Harrisburg Fire Department 2019 Annual Report

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I am pleased to present the 2019 Annual Report which highlights many of HFD’s impressive accomplishments achieved over the last year. Bravery, strength, integrity, dedication, and community are just a few words that reflect our mission of assisting the public in the protection of life and property here in Harrisburg and the surrounding communities. In the past year, our firefighters have completed extensive training to assure that they are all equipped to properly and efficiently help the residents and business owners of our community. We are still to date the only fire department in Cabarrus County with advanced life support capabilities. This makes a large difference since 57% of our calls in 2019 alone were medical related. You can read more about our calls and statistics on page twelve. As Harrisburg continues to expand, so do we to adapt to the increase in incident numbers. This past year, we had an 8% increase, and to properly fill our shifts with the number of required firefighters, engineers, and captains, we hired new recruits to join our forces. I can’t forget to mention that we opened our new Station 2 on Rocky River Road back in May. We are very pleased with the location which helps us respond to calls in that area swiftly. As you’ll see on page fourteen, we get on the apparatus and actively leave the stations from either training, daily tasks, or sleep within one minute, and travel to our calls within our expected goals. Make sure to stay connected with us through social media as we post any traffic incidents, weather warnings, and other information that can impact you. You can find us on Facebook @harrisburgncfd, on Twitter @HarrisburgFire, and on Instagram @harrisburgfirenc. We will continue to train and grow with the support from the Mayor, Town Council, Town Manager, and citizens of Harrisburg to which we say thank you. Stay safe,

Bryan R. Dunn Fire Chief Harrisburg Fire Department


“Courage is resistance to fear, the mastery of fear – not the absence of fear.” -Mark Twain

The Harrisburg Fire Department provides all-risk emergency services to the Town of Harrisburg businesses and residents. Not only do we respond to fire calls, we also respond to medical calls, motor vehicle accidents, fuel spills, water rescue, electrical hazards, hazmat situations, smoke investigations, and more. We are also trained and equipped to deal with large-scale incidents if they ever arise. Being able to provide all these services and preparedness to the citizens of Harrisburg requires extensive and continuous training of our firemen and firewomen. To provide continuous service, our stations are fully staffed and equipped for 24-hour shifts every single day of the year. We have three different stations allowing us to serve and respond to calls efficiently. We also see the value in Fire Prevention; therefore we dedicate time and resources to enrich youths and adults alike with Fire Safety Education and Prevention Programs. This also allows us to meet residents and business owners in a non-emergency environment.

Did you know that our Fire District covers over



To improve is to change; To be perfect is to change often. -Winston Churchill

MISSION The mission of the Harrisburg Fire Department is to assist the public in the protection of life and property by minimizing the impact of fire, medical emergencies, and potential disasters or events that affect our community, our environment and any other situations which adversely impact our quality of life.

VISION As members of the Harrisburg Fire Department, we share a vision of providing a safe community and workplace through progressive, innovative, well-equipped, well-trained, and dedicated professionals who encourage open and honest communication while taking pride in the heritage of our department’s traditional values of integrity, teamwork, education, peak performance and responsiveness.

Harrisburg Fire Department

Response Zones

2019 Call Summary

The Harrisburg Fire Department operations consist of fire suppression, motor vehicle accidents, first responder medicals, technical rescue including water rescue, and hazmat. In 2019, we responded to 2,757 active calls. That’s an 8% increase from 2018 which had a total of 2,546.

2019 Incident Breakdown INCIDENT TYPE CALLS Fire Calls Medical Calls

Other 6%

Motor Vehicle Incidents

7% 7%

Service Calls

9% 57%



Response Standards

“Firefighters are out there every single day literally just a phone call away for anyone who needs them.� -Doreen Croni

OUR CALL PROCESS Public calls 911. Call 911





Call Clear

*Note that we have no control over this process. We only get involved once we receive the dispatch.

We receive the call. Alarms are sound in our stations and on our radios. Turnout is the time we get to the apparatus and on route. Travel is from station to call location. *Note that there are many variables that affect our travel time that we have no control over.

Duration is the time we spend once on scene. This varies depending on call type. Clear time is when we have performed all of our duties and leave the scene.


Response Time

Total Response Time




% GOALS MET Call Processing

Response Time

Total Response Time





Response Time

Total Response Time





DISTRICT Harrisburg – 2,253 calls Concord – 385 calls* Robinson – 73 calls* Flowers Store – 18 calls* Charlotte – 16 calls* Others – 12 calls* *We also provide assistance to our neighbor fire departments in Cabarrus County as well as Charlotte FD and Robinson Volunteer FD in Mecklenburg County when needed.

HFD Saved 97.60% of home value in structure fires in 2019!!

