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21st January 2013

Saturday 9th March 2013 at Borderway, Carlisle CA1 2RS

Time To Reduce The Risk Of Milk Fever


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Borderway Centre, Rosehill, Carlisle, Cumbria, adjacent to J43 - M6 motorway


ELITE PEDIGREE SALE Global Classic Sale featuring the Best of British Breeding

INTERNATIONAL DAIRY YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIPS European Showmanship Competition & European Clipping Competition featuring the Best of British Breeding




Commercial Exhibits Educational Exhibits Machinery Show & Demonstrations Latest Technologies Dairy Produce Competition 1

Schedule of Events Thursday – 7th March 2013 11.00am – 6.00pm Arrival of Cattle

Friday- 8th March 2013 7.00am – 9.00am

Arrival of Cattle

International Dairy Youth Championships 12noon 3:30pm 6:00pm 7:00pm

Clipping Competition Showmanship Competition Showmanship Championship & Clipping Results Global Classic Sale

Saturday – 9th March 2013 8:00am

UK Dairy Expo opens


UK Dairy Expo Show commences

12.00pm 1.00pm

Break for lunch/ visit trade stands Judging re-commences


Supreme Championship Presentations

Closing Ceremonies 8:00pm

Banquet, All-Britain Awards & Dance at Shepherds Inn, Carlisle


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OLYMPIC SHOWCASE Time for British produce to shine p6-7


British farmers urged to seize new opportunities rOperating in a truly global marketplace

rSurviving without Government subsidy By Alistair Driver FARMING Minister Jim Paice has challenged British farmers to ‘set the industry on fire’by leaving the past behind and embracing the opportunities on offer in today’s marketplace. Speaking at the Oxford Farming Conference, Mr Paice laid out his vision for British farming based on seeking out new global markets, innovating using all available technologies and ultimately thriving without the support of direct subsidies. He also revealed Defra would be hosting an ‘innovation summit’ in London in March followed by a series of ‘practical’regional events. He dismissed the view of farming ‘as a quaint old industry’ and urged farmers to look to the future. “We can keep the cosy image of Buttercup in the field producing a few litres a day and the bucolic farmer leaning on his gate We can sentimentalise farmers as small players in a market dominated by supermarkets at home and multinational conglomerates abroad,”he said. “Or we can set this industry on fire and take the opportunities and face the reality they provide.”

He insisted his comments were not about advocating ‘big, corporate’ farms over ‘small, family’ businesses: “It is about attitude: whether to pine for the old days of government intervention and protection, or to face the challenges.” At the heart of his speech was the need for the industry to use ‘the best research, technology and knowledge transfer we can get’ to help boost production, while protecting resources and biodiversity.


Full report from Oxford BUSINESS



Building your own website MACHINERY


UK machinery in focus LIVESTOCK


Beef’s unique selling point

Driving ambition Mr Paice identified the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) as the ‘professional body’ to drive the industry forward in this area and had asked AHDB chairman John Godfrey to address how this could be achieved. He stressed the industry needed to accept it was competing in a global food marketplace and to seek out export opportunities ‘where we are most competitive’. Shadow Defra Secretary Mary Creagh said food was ‘one of the defining political issues of this century’, but criticised the Government for failing to address all the issues surrounding it. Highlighting the role farming and food can play in stimulating economic recovery, she warned of increasing food poverty in the UK against a backdrop of rising food prices, exacerbated, she claimed, by commodity speculation. NFU president Peter Kendall said he was heartened by Mr Paice’s message.




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Holstein Judge Barclay Phoenix farms in Greenbank, Ontario, under the preÄx Phoenix Holsteins, which he acquired in 2008. He bred his Ärst All Canadian Nomination in 2012- Phoenix GoGo Sanchez. Working closely with his father Earl, they farm more than 300 acres, own 100 registered Holstein cattle,, and also manage a 150-head beef cow/calf operation and a small Åock of sheep. Barclay is also heavily involved in showing and merchandizing elite Holstein cattle. He owns and operates the sale business known as Hanover Hill Sales and Marketing. Barclay has had or has merchandised over 170 All-Canadian or All-American nominations in the past 17 years. In 2001 he co-owned of the Reserve Champion at the World Dairy Expo. In 2004 and 2005, he and his partners exhibited Junior Champion as well as Intermediate Champion at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Toronto. He was also part of the Premier Exhibitor at the Royal in 2004, co-owned the Junior Champion at the 2008 World Dairy Expo, and the Reserve Intermediate Champion at the 2012 Red and White Royal Winter Fair.

