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250 Crossed and Uncrossed Swaledale Ewes and Shearlings also Prize Show of 60 Bluefaced Leicester, Texel, Texel/Beltex Rams and Females on Friday 27th September 2013 Show 10 a.m. Sale 10.30 a.m.

Ballot Day of Sale Middleton Mart Tel: 01833 640281 S S Bell, Auctioneer 07850009084 J Stephenson, Fieldsman 07751439363

H & H Middleton in Teesdale would like to thank the following for their kind sponsorship of this sale

Chapel Street, Appleby, Cumbria CA16 6QR Tel 017683 51240/07850 783 051 E-mail Member of B.A.G.M.A. Tel 016973 Fax 016973 20102 E-mail: .

Schedule Class 1 Bluefaced Leicester Ram Lamb st 1 £10 2nd £5 3rd £3 Class 2 Bluefaced Leicester Ram Shearling & upwards 1st £10 2nd £5 3rd £3 Class 3 Suffolk, Texel, Beltex or Other Terminal Sire any age 1st £10 2nd £5 3rd £3 Overall Champion £30 Reserve Champion £16

10 £1 Shares in Middleton in Teesdale Auction Mart at 10.25 a.m.

Ballot Day of Sale Uncrossed and Crossed Swaledale Ewes Ewes Not Correct in Mouth & Udder Must be announced at time of sale Pen No 51 52- 53 54 55 56 57 58 59- 60 61- 62 63 64 65 66- 67

CafĂŠ Side J R Walton & Son, Newton Lodge Enzo/Toxo G Scott, Low Houses T W Huitchinson, Bail Hill A & J Bousfield, Green Hills P D & J Johnson, Herdship R Hutchinson, Dirt Pit C Bell, The Pry J E & A J Mitchell, Birkdale J E High & Son, North Corn Park B Staley, West Underhurth Enzo/Toxo F Stobart & Son, Stotley Hall R Walton, Hield House Sanderson & Bell, Valance Lodge

10 Crossed 40 Uncrossed 10 10 12 Uncrossed 10 Uncrossed 12 Uncrossed 30 Uncrossed 25 Crossed 6 Uncrossed 12 Broken Mouth 10 Uncrossed 40 Uncrossed

Followed by Unentered Ewes & Shearlings

Rams and Females Bluefaced Leicester unless otherwise stated Pen No Lot No 1 1- 3 2 4 3 5- 6 4 7 5 8-10 6 11-15 7 8 9 10 11 12

16-19 20-21 22 23 24-27 28-30

13 31-35

14 36-37 15 38-39 16 40-43 17 44-45 18 46 19 47-49



Front Cement Watson Bros, West Hinedon J Stephenson, Barnley View J W & J Collin, Intake J C & J White, Rigg Farm G & J A Rigg, Rutherford Farm P R E & E Marwood, Hullerbush do J & M J Walton, West Shotton do C & J C Stephenson, Pikestone C Bell, The Pry J A & D Scott, Westfield D J Mallon, Pallet Crag do do do do do B Bell, Hilton Road do A T & A Bainbridge, Ash Dub do Tarn Bros., Toft House do M W & E Dent, Wythes Hill do T Collinson, Stotley Hall do do do Followed by Unentered Rams & Females

3 Shlgs 1 Texel Shlg 2 Texel Shlgs 1 Tex x Belt Shlg 3 Shlgs 4 Shlgs 1 Two Shear 4 Shlgs 2 Gimmer Shlgs 1 Shlg 1 Shlg 4 Ped Tex Shlgs 1 Two Shear 1 Shlg 1 Lamb 2 Three Shear Females 1 Two Shear Female 2 Gimmer Lambs 1 Texel Shlg 1 Tex x Belt Two Shear 1 Three Shear 1 Shlg 3 Texel Shlgs 1 Texel Two Shear 2 Shlgs 1 Two Shear Female 1 Shlg 1 Three Shear 1 Lamb 1 Gimmer Lamb

Middleton in Teesdale Mart Holding Number is 12/014/8000 Sold under the Conditions of Sale as displayed in the Mart recommended by the Livestock Auctioneers Association for England And Wales The auctioneers shall not be liable in any way for any deficiencies in either the vendor’s tagging of his sheep nor the reading equipment being used at the CPRC in accordance with the EID Regulations nor any reading or print out produced by the said equipment Vendors All Sheep consigned to this Sale must be accompanied by a completed AML 1 movement document and all vendors must ensure that holding and flock numbers are supplied. Please ensure that all Sheep are ear tagged to comply with regulations. Purchasers Please have available the holding number and address to which the animals will be moving No lots can leave the market without a pass slip and movement licence issued by the main office Should you require assistance in arranging transport of livestock purchased please contact the Auctioneer or Fieldstaff It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that any animals destined for the food chain are outwith any withdrawal period. This includes antibiotics, anthelmintics or sheep dip that the seller may have given prior to sale Bio-Security Please observe bio security rules as displayed in the Mart TREATMENT All Sheep at this sale must have been treated with a scab approved product.

FORTHCOMING SALES AT THIS CENTRE MONDAY 30th SEPTEMBER Prize Show & Sale of Uncrossed Registered & Unregistered Swaledale Ewes & Shearlings Entries close 10 a.m. Monday 23rd September FRIDAY 11th OCTOBER Swaledale Sheep Breeders Association Rams FRIDAY 25th OCTOBER Second sale of Swaledale Ewes & Gimmer Lambs. Also ewes & gimmer lambs of all breeds & Rams. Special sale of store lambs. Entries close 4p.m. Friday 18th October TUESDAY 29th OCTOBER Prize Show & Sale of Store Cattle. Entries Close 10 a.m. Monday 21st October TUESDAY 5th NOVEMBER Prize Show and Sale of Suckled Calves Entries close 10 a.m. Friday 25th October TUESDAY 26th NOVEMBER Annual Sale of Breeding Cattle Entries close 10 a.m. Monday 18th November TUESDAY 10th DECEMBER Store Cattle & Suckled Calves Entries close 10 a.m. Monday 2nd December

Crossed ewes bfl rams  
Crossed ewes bfl rams