affordably priced, and on weekends you can park for free,” says Eilertsen, reminding that the airport bus goes directly to the hotel.

Address: Havnegata 3

Book a room: +47 77 04 08 00

Email: cc.arcticus@strawberry.no

50 HARSTAD Travel Guide for the Harstad Region

In Harstad center, you can choose from four different hotels. No matter which hotel you choose, you are guaranteed a good night’s sleep. Breakfast is of course included in the price, and so is free wifi for all guests. Harstad’s four hotels are centrally located in the center, and there is easy access to the coastal steamer, express boat, bus, and taxi stops. The four hotels have different profiles, but we are sure you will find one that suits your taste.



Velkommen til en fantastisk hotellopplevelse!

Quality Hotel Harstad er lokalisert i sjøkanten i den nye bydelen, Kaarbøkvarteret.

Welcome to a fantastic hotel experience! Quality Hotel Harstad is located by the sea in the new district, Kaarbøkvarteret.

Here we offer 180 fantastic rooms with a beautiful panoramic view that will take your breath away. With views of Vågsfjorden, Grytøya, Andørja, and Senja, you can enjoy a spectacular view no matter which direction you look. Our location allows you to experience the northern lights dancing across the sky in winter, while in summer you can enjoy the midnight sun over the sea. The hotel is part of the spectacular waterfront promenade adjacent to the Hurtigruten quay. With its 11 floors and 40 meters in height, many of the hotel’s rooms offer sea views that must be experienced.

“With our central yet secluded location by the sea,

you have a range of shopping opportunities and exciting activities right outside the door. Whether you prefer exploring nature on the many trails or participating in the various activities in the area, our central location is the perfect starting point to explore all the beautiful landscape has to offer,” says hotel manager Stian Jakobsen. Hungry from all the fresh sea air? Then you can head to the hotel’s restaurant. At The Social Bar & Bistro, you can enjoy a good meal with Vågsfjorden right outside the window. Combined with a total of 24 parking spaces and the possibility for electric car charging, the hotel has everything needed for the perfect hotel stay.


Anna Elisabeths gate 8

Phone: +47 77 29 03 00




The best breakfast in town can be found at Thon Hotel Harstad. The hotel is proud to have repeatedly won the award for the county's best breakfast.

“We make all the food from scratch,” says hotel manager Odd Kåre Sivertz Pettersen. When you enter the cozy breakfast room, you can look directly into the kitchen where the chef prepares the food.

“We get eggs from a local farm here in Harstad, and you will find no semi-finished products here. We make all the food from scratch and have a wide and varied selection of hot and cold food,” says the hotel manager. The hotel features the restaurants Bar Bassit and EGON.

“Bar Bassit offers fantastic tapas in a relaxed atmosphere, and if you want to play shuffleboard, you can do that too.

The EGON restaurant is open every day of the year and is one of Norway’s most popular restaurants with a rich menu.

The hotel is both centrally and idyllically located by the quay in the center, and it is a

short distance to all the city’s facilities, whether you want shops, a water park, or need to continue by boat, bus, or taxi. The hotel is newly renovated, and with comfortable beds in top modern rooms.

Thon Hotel Harstad is also known for its cultural offerings, whether it’s large Christmas parties, concerts, revues, or stand-up shows.

“From the hotel, there is a spectacular view of Vågsfjorden, and we have a rooftop terrace on the 6th floor where you can go out and see the northern lights in winter and the midnight sun in summer. Here you will also find an indoor lounge if you prefer to sit inside. The hotel is certified as an Eco-Lighthouse, and as a guest, you will notice that we aim to reduce food waste and consumption.” Thon Hotels received the “Sustainability Award” for 2024.