Coloured Breeds Judge Bruce Mode, Ontario will be judging the Coloured Breeds. Mr Mode owns and operates Bonnie Brae Farms in Vankleett Hill, Ontario along with his wife Susan and their youngest daughter Kelsey. Bruce and Susan have four daughters and seven grand children. Bruce has bred and raised Ayrshire cattle all his life, then buying his Ärst Holstein calf in 2002, now their herd consists of all Holsteins. Through the years Bruce has exhibited 13 Grand Champion Ayrshire females at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and is best known for Des Prairies Toutou, a six time Royal Grand Champion and Ärst time ever named Colour Breed Supreme Champion at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Bruce has been judging for approximately 35 years and has judged Ayrshires, Jerseys, Shorthorns, Holsteins and also many H-H shows. He has also travelled all over the world to ofÄciate his judging skills including Canada, USA, Australia and the UK.


INTERNATIONAL DAIRY YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIPS We are pleased to invite all young dairy enthusiasts to our second International Dairy Youth Championships. The event will be a great opportunity for junior exhibitors to prove that they have the appropriate cattle handling and showing techniques to present a dairy animal to its best advantage. The clipping competition is another opportunity for young breeders to demonstrate their ability to properly clip and Ät an animal to show-ready status in a timed event. The Showmanship Competition is open to all youth ages JUNIOR 11 years and under INTERMEDIATE 12 years – 15 years SENIOR 16 years – 20 years MATURE 21 years – 25 years The Clipping Competition is open to all youth ages 16-25 years Calves will be provided for Overseas competitors. All UK competitors to provide own calves. For full details please visit

Judge – Monique Rey, Geneva, Switzerland Monique Rey was born in Les Verrières, Switzerland and grew up on Rey -Holsteins Farm one of the country’s most famous breeders. Monique spent some time in the USA in the late 80’s working for Lakeside Farms, Elkhart Wisconsin for two years and then moved north of the border and spent another two years working for Acme Holsteins, Alta, Alberta until 1993. After returning to Switzerland Monique spent the next ten years working as a cattle Ätter having many successes in almost every country in Europe although she never made it to the UK. Her judging career started in Batice, Belgium were she judged the showmanship at the Young Breeders School. Monique has judged National Showmanship competitions in Germany, Switzerland & France and she was honoured in 2010 to have judged in Cremona, Italy at the Änals of the European Young Breeders Showmanship & Clipping competition. Monique now farms close to Geneva airport along with her husband Cedric and two children Alexandre and Emilie. They have 180 head of registered cattle on the farm and milk 70 cows with two thirds of the herd Black & White one third Red & White recently they have invested in some top end Jersey cattle that they hope to show at Swiss Expo in the 2013.

EVENTS SCHEDULE FRIDAY 8th MARCH 2013 12.00noon Clipping Competition 3.30pm Showmanship Competition 6.00pm Championship & Clipping Results 7.00pm Global Classic Sale


SATURDAY 9th MARCH 2013 9.00am UK Dairy Expo 8.00pm Banquet, All-Britain Awards & Dance at Shepherds Inn, Carlisle

