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Managing Stress: Some strategies for success Do What You Love: The best way to ensure you get enough exercise Nutrition 101: Get to know the fundamentals of eating right Understanding Sleep: How much do you need and why?

Yoga instructor Sarah Moloney Photo by Steve Harron

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ers. Healthy living is a strong foundation for life at any age. Marie Knapp, EdD., retired from her career in health education but continues to be a Reiki Practitioner and Master Teacher. Her doctoral studies in Adult Education complement her work guiding Page 2people to be their best. ~ It’s Your Life Health

& Wellness Guide ~

Keeping it simple in 2017


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ife can be complicated. So as we From The begin 2017 we’re trying to keep things simple. Publisher And that means a return to the basics: the fundamental things we need to do in order to live well. We all know that eating right, sleeping well and exercising are the pillars for success. However, there is so much information about these topics and others related to health and wellness that it can be difficult - and a little overwhelming - to sort through it all and figure out exactly what we need. Steve Registered Dietitian Kathryn Forsyth Harron writes in her article on page 6 that for many people the world of nutrition and what they should eat is a deep black hole. The same can be said about many other aspects of healthy living. So in this edition we’ve tried to break it down for you. Call it a simple - or least simpler - plan for food, exercise, stress management, sleep and spirituality. I hope you enjoy the articles and find the information helpful. Your feedback is always welcome.

About Our Cover Practising yoga is one of many ways to improve your health and wellness. Featured on the cover is Sarah Moloney, a yoga instructor and owner of Her Wellness in downtown Owen Sound. The photo was taken at her yoga studio which is part of her 2nd Avenue East business.

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major component of healthy living. I have a long list of tasks for a family event this weekend. It could easily explain why I remove exercise. “My family is a priority” I say to myself as I easily Page 8 Page 3 It’s Your Health &myWellness Guide ~ It’s~ Your LifeLife Health & Wellness Guide ~ ~ at the top of my list. draw pen through “exercise” We are distracted by things that are good in themselves says Dr. Jan Lapp PhD. I am not substituting something questionable instead of exercise. So I put that back on the list. It is a must-do. Knowledge is an important part of healthy living. You can’t avoid itresidency but you can develop techniques and strategies dealing with it Marie Knapp More than 50 medical programs across North now for offer certificate Minor achesAmerica and pains, breathing problems or seriouscourses By JOHN VAN STEYN illnesses affect us. I wish more physicians and nurse By DR. IRENE COP mostgave chronic conditions, such asabout obesity, diabetes, high practitioners knowledgeable tress is not only unavoidable in our from someoneadvice else can helpother us toalternative develop can he heart disease and many cancers, can be y family and I almost died in a catastrophic car practices.blood pressure, large a human existence; it is necessary for life new ways of approaching the situation. prevented or minimized lifestyle changes. Positive years ago.byThat experience transoperateby independently. For minor health you. It The different practices to accident continue.12No stress, definition, Finding a distraction can lead to a tempolifestyle changes cost little and our The populaformed my life and perspective. challenges, we have time to consider thecould otheraffect options. inter- ers. He means no life. rary revitalizing break from negative tion’s health onbut a scale not seen since thethe improvement While I had trained in Chiropractic and Acupuncture, I net can increase our knowledge but requires basic knowledge Ma Stress is the emotional and physical stress. Shifting our uninformed concentration to another of hygiene and sanitation around the turn ofpeople the 20th and discernment. Unfortunately it gives words felt driven to help people even more. I recognized that tion bu response we experience when faced with chalphysical or mental activity will draw the mind century. that make it seem they are knowledgeable. The complex family doctors were desperately needed, particularly in Her do lenging situations. Itareas may be or negaaway fromvision the unpleasant stress and into isn’t just my of above the future. More than 50a responses ofThis their caregivers may be their understanding. rural underserviced likepositive ours. I knew I could comguiding tive on theexperience circumstances ourmedicine to more pleasant place. medical residency programs across North America, It is confusing all around. binedepending my prior clinical with and family reaction to the wegone are facing. Physical exercise or sports can to including the University of Manitoba, offerhelp certificate illnesses ornow severe chronic The problem grows with serious help many whosituation may have without effective care. challenging hobby or sport may be a posirelease excess energy. Reading or meditaintegrative medicine. Renowned hospitals pain. Thecourses sufferinginperson wants relief. They may spend money ToAthat end, I was accepted into medical school, and I Dr. Ireneon Cop tive that wegraduation. engage in voluntarily. Negative canmany calm good the mind. These strategies suchchoices. as thetion Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and John unreliable The alternatives available am stress now nearing With my family medicine Hopkins, have medical clinics within them. stress can occur we faceI health concerns, a vision require basic knowledge and discernment. people are may integrative improve our abilityDesperate to manage the stress. residency aroundwhen the corner, have developed These numbers are Counselling increasing steadily patient demand vulnerable. The practitioner and the technique are important. relationship difficulties, financial lifestyle challenges and can beas very effective in reducfor my practice - of integrative medicine. health is impact taking aoffront seat incompemedical increases, andMaster preventative As a Reiki and I explain what isAachievMy definition of integrative lifestyle work-related pressures, to name a few. medicine is that it is eviing thePractitioner, negative stress. guidelines for chronic conditions such diabetes. dence-based andstress patient-centered, using both We each feel in our own unique way,conventional and tent counsellor willas support his or her client in I mentioned earlier that my vision of integrative medicine medicines. patientisiscominvolved in making treatcomplementary and each person’s responseThe to stress developing strategies to manage stress. Investors Group Financial Services, *I.G. complementaInsurance Services Inc. therapies. most ment choices and takes action, with respect to includes evidence-based pletely valid. Once this ispositive accepted, it isparticularly posSkills learnedHowever, in counselling can be used ry medicines have historically a lack ofin future. lifestyle changesways suchtoasreduce nutrition, and stress managesible to explore the exercise, unpleasant to managebeen otherrestricted stressfulby situations John vanresearch Steyn funding. With my live background in of both conventional ment, asofwell as kicking tobacco and other addictions. feelings stress. Several possibilities for manWe in a world constant changeand and complementary medicine, I look forward to doing such research, The patient is shown how to make these changes, and is supD o n n a B l u e C F P , C L U aging stress are outlined below. ever increasing complexity. Stress managefor therapies I have practiced. particularly ported through know that medical Senio r Finan ciathose l Ccan onsucomplementary lhelp tant us respond Writing aboutthe theprocess. stressfulI experience can be practitioners a beneficial want ment techniques to this in a more positive, An ever-increasing number of patients are using complementathe training or the available to do this but perhaps have lacked therapeutic process. Releasing negative thoughts and feelings in satisfying way. ry medicine, with or without their medical practitioner’s knowledge time. This also requires extensive patient education and buy-in. this way can result in a clearer mind and an opportunity to look at ideas outlined in this article are only a beginning. There or73The involvement. 3 - 9th Avenue E., Unit 1, Owe en Sound, ON N4K 3E6 Why do I feel this is so important? The majority of health care the situation from a different perspective. Research indicates that are likely, as options for resolving stress there PWouldn’t h: (519) 3in 7it 2-fact, 1 177far Exbetter t.many 280 for be our patients if we all workas together spending in North America is for treatment of chronic conditions. writing is more effective when done by hand, rather than using an are stresses to be resolved. F a x : ( 5 1 9 ) 3 7 2 1 1 2 5 T o l l f r e e 1 ( 8 0 0 ) 4 6 1 1 3 2 8 for their greater benefit? You could say we are facing a pandemic of chronic disease due doJohn nna.blvan ue@in vestorsgM.S.W. RSW, is a social worker with Grey Steyn, electronic Dr. Irene is from Meaford, and she is particularly looking forto our poordevice. lifestyle choices over the past century. For example, Bruce Health Services and has a part-time private practice. More Sharing feelings with aare supportive friend or family member ward* Lto helping and Type 2can North American children now being diagnosed with icence Sponsored by empowering Great-West Life Asthe suranpatients ce Companyof this area once information can be found at and he be helpful.something This person should a good listener who will not Diabetes, once seenbe only in older adults. However, she has completed her training. can be contacted at take on the stressful feelings as his or her own. A fresh outlook