OUR HIERARCHY Fire Chief Public Information Officer

Office Administrator

Deputy Chief

Battalion Chiefs A/B/C Shifts Station Captains A/B/C Shifts Engineers A/B/C Shifts Firefighters I & II A/B/C Shifts

P/T Training Chief

P/T Training Captain

Logistics Captain

Fire Marshal

P/T Inspector


Total Fire Department Budget: $4,786,335.00

Fire Division: $ 4,736,335.00 Fire Training Division: $ 40,200.00 Fire Marshal Division: $ 9,800.00

Other Supplies & Materials Services


Employee Relations & Education


Salaries & Benefits



Meet Our Team

Fire Chief Bryan Dunn Joined HFD in 1997

Deputy Chief Kenneth Bradey Joined HFD in 2007

Logistics Captain Steven Gill Joined HFD in 1991

Fire Marshal Robert Jeff Williams Joined HFD in 2012

We have three fire stations that are staffed 24/7, 365 days a year. We also have an open-door policy allowing us to really connect with our community. We are 58 full-time and part-time employees strong. New to our firefighter team: Alan Janove Cody Powell Eli Stokes Hunter Hess Scarlett McDaniel Sydney Rowe

Motor Vehicle

Incidents totals 7% of our annual calls,

1% higher than our Fire Calls.

Our average response time was 7:10 mins from call to scene.

We responded to 169 fire calls.

Medical Calls

totals 57% of our annual calls.

Fire Prevention

“2019 was another busy year for the Fire Prevention Division with annual fire inspections and plan reviews. The Town’s continuing growth allows myself and our department to be out in the community more than ever. The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for new and existing building plan reviews, annual fire inspections on local businesses, public education for fire prevention and first aid, coordination of testing fire hydrants, pre-plans, and any fire safety consultations with business owners or homeowners. We conducted over 500 fire inspections in 2019 and taught close to 4,000 kids and adults through our various public education enrichment programs. It is a pleasure working so closely with this community and Harrisburg Fire Department.” -Jeff Williams Fire Marshall HFD




49% 46%

General Site: Re-inspections: Foster Care: School: Daycare:

49% 46% 3% 2% 0%

Certification of Occupancy: Other: Up Fit: General:

47% 20% 19% 14%






HFD Public Education & Prevention Programs Fire Extinguisher Class 5%

Stop the Bleed Classes 4%

Truck Tours 11%

CPR/First Aid 16%

Station Tours 11% Public Attendance 26%

Other Classes Offered 27%

HFD in the Community

“Bravery is being scared to death and gearing up anyways.” -Anonymous


We have an open-door policy at all three of our stations. We enjoy meeting members of the community, and we appreciate when they spoil us. The thoughtfulness of the Burg’s residents doesn’t go un-noticed, and we’re always happy to meet YOU!



441 Tweets

144 Posts

59 Stories

Each year, we work hard at bringing Harrisburg residents crucial and up-to-date information on happenings in the area. In 2019, we reported numerous traffic incidents including road closures, fifteen severe weather alerts, several community alerts, information on large power outages, and smoke reports from forestry service burns. Our Public Information Office has developed and maintained a relationship with media that has resulted in several instances of television coverage on both emergency incidents and Harrisburg Fire Department human interest stories, some of which made National news. Not bad for our town! Our Public Information Officer David Bradshaw brings you all the latest on our Twitter account, Facebook page, and Instagram! Make sure to follow us for up-todate information! @HarrisburgFire




YEARLY TRAINING REPORT Training the Fire Department’s personnel is an active function of the Department. Training is scheduled through multiple In-Service Trainings as well as Company Level Trainings. The general mission of the Training Division is to provide all Fire Department personnel opportunities to learn new skills and enhance existing skill through repetition and advanced drill design. Each year, personnel are required 192 hours of Fire Training and 36 hours of Emergency Medical Training. Some of the various subjects covered in 2019’s training program are listed below.

Core Competencies Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) PPE and SCBA Donning SCBA Rescue Procedures Forcible Entry Tool and Equipment Maintenance Ground Ladders Ventilation – Pitched Roof and Flat Roof Overhaul Operations Hose Line Advancement

Technical Rescue Competencies Ropes and Knots Swift Water Rescue Operations Vehicle Stabilization Vehicle Extrication

YEARLY TRAINING REPORT EMS Quarterly Trainings Advanced Airway Management Scope of Practice Trauma Medical Emergencies Cardiology Infection Control Blood Borne Pathogens Incident Reporting Requirements

Driver/Operator Training Aerial Operations Engineering Single and Multi-line Evolutions Driver Competency Course

Officer Training Size-up and 1st-in Communications 1st-in Decision Making Incident Command Functions

Pre-Incident Planning Site Visits Walk-throughs

GET IN TOUCH Administrative Building 6462 Morehead Rd Harrisburg, NC 28075 704-455-3574

Fire Station 1 6450 Morehead Rd Harrisburg, NC 28075 704-455-0757

Fire Station 2 9331 Rocky River Rd Harrisburg, NC 28075 704-455-0758

Fire Station 3 8045 Rocky River Rd Harrisburg, NC 28075 704-455-0759




Remembering Our Fallen Brothers

Joshua B. Early 01/18/1979 – 03/06/2002

Rhett Gulledge 03/12/1931 – 06/18/1973







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