Holstein Class Schedule Class 1

Autumn Calf

September 1st 2012 – November 30th 2012

Class 2

Summer Calf

June 1st 2012 – August 31st 2012

Class 3

Spring Calf

March 1st 2012 – May 31st 2012

Class 4

Winter Yearling

December 1st 2011 – February 28th 2012

Class 5

Autumn Yearling

September 1st 2011 – November 30th 2011

Class 6

Senior Yearling

March 1st 2011 – August 31st 2011

Class 7

Junior Championship

Special Awards — Premier Sire of the Junior Show Class 8

Junior 2yr old

September 1st 2010 – February 28th 2011

Class 9

Senior 2yr old

March 1st 2010 – August 31st 2010

Class 10 Junior 3yr old

September 1st 2009 – February 28th 2010

Class 11 Senior 3yr old

March 1st 2009 – August 31st 2009

Class 12 Intermediate Championship Class 13 4 yr old

March 1st 2008 – February 28th 2009

Class 14 5 yr old

March 1st 2007 – February 28th 2008

Class 15 Mature Cow

Born prior to March 1st 2007

Class 16 Senior Championship Class 17 Best Udder of Show Class 18 Grand Champion Special Awards: Premier Breeder Award Premier Exhibitor Award Premier Sire of the Senior Show


Ayrshire Class Schedule All Ayrshire must be at least 50% Ayrshire Class 19 Maiden heifer

Born in 2012

Class 20 In calf heifer

Born in 2011

Class 21 Junior Championship Special Awards — Premier Sire of the Junior Show Class 22 2 year old

March 1st 2011 – February 28th 2010

Class 23 3 year old

March 1st 2010 – February 28th 2009

Class 24 Senior Cow

Born prior to March 1st 2009

Class 25 Best Udder of Show Class 26 Grand Champion Special Awards: Premier Breeder Award Premier Exhibitor Award Premier Sire of the Senior Show

Jersey Class Schedule Class 27 Maiden heifer

Born in 2012

Class 28 In calf heifer

Born in 2011

Class 29 Junior Championship Special Awards — Premier Sire of the Junior Show Class 30 2 year old

March 1st 2011 – February 28th 2010

Class 31 3 year old

March 1st 2010 – February 28th 2009

Class 32 Senior Cow

Born prior to March 1st 2009

Class 33 Best Udder of Show Class 34 Grand Champion Special Awards: Premier Breeder Award Premier Exhibitor Award Premier Sire of the Senior Show 9

Dairy Shorthorn Class Schedule All Shorthorns must contain at least 25% Shorthorn Class 35 Maiden heifer

Born in 2012

Class 36 In calf heifer

Born in 2011

Class 37 Junior Championship Special Awards — Premier Sire of the Junior Show Class 38 2 year old

March 1st 2011 – February 28th 2010

Class 39 3 year old

March 1st 2010 – February 28th 2009

Class 40 Senior Cow

Born prior to March 1st 2009

Class 41 Best Udder of Show Class 42 Grand Champion Special Awards: Premier Breeder Award Premier Exhibitor Award Premier Sire of the Senior Show

British Friesian Class Schedule Class 43 2 year & 3 year old

March 1st 2011 – February 28th 2009

Class 44 Senior Cow

Born prior to March 1st 2009

Class 45 Best Udder of Show Class 46 Grand Champion Special Awards: Premier Breeder Award Premier Exhibitor Award Premier Sire of the Senior Show


Red & White Class Schedule Class 47 Maiden heifer

Born in 2012

Class 48 In calf heifer

Born in 2011

Class 49 Junior Championship Special Awards — Premier Sire of the Junior Show Class 50 2 year old

March 1st 2011 – February 28th 2010

Class 51 3 year old

March 1st 2010 – February 28th 2009

Class 52 Senior Cow

Born prior to March 1st 2009

Class 53 Best Udder of Show Class 54 Grand Champion Special Awards: Premier Breeder Award Premier Exhibitor Award Premier Sire of the Senior Show A special prize will be awarded to the highest placed Red & White animal that is registered through the Ayrshire Cattle Society.