ManagingMedicine Stress: The Integrative on Basics the Rise


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~ It’s Your Life Health & Wellness Guide ~

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Do What You Love!

Experts say we need at least 2.5 hours of exercise per week - and it’s up to us how we get it By KRISTA SMITH ant to bring more physical activity into your life but not sure how to start? Start with what you like to do. Choosing activities you enjoy or have enjoyed in the past is a great launch point. This will allow you to get into the routine needed to make a healthy lifestyle a habit, not a quick fix. We all know the benefits of exercising: lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, preventing type 2 diabetes, improved mental health, more energy, and the list goes on. It’s important to our overall well-being and we need to make exercise a part of our day like going to work. CSEP (Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology) recommends 150 minutes (2.5 hours) of moderate to vigorous activity each week. How you get this is completely up to you and it does not need to be difficult: do what you love! Walking, swimming, biking, cross country skiing, and dancing are all great options. Another secret is to develop a support team. Talk to a supportive spouse, friend, co-worker or someone else whom you can be accountable to. Cont’d on next page


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Set Goals, Celebrate Successes Common mistake in new year is to change too many things at once Cont’d from previous page Put your goal up on the fridge where you can see it everyday, and try checking off on your calendar when you’ve exercised. It’ll be empowering to see the checkmarks become more consistent! A long term goal would be to get to 20 - 40 minutes of cardio 3 - 5 times per week. Now, you might be thinking, “I don’t do anything right now, there is no way I can do that,” and you’re right! Start with 5 minutes and build up from there. Once you’ve built your time up, explore new ways to increase the intensity. Make sure to look back and celebrate your progress. After you’ve created a routine, now you can start thinking about adding other components to your program; i.e. resistance training, stretching and nutrition. A common mistake at the beginning of the new year is trying to change too many things at once: start exercising, improve eating habits, stop smoking etc. Choose one area to work on. If you’re not sure how to do this, let a professional help you. At the YMCA, our trainers will help you to reach a SMART goal (specific, measureable, attainable, realistic, time based). We’ll look at many factors and help you get started on a path that will lead to success. Come to visit if you need extra support! Best wishes from all of us for a healthier lifestyle this year. Krista Smith is a Fitness Lead with the YMCA of Owen Sound Grey Bruce.