Address: Sjøgata 11 Phone: +47 77 00 08 00

Travel Guide for the Harstad Region HARSTAD 51

365 Find Your Favorite Among Islands

High mountains, great hiking areas, a paddling paradise, and a cultural landscape shaped by thousands of years of agriculture. Experience the Harstad Archipelago – here you will find hidden gems in abundance.

he Harstad Archipelago with its 365 islands, islets, and skerries is an eldorado – just a short drive from Harstad. Thanks to bridges and tunnels, the largest islands, such as Grytøy, Bjarkøy, and Sandsøy, are easily accessible – and many of the islands are just a short express boat ride from Harstad. This area offers many nature, culture, and historical experiences right by the open sea. Here are some highlights:


The mountains Nona and Trolltinden are two of the most popular destinations for peak tour enthusiasts and freeriders. From here, you can enjoy a 360-degree sea view from the airy peaks before skiing straight down to the sea. For those interested in culture and history, a visit to the Grytøy Rural Museum can be the highlight of the trip. The rural museum with its six buildings and over 4000 registered items is one of the best-equipped rural museums in Northern Norway.


On Kjøtta, you will find Rogdegården. The house was built in 1873, and on the farm, you will find wild sheep, alpacas, and chickens. You can stay overnight in the house, and there is a quiet harbor where you can moor your boat. With an express boat from Harstad, it takes 15 minutes to reach the island.


Sandsøy is an eldorado of hiking trails, with Mount Veten as the centerpiece at 212 meters above sea level. You can cross the island or follow the trail along the coast. At Nordsand farm, you can visit the Tinghuset farm shop and bakery, which is open in summer, where you can eat homemade food or shop at the farm shop. The building was originally a bailiff’s residence and courthouse from the 1750s.


Bjarkøy has a rich history, where you can find traces back to the late Stone Age, through the Iron Age with the famous and powerful Viking chieftain Tore Hund, and

up to today. Historical landmarks include the “Bjarkøy locomotive,” a locomotive and cars used to transport iron ore in the early 1900s. “Battery Bjarkøy” includes cannon, close defense/machine gun, and anti-aircraft positions from World War II. There are also several trenches and bunkers scattered in the area. The monument “Selshevneren” symbolizes the spear that killed Asbjørn Selsbane. The same spear was used by Tore Hund to kill King Olaf Haraldsson (Olaf the Holy) at the Battle of Stiklestad in 1030. At Leirvåg, you will find the campsite Øyriket Camping, which is a perfect base for fishing, paddling, or if you want to look for the northern lights, sea eagles, and whales. When the temperature rises, the sandy beach here is a paradise for children. In Sundsvollsundet between

Bjarkøy and Helløy lies a bird cliff that primarily hosts kittiwakes. This is one of Norway’s largest kittiwake colonies.


Helløy is located just north of Bjarkøy. Kobbhamn is a lagoon that is a popular harbor for paddlers and sailors. The island is lush and has everything from lovely sandy coves to a bird cliff on the south side. From Harstad, guided rib tours are available to the bird cliff (kittiwake colony), and on the tour, there is also a good chance to see sea eagles, porpoises, and orcas.


A landscape protection area covers large parts of Flatøya, and here more than a hundred bird species have been registered, with about 45 breeding species.


Krøttøya is one of several smaller islands north of Bjarkøy, and is located between Andøya and Senja. Like the other islands, you will find historical landmarks and an abundance of nature. At the top of the

island – only 99 meters above sea level – you will find Kollen, with a fantastic 360-degree view. With chalk-white sandy beaches, you can paddle, swim, or why not dive? Here awaits a crystal-clear underwater adventure. Meløyvær fort, located on Krøttøya, was decommissioned in 2002, but was the world’s most modern coastal fort when it was completed in 1988. The fort is now protected, and three cannons still stand there.


Meløyvær is an archipelago connected to Krøttøya by a bridge. Here lies the abandoned fishing village Meløyvær. There is an abandoned iron mine that was in operation from 1904 to 1930, and here you can fish for eel. For paddlers, Meløyvær is a paradise with numerous sandy beaches and coves with grass meadows behind. In the summer, Ramsalt pub opens in Meløyvær – and if you’re lucky, you can experience live music!