Brown Swiss Class Schedule Class 55 2 year & 3 year old

March 1st 2011 – February 28th 2009

Class 56 Senior Cow

Born prior to March 1st 2009

Class 57 Best Udder of Show Class 58 Grand Champion Special Awards: Premier Breeder Award Premier Exhibitor Award Premier Sire of the Senior Show


The JOHN DENNISON ACHIEVEMENT AWARD to be presented annually at the Borderway UK Dairy Expo Joh hn Dennison i off Scalles Farm, Ul Ulverstton – th the highly regarded breeder of “DENMIRE” Holsteins. Out of deep respect for the lifelong contribution that John made to dairy farming, pedigree breeding, judging, showing and promoting the Holstein breed, and for his encouragement of the younger generation of Holstein breeders Harrison & Hetherington with the Dennison family have decided to present this new prestigious award in his honour. John Dennison’s legacy will be remembered and admired for a very long time. His warmth and friendliness, his mischievous smile and modesty combined with his deep seated skills as a dairy farmer, breeder and support and encouragement he gave to the next generation are ar e in insspi pira rati tion onal al. The Joh ohn n De Denn nnis ison on Achievement Award is designed to honour these qualities. Nominations for the inaugural 2013 “John Dennison Achievement Award” are now being sought. Presented annually at the Borderway UK Dairy expo in March the award goes to the dairy cattle breeder and exhibitor who possesses the ability, sportsmanship, integrity and character to be respected by his fellow breeders and show persons. To be eligible for the award the nominee must be an “active” showperson, breeder or manager of any dairy cattle breed in the UK. Nominees will be judged on their support of breed activities and their ability to breed, manage, develop, promote and exhibit dairy cattle. Selection of the inaugural winner will be made by a panel comprised of leading figures in pedigree dairy cattle breeding and associated organisations and, as time progresses by former recipients of the award. The nominations for the award, which must include a brief resumé on the nominee, should be sent by 1st February 2013 to the John Dennison Achievement Award, c/o Glyn Lucas, Harrison & Hetherington Ltd., Borderway Mart, Rosehill, Carlisle CA1 2RS


CLASS WINNERS 1st £150, 2nd £80, 3rd £50, 4th £30, 5th £20, 6th £20, 7th £10 SECTION WINNERS — £100 (Junior, Intermediate, Senior) BREED CHAMPIONS — £100 RESERVE BREED CHAMPIONS — £50 BORDERWAY UK DAIRY CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS — £500 Disclaimer: The Organisers reserve the right to amalgamate classes or sub-divide classes if numbers forward warrant it.


Global Classic Sale Friday, 8th March, 2013 7pm Harrison & Hetherington are proud to announce the second

“The Global Classic” Our aim is to provide a marketing venue for British agriculture and to showcase livestock genetics to an international and domestic audience.

If you would like to consign to this exciting new event please contact Glyn Lucas – 07711 610255 Andrew Templeton – 07778 808464 Entries close Friday 11th January


SATURDAY 9th MARCH – 8pm SHEPHERDS INN, CARLISLE To order your tickets, contact Carolyn Charlton – 01228 406230 or Email – Numbers will be restricted so book early not to be disappointed


The Borderway UK Dairy Expo will be subject to the National UK Rules and Regulations for showing Dairy Cattle (full details, please refer to our website – ANIMAL WELFARE It is the responsibility of each exhibitor for the welfare of the animals entered for competition in the Borderway UK Dairy Expo classes. If, in the opinion of the OfÄcial Stewards and/or OfÄcial Veterinary Surgeon, any animal is mistreated, or presented for judging in anything other than an approved state, then that exhibitor will be barred from presenting any of his animals for judging, and all prize money will be withheld. If any animal requires hypodermic injection or artiÄcial stimulant for any reason whatsoever the veterinary ofÄcer or failing, the chief steward must be informed before the action takes place and must be witness to the action. Any exhibitor or his representative found to be using methods which could be construed as malpractice will, along with his animals, be removed from the show site immediately, and all prize money withheld. Exhibitors in any doubt about what constitutes malpractice should consult the OfÄcial Stewards. All animals may be subject to tests and exhibitors may be asked to present a veterinary certiÄcate. The Stewards appointed by the Borderway UK Dairy Expo will be doing all they can to ensure the well-being of exhibitors and animals, and ask for the co-operation of exhibitors. 1. Registration/Milk Recording All breeds will be exhibited under their Breed Society Conditions. All dairy cattle must be registered in the Herd Book or be in the grading-up appendices to the Herd Book of the appropriate Breed Society. Animals registered as ASR (SRA) under the Holstein Herd Book are not eligible. Animals entered in the Ayrshire classes must be at least 50% Ayrshire breeding and be registered with the Ayrshire Cattle Society in appendix B, A or Pedigree sections, any Black and White animals to be fully pedigree Ayrshire. All animals for the Red and White classes must be registered with the Ayrshire Cattle Society and must be less than 50% Ayrshire blood. All entries must be ofÄcially milk recorded. All animals must comply with these requirements. 2. Records IdentiÄcation registrations, milk record certiÄcates and cattle passports must accompany the animals to the Borderway Centre and must be available for inspection by the stewards at any time. Movement off and onto the exhibitors holding should be notiÄed to the British Cattle Movement Service within 3 days of the movement and recorded in the holding of origins movement books. The show organisers are responsible for notifying BCMS of movements onto and off the Borderway Centre. 3. Biosecurity Exhibitors are required under legislation to cleanse and disinfect transport vehicles that have carried stock as soon as possible and in any case within 24 hours. Robust footwear should be worn which is capable of being disinfected at the show. 4. Arrival of Cattle Dairy cattle will only be admitted to the Borderway Centre between – 11.00am and 6.00pm