“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.” - Nikos Kazantzakis

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~ It’s Life Life Health & Wellness Guide ~ ~ ~ Your It’s Your Health & Wellness Guide

Soulful of Basics Dance Back toPractice Nutrition

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What you to know aboutmindfully, carbs, protein and aware the fundamentals of eating right Weneed can learn to move becoming of each sensation By KATHRYN FORSYTH RD Protein helps to slow down the absorption of carboBy WENDY the present moment sensing what energy the body is or manyROMAN people, the world of nutrition and what hydrates. This helps theby body to release over ance giveseat us is access to black a deeper of try to feeling. The sensation our feet the they should a deep hole.part Let’s a longer period of time andofkeeps youtouching feeling full. ourselves. It gives us a great physical work-to earth tells us where weofare in this moment. shed some light on the subject and get back That’s why a combination carbohydrate and protein thinking is needed to understand that. It is a basics!out which affects the way we think and feel, is the No perfect snack. Fruit and yogurt, whole grain butCarbohydrates it also touchesare us on soulful level. source It helpsofusfuel bodily Feeling breath within us stillathe preferred bread andknowing. peanut butter, orour even goodmove old cheese to to a- especially personal wisdom thatand exists insidecells. us know are alive in this body. It is similar forconnect your body your brain muscle andlets crackers willwe deliver this combination. of us.complex One that knows we need to make connecto meditation. It is,ifinyou fact, movingenough meditation. The forms of carbohydrate that anaturally How do you know area getting carbs tion to in our ownare sense of vibrancy and well-being. can empty our what mindsCanada’s and simply be.Guide occur foods reduced to glucose (sugar) in your andWe protein? Well -out that’s Food Dance is personal. offers us an your opportunity to brings the us back to portions the body.and This is ourthe gastrointestinal systemIt and provide body with is for. Dance By following proper getting listen stopinternal the endless mind foroflife! With a regular practice energywithin, to runtoyour organs andchatter. complete your totalvehicle number suggested servings a day,we youlearn can to When we turn our attention to the inside we dismindfully, becoming aware of iteach sensadaily tasks. restmove assured your body is getting what needs. cover that there are partsinclude of us just waiting be tion drawing us more present Healthy food sources whole graintobreads, Your overall health andclearly weightinto arethe a good indicator Kathryn Forsyth revealed. By becoming present in the bodybeans, we arelenmoment. Wendy Roman cereals, pasta, rice, legumes (dried peas, of this. Losing weight? You need more calories in. empowered to lead the life we want to live. We fruit, When we stop continuous flow of tils), root vegetables (beets, carrots, parsnips), Gaining weight? Youthe need less calories in.thoughts Getting become that allows to make conthrough mind we can reflect and and become and milk conscious products. and According to theusDietary Reference Intakes, sick often? You needthe more vitamin-rich foodswithin like fruits scious choices. present to what is, the here and now. 45% - 65% of your total energy intake should come from carboveggies. Tired all the time? You need more iron-rich protein Dance is communal. Many cultures have used dance for thouEach new moment is an opportunity to see through a fresh hydrates. sources like meat or legumes. sands of years to celebrate rights of passage such as marriage, lens, to begin again. Breathe, step,you reach, releasea and all Protein is made up of amino acids. We need protein to build Following the food guide helps to choose goodsense variety birth and death. over again. movement an opportunity to consciously new cells, maintain our lean muscle mass, and repair tissue of high fibreEach foods,new more meatlessisoptions, and some healthy These rituals bring community connection set soul in motion. especially after surgery. Protein istogether, found in offering meats, eggs, milk fatsthe each day. Many people get confused about this so here’s a and ways soy to care for andlegumes, support each the communiproducts, products, lentils,other nutswithin and seeds. simple rule: If it comes out of a crinkly package - don’t eat it! ty. According It bonds people and that is Intakes, very much Wendy a Nia Black Beltof&carbs Conscious Movement to thetogether Dietary Reference theneeded amountinofour Stick to Roman Mother is Nature’s version and protein instead, world so many isolated Facilitator hasfoods taughtevery in the Grey Bruce area for 13 years. proteinwhere you require asfeel an adult canand varydisconnected. from 10 - 35% of your and enjoy who healthy day. than Weenergy feel better when areadults a partthat of something She is currently enrolled in the Soul Motion Leadership Program total intake. Forwe most equates tolarger around 60 ourselves. dancing community undoubtedly a andKathryn runs a Forsyth unique straw earthen floor dance with studio -80 grams And per day. You in may need more if you are creates very athletic, RD isbale, a Public Health Dietitian thecalled Grey force larger than the single person. Rhythmwood. She loves sharing her passion and building combut beware: Excess protein will get turned to fat and stored, just Bruce Health Unit. She can be reached at brings inner focus.your It allows us throughout to become immersed munity through dance. likeDance extra carbs. So spread protein the day. in