Scan QR-code for timetable fast boat

Travel Guide for the Harstad Region HARSTAD 53
Photo: Øivind Arvola Selshevneren. Photo: www.lovest.no


54 HARSTAD Travel Guide for the Harstad Region CREATE MEMORIES FOR A LIFETIME. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. WE ARE NORTH UP! Torvet 1A, 9405 Harstad | +47 950 79 800 | post@northup.no Experience our beautiful archipelago, magnificent mountains, and many unique adventures! We tailor the experience for you: Boat trips | Attractions Nature experiences | Food and drink Unique and special excursions to hidden gems in the region!
BOAT TRIP AND DINNER AT MELØYVÆR PUB The pub is located far out in the open sea just outside Harstad on Meløyvær. Here, the locals, boaters, and guests create a unique atmosphere that must be experienced! Live music. The pub is open from late spring to autumn. We offer sea fishing, boat trips, sauna rental, whale safaris, as well as food and drink service and accommodation. Contact us at +47 979 79 084 | Booking: NorthUp: +47 900 96 77


Welcome to the newest WonderInn location, a perfect starting point for exploring Arctic Norway! We have two types of unique cabins, a total of four cabins each with spectacular views, a private jacuzzi, kitchen, and complete bathroom. All cabins also have the option to book a sauna with panoramic views over the fjord and mountains.

Kvæfjord Food Culture

Kvæfjord Food Culture is a network consisting of businesses that produce, sell and distribute a wide range of local food and short-travel experiences from Kvæfjord and the archipelago. Currently, the network consists of 16 members: Elde farm, Nordsand farm and Tinghuset farm shop, Indre Øren farm, Olaåsen farm, Vik farm, Altevik farm, Dalheim farm, Sandsøygull apiary, Ottestad farm, Refsnes Matglede, Oldra farm, Skafferiet Gourmet, Matfra.no, BARK eatery and bar, and Thon Hotel Lofoten

Refsnes Matglede

Taste experiences made from local ingredients, for shops, larders, and private individuals. Refsnes Matglede delivers ready-made products for resale, as well as catering for weddings, confirmations, and meetings. The product range extends from marmalade, chutney, and jellies, to meat and fish. See more of what they offer on their website, and feel free to contact us for your own customized menu. We are located in the midst of nature, with direct access to the various seasonal delicacies.



Tickets purchased at NorthUp. Own transport required. More information available at NorthUp. Tours outside regular times available upon request.


and boat rental in Nordland and Troms

Small charter company based in Lofoten that offers charter trips and boat rentals in Nordland and Troms, with Harstad, Svolvær, and Tromsø as starting points.

www.barents-sail.no +47 900 99 332

Travel Guide for the Harstad Region HARSTAD 55
Photo: Refsnes Matglede Photo: Kvæfjord matkultur Photo: Marti Damska
Torvet 1A, 9405 Harstad - Open 9 AM - 4 PM (10 AM - 3 PM) Phone: +47 950 79 800 | post@northup.no

Favorites on ANDØRJA


Ibestad Municipality Comprises the Two Islands of Rolla and Andørja. From Harstad, you take the ferry from Stangnes to Sørrollnes on Rolla. From Rolla, you can take the underwater Ibestad Tunnel to Andørja. There is also an express boat from Harstad to Engenes on Andørja.

56 HARSTAD Travel Guide for the Harstad Region
Photo: Sondre Dahl


Midnight Sun Experience – Andørja Fishing Center

Beautifully located in Engenes harbor is the accommodation and dining place Midnight Sun Experience. Stay in fully equipped apartments with a great view of the new Engenes fishing harbor. Here you have a unique opportunity to feel the pulsating life in a harbor.

Want to try your luck at fishing? You can rent a boat and fishing equipment. Hungry? Try a tasty salmon dinner or something else good to eat or drink in the restaurant. You can also rent a bike if you want to explore the island on two wheels.

The Mountains

Andørja is Northern Europe’s most mountainous island, with twenty peaks over 1000 meters. The highest peak is Langlitinden at 1276 meters above sea level, making it the highest mountain on an island in Scandinavia. The many peaks make the island an eldorado for peak tour enthusiasts, both in summer and winter. For a unique skiing experience and competition, you can participate in Andørja Freeride, which every spring gathers top athletes and amateurs.



