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Fighting Hunger, Feeding Hope 3760 Fowler Street, Fort Myers, FL 33901 2221 Corporation Blvd., Naples, FL 34109 (239) 334-7007 For food drive questions and volunteer opportunities, contact Tanya Phillips, HCFB’s volunteer manager, at (239) 334-7007 ext. 141 or email her,

Welcome to the Harry Chapin Food Bank Our mission is to overcome hunger in Charlotte, Collier, Glades, Hendry and Lee counties through education and by working in a cooperative effort with affiliated agencies in the procurement and distribution of food, equitably and without discrimination. The Harry Chapin Food Bank (HCFB) is committed to a future where the people of Florida are free from hunger. We see a future where the Harry Chapin Food Bank creates an environment that attracts and nurtures caring, highly competent staff, Board and volunteers.

HCFB in 2013 The Harry Chapin Food Bank distributed 17.5 million pounds of food and other grocery items valued at $29.6 million. That equals approximately 14.6 million meals for people in need. More than 2,750 volunteers collectively provided almost 42,830 hours, which equates to more than $948,000 in in-kind service. HCFB distributes to more than 150 nonprofit partner agencies throughout Southwest Florida’s five counties. These partner agencies serve more than 30,000 people monthly. 40% are children. Every $1 you donate can provide $6 in food value. 97 cents of each dollar donated go to our programs, 2 cents go to fundraising and 1 cent goes to administrative costs. HCFB is recognized as a 4-star organization by Charity Navigator, the national nonprofit watchdog organization.


Thank You for Getting Involved! Congratulations and thank you for joining the Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida in the fight against hunger! With a little work and a lot of fun, your food drive will make a difference in the lives of children, families and seniors in our community. Hunger is not isolated to one event, one day or one season. Hunger does not discriminate by race, faith or age. Hunger exists throughout our community. Someone you know may be hungry — your co-worker, your child’s classmate, your elderly parents. Food drives foster a sense of teamwork by creating an opportunity to work together toward a common, worthy goal. The Harry Chapin Food Bank encourages partnerships with local organizations, schools, business associations, service groups and churches to host food drives throughout the year. These food drives provide an opportunity to inform, encourage and involve all participants in understanding and addressing hunger issues in the community.

Join with us in Fighting Hunger, Feeding Hope!


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First Steps Designate a Coordinator. This person will be responsible for communication with HCFB, promoting the food drive and coordinating the actual collection. You may want to have several people act as a committee, but there should be only one person in contact with us. Pick Your Dates. Holidays are typically the time when most people lend a helping hand, but food drives can be conducted anytime of the year. Hunger does not take a holiday. The perfect time for your food drive is now. Select a start date that gives you plenty of time for planning and organizing. Drives typically run from one week to one month. Plan Your Collection. Where will you collect the food? What will you put it in? HCFB can supply you with boxes, or you can use your own containers and boxes. If yours is a large organization, you may want to have several collection points with at least one container at each location. A smaller organization should choose one large, visible collection point in a high-traffic area. Remember, your collection point also serves as continuous publicity for your drive. Consider where food will be kept if there is overflow. Theme Day: Consider a theme for your food drive: Mac & Cheese Monday, Tuesday Tuna or a day to bring peanut butter and jelly or complete meals in a box. Competition: Have a competition between departments and award the winner with a special prize. Casual Dress Day: Allow staff to wear casual clothing one day in exchange for a donation.


First Steps Set Your Goals. People like to have a goal. Determine how many pounds of food or how many items you hope to collect. Don’t be afraid to think big! When we receive your food, we will weigh it and tell you how many pounds your team has collected.

Register Your Food Drive. Now you are ready to complete your application form, which you will find at the end of this packet. Return it to HCFB’s Volunteer Manager Tanya Phillips:

Fax: (239) 337-1399 attention to Tanya Phillips



Promote Use Our Materials. It is important to communicate the need in the community in your publicity efforts. Use our hunger statistics by requesting our food drive posters, food drive signs, information brochures, volunteer brochures and most-needed donations list. Most-need donations list is included in this packet (Page 10). Promote Your Food Drive. Promote your food drive by hanging posters, distributing flyers and making announcements at meetings. Put notices in your local newspaper, bulletin or other publications. Spread the word on social media. Put collection boxes out early and decorate containers to draw attention to them. Include your goal in all your publicity material. Spreading the word is essential to your food drive’s success.


Get in on the Action Collect the Food. As food donations come in, check collection areas for overflow and box items as you go. Continue promoting your food drive throughout the collection period. Deliver the Food. Small food collections are cost-prohibitive; please drop off your food if it is equal to or less than that which would fit in the back of a pick-up truck. We have two convenient locations: Our Warehouse in Fort Myers. 3760 Fowler St. is open Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Our Warehouse in Naples. 2221 Corporation Blvd. is open Tuesday through Thursday between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

After a Successful Food Drive Thank your participants and share the results! Use the flyer on the next page to thank supporters and share results. To experience the difference your donation makes, contact Tanya Phillips, (239) 334-7007 ext. 141, for volunteering opportunities.


Most-Needed Items All of the following should be non-perishable items: Canned meats and fish Fruit (cups, canned or dried) Vegetables Soups Breakfast cereals Oatmeal Grits Rice Pasta Macaroni & cheese (boxed) Instant mashed potatoes (boxed)


Thank You,Hunger Fighter! On behalf of the 30,000+ people who benefit each month from your generosity, thank you for supporting the Harry Chapin Food Bank. Because of you, our region’s at-risk children, seniors and families receive healthy, nutritious food when they most need it. Again, thank you for your effort in fighting hunger and feeding hope!


Harry Chapin Food Bank Food Drive Application

Fax completed applciation to (239) 337-1399 Attn: Tanya Phillips email completed application to

Harry Chapin Food Bank Food Drive Application

Fax completed applciation to (239) 337-1399 Attn: Tanya Phillips or email completed application to

Harry Chapin Food Bank 2014 Food Drive Packet  
Harry Chapin Food Bank 2014 Food Drive Packet