esolut ions Year’s R New 

! a VONVolunteer tobe Resolve

a difference in my ke nttoma Iwa reabout: soIwillfind out mo unity comm Exercise and ART® a SM ing • Becom fitnessclass am Progr vention Fa llsPre  Le ader g efacin oar swh al  du  ivi  ind  th  wi  g  tin  isi  V •  illnesses -limiting /life atening re lif eth  lping byhe vers caregi l  ma  or  inf  g  tin  or  pp  Su  •  oups pportgr workshops and/orsuliv with eesand healthof th  e  ov  pr  im  g  pin  el  H  •  y nit mu cepeopleasa Com Bru Gr ey nDirector tio Corpora

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~ It’s Your Life Health & Wellness Guide ~

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Sleep Crucial Part of Wellness No other activity delivers so many benefits with so little effort


n important part of your health and wellness is getting a good night’s sleep. But how much sleep do we need and why? The information below shows how much sleep you need and the “why” part can be found in studies that show the quality of your sleep directly affects the quality of your waking life, including your productivity, emotional balance, creativity, physical vitality, and even your weight. No other activity delivers so many benefits with so little effort! An article on states that sleep isn’t merely a time when your body shuts off. “While you rest, your brain stays busy, overseeing a wide variety of biological maintenance that keeps your body running in top condition, preparing you for the day ahead. Without enough hours of restorative sleep, you won’t be able to work, learn, create, and communicate at a level even close to your true potential.” “Regularly skimp on ‘service’ and you’re headed for a major mental and physical breakdown.” The good news is that you don’t have to choose between health and productivity. As you start getting the sleep you need, your energy and efficiency will go up. In fact, you’re likely to find that you actually get more done during the day than when you were skimping on shuteye. NATIONAL SLEEP FOUNDATION SLEEP TIMES Newborns (0-3 months): 14-17 hours each day Infants (4-11 months): 12-15 hours Toddlers (1-2 years): 11-14 hours Preschoolers (3-5): 10-13 hours School age children (6-13): 9-11 hours Teenagers (14-17): 8-10 hours Younger adults (18-25): 7-9 hours Adults (26-64): 7-9 hours Older adults (65+): 7-8 hours

MYTHS ABOUT SLEEPING Myth 1: Getting just one hour less sleep per night won’t affect your daytime functioning. Fact: You may not be noticeably sleepy during the day, but losing even one hour of sleep can affect your ability to think properly and respond quickly. It also compromises your cardiovascular health, energy balance, and ability to fight infections. Myth 2: Your body adjusts quickly to different sleep schedules. Fact: Most people can reset their biological clock, but only by appropriately timed cues—and even then, by one or two hours per day at best. Consequently, it can take more than a week to adjust after traveling across several time zones or switching to the night shift. Myth 3: Extra sleep at night can cure you of problems with excessive daytime fatigue. Fact: The quantity of sleep you get is important, sure, but it’s the quality of your sleep that you really have to pay attention to. Some people sleep eight or nine hours a night but don’t feel well rested when they wake up because the quality of their sleep is poor. Myth 4: You can make up for lost sleep during the week by sleeping more on the weekends. Fact: Although this sleeping pattern will help relieve part of a sleep debt, it will not completely make up for the lack of sleep. Furthermore, sleeping later on the weekends can affect your sleep-wake cycle so that it is much harder to go to sleep at the right time on Sunday nights and get up early on Monday mornings. Source: Your Guide to Healthy Sleep, The National Institutes of Health Article compiled by Steve Harron, Publisher/Editor, It’s Your Life Health and Wellness Guide.

