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Consumption of Vitamins and Minerals Supplements Vows Good Oral Health Undoubtedly, your oral health is much more dependent on the proper hygienic measures including regular brushing and flossing but another factor that plays a key role in keeping your gums and teeth healthier, is your diet. Whenever, it comes to describe ‘oral health’ the first thing that comes in our minds, is the proper brushing, flossing and scaling; one hardly thinks about his intake and its effects on teeth and gums’ health. The dentists in Diamond Bar are of the view that a proper intake is instrumental in maintaining a good oral health. Therefore, you should observe your eating habits, preferences and additional supplements’ intake. There is a great need to make a proper diet plan which is not only beneficial for your overall body’s health but it also has effects on your oral health. For this, make a list of food and supplements that you should include in your regular diet and also enlist those which are hazardous for your teeth and gums. Although, people of all ages need proper vitamins and minerals containing foods to maintain their oral health but children needs them the most as they are in the growing stage where the need and consumption of everything is fast. Here is the list of some Vitamins and Minerals, which play a key role in maintaining proper oral health. Vitamins Vitamins are the most essential nutrients to maintain your overall health. These are present in a small fraction in almost all kinds of foods you consume on the daily basis like milk, cheese, eggs etc. Vitamin A Highly active in repairing bones, teeth and tissues, Vitamin ‘A’ is present in cheese, milk, yellow and orange vegetables which may include squash, yams, carrots, and eggs. You can include these foods in your diet plan in a certain ratio. Vitamin B Vitamin B is present in the variety of forms that include – B2, B3, B6 and B12. You can find these vitamins in chicken, meat, fish, eggs, nuts, milk, beans, cheese and soybeans. Vitamin B deficiency can cause burning in mouth and sensitivity in teeth.

Vitamin C For children, dentists in Diamond Bar recommend taking foods that include Vitamin C because it has proved to strengthen the bones and the teeth. It is present in the citrus fruits like oranges, strawberries, tomatoes and kiwi. Green vegetables as well as lemon also contain Vitamin C. It also promotes healings of bleeding gums. Minerals Calcium Calcium is a ‘must have’ mineral that is important for the children’s bones and teeth development. You can find it in the milk, yogurt, cheese and orange juice. Iron Iron deficiency can cause burning of mouth and tongue. Moreover, it also enhances fungal infection, swelling and redness in tongue. To overcome its deficiency, you can include meat, leafy green vegetables, beans, shellfish and whole-grain bread in your diet. Magnesium Magnesium is essential to prevent bone loss around the gums. For healthy teeth and gums, you should give the same importance to your diet as you give to oral hygienic measures.

Consumption of vitamins and minerals supplements vows good oral health