Thursday 7th March

7.00am and 9.00am

Friday 8th March

5. Departure of Cattle Cattle will be permitted to leave the Borderway Centre at the close of the Borderway UK Dairy Expo – from 5.30pm until 8pm on Saturday 9th March. All cattle must be removed by 10am on Sunday 10th March. Any movement outwith these hours can only be made with the approval of the Organisers. Prize money will be withheld if these conditions are not met.

6. Veterinary Inspection/Services All cattle will be subject to veterinary inspection on entering and at any time in the Borderway Centre, if requested by the Veterinary Surgeon or Chief Steward. Any veterinary services will be paid for be the exhibitor. 7. Stalling Exhibitors will be permitted to use their stall space for the presentation of information and publicity material relating to the animals present or herd represented, but may not in any circumstances advertise on behalf of a third party. Under no circumstances should the stalling be dismantled or altered in any way. 8. Straw A limited amount of straw will be provided, additional straw may be purchased. 9. Head Boards Only ofÄcial headboards supplied with completed information from the Organisers may be used. All stock exhibitors must have readily available on arrival at the Borderway Centre ofÄcial milk record information. Exhibitors must return the requested information on all animals that will possibly be exhibited 10 days before the event. 10. Milking Facilities Milking facilitiies will be on site at the Borderway Centre. Milk produced becomes the property of the Organiser and no direct payment will be made to exhibitors. The Organisers Steward must be informed of any animal receiving antibiotic treatment, and all milk from that animal must be disposed of at the direction of the Steward. Under no circumstances should that milk be added to the bulk tank. 11. Electrical Equipment It is a condition of entry that all exhibitors should provide and use circuit breakers with all electrical equipment. All electrical equipment – no matter how small – must have a current PAT (Portable Appliance Test) CertiÄcate. These certiÄcates must be available for inspection on the day prior to the Borderway UK Dairy Expo; they may also be required for inspection by the City of Carlisle Council ofÄcials. 12. Entries and Entry Fees Exhibitors are solely responsible for the accuracy and eligibility of their entries, which must be accompanied by the appropriate payment. Exhibitors must abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Borderway UK Dairy Show, and must also observe the Rules of the appropriate Breed Society. The entry fee is £50 + VAT per milking entry and £30 + VAT per dry stock/calves. All entry forms must be accompanied by payments and must be received by Monday 21st January 2013. Only in exceptional circumstances will entry fees be refunded. 13. Interpretation of Rules The decision of the Organisers and Chief Steward are in all matters Änal. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse entries or to reject any animal. Exhibitors must abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Borderway UK Dairy Expo.

Full set of rules and regulations for showing Dairy Cattle, please refer to our website: www.harrison&

UK Dairy Expo 2013 Schedule  

UK Dairy Expo 2013 Schedule

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