• 98% have a television in the home • Schedule - set specific times for technology and away from it • 72% of children have access to a computer at home and stick to it • 67% of children own a video game system (24% own a portable • Be active - TV is a passive activity that numbs you and causes you to become less productive. video game system) social media ~ etc. reduces our natural, instinctive • Page 42% of bedroom 8 children have a television in their ~ It’s Your Life Health & Gaming, Wellness Guide • 29% of children have a video player in their bedroom social interaction cues through isolation and thus stunts our abili• 80% of households have a video player ty to positively interact. So visit friends. You will find that after a According to research, the following are eight symptoms of few of these visits, your stress levels decline, your tolerance Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD): (Yes! Now a medical disease!) increases, your depression and panic attacks subside and you • Preoccupation or strong desire to use the internet might just find yourself happier, smiling more and pleased with life. You will be free to absorb the beauty, joy and love that sur• Withdrawal is followed by anxiety, irritability and boredom Researchers discovered benefits spiritual lifeby ‘tech’ addiction. round you but to fromliving which a you were blinded • Tolerance refers to the need for more have to achieve satisfaction many control the desire, or discontinue use The writer is ayou. Certified Clinical Hypnotist, OCT, TFH,flow, NLPas and • Difficulty around Chi-Gong also focuses on energy By MARIEtoKNAPP • Disregard for is thedifficult harmful of itcontinued use MTT practitioner and teacher Owen Sound. pirituality to consequences define. Perhaps is does energy healing in such as Reiki and Therapeutic • Social communications interests are lost in because it is such aand personal experience of lieu of time on Touch. There are many options. the internet believing in something that cannot be seen and Spirituality can be experienced as a relationship with •we Alleviation of negative emotions by using the internet to escape have trouble giving it words. your Creator or Higher Power. Dyer has been quoted • Hiding use researchers from friendshave and relatives deception and However identifiedthrough many benefits as saying: “While it’s dishonesty of spirituality relating to our general well-being and good to have strong Although these stated for the internet, they hold mental health. It issymptoms worthwhileare to give it our attention “While it’s good othertoaspects technology, like cell-phones, video true take for allsteps relationships with the and make itofpart of our lives. games, instant messaging and television. people in your life, / Walking in nature is a spiritual experience. Trees to have strong Medical Symptoms it’s importantSense to put Skin Care are a spiritual gift. Have you noticed that when your Marie Knapp • Anxiety, depression panicthem attacks feet feel the soft earthand beneath and your eyes with the your relationship Your Health.with Yourrelationships Life. Your Way. • Feelthe withdrawal symptoms and you panic spot colours around you and smell the freshness of the your ‘Source’ at the top of your Pharmaceutical Grade Products people in your life, • Suppression of negative emotions air, you feel good inside? Your vitality picks up. You feel awe priority list.” There are also harmful physical effects from over exposure from the rich experience some places offer. It feels uplifting, Meditation helps us clear it’s important to put and long lasting exposure toI negative electromagnetic frequeninspiring, and replenishing. love purple violets and trilliums in the mind from chatter that gets Larry Russell cies emitted by most technologies. the spring. You feel peaceful. Thank you to the Bruce Trail and yourIndependent relationship with in the way of connecting with Associate and/or tingling, They include: skin itch/rash/flushing/burning, the many Conservation Areas close by. your sense of what God is. confusion/poor concentration, memory loss,that fatigue and your ‘Source’ at the Well-known spiritual teacherand/or Wayne Dyer says spending Prayer is a connection with a weakness, headache, pain spiritual and heart problems. Less time in nature is one ofchest the most things you can do.comtop of519-387-9006 your higher being and takes many monly symptoms include: nausea, insomDyerreported also suggests practising Yoga everypanic day. attacks, There are forms. While many connect nia, seizures, ear pain/ringing in the ears, feeling a vibration, eral different types of Yoga offered locally. And there are other priority list.” paralysis and dizziness. prayer with religion, it is not activities and energy healing also available. Nia, for example, Not addicted you say? Good for you! Now take the test and go necessarily so. - Wayne Dyer is a form of dance movement that helps with energy flow in and Mindfulness Meditation has moved into mainstream health care. This type of meditation guides us to focus on particular INDEPENDENT images, fully sensing it. This practice can also guide you to stay ASSOCIATE Certified BodyTalk Practitioner in the present moment in everyday life, enjoying/ each situation PaRama BP and action fully. Member of the International BodyTalk Assoc. You are in charge of your life. If you wish to bring more spirituReiki Master ality into your life, take small steps and notice what spiritual conQuantam Touch Practitioner nectedness brings you. It is surprising how just one small step Therapeutic Touch Practitioner can make a significant difference.

Spirituality and Your Well-Being



Nutritionals You Can Trust

Shirley McDougall CBP

Check us out online @


Marie Knapp, EdD., retired from her career in health education but continues to be a Reiki Practitioner and Master Teacher. Her doctoral studies in Adult Education complement her work guiding people to be their best.

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Taking Charge of Your Health Care Community Care Access Centre offers workshops that focus on self management By ANDREA MARTIN


e have choices when living with a lifelong condition: Allow the disease to take over your life or become an active participant and take a role in your own health. The number of people who live with a life-long condition is on the rise. Diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease, and osteoporosis, are some of the common ailments older adults live with. In fact, almost 80% of Ontarians over the age of 45 have a chronic condition and of those, about 70% suffer from two or more chronic conditions (CCHS 2003). Taking multiple medications, coping with physical limitations and adapting to doing things differently will change the way you live. Becoming healthier can start with setting goals. Unfortunately goal setting isn’t always successful. Often we set goals that are really large and it takes weeks and months to reach what we want to achieve. When we don’t see instant success, many of us give up. Accomplishing goals starts with learning how to break these down into smaller action plans. Action plans are simple, specific action steps that you complete over a set amount of time. Setting an action plan shouldn’t be a challenge: base it on something that you want to do. Be specific, ask yourself the questions of what, when and how often you will do something. The more specific you can be, the more likely you are to do it. Sometimes life does get in the way and we can’t finish the plan we set out to do. That’s OK. Learn from that plan, change the plan if needed and try again. Community programs and health professionals can support you in creating or sticking with a plan. Through extensive research at Stanford University, the Chronic Disease Self Management Program was created and has been Andrea Martin, Program Manager operating around the world for more than 30 years. The program involves workshops that focus on self-management skills such as action planning, brain storming and problem solving, allowing participants to practice skills to gain confidence in using them in daily life. Take Charge of your Health Participants show a significant increase in self-reported health. (Marcia G. Ory et al J Aging Health 2013). Participants enjoy and learn in a comfortable, small group atmosphere. Are you living with heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis “The group setting allows us to see we are not or other chronic condition? Or care for someone who is? For more alone in our struggles and successes,” said one participant in a 2016 workshop. information or to register, call now! The workshop is offered right across Ontario and is known locally as the Living a Healthy Life  Workshop. Call 1-855-463-5692 or go to  to find a workshop  near you.  Andrea Martin is a Program Manager with the South West Self Management Program which  is operated through the South West Community  Care Access Centre. 