Visit the Salmon at Arctic Aqua

In Engenes is the visitor center Arctic Aqua. Here you get presented with up-to-date and fact-based knowledge about salmon farming in Norway through exciting and unique installations. After a tour inside the center, you can go out to the fish cage to meet the salmon. You can join the rib “Lynet 2”, for a fast, spectacular, and safe experience. Free admission.


The Sherpa Trail to Vasskartinden

The mountain Vasskartinden rises 1140 meters above sea level and is the island’s fifth-highest peak. The construction of a 3000-meter-long Sherpa trail is underway, making the pointed peak more accessible.


Engenes Coastal Fort

At Langholtet on Engenes lie the remains of Engenes coastal fort, which was operational during World War II, and large German forces were quartered throughout the war. The area now has a nice hiking trail with large informative signs telling the war history. From the watchtower at the top, there is a great view over Engenes and Vågsfjorden.


Try Your Luck at Fishing

Outside Andørja, there are 40-50 different fish species swimming, and from Andørja Adventures in Engenes, you can rent both boats and fishing equipment to catch some of them. Here you stay in beautiful fishermen’s cabins, located right by the new harbor in Engenes.

Travel Guide for the Harstad Region HARSTAD 57

Favorites on ROLLA 3

Fabeløya Nature Playground is inspired by fairy tales and mythical creatures from the cultural history of Sørrollnes. This is a playground where young and old can enjoy climbing towers, grid tunnels, fire pits, and several playground equipment. The park is unmanned and is owned and operated by Sørrollnes community group.

Hamnvik Trading Post Donsegården 6 4 5

This is a preserved trading post from 1794, established by Jens Bing Dons and Ingeborg Anna Normann Dons. One of the country’s best-preserved trading posts, still intact and privately owned. Based on the farm’s rich history, you will find dining, cultural activities, and a general store with handicraft sales here. Eat homemade Norwegian traditional food in historical surroundings. Open café with dinner service Wed-Sun from June 26 to August 11, from 4 PM to 8 PM. Accepts bookings for meetings, catering for events, and storytelling about the place for groups outside opening hours in spring and fall. Guest dock at the floating pier next to the facility.

Enjoy the beautiful surroundings at Stall Meyer through horseback riding. You can ride in the arena or on the several hundred-meter-long beach. In addition to horse rental and riding lessons, you can rent the well-equipped Stallhuset, rent a boat, kayak, canoe, or SUP. There is also a camping possibility. Enjoy the abundant birdlife in the tidal area, or go fishing in one of our boats. Good fishing opportunities for both halibut and other fish species. Our lavvu, which can accommodate 20 people, is perfect for festive occasions. Take a mountain trip on horseback or on foot in summer, and on skis in winter. Rolla is also known for its rich flora and many fishing lakes.

Astrids Oase

- A Hidden Gem

Astrids Oase was established by Astrid and Uwe Beer-Sist in 2004. Here they have built two charming handicap-friendly cabins and Vikingstua with a fantastic sea view. Families with children and pets come here to enjoy nature, go hiking, or observe birdlife. Want to go out on the sea? You can rent a boat, and the largest catch so far is an impressive 158-kilogram halibut.

Astrids Oase also hosts small and large events such as weddings, birthdays, meetings, and confirmations. “Gammelskolen” at Dyrstad was restored and renovated and is used as a café and service building for campers. Since 2019, Uwe and Astrid have been building up a campsite. Currently, there is space for about 5 to 7 motorhomes/campers. Visit us and experience the peace and beauty at Astrids Oase – your new favorite place for recreation and camping.

lIneUP jUly 27th 2024: lIneUP jUly 26th 2024:

+ AbsolvA + snAke eyes + Point nemo + endolith

the only oPen Air hArdrock festivAl in northern norwAy. At the most beAUtifUl beAch in hArstAd. 2024: jUly 26-28th www.rockholm.no 2025: jUly 25-27th hArd rock & metAl festIvAl

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