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Oral Bacteria and Multiple Sclerosis Harry Lloyd 1/22/2013

Oral Bacteria and Multiple Sclerosis Multiple sclerosis is very prevalent today, most us know several people who suffer from this illness. It’s a disease in which the immune system attacks the spinal cord and the brain. Multiple sclerosis causes muscles to weaken, difficulty in moving, speaking and several other painful neurological symptoms that make living difficult. But what’s the link between dental health and multiple sclerosis? The Diamond Bar Dental agencies have sufficient studies which suggest that oral bacteria can contribute to multiple sclerosis. It is important to mention that it is not just any oral bacteria, it is Porphyromas gingivalis which is commonly present in our bodies. Porphyromas gingivalis is a unique lipid which develops the inflammatory responses. Research indicated that the phosphorylated DHCs bacteria, found in humans does increase the severity of multiple sclerosis.

People with the phosphorylated DHCs bacteria will often experience extreme symptoms of multiple sclerosis, which will require a different or severe kind of treatment. Unfortunately, this research as yet to be further validated, to come up with an appropriate treatment for people to follow. Scientist have yet to understand the exact effects that oral bacteria has on the immune system cells, moreover they also have to identify where and how the lipids are stored in the different body tissues. Apart from increasing or triggering multiple sclerosis, the Diamond Bar Dental agency discovered that specific oral bacteria has the ability to cause multiple sclerosis activity as well.

Once the researches confirm the link between oral bacteria and multiple sclerosis the need to maintain proper dental hygiene will be a lot more focused on than it is now. Multiple sclerosis is a life changing condition, thus its prevention and treatment is to be taken seriously. With such research, the dentists in Diamond Bar now run various tests on their patients to ensure that the oral bacteria that causes multiple sclerosis is under control.

Oral Bacteria and Multiple Sclerosis  
Oral Bacteria and Multiple Sclerosis  

Sufficient research suggests that multiple sclerosis can be triggered or worsened by oral bacteria.