“Living a Healthy Life” You can do it. We can help.


For more on It’s Your Life go to

To register, call 1-855-463-5692 or



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Understanding Lymphedema Five-step process involved in treating this condition By DANUTA VALLEAU dema (or swelling) is the abnormal accumulation of fluid in the body tissues. Lymph is the protein-rich fluid that is absorbed into the lymph vessels and transported by them back to the heart. If you or someone you know is affected by this kind of condition, you should read on because understanding lymphedema and its treatment is the key to managing it. This kind of swelling can affect any part of the body but most often it is one leg or both (usually one more than the other) or an arm. It happens because something has occurred that has damaged the lymphatic vessel system. This is a system of capillaries, collectors, nodes (that act as cleaning stations along the way), and trunks that feed the lymph fluid back into your circulation system, entering the veins at the base of your neck on either side. There is a normal accumulation of fluid in what we call the interstitial space, that surrounds all of our body cells, in what we call the capillary bed. This is where the exchange of nutrients and waste products of our cell metabolism takes place. The veins carry most of that fluid (about 90%) back to the heart. The remainder contains proteins, cell wastes, foreign bodies that may include bacteria and is taken up by the lymphatic capillaries. They drain up to 20% of the excess fluid from this interstitial space which amounts to about 2 litres a day in a normally functioning system. If there is a blockage anywhere along the way, the fluid backs up. Lymphedema is a symptom of this. Left alone, it is likely to worsen, causing damage to the areas that are always swollen. One big and serious complication of this is cellulitis. Cellulitis


Page 6

ď€ ď Žď Ľď ­ď Ľď łď Šď łď€ 

~ It’s Your ď ‡ď ˛ď Żď ľď °ď€ ď “ď Ľď ˛ď śď Šď Łď Ľď łď€ 


is the main cause of hospital admissions for people with lymphedema. The treatment is complex but logical. It is necessary to seek help through a doctor who can locate health professionals that treat this condition. You will partner with a trained Lymphedema therapist who can assess your condition and tell you what you need to do about it. The treatment for lymphedema is five-fold: • Lymphatic drainage - gentle massage techniques that assist to move fluid out of the congested areas • Compression - necessary to prevent further pooling of fluid and assist the venous and lymphatic vessels to return excess fluid to the heart. If the lymphedema is still in a mild, or beginning stage, compression may not be needed on a long-term basis. • Exercise - the one thing that helps everything including our circulation. There are exercises that are specific to lymphedema. • Skin care - to prevent infection and dryness that result in damage to the skin over time. • Education - the more you know about your condition, the better you can be about looking after it. The important thing to know is that there is a positive outcome for this condition which if left alone, often gets worse and more difficult to treat. More information can be found on this condition at the following websites: International Lymphedema Framework Lymphedema Association of Ontario National Lymphedema Network (U.S.A.): ‘LymphNotes’ Danuta Valleau is a physiotherapist with training and experience assessment and treatment of lymphedema. She is Healthin&the Wellness Guide ~ also an ADP authorizer for compression garments.

ď “ď °ď Ľď Łď Šď Ąď Źď Šď şď Šď Žď §ď€ ď Šď Žď€ ď ”ď ˛ď Ąď ľď ­ď Ąď€ ď€Śď€ ď ?ď Żď łď ´ď€ ď ”ď ˛ď Ąď ľď ­ď Ąď ´ď Šď Łď€ ď “ď ´ď ˛ď Ľď łď łď€  ď ”ď ˛ď Ąď ľď ­ď Ąď ´ď Šď Łď€ ď ‰ď Žď Łď Šď ¤ď Ľď Žď ´ď€ ď ’ď Ľď ¤ď ľď Łď ´ď Šď Żď Žď€  ď ď ˛ď ´ď€ ď Ąď Žď ¤ď€ ď ?ď Źď Ąď šď€ ď ”ď ¨ď Ľď ˛ď Ąď °ď šď€ ď€ 

ď ”ď ˛ď Ąď ľď ­ď Ąď ´ď Šď Łď€ ď ‰ď Žď Łď Šď ¤ď Ľď Žď ´ď€ ď ’ď Ľď ¤ď ľď Łď ´ď Šď Żď Žď€ ď Šď Žď€ ď ƒď ¨ď Šď Źď ¤ď ˛ď Ľď Žď€  ď€ ď †ď Šď ˛ď łď ´ď€ ď ’ď Ľď łď °ď Żď Žď ¤ď Ľď ˛ď€ ď ?ď Żď łď ´ď€ ď ”ď ˛ď Ąď ľď ­ď Ąď ´ď Šď Łď€ ď “ď ´ď ˛ď Ľď łď łď€  ď Œď Šď Śď Ľď€ ď “ď ´ď ˛ď Ľď łď łď€ ď ’ď Ľď ¤ď ľď Łď ´ď Šď Żď Žď€ 

ď ‚ď Żď Žď Šď ´ď Ąď€ ď Šď Żď ¨ď Žď łď Żď Žď€ ď ¤ď Ľď ?ď Ąď ´ď ´ď Ľď Šď łď€Źď€ ď ’ď ? ď ’ď Ľď §ď Šď łď ´ď Ľď ˛ď Ľď ¤ď€ ď ?ď łď šď Łď ¨ď Żď ´ď ¨ď Ľď ˛ď Ąď °ď Šď łď ´ď€  ď ”ď ‰ď ’ď€Żď Œď “ď ’ď€ ď †ď Ąď Łď Šď Źď Šď ´ď Ąď ´ď Żď ˛ď€ 


A unique earthy studio on the Bruce Peninsula. FITNESS • dance WELL-BEING • DANCE CLA SSES ~ WO Lion’s R KSHO PS ~ RETR EATS Owen Sound, Head & Tobermory

Wendy Roman MO VEMENT FACILITATO R, NIA BFacilitator, LACK B ELT Nia Black Belt Wendy Roman, Movement


ď ƒď ¨ď Šď Źď ¤ď€ ď ”ď ‰ď ’ď€ ď †ď Ąď Łď Šď Źď Šď ´ď Ąď ´ď Żď ˛ď€ 

ď ƒď Żď€­ď „ď Šď ˛ď Ľď Łď ´ď Żď ˛ď€Źď€ ď Žď Ľď ­ď Ľď łď Šď łď€ ď ‡ď ˛ď Żď ľď °ď€ ď “ď Ľď ˛ď śď Šď Łď Ľď łď€ 

ď ’ď Ľď ˘ď Ľď Ťď Ťď Ąď ¨ď€ ď ď ¤ď Ąď ­ď łď€Źď€ ď ’ď ?

ď ’ď Ľď §ď Šď łď ´ď Ľď ˛ď Ľď ¤ď€ ď ?ď łď šď Łď ¨ď Żď ´ď ¨ď Ľď ˛ď Ąď °ď Šď łď ´ď€  ď ”ď ‰ď ’ď€Żď Œď “ď ’ď€ ď †ď Ąď Łď Šď Źď Šď ´ď Ąď ´ď Żď ˛ď€ 

ď ƒď ¨ď Šď Źď ¤ď€ ď ”ď ‰ď ’ď€ ď †ď Ąď Łď Šď Źď Šď ´ď Ąď ´ď Żď ˛ď€ 

ď ƒď Żď€­ď „ď Šď ˛ď Ľď Łď ´ď Żď ˛ď€Źď€ ď Žď Ľď ­ď Ľď łď Šď łď€ ď ‡ď ˛ď Żď ľď °ď€ ď “ď Ľď ˛ď śď Šď Łď Ľď łď€ 

ď€ ď€  ď€¸ď€ˇď€ąď€ ď€łď ˛ď ¤ď€ ď ď śď Ľď Žď ľď Ľď€ ď —ď Ľď łď ´ď€ ď ?ď ˇď Ľď Žď€ ď “ď Żď ľď Žď ¤ď€ ď ?ď Žď€Žď€ ď Žď€´ď ‹ď€ ď€´ď ? ď ˇď ˇď ˇď€Žď Žď Ľď ­ď Ľď łď Šď łď §ď ˛ď Żď ľď °ď łď Ľď ˛ď śď Šď Łď Ľď łď€Žď Łď Żď ­ď€  ď ˇď ˇď ˇď€Žď ´ď Šď ˛ď€Žď Żď ˛ď §

Investors Group Financial Services, * IG Insurance Services Inc.

Explore Our Trails! Donna Blue


Senior Financial Consultant

Sydenham Bruce Trail Club invites you to join us for guided hikes and welcoming community. A great way to get outdoors and stay active!

733 - 9th Avenue E., Unit 1, Owen Sound, ON N4K 3E6 Ph: (519) 372-1177 Fax: (519) 372-1125 Toll free 1 (800) 461-1328 * Licence Sponsored by Great-West Life Assurance Company or visit us on Facebook

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Tips for the independent traveller Some advice on staying safe while exploring the world By BOB KNAPP


o many, the safest way to travel is to go with a tour guide. While more expensive, if you prefer to have all arrangements made for you, this is your best choice. But it does not serve everyone. Some prefer to travel with fewer people from home. They like more choice and more spontaneity. This is our preferred way to travel. You might be thinking right now, “Me too except how do I keep myself safe.” Here are some tips. Be prepared. We were walking back to the hotel at dusk in Buenos Aries. I heard a squirting sound and smelled mustard and relish. A voice behind me said “You have something on your pack. Let me help.” We kept walking. I had read in the Lonely Planet Guide for Argentina that people squirt you then distract you and snatch something from you when you stop. We were at our hotel in about three minutes and I smelled like a hot dog. We had a mess to clean up but nothing was stolen. Our would-be assailant had disappeared. Read ahead. There are library “We had a mess resources. The Lonely Planet Guide to different areas is very helpful. Besides to clean up informing you about different places to visit or explore, you will also learn about but nothing public transportation, taxis, exchanging money and how to avoid pickpockets as was stolen.” in the story above. Talk to people. The ones who trav- Bob Knapp of Georgian Bluffs is a seasoned independent traveller. elled there independently will tell you valuable information such as where to exchange money and what public buses are like. Ask people at reception in your hotel if it is safe to walk around there  after dark. Usually they will recommend a taxi and be sure to ask what the cost would be. It is safer to avoid nightclubs and bars.  Being out after 10, or earlier in some places, is definitely not safe. Remember that in Latin America and in developing countries,  when some people see you, they only see dollar signs. Be prepared for the unexpected.  • Leave your passport in a safe in your room and carry a copy instead.       • Know your sources of safe drinking water.        • Online booking works with free cancellation but check lots of reviews. Try and/or       • You are much more vulnerable when you have been drinking  alcohol. Be aware of what’s happening around you. • Know your limitations, how far you can walk, how you respond to  altitude, what foods bother you at home. Enjoy your trip. Travel safely. Stay well.  The writer is a Georgian Bluffs resident and an experienced         independent traveller.    

Danuta Valleau

Physiotherapist and Lymphedema Certified Therapist ADP Authorizer for Compression Garments 519-534-1788 or 519-378-5630

    

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Owen Sound Area Health and Wellness Services COMMUNITY HEALTH CARE


South West Self-Management Program Take Charge of your Health. Free community-based healthy living workshops. 1-855-463-5692


VON Grey-Bruce 1280 20th Street East, Owen Sound, ON, N4K 6H6 Phone: (519) 376-5895. For volunteer opportunities call 519-371-5331 ext. 411 or email


Bluewater Association for Lifelong Learning (BALL) Lectures at Harry Lumley Bayshore Community Centre, 1900 3rd Ave. East in Owen Sound, on Thursdays, 10 a.m. – Noon, in the Bay Room unless otherwise noted.


Nemesis Owen Sound 519-372-2425 Email: Van Steyn Counselling John van Steyn M.S.W., RSW Registered Social Worker, Individual & Couple Counselling 945 3rd Ave. E., Suite 22, Owen Sound, Ont. N4K 2K8 519-379-3737


Hilltop Dentistry 1110 8th St. E., Owen Sound Moving to new location: 1535 16th St. E., Owen Sound (across from Heritage Place Mall, east side of East Side Mario’s) 519-376-5225


Donna Blue CFP, CLU Senior Financial Consultant, Investors Group 733 - 9th Avenue E., Unit 1, Owen Sound, ON, N4K 3E6 519-372-1177 Fax: 519-372-1125 Email:


YMCA OF Owen Sound Grey Bruce 700 10th Street E., Owen Sound, ON 519-376-0484


Rhythmwood (Conscious Embodied Movement) Owen Sound, Lion’s Head & Tobermory 519-793-4687 This list is compiled from advertisers in this edition. To advertise in next year’s edition email

Arsenault Foot Services Owen Sound Professional Building, 945 3rd Ave E, Unit 4C, Owen Sound, ON, N4K 2K8. Clinics in Owen Sound & Sauble Beach. Call 519-371-1163 for an appointment. Health Works (Massage, Bowen, Cranial-Sacral & BioEnergetic therapies) 899 10th St. West, Owen Sound, On, N4K 3S3 519-470-4585 Marie Knapp EdD. Holy Fire Usui and Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher 519-371-1255 Shirley McDougall CBP Certified Body Talk Practitioner, PaRama BP, Member of International BodyTalk Assoc., Reiki Master, Quantam Touch Practitioner, Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, H-519-371-4082


Good Health Mart 955 10th Street West, Owen Sound, ON, 519-371-3002


Bryans Sound Speech & Hearing Greystone Office Centre 345 8th Street East, Suite 101 Owen Sound, ON N4K 1L3 519-376-4174


Taoist Tai Chi Classes Monday 7-9 p.m. at Georgian Shores United Church Fridays 9:30-11:30 a.m. at First United Church Call 519-371-5763


Physiotherapy III Owen Sound Clinic, 1156 2nd Ave. E. (former LCBO Bldg.) 519-372-1920 Fax: 519-372-1888 Port Elgin Clinic, 609 Bricker St. 519-389-3393 Physio. III Neuro Clinic “Healing Waters” 318383 Grey Rd. 1, Owen Sound, 519-370-2333 Danuta Valleau Physiotherapist and Lymphedema Certified Therapist ADP Authorizer for Compression Garments 519-534-1788 or 519-378-5630


Her Wellness 925 2nd Ave. E., Owen Sound, 519-416-1415 Follow “Her Wellness” on Facebook, website coming soon! Email:

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